On Human Race: Foundational Matters



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We are all sons of Adam — no Christian can deny this. However, we are not all sons of Japheth, nor are we all sons of Ham, and nor are we all sons of Shem. The descent of the nations (i.e., races) of man are given in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10). Nature is entirely in accord with Scripture. The nations can be seen in a number of ways — geographically, genotypically, behaviorally.

In this episode, we will be covering the fundamentals of human race. In a future episode, we will cover the theological import of these facts (if you are looking for Galatians 3:28, please wait for that future episode). This topic makes many Christians uncomfortable, but discomfort is not the standard — truth is. Test what we say against Scripture and against the natural facts.

Percentage of Shared DNA

Nothing we say in this episode (except some of the scientific matters) would sound at all out of place to the overwhelming majority of your ancestors — yes, even the Christian ones. So you must ask yourself: Was the Church and every Christian wrong for thousands of years or has the modern world drifted away from the truth? We can give you the information, but you must make that decision for yourself.

As we will cover in the episode, there are four categories of men when it comes to understanding and accepting the reality of race:

  1. the Atheist/Evolutionist (who can prove race from the science, but often denies it nonetheless);
  2. the Marxist (who once affirmed the reality of race, but now denies it for political purposes);
  3. the naïve Christian or otherwise (who holds ‘one race, the human race’, parroting the second category, perhaps unwittingly); and
  4. the Christian who affirms the reality of God’s created order, which includes race.

We are firmly in the fourth category. Listen carefully, and join us. God’s truth is always better than whatever anyone else can promise.

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