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0	2000	Hello!
30000	44160	Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast, I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm Wo.
44160	49800	As a sort of warning to the listener, today's episode does run a little long.
49800	54640	Undoubtedly your podcast app has already notified you of the length of the episode so I don't
54640	59680	need to repeat it, not least of all because I do not yet know the exact length.
59680	65760	It is over two hours, really it is a two-part episode, but we do ask that you listen to
65760	72920	the entire episode, preferably in one sitting, and preferably with minimal distractions.
72920	77960	This is an important topic, and the entire thing hangs together.
77960	83360	It is important to listen to the entirety of the episode to get the proper doctrine and
83360	89400	theology and the proper context, because all of it is connected.
89400	97920	We try to aim for roughly an hour with episodes, but some things simply require more
97920	104360	time, because they are important, and we want to make sure that we cover them adequately
104360	108200	and correctly.
108200	110840	Welcome to the delayed election episode.
110840	115680	When we originally decided we wanted to tackle election next, the timing was that it was
115680	120200	going to be the day after the midterm election, so I was going to make a stupid joke about
120200	125840	that, but you've been spared by that by multiple hardware malfunctions.
125840	131360	My very expensive microphone died and it died in such a way that it took me about 40 hours
131360	135960	of debugging and buying several hundred dollars more equipment to isolate that it was in fact
135960	142000	the microphone, so I apologize for the two weeks that we were down.
142080	146240	I love listening to podcasts, too, and I always count on showing up on time, and our goal
146240	150760	is absolutely to make sure that we always deliver every episode on time, so that will be the
150760	152840	case in the future, I think.
152840	156400	Now that we're back up and running, we will try to get a couple episodes in the can so
156400	163040	that we'll be able to deliver even in the event that Clamony befalls us.
163040	167640	On that note, I would like to ask for something of our listeners, first thank you to everyone
167640	173120	who's been sharing the podcast with friends and online and elsewhere, means a lot, because
173120	178920	this is obviously an incredibly niche sort of thing that we'll also never have any marketing
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183200	187720	and says, hey, we think this is worth your time, so we appreciate each and every share
187720	191160	that you provide.
191160	196400	When Cory and I set out to do this, when we finally decided to pull the trigger on a project
196400	202080	we've been talking about pretty much since we were introduced, within about 24 hours
202080	206760	of us deciding to do this, all hell broke loose.
206760	211840	We started having equipment malfunctions, software malfunctions, not just related to
211840	218280	the stuff we were using for the podcasting, but just in general, in life, a whole lot
218280	223160	of stuff went wrong, and some of it went wrong in ways that are literally impossible,
223240	231440	some of the malfunctions that my microphone in recording stuff exhibited, it was the technological
231440	235920	equivalent of water flowing uphill, there was no rational explanation for what was going
235920	240360	on, which is part of why it took me so long to figure out that it was, in fact, the mic
240360	247720	that needed to be replaced, so my request to the audience, if you would consider saying
247720	254280	a prayer for us once in a while to keep Cory and I faithful and steadfast to God's word
254280	260600	and to give us the strength to persevere through the slings and arrows that Satan is throwing
260600	262720	at us.
262720	269400	Audio hardware is kind of a possessed all by itself about any special intervention by
269400	274880	the devil, but the volume and the nature of the things that have gone wrong are such
274880	280440	that I personally think there's no argument that Satan really doesn't want us to be doing
280440	285880	this thing, which we knew going into it, that's precisely why we're doing it, despite
285880	290360	not really wanting to undertake this, we knew that we had to because of the challenges
290360	295200	that were being faced in the world, so if you would just say a prayer for our protection
295200	300360	and faithfulness, it would be greatly appreciated.
300360	305480	It's the sheer unlikeliness of both of us having a mic die because I also had a mic that
305480	311680	bricked itself and it happened within the same week, totally different mics, different
311680	318640	manufacturers, purchased at different times, died within a week of each other, very unlikely.
318640	324760	Yeah, I mean, a microphone is, it's basically a solid state device, there's one moving
324760	328680	part and it barely moves, so it's just, it's not something you would expect to fail.
329080	329880	Yeah, mine's a digital.
329880	338480	Anyway, yeah, yeah, it's just the things that we're talking about in the people that we're
338480	344760	addressing and the problems that we're addressing are we believe vital and that's why we're here.
344760	348880	So we thank you for listening and we hope that you'll consider keeping us in your prayers
348880	351240	once in a while.
351240	355000	The reason that we're talking about election today, it wasn't just a gimmick each
355000	364200	choice based on the timing, but election in other words for it are predestination or having
364200	370520	your name written eternally in the book of life in heaven from before eternity.
370520	376000	These are all ways that the doctrine of election are described in scripture.
376000	381640	The reason that we wanted to talk about it next is that it flows naturally from episode
381640	390040	episode two's discussion of genealogy and episode three's discussion of nationality.
390040	396840	When you look at how election plays out both as it is described in scripture and then what happens
396840	404600	in the world and time and space, it is clear that it is also a manifestation of God's will
404600	412360	through linear inheritance which is not to say that it is only inherited and we'll get into
412360	417400	that but it does flow naturally from from our previous discussions and all of these are laying
417400	421560	the groundwork for additional future episodes that are going to get into some of the most controversial
421560	428600	issues that are frankly they're going to split the church in some really ugly ways and our fear is
428600	432680	that there will be good men on the wrong side of those splits because they have not thought these
432760	439320	things through so that's why we're talking about them now. The three things that I hope the audience
439320	445000	today will keep in mind as we're talking about this particular doctrine. First this is not going
445000	450840	to be a systematic podcast. We're not going to be doing deep dyes on doctrines as a matter of course.
450840	455400	The reason that we are tackling election in particular is that it touches directly on
456120	460120	things that we're facing today and the second half of the episode we'll be making that case
460760	466280	but election is a doctrine that is found everywhere in scripture. Once you realize the different
466280	472280	terms that are being used for it by God, you basically can't turn from from jossist revelation.
472280	477800	You're going to find it smacking you in the face continuously. So it's a doctrine that
480440	485640	is universal. It's not Lutheran doctrine. It's not Protestant doctrine. It's Christian doctrine
485720	493240	and it is the key way that God helps to explain our salvation and the gift of faith that is given
493240	499880	to us. So the first thing I want everyone to keep in mind is that doctrine, the doctrine of election
499880	506120	is given for our comfort. When we're talking about election and predestination, it should never be
506120	512360	thought of in the sense of the condemnation of those who are not believers and we'll get into
512360	519800	why that that is. But election is given for comfort. It is not given for punishment or for doubt.
521320	524840	The second thing that you need to keep in mind as you're listening to this episode is that
526280	531800	this is one of the very short list of doctrines and scripture that is beyond reason.
533080	538120	It's like the Trinity in that sense. When you look at everything in scripture that describes the
538120	543880	Trinity in a great encapsulation of this if you haven't seen it before. Not only the Apostle and
543880	550040	Nicene creeds, but the Athanasian creed. It's something that in Lutheran churches is typically
550040	555560	only read once a year. It is well worth studying. I actually memorized it in seventh grade for extra
555560	561080	credit and that was fun because there's a couple pages long. When you read the Athanasian creed,
561240	570760	what you will find is a faithful confession of what scripture says about God in such a way that
570760	575960	there are no errors in the Athanasian creed because it agrees with scripture. But when you look
575960	582440	at it in totality, it's kind of confusing. It doesn't really make sense how there can be
583240	588280	not three eternal but one eternal. What's the difference between a person and the God? How can
588280	595560	there be three persons but one God? Our human reason fails when we're trying to introspect God,
595560	601720	which shouldn't surprise us. We're creatures. We have a creator who is infinite. So the idea that we
601720	607800	can't fit our creator inside our little tiny created meat minds shouldn't surprise or upset us.
609240	616760	The essence of the Christian faith is believing that which is taught not making a subject to
616840	623080	intellectual ascent and that's a place where some denominations kind of go off the rails. They look
623080	629560	at scripture faithfully and they say, okay, I'm going to believe this. But then they run into things
629560	634040	where it seems like it doesn't add up and reason has made the master over their doctrine and
635240	640040	that is how you invent hairsees. The reason that the creeds were originally written was to deal with
640040	644280	the hairsees that came from the very intelligent men who were looking at scripture and trying to make
644280	651560	sense of the Trinity and they made a mess because they made their reason the master when God
651560	657720	must be the master and what he reveals must be binding upon us whether or not we understand it.
657720	663080	When Christ talks about us having the faith of a child, that's what it means to receive teaching
664840	671560	without requiring it past some smell test of our own reason. It's not to say that you should just
671560	678440	blindly listen to whatever you hear and this is the reason why faithful teachers, faithful pastors
678440	684200	are so crucial because most people are not equipped to understand and reason these things out.
685080	689560	We have thousands of years of faithful doctrine being developed and understood
690440	695640	develop as a weak word, being properly fleshed out in such a way that when you say everything
695640	700040	that scripture says in a certain way, you can know that you're being faithful and so
700680	705080	there are a few doctrines like the Trinity, like the nature of Christ, the hypostatic union,
705080	711880	how can he be both fully God and fully man? It doesn't make sense in as Lutherans were comfortable
711880	717880	saying that we don't understand it's a mystery. We can say what God says but we can't make sense of
717880	723400	it in such a way that it's going to add up in our minds. The same is true of communion of the
723480	731080	Eucharist when God says this is my body, this is my blood. He also says this is bread and this is wine
731720	738840	and the reformed and the Catholics both agree that it can only be one or the other by reason. It
738840	744760	can't possibly be blood if it's wine and it can't be wine if it's blood. So each of them pick one
744760	751160	and they go in opposite directions. Lutherans and to their credit, the the Eastern Orthodox say,
751800	756840	we don't understand how it works but God says it's bread. God says it's his flesh. So it is.
756840	762120	This is the same God who spoke the universe into existence. He's the same God who spoke Lazarus
762120	767640	back to life by saying Lazarus come out. That wasn't a descriptive thing. That was proscriptive.
767640	773960	When God speaks, it is true. So when there are doctrines that are revealed in such a way that we
773960	779000	can't make them subject to our reason, once we've exhausted all of the possibilities as faithful
779000	784200	Christians, we simply have a duty to believe them. And election predestination is one of those
784200	790280	where it's challenging. So as you hear us talking about it today, please don't cherry pick
791080	795960	30 second or two minutes segments of this and try to say, well, that's wrong. That's that's
795960	803240	contrary to scripture because in isolation, you're probably right. The doctrine of predestination,
803240	811080	the doctrine of faith, the doctrine of salvation, it doesn't make sense. And you can say what God
811080	817640	says, but if you try to apply a reason to it, rigorously, you're going to make a mess. And so
817640	822600	I just encourage people to please listen to the whole thing as one piece and then take it as a
822600	827320	coherent whole because that's the only way it can be presented. This is not something I can fit
827320	831800	on a bumper sticker. And the third point I just like to make before we launch into this is that
833400	839240	election is not simply some hypothetical doctrine that doesn't have any applicability.
840200	849160	It is a doctrine which is central to all of the most painful problems that the church and the
849160	854040	world are facing today. And this is the case where we'll be making the second half of the episode.
855240	861160	Every major modern fight about racism, about colonialism, about cultural and racial supremacy,
861880	867320	about patriarchy, all of these things are ultimately attacks on doctrine and on salvation.
868040	872440	And we are doing this episode in order to make the case for
874120	878440	the necessity of us returning to a faithful belief of election because frankly,
879240	886360	while Lutherans certainly say that we subscribe to the doctrine election, when push comes to shove,
887160	891480	our churches are full of universalists. They're full of people who reject election,
892040	898280	who try to be so quote unquote gospel focused that they end up contradicting scripture left and
898280	903240	right. And they're doing it in the name of love. So we're going back to first principles here in
903240	910200	order to try to get our feet under us so that when these discussions are had in future episodes
910200	917000	and elsewhere, you'll be equipped to understand what it is that you're facing because like you said,
917000	923400	this is not just an academic thing. This is a live issue that is it's it's shaping the world around
923400	928440	you. And that is something the doctrine of election is not a novel. It's something that's been around
928440	935640	forever. Everyone in Christianity and the faith has always known about it. But the modern implications
935720	939320	are something that personally I haven't seen discussed elsewhere. And that's the reason we're
939320	945240	doing this episode is to make the connection between the doctrine of scripture and the events
945240	950280	that we're seeing in the world today. So that like the preamble out of the way, let's get into what
950280	959480	election is. Just briefly before we get into election proper, I want to address at the outset an
959480	965000	issue that some will have approaching the matter of election and related things. And that as you
965320	973320	said, it's a mystery. Now the word mystery is going to raise the hackles of some people. Some people
973320	978760	are trained so that they don't like the idea that some things are beyond our knowledge. And we'll
978760	984920	get into that later in the episode. But I just want to point out the word for mystery, the word that
984920	992120	is translated as mystery appears 35 times in scripture, 27 of which are in the New Testament that
992120	996680	is most staring on in the Greek. This is not as mentioned, something that appears in one place,
996680	1002600	this appears throughout the scriptures. And it is mystery or secret, a thing that is hidden.
1002600	1007960	There are things that are beyond our understanding. And that just makes sense. We worship an infinite
1007960	1013320	God who created the universe. There are going to be things in his counsel that we cannot understand
1013320	1019400	fully. We can understand them to the extent that they are revealed to us, primarily in scripture.
1020360	1025240	And so I just wanted to deal with that issue of the word mystery and the fact that it makes some
1025240	1032520	people uncomfortable. As a lifelong Lutheran, that's one of the things that I appreciate the most
1032520	1041720	about our doctrine is that we are content to run out of runway and say, you know what? We're not
1041720	1045560	going to be able to understand this. We can say what God says, but we're not going to be able to
1045560	1049880	make sense of this. And that's okay because we acknowledge that we are creatures and that our
1049880	1057480	God, our Creator is greater than us. And we say right back to him what he says. And if we don't
1057480	1062280	make sense of it, that's okay. We are children in the faith. We do not need to be the masters of
1062280	1068840	these things. And in a very real sense, we do actually have these things revealed to us in
1068840	1074280	scripture. So there are mystery in the sense of they are unknowable with regard to human reason,
1074280	1079800	but they are knowable with regard to revelation because we actually can understand
1080680	1086200	election. In a final sense, we understand what election is, what election does. We cannot
1086200	1091960	necessarily get all of the steps leading up to election, explain the why and the how and all
1091960	1097480	of these things. But the actual doctrine itself is revealed in scripture in a way that it is
1097480	1104280	knowable to those who have the Holy Spirit. And it's very simple. When we talk about it being a
1104280	1112120	mystery, the mystery is that when you, I mean, election in a nutshell is that God is the cause of
1112120	1119400	our salvation solely, not us, only God. We are the cause of our damnation solely, not God.
1120120	1124520	When you try to synthesize those two things, when you try to rationalize them and say, well,
1124520	1129960	if X and not Y, then I'm going to infer a bunch of things. You can't. Your inferences are going
1129960	1134600	to be wrong. And so when we talk about reason failing, that's where it fails. It's the reasonable
1134600	1141880	inferences that try to fill in the blanks between God, Jesus chooses those who He saves. But God
1141880	1147080	did not choose those who are damned. That's where it doesn't make sense. And when people try to
1147080	1152440	reconcile those two things beyond saying what God says, you're going to make some profound errors
1152440	1157480	that will themselves have knock on effects that are very harmful. It's the crux theologorum.
1157480	1162920	It's the problem of attempting to resolve the statements in Scripture. God does not wish that
1162920	1171080	anyone perish, but that all would repent to turn and be saved. And God chose those who are saved
1171080	1178760	by giving them faith in time. Now he chose them in eternity. And through faith in time is how he
1178760	1184520	saves them. But attempting to reconcile those two things is beyond the capabilities at least
1184520	1192920	of fallen human reason and possibly of human reason entirely. Yep. So do you want to get into making
1192920	1200920	the scriptural case for where this came from and why we speak the way we do? Sure. We could at some
1200920	1206520	point, I guess, go through the eight points that the book of Concord makes. We'll do that in a
1206520	1211080	little bit. It's actually a very brief section there in one of the last articles in the solid
1211080	1220360	declaration. But just as a summary of election, I think it's best to turn to Romans 8. And that is
1220360	1224920	starting with verse 28, which I am obligated to mention is my confirmation verse every time I bring it
1224920	1230040	up. And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are
1230040	1236520	called, according to his purpose, for those whom he for new, he also predestined to be conformed
1236520	1241800	to the image of his son in order that he might be the first born among many brothers. And those
1241800	1247880	whom he predestined, he also called, and those whom he called, he also justified, and those whom he
1247880	1256360	justified, he also glorified. We have the entirety of the Christian life in these verses. And we have
1256440	1261080	what it means to be a Christian, how you are made a Christian, why you are made a Christian in
1261080	1270520	these verses. It is only those who are predestined to faith, who are ultimately saved. All of those
1271160	1278120	who are predestined will ultimately be saved, which is to say the elect. These terms are interchangeable.
1279080	1288280	God in eternity shows those that he would save in time the faith, by grace through faith.
1288920	1294280	That's how we're saved. He uses means in time to affect what he decided in eternity.
1295400	1301560	And that's all that predestination is. Now, as mentioned in the opening, it is important to understand
1302360	1309800	that to bring up the law-gospel distinction, predestination is gospel. Predestination is not law.
1309800	1317080	Some take it as really not even law, so much as just a depressing military
1317080	1323320	muster as it has been described in the literature from time to time. Because if you take election
1323320	1330120	predestination to mean that God simply rolled dice or in eternity saw everyone and pointed left
1330120	1336600	and right, a military muster, then that's depressing. And that leads to the problems of either
1337160	1342600	security, because well if I'm elect, then I can do anything I want, and regardless of that,
1343560	1349000	ultimately I will be saved because I am elect, or it leads to despair, on the other hand, being,
1349560	1355480	well, it doesn't matter what I do, because if I am not elect, anything I do doesn't matter because
1355480	1362120	I am ultimately damned. And that is the wrong way of looking at the doctrine. Again, we can judge
1362120	1370680	trees by their fruit, not to directly apply that here, but it can be used as a guide. Predestination
1370680	1379480	election is gospel, because what it means is you were chosen in Christ before the foundation of
1379480	1386360	the world, and he will not lose you out of his hand. Your faith is not in your own hands, it is in
1386360	1391160	his hands, and he will see you through to the end. He who began the good work will see it through.
1392280	1397480	And that is why it is gospel. This is something that is meant to be preached to the sheep in the
1397480	1405480	church, because it is for the comfort of consciences. It is to secure those who are feeling weak in
1405560	1412520	the faith who are weighed down by the troubles of the world. It is to let them know God knew them before
1412520	1418600	anything had been created, and chose them in his son to save them, and that he will see them
1418600	1424440	through to the end. That is the right way of looking at election, of looking at predestination.
1424440	1432120	Any other way of looking at it is incorrect. And this is why God has given us the sacraments. That's
1432120	1437720	why we have baptism. It is why we have communion, because in addition to the assurances and the
1437720	1443800	reassurances and the word, God knows that we will doubt. He knows that we will need something more
1443800	1451000	concrete than a promise, because we are faithless, we are weak. And because of that, in baptism, God puts
1451000	1459480	his name on us to seal us into himself, to say, I marked this child as an adopted son of myself.
1459480	1463640	This child is now my son, because I place my name on him in baptism.
1465320	1475480	It connects the flesh and blood world, the physical reality of our lives to the eternal promise,
1475480	1480120	in such a way that it takes it out of our hands. And like you said, it is for comfort when
1480920	1488440	it is the reason that Lutherans continuously point back to baptism as the touch point in the Christian
1488440	1493960	life when even if someone had faith before baptism by hearing the word, which happens very often,
1494680	1502680	God promises that no matter what, He has given faith in baptism, and that that is a comfort to those
1502680	1509000	who need to hear at most. And this is one of the reasons that Lutherans tend to die well.
1509880	1516760	Ask a pastor who has been bedside with a number of dying Lutherans. Lutherans don't die in fear
1516760	1522520	and uncertainty in doubt. Lutherans die, secure in the knowledge that they belong to Christ.
1523640	1529320	And that when they wake up on the other side of that door, they will be face to face with their
1529320	1537000	Savior. That is true doctrine comforts the sheep. It does not terrify the sheep. It does not make
1537000	1543880	them doubt whether they are saved. If a doctrine brings those who are on their deathbed to the point
1543960	1550280	of despair in doubt, that doctrine is false if that person, of course, is a sheep.
1551320	1558680	Because the sheep are comforted by the words of the shepherd. And with regard to the sacraments,
1560040	1566440	there are those who contend that God doesn't work with means at all. Largely, this would be
1566440	1571880	the enthusiast, Pentecostals. And there are those who contend that God uses only one means,
1571880	1576360	which is to say scripture, although they typically those who consider it one means wouldn't call
1576360	1582200	it a means, but nonetheless, Lutherans look at it and those who believe in the sacraments look at
1582200	1590520	it rightly. God has multiple means of bringing his grace to us, of bringing forgiveness of sins to
1590520	1596840	us. God is super abundant with his grace. He is not stingy. God does not give us no means or just
1596920	1602760	one means. He gives us the word. He gives us absolution. He gives us baptism. He gives us the Lord
1602760	1609560	supper. We have these many ways that God comes to us and comforts us. Let's us know that yes,
1609560	1616200	we are his children. Even though we are still in this world, we are still beset by sin and death.
1616200	1622600	We are beset by the flesh and the devil in the world. We are still his. We are in his hands. He
1622600	1627400	will see us through. And he is super abundant with his grace. That's why there are these
1627400	1633960	multiple means, not just one or none. And it is also because, as Luther and some other
1633960	1641480	theologians have pointed out, my mind, my soul, can grasp the promises, the words of God.
1642600	1649800	My flesh really can't. But my flesh understands water. My flesh understands bread and wine.
1650680	1657880	And human beings are not just a soul. You are not a spirit operating a meat suit. That conception
1658440	1663400	of what human beings are is nostic. It is false. It's a reticle. You are your body.
1664840	1672120	Because human beings are a body, a mind and a soul is as one where our own sort of minor trinity
1672120	1678520	as it were. And so it is important to have these things that the flesh can also grasp.
1679160	1685080	Because it's meant so the totality of the human being can grasp what God is doing and hold
1685080	1692200	tightly to something when weighed down by the world. One of the things that is a classic
1692200	1699400	tale that you're dealing with, Lutheran, is that we constantly point to the cross as the moment
1699400	1705640	in time when God fulfilled all of His promises. And so I can imagine someone hearing us today
1706520	1712920	pointing to the doctrine of election, pointing to the book of life which had our full names first
1712920	1719160	and last written in eternity as a source of comfort. And I can see someone potentially saying,
1719160	1723160	well, you're not pointing at the cross. When, in fact, that's the exact opposite of what's
1723160	1728440	happening. When you point to election, when you point to the book of life, those are pointing
1728440	1734280	to the cross because the cross where Christ sacrificed His precious blood is where the promise was
1734280	1741480	fulfilled. It is where salvation took place. It is where the punishment for every sin
1741480	1747560	that every person in the history of the universe has ever or will ever commit were paid by God.
1748440	1753480	And that's one of the things we'll get into your shortly is that there's a question of completeness
1753480	1759720	when you're talking about both the book of life and the cross. When you apply reason to this,
1759720	1766280	you're like, well, if God omitted some names, then did Jesus not pay for their sins on the cross?
1766840	1772200	And that's one of the things that Five Point Calvinism says absolutely. Jesus didn't die for
1772200	1779160	everyone. He only died for the elect, which is a tremendously harmful false representation of what
1779160	1786360	Scripture says. And I think that the reason that we point to election and to the book of life
1786360	1795000	in this episode is because as I'll demonstrate later, there are aspects of these promises
1795000	1801480	that were known throughout the world before the cross, that the prophecy of the Christ which
1802200	1811480	began in Genesis 315. And then we see it coming to a greater completion in Isaiah just 700 years
1811480	1817160	before Christ's birth. There were other things that were told to believers in between those two
1817160	1822760	periods of time that some of which are not recorded in Scripture, but which are observable in time.
1823320	1830200	And so the reason that we want to point today to election and to connect it to genealogy
1830200	1837480	and to the religions of kings and of their nations is that that is how the faith is propagated.
1837480	1843240	And ultimately, your name is as as Corey, as you just said, your name is written in the book of
1843240	1850680	life. And God gives you faith, which receives the sacrifice on the cross and you are saved. All of that
1850680	1856840	goes together. And God speaks of it as a unified whole. God doesn't speak of these as piecemeal
1856840	1864280	things. These these ideas are all connected repeatedly in Scripture. And it's one of the weaknesses
1864280	1869640	of systematic theology is when you start, when you take Scripture and you try to break it down
1869640	1875080	like a butcher and say, well, the liver goes over here and the shanks go over here. You end up with
1875080	1879720	something that doesn't look like what you started with because you've chopped it up in little pieces.
1879720	1887400	So when we talk about specific doctrines, it's never too separated from the whole. It is to highlight
1887400	1893800	to X-rayer to do an MRI on how this one piece of the whole works within the whole. And again,
1893800	1899800	it's always for comfort. It's never for for judgment for condemnation. And it should be never used
1899800	1906200	as as a distraction. It should never the the book of life should not be the focus of the Christian
1906200	1912200	faith apart from the cross. But we can't forget about it either because God talks about it many times.
1913080	1918760	I happened I found just seven verses among many that specifically talk about the book of life.
1919720	1925800	In Exodus 32, God said to Moses, whoever has sinned against me, I will blot out of my book.
1926600	1933240	In Psalm 69, it's recorded, let them be blotted out of the book of the living, let them not be enrolled
1933240	1939960	among the righteous. And Luke 10, nevertheless, do not rejoice in this that the spirits are subject to
1939960	1946360	you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. In Philippians 4, it says, yes, I
1946760	1952360	ask you also true companion, help these women who have labored side by side with me in the gospel
1952360	1957400	together with Clement and the rest of my fellow workers whose names are in the book of life.
1957960	1963720	Not snitching one because Paul is making a pronouncement in time of believers whom he he knows
1963720	1968120	their confession and he knows their works. And he says these people their name their names are in
1968120	1973080	the book of life. I can tell by looking at their Christian lives that this is the case. So again,
1973080	1977640	that's not judgment. It's not talking about fruit checking to determine if you're saved or not,
1977640	1984440	but it is saying the Christian life is not a hypothetical. It's not just a name in a book,
1984440	1989720	it's not a line item and a ledger. It is a real and living thing that God has given to us
1989720	1997080	to live for his glory and our names are recorded in eternity as a part of that whole.
1997720	2002440	In Revelation 3, Jesus himself writes to the Church of Sardis,
2002920	2008120	the one who conquers will be clothed thus in white garments and I will never blot his name out
2008120	2012440	of the book of life. I will confess his name before my father and before his angels.
2013240	2019800	And again, in chapter 13 of Revelation and all who dwell on earth will worship it. Everyone
2019800	2024760	whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the
2024760	2031640	Lamb who was slain. That's mentioning verse because it points to one of the really difficult
2031640	2038280	things about speaking about this subject in that Revelation 13 acknowledges there are names that
2038280	2043880	are not written in the book of life. And we'll talk about predestination, double predestination
2043880	2051640	here in a minute, but this is why I did that lengthy preamble is that when you try to apply
2051720	2055400	reason to this, you're going to say, well, God picks on people to be damned. And that's not the
2055400	2059400	case. And that should never be the conclusion that is drawn from scripture because it's not there.
2060200	2067960	But it is permissible under the right circumstances to say there are names that are not in the book
2067960	2073400	of life and that those names who are not written there, those people are damned, not because of
2073400	2079480	God's actions, because of their own. But well, in the second half of the conversation, we're going to
2079480	2085480	talk about why that's relevant to what's blowing up today. The last verse I want to highlight is from
2085480	2090520	chapter 17 to even Revelation. And the dwellers on earth whose names have not been written in the book
2090520	2095560	of life from the foundation of the world will marvel to see the beast because it was and is not
2095560	2100760	and is to come. So again, their names in the book of life and their names that are not and those
2100760	2106200	whose names are not present will be damned, not because God didn't write their name in the book
2106280	2113800	of life, but because they rejected God's sacrifice on the cross. So maybe that's a good place for us to
2113800	2119160	speak briefly about into a two-feet day because that's one of the areas where Lutherans in particular
2119160	2125320	have contributed to some false teachings about this in periods of time where we struggled with
2125320	2131720	trying to be too reasonable and reach some conclusions that were false. Before we get into
2131800	2138600	into a two-feet day, I just want to highlight that you actually reinforced the fact that when we point
2138600	2144360	to election predestination and we point to the book of life, we are in fact still pointing to the
2144360	2151960	cross because that's exactly what Revelation 13 says. And far be it from me to give the King James
2151960	2159560	only crowd any ammunition, not this is ammunition, but I like the formulation in the King James of
2159560	2165640	Revelation 13 because it is, and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not
2165640	2171560	written in the book of life of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. I like the placement
2171560	2177480	of that modifying phrase, slain from the foundation of the world, applying to the Lamb because that is
2177480	2185320	what we are pointing to. We are pointing to Christ was slain from eternity. That was God's plan,
2185320	2194360	that was God's purpose to bring humanity the elect back to himself to restore us to cleanses
2194360	2199560	from our sins. And so when we point to election, we point to predestination, we are in fact still
2199560	2207000	pointing to the Lamb. And just to point out the Luther translation has the same wording. So
2208120	2212680	just like that, that wording a little more than the way the ESV moved that phrase around. I'm not
2212680	2218120	saying the ESV is wrong. It's just a different way of writing that particular verse. But then to speak
2218120	2225560	of Intuitu Fidei, and this is going to come up in mostly Lutheran circles, but other places as well
2225560	2233640	because it has become a common error in some denominations and some traditions, whether or not the
2233640	2241160	term is used to view election in this light. Now there are multiple ways that Intuitu Fidei has
2241160	2248120	been used and we should probably define it. That means just in view of faith in Latin or in view
2248120	2255640	of foreseen faith sometimes. It has been used in multiple senses, not all of which are incorrect
2256920	2262360	because some of them get into hyper-technical, philosophical discussions of Aristotleian cause
2263000	2269640	and you know what is the formal cause or the final cause or the instrumental cause or
2270600	2275960	when you get into that kind of stuff, one, there's a question of the utility of it. I'm not saying
2275960	2281880	that philosophy is always useless, but I am saying that philosophy is often useless, particularly when
2281880	2288920	you are trying to pick apart doctrines of scripture that are largely beyond human reason when it comes
2288920	2295240	to those, let's call them finer details. And also these were, yeah, it's exactly, it's harmful. And
2295320	2301000	these were discussions, in part, they were discussions being had by academics and in that setting,
2301000	2306760	okay fine, maybe you can have these discussions, but they bled out into the church and these
2306760	2311960	cause real harm to the sheep when they are exposed to these things because they will not be understood
2311960	2316840	correctly or they will be filtered through false teachers who corrupt them. And so for instance,
2316840	2321880	in the Lutheran tradition, we have Gerhard who did use Intuitu Fidei in his writings, but
2322760	2329000	he used it in a way that was sound doctrinally and theologically, and I could list off many
2329000	2335880	quotes from him to that effect. He was sound on the doctrine. He used it in the sense of faith
2335880	2343880	is the instrumental cause used by God in order to save us in time according to his eternal
2343880	2349240	ordination, which is predestination or election. That is a fine formulation, that is correct.
2350200	2356200	The incorrect formulation, how it has been used in a radical sense from really around the same
2356200	2365320	time as Gerhard to now is that God in eternity foresaw those who would in time persevere in faith
2365880	2372680	to the end. And therefore, their names are written in the book of life because God foresaw that
2372680	2378760	they would persevere. And so it's the same Armenian problem. It's the same free will issue that
2378760	2385960	constantly occurs. It's the idea that man saves himself. And that's not what scripture teaches
2385960	2392120	because scripture teaches that you were dead in your sin and your trespass. Corpse's do not act,
2392120	2397000	go to the morgue, wait around, none of them are going to stand up, unless someone really botched
2397000	2403480	something. The dead do not act, and so you who were dead in your sin and trespass cannot save
2403480	2410600	yourself. So a doctrine that tells you all you just have to persevere to the end. And then
2410600	2414280	God will elect you because of the faith that you held up. That's not how it works.
2415400	2423400	God gave you faith. Faith is a gift. God creates faith in you via means of grace, baptism,
2423400	2429160	reinforced with the Lord's supper, hearing of the word, reinforced with the absolution.
2429960	2437000	God gave you faith as a gift. It is that gift that receives forgiveness of sins and eternal life.
2437000	2443400	It is reliant on God. It is not reliant on you. And so if a theology is telling you, if a
2443400	2452520	tradition is telling you that you have to grasp this faith and hold it to the end, and it is
2452520	2460600	reliant on you, it is not reliant on God, that is a recipe for despair. How will I ever know
2460600	2465720	that I have done enough to persevere? Yes, Scripture tells us to persevere. Yes, you should make
2465720	2472840	your election certain. Yes, you should have good works. We are not denying any of that. But as soon
2472840	2479560	as you make justification, a matter of your works, a matter of your perseverance, a matter of what
2479560	2485880	you do, you are taking the glory from Christ, you are denigrating Christ's death, his work,
2487480	2492360	and you are dooming yourself. Because ultimately, you will figure out, I cannot do this.
2493080	2497000	And so if you believe that you have to do it, and you figure out that you cannot do it, you will
2497000	2503240	despair. And that is a recipe for being an apostate. And that is why this doctrine matters. You have
2503240	2511480	to get the doctrine right. And it seems like a subtle distinction. And when the philosophers were
2511480	2516760	tackling it, they were originally making a subtle distinction. As you said, it leaked out into the
2516760	2522120	world, and it does tremendous harm. Because again, by pointing to your name being in the book of
2522120	2528680	life, you're pointing forward to the cross and to Christ's propitiation for your sins, there's no
2528760	2535080	you in there except as the object of God's mercy. You are not ever the subject in
2536520	2542440	true Christian doctrine. You are always the object. Even when you do good works, you are doing
2542440	2547720	the good works which you received from God, which were also prepared from before the foundation
2547720	2553880	of world, for you to do them for God's glory. So there's nothing that we can ever take credit
2554280	2560280	forever, not a single thing that we can take credit for for our salvation. On the other hand,
2560840	2567320	because God is so merciful, because He paid for all of our sins, every single good thing that we do
2567320	2574040	that He gave us to do, He gives us credit for it. Just as He gave us unfairly the credit for Christ
2574040	2579640	death on the cross, He also gives us credit for the good works that we do that He gave us to do.
2579640	2585960	Just as He gives us salvation because He gave us faith, it's all just God pouring out continuously
2585960	2591720	and eternally for our benefit. None of it is ever fair and that's what we're going to be talking
2591720	2597160	about in the second half is that none of this is fair in either direction. It's not fair for the
2597160	2604520	elect and it's not fair for those who are not elect and that is not accusing God of sin because
2604520	2609960	God simply isn't fair and that's one of the places where our reason rebels against God.
2609960	2615880	Anytime we hear it, anytime someone says, well, people aren't equal, the human mind in the 21st
2615880	2623560	century raves furiously against God at the idea that all men are not equal. It's nonsense.
2623560	2630600	Scripture denies it, our own reason denies it, everything we see denies it, and yet when we come
2630680	2637000	into contact with these things in the world, people either attribute sin to God or they deny
2637000	2643480	that God has anything to do with it, which is equally bad. These discussions must always be
2643480	2650920	focused on the comfort to the believer and the warning to the unbeliever. Now, the book of life
2650920	2657000	is not given as a warning to the unbeliever in the sense that, well, as you said, if your name's
2657000	2661320	not in the book of life, I guess you're just out of love. So, you know, you drink and be married
2661320	2666040	because there's nothing you can do. That's not the message, but the message is all of these
2666040	2672280	benefits which accrue to the elect, which accrue to believers are denied to those who deny Christ.
2672840	2678680	And if someone is an unbeliever, if they're living a godless life, if they do not confess that all
2678680	2684200	of their sins were also paid for at the cross, they don't receive that, those gifts, they don't
2684200	2688840	receive the forgiveness because although Christ did pay for them, if you reject the credit,
2689800	2694840	you've got a debit on your bill. You have a huge debit and you will spend eternity paying for it.
2694840	2703240	And so, these discussions ultimately either end up in a faithful confession of election or they
2703240	2707640	end up in some flavor of universalism, which is what we're literally seeing in the Missouri
2707640	2713000	Senate today. We are seeing pastors openly espoused universalism in opposition to election
2713080	2717720	for the sake of anti-racism, which we'll get to later.
2719240	2724360	Universalism has been a constant plague for the church, for basically all of history,
2724920	2730440	but it does wax and wane in cycles. It is currently growing globally realistically,
2731080	2736120	but it is a problem we notice in our own backyard because, well, it's our backyard,
2737240	2742680	but you touched again on an important thing that we should probably expand on a little bit.
2743080	2749560	That is the scope of the atonement. You have those who argue based on reason,
2749560	2754280	I don't want to go into their actual argument. They know they argument well enough themselves,
2755320	2759320	but they argue that there is a limited atonement, that it is only for the elect.
2760040	2765800	And part of the reason that they are able to maintain that delusional belief, because it is in
2765800	2773160	fact delusional and wrong, is that they don't understand, from the outset, what Christ said about
2773160	2780600	to do, what God did in Christ, with the atonement. The atonement does not cover just the elect.
2782120	2788840	The atonement does not cover just men. The atonement was of all things,
2788840	2795960	Ton cause mon, the universe, everything, absolutely everything in existence was redeemed
2796680	2804440	through Christ. And so if you try to limit it to men, then yes, you can maybe argue yourself
2804440	2808040	into a position where it makes some sense to believe in a limited atonement.
2810360	2816120	But if you're dealing with the actual scope of the atonement, God redeemed plants and animals
2816200	2822840	and rocks and stars, he redeemed everything. And so if you deal with that frame,
2822840	2827800	well, now it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to try to argue that some men aren't covered by the
2827800	2834680	atonement. And so you have to take Scripture at its word, and the word it uses is Ton cause mon,
2834680	2840680	from which we get, of course, cosmos. And the reason, and this is this is going to be run
2840760	2846440	of the recurring themes, probably in virtually every episode we do is headship. The universe fell
2846440	2852520	because Adam was its head. Adam was the head of everything because God gave him that crown.
2853080	2860200	He was the first fruits of creation to be the ruler over the world. And when Adam, as the head
2860200	2866520	of the world, sinned, the whole world fell. The rocks, the trees, the animals, everything fell
2866600	2873080	into disobedience because Adam was its head because of his disobedience. And this is
2874760	2878920	this is another place where when people talk about, well, that's fair. That's not fair.
2879880	2887240	Shut up. There's no fair with God. There's no such thing as fair with God. You will die. I will die.
2887240	2893160	I will be eaten by worms and I will decay into dust because Adam ate the wrong piece of fruit.
2894120	2899240	Even if I let a perfect life, I would still be killed by God and I would be worm food because
2899240	2904280	Adam ate the wrong piece of fruit. Now, I've committed a dozen sins today, more serious in eating
2904280	2908360	the wrong piece of fruit. And I'll commit more once we hang up. Hopefully I won't commit any
2908360	2915080	on this podcast, but the Christian life is knowledge of how evil we are. What Adam did
2915080	2921960	was insignificant by any standard of fairness, but it was disobedience to God. Adam elevated
2922040	2927480	himself above God and said, I don't like what you told me not to do. I think I can be a better
2927480	2932200	God than you. I think I can do it. And he did. And because we are his children, because we are
2932200	2939640	of his seed, we inherit his sin. And that is the reason that Jesus had to come into time and into
2939640	2947400	creation as a man to be the new Adam, to undo the damage that Adam did to the whole universe.
2947400	2952840	And Christ is the ultimate head of the universe, both of the church and of all creation. He's the
2952840	2958920	king over all things, not only those things that believe in him. His perfect redemption
2959560	2965480	redeemed the whole universe, as you said. And that's why when you start talking about a limit
2965480	2971160	at atonement, if you understand it in terms of, well, this isn't about individuals, this isn't
2971160	2977720	about persons. This is about everything. Then the notion that there would be some small carve-out
2977720	2982600	only for unbelievers starts to not even make a lot of rational sense. Like you said, like,
2982600	2987800	you can get into it rationally if you have the wrong understanding of the redemption. But if
2987800	2992920	Christ did, in fact, redeem all things as he says he did, then it doesn't add up.
2993320	3001400	Just had one other point that I wanted to draw out and make sure that we're abundantly clear.
3003400	3009080	What we're talking about here is a number of different issues when we talk about the Christian
3009080	3016680	life and modernism versus synergism, modernism being a single actor in this case, God, synergism being
3017640	3025800	multiple actors in this case, God and man. Justification is monogistic. God alone acts in your
3025800	3033560	justification, and that is good news because your debt was infinite. You would never be able to
3033560	3041880	repay it no matter how long you suffer in hell. And so it is good news that justification is
3041880	3048440	monogistic. Sanctification, which will include good works because good works naturally flow from
3048440	3054920	a living faith, Christians will have good works. Good works do not save you, but you must have them.
3056120	3063160	Sanctification is synergistic because as a not fully yet restored, because of course you won't
3063160	3071000	be fully restored until the second resurrection, which is, say, into eternal life, baptism being
3071080	3081560	the first, of course. You participate in those good works. You work with the Holy Spirit in sanctification
3081560	3088840	because your will is restored to the extent that you can work toward God in that way. You can work
3088840	3096200	with the Holy Spirit. And so monogistic for justification, synergistic for sanctification,
3097000	3102520	which is to say we are not saying that Christians cannot do good works or God forbid we're not
3102520	3108200	saying Christians should not do good works. We are saying that Christians will cooperate, will have
3108200	3116120	good works. And both the cooperation and the good works themselves are also gifts of God through
3116120	3122280	the Holy Spirit. Again, it's all receiving. God gets all the credit, which is good news for us.
3122280	3126760	We don't want the credit because if you have the credit, well now you also have duties and
3127720	3131560	things are reliant on you. You don't want to rely it on you because again, infinite debt.
3133480	3137960	Yeah, I don't want the blame. I'm not going to take the credit. Let God take everything. I'm a
3137960	3144040	creature and he's a creator and I don't. I want to be a slave to that kind of God because I don't
3144040	3149240	have anything to worry about. The little brick that says the buck stops here, you want it to stay on
3149240	3154360	God's desk. Yeah, don't try to steal it for yourself. That ends poorly.
3157400	3162280	So I think one of the other doctrines, the most obvious one that we need to speak to because
3162920	3168920	when most people hear predestination, they probably think of the Calvinists don't call it this,
3168920	3176520	but the doctrine of double predestination, which is the logical conclusion that if God predestined
3176520	3182680	some to be damned or to be saved and that's a subset of all of those men who were born,
3183240	3190040	you have a leftover set. They must also have been predestined to be damned because it's the
3190040	3194840	only thing that makes sense and that's true. It is the only thing that makes sense. The problem is
3194840	3200040	it's contrary to Scripture because there are many places where God says the desires that all men
3200040	3206200	be saved and he says that the sacrifice on the cross was for all men, not only those who believe.
3206200	3214520	And so predestination is heard in most people's minds as double predestination, which is false.
3214520	3220520	And as we've said earlier, when you get these things wrong, you will cause despair in the
3220520	3227240	hearer. Any false doctrine will ultimately potentially lead to damnation because if false doctrine
3227320	3235240	is a lie and a lie has a father and his name is Satan. And I don't mean to be harsh against the
3235240	3241480	tulip Calvinists, but double predestination to say that there is limited atonement and that not
3241480	3250680	all men are able to receive the sacrifice that God paid on the cross is false. And it is,
3250680	3255560	as we described it, does tremendous harm to hearers to hear that. So the reason that we,
3255560	3260200	the reason it's so difficult to talk about this is that, like I said up front, like if you just
3260200	3264680	listen to two minutes as this, you're going to think that it's crazy because we're saying that God
3264680	3268680	picked some men and that means that he picked other men. And either I don't like the sound of that
3268680	3274520	or I believe that. And both of those are wrong. You shouldn't believe it. And you shouldn't
3274520	3281720	like the sound of it because it doesn't, it's not true. It is true that God is the sole reason for
3281720	3288280	our salvation and we are the sole reason for our damnation. And there's no math they can fill in
3288280	3294440	the blanks or connect the dots between those two scriptural facts. And so it's vital for us when
3294440	3299240	we're thinking about this and applying this doctrine elsewhere in the Christian life. And it
3299240	3305640	does have application never to think that God created a man in order to damn him because that's
3306280	3313480	utterly false and it's a terrible thing. To quickly address an argument directly to the reform,
3313480	3319880	this is one that should be compelling for the reformed if they will simply hear it out and listen
3319880	3327960	to it. The reformed have a tendency to want to reduce things to reason. We know that the reformed
3327960	3333960	know that as well. I don't think they would necessarily say that that characterization is wrong
3334040	3343320	or unfair. And so we have Calvin's famous comment, the finite is not capable of the infinite
3345560	3349640	which is a generally true statement with regard to human reason.
3351560	3357320	But of course we have the incarnation in which an infinite God because the fullness of deity
3357400	3366920	dwelt bodily in Christ, as scripture says. So you have finite human form containing the infinite.
3367960	3374120	That's not my argument though. My argument for the reformed is this, if you try to say that these
3374120	3379560	statements in scripture, whatever they happen to be, do not make sense together. And so we have to
3379560	3385720	do something, you know, thinglies aliosis, whatever it happens to be, in order to make them make
3385720	3395240	sense. What you are ultimately saying is that I, you in this case, are saying, I, a finite,
3395240	3402840	the finitum in Calvin's statement, am capable of understanding the infinite. And of course,
3402840	3410600	to understand the infinite, you must be infinite. That's incoherent. It's contradictory,
3410600	3418200	it's self-defeating. And so the central claim of reformed doctrine, in this way, doesn't even
3418200	3423400	stand up to the general rules of reformed doctrine that things must submit to reason.
3424680	3431560	So if you actually think through your statement, your axiom, finitum, known infinity,
3431560	3435720	kapaks, if you think it through, it doesn't even meet its own standard.
3436360	3443320	Just believe what the word of God says. We have an infinite God who is infinitely good,
3444200	3450680	who has elected us, before the foundation of the world, in his son. Believe what he tells us,
3451240	3456440	because that's the right way to come to all of these things. You don't come to it first
3456440	3462360	by looking at scripture, resolving all of the issues, and saying, okay, this makes sense to me,
3462360	3468760	therefore there must be a God. That's exactly wrong. You come to scripture with the knowledge
3468760	3474120	there as a God, and believe what scripture says, because God is the one who has given it to you.
3475000	3479640	The causation flows the opposite way, from the way many people approach scripture.
3480840	3486280	And so if you look at it as God gave me this, we're to believe and then we're to try to understand,
3486280	3491720	not the other way around. Yeah, now believing it makes perfect sense. I don't have to be able
3492360	3498680	to resolve everything in scripture, to the satisfaction of my fallen reason, because I know
3498680	3506440	the source, and I can trust him, so I can trust what it says. And that's, that should be the root
3506440	3511880	of all, all-sound doctrine, is that if you, if you fear love and trust in God above all things,
3512120	3518520	you don't worry when you're confused. You don't worry when you're scared. You don't worry
3518520	3524360	when you're worrying, because I realize that sounds silly, but I mean it when
3526600	3535960	when you are facing the worst moments in your life, your faith should and will when you are
3535960	3542040	faithful and you understand God as, as a human can, you'll know that the, when the worst thing
3542040	3548200	is happening to you, if, when you're, when you're dying, maybe you're dying terribly. You are still
3548200	3555480	gods, and God is still God, you belong to him, because he put his name on you in baptism, because
3555480	3560520	he wrote your name down in the book of life before eternity. So there's nothing that can happen to
3561160	3566600	you, even if it's falling into an industrial shredder, shredder. It's, it's going to hurt a lot,
3566600	3571640	and then you're going to die, but that's nothing in comparison to the promises of a God who created
3571640	3580840	you. And a faith that is rooted in that sort of certainty of God, of who God is, is a faith that
3580840	3586120	cannot be shaken, and it's the reason that everything that we say tries to point us away from
3586200	3593400	ourselves. And Christian doctrine should always seek to point away from the individual and his
3593400	3599160	actions as a means of salvation or as a means of comfort, because if that's where you're rooting
3599160	3605560	your confidence, you're going to fail yourself. And on the day where you need yourself the most
3605560	3611000	and you're failing, you have nothing. Whereas if you're rooting your confidence in God on the day
3611000	3616280	when you need God most, he's there because he's been there every day since before there were days.
3616840	3623560	And that sort of certainty defies the worst things that could happen to anyone. And that is the
3623560	3631960	comfort of the gospel properly understood. And just to repeat myself and to repeat what you've said,
3633240	3637320	we do not ultimately have to understand everything God tells us.
3638280	3645320	Because we understand enough of what God tells us and we understand enough of God to know that we
3645320	3655080	should trust Him. My dog is the same way and the difference between my dog and me is significantly
3655080	3662200	smaller than the difference between me and God. My dog trusts me. He does not always understand
3662280	3666360	what I am telling him to do, but he does it because he trusts me.
3667960	3675400	I believe what God has told me because I trust God. I have excellent warrant. I have perfect warrant
3675400	3683080	to trust God. And so it makes sense. It is actually ultimately rational to believe what God says in
3683080	3689720	his word because God is trustworthy. Is there anything else that you would like to say about
3689720	3697640	election before we move on to how it happens in time? The only thing I do is a tangent on fairness,
3697640	3703240	but I think we can leave that for another time. Well, I think that's actually what we're just about
3703240	3709320	to get into. That's actually true. Fairness is nonsense is the short version, but let's go with the longer
3709320	3716040	one. Yeah. So we've been talking about election in your name being written in the book of life from
3716040	3721320	before eternity, which is a mouthful, but it's it's vital to get every word in there because each
3721320	3726520	of those words is comforting. And each of those words means something, including that your name was
3726520	3733800	written in the book of life, not not a your social security number, not an ID number or something,
3733800	3739960	your name. And we'll get into that in a minute. But first is we've been saying all along,
3740920	3748280	God for new you, he for ordained your salvation, he gave you the gift of faith to receive the salvation,
3748280	3756600	you receive faith, you are saved. How do you come to faith? And that's where all the people who say
3756600	3761640	they believe in the doctrine of election, when push comes to shove in the modern world, many of
3761640	3768200	them fall away and they no longer believe it. In Romans 10, it's recorded, how then will they call
3768280	3774600	on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him who may have never heard?
3774600	3779560	And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?
3780680	3788600	Now, when you take that in the context of Romans in the in the first century, after Jesus has come
3788600	3796120	and ascended, as Christians, we think about that strictly in terms of the New Testament gospel,
3796120	3802520	that Jesus, the promise of the Messiah was fulfilled. The sacrifice on the cross was made.
3802520	3808120	He was raised from the dead. He ascended into heaven. It's done. As Christ said, it is finished on
3808120	3816760	the cross. The propitiating work is complete. And so when we think about how will they believe in
3816760	3823320	him and who they have never heard, we're thinking about that. But the point that I want to make now is that
3824200	3830440	when you look at human history, not only Christian history, not only history of believers in God,
3830440	3835960	but of every people, of every tribe and every nation, the manner in which they have believed
3837480	3845080	reflects upon this too. Now, as we've talked about in previous episodes, as Europeans, we are,
3845080	3851160	as humans, we're sons of Adam, as humans, we're sons of Noah, as Europeans, we're sons of
3851240	3861400	Japheth, Barnoa, that was his father. I have, and you have, as a European, the faith of Japheth,
3862120	3870600	the faith that Noah gave to him as his father, transmitting to him by teaching him. Now Noah predated
3870600	3876920	Abraham, predated the covenant that God gave Abraham, that included circumcision, that included
3877240	3883320	the law as it was laid out to preserve the Hebrew people as they were bounced through time as,
3884200	3892280	as frankly, objects of wrath on many occasions. The faith that Noah had is the same faith that we
3892280	3901240	have today. And I was watching a show recently that talked about ancient history. And it was done
3901320	3907000	by a pagan who was clearly denied God, and he was clearly an evolutionist. And so some of his
3907000	3912760	dates were wrong, but the work that he had done, had done, I found invaluable as a Christian who
3912760	3919240	believes that the earth is about 6,000 years old, and that the flood was a global event as recorded
3919240	3926120	in Scripture. What he found as he's traveled all over the world doing excavations and learning
3926520	3933320	about cultures that were separated from the tower of Babel. These are people who clearly
3933320	3937480	went in different directions. We're talking about Aztecs, we're talking about Egyptians,
3937480	3944920	we're talking about people in far, the far eastern Asia, people who never heard about Isaiah
3944920	3950520	promising the virgin birth, people who never heard that Jesus had died until after it had occurred.
3951240	3959960	There is still the case even in those scattered civilizations, those scattered nations,
3960840	3967240	where some of the nascent elements of the Christian faith are found. Now they're not found in a
3967240	3972280	salvific sense. I'm not saying that these people were Christians secretly, but if you look at,
3973160	3984040	for example, Egyptian mythology. The Egyptians, about 1350 BC, they were originating the myth of
3984040	3991320	Osiris and Iris and Horus, where there was a virgin birth of a god who then died sacrificially.
3992200	3998840	Now the timing of that is interesting because the virgin birth thing doesn't show up in Scripture
3998920	4005720	until 700 BC. 650 years after they were coming up with this, is the first time it's recorded
4006360	4013640	that there would be a virgin born. The import of that is that the first record that we have
4014200	4021640	is in Isaiah, but if you look at how many places this shows up, now with the Egyptians you could say
4021640	4028360	maybe they heard it from the Hebrews who had been, who had just left a hundred years earlier.
4028360	4033240	So for the 400 years that the Hebrews were there, they may have been sharing the faith.
4033240	4039000	But even then, for the Egyptians to have picked up the virgin birth of a god who would sacrifice
4039000	4046200	himself, that story, that myth, would have had to have been known to the Hebrews centuries
4046200	4051800	prior to Isaiah. And even then you would have contact between the Hebrews and the Egyptians to
4051800	4057640	transmit that, and they were in the same place and time. So that's conceivable. We don't know if
4057640	4063880	that was the case or not. However, you can look even further far afield to the Vietnamese
4063880	4069240	and to the Aztecs who also have similar, more corrupted stories, but stories that
4070040	4074520	repeat some of the same elements that there would be a virgin birth of a god and that there
4074520	4080600	would be some sort of sacrifice. And there are some other cultures where some of those elements
4080600	4085880	are present, but they're bastardized to the point that it's really impossible to infer whether
4085880	4092600	they came via transmission or they arrived at independently not, not as some sort of prophecy
4092600	4097480	that was originally rooted in Christianity. But the point I'm making with this is that
4098840	4103080	the only way that the Egyptians and the Aztecs and the Vietnamese and others would have heard
4103080	4108680	about the virgin birth of a god would have come from the time of the Tower of Babel.
4109640	4113640	Long before there was a Abraham, long before there was a covenant, long before there was
4113720	4119640	an Isaiah, they would have heard those promises. And that's entirely consistent with scripture,
4119640	4125560	which doesn't say anything about it. But the promises that are given in scripture were given to
4125560	4132120	the Hebrews and were given to us. Noah was a prophet. The men of Noah's day and earlier,
4132680	4137800	many of them were prophets. They walked with God, they spoke with God. There is every reason for
4137800	4142920	us to believe that they would have had more than just the Genesis 315 promise because there's not
4142920	4149080	much there. You could read it. And if you didn't know anything about Jesus, you might not occur to
4149080	4155320	you that that was a fulfillment. And it is only later on in scripture where other elements of,
4155320	4161000	I think there are at least 300 odd prophecies of Christ's birth in his life and his death and his
4161000	4167720	resurrection in the Old Testament. That doesn't mean that that was a complete picture. There may well
4167720	4178360	have been more. And the anthropological evidence strongly, strongly indicates that that was the case,
4178360	4183560	that the promise of a Messiah was known. We know it was known to Noah and his children because
4184360	4190280	they were Noah's. Their faith was transmitted by their fathers to them. We know that
4190280	4196520	J 5 was blessed and we know that Shem was blessed. We know that Ham was cursed by God and his
4196520	4203080	descendants bear that curse. Noah was a prophet. He didn't have any authority to curse anyone or
4203080	4209800	to bless anyone. Any curses or blessings coming from him came from God. That's the only Christian
4209800	4216920	conclusion that we can reach. So when we look into the historical record and we see those people
4216920	4223080	who branched out from Babel scattered across the earth as God had commanded them to do,
4224040	4230200	carrying elements of the true Christian faith. Again, bastardized to the point that they
4230200	4236040	were no longer salvific. They no longer knew God. But they all knew about the flood. That's
4236040	4242760	something that's preserved even in cultures that have no record whatsoever of anything that we
4242760	4247960	would consider Christian doctrine. They still record that historical event. And after that,
4247960	4251640	many of them do also record things that could be considered to have been
4252840	4259080	elements of the Christian faith. Now, this is a tricky area to get into because most of the people
4259080	4265880	talking about it are atheists. They're worldly men who deny and hate God simultaneously.
4266600	4272760	And those men will twist what has occurred. So you have Jordan Peterson today,
4273480	4278600	and you have his spiritual father, Joseph Campbell, and you have Carl Jung before him,
4279240	4285080	all basically making the claim that the reason that we have these repeated stories popping up
4285080	4291160	globally, their rationalization for how that could occur, they say that it's an upwelling
4291320	4300280	of man's own spirit that there's some indwelling of our own human nature that manifests these stories,
4300280	4306280	these myths that are not connected to God because God doesn't exist. They're just us. They're us
4306280	4313000	doing our own thing in space and time and across space and time. And when they delete God,
4313000	4318760	that's the best they can do it. It's silly. But if you look at it scripturally, you can see that
4318760	4325880	the opposite was true, that when the people got off the ark, they were Christians. They had a
4325880	4331800	belief in the Messiah who was to come at that time. They knew what God had revealed to them,
4331800	4337720	which was clearly more than is revealed in scripture at that point for our benefit,
4338440	4342680	because it's recording what we need. And now what they need at the time, no, it was talking
4342680	4347240	directly to God. You didn't have to write this stuff down. If he did, it was for the benefit of
4347240	4355720	future generations. So as we look at this, it's important to understand that the transmission
4355720	4360280	of faith, how can they call on him and who they have not believed and how can they believe in him
4360280	4367560	of whom they have not heard? How do you hear? You hear from your father. You hear from the man
4367560	4373320	that God has placed in your family as your head. You are his seed. You are your father's seed
4373320	4380040	and he transmits the faith to you or he fails to transmit the faith to you. And so in time,
4380040	4384280	we see that there were some fathers who came off the ark and their children and their children's
4384280	4391560	children who preserved the faith that was transmitted to them by their fathers. We see other fathers
4391560	4397000	who were faithless, who were evil, who abandoned God just as quickly as their ancestors before
4397080	4403320	the flood at abandoned God and went off an intremendously evil directions. And so the inheritance
4404040	4412360	of those men for both good and evil is either faith or a lack of faith. And that's where we're
4412360	4419160	going to get into the intersection of election and faith in time because you inherit faith one
4419160	4424760	way or another. Either it's inherited directly from your parents who give it to you or if you were
4424760	4430280	not blessed with faithful parents, you may have to rebel against them and inherit it through adoption.
4430280	4434520	And we're all adopted sons of God through baptism. I'm not saying that there's there's not a
4434520	4441560	sense here where there is a hereditary claim to God, which was what the the Israelites misunderstood
4441560	4446040	the Pharisees later on. They thought that it was a genetic claim. That was never the case.
4446040	4451400	And what CI claims today? Yeah, absolutely. It's the Christian identity and various other
4451480	4456680	heresies all make a complete mess of these things because they don't want to believe what is true.
4458520	4463720	Abraham's faith was counted to him as righteousness. It wasn't that God had given him a covenant and
4463720	4468680	made a promise to him. It was that he believed the promises of God. That was counted to him as
4468680	4473880	righteousness. That's another way of saying faith. Abraham had faith because he received faith.
4473880	4479480	He gave faith to his children by transmitting the word to them. He preached to them. He told them
4479560	4488120	about God and they received faith. So when we talk about election, it is always in terms of faith
4488120	4493160	and faith is always transmitted. And the point of that, that historical snippet is that
4494840	4501320	the faith was transmitted for a time outside of the sons of Shem, outside of the line that became
4501320	4509080	the line of David. It was transmitted by fathers to their sons. That's hereditary. Their posterity
4509080	4516440	received the blessing of their faith. There were a couple recent surveys in the last decade that
4516440	4523160	were done by some Reformed and Baptist. According to data collected by promise keepers in Baptist
4523160	4530600	press, if a father does not go to church, even if his wife does, only one child in 50, one child
4530600	4536920	in 50, that's 2% will become regular worshipper. If a father does go regularly, regardless of what
4537000	4541400	the mother does, between two thirds and three quarters of their children will attend church as
4541400	4548840	adults. That's a difference of either 2% without the father or between 66 and 75% with the father.
4549400	4558520	That is radical. And that is far more than simply a sociological effect because what we found
4558520	4564440	with what another survey showed was that if the first person in a household to become a Christian
4564520	4569880	was a child, there's about a 3.5% chance that everyone else in the house would follow. If the
4569880	4574360	mother is the first person to become a Christian, there's about a 17% chance. It's quite a bit
4574360	4581320	better than a child adopted in Christianity first, if the mother did. When the father was the first
4581320	4586440	to become a Christian, there's a 93% chance that everyone else in the house will follow.
4587400	4595640	Now this is not a sociological consequence. This is not something for demographers and sociologists
4595640	4601240	to discuss. This is a theological discussion. This is a theological discussion of headship.
4601240	4608040	The father is the head. That's not just a metaphor. It is a reality. The father is the head of the
4608040	4613560	wife. The father is of his wife. He's the head of his children. He's the head of everyone under
4613560	4622040	his house under his roof, in his household, and his faith becomes their faith on contact.
4622760	4628200	This is remarkable. We're talking about what we must presume to be true faith. If children
4628200	4633720	began attending church because their father does, and they do it into adulthood, for the most part,
4634520	4640040	those are probably Christians, whereas if only the mother does, it's inconsequential.
4640200	4652120	It's a fundamental element of the manner in which election is delivered in time that the faith
4652120	4658200	of the father becomes the faith of the children, and the faithlessness of the father also becomes
4658200	4667160	the faithlessness of the children. That's also why in Scripture, when we look at how God deals
4668120	4675160	with humanity, he doesn't actually typically deal with individuals. God works with families and
4675160	4683000	nations. Yes, individuals are also involved, but God didn't just call Abram, who would become
4683000	4691240	Abraham. He called him to bring his family at the time, of course, just his wife and his cousins,
4691880	4702280	but it is the head of the family that represents the family. In the same way that Adam
4702280	4708840	represented creation, and so creation fell when Adam sinned, in the same way that Christ
4708840	4714360	is the head of the new creation. Those of us who are in Christ are also part of that new
4714360	4719160	creation. That's why you have to be in Christ in order to actually be part of that new creation
4719240	4726280	in order to see paradise, in order not to spend eternity in hell. But to go back briefly,
4726280	4730040	I guess we're going to mention C.I. We may as well also mention a little more paganism.
4732200	4737720	When it comes to myths and the various peoples who preserved them or failed to preserve them,
4737720	4743000	I think one of the best examples, and I know there are those who will comment that this was written
4743000	4747400	down in the 10th century, and that's true, but it was an oral history before that, and I happen
4747400	4754600	to believe it's an ancient one. The Havamal is a great example of a corruption, but also a
4754600	4759720	maintenance of some Christian truths in a number of places. I think one of the best ones, though,
4760440	4769960	Odin, in part of the Havamal, is hanged on the world tree, Iggdrasil. He offers himself
4770600	4779160	to himself on the world tree. He's stabbed with a spear. He receives neither food nor drink.
4779160	4784440	He peers into the deep one could consider that a corruption of the descent into hell.
4786200	4792120	These parallels are extremely close to what we actually have as the truth in Christianity,
4792120	4799320	and so you can see a preservation of the faith of the forefathers even if corrupted by demons,
4799400	4805480	by gnosticism over a course of time, and these sorts of things do not just happen.
4806360	4813160	This is not something people in far flung parts of the world do not create the same myths
4813160	4820680	out of whole cloth with no interaction, and the Vikings and the Vietnamese were not really
4820760	4831080	interacting in B.C., that just wasn't a thing. But just another example of the carrying forward of
4832040	4835880	mythology, Christian mythology, and it's not wrong to call it that because the term has multiple
4835880	4841560	senses. The carrying forward, if also the corruption in time, because of the faithlessness
4842440	4848760	of some of the fathers in that line, they failed to transmit the faith correctly. They permitted it
4848760	4853640	to become corrupted, and so their children, instead of carrying forward the true faith,
4853640	4860200	carried forward that corruption. Now, we have an advantage today that basically none of our
4860200	4866200	ancestors until the last handful of centuries did, and that advantage figuratively is the printing
4866200	4871800	press. Today, of course, we have iPads and computers and all that, but ultimately,
4872520	4877640	printed books do have more staying power. Computers can die. Yes, books can burn, but they are
4877640	4884280	typically easier to preserve. And so we have the advantage, if we have a number of faithless
4884280	4891160	generations, as we have recently had, we can still return to the true faith, and what are we doing?
4891160	4897800	We are returning to the faith of our fathers who gave us the sound doctrine, who preserved for
4897800	4906600	us the Bible, who gave us these truths, carried them forward. We don't have to, as many of our ancestors
4907080	4912840	carry on the false and the corrupted faith of our immediate forebears. Because that is all they
4912840	4917800	had, because there's what have been orally transmitted, and if all you heard was the corrupted
4917800	4923400	version of the truth, well, all you had was the corrupted version of the truth, because that's what
4923400	4928680	you received from your head, whether it was your father, or your grandfather, or your king,
4928680	4936280	or just the leader of your tribe, you received that from your head. Today, again, we can actually
4936280	4942520	go back to the truth. We can go back to things before they were corrupted by faithless
4942520	4949320	generations, because we have that luxury thanks be to God. But it is still a matter of headship,
4949320	4956600	because that was transmitted to us by a far distant head. So for instance, Japheth is head of the
4956680	4967960	European peoples. Ashkenaz is head of the Germans, and so you have nations descended from individual
4967960	4974200	men. All men kind descended from Adam, and all mankind descended from Noah, because of course
4974200	4981560	there was a little bit of a bottleneck there. Europe descended from Japheth. The East, roughly
4981640	4988280	speaking, descended from Shem. Africa descended from ham, and so those men are the heads of those
4988280	4995720	large people groups, but within those you have nations and tribes, and then under that you have
4995720	5003080	families. It's all a matter of hierarchy and headship, and what is transmitted faithfully or faithlessly.
5003160	5007800	All right, we're ready to go. And that's why I mentioned up front that
5008760	5015400	election is connected to all of this, to the way that the gospel is spread, to the way that
5015400	5019800	we come to faith, and the way that the problems that we're facing in the church today
5019800	5026600	are really rooted in this. When you look in scripture, you see that
5027560	5034120	men are identified by name, but it's not just their name. It's, for example, Jonah, the son of
5034120	5041640	Amitai, the prophet Zechariah was a son of Barakaya, son of Edo. When Samuel was born, there was a
5041640	5048280	certain man of the hill country whose name was Elkana, the son of Jerome, and he gives his father's
5048280	5051480	name and his father's name and his father's name, and the country that he was from.
5052120	5060360	That wasn't simply genealogy for the sake of narrowing down which Samuel or which Zechariah
5060360	5067640	or which zone Jonah was. That was identifying the men in space and time as God created them,
5068440	5074040	and most of the names that are given in scripture in those ways are usually of faithful men.
5074680	5081560	They're not a lot of faithless men whose names are given. In the show notes, there's going to be
5081560	5088760	two video links on YouTube that are an absolutely vital part of understanding that the point
5088760	5093320	that we're trying to make with this episode. The reason that there are two of them, it's split into
5093320	5099560	two parts. It's not very long. One is the spread of Christianity. It's basically just a map of
5099640	5110840	visual representation of where Christianity was held between year 1 and 81,000 and then from
5110840	5118840	81,000 to a current day. The reason that I want to talk about those videos as we wrap up here is
5118840	5125640	that when we talk about election, when we talk about Christianity, we're not simply talking about
5125720	5132600	the hypothetical. One may have faith and one may be saved, but we can point to particular people
5132600	5138360	in space and time who were saved. We know that they were saved just as Paul knew when he was
5138360	5142920	referring to those people who were known to him whose names he said were written in the book of
5142920	5148200	life because of their confession and because of their Christian life. There was an immediate
5148200	5154360	connection between their life and the fact that they were saved. Those are demonstrable facts.
5155720	5161320	It's not to suggest that you can perfectly judge someone's heart the way that God can and will,
5162920	5168760	but in general, you're going to tell a Christian from an on-Christian just by talking to him by
5168760	5174760	looking at how they live and that's always been the case throughout time. The reason that these
5174760	5182920	videos are important is where the video shows Christianity spreading. Like we said a minute ago,
5183080	5190520	the faith was transmitted from Adam through Noah, through Japheth and through Shem to their
5190520	5197880	sons and then most of them lost it over time, but they lost it to varying degrees. Some lost it
5197880	5205480	entirely. Not to say that salvation comes by degrees, but a memory of the true faith can be lost
5205480	5212040	by degrees and that's clearly what we see in this historical record. When you get back to Jesus
5212040	5218520	birth, death and resurrection in the beginning of the church, the spread of the knowledge of the
5218520	5224760	true faith begins again. Now it was always the case. It wasn't the great commission that Jesus
5224760	5231720	gave to his disciples saying, go there for and baptize all nations in my name. That wasn't the
5231720	5236440	first time that that had ever been true, but it was a command that was specifically given that to them
5236760	5245960	in the place of Rome and Judea in the time when Greek and Latin were widely spoken and in a
5245960	5252920	place in time where the roads could carry the message of the gospel faster than the guards and the
5252920	5260440	men chasing the apostles trying to kill them. So it was a very efficacious moment that God chose
5261160	5270360	to enact the great commission and the maps and the video show where and how that great commission
5270360	5276840	was followed. And what you see in the maps is that almost immediately, same mark, I believe,
5276840	5285160	goes to the Western coast of India where to this day there's a tiny sliver on the coast of India
5285160	5290120	where there have been Christians for 2000 years. It was an apostolic church that has been preserved
5290360	5297320	there by God's grace throughout time. Now, it never spread beyond that place. It never went to the
5297320	5303000	rest of the Indian people, but at least within that tiny sliver, the word was rightly preached and
5303000	5309240	those people did have faith. The first thousand years of the video omits something that's
5309240	5313800	important for this conversation, but it does show up in the second thousand years. And that is
5313800	5320040	Ethiopia and Sudan, or the modern countries thereof. Ethiopia is interesting because they claim
5320040	5325400	a salamonic dynasty. They claim that they're descended from from the as of Solomon,
5326040	5334200	and continuously to the to living memory that some of their leaders have had that blood. And
5334200	5340120	the faith has been preserved there as well. What's interesting is if you look at the many of the
5340120	5348280	leaders for when we have photographs in modern Ethiopia, they look more Persian than they do
5348280	5355560	sub-Saharan African, even though Ethiopia is a sub-Saharan African country. Ethiopia and Sudan
5355560	5360520	modern day have had the faith since the beginning. There were churches that were planted there
5361400	5366920	because although it's sub-Saharan Africa, it's also adjacent to the Red Sea. So there was maritime
5366920	5371400	travel that was able to get there. It didn't have to go too far inland in order for those people
5371400	5376360	to receive the gospel and to believe it. And they too have kept it and preserved the faith
5376360	5381800	under this day. So as I said, the first thousand years of the video will omit Africa, but it's
5381800	5388840	there continuously. And that one tiny corner, Africa is an unfathomably large con, and it's three
5388840	5395880	times the size of North America. But in that one small place, there were believers continuously.
5396920	5401480	Real quick, in the case of Ethiopia, it's also worth mentioning that the language they use, Amharic,
5402200	5409800	is not an African language, but a shemitic language, a Near Eastern language. And so we also see
5409800	5415480	that interchange, that relationship of the peoples in the area, in the language they speak,
5415480	5420520	which is further proof that you had this interaction and explains why they had the faith.
5420760	5429080	Yep, that's a very good point. And the reason that I've highlighted India and Africa is because
5430440	5436600	those are the only places outside of the Middle East and Europe where Christianity existed prior
5436600	5441720	to the 1500s. And this is what the video shows. It shows the spread of
5443400	5448840	Christianity proper. It shows the spread of Aryanism, which is a heresy, a bastardization of
5448920	5455400	Christianity. One thing that's omitted in the video, it doesn't show that Aryanism did make
5455400	5461880	inroads as far as China. And I believe was preserved until well into the 10th and 11th century.
5461880	5469560	And then it was stamped out. Now, the Aryan doctrine, which denies the divinity of Christ fully,
5470600	5476920	does, it's properly condemned as a heresy, but it is fair to say that even when there were
5477000	5483000	Aryan heretics that were in control, the word of God was still in those places. So
5484520	5489160	while their confession may not have been true, there are many cases where people are taught
5489160	5493800	one thing and they believe another and they believe what's in scripture. That's something that
5494360	5498200	is Lutheran Jew and I run into all the time where we're talking to someone who has been
5498840	5504120	raised Baptist or raised reformed or something. And we're talking about areas where we know that
5504200	5509560	Lutheran and Baptist doctrine differ. And they say, oh, no, that's what I've always believed.
5509560	5514440	And it's always interesting because we know for a fact that that's not with any Baptist
5514440	5519320	whatever taught them, but it is what they read in the Bible. And so it's called
5519320	5525240	Felicitis Inconsistency that you may say one thing, you may be taught one thing, but in your heart,
5526440	5531480	if you have faith in your receiving God's word, you may ultimately believe something that is
5531480	5536280	true even if what you're taught and maybe even what you think about when you're just sort of
5536280	5544520	mouthing the words is contrary to it. So I wouldn't go so far to say with the where Aryanism was
5544520	5550600	spread, everyone is damned, although it is a false confession, but I will say that where the word
5550600	5554920	of God is spoken, it is not returned to avoid. So there's hope in those places.
5555880	5563480	It's better to be partly right than entirely wrong. And that's, we're not saying that it will
5563480	5569880	save you being partly right. If you're wrong about the core things, if you get the atonement
5569880	5574520	wrong, and you're right about some ancillary things, that's not going to save you, but
5575880	5581240	there are still blessings, there is still good that is attached to believing the truth.
5582200	5586200	And if you get some of the things right, you are still believing some of the truth,
5586200	5593400	and there are still benefits to that. And as mentioned, if at least these heretics believe
5593400	5598520	that they are Christian, the word of God will be present, and the word of God does not return to
5598520	5606600	him void. Yep. And so in the in the early part of the video in the first five centuries or so,
5606680	5611160	you'll see that there's a back and forth between Aryan Christianity. And I think they call it
5611160	5617960	Nicene Christianity in the video. Eventually, Nicene, which is to say Trinitarian Christianity,
5617960	5624040	which is to say Christianity, it's redundant, but proper Christian doctrine did begin to prevail.
5624040	5627320	And eventually, Aryanism was effectively wiped out in Europe.
5629560	5634680	The import of the videos and the reason that we are talking about it is that
5635000	5644680	if we truly believe the doctrine of election, that God elected those unto salvation for himself
5645720	5652280	from before creation, and he knew those men's names, and he wrote them in the book of life,
5653000	5659960	then when you watch that video, you cannot help but conclude that virtually all of those who
5659960	5666680	were elected to faith were sons of Japheth. It's the only possible conclusion when you look at
5666680	5675320	the map because it's showing the whole known world where Christianity was believed. And eventually
5675320	5683080	zooms out in the second thousand years to show the entire globe. And there's nothing until Columbus
5683080	5690360	comes to the Americas outside of Europe and in the Middle East. Now, when I say Japheth,
5690360	5696680	obviously, many of the sons of Shem, not many, but some of the sons of Shem did come to faith
5696680	5702840	in the Middle East. There were some Jews who converted. Those men ceased to be Jewish in not
5702840	5710040	too much time. They simply became men of their area, but they eventually abandoned those cultures
5710040	5716760	in that custom and became integrated as Europeans with their neighbors and brothers. But
5717960	5727480	that was still a small portion of those who received the faith. Overwhelmingly, the number
5727480	5734040	throughout time has been in Europe, which is as Corey mentioned, Christian identity,
5734680	5739640	their heretics, they believe that only white people can be saved. They believe that only white
5739640	5744200	people, I think, are human. They say some terrible things that are simply false that are blatantly
5744200	5748920	contrary to scripture. They also happen to deny the Trinity because once you're being a heretic,
5748920	5755560	why not go all in? Well, their history is also wildly incorrect because they couldn't be
5755560	5759960	right about anything. So they have to be wrong about everything. I mean, they try to argue that
5760840	5764680	the kings of, in some cases, the kings of England are descended from David.
5764680	5768440	Yeah, it's just insane arguments.
5769320	5774280	Yeah, it's insane. It's false. And these are people with whom we are lumped in by those who
5775160	5778280	say that we're going to hell for what we're saying right now, which is
5778840	5783560	straight from scripture and it's straight from history, not in contradiction to scripture in
5783560	5792600	scripture. I did some math. This is my own work that's these are very rough estimates.
5792600	5799400	Basically what I did, I took the best estimates by century of the population of Europe.
5801320	5810440	So 708,909,000 up through the year 1900. I took a look at the estimates of the population of
5810440	5817240	Europe. I then took a look at the estimate of approximately what percent of those people were
5818200	5825080	nominally Christian. As I say, their king was Christian. They were baptized and lived Christian
5825080	5831160	lives. Now, obviously, that is not by itself proof that any particular individual is a Christian.
5831160	5836600	That's not what I'm saying. But when someone's confession and their life claims to be Christian,
5837560	5842360	that's not something that I'm not going to question that when I'm looking back through time.
5842360	5849400	So these are very rough estimates. But what I found was that in part of the reason that's
5849400	5856520	possible to give a very rough estimate of the number of believers is when the kings converted
5857080	5861880	because that's what's borne out in history. When the king converted the head of a nation converted
5862440	5870360	generally within a generation or two, most of the people followed. So in about the year 700 AD,
5870920	5876600	about 25% of Europe's population of about 32 million people were Christian. So
5876600	5880920	there were around 8 million Christians in Europe in the year 700 roughly.
5882520	5887560	That's interesting number because that is at least four or five times more than the number
5887560	5894920	who have ever lived in Ethiopia and Sudan. The area that we're talking about where Christianity has
5894920	5900360	been preserved there was never very populist. The land simply couldn't sustain it. The people
5900360	5905560	couldn't sustain it. So when we're talking about, I don't want to call it a numbers game because
5905560	5911000	this is, we're talking about salvation. We're not talking about a game. But when we're talking about
5912120	5917960	the number of names that are in the book of life, the number of African names prior to
5918760	5924120	European colonization of Africa, which we'll get to, was very small. There were some by God's
5924120	5931880	grace. And thank God that there were Ethiopians who were preserved. But by and large, they were
5931880	5936520	believers in Europe and nowhere else. And by Europe, I mean greater Europe, so the Mediterranean,
5937160	5943480	Northern Africa, which is like the Mediterranean is effectively Europe, not Africa. Those countries
5943480	5948920	were soon lost to Islam, which began to make end roads even into the rest of Europe.
5949560	5957320	By 81,000, the population had gone up about 10 million to about 42 million. And the percentage
5957320	5963800	of Christians was probably about 85% give or tape. So you're looking at about 35, 36 million
5963800	5971080	Christians in 81,000. Fast forward another 300 years and the population has gone up about 50% to
5971080	5979080	around 60 million. And probably about 95% of those were at least culturally Christian. Again,
5979080	5984120	I'm not claiming that virtually everyone who's ever been European is saved. There's no way to
5984120	5989800	know that. And it's realistically, that's probably not the case. But they were in Christians land,
5989800	5994040	Christian lands with Christian kings. They were living as Christians. They were attending church.
5994040	5999480	They were hearing the word of God. There's more hope for them than there is for the vast majority
5999480	6005560	of America. So if I'm going to place a stake somewhere, it's going to be to say that most of
6005560	6011960	those people are probably in heaven. By 1900, Europe's population had increased to about 240 million
6011960	6018680	and still about 90% were Christian. Now adding all of those objects at just at the century marks
6019320	6027240	was about roughly a billion souls would have likely been Christian in Europe. Now when you
6027240	6031800	compare that billion people and that's only at the century marks. Obviously, there are people who
6031800	6038440	who lived and died in between the century marks. So again, these are these are numbers that
6039240	6044360	I did this work myself. I'm not claiming that these are these are absolute to their precise.
6044360	6051080	But they're definitely in the ballpark in terms of the ratios relative to other people groups.
6051080	6056920	So I would not stake a claim on these numbers being precision numbers. They're not at all
6056920	6062680	unrealistic. They're based on on what we know of history. And so if there were a billion people
6062680	6068600	alive right at the century marks between 700 and 1900, my guess is that there's probably about
6068600	6075720	two and a half billion Christians in that time period in those places. In beginning in the 1800s,
6075720	6082440	I also included the Americas, which was a very small number. In 1800, there was about 5.3 million
6082440	6090200	Christians in America, 5 million. And in 1900, there was about 69 million. So not about 10%
6090200	6097080	of the total European population of Christians was in the Americas. So give or take, you're looking
6097080	6103320	at about two and a half billion Christians, all of European descent, all of all sons of Japh
6103960	6109080	all holding to the faith of Japh in that time period. Now, as I said, when you look to
6110040	6118040	to the Sudan and Ethiopia, those numbers are minuscule by comparison. And the tiny slew in Somalia
6118040	6124360	or it's our Ethiopia and India, those numbers are necessarily minuscule by comparison. And
6125720	6132200	we as Christians should be able to say this without fear that we're going to be murdered by someone
6132200	6137640	calling us rape racist, calling us evil, calling us hateful. I am simply recounting
6138360	6144600	what has happened in time. I was not the causal effect of that. It is not what I would have wished.
6144600	6149000	I wish what God wishes, which is that all people would know Christ and would come to salvation.
6150520	6156520	The reality is that that is not what has happened in time. And so the reason for discussing
6156520	6164760	election in terms of genealogy and nationality and now specifically honing in on the sons of
6164760	6174840	Japheth is that Japheth's children were faithful where other children were not. When you look at the
6174840	6181080	map of the second half, the second video, and it shows beginning with European exploration and
6181080	6188520	colonization of the Americas and then in about the 1700s, colonization and exploration began in
6188520	6197160	Africa. Those are the very first times for four thousand years since the flood that the people
6197160	6204200	living in those places would have actually heard the Christian faith. Now like I said earlier,
6205160	6212120	there were elements of the faith that had been preserved as mythology among them, but it was no
6212120	6219400	longer efficacious. It was just a few tiny mangled bits and pieces. But that is in fact the
6219400	6224760	demonstration that they had lost the faith. There's no way to say that someone who was an Aztec
6224760	6231560	in the year 1300 went to heaven. 100% of them went to hell. I can say that was certainty because
6231560	6238200	the Christian faith, the true faith, could not have existed in those places. And when the Spaniards
6238920	6244360	showed up and they saw what the Aztecs were doing when when Pizarro and his men went into the Aztec
6244360	6252520	temples, they literally vomited because the stench was so vile from the death, the murder of
6253560	6260840	humans who were sacrificed to the demon gods of the Aztec. So although they had preserved some tiny
6260920	6268920	piece of the virgin birth of a god and his death for some purpose, they were worshiping demons.
6268920	6275080	The ancestors of those people were worshiping demons until the Europeans showed up. The sons of
6275080	6282040	Japheth showed up colonized those places and gave them the gospel for the first time. And that's why
6282040	6286280	we're talking about this story because when you look at the video and you see the way in which
6286840	6293320	Christianity spread, after about the first couple centuries where Paul obviously was a Jew who
6293320	6299000	went to the Gentiles, there were other Jews who converted to Christianity and became Christian,
6299000	6306440	they ceased to be Jews. Apart from that little explosion in the Middle East at the very
6306440	6314200	beginning of the church, virtually all of the spread and keeping of the gospel has been in white lands.
6314520	6322120	So think about that fact if you're Satan, if you seek that all men be destroyed, that every life
6322680	6329560	is a life of evil and that they are cast bodily and soul upon death into the eternal lake of
6329560	6337160	fire with Satan, who will be right there with them being punished. To have white people showing
6337960	6345640	in the 1500s and 1600s and 1700s in Africa and in the Americas, going to people who had all been
6345640	6351800	going to hell for three and four thousand years, and suddenly they began converting to Christianity.
6351800	6357480	When the colonizers showed up with crucifixes and they told these people about the gospel and
6357480	6364760	they baptized them, in some cases forcefully, forcefully, those people were converted to Christianity
6364920	6370200	and many of them were saved. And there are places to this day that are now Christian in Africa
6370200	6377720	and the Americas among native populations who would never have had the gospel if the sons of
6377720	6386440	Japheth had not shown up. So think about that when you hear rabbit anti-white hatred, when you hear
6386440	6394440	hatred against colonialism, when you hear hatred against patriarchy, when you hear hatred against
6394440	6399800	kings versus democracy, where it's a free for all and we do what we think is best in our own eyes.
6400520	6404360	Think about that like Satan would think about that. When white people showed up and happy,
6405080	6410760	when they came under the cross, what was the response of the demons that the Aztecs were
6410760	6416680	worshipping and sacrificing all those innocent people to? They were not happy and they're still not
6416680	6421960	happy because demons don't die. Those demons didn't go away. They were still out there in the jungle
6422040	6429160	and by many accounts they are back on the prowl today and the backlash that we see against
6430920	6438600	Europeans in particular, against Germans in particular, against Christianity, against patriarchy,
6438600	6445080	against every form of headship that is ordained by God both for salvific purposes and for the
6445080	6450200	purpose simply of proper order in this life. Those are the things that the most evil people on the
6450200	6459080	planet hate. And I fundamentally believe that that is the root of all of these societal issues
6459080	6468120	that we're seeing that God's election, his predestination, which was unfair, predominantly predestined
6468120	6475560	Europeans for salvation. I didn't do it. God did it. But again, when you look at how were they saved,
6475560	6480280	they weren't saved because they were white. They weren't saved because their parents were
6480280	6486040	anything in particular. They were saved because their fathers were faithful. And the Africans
6486040	6491400	and the South Americans and the North American Indians were damned because their fathers were
6491400	6498520	faithless. They abandoned God. They ceased to teach his word. And just as you will die because
6498600	6505880	Adam sinned. Those people are in hell because their fathers failed to transmit the faith to them.
6505880	6511640	They inherited damnation and they lived up to it. And now they're they're suffering under it.
6511640	6519080	Is that fair? No. But at the same time, we look at that in the context of the spread of the gospel
6519080	6523160	from the first century and think, oh, well, they weren't ever told about Jesus. How could they know?
6523800	6528200	They were told about Jesus. Their fathers were told about Jesus four thousand years ago when they
6528200	6534840	got off the ark. And those fathers ceased to believe. And that is why their children are not
6534840	6542760	believers. And just as salvation is transmissible, not as a physical inheritance, but as a spiritual
6542760	6548680	inheritance that comes directly by hearing from one's father in an absolutely efficacious manner.
6548680	6555560	So to unbelief is transmissible. It is heritable. And it's inevitable. If your father is evil,
6555560	6561080	and as you said, Corey, without the benefit of access to go around your father to go around your
6561080	6567880	nation to find the truth as we can do today, there's no way for someone to be saved. And that's not
6567880	6573720	fair, but that is God's will. Because if their fathers had been faithful and had obeyed, they would
6573720	6581320	have been saved. So election intersects with reality in ways that make us extremely uncomfortable.
6581320	6585160	Because all of this sounds like it's totally contrary to the gospel. And it's certainly
6585160	6590760	contrary to modern beliefs of morality outside the church. But it's true.
6592360	6597560	The reason it makes so many people uncomfortable is because it runs counter to the enlightenment.
6598440	6603320	It's not that it runs counter to scripture because obviously we have demonstrated this is all
6603320	6609560	grounded in scripture. This is readily discoverable for anyone who reads scripture, at least anyone who
6609640	6619080	has the Holy Spirit. But heaven looks rather a lot like Europe, at present. Of course,
6619080	6625240	depending on how long things continue and which areas become or remain Christian and which ones
6625240	6633720	do not, that composition could change. But as of today, paradise is going to be very white.
6634680	6640760	And that is simply the fact of the matter from history. That is how things have worked out in
6640760	6647000	time. And those who say that, well, that's not fair. Like I said, they are appealing to the
6647000	6652200	enlightenment to harken back to an earlier episode where I pointed out that that's not fair,
6652200	6658840	is the cry of a child who didn't get his way. And that's ridiculous to side with the child in
6658920	6666840	that because fairness is incoherent. No one really actually wants fairness in the final assessment.
6667880	6672520	When we speak about fairness, if we are using it in a way that makes any sense whatsoever,
6672520	6679640	then that would be that we want justice, not fairness. You don't want fairness because if God is
6679640	6688040	perfectly fair, you get to spend eternity in hell. Because charging your sin to Christ,
6688760	6695320	crucifying Christ, and then attributing his righteousness to you is not fair.
6696200	6700840	But it is the only way that you can be saved. It is the only way that any of the sons of Japheth
6700840	6708200	were saved. And so fairness is this concept that comes from the enlightenment. It is built on
6708200	6715080	Tabla Rasa. It is built on that blank slate idea that human beings are just little lumps of clay
6715080	6720440	that arise by chance in a time and place. They're not really connected to the time, the place,
6720440	6726920	their ancestry, any of that. God flings a soul at random into this little lump of clay. And we should
6726920	6733720	treat that as a blank slate. Whatever that person does in life is the only thing that matters.
6733720	6737960	But of course that's completely ridiculous because what the person does in life flows from what
6737960	6743480	the person is, flows from where the person was born, flows from the family, flows from headship and
6743480	6750600	hierarchy, and all of these things we have been mentioning because you are not an individual.
6751240	6759320	You are not an individual with no tethers, no ties, no connections. You are the son of your father,
6759400	6763240	who is the son of his father, who is the son of his father, all the way back
6763800	6772280	through whichever son of Noah, through Noah, to Adam. You are part of that line. You are part
6772280	6777640	of a tribe and a nation. You are part of a people. And these things matter. This is the way God
6777640	6785480	has designed creation. This is the way God has designed humanity. And so these appeals to concepts
6785560	6792360	like fairness are not born a scripture. Find it in scripture. If you want to argue for fairness,
6793080	6799560	go ahead, try to find it. See if God is acted in that way. See if that is what God wants us to do.
6799560	6806280	You won't because it isn't there. That is something born of the mind of secular, which is to say
6806280	6813720	atheist philosophers, not of Christians. And you had mentioned the composition of Europe today,
6813720	6820600	or the composition of heaven. I think that it's important to acknowledge and to be grateful
6820600	6827640	for the spread of Christianity in Asia and Africa in places that historically have rejected the
6827640	6833800	gospel, have rejected God's word. They are now turning around. And although the African Christianity
6833800	6838840	has some very serious problems with syncretism and demon worship and things,
6839320	6844440	there are at least, there are certainly many believers there. And there are
6846200	6852520	based on looking at the numbers that have lived in Ethiopia for the last 2000 years.
6853480	6859480	And before that, there are more living Africans who are Christians who will go to heaven than
6859480	6865720	there are Africans in heaven. That is an easy claim to make if you look at the simple numbers of
6865800	6872280	history. And again, none of this is what you or I would wish for anything. I am thankful,
6872280	6879000	I am grateful. It gives me joy to see Christians in Africa worshipping in their own languages.
6879000	6884440	It's amazing in particular to see some of the churches there that are Lutheran churches that
6884440	6891720	are trying to be confessional, who are happily adopting the liturgy and the vestments that
6891720	6898280	they're inheriting from their European brothers. They're saying if this is how God is worshiped,
6898280	6902920	we want to worship this God. This is how we want to do it. They don't seek to do it in their own
6902920	6909080	way. They don't seek to do it as the is worship of old took place for the demons. New God,
6909080	6915000	new worship, they're fine with that. And so it's a wonderful thing to see. And frankly, it's at odds
6915640	6923320	with some of the pastors in the Missouri Senate. There is a man in the Northwest District named
6923320	6931560	Rick McCafferty, who is on the Northwest District's webpage on the Vimeo page, giving a talk
6931560	6938600	about how he and his Eskimo and other Indian ancestors always worship God. Long before the white
6938600	6944200	man showed up, they knew the creator and they worship the creator and they knew the Holy Spirit
6944280	6949960	who was the great spirit. These are his words. These are his direct claims. And the reason that he
6949960	6957640	made the video, which is an anti-racist video directed at us, was to implore all of the Lutherans
6957640	6963480	who want to evangelize the Indians to stop telling those Indians who have been communing with
6963480	6967800	demons for 4,000 years to stop telling them that the way they're worshiping is wrong.
6968600	6974760	He literally says in the video, we'll link it. He says, don't tell us we can't be drums at the
6974760	6980120	sunrise to our God. He's always been the same God you guys worship. Don't tell us we need to have
6980120	6985320	a liturgy. Don't tell us how to worship. We've always known God. The only thing we're missing
6985320	6991880	the details about, the great warrior who is Jesus again, his words. So that's pure syncretism and
6991880	6997320	that's pure universalism because I say that all of Rick McCafferty's ancestors are burning an
6997320	7002280	hell. He says that they're in heaven. He says that they've always worshiped God. And then it's
7002280	7007640	these Lutherans who are coming to their reservations, trying to tell them about the triune God and show
7007640	7014200	them how to worship his Christians have always worshiped. We are the problem. Well, one of us is
7014200	7020680	wrong and one of us is going to hell because we do not worship the same God. And again, this is
7020680	7027560	an LCMS pastor. We're not talking about someone who's just a random person on the internet. He
7027560	7032920	was ordained to evangelize to these people who need to hear the word of God and he's depriving
7032920	7037960	them of it because he's a universalist. He's saying the exact opposite of what God says. He's
7037960	7042040	saying you've always worshiped God. You guys are great. Let me tell you about Jesus, but it's a
7042040	7046520	Jesus you already knew you just you knew him by another name, which is not at all the point of
7046520	7051400	the discussion early about mythology. We are not saying that these people knew God. We're saying
7051400	7057800	that a reflection of the truth echoed through time, but it was never salvific. It was simply
7057800	7063000	evidence of the fact that the truth at one point had been transmitted to them by their fathers.
7063000	7069560	And then the children of some of those fathers at some point long ago abandoned God and damned
7069560	7075320	their children to hell. They damned Rick McCafferty's ancestors to hell because they did not
7075320	7080680	worship the true God. They communed with demons and they did so. In many cases to this day,
7080680	7088600	we there I have heard stories of actual Lutheran churches near reservations where the people come
7088600	7094760	off the reservation targeting the Lutheran churches and they will have demonic ceremonies in their
7094760	7099320	parking lot to try to bind the spirits in those churches to keep them from threatening the
7099320	7105960	reservation. Those people served demons today in the current year 2022. They are having demonic
7105960	7112200	ceremonies in our church parking lots to stop the spread of the gospel. Don't tell me that this
7112200	7117000	isn't spiritual warfare. We're not talking about hypotheticals. We're not talking about some leaf
7117000	7123000	note doctrine that that's not relevant relevant to life. We're talking about souls that will either
7123000	7128680	go to heaven if they repent and believe the true God or they will go to hell if they continue to
7128680	7136200	worship. These demon worshiping Indians do. In a future episode, we'll talk about some of those,
7136200	7141880	the other rejected doctrines in scripture, but one of them is the doctrine of shaking the dust
7141880	7147240	off your feet as a curse against those who refuse to hear the gospel. This is something that Jesus
7147240	7155080	repeatedly commanded to his apostles to the disciples. As soon as Jesus sent into heaven,
7155080	7159800	there are multiple instances of them doing that very thing. They literally shake the dust off
7159800	7166440	their feet against a place to curse it, to say, you have rejected God, you are now rejected.
7166440	7172120	We take the gospel elsewhere. Find a Christian who will do that today. Find a Christian who will
7172120	7179800	not spend 100 years pouring good money after bad to people who won worship demons. They don't want
7179880	7186440	to hear about Jesus. They want to do what they're doing. And in the name of a false gospel,
7186440	7192200	we think that we have to just continue pouring out our treasure when there are people who need it.
7193560	7200760	There's an example of a pastor in Ohio, Ben Meyer, an LCMS pastor who was called to rural Ohio.
7200760	7205880	That's kind of the middle of the nowhere. Very an area without many people. They're all white.
7206680	7214120	And he gets up in the morning and he drives 45 minutes to Columbus so that he can spend time
7216040	7221480	spreading the gospel in his words to Ethiopian immigrants. Now, I was fascinated by that because
7221480	7226280	when he's raising money for this project, when he's telling all the gullible Lutherans,
7226280	7231640	oh, this is so wonderful. We have these Africans who are coming here who need to hear the word of God.
7232040	7235320	Yes, everyone needs to hear the word of God. But for you to suggest
7236120	7241880	that the Ethiopian immigrant, an immigrant is not a word. These people are being shipped here.
7243000	7248840	When an Ethiopian leaves Ethiopia and comes to Ohio, he's going from a Christian country to a
7248840	7254600	pagan state. There are more Christians in Ethiopia today by percentage than there are in Ohio.
7255320	7259240	But where is Ben Meyer's heart? Is it with the people that God sent to him?
7259800	7264280	Did to whom he's the God sent him? No, it's 45 minutes away where he can complete
7264280	7269640	preach to black people because they're foreign. And he gets the benefit of all the social status
7270120	7275800	of, oh, look at me. I'm so good. I'm reaching out to these Africans when they're Christian.
7276520	7281480	Now, some of them are Muslim because that's the other problem that Ethiopia has. There's
7281480	7288200	they've had problems with Muslims for many years, centuries. But to pretend that it's a not
7288360	7293480	in Christian place where these people have never heard the gospel is insane. It's a lie. It is
7293480	7299880	a damnable lie. Ethiopia is a Christian country. And as a Christian, I'm thankful for that.
7299880	7304520	I don't want anyone to go to hell. And it's got nothing to do with their skin color,
7304520	7309720	their race, with their fathers. I want the same thing that God wants, which is all for all men to
7309720	7317240	be redeemed. But guys like Ben Meyer will drive right past all of those souls in Ohio. You know,
7318280	7325320	the Lutheran population in Ohio is something like 0.4% or something. It's minuscule.
7325320	7331480	It's effectively zero. It's a rounding error. And the number of Christians is not a whole lot
7331480	7337640	better. When you look at actual church attendance at actual churches and people who actually
7337640	7344920	believe what the actual church teaches, it's a tiny number. He is neglecting white people because
7344920	7350040	they're white, even though they're his neighbors in the place where God sent him. So that he can tell
7350840	7356920	people already know Jesus about Jesus because that scores good boy points. That's what these
7356920	7363640	fights are about. That is how much race matters to people who despise election. That they will drive
7363640	7369960	past their white neighbors for the sake of an alien from 3, 4,000 miles away because that person
7369960	7375240	who looks completely different and sounds completely different in seems exotic somehow is more
7375240	7380360	worthy of the gospel than the men who live down the road from this man who will never tell them.
7380360	7384600	He's not going to spend all that time. He's got to go somewhere else and do it for strangers.
7385640	7389000	This is not love and this is not the gospel. This is how the church dies.
7391960	7397720	And the men who are engaged in synchrotistic arguments and worship if we're being
7398440	7406280	very loose with the term, they are going to damn people to hell because those who hear, well,
7406280	7410920	know your ancestors who were worshiping demons, you won't say that of course, but your ancestors,
7410920	7415800	they were worshipping the true God, you can continue to do what they were doing. That's the voice
7415800	7422920	of Satan speaking. That's what that is. I'm looking at a picture right now that's a class of
7422920	7431320	seminarians from Madagascar. There are about 3 million Lutherans, baptized Lutherans in Madagascar.
7431320	7437560	It's a country of about 28 million give or take a bit. And the reason there are 3 million
7438920	7445640	believing baptized Christians in the Lutheran churches in Madagascar is because two Norwegian men,
7445640	7450840	John Ang and Niels Nielsen, I'm sure I didn't get the last names entirely right, but you can look
7450920	7457080	up their names because those two Norwegian Lutheran men went there and spread the gospel to them,
7457080	7461400	set up a seminary, started instructing them so they could teach their own people so you could
7461400	7468280	have proper headship so you can have fathers learn from their pastors who then turn around and
7468280	7473000	teach their wives and their children. And that's the reason that you have them and they didn't go
7473000	7477400	over there and tell them keep worshipping your ancestors because ancestor worship is a problem in
7477400	7483720	Madagascar. A huge problem in large parts of Africa. They didn't say continue your animistic
7483720	7490600	practices. No, they said your ancestors worship demons. We are going to tell you about the true
7490600	7496840	God. We are going to tell you about Christ. We are going to tell you how to be saved. They did not
7496840	7502040	let them continue syncretistic practices. They fought against those because these are men who
7502120	7509640	actually want their brothers in Africa to be saved. The men here and other places who tell them to
7509640	7514440	continue traditional so-called practices which aren't even traditional because if you go back
7514440	7519320	far enough the actual practices would have been worshipping the Lord God. The men who tell them to
7519320	7525960	continue those syncretistic and pagan practices are damning them to hell. Maybe not the men who hear
7525960	7531560	it, but their grandchildren. How do you think all this stuff was lost in the first place? It was
7531560	7537880	lost in the first place because someone loosened something here. Change something there. Said,
7538520	7545560	no, it's okay if we engage in this heterodox practice over time that accumulates. It never gets
7545560	7550440	better. It always gets worse and that's why you have to fight against it as soon as it crops up.
7550440	7557000	No matter how trivial it may seem and it would be a blessing from God if the issues we have today
7557000	7564760	were trivial. We have serious issues that are matters of eternal life or eternal death. We're not
7564760	7571400	dealing with squabbles over the color of the pyramids or something of that nature. We are dealing with
7571400	7578920	core issues of the faith. Core truths about creation and if you deny core truths about creation
7578920	7586360	you are denying the first article of the creed because we believe in God who is the creator of
7586360	7593960	heaven and earth. And so these issues that over which we are fighting are vitally important to the
7593960	7601160	church. The outcome of these issues will determine, will decide whether or not there is a Christian
7601160	7607880	church on this continent in a hundred years because we've seen it elsewhere. You can have the
7607880	7613880	gospel. You can have the truth. You can have the worship of the Lord God and a hundred years later
7613960	7619000	all of your children are apostate. Look in Europe because it depends on exactly look at
7619640	7626360	look at ham how quickly did the children of ham apostatize? It seems in scripture like it was
7626360	7632040	almost immediate and then you had thousands of years of almost no Christians in Africa because of
7632040	7638360	that. Most of the children of Shem apostatized and so you had thousands of years of most of those in
7638360	7644040	the near and middle east. No Christians. There are real consequences for this and that's why it matters.
7644680	7650520	Fathers have to be faithful or else they will not have faithful children. It takes one faithless
7650520	7658520	generation to lose this and we have had several. We are in dire straits. Again we do have the
7658520	7664280	advantage of we have the written material to which we can return that is sound so we are not in
7664360	7669560	as bad of a situation as those four thousand six thousand years ago whatever it happens to be
7671240	7677560	but we are still living in a country where a tiny percentage of people believe that Christ is God.
7678840	7687000	Look at the survey data. If you ask the question is Jesus Christ God? Most who claim to be Christian
7687000	7693720	even those who claim to be evangelical Christians will say no. We are surrounded by apostates
7694280	7702280	because of faithless fathers and grandfathers. And you're absolutely right. We have a presumption that
7704120	7712440	we're living in the ashes of the faithful grandsons of J5. Obviously at some point they lost their way
7712440	7719240	and descended into paganism. They quickly took back to the true God when he came to them in the
7720200	7724360	word. And that was the inheritance that their children received. That's the reason that we are
7724360	7732360	Christian today because our fathers were Christian going back 1500 years in some cases including my own.
7734200	7741960	The inheritance only works when it is transmitted. And that is why there's never been any claim that
7742520	7749720	there is a genetic inheritance of faith. That's not the claim. But the same father who gives you
7749720	7756120	genes gives you belief in something for better or worse your father is going to teach you. And
7756120	7763160	either you're the only choice you have when your father teaches you is to obey him or to rebel.
7763880	7769640	And if your father is faithful and you obey him you're blessed. If he's faithful and you rebel you
7769640	7777240	fall away. Now if he's faithless you must rebel in order to obey God. But only narrowly within the
7777240	7784280	confines of what is necessary to believe and God and to obey him. In other ways you should still
7784280	7791160	obey your father even if he's faithless as much as possible within your conscience. But we live
7791160	7797240	in a time today where if the pastors who are running things in our synod and in the other Christian
7797240	7804840	denominations in this country, if they continue on the trajectory they have chosen not only will
7804840	7811320	there not be any Lutheran and is a ministry, Christianity will be wiped out on this continent because
7811320	7818200	there is no one left defending it. And as I've said before you can recite the creeds all you want,
7818200	7823400	you can point to scripture and you can point to the book of conquered all you want. But if you
7823480	7831400	tell lies in God's stead you are serving Satan no matter what else you do you can't lie about any
7831400	7837560	of this stuff. And all that we see online all that we see whenever these questions come up about race
7837560	7844760	about evangelism about colonialism and all these things that are when those words are you and things
7844760	7852680	like colonialism and patriarchy they're thought of as secular they're thought of as political things
7852680	7860440	they're not their Christian things they are profoundly fundamental and vital to the faith
7860440	7867800	to saving faith and their absence proves the absence of that faith. And we are in churches today
7867800	7873560	where those things are despised those things are attacked those things are forbidden to speak truthfully
7873560	7881240	is forbidden on many subjects in our churches that's only in one end one way that's why we're
7881320	7887000	talking about these things if we can change minds if we can help point people to scripture to
7887000	7894200	understand that this is going on and here's why it matters hopefully a few more voices will rise
7894200	7901320	and eventually we will begin to see the only sort of change that will be able to present the death
7901320	7907800	of Christianity on this continent because who knows what sort of faith came across the land bridge
7907880	7913240	when when the American Indians came here probably none but if they had anything in long
7913240	7920360	sense died it's going to die again if it's not preserved and as you said it is up to us to preserve
7920360	7926440	it because it doesn't take more than a generation to lose something entirely and we're several
7926440	7936600	generations deep in that apostasy. We often hear that everything is political particularly given the
7936600	7944120	realities of the age in which we live but what we never hear is the the more true and the more
7944120	7950600	important statement everything is also theological yes because everything you do or fail to do is a
7950600	7959800	confession of what you believe or what you do not believe and so when we have pastors lying
7960200	7969720	about demonstrable facts what does that say to the world about what those pastors believe it certainly
7969720	7973800	isn't good there are many things you could take away from that you could take away from it that
7973800	7978600	they don't really believe the things they say on Sunday morning you could take away from it that
7979400	7984200	lying about these core truths is entirely fine you could take away from it that maybe they don't
7984200	7990200	really believe in a creator god who created this world and all the constituent parts of it
7990200	7995400	who set it up in a certain way if they are willing to lie about the way that he did things
7997800	8003560	and so the witness that they are presenting they are giving to the world is going to
8005080	8010280	if not drive men away from Christianity at least prevent them from ever coming into the church
8011000	8016600	and that is exactly what we see happening the zoomer generation and younger many of them
8017800	8023400	are not even going to consider Christianity because of what these faithless pastors are doing
8023960	8030040	because they see these faithless pastors just parroting all of the lies and the condemnation
8030040	8038040	and the slander of the world so when they see that why on earth would you go to service on Sunday
8038120	8043960	morning why would you do that if I'm just going to hear the exact same thing that I hear from
8043960	8050760	university professors and the media and all of these others why would I wake up early to go
8050760	8056920	hear it at church makes much more sense just to wake up late and go get brunch and this is not
8056920	8061880	a hypothetical you and I have born witness to this over and over again personally with our own
8061880	8069080	eyes online as we talk to people it's gotten so bad in the Missouri Senate that I honestly
8069080	8075000	in good faith and good conscience could not recommend that someone join our churches anymore
8075000	8079880	now that's not to say that there are no specific congregations with pastors who are known to
8079880	8087000	me to be faithful where I can direct someone but as a church body we are apostate we are shameful
8087000	8093400	I am I am disgraced by what I see our pastors by what I see our seminaries by what I see our
8093400	8099640	synod doing they're a disgrace to God these men are ashamed of Jesus and they think that they're
8099640	8106360	going to go to heaven because they said the right words in church God warns them differently
8106360	8112360	and the worst part is we're basically the best off yeah yeah and that's that's the thing
8112360	8117400	that's that's the terrible part yeah we're not there is there it we cannot make a block a blanket
8117400	8122840	recommendation for our own churches we can make recommendation for specific ones and I do that
8122840	8127640	all the time and as I know you do as well but we cannot make the general recommendation
8127640	8134680	because we know there are these apostates in some of our pulpits and nothing is being done
8134680	8139880	to remove them and as we have mentioned many times you know the the district presidents and the
8139960	8147640	presidents so called God is not going to judge you differently from a bishop because you declined
8147640	8154920	to use the term you are going to receive the stricter judgment of a bishop because you held the
8154920	8161480	office and so those men should fear even though they don't but when it comes to the other churches in
8161480	8168680	the U.S absolutely cannot make a recommendation to join them because we know the false doctrines
8168680	8173240	that are being taught in those churches so we can't any longer just tell someone go to church
8173240	8180840	on Sunday I mean yes I do post go to church tomorrow every Saturday evening but we have so many
8180840	8187080	apostate churches that it is nearly impossible to give a general recommendation and in particular
8187080	8196680	parts of the country there are no faithful churches not one I mean I live in the south now and I can
8197240	8207240	say with absolute certainty that the number of truly faithful churches here is tiny I can probably count
8207240	8212040	on one hand the number of faithful ones within driving distance of where I live in your and I am
8213160	8216920	I'm being quite liberal in terms of driving distance I used to live in LA so driving distance
8216920	8221320	for me is a considerable thing and you're also lucky because that's an incredible concentration
8221400	8228360	many people in most parts of the country I would be lucky to have one there it's why we're doing
8228360	8233000	this podcast it's why we're talking about these things because the intersection of everything that
8233000	8239160	people see on MSNBC that's called politics that's called worldly that's called left hand kingdom
8239880	8246840	all of it is rooted in attacking the fundamentals of the Christian faith it's not attacking
8246840	8252200	justification it's not attacking Jesus died for you and that's why all these Lutherans have lost
8252200	8257000	their minds they've lost their bearings they have no understanding of what's going on because all
8257000	8263400	they can see is a battlefield in terms of 16th century wars that they're not fighting we're not
8263400	8269080	fighting a battle for justification we're fighting a battle for creation we're fighting a battle for
8269080	8277560	how God operates in space and time and he operates using election through fathers who transmit the
8277560	8284200	faith for their sons that is racial whatever the race is you are of your father's race going back
8284200	8290680	to Adam but as those races branched out they became distinct they became distinct physically they
8290680	8297320	became distinct intellectually they came distinct function culturally but and those things are
8297320	8302840	permissible those are part of God's order what is not permissible is that they also became distinct
8303560	8309240	religiously they adopted different faiths these men who went to all these various parts of the
8309240	8315480	world began worshipping the demons they found there instead of worshipping the true God and you know
8315480	8320760	it happened as soon as they got off the ark you by the time you get to the the story of Babel
8321320	8325160	they've lost their minds they're doing evil on an industrial scale again
8325800	8329400	after God literally destroyed everything on the planet except for eight people
8330200	8339880	they're right back at it and and Noah was probably still living yeah I know it wasn't even dead yet
8340520	8349000	yeah so these these subject in these fights I hope that these I hope that the narrative arc that
8349000	8354200	we're starting to build here will become clear to people in the fullness of time these things are
8354200	8360520	connected and the reason that we talk about race is not because we care about race it's because
8360520	8367480	we care about how God made us and we care about how God made us Christian and our race is part of
8367480	8376760	both of those and to deny that or to attack that is to deny and attack your creator which is the
8376760	8382440	first article of the Creed if you don't have the first article you don't get the second article
8382440	8389560	you don't get christ salvation on the cross if you deny your creator and we have churches who
8389560	8394680	are second article only they're Jesus on the cross and they're gospel only but it's not the real
8394680	8401080	gospel it's not the gospel of scripture it's a fabricated gospel that plays well on the internet
8401080	8408040	with people who hate God and that should be a warning to any Christian it's not a warning to
8408120	8415240	these men and I think that on judgment day we'll we'll see how that plays out but I am I'm not
8415240	8421320	optimistic but at the same time I'm not despairing either because all we can do is obey God
8421320	8426520	and it is it is tremendously comforting to know that my name is written in the book of life from
8426520	8432680	before eternity and the gifts that I have are all from God and whatever good I do in this life is
8433640	8441880	yet is not of me it is not to my credit of my own volition it is solely of and for and by God
8442920	8450040	and that's enough I my relationship is with my creator my my churches where I attend and I'm
8450040	8456920	thankful to have a good one but these men will not ruin Christianity even if they burn our churches
8456920	8460840	to the ground and we will continue to fight to make sure that we don't have to deal with either one
8460840	8466760	of those because it should not be the case and as long as there are faithful men who draw breath
8466760	8471640	even who are willing to speak publicly that will not be the case it's only when the last man
8471640	8478760	goes silent that that happens and we are on the tail end of generations who did go completely silent
8478760	8484040	they abandoned all of these things the inheritance we have been given today is an evil inheritance
8484040	8490040	in our own churches the only good things that we are inheriting in our churches are centuries old
8490040	8495560	all of the new things that we're inheriting need to be set on fire and destroyed and if the men
8495560	8504600	responsible will not relent then they can be put on the pyre 2 I mean in the Lutheran case there's
8504600	8512760	really no better example than we have the book of Concord 1580 centuries old and then we have in
8512760	8518360	contrast the CTCR documents that should all be put in a pile and burned you know like you said
8518360	8523400	it's word and those of course are largely from the 60s yeah no and everything on hi it's
8524520	8530280	truly oh yes but the 60s were a truly apostate decade they were everything that came from the
8530280	8535640	from the 50s and 60s needs to be erased from history nothing can be left standing yes
8537240	8544360	well it is the election episode so I think we'll close out here go through just briefly basically
8544360	8552120	eight sentences describing the eight points on election what election is from the solid declaration
8552120	8559640	the formula of Concord so point one the human race is truly redeemed and reconciled with God
8559640	8567080	through Christ point two such merit and benefits of Christ are presented offered and distributed to
8567080	8574280	us through his word and sacraments point three Christ will be effective and active in us will convert
8574280	8581400	hearts to repentance and preserve them in the true faith point four the spirit will justify all
8581400	8588600	those who in true repentance receive Christ by a true faith point five he will also sanctify and
8588600	8594920	love those who were justified point six he also will protect them in their great weakness against
8594920	8601320	the devil the world and the flesh point seven he will also strengthen increase and support to the
8601320	8609240	end the good work that he has begun in them last point point eight finally he will eternally save
8609240	8619720	and glorify in life eternal those whom he is elected called and justified
8639240	8641800	you