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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast. I am Corey J. Moller and I'm

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Woe. Today's episode is part four of our series on race and why it matters to us as a Christian

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Church, why it matters in the world, why it's something that's real that has consequences

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that we can't ignore and the Satan is ignoring. Today's episode is specifically focusing entirely

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on IQ. We're going to do this in two parts like many of our episodes. The first half of this

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episode roughly is going to talk about what IQ is, what it is roughly that it's measuring, how it

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works when you have people of different IQs that are markedly different. What does that mean?

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What does it mean when there's a significant difference between two individual men as far as

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they're measured IQ? We're going to give some personal examples. We're going to say some things

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are very ghost. I'm going to tell you what my IQ is, which is really offensive because that's

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like talking about how much money you make. Nobody does it. It's not socially acceptable. The reason

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that we're doing it in this episode is not to flex. It's not to brag or to say, hey, we're really

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smart. You should listen to us. It's to give you a fixed point in space to relate your own experience,

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to our experience, and to help to illustrate how different people's experiences are in their lives

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because while we may be smarter than most of the people who are listening and we'll talk about

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the statistics involved in that, there are people to whom you are significantly more intelligent.

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Any listener of this podcast is to the same degree more intelligent than entire populations

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in the world. That's why we're talking about it because when you're dealing with

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your everyday life, your everyday experience, most people run into your average because that's how

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averages work. Most people are just normal. Outliers are precisely at that. There aren't that many of

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them because that's how God situated things. God doesn't want a world full of geniuses. If he did,

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that's what he would have made. Instead, he wants a world full of normal people with outliers at either

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end and their consequences at both ends. We're going to talk about how that interrelation works,

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and then the second half, we're going to talk about the other end about when someone is significantly

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less intelligent than what we consider average. What are the consequences for the church? We've

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talked a little bit in past episodes about consequences of race on society. This one is specifically

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going to be focused on sharing the faith. We're going to say this once up front and we're going to

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say probably a dozen times throughout this particular episode. Intellect has nothing to do with

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faith. Intellect has nothing to do with salvation. When we say one person has an IQ and another

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person has a low IQ, it has nothing to do with a person with a low IQ's ability to be saved.

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We'll talk about why that is and why it matters, but if at any point you think in your head or

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later on you, you're someone describing what we have said and you conclude, oh, those guys think

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you have to be smart to be saved. That's a flat out lie. We don't believe it. We're never going to

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say it. Frankly, the opposite is true. You are far more blessed if you are literally clinically

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retarded and you have faithful teachers and faithful pastors and faithful parents who explain

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things in the simplest kindest way and you just believe them. If you're retarded and you believe

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what you're told and your teacher, your pastor, and your parent is faithful, that's ideal. That is

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the faith of a child. That's childlike faith. It's the smart people, the screw things up. It's the

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smart people who invent the heresies that trick the average people because they make things complicated

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when they don't need to be. None of this has to do with whether Jesus died for you. None of this

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has to do with whether you're human. None of this has to do with whether or not you can have saving

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faith completely excluded from this conversation. The reason we're talking about IQ

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is that it does pertain to the sustaining of the church. How is theology propagated across

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generations and across time? That is a question that requires intelligence, so that'll be the second

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half of this. To begin with, we're going to be talking a little bit about some statistics,

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some numbers. We can ask you to visualize some things, but they're also going to be a number of

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charts and graphs that will be embedded in the show notes for this episode. I'd encourage you

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to read those. It's not homework, but it's just something to help understand what it is we're

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specifically talking about. A lot of this is going to set around the bell curve and what that means,

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so I think that's probably where we'll kick this off. To start off with the bell curve,

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we'll add an image of this in the show notes for anyone who cannot immediately picture

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what this is. If you did any sort of statistics or anything in that general field of math in

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school, you will know exactly what the bell curve is, exactly out of picture it, but the bell curve,

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what it actually is, is the normal distribution, the standard distribution, whichever one you want to

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call it. If you take a population and map a particular attribute of that population, mathematically,

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you're going to find essentially the standard distribution when it comes to IQ for European

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populations. It happens to be 100 is the average, the standard deviation is 15 or 16 depending

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on a number of factors the test used and the population being tested. But essentially how it

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breaks down is within one standard deviation plus or minus, not both, you have 34% of the population

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within that one standard deviation up or 34% within one standard deviation down. So of course,

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that's 68, which gives us the general rule, which is known as the 68 95 99.7 rule, which is that

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within one standard deviation plus or minus, you find 68% of the population within two standard

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deviations plus or minus, you find 95% of the population. And within three standard deviations plus

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or minus, you find 99.7% of the population. And so when it comes to IQ, to give a more concrete

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example of that, you're going to have within 100 IQ and 145, the overwhelming majority of those

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who are above normal. And then of course, 45 points down from 100, you're going to find the

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overwhelming majority of those who are below normal intelligence. And then above four standard

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deviations, you're only going to have 0.1% of the population. So of course, 15 times 460. So

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that's above 160. So those within IQ of 160 are an extreme outlier because that's 0.1% of the

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population. We can talk more about the actual numbers here of what one in X would be for certain

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IQs. But that's the general overview of what a standard distribution is. It just gives you

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the various percentages, the likelihood, the probability of a given trait at a certain level

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in a given population. And that's what the visualization of the bell curve represents. If you

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have the X at the bottom, which for IQ in this example is the actual measure of IQ, it's basically

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what is the likelihood that a person with that particular score is going to exist in a population.

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So the reason that the bell curve is fat in the middle is, according just described,

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that's where most of the people are. That's where almost everyone that you meet is going to be

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somewhere in that center. And the closer you get to the center, the more likely it is that that

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will be the ability of someone. So the vertical, the y-axis in the bell curve is the thickness of

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the population that are at that point. And so you can sort of easily visually see almost everybody's

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in the middle. And that's all it means. And as you mentioned, it applies to numerous properties.

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The intelligence to height, weight, if it were not for the modern diet, that would be there

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is a human norm for weight. It's kind of blown now because the Western diet is so completely polluted

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by poison that those numbers are completely insane. Everyone is basically morbidly obese,

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well above average, horrifyingly so. And we need to get back to normal there. Like that's normal

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is a real thing. The IQ average for a European population is about 100. And that's not going to change

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because environment doesn't really move it too much. As I mentioned, we're not going to prove to

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you that IQ is valid. The reason that IQ is an important subject is that it captures the aptitude

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of a person to deal with certain things in life. If you've heard discussion of IQ in the past,

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you probably heard attacks against it. You've probably heard that, well, it's biased culturally

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or it's biased racially or this, that or the other thing. It can be valid. What they're telling you

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is the exact opposite of what you need to understand about it. IQ is basically the only useful,

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measurable predictive instrument that has ever been produced in psychology. In the last 150 years,

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the only tool that actually has value is IQ. So the fact that in the current year,

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it is roundly rejected as being racist. If you have any sense and you're still listening to us

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at this point, that should make your ears perk up. And if they're saying it's racist as bad,

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that tells you that it probably actually means something that matters. Now again,

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when we talk about it, we're not talking about it, it matters because the value of a person

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correlates to their score. And to be explicit, Cory and I don't think that everyone should be tested.

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We don't think that this is like some, it's not a number that's sitting above your head like

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you're a video game character. It is a description of an inherent property in a person. Regardless

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of their education, regardless of their training or their experiences, it's their inherent aptitude

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to deal with certain classes of problems in life. That's all. And there are some variables

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that can affect it apart from genetics, diet and environmental pollution can have some

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deleterious effect. But those only work in the negative fashion. So if someone is malnourished,

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or if someone is exposed to lead, they will have their IQ diminished as they're growing. And

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that's a terrible thing. And it's important for us to try to prevent that because we want everyone

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to be as good as they are as they can be. However, there's not a normalization if you eliminate those

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factors where they will just magically pop to 100. Because when we think about IQ, we think of

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on 100 being the average, you know, one IQ, the human IQ is 100. That's not the case. Different

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races have different average IQs. And Asian and European IQs cluster right around 100. Some

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of the Asian countries are a little bit higher. In some cases, particularly China, it's now been

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just demonstrated that that's mostly from cheating and from actual inheritability. But there's

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certainly plenty of smart Chinese and in other Asians. When you get into what is today called

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the global south, which is something we've talked about in the past, we've talked about the places

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when European missionaries began to go in the 1500s, they found demon worshippers in the

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Americas and in Africa. Those are the places that have catastrophically lower IQs. And five

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centuries of exposure to the West hasn't changed that because fixing someone's diet doesn't

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change the inherent nature of the person. So there's a racial element to this that's inescapable.

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And that's why it's part of the series. It's not just about, well, if you if you're

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taught well or if you're fed right, then you're going to be hypothetically average, you're going to

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be 100. That absolutely doesn't happen. You will become the average for your race absent,

13:06.360 --> 13:12.360
deleterious effects, they're reducing it. But otherwise, you're going to average to the norm. You're

13:12.360 --> 13:17.560
going to end up where your population group is. And that's why when we're looking at differences

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in people groups, it's something that's important because there are societal and indeed they're

13:24.040 --> 13:28.520
spiritual and not their theological implications to it that must be dealt with as well.

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The best way to describe the interaction of nature and nurture when it comes to intelligence.

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And this plays out as well in things like height and athletic ability and all sorts of other

13:39.720 --> 13:45.160
areas. But we're talking about intelligence today. Nature, which is to say genetics,

13:46.040 --> 13:54.280
sets the range. You will fall somewhere within this particular range and then nurture determines

13:54.280 --> 13:59.320
where you fall in the range. And so if you are malnourished as a child, you're going to fall

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further down that range that was set by nature, set by your genetics. And so the biggest

14:08.680 --> 14:16.520
factor is genetics. Overwhelmingly, the biggest factor in intelligence is your genetics, is your

14:16.520 --> 14:24.760
descent, is who you are physically. There is some effect from your environment. So you can, as was

14:24.760 --> 14:30.120
just stated, wind up less intelligent than you could potentially have been due to environmental

14:30.120 --> 14:36.680
factors. If you grew up when there was lead in the gasoline, you are probably a handful of IQ

14:37.160 --> 14:43.000
points lower than you would have been had there not been lead in the gasoline. That's just the

14:43.000 --> 14:50.360
reality of the situation. We have an entire generation whose IQs were mildly suppressed because

14:50.360 --> 14:53.800
of environmental factors. And of course, we have that happening today as well. We don't even know

14:53.800 --> 15:00.040
the full extent yet of the impact of microplastics and things like that. Certainly not beneficial,

15:00.040 --> 15:05.560
although those seem primarily to make your hormones go wonky, but hormones also do influence

15:05.640 --> 15:11.960
intelligence and development. So it's all interconnected. We're not trying to turn this into

15:11.960 --> 15:18.200
an episode on environmentalism, but it is related to this issue. And so when we speak of

15:19.160 --> 15:26.280
IQs across different populations, it helps to look at just a general map because it plays out

15:26.280 --> 15:31.320
very obviously. This is again one of those cases where you can see the sons of Sham, the sons of

15:31.320 --> 15:36.680
Japheth and the sons of Ham. And the sons of Ham by and large are less intelligent.

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So for instance, if we look at one of the better countries in Africa, Libya, the average IQ is

15:45.800 --> 15:52.760
about 80 or 81. If we look at some of the less good countries in Africa, say for instance Sierra

15:52.760 --> 16:02.120
Leone, the average IQ is about 45. Liberia also about 45. Now if we were to go to say Europe,

16:02.120 --> 16:09.400
we could look at the Nordic countries. Norway is 97. Sweden is also about 97. Finland's a little

16:09.400 --> 16:18.040
higher, 101, etc. We see this play out. There is a general pattern based on blood relationship

16:18.760 --> 16:26.440
because intelligence is genetic. If your parents were both extremely unintelligent,

16:27.960 --> 16:35.320
very very low odds, you are going to be a genius. Could it conceivably happen? Sure, once in a

16:35.320 --> 16:42.840
billion people. But that once in a billion outlier is not what determines the reality of the situation,

16:42.840 --> 16:49.400
not what determines how you manage policy and not what determines how you proceed with things

16:49.400 --> 16:54.840
in the church. Because you have to deal with the average population that comprises your church

16:54.840 --> 17:00.040
body, that comprises your nation. You cannot rely on these extreme outliers. Well, there's a

17:00.040 --> 17:04.520
potential that we could have this one. No, you can't say just because there's a one in a billion,

17:05.320 --> 17:10.840
we rely on that. Because if you rely on that, you're not going to get anywhere. Everything's going

17:10.840 --> 17:15.160
to collapse around you. That's you're basically betting like a gambler would. Well, there's a one

17:15.160 --> 17:19.800
in a billion chance that I will instantly become a billionaire if I just keep pulling this lever.

17:20.840 --> 17:24.840
That's not a good way to run your society. It's not a good way to spend your free time either,

17:24.840 --> 17:30.520
but that's a separate issue. Just to give a couple practical examples of how it actually manifests,

17:30.520 --> 17:37.240
because again, most of you listening probably don't know your IQ. If you were tested, it's probably

17:37.240 --> 17:42.600
because you were an outlier to some degree in your childhood as you were growing up. And so

17:42.600 --> 17:47.880
maybe you got tested to pay on your age. That testing may have actually been part of a government

17:47.880 --> 17:54.600
program. There was a program that was nationwide specifically going after high intelligence people.

17:54.600 --> 18:00.280
It turns out in part to look for psychic abilities. It was it was a DARPA program that forechan has

18:00.280 --> 18:06.280
been chasing down. And I was, when I saw some of the threads that popped up online, I realized I

18:06.280 --> 18:11.960
had been in those rooms. I had I had worn the headphones. I had been served the little paper cups

18:11.960 --> 18:17.320
of the orange juice and done all those things I'd forgotten my entire life until I came up. So

18:18.120 --> 18:24.520
that testing wasn't simply, oh, let's try to find gifted and intelligent kids. It was, you know,

18:24.520 --> 18:28.840
they were looking to potentially weaponize part of the population, but that's just an aside. If

18:28.840 --> 18:32.520
you have been tested, it's probably because you're a bit of an outlier or seem like you might be

18:33.480 --> 18:38.360
probably not too many people who had been tested because they might be retarded or listening.

18:38.360 --> 18:44.600
When we say retarded, it's not meant as an insult. That's literally a, it's a psychological

18:44.600 --> 18:51.800
category that's valid. Retardation means slow down, hell back. When something is retarded,

18:51.800 --> 18:57.720
it is slowed. It's something, you say, that's too slow or too retarded. They're synonyms.

18:57.720 --> 19:04.120
So it's why slow is sometimes used as a synonym for less intelligent. We don't say that to be

19:04.840 --> 19:09.240
demeaning. It's simply a fact. Some people are slow. Some people are retarded.

19:10.120 --> 19:14.840
Probably not many of them listening to Stone Quire because we wouldn't make much sense.

19:14.840 --> 19:20.600
And the reason that we wouldn't make much sense is that both Cory and I are outliers. We are

19:21.320 --> 19:27.320
literally off the charts that are used to show IQ because if you're showing a population group

19:27.320 --> 19:32.280
and you show someone who's so rare that they virtually never occur in the population,

19:32.840 --> 19:39.880
you make the chart worthless by including such extreme outliers. So as I said upfront,

19:39.880 --> 19:47.400
we're not saying we're better at being human beings, but I think that one of the difficulties

19:47.400 --> 19:53.000
we have when we're discussing any inherent property of a person is that everyone has these

19:53.240 --> 19:59.000
egalitarian priors to say, oh, you think you're better than me. My IQ, when I was tested, when I was

19:59.000 --> 20:05.320
about eight or nine years old, was 162. That gives me an intellectual functioning range of between 157

20:05.320 --> 20:13.880
and 167. Ted Kaczynski's IQ happened to be 167. So I'm in the same bulk part as him. And I thank

20:13.880 --> 20:18.360
God that I didn't have his upbringing because some of the torment that he went through is it's

20:18.360 --> 20:22.840
touch-child and then the torture that he went through and he went to Harvard is what fundamentally

20:22.840 --> 20:28.440
broke him, who knows what he would have been capable of doing good things if not for the fact that

20:28.440 --> 20:36.680
he was horribly abused by a malevolent world. But I think that it's interesting when a lot of people

20:36.680 --> 20:43.880
today talk about Kaczynski's writings when he had gone off and done horrible criminal things.

20:43.880 --> 20:48.680
And when you read some of the things that he wrote about modern society, they seem prophetic.

20:49.640 --> 20:54.360
And I think that's one of the tricks when we're talking about intelligence and one of the

20:54.360 --> 20:58.760
points that we hope to get across here is that when you're talking about an intellectual

20:58.760 --> 21:06.360
functioning range, I'd said 162. What does that even mean? Statistically, it means that about one

21:06.360 --> 21:14.280
and every 56,000 people has the mental abilities that I have. So that's kind of impossible to visualize,

21:14.280 --> 21:20.280
but how many people have you met in your life? Have you met 56,000 people? Probably not. I think

21:20.280 --> 21:27.320
probably very few people have met that many people. So completely a random, I might be the smartest

21:27.320 --> 21:32.600
person you've ever talked to. Now in reality, there's always selection bias in whom we're exposed to

21:32.680 --> 21:37.320
in our lives. So, you know, if you've gone to universities or you have a profession that deals

21:37.320 --> 21:43.320
with more intelligent people, that entire group is inherently biased towards the smarter end of the

21:43.320 --> 21:48.680
pool. So, you know, I'm not claiming I'm the smartest person you've ever heard. Cory smarter than

21:48.680 --> 21:53.240
me. I can tell that just by talking to him that he's smarter than me. Maybe you can tell by listening,

21:53.240 --> 21:59.240
I don't know. It doesn't matter because the point is that there are ranges of comprehensibility.

21:59.320 --> 22:05.160
And I think that's one of the most important things to understand about IQ in the real world.

22:06.280 --> 22:12.760
When someone has an IQ of 100, when they're a normal European descent, the relative

22:13.560 --> 22:18.280
performance to someone, one standard deviation array, someone who has an IQ of 115,

22:19.400 --> 22:25.480
basically what that means functionally is that if the 115 guy is just kind of loafing,

22:25.480 --> 22:30.040
he's doing something. He's not really working too hard at it. He's just kind of doing his job at

22:30.040 --> 22:38.040
an easy pace. The man with a 100 IQ can probably do most of that same job if he works as butt off,

22:38.040 --> 22:43.640
if he focuses, if he tries really hard, if he pours everything into it, he can probably more or

22:43.640 --> 22:51.320
less perform up to the level of a man who's 115, where the man at 115 is just not really trying

22:51.320 --> 22:58.440
very hard. Beyond that kind of one standard deviation range of 10 to say 15 points,

22:58.440 --> 23:05.400
but really maybe 10, you can still understand what the man is doing, but you can't do it yourself.

23:06.360 --> 23:12.680
And I think that's where our experiences in life come into play. You probably all met someone

23:12.680 --> 23:19.720
who can do stuff that you just can't do. You can't understand how they did that. When someone

23:19.720 --> 23:25.080
isn't intelligent enough, they will be able to do things that just kind of seem like magic to you.

23:27.160 --> 23:31.960
So that second standard deviation above the first is where that kind of tapers off. There's kind of

23:32.840 --> 23:39.080
there's a graying experience where you can't do what the guy is doing, but if he explains it to

23:39.080 --> 23:43.560
you well, you can understand it. He can explain it to you like, yeah, I kind of get that, but I can never

23:43.560 --> 23:50.600
do it myself. When you get beyond about 25 points or 30 points, you just don't know. You just

23:50.600 --> 23:58.200
can't understand what it's like being the other person because their abilities and their experience

23:58.840 --> 24:04.600
are so much different than your own that it kind of seems like if going up, if someone's more

24:04.600 --> 24:09.640
intelligent, it seems like magic. And later on, we're going to talk about going in the

24:10.280 --> 24:15.240
less intelligent direction. You just can't understand why they don't get it. And that's part

24:15.240 --> 24:19.400
why it's important to talk about this and talk about specifics. That's why I'm talking about

24:19.400 --> 24:26.040
the specifics of my own experience because I said my IQ is 162 when I was 8 or 9. If you know

24:26.040 --> 24:29.960
anything about IQ, you know, it goes down over time. I have had a couple things happen that

24:29.960 --> 24:37.880
have certainly diminished that to some degree. It doesn't really matter because I know as myself

24:37.960 --> 24:43.240
that 20 years ago, I could absolutely run around circles around myself in some regards today.

24:43.240 --> 24:50.280
However, I have also spent 20 years performing at a level in learning and experiencing and developing

24:50.280 --> 24:56.200
patterns that give me abilities that I didn't have 20 years ago because I lacked the experience.

24:56.200 --> 25:02.440
I had the raw horsepower, but I didn't have the experience out of my belt of using it effectively.

25:02.440 --> 25:09.000
So I would absolutely put my abilities in most regards up against myself when I was much younger,

25:09.720 --> 25:14.600
even though I know the raw number has probably diminished. It's actually a good point that you

25:14.600 --> 25:21.800
made there is to emphasize that intelligence, if you want to look at it in a way that is

25:21.800 --> 25:31.640
comprehensible to basically everyone, intelligence is horsepower. So if you have a vehicle that has

25:31.640 --> 25:37.080
a particularly great amount of horsepower, and yes, I know that somewhere there will be someone

25:37.080 --> 25:42.680
who's a gear head screaming at me for how simple I'm making this, but the point is to make it simple.

25:43.320 --> 25:48.040
The amount of horsepower is going to determine how much that vehicle can do.

25:49.000 --> 25:53.400
Now, you could have the most powerful tractor in the world. If it's sitting there,

25:54.120 --> 25:59.960
it's not any more valuable than a lump of rock. It's not doing anything, but it has the potential

25:59.960 --> 26:06.600
to do it. It's in the use that you see the real potential of that horsepower, and it's the same

26:06.600 --> 26:12.760
thing with intelligence. You can have very highly intelligent men who do not apply themselves and do

26:12.840 --> 26:19.960
nothing with it and never accomplish anything. But that potential is still there, and that person

26:19.960 --> 26:26.680
can do things that there is no amount of time, effort, money, resources. You could pour into

26:26.680 --> 26:32.840
someone of average intelligence to enable him to do what that other man could do. There is

26:32.840 --> 26:39.160
absolutely no amount of resources that would make a person with an IQ of 100, an average man,

26:39.800 --> 26:44.200
be able to do what some with an IQ of 180 could do, almost without effort.

26:45.640 --> 26:51.480
And that is simply the reality of the situation. To bring that back to a vehicle,

26:52.280 --> 26:58.200
if you are trying to tow something, picture anything very heavy, a very large boat, whatever it

26:58.200 --> 27:04.120
happens to be, you're not going to tow that with a Volkswagen Beetle. You're just not. You can't.

27:04.120 --> 27:10.040
It can't do it. It doesn't have the horsepower. A very powerful tractor, very powerful piece of

27:10.040 --> 27:18.840
farm equipment can do that very easily. That's the difference. This is a very real hard limitation

27:18.840 --> 27:25.720
in human biology. And that's what's important to understand here. There are men who can do things

27:25.720 --> 27:30.920
that other men cannot do, and we'll get into that more in the second half because that's why it's

27:30.920 --> 27:36.200
important for the church, because there are things that must be done in the church that cannot

27:36.200 --> 27:42.920
be done by men who are two or three or four standard deviations below it is the European normal.

27:43.720 --> 27:50.920
And that's the reason that we're giving some specifics here now is that for me to say what my IQ

27:50.920 --> 27:56.200
is out loud, the egalitarian response of that is typically, oh, you think you're smart, you think

27:56.280 --> 28:02.280
you're better than me. Well, let me give you another example. If on the standard distribution,

28:02.280 --> 28:09.560
God had given me height instead of intelligence, I'd be about 6'10. Think about this. How many men

28:09.560 --> 28:15.320
have you met in your life who were 6'10? I've never met any. I've been to a couple proboscable

28:15.320 --> 28:21.080
games where I saw some of them and a couple guys are a bit taller than that. I have no idea what

28:21.080 --> 28:26.760
it's like being that tall. I am perfectly average. Physically, I, like, God put all of my points

28:26.760 --> 28:31.320
in my brain. Physically, there's nothing remotely remarkable about me, which in some ways is

28:31.320 --> 28:36.600
luxurious, because I fit everywhere and everything fits me. I never hit my head. It is quite nice.

28:37.560 --> 28:41.160
Yeah, well, you're taller than me, you know, like you're not technically. I'm a male,

28:41.160 --> 28:49.320
largely. Yeah. Yeah, we're both near the center of the bell curve. And so the reason I'm bringing

28:49.320 --> 28:55.240
that up is that to say, I have no idea what it's like to be 6'10. You know, when you watch basketball

28:55.240 --> 28:59.800
players walking around, a lot of times you'll see them ducking. They're kind of, they have their

28:59.800 --> 29:05.080
heads bent down and they have kind of a weird posture. That's because they've spent their entire

29:05.080 --> 29:11.560
lives hitting their heads on doors and ceilings. I've never hit my head on anything. I don't hit

29:11.560 --> 29:16.120
my head on things. I'm happy for that. I don't have to worry about ducking unless there's a really

29:16.120 --> 29:24.920
weird situation. The guy who's 6'8", 6'10", 7'7", 7'4", he has to worry about that. I have no idea

29:24.920 --> 29:30.680
what life is like as him. I've never had to struggle with legroom. I've never had to struggle with

29:30.680 --> 29:39.640
beds. Like, it's nice being normal because the world accommodates you. It's just, it's built around

29:39.720 --> 29:45.320
the center of the bell curve. That's how it works. It's actually one of the problems that

29:46.600 --> 29:52.520
the military was facing around the Korean War when they were building hardware. They were

29:52.520 --> 29:57.560
trying to figure out how to, they did a ton of measures. They measured tens of thousands

29:57.560 --> 30:04.040
of aviators to figure out what was the average man so they could build cockpits to suit the

30:04.040 --> 30:08.760
average man. And what they found, there was no such thing. Men would have longer and shorter

30:08.840 --> 30:14.760
arms, longer and shorter legs, taller and shorter torsos. And so while some aspects might cluster

30:14.760 --> 30:19.480
in the center, when you start looking at the details that matter in a cockpit, they would all

30:19.480 --> 30:25.400
cluster independently. Some guys might have averaged bodies except long arms. And so that was the

30:25.400 --> 30:31.480
advent of adjustable seats and things which then moved on into vehicles and today, like everything's

30:31.480 --> 30:36.760
adjustable. It was because of that. It was because although people tend to cluster at the center,

30:36.760 --> 30:43.640
there's still variability. So you have no idea what it's like to have an IQ of 160,

30:43.640 --> 30:48.520
because it's so rare it basically doesn't ever happen. They're guys who are smart with me.

30:48.520 --> 30:53.800
They're a few guys who are a lot smarter with me. But the further you get from where I am,

30:53.800 --> 30:59.480
for example, the more exponentially rare becomes to the point that virtually never happens.

30:59.480 --> 31:04.840
If you look at two standard deviations above where I am, there's basically no one like there

31:04.920 --> 31:08.440
might be one or two guys on the planet at any given point on average.

31:10.280 --> 31:15.560
Height works the same way. Like think about if you were 610, you could tell if someone was 7-foot

31:15.560 --> 31:19.240
tall because he'd be two inches taller than you. Like I can tell when someone's two inches taller

31:19.240 --> 31:24.840
than me very easily. From down here, a guy who's 610 and a guy who's 7-foot, they look the same.

31:24.840 --> 31:30.840
I can't tell from down here. It's all just way over my head. But they're 610, they're 7-footers,

31:30.840 --> 31:38.200
7-4. I think Matumbos is like 7-7. I saw a hilarious picture just this last week of

31:38.840 --> 31:47.560
Shaquille O'Neil, who is 7-1 in some sort of museum with a life-size picture of Robert Wadlow,

31:47.560 --> 31:53.880
who is in the Guinness Book of World Records, is the tallest man ever recorded. He was 8-foot 11.

31:53.880 --> 31:57.880
And so when Shaquille stands next to Robert Wadlow, he looks like a little kid.

31:58.680 --> 32:03.400
I would look like a little kid standing next to Shaquille O'Neil. When we're talking about large

32:03.400 --> 32:09.320
differences in the distance and how commonly things happen, that's what it looks like. It looks

32:09.320 --> 32:17.560
really weird. So let me give you an example from my life of something that happens to me all the time.

32:19.080 --> 32:24.440
When I was in high school, I was in a German class. It was kind of a blow off class because our

32:24.440 --> 32:28.280
teacher was insane. So I never learned to like a German. I don't know any German at this day,

32:28.280 --> 32:33.160
despite taking several years from this crazy lady. Basically, we just kind of screwed around.

32:34.600 --> 32:38.280
I was sitting there one day, not really paying attention. The teacher wasn't even around.

32:38.280 --> 32:42.360
There was a guy who was a friend of mine named Dave. Big Dave, he was a really big guy,

32:42.360 --> 32:47.400
sweetest guy in the world, very friendly. Everybody liked him. He was sitting over in the corner.

32:47.400 --> 32:51.240
I could overhear what he was talking about, but I wasn't really paying attention. So it's kind of

32:51.240 --> 32:56.440
out of the corner of my ear. He was speaking to some other people. Now I knew Dave well enough to

32:56.440 --> 33:01.560
kind of know his musical tastes and a little bit about him. And I overheard him talking about the

33:01.560 --> 33:10.040
oboe. Now what came out of my mouth next was something that I didn't even understand what had

33:10.040 --> 33:16.760
happened until after I did it. I heard him talking about the oboe just out of the corner of my ear.

33:16.760 --> 33:20.600
You know, I wasn't paying attention. I wasn't focusing on. I wasn't thinking about it.

33:20.600 --> 33:26.920
As soon as he said oboe, I laughed out loud and looked up and said, hi, you like Corey, you like

33:26.920 --> 33:34.360
Carrie Johnson. And Dave looked at me like I had pierced his soul. I will never forget the look

33:34.360 --> 33:38.520
on his face when I said that. And I didn't even realize what I'd said. Like I just heard him

33:38.520 --> 33:44.440
talking about the oboe. I said, you like Carrie Johnson. And I then realized that I had outed like

33:44.440 --> 33:49.640
the girl he was probably madly in love with. What had happened was that I was in band.

33:49.640 --> 33:55.160
I played the sax. Carrie played the oboe. I knew Dave's taste in music. I knew that this guy

33:56.200 --> 34:01.560
has no nexus to classical music or anything. The only possible reason that Dave is talking

34:01.560 --> 34:05.880
about a double read instrument is he has a crush on a girl who plays a double read instrument.

34:05.880 --> 34:12.760
And her name was Carrie. And so I give that as an example because that's what my brain is doing

34:12.760 --> 34:18.280
in the background all the time. Like sometimes my brain is like it's a separate thing. Like it's

34:18.280 --> 34:25.480
processing on its own. And I'm not supervising it. And so in the blink of an eye, I put two and

34:25.480 --> 34:32.040
two together without any conscious thought whatsoever. I perceived a secret. Dave's deepest,

34:32.040 --> 34:36.440
most intimate secret. And I outed it without thinking. Like it was a it was a cruel thing to do.

34:36.440 --> 34:40.840
And I felt I still feel bad about it because like I clearly shocked him. I don't know if I heard

34:40.840 --> 34:45.880
him, but like he was wasn't something he wanted me to say in class. And so like it was it was a

34:45.880 --> 34:51.960
jerk move. I was a teenager. I was a that was a dork. But that is what my brain is doing all

34:51.960 --> 34:59.080
the time. It's connecting like lightning, disparate points of data in ways that no one else can see.

34:59.080 --> 35:03.640
No one else would have ever guessed. I mean, for me, it wasn't even a guess. I knew it. I knew with

35:03.640 --> 35:08.280
absolute certainty that Dave liked Carrie. And I was a jerk. And so I said it out loud.

35:09.000 --> 35:14.760
My brain does that all the time. That's the kind of horsepower that God gave me. And

35:15.480 --> 35:21.160
more and more, I'm trying to use that for beneficial things instead of just being mean to people.

35:21.160 --> 35:26.840
But most people like it most you you may have one of those bolts of lightning once in your life

35:26.840 --> 35:33.640
once in a great while. The more often that happens, the more intelligent you are. That sort of pattern

35:33.640 --> 35:40.760
recognition to pluck tiny infinitesimally small signals from whatever's around you and make

35:40.760 --> 35:45.720
conclusions that are spot on. You have the tiniest bit of data and you reach an absolute

35:45.720 --> 35:51.160
conclusion and you don't miss. That's a level of intelligence that's alien to most people. And so

35:51.160 --> 35:55.560
I described that not to brag or do that. I mean, it's not about me. It's just trying to give an

35:55.560 --> 36:03.160
example of had a certain level of intelligence things just get weird into a normal person sitting

36:03.160 --> 36:07.640
in that classroom. Like Dave, I don't know what he thought. He probably thought like I was psychic

36:07.640 --> 36:13.320
or something. It wasn't it wasn't some divine revelation. I didn't read his mind. I just figured

36:13.320 --> 36:17.640
it out. It was it was kind of what Sherlock Holmes did. It was inductive reasoning and it was

36:17.640 --> 36:24.040
free and it was instant. And that sort of pattern recognition is the hallmark of general intelligence

36:24.040 --> 36:31.160
which is fundamentally what the IQ test measures. So maybe useful to give a general definition of what

36:31.160 --> 36:39.480
genius is here. Genius is typically 150. That's what it's regarded as 150 IQ. Yes, that's not an

36:39.480 --> 36:45.320
even number of standard deviations up from normal. But it is half again as intelligent as the average

36:45.320 --> 36:53.000
man as it were. Although notably IQ is not a linear measurement because some with an IQ of 150

36:53.000 --> 36:59.640
is not merely 50% more intelligent than some with an IQ of 100. But that's that gets complicated.

36:59.640 --> 37:05.960
But anyway, for genius, it is the ability to draw sound conclusions from seemingly insufficient

37:05.960 --> 37:13.880
information. And the reason as just stated why someone with an IQ that high can do that is because

37:13.880 --> 37:20.520
the information isn't insufficient. Someone with a lower IQ will look at the set of information

37:20.520 --> 37:27.000
and go, I can't draw a conclusion from this. But someone with a high enough IQ will realize all

37:27.000 --> 37:33.480
of the information you need to draw a sound conclusion is actually there. Of course, the ultimate

37:33.480 --> 37:39.720
example is God. God can draw sound conclusion from any information. But he has given different

37:39.720 --> 37:48.280
abilities to different men. And those with greater intelligence can draw accurate sound conclusions

37:48.280 --> 37:53.720
from less information. As you go up the scale, you need less information to figure out what is

37:53.720 --> 38:00.200
actually happening with the set of data you've been given. And so just to give some hard numbers

38:00.200 --> 38:08.920
again to give a firmware idea of what is going on here. Someone with an IQ of 150 and in case someone

38:08.920 --> 38:13.320
wants to reproduce this to verify what I'm saying is accurate, I'm just using the normal distribution

38:13.320 --> 38:19.480
function in numbers. It's probably roughly the same in Excel, maybe off by 0.1% or something.

38:20.200 --> 38:28.040
But anyway, for 150 IQ, for a white population which is to say 100 average, average in mean are

38:28.040 --> 38:37.640
the same thing for those who slept through math class. A 150 IQ is 1 in 2,331. Not super rare.

38:38.680 --> 38:49.160
However, to give you an idea of how the rarity scales an IQ of 160 is 1 in 31,574. Then we'll jump

38:49.160 --> 38:58.760
up a little bit. An IQ of 180, 1 in 20,741,000 and the change doesn't really matter at this point.

38:59.560 --> 39:07.960
And we'll cap it off with an IQ of 200, let's say. That's 1 in 76.4 billion.

39:09.800 --> 39:16.520
That's for a white population, average 100 standard deviation 15. So you can see how that rarity

39:16.600 --> 39:22.920
increases. This is not a linear matter. But now to compare it and this will be very important for

39:22.920 --> 39:29.320
the second half of this to go back to 150 for an African population. An African population is

39:30.920 --> 39:39.720
a standard average of 70 with a standard deviation of 13. It varies a little bit from one country

39:39.800 --> 39:48.520
to the next, but that's close enough to for the whole continent. 1 in 2 billion, 644 million

39:49.240 --> 40:00.360
for an IQ of 150 versus for the European population, 1 in 2,300. You can probably see how this is

40:00.360 --> 40:05.320
a problem, how there's a very big difference here. And that continues, of course, throughout the

40:05.320 --> 40:13.080
entirety of the IQ scale of the distribution. So if we looked at 180, we actually can't look at 180.

40:14.520 --> 40:21.720
And the reason we can't look at 180 is because that number is so infinitesimal that it is zero.

40:21.720 --> 40:30.360
There are no Africans at that level because the cutoff where it basically becomes, you've got 100%

40:30.360 --> 40:38.360
of the area under the distribution as far as you've gone out is 174. And that's an absurd number

40:38.360 --> 40:42.920
because it's one and what is that? Thousand million, billion, trillion, one in one quadrillion.

40:45.400 --> 40:50.040
There are not that many people on the planet and there may never be that many people. God may come

40:50.040 --> 40:55.160
back before there have been that many human beings. And so you have to keep in mind

40:55.960 --> 41:04.120
just how few people there are at that end of the spectrum, but also you have to keep in mind

41:04.120 --> 41:10.120
just how few people there are in an African population who are only say two standard deviations

41:10.120 --> 41:17.400
up from what would be average for Europeans. So if we went from 100 to 132 standard deviations

41:17.400 --> 41:22.760
for a European population, not for an African because again, different average, different standard

41:22.840 --> 41:34.520
deviation for Africans with an IQ of 130, you're talking one in 510,000 versus one in 44 for a European

41:34.520 --> 41:43.320
population. You have to think about how this plays out in your civilization, how this plays out in

41:44.600 --> 41:49.240
how do you run your government? How do you run your church? Where do you find your theologians?

41:49.240 --> 41:53.880
Where do you find your leaders? Where do you find your mathematicians? Because this is not just

41:53.880 --> 41:59.800
a matter of the church. This is a matter of everything because intelligence does have direct

41:59.800 --> 42:07.160
applicability to almost all areas of human endeavor. Yes, there are some things that intelligence

42:07.160 --> 42:14.760
only plays a tangential or a marginal role. But even those areas, for instance, where it is purely

42:14.760 --> 42:21.080
brute force, well, those jobs are a lot easier today because intelligent men have made the hard

42:21.080 --> 42:29.080
were used today to do them. It's a lot easier to dig a ditch if you have a backhoe and various

42:29.080 --> 42:36.360
things like that than if all you have is a shovel. The big machinery, the heavy machinery was not

42:36.360 --> 42:42.520
thought up by a man with an IQ of 85. I won't give a number for what IQ you need to make something

42:42.600 --> 42:46.600
like that, but assume it's at least two or three standard deviations above normal.

42:47.960 --> 42:53.880
And so these are real considerations that lead to real consequences and they are not something

42:53.880 --> 43:03.080
that we can simply ignore. But to go back to the point that what was making about higher intelligence

43:03.080 --> 43:07.880
versus average, if you're talking to someone of average intelligence or what it's like to have the

43:08.040 --> 43:17.480
higher intelligence, there are certain proofs of the existence of God that are extremely convincing.

43:17.480 --> 43:23.000
In fact, I would say that if you can understand them, which is the point here, they're absolutely

43:23.000 --> 43:30.040
convincing. And so, for instance, there are formulations of the ontological argument that are

43:30.920 --> 43:38.440
100% convincing they are definitive, God exists. However, someone of average or lower than

43:38.440 --> 43:46.280
average intelligence probably cannot understand them. And there is likely no amount of explanation

43:46.280 --> 43:52.280
that is going to make them sufficiently clear to make them compelling for someone of average

43:52.280 --> 43:59.320
or lower than average intelligence. And so, there's a natural consequence that flows from that.

44:00.200 --> 44:07.000
How do you reach someone with lower than average intelligence with this information?

44:08.280 --> 44:13.320
In some cases, you can't, so you're going to have to devise a different path to reach these people.

44:14.680 --> 44:22.360
But I cannot explain Gettel's incompleteness theorem to an average man. I can't. There's no way

44:22.360 --> 44:28.760
I could possibly do it. I can't explain his version of the ontological argument to an average man.

44:29.480 --> 44:35.400
There's no way I can do it. And so, we're not saying that exceptionally high intelligence is

44:35.400 --> 44:41.000
some sort of magic bullet. It's not, we're not actually wizards. There are things we cannot do.

44:41.000 --> 44:45.720
There's nothing, of course, God cannot do because God, of course, is infinite. There's a vast

44:45.720 --> 44:52.280
difference between simply being an outlier and being infinite. But no matter how high your

44:52.280 --> 45:00.520
intelligence is as a man, there will be things you cannot do. And as Wo said, once you get

45:00.520 --> 45:08.840
outside, say, three, four and particularly five standard deviations difference, the person at

45:08.840 --> 45:14.600
the upper end is not going to be able to explain certain things to the person at the lower end of

45:14.600 --> 45:22.200
that gap. No matter how hard he tries, no matter how much time he spends. And this plays out

45:22.360 --> 45:27.800
in society. It plays out in our government. It plays out in our schools. And it does in fact play

45:27.800 --> 45:34.040
out in the church. Before we get into the details on the church, I just like to give a couple of

45:34.040 --> 45:40.360
other small examples of relatability. You know, we're talking about kind of the high end of human

45:40.360 --> 45:46.600
performance, but outliers, or outliers because God doesn't want that many of them around. The sweet

45:46.680 --> 45:55.320
spot for intelligence is really about kind of 125 to 130, maybe 135. The reason for that is that

45:55.960 --> 46:02.280
a man who's in that range is relatable to basically everybody. If you have an IQ of 125,

46:03.000 --> 46:09.000
you can relate to the common man completely. You can take an understand what you're talking about.

46:09.000 --> 46:14.520
You're not going to be thinking things that push him too far. You can be a great leader. And if

46:14.520 --> 46:19.080
you have that sort of IQ, you're probably, you're probably a leader in your congregation. You're

46:19.080 --> 46:25.240
probably in a more senior position in your employer. Certainly, if you're old enough to have risen

46:25.240 --> 46:33.320
up the ranks, men who are equipped in such a fashion by God typically rise to the top. Now, where

46:33.320 --> 46:37.080
that is could be any where there are a lot of guys who've never graduated from college who,

46:37.080 --> 46:40.280
you know, are their machinists or something who are that smart.

46:40.600 --> 46:48.440
The reason that it's important that there are those guys is that they're the ones who really

46:48.440 --> 46:54.760
move things forward on a date of day basis. There aren't enough really weird guys to go around,

46:54.760 --> 46:59.720
but there are plenty of guys who can keep things moving, who understand things well enough to

47:00.520 --> 47:08.120
keep these systems in operation. The flip side of the frequencies, as Corey mentioned a minute ago,

47:08.120 --> 47:14.440
IQ of 130 for white man is about one in 44. It means if you have 100 people, two of them

47:14.440 --> 47:21.960
roughly have about an IQ in that range. That means that if you spend most of your time in rooms

47:21.960 --> 47:27.560
with fewer than 44 people, that guy's probably used to being the smartest guy in the room.

47:28.200 --> 47:33.000
Now, obviously, there's selection bias in our social lives. If you're working at a company

47:33.560 --> 47:38.440
where you are that intelligent and it matters for your job, you're probably surrounded by people

47:38.440 --> 47:44.040
who have similarly higher degrees of intelligence. So, even if you're not always the smartest guy

47:44.040 --> 47:48.520
in the room, most of the time when it's a random collection of people, you probably are.

47:49.400 --> 47:59.880
And this is what I would call the midwit trap. Midwits not 100. Midwits 130. Because the guys who

47:59.880 --> 48:05.960
in the range of about 130 are used to being the smartest guys in the room, which is a very

48:05.960 --> 48:11.720
extremely dangerous experience for anyone to have regardless of their intelligence. If you get used

48:11.720 --> 48:17.720
to being right more often than the people around you, you start to trust your own judgment and you

48:17.720 --> 48:26.760
trust disbelieving what other people say. It's not bad per se, but if you become blinded to the fact

48:26.840 --> 48:31.240
that there are dudes out there who are exponentially smarter than you, you're going to go after

48:31.240 --> 48:36.280
them when they disagree with you. And that's my experience all the time. I can guarantee you every

48:36.280 --> 48:41.000
single person who's listening, I have been called retarded far more times than you have. I get

48:41.000 --> 48:47.160
called stupid and retarded every day on the internet for saying things that are actually intelligent

48:47.160 --> 48:53.720
observations. I don't get called retarded by average men. I get called retarded by smart men

48:53.800 --> 48:58.760
because they're probably somewhere in that range. They're used to being right. They're used to

48:58.760 --> 49:03.400
being the smartest guy in the room. And when they hear saying someone saying something, they can't

49:03.400 --> 49:09.240
understand. Their only experience in life is if someone says things that they don't understand,

49:09.240 --> 49:13.720
that person must be dumb. They must just be a dimwit. How could you disagree with me and say

49:13.720 --> 49:18.680
this weird stuff that doesn't make any sense to me unless you're dumb? Because they can't see

49:18.680 --> 49:25.560
that there are pages and pages beyond where they are in the book of performance. And so

49:26.520 --> 49:32.280
as a society, not maybe not so much in church, but like I don't think that we need the smartest

49:32.280 --> 49:37.880
guys in charge of church. I think we need the most faithful guys in charge of church. However,

49:39.000 --> 49:43.480
you need to be intelligent enough to know that when someone's smart is playing tricks,

49:43.480 --> 49:49.640
you can stomp on them. And simultaneously, you need to be intelligent enough to know

49:49.640 --> 49:54.840
that when someone is smart is saying something you don't understand, maybe they're right,

49:55.720 --> 50:01.720
that the judgment for a Christian is not, is this guy smarter than me? Is he being faithful to

50:01.720 --> 50:08.360
scripture? But when you have a line of men who are used to being smarter than you pastors,

50:08.360 --> 50:12.760
probably smarter than most of the people and most of their congregations, we should hope that

50:12.760 --> 50:16.680
that would be the case, particularly in the Lutheran Church. These guys are expected to learn

50:16.680 --> 50:23.000
coin a Greek and to learn Hebrew. Those are not easy languages. Greek in particular has some

50:23.000 --> 50:28.680
complexities that go far beyond what is found in a superficial understanding of English. Some of

50:28.680 --> 50:33.480
those remnants are still there, but unless you're really good at understanding the mechanisms of

50:33.480 --> 50:37.960
language in general, it's probably going to be challenging to pick up some of the new concepts

50:38.040 --> 50:43.640
that are just a part of older languages like Greek and Latin. And that's because men used to

50:43.640 --> 50:51.400
be smarter. The IQs that are outstanding today wouldn't have been as outstanding 500 years ago.

50:51.400 --> 50:57.320
We know for a fact that even in the Victorian era, men had at least a standard deviation higher,

50:57.320 --> 51:03.400
and you can see that just in the letters from farmboys, you see letters from the Civil War,

51:03.400 --> 51:09.160
and a lot of them are eloquent to the point that even modern readers who are intelligent

51:09.160 --> 51:13.880
have trouble kind of understanding what they say easily when it's just a love letter to their

51:13.880 --> 51:22.040
girl back home. So there's a diminishing overall as a society, as a race of people in the direction

51:22.040 --> 51:28.120
of getting stupider, and I don't know if that's reversible. So when we say that whites on average

51:28.280 --> 51:33.960
or two standard deviation separated from the average African, it's not maligning them. It's an

51:33.960 --> 51:40.360
observation of a demonstrable, provable fact that correlates strictly with race. You cannot move

51:40.360 --> 51:45.240
an African somewhere else in the country and magically make them smarter. Just like someone

51:45.240 --> 51:50.200
European moving somewhere to Africa is again, make them dumber. They're just they're still going

51:50.200 --> 51:56.760
to be European. We are what will God makes us. And some of the factors that God builds into us are

51:56.840 --> 52:01.880
things like IQ, just like they're things like height. They're tribes in Africa. They're extraordinarily

52:01.880 --> 52:08.600
tall, and there's some tribes that are pigmies. They're tiny people. If an alien came from another

52:08.600 --> 52:14.120
planet and looked at them, probably wouldn't conclude they were the same species. And it's not denying

52:14.120 --> 52:18.760
any humanity. I'll just, if you look at the physical characteristics of things and you separate

52:18.760 --> 52:23.320
and say, well, all these people are seven feet tall, and all these people are three feet tall,

52:24.200 --> 52:29.080
I'm not sure I would call both of those groups the same kind of people as humans and as Christians

52:29.080 --> 52:32.360
were like browbeats and saying, oh, they're exactly the same. They're interchangeable. Well,

52:33.160 --> 52:37.640
the seven footers are seven feet tall because that's in their genes and the same with the pigmies

52:37.640 --> 52:42.920
and the same with the intelligence, the diminishing of intelligence in Africa and also in South

52:42.920 --> 52:48.280
America. We're going to one of the embeds is going to be a map in Central America. The IQs

52:48.440 --> 52:53.800
are every bit as in the toilet as they are in Africa. And personally, I believe as I've said in past

52:53.800 --> 52:58.920
episodes, that is a function of their 4,000 years of communion with demons. Maybe it's something

52:58.920 --> 53:03.720
else. I think that's the most Christian explanation for it. It's certainly not attacking them as

53:03.720 --> 53:09.640
human beings. It's saying, hey, man, we need God. We need God in our lives constantly. When you

53:09.640 --> 53:14.280
commune with demons with for thousands of years, that's going to have consequences that are passed

53:14.280 --> 53:19.480
on from father to son, especially when you're talking about cannibalism and human sacrifice and

53:19.480 --> 53:25.480
the most unspeakable, unthinkable acts of evil are corrosive on everything, not just on the soul,

53:25.480 --> 53:32.760
not just on your lifestyle, but literally corrosive on the body. So maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's not

53:32.760 --> 53:38.120
demons that cause them to be functionally retarded, but whatever it is, different people groups

53:38.120 --> 53:43.320
in different places have different qualities that are measurable. They're observable and they're

53:43.320 --> 53:49.080
consequential. One of the embeds that we're going to have is going to be something you maybe

53:49.080 --> 53:54.920
have heard this term before a green text. It's from 4chan. I think probably poll. There's some spicy

53:54.920 --> 53:58.840
language in it, and I'm not going to censor it. You can read it and deal with it. It's the internet.

53:59.560 --> 54:07.000
It's an anonymous post from someone who did research as a grad student on IQ in prisons.

54:07.560 --> 54:12.280
And one of the first things in this green text post is something you may have seen, particularly

54:12.280 --> 54:17.640
on Twitter lately. The question that he was asking, one of the many questions that he was asking

54:17.640 --> 54:25.080
in this study of prisoners was, how would you have felt yesterday evening if you hadn't eaten breakfast

54:25.080 --> 54:29.480
or lunch? And they have probably seen people maybe recently joking, how would you feel if you

54:29.480 --> 54:35.160
hadn't eaten breakfast? That's specifically what this is talking about. The reason that that question

54:35.160 --> 54:41.800
is so important is that what was found in that study was that if someone has an IQ below about 90

54:42.280 --> 54:47.800
now, these numbers are ranges. They're not absolutes. They're measuring how frequently a given

54:48.600 --> 54:54.520
degree of performance appears in the population. What they found in San Quentin, there were a lot

54:54.520 --> 55:00.920
of guys with lower IQs, not really surprising. They're racial aspects of that, and they're also

55:00.920 --> 55:06.040
just aspects that criminality may tend to be the only option for someone who isn't given

55:06.040 --> 55:11.080
viable options for employment. As Cory is saying, they're societal implications of this

55:11.160 --> 55:18.120
that are also, by the way, Christian implications. Anyway, what they found was when you ask that question,

55:18.120 --> 55:23.320
how would you have felt yesterday evening if you hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch? If someone has

55:23.320 --> 55:29.320
an IQ below about 90, they just break down. They can't process the question because it's a conditional

55:29.320 --> 55:35.960
hypothetical. The hypothetical is how would you have felt? And then the conditional is,

55:36.040 --> 55:43.960
had you eaten breakfast or not? So those two elements combined. If you had an IQ below 90,

55:43.960 --> 55:47.880
the responses were things like, what do you mean? I did eat at breakfast and lunch.

55:47.880 --> 55:52.760
And then the questioner would say, yes, but if you had not, how would you have felt to which they

55:52.760 --> 55:58.040
would respond in more vulgar language probably? Why are you saying that I didn't eat breakfast? I

55:58.040 --> 56:03.640
just told you that I did. This is something that also played out in episode four of the wire.

56:04.360 --> 56:10.360
If you haven't seen it, it's a profane violent series on HBO. So I'm not sure I'm recommending it,

56:10.360 --> 56:16.440
but I enjoyed it. I've actually, I probably washed it three or four times. There is an app in season four,

56:16.440 --> 56:22.520
they were the cops were doing a program similar to this in the schools where they're trying to find

56:22.520 --> 56:27.560
how do they intervene young enough in the students' lives to be able to keep them,

56:27.560 --> 56:34.120
up to divert them from criminality. And they had a student who was like 16 in a room and one of

56:34.120 --> 56:39.800
the psychologists and one of the cops was asking him questions very similar to this. And he became

56:39.800 --> 56:46.280
violently angry at the questions, just like in the green text, what he said is, he was cursing a lot.

56:46.280 --> 56:51.640
I think we'll embed the clip. And again, the content worryingly, it's vulgar, but it's realistic.

56:52.280 --> 56:56.760
When the, when the questioner asked him, how would you have felt about this situation?

56:57.320 --> 57:02.200
He got violently angry and said, why are you messing with my mind, man? Why are you doing this? Get

57:02.200 --> 57:09.400
out of my head. The reason for that response was that it was breaking his mind, being confronted with

57:09.400 --> 57:17.880
a hypothetical like this with a conditional. It hurt, it hurt his brain to be subjected to that

57:17.880 --> 57:24.040
sort of question, because he didn't have the capacity to process it. And it wasn't, as Corey

57:24.040 --> 57:29.960
was saying earlier, it's not the case that someone below about 90 IQ, you can teach them how to

57:29.960 --> 57:35.160
think about those things. It's literally too complicated, just like calculus is literally too

57:35.160 --> 57:41.160
complicated for some people to understand. It's hard. Calculus is a hard thing. For some people,

57:41.160 --> 57:46.600
it's much easier than others, but it's not just sort of a trivial task like tying your shoes,

57:47.240 --> 57:51.160
tying your shoes is something if someone is profoundly retarded. They probably can't even do

57:51.160 --> 57:55.000
that. They probably have Velcro on their shoes today because they can't tie them. That's

57:55.000 --> 57:59.800
that's the outer limit of their performance. So their societal and their

58:00.920 --> 58:07.080
doctrinal implications to someone that can't even understand a hypothetical question, which is

58:07.080 --> 58:12.120
why this is a Christian matter. Because when you look at the Christian faith, you find that there

58:12.120 --> 58:19.400
are a lot of hypotheticals like this to emphasize the issue of criminality and intelligence.

58:19.400 --> 58:26.040
As an attorney, I know a lot of other attorneys, unsurprisingly, many of them, many of my friends

58:26.040 --> 58:32.440
from law school and other colleagues went into criminal law. That was one of the common career paths

58:32.440 --> 58:40.280
out of my particular law school. And so I have talked to many of them, what it's like dealing with

58:40.280 --> 58:45.720
either the client or the accused, depending which side of the courtroom you're sitting.

58:47.640 --> 58:55.160
And many of these people simply cannot understand why what they did is wrong.

58:57.480 --> 59:05.160
You will ask them, how would you feel if someone did this to you and they cannot process it?

59:05.960 --> 59:11.160
Because that's a hypothetical. And so all they can say is, well, it didn't happen to me.

59:12.360 --> 59:16.040
If they can even manage that, some of them simply cannot understand it whatsoever.

59:16.040 --> 59:21.000
There's no response. They'll get they will get angry at you. But they cannot understand

59:22.120 --> 59:24.840
why you shouldn't do whatever horrible thing it is they've done

59:27.000 --> 59:31.800
on an empathetic level because they don't have that empathy because they cannot understand

59:32.520 --> 59:38.520
well, what if you had been the victim? And I also did psychology and undergrad and I did study

59:38.520 --> 59:46.520
IQ and things like that related subjects. But that is the real problem here. You cannot empathize with

59:46.520 --> 59:54.200
other people if you cannot understand hypotheticals to some degree. And so there is a lower bound

59:54.760 --> 01:00:00.840
for human empathy. That doesn't mean that everyone with a low IQ is an amoral monster.

01:00:01.800 --> 01:00:08.520
There are plenty of very unintelligent people who are still decent members of society.

01:00:09.240 --> 01:00:12.840
But it is because they have been channeled into a proper place for them.

01:00:13.960 --> 01:00:18.040
That's the biggest thing. If you have someone who is particularly subnormal,

01:00:18.760 --> 01:00:24.040
that person can be a productive member of society and function at a lower level, yes,

01:00:24.920 --> 01:00:31.400
but still function. If he is channeled properly, if he's given a task that is suited to his

01:00:31.400 --> 01:00:38.600
abilities, if you just turn him loose in society, things are going to go poorly for him and possibly

01:00:38.600 --> 01:00:44.040
also for others. It's going to depend on whether or not he happens to have a violent disposition.

01:00:44.040 --> 01:00:50.840
And we talked about that in a previous episode. So if you allow individuals to flood your society

01:00:51.560 --> 01:00:58.440
who have low intelligence and a tendency toward violence, well, what are you doing to everyone

01:00:58.440 --> 01:01:02.600
else in your society? What are you doing particularly to the most vulnerable members of your society?

01:01:04.040 --> 01:01:09.160
And that's why this matters from a societal level. And we'll be getting into the Christian

01:01:09.160 --> 01:01:13.480
level. We just touched on a surface level right there saying, Christianity involves a lot of

01:01:13.480 --> 01:01:20.360
hypotheticals because it most certainly does. But on the side of whether or not your civilization,

01:01:20.360 --> 01:01:27.720
whether or not your society will be able to function at all. You have to deal with these

01:01:27.720 --> 01:01:32.520
matters. You have to deal with this reality. You have to know what to do with those who are

01:01:32.520 --> 01:01:38.920
particularly subnormal when it comes to intelligence. Because they're not going to just be turned

01:01:38.920 --> 01:01:45.720
free in society and function as a man would with an IQ of 100 to 115. If you turn a man loose who

01:01:45.720 --> 01:01:51.400
as an IQ of 115, he'll probably find his way in society just fine. He'll manage to do something.

01:01:51.880 --> 01:02:00.360
If you do that to someone with an IQ of 70, he's not going to manage just fine. He's going to wind

01:02:00.360 --> 01:02:07.400
up homeless or a criminal most likely. Those are the paths that are open to him. And it is not compassionate

01:02:07.400 --> 01:02:15.880
and it is not Christian to fail to recognize this or to ignore it in the name of equality or egalitarianism.

01:02:16.840 --> 01:02:21.160
You have to deal with reality as it is not as you would prefer it were.

01:02:21.720 --> 01:02:24.680
And for anyone who's listening who knows a little bit about psychology,

01:02:25.240 --> 01:02:28.760
when you heard Cory describing a lack of empathy, you probably thought,

01:02:28.760 --> 01:02:36.360
oh, that's sociopathy or maybe psychopathy. It isn't really. When you're talking about sociopathy

01:02:36.360 --> 01:02:44.040
and you're talking about someone who is incapable of empathy, that includes the expectation that if

01:02:44.040 --> 01:02:50.120
something weren't wrong with them, they would be able to. We're talking about an entire population

01:02:50.600 --> 01:02:58.200
that lacks the mental capacity. It's not emotional. It's not that they are unfeeling. It's that

01:02:59.480 --> 01:03:06.120
they're intellectually disconnected from what's right in front of them. And if you've been exposed

01:03:06.120 --> 01:03:11.960
to some of the horrible violent videos on the internet recently, they're happening all the time,

01:03:11.960 --> 01:03:17.000
but we see them more and more. Now that Elon has taken over the not getting censored like they used to,

01:03:17.000 --> 01:03:24.600
which is important because these are actually happening. There is a non-stop stream in the United

01:03:24.600 --> 01:03:32.760
States of African Americans committing horrifically violent crimes. And it seems to be sociopathic.

01:03:32.760 --> 01:03:38.120
It seems like they have no empathy whatsoever. They will grab something and they will hit a man

01:03:38.120 --> 01:03:43.080
and knock him down. And once they knock him down, he's unconscious. They continue whaling on his

01:03:43.080 --> 01:03:51.720
skull. They're trying to completely destroy him. And that's a very common reaction. I know that a

01:03:51.720 --> 01:03:56.360
lot of people follow me for whatever they find valuable in the takes I have on Twitter. I try to

01:03:56.360 --> 01:04:02.440
keep that stuff off my timeline just because it's so upsetting and depressing. But when I hear these

01:04:02.520 --> 01:04:08.840
guys saying they're just like us, it's all I can do to restrain myself when just sending them a

01:04:08.840 --> 01:04:14.840
flood of nightmarish violent videos like that because they're everywhere. And it's always black

01:04:14.840 --> 01:04:20.920
people. You never, ever see white people doing this to anyone else. You see it all the pun with

01:04:20.920 --> 01:04:24.760
black people. They don't care where they're doing it to us. It's a lot of times it's black on white

01:04:24.760 --> 01:04:32.200
violence, but it doesn't matter. They get set off and they engage in behavior that seems animalistic.

01:04:32.200 --> 01:04:37.480
It's it's utterly detached from anything that we would consider morality. You see them doing

01:04:37.480 --> 01:04:41.480
it and you're like, just stop them. Like even if you want to hit the guy even you want to hurt him,

01:04:41.480 --> 01:04:47.720
he's down. Why would you continue caving his skull in? And yet it's perfectly normal for the entire

01:04:47.720 --> 01:04:53.720
population to do that when they get angry. And as Corey said, it doesn't mean every single individual.

01:04:54.280 --> 01:05:00.600
But it happens often enough that if you have general intelligence and you can detect patterns,

01:05:00.600 --> 01:05:05.080
you cannot help but detect that pattern, which was was a subject to the previous episode. We

01:05:05.080 --> 01:05:09.080
don't need to talk about too much more, but I do want to highlight something. You know, we were

01:05:09.080 --> 01:05:17.000
talking a few minutes ago about the average African population, which is distinct from the African

01:05:17.000 --> 01:05:22.840
American population. You may notice that I typically go out of my way to say African American.

01:05:22.840 --> 01:05:28.760
The reason for that is that one, it precludes those who say, oh, it's just skin tone, which is

01:05:28.760 --> 01:05:34.840
something everybody wants to say now. The more that race becomes in the issue in Christianity,

01:05:34.840 --> 01:05:39.880
the more pastors who are afraid to speak truthfully will say, oh, it's skin tone. It's just color.

01:05:39.880 --> 01:05:46.760
There is all superficiality. We're all the same underneath. We all bleed red nonsense. I'm not

01:05:46.760 --> 01:05:51.320
going to curse here, but you can just imagine a stream of exaldives of me from me directed at that

01:05:51.320 --> 01:05:58.200
sort of lie. That is a vile wicked lie to say it's just skin color. If it were only skin color,

01:05:58.200 --> 01:06:05.000
then African Americans would not have IQs of 85 on average. That's one standard deviation above

01:06:05.000 --> 01:06:13.800
Africans and one standard deviation below Americans. Why is that the reason? There's been a lot

01:06:13.800 --> 01:06:19.880
of study that's gone into this. One of the problems with studies today is that because this subject

01:06:19.880 --> 01:06:26.920
is so politicized, many of them are getting censored or they're simply not getting done at all

01:06:26.920 --> 01:06:33.720
because anyone who's in the business of securing federal funding or grants for their research,

01:06:34.440 --> 01:06:38.600
they know how to milk the system and they know that if they produce a result,

01:06:38.600 --> 01:06:43.560
this says that African Americans do anything worse than anybody else. Not only are they not

01:06:43.560 --> 01:06:46.840
going to get funded, but they're going to get blackballed and they're never going to work again.

01:06:46.840 --> 01:06:50.200
No one's going to give money for anything because that's crime thing.

01:06:50.680 --> 01:06:57.000
The reason I call them African Americans is that that's what they are. They're Africans in

01:06:57.000 --> 01:07:03.400
America, but they're also part American. Now, I've said before that American is a race. American

01:07:03.400 --> 01:07:11.640
is a white race. American is synonymous with white. African Americans on average are about 25 percent

01:07:11.640 --> 01:07:18.840
white. Whenever you do genetic studies on a population of African Americans, you'll find that they're

01:07:19.720 --> 01:07:25.720
they're a quarter white on average, some are much less, some are much more. It sort of gets

01:07:25.720 --> 01:07:34.760
averaged out in the wash because visually African DNA, the physical characteristics that go along

01:07:34.760 --> 01:07:40.920
with that are dominant. So if you have African DNA, you're not going to have, for example,

01:07:40.920 --> 01:07:47.080
light colored eyes. It's very rare. You do see it very rarely, but light colored eyes only come

01:07:47.160 --> 01:07:52.680
for Northwestern Europe. They don't really come from anywhere else. And it's a recessive gene,

01:07:52.680 --> 01:07:57.000
which is why it's the only place you see it. Those genes are being wiped out by the ad mixture

01:07:57.000 --> 01:08:02.360
with other groups that do not have them. So if someone is three quarters African and one quarter

01:08:02.360 --> 01:08:09.640
American, they're going to have predominantly African characteristics. And because Africa is such

01:08:09.640 --> 01:08:14.680
a huge continent, there are many lights. And Africans, there are Africans who have less

01:08:15.560 --> 01:08:21.320
noticeably African facial features than others. And that's not just, and that's not because they

01:08:21.320 --> 01:08:26.680
necessarily have ad mixture in Africa, which means mixing with with another foreign alien

01:08:26.680 --> 01:08:31.320
population of DNA. And somebody means that there's a variety. God likes variety. He likes different

01:08:31.320 --> 01:08:35.720
shapes. He like different sizes. He likes different looks. It's what he gave us. We don't get to

01:08:35.720 --> 01:08:44.040
complain about it or insult it. So African Americans have IQs on average of 85. A big,

01:08:44.280 --> 01:08:49.640
huge overwhelming percentage of that is because they're 25% European DNA. Now,

01:08:50.520 --> 01:08:54.840
mathematically, that would imply that they have a grandparents who is white. But that's never

01:08:54.840 --> 01:08:59.560
the case. It's almost never the case. What has happened is that they have a number of great,

01:08:59.560 --> 01:09:04.120
great grandparents or great great great grandparents. And so there are all those little bits and pieces,

01:09:04.120 --> 01:09:09.720
you know, 150 years ago. There was a family secret or is just lost to time because, you know,

01:09:09.720 --> 01:09:14.920
there's no, there's no living connection to those people. The DNA is passed on. The genes

01:09:14.920 --> 01:09:22.120
are passed on. And so a major factor in why African American like user hire is because they have

01:09:22.120 --> 01:09:28.440
European DNA. Now, 85 is important because as we've just mentioned, it's below the threshold

01:09:28.440 --> 01:09:35.000
of about 90 for being able to understand conditional hypotheticals. If you've ever, I think I said

01:09:35.080 --> 01:09:41.560
this last week, if you've ever served on a jury, the rules for a jury, the instructions that

01:09:41.560 --> 01:09:47.880
they're given are filled with conditional hypotheticals are complicated. They're based on reason.

01:09:47.880 --> 01:09:54.120
They're based on logic. You have if x, then y, if not x, then z. And you have to be able to

01:09:54.120 --> 01:10:02.120
process that correctly is just assumed by our society that anyone in the jury room is able to

01:10:02.120 --> 01:10:08.600
understand hypotheticals. The average African American can't do it. And I think one of the biggest

01:10:08.600 --> 01:10:14.520
problems that the confusion that arises is that we're not saying these people are not human. We're

01:10:14.520 --> 01:10:19.720
not saying that they're bad. We're saying that they lack a capacity for something that we just

01:10:19.720 --> 01:10:25.320
assume they have. Now imagine if me as someone whose forestander deviation separated from the normal

01:10:25.320 --> 01:10:30.280
man, if I just expected you to be able to do everything that I can do, I can jump to conclusions

01:10:30.280 --> 01:10:36.120
so quickly. No one even knows what happens. I can remember a time when I was working in a company

01:10:36.120 --> 01:10:40.840
and we were sitting around. We were discussing a number of issues and they hand out a piece of

01:10:40.840 --> 01:10:46.360
paper. They had one of the issues on it. And I scanned it and sent seconds and I set out loud.

01:10:46.360 --> 01:10:50.600
Well, this is a no-brainer. And one of the guys in the room's name was Dave. He's a very smart guy.

01:10:51.400 --> 01:10:55.000
He was actually hurt. He was shocked and offended that I said that. And he's like, whoa,

01:10:55.720 --> 01:11:00.520
hold on. We need to talk about this first. I don't even if you got it, everyone else needs to

01:11:00.520 --> 01:11:06.360
understand. And so we spent like five or 10 minutes going over the thing in detail and they were

01:11:06.360 --> 01:11:10.680
yammering back and forth. And eventually they reached the conclusion that I reached in 10 seconds.

01:11:11.400 --> 01:11:17.880
That's my experience pretty much all the time. I look, I know, I move on. If I were to hold

01:11:17.880 --> 01:11:22.600
you to that standard, it would be vicious. It would be cruel. It would be insane and it would

01:11:22.600 --> 01:11:28.600
just be utterly unfair. That's not the gift that you were given. And I can't just say,

01:11:28.600 --> 01:11:35.240
oh, you're stupid. Why don't you understand? No, I don't think that. I try to be charitable,

01:11:35.240 --> 01:11:39.880
but I know some people take more time. Now, in that case, I was in a room with a bunch of

01:11:39.880 --> 01:11:46.520
really smart people like the average IQ that room was probably 130 plus. And so I just wasn't

01:11:46.520 --> 01:11:49.960
thinking. I was just relaxed and saying, well, this is, this is easy. This is an easy one.

01:11:49.960 --> 01:11:54.120
Like I wanted to move on. I want to get out of there and go home. And yet it took five minutes

01:11:54.120 --> 01:11:58.920
for everyone else to struggle through it. And they did struggle. I can remember that specific

01:11:58.920 --> 01:12:05.320
problem. They they had a hard time processing when I got like a lightning bolt. And so

01:12:06.520 --> 01:12:12.040
the reason that I've given these examples to try to contrast my experience with your experience

01:12:12.040 --> 01:12:19.240
is that your experience does not mirror the African-American experience. They don't process

01:12:19.240 --> 01:12:25.560
on average that quickly of the 40 and a half million African-Americans in this country.

01:12:26.280 --> 01:12:33.880
Six and a half million of them, 13 to 16 percent have IQs of 100 and above. So almost all of

01:12:33.880 --> 01:12:42.040
them are below 100. When you get to 85, it's nearly half 19.9 million have IQs below 85,

01:12:42.040 --> 01:12:46.040
which you know is what we say is about half. What that implies is that although they have

01:12:46.040 --> 01:12:52.040
verbal ability, they can talk to you. They like they seem like normal decent human beings. I'm not

01:12:52.040 --> 01:12:57.080
saying they're not. I'm not saying they're not normal decent human beings. What I'm saying is

01:12:57.080 --> 01:13:03.160
that your normal experience of being able to process things is different than theirs. And I'm

01:13:03.160 --> 01:13:08.840
trying to suggest to you that is cruel and it is unusual and it is impermissible for us as

01:13:08.840 --> 01:13:15.640
Christians to impose on a group of people and expectation to which they can't live. And frankly,

01:13:15.880 --> 01:13:20.520
we see this all the time in society today and a lot of times it's called wokeism. You'll say

01:13:20.520 --> 01:13:25.560
IQ tests are racist. We'll say expecting people to show up on time as racist,

01:13:25.560 --> 01:13:31.480
expecting people to do math as racist, expecting people to do math correctly to say that

01:13:31.480 --> 01:13:37.080
three to the second power can either be six or it can be nine depending on your cultural expectations.

01:13:37.480 --> 01:13:44.360
We as normal whites, we see that and say that's insane. That's it's woke. It's crazy.

01:13:45.640 --> 01:13:50.120
They're calling things racist that are in fact racist, not in the sense that they're

01:13:50.120 --> 01:13:56.280
hateful, but in the sense that they are based on race. And when someone has an IQ of 85 and they

01:13:56.280 --> 01:14:01.640
can't understand hypotheticals and you tell them to do things like consider the future, which by

01:14:01.640 --> 01:14:08.200
the way is a hypothetical, it's not fair. You're trying to expect them to do something that they're

01:14:08.200 --> 01:14:14.040
not able to do. It's like trying to expect someone with down syndrome to tie his shoes correctly.

01:14:14.040 --> 01:14:22.440
You can't do it rather than insulting and calling names and degrading or the opposite of saying,

01:14:22.440 --> 01:14:26.040
no, you can do it. You're just fine. You're just like me. You can process. That's just fine.

01:14:26.040 --> 01:14:30.920
Well, that's not true. If someone is incapable of understanding something, you're capable of

01:14:30.920 --> 01:14:36.280
understanding. It is not kind to lie to them, to gaslight them, to say, you're just like me. You

01:14:36.280 --> 01:14:41.560
can get this. Well, they'll never get it. And we see a lot of anger from this population in part

01:14:41.560 --> 01:14:48.280
because they're being tasked with something impossible. And it is on us who understand better than

01:14:48.280 --> 01:14:55.000
them what's going on. And what we see in society is the exact opposite. This demonic world that

01:14:55.000 --> 01:15:00.440
Satan is ruling is telling our churches, it's telling our pastors, it's telling our lady, no,

01:15:00.440 --> 01:15:05.080
you're all completely the same. You all have the same ideas, the same arts, the same souls.

01:15:05.080 --> 01:15:10.040
You're all completely interchangeable. They can do exactly what you can do. If you believe that,

01:15:10.040 --> 01:15:15.320
then of course, I'm a monster for saying this. I am the only evil thing in the world who's saying

01:15:15.320 --> 01:15:20.360
these people can't do exactly what you can do. What I'm telling you, in contrary distinction to

01:15:20.360 --> 01:15:26.760
that is, in fact, a subset of those people, a sizable subset, can't do it. And no amount of

01:15:26.760 --> 01:15:32.520
yelling at them or encouraging them or lying to them is going to change the fact that they

01:15:32.520 --> 01:15:39.880
can't be taught to do something that they're not capable of. Back when the LCMS was a more serious

01:15:39.880 --> 01:15:47.640
church body, we produced a pamphlet called helping the retarded to know God. It was published and

01:15:47.640 --> 01:15:54.680
I think it was 1969. And today, to modern sensibilities, to some ears that's going to sound

01:15:54.680 --> 01:16:02.920
atrocious or at least perhaps silly, but it's not. And it is of a kind with very early on,

01:16:03.800 --> 01:16:11.720
Lutherans became very concerned with how do we reach the handicapped? And there are a lot of

01:16:11.720 --> 01:16:17.640
different handicaps that will play into this issue. For instance, scriptures very clear,

01:16:18.440 --> 01:16:22.120
faith comes from hearing. Well, how do we reach the death?

01:16:23.400 --> 01:16:28.920
They can't hear the word of God. And so Lutherans set up schools for the death because we wanted to

01:16:28.920 --> 01:16:34.440
teach them so that they would be able to receive the word of God in another way, because they can

01:16:34.440 --> 01:16:38.680
still read as long as they're not both blind and deaf. And then of course, they're blind and

01:16:38.680 --> 01:16:44.120
deaf. Well, that's why we have braille and other things like that. But for those who are mentally

01:16:44.120 --> 01:16:50.520
retarded, this is a very real concern, because as was stated, much of the Christian faith

01:16:51.480 --> 01:16:58.920
is phrased, is worded in hypotheticals. If you believe in Jesus Christ, if you have faith,

01:17:00.040 --> 01:17:07.160
those are both hypothetical statements, those are conditional, if then. If you believe in Jesus

01:17:07.240 --> 01:17:12.520
Christ, if you have faith in Jesus Christ, then you will spend eternity in paradise.

01:17:14.760 --> 01:17:20.920
Almost none of that statement is comprehensible to someone with an IQ below 80 or so,

01:17:21.720 --> 01:17:28.520
because you have made it conditional. If this, then that, it's a hypothetical because it has

01:17:28.520 --> 01:17:33.320
to do with the future. It has to do with if you do this condition, then that thing will happen.

01:17:34.040 --> 01:17:41.320
It has to do with eternity, because you're speaking about eternal life and paradise. It has to do

01:17:41.320 --> 01:17:47.560
with paradise, which is a hypothetical. All of these are things that are not comprehensible

01:17:48.040 --> 01:17:55.560
to someone who has an IQ below 80, perhaps below 85, but at least below 80. How do you reach that man

01:17:56.440 --> 01:18:02.520
with the faith? How do you teach him the faith? How do you ensure that he has faith and continues

01:18:02.520 --> 01:18:07.800
to grow in the faith? These are real problems for the church, and these are things that are simply

01:18:07.800 --> 01:18:13.320
swept under the rug and ignored by those who want to say, no, we're all equal. Everyone has

01:18:13.320 --> 01:18:17.960
the same capabilities, and if you just try hard, you'll be able to achieve it. And that's not the

01:18:17.960 --> 01:18:25.320
case. As stated earlier, there are certain things that no matter how hard you try, no matter how

01:18:25.320 --> 01:18:31.320
well you understand them, you will never be able to instruct someone below a certain level of

01:18:31.320 --> 01:18:37.720
intelligence. And that is the case with the faith. There are certain things about the faith

01:18:37.720 --> 01:18:45.160
that someone with an IQ of 85 or lower will never be able to understand. You are not going to give him

01:18:45.160 --> 01:18:52.120
a dogmatics textbook and explain to him the communication of attributes between the divine

01:18:52.120 --> 01:18:57.880
nature and the human nature. You will never be able to explain that to him. That's not to say

01:18:57.960 --> 01:19:04.360
this person cannot be a Christian as we stated multiple times. Those who are not very intelligent

01:19:04.360 --> 01:19:11.320
can make excellent Christians, if they have faithful pastors and faithful congregations who

01:19:11.320 --> 01:19:18.600
recognize how you reach that person. If you treat him as if he were just any other man with a

01:19:18.600 --> 01:19:26.920
standard IQ 100 to 115, if you treat him like that, you may very well dam him, because he is not

01:19:26.920 --> 01:19:32.120
going to get the faith in the way that he needs to hear it in a way that is understandable to him.

01:19:33.800 --> 01:19:38.760
Yes, certainly, if he's at least in the service and hears the word, we trust that God's word

01:19:38.760 --> 01:19:46.040
does not return to him void as he promises in Scripture. But you should be able and you should

01:19:46.040 --> 01:19:55.000
be attempting to reach these men where they are. God at the very least permitted them to be that way.

01:19:55.640 --> 01:20:01.000
Yes, some of this is of course a consequence of the fall. So to say God simply made you that way

01:20:01.960 --> 01:20:07.960
is accurate but not entirely because obviously through the corruption of original sin,

01:20:07.960 --> 01:20:14.600
we see these defects creeping into human nature over time. But you have to take that into account

01:20:15.640 --> 01:20:20.440
because if you treat him as a normal man, you are actually doing him a disservice and you are

01:20:20.440 --> 01:20:24.760
being disloyal to God. You are not doing what you have been called to do as a Christian.

01:20:25.480 --> 01:20:31.240
It's the same thing as if you had a particularly slow child. If you have a mentally retarded

01:20:31.240 --> 01:20:37.080
child, you do not put the same burdens on him. You do not set the same expectations for him

01:20:37.080 --> 01:20:42.680
that you would for a child who was average. That would be cruel and as a parent you should understand

01:20:42.680 --> 01:20:49.640
that. But it's the same thing in the church because the pastor is supposed to care for the sheep.

01:20:50.440 --> 01:20:57.640
If you have a sheep with a broken limb, you don't just wander off, have all the sheep follow you

01:20:57.640 --> 01:21:01.800
and then well the one with the broken limb, he'll eventually waddle over and make it know. You have

01:21:01.800 --> 01:21:07.880
to bind up the limb, you have to heal that, you have to carry him if necessary. You have to account

01:21:08.440 --> 01:21:15.320
for the capabilities of the people in your congregation and that is not being done today because it

01:21:15.320 --> 01:21:24.840
goes against our public civic religion, which is just again, it's the slogan of the French Revolution

01:21:24.840 --> 01:21:32.120
with particular emphasis on egalitarianism, on equality. And as Corey reiterated from the beginning,

01:21:32.120 --> 01:21:36.200
and I want to say one more time, we're not saying that these people cannot be Christian.

01:21:36.200 --> 01:21:41.320
African Americans have for a long period of time ever since they were brought here as slaves

01:21:41.400 --> 01:21:47.000
and their slave masters forced them to be Christian and taught them the Christian faith, many of them

01:21:47.000 --> 01:21:51.800
have been faithful Christians. That was God blessing them even in the face of adversity.

01:21:52.520 --> 01:21:59.000
There's nothing to do with receiving the faith. However, this has everything to do with propagating

01:21:59.000 --> 01:22:06.440
the faith. Because one of the requirements for pastors is to be apt to teach. Who is capable of

01:22:06.440 --> 01:22:13.560
teaching? He who has mastered a subject. It's not enough to simply regurgitate. It's not

01:22:13.560 --> 01:22:20.040
enough to know a few things. To be a teacher is to have mastered the subject area sufficiently,

01:22:20.040 --> 01:22:25.240
that whatever question arises, whatever error arises, perhaps there's no question, but there's

01:22:25.240 --> 01:22:30.600
a problem that you need to address, because someone say something out of left field. Only a pastor

01:22:30.680 --> 01:22:37.560
who is apt to teach is equipped to do that. Now, when two-thirds of the African American population

01:22:37.560 --> 01:22:44.040
has an IQ at or below 90, meaning that they cannot typically handle, and by typically, I mean,

01:22:44.040 --> 01:22:51.160
90% or 5% of the time, handle hypothetical conditionals. Are they going to be able to propagate

01:22:51.160 --> 01:22:57.240
the Christian faith among themselves? The reason this is a pressing issue for our church,

01:22:57.320 --> 01:23:03.480
particularly the Missouri Synod, is that it is the stated goal of President Matt Harrison and

01:23:03.480 --> 01:23:10.040
the entire St. Louis seminary staff, and probably many in Fort Wayne as well. It's the general

01:23:10.040 --> 01:23:17.160
view of the Missouri Synod that, while for the last 100 years, the Missouri Synod has radically

01:23:17.160 --> 01:23:25.880
embraced using contraception to prevent God from giving us the blessing of children in marriage,

01:23:26.360 --> 01:23:31.480
we've completely capitulated that. 100 years ago, it was illegal, and the church condemned it,

01:23:31.480 --> 01:23:35.880
and then I think the Anklins jumped ship first, and we immediately followed, and today,

01:23:35.880 --> 01:23:40.840
if you speak out against any form of contraception, as a pastor, you may well get run out of your

01:23:40.840 --> 01:23:46.360
congregation. You're certainly going to lose people, because a lot of the people in your congregation

01:23:46.360 --> 01:23:53.240
are practicing it to some degree. If you want to be married, and you want to have sex,

01:23:53.240 --> 01:23:59.000
God will sometimes give you children, as he sees fit. You don't get to decide, I want the sex,

01:23:59.000 --> 01:24:04.680
I don't want the babies. It's a package deal. If you want neither, don't get married. If you want

01:24:04.680 --> 01:24:09.720
one or the other, you get married, and you get both, according to God's good will. Contreception

01:24:09.720 --> 01:24:15.000
interrupts that. It says, nope, I want part of it, I don't want all of it. It's really no different

01:24:15.000 --> 01:24:20.520
than fornication, where you say, you know what, I don't want the marriage, I just want the intimacy,

01:24:20.520 --> 01:24:26.120
I want the fun, I don't want the obligation. Contreception is just another variation on that same

01:24:26.120 --> 01:24:31.560
thing. And so the Missouri Senate embraced it radically. Most of our pastors have maybe one or two

01:24:31.560 --> 01:24:36.760
kids. If you have seven, eight, nine, you can tell who's practicing contraception and who isn't.

01:24:36.760 --> 01:24:41.720
What do they preach against it or not? When their entire family takes up at least a row,

01:24:41.720 --> 01:24:47.880
you know what they're practicing. And that is a testimony to their faith in God. And it's

01:24:47.880 --> 01:24:53.560
something that should be said publicly and explicitly. God blesses those who obey Him. We've

01:24:53.560 --> 01:24:58.200
talked in the past about how Protestants are allergic to being told, hey, if I obey God, good

01:24:58.200 --> 01:25:03.720
things will happen. Well, try to find a page of the Bible that doesn't say something to that effect.

01:25:03.720 --> 01:25:09.480
God promises that. He promises punishment to the wicked in this life. And he promises blessings

01:25:09.480 --> 01:25:14.440
to the faithful for being faithful. He also promises suffering. I'm not saying everything's going to be

01:25:14.440 --> 01:25:19.960
great. You may do everything right and be barren. That happens, too. If that's God's will

01:25:19.960 --> 01:25:27.720
embrace that cross and use it for your own personal adification. But that's not the norm.

01:25:27.720 --> 01:25:32.920
Just as being exceptionally brilliant or retarded is not the norm. Most people get married.

01:25:32.920 --> 01:25:38.360
If they don't contracept, they have kids. They have a lot of kids. That's how God designed us.

01:25:38.360 --> 01:25:42.600
That's how he designed everything. The Missouri Senate embraced interrupting

01:25:43.800 --> 01:25:48.680
the creation of families. We then embraced sending all of our girls off to college as well as

01:25:48.680 --> 01:25:54.360
the boys. We then embraced those colleges, ceasing to even be Christian colleges. So you have

01:25:54.360 --> 01:25:59.720
multiple effects of not having babies, destroying local congregations and local families by

01:25:59.720 --> 01:26:03.800
sending everyone away. And then destroying the faith of the children of that congregation

01:26:03.880 --> 01:26:09.720
by not properly categorizing them. And by that, I don't mean catechesis before they're confirmed.

01:26:09.720 --> 01:26:14.920
I mean everything that they're taught. If you're taught that that obedience to God and the

01:26:14.920 --> 01:26:19.240
participation in the church is just this optional thing. Yes, of course, they're going to

01:26:19.240 --> 01:26:25.400
fall away. And we see all of those things in massive numbers. The LCMS is actually getting older

01:26:25.400 --> 01:26:32.760
year over year. We're aging as a population faster than we're literally aging. That means that the

01:26:32.760 --> 01:26:39.400
apostasy of the younger generations is continuing to accelerate. So we're losing souls, not even to

01:26:39.400 --> 01:26:44.040
death. They're not being claimed by God in heaven because the boomers are dying. They're being

01:26:44.040 --> 01:26:48.520
claimed by Satan's world because they see no reason to come to church and work as why would they?

01:26:48.520 --> 01:26:53.960
When their churches aren't about God in the first place, sure they have the sacraments and there's

01:26:53.960 --> 01:26:58.600
preaching, but is not preaching against those things that the people need to hear is not telling

01:26:58.680 --> 01:27:04.840
what they actually need. You need more than the forgiveness of sins. Lutheran heads explode when

01:27:04.840 --> 01:27:09.000
you say that, but it's the truth. The forgiveness of sins is the beginning of the Christian life. It's

01:27:09.000 --> 01:27:14.360
not the end. The cross is yes, the beginning and the end of your Christian life, but only because

01:27:14.360 --> 01:27:20.360
everything that flows from it is a blessing from God. Your justification is the first blessing from

01:27:20.360 --> 01:27:25.160
God. And then all the good works that he gives you for the rest of your life in view of the cross

01:27:25.160 --> 01:27:32.840
are also gifts from the same Father in heaven. We cannot ignore one and expect to keep the other.

01:27:32.840 --> 01:27:36.840
As that's what we're seeing in the numbers, it's what we're seeing in the pews. You look around

01:27:36.840 --> 01:27:42.520
and you see nothing, a gray hair, and most of our congregations. The reason this race thing

01:27:42.520 --> 01:27:49.160
matters is that Matt Harrison and the St. Louis seminary, their plan for reversing this decline,

01:27:49.240 --> 01:27:56.760
is to replace the European American population of Lutheranism with foreigners, with Africans,

01:27:56.760 --> 01:28:02.040
with Turks, with people from anywhere in the world except for us. One of the things that all those

01:28:02.040 --> 01:28:07.880
people have in common is substantially lower IQs to the point that they're beneath threshold

01:28:07.880 --> 01:28:13.640
of being able to even comprehend the more complex parts of the faith, never mind propagating it.

01:28:13.640 --> 01:28:20.840
And this is why this is a gospel issue. It is one thing to teach an African-American or anyone

01:28:21.640 --> 01:28:28.040
anyone to teach them the faith. Anyone can be taught the faith. No matter how low their IQ, IQ

01:28:28.040 --> 01:28:34.440
doesn't keep you from God. Babies, you know, they effectively have no IQ. In the womb,

01:28:34.440 --> 01:28:39.560
they're all they can do is here. They can't even think in any common in any way that we can

01:28:39.560 --> 01:28:44.760
understand. And yet they can receive faith by hearing. If you're a pregnant mother in your sitting

01:28:44.760 --> 01:28:49.320
in church every Sunday, your baby is already a Christian because your baby is hearing the word of

01:28:49.320 --> 01:28:55.240
God through your belly. Faith comes by hearing. It doesn't come from understanding. We are not

01:28:55.240 --> 01:29:02.120
gating the faith on intellectual ascent. What we are saying is that comprehension is the only

01:29:02.120 --> 01:29:08.360
way that the faith can be propagated. And if the synod succeeds in derasinating our churches,

01:29:08.360 --> 01:29:12.920
so we get rid of all the white Europeans who are out of fashion with the world. It's not

01:29:12.920 --> 01:29:19.880
cool anymore. We're 96 percent white as a denomination. And that is a matter of profound shame

01:29:19.880 --> 01:29:25.720
for the men in charge. They despise it. Whenever they talk about it, it's with venom.

01:29:26.920 --> 01:29:33.960
Is that not how God made our denomination? Is it or isn't it? Did God make these 96 percent

01:29:33.960 --> 01:29:39.000
white population Lutheran? And the smattering, it's like half African-American and half others.

01:29:39.720 --> 01:29:44.120
Great. I'm glad that they're here. As we talked about in the shaking the dust off your feet

01:29:44.120 --> 01:29:50.280
episode, we have tried for over a century to reach out to the African-American population.

01:29:50.280 --> 01:29:57.000
We spent hundreds of millions of dollars on black colleges. They failed. They all failed. They

01:29:57.000 --> 01:30:02.600
worked a little bit for a time and then they died. They died because African-Americans do not want

01:30:02.680 --> 01:30:07.880
to be Lutheran. And so these guys think, well, the solution is, let's be less Lutheran. It's more

01:30:07.880 --> 01:30:13.000
important for us to get Jesus in front of these people than to be Lutheran, which is a false dichotomy.

01:30:13.000 --> 01:30:17.240
Being Lutheran is putting Jesus in front of these people. Whoever these people, I don't care

01:30:17.240 --> 01:30:21.720
what their race is or what country they're from. I care about the fact that the proper

01:30:21.720 --> 01:30:27.560
proclamation of the gospel, the proper proclamation with all the gifts that we have been given in our

01:30:27.560 --> 01:30:35.240
doctrine, must come from someone who can properly express it. And if Matt Harrison and all

01:30:35.240 --> 01:30:39.880
his flying monkeys succeed in replacing all the white men that they don't want to see in these

01:30:39.880 --> 01:30:45.800
positions anymore, they're going to be replaced by people who by and large are less capable.

01:30:45.800 --> 01:30:54.280
We're seeing this in every industry. In fact, in Harvard, in medical schools, in the military,

01:30:54.280 --> 01:31:00.680
in the airlines, they are systematically replacing whites, specifically replacing whites with

01:31:00.680 --> 01:31:06.040
other populations, with minority populations who are less intellectually apt.

01:31:06.920 --> 01:31:11.160
One of the charts I'm going to have is going to show the absolute numbers. We talked about percentages,

01:31:11.160 --> 01:31:17.080
but absolutes matter too. There are 40 and a half million African-Americans in this country.

01:31:17.160 --> 01:31:21.560
How many black people do you think have IQs above 115?

01:31:23.800 --> 01:31:31.640
The answer is 1.2 million. They're 1.2 million African-Americans today who have IQs above 115.

01:31:31.640 --> 01:31:37.880
Now, that's kind of the minimum threshold for being able to do anything useful in business.

01:31:37.880 --> 01:31:42.200
It's not nearly smart enough to be a scientist. It's not remotely smart enough to be a doctor,

01:31:42.200 --> 01:31:48.360
but that's the entire pool of all available African-Americans for everything. 1.2 million people.

01:31:48.360 --> 01:31:53.400
Now, if they're smart, and they're not Lutheran, and maybe I have Christian, what are they going to

01:31:53.400 --> 01:31:57.640
do? They're going to pursue wealth. They're going to pursue fame like everybody else. I don't

01:31:57.640 --> 01:32:01.960
fault them for that apart from the fact that it's worldly. It's not a particular son of that

01:32:01.960 --> 01:32:07.960
community. It's what our entire culture is built around. 1.2 million people is all you have who

01:32:08.040 --> 01:32:15.640
are apt to teach anything remotely. That's the pool that the Missouri Senate wants to replace us with.

01:32:16.760 --> 01:32:22.040
We're talking about this because it's not going to work. It is guaranteed to fail. It's

01:32:22.040 --> 01:32:27.160
mathematically guaranteed to fail. And the reason we're talking about something that's so controversial

01:32:27.160 --> 01:32:31.240
and upsetting, and we're telling you something that you can't see and you don't think is real,

01:32:33.000 --> 01:32:37.160
is because it's one of the things that God has equipped Cory and I to be able to do. We can

01:32:37.160 --> 01:32:43.800
connect these dots that no one else can even see. You may be able to connect to add 2 plus 2.

01:32:44.680 --> 01:32:50.680
I can add 2 plus 2 by inferring the existence of one of the twos from what's going on in the

01:32:50.680 --> 01:32:55.400
environment. And I can imagine that the other two is the only possible solution to the problem.

01:32:55.400 --> 01:33:00.280
I don't need either two to connect 2 plus 2. You may need God to hand you both up and you say,

01:33:00.280 --> 01:33:06.760
yeah, 2 plus 2 is 4. The ability to comprehend these situations is something that's not given to

01:33:06.760 --> 01:33:11.080
every man. The reason that Cory and I started Stone Quire and the reason that we're talking about

01:33:11.080 --> 01:33:17.000
these issues that are upsetting and they're divisive and they make people uncomfortable is that if

01:33:17.720 --> 01:33:22.040
Matt Harrison and the Missouri Senate and all these other places, all these other churches,

01:33:22.040 --> 01:33:28.040
it's not just about Lutherans, but there are chief problems. If these men succeed in driving the

01:33:28.040 --> 01:33:33.640
whites away from these positions and replacing them with African Americans, how many of that 1.2

01:33:33.720 --> 01:33:38.520
million or even remotely capable of doing these things are going to be in those positions.

01:33:38.520 --> 01:33:43.400
The answer is basically none. You're not going to be able to maintain the same standards that we

01:33:43.400 --> 01:33:50.600
have and replace us with them. I'm saying us and them specifically, not because they're not

01:33:50.600 --> 01:33:54.600
Christians, not because they're not brothers in Christ. I do not deny that. I'm thankful to God

01:33:54.600 --> 01:34:01.400
for giving them faith. What I am resisting and what I am objecting to is the notion that we can

01:34:01.400 --> 01:34:07.720
be wholesale replaced just as we are in our countries, just as we are in the lands that we have,

01:34:07.720 --> 01:34:13.000
we're being replaced in our churches by those who tell you, oh, it's fine, their Christians too,

01:34:13.000 --> 01:34:18.040
their Lutherans too is all going to be exactly the same. Lutheranism will be dead into generations

01:34:18.040 --> 01:34:23.160
of we go away because there's not going to be anyone left who can even understand the book of

01:34:23.160 --> 01:34:28.360
conquered. It's just that simple. If you pick up the book of conquered and you start flipping through

01:34:28.440 --> 01:34:33.800
it, there's going to be stuff in there that you have a hard time understanding. Imagine if you're

01:34:35.720 --> 01:34:41.640
a standard deviation lower. Imagine if you don't have the ability to understand hypotheticals,

01:34:41.640 --> 01:34:46.120
you open that book. What are you going to see? You're not even able to read it. That's what our

01:34:46.120 --> 01:34:50.520
church is facing. That's why we're talking about this. That's why race is something that matters

01:34:50.520 --> 01:34:55.640
in the church because yes, you can receive faith by hearing. That doesn't mean you can teach it to

01:34:55.640 --> 01:35:01.400
others. If you have a friend who's a Christian who has Down syndrome, you love him as a brother in

01:35:01.400 --> 01:35:06.920
Christ, but you don't ask him theological questions. That's wisdom. That's not cruelty.

01:35:07.800 --> 01:35:12.440
On the point of the book of conquered, the best example would probably be the solid declaration,

01:35:13.240 --> 01:35:20.440
which was written by men with IQs probably in the 140s, 150s, addressing other men in a similar

01:35:20.440 --> 01:35:27.560
range. As was mentioned earlier with the numbers, you're not going to get that if you replace

01:35:27.560 --> 01:35:34.600
Europeans with Africans. That population simply does not have those individuals in it.

01:35:35.480 --> 01:35:43.160
There are two populations that currently exist among humanity that have even the potential

01:35:43.240 --> 01:35:50.760
to maintain Christianity for any length of time. That is Europeans, which includes Americans because

01:35:50.760 --> 01:35:59.720
Americans are of European descent and East Asians, Northeast Asians. However, across generations

01:35:59.720 --> 01:36:06.760
of effort, we have made very minimal if any inroads in Asia. Now, I know those are going to

01:36:07.560 --> 01:36:13.320
know. Today, there are millions of Christians in China and there are some Christians in

01:36:13.320 --> 01:36:18.840
Korea and some Christians in Japan. There are some. There's a lot of syncretism and other problems,

01:36:19.960 --> 01:36:26.360
but that small population over that period of time, because don't forget this has been centuries

01:36:26.360 --> 01:36:36.120
of effort. It's never been self-maintaining. It's never been self-sustaining. The odds are that if

01:36:36.120 --> 01:36:41.480
it did not have Christian support from outside, it would be crushed by the government inside of a

01:36:41.480 --> 01:36:47.720
generation. Of course, we see that happening in the West now as well. But the bottom line here and

01:36:47.720 --> 01:36:57.560
the reason this matters is that there is no church without white Christians. There is no church

01:36:57.560 --> 01:37:04.360
without Europeans. That doesn't mean that there wouldn't be a church for a time. If all Europeans

01:37:04.360 --> 01:37:10.680
disappeared today in some strange version of the rapture, which is false, of course, but we'll

01:37:10.680 --> 01:37:16.840
get that at another time, but if we were all to disappear, the church would continue for a period of

01:37:16.840 --> 01:37:29.160
time. But inside of two, three, four generations at the most, the church would die and everyone in

01:37:29.240 --> 01:37:37.480
areas that today have churches would return to animism, to syncretism, to paganism. And we've seen

01:37:37.480 --> 01:37:44.680
that happen. We've seen areas in Africa where Europeans have withdrawn. The areas were Christian,

01:37:44.680 --> 01:37:51.720
and they've gone right back into animism almost immediately. And the reason that's going to happen

01:37:52.440 --> 01:37:59.640
is that you are always going to have men at the top who are intellectually gifted by God running

01:37:59.640 --> 01:38:07.320
things, answering the questions, being the administrators, the administrators, etc. If you remove those

01:38:07.320 --> 01:38:15.320
men, well, something someone else with those capacities with that ability will take their place.

01:38:16.120 --> 01:38:20.760
And it's going to be demons because there's no one else to fill the role. And that's what we've

01:38:20.760 --> 01:38:27.880
seen happen all over the world. If you don't have the capable men at the helm, demons come in and

01:38:27.880 --> 01:38:36.040
say, well, sure you're worshiping God, but shouldn't you also worship this saint? Shouldn't you also

01:38:36.040 --> 01:38:44.200
worship this tree? And over time, you become a syncretist. And then eventually you lose the

01:38:44.200 --> 01:38:50.200
elements of Christianity entirely, and you're a pagan again. That is exactly what will happen

01:38:50.280 --> 01:39:01.000
without Europeans. And it may be that men with an IQ of 115 say, could sustain a church for a time,

01:39:01.000 --> 01:39:05.400
could keep it going. That's certainly the case. Neither one of us doubts that.

01:39:06.920 --> 01:39:13.400
But can those men answer new challenges? Could those men have written the Book of Concord? Could

01:39:13.400 --> 01:39:18.360
those men have produced the creeds? Could those men have answered any number of challenges in

01:39:18.360 --> 01:39:26.440
the history of the church? The answer is no. Because the intelligence behind those who are going to

01:39:26.440 --> 01:39:33.080
bring the challenges against Christianity, the diabolical intelligence, is going to be greater than

01:39:33.080 --> 01:39:39.000
those men can handle. They will not be able to contend with it. And so even if you have the

01:39:39.000 --> 01:39:43.880
materials on hand to address many of the issues in the history of the church, we do. We certainly do.

01:39:44.440 --> 01:39:49.800
We have great writings. For many church fathers, we have the Book of Concord. We have great materials.

01:39:50.520 --> 01:39:55.480
You one have to have men who can read them and understand them and then teach them. And that

01:39:55.480 --> 01:40:01.400
requires a certain level of intelligence. But you also need men who are even more capable of that,

01:40:01.400 --> 01:40:07.080
who can answer the new challenges that face the church. And that is the problem we have today.

01:40:08.040 --> 01:40:15.320
We have that problem because we have many faithful pastors. The LCMS in particular has

01:40:15.320 --> 01:40:21.320
many great parish pastors out there who are doing their duty day in and day out working 60 hour

01:40:21.320 --> 01:40:27.720
weeks, keeping up with their parish, following up with shut-ins and all of the things that they do day

01:40:27.720 --> 01:40:35.320
to day. But those are not the men who need to address the problems we face today. Those are not

01:40:35.320 --> 01:40:41.240
the men who have that task. God doesn't give the task to them. Other men, whom God has given the

01:40:41.240 --> 01:40:47.560
ability to do that, have to address those issues and then teach the pastors and then the pastors

01:40:47.560 --> 01:40:51.800
teach the parishioners. That's the hierarchy. That is how it's supposed to work.

01:40:53.800 --> 01:41:00.680
And if you replace the white European population in the church with others, you will lose the

01:41:00.680 --> 01:41:06.360
ability to do that. You will first lose the ability to address novel issues. You will second

01:41:06.360 --> 01:41:10.760
lose the ability to address issues that have already been addressed because you will have lost

01:41:10.760 --> 01:41:17.560
the ability to understand the materials and then you will lose the faith. That is why this issue

01:41:17.560 --> 01:41:23.720
matters. That is why we're fighting for it. Because if those who hate the heritage that God has

01:41:23.720 --> 01:41:30.520
given to the Western church get their way, there will be no church on earth in a hundred years.

01:41:31.480 --> 01:41:35.640
I'm going to emphasize that again so that we're both on record saying exactly the same thing.

01:41:36.440 --> 01:41:44.920
Satan wants to destroy the church. He always has. Christianity will die without white people.

01:41:46.280 --> 01:41:50.920
It may not die out completely, but the spread will die. I know that there's some who will say,

01:41:50.920 --> 01:41:56.920
what about Ethiopian Sudan? Yeah, what about them? They preserved a small remnant of Christianity.

01:41:56.920 --> 01:42:00.680
I haven't really looked into their doctrine. I'll assume for the sake of charity that they're

01:42:00.680 --> 01:42:04.360
actually Christian. I don't have any reason to believe they're not. I think they're a little weird,

01:42:04.360 --> 01:42:10.440
but fine. Who isn't weird at this point? They never evangelized anyone. They were in Africa. They

01:42:10.440 --> 01:42:15.960
never evangelized any Africans. It took white people to evangelize Africans. It takes white people

01:42:15.960 --> 01:42:21.400
to sustain Africans in the faith outside of Ethiopia. And by the way, those Ethiopians are

01:42:21.400 --> 01:42:26.360
descended from Solomon, at least those who have preserved the church there. So even that is a

01:42:26.360 --> 01:42:32.680
racial church, and it's not African in the way the most people think. Satan wants you to believe

01:42:32.680 --> 01:42:39.080
that race is not real. He wants you to believe that race does not exist, that we're all fungible.

01:42:39.080 --> 01:42:44.520
He wants you to believe that any man who tells you differently is evil and must be excommunicated and

01:42:44.520 --> 01:42:49.400
destroyed, which is something that both Cory and I are facing for saying precisely these things.

01:42:50.600 --> 01:42:55.800
The reason that we're talking about race at all is not because we care. It's not because we think

01:42:55.800 --> 01:42:59.640
it's interesting. We've said that repeatedly. The reason we're talking about IQ is not because we

01:42:59.640 --> 01:43:05.560
care or we think it's interesting. We're talking about these controversial upsetting things that

01:43:05.560 --> 01:43:09.960
are probably upset and alienating. Some of you are listening right now. We're talking about them

01:43:09.960 --> 01:43:14.440
because as men who are so much smarter than you that you can't even understand what's going on

01:43:14.440 --> 01:43:22.520
in our heads, we're telling you with all the fervor that we can muster. If you continue to deny

01:43:22.520 --> 01:43:28.040
that race is real and that it matters and that white people have been the colonel head that has

01:43:28.040 --> 01:43:36.200
kept Christendom alive for 1500 years, buy our attributes. It's a gift from God. And to make

01:43:36.200 --> 01:43:42.760
clear, we're not saying, oh, we're great because of this. God is great for giving us these gifts.

01:43:42.760 --> 01:43:49.000
God is great for making me as smart as I am. And I was a jerk most of my life. I wasted it.

01:43:49.000 --> 01:43:55.480
I used it on selfish things. I'm trying to change that now. A gift is only as good as how it's

01:43:55.480 --> 01:44:01.480
spent. And if it's despised, it's a gift that's wasted. We are not taking credit for the good

01:44:01.480 --> 01:44:07.400
things that whites have done. God gets the credit for the good works. However, no one else in human

01:44:07.400 --> 01:44:16.680
history has ever done it. And based solely on IQ aptitude, as Cory just mentioned, only

01:44:17.800 --> 01:44:24.600
white Europeans are capable of preserving the faith as we know it today. The Christian church

01:44:24.600 --> 01:44:31.560
will die. At this point, all we can do is try to warn people that Satan is, he's on the verge of

01:44:31.640 --> 01:44:39.480
winning. And the fact that our own churches are burning down men like us for the sake of destroying

01:44:39.480 --> 01:44:45.800
racism in their words next week's episode is going to be about racism and what a fictional sin

01:44:45.800 --> 01:44:51.880
that is and why it's being weaponized against Christendom. The reason that these are issues is a

01:44:51.880 --> 01:44:56.920
Satan knows that all he has to do is take us off the table and it's over because whatever time

01:44:57.000 --> 01:45:01.720
you remnant has existed in Ethiopia or India or all these other little gothic exceptions that

01:45:01.720 --> 01:45:07.160
your editors have, they're nothing. Not in the kingdom of God, they're important souls to God. I'm

01:45:07.160 --> 01:45:11.400
not minimizing that. They've never in the history of the Christian church done anything to spread

01:45:11.400 --> 01:45:17.880
the faith that only happened after the apostles went out in Europe. You have effectively happened

01:45:17.880 --> 01:45:22.600
virtually nowhere else that we know of, which means it didn't happen because that's recorded

01:45:22.600 --> 01:45:27.960
history. This stuff matters because the church will die if we capitulate to the world.

01:45:28.600 --> 01:45:35.000
And I'll once again say, if your morality is coming from the mainstream media and it's in perfect

01:45:35.000 --> 01:45:41.320
lockstep against the things that we're saying and it's in lockstep with the vile statement that

01:45:41.320 --> 01:45:47.240
Matt Harrison put out last week, if that's your morality, it's identical to CNN's. If you think

01:45:47.240 --> 01:45:51.720
you're getting it from God, it may have mercy on your soul and judgment day because it does not

01:45:51.720 --> 01:45:58.440
where it came from. The fact that we are outnumbered and that we are despised doesn't mean we're right.

01:45:58.440 --> 01:46:01.880
There are plenty of people who are outnumbered and despised because they're awful and that's an

01:46:01.880 --> 01:46:07.480
easy thing to sell to people who are suckers, especially if you're used to identifying who's

01:46:07.480 --> 01:46:11.960
correct by being in the majority. For Lutherans who are listening in Protestants in general,

01:46:12.520 --> 01:46:17.400
that's the claim their own has. They said we have over a billion souls. We must be the church

01:46:17.480 --> 01:46:24.280
because look at all the people who agree with us. Numbers don't matter. Opinions don't matter.

01:46:24.280 --> 01:46:31.160
Scripture matters. And Scripture is not at odds with anything that either quarrying eye

01:46:31.160 --> 01:46:36.520
have ever said on this podcast. The more that our adversaries listen to our episodes,

01:46:36.520 --> 01:46:41.880
the more they agree that we're doctrinally sound on everything except for the one or two things

01:46:41.960 --> 01:46:47.880
that they want to attack and race is chief among them. Ask yourself why that is. How can the men

01:46:47.880 --> 01:46:53.560
who hate us and want to see us murdered admit that we are sound Christians who are smarter than

01:46:53.560 --> 01:46:58.840
them and who know the Christian faith better than them? How did we get this one thing wrong? How's

01:46:58.840 --> 01:47:03.560
it the only thing that we're getting wrong? Why are we the only ones talking about it? Because we

01:47:03.560 --> 01:47:08.280
will be destroyed for talking about it. And if you believe and you talk about it too, you'll also

01:47:08.280 --> 01:47:12.120
be destroyed. You'll be destroyed by the Missouri Senate. You'll be destroyed by your own church

01:47:12.120 --> 01:47:19.640
body, whatever it is. Because Satan is holding the reins to all of them. He has CNN. He has the

01:47:19.640 --> 01:47:25.080
purple palace in Missouri Senate and St. Louis. He has most of your church bodies too. There's nowhere

01:47:25.080 --> 01:47:31.000
to hide. And we're talking about these things because what else can we do? All we can do is tell

01:47:31.000 --> 01:47:36.680
you the truth. And like I said, I've been called retarded and stupid for decades. I'm used to. I

01:47:36.760 --> 01:47:41.800
don't mind it. I feel bad when it happens for the person who's saying it because I know that

01:47:41.800 --> 01:47:45.560
I'm not going to be able to reach them. And I just pray that someday they'll believe me.

01:47:45.560 --> 01:47:51.080
But the days are running short for this. So if you believe me, if you hear me now and believe me

01:47:51.080 --> 01:47:56.920
later, it might be too late. The reason that we're talking about this uncomfortable subject is that

01:47:56.920 --> 01:48:03.720
if our churches capitulate, if they participate in the white replacement that's happening in every

01:48:03.720 --> 01:48:08.920
European country that's being welcomed with open arms by virtually every denomination of

01:48:08.920 --> 01:48:16.120
Christianity today, if that succeeds, there will be no Christianity in the 22nd century, which means

01:48:16.120 --> 01:48:20.680
that there will be no 22nd century. The end is near. God is going to come and He's going to end

01:48:20.680 --> 01:48:26.680
all of this because I don't see any other outcome. That's my personal opinion. But I think if you

01:48:27.160 --> 01:48:32.200
if you read the parts of scripture that talk about end times and you don't find these things

01:48:32.200 --> 01:48:37.880
playing out in ways that they have never played out before, I hope you'll just spend more time

01:48:37.880 --> 01:48:43.960
in the word because our faithfulness is being tested. And the things that God says about those

01:48:43.960 --> 01:48:49.800
who are faithful in the last days, apply to you too. If if you believe us, if you don't believe us,

01:48:50.840 --> 01:48:57.000
look at scripture and you may find that you must mistrust your pastors or result of that,

01:48:57.000 --> 01:49:04.280
which is a terrible thing. I don't want us to have to mistrust our pastors. The ideal case

01:49:04.280 --> 01:49:10.360
is a church where the people are sheep. They're believing they're like children and the teachers

01:49:10.360 --> 01:49:16.040
are shepherds who are faithful. That is the ideal circumstance for the church. We don't have that.

01:49:16.040 --> 01:49:21.720
We have some moderately clever sheep and we have some moderately dumb pastors and we have both

01:49:21.720 --> 01:49:29.080
of them embracing the lies of the world. This is very likely the final battle for the church

01:49:29.080 --> 01:49:33.160
and that's why we're talking about it. Even knowing the Missouri Senator right now is trying to

01:49:33.160 --> 01:49:40.440
dox me to hand me over to Antifa where I will face physical jeopardy for saying these things

01:49:40.440 --> 01:49:48.520
for speaking out against the CRT, the Marxism in the large cataclysm. Matt Harrison wants to see

01:49:48.520 --> 01:49:54.440
me physically destroyed and they've called the police and they have taken measures that are

01:49:54.440 --> 01:50:01.080
utterly demonic. If you think that that's good for the church, okay, I'm not going to try to change

01:50:01.080 --> 01:50:06.680
your mind. But if you think that a reaction like that to someone simply talking about scripture,

01:50:06.680 --> 01:50:11.960
even if our ideas are weird, even if even if we're wrong, if you think that it's a natural reaction

01:50:11.960 --> 01:50:20.920
from a church body to seek the physical destruction of critics, you're wrong. It's evil and it's

01:50:20.920 --> 01:50:26.920
demonic. What Matt Harrison is doing is evil and demonic. What the the presence, the council of

01:50:26.920 --> 01:50:31.880
presidents, all the district presidents, all six vice presidents, the Missouri Senate, who all

01:50:31.880 --> 01:50:37.400
signed their names to his wicked email, his wicked statement last week. All of them are guilty of

01:50:37.480 --> 01:50:42.360
this evil because they're doing nothing to stop it. I have got on my side, so I'm not worried.

01:50:42.360 --> 01:50:47.560
Cory has got on his side, so he's not worried. We knew when we began this that we would be hated

01:50:47.560 --> 01:50:53.640
for saying these things. Why would we do that if we were lying? Do we think that we're scoring

01:50:53.640 --> 01:51:01.480
points with whom? If we're defying God and we're making the whole world hate us? What's the upside?

01:51:01.480 --> 01:51:07.640
What's the upside to a man signing up for destruction and then damnation? Why would a man do that?

01:51:07.640 --> 01:51:12.200
You know, that's one of the principal arguments for those who say that the martyrs of the early

01:51:12.200 --> 01:51:17.640
church who would proclaim Christ, even to the point of being executed for it. Why would those

01:51:17.640 --> 01:51:24.760
men have lied for a lie? We're not martyrs, not in the same sense, and I hope it doesn't come to

01:51:24.760 --> 01:51:30.200
that, but if it does, if I get killed as a result of Stone Quire, and you hear about that, because

01:51:30.360 --> 01:51:36.440
the Missouri Senate will dox me what happens. Maybe think about that. Why would the world want me dead

01:51:36.440 --> 01:51:40.440
for saying these things? I hope it doesn't happen. It's in God's hands, so I'm not worried about it.

01:51:40.440 --> 01:51:45.080
I'm not not trying to be dramatic. I'm just saying these are the stakes. They're the stakes for the

01:51:45.080 --> 01:51:51.400
church. It's not about us personally. It's about the fact that if we do not prevail in preserving

01:51:52.200 --> 01:51:59.400
true doctrine and the true faith, we're handing Christendom over to Satan, and there's not much

01:51:59.400 --> 01:52:05.240
Christendom left. So we're seeking the preservation of that, which God has given to us. That includes

01:52:05.240 --> 01:52:11.240
our blood. It includes our faith. It includes our homelands. It includes every good gift from God.

01:52:12.760 --> 01:52:18.360
We have a duty to him to preserve those things, and if the world hates us for it, we should welcome

01:52:18.360 --> 01:52:23.320
that. And if you're afraid to be hated by the world for the sake of telling the truth, you need to

01:52:23.320 --> 01:52:27.960
think about what God says about that, because all of these things are bound together. This is all

01:52:27.960 --> 01:52:34.200
the same argument, and it's all the same more. And in the end, we're going to all end up before

01:52:34.200 --> 01:52:40.040
the same judgment through them. We'll be standing side by side, and those who cried out Lord, Lord,

01:52:40.040 --> 01:52:45.560
and did not serve him, will be cast into fire, and those who said that they did nothing, but they

01:52:45.560 --> 01:52:50.920
were wrong. If they had faith, they'll be preserved. Those who are seeking the destruction of those

01:52:50.920 --> 01:52:55.640
who try to preserve the church, I'm thankful that God is the judge to sort those things out,

01:52:55.640 --> 01:53:03.640
because I don't know. No man knows what he could do at that point. God knows. And God is watching

01:53:03.640 --> 01:53:08.440
all of us. He's watching you. He knows what you're doing, and he knows what you're thinking. He

01:53:08.440 --> 01:53:13.080
knows what I'm doing. He knows I'm thinking. Even while I'm pseudonymous, I know I'm not hiding

01:53:13.080 --> 01:53:18.600
from God. I might be hiding from those early senators trying to kill me, but I'm not hiding from God.

01:53:18.600 --> 01:53:25.080
There's no hiding from the creator. What we do in these last days will determine how we are received

01:53:25.080 --> 01:53:31.800
in heaven. That's something that you should keep in your heart. Christ's blood covers your sins,

01:53:31.800 --> 01:53:39.000
but if you despise him, where does that cloak go? You can cast that cloak off, and there are many in

01:53:39.000 --> 01:53:43.960
this church who are casting off the cloak of Christ's righteousness for the sake of amity with the

01:53:43.960 --> 01:53:49.000
world. They want friendship with the world. They want to have good arguments. They want good

01:53:49.000 --> 01:53:55.800
articles and MSN and not bad ones. They want to be welcomed and loved and not criticized by people

01:53:55.800 --> 01:54:03.160
who hate Jesus Christ. I love Jesus because Jesus first loved me. God first loved each of us. Our

01:54:03.160 --> 01:54:08.600
response should be love for him, and that should be a willingness to face even death for the truth.

01:54:09.320 --> 01:54:17.960
So if you would choose safety over truth, you may have a peaceful death, but your afterlife will

01:54:17.960 --> 01:54:25.000
be one word that's also judged. I pray that everyone who's in the church today who's still

01:54:25.000 --> 01:54:29.960
remaining will remain faithful in these last days. I hope they're not, well, I hope they're the

01:54:29.960 --> 01:54:36.760
last days, but if they're not, then that's up to God. My days end when God ends them. I don't care

01:54:36.760 --> 01:54:45.160
how it comes out. What we do matters because God has given us things to do. What we confess matters

01:54:45.160 --> 01:54:48.840
because God has told us the truth. And if we lie about what He's told us,

01:54:50.440 --> 01:54:55.960
that will be counted against us. And so we'll end with a short passage of scripture

01:54:56.600 --> 01:55:02.760
just to bring it back to the word of God and prove that this is not something new that we're saying.

01:55:02.760 --> 01:55:09.240
This is not surprising. God knew this from the beginning, of course. And so Genesis 9,

01:55:10.200 --> 01:55:14.200
cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants shall he be to his brothers.

01:55:15.400 --> 01:55:21.800
Blessed be the Lord the God of Shem and let Canaan be his servant. May God enlarge Japheth

01:55:21.800 --> 01:55:30.760
and let him dwell in the tense of Shem and let Canaan be his servant. We are Japheth and the

01:55:30.760 --> 01:55:34.280
tense of Shem. Well, that's the church.