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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast. I am Corey J. Moller and I'm

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well. Today we are talking about the fact that we are living in the ashes of

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Christendom. We're living in an age where we have part of an inheritance that

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came from those before us that used to be Christian and some of us are still

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Christian but the structures underneath the the foundational aspects of what

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gave us the world that was inherited have really gone away and so today's

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episode is about the fact that different people from different groups as they

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look at the state of the world as you like you you turn on the news or you hear

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reports of what's going on in your community or in other communities are

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just nationally or globally it's not just that it's bad news and it's not just

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that the news seems to be getting worse it's that the news seems to be horrific

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and it's becoming horrific in a way that's almost impossible for some people to

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categorize and so as a result there has been a real movement especially

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online it's visible because you can sort of find all sorts of communities

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there there's been a movement to sort of return to tradition you know it's a

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meme you've probably heard and everybody wants to sort of pick their own

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tradition they think that there's a period and time that's going to work great

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you know for some of the zoomers it's the eighties you know they look at vapor

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wave and think that must have been you know it's kind of the peak human

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experience some folks look to the fifties and look at you know sort of the

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June cleaver suburban post-World War II neighborhood as the ideal if you're

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a southerner you may look to the antebellum south as sort of peak

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civilization some people go back to the Renaissance and some people particularly

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if they're not Christians will prefer to point back to ancient Greece and

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ancient Rome or even you know the Phoenicia or the Etruscans because if you go

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back far enough and you cherry pick what it is you're looking at you can sign

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find something that seems good and beautiful and certainly seems like an

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improvement over what we have today but what we want to talk about is why those

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things were good and why they seemed good and whether or not we can just return

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whether you can reboot the eighties or the fifties or the 1850s or there

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there's something that Dr. Koons on the brief history of power podcast mentioned

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it last year I think talking about the the pernicious notion of nostalgia that's

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kind of popped up where we have these affections for periods without

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understanding what was good about them and we think that we can just go

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backwards and get it and so I want to begin today briefly with a story it's

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something that I just serendipitously read this morning 21 years ago over the

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Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night there was an Airbus A330 that was

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flying it six and a half miles up and unbeknownst to the flight crew or to the

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passengers a few days before maintenance crew had made some mistakes when they

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were placing one of the engines and so when those mistakes started causing

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problems during the flight the pilot and co-pilot also made mistakes as they

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were processing the inputs they were getting from their lights they were

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flashing and basically the problem was that they had a fuel leak one of the

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engines had burst a fuel line directly to the engine and so it was just pumping

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fuel overboard in addition to some of the fuel getting into the engine so it was

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still running and I'll put the link in the show notes case you're

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interested in the sort of the process how they figured it out the reason I'm

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mentioning this story now is I think it's a really good example of what it is

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that we're doing as we look at the state of the world because what happened at

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six and a half miles up it like four in the morning the the jet lost and

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exhausted the last of its fuel and so one second the jet was traveling like

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400 knots at 34 and a half thousand feet the lights were on the people knew

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something was wrong but you know it was still flying it was a jet and it was

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flying to its destination when the last of the fuel was exhausted and the engine

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flamed out they were plunged into darkness and there was total silence on that

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plane except for the sound of their screaming because that was obviously

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terrifying now from their perspective on the jet they knew that they were in real

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trouble because the lights were out and you know it's obviously this was bad and

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it wasn't going to get any better but as an external observer I want you to

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think about the fact that 10 seconds before the jet engine went out it was a

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six and a half miles up it was going up 400 knots everything seemed fine it was

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flying when the fuel ran out five seconds after that it was still going up 400

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knots and it was still a six and a half miles up so as you're measuring it kind

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of from a distance it seems like everything's okay it still has the momentum

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ahead before the fuel was exhausted and if you took a measurement a minute

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later they're probably going about 30 knots slower they were down about two

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thousand feet the good news in this case is that the pilot although he had

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misdiagnosed the failures he was a former bush pilot and he was actually a

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former narco trafficker so he'd been on some sketchy planes before and he was

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able to fly this plane with no power just he wasn't really flying it it was

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a glider at that point he managed to get it 75 miles to the Azores because

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again they were over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean he found the nearest

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airport where they could land that thing and he successfully got everyone

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there there were a few minor injuries from the landing but no loss of life so

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had a happy ending in that case but I think it's an example for us it as soon

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as I read that it struck me as I knew we were going to be talking about this

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today it's similar to our situation in this the thesis of this episode is that

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Christianity is and has been the fuel of Christendom's scent and trajectory for

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the last 1500 years and the fuel has run out and we're not even coasting on

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fumes anymore we are just gliding and so the reason that we're losing

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altitude and things are getting bumpy and people are starting to scream is

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that the fuel is gone and we want to talk about today the fact that most

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observers don't understand they haven't diagnosed the problem just like the

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pilot hasn't diagnosed the problem until the very last minute so they don't

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realize it's out of fuel they just think well the plane's going down it should

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go back up you know maybe they just need to return to their prior trajectory

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not understanding that the thing that made it a plane in the first place the

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thing that was keeping it in the air was the fuel and so as we are living

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today in the ashes of Christendom if we don't recognize the Christianity has

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been the fuel that has given the West all of the good things that it has not

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only are we not going to be able to diagnose the problem but we're not in any

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position to restore any of the former glory that we have and the reason that's

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important to Cory and I to frame this in terms of Christianity is that we're

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gonna talk about about Greece and Rome but we're going to make the case that the

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things that we think are good about the world that we have lost are the things

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that Christianity gave us and the things that we look back with nostalgia that

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seemed beautiful in the distance didn't necessarily have that tenor at the

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time if you had modern Christian morals all you don't have to be Christian

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hold them like Western morality as you know as it existed a hundred years ago

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most people even if they weren't Christian they still basically believed in

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good and evil from somewhere they believed in not robbing not murdering not

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doing any harm to your neighbor and so we're making the case that when the

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fuel went out of Christianity and it began to die in the West we lost the

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momentum that was keeping us in the air and the problems we see today are

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because of that loss and we see this in so many of our institutions not just our

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government institutions but also our social institutions our universities our

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corporations so many places it's inertia is what we're running on things were

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going at such a speed and for such a period of time with so much mass behind

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them that even though the engine is now dead and cut out because the fuel is

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gone things continue for a while as if there are no problems but as we go

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things get worse and worse just as if you're in a plane that is runoff fuel you

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cannot help but notice at some point in your descent things are a little off

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and so we see the cracks in the fissures forming in our institutions and

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academia is a great example I'm sure many listening will have at some point

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ban on a university campus as a student perhaps some as professors what

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have you and you can see this happening the quality of the education dropped

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off precipitously long ago but the reputation of the institutions remains and so

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we are turning out students graduates who know far less who are far less

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capable and that will have ramifications down the line for society and we see

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that with collapsing bridges and our space program that it basically defunct

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for decades the private sector has started it up a little bit again we could

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debate exactly the specifics of that another time but we see all of these

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consequences building up as that inertia spends itself and so there are those

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who try to look for some other explanation of what has happened and if you

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don't get to the root causes you won't propose solutions that will actually

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address the problems you see if you happen to be a new listener to this episode

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this episode will stand alone but if you want to check the back archives we've

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only this is an episode of thing 11 so we don't have that many but I would

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recommend beginning with the Christian nationalism episode and then the one

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after it about election in view of headship that was kind of a two-parter in

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one where the first part was about doctrine of the doctrine of election so

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that's a very explicitly Christian part of it and the second half was really

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about the history of Christendom not not at a deep level but but focusing in our

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case on the spread of the gospel and how everything that we think of today as

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Western civilization after Roman Greece has been a fundamentally Christian

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and obviously there was a period of time from about 500 to 1000 AD when

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different parts of Europe were being Christianized to different rates and

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different times but by about a thousand give or take it was the transition was

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pretty well over and so generally as Westerners today when we look back at

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our history and that is our history both the parts that were Christian and

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the parts that were pagan and I I should note I don't think I've mentioned this

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before but when when we use the term pagan it doesn't mean Thor worshiper which

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is really a modern LARP that's not even that's a reinvention of something

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and it's certainly not an insult I say pagan in contrast to Christian another

12:53.160 --> 12:56.840
term might be unbeliever but that kind of kind of seems more adversarial

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because if I say you're an unbeliever it begs the question that you should be

13:01.920 --> 13:05.840
believing in something which I obviously as a Christian believe but I don't

13:05.840 --> 13:09.200
want to pose that challenge to someone who's listening so if I say pagan

13:09.200 --> 13:12.960
or unbeliever it means the same thing and neither neither should be taken as a

13:12.960 --> 13:19.120
pejorative so those European nations beginning with Greece and Rome and

13:19.120 --> 13:27.880
their follow-ons as they became Christian they largely gave a transfer of

13:27.880 --> 13:33.760
what they had into the more modern era now there there are a few different

13:33.760 --> 13:38.640
groups of people on the internet which are obviously just people in real life

13:38.640 --> 13:42.840
but it plays out very clearly online as I mentioned you have kind of zoomers

13:42.840 --> 13:47.760
looking at the vaporment wave nostalgia there's some 50s nostalgia but for the

13:47.760 --> 13:52.520
most part I think a lot of people have a good sense of proper sense that a lot

13:52.520 --> 13:56.320
of our problems begin with the enlightenment which is absolutely true the

13:56.320 --> 14:00.880
reason that Christendom is dead today is that the enlightenment happened and we'll

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do an episode on them the future but it's just a given for everything that

14:03.800 --> 14:07.640
Cory and I say about this stuff

14:07.640 --> 14:15.840
prior to the enlightenment Western Europe Christianity Christendom reached its

14:15.840 --> 14:22.400
pinnacle in terms of arts in terms of cultural advancement which is kind of a

14:22.400 --> 14:26.840
dangerous word because that's what's been happening ever since there's been the

14:26.840 --> 14:32.240
promise of what's called progress the promise of improvement over previous

14:32.240 --> 14:37.320
eras where it's been done through the lens and with the ethos of the

14:37.320 --> 14:43.080
enlightenment where it wasn't a question of how can we serve God better it was a

14:43.080 --> 14:47.200
question of can we do this without God at all because look how well we're

14:47.200 --> 14:52.520
doing today look at all look at everything that we have built and the mistake

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that I think that a lot of people make today especially in the sphere of the

14:57.040 --> 15:04.840
right is to think that the greatness of Europe's history existed without

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Christianity without its influence and that's a really dangerous

15:09.720 --> 15:13.520
presupposition we'll talk about that in a few minutes but there's there's a

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clear dividing line in groups because if if you're not a Christian if you're a

15:16.920 --> 15:22.000
pagan you're gonna want to find something like ancient Greece and Rome where

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they had beautiful architecture they had art they had science they had civilization

15:27.120 --> 15:32.320
it was a proper civilization it was a godless civilization you can also look

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east to China if you've ever had the privilege of seeing some 3,000 year old

15:36.920 --> 15:42.840
Chinese art it is absolutely stunning it is it is far ahead of what the west was

15:42.840 --> 15:47.000
doing 3,000 years ago and I say that as someone who looked at that stuff not

15:47.000 --> 15:51.680
wanting to find out but just objectively the beauty and the intricacy and the

15:51.680 --> 15:56.720
advancement of the art that the Chinese had 3,000 years ago it's it's breathtaking

15:56.720 --> 16:02.760
that's beautiful I think that those periods of time are very interesting because

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if you're a Christian then you must necessarily be a young earth creationist and so

16:08.320 --> 16:15.440
we have the flood and we have Babel about 4,500 years ago so 3,000 years ago is

16:15.440 --> 16:21.160
only 1,500 years from the Tower of Babel where man was scattered and most of

16:21.160 --> 16:25.360
the men who were scattered abandoned God that was that was part of the the

16:25.360 --> 16:34.920
election episode but then succeeding generations fell away from God to different

16:34.920 --> 16:40.400
degrees and suffered different degrees of punishment and decay as a result I'm

16:40.400 --> 16:45.840
not I'm not making that is is a doctrinal claim I just personally based on

16:45.840 --> 16:49.600
observing the timeline and observing the state of the very civilizations I

16:49.600 --> 16:55.040
think it can be derived from the facts that we find from archaeology and from

16:55.040 --> 16:58.880
anthropology we can dig stuff up and we can see the state of civilizations

16:58.880 --> 17:04.320
3,000 years ago versus 2,000 versus 1,000 and I think that if you look at that

17:04.320 --> 17:11.640
history through the view of knowledge of the true God it's clear at least to

17:11.640 --> 17:16.840
me and I hope to to some of you that the further we got from Babel the worse it

17:16.840 --> 17:22.640
got for people who had not maintained a connection with God no obviously by

17:22.640 --> 17:27.680
the time that Jesus arrived it was really just the Jews and a few others who

17:27.680 --> 17:33.960
knew of God and even many of them hated and didn't believe him so it's not

17:33.960 --> 17:38.840
the claim of material gain it's the claim that without God you will lose

17:38.840 --> 17:45.320
other things even if you lose those things with God through Chastisement but

17:45.320 --> 17:50.200
the fact that China was frankly greater 3,000 years ago and it was 2,000 years

17:50.200 --> 17:54.920
ago I think demonstrates that point and that's the case when you look at Rome

17:54.920 --> 18:04.520
and Greece they were degenerate before the birth of Christ yeah they the in so

18:04.520 --> 18:07.720
to address those who might happen to be listening who are not Christians who

18:07.720 --> 18:13.120
maybe have a great fondness for ancient Greece and Rome particularly because a

18:13.120 --> 18:17.080
it seems beautiful and b there was no Jesus around so you don't have to buy

18:17.080 --> 18:22.080
any of this stuff that you know we're selling if you actually look at what

18:22.080 --> 18:27.360
life was like in that period it was basically like we have today there was

18:27.360 --> 18:34.480
abortion there was Sodomy there was Euthanasia there was cruelty a boundless

18:34.480 --> 18:42.120
cruelty based on disqualifying the humanity of other people and in our case

18:42.120 --> 18:45.760
we're not talking about slavery we're talking just about people who would just

18:45.760 --> 18:50.360
be killed because they were they were in the wrong class and you could treat

18:50.360 --> 18:53.840
them like animals you can mistreat them like animals even if you deal with

18:53.840 --> 18:59.200
slavery although that's an episode from their time but just briefly many people

18:59.200 --> 19:04.000
like to bring up that there was a reform under I cannot remember which emperor

19:04.000 --> 19:09.560
now but there was a reform of slavery around the time of the New Testament and all

19:09.560 --> 19:15.160
that it changed was that you needed a reason why you killed your slave and

19:15.200 --> 19:19.560
almost any reason would do because before that in the Roman Empire you could just

19:19.560 --> 19:22.560
kill your slave because you were bored that might still have been a good

19:22.560 --> 19:28.040
enough reason after the reform even but that's the sort of thing you had at the

19:28.040 --> 19:33.080
height of the power of the Roman Empire and obviously you had the the social decay

19:33.080 --> 19:38.080
creeping in as well and Greece had already fallen at this point so and you

19:38.080 --> 19:42.800
mentioned Phoenicia earlier they were known for child sacrifice that was their

19:42.800 --> 19:46.720
big contribution despite some of the things they achieved in their

19:46.720 --> 19:52.320
civilization they burned children alive to their gods in order to get a good

19:52.320 --> 19:58.880
harvest or favorable winds so you can't look back at these societies and not

19:58.880 --> 20:02.720
look at the totality of what they were doing they were doing all of the

20:02.720 --> 20:09.760
sorts of evil things our society is doing today just in a different way and

20:09.760 --> 20:14.160
it's particularly the things that I think the people looking back fondly to

20:14.160 --> 20:19.760
those periods are trying to escape if you're if you want to return to

20:19.760 --> 20:24.120
tradition you want to return to the Roman tradition because they had indoor

20:24.120 --> 20:29.160
plumbing and you know law and order you're going to get all of the things that

20:29.160 --> 20:34.880
you're trying to escape today as well because they were godless and they were

20:34.880 --> 20:39.120
in a period of decay even as they were building their empire now there's a lot

20:39.120 --> 20:41.280
of political stuff that we're not going to get into this because it's not a

20:41.280 --> 20:46.920
political podcast but I just want to point we want to point to those areas in

20:46.920 --> 20:52.960
particular to to try to make the case that the winds the the nostalgia that we

20:52.960 --> 20:58.240
have for those periods if you if you feel that I would strongly encourage you to

20:58.240 --> 21:03.040
look at what life was actually like in those times because I think you'll find

21:03.040 --> 21:07.240
that the things that are decaying today and the things that the

21:07.240 --> 21:12.080
Christianization of the West solved are the very things that you're trying to

21:12.080 --> 21:16.520
escape today and we're making the case that you're escaping it today because

21:16.520 --> 21:21.400
the Christianization of that the West ended and so we're we still have the

21:21.400 --> 21:25.600
technology we have the indoor plumbing we have some of the laws but they're

21:25.600 --> 21:30.800
rapidly being destroyed one by one precisely because the thing that got us

21:30.800 --> 21:37.440
here was not they were white they were high IQ that were good unto ourselves

21:37.440 --> 21:43.240
those to whatever degree those things are blessings they are not intrinsic goods

21:43.240 --> 21:50.400
if we are setting ourself against God and I think that the so that societal

21:50.400 --> 21:55.240
state of Greece and Rome in my opinion demonstrates that they were again they

21:55.240 --> 21:59.560
were just they were depraved they were doing the same sort of depravity that

21:59.560 --> 22:03.840
makes us recoil with your Christian or a pagan today you see the stuff that's

22:03.840 --> 22:08.400
going on in parades and everywhere and you're just you're rightly horrified you

22:08.400 --> 22:13.120
don't need to know God to know that this is the face of evil the face of evil was

22:13.120 --> 22:19.720
the norm 2500 years ago in 2000 years ago as well because although they had

22:19.720 --> 22:24.840
technological advancement and some of it was stunning what they didn't have was

22:24.840 --> 22:31.800
the source of moral authority that does not change across time and the loss of

22:31.800 --> 22:36.540
that structure as Corey said the the fact that the underpinnings have been

22:36.540 --> 22:41.560
knocked out and yet we still have the facade I think makes Christians as well as

22:41.560 --> 22:45.360
unbelievers look at and say well it's still basically mostly Christian you

22:45.360 --> 22:48.880
know some people go to church and yeah it's not as good as it used to be the

22:48.880 --> 22:53.520
reality is that we're not only running on fumes but the engine is out we're

22:53.520 --> 22:59.440
still at 30,000 feet but we're on a glide path to the middle of the ocean and in

22:59.440 --> 23:04.480
our case there's not going to be an azure's island for us to land it because the

23:04.480 --> 23:08.700
problems that we have are the destruction of the air pain like you know the

23:08.700 --> 23:13.960
analogy breaks down to some point you can't you can't save the craft unless you

23:13.960 --> 23:17.680
put the fuel back in it and in their case there is no putting a fuel until they

23:17.680 --> 23:22.280
landed for us the only landing we're gonna have if we don't get this going in

23:22.280 --> 23:26.280
mid air is going to be the complete destruction of everything and

23:26.280 --> 23:33.480
rewinding 30 or 40 or 100 or 200 or 2000 years won't fix our problems if we

23:33.480 --> 23:39.120
don't know what solved the absence of the problems in the first place the word

23:39.120 --> 23:44.040
progress is one of those curious little words that people always get wrong and

23:44.040 --> 23:51.160
so in keeping with a general theme terms and their meanings matter progress

23:51.160 --> 23:57.000
because of the fact that it starts with pro as opposed to say con leads many to

23:57.000 --> 24:01.800
conclude that it is necessarily good that is a secondary meaning of it it is

24:01.800 --> 24:07.080
come to be one of the meanings but that's not inherently what the term means the

24:07.080 --> 24:11.720
term comes from pro in Latin which just means forward and forward is not always

24:11.720 --> 24:16.680
good if you're walking forward and there's a cliff that's generally bad and the

24:16.680 --> 24:20.400
verb for to walk that's all it is to walk forward that's what progress means and

24:20.720 --> 24:26.560
and so what matters is your destination anyone who goes hiking or camping knows that if you're

24:26.560 --> 24:33.440
making progress down the wrong trail that's not a good thing so it matters what your destination is

24:34.240 --> 24:40.160
yes our society is still in some ways making progress but toward what are we progressing

24:40.160 --> 24:45.840
we're progressing toward evil no longer toward good and so you have to be careful when you use

24:45.920 --> 24:52.880
these terms like progress because it is 100% a matter of the destination not just of the fact that

24:52.880 --> 24:57.280
well I'm still upright and walking it must be good that's not necessarily the case

24:58.640 --> 25:03.920
and this is something that we in the church have fallen for hook line and sinker as well as

25:05.280 --> 25:13.600
the post enlightenment expansion of a fundamentally new religion without God progressed the way

25:13.600 --> 25:22.080
cancer progresses in a dying person's body there was the sense that we were leaving the old

25:22.080 --> 25:27.360
things behind and we were discovering new things and new ways of doing things and what's funny is

25:27.360 --> 25:32.080
that if you know history especially you know the history of heresy and the history of ancient

25:32.080 --> 25:39.040
degenerate civilizations we weren't inventing anything new we were rediscovering the same old gods

25:39.040 --> 25:45.760
that had been cast down by prep previous generations there's there's truly nothing new under the sun

25:45.760 --> 25:51.760
you're not going to find something that you think is better and clever that has not been tried

25:51.760 --> 26:00.640
before by people who got it from someplace evil and ran with it and so what's happened particularly

26:00.640 --> 26:06.480
I think since you know I mentioned the antebellum south I think since particularly in the United

26:06.480 --> 26:13.680
States slavery was ended as a legal institution outside of prisons which would be something we'll

26:13.680 --> 26:19.360
talk about in the slavery episode because slavery is still 100% legal in the United States today

26:19.360 --> 26:24.800
go read the 13th amendment if you think I'm wrong slavery is legal it they changed for whom it was

26:24.800 --> 26:31.840
legal that was done principally not by Christians at the time the abolitionists were principally

26:32.880 --> 26:40.880
radicals non-Christians in some cases they were anarchists and so they were fighting in moral terms

26:41.840 --> 26:46.800
for something that when they would try to sell it to Christians it was sold as a moral good as a

26:46.800 --> 26:53.920
Christian good and Christians are commanded to test the spirits it's one of the things that God

26:53.920 --> 26:59.040
says don't just believe somebody that they show up whether it's somebody with a collar or somebody

26:59.040 --> 27:04.080
with a podcast don't just believe them because they say something that sounds convincing test the

27:04.080 --> 27:11.440
spirits does this accord with scripture what happened particularly in the 19th century in the west

27:11.440 --> 27:18.640
was that things like slavery and then following hot on its heels the so-called emancipation of

27:18.640 --> 27:25.840
women funny how they use the same language when women were given the franchise it was done in

27:25.840 --> 27:32.400
moral terms it was done in terms of expanding freedom and expanding so-called rights and in terms

27:32.400 --> 27:39.440
of progress and it was sold in terms that Christians would gobble up because like oh that sounds

27:39.440 --> 27:45.520
Jesus-y because we stopped looking it was scripture says about any of those things scripture has a

27:45.520 --> 27:52.640
lot to say about slavery and it has a lot to say about women and about a woman's place in society and

27:53.600 --> 28:00.800
today when someone hears just the phrase a woman's place it sounds like a physical assault it sounds

28:00.800 --> 28:08.160
like I'm this madman that wants to chain women and wants to belittle and just treat them as subhuman

28:09.120 --> 28:15.600
to know your place in life is one of the greatest blessings it's the reason that teenagers are so

28:15.600 --> 28:20.560
angsty they don't know their place in life because they've been told their teenagers we stop saying

28:20.560 --> 28:25.600
that they're young men and young women where they have a clear trajectory to adulthood and to

28:25.600 --> 28:32.560
entering into civilization with their elders we start calling them teenagers whereas this transit

28:32.560 --> 28:37.040
of property and you know your role of dice and who knows what's gonna come out but you don't have

28:37.040 --> 28:43.920
any idea what your place in life is and so for us to say a woman's place it's intended as a

28:43.920 --> 28:51.280
blessing because God gives clear instructions for what that is and the women who are happiest in

28:51.280 --> 28:58.480
this world today are the ones who are closest to God's model for what they should be doing

28:59.200 --> 29:04.480
because ontology and vocation the more they overlap the more joy we are given

29:05.280 --> 29:13.680
and the attack on slavery and the attack on the absence of feminism which was itself an attack

29:13.680 --> 29:20.480
on civilization the creation of feminism as an idea was done specifically to knock some of these

29:20.480 --> 29:26.000
supports out of civilization not to be clear I'm not saying the slavery was a supportive civilization

29:26.000 --> 29:30.240
I don't believe that I don't think it's a moral good or evil and I think scripture makes that

29:31.200 --> 29:35.040
someone wants to misquote me they're gonna do that anyway I'm not saying you need slavery to have

29:35.040 --> 29:42.880
civilization I don't believe that however if you're a Christian you can have reasons to not want

29:42.880 --> 29:49.680
or to not like slavery but you cannot have reasons that you ascribe to God because God doesn't do

29:49.680 --> 29:55.680
that and what has been happening ever since the 1850s and really since the Enlightenment one by

29:55.680 --> 30:02.720
one we've been taking things where God was clear as we talked about early on the genealogy of ideas

30:02.720 --> 30:09.200
there's never been any doubt about these questions in all of Christian history until suddenly

30:09.200 --> 30:13.920
these questions arose and people like wow this is fascinating I'm really concerned that everyone

30:13.920 --> 30:18.800
before me isn't hell because they were underpentant centers for doing these things and so more and

30:18.800 --> 30:26.160
more today worldly ideas that have no genesis and scripture they have no nexus to God are

30:26.160 --> 30:31.280
imported they're slathered in Jesus butter and everyone is told yeah that's Christian because

30:31.280 --> 30:35.920
it sounds loving and that has to be the end of the argument and if you point to scripture and say

30:35.920 --> 30:42.080
well what does scripture say about slaves or what does scripture say about women you're attacked

30:42.080 --> 30:47.600
you're shouted down as an evil person now are there evil people who've asked those questions I don't

30:47.840 --> 30:55.360
probably but is the question evil no as a Christian the question is vital and as someone

30:56.000 --> 31:02.880
trying to undo the damage civilizationally they were facing today the questions must be asked

31:02.880 --> 31:09.200
because the fuel ran out of Christianity as we stopped believing the Bible even as we talk about

31:09.200 --> 31:14.800
solar scripture and how yeah I believe everything in there we just say well yeah but that's not what

31:14.800 --> 31:19.440
that means or that was in that day it doesn't really apply well no one ever thought that before

31:19.440 --> 31:27.760
and the fact that we freely think that now is precisely why civilization and Christendom are in a

31:27.760 --> 31:34.880
nose dive and we don't know how to fix it because we refuse to actually turn back to the God who gave

31:34.880 --> 31:42.000
us the tools to prevent the decay that is frankly being given to us as punishment God is abandoning

31:42.000 --> 31:48.800
us to our base or passions and we deserve the destruction if we don't return to godly living

31:48.800 --> 31:53.680
and so we're trying to reframe this episode in Christian in terms of Christianity because it is

31:53.680 --> 31:59.600
the only source of truth they can maintain these things over extended periods of time if you live

31:59.600 --> 32:04.640
a life in a court with God you will live a blessed life you might not be prosperous but you will

32:04.640 --> 32:10.800
be prospered by God even if you're poor even if all your children die in infancy you will still be

32:10.800 --> 32:15.920
prospered we don't know what form it's going to take but we know the God will bless us and we

32:15.920 --> 32:20.720
also know the God will punish us when we turn our backs on him and we've done that and

32:22.000 --> 32:27.680
Cory and I want people to ask the questions about you know maybe we need to turn on the lights in

32:27.680 --> 32:32.560
here so we can see what we're doing because we're not looking to scripture when these problems arise

32:32.560 --> 32:36.160
and if Christians can't look to scripture to help guide the rest of the world

32:37.120 --> 32:44.000
how are we doing our duty as Christians are we not hiding our light under a bushel if we can't

32:44.000 --> 32:50.080
even explain how evil is evil and good is good and maybe we should do one and not the other and

32:50.080 --> 32:57.120
here's why and if you look at all these movements that were born really as the children of the

32:57.120 --> 33:04.400
enlightenment which would be the anti-slavery feminism all of these various things one of the

33:04.400 --> 33:15.440
underlying goals is atomization the goal is to separate people men and women from the groups

33:15.440 --> 33:20.960
into which God placed them it's to separate women from their families it's to separate men from

33:20.960 --> 33:27.280
their families it's to say you're not a member of a class or a group or a race or any of these

33:27.280 --> 33:34.240
other things you're an individual and it's only you you're the only one who matters and that's

33:34.320 --> 33:39.840
not how God made us and that's the reason it's fundamentally subversive all of these various

33:39.840 --> 33:46.400
movements and the reason that it knocks the legs out from under any civilization that's the

33:46.400 --> 33:51.680
death of Christendom that's the death of civilization when people when men and women start thinking

33:51.680 --> 33:59.840
of themselves as an individual first and foremost instead of a father or a mother or a son or a

33:59.840 --> 34:04.320
daughter or a brother or a sister because these are the things God made you

34:05.920 --> 34:13.840
you are in the family God gave you because God gave you that family God created you in the womb

34:13.840 --> 34:18.240
to make you part of that family to make you a child of your mother and your father

34:19.760 --> 34:25.200
God made you the race that you are God made you all of the various things where the attributes

34:25.200 --> 34:31.440
you have are gifts from God so when you just start denying these things and saying that no I am

34:31.440 --> 34:36.720
this self-sufficient island I stand alone and I need no one else and nothing

34:38.160 --> 34:43.920
you are denying the reality of creation you are denying what God created and you are becoming

34:43.920 --> 34:49.040
part of the problem you are becoming part of what is destroying civilization all around us

34:50.160 --> 34:54.640
and that is what these have in common and of course they have that in common because they have a

34:54.640 --> 35:03.600
common motivating intelligence behind them and as I've said before no human beings could not

35:03.600 --> 35:09.200
form these sorts of conspiracies over a course of centuries and orchestrate these things we know

35:09.200 --> 35:13.680
historically humans are not very good at working on that scale at least in secret for that long

35:14.800 --> 35:23.520
but Satan is and ultimately that is the power behind all of these movements and that's why they

35:23.520 --> 35:28.640
have a coherent goal that's why they all work toward that goal because there is actually a plan

35:29.360 --> 35:36.720
and so you can choose do you want to be on that side with Satan supporting his forces or do you

35:36.720 --> 35:42.400
want to be on God's side it's a very stark choice and one would think it would be an easy choice

35:43.040 --> 35:49.760
but so many today make the choice that no I like these things that the enlightenment has given me

35:49.760 --> 35:55.200
even though they're cancer in the short run they're pleasant some of them and so people opt to

35:55.200 --> 36:00.720
keep those instead of asking the hard questions actually looking at scripture seeing what it is

36:00.720 --> 36:09.600
that God says is right and true and good and as Christians first and foremost we should be looking

36:09.600 --> 36:15.760
to scripture to see what God has said about these things not looking to what the world has done

36:15.760 --> 36:22.000
not looking to what we are told is progress a great example of looking to scripture and

36:22.000 --> 36:29.360
atomization can be found in 2nd Corinthians 12 where God says for children are not obligated

36:29.360 --> 36:35.280
to save up for their parents but parents for their children now try saying that in a room full of

36:35.280 --> 36:44.720
boomers and see if you don't get lynched because that the idea of atomization and individualization

36:44.720 --> 36:50.320
and I got mine and you need to earner yours and pick yourself up from by your bootstraps

36:50.320 --> 36:56.960
have become so normal that those are now moral claims it's not simply wisdom whether it's true

36:56.960 --> 37:04.560
or false but those are moral dicta that are given by older generations to younger generations

37:04.560 --> 37:10.400
without regard to their circumstances without regard to the fact that picking yourself up by your

37:10.400 --> 37:18.240
bootstraps isn't possible today the way it was 50 years ago well and only that it's fundamentally

37:18.240 --> 37:24.000
impossible which is one thing that I think is funny because it came over from a German fairy tale

37:24.000 --> 37:28.960
it's Baron Moonchausen and one of the the famous stories about him it's it's told in various ways

37:28.960 --> 37:35.920
but he saves himself and his horse from quicksand or a muddy trap whatever it happens to be in the

37:35.920 --> 37:42.480
particular tale by pulling himself and his horse up by his hair well some of them are pulling

37:42.480 --> 37:46.560
himself up by his bootstraps that's where we literally get it from it was meant to be something

37:46.560 --> 37:52.960
that is literally impossible and it's become this phrase in the US that's practically sacrosanct

37:52.960 --> 37:57.600
that will know you pull yourself up by your boot it's meant to be something that is impossible

37:58.160 --> 38:03.280
and so this is great irony that it's used so frequently to mean that that somehow this is

38:03.280 --> 38:07.520
something you can do if you just work hard enough I guess we can all be Baron Moonchausen and pull

38:07.520 --> 38:15.760
our horse out of a muddy puddle by pulling our own hair that's amazing there's another application

38:15.760 --> 38:23.360
of that same technique in a different fairy tale of Rumpel Stiltskin in the original ending the way

38:23.360 --> 38:29.840
he died when she guessed his name was he stamped his foot so hard that he got one of his feet stuck

38:30.000 --> 38:36.560
in the ground and he pulled his other foot up over his head and tore himself in half and died

38:37.120 --> 38:41.680
so when he tried to pull himself up by his bootstraps that's how it actually ends up you end up

38:42.560 --> 38:53.120
eviscerated and dead and you know it's so atomized as yeah return to the dust I guess that's

38:53.120 --> 38:59.840
the only biblical part of the whole thing it's you know the fact that scripture says the

38:59.840 --> 39:05.040
women are to be silent and this slaves are to obey their masters and that parents are to save

39:05.040 --> 39:10.240
up for their children these are countercultural things today these are things that will make

39:10.240 --> 39:15.520
people so angry that they will say you're not Christian simply for quoting scripture

39:16.320 --> 39:23.120
and the reason we're doing this podcast series the reason that were that we had spent the

39:23.120 --> 39:30.640
money and the time to do any of this was that more and more we saw Christians reacting with visceral

39:30.640 --> 39:38.720
hatred to the plain words of scripture and as we look like I've said before and Cory and I

39:38.720 --> 39:45.280
both spent a lot of time reaching out to people who are not Christians to explain the world

39:46.080 --> 39:52.720
in Christian terms that they can understand yet it's funny when the the communion thing blew up

39:52.720 --> 39:58.320
in the last couple weeks there were at least two different one was a not a Lutheran one wasn't a

39:58.320 --> 40:04.160
Christian at all who asked if I could briefly explain what the controversy was and in both cases

40:04.160 --> 40:10.160
in like four tweets which is 280 characters each I was able to explain it well enough that they

40:10.160 --> 40:16.320
said thank you I understand perfectly what's going on now now that sort of clarity of speech and

40:16.320 --> 40:21.840
thought and communication should be the bare minimum that should be table stakes for any pastor who

40:21.840 --> 40:27.280
wants to speak on any issue and as Christians we should be equipped whenever we're speaking about

40:27.280 --> 40:33.440
the world to speak in such a way that if someone doesn't know God and they don't care about God

40:33.440 --> 40:40.400
maybe we can make the pragmatic case for God that's not a bad thing to say you know what the

40:40.400 --> 40:45.680
suffering in the misery in your family for the last couple generations you know this isn't

40:45.680 --> 40:50.720
your opening salvo but at some point you should be able to make the point to them that the decay

40:50.720 --> 40:56.800
in the misery that you're suffering from is due to disobedience to God the the fact that the

40:56.800 --> 41:02.960
you know grandpa was alcoholic and mom was abusive and the kid is now looking a hormone replacement

41:02.960 --> 41:09.840
therapy and you just found Jesus and you're like once you once those people find Jesus they

41:09.840 --> 41:17.520
understand what was missing from all those previous generations but the curse of sin

41:18.640 --> 41:25.360
is baked into the acts of sinfulness the fact that when you do evil you will typically get

41:25.360 --> 41:31.600
walloped immediately with the evil consequences there might be a delay of you know a few minutes or

41:31.600 --> 41:37.440
six months or a year but you're always going to pay the price for whatever evil you do not just

41:37.440 --> 41:43.520
from guilt and not talking about the eternal price talking about in this life you know sometimes

41:43.520 --> 41:49.600
people can steal stuff and get away with the consequences yeah and and temporal consequences are

41:50.880 --> 41:55.840
are something that Christians used to believe in it's something that we you know Lutherans confess

41:55.840 --> 42:02.640
every Sunday when we confess our sins but if you don't believe that how can you explain to

42:02.640 --> 42:07.360
someone who's not a Christian who's looking at you know we're sitting in the ashes of Christ

42:07.360 --> 42:14.800
and we're seeing everything collapsing around us and we don't understand why and on one hand

42:15.760 --> 42:21.120
like we're not simply saying well yeah this is God punishing us like that's true but it's not

42:21.600 --> 42:28.240
it's not even close to the most interesting part of what's going on because God's punishment

42:28.240 --> 42:37.200
is reversible when the sin ends when Israel repented God stopped chastising them and then they would

42:37.200 --> 42:42.000
fall into sin again and they would be chastised again and it was a cycle and it's a human cycle

42:42.000 --> 42:47.040
it wasn't particular to them it's particular to all of us and what we've seen and what we

42:47.120 --> 42:53.280
described in the election episode and are continuing here is that for Western

42:54.640 --> 43:00.240
society and civilization we had an incredibly long long arc of well over a thousand years

43:00.720 --> 43:06.800
where God's blessings were poured out pretty much continuously and we had exponential growth

43:06.800 --> 43:13.920
of population in a entirely sustainable manner it wasn't simply ballooning as has happened

43:13.920 --> 43:20.640
in Africa and they're only kept alive completely artificially by drug and food subsidies are

43:20.640 --> 43:26.240
shipped in from outside their natural population is 20% or less of what they have today

43:26.960 --> 43:32.880
and that was not the case in Europe Europe grew as God gave the growth and we were able to

43:32.880 --> 43:37.920
continue to feed ourselves despite not having a whole lot of arable land through improvements

43:37.920 --> 43:43.040
and technology which are the result of wisdom which are the result of blessing and so

43:43.920 --> 43:48.800
Christians shouldn't be afraid of science and we shouldn't be afraid of knowledge but we should

43:48.800 --> 43:54.400
because we should understand that those good things come from God but they're gifts just like

43:55.040 --> 44:00.080
if you are given a million dollars from some long dead aunt that you didn't even know existed

44:00.720 --> 44:06.480
that's a gift from God what kind of person are you after that are you the kind of goes and blows

44:06.480 --> 44:12.880
it all on drugs or on fast cars or on gambling or do you save it away or do you put it to work

44:12.880 --> 44:17.920
in the church or you know there's not a right answer but there are a lot of wrong answers

44:18.480 --> 44:26.640
and when God gives us gifts we need to be conscious of the fact one that they're coming from God

44:26.640 --> 44:33.760
and two that they're not just for us to sit on or to be happy they're for us to be a blessing in

44:33.760 --> 44:40.320
the lives of others so if you're given the gift of being able to explain things clearly use that

44:40.320 --> 44:45.600
gift to explain important things clearly to people who need them explained and if you're not given

44:45.600 --> 44:52.160
the gift please don't try beyond your limits please find someone who can help explain things so

44:52.160 --> 44:58.960
that you don't make things worse the gifts that God has given God will also withdraw you know we

44:59.920 --> 45:05.280
we see this with the weather and we see this with famine scriptures very clear that the storehouses

45:05.280 --> 45:11.040
of the winds are controlled by God and the fact that today we understand that the sun heats

45:11.040 --> 45:16.880
the earth's crust and gives rise to currents that rise and fall and cause the winds to blow

45:17.520 --> 45:23.680
doesn't change the fact that God controls the winds there can be both sides of the sun so

45:23.840 --> 45:31.360
yes yeah just moves at one step yeah exactly but that's that's the way God designed the system

45:31.360 --> 45:36.320
and that's the system that God is operating and continuing to maintain and I think that

45:37.760 --> 45:43.760
the reason one of the reasons that the enlightenment was so damaging was that on one hand our

45:43.760 --> 45:50.240
scientific and we talked about this a little bit a couple weeks ago but Scantia is Latin for

45:50.240 --> 45:58.800
knowledge it doesn't mean truth that's where it's us Scantia means knowledge science is the

45:58.800 --> 46:05.920
pursuit of knowledge and knowledge is implicitly of truth you can't know something false you can

46:05.920 --> 46:13.360
be misled but you have knowledge if you have knowledge you have knowledge of a true thing so science

46:14.080 --> 46:19.600
properly understood can only ever be right to the degree that it understands something

46:19.600 --> 46:25.680
and a lot of science involves speculation and hypothesis and proving and disproving hypotheses

46:25.680 --> 46:31.920
but ultimately the things that we understand about the world if you have a Christian worldview it's

46:31.920 --> 46:40.640
simply laying bare more of what God is doing and again we shouldn't be afraid of thinking and talking

46:40.640 --> 46:46.000
in these ways because there are people who don't know God but they know science maybe they know

46:46.000 --> 46:52.240
the crappy modern version of science that's really nothing of the sort but they see some value at

46:52.240 --> 47:00.480
least in the historical trajectory of gaining knowledge of the universe if we can only as Christians

47:00.480 --> 47:04.480
argue with them and say well that's not true that's not true and have no other explanation for

47:04.480 --> 47:11.040
anything we look stupid as Cory said last week you just look dumb because they don't know God

47:11.120 --> 47:15.840
but they know that that's nonsense and if you're telling them nonsense in a way that's

47:15.840 --> 47:21.520
verifiable to them is untrue they will never listen to you and believe things that they don't

47:21.520 --> 47:32.000
have knowledge of and so the trajectory of God's work in history and the manner in which he works

47:32.000 --> 47:40.160
in space and time is important to us because his wrath ebbs and flows according to our sin

47:40.160 --> 47:45.200
and so do his blessings and I'm not trying to do you know the jury fall while throwing a

47:45.200 --> 47:49.840
attributing a particular storm to a particular sin I don't necessarily think that's invalid but

47:50.960 --> 47:56.640
I think it's typological they're small and big ways that these things manifest and we're not

47:56.640 --> 48:03.360
prophets we can't correlate these things in without with perfect certainty but we can know in general

48:03.360 --> 48:08.880
that when things are getting worse is a Christian we need to understand that's chastisement

48:09.440 --> 48:15.200
and we have to ask the question chastisement for what and so we're talking about the ashes of

48:15.200 --> 48:21.600
Christendom because we're so far down the path of the what that we can't even see it anymore we

48:21.600 --> 48:27.840
got to throw this thing in reverse and go full blast just to get back to where we can have some

48:27.840 --> 48:33.280
semblance of Christianity even while we're still celebrating the liturgy in church and we still

48:33.280 --> 48:39.360
have the Bible and we're still Christians on Sunday the point we're trying to make is let's be

48:39.360 --> 48:46.960
Christians every day not about doing good works for salvation but about being beacons of God's

48:46.960 --> 48:54.640
truth in every step of your life because if you're doing that God will continue to open doors for

48:54.640 --> 48:59.360
you to be able to explain things to people that would never have happened if you don't let people

48:59.360 --> 49:04.080
know your Christian and let them know you have something to say and maybe they won't believe you

49:04.080 --> 49:09.200
maybe they'll think it was stupid who cares I get called stupid all the time by people who are

49:09.200 --> 49:12.880
aren't even close to how smart I am and I don't take it personally they don't they don't understand

49:13.600 --> 49:19.760
that's that's for the IQ episode but you can't care you can't care if people don't like you or

49:19.760 --> 49:25.280
don't believe you tell the truth and let that be its own reward and you'll be surprised and blessed

49:25.280 --> 49:29.360
by who does hear you because it'll be something you didn't even know was listening but we got to

49:29.360 --> 49:34.480
talk about these things frankly and we got to talk about them to people who think we're stupid

49:34.480 --> 49:40.000
when we say the believe in Jesus that's part of it that's part of being a Christian and modern

49:40.000 --> 49:46.880
evangelism is about talking about these things the entire project of the enlightenment essentially was

49:46.880 --> 49:54.160
to remove God from everything because the animating intelligence behind the enlightenment I would hope

49:54.160 --> 50:00.240
would be obvious by now but that was accomplished by redefining knowledge and truth

50:02.000 --> 50:09.840
and for centuries it had been the case that the physical sciences the artist's surveillance the

50:09.840 --> 50:17.200
survival arts were considered secondary to the artist's liberales the liberal arts which would

50:17.200 --> 50:24.560
include such things as philosophy and theology theology was originally conceived of as the queen

50:24.560 --> 50:31.200
of the sciences it was the pinnacle of human knowledge everything else flowed from that because

50:31.200 --> 50:39.520
that was knowledge of ultimate things ultimate truth ultimate good and so in so far as things

50:39.520 --> 50:48.400
agreed with truth they were considered useful or good and so science was a method so developed

50:48.960 --> 50:54.800
in the more modern sense of the term to go about acquiring knowledge that was consistent with the

50:54.800 --> 51:02.800
good the beautiful and the true however it is still the case that truth is prior to knowledge

51:03.520 --> 51:09.120
what the enlightenment attempted to do was redefine it so that truth is merely the cumulative

51:10.080 --> 51:18.080
noun in order to describe its sort of the plural of plurals of data of knowledge and so if you acquire

51:18.080 --> 51:24.640
enough data well that adds up to a truth that's not how it works truth is something fundamentally

51:24.640 --> 51:30.160
different and so what we're talking about here is truth we're talking about ultimate realities

51:30.720 --> 51:37.680
not just a collection of data points that give us a pattern and point to something a probabilistic

51:37.680 --> 51:47.040
reality as it were but to go back for a second here to God blessing and cursing because both are

51:47.040 --> 51:52.880
of course present in scripture I thought of Jeremiah 18 and so I'll read verses 7 through I think 10

51:52.880 --> 51:59.920
here if at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will pluck up and break down

52:00.000 --> 52:06.160
and destroy it and if that nation concerning which I have spoken turns from its evil I will

52:06.160 --> 52:11.360
relent of the disaster that I intended to do to it and if at any time I declare concerning a

52:11.360 --> 52:17.200
nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it and if it does evil in my sight not listening to

52:17.200 --> 52:25.200
my voice then I will relent of the good that I had intended to do to it right now we are a bit of

52:25.200 --> 52:31.120
both of those because obviously in centuries past we were the kingdom God planted and blessed

52:31.120 --> 52:39.280
and we turned from him now we are the wicked kingdom that God is going to curse and if we turn

52:39.280 --> 52:43.600
back to God of course he will bless us again in the words of David I believe that I will see the good

52:43.600 --> 52:51.680
of the Lord and the land of the living and so if we turn back to God he will relent of the judgment

52:51.760 --> 52:54.800
that's just in his word that's what he promises we believe his word

52:56.960 --> 53:02.320
but currently our society is not turning back to God it is doubling down on rejecting him

53:03.280 --> 53:08.960
and part of that is because Christians no longer know how to talk about God how to actually

53:08.960 --> 53:15.280
believe in God and to act as Christians out in the world where Christians as was said for an hour

53:15.280 --> 53:20.320
an hour and a half three hours whatever it is on Sunday for the liturgy and Bible study and then

53:20.320 --> 53:24.560
we live the rest of our life that's not how it's supposed to be we are supposed to be Christians

53:25.200 --> 53:34.400
24-7 our entire lives not just for an hour or two on Sunday so if you apply that frame to the

53:34.400 --> 53:39.200
the different time periods that I mentioned towards the beginning of the episode going back to the

53:39.200 --> 53:45.040
80s is I can us all of this problem you know and everything's the pink and lasers no

53:45.280 --> 53:50.800
hey there's Christianity was already dead at that point it's just that there was less momentum lost

53:50.800 --> 53:56.880
than than we're seeing now going back to the 50s no better the same problems because you're

53:56.880 --> 54:03.280
already centuries into the enlightenment you're over a century into the revolution against headship

54:03.280 --> 54:10.800
that occurred first in the civil war and then in the 19th amendment going back to the renaissance

54:10.800 --> 54:17.360
doesn't help either because even when you get there the question is what good did they have why

54:17.360 --> 54:21.840
did they have it it's not because they were European it's not because they were white it's not

54:21.840 --> 54:28.640
because they had a monarchy although that's an improvement that's what God has ordained since

54:28.640 --> 54:35.840
we cease to have his direct intervention what was good about them was that they lived and walked

54:36.560 --> 54:40.880
and obviously there were terrible things that happened then too we're not we're not making the

54:40.880 --> 54:46.720
error that we're trying to condemn here by saying that it was a true pure golden age were only

54:46.720 --> 54:52.240
Christianity prevailed obviously you can look at the wars and the famines and the things and see

54:52.240 --> 54:58.240
that there was chastisement them then as well so the reason that we're highlighting those things

54:58.240 --> 55:04.720
and that we previously highlighted Rome and Greece is to point to in all of these periods the only

55:04.720 --> 55:12.400
good things that we had were because we were living in accord with God yeah I mentioned we talked

55:12.400 --> 55:18.560
I think last week about BLM and about their web page where they talked about attacking slavery

55:18.560 --> 55:25.360
attacking the patriarchy attacking heteronormativity very interesting and I forgot to mention at

55:25.360 --> 55:33.680
then but that their manifesto was basically a complete inversion of Galatians 328 and 329

55:34.720 --> 55:47.120
God Satan knows scripture Satan when Satan laid out his roadmap on the BLM website for what he

55:47.120 --> 55:54.720
was planning to do in 2020 and beyond it's no coincidence that it reads like Galatians 328 and when

55:54.720 --> 56:00.000
you read that verse there's a tremendous amount to unpack their quarries probably gonna write a book

56:00.000 --> 56:06.240
about it pretty soon if he finishes if he hasn't run out of ink well I won't run out of ink

56:06.240 --> 56:11.120
thankfully I do have enough of that it's just there's that matter of time if God gives me the time

56:13.200 --> 56:19.360
but if you're not looking at scripture if you're looking at it through enlightenment eyes you're

56:19.360 --> 56:27.040
gonna read Galatians 328 in a very particular way that no one received it prior to the enlightenment

56:28.480 --> 56:32.080
the way it was received in Christianity prior to us

56:32.960 --> 56:36.400
ceasing to believe in God even while we still call ourselves Christians

56:36.400 --> 56:40.640
what it was strictly sociological it is strictly about how faith

56:41.840 --> 56:48.080
saves us and how God acts within creation without regard to class without regard to race without

56:48.080 --> 56:56.400
regard to sex and the fact that God vertically interacts with us in that way does not change the

56:56.400 --> 57:04.320
horizontal interactions that we have with each other it's an interpretation of those yes it has

57:04.320 --> 57:09.600
precisely because it's using yeah it's using real things in order to make an important point if

57:09.600 --> 57:14.560
these were all illusory if these were false that they were not real then the verse would be either

57:14.560 --> 57:21.120
incoherent or useless but it's not because these are all real I've practically memorized it by now

57:21.120 --> 57:27.200
but I'll I'll go ahead and pull it up I've got I have log us up in the background so there is neither

57:27.200 --> 57:33.520
June or Greek there is neither slave nor free there is no male and female for you are all one in Jesus

57:33.520 --> 57:42.640
Christ and what people latch on to is that one in Jesus Christ now that's referring to the church

57:42.640 --> 57:50.960
that's referring to Christ's bride we are unified through faith as the bride of Christ with our head

57:50.960 --> 57:59.120
who is the head of the church that's salvation talk that's not in this life talk we are not all

57:59.120 --> 58:04.640
one in this life and that was never God's intention you know who's intention it was to be all

58:04.640 --> 58:10.480
one in this life that's the cry of Babel that was what they were saying at the tower of Babel we

58:10.480 --> 58:16.960
will we will show the whole world that we are unified that we can do things that are unthinkable

58:18.080 --> 58:24.560
they had technological advancement they had pride and God scattered them by confusing our language

58:24.560 --> 58:32.160
specifically so that man would no longer be one and today when you say man is not one no

58:32.480 --> 58:42.000
we're not setting Galatians 3 28 against Genesis 9 or 10 or 11 wherever is where is thing 9

58:42.640 --> 58:47.840
anyway we're not setting against the tower of Babel we're specifically saying that when God saw

58:47.840 --> 58:55.360
that man was trying to be one God saw was evil it was one of the most profound evils in human

58:55.360 --> 59:01.040
history it was probably an evil second only to the flood because how many times does God

59:01.040 --> 59:09.280
intervene globally with a curse that affects every man not often you'll have localized curses

59:09.280 --> 59:14.960
but the flood wiped out all but eight and Babel confused all language for all time even in heaven

59:15.680 --> 59:21.600
languages are preserved they're no longer confused in Revelation 7 9 and following it talks about

59:21.600 --> 59:27.680
how every tongue was represented they still have their tongues in heaven we will be able to

59:27.680 --> 59:32.720
understand each other but are unique distinctive identities as different races with different

59:32.720 --> 59:38.560
languages we have no reason believe that those won't be preserved now I think it's important to

59:38.560 --> 59:45.760
note when we're talking about this that Pentecost didn't undo Babel Pentecost was the fulfillment of

59:45.760 --> 59:51.920
Galatians 3 28 if you look at it closely the words that they were speaking at Pentecost they couldn't

59:51.920 --> 59:55.680
just understand each other they weren't just sitting around having a conversation what could they

59:55.680 --> 01:00:01.840
understand they understood the gospel the preaching of the word of God and the announcement of

01:00:02.320 --> 01:00:08.160
Jesus Christ coming as the Savior is what they understood in their own tongues it was

01:00:08.160 --> 01:00:13.280
salvific it pointed to God it didn't mean that they could order off a Chinese menu even though

01:00:13.280 --> 01:00:18.640
they were Greek that was not the point that was not the gift God did not use Pentecost and he

01:00:18.640 --> 01:00:26.560
did not use Christianity to turn mankind back into one and today to say that we'll probably get

01:00:26.560 --> 01:00:32.160
you kicked out of even a lot of Lutheran churches because we are again we're so inculcated in the

01:00:32.160 --> 01:00:39.760
the enlightenment viewpoint that is fundamentally satanic it is an undoing of Babel it's an undoing

01:00:39.760 --> 01:00:46.240
of Galatians 3 28 it's a reversal of the things that God has done and God has declared and it's

01:00:46.240 --> 01:00:53.200
saying no humanity will once again be united but not in Jesus when God says we are one in Jesus

01:00:53.920 --> 01:01:01.520
that's about faith we're only one in so far as we are the elect we are not one because we're all

01:01:01.520 --> 01:01:07.840
human that's there's no such thing and that is that's basically the gospel today to most people

01:01:07.840 --> 01:01:16.560
it's a false gospel from a false God but it's presented in terms that sound Jesusy they sound

01:01:16.560 --> 01:01:22.400
sort of Christian and even Christians fall for it and then Satan can keep going he can keep

01:01:22.400 --> 01:01:28.880
marching because like we see keeps saying if you fall for one trick if you fall for one lie you're

01:01:28.880 --> 01:01:34.080
going to fall for one after another and eventually you're going to find yourself so far separated

01:01:34.080 --> 01:01:38.960
from God that you won't even realize that you've run out of fuel and that you're coasting

01:01:39.520 --> 01:01:43.680
into the the Atlantic Ocean for the morning and there's no island for you to land on

01:01:45.440 --> 01:01:52.160
speaking of lies when we use Galatians 3 28 we should probably really use 3 29 as well

01:01:52.720 --> 01:01:58.400
just because it refutes one of the most common lies in particularly American Christianity today

01:01:59.040 --> 01:02:06.160
and just to read that verse and if you are Christ's then you are Abraham's offspring

01:02:06.160 --> 01:02:12.800
heirs according to the promise which of course is a blunt and complete refutation of Zionism

01:02:13.600 --> 01:02:22.160
sometimes called Christian Zionism the Jews aren't chosen the elector chosen and you are amongst

01:02:22.160 --> 01:02:26.880
the elect if you are heirs according to the promised which is to say if you are in Christ

01:02:27.600 --> 01:02:32.800
and so really we should make sure to include that verse just because it is such an important verse

01:02:32.800 --> 01:02:40.800
for our context and again it's it's another one of the lies that yes these ethnic distinctions race

01:02:40.800 --> 01:02:47.840
these are real things these do matter but 3 28 this part of Galatians is dealing with so

01:02:48.000 --> 01:02:55.440
tearyology not with the physical reality that we live in now not with horizontal relationships

01:02:56.720 --> 01:03:02.560
or even more will be preserved in heaven because the nations are there well because they're good

01:03:03.280 --> 01:03:08.800
the destruction of that which is good is evil and so God is not going to destroy these things

01:03:08.800 --> 01:03:16.640
because they are part of his good creation the nations probably were part of his design from the

01:03:16.640 --> 01:03:23.040
beginning perhaps babble accelerated things we don't know exactly how that worked out but we know

01:03:23.040 --> 01:03:28.880
that the nations are good because in revelation they are preserved the kings of the nations will

01:03:28.880 --> 01:03:35.120
bring the glory of the nations into the new heavens and the new earth that means they are preserved

01:03:35.120 --> 01:03:40.320
and only that which is good is preserved because there is nothing wicked or evil or wrong in

01:03:40.320 --> 01:03:47.360
paradise and so we know the nations the races are good I think we can absolutely say that because

01:03:47.360 --> 01:03:51.760
the God the command that God gave to Abraham and that he reiterated to Noah or sorry not to Abraham

01:03:51.760 --> 01:03:59.520
to add him and reiterated to Noah was be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it

01:03:59.520 --> 01:04:05.840
and babble was about refusing to fill the earth now earth doesn't just mean the Mesopotamian

01:04:05.840 --> 01:04:14.240
it means the whole planet and what happens when you move from Mount Ararat to Norway you get pale

01:04:14.240 --> 01:04:19.360
and you get light eyes because because it's the only way that you don't go snow blind because it's

01:04:19.360 --> 01:04:24.160
really bright up there and there's hardly any sunshine and you need vitamin D and you need to be

01:04:24.160 --> 01:04:30.320
able to see so you turn into a Norwegian when you move to Norway when you move to Ethiopia not any

01:04:30.480 --> 01:04:37.360
more dark skin yes yeah that was that was a one time thing God built in same for dogs you can't

01:04:37.360 --> 01:04:42.640
go from a Chihuahua back to a golden retriever but from the original breed stock you could get both

01:04:43.680 --> 01:04:48.720
yeah and so all of the genetic diversity that we observed today was preserved and

01:04:49.680 --> 01:04:56.960
Noah and his sons and their wives and the diversity of the three distinct major nations almost

01:04:56.960 --> 01:05:01.600
certainly comes from the three wives of the men who were they were descended from people who

01:05:01.600 --> 01:05:06.080
were killed in the flood they were descended from people who were different and there'd been about

01:05:06.080 --> 01:05:14.640
10 generations so there had been time for genetic divergence at that point and that filtering and

01:05:14.640 --> 01:05:19.840
that winnowing and then that expansion through babble ensured that people went where God wanted

01:05:19.840 --> 01:05:25.920
them to go act 1726 that says that God appointed the dwelling places of the nations and the boundaries

01:05:26.720 --> 01:05:32.560
God ordained for nations to go to places you ordained for Ethiopians to live in Ethiopia

01:05:32.560 --> 01:05:42.320
and Norwegians to live in Norway and the undoing of that is contrary to God's will and yet today

01:05:42.320 --> 01:05:49.360
it's practically the rallying cry many of our I'd say churches in the most small sea version possible

01:05:49.840 --> 01:05:55.600
their pastors who advocate these things again in view of the enlightenment and so the reason

01:05:55.600 --> 01:06:03.040
that we're ending this episode about chrysanthemes ashes is that it's not just cultural it's not just

01:06:03.040 --> 01:06:10.480
about the law and about good behavior in public it's about our ability to even hear the word of God

01:06:11.200 --> 01:06:18.080
you know when King Josiah rediscovered the law that had been lost they didn't simply lost

01:06:18.240 --> 01:06:23.680
part of the Torah they forgot it existed because they weren't looking for it a workman found it in

01:06:23.680 --> 01:06:28.880
some rubble as they were doing construction and say hey look what I found he brought to al-Qaeda

01:06:28.880 --> 01:06:34.640
and when Josiah heard he was horrified and he he rent his robes because he knew that even though

01:06:34.640 --> 01:06:39.920
he was a faithful king who had been had been repairing the temple and he thought that he was

01:06:39.920 --> 01:06:46.000
observing the law he realized that not only had he not been observing all but but he'd forgotten

01:06:46.000 --> 01:06:51.440
part of it existed and it wasn't his doing it was fathers his fathers and grandfather's doing

01:06:51.440 --> 01:06:57.920
that that had been lost that's where we are at today with scripture but without misplacing it

01:06:57.920 --> 01:07:02.480
we have the whole Bible we have as many Biles as we need we're not reading and believing any of

01:07:02.480 --> 01:07:11.440
every single person in his pocket yes and yet today we have pastors who hate Korean me absolutely

01:07:11.520 --> 01:07:17.280
with every fiber of their being I have never seen them fight any evil in their lives as hard as

01:07:17.280 --> 01:07:22.320
they fight us saying what we're saying on this podcast and fighting as hard as they can to keep

01:07:22.320 --> 01:07:27.920
you from hearing it now these are men who were trained in the word of God who had been ordained

01:07:27.920 --> 01:07:34.320
by our own churches who were sent forth to proclaim the word and yet when we say the very same

01:07:34.320 --> 01:07:40.960
things that God says were told and they tell the world that were damned that's why we're talking

01:07:40.960 --> 01:07:46.880
about christened some dead christened them zashes because it's not just it's not just on tv it's in

01:07:46.880 --> 01:07:52.720
our own pulpits and it's in our own churches and in some cases it's in our own hearts where we have

01:07:52.720 --> 01:08:00.160
grown so cold and so deaf to God's voice that when the master speaks the sheep no wrong no longer

01:08:00.160 --> 01:08:06.640
recognize him and that is truly terrifying that is something that we must reverse before we can

01:08:06.640 --> 01:08:12.320
reverse the cultural decline before we can fix the other things we need to have faithful faithful

01:08:12.320 --> 01:08:18.160
preachers preaching faithfully and they can only do that if they believe the whole word of God

01:08:18.160 --> 01:08:23.840
you need to believe genesis one and two you need to believe that the world was created in six

01:08:23.840 --> 01:08:30.080
twenty four hour days if you believe anything else you are cursing God you are calling him a liar

01:08:30.080 --> 01:08:34.400
and you're saying you don't want anything else the he has because he's not going to give it to

01:08:34.400 --> 01:08:39.360
you if you call him a liar it's not a it's not an alaqar menu where we get to pick and choose

01:08:39.360 --> 01:08:44.960
which parts of scripture are from God and which parts we have better ideas about every word is

01:08:44.960 --> 01:08:52.080
from the mouth of God and to reject any of it or to poo poo it or to try to translate and interpret it

01:08:52.080 --> 01:08:59.360
away is to renounce your own salvation even while you confess it and so we're doing this episode

01:08:59.440 --> 01:09:06.080
in this series because this is the chief challenge of our day there won't be any Lutheranism in 20

01:09:06.080 --> 01:09:11.600
years if these things continue because our churches are dying and the boomers who were paying

01:09:11.600 --> 01:09:16.480
all the bills are dying literally their children are apostate their grandchildren are obviously

01:09:16.480 --> 01:09:23.920
apostate there's nobody coming that is God's punishment too the grandfathers were faithless and

01:09:23.920 --> 01:09:30.480
so the grandchildren are faithless it may be two different modes of faithlessness but the result

01:09:30.480 --> 01:09:37.520
is the same and it's a curse from God yes and it will keep getting worse you know they're big parts

01:09:37.520 --> 01:09:41.840
of this country where you're not only dealing with atheist neighbors but you're dealing with second

01:09:41.840 --> 01:09:46.400
and third generation atheists where not only were they not baptized not only did they grow up

01:09:46.400 --> 01:09:50.960
around the church or the word et al but their parents didn't either in some cases their grandparents

01:09:50.960 --> 01:10:00.560
didn't to think that we can preserve the Christian civilization that we inherited without the

01:10:00.560 --> 01:10:08.160
foundation of that civilization is the very definition of insanity in some places we're actually

01:10:08.160 --> 01:10:14.160
dealing now with Muslim and other neighbors as well which again scripture very clear about this

01:10:15.120 --> 01:10:21.840
that's a curse from God to have foreigners come into your country and take over your country

01:10:22.400 --> 01:10:30.240
is a curse from God God has used that many times throughout history in order to punish an apostate

01:10:30.240 --> 01:10:39.920
people and we have to be ruled by women yes or women or children directly compare the same yeah

01:10:40.720 --> 01:10:45.760
but we have pastors who say this is a good thing that we have oh well all this opportunity to

01:10:45.760 --> 01:10:54.000
outreach to no being cursed by God is not a good thing I can't believe we even have to say that

01:10:54.000 --> 01:11:00.560
and yet people no longer see that this is a curse from God I'm not saying you don't proselytize

01:11:00.560 --> 01:11:09.360
those who are not of the same race as you of course not we as Europeans took Christendom to the

01:11:09.360 --> 01:11:16.640
entire rest of the world with the sole exception being a tiny part of the Levant and a church in

01:11:16.640 --> 01:11:22.320
India and of course Ethiopia which had things for other historical reasons we've touched on that

01:11:22.320 --> 01:11:29.680
in other episodes that is the reason Satan hates us of course because we built Christendom and then

01:11:29.680 --> 01:11:36.880
we took the gospel to everyone else that is how you do it because that is how you are blessed by God

01:11:36.880 --> 01:11:42.480
God will bless you if you are faithful in that way having your nation invaded by foreigners

01:11:43.360 --> 01:11:51.680
is not an opportunity it is a curse and it's an act of war and both must be responded to

01:11:51.680 --> 01:11:57.360
absolutely in the so called left and the right hand kingdoms of God one other point I want to

01:11:57.360 --> 01:12:02.000
make about culture because I don't you know well we're going to do an episode soon about Jews and

01:12:02.000 --> 01:12:10.480
Judaism but a lot of times you will find even fairly good pastors use the term Judeo Christian

01:12:10.480 --> 01:12:16.240
you know we're talking about culture and ethics is sort of implied and then so you'll talk you'll

01:12:16.240 --> 01:12:23.600
hear people talk about the Judeo Christian roots of our laws or of our culture of our ethics

01:12:24.160 --> 01:12:30.800
that's a brand new term that term was invented after Jews started showing up in the United States

01:12:30.800 --> 01:12:37.280
because this is one of the places where they began to integrate and they wanted to not be

01:12:38.480 --> 01:12:45.280
treated as outsiders and how do you do that you co-opt the existing population you say oh you guys

01:12:45.280 --> 01:12:50.480
are Christian we're Jews you're Judeo Christian it's it's the same thing it's two sides of the

01:12:50.480 --> 01:12:56.880
same coin guys you got your religion from us we had it first and then we gave it to you which is

01:12:56.880 --> 01:13:02.640
pure nonsense and pure blasphemy as we've said before Adam believed in the promise of the

01:13:02.640 --> 01:13:09.600
Christ given to him in Genesis 315 that's Christianity Noah believed the same promise Abraham

01:13:09.600 --> 01:13:14.800
received believe the same promise and his faith was counted to him was a courted to him

01:13:16.160 --> 01:13:25.120
everyone who's in heaven is Christian some of them were also Jews not because of the so-called

01:13:25.120 --> 01:13:30.240
Jewish faith but because they had the Christian faith within the Jewish tradition

01:13:30.240 --> 01:13:34.480
now's the point that we'll make more clear them it's I'm not gonna make a good case for it now but

01:13:35.120 --> 01:13:40.880
it is fundamentally subversive when someone says Judeo Christian what they are doing is they're

01:13:40.880 --> 01:13:46.880
advancing the enlightenment because there's a whole lot of Judeo going on TV right now when you see

01:13:46.880 --> 01:13:53.360
transexuals and you see transgender surgeries for children that's the Judeo in Judeo Christian

01:13:53.920 --> 01:13:59.840
we've all seen that the the terrifying horrifying pictures of books being burned in Germany in the

01:13:59.840 --> 01:14:04.400
1930s nobody tells you what those books were that they were burned or if they tell you they saw

01:14:04.400 --> 01:14:09.760
yeah those they were Burnham Bibles those guys hated God no the books that they were burning

01:14:09.760 --> 01:14:16.560
specifically burning and those literal pictures were from Magnus Hirschfeld's disease

01:14:17.520 --> 01:14:24.000
they were the original transgender surgery materials they were the original material

01:14:24.000 --> 01:14:31.280
about homosexuality and sawdemy and transgenerism and how to spread this filth in this evil in the

01:14:31.280 --> 01:14:38.080
West when you hear about Weimar Germany that period that happened before the 30s and you hear

01:14:38.080 --> 01:14:43.680
about the cultural decay and the depravity that's what they're talking about what happened in the

01:14:43.680 --> 01:14:51.280
30s was a collective political response from the German people in opposition to the terrible

01:14:51.280 --> 01:14:57.680
societal decay that they had been exposed to and it was the Judeo half of Judeo Christianity that

01:14:57.680 --> 01:15:03.280
was doing all that there were no Christians involved at any point you know as I mentioned recently

01:15:03.280 --> 01:15:09.680
in the episode we mentioned head coverings it was a Jew who told churches to burn their veils

01:15:09.680 --> 01:15:15.040
and we all responded and now 50s years later it's it's nearly unthinkable in both churches

01:15:15.600 --> 01:15:20.880
for a girl to wear a veil let alone for us to say you should veil let alone you must veil

01:15:21.600 --> 01:15:28.080
that wasn't Christian that was the Judeo half of that so-called two sides to one coin

01:15:29.040 --> 01:15:34.480
there's a clear and market difference in the God that we worship and the God that they worship

01:15:34.960 --> 01:15:40.640
they worship the God of the Enlightenment they worship the Prince of this world we worship the one

01:15:40.640 --> 01:15:48.000
true God and the fruits of the two opposing religions could not be more clear that's the reason

01:15:48.000 --> 01:15:51.360
we're going to do an episode on that you may hear this and think that we're just the most evil

01:15:51.360 --> 01:15:56.080
people in the world you know if you don't hate us enough that you can listen to the future episode

01:15:56.080 --> 01:16:00.880
where we go into depth on it you can either really hate us or you can say well you know I don't

01:16:00.880 --> 01:16:05.280
like how that sounds but I got to think about it because they made some points it's funny every

01:16:05.280 --> 01:16:10.320
time somebody posts on Reddit or somewhere else about listening to this that's frequently the

01:16:10.320 --> 01:16:15.760
claim either I hate those guys but they made some really good points or I want to hate them but

01:16:15.760 --> 01:16:20.960
I can't because they made some really good points or I want to disagree with what they said but

01:16:20.960 --> 01:16:26.160
it all makes sense that's the reason that people are terrified of you listening to us we're not

01:16:26.160 --> 01:16:32.400
playing rhetorical games Corey and I could both run circles around people rhetorically we speak

01:16:32.400 --> 01:16:39.440
clearly precisely to avoid that it's easy to deceive someone it's hard to tell someone the truth

01:16:39.440 --> 01:16:46.240
especially in this day and age and so there are people who go around some of them have collars on

01:16:46.240 --> 01:16:53.680
who say the word deceivers well if saying the very words that God says the way that God intended

01:16:54.400 --> 01:17:00.240
is deception in your religion you know I'm not going to be in the same line as you on judgment day

01:17:00.240 --> 01:17:07.920
that's all I can say but to get back to the theme of this episode Christendom's ashes are not

01:17:07.920 --> 01:17:14.320
just cultural and are not just religious either because as we've said in past episodes you don't

01:17:14.320 --> 01:17:20.720
have to be Christian to live a godly life we've seen that for that past couple generations and

01:17:20.720 --> 01:17:26.240
that's precisely by people been deceived and to thinking you don't need Christianity to have

01:17:26.240 --> 01:17:32.880
a good life because they were coasting on the fumes of Christendom they were coasting on the fumes

01:17:32.880 --> 01:17:40.160
of morals and laws and society that was explicitly and openly and unapologetically Christian

01:17:40.800 --> 01:17:45.200
and when those supports God knocked out there were still some momentum left in the thing

01:17:45.520 --> 01:17:54.640
so you don't have to believe in God to do godly things but you cannot do godly things in the long

01:17:54.640 --> 01:18:00.320
term if you don't know where they come from because soon as somebody else comes along with a better

01:18:00.320 --> 01:18:06.160
idea or some new progressive solution for a problem you didn't even know you have eventually you're

01:18:06.160 --> 01:18:09.760
going to fall for it or your neighbor will fall for it and so you'll try it out because you don't

01:18:10.320 --> 01:18:18.080
you don't want to rock the boat and you will ultimately inevitably lose the godly things as every

01:18:18.080 --> 01:18:22.720
civilization in history did you know we mentioned at the beginning Greece and Rome and China

01:18:24.080 --> 01:18:31.040
they lost God after Bable and they were on the downslope which is why the cultures and societies

01:18:31.040 --> 01:18:37.680
collapsed Chinese art 3000 years ago is better than it was 2500 years ago and 2000 years ago there

01:18:37.680 --> 01:18:42.320
was a downslope and then it started to get better and it was for other reasons but

01:18:43.840 --> 01:18:48.480
they were coasting on the fumes of a religion that was no longer theirs and that's what we're

01:18:48.480 --> 01:18:56.480
doing today as the western world and we need to point to the truth underlying all the reasons that

01:18:56.480 --> 01:19:02.320
we do things otherwise we cannot possibly repair the damage let alone explain to people why things

01:19:02.480 --> 01:19:09.200
are going wrong in the first place the moral law is written in the heart of every man

01:19:10.880 --> 01:19:19.120
however we have run this experiment we know what happens if you have over a course of generations

01:19:19.120 --> 01:19:26.000
and it may be many generations or it may be only a few look at the sons of ham it did not take very

01:19:26.000 --> 01:19:31.760
long look at the sons of shaman japhith it took longer but eventually it may not be you you

01:19:31.760 --> 01:19:38.880
may not be the one who loses the moral law it may be your great great great great great great grand

01:19:38.880 --> 01:19:47.600
child or even farther into the distance however it will eventually be lost because you lost the

01:19:47.600 --> 01:19:55.440
actual foundation the actual truth you lost christendom you lost god's favor and you are running

01:19:55.440 --> 01:20:01.920
on the fumes and so it is only a matter of how long and how far you manage to make it but you are

01:20:01.920 --> 01:20:09.120
going to crash and that is what we want to restore we want to restore christendom because that is the

01:20:09.120 --> 01:20:16.400
only way to get out of the dive in which we find ourselves and so yes there may have been virtuous

01:20:16.400 --> 01:20:23.520
pagans because they had the moral law written in their heart but there will always be that competition

01:20:23.520 --> 01:20:29.040
against it because there's Satan out there who wants to steal that from you there's your neighbor

01:20:29.040 --> 01:20:34.720
who wants to try something new in novel or something a demon told him in the woods in the case for

01:20:34.720 --> 01:20:41.440
many pagans historically and eventually that will take over because you are not fighting against it

01:20:42.080 --> 01:20:47.040
and christians today we have the tools to fight against it we have god's word we have it everywhere

01:20:47.040 --> 01:20:51.280
I have it on my computer right now it's on my phone I have multiple bibles on my desk

01:20:51.760 --> 01:20:58.080
but if we don't read these things if we don't use them if we don't actually speak the words god

01:20:58.080 --> 01:21:03.760
has spoken to us then all of that does nothing for us we may as well have lost it in a wall in a

01:21:03.760 --> 01:21:14.160
rundown temple like the Jews did at one point god has given us his word we do not have the luxury

01:21:14.160 --> 01:21:20.160
or the option to ignore the things he has said and as said before to ala carte pick the bits we

01:21:20.240 --> 01:21:27.120
like and leave the rest everything god has said is true and good and we have to hold to every

01:21:27.120 --> 01:21:33.360
single word of it and that is quite simply our goal here our goal is to be true to scripture

01:21:35.120 --> 01:21:40.960
one because we are christians and that is our duty to because we have taken up the task of teachers

01:21:42.000 --> 01:21:47.120
and the stricter judgment does await and so no we are not going to lie or deceive or play

01:21:47.120 --> 01:21:52.000
rhetorical games we're not going to do that because we will be called to account for every

01:21:52.000 --> 01:21:58.640
idle word and we know that so we are going to speak the truth in the way god has spoken it to us

01:21:59.680 --> 01:22:09.840
in his word amen

01:22:17.260 --> 01:22:18.260

01:22:22.360 --> 01:22:24.360

01:22:42.960 --> 01:22:44.960

01:22:47.120 --> 01:22:49.120