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This part is for you guys zu stay tuned!

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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast. I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm Woe.

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So today we're going to be talking about Christian nationalism. This is a subject that has been

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hot and heavy in the news very recently. The number of books have been published. There's a lot

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of chatter online about it. It's a subject that you and I Corey have been talking about for a number

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of years. It's something we've both written about. To some extent in the past, and frankly we know

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more about it than a lot of people, just because we've been thinking about it for a long time.

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And so this is well-trodden ground for us. We're not going to... This will be more of a conversational

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episode hopefully than the last couple, just because we can freewheel this and we're going to do a good

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job because this is our home turf. And the reason is because it is so vitally important to

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recognize that a Christian nation is what God desires. Christian nationalism is what God expects

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from us. And we're going to talk at some length initially about the definitions of both nation

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as in nationalism and then Christian, because those are the reflections of what's commonly called

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the two kingdoms in theology, the kingdom of the left hand of God and the kingdom of the right hand

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of God with the left hand being political and the right hand being spiritual or soteriological,

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basically church and state, or state and church. The reason that this is something that

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there are a number of historical reasons why people sort of go off the rails when they tackle these

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things. But first, we're going to talk about why the words themselves, particularly the word

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nation and nationalist have been so profoundly subverted. As we go on in the series, listeners will

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recognize that we are frequently spending a lot of time defining terms. And I hope that that

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never comes across as gimmicky. It's not something that we're just doing to be spurgy or to kind of

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weedle and make bizarre points. The reason for discussing the the etymology and the origins of words

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is specifically because so many words have been intentionally subverted by those who seek the

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destruction of godly things. This was one of the premises of 1984 was that when the language

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itself is captured, it's possible to render certain thoughts literally unthinkable as in the human

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mind can no longer process a thought contrary to the desired dogma. And they do that by redefining

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words until there's no word for the thing that you're trying to say anymore. Because if you can't

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if you don't have a word for it and you can't say it, you can't think it. And it's a weapon. It's

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something that's weaponized and it's being done deliberately in certain words in language and

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nation and nationalism are a prime example. So I would for anyone listening to episode three,

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this episode, I would first recommend you go back to episode two and spend about the first 15

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minutes or so listening to Cory's monologue talking about genealogy in scripture and how god uses

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genealogy of man be getting man throughout time in particular places to god's ends. It's worth

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noting that when Adam emerged from the garden, he was a father or as he was a husband, he soon

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became a father. He was also king. He's the king of the world despite having been, you know,

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demoted from from his perfection through his through his sin. He remained king. And when he had

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children, he was their father, he was also their king. He was also their priest. And he was he was

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a religious leader as he was a thief. The reason that god repudiated his actions in the garden

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was that he listened to his wife instead of controlling her sent her inclination to listen to

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the serpent. If Adam had faithfully upheld his role as husband and as priest, that air would have

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been set right. And we don't know how human history would have played out. The same circumstances

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repeated when Noah stepped off the ark. He was father. He was husband. He was king and he was

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priest and is only as the expansion of those families occurred again that the role of priest and

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king became separated. And that's we're not suggesting that that's a bad thing. It is perfectly

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godly for the political to have its sphere and the religious, the Christian do have its sphere.

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But to say that the Christian sphere is separate from the political sphere, he is too fundamentally

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with misunderstanding what it is to be Christian. So that'll be the second part of this podcast. So

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we're going to begin with nation. Nation is a word that came into the English language around

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the 1300s from French. The French word I'm not going to pronounce because I'll butcher it.

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But the definition is the same as it is for us. A race of people, a large group of people with

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common ancestry and language from the old French for birth rank descendants. And if you trace

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that back even further, it goes through Old Latin and it ends up in the Proto-Indo-European

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gene, which means give birth and beget. I think it was in the first episode we talked about that as

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well, that maybe the second is an episode. We're going to talk about this over and over again because

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it's so fundamental. The genes, the natal nature of beginning of people, it's how god operates

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in creation. It's one of the things that separates mankind today from mankind in heaven. In heaven,

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we will be like the angels and that there won't be any more reproduction. All of the names that are

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in the book of life will be born in a fallen world. There won't be any more people coming after

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judgment day. The creating aspect of God's history will come to an end with judgment day. No more

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giving birth, no more begetting. The genealogy, the lines, the beginning will all be locked in.

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But for this time, for our lives, all that we know, we don't know before the fall and we don't

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know judgment day or after it. We know that right now, this is how God operates. The reason I'm

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pointing first to the definition of nation is to make clear that it is explicitly racial.

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And that's a vital point because today, nation and country are used as synonyms to say that

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something is a country or it's a nation. People virtually always mean the same thing.

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You say the United States is a country. You say it's a nation. No one's going to think you're

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talking about two different things. When the United States was founded, when the colonies were

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founded and then the United States was formed from that, it was a nation. This was New England.

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It was founded over 400 years ago by people coming from England to New England.

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They were not immigrants. They didn't leave one place and go to another place that was different.

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They went to a new place that was empty and they recreated as best they could

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from once they came. They recreated England. Now, not as a perfect copy because that wasn't their

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desire. Frankly, three quarters of my ancestors were here by about 1650 because they were so sick

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of what the English were doing nearly 400 years ago. So while they brought the language and they

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brought the subset of some of the religion, they brought cultural mores. They were also seeking

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to do their own thing, but it was not in rebellion. It was simply, let's go live in peace among

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ourselves and continue to be English in a manner that doesn't violate our consciences.

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And of course, that was the case for all of the European people groups who came over here.

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You had the Spanish. You set up colonies and attempted to remain Spanish to different

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degree from the English, perhaps. And then you had, of course, the original name of New York

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to Amsterdam. They were setting up extensions of their nation. They were not

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creating some new experiment to mix everyone together and create a new nation or realistically a

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new bubble. Exactly. And it was the case in Canada. It was mostly French, Louisiana and North

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who was mostly French. And some of those marks even exist to this day. And when people come to a

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new place, there will naturally be some degree of intermixing, particularly when you have so much

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in common 20 years ago, if an American went to most Western European countries, apart from the

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language difference, most of it would feel very similar. The customs vary, but they're not

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completely alien customs. They're just variations on themes that are familiar to us because we have

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that shared culture, which is a part of our shared ancestry. They're inextricable. And

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as we, as we look at what nation means, you know, you had mentioned the intermingling,

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when we skip forward 150 years from the founding of the colonies to when the United States

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rebelled against England and became its own political entity, I want to point to the preamble

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to the Constitution, which used to be memorized in school. I don't know, it probably isn't

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anymore, but it reads, we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union,

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establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the

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general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain

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and establish this constitution of the United States of America. Now, the reason the word that I

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want to highlight there is ourselves and our posterity. When they said that, they meant it,

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when we hear it, we don't hear anything. Posterity is really kind of an archaic term that's not used

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anymore. So I want to take a look at what where that word came from, what it meant when they wrote it.

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For the discussions I'm using and we'll put the link in the show notes, there are two websites

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that I recommend everyone look at whenever you want to have any conversation about what a word

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means, go to two places, go to, that's ETYM as in edamology. It will give details going

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back to where the word first entered English and then its origins in previous predecessor languages.

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The other website that is invaluable for any of these discussions is Webster's Dictionary

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It's a full copy of the original Webster's Dictionary as it was published nearly 200 years ago.

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The reason this is important is that, as I said, these words are under attack by those who are

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trying to change the very fabric of existence for us and they do that by making us unable to

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discuss certain things by removing the words or redefining the words that we would use for those

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discussions. When you look at what those words meant 200 years ago, it gives an indication when

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we're talking about the original American context, what those guys mean, but it's also valuable just

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because it well predates almost all the subversion that has occurred in language, especially in

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I mean, dictionaries are changing every year at this point. You can go back five years and you'll

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find a dictionary that doesn't say what it does today and it's contrary to what it says today

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because they're being so aggressive about destroying these terms. Now, 1828 was still under the

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thrall of the enlightenment, but beyond the enlightenment, there was not a lot of subversion present in it.

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So we're going to look at the definition for posterity from the preamble.

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Comes from Latin. It means descendants, children, children's children, etc. And definitely

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the race that precedes from a progenitor, the whole human race are the posterity of Adam.

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Now, that's in the constitution that it's racial. That's not you and I being racist saying,

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we hate people and we want to exclude them. We're simply saying when the people who founded this

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country did so, they understood that it was explicitly racial. I just want to re-briefly the race,

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part of the definition for race also from the 1628 or 1828 Webster, the lineage of a family

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or continued series of descendants from a parent who is called the stock, a race is a series of

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descendants indefinitely. They're synonyms. They mean exactly the same thing. posterity and race

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are interchangeable unlike country and nation. So the reason for pointing to this first is that

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when we look at the United States in 1791, it was both a new formed country and it was a nation.

14:18.560 --> 14:24.560
It was a pre-existing nation because those roots were genetic roots from their fathers going

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back six generations. This is an important point because by calling it racial, it is implicitly

14:34.480 --> 14:40.800
excluding some groups. It's excluding Indians who had lived here beforehand and were by and

14:40.800 --> 14:47.840
large pushed aside or God killed them with plague. There's also the Africans who were enslaved by

14:47.840 --> 14:55.200
other Africans, sold to Jewish slave traders, put on Jewish owned slave ships, brought primarily

14:55.200 --> 15:01.200
to southern colonies where they were sold almost exclusively to Jewish plantation owners where

15:01.200 --> 15:10.160
they were kept to slaves and used as labor sometimes under brutal conditions. When those men were

15:10.160 --> 15:18.080
emancipated from their slavery in 1865, they did not automatically become citizens of the United

15:18.080 --> 15:25.280
States because it was still understood that although they were now legally emancipated, they were not

15:25.600 --> 15:33.120
not posterity. They were not the American posterity. They were unjustly brought here from Africa and

15:34.480 --> 15:39.120
equally importantly, they were still African regardless of a language they spoke. They were

15:39.120 --> 15:45.840
Africans in America and when you and I discuss these subjects, I never want anyone to hear that and

15:45.840 --> 15:51.360
think that we're being insulting or derogatory to say that someone is African. I don't think

15:51.360 --> 15:56.240
that's an insult. I think that if you're African, you should be proud of your African heritage.

15:56.240 --> 16:02.240
Whatever it is, find the best parts of whatever you came from and be proud of that. You know what?

16:02.240 --> 16:07.840
That's obedience to the fourth commandment. To honor your father and mother is not limited with

16:07.840 --> 16:15.440
your immediate parents. It goes back in time and where your ancestors or do better, where they were

16:15.520 --> 16:21.360
wrong, be right, but be proud of whatever good they did. So when I say you're not American, you're

16:21.360 --> 16:28.480
African, it's not hateful. It's simply precise and it's precise in a way that has been destroyed by

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taking the word nation and turning into a synonym for country. There are a lot of people listening

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right now that probably hate hearing that. They probably think that's nonsense. That's completely

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false. I will prove to you right now that you actually believe this and it's in the Bible.

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When the Hebrews moved into Egypt and over the period of 400 years, became slaves to the Egyptians

16:54.160 --> 16:57.600
and grew to the point that there were more Hebrews than there were Egyptians and they were

16:57.600 --> 17:04.000
overwhelming them. They never stopped being Hebrew. They didn't become Egyptian even after 400

17:04.000 --> 17:09.280
years in that country. They still had their own language. They still had their own race. They

17:09.280 --> 17:13.600
weren't intermixing with the Egyptians by and large. They still had their own culture.

17:14.400 --> 17:22.080
They saw their own norms and mores. They were still Hebrew. It didn't matter where they live and

17:22.080 --> 17:29.600
that wasn't. Yes, it was the case that God was preserving them as a vessel for the promise of the

17:29.600 --> 17:35.840
Messiah. But that would have been the case even if God didn't care about the Hebrews for that

17:36.560 --> 17:42.800
purpose. Even if they had not been shuttled about and bobbed around in the ocean of history

17:43.600 --> 17:49.360
as part of God's plan, they would still have been Hebrew. Just going somewhere else doesn't change

17:49.360 --> 17:56.080
your nature. If there's a tiger in a zoo in Des Moines, it's not an Iowa tiger. It's a Bengal tiger.

17:56.800 --> 18:02.880
It's a tiger on the wrong continent. Now someone will say, well, you're a white guy. You don't belong

18:02.880 --> 18:09.600
here either. I will tell you this. My ancestors have been here 400 years. I don't

18:09.600 --> 18:16.720
the only ancestors of mine who came through immigration came from Germany in 1870. All the rest

18:16.720 --> 18:24.480
were here before was a country. Now, yes, they came from England to New England, not as immigrants,

18:24.480 --> 18:31.760
but as people who built this country from nothing. There's another illustration that I use often to

18:31.760 --> 18:38.240
demonstrate that the idea that someone moving to another place doesn't mean that they are

18:38.240 --> 18:46.160
never native. Look at New Zealand. New Zealand today has the descendants of the English conquerors

18:46.160 --> 18:53.280
and you have the Maori who were called the natives of New Zealand. When the English showed up in

18:53.280 --> 19:00.240
the, I think the 1600s, the Maori lived there. And so we say, well, automatically, those are the

19:00.240 --> 19:07.440
natives. The Maori got there. They were between about 131350. So they'd only been there about 300

19:07.440 --> 19:13.120
years when the English showed up. They all came from somewhere else. And they moved to a place

19:13.120 --> 19:19.120
that they took over. They made it theirs. And then someone else showed up, moved in, took it over,

19:19.120 --> 19:26.000
made it theirs. Are the Maori native to New Zealand? Sure. Are the European settlers who have lived

19:26.080 --> 19:32.560
their 400 years native to New Zealand? Yes. I am a native of North America. And if you say that I'm

19:32.560 --> 19:40.000
not, after 400 years, you must necessarily say that the Maori are not natives of New Zealand.

19:40.000 --> 19:48.160
Now, the difference between me and my ancestors moving to North America and the Hebrews living in

19:48.160 --> 19:55.200
Egypt is that that was never their country. God didn't give it into their hands. God gave this

19:55.200 --> 20:00.880
country and do my ancestors' hands and probably into many of your ancestors' hands. When the white

20:00.880 --> 20:05.920
man showed up, almost all the natives were killed by disease. And today, because we have germ

20:05.920 --> 20:09.840
three, we're like, oh, well, that was just totally random. And, you know, maybe even some cases,

20:09.840 --> 20:14.960
the Europeans tried to kill them with with germs. They had no idea. They didn't know. That was a plague.

20:15.680 --> 20:25.200
Plagues come from God. That was God's will that those European settlers not have to deal with

20:25.200 --> 20:30.560
millions and millions of Indians who were trying to kill them. I have numerous ancestors who fought,

20:30.560 --> 20:37.120
and in some cases were killed by Indians in the first, in the first half of the 16th century.

20:38.080 --> 20:44.240
Because they lived next door. And it wasn't that they were in open combat. It was just that

20:44.240 --> 20:50.800
the Indians wanted them gone. And fine, that's, I don't fault the Indians for trying to kill them,

20:50.800 --> 20:58.640
but my people won and we took this land. And I'm not ashamed of that because it occurred by God's

20:58.640 --> 21:04.160
grace. And that is how the United, that's how the colonies became nations which formed the

21:04.160 --> 21:12.480
United States. And over time, it became an empire. It became the sort of multi-ethnic empire with

21:12.480 --> 21:21.040
different people coming from different places, not losing their distinct properties. Because if

21:21.040 --> 21:25.840
it's a racial distinction, you don't lose it. I don't stop being European just because I live in

21:25.840 --> 21:31.840
the United States. If I colonize Mars, I'm a European on Mars. I'm not a Martian. If my kids are

21:31.840 --> 21:37.200
born on Mars, they're not Martians. They're Europeans born on a Martian colony of Europe.

21:38.080 --> 21:44.800
That's simply how God propagates the genealogies of his people throughout time. And it hasn't

21:44.800 --> 21:49.360
changed in the last century just because we think we're clever and we have new more enlightened

21:49.360 --> 21:58.400
ways of talking about these things. And when it comes to the idea of someone being, you know,

21:58.400 --> 22:05.440
X because he was born in X country, ultimately you can trace that back and it's clearly ridiculous

22:05.440 --> 22:12.800
because if we're all X because we are originally from or born in X and it only belongs to the people

22:12.800 --> 22:19.440
who were natives, well, there were all natives of Ararat. And none of us own anything else because

22:19.440 --> 22:23.040
well, that's ultimately the place we're all originated from because of course that is where the

22:23.040 --> 22:33.360
arc landed. And so the idea that the native population can't change is it's a really

22:33.360 --> 22:38.560
mercenary idea. If you actually look at the genesis of the idea to go back to the idea that

22:38.560 --> 22:47.200
the source of things matters because how is it actually employed? It's employed purely as an

22:47.200 --> 22:56.160
argument against colonization and modern conquering of heathen nations. It's never used historically

22:56.160 --> 23:01.840
to argue that historical conquest should not have happened. It's not used to restore, there's

23:01.840 --> 23:08.240
not an irredentist argument with regard to older areas that were conquered, but it's just

23:08.880 --> 23:15.600
the European colonization because what is the ultimate genesis of that argument? Well, it's Satan

23:16.240 --> 23:24.480
because Satan hated colonization because colonization was European Christians taking Christianity to

23:24.480 --> 23:33.360
other parts of the world and driving out Satan and the pagans because that is how God works. God

23:33.360 --> 23:39.600
drives out and destroys faithless nations and he uses sometimes faithful nations to do it,

23:39.600 --> 23:44.880
sometimes faithless nations, sometimes God punishes one faithless nation with another.

23:45.760 --> 23:48.960
That is how God wishes to work and he can do that if he wants to do that.

23:50.320 --> 23:57.040
But in the case of colonization it was European Christians faithful Christians driving out evil.

23:59.360 --> 24:05.760
And those European Christians became Christian in exactly the same way. It was not that

24:05.760 --> 24:11.440
evangelist went to every single European individually and said, hey, let me share the gospel with

24:11.440 --> 24:18.400
you and let me baptize you. He was the kings who ultimately converted and when the king converted,

24:18.400 --> 24:25.600
his nation converted. I'm actually descended from the woman who is directly responsible for all

24:25.600 --> 24:33.040
of us being Christian. I was reading last night about Clotilda and her husband Clotilda. Her

24:33.040 --> 24:39.840
Clovis. Yeah. And she was Christian. She basically bullied her husband, King Clovis, the first,

24:39.840 --> 24:48.880
her second, first, into becoming Christian. And that was the genesis of what Wikipedia calls

24:48.880 --> 24:55.360
Nicene Christianity in Europe. If you look at a map of quote unquote Christianity in Europe prior

24:55.440 --> 25:03.280
to about 600 AD, the only actual Christians were in the East. It was all Aryans in the West.

25:03.280 --> 25:12.240
Now, Aryanism is fundamentally not Christian. It sounds mostly Christian and they did speak the word,

25:12.240 --> 25:17.440
the word of God was spoken among them. So surely some of them were Christian. But the Aryan

25:17.440 --> 25:22.480
confession itself is explicitly not Christian because it denies that Jesus is fully God.

25:22.960 --> 25:35.520
So Clotilda, her convincing Clovis to become Christian, him building a cathedral in the center of

25:35.520 --> 25:43.520
his seat of power and his influence over the Franks to become Nicene Christians as opposed to Aryan

25:43.520 --> 25:50.800
not Christians was the entire reason that Christianity proper spread in all of Europe. It's the reason

25:50.800 --> 25:56.560
the word Christian today. We may well be Aryans and not be Christian at all if not for that, if not

25:56.560 --> 26:04.720
for a King converting. And if you look back in scripture, it's completely normal for there not

26:04.720 --> 26:13.600
to be a separation between the religion of a nation, the King of a nation and its people. And

26:13.680 --> 26:20.640
this is even reflected in the fact that so many, especially ancient pagan nations, the King

26:20.640 --> 26:27.360
was treated as a God. Now while this was obviously, it was idolatry, but in a sense, it was actually

26:27.360 --> 26:35.760
an accurate reflection of the godly form, not the King is God, but that the King is the representative

26:35.760 --> 26:41.440
of God in that place. And the fact that the pagan nations said, you know what? There's no God

26:41.440 --> 26:47.920
above our King. Our King is the God of all of us. That was a year usurpation going up, but

26:48.960 --> 26:55.200
from the King on down, it wasn't anything more than a misdirection because the King is the

26:55.200 --> 27:01.840
God's representative over his people for their benefit. And that is the left hand Kingdom. And

27:01.840 --> 27:08.720
so the notion that there would be a distinction between what the King believes and what the people

27:08.720 --> 27:14.240
believe doesn't make any more sense than if it happens in a household with a father who's faithful

27:14.240 --> 27:18.560
and a wife and mother and children who are unfaithful, it should not happen.

27:20.400 --> 27:25.440
And we have an example of that closer to our time. We had the whole reason we're called

27:25.440 --> 27:32.160
Protestants is because the emperor went back on the promise to allow individual princes to determine

27:32.960 --> 27:38.960
which version of Christianity would be practiced within their realms, whether they would be

27:38.960 --> 27:45.360
Lutheran or they would be Papist. And of course, the emperor went back on that because his

27:45.360 --> 27:51.280
advisors changed basically and the influences on him changed, but we protested that. And that was

27:51.280 --> 27:58.400
natural because the prince, the head, the King within that region determined what his subjects

27:58.400 --> 28:02.720
believed because that is the natural course of things because as you mentioned, the father is

28:02.720 --> 28:08.640
the head of the family. The father makes the decisions. Well, the King is the head of the nation

28:08.640 --> 28:15.440
and so the King makes the decisions. And so yes, most of Europe was converted because a few key

28:15.440 --> 28:22.960
people were converted. King's advisors, whoever happened to be, they converted those who were in

28:22.960 --> 28:30.160
a position of headship and that affected a conversion of the people as a whole. And that is what

28:30.160 --> 28:36.240
it means for a nation to be Christian. Yep. And right now there are a lot of people in the audience

28:36.240 --> 28:41.920
probably howling at the premise because there were so many abuses in history where this was done

28:41.920 --> 28:47.440
incorrectly. And that's absolutely the case. And that's where the two kingdoms distinction is useful.

28:48.000 --> 28:57.200
When Clovis became Christian, he built a cathedral, but it was a bishop who ran the cathedral,

28:57.200 --> 29:03.440
was a bishop who taught the people. Clovis said, I'm Christian, strongly suggested his people

29:03.440 --> 29:10.560
should be Christian, but he was not directly over the church. What went wrong in Roman Catholicism

29:11.200 --> 29:18.640
is not that they spread Christianity, but that they became political, which is not what we

29:18.640 --> 29:23.840
are advocating. And that is not what Christian nationalism is. Christian nationalism is not the

29:23.840 --> 29:32.720
notion that the church becomes a political force unto itself. The church is responsible for

29:32.720 --> 29:40.560
satiriology. It is responsible for the salvation of souls and for the preservation of doctrine and for

29:40.560 --> 29:47.680
the proper use of the word and sacrament among the people. That's not the realm of the government.

29:47.680 --> 29:53.120
That should not happen that the government is dictating which sacraments are practiced or how.

29:54.080 --> 30:00.000
We don't believe that. And it's not necessarily a part of Christian nationalism to suggest that.

30:00.080 --> 30:03.520
So when someone says, Oh, you just you're going to end up with Baptist running everything.

30:04.160 --> 30:08.800
I don't care because you know what? Baptist don't want babies to be murdered.

30:08.800 --> 30:15.200
Baptist don't want their children to have their genitals chopped off. Baptist don't want Muslims

30:15.200 --> 30:21.040
raping their daughters just like I don't. Baptists are not going to be in charge of the sacraments.

30:21.040 --> 30:26.400
If this were a Christian nation again, they can still be Baptist and we can still be Lutheran.

30:27.120 --> 30:36.400
But what will stop is the evils that have befell all of us by ceasing to be overtly Christian,

30:36.400 --> 30:40.400
which is fundamentally the purpose of Christian nationalism. It's not necessarily to say,

30:40.400 --> 30:44.960
okay, this is the correct, this is the correctedomination. Everyone's got to be this denomination.

30:46.320 --> 30:55.360
For a Christian to be a participant in a nation politically is to bring how his conscience is

30:55.360 --> 31:02.080
informed by God through Scripture to his other duties, to his other vocations as a husband,

31:02.080 --> 31:10.000
as a father, as a neighbor, perhaps as a mayor or as a sheriff. If he knows that God doesn't want

31:10.000 --> 31:17.440
people to be murdered for things to be stolen, for people to be harmed, that's going to inform

31:17.440 --> 31:21.440
his conduct in his role in preserving earthly order.

31:21.840 --> 31:28.320
Of course, we should be careful to distinguish that when it comes to papers, they do exactly

31:28.320 --> 31:36.240
want to return to Roman hegemony. So in the case of those who are Roman Catholic, Catholic

31:36.240 --> 31:42.400
and quotes, of course, they do want the conflation of the two kingdoms. They don't want any

31:42.400 --> 31:48.560
differentiation because they see the king as inferior to the Pope as opposed to being

31:49.280 --> 31:55.440
Christ's left hand and the leader of the church being his right hand or the leadership whatever

31:55.440 --> 32:00.080
it happens to be the organization in the right hand kingdom. Because that's a part of what we

32:00.080 --> 32:06.560
tend to drop when we're speaking about these concepts these days is we don't say the left hand

32:07.280 --> 32:12.960
of Christ, which is what the left hand kingdom is. We use that shorthand, but we're assuming that

32:12.960 --> 32:18.480
people understand something that people no longer understand. It is the left hand of Christ

32:18.720 --> 32:24.080
and the right hand of Christ. These both belong to God. We're not talking about

32:24.880 --> 32:31.360
two separate entirely distinct things. We are talking about how God interacts with the world

32:31.360 --> 32:36.800
in two distinct ways. And when we advocate Christian nationalism, we are saying that

32:38.160 --> 32:45.840
the state should uphold Christian values. Now that's distinct from Christian doctrine and this

32:45.840 --> 32:50.720
shouldn't be complicated for people, but somehow it is. Yes, there are historical abuses.

32:50.720 --> 32:58.800
Yes, there are some like the papers who would seek to restore political hegemony over countries.

32:58.800 --> 33:05.200
Not going to happen. That's the fact that someone might do something bad with something good

33:05.200 --> 33:10.240
is not an argument against the good thing. And this shouldn't be difficult for Christians to

33:10.480 --> 33:18.720
understand. When we're talking about Christians ensuring that their own nation, which should be

33:18.720 --> 33:26.000
under God, properly, the triune God, not the deist God, this country evolved into upholding

33:26.000 --> 33:32.560
from the top down incidentally, when all the deists overthrew the articles of the confederation

33:33.120 --> 33:38.400
and basically came up with a new government and secret at the constitutional convention,

33:38.560 --> 33:43.440
and they were putatively the representatives of the people, but by and large they didn't represent

33:43.440 --> 33:48.800
the people. They represented landed interests. They represented traders and the wealthy. And many

33:48.800 --> 33:53.360
of them were not Christians. Many were, but there were many non-Christians participating.

33:53.360 --> 33:58.960
And some of them did terrible things like Thomas Jefferson as a direct result of their not being

33:58.960 --> 34:06.960
Christian. But because they won politically, they wrote the history. And so now everyone thinks

34:06.960 --> 34:11.600
that all these guys are heroes. And because they were at the top and because they won,

34:12.400 --> 34:20.960
deism spread. When you look at 18th century America, Christianity began to die in large part.

34:20.960 --> 34:28.800
Now it mutated as it died. You had an explosion of cults. You had an explosion of the transcendentalists

34:28.800 --> 34:33.920
and other things where people just sort of wandered off in the nature and did bizarre things that

34:33.920 --> 34:41.680
tried to find God outside of Scripture. That was a result of their leaders not being Christian

34:41.680 --> 34:47.360
and taking the country in a direction, in a nation in a direction that was not Christian.

34:47.920 --> 34:52.240
And the subsequent fruits of those decisions are still with us to this day.

34:53.600 --> 34:58.800
Yeah, I think when the second part of the conversation we want to have today is what is a

34:58.800 --> 35:08.320
Christian. And we've been kind of answering it all along. But there's this goofy stereotypical

35:08.320 --> 35:14.880
behavior that I see emerging even among people who are good Christians. They intend to be faithful.

35:14.880 --> 35:20.000
They're trying not to cross lines that they believe are present. But they do so by saying,

35:20.720 --> 35:27.120
in effect, I can only be Christian in church stuff. And I don't want to impose on anyone else

35:27.120 --> 35:32.080
the rest of my time. And like I mentioned last week, you got an hour in church, you know, maybe

35:32.080 --> 35:37.680
two or three hours of Sunday school. And then the other 160 odd hours, you're off on your own.

35:38.240 --> 35:42.720
How many of those hours are you a Christian? Is it when you're in church or is it all the time?

35:43.360 --> 35:50.240
Now the what is a Christian question is one that makes a lot of Protestants uncomfortable. Because

35:51.200 --> 35:58.560
Protestant doctrine, the solas have basically been collapsed into I love Jesus. I'm going to

35:58.560 --> 36:02.480
heaven. Everything else is going to be fine because he paid for my sins. It's all okay.

36:03.120 --> 36:09.120
It's it's happy, clappy boyfriend Jesus crap that while in isolation, those individual

36:09.120 --> 36:15.040
statements may be true. If that becomes your ethos, you're toast. I

36:16.000 --> 36:20.160
there's there's something that I think I recommend in the first episode. And I'm going to say it over

36:20.160 --> 36:27.360
and over again because I think it's really vitable right vital. Go to and click on the little

36:27.360 --> 36:33.280
gear. Uncheck all the options, turn off the footnotes and the cross references, turn off the headings,

36:33.280 --> 36:40.400
turn off the verses and turn on red lettering for Jesus, which is going to make some of the

36:40.400 --> 36:44.720
Lutherans in the audience freak out because there are people who say that you can ignore the

36:44.720 --> 36:51.760
Bible unless it's in red. Absolutely not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is do that and then

36:51.760 --> 36:56.400
read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John just reading the words in red. Don't read anything else. Just

36:56.400 --> 37:01.840
read the words in red. That is not to say that the rest is not equally important. It's not to say

37:01.840 --> 37:06.880
that the rest is not also the inspired word of God. That's not my point. My point is this.

37:07.600 --> 37:15.200
If you read only Jesus preaching, it's almost all law. There is gospel there, but it's thin.

37:15.200 --> 37:22.160
And there are oftentimes where he lays it on hard and he ends hard. When he performs a miracle

37:22.160 --> 37:28.960
for someone, he says go and sin no more. Now was Jesus stupid? Did he set that person up or

37:28.960 --> 37:34.960
did he think that they would actually be able to not sin anymore? Or did Jesus tell him what his will,

37:34.960 --> 37:40.320
what God's will is for each of us, to go and sin no more? That is the Christian life.

37:41.040 --> 37:46.800
And yes, we fail. And yes, Jesus paid on the cross for the fact that we would and will continue

37:46.800 --> 37:54.960
to fail. That doesn't mean that we don't try. And the sanctified Christian life is about living

37:54.960 --> 38:01.280
more and more in God every day, about spending time in God's scripture, about contemplating

38:01.360 --> 38:08.240
his wisdom and then about living all 168 hours of our week in a manner that is consistent with

38:08.240 --> 38:15.360
God's will and pleasing to him. And when these guys only want to talk about the gospel, quote,

38:15.360 --> 38:22.400
unquote, and Christ sacrifice, those are incredibly important things, but that's not the entire

38:22.400 --> 38:29.920
Christian life. The Christian life begins at baptism and continues until you die. And most of your

38:29.920 --> 38:36.480
days, most of your hours, most of your minutes are not spent reading a word or taking communion

38:36.480 --> 38:42.560
or hearing preaching. And that's okay. That's God gave us other things to do, but they should be

38:42.560 --> 38:48.480
done in a manner that is pleasing to him. The Christian life is obedience to God. And that means that

38:49.200 --> 38:58.320
the left hand kingdom where there is what we call political activity must necessarily be

38:59.040 --> 39:04.720
in obedience to God every bit as much as what goes on in church. Just as much as we care about a

39:04.720 --> 39:11.120
faithful application of sacramental doctrine, we should care about the proper exercise of the law.

39:12.240 --> 39:19.040
And to fail to do that is to fail to be a good Christian and to be indifferent to that is to

39:19.040 --> 39:26.000
risk ceasing to be a Christian altogether. Well, we know what happens when Christians are

39:26.000 --> 39:33.360
indifferent to the left hand kingdom. Satan takes over because Satan is not indifferent to the left

39:33.360 --> 39:38.160
hand kingdom. And so if Christians are indifferent and do not involve themselves in the left hand

39:38.160 --> 39:43.600
kingdom and do not behave as faithful Christians in the left hand kingdom, the left hand kingdom

39:43.600 --> 39:50.960
will be ruled by pagans will be ruled by Satan. And so there are only two choices. This is not

39:50.960 --> 39:55.280
something on which you can be indifferent because if you're indifferent, you're just condemning your

39:55.280 --> 40:00.560
grandchildren, great grandchildren, whatever generation it happens to be, you are condemning them

40:01.200 --> 40:07.280
to live in a pagan nation instead of a Christian nation. This isn't an option where we have, you know,

40:08.240 --> 40:14.640
Christianity on one side, Satanism and atheism on the other side, and some sort of neutrality in the

40:14.640 --> 40:22.480
middle. This is black and white. You're either a Christian nation or you are an anti-Christian nation.

40:22.480 --> 40:27.440
Yes, there are different degrees of being one or the other. You can be more or less Christian and

40:27.440 --> 40:35.520
you can be more or less atheist or Satanist. But you can't be neutral. There is no neutrality. There's

40:35.520 --> 40:43.360
no middle. There's no third way when it comes to this question. And you mentioned about the rise

40:43.360 --> 40:52.800
of deism in the US. And really, the modern Christian, many of the churches anyway, are basically a

40:52.800 --> 41:00.640
half-step above morally therapeutic deism or more holistic therapeutic deism. It's just, it's that

41:00.640 --> 41:05.520
with Jesus slathered on top of it a little bit, just a thin layer, a little bit of Jesus butter

41:05.520 --> 41:12.080
on top there. It's not really Christianity anymore. It's just, it's that one hour, the 90 minutes,

41:12.080 --> 41:18.560
whatever it happens to be on Sunday. And then I live the rest of my life as if I'm, you know,

41:18.560 --> 41:24.000
just another member of this society. And I do whatever society tells me to do or not to do.

41:24.720 --> 41:27.760
And so I have Jesus in it. Yeah, exactly.

41:28.560 --> 41:33.600
Yes, football is actually a great example because how many people spend their 60 minutes,

41:33.600 --> 41:37.280
their 90 minutes, maybe they go to Bible study and maybe they spend two hours, whatever it happens

41:37.280 --> 41:42.880
to be. They spend that little bit of time for Jesus on Sunday. And then they go home and spend

41:42.880 --> 41:48.240
four, five, six, I don't know how many hours on football or basketball or baseball or whatever it

41:48.240 --> 41:54.880
happens to be. And then they spend so much of their time thinking about and posting about and

41:54.880 --> 42:01.520
arguing over that. Well, what's really important in their life? I'm not saying you can't have hobbies

42:01.520 --> 42:05.040
because of course you can have a hobby. You can have a hobby that absorbs a ton of your time even

42:05.600 --> 42:11.120
as long as it doesn't become more important to you than the things that are actually important.

42:12.320 --> 42:18.080
And for a lot of people, it seems like sports have become more important than God because you'll

42:18.080 --> 42:25.600
have even pastors who spend their Sundays posting about sports. Why on earth are you doing that?

42:25.600 --> 42:31.120
This is supposed to be the day that everyone inherently knows is dedicated to the Lord.

42:31.600 --> 42:36.880
Maybe say something about the Lord on that day, particularly if it is your vocation to do so.

42:36.880 --> 42:42.080
If you spend all of your time posting about sports, the people who are looking at that who are

42:42.080 --> 42:47.040
watching you are going to think that, well, maybe God isn't so important because he's posting about

42:47.040 --> 42:53.040
this particular sports team. He likes a lot more than God. And so it matters what we do,

42:53.040 --> 42:58.560
how much time we spend on it, how important we make it seem in our life because often how important

42:58.640 --> 43:02.000
we make it seem is merely a reflection of how important it actually is.

43:03.120 --> 43:07.360
And so our witness to the world is in part how we live our lives.

43:08.560 --> 43:13.600
Are you a Christian when you're in the left hand kingdom? Are you a Christian when you're not

43:13.600 --> 43:21.680
in the sanctuary? You should be. In sports, I specifically mentioned professional sports because

43:22.640 --> 43:28.240
that is where the subversion is occurring culturally. It is not simply that these professional

43:28.240 --> 43:36.400
sports were erected on Sundays, Sunday mornings, on weekends to consume people's money

43:36.400 --> 43:41.760
in their time and their passion. And we're not making the argument against

43:43.360 --> 43:49.040
spending your time poorly versus spending your time well. We're making the point that

43:49.680 --> 43:58.160
the NFL is evil. The NFL has done tremendously evil things. They have promoted tremendously

43:58.160 --> 44:04.480
evil things. They do it every Sunday. It is one of the key things that they do. It is one of

44:04.480 --> 44:12.480
their purposes is not to sell advertising, not to throw the pigskin around. It is to promote

44:12.480 --> 44:18.720
societal change along avenues that are contrary to Christian doctrine. And the fact that

44:18.720 --> 44:24.000
so many pastors and other Christians are either blind or indifferent to it is terrifying.

44:24.720 --> 44:32.800
If you are living a sanctified life, if you are spending your time consuming godly things,

44:32.800 --> 44:41.760
when you're exposed to something that is ungodly, that is not wholesome, it's physically repellent,

44:41.760 --> 44:50.160
it's disgusting. You physically revolt. I spent years being completely indifferent to most of

44:50.160 --> 44:53.920
these subjects. I was a Christian, but I didn't really care. I was a Christian on Sunday and the

44:53.920 --> 44:58.720
rest time, whatever. I knew it was Christian, so it was sorted. I was a Lutheran. I definitely

44:58.720 --> 45:02.720
was confident in my baptism. Pretty much everything else was taken care of.

45:04.480 --> 45:10.640
In the last couple of years, as I started to spend more time in the word and less time consuming

45:10.640 --> 45:17.600
garbage, when I would be then exposed to things I used to love to songs and to shows that I used

45:17.600 --> 45:24.400
to just I ate them up. It was it was part of who I was. There are many cases where I had a

45:24.400 --> 45:33.040
I to I now have a visceral repulsion to those things. And it's not rooted in some sort of

45:33.040 --> 45:38.640
pietism where I'm like, oh, this is dirty. Like I didn't relisten to that song expecting to find

45:38.640 --> 45:44.640
something gross. I relistened because I missed the song and found that what I used to love I now

45:44.640 --> 45:52.480
hated. Now that is something I'm not saying that everyone needs to have exactly that experience,

45:52.480 --> 46:01.040
but I am saying if you never feel revolted by things that are contrary to God, or if you never

46:01.040 --> 46:06.240
even if you can't even tell that things are contrary to God, you have a spiritual problem.

46:06.240 --> 46:12.720
You have a deep-seated spiritual lack of discernment. And although discernment is a gift

46:13.360 --> 46:17.760
as a matter of degree, it must be present in every Christian or how are you going to

46:18.640 --> 46:22.480
stay Christian? If you can't tell the difference between Christian and not Christian,

46:23.280 --> 46:28.960
you're toast, you're lost. And that's the reason we keep talking about Sunday morning

46:28.960 --> 46:34.800
verses the rest of the time is that so many of these arguments that are made mostly in good faith

46:34.800 --> 46:40.400
by Christians who rightly want to prevent problems that have occurred in the past when people

46:40.400 --> 46:47.680
have done things wrong, they end up collapsing the Christian life to Sunday morning. And the rest

46:47.680 --> 46:52.720
is just, oh, remember your baptism and go do whatever. I can tell you from personal experience

46:52.720 --> 46:58.800
that doesn't work. It's a terrible idea. It is an idea that leads people to hell. And

46:59.280 --> 47:07.200
more than that, this isn't just about saved or not. That's one of the things that we lose when

47:07.200 --> 47:13.280
we think about sanctification as we don't really think about sanctification at all. When all the

47:13.280 --> 47:18.800
focus is on the sacraments and God's gifts to us, which are blessings, I'm not demeaning those in

47:18.800 --> 47:28.240
the slightest, so please don't hear that. When we issue godly living, godly wisdom, obedience to God,

47:29.040 --> 47:36.000
we end up missing out on the good life that God wishes to give us. When you obey God, you are blessed

47:36.000 --> 47:41.120
in this life. This isn't prosperity gospel. It doesn't mean you're going to win a million dollars.

47:41.120 --> 47:45.360
It doesn't mean you're not going to lose your job. It doesn't mean you won't go hungry. It means

47:45.360 --> 47:52.880
that you will be blessed by God in ways that he sees fit. And whatever God's blessings are for you,

47:52.880 --> 47:59.760
you should be thankful for them. And as much as we want to emphasize that not every blessing

47:59.760 --> 48:06.240
necessarily looks like a win at the time, most of them are. Most of God's blessings are just

48:06.240 --> 48:11.760
normal blessings that anyone can see. If you don't engage in contraceptive behavior,

48:11.760 --> 48:17.040
God will bless you with lots of children. It happens automatically. You get it for free. God

48:17.120 --> 48:23.120
just gives it to you. When you rebel against God, you don't get those blessings. Now,

48:24.000 --> 48:28.480
when those things are sinful, Jesus paid for them, and you will still receive salvation,

48:28.480 --> 48:33.680
but you will not have the temporal gifts that come to those who are obedient in this life.

48:35.680 --> 48:40.240
When it comes to football, I'd like to make a sort of practical argument that may reach

48:40.240 --> 48:46.400
some members of the audience who would not otherwise listen to us. Now for a religious audience

48:46.400 --> 48:53.120
undoubtedly, we're going to have some familiarity with a certain section of the IRS tax code,

48:53.680 --> 49:00.160
and that would be 501c. And the reason we'll have that is because, of course, 501c3 is where you

49:00.160 --> 49:07.600
get tax exemption for religious organizations. Now, what most people don't realize is that

49:08.400 --> 49:15.760
scroll down a little bit from 501c3, 501c6, football organizations are exempt.

49:16.560 --> 49:24.800
Now, as a general rule, our government does not do things that are for the good in the greater

49:24.800 --> 49:30.320
sense of the term good, things that are in line with Christianity, in line with Christ.

49:31.200 --> 49:36.240
And so you would, of course, be hard-pressed to find an organization that is more evil than

49:36.240 --> 49:40.640
the IRS. There are some in our government, of course, but they're certainly at the top.

49:41.280 --> 49:44.720
So if the IRS has preferential treatment for an organization,

49:46.000 --> 49:51.120
you can generally assume that it's one of a handful of reasons why that is the case.

49:52.080 --> 49:58.480
You have either it is too much of a hassle or it becomes too entangled or there's a legal

49:58.480 --> 50:02.240
restriction. That would be the case for religious organizations, several of those arguments.

50:02.240 --> 50:08.720
We won't get into them here. You have particularly moneyed or powerful individuals who can

50:08.720 --> 50:15.680
write their own laws by proxy, of course. And then you have things that are being pushed for

50:15.680 --> 50:22.720
particularly destructive purposes to destroy society. Often, reasons two and three tend to overlap

50:22.720 --> 50:28.640
a lot. That's a Venn diagram with a great deal of overlap in that middle section. But the reason

50:28.640 --> 50:35.120
that you have the NFL getting such preferential tax treatment and legal treatment and subsidies

50:35.200 --> 50:41.520
and everything historically is that those who are pushing for this have a very clear agenda.

50:41.520 --> 50:50.240
And that agenda runs counter to Christianity, as was mentioned. That agenda does all sorts of evil

50:50.240 --> 50:57.120
in our society. And it's not just the NFL itself. It's the things the NFL shows. It's the things

50:57.120 --> 51:03.360
the NFL advertises. It's the things that it does in its press releases and the way that it

51:03.920 --> 51:10.320
advocates for changing society and laws. It's the half time shows it's extensive.

51:11.120 --> 51:17.600
This is an organization that exists to undermine what is good in our culture. And many Christians

51:17.600 --> 51:22.640
are supporting it not just with their time and their attention, but also with a significant

51:22.640 --> 51:28.320
amount of money. And that's not to say that it's not entertaining too, but that's the problem.

51:28.400 --> 51:33.280
The entertaining aspect is the hook. The fact that you've maybe played college ball or like

51:33.280 --> 51:38.560
you've always had been into it doesn't change the fact that what it is being used for today

51:38.560 --> 51:44.160
is overt evil. And when people don't recognize that, we have a real problem.

51:45.840 --> 51:52.160
I think it's important before we wrap up to make a positive case for what Christian nationalism

51:53.040 --> 52:00.480
would look like. What would a Christian nation look like? And I think to start, we have to acknowledge

52:00.480 --> 52:11.040
that while on the right hand kingdom there is not necessarily permission for the church to

52:11.040 --> 52:19.760
forcibly baptize or forcibly convert separately from that question. On the left hand politically,

52:19.760 --> 52:29.040
a Christian government has a positive obligation to God to prevent false religions from spreading

52:29.040 --> 52:35.280
in its lands. If we were a Christian nation, there would be no more mosques. There would be no more

52:35.280 --> 52:41.520
synagogues. There would be no more Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Halls. There would be no more

52:41.520 --> 52:48.000
more modern tabernacle. These things, the Christian science reading rooms, these things which are overt

52:48.960 --> 52:56.320
religions, which are, which are antithetical to God would not be permitted for the very same reason

52:56.320 --> 53:03.360
that when God gave the Hebrews new lands, he told them to cast down the idols of those lands to

53:03.360 --> 53:12.000
destroy them. That wasn't political guidance. That wasn't, oh, that was then in this is now. If

53:12.000 --> 53:19.280
you're a faithful Christian, you have a positive to desire to destroy that, which is evil, that

53:19.280 --> 53:25.120
which will cause people to go to hell. And if you're a Christian, if you actually believe what

53:25.120 --> 53:30.560
Christian doctrine teaches, then mosques and synagogues and Christian science reading rooms

53:31.280 --> 53:38.160
lead people to hell. They cause damnation by their existence and they would not be permitted.

53:38.880 --> 53:44.240
And that is why we will continue in virtually every episode, God willing, every episode.

53:44.240 --> 53:49.120
We will attack the Enlightenment by name and we will give details about why the Enlightenment

53:49.120 --> 53:55.680
was a perversion and an assault on God's order because the notion of the separation of church and

53:55.680 --> 54:03.120
state, which has nothing to do even with the initial implementation of the Constitution itself,

54:03.200 --> 54:07.440
but was was deemed later on. But it was an Enlightenment value.

54:08.400 --> 54:14.160
The idea that will the state can go in one direction and the church can go another and they don't

54:14.160 --> 54:18.480
need to step on each other's toes. There are cases where that's true and there are cases where

54:18.480 --> 54:25.440
that's false. And if you have a Christian nation, you should seek through the gospel to reach

54:26.240 --> 54:32.160
those who can be reached to give them the good news of God. But you're under no obligation to

54:32.160 --> 54:38.160
permit them to practice witchcraft. You have an obligation to God to kill them if they practice

54:38.160 --> 54:42.560
witchcraft. That's what God says in the Old Testament. And it's not, again, that's not a

54:42.560 --> 54:52.560
ceremonial law. If someone is going to behave in a way that is overtly satanic, the left hand

54:52.560 --> 54:57.520
kingdom, not the right, not the church, we're not saying that the church should be exercising,

54:57.520 --> 55:06.080
exercising force or violence. But the king, absolutely, he has a positive duty to do so and to fail

55:06.080 --> 55:12.800
to do so is to fail to be a Christian kingdom or principality or whatever form of government you

55:12.800 --> 55:18.400
have. It doesn't matter. The bottom line is if it is not upholding the very most basic Christian

55:18.400 --> 55:23.840
premise that over evil, even if it's spiritual evil, even if even if if it's a Satan worshipper

55:23.840 --> 55:31.200
who's not actually openly sacrificing humans, it doesn't matter. They still must be cast out

55:31.200 --> 55:35.600
and they must be stamped out and they cannot be permitted to exist. And if that means that you

55:35.600 --> 55:41.120
have to hunt them the way we hunt terrorists and drug dealers, they're in the same category

55:41.120 --> 55:46.560
only worse because you don't need to fear the one who can destroy the body. You need to fear the

55:46.560 --> 55:54.320
one who can destroy both the body and soul forever. And beyond even that, it's not just that that

55:54.320 --> 56:01.120
individual invites condemnation upon himself invites judgment upon himself. If you actually read

56:01.120 --> 56:08.800
the passages in the Old Testament, the existence of these individuals in a nation invites judgment

56:08.800 --> 56:14.720
on the nation. And so we have this modern conception. It comes from libertarian from enlightenment

56:14.720 --> 56:20.320
thought that well, my neighbor does his thing over on his property. And I do mine on my property.

56:20.320 --> 56:25.760
And as long as I'm not interfering with him, then he can keep doing it. And as long as he's not

56:25.760 --> 56:31.920
interfering with me, then he can keep doing whatever he's doing. And that's just not true. Because

56:31.920 --> 56:37.520
what my neighbor does does directly affect me, particularly if he is worshipping a false God,

56:37.520 --> 56:44.000
because he is inviting God's judgment on himself and on me. I live next to him. I'm part of his

56:44.000 --> 56:51.760
nation. I am not immune to the consequences of my neighbor's evil. Because God doesn't just judge

56:51.760 --> 56:57.520
individuals. He judges individuals, families, and nations. And there are clear examples of this

56:57.520 --> 57:02.400
throughout scripture. This is not something that appears in one place. It appears in many places.

57:02.400 --> 57:09.760
It is very clear that just as God blesses the faithful, he will judge and curse the faithless.

57:10.720 --> 57:16.720
And the inevitable counterargument is, well, what if the government doesn't do it right?

57:16.720 --> 57:21.840
What if they go after the wrong people? That's why we talk about headship. That is why we talk

57:21.840 --> 57:27.760
about the fact that he who is the head faces the stricter judgment. We spend a lot of time in the

57:27.760 --> 57:32.880
first episode different differentiating between those who are subordinate and those who are superior.

57:32.880 --> 57:38.800
If you're in a superior position, you have a greater duty to God. You have a greater accountability

57:38.880 --> 57:48.640
to God. So am I worried that the man who is over my nation politically may err in discerning

57:48.640 --> 57:53.920
the proper Christian treatment of things? Of course. Just as I'm concerned that he may make errors

57:53.920 --> 58:02.240
in terms of warfare or the economy or whatever, sound judgment and wisdom in Godly living

58:03.040 --> 58:08.480
are always driven by God and they're always in proclamation of God's will.

58:09.120 --> 58:14.320
And the fact that someone might get it wrong isn't an argument for not trying. It's an argument

58:14.320 --> 58:21.360
for getting it right and for caring about these things to the point that we stridently pursue them

58:22.000 --> 58:27.120
in a faithful obedience to God. Frankly, one that hasn't been seen for a long time,

58:27.680 --> 58:33.600
when Christian nationalism is condemned by pastors, I didn't mention this earlier, but you need

58:33.600 --> 58:39.680
to understand for someone to condemn Christian nationalism is to condemn virtually all of Christian

58:39.680 --> 58:45.360
history. Christian nationalism is why you're a Christian. I alluded to that point, but I want to

58:45.360 --> 58:52.080
make it explicit. You are a Christian because of Christian nationalism. You're a Christian because

58:52.080 --> 58:58.400
the leaders of the European kingdoms became Christians and their people became Christians.

58:58.400 --> 59:02.640
In some cases, it was more compelled than others, but you know what? Even if you're compelled to be

59:02.640 --> 59:06.720
a Christian, even if you don't really believe it, if your kids are baptized and they're raised,

59:06.720 --> 59:13.040
they're going to believe it. God visits His blessings on those who obey Him. And that's not to suggest

59:13.040 --> 59:19.200
that you can have some sort of pro-form obedience without faith. I'm simply saying that when you live

59:19.200 --> 59:25.120
a godly life, it will bear godly fruit. And that happens at the national level as well. Even

59:25.120 --> 59:31.120
godly heathens are blessed by God to a certain degree. Absolutely. Yes. They're blessed with children,

59:31.120 --> 59:36.080
they're blessed with long life and health. And you see this all the time. And it's one of the

59:36.080 --> 59:41.600
things that makes it difficult to reach them with the gospel because they're living the good life.

59:41.600 --> 59:47.520
They have everything. They're at peace. They don't lie. They don't slander. They do everything

59:47.520 --> 59:55.280
pretty much by the book. And so they feel self-justified. And no one should ever feel self-justified.

59:55.280 --> 59:59.920
Nothing that ever comes out of either one of our mouths should ever give anyone the indication

59:59.920 --> 01:00:06.640
that we think that we can save ourselves by any of this. All of this is post-seateriological

01:00:06.640 --> 01:00:12.800
conversation. We're talking about, okay, I'm a Christian what now? That's the reason that James

01:00:12.880 --> 01:00:18.800
wrote his wisdom epistle. James is a book that scares a lot of Lutherans. He used to scare me

01:00:18.800 --> 01:00:25.040
because I'd seen the one verse that says you're not safe. There's not the faith without works

01:00:25.040 --> 01:00:33.520
isn't a thing. And if you've been inculcated in Lutheran doctrine and not seriously engaged with

01:00:34.640 --> 01:00:41.760
sanctified living and what it means to live a Christian life, that does sound scary. But if you

01:00:41.760 --> 01:00:47.680
read the whole epistle of James, he was writing to Christians to tell him, okay, your Christians,

01:00:47.680 --> 01:00:53.760
what now? I am telling you what the Christian life looks like in Jerusalem or anywhere because his

01:00:53.760 --> 01:01:00.320
words were the Holy Spirit's words in their timeless. God gave us the epistle of James. He gave

01:01:00.320 --> 01:01:05.280
us Jesus preaching that again, it's not mostly gospel. It's mostly, here's all the stuff you

01:01:05.280 --> 01:01:11.440
should do and not do. And Jesus wasn't confused about how you were saved. He knew why he was here

01:01:11.440 --> 01:01:16.960
when he came. When he was preaching about obedience to God, he knew that the people who were hearing

01:01:16.960 --> 01:01:22.000
him would fail. He knew he was going to the cross to pay for their individual sins as well as

01:01:22.000 --> 01:01:29.120
ours. And he said it anyway, it was a feudal. No, it was not feudal because it is the means by which

01:01:29.120 --> 01:01:36.400
God wishes to give us his blessings. When you disobey God, housing in a bless you, there are

01:01:36.400 --> 01:01:41.040
certain blessings you can receive in those they're mentioned in Scripture. The sun shines and the

01:01:41.040 --> 01:01:50.240
rain comes and the food is given to the righteous and to the unrighteous alike. But when you live in

01:01:50.240 --> 01:01:56.400
God's word and you live a sanctified life that issues that which is evil and focuses on that which

01:01:56.400 --> 01:02:02.640
is good, including what your neighbor is doing, you will have more blessings. You might not get richer.

01:02:02.640 --> 01:02:08.560
You might still die from cancer. You're still blessed by God, even if the worst things happen to you

01:02:08.560 --> 01:02:14.400
because you are living a life that is in conformance as much as you're able with his will. And

01:02:14.400 --> 01:02:21.840
that pleases God. We've we've become afraid to say that obeying God pleases God, which is insane

01:02:21.840 --> 01:02:26.480
because it's all over Scripture. You can't open to a page that doesn't talk about a God pleasing

01:02:26.480 --> 01:02:33.360
life, pleasing God. We have a duty to please God. And when we talk about Christian nationalism

01:02:33.440 --> 01:02:41.440
in particular, we're saying that our government, our nation should be ruled in a manner that is

01:02:41.440 --> 01:02:48.560
pleasing to God. And if you have a political environment that is permitting evil, is permitting

01:02:48.560 --> 01:02:55.920
idolatry, is permitting gross offenses against creation itself, that is the opposite of pleasing to

01:02:55.920 --> 01:03:00.480
God. And you're not only going to get wrath, you're going to be judged for it both in this life

01:03:00.480 --> 01:03:06.400
and the next. It is open sin for us to tolerate the government that we have. And we're all guilty

01:03:06.400 --> 01:03:11.360
of it. And blogging about it and complaining about it on podcasts doesn't get us off the hook

01:03:12.080 --> 01:03:17.120
because it's our government too. And we will pay the price for what it does from God.

01:03:18.240 --> 01:03:24.480
And we are certainly paying the price with the state of our society. But to quickly address

01:03:24.880 --> 01:03:31.520
the argument to be loose with the term that always comes up that has been mentioned several times,

01:03:31.520 --> 01:03:37.920
those who say that, well, because this thing can be abused, it cannot possibly be good.

01:03:39.360 --> 01:03:43.440
Well, those who actually have and believe in the sacraments should understand that that is not

01:03:43.440 --> 01:03:51.200
the case because we use wine in the sacrament of the table in the Lord's Supper and can wine be

01:03:51.280 --> 01:03:57.840
abused? Certainly. Does that mean that wine is evil? Well, scripture is very clear that the answer

01:03:57.840 --> 01:04:03.680
is certainly no. It is not inherently evil. And to make sure we meet our Latin requirement for

01:04:03.680 --> 01:04:10.800
the episode, of course, that's just abuses, usum, known toilet. The abuse of a thing does not cancel

01:04:10.800 --> 01:04:16.640
or make void the use of a thing. Those are two separate considerations. Whether or not something

01:04:16.720 --> 01:04:23.440
is good is one consideration. Whether or not a particular use to which it is being put is another

01:04:23.440 --> 01:04:30.240
consideration. And so to use another illustration, there was a military commander who was being

01:04:30.240 --> 01:04:36.480
interviewed for the news because his base had had some young boys come to the base to learn various

01:04:36.480 --> 01:04:42.720
things, one of which was marksmanship, handling a rifle. And the female interviewer asked if that

01:04:42.800 --> 01:04:47.200
of course wasn't a dangerous activity. She said, well, you're equipping these young boys to be

01:04:47.200 --> 01:04:53.920
killers. And the general's response was very good. Well, ma'am, you're equipped to be a prostitute,

01:04:53.920 --> 01:05:04.080
but you're not one, are you? That's what a boils down to. The Christian life requires a Christian

01:05:04.080 --> 01:05:10.240
to live it. And the fact that we have so many who are afraid to even say, hey, go live a Christian

01:05:10.320 --> 01:05:16.960
life. It shows that we have ceased to be faithful Christians by any measure. You're not a Christian

01:05:16.960 --> 01:05:21.760
on Sunday. You're a Christian every day or you're never a Christian. If you can go sit in a

01:05:21.760 --> 01:05:28.320
pew and take the sacrament and sing the hymns and love the liturgy and whatever performative

01:05:28.320 --> 01:05:33.040
things you do, no matter how much you feel them in your heart, if you then go on with the rest

01:05:33.040 --> 01:05:38.640
of your week and forget about it and think that you can engage fully in the opposite direction

01:05:38.720 --> 01:05:45.360
from God's will. And it's not even that people do that thinking, well, they don't think it's sinful.

01:05:45.920 --> 01:05:49.840
They don't even think, well, I'm going to go sin and Jesus will forgive me on Sunday. They

01:05:49.840 --> 01:05:53.600
don't think that they're sin is sinful. And that's the most terrifying aspect of all of this.

01:05:53.600 --> 01:05:59.360
It's when we have pastors and other Christians openly attacking Christian nationalism, which is

01:05:59.360 --> 01:06:06.800
simply obedience to God. And they do it with a clear conscience. That's what all these things boil

01:06:06.800 --> 01:06:14.240
down to. I mentioned last week that just because you're a Christian and you do something doesn't

01:06:14.240 --> 01:06:19.840
sanctify what you're doing as itself Christian, you may well do it with a clean conscience. And

01:06:19.840 --> 01:06:25.360
that makes it even worse because not only is it very convincing, but you're on repentant when you sin.

01:06:26.000 --> 01:06:31.680
And that is why we will continuously point to scripture and what God says jumping over the last

01:06:31.680 --> 01:06:36.880
couple hundred years of what's come out of our church or any other church or anywhere in society

01:06:36.880 --> 01:06:43.680
because if something is true and it's from God, it is an eternal truth. And you don't need something

01:06:43.680 --> 01:06:49.920
that was put on a podcast last week or written in a book last year or published by a sin and 50 years

01:06:49.920 --> 01:06:54.960
ago for it to be true. If it's true, you're going to find it in scripture and you're going to find

01:06:54.960 --> 01:07:00.480
that it's been practiced by Christians throughout time. And what we find is that Christian nationalism

01:07:00.560 --> 01:07:06.400
has been practiced by Christians throughout time until the kingdoms were of Europe were overthrown

01:07:06.400 --> 01:07:11.760
and destroyed. And that began with the enlightenment and it began with the revolutions and we are

01:07:11.760 --> 01:07:17.920
witnessing the culmination of it now. And as we come to the end of this episode, I want to reiterate

01:07:17.920 --> 01:07:24.800
the point that we made last week about the genealogy of ideas. This idea that Christian nationalism is

01:07:25.760 --> 01:07:31.120
as I mentioned, there are dozens of podcasts devoted entirely to saying it's evil. Those people

01:07:31.120 --> 01:07:36.880
are not Christians. Those people hate God. They're the same people who want to castrate children,

01:07:36.880 --> 01:07:42.400
who want to do every manner of evil thing to creation. They also hate Christian nationalism. So

01:07:43.120 --> 01:07:49.520
if you're on the fence or if you actively despise it, it's important for you to look to your left

01:07:49.600 --> 01:07:56.160
and look to your right and see who your brothers and arms are as you go to war against Christian

01:07:56.160 --> 01:08:02.320
nationalism. Because it's not Christians. It's not the Christians of history. It is the most evil

01:08:02.320 --> 01:08:07.440
people in this day who are doing the most evil things. Those are the people who are the opponents

01:08:07.440 --> 01:08:12.320
of Christian nationalism. And they're accompanied by Christians who are doing in good conscience.

01:08:12.880 --> 01:08:19.280
There's a point that Dr. Koons made on the brief history of power podcast last year

01:08:19.840 --> 01:08:27.280
the astonishment. It's something I reiterate frequently. When Jeffrey Dahmer was captured and

01:08:27.280 --> 01:08:36.240
arrested and charged, it was exposed that Jeffrey Dahmer was a Sodomite, a kidnapper, a rapist,

01:08:36.240 --> 01:08:44.080
a murderer, a necrophile, and a cannibal. Those were the charges. And that's what was exposed

01:08:44.080 --> 01:08:50.160
about him. He didn't speak in his own defense to say, no, I'm not any of those things.

01:08:51.360 --> 01:08:57.040
But when it came out that when observing his victimology, there were blacks and Asians that he

01:08:57.040 --> 01:09:06.800
targeted to kidnap and rape and murder and defile and eat. The press called him a racist.

01:09:07.440 --> 01:09:11.520
And that's when Jeffrey Dahmer spoke up. He didn't care about the other things.

01:09:12.320 --> 01:09:18.800
He cared about being called a racist because being called a racist was contrary to Jeffrey Dahmer's

01:09:18.800 --> 01:09:23.760
religion. Not in the religion in the sense that there was a church that was devoted to it,

01:09:23.840 --> 01:09:28.000
but in Jeffrey Dahmer's heart of hearts, the greatest sin that he could imagine anyone

01:09:28.000 --> 01:09:35.360
committing was to be a racist. And he wanted to set the record straight that I'm not a racist.

01:09:35.360 --> 01:09:40.800
Yeah, I'm a Sodomite. Yeah, I'm a cannibal. I'm a necrophile. I'm a murderer. I'm not a racist.

01:09:40.800 --> 01:09:50.560
Get, let's get that one thing clear. That goes to the genealogy of ideas because if you hold that

01:09:51.200 --> 01:09:57.600
racism is evil or that Christian nationalism or evil, you need to look to your left and

01:09:57.600 --> 01:10:04.080
need to look to your right and see who it is that is in lockstep with you. And then ask yourself,

01:10:04.880 --> 01:10:11.680
if I oppose Christian nationalism on the basis of God's word, if I believe that I'm being faithful

01:10:11.680 --> 01:10:19.360
to God in opposing this thing, you must answer to your own satisfaction and to God's satisfaction.

01:10:19.840 --> 01:10:25.840
How is it that the atheist here left and the Jew to your right who is every bit as angry and

01:10:25.840 --> 01:10:31.680
hateful as you against Christian nationalism? How did they arrive at that conclusion? Because they

01:10:31.680 --> 01:10:38.240
don't have God. They hate God. They seek to destroy God's things and they seek to destroy Christian

01:10:38.240 --> 01:10:44.480
nationalism. Why are you in bed with those people? How did that happen? Maybe we're completely wrong.

01:10:44.480 --> 01:10:48.480
Maybe all these evil people, they got one thing right or two things, right? Since racism and

01:10:48.480 --> 01:10:53.360
Christian nationalism are all part of the same bucket. Maybe they're perfectly moral and

01:10:53.360 --> 01:10:58.320
perfectly right with God and they get everything else wrong. But you need to ask yourself,

01:10:58.320 --> 01:11:02.480
how did that happen? Because if they didn't get it from God, they got it from somewhere else.

01:11:02.480 --> 01:11:08.160
So when you look at the genealogy of where they got those ideas, it's the furthest thing imaginable

01:11:08.160 --> 01:11:14.160
from God. And that is the same answer to where you got the idea because you didn't get it from

01:11:14.160 --> 01:11:20.640
Christians. You didn't get it from Scripture. You didn't get it from God. And this is a point

01:11:20.640 --> 01:11:27.680
we're going to hammer home as often as people will listen because it's so easy in an evil world

01:11:28.240 --> 01:11:34.480
to not question assumptions and not question priors and just absorb whatever we're given. And

01:11:34.480 --> 01:11:38.800
someone sprinkles Jesus' dust on something and says it's in the name of love in the gospel,

01:11:39.360 --> 01:11:44.720
you're morally obligated to do it and believe it. That's the story that we're told.

01:11:45.680 --> 01:11:52.720
That's Satan's story. That's Satan's gospel to say, I'm opposed to everything that God is doing.

01:11:52.720 --> 01:11:56.400
Here, let me sprinkle some Jesus' dust on it so you suckers will eat it up because I know you

01:11:56.400 --> 01:12:01.440
love that. And then you will run wild and do what I want. That's what's happening with all of

01:12:01.600 --> 01:12:08.640
these subjects. And I wish the quarry and I weren't the guys who were saying things that are

01:12:08.640 --> 01:12:14.080
controversial, but they shouldn't be controversial. 200 years ago, they wouldn't have been.

01:12:14.080 --> 01:12:19.840
200 years ago, it would be unthinkable to have this conversation because no one could

01:12:19.840 --> 01:12:24.960
conceive of a world where people didn't simply already understand it intrinsically. And yet

01:12:24.960 --> 01:12:30.400
today here we are because of generations of faithlessness, the more and more we have abandoned

01:12:30.400 --> 01:12:35.840
godly living to the point that when you say live a godly life, Christians recoil. And we need

01:12:35.840 --> 01:12:42.400
to undo that. No one would listen to this podcast 200 years ago, even as fiction, it would be somewhat

01:12:42.400 --> 01:12:49.680
outlandish. Yeah, I mean, it literally fits the definition of unthinkable. The fact that you

01:12:49.680 --> 01:12:54.720
would have to debate over where people come from or whether or not we should obey God and have

01:12:54.720 --> 01:13:00.240
Christian leaders. That's controversial in the church today. And it's not because they got it

01:13:00.240 --> 01:13:05.680
out of the Bible. They didn't get out of the Bible. And so I just implore anyone listening,

01:13:05.680 --> 01:13:10.720
figure out where you got the ideas. Because if you didn't get them from God, you need to go find

01:13:10.720 --> 01:13:15.920
some ideas that came from God. And we're here to talk about those. And if you're looking at the

01:13:15.920 --> 01:13:23.920
genealogy of ideas a lot of times, you can also look at the progeny of those ideas. Because if you

01:13:23.920 --> 01:13:31.360
look at the progeny of the idea that well, we're all one race, the human race, well, we're all one

01:13:31.360 --> 01:13:37.680
male and female are just incidental. God rolled some dice and your soul came out as one or the other.

01:13:37.680 --> 01:13:41.680
Or maybe it's not even your soul. It's just your body. God stuck your soul in a body that happens

01:13:41.680 --> 01:13:47.920
to be male, happens to be female. Well, you start off there and you wind up with transgenderism.

01:13:47.920 --> 01:13:52.640
You wind up with sex reassignment, so-called surgeries for children. You wind up with puberty

01:13:52.640 --> 01:13:58.080
blockers. You wind up with abortion. You wind up with all of these evils. They all flow naturally

01:13:58.080 --> 01:14:02.880
from these things that people believe and don't think are controversial or evil or wrong.

01:14:04.320 --> 01:14:10.080
And so just to close out, I'd like to give a quick little summary of a good way for people to

01:14:10.080 --> 01:14:17.120
think about Christian nationalism and what exactly it is we mean and want by it. In the right

01:14:17.120 --> 01:14:24.480
hand kingdom, our head ultimately is Christ. And so of course our head is Christian being Christ

01:14:24.480 --> 01:14:31.760
himself. All Christian nationalism is, is a desire to have a Christian head in the left hand

01:14:31.760 --> 01:14:39.040
kingdom. If you're a child, you want your father to be Christian. If you're a wife, you want

01:14:39.040 --> 01:14:45.600
your husband to be Christian. If you're a citizen, you want your king to be Christian. And that's

01:14:45.600 --> 01:14:49.600
what we mean by Christian nationalism. Amen.