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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast.

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I am Corey Jay Moller and I'm well.

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Today on Stone Choir, Corey and I are going to be talking about why we are Lutheran.

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This is kind of a midpoint and an arc of discussions have been going on for months now.

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And there's been a lot of controversy recently about the small category or the large

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Catechism this week.

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There have been controversies about communion, about girls teaching in the church.

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And we are frequently, some of the first voices speaking up about those issues inside Lutheranism.

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And so a number of people have asked or said, you know, either asked, so why are you Lutheran when are you leaving?

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Or just said, you need to join us or you need to go somewhere else or you stupid Lutherans you never should have stopped being Roman Catholic in the first place.

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So we want to take this opportunity to kind of step back from the noise and the arguments and make the positive case for why we care about the doctrine that we hold and why we're members of the churches that we are.

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It's a fair question.

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You know, Lutheranism is a small thing today.

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There are historical reasons for that and there are theological reasons.

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But I would hope that someone who's listening to us would recognize that being the largest in the most popular, particularly when you're talking about something that vitally connects to truth doesn't necessarily mean that it's right.

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And in fact, it may well be that the biggest most popular thing is crappy.

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You know, small, amazing restaurants have better, healthier food than McDonald's and sometimes they don't even cost that much more.

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So being big and popular doesn't mean you're right and being small and unpopular doesn't mean you're wrong.

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The blessing that Christians have is that we have been given by God a standard of determining what is true and what is false doctrine and that is scripture.

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And so we've talked a bit in the past about the history of Lutheranism.

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We're not going to talk about that today.

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We're not going to talk too much about specific doctrines, but we're going to show a couple just as examples of contrast between the way Lutherans speak about certain things and approach certain topics in contrast to other Protestants.

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We're not really going to address the pre-reformation sects because, frankly, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy pretty much flatly reject scripture as something that rules overall.

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They don't, they'll pay lip surface to things that sound Christian to us to Protestants, but when push comes a shove, they will always have something that they can use against scripture.

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And so I don't, I think there's so little common ground there that it's more important for us to speak within the post-reformation family of denominations.

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Why are we the way that we are briefly and to begin with, why Cory and I are misery-centered Lutherans?

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So, Cory, I'll start with you since you are more recent Conver.

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You can tell folks how you became Lutheran and what it means to you.

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I think I'll start off with the same wording that I used in a letter that I sent to President Harrison about another issue that was, what was that year before last last year at any rate.

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I am and I am not a cradle Lutheran, and what I mean by that is that I did grow up in a Lutheran school.

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I went to an LCMS school from preschool through eighth grade. I did not go in high school because there are no LCMS high schools where I was in California.

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At least at the time, I think there is one now.

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But I am not a cradle Lutheran because my parents were not Lutherans, still are not Lutheran.

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And so I grew up in a non-denominational church, a series of a few churches actually, although mostly one particular church.

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And so my background was the general non-denominational vaguely Baptist Christianity that most Christians in the US are.

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And I came back to Lutheranism because obviously growing up in an LCMS school, I had a small catechism, I read the small catechism, I memorized the small catechism.

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But I came back to Lutheranism because I started to take my faith more seriously in undergrad and then really at the end of an after law school.

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And so that would have been 2012 as when I passed the bar, so about a decade ago.

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But as part of taking things more seriously, I started reading a lot.

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And not just Lutheran, but also reformed some Roman Catholic, although less of that because I did have a fairly firm understanding of why the Reformation had happened and why Protestants do not agree with Roman doctrine.

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But I had to look into the various Protestant traditions because I had never really paid that much attention to them.

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I had paid attention to politics and philosophy and psychology in various other fields. I'd spent very little time in religion proper, except in so far as it touches on philosophy.

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And so I started reading those materials and I started with the reformed materials. I spent a lot of time reading the various confessions, listening to arguments from the reformed position for the reformed position.

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And then I ordered some Lutheran materials. I ordered the sort of the starter kit from CPH. After I had started reading online in the book of Concord, which is how I first started seeing the book of Concord website that I eventually would rework and put up the new version of that.

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But I ordered the starter set as it were from CPH and read through that. It's a three-foot stack of books or something, two-foot, whatever it is. It's a lot of books.

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And then I started ordering Luther's volumes and reading these materials. And as so many people have found, if you start reading the Lutheran materials, you find that you've been Lutheran all along.

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Or at least you find that Lutheranism is what agrees with what you see in Scripture, because Luther materials are constantly going back to Scripture, to the wording of Scripture, as it is in Scripture, as it is meant to be understood in Scripture.

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And if you are the kind of person, I wasn't incidentally. I am usually somewhat argumentative. In this case, I wasn't really combative or argumentative. I looked at the materials, assessed them, and came to the conclusion that Lutheran positions are correct because they agree with God's word.

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But there are those who will argue against Luther. I have spoken with several men who said that they started off reading Luther because they wanted to prove Luther wrong, or they wanted to see how Luther was wrong, and they said they lost the argument.

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Because Luther uses God's word constantly. And so you will eventually lose the argument with Luther because he is just going to beat you over the head with Scripture, which is a good thing in this case.

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And so that's essentially how I came to be a Lutheran, obviously, from there I found an LCMS church and started attending the church and was finally confirmed, which I had not been earlier in life.

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And so that's essentially how I became a Lutheran. Then I moved across the country and part of another Lutheran church, still LCMS, just another church in the Synod.

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But that is essentially how I came back to Lutheranism in the last decade or so.

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And you are lucky in both places that you've lived that after reading what the Lutheran fathers wrote about Scripture and about doctrine, you were able to find churches that were actually consistent with that because that's not a given.

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And that's something that we'll be talking about in the last part of this episode about why why we first were starting with why we are Lutheran, how we became Lutheran, and then why we were remaining Lutheran.

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And finally, what it is that we are fighting for, again briefly, why do we start this podcast, why are we involved in these discussions, in these fights, frankly online, why are Christians fighting?

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That sounds like it's an oxymoron Christians shouldn't fight. I mean, that's just, it's not nice.

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So, we're going to make an account for why we are engaged in the fights that we are and why, so we're beginning with where we're coming from so you can understand that.

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As Cory said, he's normally argumentative. I think anyone who knows anything about you knows that's true.

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And yet, you're not argumentative for the sake of just picking fights, you want to find clarity and truth. And usually that means picking apart bad arguments.

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And when confronted with a good argument, you're content. That's, that's what an honest man does when he's confronted with the truth. You stop fighting and you stop struggling.

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And you made a very good point that I want to reiterate. It's something I think we've mentioned before, but I have also heard it numerous times where people who were raised in other denominations will begin reading Lutheran doctrine or talking to Lutherans and you're asking us, so what do you believe about X, Y and Z?

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And we will say we believe this. And in the middle part, we're going to get to a few places where most people, most Protestants disagree with Lutherans and we're going to talk about why that is.

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But apart from a couple categories that are very important categories, but apart from those few carve outs, for the most part Protestants pretty well agree with most, if not virtually all things the Lutherans believe, because we're all working from the same book.

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And the good thing that has still been preserved and what is called evangelical Protestantism is a belief that Scripture is an errant. It's actually the word of God. And as such, we can trust it.

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And so anyone, regardless of denomination, regardless of pastor, if he's submerged in the word, if he's reading and understanding, and if he's reluctant to use the word opening his heart and mind, but really what else do you call it when God is speaking to you and you receive it, the Holy Spirit will convict your conscience of the truth.

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And so I have also heard numerous men say after reading or having Lutheran doctrine described, well, that's what I believe. And these are people who have been taught the opposite.

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So we will describe what Lutherans teach about something, someone who is from a very far-flawing Protestant denominational say, well, that's what I believe. And I know for a fact that that's not what's taught in their seminaries.

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And Wayne may well not be taught by their pastors. Now, in some cases, you know, pastors are their human beings too. So maybe the pastors have sort of taken the same approach that they have that they were taught one thing, but then Scripture convicted their conscious as if something else.

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And as they look at these issues, they will agree with God. And so when Cory and I make the case for Lutheranism, it's never because it is some special version of Christianity.

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And this is a tricky thing to say because pretty much everyone makes the same claim. And I think it's important to acknowledge that.

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And it's important to acknowledge that at most one of us is right. Only one denomination can possibly be telling the truth that we're saying things that have always been believed.

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Now, maybe nobody's right. And everyone believes that's wrong, but at most one of us is right. So it's not confrontational for us to say we believe that these beliefs are the historic beliefs of the church long before there was something called Rome, or certainly long before there was a reformation.

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And you had things called denominations that were different than effectively diocese in various geographies.

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For my own part, I was effectively a cradle Lutheran. I was baptized as a toddler, not as an infant.

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My mom, who came from the south somehow ended up attending an LCA church prior to the formation of Alka.

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I'm not sure how, because as a southerner, I don't think there are any Lutherans where she was from. But for some reason, she had started attending that church.

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When my parents had me, she in particular wanted to get me baptized. And so my dad, who was a lapsed Baptist, became Lutheran, basically, because he felt that it was his duty to his family.

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And one of the things that forced that issue for him was that when the pastor gave him the oath that he would take as a father, and you know, as a, as the father of the baptized baby, included raising the child in the church, et cetera.

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And so he took that oath seriously and committed fully to going back to church and to being Lutheran. And as he got more engaged, he quickly realized, again, this is before Alka was formed.

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But he realized even then that the LCA was in dire straits. And so as he looked at, again, you know, the Lutheran confessions and Lutheran doctrine and what he knew from scripture has having been raised Baptist.

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He's like, this is not a good church. This is, it's, it's in bad shape. And so he learned some things from his first pastor and then the second pastor we had was a universalist.

14:17.540 --> 14:35.540
And that was very quickly to last straw. And thankfully, there was, I'm as recited congregation. There was also local, but a wonderful pastor, just an amazing man. I can, I can still hear his voice to this day. He was just a very gifted preacher and just a rare treasure in the church.

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And he, I believe he gave my dad his first book of conquered and encouraged him to become engaged in the faith more. And when my dad read the book of conquered, he had exactly the same response as Corey. This is what I believe.

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Again, even though he was raised Baptist, you know, he probably had to work through some of the sacramental stuff. But when he saw what Luther said, he's like, yeah, that's, I believe this because I believe scripture.

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And so I mentioned that as my story because I am his son. And so that is my inheritance. I was baptized as a, as a toddler, he was in 18 months, 20 months old, something like that.

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And that's when I became Lutheran and I have been Lutheran ever since. And from six through 12th grade, I attended Missouri Synod schools.

15:24.540 --> 15:34.540
I had the privilege actually of being taught sixth grade by Paul McCain, senior's mother. I don't even know her my first name. Her name was Mrs. McCain.

15:34.540 --> 15:45.540
I remember because she was by far the best tea driver had. She was an amazing lady. And whatever good I do with English today, I literally learned in sixth grade from her. She was an incredible woman.

15:45.540 --> 15:56.540
And that was an incredibly good school. There are some fantastically good Lutheran schools. And there are also some really crappy ones. The school that I attended from 10th through 12th grade was pretty much garbage.

15:56.540 --> 16:08.540
I could have just stayed at home and read books and been far better off. But I'm still thankful to have had that experience because it kept me out of the public schools, which were even then incredibly dire shape.

16:08.540 --> 16:28.540
So I was raised Lutheran. I was inculcated. I was cataclyzed. I was trained properly. And I never really took it seriously. One of the things that Lutherans are very good at is emphasizing God's work in our lives and God's gifts to us.

16:28.540 --> 16:40.540
And we particularly emphasize, you know, infant baptism, whenever you're baptized, but especially if you're baptized, if it isn't infant, it makes very clear that God has given you faith. And it's not you doing stuff.

16:40.540 --> 16:56.540
And while that is valuable from a so theological view, I think that it's one of the reasons that we have so many people falling away today because there's really no end then taught to Lutheran children.

16:56.540 --> 17:25.540
You know, confirmation is basically graduation from the church for a lot of people. It's a disaster. You get confirmed. You have your first communion. And a lot of them just never come back where they fall away pretty quickly. And they don't feel like they're missing anything. And I honestly believe the part of the reason for that is that because Lutherans are so good about correctly emphasizing the gifts that God gives us in baptism and communion and in the word that we think, well, if it's all about Jesus and it's done.

17:25.540 --> 17:46.540
Without Jesus and it's all Jesus doing stuff, I don't have to do anything, which is completely false doctrine. You don't have to do anything to be saved. God took care of that. But now that you are saved, the Christian life has a tenor and a has a certain look to it. And there are things that you have to do as a Christian.

17:46.540 --> 18:05.540
Scripture is clear about that. On every page, there are things that Christians have to do. Not for their salvation, but because they're Christian. It's like me telling you, you have to breathe. You know, most of the time you don't think about it because it's an autonomic function. But if you stop breathing, somebody needs to make you start breathing again or you're going to die.

18:05.540 --> 18:17.540
So, as James, the epistle of James makes clear, when we on this podcast say something that's not quite alien to what Lutherans talk about, but it's something that's sorely neglected.

18:17.540 --> 18:32.540
When you live as a Christian, that's like you living as a human being and breathing. Once you're human, you've got to keep breathing. Your heart's got to keep beating. Once you're Christian, you have to keep doing Christian things or you stop being Christian.

18:32.540 --> 18:45.540
And it's not God's fault that you stop being Christian. It's because of your own apathy. And our churches are shrinking in most cases because of the apathy of the people in the pews.

18:45.540 --> 19:02.540
The boomers failed to impress upon their children as, you know, in some ways failed to impress upon me, not by my own parents, but by sort of the general experience of the church life and the school life is that, you know, God's God's taking care of everything.

19:02.540 --> 19:11.540
We just, we go to church, we give thanks to God and everything is in his hands. And that leaves out the other 167 hours of the week.

19:11.540 --> 19:25.540
That leaves out the rest of the Christian life. And so my faith was always there. I've been a Christian every day since I was baptized, but there were years where I was a crappy Christian.

19:25.540 --> 19:35.540
I was lazy. I was indifferent. There was a period of time where I didn't come to church because I had moved somewhere where I assumed that all the churches were bad.

19:35.540 --> 19:46.540
And rather than actually checking one out, I just said, well, I might be disgusted if I go. So I'm just not going to go. I'm still Christian. I'm still baptized, which is evil. It was a horrible, terrible thing to do.

19:46.540 --> 19:56.540
And I deprived myself of period of time where I should have been in the word and receiving God's blessings and living a Christian life. And I failed to do that. And I did so willingly and callously.

19:56.540 --> 20:06.540
And I did so in complete indifference. Well, it wasn't open rebellion consciously on my party was just whatever. I know I'm Christian. What do I need that for?

20:06.540 --> 20:20.540
And what happened to me as I've mentioned, you know, once or twice before in this podcast, four or five years ago, I started realizing as I was talking about politics on Twitter mainly and talking to friends privately.

20:21.540 --> 20:32.540
I was realizing that mainly through their observations, in most cases, I was talking to non-Christians or people from other denominations, you know, didn't have any similar background of mine.

20:32.540 --> 20:48.540
I realized when we were talking about politics, we were actually talking about a spiritual war. And the more I tried to understand into my own mind what was going on in the world, the more I realized that this wasn't political at all. This was spiritual.

20:48.540 --> 21:03.540
And that is what pushed me back into for the first time in my life actively engaging in scripture and being involved in church and doing what I should have been doing all along, which was sharing my faith, investing time and energy and focus in my faith.

21:03.540 --> 21:12.540
And making sure that as I was looking at the world, I was doing it as a Christian and not just someone who'd been baptized Christian and then kind of went on with his life.

21:13.540 --> 21:24.540
And so it's interesting that when I started doing that, I can clearly remember there were a couple of times I was having a conversation with someone, they would ask a question.

21:24.540 --> 21:32.540
And I would fire off a thread, you know, a thousand word essay that had some significant theological theological contact in it.

21:32.540 --> 21:41.540
And I would look back and read and think, wow, that was really good. Where did that come from? You know, it wasn't automatic writing. It wasn't some sort of inspiration. It was just what I'd been taught.

21:41.540 --> 21:53.540
It was things that I'd been taught and I believed, but I forgot about because I stopped caring. And once I frankly looked at the world through the eyes of an unbeliever who was saying, what's going on? What is this evil?

21:53.540 --> 22:05.540
I was able to answer that question. And that's when for the first time in my life, I actually actively took seriously that the gift of Lutheran education and Lutheran doctrine is not just about Sunday.

22:05.540 --> 22:14.540
It's about everything in our lives and it's about the whole world. It's about being able to look at these things and approach them faithfully without fear and without confusion.

22:14.540 --> 22:25.540
And once I realized that that was something that was missing very much from the conversation, I simply had no choice but to begin to talk to people and to share and ultimately it ended up with Corey and I beginning this podcast.

22:25.540 --> 22:41.540
I also had a period of time in undergrad, but I certainly did not take my faith as seriously as I should have and didn't really attend church. I did not bother to find a church when I was in undergrad in Michigan.

22:41.540 --> 23:10.540
In large part because I had been attending a not quite Baptist, but non-denominational church where they just didn't really stress the importance of any of this really because there's such a light touch when it comes to doctrine or theology and so many American churches that for many children who grow up in that environment, it doesn't seem like an important part of their life.

23:10.540 --> 23:23.540
It's just something they did with their parents on Sunday morning and that was it because how many people who attend those churches are praying with their children every night or having a Bible study.

23:23.540 --> 23:29.540
Some of them will pray with their children, but are you studying the Bible with your children? Are you instructing your children? Are you teaching them?

23:29.540 --> 23:52.540
I at least had the advantage of attending in LCMA school so I had the catechism I had memorized that which is undoubtedly part of what brought me back to the Lutheran church and undoubtedly part of what kept me a Christian when I wasn't acting as a Christian certainly because I had that instruction train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

23:52.540 --> 24:15.540
That is obedience to Scripture, that is what Lutherans do, that is the Lutheran way and I just did not have that so I had sort of a conflicting set there because I had on the one hand the Lutheran upbringing and on the other hand the non-denominational so I had a seriousness about the faith and an un-seriousness and for a while the latter won out.

24:15.540 --> 24:29.540
Thankfully and thanks be to God I have come back to the church and was staunch Christian but undoubtedly as I said before that is in large part due to the fact that I was brought up correctly in a Lutheran school.

24:29.540 --> 24:57.540
And it was exactly the same thing with me the thing that I was quoting was the large catech or the small catechism I started belting out part after part that I had memorized you know is a seventh crater and it was all sitting there and I believed it and I had internalized it and I never rejected it I just didn't treasure it I didn't I didn't think that I had any explanatory power for anything other than passing the test to get to be admitted to communion.

24:57.540 --> 25:26.540
And so I think that's something that we don't do right I think that we rather than treating it as a full indoctrination into the full rich life of the church it's treated as a graduation where you go on to something else and that's obviously it's not how it's couched but that's clearly that's functionally what's happening and we know from the demographics today that a lot of kids now don't even make it to confirmation you know they get baptized and then their their parents just wander off.

25:27.540 --> 25:48.540
For whatever reason and you know we're talking about Gen X and millennial and eventually we'll be talking about zoomer parents who are going through that cycle and I'm thankful that as you and I engage with young men particularly on the internet who see the problems with the evil in the world.

25:48.540 --> 26:16.540
Everyone recognizes that we have to go back you know we talked about I think a couple weeks ago about whether or not it's possible to go back whether or not you know nostalgia is a good thing but doctrinally and lifestyle wise yes it's absolutely vital to go back because 150 years ago there were big families and churches were growing and today neither of those is true and that's not a coincidence.

26:16.540 --> 26:45.540
And one of the things that changed the salient thing that changed is that we stopped obeying God in so many ways and obedience to God derives God's gifts and disobedience to God derives his wrath and usually the wrath is not disconnected it's not it's not that oh will you stop going to church and you get hit by lightning it's that you stop going to church and you stop having the comfort and the feeding of your soul in the name.

26:46.540 --> 26:57.540
The nourishing of your faith that keeps you ready for when hard times come the the thing that everyone doesn't really think through is that.

26:57.540 --> 27:15.540
In this was present in the in the recent argue about about the large cataclysm you can make mistakes for a little while and just be fine just like if you know you're a human being you know your your average height average weight you have an average average amount of blood in your body you can lose 10% of your blood and you know.

27:15.540 --> 27:29.540
10% of your blood and you'll still be fine you might be a little weak you know it's something you probably should get looked at especially if it all comes out at once but you can handle it and spiritually things work the same way God gives us.

27:29.540 --> 27:38.540
Slack in the system so that the first time you make a mistake you don't just fall over dead either physically or spiritually but you will eventually exhaust all of the slack.

27:38.540 --> 27:59.540
And I think that as every Christian we we need to focus on the fact that we can't let there be slack in the system we can't let false doctrine and false teachers and false ideas become hours because the one thing that you believe that's wrong it's not going to damn you.

27:59.540 --> 28:17.540
But it opens the door for the next wrong thing you're going to believe in the next wrong thing and the more those things you believe it's not simply that there's an accretion of errors it's not that you're having higher bit rate errors it's this suddenly the errors get a lot bigger.

28:17.540 --> 28:37.540
You know it's like if you've ever seen you know a LCD display die you know maybe you get one stuck pixel and I go okay that's fine you know that's that's one piece of false doctrine I got that but you know I can still use the thing and then suddenly a small chunk of the screen dies and the next thing you know a huge stripe like a third of the screen is dead and suddenly you can't use the display anymore.

28:37.540 --> 28:55.540
The same thing happens when we start bashing and breaking our own doctrine and our own hearts your soul will eventually be beaten to the point that there's not enough of what God promised left for you that you're going to cling to it you're going to start clinging to all species.

28:55.540 --> 29:22.540
And so that is why as Lutherans were adamant about pure doctrine about getting doctrine right it's not it's not about winning an argument with different denominations over who has a better interpretation of the Bible who has a better read on the Bible the question is who is not calling God a liar and that's fundamentally the question underlying every doctrinal dispute God has said one thing in scripture.

29:22.540 --> 29:51.540
People say either the same thing or they say something else and when you say the same thing is God you are confessing when you say something else you're violating the first and second commandments because you're saying you might be my creator but you're not my God anymore I have a better idea I can be a better God than you on this one and I'm going to say something that you said I'm going to say something different than what you said and I'm going to attribute it to you and that's a violation of the second commandment to take the Lord's name and vein to attribute doctrines to God which do not come.

29:52.540 --> 30:16.540
And that is a deeply pernicious error because it convicts consciences we see this all the time where in our church and in other churches there are pastors who are nice men they're good men they intend to be honest they study they live good wholesome lives you look at them on paper and you're like yeah that's that's a good pastor I'm lucky to have them.

30:16.540 --> 30:45.540
But there are two or three things that they teach that are just flat out false doctrine they're plainly contrary to scripture and they can weasel around it you know they don't think they're weaseling they think that they're being faithful but they're being faithful to unfaithful teaching and the reason that we spend so much time focusing on pastors and teachers which is synonymous largely is that when a pastor can picture conscience that this is what God has said you have to believe it or you're disobeying God

30:45.540 --> 31:14.540
and as as queries you said raising a man raising a child up as God wishes will result in faithfulness in his latter life the opposite is also true when you give someone in their youth or is there developing false teachings if they cling to those they're going to cling to them in opposition to scripture and the disputes that occur among the various Protestant denominations today are really rooted in that.

31:14.540 --> 31:30.540
So the next thing that we're going to talk about is really I think there's one clear distinction between Lutheranism and everyone else in the post reformation world that explains all of the things that make people really mad about what Lutherans believe.

31:30.540 --> 31:35.540
So they're we're going to we're going to talk about three symptoms but they all have the same cause.

31:35.540 --> 31:49.540
The fundamental cause in my view of why Lutheran sound and focus in different ways and the other denominations is what the saint of Dr. Nagel called who's doing the verbs.

31:49.540 --> 31:56.540
You know we talk a lot in this podcast about polarity about who is doing what what's the direction of the speech and scripture.

31:57.540 --> 32:12.540
So in Dr. Nagel asked the question who's doing the verbs he's talking of for example one that we've used before Lazarus Lazarus was dead in the tomb Jesus came to the graveyard he was bereft he spoke to him he said Lazarus come out.

32:13.540 --> 32:26.540
The Nagel question is when you look at that scenario who was doing the verb when Jesus the creator of all things speaks to a corpse and says Lazarus come out.

32:26.540 --> 32:37.540
Did Lazarus obey did Lazarus listen to Jesus and decide yeah that's a good idea I'm going to get up and walk out of this tomb or was he dead.

32:37.540 --> 32:44.540
Was he a corpse that had begun to rot because it had been days.

32:44.540 --> 32:52.540
Jesus did that Lazarus didn't do that Lazarus didn't rise from the dead Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

32:52.540 --> 33:05.540
So when we talk in Lutheran terms we're talking in all of these scenarios that we'll get into about who's actually doing it because when Lutheran say one thing and all the other post reformation denominations say something else.

33:05.540 --> 33:16.540
That's where the fundamental disagreement is and they fall into three categories there's baptism there's communion and there's the liturgy or what is called you know sometimes the worship service.

33:16.540 --> 33:26.540
And each of those the question where Lutherans will come down on one side and most denominations will come down on the other side and one and possibly all three cases is who's doing it.

33:26.540 --> 33:39.540
And we're going to talk about that today we're not going to talk so much about the doctrines but about who's doing the verbs because when you hear Lutheran talk about baptism you hear something that's fundamentally at odds with the way Baptist talk.

33:39.540 --> 33:53.540
And we talk right past each other and this is the reason why because when a Baptist talks about baptism a Baptist is talking about talking about a person doing something for God that it's not spiritual acceptance and expression.

33:53.540 --> 34:17.540
There's nothing there except for obedience and as Lutherans we look to scripture which says in some cases that is true superficially but even then it is because faith has first been given and there are other cases that are clear in scripture would it where it makes clear that the essence of baptism is that God is actually doing it.

34:17.540 --> 34:26.540
I think that Jesus own baptism is the clearest example of this you have Jesus obeying by going into the water to be baptized by John.

34:26.540 --> 34:36.540
You have God the Father speaking in his own voice from a cloud they heard the voice of God speaking saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

34:36.540 --> 34:47.540
And the Holy Spirit visibly elated as though a dove on Jesus now the exact same thing happens at every single baptism that happened in Jesus baptism.

34:47.540 --> 34:59.540
The only difference is that the Holy Spirit is not visible when it is done for everyone else God was demonstrating in that one miraculous moment what is happening in baptism.

34:59.540 --> 35:04.540
Jesus was putting the baptism into the water that's what was happening there.

35:04.540 --> 35:18.540
It was a physical example was a physical manifestation of the Trinity of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit all in the same place all acting in their in particular ways according to their persons.

35:18.540 --> 35:29.540
And yet at the same time every baptism is just like that you have the voice of God saying I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son the Holy Spirit.

35:29.540 --> 35:37.540
Now when Christians do it it's a man speaking in the case of emergency could be anyone but typically in good order it's a pastor who's baptizing.

35:37.540 --> 35:56.540
He's saying the words the math that Jesus gave to us in Matthew 28 which book ends Matthew 3 and Matthew 3 you have the Trinity physically present and Matthew 28 you have Jesus saying go therefore and baptize all nations in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

35:56.540 --> 36:24.540
The voice of God is spoken in every baptism not from a cloud but by the man who is obeying God by applying the water which is the visible sign of the invisible Holy Spirit so each baptism is a replay of that obedience but baptists and some others will focus on the obedience part and they'll not listen to the scriptural argument that God is doing everything.

36:24.540 --> 36:36.540
Yes you go into the water or the water is applied to you and a man says the words and that is obedience to God but as is Corey's going to mention it talking a minute.

36:36.540 --> 36:52.540
There's no power in the in the water it's just plain water the power is in the word which is given by God to be applied with the water that is what makes baptism efficacious it's the spoken word of God that does the miracle.

36:52.540 --> 37:18.540
And the fact that there is a man or a child or a woman or whomever receiving the water and the fact that they may have consented to it to use that term doesn't mean that they're the one doing it God is doing the baptism just as he did it in the first baptism with Jesus God does all of it just as God did all of it with Lazarus coming out of the tomb Lazarus obeyed but it wasn't a conscious obedience it was it was inexorable.

37:18.540 --> 37:30.540
The creator of the universe said Lazarus come out just as he said let there be light and there was and it was when the creator speaks it is true and that is also true in our baptisms.

37:30.540 --> 37:43.540
So when Lutherans focus on baptism this is what we're focusing on it is God on God's promise in the word given to us and for Christians to make that something that we're doing for God.

37:43.540 --> 37:56.540
It doesn't rob it of its power because they're still actually doing the form of what is given but they're fundamentally denying the essence of what's going on and that leads to some terrible errors that can have awful consequences.

37:56.540 --> 38:04.540
And so the reason that Lutherans fight for this doctrine is that failure to believe in God's promises can lead to despair.

38:05.540 --> 38:21.540
The reality of baptism is one of the reasons that you will see Lutherans very frequently reminding people of their baptism because your baptism is when God marked you as his own.

38:21.540 --> 38:31.540
If you are baptized as a child that is probably when you were given faith you could have already had it from hearing the word in utero and I know that that will set some people's hair on fire.

38:31.540 --> 38:44.540
Well if you don't believe that your God can give faith to an in utero child then you probably aren't worshiping the God of the universe who can do whatever he wants.

38:44.540 --> 38:48.540
And so you should probably be concerned about that thought.

38:48.540 --> 38:58.540
But when it comes to baptism we will often hear those who disagree with the Lutheran position which is typically baptists on this case unsurprisingly.

38:59.540 --> 39:15.540
We will try to say oh well that's water baptism one you're denying the creeds which says I believe in one baptism for the remission of sins not to baptisms not three baptisms not a water baptism and a spirit baptism no one baptism.

39:15.540 --> 39:24.540
There's one baptism and they will try to say that well it's just water and water can't do that and we agree water cannot do that.

39:24.540 --> 39:38.540
In fact you're paraphrasing something from our catechism from the large catechism because we pointed out this supposed objection and struck it down from the large catechism I'll read a paragraph here.

39:39.540 --> 39:56.540
Therefore I exhort you again that these two the water and the word by no means be separated from one another imparted for if the word is separated from it the water is the same as that with which the servant cooks and may indeed be called a bath keepers baptism.

39:56.540 --> 40:06.540
But when it is added as God is ordained it is a sacrament and is called Christ baptism let this be the first part regarding the essence and dignity of the Holy Sacrament.

40:06.540 --> 40:23.540
What is being said there is that the sacrament is the water and the word together if you have only one and not the other you don't have the sacrament if you're just if you are just preaching the word it's not baptism if you are just throwing water on someone it's not baptism.

40:23.540 --> 40:35.540
If you have the water and the words in other words if you have it ends as instituted by Christ you have baptism and that is the Lutheran position because that is a position of scripture.

40:35.540 --> 40:46.540
And we care about this issue so deeply because this is something that brings great comfort to the Christian first off of course it is God's truth and so we care about it for that reason.

40:46.540 --> 41:06.540
But practically this is also of great benefit to the Christian this is you are God's own remember your baptism God claimed you as his own whatever the world wants to tell you whatever Satan wants to tell you ignore it this is what matters you are baptized into the church you are a Christian.

41:07.540 --> 41:25.540
And so we do not want to let people rob Christians of that comfort by saying that it's oh well it's not actually a sacrament that was just you declaring your faith in God because that's nowhere in scripture no where in scripture is baptism a declaration of faith.

41:25.540 --> 41:33.540
That's not what it is go read all of the times that baptism occurs in scripture.

41:33.540 --> 41:41.540
Look at who is doing what and look at what is being done look at what is not being done.

41:41.540 --> 41:51.540
You may just find that scripture does not agree with the position you hold that scripture does not say what you may have thought it says.

41:52.540 --> 42:18.540
And the reason that it's important to point out that there are good pastors who are teaching bad things is not to not to belittle or to be mean to them but to point out that that is precisely when things can go the most awry when a good pastor who is loving and who takes care of his flock and teaches something that is contrary to scripture but explains it in a way that if you don't think about it and you don't really study it you can go along with it.

42:18.540 --> 42:39.540
When someone comes along and says the opposite it creates a crisis of faith it's like hitting a wall because suddenly the thing that you'd been counting on that you had been you thought you were obeying God in good conscience with a clean conscience when someone like a Lutheran comes along and says actually that is an evil thing that you've been taught.

42:39.540 --> 42:48.540
Again, when we talked about evil in a previous episode evil is that which is contrary to God's word and contrary to his will.

42:48.540 --> 43:00.540
It doesn't need to be intentional to be contrary to God's word and contrary to his will when someone says that baptism doesn't save you that's evil because it contradicts God.

43:00.540 --> 43:14.540
And so sometimes we'll use language that is more aggressive sometimes pejorative but it's ultimately true to speak such a way is an evil act.

43:14.540 --> 43:21.540
It doesn't mean that the person is fundamentally an evil person but the words coming out of their mouth are evil.

43:22.540 --> 43:31.540
And this is understandable to anyone you can I could sit here and spend five minutes saying the most awful terrible things about people that would be evil.

43:31.540 --> 43:39.540
You know, if it's not true if it's not my place to speak that would be an over evil there's no doubt the evil things can come out of someone's mouth.

43:39.540 --> 43:55.540
It's particularly dangerous when it's doctrine and as Corey, as you said, the doctrine of baptism in particular is so comforting because it's something that's missing from most of the rest of Protestant Christianity.

43:55.540 --> 44:15.540
When Lutheran speak of your baptism your baptism when God put his holy name on you personally there were witnesses there was water as a physical means of delivering the promise all of that is it's a concrete touchstone in your life in the past.

44:15.540 --> 44:34.540
Just as the cross is a concrete touchstone in history it happened it literally happened we know almost to the day when it happened certainly within a year or two we know that it happened their witnesses to it we point back to the cross as the moment when Christ paid for our sins.

44:34.540 --> 44:41.540
Lutherans point to our baptism as a moment when we were sealed as children of God.

44:41.540 --> 44:51.540
Now seals were that's used by different denominations in different ways but when God puts his name on you he's claiming you for his own.

44:51.540 --> 45:03.540
There's we all know that there's there's demon possession and there's demon oppression where you know it's possible for a demon to be in someone's house or in a place messing with them.

45:03.540 --> 45:23.540
It's also possible for a demon to get inside someone and sometimes they stay there and they tear the people apart it's it was something that was common in the Old Testament it's something that's increasingly common today it's just that now we apply terms from the DSM for it and say well that's that's a mental illness.

45:23.540 --> 45:28.540
Demons are real and they can possess people now.

45:28.540 --> 45:47.540
It's tricky to say this because I don't want to compare the Holy Spirit to a demon but when the Holy Spirit enters you through faith through the word you were being possessed in a sense by God the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is a phrase I think is common among a lot of Christians.

45:47.540 --> 46:06.540
What is that if not a positive form of possession it is the Holy Spirit it is God himself inside you shaping you forming your heart guiding your lips marking your days according to his will it's the opposite of evil oppressive possession.

46:06.540 --> 46:25.540
But it's functionally very similar except that when a demon possesses it's for destruction when the Holy Spirit dwells within you it is for your sanctification it is you becoming increasingly more in accord with God's will by engaging daily in his things in obedience to God.

46:25.540 --> 46:51.540
And again we said many times this is a post-soterological concept we're not talking about how you get to heaven we're not talking about you doing something to earn your salvation you're already saved you were saved at the cross you were saved at baptism you're saved because it's Holy Spirit dwells within you and when he gives you the ability to understand the words it's spoken you receive it with gladness.

46:51.540 --> 47:19.540
That is also something that we can point to and baptism is so crucial because that is when we say for certain that the Holy Spirit entered someone it's absolutely true that first and foremost the Holy Spirit comes by the word there are many people who receive the gift of faith before their baptized that does not change what baptism does you God is infinite so if God is already within you and then God comes within you again through baptism.

47:19.540 --> 47:43.540
You already have as much God as God has to give you don't need to worry about the math in these scenarios we get hung up with our rationalism about trying to plot things on a timeline and trying to do the math on how much God and how much sanctification and how much blessing we get God pours out more than we can possibly take he gives us everything that we need every day and that is the focus that we have.

47:43.540 --> 48:12.540
So when we talk about who is doing it the reason it's so important for Lutherans that God is doing baptism is that on the day when your faith is threatened by something terrible happening in your life you're confronted with tragedy or loss or doubt of some sort and you don't know if you're Christian anymore you don't know if you've done enough which is a question the people often ask it's it's the wrong question but it's a question that never less gets asked regularly.

48:13.540 --> 48:40.540
Someone who's been raised Lutheran or someone who believes Lutheran doctrine doesn't worry am I God's child because they know that God put his name on them that's an absolute and it's in the past it's a done deal and as long as you can look back and say yes I marked as a child of God you remain a child of God the only way that you stop being a child of God after that as if say I don't care I don't want that anymore.

48:40.540 --> 49:00.540
And frankly baptism is so important as a means of God's grace in our lives that there are now Satanists who are openly doing unbaptisms of people who are baptizes believers who wish to renounce their faith and renounce their baptism and be unbaptized in reverse in the name of Satan.

49:00.540 --> 49:29.540
That's how much Satan cares about baptism he knows it's not an outward work he knows it's a Holy Spirit coming to us through God's word and the fact that there are now people actually devoting time and energy to overtly driving out the Holy Spirit in public as a matter of confession it's it's not first order proof but I think it's incredibly strong proof that the Lutheran position on this is true that the action of the man rejecting God.

49:30.540 --> 49:41.540
That is his that is his confession but God placing his name on you can only come from above and it is only disobedience that can separate us from what God has given to us.

49:41.540 --> 49:58.540
If you want to see how important baptism has been historically to Christians this may be a little more difficult for an American audience but certainly for anyone listening in Europe it should be easy go find an old graveyard and walk through it and read the headstones.

49:58.540 --> 50:03.540
Particularly if you are in a Lutheran graveyard but others as well.

50:03.540 --> 50:24.540
You will see the date of baptism on some of those headstones and some of them will literally just say baptize to assume or it's been kept out depending the language they chose which is I am baptized note that it is I am not I was I am baptized that may be the only thing on the headstone.

50:24.540 --> 50:37.540
Because that's the most important thing because that is saying I am a child of Christ I have his promises I received them in the way he promised to give them.

50:37.540 --> 50:51.540
That was of such great comfort to our forefathers in the faith that may be the last thing they wrote the last thing they wanted the one thing they wanted other people to know about them was I am baptized.

50:52.540 --> 51:14.540
And so that is why we fight so hard over this issue as Lutherans because we recognize just how vitally important it is to get this one right because if you get it wrong you will cause people to despair because this is something concrete that you can cling to when Satan assails you.

51:14.540 --> 51:30.540
Yes you can turn to the word yes you can turn to prayer but having that concrete thing you can point to and say I know exactly when God claim me as his own is incredibly comforting.

51:31.540 --> 51:57.540
And to speak to the issue of those who try to say well I believe because I read the words why do I need baptism it's because God is super abundant in his grace it's the same reason we'll get into it soon enough the same reason we have the sacrament communion God is offering the forgiveness of sins he is coming to you in multiple ways because we constantly need.

51:58.540 --> 52:01.540
That reaffirmation we need that.

52:02.540 --> 52:15.540
We need God to tell us again you are forgiven you are my child you are adopted into my family because we still live in this life and we are still assailed by sin death flesh the world the devil.

52:16.540 --> 52:24.540
And so we constantly need the reminder to shore up our faith to keep us strong in the faith to help us persevere to the end.

52:25.540 --> 52:34.540
And you don't need to go to a European graveyard that you know isn't a Lutheran church you can go into the catacombs and you can see first century.

52:34.540 --> 52:46.540
Catacombs and placements where infants were born their baptized they died and it will list that they were baptized and it's clear from the dates that they lived in many cases less than a year.

52:47.540 --> 52:59.540
This was the very first practice of the church it is demonstrably proven in time this is not something the Luther made up it's not something that Rome corrupted this was always the belief of the church.

52:59.540 --> 53:12.540
And it was always the belief of the church because it's straight from scripture the idea that we do baptism is the novelty that's the case with the beliefs about the sacrament and also the beliefs about worship.

53:13.540 --> 53:28.540
The idea that we're the ones doing the thing that's new that's new theology was never part of the church until later on corruption was introduced who would introduce corruption who would introduce a corruption that would diminish baptism.

53:28.540 --> 53:38.540
Maybe it's the same one who's setting up on baptism booths today because to deny your baptism is only one step removed from being unbaptized.

53:38.540 --> 53:55.540
If you say God didn't do anything I did that that's despising God's gifts and that's why we care that's why Lutherans care because when a good Christian when a faithful Christian will openly despise one of God's precious gifts with a clean conscience.

53:56.540 --> 54:17.540
That's dangerous you know if we see we see videos of vegan parents who raise their infants as vegans and the poor miserable little children look like their typists survivors they're skeletonized because they were starved because they were not given the nutrition.

54:17.540 --> 54:40.540
You can look at that and you can say that's evil sure they were feeding them they were feeding in the things that aren't really food suitable for humans let alone for a growing child the same as true of God's other gifts if you refuse to baptize a child refusing to give that which God has given to them it is a denial of God's gift to the one to whom.

54:40.540 --> 55:09.540
God entrusted to you God entrusted a child to you and said take care of this child let the little ones come under me in the word that Jesus uses in that verse refers to toddlers to infants it's to the smallest children it's not to those of the age of accountability which never existed the earliest church practice involving baptism essentially mirrored circumcision baptism was was in some cases done on the eighth day the difference was the baptism was also available to girls.

55:09.540 --> 55:37.540
But it was understood in the same way that this is something that God has given to us now there's a typological connection baptism is not simply a mirror or a repeat of circumcision it does something different so I don't want to open the door to say we'll see it's an outward sign obedience to God is obedience the way Lazarus obeyed we're dead in our sins in our trespasses until God gives us his gifts through his word and.

55:37.540 --> 56:06.540
Just to get back to the first point that I want to make with this whole section God is one doing it and so when Lutherans sound different than others that's the reason why as Corey mentioned the second doctor will get to where I can spend his lung on the sacrament but it works the same way when Jesus was in the upper room and he said take eat this is my body do this is often as you need and drink in remembrance of me if that's the only verse you read you're going to pick the remembrance word and think well okay it's a memorial meal.

56:07.540 --> 56:36.540
That's it's just us hanging around thinking about Jesus having some food in some wine or not wine if you want to believe that you can disobey that you have to ignore the other parts in scripture that also discuss communion because it's referred to in multiple places in multiple different ways not in conflicting ways but fleshing out that which was given in the upper room the upper room wasn't the whole of the teaching that God gave to the church

56:37.540 --> 57:06.540
or to those present about communion he said other things and the other things that he said make clear that it is him giving us his body and blood for the remission of sins and when you look at the scenario of someone receiving communion you see the hand going out or the you know the mouth being opened and the person receiving and eating and drinking and there's a whole lot of doing by the person who's up at the communion rail.

57:07.540 --> 57:36.540
It's easy to ignore what God is doing it's easy just like in baptism to say well you know God God promise something and maybe it's spiritual but I'm I'm really the doer here I'm the prime mover I'm going up I'm obeying I'm remembering I'm you know I'm trying to obey but if you deprive God of being the first mover in that scenario where he is the one bestowing his gifts which are which are specifically his body and blood which were again shed on the cross.

57:37.540 --> 58:01.540
And to tie back to baptism water also poured out of Jesus side that was a pericardial sack or surrounding his heart being pierced by the Roman soldiers spear water blood and the flesh of Christ were all present in the moment of his death all of that is mirrored in the sacraments now this isn't simply reminders this is these aren't simply.

58:01.540 --> 58:05.540
Namonics that we use to tie one thing to another.

58:05.540 --> 58:30.540
These typological connections are things that God makes clear in scripture to reinforce over and over here is what I am doing for you because as Corey said God gives us a super abundance of that which is needed for our comfort it's not that if you don't have communion every Sunday you're going to run up a surplus of sins and not be forgiven for them all of your sins were forgiven at the cross all of your sins were forgiven at the cross.

58:30.540 --> 58:52.540
Your sins were forgiven at baptism all of your sins are forgiven every time you receive absolution and every time you receive communion faithfully God is giving us more than we need there's no math and salvation there's only God's perfect love for us and the sacraments in our view of the sacraments are bound up in that in obedience to God.

58:52.540 --> 59:15.540
Even in churches where they deny the reality of what baptism is and will say that it is their own declaration of faith when they stand up there before the congregation they don't baptize themselves they are still being baptized by a pastor who is acting in the stead of Christ.

59:15.540 --> 59:42.540
So some of the proper look of baptism some of that typology is still there they may not realize the fullness of it but it is still present and you mentioned typology the verse over which we constantly get into fights with baptists and others is of course first Peter 321.

59:42.540 --> 01:00:05.540
Because it the most clearly states our view baptism now saves you a literal quote from scripture and I have had baptists in conversations say that baptism does not save you I would think that would worry them because they are saying the exact opposite of what scripture says.

01:00:05.540 --> 01:00:22.540
And I'll read the fullness of the verse because I want to touch on one word that goes to typology that was just mentioned baptism which corresponds to this now saves you not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a good conscience through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

01:00:22.540 --> 01:00:44.540
Now what is translated which corresponds to this the underlying word there is actually anti-tupus anti-type we're dealing here in typology and the verse of course not this verse but the chapter goes on to speak of the flood and other things those are types of baptism.

01:00:44.540 --> 01:00:59.540
Now a type is something that prefigures comes before is an illustration of the anti-type the anti-type is the fulfillment the anti-type is always greater the flood is given as one of the types of baptism.

01:00:59.540 --> 01:01:23.540
So as the deliverance of the Israelites through the Red Sea it's a type of baptism in both of those cases from what were they delivered well in the case of the Israelites they were delivered from idolatry and slavery in Egypt in the case of the flood they were delivered from idolatry and death because everyone not on the ark died.

01:01:23.540 --> 01:01:52.540
What is the only thing greater than temporal death from which man can be delivered the answer of course is eternal death there is nothing else greater from which you can be delivered and so if the type delivers from temporal death the only thing from which the anti-type can deliver because the anti-type is again necessarily greater than the type well that's eternal death and so baptism delivers you from eternal death.

01:01:53.540 --> 01:02:04.540
And now of course Baptist and others their hair will be on fire when they hear that because they think that I'm denying faith alone grace alone they think I'm denying the so lie I'm not.

01:02:05.540 --> 01:02:16.540
What Lutherans are saying when we say this because this is what scripture says is that God uses means to create faith we call these the means of grace.

01:02:16.540 --> 01:02:27.540
Baptism is one of them baptism is the ordinary way in which an individual is brought into the church of God because the ordinary means is baptism as an infant.

01:02:28.540 --> 01:02:43.540
Now of course adult converts typically are going to have faith because they heard the word but that's because there are multiple means of grace we are not saying that baptism in and of itself saves you.

01:02:43.540 --> 01:02:57.540
Baptism saves you because it is a means by which God creates faith in your heart and therefore you are annexing to yourself given power by the spirit to do so.

01:02:58.540 --> 01:03:07.540
The grace of God given to humanity in the cross the death and resurrection of Christ it is all by grace through faith.

01:03:07.540 --> 01:03:19.540
That's how it works we are not saying that just because you were baptized you're saved no it's because baptism creates faith it is still so the feeday.

01:03:20.540 --> 01:03:31.540
But as the verse makes clear baptism now saves you and there is no way around that without denying the clear words of scripture.

01:03:32.540 --> 01:03:43.540
And this is why we so frequently attack bumper sticker theology including some of our own bumper stickers where you have something that is a valuable concept that is distilled on into simple words.

01:03:43.540 --> 01:03:58.540
But then in time people forget what the concept was and they just use the words as though that is the rule and norm and if a Protestant faithfully believes that only faith can save the works cannot save.

01:03:58.540 --> 01:04:10.540
Then if they miss apprehend baptism and communion as works well of course they can't be salvific and that's the entire disconnect here that's why we that's what we focus this on who's doing the verbs.

01:04:10.540 --> 01:04:25.540
If we were saying I must baptize I must be baptized that's the only way I can be saved that would be false that would violate so the feeday is not what God says that's not what we're saying it's not what scripture says.

01:04:25.540 --> 01:04:50.540
These things are given to us for our blessing and you know as we've reiterated you can receive faith from hearing you can receive faith from baptism which by the way is also hearing once you're a Christian once you have faith regardless of how it came to you if you as a Christian say oh I was baptized I don't need to hear the word guess what you're going to stop being a Christian.

01:04:51.540 --> 01:05:13.540
If you say I hear the word I don't need to be baptized you're not going to keep being a Christian if you say I don't need communion I've been baptized and I hear the word I don't need that stuff you're not going to be a Christian because God commands these things these are gifts in their commands when God speaks it's the same thing a gift of God is not optional you don't send it back.

01:05:13.540 --> 01:05:31.540
You don't exchange it for something you like better you receive God's gift by faith and you give thanks to God for what he and his infinite wisdom and word mercy gave to you we can't send these things back and we can't say we don't like them and they're not for us and I don't think they do anything anyway.

01:05:31.540 --> 01:05:58.540
That is fundamentally calling God a liar regardless of how someone gets there rationally to be in that place spiritually is dangerous even if you get everything else right because what have you done you've taken the solas which are encapsulations of sound doctrine and use them to attack sound doctrine that's not what sound doctrine does sound doctrine reinforces all other sound doctrine because God is one.

01:05:58.540 --> 01:06:20.540
All of these things are interconnected all of these things have the same origin there's not people doing some things and God doing others all of this is from God and the same is true in the liturgy which is the reason you'll hear Christian use you'll hear Lutherans talking about the liturgy we typically will avoid talking about a worship service.

01:06:20.540 --> 01:06:29.540
You'll hear us refer to it as the divine service and again that's very explicitly consciously focusing on who's doing the verbs.

01:06:29.540 --> 01:06:40.540
If it's a worship service well I'm the worshipper I'm going there I get dressed up or not I go I worship maybe it's loud maybe I feel something that's me doing the worship.

01:06:40.540 --> 01:07:09.540
We say divine service because it's true and because it's a rejection of the idea that we're going to church to do anything we're going there to receive God's gifts the divine service is the divine serving us in the word in communion and in baptism when you're blessed to witness one because when you see someone else being baptized of any age it's a reminder of your own baptism a reminder that I am baptized because this happened for me as well.

01:07:09.540 --> 01:07:10.540
All of these things the reason that they're important to Lutherans is that by pointing to God we refuse to point to ourselves which by the way is the point of the soul the idea is that if God is doing this stuff all we have to believe in is that God is going to keep being God I don't have to worry if my faith isn't strong enough I don't have to worry if I didn't decide for Christ in the right way I don't have to worry if my fruits don't bear out my

01:07:39.540 --> 01:08:04.540
faith all I have to worry about is whether God is God and that's no worry at all for the Christian God cannot help but be God and when God puts his name on you there's nothing for you to worry about when you trust in those promises the gift of Lutheran doctrine is a distillation of these things to the point that there can be no ambiguity about how we're saved or about what we do once we're saved

01:08:04.540 --> 01:08:33.540
and the reason that we look weird to other Protestant denominations is that this fundamentally different approach to a couple questions leads to radically different conclusions and they're they're radical it's you on your there's far as the east is from the west when we say baptism saves you and someone says baptism doesn't save anyone that's intractable somebody is calling God a liar and that's the reason that it's worth fighting for it's worth fighting for you.

01:08:34.540 --> 01:09:04.540
We're fighting for sound doctrine because if you can't trust God it is word why bother being a Christian at all why waste time and money and effort on church you can go live a self-centered life and not worry about any of this crap if you trust and believe in God it changes you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit changes your life forever it means the things that you once found pleasing you now find

01:09:04.540 --> 01:09:34.540
on us the easier it is for us to stay away from the margins to stay away from the errors they can lead to damnation they can lead to doubt that will cause us to lose our faith in God and the gift of Lutheran doctrine is that it's Christian doctrine like Corey said at the beginning he read what Lutheran wrote and he said this is what I believe he never read it before it had never been explained to him that way and yet because he read scripture and he believed scripture when he saw how his art

01:09:34.540 --> 01:10:03.940
argued in a Lutheran context in a Lutheran dialect dialect made sense being Lutheran is not a particular type of being Christian being Lutheran is being a faithful Christian and those are fighting words because again everybody else says the same thing and most one of us is right and Corey and I believe that if you look at scripture and you compare to the manner in which Lutherans faithfully discuss it

01:10:03.940 --> 01:10:22.740
it's the same picture it's an explanation in God's language of what God has already said and someone with the Holy Spirit cannot help to say yeah that makes sense and over and over again we see that happening in our own lives with other people it's not this is not speculative it actually happens

01:10:22.740 --> 01:10:50.140
you mentioned that Lutherans will call it the divine service there's another term that I have to bring up the German because of course it is also called the God distanced which just means that it is God's service which we are recognizing really we're recognizing it in both English and in German just in a slightly different way this is God's service the direction is God coming to us and then us responding to God

01:10:50.740 --> 01:11:08.540
which of course is just what scripture says because we love him because he first loved us without me you can do nothing without God without God coming to us first we cannot respond to him we cannot do anything because we are dead in sin and trespass and corpses do not act

01:11:09.140 --> 01:11:19.340
so there is no making a choice for God there is no coming to God of your own volition you are Lazarus you are dead in the tomb that's why that's in scripture

01:11:20.740 --> 01:11:32.740
because you are the corpse and unless God comes to you and in live in you with his word which he can also bring to you through the sacrament of baptism you cannot do anything

01:11:33.740 --> 01:11:43.540
and so that is the recognition of the Lutheran liturgical service is that we are coming into God's presence into his house to receive his gifts

01:11:44.540 --> 01:11:57.540
and that is the big difference we are not doing as so many other Christian traditions believe it is not first and foremost us coming to God and worshiping him and then begging him for things

01:11:58.540 --> 01:12:09.540
it is us coming to God to receive the things he has promised to give us where he has promised to give them and then responding in thankfulness and worship to him for those gifts

01:12:10.540 --> 01:12:20.540
it is important to recognize which direction things are flowing in the divine service and most Christian traditions get it exactly backward

01:12:20.540 --> 01:12:34.540
in the show notes we will link three videos the pastor we did with Matt Whitman of the 10 minute Bible hour I think we mentioned before we will link him again because those videos show part of what the divine service looks like

01:12:34.540 --> 01:12:54.540
and we does a great job explaining why we do things the way we do why the liturgy and the divine service looks so different from the enthusiastic sort of worship that is so common especially in things like mega churches that are frankly some Lutheran churches are being pushed to do that in summer or open mega churches too

01:12:54.540 --> 01:13:09.540
and that is actually the last thing we want to talk about today that we have described how we became Lutheran why we are Lutheran why we believe it is important and now we want to close with why we fight for Lutheranism rather than simply leaving

01:13:09.540 --> 01:13:23.540
I think the simply leaving part I hope we have made clear that we don't believe that there is anywhere else to go we don't believe that there is another denomination that has a more clear confession of Christian doctrine

01:13:23.540 --> 01:13:40.540
when someone of any denomination reads the small catechism the section on baptism they may disagree with the second section on communion they may disagree with everything else they are probably going to agree with completely even though they have never heard it before even though they might not know or care about Luther

01:13:40.540 --> 01:13:55.540
when you read those explanations in a Lutheran dialect you're like yeah this is what I believe the Lutheran faith is fundamentally the ecumenical Christian faith which is really what Catholic means it means universal or of the whole

01:13:55.540 --> 01:14:08.540
it doesn't mean Roman Catholic doesn't mean papers it's some people are trying to reclaim that word but it's lost due to abuse but fundamentally the Catholic church is the true church where true doctrine is preached

01:14:08.540 --> 01:14:26.540
and we believe that that is here whether or not the Missouri Senate is going to survive I don't know it's been around 175 years it started on really rocky ground not not doctrinally but just situationally they were effectively refugees from Saxony

01:14:26.540 --> 01:14:43.540
they came to the Midwest you know really on the frontier and things immediately went horribly wrong in multiple ways they muddled through and they became they began to quickly grow and initially a lot of the invention was they also lost one of their ships and route

01:14:43.540 --> 01:14:54.540
so they didn't even they didn't even all make it to the US yeah and yet they grew substantially a lot of that growth was from other Germans coming and then refining

01:14:54.540 --> 01:15:20.540
the original Lutheran faith which had basically been wiped out in Germany the reason they were they were not economic refugees they were religious refugees because of the Prussian Union the only way that they could practice this doctrine that we cling to was to flee their homeland because it had effectively in some parts been banned and so coming here was the only way they could continue to preach in practice faithfully

01:15:20.540 --> 01:15:40.540
we don't care about a particular corporation or a particular designation for its own sake the LCMS has roots 175 years old Lutheranism has roots 500 years old the Christian church has roots 2000 years old the Christian faith has roots 6000 years old

01:15:40.540 --> 01:16:09.540
we don't the only route that we need to worry about is the route that we have in Jesus Christ and in his word that's given to us in scripture so the reason that Cory and I fight today for the LCMS is because it's it's what we have it's where we are this is our backyard these disagreements that occur in the church these places where there are pastors who seek to introduce on Lutheran and in some cases on Christian practices into the church

01:16:09.540 --> 01:16:29.540
that's our problem you know we we hear the things that are going on in Rome and we'll take pot shots at it sometime but it's not it's not our fight Rome is already a mess before the latest thing that happened so Rome keeps being a mess that just tells us that they're still Rome that doesn't give us new information

01:16:29.540 --> 01:16:53.540
the Missouri Synod started out doctrinally strong and has grown increasingly less so over time and will link in this show a stream that Cory and I did along with two other friends last night on YouTube discussing the large cataclysm blowup that occurred when last week the LCMS through Concordia publishing house

01:16:53.540 --> 01:17:13.540
published a brand new large cataclysm that has a bunch of new essays that include a horrific false doctrine across the board some some of the essays are good but there's so much garbage in there the every copy should be burned and we were the first they went to war against this thing because we thought it was evil

01:17:13.540 --> 01:17:42.540
now there are other things that we've gotten to war against and we bet ignored or we've been shouted down this time you know when this began I tweeted on the very first day something to the effect that this these annotations these changes to the Lutheran doctrine in this book from synod our evil and I effectively said the past if pastors don't speak up about this their cowards and that was a challenge and honestly I didn't think that I didn't expect people to rise to the challenge not that it was my challenge

01:17:43.540 --> 01:18:13.500
like I didn't do anything Cory and I didn't do anything Ryan Turbsey didn't do anything except for publicize to the whole church that there are deep-seated problems and one of the reasons that we are having these fights in the open is it for long time these fights have been happening in secret and they kept getting buried I think that most people don't you know most people have heard about Alka today you know that it's the largest American Lutheran denomination and you know that's apostate you know that they have training

01:18:13.500 --> 01:18:26.500
demons they have lesbians they have every every sort of perversion you can have their universalist they deny God they deny the creeds they deny everything they're not Christian by any measure they're not Christian

01:18:26.500 --> 01:18:41.500
what most people don't know is that Alka is not Christian because of the LCMS in the 40s in the 50s in the 60s and then ultimately in the 70s there was a fight in the LCMS that was called at the time the battle for the Bible

01:18:41.500 --> 01:18:53.500
it was a battle over scriptional in herancy is the word of God really the word of God can we trust it can we understand it can we believe it do we need to stick to it or can we believe different things

01:18:53.500 --> 01:19:10.500
and there is an increasingly vocal group of pastors at the time including some in very high places who are openly pushing to cast on the Bible and say well that's not what that means we're going to go in a different direction we need to be more Christian than this Bible thing is going to let us do we got to have more love

01:19:10.500 --> 01:19:23.500
and that's going to mean setting some of the stuff aside this comment culminated in the early 70s in what's called Seminex it was a seminary in exile is basically where the St. Louis seminary effectively imploded

01:19:23.500 --> 01:19:42.500
all but I think five of the professors remained the rest all walked out most of the student body walked out because they agreed with this radical satanic agenda of the destruction of the Christian church they were trying to destroy Christian the Scripture because they intended to destroy the LCMS

01:19:43.500 --> 01:20:05.500
by God's grace the Bible won God won and the demons of Seminex left you know they went they went to the one of the predecessor bodies of Elka and they quickly took over that predecessor body they became those in the greatest influential seats they shaped what became Elka and then they ran Elka they ran Elka right into the ground

01:20:05.500 --> 01:20:34.500
all the demon demonic things that you see in Elka today they came out of the LCMS by men who are one time they were rostered they had collars they were well well respected they were believed to be Missouri Synod Lutherans and again by God's grace they were driven out because they were demons they were wolves of the highest order and unfortunately we didn't drive all of them out but most of them we got rid of their regions of this country today were Lutheranism once sort of existed

01:20:35.500 --> 01:20:52.500
and basically doesn't exist anymore because we didn't drive out the pastors who had graduated from the seminary at the time when these demons were teaching everyone and so these guys just sort of faster but by God's grace either they all just retired because they were lazy they didn't believe in being called for life

01:20:52.500 --> 01:21:02.500
or they're all dead they're increasingly dying they're almost all gone now because they were there early boomers and so they basically been removed from the board now

01:21:02.500 --> 01:21:22.500
but it's crucial to make the point that Elka is demonic because the LCMS expelled a demonic presence in its own midst we're facing that again today the evils that were arising in the 40s and 50s and 60s they culminated in 7x they never went away because Satan's never going to go away

01:21:22.500 --> 01:21:42.500
and we should give thanks to God for that we should thank God that the Missouri Synod has something today that Satan has to destroy he keeps coming at us and keeps coming at us because we have sound doctrine it's not perfect anymore if it ever was it's certainly far less perfect than it was in Walther's day

01:21:42.500 --> 01:22:00.500
but even that that Satan still needs to destroy us in order to complete his plans for this world and so when we see pastors today calling us evil for pointing out things that are evil in the Missouri Synod I'm thankful for that that makes that fills me with joy

01:22:00.500 --> 01:22:09.500
I don't mind being called evil by these men who are going to spend eternity in hell with the same demons from 7x because they're on the same side and they're trying to accomplish the same things

01:22:09.500 --> 01:22:22.500
destruction of this church is unspeakably evil and as long as Cory and I draw breath we will not permit it we will we will light every signal beacon we will pull every alarm we will raise every

01:22:22.500 --> 01:22:30.500
stink that we possibly can because frankly that's all we can do all we can tell people is all we can do is bear witness we can tell people what's going on

01:22:30.500 --> 01:22:39.500
we have no power we have no authority we're two men were two stones crying out in the wilderness saying there's a problem the church needs to deal with it

01:22:39.500 --> 01:22:51.500
and thankfully yesterday the church said yes there's a problem needs to be dealt with President Harrison admitted that CTCR needs to be reigned in that there are problems with what they're doing

01:22:51.500 --> 01:22:59.500
he didn't go so far say that they all need to be defraught and fired it's praying I get not going to get there but that would be the just outcome for the situation

01:22:59.500 --> 01:23:07.500
even today we have Jack Kilkreis who's a member of the CTCR continuing to defend the evil and that catechism taking full credit for it

01:23:07.500 --> 01:23:14.500
and he may clear that he's going to go fight with Harrison to try to make sure that this continues

01:23:14.500 --> 01:23:23.500
well it's up to God whether not that happens I hope that God will steal Harrison's heart and that he has the fight in him to preserve sound doctrine

01:23:23.500 --> 01:23:30.500
and if he doesn't I hope that God will give him the wisdom to understand that he's no longer the man to fight these battles

01:23:30.500 --> 01:23:37.500
because frankly we've been losing them over and over again this is not a fluke this just as Seminex is connected to this

01:23:37.500 --> 01:23:48.500
the National Youth Gathering last year the blow up at Concordia University Wisconsin where exactly the same racial animus was being spread by the same people

01:23:48.500 --> 01:23:56.500
incidentally the fact that it's happening with CTCR's blessing through CPH on behalf of Synod is a huge deal it is a pattern

01:23:56.500 --> 01:24:08.500
it is not a fluke it's not a one-time thing it's not a couple essays it's a consistent group of people inside the church seeking its destruction by spreading false doctrine

01:24:08.500 --> 01:24:16.500
there will be some in some other church bodies who will be listening to the history of what has happened in particularly American Lutheranism

01:24:16.500 --> 01:24:20.500
although not just in the US of course we did mention Saxony

01:24:20.500 --> 01:24:28.500
and they will hear echoes of what is currently happening in their own denominations their own traditions and there's a reason for that

01:24:28.500 --> 01:24:39.500
this happened to Lutherans earlier than basically everyone else because it happened in the circles of what's called higher criticism

01:24:39.500 --> 01:24:46.500
or originally started out as historical criticism grew into higher criticism in the 19th and the 20th centuries

01:24:46.500 --> 01:24:54.500
and all of that was basically in German and so Lutherans German speaking Lutherans had access to these materials

01:24:54.500 --> 01:25:02.500
and we have writings from Walter the founder of our Synod arguing with these false teachers in German

01:25:02.500 --> 01:25:07.500
back and forth we have publication of it in our own journals we have him writing letters

01:25:07.500 --> 01:25:13.500
because they had access to the materials and so it did not really get translated into English

01:25:13.500 --> 01:25:19.500
it did not enter into other traditions and denominations in the US until significantly later

01:25:19.500 --> 01:25:25.500
we see some of these splits happening in the Baptist and even Methodist and some others today

01:25:25.500 --> 01:25:28.500
because it took that long to filter through

01:25:28.500 --> 01:25:31.500
Lutherans have already had these fights

01:25:32.500 --> 01:25:39.500
we have resolved them in some cases they are ongoing in others in the case of Seminex

01:25:39.500 --> 01:25:45.500
we did in fact eject most of them but not all of them and so we are fighting a cleanup operation now because

01:25:45.500 --> 01:25:49.500
that was allowed to fester and to become a problem again

01:25:49.500 --> 01:25:55.500
but that's why it'll sound like well this sounds a lot like what's happening in my tradition because it is

01:25:55.500 --> 01:25:58.500
Satan is using the same playbook

01:25:58.500 --> 01:26:02.500
he is very intent on destroying the LCMS

01:26:02.500 --> 01:26:09.500
because the LCMS is basically the last bastion in the world of true Lutheranism

01:26:09.500 --> 01:26:15.500
there are small practically microsinids in some places that are faithful

01:26:15.500 --> 01:26:22.500
but there is nowhere else where you have this many Lutherans in one body still holding to sound doctrine

01:26:22.500 --> 01:26:28.500
yes we have problems with our leadership yes we have some problems particularly at one seminary

01:26:28.500 --> 01:26:37.500
but by and large the rank and file that includes most of our pastors in the LCMS are faithful men

01:26:37.500 --> 01:26:43.500
they believe what the scriptures say they believe in so far as they know them

01:26:43.500 --> 01:26:48.500
and they could certainly know them better we need to be better about instruction and higher level catechesis

01:26:48.500 --> 01:26:54.500
but in so far as they know them they agree with what is said in the confessions and they hold that

01:26:54.500 --> 01:26:57.500
and so Satan has to destroy that

01:26:57.500 --> 01:27:01.500
because he has already destroyed most of the other churches

01:27:01.500 --> 01:27:06.500
because most of the other churches did not actually mount a fight against this stuff

01:27:06.500 --> 01:27:11.500
they rolled over the same as most of our societal institutions

01:27:11.500 --> 01:27:18.500
they did the same thing that the academy did they got infiltrated they didn't fight and they lost

01:27:18.500 --> 01:27:24.500
Lutherans have been fighting this for two centuries now

01:27:24.500 --> 01:27:31.500
and we will continue to fight it as long as we have to which will probably be as long as we can fight

01:27:31.500 --> 01:27:35.500
because Satan does not give up in this life

01:27:35.500 --> 01:27:40.500
but that is the reason that Lutherans are being targeted

01:27:40.500 --> 01:27:45.500
Satan is going to target only those institutions he does not own

01:27:45.500 --> 01:27:49.500
there's no reason for him to target Elka he owns Elka

01:27:49.500 --> 01:27:53.500
what reason would he target them it doesn't benefit him

01:27:53.500 --> 01:27:58.500
so if you are being attacked there is a reason for that

01:27:58.500 --> 01:28:02.500
that is why we see what is happening today in the LCMS

01:28:02.500 --> 01:28:08.500
Satan hates the LCMS because it is a faithful body by and large

01:28:08.500 --> 01:28:11.500
yes he has managed to corrupt some of the leadership

01:28:11.500 --> 01:28:15.500
but the whole point of that large catechism

01:28:15.500 --> 01:28:19.500
the reason they tried to push that through the reason they will continue to try to push that through

01:28:19.500 --> 01:28:25.500
and we will continue to have to fight it until it is destroyed not simply recalled

01:28:25.500 --> 01:28:30.500
is because the large catechism is the document that will be used by pastors

01:28:30.500 --> 01:28:34.500
to teach in their parishes

01:28:34.500 --> 01:28:39.500
and then by fathers faithful fathers to teach their families

01:28:39.500 --> 01:28:44.500
and that is why we have to have this fight over this document it is absolutely vital

01:28:44.500 --> 01:28:51.500
because the resources that are used by the teachers in the church will eventually become the beliefs of the entire church

01:28:51.500 --> 01:28:55.500
that is why Satan is targeting the things he is targeting

01:28:55.500 --> 01:28:58.500
that is why he targets the seminaries

01:28:58.500 --> 01:29:01.500
because if he can target the seminaries if he can take over the seminaries

01:29:01.500 --> 01:29:03.500
and he has done a pretty good job with one of them

01:29:03.500 --> 01:29:08.500
then he can get the men who will go out and teach the rest of the church

01:29:08.500 --> 01:29:13.500
it is the same thing we saw in the left hand kingdom

01:29:13.500 --> 01:29:16.500
Satan targeted and took over the universities

01:29:16.500 --> 01:29:20.500
because if you can take over the universities you can take over the government

01:29:20.500 --> 01:29:23.500
if you can take over the government you have got the society

01:29:23.500 --> 01:29:26.500
Satan knows how to play the game he is very good at it

01:29:26.500 --> 01:29:29.500
Christians need to get better at it

01:29:29.500 --> 01:29:31.500
it is the long march through the institutions

01:29:31.500 --> 01:29:33.500
it is the same playbook

01:29:33.500 --> 01:29:35.500
it is applied everywhere

01:29:35.500 --> 01:29:37.500
I mentioned before that the fight

01:29:37.500 --> 01:29:42.500
the fight that culminated in 7x and the 70s began publicly in the 40s

01:29:42.500 --> 01:29:47.500
now that is important because it was not obviously the same fight the entire time

01:29:47.500 --> 01:29:51.500
that was the infiltration first making itself known in the mid 40s

01:29:51.500 --> 01:29:55.500
and the very first signals that something was wrong

01:29:55.500 --> 01:29:57.500
were very small signals

01:29:57.500 --> 01:30:00.500
if you have ever seen something about radio telescopes

01:30:00.500 --> 01:30:03.500
the signals they are picking up from outer space are incredibly faint

01:30:03.500 --> 01:30:06.500
there is virtually no signal there

01:30:06.500 --> 01:30:08.500
it is almost all noise

01:30:08.500 --> 01:30:12.500
and yet with the right tuning, with the right instruments and with the right software

01:30:12.500 --> 01:30:15.500
you can detect a signal that is coming from far away

01:30:15.500 --> 01:30:16.500
even though it is faint

01:30:16.500 --> 01:30:19.500
now the signal in the 40s wasn't particularly faint

01:30:19.500 --> 01:30:24.500
but it was exponentially fainter than it was by the 70s

01:30:24.500 --> 01:30:27.500
sometimes 7x happened, it was all out in the open

01:30:27.500 --> 01:30:29.500
and the retrenchment occurred

01:30:29.500 --> 01:30:31.500
because they realized they went too far

01:30:31.500 --> 01:30:34.500
some of them left, some of them remained

01:30:34.500 --> 01:30:39.500
they continued to subvert, some of them are dead, some of their acolytes continue on to this day

01:30:39.500 --> 01:30:45.500
and to reiterate the large catechisms corruption

01:30:45.500 --> 01:30:51.500
with these new essays that teach new doctrines that are contrary to Christianity

01:30:51.500 --> 01:30:55.500
they are being woven in with things that sound Lutheran

01:30:55.500 --> 01:30:58.500
what these men are doing, men like Leopoldo Sanchez

01:30:58.500 --> 01:31:03.500
and all the other guys, John Nunez, who wrote some of the worst essays in there

01:31:03.500 --> 01:31:06.500
they are spiritual groomers

01:31:06.500 --> 01:31:12.500
if you know anything about how a sexual predator grooms a small child

01:31:12.500 --> 01:31:15.500
or a young woman who is not of age

01:31:15.500 --> 01:31:17.500
who is dumb and doesn't know what she is doing

01:31:17.500 --> 01:31:20.500
a groomer begins small

01:31:20.500 --> 01:31:23.500
enticing with something completely neutral

01:31:23.500 --> 01:31:26.500
something that's appealing, that's not at all scary

01:31:26.500 --> 01:31:29.500
and then once they establish trust, what do they do?

01:31:29.500 --> 01:31:31.500
they introduce a little bit of spice

01:31:31.500 --> 01:31:34.500
something a little bit dangerous, a little bit transgressive

01:31:34.500 --> 01:31:38.500
is introduced knowing that it's going to make the target

01:31:38.500 --> 01:31:41.500
to the grooming target uncomfortable

01:31:41.500 --> 01:31:44.500
the idea is to make them uncomfortable in that moment

01:31:44.500 --> 01:31:47.500
because they're going to push past it

01:31:47.500 --> 01:31:50.500
the victim is uncomfortable and then they back off

01:31:50.500 --> 01:31:52.500
they say, ha ha just kidding

01:31:52.500 --> 01:31:54.500
and then they come back a little while later

01:31:54.500 --> 01:31:56.500
and now the thing that they pushed

01:31:56.500 --> 01:32:00.500
that was the transgressive element is the new normal

01:32:00.500 --> 01:32:04.500
that thing that was a small deception, a small evil

01:32:04.500 --> 01:32:08.500
that has now been part of the conversation between the groomer

01:32:08.500 --> 01:32:12.500
and the grooming gives them the opportunity to ratchet further

01:32:12.500 --> 01:32:15.500
to do something more overt and more overt

01:32:15.500 --> 01:32:17.500
and it's a gradual process

01:32:17.500 --> 01:32:20.500
the reason it's called grooming, it's not kidnapping

01:32:20.500 --> 01:32:22.500
it's not grabbing someone throwing in a van

01:32:22.500 --> 01:32:24.500
and taking them off to the woods

01:32:24.500 --> 01:32:28.500
the groomer acts subtly, acts consistently over time

01:32:28.500 --> 01:32:32.500
they pick a target and they seduce it by measures

01:32:32.500 --> 01:32:34.500
and by means and by degrees

01:32:34.500 --> 01:32:37.500
and the language that was introduced

01:32:37.500 --> 01:32:41.500
in the new large cataclysm is absolutely groomer language

01:32:41.500 --> 01:32:43.500
for Satanism

01:32:43.500 --> 01:32:45.500
and it's not even particularly subtle

01:32:45.500 --> 01:32:47.500
like they're not starting on step one

01:32:47.500 --> 01:32:49.500
they're starting on about step five

01:32:49.500 --> 01:32:53.500
if that cataclysm had been published 20 years ago

01:32:53.500 --> 01:32:55.500
the entire synod would have detonated on the spot

01:32:55.500 --> 01:32:57.500
no question asked

01:32:57.500 --> 01:32:59.500
there have been no one who'd been pushing back

01:32:59.500 --> 01:33:01.500
because it openly says

01:33:01.500 --> 01:33:04.500
that pedophilia is a burden that some people live with

01:33:04.500 --> 01:33:07.500
and it says that if you are someone

01:33:07.500 --> 01:33:10.500
who is possessed by sexual depravity

01:33:10.500 --> 01:33:13.500
the Holy Spirit can't do anything for you

01:33:13.500 --> 01:33:15.500
it doesn't matter if you believe in God

01:33:15.500 --> 01:33:16.500
and if you repent

01:33:16.500 --> 01:33:18.500
you're still going to be stuck

01:33:18.500 --> 01:33:20.500
exactly the way you are forever

01:33:20.500 --> 01:33:22.500
because that's your identity

01:33:22.500 --> 01:33:23.500
that's demonic

01:33:23.500 --> 01:33:25.500
that is a satanic thing

01:33:25.500 --> 01:33:27.500
as I've ever heard

01:33:27.500 --> 01:33:29.500
ever happening in the Missouri Synod

01:33:29.500 --> 01:33:32.500
and is being done by these radical leftist groomers

01:33:32.500 --> 01:33:34.500
who work in the dark

01:33:34.500 --> 01:33:35.500
and they sneak this stuff in

01:33:35.500 --> 01:33:37.500
hoping that no one would notice

01:33:37.500 --> 01:33:39.500
and if our group of friends had not noticed

01:33:39.500 --> 01:33:40.500
when this dropped

01:33:40.500 --> 01:33:41.500
it would have gone

01:33:41.500 --> 01:33:43.500
it didn't know one would have said anything

01:33:43.500 --> 01:33:44.500
eventually someone might have said

01:33:44.500 --> 01:33:45.500

01:33:45.500 --> 01:33:47.500
do you know this is sky wrote this essay

01:33:47.500 --> 01:33:48.500
it's kind of sketchy

01:33:48.500 --> 01:33:50.500
it was only by the efforts

01:33:50.500 --> 01:33:52.500
of a few faithful laymen

01:33:52.500 --> 01:33:54.500
who said this is evil

01:33:54.500 --> 01:33:55.500
and this will not stand

01:33:55.500 --> 01:33:57.500
and you know what

01:33:57.500 --> 01:33:58.500
by God's grace

01:33:58.500 --> 01:34:00.500
synod is at least now listening

01:34:00.500 --> 01:34:02.500
Ryan Turnipsy the gentleman

01:34:02.500 --> 01:34:04.500
and that is his real name

01:34:04.500 --> 01:34:05.500
that's his legal name

01:34:05.500 --> 01:34:07.500
who initially published the thread

01:34:07.500 --> 01:34:08.500
with these findings

01:34:08.500 --> 01:34:10.500
of just a small piece of the evil

01:34:10.500 --> 01:34:11.500
in the large cataclysm

01:34:11.500 --> 01:34:13.500
his thread today was on revolver news

01:34:13.500 --> 01:34:15.500
which is basically the new

01:34:15.500 --> 01:34:16.500
grudge report

01:34:16.500 --> 01:34:18.500
the reason that's important

01:34:18.500 --> 01:34:19.500
is because it flies in the face

01:34:19.500 --> 01:34:20.500
of the claims

01:34:20.500 --> 01:34:22.500
of many of these radical leftists

01:34:22.500 --> 01:34:24.500
inside the LCMS today

01:34:24.500 --> 01:34:25.500
who are saying

01:34:25.500 --> 01:34:26.500
oh that language is fine

01:34:26.500 --> 01:34:27.500
that's that's gospel

01:34:27.500 --> 01:34:28.500
you just

01:34:28.500 --> 01:34:29.500
you need to understand it in context

01:34:29.500 --> 01:34:30.500
that's okay

01:34:30.500 --> 01:34:32.500
when the average revolver news

01:34:32.500 --> 01:34:33.500
reader can read it

01:34:33.500 --> 01:34:34.500
and say

01:34:34.500 --> 01:34:35.500
that's Marxism

01:34:35.500 --> 01:34:36.500
that is absolutely evil

01:34:36.500 --> 01:34:38.500
I see this crap everywhere

01:34:38.500 --> 01:34:39.500
this is the same language

01:34:39.500 --> 01:34:41.500
that I'm taught in work

01:34:41.500 --> 01:34:43.500
when I'm being indoctrinated annually

01:34:43.500 --> 01:34:45.500
as part of my diversity

01:34:45.500 --> 01:34:47.500
equity and inclusion brainwashing

01:34:47.500 --> 01:34:49.500
it's exactly the same language

01:34:49.500 --> 01:34:50.500
that the Missouri Synod published

01:34:50.500 --> 01:34:52.500
and so for a bunch of Lutherans

01:34:52.500 --> 01:34:54.500
who are not true Lutherans

01:34:54.500 --> 01:34:55.500
they're liars

01:34:55.500 --> 01:34:56.500
for those groomers

01:34:56.500 --> 01:34:57.500
to say oh it's fine

01:34:57.500 --> 01:34:58.500
you just don't understand

01:34:58.500 --> 01:34:59.500
you don't get it

01:34:59.500 --> 01:35:00.500
it's just relax

01:35:00.500 --> 01:35:02.500
when pagans and people

01:35:02.500 --> 01:35:03.500
who are alien to our church

01:35:03.500 --> 01:35:04.500
can say you know

01:35:04.500 --> 01:35:06.500
that's absolute evil

01:35:06.500 --> 01:35:07.500
that is the proof

01:35:07.500 --> 01:35:08.500
that the evil is open

01:35:08.500 --> 01:35:09.500
and it's overt

01:35:09.500 --> 01:35:11.500
and these people need to be driven out

01:35:11.500 --> 01:35:13.500
and this is a fight

01:35:13.500 --> 01:35:14.500
that is going to

01:35:14.500 --> 01:35:16.500
reverberate for many years

01:35:16.500 --> 01:35:17.500
because thankfully

01:35:17.500 --> 01:35:18.500
for the first time

01:35:18.500 --> 01:35:20.500
these open groomers

01:35:20.500 --> 01:35:22.500
these spiritual molesters

01:35:22.500 --> 01:35:23.500
have been caught

01:35:23.500 --> 01:35:24.500
red handed

01:35:24.500 --> 01:35:26.500
and enough people shouted initially

01:35:26.500 --> 01:35:27.500
that they weren't able

01:35:27.500 --> 01:35:29.500
to drag the little kid into the woods

01:35:29.500 --> 01:35:30.500
they had to retreat

01:35:30.500 --> 01:35:31.500
and they're bloodied

01:35:31.500 --> 01:35:33.500
they've not had blood drawn

01:35:33.500 --> 01:35:34.500
in a long time

01:35:34.500 --> 01:35:35.500
they're normally the ones

01:35:35.500 --> 01:35:36.500
doing the damage

01:35:36.500 --> 01:35:37.500
and they took it on the nose

01:35:37.500 --> 01:35:39.500
and they're reeling right now

01:35:39.500 --> 01:35:40.500
but they're pissed

01:35:40.500 --> 01:35:41.500
and they're going to fight back

01:35:41.500 --> 01:35:43.500
and every faithful man

01:35:43.500 --> 01:35:44.500
in the Missouri Synod

01:35:44.500 --> 01:35:46.500
is going to continue to fight them

01:35:46.500 --> 01:35:47.500
because there's nowhere else to go

01:35:47.500 --> 01:35:49.500
I don't know if the Missouri Synod

01:35:49.500 --> 01:35:50.500
is going to split

01:35:50.500 --> 01:35:51.500
or fracture

01:35:51.500 --> 01:35:52.500
that's up to God

01:35:52.500 --> 01:35:53.500
whatever happens down the road

01:35:53.500 --> 01:35:55.500
we will continue to be faithful

01:35:55.500 --> 01:35:56.500
to God's word

01:35:56.500 --> 01:35:58.500
and we will continue to be Lutheran

01:35:58.500 --> 01:35:59.500
because that is the only way

01:35:59.500 --> 01:36:00.500
that we know how to do it

01:36:00.500 --> 01:36:02.500
and by the time this comes

01:36:02.500 --> 01:36:04.500
out tomorrow

01:36:04.500 --> 01:36:05.500
we will be highlighting

01:36:05.500 --> 01:36:06.500
at least one more

01:36:06.500 --> 01:36:08.500
ongoing issue

01:36:08.500 --> 01:36:09.500
in Synod

01:36:09.500 --> 01:36:10.500
in order to

01:36:10.500 --> 01:36:11.500
keep up the pressure

01:36:11.500 --> 01:36:13.500
on our adversaries

01:36:13.500 --> 01:36:14.500
because the last thing

01:36:14.500 --> 01:36:16.500
they want

01:36:16.500 --> 01:36:18.500
is for people to keep looking at them

01:36:18.500 --> 01:36:19.500
and to keep looking

01:36:19.500 --> 01:36:21.500
at what they've been doing

01:36:21.500 --> 01:36:22.500
they would prefer this

01:36:22.500 --> 01:36:24.500
get swept under the rug

01:36:24.500 --> 01:36:26.500
for the so-called

01:36:26.500 --> 01:36:27.500
large catechism

01:36:27.500 --> 01:36:28.500
with annotations

01:36:28.500 --> 01:36:29.500
to go through another round

01:36:29.500 --> 01:36:30.500
of review

01:36:30.500 --> 01:36:31.500
and then they will try

01:36:31.500 --> 01:36:33.500
to publish it with minor edits

01:36:33.500 --> 01:36:34.500
sometime later in the year

01:36:34.500 --> 01:36:36.500
that's what they love to do

01:36:36.500 --> 01:36:38.500
and we are not going to let them do that

01:36:38.500 --> 01:36:40.500
we are going to keep pointing out

01:36:40.500 --> 01:36:42.500
all of the places they're hiding

01:36:42.500 --> 01:36:43.500
we are going to turn over

01:36:43.500 --> 01:36:44.500
every rock

01:36:44.500 --> 01:36:46.500
and find all of these snakes

01:36:46.500 --> 01:36:48.500
because that is our duty

01:36:48.500 --> 01:36:49.500
to God

01:36:49.500 --> 01:36:50.500
and to the sheep

01:36:50.500 --> 01:36:52.500
in this church

01:36:52.500 --> 01:36:54.500
and if they don't like it

01:36:54.500 --> 01:36:55.500
they can either repent

01:36:55.500 --> 01:36:56.500
or they can be driven out

01:36:56.500 --> 01:36:58.500
because there's no third option

01:36:58.500 --> 01:36:59.500
they're not going to win

01:36:59.500 --> 01:37:00.500
it's not going to happen

01:37:00.500 --> 01:37:01.500
and it's no longer

01:37:01.500 --> 01:37:03.500
going to happen in secret

01:37:03.500 --> 01:37:04.500
the one unfortunate thing

01:37:04.500 --> 01:37:05.500
that Matt Harrison

01:37:05.500 --> 01:37:06.500
has made clear to men

01:37:06.500 --> 01:37:08.500
who care about these matters

01:37:08.500 --> 01:37:10.500
is that there's only a response

01:37:10.500 --> 01:37:11.500
from his administration

01:37:11.500 --> 01:37:13.500
when there's public humiliation

01:37:13.500 --> 01:37:15.500
if this book

01:37:15.500 --> 01:37:16.500
had been intercepted

01:37:16.500 --> 01:37:18.500
when it was pre-publication

01:37:18.500 --> 01:37:19.500
we would not have said

01:37:19.500 --> 01:37:20.500
something publicly

01:37:20.500 --> 01:37:22.500
we have first tried to prevent

01:37:22.500 --> 01:37:23.500
it from being published

01:37:23.500 --> 01:37:25.500
it was made public

01:37:25.500 --> 01:37:26.500
for the world

01:37:26.500 --> 01:37:27.500
and therefore it was necessary

01:37:27.500 --> 01:37:29.500
for this to be made public

01:37:29.500 --> 01:37:30.500
as well

01:37:30.500 --> 01:37:31.500
it was demonstrated

01:37:31.500 --> 01:37:32.500
the national youth gathering

01:37:32.500 --> 01:37:33.500
it was demonstrated

01:37:33.500 --> 01:37:36.500
with Concordia University

01:37:36.500 --> 01:37:37.500

01:37:37.500 --> 01:37:38.500
that only when the Missouri

01:37:38.500 --> 01:37:39.500
Senate is humiliated

01:37:39.500 --> 01:37:41.500
for swinging so far

01:37:41.500 --> 01:37:42.500
to the left

01:37:42.500 --> 01:37:43.500
that we make even

01:37:43.500 --> 01:37:45.500
normal non-Christian

01:37:45.500 --> 01:37:46.500

01:37:46.500 --> 01:37:48.500
look like they're Nazis

01:37:48.500 --> 01:37:50.500
by the things that we're doing

01:37:50.500 --> 01:37:52.500
that's when the Missouri

01:37:52.500 --> 01:37:54.500
Senate gets a bloody nose

01:37:54.500 --> 01:37:55.500
and recoils

01:37:55.500 --> 01:37:56.500
it's humiliation

01:37:56.500 --> 01:37:58.500
that motivates obeying God

01:37:58.500 --> 01:38:00.500
that in itself

01:38:00.500 --> 01:38:01.500
is a separate problem

01:38:01.500 --> 01:38:02.500
we shouldn't have to resort

01:38:02.500 --> 01:38:03.500
to humiliation

01:38:03.500 --> 01:38:05.500
for men to obey God

01:38:05.500 --> 01:38:06.500
and to do their duty

01:38:06.500 --> 01:38:08.500
but until such time

01:38:08.500 --> 01:38:09.500
as the CTCR

01:38:09.500 --> 01:38:10.500
if it continues to exist

01:38:10.500 --> 01:38:11.500
and God willing

01:38:11.500 --> 01:38:12.500
it won't

01:38:12.500 --> 01:38:13.500
it's an abomination

01:38:13.500 --> 01:38:14.500
that should never

01:38:14.500 --> 01:38:15.500
have existed

01:38:15.500 --> 01:38:16.500
CTCR exists

01:38:16.500 --> 01:38:17.500
because of Seminex

01:38:17.500 --> 01:38:18.500
because St. Louis Seminary

01:38:18.500 --> 01:38:19.500
was so evil

01:38:19.500 --> 01:38:20.500
that it could no longer be

01:38:20.500 --> 01:38:21.500
counted on

01:38:21.500 --> 01:38:23.500
to issue doctrinal statements

01:38:23.500 --> 01:38:25.500
and so a committee

01:38:25.500 --> 01:38:26.500
was created

01:38:26.500 --> 01:38:27.500
a permanent standing committee

01:38:27.500 --> 01:38:28.500
that was going to do it

01:38:28.500 --> 01:38:29.500
instead of the seminaries

01:38:29.500 --> 01:38:31.500
well, the emergency passed

01:38:31.500 --> 01:38:33.500
and we just kept the new institution

01:38:33.500 --> 01:38:34.500
and now somehow we think

01:38:34.500 --> 01:38:35.500
it's good, good.

01:38:35.500 --> 01:38:36.500
Turns out, unsurprisingly,

01:38:36.500 --> 01:38:37.500
it's been co-opted

01:38:37.500 --> 01:38:38.500
as well.

01:38:38.500 --> 01:38:39.500
CTCR is evil.

01:38:39.500 --> 01:38:40.500
There are evil men

01:38:40.500 --> 01:38:41.500
on it, including

01:38:41.500 --> 01:38:42.500
John Plus

01:38:42.500 --> 01:38:44.500
and Jack Kilkreis

01:38:44.500 --> 01:38:45.500
who are pushing these things

01:38:45.500 --> 01:38:46.500
they continue

01:38:46.500 --> 01:38:47.500
to publicly defend

01:38:47.500 --> 01:38:48.500
the indefensible

01:38:48.500 --> 01:38:50.500
and I'm glad

01:38:50.500 --> 01:38:51.500
that this fight is

01:38:51.500 --> 01:38:52.500
happening in open,

01:38:52.500 --> 01:38:53.500
out in the open.

01:38:53.500 --> 01:38:54.500
It's not us doing

01:38:54.500 --> 01:38:55.500
the fighting anymore.

01:38:55.500 --> 01:38:56.500
All we can do is say,

01:38:56.500 --> 01:38:57.500
there's a problem.

01:38:57.500 --> 01:38:58.500
Here you go.

01:38:58.500 --> 01:38:59.500
So until such time

01:38:59.500 --> 01:39:00.500
as the Missouri

01:39:00.500 --> 01:39:01.500
Senate cleans house

01:39:01.500 --> 01:39:02.500
and make sure

01:39:02.500 --> 01:39:03.500
that these things

01:39:03.500 --> 01:39:04.500
can happen again,

01:39:04.500 --> 01:39:05.500
we will continue

01:39:05.500 --> 01:39:06.500
to raise the alarm.

01:39:06.500 --> 01:39:07.500
We will continue

01:39:07.500 --> 01:39:08.500
to be unwatched

01:39:08.500 --> 01:39:09.500
and we will trust

01:39:09.500 --> 01:39:10.500
that the faithful men

01:39:10.500 --> 01:39:11.500
in the Senate,

01:39:11.500 --> 01:39:12.500
as Cory said, there are many,

01:39:12.500 --> 01:39:13.500
they will continue

01:39:13.500 --> 01:39:14.500
to make sure

01:39:14.500 --> 01:39:15.500
that these things

01:39:15.500 --> 01:39:16.500
don't happen

01:39:16.500 --> 01:39:17.500
because this is the last bastion

01:39:17.500 --> 01:39:19.500
that any of us have

01:39:19.500 --> 01:39:20.500
for this sort of sound doctrine.

01:39:20.500 --> 01:39:21.500
There's no other

01:39:21.500 --> 01:39:22.500
denomination we can go to

01:39:22.500 --> 01:39:24.500
that's not in worst shape

01:39:24.500 --> 01:39:25.500
and I include wells

01:39:25.500 --> 01:39:26.500
and wells in that.

01:39:26.500 --> 01:39:27.500
They're not my problem

01:39:27.500 --> 01:39:28.500
so we're not going to pick

01:39:28.500 --> 01:39:29.500
on them if you think

01:39:29.500 --> 01:39:30.500
that they're in better

01:39:30.500 --> 01:39:31.500
shape than us.

01:39:31.500 --> 01:39:32.500
You just don't know

01:39:32.500 --> 01:39:33.500
what's going on.

01:39:33.500 --> 01:39:34.500
They're smaller

01:39:34.500 --> 01:39:35.500
but they're subject

01:39:35.500 --> 01:39:36.500
to all the same

01:39:36.500 --> 01:39:37.500
societal pressures.

01:39:37.500 --> 01:39:38.500
They're responding

01:39:38.500 --> 01:39:39.500
to them differently

01:39:39.500 --> 01:39:40.500
but they're bending differently.

01:39:40.500 --> 01:39:41.500
They're all

01:39:41.500 --> 01:39:42.500
inexorably marching

01:39:42.500 --> 01:39:43.500
in the same direction.

01:39:43.500 --> 01:39:44.500
This is the fight

01:39:44.500 --> 01:39:45.500
of our generation.

01:39:45.500 --> 01:39:47.500
And it is again a battle

01:39:47.500 --> 01:39:48.500
for the Bible.

01:39:48.500 --> 01:39:49.500
The difference is

01:39:49.500 --> 01:39:50.500
at this time,

01:39:50.500 --> 01:39:51.500
rather than attacking

01:39:51.500 --> 01:39:52.500
scripture directly,

01:39:52.500 --> 01:39:53.500
it's just being

01:39:53.500 --> 01:39:54.500

01:39:54.500 --> 01:39:56.500
We have Senate issuing

01:39:56.500 --> 01:39:57.500
these essays

01:39:57.500 --> 01:39:59.500
that weave Marxist

01:39:59.500 --> 01:40:00.500

01:40:00.500 --> 01:40:01.500
with Martin Luther

01:40:01.500 --> 01:40:03.500
to confuse the reader

01:40:03.500 --> 01:40:04.500
into thinking

01:40:04.500 --> 01:40:05.500
that they're the same thing.

01:40:05.500 --> 01:40:06.500
So that the next time

01:40:06.500 --> 01:40:07.500
the reader hears

01:40:07.500 --> 01:40:08.500
in his diversity

01:40:08.500 --> 01:40:09.500
and equity

01:40:09.500 --> 01:40:10.500
and inclusion brainwashing

01:40:10.500 --> 01:40:12.500
that all of these Marxist

01:40:12.500 --> 01:40:14.500
ideas are good, actually.

01:40:14.500 --> 01:40:16.500
His response is going to be,

01:40:16.500 --> 01:40:17.500
well, hey, my pastor told me

01:40:17.500 --> 01:40:18.500
that's Lutheranism.

01:40:18.500 --> 01:40:19.500
Maybe I shouldn't resist.

01:40:19.500 --> 01:40:21.500
Even if his conscience

01:40:21.500 --> 01:40:22.500
is telling him it's evil,

01:40:22.500 --> 01:40:23.500
he's now been

01:40:23.500 --> 01:40:24.500
and that's the ties

01:40:24.500 --> 01:40:25.500
by the lies

01:40:25.500 --> 01:40:26.500
that the Senate published.

01:40:26.500 --> 01:40:27.500
And thankfully, again,

01:40:27.500 --> 01:40:28.500
they unpublished it.

01:40:28.500 --> 01:40:29.500
We'll see if it remains

01:40:29.500 --> 01:40:30.500

01:40:30.500 --> 01:40:31.500
and we will see

01:40:31.500 --> 01:40:32.500
if there are future efforts

01:40:32.500 --> 01:40:34.500
to do this or worse.

01:40:34.500 --> 01:40:36.500
This fight is only beginning.

01:40:36.500 --> 01:40:37.500
And I'm thankful

01:40:37.500 --> 01:40:38.500
that God has given us

01:40:38.500 --> 01:40:39.500
this platform

01:40:39.500 --> 01:40:40.500
to be able to reach

01:40:40.500 --> 01:40:41.500
a few people

01:40:41.500 --> 01:40:42.500
to let them know what's

01:40:42.500 --> 01:40:43.500
going on

01:40:43.500 --> 01:40:44.500
and that

01:40:44.500 --> 01:40:47.500
as things continue,

01:40:47.500 --> 01:40:48.500
hopefully more

01:40:48.500 --> 01:40:49.500
and more faithful men

01:40:49.500 --> 01:40:50.500
will be emboldened

01:40:50.500 --> 01:40:51.500
to speak out as well.

01:40:51.500 --> 01:40:52.500

01:40:52.500 --> 01:40:53.500
two jerks

01:40:53.500 --> 01:40:54.500
with a pastor

01:40:54.500 --> 01:40:55.500
are not going to do anything.

01:40:55.500 --> 01:40:56.500
It takes men

01:40:56.500 --> 01:40:57.500
who have the boldness

01:40:57.500 --> 01:40:58.500
to say,

01:40:58.500 --> 01:40:59.500
I will not let this happen

01:40:59.500 --> 01:41:00.500
to my church.

01:41:00.500 --> 01:41:01.500
It's what all the

01:41:01.500 --> 01:41:02.500
fathers in the faith

01:41:02.500 --> 01:41:03.500
that we proclaim

01:41:03.500 --> 01:41:04.500
as heroes did.

01:41:04.500 --> 01:41:05.500
And yet today,

01:41:05.500 --> 01:41:06.500
we're still looking

01:41:06.500 --> 01:41:07.500
for such heroes

01:41:07.500 --> 01:41:08.500
to stand up

01:41:08.500 --> 01:41:09.500
from among our clergy.

01:41:09.500 --> 01:41:10.500
They're there.

01:41:10.500 --> 01:41:11.500
They just need to find

01:41:11.500 --> 01:41:12.500
the courage to act.

01:41:12.500 --> 01:41:13.500
And God willing,

01:41:13.500 --> 01:41:14.500
we will be able to do

01:41:14.500 --> 01:41:15.500
something to embolden them

01:41:15.500 --> 01:41:17.500
to do what God expects

01:41:17.500 --> 01:41:18.500
of them.

01:41:18.500 --> 01:41:19.500
Not because we said it.

01:41:19.500 --> 01:41:20.500
Not because other people

01:41:20.500 --> 01:41:21.500
think it's a good idea.

01:41:21.500 --> 01:41:22.500
Because if they are convicted

01:41:22.500 --> 01:41:23.500
by scripture,

01:41:23.500 --> 01:41:24.500
they have no choice to do

01:41:24.500 --> 01:41:25.500
but to do anything else.

01:41:25.500 --> 01:41:27.500
Because that is why we are here.

01:41:27.500 --> 01:41:30.500
And that's why we are speaking to.

01:41:30.500 --> 01:41:31.500
The short version

01:41:31.500 --> 01:41:32.500
of why we are doing,

01:41:32.500 --> 01:41:33.500
what we are doing,

01:41:33.500 --> 01:41:35.500
and why we are going nowhere.

01:41:35.500 --> 01:41:36.500
And why we will continue

01:41:36.500 --> 01:41:37.500
to fight

01:41:37.500 --> 01:41:39.500
for this church body,

01:41:39.500 --> 01:41:41.500
even if the name has to change,

01:41:41.500 --> 01:41:43.500
depending on how things go,

01:41:43.500 --> 01:41:44.500
is to echo the words

01:41:44.500 --> 01:41:46.500
of Peter that we say

01:41:46.500 --> 01:41:47.500
in the divine service

01:41:47.500 --> 01:41:48.500
every Sunday,

01:41:48.500 --> 01:41:49.500
Lord to whom

01:41:49.500 --> 01:41:50.500
shall we go,

01:41:50.500 --> 01:41:51.500
and you have the words

01:41:51.500 --> 01:41:52.500
of eternal life.

01:42:20.500 --> 01:42:21.500
Thank you.

01:42:21.500 --> 01:42:22.500
See you next Saturday.

01:42:22.500 --> 01:42:23.500

01:42:23.500 --> 01:42:24.500

01:42:24.500 --> 01:42:25.500
Thank you.

01:42:25.500 --> 01:42:26.500

01:42:26.500 --> 01:42:27.500

01:42:27.500 --> 01:42:28.500

01:42:28.500 --> 01:42:29.500

01:42:29.500 --> 01:42:30.500

01:42:30.500 --> 01:42:31.500

01:42:31.500 --> 01:42:32.500

01:42:32.500 --> 01:42:33.500