A Name No Man Knows



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We are told to be as harmless as doves, but also to be as wise as serpents. There are times to speak and times to hold ones tongue; there are times to speak under one’s Christian name and times to speak under a pseudonym. Of course, there are those who would contend that the use of pseudonyms is cowardly or even sinful, but seldom are these individuals consistent — attacking one group for pseudonymity, while ignoring or even praising another that practices the same.

Is there a place for pseudonymity in the Christian church? Or are those who employ it ‘anonymous [sic] trolls’ as some would contend? As always, we must look to Scripture, but we must also look to the motives of those who seek to unmask the pseudonymous. The answer is obvious, but many Christians — certainly to include pastors — get this one wrong.

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