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How do I play this?

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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast, I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm Woe.

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Today's episode is our second part of our discussion on the subject of race as a biological

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thing that has real-world consequences.

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Before we get into it, I'd like to know that this is one of the episodes that if you

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do listen with children, you probably don't want to listen to this one with them.

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We're going to get into some details in some specifics of crimes that are sensitive.

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It's stuff that most people don't want to hear.

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I guess that's kind of a trigger warning to everyone.

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We're not going to be too graphic, but as we talk about crime and as we talk about real

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consequences of things, it's important at some point that we as Christians and as

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honest people stop sugarcoding some of these issues so that we can speak frankly.

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Today's episode will have a little bit more of that contact than usual.

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In the previous episode, we established the biological reality of race.

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We demonstrated it.

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I think sufficiently that as we looked at the feedback, it was overwhelmingly positive

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from pretty much everyone who listened, either agreed and said, wow, I had not heard

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those things before, or they said, well, yeah, okay, I knew that, but I don't see why

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it matters.

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The most negative feedback that we found was from people saying, I don't understand

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any of that at all.

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It didn't make any sense.

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I'm confused.

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That seemed stupid, which is very heartwarming to me because that is not a moral condemnation,

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which for all three of those groups, I think that if you listened to episode one on race

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and you did not find yourself filled with moral indignation, I'm going to tell you right

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That means that you are a political pariah today.

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You are a right-wing extremist because only the very most extremist racist people on

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the planet believe the race is biological and that it's not a sociological construct.

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We weren't trying to trick anyone.

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We were just telling the truth, but the fact that everyone basically agreed with us makes

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you all extremist too.

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I say that not tongue-in-cheap, but to point out the fact that when people are called extremist,

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it's a conversation short-circuiting act of malice to call someone racist or all these

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other things.

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It's done to prevent any of these conversations from being taking place.

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This episode and the subsequent episodes are really the conversations that no one in

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the world wants to have because they have implications for how we work in the church,

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how we work in our communities, and how we govern our nations.

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That is why we're discussing this to begin with because it's Christian men.

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We believe that all three of those are vital for any man.

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To begin with, we're going to talk about some statistics.

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We're not going to get two under the weeds because, again, you know, numbers in a podcast

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is a recipe for madness.

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No one wants to hear a bunch of numbers.

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We're going to have a lot of charts and graphs that will be included in the show notes

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for this episode, and once again, we would encourage you to look at those.

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We're going to give kind of a brief overview of just a few of them, to hopefully give you

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a sense of the scope because when we talk about biological race having real-world ramifications

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in human behavior, we're not talking about a 5% or a 10% difference.

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You could chalk that up to anything.

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We're talking about differences of 500 and 1,000 in 2,000%.

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Those are far too great to be ignored, and so in today's episode we're going to discuss

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the specifics that are downstream from race.

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Now just a bridge last week episode we talked about race being biological because it is,

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it's not something that man invented, it's something that God created.

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To begin with showing you how that is connected to human behavior, in contradiction to the

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claims that many make that there's a tabula rasa man, that when you were born, you are

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either morally neutral or you are an empty vessel or maybe you have original sin, but

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everyone has an equal degree of original sin and therefore an equal propensity for sin.

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Those are theological questions, but science has something to say about it, not that science

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has anything to say about morality, but that when you look at the facts in the universe

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in creation and they don't match with a moral theory that isn't actually explicit in Scripture

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yet somewhat inferred, it's necessary to take another look at how you're reading Scripture

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because if creation is doing one thing and your reading of Scripture is doing something

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different, maybe you need to re-synthesize those two things.

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So the first brief study I'm going to talk about here to give you a sense of where we're

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bridging this is a twin study. I know twin studies are very valuable when you're looking at human

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behavior because they allow you to isolate nature from nurture. I think we've all heard those

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terms before and some people want to say it's all one thing and it's all another, that it's

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completely deterministic. On the nurture side, they want you to think that if a Midwestern

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European couple adopts an African child from 6,000 miles away and raises that child speaking

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English attending church, that that child will behave identically to any of their own children

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would have behaved. And what twin studies show if they show anything and they always do is that

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you can account for all of these other variables to the point that the only possible

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variable remaining is genetic. And so again, race is genetic. When we talk about a race, we're talking

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about a gene pool that is held in common with a people group. So your family, if you're a father

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with a wife and you have three kids, that's a gene pool of five people. All the genes your kids

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have came from you and your wife. When you go up a level to your parents and your grandparents

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and grandparents, eventually it moves from just family into maybe ethnicity and then into

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something that we would typically describe as race. You know, or maybe race is English or

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European, if you don't want to go even further up. But as you come back down, those concentric

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circles towards the center, the genes that are present will manifest in certain ways. And so

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what they found in twin studies with young twins, one of the studies I found they had 85 sets

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of young twins and they found that the children, if they were identical twins, if one of those

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twins committed a crime as a juvenile, there was a 91% chance that the other twin would commit a

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crime as well. Now, that's important because you're talking about the same family, you're talking

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about brothers or sisters, but it would be two of each because they're identical. So they have

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100% of their genes in common and you find a 91% overlap in criminality if criminality occurs.

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Now, that doesn't tell anything by itself because well, maybe that's just the family that they were

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in. The reason the twin studies are valuable is that they're also fraternal twins and when they

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looked at a set of identical twins and compared them to fraternal twins, they found that the

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correlation of juvenile delinquency of criminality is a child. So, you know, we're talking about

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crimes being committed. We call juvenile delinquency lately, but we're talking about criminals.

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They're just young criminals. If they're identical, there was a 91% correlation in one child

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committing a crime and his brother or sister committing similar crimes. For fraternal twins,

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it goes down to 73%. Now, that difference between 91 and 73 is basically your indication of how much

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genes will have in the acts of criminality and the remaining 73%. Some of that will also potentially

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implicate criminal behavior being genetic and not merely social, but you can't refer from a

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twin study. I want to repeat that 91% if it's twins, they were identical, 73% if you're talking

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about fraternal. So about a 20% reduction, 18% reduction in the frequency. The reason that's

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important is that it proves conclusively that there is a small but significant factor of genes

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causing crime, causing an individual to commit a crime. This is tough for Christians because

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crime is sin generally. Not all crimes are sin. We've talked about that in the past, but we're talking

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about, you know, vandalism, violence. We're talking about things that no one is going to argue. These

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are sins. Genes are a factor in someone committing sins. Now, as Christians, that's a tough pill to

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swallow if you've never heard this stuff before because we're told that, well, you know, you have a

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nature to sin. And then when you have a sanctified and redeemed nature and baptism, and as you grow

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in the faith, that will be replaced, not completely, but to a large degree by your desire to obey God.

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And then there's the struggle between your desire to sin and your desire to obey God.

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Not paying any attention to religion, what you find is that the genes themselves are causing

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or they're responsible for some of the sin. And I think that's an important place to start

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because it shows that everything that we said last week about race, being biological,

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this stuff is downstream. There are aspects of human behavior that are downstream from your

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genes and therefore must necessarily be downstream from your race. When it comes to twin studies,

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another interesting thing is that these effects hold even if the twins are adopted,

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which is to say you can see the effect of genetics, even when you have a totally different set of

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circumstances with regard to environment. So you can disentangle the issue of nurture versus nature,

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you can demonstrate conclusively that it is a matter of nature because twins raised in different

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families because they were adopted at birth still end up displaying these sorts of similarities.

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And for genetics, we now have conclusive proof that there are a number of genes that correlate

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very strongly with criminal behavior, certain types of criminal behavior. There are a few different

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ones they regulate various things. Part of it would be regulation of certain areas in the frontal

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lobe, the frontal lobe being the largest of the four major lobes in the brain of a mammal,

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that would be frontal parietal temporal occipital. The frontal lobe is where your higher functions are.

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That's what's going to control your self-control, your willpower, various things like that.

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Some of these genes that are predictors of criminality are expressed in the frontal lobe.

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And the reason that is important should be clear. It is important because the frontal lobe directly

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correlates with your higher functions, with your control of self, with your willpower,

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with how you actually interact with the world and respond to the world. And so if you have genes

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that are influencing how this structure develops, how things are expressed in that structure,

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it is a very real difference from one person to the next if you have differences in that part

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of the brain and that part of the structure of the brain.

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And one example would be one of the genes that deals with M-A-O-I, which influences dopamine

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and serotonin, neurotransmitters that have to do with risk and reward and incentive for behavior

12:47.120 --> 12:51.280
without getting too deep into the neuroscience here. That's not our point here.

12:51.280 --> 12:57.360
The point is that there are genes we have conclusively provenness. This is a fact we know this.

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There are genes that code for certain differences in human beings that lead to different outcomes,

13:04.800 --> 13:09.280
that lead to different behaviors, and these correlate with race.

13:10.480 --> 13:16.160
When it comes to the African populations, you are going to have expressions of these genes

13:16.160 --> 13:20.400
that lead to lower levels of self-control and higher levels of violence.

13:21.200 --> 13:26.080
And that bears out in crime data. It is not because the police are biased.

13:27.120 --> 13:31.600
In fact, if you look at the statistics today, the police are more likely to shoot you if you are white.

13:31.920 --> 13:39.680
But that aside, it is not a difference in policing. It is not bias against individuals.

13:40.240 --> 13:46.480
It is that those who have certain genetic predispositions are going to be more likely to commit

13:46.480 --> 13:52.720
certain kinds of crime and therefore have encounters with the police and respond to the police

13:52.720 --> 13:58.400
in a certain way. Because of course, if you have the genes that code for less self-control,

13:58.960 --> 14:03.440
are you more likely to remain calm when confronted by an officer who is telling you to put your

14:03.440 --> 14:08.880
hands up? No, of course not. And if you don't remain calm, are you more likely to get shot?

14:08.880 --> 14:13.760
Yes, of course you are. Does that mean that police don't make mistakes? Of course not, we aren't

14:13.760 --> 14:20.480
saying that. But if you have a population that is more prone to certain kinds of crime,

14:20.480 --> 14:26.000
that lead to certain kinds of confrontations with law enforcement, you are going to see an increase

14:26.080 --> 14:32.880
in certain kinds of outcomes. And the reason that we are specifically talking about this is, again,

14:32.880 --> 14:38.240
these are moral issues. We're talking about sin. And as Christians, when you talk about sin,

14:39.840 --> 14:46.880
there are certain things that are in play that are important for reconciling us to God. And as,

14:46.880 --> 14:52.800
you know, especially as Lutherans, we focus on that reconciliation on repentance, on turning away

14:52.800 --> 14:59.200
from acting in evil ways. And when we see evil in the world, our desire is naturally and correctly

14:59.200 --> 15:06.720
to want those who are sinning to repent, to turn away from their evil ways. These discussions

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become completely derailed in the 21st century in particular, specifically because if you exclude

15:15.280 --> 15:20.880
the possibility that race can have anything to do with any of these questions, then obviously

15:20.880 --> 15:27.600
you're left with, well, the police run fair or society is structurally unequal. You know,

15:27.600 --> 15:32.080
you've heard all these things before and it turns out unsurprisingly or maybe surprisingly to some

15:32.080 --> 15:38.720
of you, they're all Marxist talking points. The denial of race is a Marxist talking point. The

15:38.720 --> 15:46.240
accusation that the police are racist is a Marxist talking point. The idea that race that society

15:46.240 --> 15:54.560
itself is unequally structured in ways that disadvantage minorities is a Marxist talking point.

15:55.200 --> 16:02.320
All those words I just used, they're used by Marxists. But the linchpin is your willingness to deny

16:02.320 --> 16:08.320
the race can possibly even be a variable. Now, Kory and I are not claiming that race is the only

16:08.320 --> 16:13.520
variable. And I forgot to mention my intro. There's something that I want to make really clear as you're

16:13.520 --> 16:18.480
listening to this, regardless of what you think about what you're saying. There's a fallacy that's

16:18.480 --> 16:24.960
kind of an informal fallacy, but it's very popularly said, particularly online lately, that's Naxalt,

16:24.960 --> 16:33.360
N-A-X-A-L-T. And that's an acronym that stands for not all X are like that. So in other words,

16:33.360 --> 16:41.760
if we say to you that an African in America is more likely to commit a murder than a European in

16:41.760 --> 16:48.960
America, the instinctive response from someone who has been shaped by this world is to shout Naxalt

16:48.960 --> 16:53.520
to say not all X are like that, not all Africans are like that. I know a black guy. He's never killed

16:53.520 --> 17:00.240
anyone. It's a fallacy because the fact that you know a guy doesn't disprove the trend. The fact

17:00.240 --> 17:06.880
that the numbers bear out the trend proves that something is going on. And it is entirely it's an

17:06.880 --> 17:13.040
entirely fair question to ask, are the police being unfair to one group? That's a fair question.

17:13.040 --> 17:17.600
We're not saying that's not a fair question. We're saying that the conclusions that are reached

17:17.600 --> 17:22.960
in many cases are false. It's Corey said, I'm a white man. I'm far more likely to be killed by

17:22.960 --> 17:28.880
police than a black man who behaves in the same way as me. Now I behave in a very law-biting,

17:28.880 --> 17:36.320
boring way. So I'm unlikely to be confronted by a cop, but in the event of any police confrontation,

17:36.320 --> 17:41.680
I'm more likely to be killed because there's not a social stigma to a cop shooting a white guy.

17:41.680 --> 17:46.960
There's no one who's going to riot on my behalf. If I end up dead, whether the cop was right or not,

17:46.960 --> 17:51.600
no one's going to care except my family and a few friends. Everyone else seemed like, well,

17:51.600 --> 17:56.080
you know, whatever. He got shot. He probably deserved it. The opposite is true whenever it's a

17:56.080 --> 18:02.160
non-white who is involved in a physical confrontation with the police with any authorities.

18:02.960 --> 18:09.040
It always is automatically assumed that they were singled out for some completely unfair reason.

18:09.520 --> 18:15.760
Now, as I just said, it's not an unfair question, but it is an unfair accusation because it's

18:15.760 --> 18:24.400
usually not the case, even in places where you find that there is disproportionate use of violence

18:24.400 --> 18:30.400
against African Americans versus white Americans. You still have to ask yourself,

18:31.360 --> 18:36.800
what was the individual doing in all of those cases? If a cop tells me to put my hands on my head

18:36.800 --> 18:40.240
and get down my knees, I'm just going to do it because I don't want to get beat and I don't want

18:40.240 --> 18:46.880
to get shot. As we all see over and over again in police videos, that is often not the reaction

18:46.880 --> 18:52.720
from African Americans, increasingly as this sort of rhetoric has taken hold in the world

18:52.720 --> 18:57.120
and they're being told, the cops are out to get you. You're a victim. We'll in a cop

18:57.120 --> 19:03.200
pulls someone over who's African American. He may already be primed by that rhetoric to think

19:03.200 --> 19:07.440
I'm being victimized. I'm the victim of a crime right here and it's a cop who's committing the

19:07.440 --> 19:13.360
crime. So there's a natural instinct even on top of the genetic factors to think maybe I should

19:13.360 --> 19:18.160
fight back. Maybe I'm fighting for justice if I wrestle this cop. Who's more likely to get shot

19:18.160 --> 19:23.920
at that point, me who gets out of my hands and knees or get out my knees with my hands on my head

19:23.920 --> 19:29.120
or the guy who fights the cop and reaches for his gun. Any honest person will tell you the guy

19:29.120 --> 19:34.880
who fights the cop is more likely to get hurt. Now, if it is Africans who are more likely to fight

19:34.880 --> 19:41.440
the cop, then yes, it is Africans who are more likely to get hurt by cops. It does not follow

19:41.440 --> 19:47.040
that the cops are more likely to hurt Africans. What follows potentially, and I think the

19:47.120 --> 19:52.480
data bears us out is that cops are more likely to hurt Africans who try to kill them in the pursuit

19:52.480 --> 19:59.840
of ill-awful arrest. You can't tease any single factor out of any of this. And all we're trying to do

19:59.840 --> 20:07.040
with this discussion is to make the biology of race and the factors that are a fundamental element

20:07.040 --> 20:13.280
of the human experience that come from our race. There are a factor in these societal concerns

20:13.280 --> 20:20.400
because when George Floyd passed fake $20 bill while he was high on a level of fatten all that

20:20.400 --> 20:26.000
was going to kill him, whether or not the cops showed up, someone called the cops because he

20:26.000 --> 20:31.600
was committing a felony. He was arrested. He refused to be put in the car. Despite them having

20:31.600 --> 20:36.560
pulled him out of a car, he said, I'm claustrophobic. I can't be put in a vehicle. I can't breathe.

20:37.120 --> 20:42.080
Now, the video that most people see begins at that point with the guy in handcuffs saying,

20:42.080 --> 20:46.400
I can't breathe, I can't breathe. If you pay attention, he was saying he couldn't breathe

20:46.400 --> 20:51.040
when he was being put in the back of the vehicle while he was still upright. But the video usually

20:51.040 --> 20:57.440
doesn't start there because it doesn't tell the story that we were all told to believe,

20:57.440 --> 21:02.720
which was that the cops murdered a man who was peacefully being arrested.

21:03.200 --> 21:12.240
If you bring givens to that scene that deny the possibility that maybe a population group is

21:12.240 --> 21:16.320
more likely to behave in a certain way, of course you're going to think, well, the cops wouldn't

21:16.320 --> 21:21.680
have done that to me and they did it to him so the cops were bad. Well, what we're telling you

21:21.680 --> 21:26.480
is that the cops probably wouldn't do that to you because you wouldn't fight them. And the fact

21:26.480 --> 21:32.080
that whites are still more likely to be injured or killed by cops and arrests is not about the

21:32.080 --> 21:37.360
fighting. It's about again, the fact that a cop is going to go too much further lengths typically

21:37.360 --> 21:43.520
to not use a gun when there's an African-American involved because they don't want to be,

21:43.520 --> 21:47.360
they don't have their house burned down. They don't want to go to prison for the rest of their

21:47.360 --> 21:54.960
life like Derek Chauvin is facing for a lawful arrest. It's perfectly sensible that they would take

21:55.040 --> 22:02.400
more care and be less likely to escalate violence even when the violence is justified by the force

22:02.400 --> 22:07.280
use of force guidelines that their own police departments haven't played because if you do

22:07.280 --> 22:11.840
it to a white guy, you're not going to get in as much trouble. That's a factor. And as a factor,

22:11.840 --> 22:17.360
it gets ignored when these conversations are being had. But when it comes from the church and when

22:17.360 --> 22:24.160
it comes from places like the new large catechism with annotations, they say things like the cops are

22:24.160 --> 22:31.120
being mean to minorities or being mean to African-Americans at a higher degree of frequency

22:31.120 --> 22:37.680
than to whites. That's not fair. They're being racist. If race is a factor, then there's other

22:37.680 --> 22:42.640
things going on. And as an honest person, you must look at those other factors before making any

22:42.640 --> 22:48.240
decision, you may look at all of the data honestly and still conclude, yeah, the cops are racist.

22:48.240 --> 22:53.760
And there are cases where the cops do bad things. Cops are human beings and some of them are dirty.

22:54.640 --> 22:59.440
That doesn't mean that all police are automatically bad. Just doesn't mean all police are

22:59.440 --> 23:03.600
automatically good or that all suspects are automatically guilty and deserve to be killed.

23:04.720 --> 23:09.440
The other side doesn't hold either. All suspects are not automatically innocent and they're not

23:09.440 --> 23:15.280
automatically not fighting back and deserving a level of force in some case might get someone

23:15.280 --> 23:20.720
killed. When you look at all the facts, you must conclude that you haven't done your due

23:20.720 --> 23:26.560
jail diligence to have an opinion until you've looked at races a factor specifically because race

23:26.560 --> 23:32.400
has behavioral manifestations that as a Christian, you say, well, that's sin. And if you're a

23:32.400 --> 23:36.160
someone who's just a statistician, you're going to say, oh, well, those are crime statistics.

23:37.600 --> 23:41.120
When you're dealing with the reality, you have to look at all the variables and races,

23:41.120 --> 23:46.000
always a variable. And in these cases, it's frequently the most important variable.

23:46.960 --> 23:51.360
So let's look at crime for one particular city, just as an example.

23:52.480 --> 23:57.200
These data are from 2010. You will find if you start looking for this that is increasingly

23:57.200 --> 24:02.800
difficult to find data from the last handful of years because these reports produced by the

24:02.800 --> 24:07.920
government, incidentally, are very embarrassing to the government because they do not match the

24:07.920 --> 24:14.080
narrative. Now, there are actually problems with these data, but unfortunately for those who would

24:14.080 --> 24:19.280
try to say that is systemic racism or something to that effect, the data are actually biased

24:19.280 --> 24:26.000
against whites and in favor of others because for instance, the FBI has long and some of the

24:26.000 --> 24:31.040
reports held Hispanic to be a victim category, but not a perpetrator category. And so they're

24:31.040 --> 24:36.320
lumped in with whites, which obviously raises the white crime rate as you will see very shortly

24:36.320 --> 24:42.400
here when I read this table of data. But anyway, these are data from Chicago in 2010.

24:43.360 --> 24:50.000
I'm going to give you the multiple of the white crime rate with regard to the Hispanic and

24:50.000 --> 24:55.200
Black populations. So to say that another way to make sure that it's entirely clear,

24:56.000 --> 25:01.280
if per a given number of the population, a thousand, a million, whatever,

25:02.400 --> 25:07.680
whites commit one crime of this variety, I am going to give you the multiple for the Hispanic

25:07.680 --> 25:14.560
population and the Black population. We'll start with narcotics, arrests for narcotics,

25:15.280 --> 25:24.000
Hispanic 2.5, that's 2.5 times as likely as whites to be arrested for narcotics, blacks 11.5.

25:25.200 --> 25:35.840
Auto theft, Hispanics 4.5, blacks 19.9. Sexual assault, Hispanics 4.9, blacks 10.4.

25:36.640 --> 25:48.560
Robbery, Hispanics 3.9, blacks 27.3. Murder, Hispanics 6.7, blacks 23.8. And again,

25:48.560 --> 25:58.080
that is to say that it is 23.8 times as likely that the arrestee is black. It for these data,

25:58.160 --> 26:06.880
Chicago 2010 for murder. As can be seen, there is a very clear racial component to violent crime.

26:07.520 --> 26:12.720
And this plays out across every city in the US. We could show you data for any large city.

26:13.440 --> 26:17.520
They're all the same. And it's not just the US because of course, there are those who will try

26:17.520 --> 26:22.720
to say, well, the US has this history of X, Y and Z. And so of course, this happens to minorities.

26:22.800 --> 26:30.240
No, it is the same in London. It is the same in Paris. It is the same in pick any major city,

26:30.240 --> 26:37.600
pick a major city in South Africa. It plays out everywhere the same way. Race is a determining

26:37.600 --> 26:44.880
factor for crime rate. The data are very clear. They are irrefutable. We know this.

26:45.920 --> 26:52.080
And of course, there are those who will say, well, how do we know that it's race? Maybe it's

26:52.080 --> 26:57.200
poverty. That's the one that is often brought up or unemployment or education. These are the

26:57.200 --> 27:04.240
three big ones that usually come up. And we're told if they only had more opportunity, if they had

27:04.240 --> 27:09.760
jobs, if they had been educated, if we had welfare, wealth transfers, then we wouldn't have the

27:09.760 --> 27:16.160
crime rate. And it's fair to ask that. It is in fact good to ask that. You should ask that

27:16.800 --> 27:23.600
question, but it doesn't work. Here is the correlation. Now, if you've taken statistics, you will

27:23.600 --> 27:29.840
understand how this works. If you haven't taken statistics, a number that is closer to one is a

27:29.840 --> 27:35.600
higher correlation. A higher correlation very strongly implies there is a causal relationship.

27:35.600 --> 27:40.720
And yes, of course, someone is currently screaming that correlation doesn't mean causation.

27:41.600 --> 27:47.040
Well, it winks at it and usually it does mean it. In this case, it does because it's the sole

27:47.040 --> 27:55.040
explanatory factor. But for instance, we'll start with poverty. If you map poverty onto violent

27:55.040 --> 28:03.040
crimes per 100,000 population for a large city, the correlation is 0.36. That is a weak correlation.

28:04.080 --> 28:08.080
You are looking for a strong correlation, looking for something 0.7 to 0.9 range.

28:08.880 --> 28:15.760
So let's look at the percentage of those who did not complete high school. Increasing

28:15.760 --> 28:20.800
percentage didn't complete high school does it correlate with an increasing violent crime rate.

28:21.680 --> 28:28.960
0.37. Not much stronger than poverty. Let's look at unemployment. For unemployment, if you have

28:28.960 --> 28:35.040
an increasing unemployment rate, does that lead to an increase in violent crime rate? 0.35.

28:35.840 --> 28:41.360
Even less of a predicting factor, even less of a correlation than poverty and education level,

28:41.360 --> 28:46.240
or lack of education in this case. Now let's look at the percentage of the population that is

28:46.240 --> 28:55.200
black or Hispanic. 0.81. That is a very high correlation. That is an explanatory factor. And we see

28:55.200 --> 29:01.360
this again playing out in every major city across the world. This is not uniquely American. It is

29:01.440 --> 29:07.840
not unique to big cities here. It is not unique to a region. This is simply a trend that holds

29:08.640 --> 29:13.120
across the world. And so as Christians, we have to deal with this. We don't simply get to ignore

29:13.120 --> 29:19.440
it, shove it under the rug, hand wave it away, because that would be a betrayal of our brothers

29:19.440 --> 29:26.800
and sisters, to whom we owe a duty. We owe a duty of care to those who are entrusted to our care.

29:27.760 --> 29:33.840
And that requires us to look at the world, not through rose tinted glasses, but with open eyes,

29:33.840 --> 29:40.640
to see the reality of what is represented in these data and then to act appropriately

29:41.200 --> 29:44.880
with regard to these data to achieve proper moral ends.

29:46.080 --> 29:53.920
I have some similar data from the 2021 collection from the FBI, so it's nationwide. It bears

29:54.080 --> 29:58.800
out exactly pretty much identical to what you find wherever there are African populations.

29:59.680 --> 30:04.160
There are a couple other points I want to tease out from that. We all know that men are more

30:04.160 --> 30:11.600
violent than women. It's our nature. A man has on average 15 times more testosterone than a woman

30:11.600 --> 30:18.160
regardless of race. I don't know how it adjusts for race, but more testosterone typically correlates

30:18.160 --> 30:23.920
to higher degrees of aggression. Now that doesn't say anything about self-control. It just means

30:23.920 --> 30:29.840
that men are more likely to behave in a violent way than women are. And we see that in the FBI

30:29.840 --> 30:37.280
crime statistics for whites. In the US in 2021, a white man was five times more likely than a

30:37.280 --> 30:43.440
white woman to kill someone. So that's five times greater when you're looking at men versus women.

30:44.160 --> 30:50.320
What's interesting is when you compare white men to black women, then you find that black women

30:50.320 --> 30:58.720
are 1.7 times more likely than white men to commit murders. So that's tremendous. That's a huge

30:58.720 --> 31:08.720
increase where the population of women among Africans is more homicidally violent than white men.

31:09.440 --> 31:14.640
You're never going to hear anyone tell you that because of the implications. What does it

31:14.640 --> 31:21.440
mean as a society if there is this preponderance for violence and for brutal violence? We're not

31:21.440 --> 31:27.600
just talking about fist fights or arguments. We're talking about dead bodies being attributed to

31:27.600 --> 31:36.080
individuals. The nationwide average was, as Cory said, 18 times more likely for a black man to

31:36.080 --> 31:42.560
kill than a white man. And one really startling statistic that emerges is that I have this

31:42.560 --> 31:51.120
race, this data broken down also by age. So that 18 percent, sorry, the 18 times is specific to

31:51.120 --> 31:56.800
everyone between the ages of 18 and 64. So basically peak physical condition for men,

31:56.800 --> 32:01.680
you know, from from their adolescent years until you start to get too old to really do too much

32:01.760 --> 32:09.760
violence, 18 times more likely. However, again, the average for white men is about five. The average

32:09.760 --> 32:19.120
for black males between the age of five and 14 is also five. Five to 14-year-old African boy

32:19.120 --> 32:25.280
is more likely to murder you than any white man, regardless of circumstance. That's that's

32:25.280 --> 32:31.920
tremendous. When you consider the physical disparity in the, what would cause a five-year-old to

32:31.920 --> 32:37.680
14-year-old? Obviously, that probably slews more towards what we call the teenage years. It's

32:37.680 --> 32:41.920
probably mostly over 10. I don't have that broken down. But the fact that that degree of violence

32:41.920 --> 32:48.960
would be found among kids who are so small that yet they can still cause a death. Obviously,

32:48.960 --> 32:54.960
that's probably mostly talking about weapons. Usually it's going to be firearms. Sometimes it's

32:54.960 --> 33:02.720
going to be knives. That's something that has societal implications. And it goes beyond simply

33:02.720 --> 33:09.680
while we have a sin problem or while we have economic problems. These statistics bear out

33:10.400 --> 33:14.160
over and over again. And Corey said this, we didn't make it explicit. When we're talking about

33:14.160 --> 33:20.800
worldwide, we're talking about Africans behaving with this degree of violence wherever they live.

33:20.800 --> 33:25.600
It doesn't matter if they live in the US or if they live somewhere in Africa or if they've been

33:25.600 --> 33:30.160
imported to somewhere in Europe recently has happened many, many times. There are millions and

33:30.160 --> 33:34.880
millions of Africans living in Europe today who aren't living there at the turn of the century.

33:35.760 --> 33:42.880
That's artificial. And it's causing violent crime to go through the roof in places that never

33:42.880 --> 33:49.840
had any crime before. And we're talking about sin. But as Corey said, we're also talking about

33:50.480 --> 33:54.320
care for your neighbor and care for your own brother according to the flesh.

33:54.960 --> 34:00.800
An African is not my brother. He may be my brother according to Christ, but he is not my brother

34:00.800 --> 34:06.800
according to the flesh. That's not an insult to him. It is not demigrating him as a man or to say

34:06.800 --> 34:12.800
he is less than it is to say he's not physically my brother. I have a duty to my brother.

34:12.800 --> 34:18.800
Scripture makes that clear. And a failure for us to look to our own to make sure that they are

34:18.800 --> 34:27.440
cared for has moral implications too. I have a study here from the National Institutes of Health

34:27.440 --> 34:33.440
just to flesh out the issue of testosterone level and criminality because there is a correlation

34:33.440 --> 34:38.800
there. We are not going to deny that men commit more crime. And there is some correlation with

34:38.800 --> 34:43.680
testosterone level because of course testosterone if it's high enough is going to lead to certain

34:43.680 --> 34:49.760
kinds of impulsivity as any male who has gone through puberty is well aware. Between the ages

34:49.760 --> 34:55.760
of 12 and 15 black males actually have lower testosterone than white males. However,

34:57.120 --> 35:04.320
black male testosterone rapidly increases around that age and then from the ages about 20 to 39,

35:05.200 --> 35:10.720
blacks have a higher level of testosterone than whites. This is just comparing men because

35:10.720 --> 35:15.360
obviously women have testosterone as well. And there are hormonal considerations for women

35:15.360 --> 35:21.600
and criminality as well. But we're focusing on men right now. However, testosterone level

35:21.600 --> 35:27.840
for blacks drops off precipitously after that age and falls much more rapidly than for whites.

35:28.400 --> 35:33.440
And one of the effects that we see of this is actually not a this not a criminal matters not

35:33.440 --> 35:38.240
criminality. But we see health consequences of this because testosterone level correlates

35:38.480 --> 35:45.040
inversely in later life at any rate with prostate cancer. And so we see much higher rates

35:45.040 --> 35:51.120
of prostate cancer in blacks than in whites. So for instance, between 2015 and 2019,

35:51.840 --> 36:00.640
the incidence of prostate cancer in black men was 176 and some change per 100,000. It was only 104

36:00.640 --> 36:06.080
for whites. And that's purely a matter of genetics, a matter of testosterone level,

36:06.080 --> 36:13.680
particularly when you're over the age of 40. And so this is again, in instance of genetics

36:13.680 --> 36:20.800
influencing and to some degree, indeed determining behavior. Because yes, we we're not saying that

36:20.800 --> 36:26.560
you don't have free will. We're not saying that human beings cannot choose not to commit a crime.

36:26.560 --> 36:33.520
That's not what we're saying. We are saying there are certain impulses, certain incentives

36:33.520 --> 36:40.400
inherent to certain genetic groups. You are going to be more prone to certain behaviors

36:40.400 --> 36:46.720
if you have a certain genetic foundation. And of course, we all know this. And as Christians,

36:46.720 --> 36:53.920
we have to affirm this because for instance, if you are genetically male, you are in fact programmed

36:53.920 --> 37:02.400
to like women. If you are genetically female, you are programmed to like men. Worth noting actually

37:02.400 --> 37:09.600
just as a sort of a side that the CDC hasn't quite updated their charts yet. And prostate cancers

37:09.600 --> 37:16.240
list it as exclusively a male issue denying me. I know they they're someone will get someone

37:16.240 --> 37:21.440
listening to the podcast. Someone's going to get in trouble for that because it does say male

37:21.440 --> 37:25.280
on the charts, only men who can get that because of course only men have a prostate.

37:26.240 --> 37:31.520
To be explicit, those that programming for a man to like a woman and woman to like a man,

37:31.600 --> 37:38.240
that's not societally assigned. That's not culturally conformed. That's from God. God knows that

37:38.240 --> 37:43.920
desire. Yes, it is purely biology. There the fact that there is a corruption

37:45.040 --> 37:53.200
through culture of impulses and of perceived desires does not change. The God made us a certain

37:53.200 --> 37:59.760
way. And although that can be corrupted over time in genes and it can be corrupted societally

37:59.760 --> 38:03.600
and culturally, it doesn't change the fact that when we talk about how God made us,

38:04.480 --> 38:10.400
that is only to his glory. And wherever there is detriment is a scribe to sin and to the fall.

38:10.400 --> 38:15.440
But we cannot exclude those factors just because they make us uncomfortable.

38:15.440 --> 38:21.840
And it's worth emphasizing that here. Insofar as anything is good in human nature because of

38:21.840 --> 38:28.080
course human nature created by God, corrupted by the fall corrupted by original sin,

38:28.800 --> 38:33.520
our nature is not original sin. Our nature was not replaced by original sin. That would be a

38:33.520 --> 38:41.600
heresy because that would be to say that Satan created our original nature. No. Original sin corrupts

38:41.600 --> 38:47.760
our nature. Insofar as anything good remains in human nature that is from God. So the fact that

38:47.760 --> 38:52.160
men are attracted to women, that is from God, the fact that women are attracted to men,

38:52.160 --> 38:58.720
that is from God, the fact that certain populations have a genetic predisposition to criminality

38:59.440 --> 39:08.000
is not from God. That is a corruption of their nature due to original sin and due to generational

39:08.000 --> 39:16.080
worship of demons. There are real consequences in the real world in the flesh for those who worship

39:16.080 --> 39:22.160
demons. And these accrue over time we clearly see from history and from nature.

39:23.600 --> 39:31.440
It is not consequence-free if your ancestors for 6,000 years give or take worshiped demons.

39:32.640 --> 39:38.080
God blesses those who obey. He just as certainly curses those who rebel.

39:38.960 --> 39:44.480
And that is what we are dealing with here. We see these issues in certain populations

39:44.480 --> 39:51.680
because their ancestors worshiped demons. And they worshiped particularly heinous demons in

39:51.680 --> 40:00.400
particularly heinous ways for a very long time. Now I am not saying that Europeans did not have pagan

40:00.400 --> 40:06.800
ancestors because we did have a period of paganism in our own lines and our own history. It's

40:06.800 --> 40:12.160
difficult to pin down exactly when it started. We know very well when it ended because we have

40:12.160 --> 40:17.280
that history written down by the Christians who went and converted the pagans back to Christianity

40:17.280 --> 40:22.400
because of course they were originally Christian. When Japhith stepped off the ark,

40:22.400 --> 40:29.280
he stepped off the ark, a Christian. He moved to Europe, a Christian. He taught his sons,

40:29.280 --> 40:34.720
Christianity. They taught their sons Christianity. At some point the demons came in. It broke down.

40:34.720 --> 40:40.880
They started worshiping demons. They became pagans. They did not become as bad as many other pagans.

40:41.680 --> 40:49.040
Child sacrifice was not as common in Europe. They did not engage in cannibalism. They didn't

40:49.040 --> 40:55.120
share their wives. They didn't have communal wives. And you can read even pagan Roman authors

40:55.120 --> 41:01.040
who commended the Germans as they called them. There was the Germanic tribes at the time for

41:01.680 --> 41:08.480
their morality with regard to sexual ethics. And that's from a pagan source. So this is not

41:08.480 --> 41:14.240
something that is just made up out of the ether. We know this. We have documentation for this.

41:15.040 --> 41:20.880
The degree to which you fall to demon worship and the depth of the depravity and the evil in which

41:20.880 --> 41:28.320
your ancestors engaged can vary across populations. The Canaanites, in scripture, singled out for being

41:28.320 --> 41:34.960
particularly wicked. So wicked that God told the Israelites to destroy them utterly.

41:35.520 --> 41:43.200
The pagans in the new world when the Spanish conquistadors and others found them were so wicked,

41:43.200 --> 41:50.560
so depraved that it was incomprehensible to the Christian conquerors just how wicked these people

41:50.560 --> 41:57.040
were, what they were doing, the evil acts in which they were engaging. That was not the case

41:57.040 --> 42:02.320
with what was found by Christian missionaries when they moved north into European territory.

42:02.320 --> 42:07.440
Yes, the European pagans were worshiping demons. Yes, they had fallen away from God. No,

42:07.440 --> 42:14.240
they had not fallen as far. Would they have almost certainly over time, yes. But they had not yet.

42:14.240 --> 42:19.280
And so there are real consequences for this. And that is what we see playing out. That is what

42:19.280 --> 42:25.520
these data reflect. These data reflect the consequence of moving away from God.

42:26.480 --> 42:32.240
The comments you just made are something that was basically the second hour of our episode a

42:32.240 --> 42:36.640
while ago on election. If you haven't listened to that yet, or if you haven't listened to while,

42:36.640 --> 42:43.040
it's worth going back and relisting to it because we make the case there, which is being reiterated

42:43.040 --> 42:51.120
here that when we say that there are substantial biological differences that have moral consequences

42:51.120 --> 42:58.560
in population groups, in racial groups, it is not a judgment against those groups because we

42:58.560 --> 43:04.880
don't like them or because they look different. It is in fact rooted in the history of those groups.

43:04.880 --> 43:10.080
As Corey said, and as you can hear in the election episode, when they came off the arc,

43:10.080 --> 43:15.120
there was no evidence when Christians finally got to the to the New World and got into the

43:15.120 --> 43:23.200
center of Africa between about 15 and 16 1700 AD. There was no evidence that anything other than

43:23.200 --> 43:30.000
absolute demon worship had ever existed in those places. They had an extra 2,000 years nearly

43:30.000 --> 43:34.240
on top of the Europeans of communing with those demons and the consequences

43:35.120 --> 43:40.880
exist to this day. One of the maps that we will include in the show notes is a so-called

43:40.880 --> 43:47.680
diversity versus homicide rate map. It's two maps broken down by county of the United States.

43:48.240 --> 43:55.520
It shows county by county color coding demographics. So are the counties more than 85 percent white

43:55.520 --> 44:02.080
or do they have more than 20 percent African-American, Asian, Hispanic, or Latino or Native American

44:02.080 --> 44:08.480
populations? And then right beneath it is a homicide rate chart. You can look at both of those maps

44:08.480 --> 44:13.920
that are color coded differently and you can clearly see from the maps where the Africans

44:13.920 --> 44:20.080
and where the Indians live by the homicide rates. Now that's exactly what Corey was just

44:20.080 --> 44:25.520
intimating with those comments. The fact that the Indians for 4,000 years communed with demons

44:26.320 --> 44:34.240
has consequences and the Marxists want you to believe it's poverty. It's structural racism

44:34.320 --> 44:39.200
that they are, they were put on reservations and we were mean to them and that makes them more

44:39.200 --> 44:45.280
likely to kill themselves and to kill other people. That's a theory. It's a theory worth

44:45.280 --> 44:49.840
examining and it's a theory that's been examined and it doesn't fall, it doesn't hold water.

44:49.840 --> 44:55.840
It falls apart completely when you look at these other factors. The same is true with Africans.

44:55.840 --> 45:01.360
There's a huge belt in the South primarily where most African-Americans live to this day.

45:01.360 --> 45:07.280
The only exceptions, fascinatingly, where you don't see, where you see large African-American

45:07.280 --> 45:13.760
populations elsewhere in this country are cities. They're the once formerly great cities

45:13.760 --> 45:20.080
primarily of the Midwest. If you go back to the turn of the 20th century, so 1900,

45:20.080 --> 45:25.760
and you look at depictions, either pictures or just descriptions of life in Baltimore,

45:25.840 --> 45:36.080
in Chicago, in St. Louis, in Cleveland, these places had art and refinement and peace and beauty

45:36.080 --> 45:43.200
that rivaled any European city of the same day. Why? Because they had been created and built by

45:43.200 --> 45:50.320
Europeans in the fashion of their culture. That changed after the Great Migration,

45:51.040 --> 45:58.240
which is a complete euphemism. There was a deliberate movement of African-Americans from the South

45:58.240 --> 46:04.640
into these cities and it was principally pushed by industrialists, not all of them in those cities,

46:04.640 --> 46:11.280
but what they wanted was cheaper labor because the native populations, the white populations,

46:11.280 --> 46:16.160
in those cities were getting to be more expensive than the capitalist wanted to pay them. So what

46:16.240 --> 46:21.520
they do, they started a program of busing African-American men up because they would work for a

46:21.520 --> 46:27.520
whole lot less because they had been living in absolute poverty. We will talk in the IQ episode

46:27.520 --> 46:32.240
in a couple of weeks about why there are poverty differences among population groups. We're not

46:32.240 --> 46:37.680
really going to get into that today, but again, where we are told by Marxist that, oh, that's

46:37.680 --> 46:43.120
society being mean. That's you being racist. That's someone discriminating. When you look at the

46:43.120 --> 46:49.440
data, it almost always comes down to IQ. That's a subject for another day. But the fact of the

46:49.440 --> 46:56.320
so-called Great Migration moving these populations of African-Americans into these northern cities

46:57.040 --> 47:03.840
seated their destruction. When I say St. Louis or Chicago or Baltimore today, almost no one is

47:03.840 --> 47:09.520
going to picture the sort of idyllic places that you can see if you look at the world fair

47:09.680 --> 47:15.520
a century ago when it was happening in some of those places. What changed? Demographics changed.

47:15.520 --> 47:21.280
It wasn't politics. It was that the demographic mix shifted from being almost entirely white

47:21.280 --> 47:30.000
cities to being cities with very large African-American populations. That has real-world consequences.

47:30.000 --> 47:34.800
It's something that if we're honest with ourselves, we have to at least acknowledge that change

47:34.800 --> 47:40.880
something. We're not going to get into prescriptions for what we do about it today, but I think that

47:40.880 --> 47:45.120
if you're going to be honest with yourself, you have to confront the fact that when you look at a

47:45.120 --> 47:51.760
map of violence and you look at a map of race and they're the same picture, you can't, if you're

47:51.760 --> 47:57.200
honest with yourself, just chalk that up to, well, they must have been disadvantaged somehow.

47:57.200 --> 48:01.440
Where did you get that? You didn't get it from data. You got it from someone telling you that

48:01.440 --> 48:05.840
to make you feel better, to make you feel like all these people are exactly the same and I'm not

48:05.840 --> 48:11.520
going to look too closely because I might not like what I find. Let's talk about another crime.

48:11.520 --> 48:15.680
We did say that this might be an episode you might not want to listen to with your children,

48:15.680 --> 48:21.680
so let's talk about rape. Again, I'm going to give data for

48:23.040 --> 48:28.240
multiples of the white rate. These data are for California in 2013.

48:29.040 --> 48:36.000
Forcible rape, California, 2013. The white rate, of course, again, we're going with one because

48:36.000 --> 48:42.960
that is the standard by which we are comparing the others, the Hispanic rate, 2.25, the Black

48:42.960 --> 48:51.920
rate, 6.36. Now, that only tells part of the story and the reason that only tells part of the

48:51.920 --> 48:57.520
story is because you have to know the percentages of the population in order to know how meaningful

48:57.520 --> 49:05.120
those numbers are. This is a game that many will play particularly on the left when talking about

49:05.120 --> 49:11.120
violent crime. They'll use absolute numbers instead of per capita. And if you use absolute numbers,

49:11.120 --> 49:17.680
if you're talking about a population that is 90% of the total, well, obviously the absolute

49:17.680 --> 49:22.480
numbers are almost certainly going to be higher than those of the remaining 10%. And so you have to

49:22.480 --> 49:27.040
talk about per capita. You have to talk about relative percentages, relative numbers.

49:28.240 --> 49:40.160
In 2013, the racial makeup of California, 39% white, 38% and some change Hispanic, 5.7% Black.

49:41.440 --> 49:52.240
Now, back to those numbers. If 5.7% of the population is Black, and they commit 6.36 times

49:52.240 --> 50:02.080
as many forcible rapes as whites, the actual multiple is 110. It's a little over 110. I can't

50:02.080 --> 50:11.760
do that math in my head exactly. That is an immense increase. That is astronomical. How much higher of a

50:11.760 --> 50:18.160
rate of forcible rape, you have attributed to the Black population than the White. And it is worth

50:18.160 --> 50:26.480
noting that if you look at the FBI data, white on black rape does not happen. It is a zero in the

50:26.480 --> 50:35.280
tables. Basically, all of the interracial rape in the US is black on white. There's some Hispanic

50:35.280 --> 50:43.200
on white as well, but less of that. It is almost all black on white. And so when Christians pretend

50:43.200 --> 50:48.560
that these things don't matter, what you're saying to every woman who has been forcibly raped is

50:48.560 --> 50:54.400
you don't matter. I don't see race. I don't consider these things. You're telling her she doesn't

50:54.400 --> 51:01.280
matter. And that's why these things matter. That's why we are discussing these issues. That's why

51:01.280 --> 51:07.120
it is important. Because you have to recognize the reality if you are going to set appropriate

51:07.120 --> 51:14.320
policies to protect your people. And if you don't, you are telling them you do not care about them.

51:14.320 --> 51:21.600
And that is not Christian in the slightest. We now have generations of men who have been derelict

51:21.600 --> 51:26.960
in their duty, who have not protected women from these sexual predators. They have done nothing

51:26.960 --> 51:33.760
about it. They have made the situation infinitely worse. And they have shouted down anyone who dares to

51:33.760 --> 51:39.280
even read the table of data. And this is from the California Department of Justice. This is

51:39.280 --> 51:45.440
published by the government. These are probably biased against what we are saying. So the reality of

51:45.440 --> 51:52.000
the situation, it's probably far worse. And when we talk about this subject and we talk about it

51:52.000 --> 51:59.520
in the United States context, we're talking about it in terms of crime. So we have a concept of rape.

51:59.520 --> 52:06.880
It's obviously an evil, violent, horrific invasion of another person. It's one of the worst

52:06.880 --> 52:13.440
things you can possibly do to another human being. That is what we as Christians believe and understand.

52:14.320 --> 52:22.080
However, if you talk to someone who has spent time in Africa living among Africans as themselves

52:22.720 --> 52:28.880
in their honest with you, they will tell you that in Africa, they do not typically have any

52:28.880 --> 52:36.400
concept of rape. What I mean by that is that when a boy or a man reaches sexual maturity and he

52:37.600 --> 52:46.080
is filled with desire, he will see a woman or a girl. It may be a relative. He will go over,

52:46.080 --> 52:50.720
he will bend her over and he will have sex with her. And that's perfectly normal.

52:51.520 --> 52:55.920
Now to us, that's absolutely shocking. And we say, oh, well, that can be. And you might come

52:55.920 --> 53:00.720
up with a hundred conclusions and a hundred excuses and say, oh, well, that's just cultural.

53:01.600 --> 53:08.560
Well, when we see the similar behavior in other countries, which is exactly what we see,

53:08.560 --> 53:13.360
when these people move to Europe today, when you have someone taken from Africa today,

53:13.360 --> 53:17.920
and they move to Europe or some of the Middle Easterners who are very similar, move to Europe,

53:19.600 --> 53:26.080
the rate of rape in those places has skyrocketed. And many of them, when they're charged and they're

53:26.080 --> 53:31.840
interviewed, they will flat out, they'll be confused. We'll say, I didn't know it was against the

53:31.840 --> 53:38.880
rules because in their mind, they have a sexual urge. They see someone with whom they can satisfy

53:38.880 --> 53:45.120
that urge and they just do it. There's no notion of criminality baked into the system.

53:45.680 --> 53:52.320
Now, you can argue potentially with those who are coming from Africa, oh, that's entirely cultural.

53:52.320 --> 53:56.080
But the missionaries will tell you it's an incredible uphill battle to try to convince these

53:56.080 --> 54:01.600
people to stop raping their own family members because that's what it is. It's incest in its rape

54:01.600 --> 54:06.400
and they don't see anything wrong with it. And we wonder why they were still living in the

54:06.400 --> 54:14.400
stone age when we found them. The fact that you see similar rates of violence of a sexual

54:14.400 --> 54:20.720
nature in the United States by populations that in some cases left Africa three and 400 years ago,

54:22.400 --> 54:30.080
we're telling you that there's a genetic basis for what we describe as criminality and amorality.

54:30.080 --> 54:33.440
And that's an extremely hard thing for people to hear. And I'm sure that there are many who will

54:34.160 --> 54:40.080
flatly reject even the possibility that that could be true. There could be a genetic basis

54:40.080 --> 54:48.240
for something as evil as rape or murder. You're not going to find an alternative explanation

54:48.240 --> 54:54.640
because there's no other factor in any of this that remotely correlates to the behavior that we see.

54:55.440 --> 55:02.480
And as Corey was saying, when we bring these people from a foreign land into our own lands,

55:02.480 --> 55:07.840
you know, they're Ethiopians being shipped to Columbus, Ohio all the time. It's happening all

55:07.840 --> 55:15.120
over the country. And then they act like Africans in Columbus. Can we even get mad at them?

55:15.840 --> 55:23.120
That's it's such a disconnect between our expectations and our requirements for being a human being

55:23.120 --> 55:30.400
who's civilized and what they're used to and what they find to be acceptable. You can't simply

55:30.480 --> 55:36.320
read them the Bible in hope that you're going to fix these problems. I hate to say that because I

55:36.320 --> 55:41.520
know that that's it's something there's Christians we can't deal with. Well, I told them about Jesus

55:41.520 --> 55:46.160
and they said they believe in Jesus, but they're still more violence and there's still more of all

55:46.160 --> 55:54.000
these other crimes. It's not that God cannot turn a man's heart. It's that when you have someone

55:54.000 --> 56:02.160
who's been so horrifically broken by 4,000 years of communion with demons that is literally baked

56:02.160 --> 56:09.040
some of that additional evil into their genes, we today are being subjected to the consequences

56:09.040 --> 56:14.720
of things that happened thousands of years ago. And when a Marxist will tell you, there's no

56:14.720 --> 56:20.160
genetic basis for race. It doesn't even exist. There's no genetic basis for behavior. That's nonsense.

56:20.240 --> 56:26.480
It's all learned. It's all cultural. If you believe that, then you're left defenseless because when

56:26.480 --> 56:31.760
someone says, Hey, I'm going to ship a bunch of you gondons to live next door to you. If you don't

56:31.760 --> 56:36.160
love them, you're not a Christian, Jesus would love them. Jesus would let them live in move in

56:36.160 --> 56:43.840
next door. As Christians who are honest, we must deal with the facts. We must deal with scripture

56:43.840 --> 56:49.120
and we must also deal with the human beings in front of us. And if the human being in front of

56:49.600 --> 56:55.520
you is 120 times more likely to rape your sister or your wife or your mother or your children,

56:56.640 --> 57:02.400
you must be cognizant of that. You can't ignore it. You can't pretend it's socioeconomic factors.

57:02.400 --> 57:07.200
You have to deal with it. And you must deal with the fact that even though not all Africans are

57:07.200 --> 57:14.160
rapists, there are so many more who rape and murder that it is a societal plague in our own lands.

57:14.160 --> 57:21.040
And in every land where they go, one of the other homicide rate charts that we have is specifically

57:21.040 --> 57:29.120
about this is just homicides per 100,000. It's broken down by country. And one of the beautiful

57:29.120 --> 57:33.280
things about this chart is one of the only ones I've ever seen. It has the United States,

57:33.280 --> 57:39.680
but it separates United States Africans from white United States. So you're separating the

57:39.680 --> 57:46.480
European stock Americans from the African Americans. And what you find on this chart is the rate

57:46.480 --> 57:53.280
of white homicide is comparable to some of the most boring places in Europe. White American

57:53.280 --> 57:59.600
homicide rates are comparable to Belgium, while African American homicide rates are right between

57:59.600 --> 58:04.800
equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. And Rwanda is just a bit further to the south. And when he

58:04.960 --> 58:10.800
at Botswana, just a little bit better than African Americans. That's the correlation we're talking

58:10.800 --> 58:17.760
about. Wherever an African is on the planet, he's going to have African problems. That is not to

58:17.760 --> 58:24.000
say that they must be punished or they must be treated unjustly or they must be called names.

58:24.000 --> 58:29.280
It is to say that when you're dealing with a population of Africans, not an individual, maybe the

58:29.280 --> 58:33.440
guy that you know, your black friend is the best but guy in the world, we're not talking about an

58:33.440 --> 58:37.600
individual. We're talking about a group and that's permissible for Christians to do.

58:38.320 --> 58:44.000
When the Holy Spirit said that all Koreans are liars, he wasn't lying. He wasn't being racist.

58:44.000 --> 58:50.400
The Holy Spirit was telling the truth by generalizing about a group of people. It is wisdom to do so.

58:51.040 --> 58:56.800
And it is not a full to say, look, this group of people is going to behave in a certain way. Let's

58:56.800 --> 59:03.120
deal with them as they are rather than making excuses for it. And rather than subjecting ourselves

59:03.200 --> 59:09.360
to things that will harm us and harm our neighbors and our brothers. That is the moral argument for

59:09.360 --> 59:13.600
even talking about this. You can reach your own conclusions. You can look at this data. We're not

59:13.600 --> 59:18.800
trying to dictate to you policy prescriptions. We're not saying, look at all this data now we need

59:18.800 --> 59:23.520
to do this. We have our opinions about that and maybe we'll share them at some point. But all I'm

59:23.520 --> 59:30.160
imploring you to do today is to look at reality and not lie about it. Not say that, well, these

59:30.160 --> 59:36.880
people are just like me because of whatever. They're not just like you and that's not hateful.

59:36.880 --> 59:41.760
If someone is different than you, maybe it's to their advantage, maybe it's to your advantage.

59:42.400 --> 59:46.960
It's not even about seeking advantage. It's just about looking at what you're dealing with.

59:46.960 --> 59:51.360
When you're dealing with an African population anywhere on earth, you're dealing with

59:51.360 --> 59:57.600
astronomically higher rates of violence, both physical and sexual. You're dealing with someone

59:57.600 --> 01:00:02.640
who's going to do things at his Christians. We call sin and as a society, we call crime.

01:00:02.640 --> 01:00:08.400
And if we can't be honest about that, there's no possibility to even have sane

01:00:08.400 --> 01:00:14.160
discussions about what we do as a government, what we do as a society, what we do civilly.

01:00:15.200 --> 01:00:19.440
And as a church, what do you do? What do you do when you have a population that you know is more

01:00:19.440 --> 01:00:24.960
likely to rape and murder your neighbors? Do they need more ministry? Yes. Do they need more

01:00:24.960 --> 01:00:31.120
supervision? Yes. Do they need to be watched? Yes. Because for the same reason that you would watch

01:00:31.120 --> 01:00:36.560
a tiger versus a goat, you need to watch someone who's more likely to do harm than someone who's

01:00:36.560 --> 01:00:43.600
less likely to do harm. That's not hateful. How you do that can be hateful. It can be mean. It can

01:00:43.600 --> 01:00:48.240
be malicious. We would never advocate that because it's not what we think. But we think that

01:00:48.240 --> 01:00:54.720
protecting our own, our brothers according to the flesh, as Paul advocated in his own epistles.

01:00:55.120 --> 01:01:00.160
That is something that a Christian has a duty to do. This is an optional. What you do with the

01:01:00.160 --> 01:01:05.200
information should be informed by God. But it cannot be to ignore the facts and to ignore the

01:01:05.200 --> 01:01:11.760
implications of these things. An additional proof of this disparate behavior with regard to the races

01:01:13.040 --> 01:01:20.640
when it comes to sexual morals and behavior also plays out in STI data. And you can see this from

01:01:20.640 --> 01:01:25.840
the CDC. I have the data from 2020 pulled up here. And the rate of syphilis, gonorrhea, and

01:01:25.840 --> 01:01:31.760
chlamydia, the three of the big ones they monitor are astronomical in the black population compared

01:01:31.760 --> 01:01:38.960
to the white population multiples of the rate in the white population amongst blacks. And I'll

01:01:38.960 --> 01:01:45.680
add these into the show notes. But you see very real consequences in addition to the fact that you

01:01:46.640 --> 01:01:51.760
have these crimes being committed, you see other follow on consequences because of course

01:01:53.280 --> 01:02:00.640
STIs are a follow on from sexual sins. And that is spread by sexual sin. And it continues to get

01:02:00.640 --> 01:02:06.000
worse as long as that sexual sin is not brought under control. And so we have these things

01:02:06.000 --> 01:02:11.440
spreading like wildfire through our population. But if you put it on a map, you can see there is

01:02:11.440 --> 01:02:17.920
a racial component. It is spreading much more frequently, much more deeply, much more widespread

01:02:17.920 --> 01:02:25.680
in areas with African populations because they are behaving the same as they would behave in Africa

01:02:26.560 --> 01:02:30.320
because there's no such thing as magic soil. You do not become

01:02:31.760 --> 01:02:38.320
Japanese because you live in Japan for a while. There are Europeans who were born in Japan,

01:02:38.320 --> 01:02:45.280
who speak Japanese, who lived for decades in Japan. They're still European. Because what you

01:02:45.280 --> 01:02:52.320
are was created by God and God did that through genetics. And so you are the result of your

01:02:52.320 --> 01:02:57.600
parents coming together. They're the result of their parents coming together, so on and so forth

01:02:57.600 --> 01:03:04.240
back to Adam and Eve. You do not become something different simply because you moved somewhere

01:03:04.240 --> 01:03:10.400
else for a while. And so you are going to see these populations behaving in certain ways

01:03:10.400 --> 01:03:16.800
in accord with the fact that they are part of that population. Yes, you are going to have some

01:03:16.800 --> 01:03:23.840
cultural, some societal influence, but it is primarily nature. The best way to think about it,

01:03:24.400 --> 01:03:29.840
the difference between nature and nurture. And this will again come up multiple times in the IQ

01:03:29.920 --> 01:03:37.600
episode. Nature sets the boundaries. So if you think of it as a spectrum, nature sets the

01:03:37.600 --> 01:03:44.080
possibilities. Nurture determines where on that line you ultimately fall. And so in the case of

01:03:44.080 --> 01:03:52.560
intelligence, you could be plus or minus a standard deviation, say, your nutrition, your upbringing,

01:03:52.560 --> 01:03:57.680
your education, all of these things are going to determine where you fall within that range.

01:03:58.320 --> 01:04:04.480
It is the same for these sorts of behaviors we're discussing here for criminality for self-control

01:04:04.480 --> 01:04:10.080
because I have said self-control a number of times this episode because it is a very big contributor

01:04:10.080 --> 01:04:19.360
to this. Children who have self-control will power are more likely to succeed in the future in

01:04:19.360 --> 01:04:26.400
their lives. And you can test this very early on. You can set a piece of candy out and tell a child

01:04:26.400 --> 01:04:30.720
and they've done these studies. We have the results. They're very solid. You tell the child,

01:04:32.320 --> 01:04:39.600
if that candy is there, when I get back, I will give you two candies. White children and Asian

01:04:39.600 --> 01:04:46.720
children, much depending on which part of Asia, but much more likely to wait, to wait for that second

01:04:46.720 --> 01:04:51.680
piece of candy because obviously that is the rational choice if your goal is more candy, which

01:04:51.680 --> 01:04:56.400
it is for children. But you can do that only if you have the willpower to do so.

01:04:58.080 --> 01:05:04.320
Africans eat the piece of candy because it is a matter of genetics. It is a matter of whether or

01:05:04.320 --> 01:05:09.520
not you have the foundation for the sort of willpower necessary to think into the future.

01:05:10.160 --> 01:05:16.560
I would rather have the greater reward then than the lesser reward now. And that is what plays out

01:05:16.640 --> 01:05:23.840
in the sex crimes and various other things because if you are of the mindset, part of this is time

01:05:23.840 --> 01:05:29.600
preferences, what I'm talking about really, if you are of the mindset that well, I really want

01:05:29.600 --> 01:05:33.520
this item, this piece of candy. So I'm going to go and steal it because I want it now.

01:05:34.720 --> 01:05:40.000
There's no delayed gratification. There's no thinking through of well, I could work for it,

01:05:40.000 --> 01:05:46.160
earn it, pay for it, and have it. No, it's I want it. So I'm going to take it. And that's what happens

01:05:46.560 --> 01:05:52.800
with rape. I want it. So I'm going to take it. That is why you get these crimes.

01:05:54.480 --> 01:06:00.000
And so we have to deal with the fact that we have populations in our countries now who think

01:06:00.000 --> 01:06:06.480
like this, who behave like this, you have to address the issues as you find them, not as you would

01:06:06.480 --> 01:06:13.120
prefer they could be or were. We aren't dealing in an ideal world. That's not what happens

01:06:13.760 --> 01:06:19.840
in reality. In the kingdom of the left hand of Christ, we are dealing with reality.

01:06:20.640 --> 01:06:27.600
And we have to deal with it as we find it. Certain populations are prone to certain behaviors.

01:06:28.400 --> 01:06:34.960
And so it is incumbent on the state to react in a certain way. It is incumbent on Christians

01:06:34.960 --> 01:06:41.120
to recognize these things and to behave in a certain way. You may have to do things to protect your

01:06:41.120 --> 01:06:45.600
female family members more depending on where you live, depending on what they're doing in their

01:06:45.600 --> 01:06:51.600
daily lives. There are certain steps you will have to take because it is your duty to protect those

01:06:51.600 --> 01:06:57.520
entrusted to your care. It may be that you will support or oppose certain political policies

01:06:58.160 --> 01:07:02.400
because they have a likelihood of harming your neighbor or helping your neighbor.

01:07:03.120 --> 01:07:08.800
These are moral questions. These are not matters of indifference. These are real questions

01:07:08.880 --> 01:07:15.920
that Christians have to answer in a Christian way. And the first step in doing that is to recognize

01:07:15.920 --> 01:07:22.960
that they exist. Then you look at the data, then you can make a decision. One of the ironies of

01:07:22.960 --> 01:07:31.680
the situation is that as Marxism advances in our society and gains complete control over how

01:07:31.680 --> 01:07:37.040
people speak and think, you're beginning to see more innocuous versions of what we're saying,

01:07:37.680 --> 01:07:42.880
being set out loud in headlines that we typically will just scoff at as being insane.

01:07:44.000 --> 01:07:52.240
I saw recently that there was a cheating scandal. I think one of the United States military

01:07:52.240 --> 01:07:59.760
academies and the accusation that came as a result of the cheating scandal was that anti-cheating rules

01:07:59.760 --> 01:08:06.000
are racist because as they have increased the so-called diversity quotas to lower the standards of

01:08:06.000 --> 01:08:12.560
who may be let into our elite institutions for the military, more and more non-whites are entering

01:08:12.560 --> 01:08:17.760
those places where they were not academically qualified, but they are statistically qualified in

01:08:17.760 --> 01:08:24.560
order to meet quotas. Those population groups in turn cheat at such significantly higher rates

01:08:25.120 --> 01:08:32.320
that it creates huge scandals. And then the headline is saying that cheating is racist.

01:08:33.280 --> 01:08:37.040
And like I said, we laugh at that when we hear it and we think, well, that's just absurd.

01:08:37.040 --> 01:08:41.440
I think that they're telling the truth, not about the accusation of racism.

01:08:42.240 --> 01:08:48.640
They're telling the truth about the fact that at some point we must admit that it's unreasonable

01:08:48.640 --> 01:08:56.400
to expect someone who's not white to behave in ways that we consider normal. And I think that's

01:08:56.560 --> 01:09:02.880
the hurdle that a lot of us have to get over is what we think of as normal is rooted in our own

01:09:02.880 --> 01:09:08.160
experience. And I don't just mean your personal lived experience. I mean, everything that you can

01:09:08.160 --> 01:09:14.160
comprehend is a human being. When I gave that horrible description earlier of what happens with

01:09:14.160 --> 01:09:20.960
in Africa, with Africans behaving against their own family members, that's unthinkable to you.

01:09:20.960 --> 01:09:26.080
Anyone who's listening to my voice right now would never even occur to you to do anything like

01:09:26.080 --> 01:09:29.920
that. You can't comprehend it. And yet for them, it's completely normal.

01:09:30.640 --> 01:09:36.000
So when there's a massive cheating scandal in one of the major universities, and it turns out

01:09:36.000 --> 01:09:42.560
that all the cheaters are black, the Marxists will say, well, saying the cheating is wrong is racist.

01:09:42.560 --> 01:09:49.120
And everyone else will just make excuses for this woke stupidity. I think that we should, as

01:09:49.120 --> 01:09:53.520
Christians, look at the question, which we are raising. And we obviously have our answer, but

01:09:53.600 --> 01:09:57.280
you may not accept our answer. You should at least ask the question of yourself.

01:09:58.480 --> 01:10:02.000
Why is it that an African-American in one of the

01:10:02.880 --> 01:10:09.520
military academies would feel free to cheat and think that was okay? Why is it so widespread that

01:10:09.520 --> 01:10:16.480
it's the norm there? And it's not just cheating. You have things like timeliness is racist,

01:10:16.480 --> 01:10:21.120
to say that someone should show up on time or that certain things should happen at certain times.

01:10:21.120 --> 01:10:26.080
You've probably seen headlines where that is declared to be racist. And we just laugh at it.

01:10:26.080 --> 01:10:32.320
You're like, well, like, Cory and I start recording this at 2.30 every day unless something goes wrong,

01:10:32.320 --> 01:10:39.120
just sort of automatically fell into that pattern. For us, there's no concept of race being involved

01:10:39.120 --> 01:10:43.840
in timeliness. It's just how we are. It's precision and its predictability. And it's something

01:10:43.920 --> 01:10:47.520
that we appreciate. And it's something that our society has built around.

01:10:50.960 --> 01:10:56.720
We'll talk about this more in the IQ episode, but the notion of time doesn't really exist for

01:10:56.720 --> 01:11:02.800
Africans in the same way, if at all. So when you hear you see a headline that says timeliness is

01:11:02.800 --> 01:11:11.760
racist, they're not wrong. Again, about the accusation of committing some sin, which we'll do a

01:11:11.760 --> 01:11:16.960
racism episode because that's nonsense. But the idea that's something wrong with expecting a

01:11:16.960 --> 01:11:23.200
black person to show up on time, what they're saying the quiet part out loud there. They're saying

01:11:23.200 --> 01:11:28.320
that black people can't understand why showing up on time would even be a thing. The thing doesn't

01:11:28.320 --> 01:11:32.480
begin until they show up. So why does it matter when they show up? They were doing something else.

01:11:32.480 --> 01:11:38.320
And now they're doing this. And these differences, once you strip away the cultural and all the other

01:11:38.320 --> 01:11:45.040
baggage, the only explanations that are left are genetic and they're genetic writ large at the

01:11:45.040 --> 01:11:51.760
racial level, at the major category level. There are lots of different ethnicities within Africa

01:11:51.760 --> 01:11:57.520
that all have variations on similar themes. There are some populations that have much higher IQs

01:11:57.520 --> 01:12:02.320
than others, but they're all at least a standard deviation below the white IQ in the United States.

01:12:02.560 --> 01:12:09.040
There's a reason for that. And it's not nutrition. And it's not that they don't have good schools.

01:12:09.920 --> 01:12:17.120
When we talked about schooling a few times, if someone is fundamentally not capable of living up

01:12:17.120 --> 01:12:23.040
to your standards, at what point do you as a Christian realize that it's cruel to try to make

01:12:23.040 --> 01:12:27.200
someone live up to your standards? Now, when the Marxists say that, they're saying we need to

01:12:27.200 --> 01:12:33.360
lower standards. We're not saying that at all. We're saying that the idea of holding someone accountable

01:12:33.360 --> 01:12:40.560
to a standard of morality and of behavior to which they are constitutionally incapable of living

01:12:40.560 --> 01:12:46.240
up to it, you have to look at that seriously and you have to ask some hard questions that haven't

01:12:46.240 --> 01:12:51.360
been asked in a long time because if they can't do it, and it's not a question of teaching, if they

01:12:51.360 --> 01:12:58.400
absolutely cannot do it because of how they were born, because of the race that they were born,

01:12:58.400 --> 01:13:01.920
that's the proposition that we're making. And some of you're going to reject it outright and

01:13:01.920 --> 01:13:07.200
find it hateful. Others, when you look at the data, you're going to have a hard time disagreeing

01:13:07.200 --> 01:13:13.760
with us. But if we're right, if we're telling the truth about genetic variations in behavior,

01:13:13.760 --> 01:13:22.800
in attitudes, and frankly in morality, as a society and as a church, those differences must be a

01:13:22.800 --> 01:13:27.600
factor in how we deal with these people groups. We can't treat them like they're just like us.

01:13:27.600 --> 01:13:33.360
If they're going to behave in ways that are so alien that we can't even wrap our minds around it.

01:13:33.360 --> 01:13:39.200
And so what do we do? What have we done? Been doing for the past few generations? We've been

01:13:39.200 --> 01:13:44.320
pretending that the differences don't exist. And then as there's been more and more integration,

01:13:44.320 --> 01:13:50.560
and we've been told that segregation was evil and integration is good. And then we see that the

01:13:50.560 --> 01:13:55.360
effects of integration are greater degrees of criminality and injury and harm.

01:13:57.440 --> 01:14:03.760
The only moral question that can come from that is what do we do now? If you admit that race is

01:14:03.760 --> 01:14:09.280
biological and that there are certain behaviors and certain propensities that are biological,

01:14:09.920 --> 01:14:16.960
then looking at someone and being able to determine with a certain degree of probability that they're

01:14:16.960 --> 01:14:22.000
going, that they belong to a group that does something. You can't tell by looking at an individual

01:14:22.000 --> 01:14:25.920
what they're going to do, but you can tell by looking at them that they belong to a group that's

01:14:25.920 --> 01:14:32.800
more like to do this thing. So if that group is deadly to your own group, you need to acknowledge

01:14:32.800 --> 01:14:37.440
first that there are two groups, and then one is more dangerous than the other. And two, that there

01:14:37.440 --> 01:14:43.920
are societal and legal implications to that. And simply saying one race, the human race, and Jesus

01:14:43.920 --> 01:14:51.120
died for us all, doesn't fix the real danger in the real harm that's happening in the real world

01:14:51.120 --> 01:14:57.360
by us ignoring these differences. And we do already recognize some of this in our legal system.

01:14:57.360 --> 01:15:02.400
Anyone with any sort of legal training is going to immediately recognize, well, of course,

01:15:02.400 --> 01:15:07.120
we have different standards for different things. There are the different standards of proof,

01:15:07.120 --> 01:15:12.560
certain things have to be proved to a higher degree. Typically, criminal matters are a higher degree

01:15:12.560 --> 01:15:19.680
than civil matters. Civil matters are usually 51%. It's just more likely than not. The murder is not

01:15:19.680 --> 01:15:23.360
actually the highest one. Many people will answer that one wrong. They think murder will have to be

01:15:23.360 --> 01:15:29.040
the highest proof. It's not the intent for murder is malice of fourth thought, which there's

01:15:29.040 --> 01:15:32.960
no point in getting into the technicalities of that. But the highest one is specific intent,

01:15:32.960 --> 01:15:37.040
which is you had the intent to do the thing you did and cause the outcome you caused.

01:15:38.320 --> 01:15:45.920
But we also have defenses for capacity. If you were intoxicated at the time, that makes

01:15:45.920 --> 01:15:50.960
excuse you to some degree. If you were intoxicated unwillingly, that makes excuse you to a very

01:15:50.960 --> 01:15:55.280
large degree, perhaps entirely. If someone drugged you, you're typically not responsible for whatever

01:15:55.280 --> 01:16:00.480
you did while drugged. Insofar as the drug was responsible for your behavior, of course.

01:16:01.600 --> 01:16:07.040
But we also have capacity defenses. If you are mentally retarded in the technical sense of the

01:16:07.040 --> 01:16:11.760
term, not the derogatory, the pejorative sense, the technical sense. If you are mentally retarded,

01:16:12.880 --> 01:16:17.760
you are held to a different standard because you probably don't understand the duties

01:16:18.400 --> 01:16:25.360
that everyone else knows you have in a certain situation. And so it would not be morally appropriate

01:16:25.360 --> 01:16:30.480
to hold someone to this higher standard because you are saying you should have known to someone

01:16:30.480 --> 01:16:37.600
who entirely lacks the capacity to do that. You can't hold someone to a duty to do something

01:16:37.600 --> 01:16:46.480
that is impossible. That's immoral. Now, of course, I'm not making a theological point there,

01:16:46.480 --> 01:16:51.040
so for anyone who is thinking that God holding us to the standard of perfection is wrong. No,

01:16:51.040 --> 01:16:57.520
actually, it's not because Adam could have. We inherit his original sin, which is another part

01:16:57.520 --> 01:17:01.120
that is theologically important for this. There were those who say, how is it fair to hold someone

01:17:01.120 --> 01:17:06.240
responsible for effectively the sins of the parents? Well, original sin is kind of a core of our

01:17:06.240 --> 01:17:12.560
religion. So if you have a problem with what we're saying about the consequences for future generations

01:17:12.560 --> 01:17:18.400
of the behavior of past generations, then you should probably go back and review original sin

01:17:18.400 --> 01:17:23.600
and how that works in the Christian religion. You've missed something. But when it comes to issues

01:17:23.600 --> 01:17:30.160
of capacity, we know that certain groups of people have to be held to a different standard. No,

01:17:30.160 --> 01:17:35.680
we don't permit them to cause crimes. We don't permit them to do things that are illegal, cause harm,

01:17:35.680 --> 01:17:42.000
etc. But we recognize that you have to take into account the abilities they bring to the table,

01:17:42.000 --> 01:17:46.640
the capacity they have to understand their duties, the things they should and should not do.

01:17:48.000 --> 01:17:55.120
And so you do treat them differently. Part of that historically has been treating them differently

01:17:55.120 --> 01:18:01.760
at the outset. So preventing the problem from occurring instead of addressing it once it occurs.

01:18:03.200 --> 01:18:09.120
To go back to the issue of rape, what is going to be better for a woman who is raped if you had

01:18:09.120 --> 01:18:13.280
prevented the rape or if you punished the rapist? I don't think that's a very hard

01:18:14.080 --> 01:18:19.040
call to make. I think most people can probably make that one. The same for someone who is

01:18:19.040 --> 01:18:25.440
severely mentally disabled, what's better? Carefully monitoring that person and controlling what he

01:18:25.440 --> 01:18:31.360
does or letting him run free and then injuring himself or others? Well, of course you want to

01:18:31.360 --> 01:18:36.480
prevent him from injuring himself or others. And so there are certain things you have to do in

01:18:36.480 --> 01:18:43.440
society to take into account the abilities of different groups of people and of different individuals

01:18:43.440 --> 01:18:50.320
in society. We have not been doing that for decades now. We closed the Asala, for instance. We

01:18:50.320 --> 01:18:56.720
basically let the mentally unwell roam the streets now. Usually this causes minor property damage

01:18:56.720 --> 01:19:03.600
and significant damage to those individuals themselves. Many of them wind up dying of overdoses in

01:19:03.600 --> 01:19:09.360
the streets. That's a very real moral problem. That is something we are not addressing as a society.

01:19:10.400 --> 01:19:17.360
This is akin to that because you are dealing with something that has a biological basis in the

01:19:17.360 --> 01:19:22.720
individual and in groups of individuals. And you have to account for that in how you run your

01:19:22.720 --> 01:19:28.960
society because it is a moral question. If you ignore it, what you are doing is immoral. Ignoring

01:19:28.960 --> 01:19:37.360
it is the actual sin here. Next week's episode we are going to focus specifically on scripture.

01:19:37.360 --> 01:19:42.720
We are going to focus on the arguments that are used from scripture against many of the things

01:19:42.720 --> 01:19:48.880
that we have said. Again, not directly addressing the facts because facts are truth and truth is

01:19:48.880 --> 01:19:55.120
from God. So you can't use scripture against truth. But there are structural arguments that are

01:19:55.200 --> 01:20:00.560
often posed that just ignore everything we have said for the past two weeks and try to focus on

01:20:00.560 --> 01:20:05.280
other things. So we want to address those explicitly because we are Christians. We are Lutherans.

01:20:05.280 --> 01:20:11.200
It is a scripture that is more important than what your lying eyes tell you. What we are trying to

01:20:11.200 --> 01:20:15.920
say is that your lying eyes aren't actually lying to you in this case. You can believe God and you can

01:20:15.920 --> 01:20:20.640
believe statistics. And if you are looking at the right ones, you are going to reach a godly

01:20:21.200 --> 01:20:25.760
conclusion. So we are going to move on from the statistical stuff for the next week and we are

01:20:25.760 --> 01:20:31.280
going to specifically focus on what does this have to do with us in the church because really that's

01:20:31.280 --> 01:20:36.240
the fundamental question that I think most of us have in mind. If you assume for the sake of argument

01:20:36.240 --> 01:20:41.200
that we have told the truth for the past two weeks, where do we go from here? How do we make sure

01:20:41.200 --> 01:20:47.760
that we are dealing with people in a Christian way that also will in a Christian way, in a way

01:20:47.760 --> 01:20:54.640
that acknowledges scripture, in a way that acknowledges duty to brother and to neighbor and all the

01:20:54.640 --> 01:21:00.000
various vocational aspects that are fundamental to the Christian life. So next week's episode will

01:21:00.000 --> 01:21:06.720
focus on that. And in the following week, we are going to do one last statistical episode that

01:21:06.720 --> 01:21:12.720
is going to very specifically focus on IQ. It is one we have teased for a while. IQ is such a big part

01:21:12.800 --> 01:21:19.200
of this conversation that it needs to be its own episode. So we wanted to segregate that by itself

01:21:19.200 --> 01:21:24.080
so that it can stand alone. That's going to be in two parts, first talking about kind of the higher

01:21:24.080 --> 01:21:30.800
end and what we see in Western society. And then what the implications are for those who have

01:21:30.800 --> 01:21:37.280
such diminished capacity, as Corey just mentioned, criminally, if the law says that someone is too

01:21:37.360 --> 01:21:43.120
retarded to be held accountable for their behavior. And we'll get into some of the reasons why that's

01:21:43.120 --> 01:21:50.240
not. It may be morally questionable, but it's legally there's a case to be made there. What do we

01:21:50.240 --> 01:21:54.720
do with Christians with people who cannot understand cause and effect with people who cannot

01:21:54.720 --> 01:22:01.040
understand hypotheticals? How do you cataclyce someone who can't understand later versus now?

01:22:01.520 --> 01:22:05.760
These are very real and fundamental questions. And it's part why we're talking about race.

01:22:05.760 --> 01:22:12.400
This is not about hating people and excluding. It's about saying these people exist. God

01:22:12.400 --> 01:22:16.800
died for them. Jesus cried, paid for all of their sins on the cross just like he paid for ours.

01:22:17.360 --> 01:22:22.720
Whether or not someone has more sins than others, Jesus paid for 100% of them. We're not talking

01:22:22.720 --> 01:22:28.000
about who's better. We're talking about what are the needs in this life for different groups of

01:22:28.000 --> 01:22:33.600
people because the needs are not the same. The way you would explain the gospel to a man like

01:22:33.600 --> 01:22:38.720
Coria myself if we were not Christian is very different than the way you would explain to someone

01:22:38.720 --> 01:22:43.440
who had the mental capacity of a five year old. That should be obvious, but when we

01:22:44.240 --> 01:22:49.440
realize how it falls into race, it becomes a gospel issue. And that's ultimately why we're talking

01:22:49.440 --> 01:22:55.440
about this. We're talking about how we as Christians can behave in a Christian way with people who

01:22:55.440 --> 01:23:02.240
have capacities and needs and proclivities that are different from our own. We're not trying to

01:23:02.480 --> 01:23:08.240
be unfair to these people or mistreat them. We're saying, given the reality that we face,

01:23:09.040 --> 01:23:13.680
what is the most Christian path forward for all of us? And that is a conversation that will be

01:23:13.680 --> 01:23:17.840
rooted next week in scripture. And then we're ultimately going to end up dealing with

01:23:18.640 --> 01:23:23.920
how do you spread the gospel to people who have fundamentally different mental understanding

01:23:23.920 --> 01:23:28.080
and capability in their own? So I hope that you'll stick with us for all this because this is

01:23:28.080 --> 01:23:32.880
again, it's all a part of the piece. It began with Christian nationalism episode. It continued

01:23:32.880 --> 01:23:38.480
in the election episode and then these multiple episodes are going to hopefully wrap it all up.

01:23:38.480 --> 01:23:43.520
I hope that you find some value in this, even if it upsets you and even if you're not sure about

01:23:43.520 --> 01:23:49.360
some of the things we're saying. We're approaching this in good faith and we're doing it in complete

01:23:49.360 --> 01:23:56.240
honesty. And we're doing it frankly because people who talk this way will be destroyed in the world.

01:23:56.240 --> 01:24:00.960
If you agreed with what we said last week, be careful about who you whom you tell that to because

01:24:01.760 --> 01:24:06.080
you could get fired for saying the things we said last week and you could certainly get fired

01:24:06.080 --> 01:24:10.960
for the things we said this week. And on the IQ episode, you'll never get hired again if you

01:24:10.960 --> 01:24:16.720
agree with any of what we say. Now, either we're horrible racist, hateful liars or we're telling you

01:24:16.720 --> 01:24:22.080
something that most people are afraid of. You can figure that out for yourselves, but I appreciate

01:24:22.320 --> 01:24:27.040
those who are sticking with us and listening to these things. And at least asking the questions

01:24:27.040 --> 01:24:32.880
yourself, what do I do with this information? As I said at the, at the outside of this episode,

01:24:32.880 --> 01:24:36.240
some people are like, well, I don't see the point. Hopefully we're starting to make the point.

01:24:36.240 --> 01:24:41.680
This stuff about race and about biological differences isn't about picking on people or

01:24:41.680 --> 01:24:46.800
pointing at people and calling names. It's about saying, as a Christian, what do I do in these

01:24:46.800 --> 01:24:53.040
circumstances when someone looks similar to me, but is going to behave and have a capacity for

01:24:53.040 --> 01:24:58.240
very different things than I have to the point that I can't understand them. What do I do? What does

01:24:58.240 --> 01:25:04.240
God want me to do? What does Scripture say? And how can I proceed in good conscience in an accord

01:25:04.240 --> 01:25:10.160
with the vocations that God has given me where I live? Just to emphasize that, nothing that we are

01:25:10.160 --> 01:25:18.480
doing is done out of malice. Everything we are doing on this podcast is done in the interest of

01:25:18.480 --> 01:25:24.960
defending Scripture when they come up the confessions and the creation as the creator made it,

01:25:25.840 --> 01:25:32.080
which is to say we are defending the Christian faith. We are doing it with regard to certain subjects

01:25:32.080 --> 01:25:35.920
that have fallen out of favor. These aren't things that would have been out of place, say,

01:25:36.000 --> 01:25:42.320
100, 200, 300, any number of years ago, except for the last maybe 60 or 70.

01:25:44.320 --> 01:25:48.960
We are dealing with issues that are fundamental to reality, to the faith.

01:25:49.920 --> 01:25:55.200
And that's why we're addressing them because it is important for Christians to get these things

01:25:55.200 --> 01:26:03.600
right. Now, as was mentioned, if you bring these up in your place of work, you may be fired.

01:26:03.600 --> 01:26:06.720
If you bring them up in your church, you may be disciplined.

01:26:08.080 --> 01:26:11.920
But there will be times when you can discuss these with like-minded men,

01:26:12.640 --> 01:26:16.720
with those who are actually still open to the truth because they do exist. We know that from

01:26:17.200 --> 01:26:22.080
we can see how many listens to this podcast and we will discuss those numbers in some point in the

01:26:22.080 --> 01:26:29.120
future. But it is vitally important that Christians learn about the reality of the world and what

01:26:29.120 --> 01:26:34.960
Scripture actually says. Not what the world tells you Scripture says, not what Marxists tell you

01:26:34.960 --> 01:26:42.560
about the world, but the world as it is and Scripture as God intends for you to read it as God

01:26:42.560 --> 01:26:48.800
wrote it. That's why we're doing this. None of it is out of malice. None of it is out of ill will.

01:26:48.800 --> 01:26:55.360
It is only with the best of intentions because as Christians, our first duty is to God and God

01:26:55.360 --> 01:26:58.720
is goodness, beauty, and truth.