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this begins.

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Welcome to the Stone Quire podcast. I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm well. In this episode,

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we will be discussing the issues of genealogy, ideas, the genealogy of ideas, the fourth

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commandment, ancestry, morality, and a number of related issues. We now live in a time when

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few care about the provenance, the source, the genealogy of the things they consume,

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whether it is physically, intellectually, or spiritually, or the things they believe.

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Is this how God wants us to operate? Is this how God operates? Now, some know these things matter

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at least to a degree and in a certain way. There are those who will go out of their way to

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purchase heirloom seeds, to buy organic produce, to avoid soy, at least in certain forms,

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to avoid hyphryctose corn syrup, other various things in their diet, who will carefully select

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the breed of their dog for certain behaviors. But if people actually apply this to what they believe,

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by way of example, if I handed you a picture and told you that it was taken by a propagandist

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from the USSR, would you believe that picture is true? Would you believe that it represents reality,

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probably not because the USSR was known for lying, doctoring photos, and so forth? Similarly,

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if I gave you information and said that it came from an avowed Marxist, would you be inclined to

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believe or disbelieve it? And I don't mean just CRT, but all of the various things that come from

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particularly the Frankfurt School, you probably would be disinclined to believe it, and that is a good

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thing. But it's important to distinguish between say the unwitting and the witting Marxist,

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because sometimes the unwitting deceiver is more dangerous than the witting.

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But to move on to the actual topic of today's episode, genealogy and scripture. And actually,

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don't mean that because first we have to discuss a couple of other issues related to genealogy

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and scripture, because I want to get something out of the way that will definitely come up,

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that will be raised by adversaries, and that is the seeming condemnation of genealogies in scripture.

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Now there are two core verses for this. There are some other verses that are related,

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but the two core ones are Titus 39 and 1 Timothy 14. Titus 39 first. But avoid foolish

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controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and

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worthless. And of course, 1 Timothy 14, the second. Nor to devote themselves to myths and endless

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genealogies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

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But of course, it is important always to add the context, and if you were actually looking at

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the verse, you'll notice that nor at the beginning of 1 Timothy 14 is lowercase. We've started

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off in the middle of a sentence. So I'd like to add that context back. Here's verse 3 and 4.

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As I urged you when I was going to Macedonia, remain at Ephesus so that you may charge certain

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persons not to teach any different doctrine, nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies,

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which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

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So what is the word that we actually have in these two verses for genealogy?

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It is genalogia, which is an account of ancestry, and it is in fact the word from which we get

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genealogy. You can probably see the two parts in there, gene and logia, the study of genes,

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more or less broken down. And this should bring to mind another verse from the New Testament.

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It should bring to mind Matthew 1-1. And why should it bring to mind Matthew 1-1?

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Beep-loss, Genesios, Yezu Christu, Huyu, Dawid, Huyu, Abraham.

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The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham,

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there's that same word. Now that is Genesios. Genomai comes from, related to,

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to become or to take place. They should also raise, bring to mind, something else in Scripture,

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Genesis, Genesis, the very beginning of Scripture. But before we get back into that, I want to address

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a particular word from that verse in Titus, and that is the word that is translated

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worthless, Matoioss. And that word means pertaining to being of no use, idle, empty, fruitless,

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useless, powerless, lacking truth. We see this in a lot of places in Scripture,

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but particularly one that it should bring to mind, and that it will bring to mind if you are

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familiar with Scripture, is Ecclesiastes. Now we'll bring it to mind even more readily

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if you happen to have read Luther's translation, and I do mean the German. Because here is a verse

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from Ecclesiastes. And of course that will be familiar, even if you don't know German,

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you may understand the cadence there what is being said, because what is that? That's Vanity of Vanities

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says the preacher. Vanity of Vanities, all, is Vanity. And the word being translated, the Hebrew

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word is Hebrew, vapor or breath, figuratively translated here as Vanity. Now Titus 3.9 in German.

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The Turkish-dened Fragan Abba, the Gershlechtisch register, the Zankus, Unstritis, Ubadas, Gazetst,

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and Schlaggedisch, Denzyzint, Unnutzd, Un-Eitel. I only want you to pay attention to that last word,

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because I want you to see this connection, idle. Allist, Gans, idle, idle, worthless, useless,

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vain. And of course to read Titus 3.9 again in the German to remind you, but avoid foolish

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controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable

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and worthless. Now, knowing Scripture thoroughly is vital because you will be able to make these

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sorts of connections if you have Scripture in your mind. And so what is one of our general

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canons of construction of interpretation when it comes to Scripture? Scripture,

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Scriptura, Scripturam, Interpreter, Scriptur, Interprets, Scriptur. And so let us look to Titus again,

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Titus 114. Therefore, rebuke them sharply that they may be sound in the faith, not devoting

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themselves to Jewish myths and the commands of people who turn away from the truth. Focus on

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what is being told to the recipient of the letter, which of course, Titus and then us,

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what are being told to avoid Jewish myths? This should bring to mind Matthew 3, specifically

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verses 9 through 10. And do not presume to say to yourselves, we have Abraham as our Father,

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for I tell you. God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham, even now the

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axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut

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down and thrown into the fire. So what are we being told to avoid here when we're told to avoid

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genealogies in this useless speculation, these worthless things? We are being told to avoid

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what so many of the Jews presumed. Well, of course I'm saved. I'm a son of Abraham. I'm

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descended from him by blood. Salvation belongs to us. That is useless genealogy. That is worship

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of your race of your ancestors. That is idolatry. That is what we are being told to avoid.

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And now let us turn back to genealogy in scripture and particularly, of course, we will start with

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Genesis. So Genesis 2, 4. Oute, e, biblas, guinezios, uranu, cae, gase, jote, egenator.

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These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created.

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These are the generations of. I want you to focus on that little bit of the text there,

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because that is Tolodot in Hebrew. It occurs 10 times in Genesis. Genesis 2, 4, Genesis 5, 1,

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Genesis 6, 9, Genesis 10, 1, Genesis 11, 10, Genesis 11, 27, Genesis 25, 12, Genesis 25, 19, Genesis 36,

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1, Genesis 36, 9, Genesis 37, 2. Now, these are major divisions in scripture. The

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attentive reader may have noticed I actually listed 11, but that is because Genesis 36, 9 is

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repetition, emphasizing Genesis 36, 1 with relation to Esa and his progeny. So, for instance,

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in Genesis 5, 1, oute, e, biblas, guinezios, and propon. These are the generations of man.

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Genesis 6, 9, oute de e, guinezis, noe. These are the generations of Noah. Now, these are both,

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of course, hutas. That is the reference there. There may be a different form. It is declined,

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but these are the same statements. And then, of course, we have one of the major ones in Genesis,

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Genesis 10, 1, oute de e, guinezis, toon, huiun, noe. These are the generations of the sons

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of Noah. Otherwise known as the Table of Nations, Genesis 10. I want to turn to Genesis 1032,

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which I do not have up here, so I will pull that up. Just want to read that the English,

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instead of the Greek. These are the clans of the sons of Noah. Note the word clans,

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according to their genealogies. There is that word again, in their nations, and from these the

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nations spread abroad on the earth after the flood. Of course, we are dealing with guinezis again.

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That word turns up constantly, so let's do a word study of it very briefly. It appears 40 times

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in the Old Testament. And to look here at Lagos, the word study, the scope, it appears a number of

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times in the ESV as well, translated from the Greek, but the 40 times in the Old Testament,

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translating various Hebrew terms, extended family, clan, types, descendants, successors, seed,

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descendants, stage in life, cycle, lifetime, descent, generation, descendants, relations, relatives,

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descent. You can see these are all related words. These are all the same sort of word family.

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And so we also wind up tying in to guinezis. That's the word for nation, people, class,

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or kind, a related word. And you're going to see also the word ethnos, which is another related

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word, which has a similar meaning. So let us turn to Acts 17, 26 through 27A, which is a verse that

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always comes up when discussing these issues. And he made from one man every nation of mankind to

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live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their

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dwelling place, that they should seek God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him.

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Speaking of the nations, ethnos is the word for nation, which is a body of persons united by

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kinship, culture, and common traditions, or people groups foreign to a specific people group.

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So for instance, you will see that usage when you are contrasting Old Testament Israel versus

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the nations, because the nations are foreign nations with regard to Israel in that reference.

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And then a third usage, those who do not belong to groups professing faith in the God of Israel.

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We used to translate this as heathen in the Luther Bible translated as height in the same word.

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That is a more useful translation than Gentiles, which is a carryover from Latin, which just

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tends to confuse things. Better to use heathen. And so I turn back to genesis to look at

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genesis 3. Now I'm going to use the Septuagint numbering here because, quite frankly, it's better.

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For some reason we've decided that genesis 225 belongs in chapter 2. It really is part of chapter 3.

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And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. Now this serpent was more

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crafty than any other beast of the field, that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman,

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did God actually say, you shall not eat of any tree in the garden? And the woman said to the serpent,

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we may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but God said, you shall not eat of the fruit of

14:10.320 --> 14:15.920
the tree that is in the midst of the garden. Neither shall you touch it, lest you die. But the serpent

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said to the woman, you will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be

14:21.040 --> 14:26.880
opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. So when the woman saw that the tree was good

14:26.880 --> 14:31.600
for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one

14:31.600 --> 14:37.520
wise. She took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband, who was with her,

14:37.520 --> 14:47.040
and he ate. Now here is the core of what we are discussing today when it comes to genealogy.

14:47.040 --> 14:55.920
This is the genealogy of ideas. Look at the ideas that are present here in the narrative of the fall.

14:57.360 --> 15:05.600
Which ideas do we have? Whence do they come? You have statements from God. You shall not eat of

15:05.600 --> 15:09.920
the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden. That is a truth. It flows from God. That

15:09.920 --> 15:15.920
is the genealogy of that idea. It is traced directly back to statements God made to Adam and Eve.

15:18.160 --> 15:26.240
What else do we have here? Did God actually say we have ideas from Satan questioning whether or

15:26.240 --> 15:31.680
not God has actually said what he said? And then, of course, we have Satan simply lying. You will

15:31.680 --> 15:36.880
not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be

15:36.880 --> 15:43.600
like God, knowing good and evil. What is the genealogy of that idea of that statement? The genealogy

15:43.600 --> 15:51.760
of that, of course, is Satan. It comes from him. And so the point here, the vitally important

15:51.760 --> 16:01.280
takeaway is that the genealogy of an idea matters. Where the idea originated does say something

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about the truth of the idea. This is something that pops up throughout scripture whenever there is

16:12.320 --> 16:20.080
a discussion of fruits and trees and branches. You'll find this, for example, in Matthew 7.

16:20.720 --> 16:25.200
Jesus says, beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are

16:25.200 --> 16:31.920
ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Our grapes, gathered from thorn bushes or

16:31.920 --> 16:38.240
figs from fizzles. So every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the disease tree bears bad fruit.

16:38.240 --> 16:44.240
A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a disease tree bear good fruit. Every tree that

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does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire, thus you will recognize them by their

16:49.200 --> 16:57.520
fruits. And again, this, this is a reinforcement of the point that the place from which something

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came affects the nature of the thing. All of the generations of man and of beast throughout

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scripture are reinforcing that this is how God within creation made certain things by

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once they came. They came down through history, through the seed of men, and they were passed on to

17:20.000 --> 17:27.280
their sons who inherited foregood or evil, whatever the fathers bequease them. And this is something

17:27.280 --> 17:33.280
that's completely lost from from modern thought is the notion that there's any connection to history

17:33.360 --> 17:40.240
beyond accidents where we live in a time where it's reinforced continuously to us that

17:41.840 --> 17:47.040
you basically just appear in the timeline when God decided to create you. And basically,

17:47.040 --> 17:53.840
there was your mother and father conceived you through God's blessing and God stuck the next

17:53.840 --> 18:00.560
soul available in the soul hopper into that embryo. And then you became you by virtue of really

18:00.560 --> 18:06.000
happenstance on the creative part and then whatever God did in the spirit realm. But that's not really

18:06.000 --> 18:11.840
you. You're the spirit thing. You're the soul. You're not the body. That's completely contrary to

18:11.840 --> 18:20.160
what's actually happening when God gives life to a man. The soul in the body in those two cells,

18:20.160 --> 18:26.000
the the ovum and the sperm are united and the three come together to become one thing, which is

18:26.000 --> 18:35.120
a human. And that has roots and it has a miraculous aspect. And as Christians, we we have a

18:35.120 --> 18:41.200
tendency to only focus on the miraculous and the instantaneous in conception or in the conception

18:41.200 --> 18:47.040
of ideas. And we don't really care where they came from, but that's it's never how God speaks

18:47.040 --> 18:53.280
at any point in scripture. There's there's no point where God is indifferent to whence things came.

18:54.160 --> 19:00.240
In fact, there was the I mentioned it last week. There was the the fig tree that didn't bear fruit

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when Jesus came to it. And so he cursed it because it was failing to do its duty as a fig tree.

19:07.920 --> 19:16.880
When you see a tree or you see any any creature, what it produces is flowing from its nature.

19:17.840 --> 19:22.640
This applies to people who are not individuals. And that's something that we'll touch on today.

19:22.640 --> 19:27.040
And we're we're definitely going to do a full episode in the future about the enlightenment and

19:27.040 --> 19:35.840
individualism. But we're not just atomized bits of souls with flesh attached who appear and

19:35.840 --> 19:42.480
disappear, appear from the timeline. We have an inheritance and we pass that on to those who are

19:42.480 --> 19:46.960
descended from us and to those who inherit the ideas that we propagate. And that's why it's

19:46.960 --> 19:52.400
vitally important as you mentioned and mentioned earlier. There are a lot of times when people propagate

19:52.400 --> 19:59.600
evil ideas that came from evil sources. But they are choosing to do something they believe is good.

19:59.600 --> 20:04.560
They do it with a clean conscience. And in many cases, they're Christians who are propagating

20:05.200 --> 20:10.000
ideas that came from an evil tree. But because they didn't see the evil in the tree,

20:10.800 --> 20:16.320
they can't discern the evil in the fruit. And so when they willingly pass it on to someone else,

20:17.360 --> 20:23.120
they do tremendous harm. And they do it under the cloak of Christianity itself. They do it in the

20:23.120 --> 20:29.440
name of God, which is a tremendously evil and destructive thing. Because as a Christian, our

20:29.440 --> 20:35.120
shackles are not when we're talking to each other. We're not we're not preparing to be deceived.

20:35.120 --> 20:40.880
It would be as if Adam had deceived Eve in the garden rather than the serpent. She should have

20:40.880 --> 20:45.680
known that the serpent was creepy, but she didn't because there was nothing creepy. It was it was

20:45.680 --> 20:52.800
perfection. And she didn't see it coming. And the real thrust of this discussion today is around

20:53.360 --> 20:58.960
teaching Christians to see it coming because you don't have to simply evaluate the merits of

20:58.960 --> 21:04.400
an argument. You first and foremost have to devaluate the tree from which it came.

21:06.880 --> 21:14.240
There's a sort of general idea that ideas stand on their own. That we can assess something

21:14.320 --> 21:21.360
in a vacuum. We can simply look at it as some sort of little logic puzzle. But that's not how ideas

21:21.360 --> 21:31.200
work. That's how logic puzzles work. Yes. If a, then b, if b, then c, a, therefore c. Yes, that

21:31.200 --> 21:36.640
stands on its own kind of because it does still depend on the laws of logic, which flow from the

21:36.640 --> 21:42.400
nature of God. And therefore, if a good tree is their source and are true, but they can be assessed

21:42.400 --> 21:48.560
more or less in a vacuum, you cannot do that with ideas that are simply, they're more complex

21:48.560 --> 21:57.520
than a simple logical statement. And so we cannot take a book in a vacuum and just look at the book,

21:57.520 --> 22:02.560
look at the content of the book and assess whether or not we think it's good based on that contact

22:03.360 --> 22:08.320
because what is the source of this book? What is this book trying to accomplish? What was the

22:08.320 --> 22:13.760
person who wrote this book trying to accomplish? What else did he do in his life? We want to pretend

22:13.760 --> 22:20.960
like works are separate from the worker. And they're not because works flow from the worker.

22:20.960 --> 22:28.400
Creation is good because it is a work that flows from God. Sin is bad because it is a work that flows

22:28.480 --> 22:38.560
from sinners and from Satan. So the genesis, the source truly matters. And so we, we know that because

22:38.560 --> 22:46.320
we see it in scripture. The first book is called Genesis. And yes, I know the name isn't technically

22:46.320 --> 22:51.920
part of the book itself, but the word appears all throughout the book. So it is part of the book.

22:52.880 --> 22:58.880
And how does the New Testament start? The New Testament starts with a genealogy. So we can't

22:58.880 --> 23:04.880
obviously take the supposed blanket prohibition on genealogies, which is what some people try to turn

23:04.880 --> 23:10.400
it into as an actual blanket prohibition on genealogies, because otherwise we would have scripture

23:10.400 --> 23:17.760
condemning scripture. Because Matthew 1, 1 is Biblas, Ganesi, Oceas, Ocresto, Huyo, Dawid, Huyo,

23:18.480 --> 23:24.080
the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham, the genealogy

23:24.080 --> 23:33.440
matters. God's promises have reference. God makes promises to individuals, to groups, to nations,

23:34.160 --> 23:40.560
to all of mankind, depending on the particular promise. So the Messiah promised to Adam and Eve,

23:40.560 --> 23:45.600
the seed shall crush the serpent's head. The Messiah promised to come from Abraham,

23:45.600 --> 23:51.920
the Messiah promised to come from David. This is God making promises to individuals,

23:51.920 --> 23:58.480
but they will have progeny from which will come the eventual Messiah to peoples, because it is

23:58.480 --> 24:06.480
promised to this people, the Messiah will come from them. God very clearly cares about genealogies.

24:06.480 --> 24:11.440
And another way we know this is the fourth commandment. Thou shalt honor thy father and

24:11.440 --> 24:16.080
thy mother, that it may us go well with thee, and thou mayest lived long in the land. Yes, I know

24:16.080 --> 24:23.760
I memorized from the KGV, the older versions. But this is genealogy, being raised up to the level

24:23.760 --> 24:30.960
of God cares about it so much it's one of the ten commandments. Because as we know, honor thy

24:30.960 --> 24:37.760
father and thy mother is not just your immediate flesh and blood father and mother. It also includes

24:37.760 --> 24:42.320
your flesh and blood grandparents, your flesh and blood great-grandparents, and if you're so lucky

24:42.320 --> 24:47.600
to meet them, your great-great-grandparents. But also, all those ancestors you didn't meet,

24:47.600 --> 24:53.200
because they have bequeathed things to you that were gifts to them from God. They held them in

24:53.200 --> 24:59.120
trust and gave them to you. And so you have duties with regard to those things not to destroy them,

24:59.120 --> 25:06.160
but to pass them on to future generations. Because God actually cares about you honoring your ancestors,

25:06.160 --> 25:12.240
no it's not ancestor worship, no it's not idolatry. There is a difference between worship and

25:12.240 --> 25:18.160
honoring. Yes, when it comes to God, we worship him in part by honoring him, but we're not talking about

25:18.160 --> 25:23.840
the same concept here. Because God obviously does not command you to idolize your father and

25:23.840 --> 25:27.520
brother. He does not command you to worship them, but he does command you to honor them.

25:27.600 --> 25:37.920
That's why the reason that we're doing this episode is to make it crystal clear to our listeners

25:37.920 --> 25:45.600
that we have roots, and we'll get into this in a few minutes, but just as a preview,

25:45.600 --> 25:52.640
there's a notion today in the modern post-enlightened world that, as you mentioned,

25:53.200 --> 26:00.240
every idea is basically treated as if it's a virgin idea that doesn't matter where it came from,

26:00.240 --> 26:04.080
maybe it's good, maybe it's bad. Let's just see how it looks. Let's see how it works.

26:05.440 --> 26:10.400
People are presumed to be the same, to be a blank slate, tabula rasa.

26:13.120 --> 26:17.680
Nothing could be further from the truth. You are not a blank slate. I am not a blank slate.

26:18.240 --> 26:24.800
I am my father's seed, and he is his father's seed going back to Adam.

26:24.800 --> 26:31.760
And the reason that I am a sinner is that Adam's sinned, and his sin was passed down

26:31.760 --> 26:39.600
for all, however many hundreds of generations, until today to me in the flesh through his seed,

26:40.480 --> 26:47.040
the transmission of sinfulness, the transmission of the curses of God,

26:47.040 --> 26:55.040
in Genesis 3, occur generationally through flesh. And this is something that I think we don't

26:55.040 --> 26:59.600
even believe anymore today is Christians, because again, if everyone's a blank slate,

26:59.600 --> 27:04.720
if all you are permitted to do is judge a man by the content of his character,

27:05.520 --> 27:11.120
then you can't notice that the man is a credent, and that when the Holy Spirit said that all

27:11.120 --> 27:16.880
credence or gluttons and liars, well, I guess maybe God sinned when he said that, because that's

27:16.880 --> 27:22.240
not permissible. There may be sun credence that have good character, and so we can't know that

27:22.240 --> 27:27.680
about credence until we talk to each of them individually and make individual judgments.

27:28.560 --> 27:37.680
That's simply false. A people is a family, ideas, how come from families, they all are

27:37.680 --> 27:44.960
transmitted through time sequentially inheriting what came before them, and the reason that we're

27:44.960 --> 27:52.800
talking about roots today versus a blank slate is that when the blank slate theory was originally

27:52.800 --> 27:57.840
proposed, the first record we have, it was from Aristotle, you know, over 2,000 years ago,

27:59.040 --> 28:04.240
it was specifically a philosophical inquiry into the nature of thought itself.

28:05.280 --> 28:13.680
So originally blank slate wasn't referring to a human being with regard to their moral qualities,

28:13.680 --> 28:19.520
it was with regard to the contents of their mind. The question was, when a baby is born,

28:20.400 --> 28:26.240
what do they know? Do they inherit knowledge or do they know nothing and then whatever they absorb

28:26.240 --> 28:34.320
from the world accumulates and that helps to define them? And this was the use of blank slate,

28:34.320 --> 28:41.280
whenever it popped up across philosophers until the 1700s, when John Locke came along,

28:42.080 --> 28:48.400
he decided that it wasn't enough just to say that it was about thought, but he wanted to turn the

28:48.400 --> 28:54.160
blank slate of a human being into a moral blank slate as well, and to say that individuals

28:55.200 --> 29:01.680
we define our moral character as well by our choices and that we build up from

29:03.120 --> 29:09.200
nothing into either a good person or a bad person based on the information we receive and then

29:09.200 --> 29:16.080
the choices that we make. And that sort of self-determination is the root of libertarian thought

29:16.560 --> 29:22.560
and it's something that so many Christians have fallen for and it's really a shame because

29:23.040 --> 29:27.120
that's the argument that Satan made to even the gospel in the, sorry, in Genesis.

29:27.840 --> 29:33.600
Satan's argument to Eve was, you can be like God, you can choose to be better than you are.

29:33.600 --> 29:39.440
This obedience stuff isn't, that's not really a question. The question is, how much can you

29:39.440 --> 29:46.560
become? And that was the lie that Satan sold to Eve and she ate it up because she had not been

29:46.560 --> 29:55.040
properly categorized because Adam was not a faithful husband who kept Satan in bay and she was

29:55.040 --> 30:02.320
the weaker vessel and she fell for it and that lie has been repeated for six thousand years

30:02.320 --> 30:07.200
and it keeps getting repackaged and people keep swallowing it because they don't look at its

30:07.200 --> 30:13.680
origin. Once you understand the form of the argument that you can be as God, once you,

30:14.560 --> 30:19.360
when you get a whiff of that it should terrify and you should run screaming and you should

30:20.080 --> 30:25.760
silence whoever is bringing that argument to you because that person is Satan's vessel.

30:26.480 --> 30:34.240
A person is there as an emissary for the devil and we don't have any concept of that today.

30:34.240 --> 30:40.560
We don't have any discernment when we look at ideas. We just think about it in pragmatic terms

30:40.560 --> 30:46.080
because we assume that all since all people are blank slates and all these ideas are blank slates

30:46.080 --> 30:50.000
when a Christian comes to you with some new idea that they heard,

30:51.440 --> 30:55.680
their arguments are going to be, well, here's the pragmatic value to it. Let's see if we can make

30:55.680 --> 31:00.640
this work and then let's see if we can find it in scripture and if you can go back to scripture

31:00.720 --> 31:06.160
and sort of import some Bible verses and proof text and say, okay, here we go. Now we have officially

31:06.160 --> 31:11.680
sanctified this brand new idea that no Christian, no believer for 6,000 years of ever held,

31:11.680 --> 31:16.720
we now hold it and we've now justified it in view of scripture. Ta-da, it's Christian.

31:17.920 --> 31:25.280
No. Absolutely not. That idea has roots that are not from God because if the roots were from God,

31:26.240 --> 31:34.720
other believers would have held it too. This is the essence of, I mentioned this last week,

31:36.720 --> 31:44.560
Lutherans in particular, and I think the post-reformation believers in general are extremely vulnerable

31:44.560 --> 31:54.160
to resisting any notion that if you make an argument from the historicity of a fact, you're somehow

31:55.120 --> 32:00.400
going to turn into a Papist because when Rome made arguments about, well, no one's ever

32:00.400 --> 32:04.960
believed this. We've done this for hundreds of years and thousands of years. This is the official

32:04.960 --> 32:14.000
teaching. It's our tradition. You can't do otherwise. It wasn't that that was a bad argument. It was

32:14.000 --> 32:20.480
that it was a false argument when Rome said that the teachings on justification that Luther

32:20.480 --> 32:29.040
found in Romans were not historically accurate, they were lying. They were lying in the Lutherans

32:29.040 --> 32:33.680
of that day and others went back to the early church fathers and found that they all believed

32:33.680 --> 32:40.240
those things. Then they were lost at some point. New ideas were imported and they became sanctified

32:40.240 --> 32:45.920
by everyone repeating the same lies over and over again. Then eventually the inheritance became

32:46.000 --> 32:52.400
such that no one could remember what was originally taught and people stopped looking at scripture

32:52.400 --> 32:58.800
as the source. That's the error that every Christian must resist. Tradition is not the principal

32:58.800 --> 33:07.040
argument, but tradition is substantiation for a claim. If you claim that something is scriptural,

33:07.040 --> 33:14.160
you are tacitly claiming and really you're implicitly claiming one of two things. Either you have

33:14.160 --> 33:19.360
discovered something that all Christians didn't believe, they sinned by in disbelieving it,

33:20.240 --> 33:26.400
and you are condemning every forefather in the faith. All of your ancestors who held to the Christian

33:26.400 --> 33:32.000
faith, they sinned by not believing the thing that you're saying they should have believed.

33:32.000 --> 33:39.600
The you now believe and the you're saying is coming from God. It's conceivable that that's true,

33:39.600 --> 33:44.880
but if that's an argument that's to be made, it must be made out in public. You can't just say,

33:44.880 --> 33:49.760
well, Luther said mean things about the certain group and that was evil. Well, the Luther was

33:49.760 --> 33:54.720
unrepentant. Did he go to hell for it? He never repented for the things that he said about certain

33:54.720 --> 33:59.760
people groups. Neither did Walter, neither did all these other men. They went to their graves,

34:00.320 --> 34:06.080
boldly proclaiming in Christ's name, things that are today called sinful.

34:06.800 --> 34:12.400
And so the reason we're talking about the genealogy of ideas, the roots of these ideas is that

34:13.200 --> 34:20.320
if you got something brand new, you got to admit it's new and you have to explain to everyone

34:20.320 --> 34:27.200
why this new thing that you're trying to sell is consistent with what the Christian church is

34:27.200 --> 34:33.760
always held. And if you can't do that, you should be silent. And that's the reason we're spending

34:33.760 --> 34:39.600
so much time on talking about the scriptural basis for talking about this in this way is that

34:40.480 --> 34:44.480
we want to make sure that we're not guilty of that, which we are challenging elsewhere in the

34:44.480 --> 34:52.080
church. If we say something and we can't back it out from what God says, we should be silent.

34:53.200 --> 34:56.960
What we're saying is that the idea that where something came from

34:57.920 --> 35:06.640
has an inherent moral tenor is scriptural, the saying that where a man came from,

35:06.640 --> 35:14.800
who his ancestors were, shapes who he is, not who he might be, but who he is apart from his own will.

35:15.440 --> 35:19.440
That's something that's never been controversial in all of human history until the last

35:19.440 --> 35:24.960
couple hundred years. And today it's something that will get you expelled from churches. It will get

35:24.960 --> 35:30.640
you fired from your job. It will get you completely destroyed in our modern world

35:31.360 --> 35:36.400
for saying what Christians have always said until recently. And so it's incredibly important to

35:36.400 --> 35:42.000
deal with this issue of what are these ideas based on? Where did they come from? Where are their

35:42.000 --> 35:47.680
roots? Because if you're getting ideas that are rooted in false teachings,

35:48.080 --> 35:55.760
you're serving Satan. There's no other way to put it. In the future we will do a general

35:55.760 --> 36:01.040
episode just on truth. But there are two points that I hammer every time I get the chance.

36:01.840 --> 36:09.760
One is that Satan is the father of lies. Not just lies about John 316. Satan is not only the

36:09.760 --> 36:17.200
father of lies about how you go to heaven. Satan is the father of every single lie.

36:17.840 --> 36:23.200
And Satan doesn't care which lie you adopt. You can love Jesus and you can think the cross is

36:23.200 --> 36:29.120
great and you can be delighted at the prospect of going to heaven. And if you start embracing lies

36:29.120 --> 36:36.080
that are contrary to what Scripture says, that are contrary to reality, you are also embracing

36:36.080 --> 36:42.000
Satan. Even while you're embracing Jesus, this is something that's pointed out in 1 Timothy 5,

36:42.000 --> 36:49.040
where there are a couple examples of what Paul calls teachings of demons. And if you look at them,

36:49.040 --> 36:56.400
it's abstention for meeting certain meats and it's trivialities. It's something that we would never

36:56.400 --> 37:02.880
call heresy or blasphemy today. We would say, well, I don't know. Maybe that's okay. Paul says

37:02.960 --> 37:08.960
those are teachings of demons. And he says it because Satan is the father of lies. And when

37:08.960 --> 37:14.320
the demons go out and they spread these lies, it's the little stuff. It's the penny any stuff

37:14.320 --> 37:20.240
that no one cares about because even if you're wrong, it's no big deal. I'm still focused on

37:20.240 --> 37:26.720
the cross. So I'm going to be fine. Satan knows that's not true. And so does God. And the battle

37:26.800 --> 37:34.960
ground that we all face today. Again, it goes back to Genesis. It goes back to the lies that Satan

37:34.960 --> 37:42.160
told Eve, but it's also a constantly evolving battle where the lies are changing periodically.

37:42.160 --> 37:47.920
The approaches are changing. And as the world becomes worse, as fewer and fewer people,

37:47.920 --> 37:53.760
care what Scripture says or even acknowledge that God exists, the easier it is for Satan to use

37:54.000 --> 38:02.000
these small lies as huge wedges to divide us from our own own salvation. And that is why this fight

38:02.000 --> 38:07.520
is worth fighting. It's why it's worth mentioning these things because as long as people are willing

38:07.520 --> 38:15.760
to disregard the history of ideas and just look at them in a vacuum and adopt them wholesale,

38:15.760 --> 38:23.040
if they can somehow find justification in Scripture through proof texting, we will lose the church.

38:23.600 --> 38:31.280
We will lose souls to Satan. It happens every day. And I don't have examples to provide, but

38:33.040 --> 38:37.920
you see this happening over and over again, where someone on Twitter or elsewhere,

38:37.920 --> 38:42.160
just as someone who's no longer connected to the church at all will say, I used to believe,

38:42.720 --> 38:50.960
but then I went down this path of drugs or music or some worldly thing that when it was

38:50.960 --> 38:55.760
served first adopted by that person, it didn't seem like a big deal. And they will give those things

38:55.760 --> 39:00.720
credit for separating their souls from God. And they'll say, and I don't care, I'm glad I'm

39:00.720 --> 39:07.680
glad I'm done with the church. I hated that part of my life. It was terrible. I was abused

39:08.320 --> 39:16.160
spiritually. And I thank no one because there is no God. I am thankful to have been freed from

39:16.240 --> 39:23.440
the shackles of all of those Christians trying to tell me how to live. That's the end game for

39:23.440 --> 39:30.720
adopting these little lies. And so it's vital that people take the notion of where did that idea

39:30.720 --> 39:38.000
come from seriously. If you don't, you are wide open for deception from all directions.

39:38.960 --> 39:47.200
There's a form of fishing where you tie a bunch of hooks along a single line and then you toss

39:47.200 --> 39:55.600
that line out. Now as a fisherman, you don't care which hook the fish bites. Because if he bites

39:55.600 --> 40:02.480
any hook, you caught the fish. Satan is the same way with his deceptions. If he can get you on

40:03.200 --> 40:08.640
anything, he's going to try to reel you in. And then you'll get you on something else and

40:08.640 --> 40:14.640
something else. Because once you've bought into one lie, it's easier to get you to buy into

40:14.640 --> 40:22.720
the next lie. It's the same thing as when a large company takes over a market. And I guess I'll

40:22.720 --> 40:30.880
delve into my specialty here for a brief moment. One of the problems with a monopoly is that a

40:30.880 --> 40:37.840
monopoly can use its power in one market to leverage itself into an adjacent market and take over.

40:37.840 --> 40:44.880
And Satan does the same thing with lies with deception. If he can get you to believe one,

40:44.880 --> 40:50.320
he will use that belief in that one to undermine your belief in some other truth and then get you

40:50.320 --> 40:57.040
to accept another lie, another deception. And you just find yourself more and more mired, more

40:57.040 --> 41:03.840
and deeper stuck in this morass. And so you cannot give him that foothold. If you give Satan a toe

41:03.840 --> 41:12.240
hold, he's never going away. He's going to keep trying to grasp at more. And that is how falsehood

41:12.240 --> 41:19.200
works. If you believe a lie, you are, it is a sin first off because you are believing something

41:19.200 --> 41:23.760
that is false, depending on the falsehood you believe. Of course, if I simply have a mistaken

41:23.760 --> 41:28.800
belief, I believe my dog is in the next room when he's actually at my feet. That's not a sin,

41:28.800 --> 41:34.320
that's a mistake. But if I believe something false about God, about God's creation, about the truth,

41:34.320 --> 41:43.520
that's sinful. And believing that opens me up to other attacks. Now, on the topic of traditions,

41:43.520 --> 41:50.400
can't say how many times I have encountered those who will say, well, we both agree that Jesus

41:50.480 --> 41:57.680
died. And so we're both saved and all this other stuff doesn't matter. And that's just an insane

41:57.680 --> 42:03.920
position to take. And we know that because yes, so tearyology matters, yes, the gospel matters,

42:03.920 --> 42:11.680
yes, this is the core of our faith, yes, article four, justification, all important. But if you get

42:11.680 --> 42:17.280
that right and everything else wrong, the odds of you remaining a Christian are very slim because

42:18.080 --> 42:24.000
you can't hold on to that one truth in the face of this storm of lies and deceit. You will eventually

42:24.000 --> 42:33.360
lose that too. And that's what happened with Rome. Rome slowly adopted a little lie here, a little

42:33.360 --> 42:42.720
mistake there. This cult of Mary here, this synchrotistic practice there. And Rome lost the gospel

42:42.800 --> 42:48.000
because of it. And it's the same thing the Jews did in the Old Testament. Oh, we'll just adopt

42:48.000 --> 42:53.280
this particular form of worship on this high place from this Canaanite tribe. It'll be fine.

42:54.080 --> 43:00.080
And then another and another. And all of a sudden, you don't even know where the Torah is anymore.

43:00.080 --> 43:06.800
You've literally lost the scriptures. That is what Satan wants. And he's good at this game. He's

43:06.800 --> 43:14.880
been playing it for a very long time. And he has a lot of time on his hands. So the goal here is

43:14.880 --> 43:23.360
it to out with Satan. The goal is to stand steadfast on the truth and rely on God. And to rely on God,

43:23.360 --> 43:28.640
we need to believe true things about God instead of all these lies from the world,

43:29.280 --> 43:35.360
instead of, you know, Rawls veil of ignorance and all of the various underpinnings of libertarian

43:35.360 --> 43:43.920
thought, which when you start to compare them, libertarianism and Satanism look a lot alike.

43:44.720 --> 43:48.480
And that should deeply worry Christians. And also there's quite a bit of overlap with

43:48.480 --> 43:56.160
individuals involved in the two. Because what is the core command as it were, the rule in Satanism?

43:57.280 --> 44:04.640
Do is thou wilt and thou shall be the whole of the law. Well, libertarianism is pretty much the

44:04.640 --> 44:11.120
same thing. It's do whatever you want, but don't harm others. Typically is the formulation

44:11.120 --> 44:16.560
something along those lines. And Satanism has other additional rules that basically say, well, don't

44:16.560 --> 44:22.320
harm others. You know, don't take what they say seriously. But it should worry Christians that

44:22.320 --> 44:29.680
these are the same things being said by libertarianism, which is construed as well as just a political

44:29.680 --> 44:35.200
ideology. It's just a theory. We're permitted to accept that because again, they don't look at

44:35.200 --> 44:42.080
the genealogy of these ideas. And Satanism, which obviously most Christians, I would hope,

44:42.080 --> 44:46.560
will be able to say, well, obviously we can't accept that. But if they're saying the same thing,

44:47.440 --> 44:51.600
why are you accepting one and not the other? Why don't you look at the genesis of these things

44:51.600 --> 44:58.880
to give a concrete example just to make some people particularly uncomfortable? How about Harry Potter?

44:59.680 --> 45:03.840
Did you let your children read that book? Do you have it in your house? Have you watched the movies?

45:04.480 --> 45:10.160
Do you support these things? Well, the author of that book for a very long time, her social media

45:10.160 --> 45:19.760
background was tarot cards from Crowley's deck, open, outright, blunt Satanism. And so you are

45:19.760 --> 45:25.760
exposing your children to things that have literal black magic, satanic magic in them

45:26.160 --> 45:34.880
because you didn't pay attention to the genealogy. You did not pay attention to once this particular

45:34.880 --> 45:40.720
work came. The author matters. So look into the author. Well, the author is involved in the occult.

45:41.520 --> 45:47.840
If this author involved in the occult, promoting occult practices and having all sorts of occult

45:47.840 --> 45:54.480
images, if she is the one who wrote it, you should probably be worried about providing that to your

45:54.480 --> 46:02.160
children. It's not just a cutesy story about wizards. That's not what it is. Pay attention to the

46:02.160 --> 46:07.040
source of the materials you are ingesting and you are providing for your children.

46:09.440 --> 46:15.760
And it's important when people here look at the source that we're talking about the original

46:15.760 --> 46:24.240
source. So it may well be that your pastor pushes libertarians or says the Harry Potter is

46:24.240 --> 46:31.280
fine or shares books with you in your congregation that should never be shared or read by any Christian

46:31.280 --> 46:38.240
because of their origins. We're saying to look past the past or regardless of his intentions.

46:38.240 --> 46:44.160
If he's doing those things and he is an heir, that is grievous sin on his part. But it's grievous

46:44.160 --> 46:51.760
sin not because he is aware that he is doing something evil. It's evil because he doesn't realize

46:51.760 --> 46:59.120
he's doing something evil. And he is giving it his impromotor. He is blessing and sanctifying

46:59.120 --> 47:06.640
things which are evil, which are satanic, which are demonic wise. He is saying in the name of God,

47:06.640 --> 47:11.920
I tell you, you're fine to eat this or to read this or to listen to this. It's not going to hurt you.

47:13.920 --> 47:19.040
You raise an important point here and that is whether or not intent matters.

47:19.520 --> 47:24.720
The answer to that is kind of like our answer to whether or not baptism is absolutely necessary.

47:24.720 --> 47:34.320
Does intent matter? No, but yes, but no. And intent doesn't matter in the sense that an act

47:34.320 --> 47:42.400
can be evil itself, in and of itself, regardless of intent. Intent is an additional sin potentially

47:42.400 --> 47:49.520
on top of that. So what does it say about the fall? What does scripture say about Eve? She was

47:49.520 --> 47:55.360
deceived. Did she intend to sin? It says she was deceived. She misunderstood. She did not know

47:55.360 --> 48:01.040
what was happening. It doesn't say that of Adam notably, but Eve was deceived was what she did

48:01.040 --> 48:08.720
still sin. Absolutely. The intent does not always matter. Acts themselves can be evil.

48:09.280 --> 48:18.080
And when we propagate them, we can't make them clean because we're Christian. And I think this is

48:18.080 --> 48:25.200
where a lot of people break down is that we have a notion that people hear the term Christian

48:25.200 --> 48:29.680
freedom and they don't know what it means or what where it came from, but it sounds pretty good,

48:29.680 --> 48:35.280
so they're just going to run with it and make it whatever they want it to mean. And people think that

48:36.240 --> 48:39.840
if you confess that Jesus is God and you know that he died for your sins,

48:41.440 --> 48:48.160
then as long as you're not deliberately sinning too much, you're going to be okay. And while there is

48:50.240 --> 48:55.840
there is a way in which it is possible to say that that is true, it should never be

48:57.520 --> 49:04.880
what anyone clings to. You you had mentioned talk earlier about where things come from and

49:05.040 --> 49:10.720
who says things first. I think it's very important to point out to people who like to cling to

49:10.720 --> 49:19.040
the verses about whoever confesses Jesus will be saved. Yes, that's true. But remember this,

49:19.040 --> 49:25.680
the very first confession in all of scripture, in all of history, the very first time that anyone

49:25.680 --> 49:32.800
said, Jesus is the Holy One of God. It was a demon. In Luke four, there was a man who had a demon

49:32.800 --> 49:38.000
and he screamed at Jesus. What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy

49:38.000 --> 49:43.280
us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God. Now that was a confession of Jesus as the Christ

49:44.080 --> 49:50.960
was it salvific? No. And it wasn't just because it was a demon speaking. It was not salvific because

49:52.320 --> 49:58.400
it was a confession in the sense that it was anguish. It was terror. And it was a confession that

49:58.480 --> 50:04.800
the demon in opposition to God knew that God was superior, superior, infinitely so. And so he knew

50:04.800 --> 50:11.440
that when Jesus the Christ came to him, he was powerless and he was an anguish as a result. But he

50:11.440 --> 50:17.120
did say Jesus was God. And I think that far too many people who call themselves Christians today

50:18.480 --> 50:23.920
genuinely believe that all someone has to do is cry Lord, Lord. And that's the end of it. And

50:23.920 --> 50:30.400
we're going to talk probably in virtually every episode about satireology, which is how we're saved

50:31.280 --> 50:40.400
in contra distinction to the Christian life after salvation because this is where Protestant

50:40.400 --> 50:48.720
theology really gets into trouble. We spent so much time battling Rome's semi-pollegion teachings

50:49.200 --> 50:53.760
you can save yourself in part. You know, Jesus did some work on the cross, but you got to do good

50:53.760 --> 50:59.280
works. You have to buy the indulgences. You have to make the pilgrimages. You have to do certain

50:59.280 --> 51:06.400
confessions as a wrote right not as a confession of I confess that I am a sinner, but you must perform

51:06.400 --> 51:13.200
these acts in order to be saved. No Christian can believe that. And we are never arguing that.

51:13.680 --> 51:20.560
Anytime you hear Corey or I talking about what we must do, it is in the sense of when James

51:20.560 --> 51:27.040
was writing to the believers to the church. He was not addressing people who were not Christians,

51:27.040 --> 51:33.760
who were trying to discover how to come to faith. James wrote his epistle to an established

51:33.760 --> 51:39.840
congregation filled with believers, addressing believers and telling them, here's what the Christian

51:40.080 --> 51:47.040
life looks like. That's what you and I are doing with this podcast. We are talking to believers,

51:47.040 --> 51:52.800
like I'd be thrilled if someone who wasn't a Christian who didn't know Jesus listened as well.

51:52.800 --> 51:58.000
I hope that there would be something that would resonate in their minds to hear that, yeah,

51:58.000 --> 52:02.480
there are actually Christians who don't sound completely gotless when they talk about this stuff

52:02.480 --> 52:08.480
because we don't have a gotless God. We have a God of strength and compassion and mercy and infinite

52:08.480 --> 52:15.280
love and infinite patience and infinite wrath. And each of those things must be emphasized at

52:15.280 --> 52:21.360
different times for different purposes. But modern Christianity has just kind of become afraid of

52:21.360 --> 52:29.920
emphasizing the parts that scare people. Never mind the fact that the fear of the Lord is a virtue

52:29.920 --> 52:36.240
of a Christian. It is a virtue of a believer in not fear. We don't even think about that. What

52:36.960 --> 52:44.800
that word is means what it says. It means terror. Not that the thought of God should terrorize us

52:44.800 --> 52:53.600
at all times, but that the recognition that we as fallen sinful creatures have lived and behaved

52:53.600 --> 52:59.920
in ways that is contrary to our Creator's will and that he has infinite power should give us a

52:59.920 --> 53:05.920
sense of terror, which is what makes the comfort of the gospel all the sweeter because we know we

53:06.000 --> 53:10.800
don't deserve it. We know we haven't earned it. We know that there's nothing we could ever do to

53:10.800 --> 53:18.080
merit it. And God gave it to us freely because his love is as great as his wrath. But on judgment day,

53:18.880 --> 53:25.280
there's going to be just as much wrath poured out as love. And given that the narrow gate is the one

53:25.280 --> 53:30.800
through which we as believers have passed, the white gate is going to, you know, by volume,

53:30.800 --> 53:35.520
there's going to be a lot more wrath passed on on judgment day than there is love. And that's not

53:35.600 --> 53:45.200
because God is not a loving God. It is because we as believers and as humans have, in many cases,

53:45.200 --> 53:52.480
failed to hear God's call. And we're going to do future episodes on Christian nationalism and

53:52.480 --> 53:56.880
on race in particular. And so a lot of the things that we've discussed today will be themes

53:56.880 --> 54:03.280
that are going to recur because all of this is really one big argument pointing back to scripture

54:03.920 --> 54:12.080
to make the case that the way that God has arranged the world is when we obey God, when we do what

54:12.080 --> 54:18.800
God says and when we believe what He teaches, we are blessed by it and going back to the earlier

54:18.800 --> 54:26.080
promise of, actually, I guess we didn't mention it in this episode, but God promises to visit the

54:26.160 --> 54:33.200
wrath under the third and fourth generations of them that hate him is a is an American that's not

54:33.200 --> 54:38.880
fair. Why would a great grandchild be punished for what the great grandfather did? That's just not

54:38.880 --> 54:46.320
fair at all. The grand kid didn't do anything. Well, it's for the same reason that I inherit Adam's

54:46.320 --> 54:54.720
sin because I came from his seed. Is that fair? Who cares? That's not a Christian principle. Fairness

54:54.720 --> 55:02.080
is not something that is applied in the Christian life at all. It is a fundamentally unfair religion

55:02.560 --> 55:08.800
where we are spared the eternal consequences of all of the wrath that we are every day for the

55:08.800 --> 55:16.400
evil that we do, both knowingly and unknowingly. Fairness is basically along with niceness. One of

55:16.480 --> 55:26.560
the idols, one of the actual gods of most Americans. And I always love when people make the appeal

55:27.280 --> 55:33.920
to children as being some sort of arbiters of morality because, well, even children understand

55:33.920 --> 55:41.760
fairness, one they really don't because if you actually look at the use of that isn't fair,

55:41.840 --> 55:46.560
when it comes to children, it's generally the child making an argument that he didn't get

55:46.560 --> 55:51.520
something. The that isn't fair is almost never used when he got something and someone else didn't.

55:52.480 --> 55:59.360
But also appealing to children is just completely ridiculous. Why would you appeal

56:01.200 --> 56:07.760
to this sort of understanding and morality in children when these are creatures that were not

56:07.760 --> 56:12.560
so long ago chasing their other siblings with a stick and trying to stab them? Like the morality

56:12.560 --> 56:17.840
of children is not a developed thing. Yes, there's a degree to which the law is written in all

56:17.840 --> 56:24.240
human beings, but there's a development there before you can really understand these things. And so

56:24.240 --> 56:28.880
it's just it's a ridiculous silly argument that so many people will try to make fairness isn't a

56:28.880 --> 56:36.480
thing. Fairness is nonsense drawn up by the enlightenment and various philosophers and then

56:36.480 --> 56:41.360
imported into the culture and then unfortunately imported into the church because many Christians

56:41.360 --> 56:46.560
blindly believe it because again, they don't look to the genealogy of the things they profess.

56:47.360 --> 56:52.560
But then there's one other bit of irony that I'd like to bring up because I just find it funny.

56:54.560 --> 56:59.760
The Jews in Christ time got so many things about him wrong. Yes, there were those who followed him,

56:59.760 --> 57:06.480
he had disciples, some of them understood, to some degree varying degrees. But in his hometown,

57:07.360 --> 57:11.600
they didn't understand that he was the Messiah, not even his own family understood that he was the

57:11.600 --> 57:20.160
Messiah. But the Jews in his hometown did get something right and I'm going to turn to Matthew 13.

57:21.600 --> 57:27.120
And when Jesus had finished these parables, he went away from there and coming to his hometown,

57:27.200 --> 57:32.080
he taught them in their synagogue so that they were astonished and said, where did this man get

57:32.080 --> 57:38.000
this wisdom and these mighty works? Is not this the carpenter's son, is not his mother called Mary,

57:38.000 --> 57:43.120
and are not his brothers James and Joseph and Simon and Judas, and are not all his sisters with us?

57:43.760 --> 57:49.200
Where then did this man get all these things? And they took offense at him, but Jesus said to them,

57:49.200 --> 57:54.320
a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and his own household. And he did not do many

57:54.320 --> 58:01.600
mighty works there because of their unbelief. Did you catch what the Jews said about him?

58:02.240 --> 58:07.200
Where did this man get this wisdom and these mighty works? And then is not this the carpenter's son?

58:07.920 --> 58:14.400
They understood implicitly that the genealogy mattered and they should understand that living

58:14.400 --> 58:20.400
where and when they did because they should have been told what their ancestors had done by importing

58:20.480 --> 58:26.800
false beliefs, false religion, false practices from the surrounding nations that worshiped demons.

58:27.440 --> 58:32.320
They would implicitly understand this genealogy matters. They wanted to know he's speaking with

58:32.320 --> 58:37.200
authority, but where did he learn these things? What's the genealogy these ideas?

58:38.400 --> 58:44.880
They got the answer completely wrong when it comes to the fact that he got them from God because he

58:44.880 --> 58:51.440
is God. But they understood the general concept and it's so funny to me that these people who got

58:51.440 --> 58:56.960
almost everything else wrong happen to get this one vitally important thing right. But again,

58:56.960 --> 59:02.880
it does show that you can get one vitally important thing right, say, satiriology, and get a lot of

59:02.880 --> 59:08.560
other things wrong and look at where these people most likely ended up in many cases.

59:09.520 --> 59:15.200
That's a good point and I think that they got it right because the only reason we don't get it

59:15.200 --> 59:21.360
right today has been it's been beaten out of us. It's not an evolution or a greater understanding

59:21.360 --> 59:29.040
that the Western mind has today. It's a devolution. It's a losing the basic connection with

59:29.040 --> 59:36.560
created reality. And we've all fallen victim to what I have. I've fallen for lies in the past and

59:36.560 --> 59:40.800
I've adopted beliefs that were false. And I did so with a clean conscience because I didn't

59:42.000 --> 59:46.320
I didn't examine the priors and the givens, which is why it's so important to meet a warn others.

59:47.440 --> 59:52.560
As we wrap this episode up, I want to tie this back to the first episode where we were talking

59:52.560 --> 59:59.760
about girls teaching. I neglected the mention this in the in the previous episode, but there's a

59:59.760 --> 01:00:04.960
man online named Matt Cochran who's a brilliant man. He's a very clear thinker and outstanding

01:00:04.960 --> 01:00:11.520
writer. We'll I'll link his blog in the show notes. He made a great point that it was was

01:00:11.520 --> 01:00:17.680
completely missing from all of the conversation about whether girls should be teaching theology by

01:00:17.680 --> 01:00:25.520
writing books. All of the opponents, including now the majority of pastors who call themselves

01:00:25.520 --> 01:00:31.280
confessional Lutherans, who have aligned themselves on the side of girls teaching theology,

01:00:31.680 --> 01:00:39.360
do so by pointing to various passages and scripture that have been found just in the 20th century

01:00:39.360 --> 01:00:45.920
to justify these things. The point that Matt made on his blog was that there is actually a

01:00:45.920 --> 01:00:52.880
particular passage in scripture that tells girls to teach where God specifically commands the

01:00:52.880 --> 01:00:58.720
female to teach. And I want to read it to you because it's hilarious because none of the pastors

01:00:58.720 --> 01:01:05.520
who are quoting all the other scriptural passages is proof text to justify these girls teaching.

01:01:05.520 --> 01:01:11.680
They don't believe this passage. Listen to this from Titus 2, older women likewise are to be

01:01:11.680 --> 01:01:17.760
reverent in behavior, not slanders or slaves to much wine. They're to teach what is good and so

01:01:17.760 --> 01:01:24.160
train the young women to love their husbands and children. To be self-controlled, pure, working

01:01:24.240 --> 01:01:31.520
at home, kind and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

01:01:32.800 --> 01:01:39.040
Now show me a single pastor who's cheerleading CPH, publishing books of girls teaching,

01:01:39.040 --> 01:01:44.400
25-year-old girls teaching theology to pastors. Find a single one of them that believes this.

01:01:44.400 --> 01:01:49.360
They can't because they stand condemned by the very verse, very verse which says that these

01:01:49.360 --> 01:01:57.040
women should be at home. Now it's interesting about this. I found on Google Books last week,

01:01:57.040 --> 01:02:02.160
I'll put this in the show notes as well. I was looking for the history of deaconesses and the

01:02:02.160 --> 01:02:08.640
like in the church just because I was curious, you know, are you and I crazy or are we the novelty

01:02:08.640 --> 01:02:16.480
seekers who are trying to end a proud church tradition? And so I found a book from the 1700s by a

01:02:16.480 --> 01:02:23.840
Catholic writer, the 12th chapter of the book is now it's 30 pages or so. It basically gives the

01:02:23.840 --> 01:02:30.560
entire history of the service of women in the church. And it begins with the first, second,

01:02:30.560 --> 01:02:36.560
third century where there were in fact women who were called deaconesses. But when it gives

01:02:36.560 --> 01:02:42.800
a description of what those deaconesses did, it was tight as two. Some of the original restrictions

01:02:42.800 --> 01:02:47.920
were that the woman had to be over 60. That meant that she was menopausal. That meant she was

01:02:47.920 --> 01:02:55.920
probably a great grandmother, certainly a grandmother. And it meant that she was no longer serving in

01:02:55.920 --> 01:03:03.840
the home the way she had when she was a mother. These older women who were the youngest permissible

01:03:03.840 --> 01:03:11.280
age was 40, to be a deaconess, to privately teach and categorize other girls only. So it was

01:03:11.280 --> 01:03:18.160
private. It was only limited to girls being taught. And it was only older women, which was a

01:03:18.160 --> 01:03:26.160
direct reflection of this dictum in Titus 2. Now with the reason we talk about the genealogies of

01:03:26.160 --> 01:03:32.240
ideas, that's I think a perfect microcosm in the entire discussion about whether girls could be

01:03:32.240 --> 01:03:38.240
writing theological books, not one pastor who used scripture used this verse because this verse

01:03:38.240 --> 01:03:44.640
condemns them. It condemns the men who say the girls should be teaching when they're 25-year-olds

01:03:44.640 --> 01:03:51.360
in public teaching pastors and other Christians. There's simply no permissible Christian argument

01:03:51.360 --> 01:03:56.560
for it. And so what do they do? On one hand, they're confessional guys, they're Lutherans,

01:03:56.560 --> 01:04:01.840
they're Christian, they're huge as solo scriptura. But when they find a verse they don't like,

01:04:01.840 --> 01:04:07.680
well that's not what that means. Did God really say, no, we have a better idea, we have a new idea

01:04:07.680 --> 01:04:12.880
that we're going to pretend as an old idea so that we can cause something to happen in the church

01:04:12.880 --> 01:04:18.640
that has never happened in its entire history. And that needs to end because that is Satan,

01:04:18.640 --> 01:04:23.520
chipping and chipping and chipping away until we will have nothing else. We think we can cling to

01:04:23.520 --> 01:04:28.400
the cross when we despise Christ's words. If you are ashamed of God, he will be ashamed of you

01:04:28.400 --> 01:04:35.360
on judgment day. And I pray that no man would feel that way because in the final judgment,

01:04:35.360 --> 01:04:40.640
it will be perfectly just and there will be many you cry out and say that there were Christians

01:04:40.640 --> 01:04:47.280
and God will say, no, you weren't. And that should fill any man with terror if he is acting in a way

01:04:47.280 --> 01:04:52.880
that is with a clean conscience and is contrary to scripture. That's all I can say to anyone.

01:04:54.720 --> 01:05:00.240
I think there's another verse that we probably will never see the adversaries quoting and that

01:05:00.400 --> 01:05:07.200
would of course be the first verse of the curse God spoke to Adam in Genesis because you have

01:05:07.200 --> 01:05:15.840
listened to the voice of your wife. And that is of course repeated other places in scripture and

01:05:15.840 --> 01:05:21.520
that is harkening back of course to headship. Adam is cursed in part because he abdicated

01:05:22.320 --> 01:05:30.960
but Eve usurped it both sinned neither is acceptable and women teaching in public

01:05:31.920 --> 01:05:39.040
is a usurpation of the proper role of head whether it be their husband, pastor, someone else in the

01:05:39.040 --> 01:05:45.440
church. This is not a proper role for women. It is not what scripture permits them to do. It is

01:05:45.440 --> 01:05:53.360
sinful to permit it and we absolutely need to eliminate it because we have to be true

01:05:54.000 --> 01:05:58.160
to the word of God. What God has commanded us to do and not to do.

01:06:01.280 --> 01:06:10.960
I agree. These are battles that we are fighting because we don't see them being fought by one

01:06:11.040 --> 01:06:17.120
anyone else. There are pastors who are faithful and pastors who understand some of these things

01:06:17.680 --> 01:06:23.440
but in most cases they're afraid to speak publicly. The only pastors who are not afraid to speak

01:06:23.440 --> 01:06:30.560
publicly against what we are saying do so slanderously and they do so with murder in their hearts

01:06:30.560 --> 01:06:38.080
and they do so in concert with the world and it's sad to see that happen but neither of us can

01:06:38.080 --> 01:06:44.240
be remotely surprised by it because again we believe scripture. We believe God's blessings that those

01:06:44.240 --> 01:06:50.480
who are God's promises and blessings to be hated for the sake of Christ's name is a blessing.

01:06:51.120 --> 01:06:56.880
Some days it doesn't feel like it but that is often how God's blessings work. The thing that

01:06:56.880 --> 01:07:02.320
that hurts the most in the moment may be the thing that God is using for the greatest benefit

01:07:02.560 --> 01:07:11.600
to an individual. I encourage everyone to look to where things are coming from to look at the roots

01:07:11.600 --> 01:07:20.080
of their own ideas of what are things based on? It's a zoom or trope to call things based and it's

01:07:20.080 --> 01:07:26.480
a great word. That's based. It's not cringe. It's based. It's something that is based on something.

01:07:26.560 --> 01:07:31.280
And so the show art has a meme that I made. This is based based on what? The

01:07:32.240 --> 01:07:39.120
internal word of God, yes, absolutely based. That is our goal with everything that we speak is to

01:07:39.120 --> 01:07:47.040
do so in a manner that is based on God's words and God's promises and God will judge each of us

01:07:47.040 --> 01:07:53.520
for what we have done and for what we have failed to do and thank God that all the evil that we do

01:07:53.520 --> 01:07:59.920
is covered by Christ's blood and the good that we do is to His glory. But in every life,

01:07:59.920 --> 01:08:06.480
there is the opportunity to do less evil and to do more good and that is a conscious choice for

01:08:06.480 --> 01:08:14.400
the believer. But it can only be made as a conscious choice when the believer is actually thinking

01:08:14.400 --> 01:08:21.440
about it. So I hope that everyone will spend more time in the word and to spend time in faithful

01:08:21.440 --> 01:08:27.120
churches where they are hearing the word rightly preached and the sacraments properly administered

01:08:28.080 --> 01:08:34.880
and to always focus on what God wants because that is a blessing. The law is not only a curse

01:08:34.880 --> 01:08:40.880
against us, but it is a guidepost to show us how to live the life that God intended for us to live

01:08:40.880 --> 01:08:45.840
in the first place. And although we can never do it perfectly in this life, we can do it better

01:08:45.920 --> 01:08:51.520
than we would have if we weren't thinking about what God wants. We often take that Lex Semper

01:08:51.520 --> 01:09:00.000
Akhusat a little too far. We morph it instead until Lex Sola Akhusat as it were. The law does not

01:09:00.000 --> 01:09:06.640
only accuse the law always accuses because as long as we are in this life, we are sinners.

01:09:07.360 --> 01:09:16.080
But God's law is good. God's law has real, tangible benefits. If we obey God's law and hear

01:09:16.080 --> 01:09:22.880
to his rules and his truth, we will simply live better lives. And of course, we don't do it simply

01:09:22.880 --> 01:09:29.280
because of the reward. We do it because it is our duty to God, but it is also we were made to do

01:09:29.360 --> 01:09:37.360
this. It is properly aligning ourselves to our teleological purpose if we at least attempt

01:09:38.080 --> 01:09:43.840
to adhere to God's laws to live our lives within the bounds that he set, recognizing that those

01:09:43.840 --> 01:09:54.000
bounds are good. And just want to make one more point before we close out this episode, a tangentially

01:09:54.000 --> 01:10:01.200
related point to the genealogy of ideas. Related to looking at the source of your ideas,

01:10:01.200 --> 01:10:07.600
the things you believe, who wrote it, who advanced it, who argues for it, look to your right,

01:10:07.600 --> 01:10:14.960
and look to your left. Who is standing with you, defending it? Because if you look to your right

01:10:14.960 --> 01:10:20.720
and you're left, and you see Satan's minions, you're probably on the wrong side of the battlefield.

01:10:20.800 --> 01:10:29.360
Absolutely. I can say for a fact that the only people on the internet who have ever hated me

01:10:30.000 --> 01:10:38.640
wanted to dox me, to cause harm to my family, to my reputation, to my career, are literal

01:10:38.640 --> 01:10:48.320
Satanists, literal pedophiles, and Lutherans. And they all use the same arguments, they all use

01:10:48.320 --> 01:10:54.800
the same words. They all get angry at the very same things that I've said to a tea. There's

01:10:54.800 --> 01:11:00.800
100% overlap between what the Satanist hates about me and what some of these Lutheran pastors

01:11:00.800 --> 01:11:10.000
hate about me. And if I were the Lutherans, that I would not be able to sleep a wink until I

01:11:10.000 --> 01:11:16.080
figured out why that was and how I could fix it. But these men, they do so with a clear conscience.

01:11:16.080 --> 01:11:22.320
And again, I hope that for the sake of their souls, they will hear our words and they'll think

01:11:22.320 --> 01:11:30.400
about these things because when you are joining in lockstep with evil men, you cannot sanctify the

01:11:30.400 --> 01:11:36.560
evil that you're doing by saying, oh yeah, I'm doing it for Jesus. And frankly, that's I think the

01:11:36.560 --> 01:11:40.880
your last comments and my last comments are a great plug for next week's episode, which is going

01:11:40.960 --> 01:11:46.080
to be about Christian nationalism because Christian nationalism is the synthesis of

01:11:46.800 --> 01:11:56.080
obedience to God, allying with God's people in opposition to evil doers because we'll have a

01:11:56.080 --> 01:12:01.600
lot to say about the tune kingdoms doctrine and the three estates. And the misrepresent

01:12:01.600 --> 01:12:07.040
representations made about things like the term Christian nationalism online. But

01:12:07.360 --> 01:12:17.520
the very same pastors who hate us are again in lockstep with the most evil people on the planet.

01:12:17.520 --> 01:12:22.000
And I'm not saying that lightly. I'm not saying the pastors in the other Lutherans and other

01:12:22.000 --> 01:12:26.800
Christians are the most evil people on the planet. I'm saying they are best friends with them

01:12:26.800 --> 01:12:31.920
on this issue and on other issues. They are in lockstep with Satan.

01:12:32.880 --> 01:12:39.120
If you care about where your ideas come from and you realize that all of your allies are the

01:12:39.120 --> 01:12:45.040
people who are going to hell pause, just hit the pause button, take a look at where you got those

01:12:45.040 --> 01:12:52.400
ideas because you are on a path to hell. And I don't want that for anyone. I don't want for the

01:12:52.400 --> 01:12:58.000
people who are going to have it happen anyway. And I certainly don't want it to happen to people

01:12:58.000 --> 01:13:02.880
who have confessed Christ in this life and who believe the creeds and the confessions

01:13:02.880 --> 01:13:09.520
and have mostly led good lives. But when it comes to these modern issues where there is silence

01:13:09.520 --> 01:13:17.920
in the historical record from the Christian Reformation on, people who adopt these new ideas

01:13:17.920 --> 01:13:25.120
find that they are bedfellows with demons. And that's only going to in one or two ways. Either

01:13:25.120 --> 01:13:29.120
you get out of bed or you are going to sleep there in eternity.