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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast. I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm

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well. As promised in this episode, we are going to be talking about how Scripture interfaces

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with biological race, how Scripture describes how God created the races, and the arguments

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that are sometimes used by Christians who are cherry-picking aspects of Scripture outside

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of their context to make secular arguments against some of the things that we've said in

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the past couple episodes. This is episode three on race. We didn't want to do too much

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about it, but as we said last week in particular, this is such an important subject to the world.

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The reason that there's so much fighting around it is that there's something theological

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going on here, and we are speaking about it because we believe that there's almost

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no one else who understands all of these moving parts the way we do, and a lot of people

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have gotten some value out of us, so we're going to continue. It's going to have a beginning

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and an end. The beginning was the episode where we talked about the biological reality

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of race. We laid out the genetics and people received that well. It's obvious. Science

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is not in opposition to Scripture. Reality is not in opposition to the creator of that

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reality. That should surprise no one who's listening, but that was a case we had to make

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first. And then last week, we specifically talked about the effects of race as they relate

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to sin and the fact that there are propensities for sin that are greater in some races than

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others, which is a really tough pill to swallow, and I'm sure that there are some people who

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have heard that and may never listen again if you're still listening. Thank you. As we

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said in each of those episodes, we were deliberately not going too much into Scripture for the very

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reason that if we had front-loaded Scripture in these multiple episodes, if we had just focused

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on what the Bible says and then gone on to science, I know of absolute certainty that as people

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listened, they would forget that we ever pointed to Scripture and to say, well, what you're

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saying does make any sense? Bible says this and the other thing. We deliberately did this

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kind of upside down by saving Scripture for the third episode so that we can contextualize all

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the things that we just said for the cat past couple weeks in a manner that is consistent with

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Scripture to say, look, the things that we just said do not fly in the face of what God has said.

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So this is episode three of five episode four next week is going to specifically be entirely about

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IQ and that's based in part on race. It is based in part on human history and the different

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people groups and it's not just a scientific thing. It's not just about a measuring contest to see

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who's smarter or who's stupider. There's no judgment involved in talking about IQ. The reason

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that that question matters is that if someone lacks the mental capacity to understand certain types

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of things, that precludes large amounts of theology from their understanding. They're not going

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to be able to understand things. So the reason that that's part of this is that talking about IQ

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is talking about the gospel. How do you share the gospel? Someone who can't understand hypotheticals.

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And then the last episode, episode five of this many series is going to specifically discuss

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the invention of racism in the late 1800s and what is followed because most people think the racism

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is a sin that God ordained as being against his will from before eternity and the we are doing

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what God wants us to do when we attack something that the world calls racism. So the capstone for

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all this is going to be to put all of this in context because the things that we've said so far

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and the things we're going to continue to say, the Missouri Senate in particular on their web page

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where they describe racism and responses to it, they basically refute every single thing that we're

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saying. They refute all the things that are factual that you've already agreed with. If you

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agreed with the previous episodes and so we're going to in the last episode in this series,

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we're going to completely dismantle the lies that the Senate has been telling really only since

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about the 70s prior to the 70s those lies weren't being told. But in the 60s something happened

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to the whole world and it seems more and more like there was a portal hell was opened and a

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whole lot of demons came pouring out and kind of went in all different directions. We saw the

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destruction of the Roman Catholic Church even worse than it was before. We saw the destruction

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of Protestantism Lutherans were not immune to it and all that began in the US really in the 60s.

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So we're going to finish this up by specifically addressing the chargers against us and now against

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you if you believe anything we've said that you are a racist and that you are going to hell if you

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don't repent for believing the truth about scripture and about creation. So to begin with in this

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episode on scripture and race we're going to recap and go back over some of the territory we covered

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and I think episode four where we talked about Christian nationalism. That was kind of the kickoff

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roughs really discussing the subject of race head on. So there'll be a little bit of repetition

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in this from that episode if you happen to listen to it. If you haven't go back and listen to it

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after this because there's a lot more to say about all these things in different directions.

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There will be some some recapitulation of some of those things but they're well worth hearing

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again because if you have a scriptural basis for believing what we have said and with a clean

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conscience then you're going to be immunized against charges of let's racist well you can't think

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that that's that's a sin. If that's true it's a very bad thing but if it's false you need to be

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equips from scripture to be able to respond it faithfully as a Christian. So that's what we're going

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to be talking about today. So let's begin back in Genesis once again I think at the table of

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nations. So to start off with a basic point about genealogies in scripture there are a lot

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of genealogies. It is not just in Genesis it's not just in the Old Testament the New Testament

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starts with the genealogy of Christ but genealogies play an important role in scripture they have

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to do with God's promises they have to do with of course who descends from whom that is the nature

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of a genealogy but part of the core thread of scripture is literally a bloodline from Adam

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through Noah through Shem through David down the line to Christ and so we begin that really with

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the table of nations which is of course Genesis 10 let me just pull that up here and Genesis 10

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gives the nations that are descended from the sons of Noah and of course Noah and his sons

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and their wives are the only ones currently living because the flood is just wipe the slate clean

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and so this gives the descent of literally everyone alive. Now these nations of course have

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further split as time has gone on we have more than just the number of individuals listed here

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relative to the number of nations that now exist or tribes depending on the resolution

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but this is the basic outline of what happened and you have the three great groups of humanity the

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three great races of men descended respectively japhith shem and ham in order of birth.

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Unsurprising shem would be second if you look at the one of the themes in the Old Testament

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God very often subverts the expectation that the best of things will go to the first born

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although japhith is definitely blessed we see that in the the blessing in the curses spoken by Noah

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later on but often the line of Christ goes through the second born so in this case it is the

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second born it is shem but you have japhith becomes basically Europe and a little bit of northern

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Africa because the sons of japhith became sailors and sailed the Mediterranean. You have shem who

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largely stayed in the Middle East for a period of time but then spread eastward into Asia and other

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places the Amerindians are descended at least in part from shem and then you have ham who moved

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southward through Egypt past the Sahara however big it happened to be at the time and down in

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Africa and so speaking of that it leads into the Exodus but of course before the Exodus you have

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the line of Christ moving to Egypt and then eventually the Israelites being enslaved in Egypt

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and Scripture is very clear that Egypt won the name is actually in the table of nations and

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two Scripture explicitly calls Egypt the land of ham that would be from one example Psalm 106

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they forgot God their savior who had done great things in Egypt wondrous works in the land of ham

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and awesome deeds by the red sea and so the Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years we get that from

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Exodus 12 of course which says literally 430 years that is Exodus 12 verse 40 the time that the

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people of Israel lived in Egypt was 430 years at the end of 430 years on that very day all the hosts

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of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt and so the reason it's worth noting in this context

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the Exodus and the Sojourn in Egypt is that the Israelites were in Egypt 430 years over four

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centuries they are not called Egyptian they did not become Egyptian they lived there for a time

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that did not make them Egyptian simply moving somewhere does not make you a member of the race

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that inhabits that particular geographic location it makes you a Sojourner which is what the

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Israelites were which is how Scripture describes them and so when they left Egypt they were still

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Israelites they were not Egyptians even though they had been there 430 years which bear in mind

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most of the audience for this podcast and the two of us we live in the United States founded in

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1776 of course the colonies are earlier the nation came before the country but 430 years is a long time

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and I think it's important to note there that when the Israelites lived in Egypt there was

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no confusion the Egyptians didn't think they were Egyptian the Israelites didn't think they were

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Egyptian there was no inner breeding of the groups by and large there may have been a little bit

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but it was they were they were segregated not only socially but biologically and I think that's

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important to to observe because when we discuss the Israelites in Scripture there's a strong

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tendency today that I think is largely driven by Zionism by by beliefs they were originated in the

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United States primarily in the late 19th century to believe this somehow Israel was something special

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apart from all of their nations and apart from its purpose in God's plan of providing

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the Messiah's bloodline and also being a vessel to preserve the prophecies of the Messiah

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so a lot of times what you'll hear today is when someone denies their race exists at all

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and you say well what about the Israelites the knee jerk responses oh well they were special

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God shows them for a purpose well yes God used the used Abraham's bloodline through Isaac and Jacob

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specifically to provide the bloodline to Jesus but God also worked through other bloodlines and other

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places less important work certainly than giving us the Messiah there there's no one who would ever

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deny that God coming incarnate among us is chief of all events in human history so I'm not trying

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to diminish that in the slightest but the point is the fact that a people group that a race the race

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of the Hebrews was used for that purpose doesn't mean that they were the only race and that everyone

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else was just human there were all these different races that were serving different purposes you can

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see that even in Egypt what did God do with Egypt he created a great empire in that place

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that was on the Nile where they were going to be able to grow a great amount of grain he knew

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that he was going to be sending a famine he knew that he was going to be sending the Israelites into

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Egypt to become slaves to them for a period of centuries and then he was going to send them out

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from that place none of that story would have worked if God had not also used the race of the

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Egyptians to serve their purpose in history and so I don't think that it's a stretch at all

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to say that each of the races have had their purpose in God's plan some certainly greater some

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lesser some completely unknown we don't have to know what God's doing to believe that God is

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actually doing something and I think chief among our concerns in describing their race as a real

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thing is that we want to give God the glory for what he does in the world it's not just about well

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here's this one specific thing that I know he said he did so he gets credit for that and all the

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rest is random we talked about randomness last week and the tendency that we have to think oh it's

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who knows what happened you know you you have a baby and there's millions of sperm and

14:48.120 --> 14:53.320
it's it's all just random no God is in control of everything now that's not making an

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utterly deterministic claim about the universe it's saying that things happen when God desires that

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they happen things don't happen when God does not desire them and if there's something evil or

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something that seems to be bad they God permits he will also use that use that evil for his good

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and so it's not only the good that the Hebrew people were a vessel for despite their own

15:20.280 --> 15:24.600
incredible wickedness throughout scripture it's astonishing how evil those people were

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in in ways that in in some ways are far worse than some of the things we see even today when

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I think I mentioned before when you look at when Moses went up to get the 10 commandments from God

15:37.320 --> 15:42.840
and they saw the pillar of fire and smoke and God was up there with Moses with with a man who

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led them out of captivity it took less than 40 days for them to abandon God while he was right in

15:50.360 --> 15:56.600
front of him they got mad that Moses was gone for a few weeks and told Aaron make us a new God

15:56.600 --> 16:01.640
make make us a golden calf who will be the one who led us out of Egypt like that's in it's

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completely insane it's incomprehensible to us even as a pagan to think well if you saw this

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miracle and your God came down as a pillar of fire on a mountain and the guy that God sent to do

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that is up there talking to him wouldn't you have more patience than 40 days and yet that that

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was all they could master by when Moses came down they had descended into an orgy and they were

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worshipping pagan gods and who knows what else they were doing it was it was unspeakable evil

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in in in in the same amount of time that lent will take which is this is a period that will be

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beginning on the day that this episode is released so they were chosen for the purpose of being

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a vessel of God's promise but they were not the only race they were one of many in the table

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of nations list all of them there's one interesting thing that I want to note I encore you can

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correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that in most places in scripture especially in the Old

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Testament when you're talking about the patriarchs it will say that in Adam had other sons and daughters

17:03.320 --> 17:07.640
so there will be some who were enumerated and then there will be others as simply I mentioned

17:07.640 --> 17:11.960
now I believe that the table of nations is complete and Noah is in the table of nations

17:13.160 --> 17:18.120
the reason that I think that's interesting is that although Noah lived to be 950

17:18.120 --> 17:24.440
it never says that he has had more than those three sons and I think the fact that God limited

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Noah's offspring to three men who became the fathers of the greatest nations of what became

17:32.600 --> 17:38.040
today what we call Africans principally Asians and principally Europeans like those are distinct

17:38.040 --> 17:44.520
groups that still exist in the world today and we can trace it directly back to a specific chapter

17:44.520 --> 17:51.000
in Genesis so when we talked in episode one of this about how this isn't evolution this is

17:51.000 --> 17:56.360
God acting in history I think there's some significance to the fact that God did not bless Noah

17:56.360 --> 18:00.840
with additional children unless I'm wrong can you correct me Corey no I think it's very obvious here

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that this is a complete list this is an exhaustive list of the nations and verse 32 the last verse

18:08.040 --> 18:13.960
in Genesis 10 emphasizes that point these are the clans of the sons of Noah according to their

18:13.960 --> 18:19.800
genealogies in their nations and from these the nations spread abroad on the earth after the flood

18:20.440 --> 18:27.240
so there's no mention of anyone else these are all of the human beings ever to exist contained

18:27.240 --> 18:33.720
within these men enumerated in this listing in Genesis 10 so I think what that tells us is that

18:33.720 --> 18:39.720
God wanted there to be Africans he wanted there to be Europeans and Asians now it's important to

18:39.720 --> 18:45.080
know when you look at the genetics that there was definitely more admixture of the sons of J 5th and

18:45.080 --> 18:50.360
the sons of Shem as they sort of went kind of north of the east and west there was more mixture than

18:50.520 --> 18:58.200
there is with the sons of ham we have really the only genes we have in common with Africans as

18:58.200 --> 19:04.360
Asians and Europeans goes pretty much back to the tower of Bable you know more or less just after

19:04.360 --> 19:10.120
the flood there's very little commonality beyond that which is rooted in Noah himself knowing his

19:10.120 --> 19:16.440
wife and his son in ham and his wife those four people have all the genes that we would have in

19:16.440 --> 19:23.000
common with that group and again that's a no way denial of their humanity or their worth

19:23.000 --> 19:28.520
or God Jesus sacrificed for them which is something we'll get to in a little bit we're not making

19:28.520 --> 19:35.720
a qualitative judgment we're simply saying God did this God made Africans he didn't make infinite

19:35.720 --> 19:40.040
human beings of all just were fungible we're all completely interchangeable and you can have an

19:40.040 --> 19:44.840
African and you move them over here and suddenly he becomes someone from Ohio God didn't do that

19:44.840 --> 19:51.800
it's not how he created the world and so when these discussions occur today there's such a tendency

19:51.800 --> 19:56.440
among especially Christians who want to be nice they want to be kind and they want to point to

19:56.440 --> 20:04.920
the cross go too far and delve into what's functionally narcissism to deny that the flesh the God

20:04.920 --> 20:11.880
has created in time and throughout time through a series of fathers going back and back to whom we

20:11.880 --> 20:19.800
are commanded by God to have respect and to love and to obey when we as Christians try to be more

20:19.800 --> 20:24.360
moral than God and say well none of that even happened you're human I'm human there's no difference

20:24.360 --> 20:31.800
at all that's a lie and it's a denial of what God did and that is the reason to get these things

20:31.800 --> 20:38.680
right because we as we say frequently if you let any lie into your own epistemology how you view

20:39.320 --> 20:44.760
all of these subjects whatever lie you say yeah that's mine I don't want to this this race stuff

20:44.760 --> 20:48.440
it bothers me too much I want to think about it I want to hear about it I'm just gonna lie and say

20:48.440 --> 20:55.240
the world exactly the same that's Satan's hook in your mind to be able to do damage down the road

20:55.240 --> 21:01.960
and it's pretty clear what that damage is as we see in the world and on one side you have Antifa

21:01.960 --> 21:06.040
saying that and on the other side you have Christians saying exactly the same thing

21:07.000 --> 21:12.840
that's them on the same side how did that happen how did Antifa and Christians both deny the

21:12.840 --> 21:20.040
race is real when scripture says that God created it and created all of us according to the image

21:20.040 --> 21:26.120
of our fathers going back and back and back and back and so the emphasis on fatherhood and the

21:26.120 --> 21:32.120
emphasis on patrilineal lines it's not something man invented as Corey said there's so many

21:32.120 --> 21:39.480
genealogies in scripture not only for Jesus line but just in general God like there's there

21:39.480 --> 21:44.440
books in the Bible the people skip because they're so boring because it's just genealogy and then

21:44.440 --> 21:49.240
we're supposed to believe today that genealogy doesn't matter that the way that God created us

21:49.240 --> 21:54.120
through our fathers doesn't matter how do you obey the fourth commandment when you do that how do

21:54.120 --> 22:01.080
you believe the Bible when you do that so discussion of race is not it's not an assault on on the Christian

22:01.080 --> 22:06.200
faith it's just making sure that we're shoring up the foundations that God has given to the very

22:06.200 --> 22:11.000
faith that is presented to us in scripture and it really does come down to the fact that if you

22:11.640 --> 22:17.480
deny race you are cutting yourself off at the knees when it comes to defending the faith

22:18.360 --> 22:22.760
because it is everywhere in scripture and it plays out in the natural sciences as well

22:23.560 --> 22:30.200
if you affirm what scripture says you can also affirm what science has found you can show people

22:30.200 --> 22:33.720
who believe in the science who will believe in the numbers if you can show them those

22:34.440 --> 22:37.560
look scripture says that's exactly what you're going to find if you look

22:38.440 --> 22:43.480
because these are entirely in agreement because of course if you look at the natural world

22:43.480 --> 22:48.920
in an honest way and believe the conclusions you actually find you don't filter them through

22:48.920 --> 22:55.000
some sort of ideology to skew the data if you look at what is actually there it fully aligns with

22:55.960 --> 23:02.600
because scripture is actual history Genesis is the actual history of the world with a focus yes

23:02.600 --> 23:08.040
on humanity of course but it is the history of the world and so what is contained in scripture

23:08.040 --> 23:15.160
is what you will find in nature it is what you will find in creation because as some used to say

23:15.160 --> 23:23.320
God has two books one is scripture one is creation they both attest to his glory and if you look

23:23.320 --> 23:28.920
in Job when God speaks directly to Job he does not in fact appeal to scripture now of course

23:28.920 --> 23:33.320
you can argue that's partly because Job is one of the oldest books possibly the oldest book in

23:33.320 --> 23:40.040
scripture but God appeals to creation when he is speaking of his glory and we should pay attention

23:40.040 --> 23:47.720
to that but this is probably a good place to refute a particular argument that comes up sometimes

23:47.800 --> 23:54.280
with regard to the existence of the nations of the races and that would be the Tower of Babel

23:54.840 --> 24:00.600
now you have a small problem with the ordering here if you're trying to say the Tower of Babel

24:00.600 --> 24:06.200
has something to do with the creation of the races because well the table of nation come before

24:06.200 --> 24:11.080
the Tower of Babel because the Tower of Babel is chapter 11 in Genesis and so far as we're

24:11.080 --> 24:15.560
pretending the chapters are really a thing but anyway it comes after it in the text and

24:15.640 --> 24:22.680
to be very clear the Tower of Babel is not where the races were created God did not come down

24:22.680 --> 24:29.720
and make races at Babel and the races are not a punishment they're not a consequence of sin

24:29.720 --> 24:35.160
they are part of God's good creation I will come back to that in a minute to explain why we

24:35.160 --> 24:41.400
know that for certain but when it comes to the Tower of Babel it is such an important story

24:41.480 --> 24:47.080
in scripture that if you ask even Christians very few would be able to tell you oh yeah of course

24:47.080 --> 24:53.240
it's one paragraph but it is it's literally one paragraph it is a very short section in scripture

24:53.240 --> 24:57.960
but of course it's very important I attempted to read it into a small study now but that's not

24:57.960 --> 25:07.480
really the place for it but the story of Babel is that instead of obeying God men and we can

25:07.480 --> 25:13.480
debate who exactly is present in this but at least some of the sons of the sons of Noah

25:13.480 --> 25:18.600
are present here and they build a tower they say they're going to make a name for themselves

25:18.600 --> 25:23.480
they are defying God who told them to spread out and cover the face of the earth which was his

25:23.480 --> 25:31.560
intention for the nations and so God comes down which that's a bit of biblical irony for you

25:32.280 --> 25:36.520
think about that one for a minute God comes down to confuse their language so they can no longer

25:36.520 --> 25:41.800
work together and continue sinning in this open high handed fashion and that disperses them

25:41.800 --> 25:50.360
as they were supposed to do beforehand one the scriptures has nothing here about dispersing

25:50.360 --> 25:56.520
them in a way that creates new nations or new genetic information and that's one of the problems

25:56.520 --> 26:03.000
if you contend that new genetic information was created by God at the Tower of Babel you are

26:03.000 --> 26:10.200
implicitly denying earlier on in Genesis when Adam names Eve and he names her Eve because she

26:10.200 --> 26:17.480
is the mother of all living if God comes down and creates a new genetic information and by doing

26:17.480 --> 26:23.480
that creates the nations at Babel creates the races there you're saying there's a break between

26:24.120 --> 26:30.520
those who are still descended from Eve and those who are descended effectively from God's work

26:30.680 --> 26:37.080
at Babel so that conflicts with what scripture says but to go back to the issue of how we know that

26:37.080 --> 26:43.160
the races are not a consequence of sin they're not a consequence of the fall they are not a punishment

26:44.440 --> 26:52.680
they are preserved in revelation because John speaks of seeing a huge crowd from every tribe

26:52.680 --> 26:58.680
in nation well he knows this because they still look likely belong to different tribes and nations

26:59.320 --> 27:05.800
so that's preserved in paradise this is part of God's good creation that's preserved in paradise

27:05.800 --> 27:11.880
and of course you can't say therefore that it is a consequence of sin or a punishment because sin

27:11.880 --> 27:18.360
is not preserved and the consequences of sin are not preserved in paradise so if the tribes and the

27:18.360 --> 27:24.680
nations are preserved they are part of God's good plan they are in and of themselves good and

27:24.680 --> 27:31.240
that's exactly what we see in scripture from Genesis through Revelation I think that what they're

27:31.240 --> 27:42.200
trying to say when they claim that God created races at Babel is it's from the specific verse where

27:43.560 --> 27:49.160
it says and the Lord said behold they are one people and they all have one language and this

27:49.160 --> 27:53.720
is the only beginning of what they will do and nothing that they propose to do will now be

27:53.720 --> 27:59.000
impossible for them I think the one people thing is what they're they're hooking on to and saying well

27:59.000 --> 28:04.520
they were all exactly the same and then God did something and it changed things now that's probably

28:04.520 --> 28:09.320
part of the sense part of the problem though they're conflating two separate things because it

28:09.320 --> 28:15.720
doesn't say they're one people it says the whole earth has one language it says that as people

28:15.720 --> 28:19.480
migrated from the east and so I think they're conflating that a little bit to try to say that the

28:19.480 --> 28:22.440
the one language is one people when it doesn't tell us that they're one people

28:23.800 --> 28:28.440
okay I was reading from the SV I didn't actually go back and look at maybe that's butchering it

28:28.440 --> 28:34.120
in any event the the the problem I want to the the problem to highlight there is that it ignores

28:34.120 --> 28:39.480
the command the god gave to Adam and repeated to Noah this was the at the at the end of

28:39.480 --> 28:46.440
Genesis 9 he again says to Noah and you be fruitful and multiply increase greatly on the earth

28:46.440 --> 28:53.560
and multiply in it it's a repetition of filling the earth and subduing it filling the earth was part

28:53.560 --> 28:59.000
of God's eternal plan they weren't to stay in one place and that was precisely what the tower

28:59.000 --> 29:06.680
was to do they wanted to remain one people they wanted one race the human race that was literally

29:06.680 --> 29:13.080
the cry of bable we are one people we are one race we will be mighty we will do things that no one

29:13.080 --> 29:21.080
else can understand and God said no I told you to disperse now is corny as you just highlighted

29:21.640 --> 29:26.600
all of the genetic information came from Adam and then from Eve by having been taken from him

29:28.440 --> 29:33.720
and as we described in the first episode it's entirely consistent that all the genes in Adam

29:33.720 --> 29:39.800
have been winnowed down in different directions they basically been sived among the different nations

29:39.800 --> 29:45.960
and sub nations as you go throughout time to the point that corny and I have very similar genetic

29:45.960 --> 29:51.320
backgrounds I'm like 75% English give or tape and about 20% German and I think you're kind of the

29:51.320 --> 29:56.760
flip side of that more or less aren't you pretty close guy more scholars than English but close

29:56.760 --> 30:02.200
enough yeah you know they're like ultimately we're all the same people because if you go back

30:02.200 --> 30:07.240
far enough when they were moving around they're all coming from from the Germanic lands before so

30:08.200 --> 30:15.000
we are closely related if if you know we had a co-host who was was Russian or some other Slavic

30:15.000 --> 30:22.200
nation they would be more distantly related because of physical distance and the time of separation

30:22.200 --> 30:29.480
so the people at bable they were one people in the sense that they had Noah as their father and

30:29.480 --> 30:34.520
they were you know second third fourth fifth cousins however far they had disperse genetically

30:34.520 --> 30:39.800
they were still very closely linked because they lived in the same place God said no you people

30:39.800 --> 30:45.080
are supposed to fill the earth that I've created I made this magnificent planet for you and you're not

30:45.080 --> 30:49.880
going anywhere you're just sitting here being idolatrous again I just killed everybody because

30:49.880 --> 30:54.840
your idolatry and you're doing it again no I'm gonna come down and I can fuse your language and

30:54.840 --> 30:59.240
I'm gonna send you the corners of the earth so that you will obey because if you won't obey because

30:59.240 --> 31:04.600
you believe me and fear me you will obey because I'm gonna make it impossible for you to talk to

31:04.600 --> 31:09.480
your cousin and that's exactly what happened suddenly the the man who standing next to him who was

31:10.200 --> 31:15.800
related closely certainly by modern standards was a stranger you could understand a word he said and

31:15.800 --> 31:22.040
so they naturally self-segregated and drifted apart and spread as God commanded and so all of the

31:22.040 --> 31:28.600
discussion from the episode on the biological nature of race talked about that dispersal about how

31:28.600 --> 31:33.480
people went largely their separate directions you had shem in the Middle East and in some

31:33.480 --> 31:41.400
in Asia you had jay fifth you know to India and to to Europe and you had ham basically to Africa

31:41.400 --> 31:46.920
and that's pretty much where humanity stayed more or less in their places until you get to the 1500s

31:46.920 --> 31:53.160
when the sons of jay fifth began exploring the rest of the world by sea there's you can do some

31:53.160 --> 31:57.720
stuff over land but when you start moving by sea it completely changes everything and that's

31:57.720 --> 32:03.080
something we talk about in the alley election episode where we also discuss race we talk about how

32:03.080 --> 32:09.480
the sons of jay fifth were the first to actually obey the great commission and take Christianity

32:09.480 --> 32:14.040
apart from their lands to other lands and when they went to the Americas and they went into

32:14.040 --> 32:19.880
deepest darkest Africa that's what they did they took the gospel with them Ethiopia and a tiny corner

32:19.880 --> 32:26.280
of an impossibly large con of Africa had Christianity but whatever attempts that they made to spread it

32:26.280 --> 32:31.080
to their neighbors completely failed it was just that one tiny corner that was all it was ever

32:31.080 --> 32:36.680
there they never evangelized the rest of Africa and for all intents and purposes it seems like the

32:36.680 --> 32:42.120
Indians on the tiny coast probably where Mark went never told anybody they didn't even tell their

32:42.120 --> 32:47.960
next door neighbors so you have a tiny sliver but no evangelism no no spreading of the gospel

32:47.960 --> 32:53.080
there was preservation of it and is coin I we're talking about this before we started I point out

32:53.080 --> 32:57.160
that you know maybe they shook the dust off their feet maybe they said our neighbors are

32:57.160 --> 33:03.400
are never going to accept this so I'm not condemning Ethiopians and Sudanese and in the Indians

33:03.400 --> 33:09.640
who had the gospel for not spreading it because I don't know what the situation was but we know with

33:09.640 --> 33:15.240
an absolute certainty there was only Europeans who took Christianity to India and to Africa even

33:15.240 --> 33:21.000
though there were Christians who were natives to those lands so again the races as they play out

33:21.000 --> 33:28.360
in time have a real impact on on the spread of the gospel just as they did in the old testament

33:28.360 --> 33:34.200
where it was principally the Hebrews not exclusively but principally the Hebrew people you know once

33:34.200 --> 33:39.960
you get passed at Abraham there were many believers before Abraham but he was one among them and I

33:39.960 --> 33:44.680
think that's important to know Abraham wasn't a Hebrew he wasn't in Israelite that was that was his

33:44.680 --> 33:50.840
grandson who became the father of that people Abraham was just a believer he believed in the promise

33:50.840 --> 33:56.040
of Christ which made him a Christian and he learned it from his father and we have no

33:56.040 --> 34:01.480
reason to believe that that was not a commonly held belief by others some of who may not have been

34:01.480 --> 34:06.600
related I mean they were in the area so they're probably somewhat related but it wouldn't necessarily

34:06.600 --> 34:14.920
have been exactly the same clan and we see in European history that much of the the mythology

34:15.000 --> 34:21.480
points to echoes of the Christian faith having once been held in places where it died out

34:21.480 --> 34:27.800
where it turned into myth and it turned into then paganism but at one time people far distant from

34:27.800 --> 34:35.000
the Middle East had at least some kernel of the gospel promises that God gave well in advance

34:35.000 --> 34:42.760
of Christ's birth and so God uses different races and different times for different purposes

34:42.760 --> 34:48.280
and that's to his glory we don't get to rob him of his glory because again we have a duty to our

34:48.280 --> 34:53.720
fathers my fathers are English and German predominantly and more broadly all of North

34:53.720 --> 35:01.320
Western Europe those are my people other people are not my people that's not a hateful thing to say

35:01.320 --> 35:07.720
if you are Chinese you're not my people and I'm not your people and that's not a hateful thing to

35:08.200 --> 35:13.720
say it's an acknowledgement that our roots are commonality goes back very far where is the roots

35:13.720 --> 35:19.960
that I have with someone like Corey are in the much more recent past you know we both have ancestors

35:19.960 --> 35:25.880
who were here in colonial days from earliest colonial days were probably related many times over

35:25.880 --> 35:32.680
even on this continent and certainly in Europe that's how it works when you are of the same people

35:32.680 --> 35:37.800
as someone else it means that you're your family and I think that's I think next we're going to

35:37.800 --> 35:42.920
think the next thing we're going to talk about is the fourth commandment and how the obedience to

35:42.920 --> 35:49.640
the fourth commandment particularly as it's explained by Luther as a fundamental part of all of this

35:49.640 --> 35:57.560
your duty to obey and to honor your father and your mother doesn't end with those two human beings

35:58.200 --> 36:03.640
there's no excuse well yet God says I have to obey my dad but my grandpa whatever he's not

36:03.640 --> 36:09.240
he's not enumerated I can do whatever I want to him even after the sake of argument such thought

36:09.240 --> 36:16.760
would were possible the only way that I as a man could honor my father would be to respect his

36:16.760 --> 36:24.440
duty to honor his father which would require obeying his grandfather my grandfather so even if you

36:24.440 --> 36:29.560
take the most literal strict reading of the fourth commandment which we believe as Lutherans is

36:29.560 --> 36:35.000
not permissible but even if you did that it doesn't change your fundamental duty to honor and to

36:35.000 --> 36:40.840
obey your ancestors again unless it contravenes the first commandment where we fear love and trust

36:40.840 --> 36:48.280
in God above all things if your choices between God and your father you choose God short of that

36:48.280 --> 36:54.680
you obey your father in obedience to God and you obey all of your fathers before you and that

36:54.680 --> 37:02.440
requires a respect and an honor of what is ultimately your race that is not a dollar to rear of race

37:02.440 --> 37:07.160
that is an acknowledgement that how God made you whatever you are like when I'm saying these things

37:07.160 --> 37:10.840
I'm not talking to white people I don't know who's listening I've said this before if you're

37:10.840 --> 37:18.120
Chinese if you're African if you can be anything that God has created you have a duty to honor your

37:18.120 --> 37:24.760
fathers going back to Noah and going back to Adam and everyone in between that is obedience to

37:24.760 --> 37:30.280
the fourth commandment I'm not saying my fathers are better than your fathers and therefore you

37:30.280 --> 37:36.760
should honor mine and said no that that would be disobedience to God this is not a white message

37:36.760 --> 37:44.360
this is this is the Christian faith that we honor our fathers in time immemorial and doing that

37:45.080 --> 37:52.360
is anathema in this day to say that will cause you to be accused of racism and whatever supremacy your

37:52.360 --> 37:56.920
your race happens to be turns out it's always white no one else can be a supremacist which is

37:56.920 --> 38:02.600
is a subject for another day but the fact that that pattern keeps playing out should give Christians

38:02.600 --> 38:08.200
pause it should make you very concerned that you're being told by the world hey maybe don't obey

38:08.200 --> 38:13.160
God that sounds like it's going a little too far that message if you're hearing it in your ear

38:13.160 --> 38:17.880
that is not coming from God and so we turn to the commandments and we turn to scripture

38:17.880 --> 38:24.520
to see what God says so that we can continue to obey God and if the world hates us for it frankly

38:24.520 --> 38:30.040
that just tells us that we're obeying God God promised many times you'll be hated for his sake

38:30.040 --> 38:34.600
so if the world loves you that should make you much more nervous than if the world hates you

38:35.560 --> 38:39.720
just address two points quickly because I know they will come up in comments if I do not

38:39.720 --> 38:43.400
address them now so it makes more sense to do it now instead of six times in comments

38:44.440 --> 38:49.480
when I said that they were not one people at the Tower of Babel I'm looking at the Greek here

38:49.480 --> 38:55.400
and the word uses Gennos instead of ethnos ethnos being the word that is typically used for race

38:56.040 --> 39:00.760
or people group that appears many times in scripture which is what we're talking about here

39:00.760 --> 39:07.400
161 times in the New Testament just shy of 700 in the Septuagint and in case anyone thinks I'm playing

39:07.400 --> 39:14.920
games with the Greek it appears 550 some times as goi in the Hebrew but the point that I'm making

39:14.920 --> 39:20.840
is Gennos is used there and that means they're all one generation or one family as opposed to one

39:20.840 --> 39:26.040
ethnos that is a different thing of course at the time they would have all been very much more

39:26.040 --> 39:32.120
closely related because there had been less time for genetic drift and changes in allele frequency

39:32.120 --> 39:37.640
etc. see our previous episode for more on that but the point that is being made is that these

39:37.640 --> 39:43.160
people are all closely related and know each other because if you think about it these are probably

39:43.880 --> 39:51.480
grandparents and grandchildren great-grandparents not too many generations of a span there so even if

39:51.480 --> 39:57.480
you are as far away as possible on this you're still going to be say a great-grandchild of ham

39:57.960 --> 40:03.080
a great-grandchild of shem so these are still fairly closely related people group that was the

40:03.080 --> 40:09.000
distinction I was making there between those two terms and then when it comes to Abram there are

40:09.000 --> 40:14.200
some who have made the argument that Abram was probably a pagan before he was called scripture

40:14.200 --> 40:22.680
does not actually tell us scripture tells us that Torah was at least an idolater he may also have

40:23.320 --> 40:28.680
served to some degree the one true God because that would have been carried down possibly from his

40:28.680 --> 40:35.160
ancestors but yes in Joshua 24 it does say that he served other gods it does not say that notably

40:35.160 --> 40:40.600
of Abram although one way to take that of course would be that it was God's initiative coming to

40:40.600 --> 40:46.040
Abram giving him faith calling him out of a pagan setting because at the least he was in a pagan

40:46.040 --> 40:52.360
setting so just clearing those up now instead of fielding comments later thank you for that

40:53.400 --> 40:57.240
do you want to talk about the fourth commandment before we move on to the New Testament I mean

40:57.240 --> 41:01.160
really I would just be echoing what you said for Lutherans this is going to be very straightforward

41:01.160 --> 41:04.680
you've read this in the small catechism I hope that you have also read this in the large

41:04.680 --> 41:09.560
catechism particularly if you are a father or someone involved in teaching in your church because

41:09.560 --> 41:16.440
it is incumbent on you then to have done that but the fourth commandment is very clear actually if

41:17.240 --> 41:23.160
you read the fourth commandment in scriptural context and understand how God works with humanity

41:23.800 --> 41:33.800
in time and over time just look at the line of Christ God works with Abraham he works with his sons

41:33.800 --> 41:41.560
grandsons great grandsons great great grandsons down through the line of Judah and David and all

41:41.640 --> 41:48.920
the others so yes you are supposed to honor your immediate mother and father but you are also

41:48.920 --> 41:54.600
supposed to honor your grandparents and your great grandparents and it extends back in time

41:54.600 --> 42:02.200
because you are not some sort of or individual you do not stand alone you are not an isolated

42:02.200 --> 42:08.360
island you are part of a great chain that extends from you back through your parents and your

42:08.360 --> 42:16.840
grandparents all the way back to Noah and all the way back to Adam you are ultimately a son of God

42:16.840 --> 42:21.640
if you're a Christian that is restored to you but you are a son of God because Adam is described

42:21.640 --> 42:29.880
in scripture as a son of God and then so everything you are everything you have from God he has given

42:29.880 --> 42:37.640
you through this family line through your race and to ignore how God works is to ignore the real

42:37.640 --> 42:42.280
meaning of the fourth commandment and of course there's also the issue of the fourth commandment

42:43.160 --> 42:48.760
applying to those who are in authority in the kingdom of the left hand but that's not really

42:48.760 --> 42:55.640
directly related to what we're discussing today so the focus more is on the family because that's

42:55.640 --> 43:01.640
one of the three estates the three estates being the state the church and the family we're really

43:01.640 --> 43:07.320
talking about the family today and as the fourth commandment applies to the family it applies to your

43:07.320 --> 43:13.160
entire family not just your immediate family so we mentioned I think at the very beginning of

43:13.160 --> 43:19.800
the first episode the one of those particular verses we would address was from Galatians 328

43:19.800 --> 43:26.200
you've probably all heard you may have said yourself in arguing about race with another Christian

43:26.200 --> 43:33.960
there is neither Jew nor Greek now that's an isolation game over right I mean if God says there's

43:33.960 --> 43:41.720
no more of that then obviously even if race existed previously it doesn't exist after Jesus

43:41.720 --> 43:47.320
that's more or less the argument that's made now it's a completely incoherent argument because

43:47.320 --> 43:55.160
it's based on proof texting it's based on completely eliminating the entire context of that verse

43:55.160 --> 44:01.240
and then making a point that as we've said in past episodes nobody ever made before this past

44:01.240 --> 44:07.320
century no one ever said this stuff they were refuting today no one ever said that there were no

44:07.320 --> 44:14.680
races until the last 150 years and less than that really so I'm going to give you the full context

44:14.680 --> 44:22.360
for Galatians 328 beginning with verse 25 and following but now that faith has come we are no

44:22.360 --> 44:29.880
longer under a guardian for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God through faith for as many of you

44:29.880 --> 44:35.880
as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave

44:35.880 --> 44:42.760
nor free there is no male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus and if you are

44:42.760 --> 44:49.480
Christs then your Abraham's offspring heirs according to the promise now there's a lot going on

44:49.480 --> 44:55.160
in this verse in that passage as we mentioned previously I want to highlight particularly if you

44:55.160 --> 45:01.800
when you read Galatians 3 in general there's a sorry all of Galatians Paul is making an extensive

45:01.800 --> 45:11.160
argument about the rights of inheritance as a Christian as an adopted son of God you receive

45:11.160 --> 45:17.960
the inheritance rights along with Christ to eternal life and through Christ you receive that

45:17.960 --> 45:24.520
inheritance now it says there you are all sons of God that's talking about women too women

45:25.240 --> 45:33.160
in baptism become sons of God for the specific reason that inheritance is limited to sons

45:33.880 --> 45:40.680
so when the verse says there is no male and female it is not a denial of biological sex it is

45:40.680 --> 45:47.880
saying that it doesn't matter how God created you in your in your baptism by receiving the gift of

45:47.880 --> 45:54.280
faith you become a son of God you receive the inheritance of eternal life that the rights and

45:54.280 --> 46:00.600
privileges of being a son of God as it is Cory just said are extended to those who are adopted

46:00.600 --> 46:08.200
adopted by faith through baptism so when someone tries to use this verse that says there is neither

46:08.200 --> 46:13.640
Jew nor Greek and say that means that race doesn't exist or that means a race was a sin in Jesus

46:13.640 --> 46:19.880
fixed it you must completely deny the entire context of this passage and frankly you must deny

46:19.960 --> 46:26.120
the entire book because the book is talking about in this particular passage are talking about

46:26.120 --> 46:32.680
salvation this is an explicitly soteriological passage it is saying how are we received

46:33.560 --> 46:39.960
in Christ by faith we are received as sons of God so no there is no male and female because

46:39.960 --> 46:45.080
you are all received as sons of God now people are following that that's not a denial of biological

46:45.720 --> 46:51.640
anymore than it's a denial of biological race so for anyone who has ever said there is neither

46:51.640 --> 46:57.800
Jew nor Greek as a refutation of what we're saying about biological race they're committing a

46:57.800 --> 47:04.280
heresy they're denying the soteriological basis of this precious passage that is saying no matter

47:04.280 --> 47:10.040
who you are it doesn't matter who you are and that's what we say that's what we believe is what

47:10.040 --> 47:16.760
we will take before the judgment thrown of God it does not matter who you are if you're a human

47:16.760 --> 47:24.360
being Jesus Christ died on the cross for you for your sins when you receive the gift of faith

47:24.360 --> 47:30.440
you receive that forgiveness which was already poured out on the cross your sins have already

47:30.440 --> 47:37.960
been paid for and you receive that forgiveness when you received as a son of God in baptism through

47:37.960 --> 47:44.040
your faith this is all part and parcel this is all talking about salvation and so it is

47:44.040 --> 47:51.480
utterly grotesque it is demonic for any Christian to take this passage and say well there's no race

47:51.480 --> 47:56.840
because look it says there and just saying Jew and Greek or Jew and Gentile there's none of that

47:56.840 --> 48:02.680
well if you pay attention to the words we talked before to be very careful attention when the

48:02.680 --> 48:09.960
possessive is used this says we are no longer under a guardian for in Christ Jesus you are all

48:09.960 --> 48:15.960
sons of God and then it says there is neither Jew nor Greek now if you actually understand the

48:15.960 --> 48:21.960
English language and you believe scripture and you pay attention in Jesus Christ means something

48:22.680 --> 48:29.720
because not every man is in Jesus Christ there are billions of men who are not in Jesus Christ

48:29.720 --> 48:37.720
they are damned because they do not have faith and they reject God so to say the race doesn't exist

48:39.480 --> 48:43.800
it obliterates this passage it turns this passage that's something about the precious gift

48:43.800 --> 48:49.800
that is received only within the faith and turns it into a nostic passage that nullifies creation

48:49.800 --> 48:56.520
itself this is not a small matter when men will destroy such a profoundly comforting passage

48:56.520 --> 49:03.000
for the sake of scoring political points to say the race is not real how are you going to then say

49:03.000 --> 49:08.840
the sex is real it says there's no male and female so trannies are on the menu right you can be

49:08.840 --> 49:14.920
pansexual you can have no sex you can be just a human being with absolutely no particular qualities

49:14.920 --> 49:20.520
whatsoever because it says right there in Galatians 328 this is not how Christians read the Bible

49:20.520 --> 49:25.240
it is not how Christians use the Bible so I saved this for this point because all the things we've

49:25.240 --> 49:30.440
said in the past episodes that are very upsetting because they fly in the face of what has been

49:30.440 --> 49:36.200
said about race for the last hundred years if your reputation is there is neither june or greek

49:37.400 --> 49:42.600
you need to take a long hard pause and look at how you're receiving scripture and look at who's

49:42.600 --> 49:47.720
talking to you where did you get that idea because you didn't get it from God there is no possible

49:48.120 --> 49:55.800
for any Christian to read Galatians 3 and come away thinking that sex and race and biological

49:55.800 --> 50:02.360
reality cease to exist they cease to matter for the purpose of salvation in fact they never

50:02.360 --> 50:07.960
mattered for the purpose of salvation God makes it explicit for our comfort do not rob scripture

50:07.960 --> 50:14.120
of its comfort to score political points really if you're going to misinterpret Galatians 328 you

50:14.120 --> 50:21.080
have two choices you can either make it completely incoherent by saying that june greek aren't real

50:21.080 --> 50:25.960
categories and therefore scripture is just saying something that has no semantic context whatsoever

50:27.000 --> 50:33.080
or you can make it into a nostic scripture and become something other than Christian and I

50:33.080 --> 50:40.680
definitely seen people do both of those but on a tangentially related issue lately I've been

50:40.680 --> 50:46.760
reading more and I have two sets of scripture that don't have any of the little modern bits and

50:46.760 --> 50:53.000
pieces here and there which is to say chapter and headings and verses and all that and I think

50:53.000 --> 51:00.200
this may be one of the best examples of arguments against the use of chapter numbers and verses

51:01.560 --> 51:09.000
because they literally split this section of the letter to the Galatians in half for well not

51:09.080 --> 51:15.480
quite half but close for no reason no good reason anyway because if you continue on into chapter 4

51:16.280 --> 51:23.720
the next section is should be directly attached to this bit in Galatians 3 because it gives the

51:23.720 --> 51:30.040
explanation I mean that an heir as long as he is a child is no different from a slave though he

51:30.040 --> 51:35.800
is the owner of everything but he is under guardians and managers until the date set by his father in

51:35.800 --> 51:41.480
the same way we also when we were children were enslaved to the elementary principles of the world

51:41.480 --> 51:47.880
but when the fullness of time had come God sent forth his son born of woman born under the law

51:47.880 --> 51:53.640
to redeem those who were under the law so that we might receive adoption as sons and because you

51:53.640 --> 51:59.880
are sons God has sent the spirit of his son into our hearts crying oba father so you are no longer

51:59.880 --> 52:07.480
a slave but a son and if a son then an heir through God so we see exactly what is being said

52:07.480 --> 52:13.240
earlier in the passage when you continue on to the part that for some reason has been segmented

52:13.240 --> 52:20.760
off as the beginning of the next chapter and of course we could go over Galatians 328 for a six

52:20.760 --> 52:29.640
hour episode just by itself but the core takeaway is that these are real categories and that's why

52:29.640 --> 52:36.280
the verse has meaning if these categories Jew and Greek which is to say race slave and free which

52:36.280 --> 52:42.600
is to say hierarchy essentially male and female which is to say biological sex if these categories

52:42.600 --> 52:50.280
are not real the verse doesn't have any meaning it has meaning because they're real and so the

52:50.280 --> 52:58.040
meaning is these very real things these very real distinctions between and among people have no

52:58.120 --> 53:04.920
superior logical impact now of course there's an ancillary impact because obviously if you are

53:04.920 --> 53:10.360
descended from Christians and a Christian nation you are more likely to be Christian because you're

53:10.360 --> 53:16.200
more likely to have had the means of grace in your life you're more likely to have been baptized

53:16.200 --> 53:25.400
you're more likely to have heard the word etc but in an absolute sense whether you are Jewish or

53:25.400 --> 53:33.480
Greek or Roman or German or French or Chinese does not matter to whether or not the gospel is for

53:33.480 --> 53:40.600
you so tireologically your race is irrelevant in a practical sense again it may be relevant because

53:40.600 --> 53:45.560
again living in a Christian nation you are more likely to be Christian and that is one of the

53:45.560 --> 53:53.320
reason these things matter and why we are discussing them the same as with race so with hierarchy

53:53.400 --> 53:59.880
regardless of where you fall on the social hierarchy which is a very real thing there are

53:59.880 --> 54:07.400
slave and free even today slavery is incidentally still legal in the United States go ahead and

54:07.400 --> 54:14.920
read the amendment if you don't believe me but the hierarchy is real but it does not have so

54:14.920 --> 54:21.160
theological impact you can be saved regardless of whether you are the wealthiest man in a nation

54:21.160 --> 54:28.440
or the poorest man in a nation and the same holds for biological sex whether or not

54:29.080 --> 54:35.640
you are saved does not depend on whether you are male or female and these are also

54:36.840 --> 54:42.840
polemical because these are directly refuting various heresies that were around at the time

54:43.640 --> 54:48.040
because you have the Judaizers who say you have to become a Jew before you can become a Christian

54:48.920 --> 54:54.360
well neither Jew nor Greek is written in part against them you have those who would contend that

54:54.360 --> 55:02.120
well it's only the free born who are of the quality necessary to have access to salvation to be worthy

55:02.120 --> 55:06.120
of this gift from God and know that's neither slave nor free it's condemning that heresy

55:07.000 --> 55:12.200
and then you have those who would say that women could not be saved because woman is the weaker

55:12.200 --> 55:17.400
vessel that part is true but that because she's the weaker vessel she cannot receive this gift of

55:17.400 --> 55:23.400
God and says no there is no male and female it is a condemnation of that heresy so you have to

55:23.400 --> 55:28.360
know what you're reading in scripture and what is being said and if you take the modernist approach

55:29.320 --> 55:35.880
if you deny these categories you rob the scripture of any coherent meaning you destroy the

55:35.880 --> 55:42.120
polemical nature against heresies and you are going to destroy if not your own faith then the

55:42.120 --> 55:47.000
faith of your children or your grandchildren because they will recognize at some point well I

55:47.000 --> 55:54.680
was told there's no male and female so how can I possibly say that homosexuality is wrong

55:54.680 --> 56:00.840
because that depends on a difference biologically between men and women well so it can't be wrong

56:00.840 --> 56:06.440
because of what I was told well being transgender can't be wrong because if there's no male and female

56:06.600 --> 56:12.680
then it doesn't matter which one you claim to be these are in coherent they mean nothing they

56:12.680 --> 56:19.320
mean whatever I want them to mean that is the reality you will see if you start by denying these

56:19.320 --> 56:24.920
it doesn't matter what the reason is it never matters what the reason is if you are supporting a lie

56:24.920 --> 56:30.440
is it worse to support a lie willfully for a malicious reason of course but Satan will use your

56:30.440 --> 56:37.000
support of the lie even if you believe it was undertaken in good faith even if in so far as it

56:37.000 --> 56:42.840
is possible to defend a lie in good faith you were doing so Satan just needs that little toe hold

56:43.640 --> 56:49.400
and that's what you give him when you deny any of the categories in Galatians 328

56:50.120 --> 56:55.240
and this is why we're constantly emphasizing the importance of not embracing any lies we're talking

56:55.320 --> 57:01.960
about six words there there is neither Jew nor Greek that's six words if you abuse those you can

57:01.960 --> 57:08.440
destroy the Christian faith by adopting one lie after another that must necessarily follow from

57:08.440 --> 57:12.440
the lie you already hold and it's quite just pointed out the same as with there's neither there's

57:12.440 --> 57:19.320
no male and female you will destroy the Christian faith in short order if you use that verse if you

57:19.320 --> 57:24.520
cherry pick that if you invert it to mean literally the opposite what it's saying by saying that it's

57:24.520 --> 57:30.040
not really a true category that it's something that God has erased which would imply that it's

57:30.040 --> 57:35.080
the result of sin and this is another thing that I referred to I think in the I think it was the

57:35.080 --> 57:44.120
episode on frame pointed out that BLM on their website they actually went through Galatians 328

57:44.120 --> 57:49.960
and inverted it piece by piece as their bullet points for what they were doing you know BLM is

57:49.960 --> 57:55.320
obviously going to be anti-slavery so they've gotten either slave nor free down everyone's free

57:55.320 --> 58:01.480
they're freer than ever freedom is just flowing down the gutters today when BLM is on the march

58:01.480 --> 58:07.880
there's neither junior Greek will it's all about anti-racism being anti-racist is sacramental

58:07.880 --> 58:14.040
and if you have to burn and destroy cities as a performance of that sacrament your blessings flow

58:14.120 --> 58:20.200
from it and there's no male and female we pointed out that they were advocating homosexuality the

58:20.200 --> 58:28.120
destruction of the nuclear family and treating human beings as sexually fungible in a way that

58:28.120 --> 58:33.720
if you look at the purpose of BLM as stated doesn't make any sense why are they talking about

58:33.720 --> 58:39.240
the family why are they talking about kids why are they talking about sexuality well Satan knows

58:39.240 --> 58:45.480
what he's doing Satan knows that Galatians 328 is the distillation of many elements of the Christian

58:45.480 --> 58:51.480
faith there's an intersection here of everything that's happening today and so we save this verse to

58:51.480 --> 58:58.200
deal with in this episode because Satan cares about it so again if you ever hear someone there's

58:58.200 --> 59:03.880
neither junior Greek that means that there's no race that once you've processed this and you go

59:03.880 --> 59:09.320
back and you read Galatians and do some thinking on your own we're talking about this before the

59:09.320 --> 59:14.920
before we began recording we don't want you to listen to what we're saying and instantly agree

59:14.920 --> 59:19.240
with all of it because if you'll instantly agree with us when we say something you've never heard

59:19.240 --> 59:24.360
before that's the opposite of what you've been told then when the next guy comes along and says

59:24.360 --> 59:29.400
something else it seems novel and exciting you're just gonna believe that too I would much prefer

59:29.480 --> 59:35.640
that you hear us say these things and you struggle with them the more you struggle the more you're

59:35.640 --> 59:41.160
gonna turn to God's word to say is that right are these guys insane are they lying to me what's the

59:41.160 --> 59:47.240
trick here I want you to turn to God in these questions because if somebody can come along

59:47.240 --> 59:52.040
and horn swagger you with a bunch of fancy words we we try to use fancy words but we try to use

59:52.040 --> 59:57.640
rhetorical tricks and we particularly point out when others do that but the world is full of that

59:57.640 --> 01:00:04.200
people will try to just weave a web around you and bury you to the point you don't you don't know

01:00:04.200 --> 01:00:08.680
how to navigate your way out of it and say just say oh either I don't care I guess I'll agree with

01:00:08.680 --> 01:00:14.040
that that seems fine if it just clicks if you hear it and for the first time what we're saying

01:00:14.040 --> 01:00:20.200
absolutely makes sense we're not saying doubt it like if if if we're unlocking something that has

01:00:20.200 --> 01:00:26.280
been bothering you for years that's just us giving you the key to to finally piece that together

01:00:26.280 --> 01:00:32.200
but if you struggle with these things continue to struggle don't let that be a bad sign I don't

01:00:32.200 --> 01:00:36.840
want you to believe right away just because we said something that's not good for your soul you

01:00:36.840 --> 01:00:41.320
should hear something and if it's you're hearing it for the first time and it's contrary to what you

01:00:41.320 --> 01:00:46.680
been taught as we said repeatedly that should make you nervous that should get your hackles up you

01:00:46.680 --> 01:00:51.160
should be on the defensive when a man tells you something contrary to what you've been taught

01:00:51.960 --> 01:00:57.800
however if the argument is coming from scripture or at least is presented from scripture

01:00:59.320 --> 01:01:05.720
go back to scripture go read Galatians 3 go read Galatians forget the chapters and verses I've

01:01:05.720 --> 01:01:10.760
said before if you don't have a Bible it says missing all that garbage you can go to

01:01:11.240 --> 01:01:16.680
click on the gear you can turn it all off you have no footnotes no headers no verse numbers none of

01:01:16.680 --> 01:01:21.960
that crap you'll just have Galatians and you'll know when you're done because it'll say Ephesians

01:01:21.960 --> 01:01:25.800
because they show the book distinction so you know which book you're in that is how you should

01:01:25.800 --> 01:01:32.360
read scripture at least some of the time go read Galatians as a whole and see if you can possibly

01:01:32.360 --> 01:01:38.200
come away with that it's thinking that Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit was saying race isn't real

01:01:40.280 --> 01:01:44.840
it's not going to happen if you have the Holy Spirit that will not be your conclusion and if

01:01:44.840 --> 01:01:50.920
there are men who are saying those things to you they're in profound error in their jeopardizing

01:01:50.920 --> 01:01:55.560
the souls of everyone who listens to them we're saying these things because they're not being

01:01:55.560 --> 01:02:02.200
seldom said elsewhere and they're pivotal it's absolutely pivotal the Galatians 328 contains

01:02:02.200 --> 01:02:08.040
so much truth and so few verses and every word of it is being destroyed in the world not

01:02:08.040 --> 01:02:12.840
theologically now it's being destroyed in our churches by men twisting these words to mean the

01:02:12.840 --> 01:02:20.120
opposite but it's being destroyed in the world at large on a secular basis on the basis that

01:02:20.120 --> 01:02:27.960
well race can't be real because look at the division it's causing socially well reread Genesis where

01:02:27.960 --> 01:02:34.440
God talks about the tower of Babel and what he thought about the unity of man when you hear unity

01:02:34.600 --> 01:02:43.560
of man as as a watchword for the ultimate morality does that come from God what unifies us

01:02:44.600 --> 01:02:50.440
man is to be united in one thing and one thing only that is the worship of the one true God

01:02:51.560 --> 01:02:56.840
worship of the one true God is only possible by faith so when Galatians is talking about us being

01:02:56.840 --> 01:03:04.120
one by virtue of being adopted as sons of God that is not an inversion of Babel that is the

01:03:04.120 --> 01:03:10.760
perfection of our salvation it does not erase the physical it does not erase your race it does not

01:03:10.760 --> 01:03:17.320
erase your hierarchical status in society and it doesn't erase your sex all of those things are

01:03:17.320 --> 01:03:23.000
how God created you and all of those things we have no reason to believe they won't be preserved in

01:03:23.000 --> 01:03:28.680
heaven now the slave nor three free thing is the one that's up in the air we don't know what

01:03:30.360 --> 01:03:35.320
freedom will be like we can't imagine freedom all we can imagine is a perverse freedom we can't

01:03:35.320 --> 01:03:42.200
imagine the true freedom where the only things that we can possibly do are godly that's heaven

01:03:42.200 --> 01:03:46.920
that's the new earth it's when anything you can conceive of wanting is going to be in a

01:03:46.920 --> 01:03:53.560
cord with God's will that is a profound comfort and it's unspeakably wonderful we don't know how to

01:03:53.560 --> 01:04:01.720
comprehend that the flip side of that as we speak today is slave all slave means is property of

01:04:01.720 --> 01:04:08.600
another man it means that a human is the property of another human I don't know how that's going

01:04:08.600 --> 01:04:13.080
to play out in a new earth will there still be property I think yes absolutely I don't think you

01:04:13.080 --> 01:04:17.960
can look at the ten commandments as you get to the six seven eight nine and ten in particular

01:04:17.960 --> 01:04:24.360
and think the property rights are contrary to God's will did he really emphasize them so

01:04:24.360 --> 01:04:29.720
profoundly to his people into the world you know written on our hearts every man knows not to

01:04:29.720 --> 01:04:35.560
steal he has to throw that away he has to know he has to cease to care that he's doing something evil

01:04:35.560 --> 01:04:41.560
before he'll steal so property is written on our hearts whether we will continue to be property

01:04:41.560 --> 01:04:46.040
whether we will continue to have hierarchy it's not revealed it's not something you have to worry

01:04:46.040 --> 01:04:52.680
about and so I wouldn't go so far as to make a theological claim on the basis of this because those

01:04:52.680 --> 01:04:59.320
other categories are real but I will tell you this if your view of a man owning another man as

01:04:59.320 --> 01:05:06.520
property is so hell bent against it you're going to have a real hard time reconciling that with the

01:05:06.520 --> 01:05:11.240
rest of scripture because there are many places where slavery where the ownership of a man

01:05:11.240 --> 01:05:16.680
as property is given and it is not condemned per se what we're going to do an entire episode just

01:05:16.680 --> 01:05:21.880
on slavery but part of the reason we're going to do that is because these are all part of the

01:05:21.880 --> 01:05:27.960
whole why are we talking about race Galatians 328 why do we talk about the difference between men

01:05:27.960 --> 01:05:34.440
and women Galatians 328 while we talk about slavery same reason all of these things that are under

01:05:34.440 --> 01:05:41.080
attack today and isn't it interesting sex slavery and you know hierarchy of any sort and the

01:05:41.080 --> 01:05:47.800
races why are those the hot button issues of this day think about that is as you as you go away from

01:05:47.800 --> 01:05:57.400
this episode why is it that Galatians 328 defines the news cycle seriously why does Galatians 328

01:05:57.400 --> 01:06:03.080
define the news cycle why does it define higher education how did that happen because they weren't

01:06:03.080 --> 01:06:07.400
reading book the bible and saying oh we're going to do the opposite they're getting their marching

01:06:07.400 --> 01:06:13.640
orders from hell and God and Satan is really concerned about people correctly understanding this

01:06:13.640 --> 01:06:21.640
because again this is so theological this is God using the created order and then sanctifying

01:06:21.640 --> 01:06:28.680
it through the blood of his son we can't undo any of that we can't undo we can't ignore the salvation

01:06:28.680 --> 01:06:33.560
and we can't ignore the creation you can't just pick one either and that's what we talk about

01:06:33.560 --> 01:06:38.600
narcissism you can't say oh this physical stuff whatever that's not important it's all about

01:06:38.600 --> 01:06:45.320
Jesus it's all about the spirit it's all about salvation that's not true I we're going to talk

01:06:45.320 --> 01:06:50.440
in a minute about duty as it relates to the fourth commandment but if you think that you have no

01:06:50.440 --> 01:06:57.160
duties other than to worship God what does that do to the Christian life say for example you on a

01:06:57.160 --> 01:07:03.240
dog what we'll leave aside you know your your wife your children say you own a dog if you own a

01:07:03.240 --> 01:07:09.640
dog that's your property the dog is a living creature created by God you own it it is your duty

01:07:09.640 --> 01:07:15.560
to care for it to feed it to shelter it to preserve its health and its safety what if you decide

01:07:16.440 --> 01:07:20.440
it's all about Jesus I'm not going to feed my dog anymore that's not a gospel issue

01:07:20.600 --> 01:07:28.760
there are people who actually will try to approach these subjects by with that reasoning by saying

01:07:28.760 --> 01:07:33.560
well this isn't the gospel this isn't a gospel issue this race stuff this creation stuff this

01:07:33.560 --> 01:07:39.320
isn't about Jesus or the cross well neither is feeding your dog does that mean you have the moral

01:07:39.320 --> 01:07:45.400
right to starve your dog to death no if I come to you and say you're starving your got your dog

01:07:45.400 --> 01:07:50.680
to death this is your property you care for you love it you cannot starve it to death if your

01:07:50.680 --> 01:07:56.680
response is that's not a gospel issue why are you talking about Jesus you have you've abandoned

01:07:56.680 --> 01:08:02.360
the faith even while you think you're pointing to the cross and so when we talk about not letting

01:08:02.360 --> 01:08:08.520
these subjects be being reduced to only one thing that's why if you just want to say well it's

01:08:08.520 --> 01:08:14.440
all about Jesus and you won't talk about created order you're not even talking about Jesus anymore

01:08:14.440 --> 01:08:21.080
because Jesus is the fountainhead of created order Jesus is God all of this flows from him

01:08:21.080 --> 01:08:26.840
and all of it is sanctified through him we don't get to throw away the things that God sanctified

01:08:26.840 --> 01:08:32.760
with his blood and created and redeemed for his own good purposes we don't get to ignore that

01:08:32.760 --> 01:08:37.160
to say that we're pointing to the cross because that's the only thing that matters all of it matters

01:08:37.160 --> 01:08:42.760
all of it matters because of the cross all of it matters because of God he is our creator first

01:08:42.760 --> 01:08:49.400
and then our redeemer the redemption was only necessary because we were created and we fell

01:08:49.400 --> 01:08:54.200
had we not fallen redemption would not have been necessary and God would still have been our

01:08:54.200 --> 01:09:01.480
creator and that's when when Cory was referring to Job especially Job 38 and following God points

01:09:01.480 --> 01:09:07.240
to himself as creator when he speaks to Job he doesn't talk about well I'm going to save you

01:09:07.240 --> 01:09:12.040
later I'm going to pay for your sins so don't worry about that why why are you challenging me

01:09:12.600 --> 01:09:20.040
when Job challenges God God points to creation to test I who to his glory we as Christians are

01:09:20.040 --> 01:09:26.600
obligated to look to creation and not denounce it and not say it doesn't matter it doesn't save

01:09:26.600 --> 01:09:31.720
but it's from the same creator from whom our redemption comes and if you deny your creator you

01:09:31.720 --> 01:09:36.440
have denied your redeemer there's no way to get around that and that's why we these seemingly

01:09:36.440 --> 01:09:42.120
peripheral issues are so important Satan knows they matter and that's why he's going after him

01:09:42.120 --> 01:09:48.200
today and so when you read this section and really you should read the entire book when you read it

01:09:48.760 --> 01:09:55.720
read it in context and then compare the parallel passages so also read Colossians specifically in this

01:09:55.720 --> 01:10:01.800
case Colossians three if you decide not to read the entire book here there is not Greek and Jew

01:10:01.880 --> 01:10:08.360
circumcised and uncircumcised barbarian skitian slave free but Christ is all and in all and of

01:10:08.360 --> 01:10:14.120
course you can see the listing here is giving a different emphasis but making a similar point

01:10:14.680 --> 01:10:18.840
these are a listing of attributes that are real that are important that means something that

01:10:18.840 --> 01:10:25.960
correspond to reality but in Christ they aren't as important because they don't have the

01:10:25.960 --> 01:10:32.520
satirial logical meaning or impact they are still of absolute importance when it comes to how

01:10:32.520 --> 01:10:37.640
you conduct yourself in this life because they are part of how you were made by your creator

01:10:39.560 --> 01:10:47.000
but another thing that is worth pondering is if you look to the beginning of some of the

01:10:47.880 --> 01:10:52.440
current let's call them political problems that we have in the world if you trace them back

01:10:52.760 --> 01:10:59.320
many of them you will have to trace not necessarily as the foundation but back through the French

01:10:59.320 --> 01:11:11.400
revolution and what was the slogan of the French revolution liberty egalité fraternité liberty equality

01:11:11.400 --> 01:11:18.520
fraternity it is a literal rejection of these three categories from Galatians

01:11:19.240 --> 01:11:27.000
there is neither Jew nor Greek while we reject that with fraternité there is neither slave nor

01:11:27.000 --> 01:11:34.280
free well we reject that with liberté there is no male and female while we reject that with

01:11:34.280 --> 01:11:43.720
egalité you should think long and hard and be very careful which side you are going to choose

01:11:43.720 --> 01:11:50.200
if you are going to choose the side of violent revolutionaries who quite nearly succeeded in

01:11:50.200 --> 01:11:56.040
burning Europe to the ground thankfully this one happened to be stamped out more or less but

01:11:56.040 --> 01:12:03.160
they kept trying if you want to join them reject what Galatians 328 tells you

01:12:05.240 --> 01:12:11.960
if instead you want to believe what God tells you and stay a Christian and have your children be

01:12:11.960 --> 01:12:18.840
Christians and your grandchildren be Christian then believe what God has written here believe the

01:12:18.840 --> 01:12:24.680
reality of the categories he has chosen he chose them because they are real things that correspond

01:12:24.680 --> 01:12:32.440
to the way he made the world and so the option should be very clear you can choose the spirit of

01:12:32.440 --> 01:12:41.080
the age which I just gave you in French and English or you can choose to follow the actual spirit

01:12:41.080 --> 01:12:47.720
to follow God to follow Christ and that is the starkness of it that is the reality of the situation

01:12:48.600 --> 01:12:55.560
that is the gravity of the choice it's God or Satan those are the two sides and you must

01:12:55.560 --> 01:12:59.880
choose wisely I think that there are probably a lot of people who've listened to this and

01:13:00.680 --> 01:13:07.000
may still think most so what what's the application well we're going to end with 1 Timothy 5

01:13:07.160 --> 01:13:11.400
it's one that we've referred to before and in the interest of not cherry picking since we just

01:13:11.400 --> 01:13:15.480
condemned I'm going to read the whole paragraph just to give you the context and then we're going to

01:13:15.480 --> 01:13:23.240
focus on the end of it honor widows who are truly widows but if a widow has children or grandchildren

01:13:23.240 --> 01:13:28.280
let them first learn to show godliness to their own household and to make some return to their

01:13:28.280 --> 01:13:34.680
parents for this pleasing in the sight of God she who is truly a widow left all alone has set her

01:13:34.680 --> 01:13:40.840
hope on God and continues in supplications and prayers night and day but she who is self-indulgent

01:13:40.840 --> 01:13:46.120
is dead even while she lives command these things as well so that they may be without reproach

01:13:47.080 --> 01:13:53.720
but if anyone does not provide for his relatives and especially for the members of his household

01:13:53.720 --> 01:14:00.360
he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever those are passages I point to frequently

01:14:00.360 --> 01:14:07.480
because it flies so vehemently at odds with the notions that oh well we're all brothers we're all

01:14:07.480 --> 01:14:14.200
neighbors we're all just this collapsed humanity and we all have equal rights and obligations to

01:14:14.200 --> 01:14:20.200
each other I provided the whole context to show that most of it was referring to widows I didn't

01:14:20.200 --> 01:14:25.000
want to make it seem like this was only talking just talking in general I think it's worth noting

01:14:25.000 --> 01:14:30.040
that the the second sense there but if a widow has children or grandchildren let them first learn

01:14:30.040 --> 01:14:35.240
to show godliness so that again points back to what we are saying about the fourth commandment

01:14:35.240 --> 01:14:40.840
honor your father and mother includes your grandmother because of grandchildren have this obligation

01:14:40.840 --> 01:14:45.960
it's under the fourth commandment there's no difference it's basically living relatives now in the

01:14:45.960 --> 01:14:52.440
case of wood of hood they're specifically focusing on lineal descent in when that is not available

01:14:52.440 --> 01:14:57.240
didn't do to death or would other other reason then the members of the church are to care for those

01:14:57.240 --> 01:15:04.200
widows but the general application of that last two cents or that last sentence is is universal

01:15:05.080 --> 01:15:11.880
if anyone does not provide for his relatives and especially for members of his household he has

01:15:11.880 --> 01:15:18.200
denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever now that's what we're talking about frequently

01:15:19.320 --> 01:15:27.080
when you do these things the deny gods command you are denying the faith you can't say in response

01:15:27.080 --> 01:15:32.840
to Galatians 328 if even if you hear us talking about it neither June or Greek being so

01:15:32.840 --> 01:15:39.000
theological if you say I don't care it's all about Jesus you're denying the faith because wait

01:15:39.000 --> 01:15:43.240
what are you doing you're denying the rest of that sense you're denying that your relatives exist

01:15:43.240 --> 01:15:48.680
you're denying that your relatives are related to you you're saying I'm related to everyone I'm

01:15:48.680 --> 01:15:54.600
everyone's brother if you're everyone's brother you're no one's brother that is incoherent

01:15:54.600 --> 01:16:00.600
and isn't it often interesting how often we're using that word incoherent the the readings

01:16:00.600 --> 01:16:08.920
of these passages as interpreted through the lens of of this age in the service of non-Christian goals

01:16:09.720 --> 01:16:16.520
ultimately render the text itself incoherent if God says provide for your relatives and you say

01:16:16.520 --> 01:16:21.880
relatives what's that my my brothers are 10,000 miles away my brothers are all over the planet

01:16:21.880 --> 01:16:26.360
I don't have relatives they're all my relatives there are people who actually they won't say it

01:16:26.360 --> 01:16:32.520
quite in those terms but I saw someone recently used the the text where Jesus said well who are my

01:16:32.520 --> 01:16:37.000
brothers and who is my mother and who are my brothers these are who are before you are my mother

01:16:37.000 --> 01:16:44.760
and brothers they try to use that as a denial of the flesh they try to set those passages in

01:16:44.760 --> 01:16:49.400
opposition to passages like this where God says you're damned if you don't cover if you don't care

01:16:49.400 --> 01:16:55.240
for your relatives if you don't care for your flesh in the case that we made in the first episode

01:16:55.240 --> 01:17:02.840
in particular of this mini series is that your relatives writ large is your race the further you go

01:17:02.840 --> 01:17:09.720
out the more the less immediately related they are but that's just the same as an extended family

01:17:09.720 --> 01:17:15.160
you wouldn't go to a family reunion where 150 people show up and say well you know my first

01:17:15.160 --> 01:17:19.560
cousins yeah you guys you guys are fine the second cousins those guys I don't even know who they

01:17:19.560 --> 01:17:24.680
are they're nothing to me they're more distantly related but the fact that you all showed up in

01:17:24.680 --> 01:17:29.640
the same place means that you're all family you have a common lineage you have a common ancestry

01:17:30.280 --> 01:17:35.560
you have something in common that God gave you it's not a social structure it's not some

01:17:35.560 --> 01:17:42.600
convention the man came up with these are all gods commands and gods orders the genealogies God

01:17:42.600 --> 01:17:49.720
cares about those that's not man having a fetish for trying to borrow someone else's story

01:17:49.720 --> 01:17:55.400
that's saying yes when God says where you came from matters who your father is matters

01:17:55.400 --> 01:18:00.600
I as a Christian must believe that and that continues beyond even the fathers whose names I might

01:18:00.600 --> 01:18:06.520
remember when you look at a passage it says if you don't provide for your relatives you're damned

01:18:06.600 --> 01:18:11.080
and that's literally what it says he has denied the faith that is apostasy

01:18:12.360 --> 01:18:18.520
Cory and I will increasingly are using the word apostasy to describe the denial of these things

01:18:18.520 --> 01:18:23.640
particularly in our own church for this very reason we're not name calling we're not throwing

01:18:23.640 --> 01:18:30.440
fire bombs we're illustrating what this passage in 1 Timothy 5 makes abundantly clear you say that

01:18:30.440 --> 01:18:35.400
you're pointing to Christ and then you have faith and then you let your grandmother go to a home where

01:18:35.400 --> 01:18:42.520
she's mistreated you don't have faith you've denied the faith and are worse than an unbeliever

01:18:43.160 --> 01:18:48.120
if an unbeliever is going to go to hell what is worse than an unbeliever going to receive

01:18:48.120 --> 01:18:54.040
because that's what you're going to receive if you don't care for your relatives and if you despise

01:18:54.680 --> 01:18:59.400
those who are related to you even if the distant relation is at the point that we would call it a

01:18:59.400 --> 01:19:05.560
race versus a family or an ethnicity or some intermediate step if you think that you have

01:19:05.560 --> 01:19:11.800
licensed to despise the manner in which God created you and to despise your extended relatives

01:19:12.440 --> 01:19:17.480
do you think that you will be saved on the last day do you think that you have an excuse in the

01:19:17.480 --> 01:19:22.840
light of 1 Timothy 5 to say yeah I hate those relatives I'm shame to them they're disgusting

01:19:22.840 --> 01:19:27.080
I want nothing to do with them I'm not going to help them yeah they're my neighbor yeah they're

01:19:27.080 --> 01:19:33.240
my brother but I despise them I would rather have a brother 10,000 miles away I like him better

01:19:33.240 --> 01:19:38.600
than these people what is God going to say to that this passage makes clear what he's going to say

01:19:38.600 --> 01:19:42.760
the only question that we as Christians have is are we going to believe it and are we going to obey

01:19:42.760 --> 01:19:48.680
God not to save ourselves like that's the problem the Protestants have all the time you say obey

01:19:48.680 --> 01:19:52.520
God and I well that's work salvation you're trying to save yourself you think you can do something

01:19:52.520 --> 01:19:58.040
to earn your salvation no our salvation was earned by Christ's blood on the cross there's nothing

01:19:58.040 --> 01:20:04.040
I can do they could possibly save me in God's eyes there are however things I can do to continue to

01:20:04.040 --> 01:20:10.200
nail Christ to the cross every day with new sins that I come up with either through deliberate

01:20:10.200 --> 01:20:15.800
malice or through apathy or through ignorance I continue to nail Christ to the cross with the

01:20:15.800 --> 01:20:21.880
sins that I commit in my own life and so do you that is not a cause for a despair is a cause to

01:20:21.880 --> 01:20:29.240
continue to turn to the cross as a source of our salvation and then when we step back from the

01:20:29.240 --> 01:20:36.440
cross and go on with our lives by leaving by keeping the cross in view in our lives it doesn't

01:20:36.440 --> 01:20:43.880
mean talking all about Jesus 24 seven it means obeying God 24 seven as we've said before God gives

01:20:43.880 --> 01:20:50.920
you 168 hours in the week and he calls you to church once a week he calls you to study faithfully

01:20:50.920 --> 01:20:56.600
but not continuously he hasn't say every waking moment and even while you sleep I want you only

01:20:56.600 --> 01:21:01.720
ever thinking about me and not doing anything else that is what the aesthetics and the monks do

01:21:01.720 --> 01:21:07.800
and it's a despising of what God desires God desires that are good works and are care for our

01:21:07.800 --> 01:21:12.920
neighbor and for our brother especially those are the categories that are most important to God

01:21:12.920 --> 01:21:19.800
your brother first and then your neighbor and then everyone else that is the three part hierarchy

01:21:19.800 --> 01:21:25.560
in which God has divided humanity and your brother includes those who are distantly related to you

01:21:25.560 --> 01:21:30.680
Corey is my brother because we come from the same extended family he's not my neighbor because we

01:21:30.680 --> 01:21:38.280
don't live in the same place but my obligations are to him not only as a brother in Christ but as a

01:21:38.280 --> 01:21:44.840
brother according to the flesh it is a less immediate concern than I have or obligation than I have

01:21:44.840 --> 01:21:51.160
for my own immediate family and that is fine there is triage that God has baked into the system

01:21:51.160 --> 01:21:57.560
when you obey him but to say nope yeah those those people in Ohio that are you know they're

01:21:57.560 --> 01:22:02.520
living in a hazmat you know super fun site now they don't have any clean water yeah

01:22:04.200 --> 01:22:08.920
you know I'd rather worry about what's going on in Turkey I'd rather pray for the Turks

01:22:08.920 --> 01:22:14.200
than I would pray for the people in Ohio I would rather send my money overseas to people who

01:22:14.200 --> 01:22:20.040
do not worship the same God because that sounds that's more worldly that's a better way for me to

01:22:20.040 --> 01:22:25.160
be a Christian to to love my brother and my neighbor according to the flesh and according to

01:22:25.160 --> 01:22:30.360
proximity who's right next door if someone next door is suffering or if your brother who is more

01:22:30.360 --> 01:22:37.480
distant as suffering he is your first duty according to God and some of that is racial because

01:22:37.480 --> 01:22:43.400
that's how God made you that's not an evil thing it's a good thing to deny it is when the evil

01:22:43.400 --> 01:22:49.720
enters the picture I not before and so we're speaking of good works it's a useful comment

01:22:50.360 --> 01:22:59.320
from Luther God does not need my good works but my neighbor does and that's really the heart

01:23:01.160 --> 01:23:06.840
of the matter when it comes to good works and so the monks and others who hide themselves away

01:23:07.480 --> 01:23:12.440
and believe that they are worshiping God that they are doing God's will they simply aren't

01:23:13.400 --> 01:23:20.360
because God does not need your good works your neighbor does so you serve God by serving your neighbor

01:23:20.360 --> 01:23:27.080
and yes that includes your neighbor in Ohio who now needs clean water and many other things

01:23:27.720 --> 01:23:36.280
and your neighbor elsewhere in your own nation you are not serving God when you are virtue signaling

01:23:36.280 --> 01:23:44.200
by sending your money and your goods overseas to people you don't even know to people with whom

01:23:44.200 --> 01:23:50.680
you have no connection and that is especially true when you are doing it to the neglect and harm

01:23:50.680 --> 01:23:58.520
of your actual neighbors and that's the point of the good Samaritan who is my neighbor your neighbor

01:23:58.520 --> 01:24:04.360
is the person God has put next to you your neighbor is that person whose house you can see from where

01:24:04.360 --> 01:24:10.120
you're sitting if you happen to be near a window because neighbor literally means the person near

01:24:10.120 --> 01:24:15.960
actually means the farmer nearby but it means the person nearby that is your neighbor

01:24:17.640 --> 01:24:25.720
and to rely not just on Luther will give you from Mark 7 you leave the commandment of God and hold

01:24:25.720 --> 01:24:31.400
to the tradition of men and he said to them you have a fine way of rejecting the commandment of God

01:24:31.400 --> 01:24:37.160
in order to establish your tradition for Moses said honor your father and your mother

01:24:37.160 --> 01:24:44.120
and whoever reviles father or mother must surely die but you say if a man tells his father or his

01:24:44.120 --> 01:24:49.720
mother whatever you would have gained from me is Corban that is given to God then you no longer

01:24:49.720 --> 01:24:55.320
permit him to do anything for his father or mother thus making void the word of God by your

01:24:55.320 --> 01:25:03.080
tradition that you have handed down and many such things you do and so if you believe that you

01:25:03.080 --> 01:25:10.680
are serving God by virtue signaling by withdrawing from the world by doing these things for which the

01:25:10.680 --> 01:25:17.480
world will praise you and not in fact serving your neighbor not in fact serving your relatives not

01:25:17.480 --> 01:25:22.920
in fact serving your family those whom God has put into your life by proximity and blood

01:25:23.880 --> 01:25:30.040
then you are not in fact serving God you are violating these words of Christ from Mark 7

01:25:31.160 --> 01:25:37.480
and that is the state in which we currently find much of the world people think that they are

01:25:37.480 --> 01:25:44.120
doing something good because they sent some hundreds of numbers of cases of water to Africa

01:25:44.120 --> 01:25:49.000
because of course your dollar goes your dollar goes further if you're dealing with Africa or

01:25:49.000 --> 01:25:56.600
somewhere that is poor particularly somewhere that is very poor but you aren't you aren't serving

01:25:56.600 --> 01:26:02.200
God you're signaling to the world look at me aren't I a good person because it would actually be

01:26:02.200 --> 01:26:08.520
hard work if you had to go and help your neighbor next door and you don't want to do that much easier

01:26:08.520 --> 01:26:13.000
to do something for which the world will praise you and scripture is very clear about that as well

01:26:13.960 --> 01:26:19.160
is it really charity if you're on the street corner shouting your prayer to God shouting how good

01:26:19.160 --> 01:26:27.640
you are it isn't scripture is very clear and so if you want to do good works and you should

01:26:27.640 --> 01:26:35.240
because good works follow naturally from true faith from living faith then you do those by serving

01:26:35.240 --> 01:26:41.960
those whom God has given to you by serving your actual neighbors by serving your family by serving

01:26:41.960 --> 01:26:47.720
the members of your own household that is what scripture says that is what Christians must do

01:26:48.360 --> 01:26:55.640
so I'd like to leave everyone today with a renewed request for you to evaluate your own morality

01:26:56.280 --> 01:27:03.000
in terms of scripture you don't have to listen to what we say just look to scripture for where you get

01:27:03.000 --> 01:27:10.120
your moral virtues if as you're going through your daily life if as you're deciding where to

01:27:10.120 --> 01:27:16.520
spend your charitable dollars or your energy or your time protesting we're talking or whatever you do

01:27:18.200 --> 01:27:25.720
if in those moments the things that you're doing are in the adulation of the world rather than its

01:27:25.720 --> 01:27:34.120
condemnation in these dark days any honest Christian has to be asking himself if the world isn't

01:27:34.120 --> 01:27:39.240
hating me for what I'm saying and doing right in this minute am I actually serving God

01:27:39.960 --> 01:27:46.760
because many of these questions are portrayed by the world as moral craft questions the BLM

01:27:46.760 --> 01:27:53.720
in version of Galatians 328 is portrayed as a moral question the same was true in the French

01:27:53.720 --> 01:27:58.920
revolution they were casting down Mararchy and replacing it with something better they were

01:27:58.920 --> 01:28:07.800
pursuing a moral good in their religion if your religion is informed with a morality that comes

01:28:08.760 --> 01:28:14.520
from a source that is consistent with this world if you can do things where the girl world is

01:28:14.520 --> 01:28:20.600
going to say that's beautiful I love that you're one of us does that fill you with pride to know

01:28:20.600 --> 01:28:26.440
that you're welcomed arm and arm even with those who hate Christ or does it fill you with dread

01:28:26.440 --> 01:28:31.800
that you have a morality that has somehow emerged in the hearts of those who are damned how did

01:28:31.800 --> 01:28:39.400
they get on the same page as you morally and when Cory and I talk about these things we face

01:28:39.400 --> 01:28:45.240
grace personal consequences for saying these things and if you say these things in public you will

01:28:45.240 --> 01:28:52.600
too if we're lying then maybe that's what God wants maybe he wants to destroy those who would

01:28:52.600 --> 01:28:58.360
say things that our contrary to his word that is the case God was does want to see those men

01:28:58.360 --> 01:29:04.360
destroyed and on the last day they will all be cast into fire if we're making an argument from

01:29:04.360 --> 01:29:11.960
scripture and the world hates us what do you do with that do you side with the world reflexively

01:29:11.960 --> 01:29:17.080
because they said the right mean words to us or do you take another look at the arguments that are

01:29:18.040 --> 01:29:24.280
and you look at scripture and say well I believe this with a clean heart I believe the racism

01:29:24.280 --> 01:29:29.560
was a sin that there was one race the human race after this was explained to me I'm not sure what

01:29:29.560 --> 01:29:37.160
to do we'll say again look to your left and look to your right who are your allies morally who are

01:29:37.160 --> 01:29:45.080
those who hold the same morality as you because on one side are the Satanists the Jews the atheists

01:29:45.080 --> 01:29:51.800
the abortionists they're all together in lockstep on all of these questions they know what they

01:29:51.800 --> 01:29:57.560
think about Galatians 328 and they all believe exactly the same thing if you believe the same thing

01:29:57.560 --> 01:30:03.400
as those groups or really that single group because they're speaking with a unified voice if you

01:30:03.400 --> 01:30:12.600
speak with the same voices them do you worship the one true God you need to think long and hard

01:30:12.600 --> 01:30:17.800
about that how did your morality come to be in accord with the world I want to leave you with a

01:30:17.800 --> 01:30:25.000
passage from John 16 that came up recently that's from one of the many places where Jesus prophesies

01:30:25.000 --> 01:30:30.040
about the end of the world he talks about the last days and what's going to come to his church

01:30:31.640 --> 01:30:36.840
it's worth spending time thinking about those things for the very reason that he's getting

01:30:36.840 --> 01:30:40.920
given this passage and I'll just after I've read it we'll I think we'll just end the episode on

01:30:40.920 --> 01:30:48.280
Jesus words think long and hard about what he says you know dwell on our arguments for a little while

01:30:48.280 --> 01:30:53.400
dwell in scripture daily and forever the if our arguments are sound because they're from scripture

01:30:54.520 --> 01:31:00.360
do something with them it isn't going to destroy your life make scripture the anchor in everything

01:31:00.360 --> 01:31:06.920
that you do because what we're saying is that the world is trying to destroy scripture and it's

01:31:06.920 --> 01:31:13.080
destroying a verse by verse without addressing it directly and so Christians have been disarmed and

01:31:13.080 --> 01:31:17.560
so when these arguments are made that there's neither June or Greek we think hey hey that's good

01:31:17.560 --> 01:31:21.800
that's there's no race that Darwin invented that that's that's postmodern that's Marxism you know

01:31:21.800 --> 01:31:27.400
whatever whatever label you want to stick on it when you've allied yourself with people who are

01:31:27.400 --> 01:31:33.960
universally damned where is your salvation then have you turned your back on the true faith if

01:31:33.960 --> 01:31:40.520
you're doing things that belong to a morality that didn't come from God so leave you with John 16

01:31:41.880 --> 01:31:46.680
I have said all these things to you to keep you from falling away they will put you out of the

01:31:46.680 --> 01:31:52.680
synagogues and indeed the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to

01:31:52.680 --> 01:31:58.600
God and they will do these things because they have not known the father nor me but I have said

01:31:58.680 --> 01:32:03.960
these things to you that when their hour comes you may remember that I told them to you

01:32:06.600 --> 01:32:14.600

01:32:28.600 --> 01:32:30.520