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Modern churches, by and large, have been subverted — we all know this. Is the subversion of the churches an argument against Christianity? Of course not. The Church fought for decades against the very sort of infiltration and subversion that is, today, destroying our churches before our very eyes.

Further, the Christian faith is the foundation of the West — the West is Christendom and Christendom is the West. Without a restoration of the Christian faith, there will be no revival in the West. As Christians, we must know both where the battle is joined and how we are to fight.

In today’s episode, we are joined by an editor from Antelope Hill Publishing to review the book The Sword of Christ by Giles Corey and discuss the issues raised in the book (and maybe a tangent or two).

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Editor at Antelope Hill Publishing

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Parental Warnings

This episode contains some discussion of human sacrifice and sex crimes and passing mention of pornography. The book itself contains a number of chapters that are unsuitable for younger readers (but they are not the target audience, anyway).


Although we did receive free review copies of the book, we have not been compensated in any other way (nor are we compensated if you purchase the book via the links on this page).


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