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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast. I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm Woe.

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If you are old enough, or maybe if you're poor enough when you were younger,

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you may remember those small square jumble toys that you could find at gas stations,

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and at some toy stores back when toy stores used to exist. It was a plastic or sometimes if it was

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fancy, a wooden grid with 16 squares, so where there would be an empty spot and then a 4x4 grid.

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So you'd have 15 pieces that were jumbled, and you could move them around, rearrange them,

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and basically the premise of the little game, which is a way of

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parents distracting their noisy children in the back seat, was that when you rearrange those by

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moving the squares either up or down, left or right, one by one until they all fell into place,

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you could see the finished pattern, or you could see the picture, whatever it was.

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The reason I'm mentioning this upfront is that today's episode is the last in one of these

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individual squares, individual pieces of a small puzzle that we have been putting together

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throughout the course of the Stone Quire episodes thus far. So each episode is kind of one of those

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squares. It exists individually, it shows something, but as interlocking pieces, you get a larger

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and larger picture, and the metaphor doesn't work perfectly because these interlocking pieces

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can be arranged in lots of different ways, because they're all basically just fundamental truths.

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I'm going to, I'm referencing this explicitly upfront because I want to make it plea to you as

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you're listening to today's episode, which is the fifth and final episode in our series on race,

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to keep in mind the pieces that I'm going to explicitly mention upfront for this reason.

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If as you're listening to today's episode, you in your mind cannot keep in context the other

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things that I'm mentioning from previous episodes, you're not going to be able to come along with us.

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Even if you end up hating what we say and disagree with our conclusions, the only way you're

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going to be able to even understand the framing of our argument today is if you keep some previous

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episodes in mind. So those are first the episode on Perfect Hatred, where Cory and I spent about an

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hour in total discussing specifically the eternal nature of God, the fact that God is unchanging.

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He has neither shadow, he does, he's the same yesterday, today and forever.

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There is no change in God. What is eternal is immutable. That's important because as we discuss

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in that episode, the definition of good and evil is in reference to God's nature. So that which

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is good, that which is morally good, is that which is in accord with his nature, and that which is

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evil is that which is contrary to God's nature. I mentioned this as the first piece because sin

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is obviously evil, they're synonymous. In order for something to be a sin, it must be eternally

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sinful. There's no such thing as a new sin, you don't discover sins. God doesn't change his mind.

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He doesn't say, well, this is bad, but now it's good. And in previous episodes, we've discussed

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some of the Gacha counter examples. We're not even going to mention those today, they're rejected.

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If you need to go back to and listen to every previous episode, please do so. There actually,

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there's a lot of good relisting material there. When God says something is evil, it means

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it's contrary to his nature. That means forever for all time. So that's the first piece.

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The second piece comes from the episode that we did on the clarity of Scripture.

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And that is principally that Scripture is complete by itself. When God's eternal will,

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that is the law, is given to us in Scripture. He doesn't give us everything. God doesn't tell us

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everything in the universe. God tells us everything that we need for the Christian life. He tells us

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everything that he knows we need for salvation. That includes every sin. In other words, there's

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nothing that can possibly be contrary to God's eternal will that is not listed in Scripture.

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Now, when we say that, it doesn't mean that Scripture has a literal list of every single sin.

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One of the great applications of some of Jesus teaching that Luther brought back to, for example,

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the Ten Commandments was the understanding that when God says thou shalt not murder,

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the Pharisees wanted to do things like draw a line and say, well, can I be you two within an

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inch of your life? Now, the Pharisees weren't doing that in particular, but they were doing that with

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other things. But that's the natural human gotcha reaction. Oh, I can't murder. How close to murder

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can I get? One of Luther's insights that plays out in the large and the small catechisms is that

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if you take the opposite of what murder is, you can view that as the totality of fulfilling

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thou shalt not murder, which turns, don't murder a man. Don't take his life unjustly into

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do everything to support all of his bodily needs. That is fulfilling the commandment not to murder him.

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You don't even get anywhere close to it by doing everything in your power to cause the opposite

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outcome to cause him to have a long life and a healthy life. This is important because it means God

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didn't have to list every single sin when he gave us all of the outlines of morality. He tells us

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everything we need to know to judge whether or not something is a sin and scripture is complete.

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So they're not going to be any newly discovered sins later on. And if someone finds something

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in the world and then they think they found it in the Bible, well, that's the third argument that

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I want you to keep in mind. This is kind of the fuzziest of the three, but it's one that's

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been a thread throughout all of our episodes. It's in some ways an appeal to tradition,

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but not in the sense that Rome or the East will appeal to tradition. We're not appealing to

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something that's outside of scripture or outside of God's revealed will in scripture. The argument

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that we want you to keep in mind is that if something is a sin, then something has always been a

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sin and believers in God have always viewed it as a sin or else they themselves sinned.

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That's kind of a mouthful, but that's that's why I'm mentioning this up front is that you have

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to hold all of this in mind simultaneously to be able to even frame what we have to say in today's

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episode. So I'm going to say that one more time. If the Christian church has always viewed something

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as evil and we view it as evil today, that's something that we can count on. Now it's not authoritative,

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but if the church has always pointed to it, then they're pointing to scripture, which is authoritative

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because it's God's eternal will. So that's step one, step two, step three.

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If you discover a new sin in the 20th century that the church has never held,

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there was never discovered in scripture, and in fact in God's eternal will as it's revealed in

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scripture is fundamentally contravened in some very explicit ways. What you're dealing with is not

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a new sin that God has revealed. What you're dealing with is fundamentally a new religion,

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a new religion that is opposed to God. So episode five today, the conclusion of our series on race

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is about the invention of the doctrine of neurasism, which was imported from outside of the church.

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It was invented by evil men. It was imported into the church, whether under false pretenses or

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through just guys who are trying to be holier than God, it doesn't matter. The genealogy of that

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idea is fundamentally evil. And the fruits of the idea, the racism is a sin that racism even exists

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are fundamentally evil. So that's the premise of today's episode. Now there are lots of people online

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who say the Korean are our racists that we hate everyone that we're just using this as an excuse.

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I think if you're still listening, you probably don't think that really holds water. Most people

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who actually listen, find that we're generally pretty reasonable and pretty sane, even a few

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disagree with our conclusions. So I appreciate you continuing to hear us out. When we say the racism

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is not a sin, we are doing it specifically in view of those first three things that God's will

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as eternal, the scripture is complete, and the church teaching does not change over time. We are

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not the ones who are trying to break with God when we say that this thing that the world,

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and indeed today the church calls a sin, isn't a sin. So today we're going to be making the

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argument that the thing that you've been told, the thing that you've been told about racism,

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that it's an evil thing, that it's always been evil, and that you must stamp it out wherever you

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find it to serve God. The case we're going to make today is that that itself is service to Satan.

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And I don't say that to shoot you in the face because I know that probably many people

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listening today believe the racism is a sin. And I don't want you to automatically drop that

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belief just because some podcaster tells you differently. I want you to go back to scripture,

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and I want you to think about the arguments that we make from scripture. We're not saying this

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in isolation. We're saying it in view of the entire history of the church, in view of everything

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that we know about God that's revealed in scripture. So to begin with, we're going to talk about where

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racism as a concept came into American and Western culture. So if we want to look back to where

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this particular term, this concept, this supposed sin, entered into Western culture,

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we don't have to look back as far as you may think because it only dates to the middle of

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the 19th century. And not in English, English comes along much later for this.

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In the latter half of the 19th century, in French, there were some writers who were themselves

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nationalists, we would call them today most likely, who used this particular to describe what

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they were advocating. And so they used this term in a positive sense to describe advocacy for

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their own people. And so this was used by French nationalists in the latter half of the 1800s.

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This was immediately picked up by their opponents, and their opponents used it in order to attack

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them, to label them as being hateful with regard to other people. So this became a polemical term

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almost immediately. And it is that polemical context, that polemical content of the word that

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then carries over into English later on. And so the earliest sense of racism that we have,

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the earliest use of that term in English is 1902. But the term more or less disappears after that,

11:31.720 --> 11:39.320
it doesn't become common use, a common term in English until the 1930s. But it is worth noting

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that that usage in 1902 was by a man named Richard Pratt. He was a Southern Baptist. I don't

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think in the technical term of Southern Baptist we'd be using today, but he was a Baptist in the

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South who was making the argument that we needed to destroy racism and classism. Those were the

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two things he was attempting to destroy by integrating everyone as fully as possible. Basically,

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he was advocating for a form of communism or Marxism in essence. He wanted the destruction of

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distinct cultures, the destruction of distinct peoples, distinct classes in order to make everyone

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equal. And one of the ways that he advocated doing this was specifically with regard to the

12:26.360 --> 12:33.240
Amerindians. If you know about US history, this is not that long after we had some wars with some

12:33.240 --> 12:40.600
of the Amerindian tribes. And so he wanted to integrate them into US culture, but he wanted to

12:40.600 --> 12:46.040
do that by destroying the Indian culture. And he has some terms and some comments that would be

12:47.160 --> 12:52.280
rather inflammatory to most modern ears. But the way that he sought to do this, the way he worked

12:52.280 --> 12:59.960
toward his goal was to create government schools and to use them to indoctrinate Amerindian children.

13:00.440 --> 13:09.320
Now, it's not always a bad thing to instruct the children of heathens because, of course, we did

13:09.320 --> 13:13.560
that as well as Christians in some parts of the world. We taught them to be Christians. That was how

13:13.560 --> 13:20.440
we spread the gospel. But in this case, his explicit goal was the destruction of the Amerindians as a

13:20.440 --> 13:27.640
people. That was his goal. And so that is in line, in fact, with what has become the goal of the

13:27.640 --> 13:35.720
modern anti-racist. But to stay in the the earlier years of this, it really comes into English in,

13:35.720 --> 13:43.400
as I said, the 1930s. With the translation of a book from German, that book was published in 1933,

13:44.280 --> 13:49.000
the author fled Germany for reasons that should be apparent. This was Magnus Hirschfeldt.

13:49.640 --> 13:56.920
We've mentioned him before. He was the gentleman who started the sexual institute in Berlin that was

13:57.800 --> 14:03.880
the pioneering institute, as it were in transgender surgeries, transvestitism,

14:03.880 --> 14:11.320
transgenderism, all sorts of things, child prostitution, basically every degenerate thing that's

14:11.320 --> 14:16.840
happening today, but turned up to 11. That was being done by Magnus Hirschfeldt in Berlin until

14:16.840 --> 14:25.240
he was expelled. And so that was translated in 1938 into English. The title of that book was, in fact,

14:25.320 --> 14:30.440
racism. We will put for anyone who wants to read, I don't know, it's 300 pages or something,

14:30.440 --> 14:35.480
I believe, anyone who wants to read something that's quite tedious. But to see the genesis of

14:35.480 --> 14:42.200
these ideas, because you will see virtually every single argument made today by the so-called anti-racist,

14:43.960 --> 14:50.040
every one of them in this book. And so that's Magnus Hirschfeldt 1938, a book entitled racism.

14:50.760 --> 14:57.240
And to be explicit, when we say anti-racist, we're including everything the churches are saying

14:57.240 --> 15:03.720
today, pastors quote this book unknowingly. They're quoting a Jewish homosexual who was one of the

15:03.720 --> 15:10.440
most degenerate and wicked men in human history that's known to man. He is the author of the doctrine

15:10.440 --> 15:16.360
of racism as it has been imported into the West. And that's reason one of the very first episodes

15:16.360 --> 15:21.960
we did was on the genealogy of ideas. Check your sources. Where are you getting stuff from?

15:21.960 --> 15:28.280
We had pastors quoting a Jewish satamite who mutilated children for sexual perversion,

15:29.320 --> 15:37.320
citing him in his arguments as doctrinally sound. This was not a man who got his doctrine from God.

15:37.320 --> 15:40.120
If you're getting your doctrine from him, where are you getting it from?

15:41.000 --> 15:46.760
And one of the reasons it's so important to recognize what Hirschfeldt did, what he wanted to do

15:47.400 --> 15:53.320
is that his ultimate goal, of course, as is made obvious by his so-called Institute in Berlin,

15:53.320 --> 16:01.000
which notably closed in May of 1933 by the National Socialists, that's why he fled and then

16:01.000 --> 16:08.360
continued to do things in exile. But his ultimate goal was sexual liberation. He was very clear about

16:08.360 --> 16:15.160
it. That's what his goal was. But unlike some thinkers, he wasn't a dumb man. He was an evil man,

16:15.160 --> 16:21.080
it's worth noting. He recognized that in order to have the sort of sexual liberation that he wanted,

16:21.080 --> 16:25.240
which again includes transgenderism and all these various other things, homosexuality,

16:25.240 --> 16:33.640
pedophilia, you name it, he wanted it. He knew that you had to destroy nations and cultures.

16:34.360 --> 16:40.200
You had to have an equalization of humanity. You had to have a restoration of Babel.

16:41.160 --> 16:46.840
He recognized that, and so that was his goal. That's why he wrote the book Racism. That's why

16:46.840 --> 16:53.480
he advocated for these things because his ultimate goal was the complete destruction of humanity

16:53.480 --> 16:58.920
via sexual liberation. Because, of course, that's his master's goal. That's Satan's goal. That's

16:59.000 --> 17:06.760
always one of his goals. It's always been one of his goals. But just as a sort of historical anecdote,

17:06.760 --> 17:15.080
it is a sort of irony that almost every time this term has cropped up racism, the earlier form,

17:15.080 --> 17:21.640
racialism, it was used first by advocates of nationalism and the nation and their own people,

17:21.640 --> 17:27.080
and then immediately picked up by Marxists and others, and they would run with it and use it

17:27.160 --> 17:33.560
as a term of derision, a term of attack, a term really used as the prelude to violence against

17:33.560 --> 17:39.320
the people they hated. And that happened in English as well, because the first popularization of

17:39.320 --> 17:46.280
the term was actually an American fascist, 1936, who wrote the coming American fascism,

17:46.280 --> 17:53.080
but it was then immediately overtaken by Hirschfeldt's book in 1938, and that became the sense of

17:53.080 --> 17:59.640
the term that everyone knows today. Almost no one in the English-speaking world, or really anywhere,

18:00.200 --> 18:07.720
in at least the Western world today, has an innately positive connotation for the word racism.

18:08.760 --> 18:12.920
It is always the negative connotation, it is always considered to be animous,

18:12.920 --> 18:18.200
harbored toward others on the basis of their race, a desire to destroy that which is different from

18:18.200 --> 18:25.800
you. And that is because of these evil men who took the term and made it into a weapon.

18:26.920 --> 18:33.240
And Hirschfeldt was one of the first to really systematize and flesh out the newly invented

18:33.240 --> 18:41.240
doctrine of racism, but he wasn't the first to advocate it in Europe. Trotsky and the communist

18:41.240 --> 18:49.400
party saw it from the very genesis of the USSR, which was incidentally 90% Jewish controlled.

18:49.400 --> 18:58.120
The overthrow of Russia, of the Russians, was a racial civil war. It was Jews who murdered

18:58.120 --> 19:04.520
the Tsar's family and basically began a systematic extermination of Russian people and neighboring

19:04.600 --> 19:10.520
people. So there was always a racial element to what they were doing. And simultaneously,

19:11.080 --> 19:19.160
they realized that in unifying the USSR, which was a number of loosely related nations,

19:20.040 --> 19:27.160
subjecting them under communist rule, under one banner, the hammer and sickle was going to involve

19:27.160 --> 19:32.520
breaking down these barriers. Now, when you hear barrier, you think, oh, that's bad. I don't like

19:32.520 --> 19:39.640
barriers. I want to be unfettered. Well, barriers are not inherently bad. One of the functions of

19:39.640 --> 19:48.360
God's law is a barrier. It is a it is a curb to prevent you from jumping off the road because

19:48.360 --> 19:54.600
on the other side of the curb is a cliff where you will die if you jump the curb. So when the law

19:54.600 --> 20:01.080
is there as a barrier, sometimes that is there placed by God for your good. When there are national

20:01.080 --> 20:07.240
barriers, which is another way of saying in part borders and languages, these things are instituted

20:07.240 --> 20:13.320
by God to keep people separate. That has been God's plan from the beginning as we've discussed

20:13.320 --> 20:19.880
in some of the previous episodes on race and others. God intended for mankind, human beings,

20:19.880 --> 20:26.840
to fill the world. God equipped us with genes that would be differentiated as we became isolated

20:26.920 --> 20:34.840
in those places. And due to the false religion of Babel, where man wanted to be united in

20:34.840 --> 20:41.000
opposition to God, he then confused the languages to ensure that on the spot that separation would

20:41.000 --> 20:47.080
be triggered. And as it's recorded in Acts 1726, God established the boundaries of our dwelling

20:47.080 --> 20:52.920
places. Those are national boundaries. Those are blood boundaries and their physical boundaries.

20:53.000 --> 20:58.600
We've mentioned before I said that you can look at a map, a relief map of Europe, for example,

20:58.600 --> 21:04.120
and you can clearly see the difference between Portugal and Spain from space if you can see the

21:04.120 --> 21:09.560
mountain ranges. The same is true of Norway and Sweden. Like if you look at a geographic map,

21:09.560 --> 21:14.760
it's like, why are these different countries? In some cases, fairly different cultures in some

21:14.760 --> 21:19.960
significant ways. When you look at a relief map and you see the mountain ranges, it's very clear

21:19.960 --> 21:26.440
where Portugal ends and Spain begins and where Norway begins and Sweden ends. God did that.

21:27.400 --> 21:31.800
Man didn't do that. It wasn't man being capricious or just drawing straight lines on a map.

21:31.800 --> 21:36.120
When you see straight lines on a map, it means that a bunch of guys in the smokey backroom

21:36.120 --> 21:40.040
were dividing up conquered territory. That is always where you're going to find the greatest

21:40.040 --> 21:46.280
strife. Because straight lines are not God's lines. Straight lines are not geographic boundaries.

21:46.280 --> 21:51.800
They're not rivers or mountains or any of those things. They naturally segregate one people from

21:51.800 --> 21:58.280
another. The problem that the USSR was solving the Trotsky and the other communists were solving

21:58.280 --> 22:06.040
after they had murdered the previous heirs of the Russian throne and conquered the satellite

22:06.040 --> 22:11.480
nations around Russia. They had to ensure that they could have the complete hegemonic

22:12.200 --> 22:19.960
rule of empire based not on religion, not on blood, and not even on soil. Because we're talking

22:19.960 --> 22:24.680
about the USSR, I think Spain, like 14 time zones. It was staggeringly huge.

22:26.600 --> 22:33.880
For them to rule that, necessitated that they break down natural barriers through propaganda,

22:33.880 --> 22:39.000
through brainwashing. One of the very first things that Trotsky began to push and others began

22:39.000 --> 22:46.120
to push was the elimination of any racial distinctions. But only in public, because

22:47.800 --> 22:54.040
the warfare of genocide against the Kulaks, the Hulleddemore, where they literally starved millions

22:54.040 --> 22:58.680
of Ukrainians to death deliberately by destroying their farms and stealing their food,

22:58.680 --> 23:04.120
something that, oh, by the way, is literally happening in Europe in 2023. Farmers are being

23:04.120 --> 23:10.120
shut down in Denmark. Food is being destroyed worldwide. It's the same people one century after

23:10.120 --> 23:18.120
another doing the same things from the same playbook. So when we talk about where did racism come

23:18.120 --> 23:23.480
from, it's a religious issue because this is a doctrine that has been imported into our churches.

23:24.120 --> 23:31.480
But it's also political in the sense that people are dying for failing to see what is going on

23:31.480 --> 23:36.840
in the world. And you as a Christian man, if you're listening, you have a duty to your family,

23:36.840 --> 23:42.360
to your parents, to your children, to your neighbors, to your community, and to your nation

23:42.360 --> 23:47.880
to prevent evil from happening. And if you're blinded by what your churches are teaching, by saying,

23:47.880 --> 23:55.320
all racism is bad, you can't do racism. If that's a sin, then yeah, that takes precedence. If God

23:55.320 --> 24:01.480
says something is a sin, you don't do it. If, however, in this case, it's true, the thing that

24:01.480 --> 24:07.800
the church is preaching is something that was imported from communist Jews in 20th century Europe,

24:07.800 --> 24:13.080
brought into our country, onto our soil, and then brought into our churches. And today it's

24:13.080 --> 24:18.600
inescapable. Our own, the Missouri Synod just put out a horrific statement the last, the most

24:18.600 --> 24:25.560
recent of many going back to like 1959 where they become increasingly strident against what they

24:25.560 --> 24:32.360
call the sin of racism. 1959 is an interesting date because prior to that, the Missouri Synod was

24:32.360 --> 24:37.800
itself segregated. The Missouri Synod itself had not spoken out against any of these things,

24:37.800 --> 24:44.280
which is why I made the third point in the in the preface. If the Christian doctrine has always been

24:44.360 --> 24:52.280
that any racial distinctions are impermissible and sinful, then the first 75 years of Missouri

24:52.280 --> 24:56.760
Synod history, first 100 years of Missouri Synod history, was open on repentance. And

24:59.080 --> 25:03.160
there are those in the Missouri Synod who will now say that openly, but most don't. And in your

25:03.160 --> 25:07.960
church bodies, if you're not Lutherans, they're doing the same thing. What you see is that

25:08.920 --> 25:15.320
this thing was brought in from the secular world. It was invention that did not come from

25:15.320 --> 25:20.440
scripture at all. It was brought into the churches. And just as we mentioned in some previous episodes,

25:20.440 --> 25:26.440
what's the thing the Christians want to do? You hear about a new moral tenet, you hear about some

25:26.440 --> 25:31.800
new sin, you know, like, oh no, I hope I'm not coming as sin. And that's in principle, that's the

25:31.800 --> 25:37.720
right impulse for any Christian. We do not want to sin. And if we say the we're friends,

25:37.960 --> 25:43.800
free from sin, we deceive ourselves. And the truth is not in us. We know that we sin unknowingly at

25:43.800 --> 25:48.760
times. So it's not inherently bad for someone to come along and say, hey, you're doing something

25:48.760 --> 25:53.480
you thought was okay. It was actually a bad thing. That's what we're doing here today. That's

25:53.480 --> 25:57.960
what we're doing with this podcast. We're telling you that the thing that you thought was a

25:57.960 --> 26:03.960
service to God is, in fact, not a service to God. It is an attack on God. That is a necessary

26:04.040 --> 26:08.600
part of the Christian life, but it is also a vulnerability of every Christian because if someone

26:08.600 --> 26:14.600
can come to you and make a seemingly plausible scriptural argument in favor of something that's

26:14.600 --> 26:22.360
brand new, and if you adopt a wholesale as your own morality, if it's false, you have adopted

26:22.360 --> 26:29.160
a new religion. You have adopted a false religion, which is inherently worship of demons. It's

26:29.160 --> 26:34.360
teachings of demons and it's worshiping those false idols. Those are the only two possibilities.

26:34.360 --> 26:39.480
Either you're obeying God with whatever doctrine you hold or you are serving Satan. There's no

26:39.480 --> 26:44.440
middle ground where you can just sort of believe something that's contrary to what God says in

26:44.440 --> 26:51.160
be okay because he's not really looking, he doesn't care. If you say something in the name of God,

26:51.160 --> 26:55.640
and it's not true, you're violating the second commandment, you're bearing his name falsely.

26:56.120 --> 27:00.600
So this is a discussion that we have to bring to the church today because

27:01.560 --> 27:06.440
when something came from the political sphere was imported wholesale into our churches,

27:06.440 --> 27:11.560
and today our churches are beginning to tear themselves apart in the name of anti-racism.

27:12.280 --> 27:19.400
If that were a fervor driven by love of God, it would take place in a Christian way, which,

27:19.400 --> 27:22.840
you know, probably wouldn't necessarily look like fervor, and it probably wouldn't look like

27:22.840 --> 27:28.680
destruction, but it would also be consistent with 2,000 years of church history in 6,000 years

27:28.680 --> 27:35.320
of the faith in God. What we find when we look at Scripture is we don't see any of that. We don't

27:35.320 --> 27:41.960
see anyone saying the things that are called racist today. No one thought that for 5,900 years.

27:41.960 --> 27:47.560
And then in the beginning of the 19th century, first in Jewish-dominated communist Russia,

27:47.560 --> 27:53.880
and then the perverts of Weimar, Germany, who then came here as part of the Frankfurt School

27:53.880 --> 27:59.400
and began corrupting our institutions in this country. All of them also have a religion,

27:59.400 --> 28:03.960
and it's an old religion too, but it is not the religion of the one true God. And so this is a

28:04.680 --> 28:11.640
fundamental gospel matter. This is a matter about who is your God. We cannot have false sins

28:11.640 --> 28:18.760
and false sacrifices to the true God. Any false sin that you condemn is a sacrifice to Satan.

28:18.760 --> 28:24.200
And so when we find errors in the world imported into the church, it is of the most profound

28:24.200 --> 28:30.040
importance for our salvation, for the salvation of every man who listens to pastors who will,

28:30.680 --> 28:37.400
in 2023, will quote a Jewish Sodomite who is butchering children for sexual pleasure in the

28:37.400 --> 28:43.160
thirties. If that's our guidestone, if that's where we're getting our doctrine, we have ceased to

28:43.160 --> 28:48.360
be the church, because God is eternal, Scripture is unchanging, and the church doesn't change its

28:48.360 --> 28:55.400
mind about things. And just to round out the information on Hirschfeld, it is worth mentioning that

28:55.400 --> 29:03.080
he specifically praises what the Soviet Union is doing at this time with regard to culture and race.

29:03.720 --> 29:09.640
That is an example he holds up as how he would like the world to be. And also,

29:11.000 --> 29:15.960
one of the most common pictures of Hirschfeld, if you happen to search for him, will show him

29:15.960 --> 29:21.560
reclining on a couch and looking at someone. It's sometimes cropped so you cannot see the other man

29:21.560 --> 29:26.920
sitting on the couch. Well, the other man sitting on the couch is Hirschfeld's current catamite

29:27.000 --> 29:35.480
at that time. Hirschfeld, then 64, is looking at, let me look up the name because it's a Chinese name.

29:35.480 --> 29:44.520
I do not have it memorized. Lee Xu Tong, who was at the time, 24, 25. And so this is Hirschfeld

29:44.520 --> 29:51.000
attempting to spread his wickedness abroad that he had explicitly attempted to spread feminism,

29:51.000 --> 29:58.360
homosexuality, and other degeneracy in China. And this was one of the men he was using to do that.

29:59.480 --> 30:06.120
And the final point on Hirschfeld, it is worth noting that God capped off the commentary on

30:06.120 --> 30:13.080
Hirschfeld's life by killing him two years after he was sent into exile. He died in France in 1935.

30:13.800 --> 30:24.600
And so this is the man we have pastors unknowingly quoting. This is the ideology. This is the source of

30:24.600 --> 30:30.920
the, well, the ultimate source, of course, is Satan, but this is the human source, one of the sources

30:30.920 --> 30:38.440
of the ideology being advanced by supposed Christians. And we go back to one of our episodes,

30:39.160 --> 30:44.680
genealogy of ideas matters. What is the source of this thing that you are advocating?

30:45.880 --> 30:52.600
A tree is known by its fruit, of course, so you can look at the fruit of these ideas,

30:52.600 --> 30:59.720
what proceeds from them, and every time it's homosexuality, petarasti, transgendarism,

30:59.720 --> 31:07.240
it's all of these horrible wicked sins that proceed from this wicked tree. But you can also look

31:07.240 --> 31:12.120
to the root, because Scripture speaks to the root of things, and so if you are Christian,

31:12.120 --> 31:15.720
well, your root is Christ, because he is the vine, he is the tree.

31:17.480 --> 31:24.120
What's the root of these ideas? The root of these ideas is Satan. The root of these ideas extends

31:24.120 --> 31:33.400
into hell. We see the wicked fruit, we see the wicked root. How can Christians possibly advocate

31:33.480 --> 31:40.600
these things? In good conscience, supposedly. Many of them, of course, just have not looked into this,

31:40.600 --> 31:44.760
they haven't analyzed what they believe, they were told it in school, and so they unthinkingly

31:44.760 --> 31:54.840
regurgitated. But being a parrot is not actually a defense. God does not give you a blanket

31:54.840 --> 32:00.360
defense of ignorance, particularly not when it is willful ignorance, because the truth of these

32:00.440 --> 32:07.080
issues is readily ascertained, it is readily found, because the enemy celebrates this stuff.

32:08.360 --> 32:15.000
You could find all of this information on Wikipedia. This isn't hidden. None of this stuff is

32:15.000 --> 32:24.600
shoved under the rug, or downplayed. They brag about this constantly. Herschfeld is celebrated,

32:24.600 --> 32:30.920
by the left, he is celebrated by the anti-racist, he is celebrated by those who attend so-called

32:30.920 --> 32:39.400
pride parades. So this is not something that Christians have an excuse for defending, for advocating.

32:40.760 --> 32:47.800
Your ignorance is not going to save you. Scripture is very clear about the proper teaching on these

32:47.800 --> 32:54.280
things. And so if you are instead of speaking the words of God after him, instead of speaking

32:54.280 --> 32:59.560
as Scripture speaks, if you are parroting the words of these evil men, you will one day have to

32:59.560 --> 33:05.640
answer for that. And that is why we are doing this podcast. That is why we started this series.

33:05.640 --> 33:12.520
That is why we are addressing this topic, because we do not want you to stand before God with a

33:12.600 --> 33:19.480
copy of Herschfeld's magnum opus in hand. That is not a position in which we want any man to find

33:19.480 --> 33:26.840
himself. We want you to repent of believing wicked evil things that the world told you to believe,

33:26.840 --> 33:32.760
and instead believe what is found in Scripture, what is found in God's Word. Because God's Word

33:32.760 --> 33:37.720
is eternal truth. The things that God has said were true when He said them. They were true before

33:37.800 --> 33:43.800
He said them. They are true today. They will be true in eternity. The things said by these wicked men

33:44.680 --> 33:51.880
have always been lies, because they ultimately come from the Father of lies. Christians do not

33:51.880 --> 33:59.800
live a life of lies. I'm not saying that all lies in the sense we use the term in English are

33:59.800 --> 34:04.280
wrong, because of course we're not going to take the crazy, conscient example of saying you have to

34:04.280 --> 34:08.360
say that your wife is home when a murderer comes to the door. No, we're not talking about that.

34:08.360 --> 34:13.880
When we say lies, we are talking about things that are contrary to truth with a capital T,

34:14.680 --> 34:22.520
because God is goodness, beauty, and truth. The transcendentals matter. If you look at an ideology,

34:22.520 --> 34:27.240
if you look at a person, if you look at a thinker, if you look at a philosopher, any of these things,

34:28.120 --> 34:34.680
if that thing that person stands in opposition to goodness, beauty, or truth, you know it is not on

34:34.680 --> 34:41.880
God's side, because God is those things. The people who are on God's side, the ideas that are on

34:41.880 --> 34:54.440
God's side are in alignment with God's nature. Anti-racism is not. The argument that racism is a sin

34:54.520 --> 35:02.520
is not, because anti-racism seeks to destroy the nations, seeks to destroy the peoples,

35:02.520 --> 35:07.000
and those are part of God's good creation, because everything God creates is good.

35:07.720 --> 35:13.560
And so if you are seeking to destroy that which God created, you are on the side of evil.

35:14.280 --> 35:20.040
And so if your goal is to destroy the nations, you are on the side of evil. If your goal is to

35:20.040 --> 35:26.520
destroy beauty, you are on the side of evil. If your side does not comport with truth.

35:27.560 --> 35:31.160
Well, you are now defending a lie, you are on the side of evil.

35:32.600 --> 35:38.280
And that is why we are addressing this topic. That is why this topic is so vitally important.

35:38.280 --> 35:45.480
This is the wedge that Satan uses to topple the church. This is what he is using today,

35:45.480 --> 35:50.920
and it is very effective, because virtually no Christians are standing against it.

35:50.920 --> 35:56.200
There are more pagans standing against this issue than Christians. They are doing it

35:56.200 --> 36:01.400
ineffectually, because they are pagan. It is ultimately doomed to failure from their side,

36:01.400 --> 36:07.480
because they are unwittingly also serving Satan in a different way. But they are still more

36:07.480 --> 36:13.400
correct on this specific issue than Christians. Of course, that is only Christians of today,

36:13.400 --> 36:20.040
because all of our forefathers believe what we are saying now, instead of what the world is telling

36:20.040 --> 36:25.960
you that you have to believe. I think for the rest of this episode, we are going to go through,

36:25.960 --> 36:32.760
in particular, what the LCMS has said most recently about racism. Specifically, we're going to let

36:32.760 --> 36:39.640
them make their own argument for why racism is a sin. And we're going to illustrate clearly how evil

36:39.640 --> 36:47.480
and antithetical to scripture their arguments are. Say that again. What the LCMS says about racism

36:47.480 --> 36:52.600
is fundamentally an attack on scripture itself. So for the rest of this, we're just going to do

36:52.600 --> 36:57.560
some quoting and then some refutation kind of line by line. We'll link this in the show notes,

36:57.560 --> 37:03.560
but there's an LCMS social issues page, specifically on racism. That's the tag. And these are

37:03.560 --> 37:11.400
the first two paragraphs on that page. Quoting, God's love for this world, John 316, breaks down

37:11.400 --> 37:17.880
dividing walls between people Ephesians 2, 13 and following. As God's children, Christians love

37:17.880 --> 37:24.040
their neighbor as God loves them, Luke 10, 25 and following. The separation of people into nations,

37:24.040 --> 37:31.400
languages and groups is a result of the fall into sin, Genesis 11. And as one of the aspects of

37:31.400 --> 37:38.040
a broken creation, God restored through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We eagerly

37:38.040 --> 37:45.160
await his coming when all will be one in him. Revelation 7.9 as pleases him as he created us to be.

37:47.160 --> 37:53.160
Now we've mentioned last episode, we a couple episodes ago, we talked about specifically Galatians 3.28

37:53.720 --> 37:59.800
that again says there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male

37:59.800 --> 38:05.480
and female. And we talked about the fact, as we mentioned repeatedly, that these attacks

38:06.360 --> 38:13.560
against the notion that there is more than one race, that humanity is divided by God biologically,

38:14.200 --> 38:21.960
sociologically, physiologically, genetically, that those divisions are either lies or they're evil.

38:21.960 --> 38:27.320
And the Missouri Senate and frankly, almost all Christians today say both simultaneous,

38:27.320 --> 38:33.320
even though those are at odds with each other. So we're going to go through this statement and then

38:33.320 --> 38:40.120
the statement from the most recent sonotical convention and illustrate how deceptive the arguments are

38:40.120 --> 38:46.120
and how fundamentally at odds with Scripture they are. So it's said, God so loved the world, John 3.16.

38:46.120 --> 38:52.440
Okay, great. That's precisely why Jesus came and died for everyone of every race, regardless of

38:52.440 --> 38:57.960
when or where they lived, regardless of what sort of life they lived, God died for everyone. No

38:57.960 --> 39:06.440
argument. As we've said over and over, this is not about satiriology. Those in the church who want

39:06.440 --> 39:13.960
to import the doctrine of racism from Jewish sotomites want you to believe their racism is an attack

39:13.960 --> 39:19.160
on satiriology because that's what Lutherans and Protestants are really good at. We know how to

39:19.160 --> 39:26.360
defend satiriology. We know how to say you didn't save yourself. Jesus saved you. Yes. No one's

39:26.360 --> 39:33.480
disputing that. Jesus saved the African Bushmen with the lowest IQ who's eaten the most of his

39:33.480 --> 39:39.160
neighbors imaginable, the most wicked, depraved man in the world, smartest, stupid as it doesn't matter.

39:39.160 --> 39:43.960
Jesus died for her to the sins of every single one of them. No one disputes that. It's not

39:44.040 --> 39:49.160
in dispute. So that's the first point. We're dealing with straw man arguments. We're dealing with

39:49.160 --> 39:53.720
the opposite here. We're not straw manning the LCMS. We're going to tell you exactly what these people

39:53.720 --> 40:00.920
are saying. Second argument. God's love for this world breaks down the dividing walls between people

40:00.920 --> 40:07.880
and quotes Ephesians or sites Ephesians to 13 through 16. I want to read that for you now. Ephesians

40:08.760 --> 40:15.720
but now in Christ Jesus you who were once far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ

40:15.720 --> 40:22.120
for he himself is our peace who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the

40:22.120 --> 40:28.520
dividing wall of hostility by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in the ordinances

40:28.520 --> 40:36.040
that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two so making peace and my reconciless

40:36.040 --> 40:43.240
both to God in one body through the cross thereby killing the hostility. I went and looked at

40:43.240 --> 40:49.880
the CPH commentary. It's Concordia Publishing Commentary. So it's basically official doctrine

40:49.880 --> 40:57.080
from the Missouri Senate. What does the commentator say about Ephesians too? Both the Missouri Senate

40:57.080 --> 41:02.760
and is generally viewed by anyone reading this passage in context or out is that the dividing

41:02.840 --> 41:09.880
walls that it talks about breaking down are first and foremost so stereotyological. They're about

41:09.880 --> 41:16.280
the law condemning every man for our sins. My sins, your sins, Cory sins, every man's sins.

41:16.280 --> 41:23.160
We are separated by God by our sin and we sin because we're sinners. We were born with the

41:23.160 --> 41:28.440
Adam's inherited sin. We spend our entire life sinning. The only reason that we have faith as

41:28.440 --> 41:34.120
it was given to us is a gift. So when this passage in Ephesians talks down breaking down

41:34.120 --> 41:41.240
dividing walls, it is first and foremost talking about breaking down the vertical wall between us

41:41.240 --> 41:49.720
and God. And then secondarily, there is, as is discussed in Galatians 3.28, the division of man

41:49.720 --> 41:57.240
from man of one race from another race, so tireologically. Now what that means is that

41:58.120 --> 42:04.840
when God breaks down the wall between you and a brother in Christ, the in Christ part is the

42:04.840 --> 42:11.000
important part. The African Christian is my brother in Christ. The African Christian is not my

42:11.000 --> 42:17.560
brother according to the flesh. We are made brothers by both being adopted as sons of God through

42:17.560 --> 42:23.960
Christ's blood. This is a soteriological passage. And so once again, we see that Christians are

42:23.960 --> 42:30.520
trying to take something that God has given for his comfort for the comfort of aggrieved souls

42:30.520 --> 42:37.080
who seek unity with God through the blood of Christ. And what are we being told? We're being

42:37.080 --> 42:43.240
told first and foremost that this is about breaking down the barriers between men and make no mistake

42:43.240 --> 42:49.800
when this anti-racism stuff comes up in churches. That's always first. It's always man to man.

42:49.800 --> 42:54.280
You need unity with the man next to you. You need unity with the man on the other side of the

42:54.280 --> 42:59.880
world. You as one race need unity with another race. Where does God come into it? Well, hopefully

42:59.880 --> 43:04.920
he'll come in later. And you know that you need God to do it. Maybe the other guy doesn't know it,

43:04.920 --> 43:11.480
but you get unity with him and then God will come in. That's what Satan wants. Satan wants us

43:11.480 --> 43:19.240
robbing these passages of being about salvation. He wants them to be about Bable. He wants to undo Bable.

43:19.240 --> 43:26.520
He wants to break down those dividing walls. They God put up in Acts 1726 that he put up in Genesis 11

43:26.520 --> 43:31.400
when he confused man's language. And he scattered us across the face of the earth. And he established

43:31.400 --> 43:38.440
the boundaries of our dwelling places. God put up those walls. And when Satan says, hey, let's have

43:38.440 --> 43:44.440
unity. God is always as far away from the picture as possible. Because if he can get brotherhood of

43:44.440 --> 43:51.160
man going on, it's a Bable family reunion. It's right back where we started with our rebellion

43:51.160 --> 43:56.520
against God immediately after the flood. And so the fact that the Missouri Senate would cite Ephesians

43:56.520 --> 44:03.320
too as something as an anti-racist passage robs it completely of the sotereological impact that it

44:04.280 --> 44:08.280
has. And then it goes on to say Christians love their neighbors. God loves them. Yes, your neighbor is

44:08.280 --> 44:14.520
the man in front of you without regard to his race. But neighbor doesn't mean he necessarily lives

44:14.520 --> 44:20.040
there. It means he's adjacent to you. If there's a foreigner, if there's an alien who happens to be your

44:20.040 --> 44:26.200
neighbor, you treat him lovingly while he's your neighbor. But if he's an alien, he probably needs

44:26.200 --> 44:32.760
to go home. And that's between him and the prince. That's not for you to exact. But the fact that someone

44:32.760 --> 44:38.440
happens to be in front of you doesn't mean that he has to stay there forever. And so this is them

44:38.440 --> 44:44.760
importing the breaking down of the boundaries of our dwelling places of saying there are no nations.

44:44.760 --> 44:50.680
There's no blood. There are no countries. We're all just one man. Let's just get back together

44:50.680 --> 44:58.600
and get that magic back that we lost a Bable. And so the next part is the separation of people into

44:58.600 --> 45:05.800
nations, languages and groups is a result of the fall into sin. And of course that sites to Genesis

45:05.800 --> 45:14.920
11, which is the tower of Babel. And as we mentioned in the previous episode, very short section,

45:14.920 --> 45:20.600
it is literally a paragraph, depending on how you break up the sentences. But

45:20.600 --> 45:28.680
vitally important, Satan has had thousands of years to think about how he can use this to subvert

45:28.680 --> 45:35.240
the church, how he can use this to attack the people of God. And he's found a very effective way

45:35.240 --> 45:46.920
to do so with Marxism, with anti-racism, with the accusation of racism. And so we spoke about the

45:47.000 --> 45:53.480
narrative of the tower of Babel previously. Nowhere in the narrative does it say that the

45:53.480 --> 46:00.280
separation into races, into peoples is a punishment for Babel.

46:02.600 --> 46:08.840
The races are part of God's good creation from the beginning. We see that very obviously

46:10.040 --> 46:15.880
because the genetics that make up the distinction between and among the races of men

46:15.960 --> 46:21.160
were present on the ark, because of course they had to be present on the ark, because everyone

46:21.160 --> 46:28.200
is descended from those who were on the ark. And so the distinction between the three great races

46:28.200 --> 46:36.200
of men, being the japhithites, the shemites and the hamites, comes primarily from the wives of

46:36.200 --> 46:41.960
Noah's sons. Doesn't take very much thinking to figure out why that's the case. It's very obvious

46:42.040 --> 46:46.920
the sons of Noah and his wife are going to be genetically similar to each other.

46:47.720 --> 46:54.920
And so the distinctions we see in these populations came from the wives of Noah's sons.

46:54.920 --> 47:00.440
And we see this even today. You have the Neanderthal, so-called DNA, in Europeans, you have ghost

47:00.440 --> 47:05.960
DNA, so-called in Africa, and you have Denisovan DNA, so-called in parts of Asia.

47:05.960 --> 47:09.160
There are other things as well, but those are three good examples of this.

47:09.640 --> 47:16.520
And so in the LCMS attempts to say that the races are a punishment for Babel,

47:17.720 --> 47:26.040
they are accusing God's good creation of being something that it is very much not. It's very

47:26.040 --> 47:34.040
clear in this that the races are part of God's original design for men, because that is how man

47:34.760 --> 47:41.400
spreads out over the earth and lives in the coldest parts of Scandinavia and the warmest parts of

47:41.400 --> 47:49.080
the tropics. That's what God's design for race is. It separates man into groups to live in different

47:49.080 --> 47:58.120
geographic parts of the earth God created for men. That's all it is. There are ramifications,

47:58.120 --> 48:03.880
implications of that we've gone over in previous episodes, but fundamentally it was so that men

48:03.880 --> 48:11.080
could live in different parts of the globe in their own groups. What the LCMS is saying here is

48:11.080 --> 48:20.360
a total denial of that. They are accusing God of lying in Scripture. The heinousness of this

48:20.360 --> 48:26.360
short paragraph on the LCMS website would be difficult to overstate. This is a wicked,

48:26.360 --> 48:32.920
evil paragraph written by men who clearly have seared consciences because they don't hear the word

48:32.920 --> 48:37.720
of God. If they heard the word of God, they would read Scripture and see that what they've said is

48:37.720 --> 48:42.520
wrong. See that what they've said is coming from the wicked culture and the men we previously

48:42.520 --> 48:50.360
described and not from God's word. And as I'm thinking about what exactly it is they're doing here,

48:51.080 --> 48:59.640
they're really doing something that is analogous to some historic heresies have argued

49:00.680 --> 49:09.720
that since the fall man's nature is original sin. That's a heresy and the reason that is a heresy,

49:10.600 --> 49:17.560
there are some complicated philosophical reasons, but the basic reason is that if you contend

49:18.280 --> 49:24.360
that man's nature itself is original sin, you are saying that Satan created man.

49:26.440 --> 49:31.640
And so original sin is a corruption of human nature. That's the proper way to look at it. It

49:31.640 --> 49:38.680
is a very deep corruption. It is thorough to the point of being basically impossible to describe.

49:38.680 --> 49:45.480
It can be known only from Scripture, but it is not man's nature. Man's nature is still good

49:46.040 --> 49:53.160
because man's nature is God's creation and what God creates is good, even in our fallen state,

49:53.960 --> 50:01.080
even in our corrupted state. Our nature in so far as it is God's creature is still good,

50:01.080 --> 50:07.240
corrupted by original sin, less than it should be, less than it will be again in paradise when

50:07.240 --> 50:14.840
it is restored, but still God's creature is still good. What is being done here is the same thing

50:14.920 --> 50:21.880
with regard to man's biology, with regard to man's physical nature. They are saying

50:21.880 --> 50:30.760
that since the fall man's physical nature is sin. Not that man's physical nature is corrupted by

50:30.760 --> 50:37.160
sin, influenced by sin, damaged by sin, all of which we affirm, all of which is quite obvious

50:37.160 --> 50:41.880
to anyone. I mean, get into your thirties or your forties, stand up and listen to the noises

50:41.960 --> 50:49.880
your knees make. You can tell that sin has changed things. But what they're saying is that man's

50:49.880 --> 50:57.880
physical nature is sin itself, that your race is sin, that your language is sin, that who and what

50:57.880 --> 51:04.600
you are, these things that God made, these things that God designed into creation, that are good

51:04.600 --> 51:11.160
because they are God's creation. The LCMS is saying that they are sin. And so it's the same sort of

51:11.160 --> 51:16.920
error as saying that man's nature is original sin. They're saying that man's physical nature

51:16.920 --> 51:23.480
is original sin since Babel. Apparently, it's a second fall, which typologically, yes, it's a second

51:23.480 --> 51:33.800
fall. But the consequences are not that your physical nature is sin. God made you, whatever you are,

51:33.800 --> 51:40.760
French, German, Dutch, whatever you are, God made that. It is good in so far as it is God's

51:40.760 --> 51:47.160
creature. Are there corruptions that have crept in over time due to the consequences of sin?

51:47.160 --> 51:53.480
Absolutely. There are diseases that are endemic to certain populations. There are

51:54.760 --> 51:58.920
intellectual deficits that are endemic to certain populations. Those are the consequences of sin.

51:59.640 --> 52:06.600
Those are damaged to the physical nature of man due to sin. But the physical nature of man

52:06.600 --> 52:14.680
itself cannot be sin because to say that the physical nature of man itself is sin is to accuse

52:14.680 --> 52:23.080
God of sin. To say that the races are sin is to accuse God of sin. And that is what the LCMS

52:23.240 --> 52:31.400
is doing here. And Christians cannot do that. The most astonishingly wicked part of that paragraph

52:31.400 --> 52:37.080
is that it's self-refuting because in the first sense it says the languages and groups and nations

52:37.080 --> 52:43.080
are the result of the fall. And in the second sentence it says, we eagerly await Christ coming

52:43.080 --> 52:49.000
when all will we be one in Him, citing Revelation 7.9. What you've probably mentioned, you probably

52:49.000 --> 52:53.640
remember us talking about Revelation 7.9 before many times. Here's what it says,

52:54.520 --> 53:00.200
after this, I, meaning John looked and behold a great multitude that no one could number

53:00.200 --> 53:06.840
from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages standing before the throne and before

53:06.840 --> 53:16.920
the Lamb clothed in white robes with palm branches in their hands. Now these Lutherans are saying race

53:16.920 --> 53:24.600
and language and nations. Those are sins. Scripture says that those sins of the Missouri Synod

53:24.600 --> 53:32.280
stand before the throne of God intact. One of them is lying. Either God is lying about heaven,

53:32.280 --> 53:39.160
what heaven looks like, or the Missouri Synod is lying about God. Because if language is the

53:39.160 --> 53:46.280
result of sin, then language is not present in heaven. There's a great talk that we will link from

53:46.280 --> 53:51.080
Pastor David Ramirez. He's one of them from one of the vanishingly small handful of faithful

53:51.080 --> 53:57.480
pastors that I'm aware of in the Missouri Synod at this time. He did a talk two years ago or so

53:57.480 --> 54:05.000
about Babel and about racism. And he specifically refutes everything that this Missouri Synod page says.

54:05.000 --> 54:12.280
He goes into detail. He does a great job analyzing it. So you don't need to take our word. For

54:12.360 --> 54:17.400
we're not French. As Corey said, we're saying the same thing. The Christians have always believed.

54:17.400 --> 54:25.560
This stuff that we're pointing out is novel. It's novel since the 50s, the 1950s, not AD 50.

54:25.560 --> 54:31.160
It wasn't like Paul came along and said, oh, by the way, here's a new revelation. No. 1900 years

54:31.160 --> 54:38.600
later, a new revelation was discovered from the pits of Europe's hell. If nations and tribes and

54:38.600 --> 54:45.960
languages are sinned, then they cannot exist before the throne of God. That's a very fundamental

54:45.960 --> 54:50.440
element of the first point that I made at the beginning of the episode. God's will is eternal.

54:50.440 --> 54:57.560
Whatever is evil is contrary to his will. In heaven, nothing is contrary to God's will. Anything

54:57.560 --> 55:03.800
that exists before God can only exist because it is in accord with his will. God permits nothing

55:03.880 --> 55:10.280
anywhere near him that is not according to his will. So if languages are spoken that are different

55:10.280 --> 55:16.280
in heaven, then that's good. If there are nations, if there are tribes, that's races. In that's

55:16.280 --> 55:22.680
in heaven, that's good. Now, the point that Ramirez makes in his article or in his speech was one

55:22.680 --> 55:28.200
that the Missouri Synod doesn't address here, but it's intimating, which is that pentacost,

55:28.200 --> 55:34.600
undid bable, which is false doctrine. That is absolutely not what happened. When pentacost came,

55:35.560 --> 55:42.120
when the Holy Spirit alighted on their heads like tongues of fire, they began speaking the gospel

55:42.120 --> 55:48.440
and the tongues of those who were present. It was a physical manifestation of the great commission.

55:48.440 --> 55:52.920
It was saying, yes, all of you Jews from all around the world who were here in this one place at

55:52.920 --> 55:58.200
this one time, who speak all these different languages, you are going to hear the gospel in your

55:58.200 --> 56:02.440
own native tongue. They couldn't understand anything else. They couldn't suddenly understand each

56:02.440 --> 56:09.080
other's speech. It was not an undoing a bable. What God did is said the gospel is for all nations.

56:09.080 --> 56:15.080
It's for every people on the planet, which is what we believe because it's what scripture says.

56:15.080 --> 56:20.440
And we are fearful of disagreeing with God because we know that we will face the judgment

56:21.080 --> 56:25.000
through and these confessions that we bring before God or how we will be judged.

56:26.600 --> 56:31.720
Christ's blood will cover our sins, but if we despise Christ's blood by calling God a liar,

56:32.920 --> 56:39.080
only God can do the math on what happens to Christ's propitiation for those who despise Him.

56:39.080 --> 56:44.040
I don't think the odds are good, but I don't know. That's for God to worry about. We don't need

56:44.040 --> 56:49.080
to worry about other people, but we do need to worry about the fact that our own confession before

56:49.080 --> 56:54.120
God needs to be one that doesn't call Him a liar. And so if you believe with the Missouri

56:54.120 --> 57:01.080
Synod says about racism, then you have denied how we are saved. You have said the unification of

57:01.080 --> 57:07.160
man is paramount above God. That's not how they phrase it, but it's the only possible conclusion

57:07.160 --> 57:12.680
of these repeated attacks on Ephesians and Galatians and the other passages that talk about oneness.

57:12.680 --> 57:16.200
The oneness as brothers in Christ excludes unbelievers.

57:17.000 --> 57:23.000
Let me talk about that before too. The in Christ part is only believers. The random

57:23.000 --> 57:28.120
Chinaman who has never heard the gospel is not my brother by any measure. He's not my brother

57:28.120 --> 57:34.600
in Christ. He's an enemy of God. Doesn't mean I can mistreat him, but he's 8,000 miles away.

57:34.600 --> 57:40.520
I don't care. He's not my problem. He's not my brother in Christ because he's not in Christ.

57:41.160 --> 57:46.840
If I have an African brother in Christ because he's in Christ, our brotherhood is through Christ.

57:46.840 --> 57:53.880
The oneness is shared through faith in God. But that implicitly excludes anyone who doesn't

57:53.880 --> 57:59.080
have faith in God. That's a small number. It's like even if your argument against racism,

57:59.080 --> 58:04.280
even if it were a real thing and not a made up of demonic sin, even if it were real,

58:04.280 --> 58:12.200
if your fix is B1 in Christ, that does nothing for the 95, 98, 99 percent of humans who are

58:12.200 --> 58:18.520
unbelievers because they are not in Christ. What do you do with them? Well, we evangelize, but God

58:18.520 --> 58:25.160
says the narrow path is not for everyone. There are many who will stray from it. The wide path

58:25.160 --> 58:32.360
is the path of damnation. Most men take the wide path to hell. If the argument against racism

58:32.440 --> 58:39.480
is let's have oneness in Christ, that fix is nothing. The man in Africa who is my brother in Christ

58:39.480 --> 58:45.560
who will never meet until we get to heaven isn't my problem. He's not my enemy. If someone comes

58:45.560 --> 58:49.720
here and they cause problems, then they're my neighbor. But that's an issue to be dealt with

58:49.720 --> 58:56.840
civilly. I can't say, well, I'm not going to be racist to Christians, but then what? I can be

58:56.920 --> 59:04.040
racist to non-Christians. We're trying to illustrate that these arguments fall apart internally.

59:04.040 --> 59:08.280
Like in two paragraphs, they've repeatedly contradicted scripture. They've contradicted

59:08.280 --> 59:12.760
themselves. And when you give the most cursory examination of the things that they're saying,

59:13.640 --> 59:19.720
they were lead to preposterous and frankly evil conclusions. This is not the hallmark of sound

59:19.720 --> 59:25.480
doctrine. There's no other doctrine in the church that falls apart as soon as you look at it.

59:26.120 --> 59:30.840
That is the hallmark of a lie. That is the hallmark of something that comes from Satan.

59:30.840 --> 59:36.840
When you're told a lie, your entire life, and you just accept it unthinkingly. And then someday

59:36.840 --> 59:42.760
some man comes along and says, hey, did you know X, Y, and Z and begins dismantling those lies that

59:42.760 --> 59:47.480
you've held your whole life? It's going to be disruptive because suddenly you realize that these

59:47.480 --> 59:54.200
things that you thought were true, they just fall apart. As soon as you examine them, the lies stack

59:54.280 --> 59:59.640
up and you realize that there was nothing there. It was only ever a facade over evil.

01:00:00.280 --> 01:00:03.880
And it was sold to you in a way that seemed good. And that's why you bought it. You weren't trying

01:00:03.880 --> 01:00:10.440
to buy evil. But you were buying something that was disguised in the thinnest possible veneer of good.

01:00:11.160 --> 01:00:16.360
Everything underneath was not good. These are tough conversations because that's what we're telling

01:00:16.360 --> 01:00:21.640
you that for those of you who are young enough, you've only ever heard about the doctrine of racism.

01:00:21.640 --> 01:00:26.360
If you're old enough, you never heard about it because it wasn't invented until living memory,

01:00:26.920 --> 01:00:31.720
which again goes back to that third point. They made the beginning. New sins simply don't occur.

01:00:32.360 --> 01:00:36.840
And that's why it's so problematic. That's why it's so deadly that we have churches like the

01:00:36.840 --> 01:00:42.680
Missouri Synod trying to proof text in the most ham-fisted fashion, going in and finding these

01:00:42.680 --> 01:00:47.560
verses that are about how we're saved before God and say, oh, that's actually undoing

01:00:48.120 --> 01:00:53.720
that's actually the brotherhood of all men. That's evil. That's destructive to the gospel.

01:00:53.720 --> 01:00:58.280
You don't save the gospel, not by destroying it. This is not Vietnam. You don't save the

01:00:58.280 --> 01:01:02.920
village by burning it. That's what's going on with these people. If this were sound doctrine,

01:01:02.920 --> 01:01:09.960
if racism were actually a sin that was held up by scripture and by 2000 years of the Christian

01:01:09.960 --> 01:01:15.800
church, then you wouldn't have ham-fisted arguments. You would have well-flashed out arguments

01:01:15.800 --> 01:01:21.400
that are coherent. They're ring true because they would be true. We've just looked at two paragraphs

01:01:21.400 --> 01:01:26.440
here and spent 15 minutes completely dismantling the number of lies in them. And that's not even

01:01:26.440 --> 01:01:31.240
scratching the surface. We're going to get in a minute into one of the more details or resolutions

01:01:31.240 --> 01:01:36.760
that the Missouri Synod passed in 2019. But they're all this bad. Cory and I have read through

01:01:36.760 --> 01:01:43.240
almost all of them in the last few days, studying for this episode. They're all trash. They're

01:01:43.320 --> 01:01:49.640
all embarrassingly trash. It's not like there's some deep well of scholarship to explain.

01:01:49.640 --> 01:01:51.240
They actually get understatement for most of them.

01:01:54.200 --> 01:01:57.560
Well, we try to keep this clean. That's fair, yes.

01:01:58.360 --> 01:02:03.160
Yeah. You can imagine a stream of expel-dives and that would pretty much be our response to

01:02:03.720 --> 01:02:09.080
the degree of depravity in these statements. And frankly, these statements from the Missouri

01:02:09.160 --> 01:02:14.520
Synod are less bad than you'll get from the Methodists or from Alka or from some of the other

01:02:15.240 --> 01:02:21.000
denominations that are much further down the path to hell than us. But that's going to change

01:02:21.000 --> 01:02:27.000
because when you treat the word of God, when you treat scripture as toilet paper, that you can,

01:02:27.000 --> 01:02:35.560
you know, it's just, it's depraved. It leaves me speechless to see how bad the arguments are.

01:02:35.640 --> 01:02:41.960
And yet, what do we see? We see pastors on Twitter and elsewhere who link this racism page

01:02:41.960 --> 01:02:47.000
and their bios on social media to say, this is what I believe. This is it. We got them now.

01:02:47.000 --> 01:02:51.800
We got those racists on the run. Look at all these arguments. Well, I have looked at the arguments

01:02:51.800 --> 01:02:57.480
because I'm concerned about not disagreeing with God. And when my church says, hey guys,

01:02:57.480 --> 01:03:02.360
you're disagreeing with God, I take that seriously. We should all take that seriously. If you're in a

01:03:02.360 --> 01:03:08.520
serious church body, it should be of concern if your church says you are in error. When we look at

01:03:08.520 --> 01:03:14.840
the arguments, they're juvenile and they're retarded. They're clinically retarded. No insane

01:03:14.840 --> 01:03:19.800
intelligent man would ever put these arguments in front of someone. If I wanted to lie to you and

01:03:19.800 --> 01:03:24.440
convince you that scripture was, it was in accord with the doctrine of racism, I could have made a

01:03:24.440 --> 01:03:29.480
page that might be convincing. It would be lies, but it would be much more convincingly deceptive

01:03:29.960 --> 01:03:34.840
than this. This is just childish trash. And yet it's the best they have.

01:03:37.000 --> 01:03:45.240
On just the idea that Pentecost undoes Babel, anyone who thinks about that for more than 10 seconds

01:03:45.240 --> 01:03:52.520
should figure out why that's ridiculous. What did Babel do? It confused their languages

01:03:52.520 --> 01:03:58.760
and caused them to spread over the face of the earth. Well, if we take the position

01:03:58.840 --> 01:04:04.920
of the LCMS and so many others, that one of the consequences of Babel, one of the punishments

01:04:04.920 --> 01:04:13.960
from God, is race, ethnicity, the separation, intonations. If Pentecost undid Babel, they would have

01:04:13.960 --> 01:04:21.400
all become one race, speaking one language, then and there. That didn't happen.

01:04:22.120 --> 01:04:26.440
Scripture would have recorded that if that had happened. And obviously,

01:04:28.120 --> 01:04:33.000
it's not happening now. When someone converts to Christianity, they don't start speaking

01:04:33.800 --> 01:04:39.320
proto-indo-European or whatever it happens to be the first language was. They don't suddenly

01:04:39.320 --> 01:04:46.280
change skin color. These things remain. And as noted, they remain before the throne of God as well.

01:04:47.080 --> 01:04:53.960
And that which is a consequence of sin is itself tainted by sin if it is not in fact

01:04:53.960 --> 01:05:01.160
sin itself. And so that which persists in paradise cannot be sin, cannot be a consequence of sin.

01:05:02.760 --> 01:05:09.640
That's basic theology. And really Lutherans should be the last people to get this wrong.

01:05:10.280 --> 01:05:16.280
Because as I mentioned, this is just analogous to the heresies that say that man's nature is

01:05:16.280 --> 01:05:23.000
original sin now. We have a very long article in the solid declaration of the formula of concord

01:05:23.000 --> 01:05:28.440
in the book of concord on original sin that refutes all of these at length.

01:05:29.800 --> 01:05:35.720
It is the same problem. The same thing we are fighting now. It's literally in our confession.

01:05:35.800 --> 01:05:39.640
Lutherans have no excuse to get this wrong. I will put it in the show notes.

01:05:40.280 --> 01:05:44.200
I'm not going to say everyone will be able to read it and understand it fully. It is written

01:05:44.200 --> 01:05:53.240
at a high level, but trudge through part of it. And to expound on, you said that these views when

01:05:53.240 --> 01:05:58.760
you analyze them, they fall apart in your hands. I have an analogy for that that I think some

01:05:58.760 --> 01:06:05.480
people will enjoy. Growing up, my mother had a pet raccoon. Now that makes me sound like I am

01:06:05.480 --> 01:06:09.720
a little more backwards than I actually am, despite living in Tennessee currently. This was in

01:06:09.720 --> 01:06:16.520
California, but she had a pet raccoon. One of the fun things you can do, this may sound a little

01:06:16.520 --> 01:06:20.920
mean, but one of the fun things you can do with a raccoon is you can give them food that falls

01:06:20.920 --> 01:06:25.880
apart. And if you know anything about raccoons, you know, they wash everything they eat.

01:06:27.160 --> 01:06:32.680
So if you give them, you know, American white bread, which is not bread, but that's a separate

01:06:32.680 --> 01:06:36.840
matter or marshmallows or something like that. Well, they go over to their little pond and they

01:06:36.840 --> 01:06:43.240
start washing it and it disappears. And so they stand there confused as to how this food they had

01:06:43.240 --> 01:06:47.320
that they really wanted to eat has disappeared and they pot the water they dig for it. They get in the

01:06:47.320 --> 01:06:52.520
water. They can't find it. It's gone. Of course, you give them something else to eat afterward.

01:06:52.520 --> 01:06:59.320
You're not trying to be mean to your pet. But we have that same problem with these lies,

01:06:59.320 --> 01:07:05.080
these false doctrines that get imported into the church because God's scripture is that pure

01:07:05.080 --> 01:07:11.320
clean water. And if you take these lies and you expose them to that water, you expose them to God's

01:07:11.320 --> 01:07:18.840
word, they dissolve, they disappear, they're gone. And so you have men who are frantically searching in

01:07:18.840 --> 01:07:24.840
this water to find this wickedness that they stuck in the water and it's gone. Well, this is just

01:07:24.840 --> 01:07:30.200
like baptism. If you're looking for your wickedness and your sin in the waters of baptism,

01:07:30.200 --> 01:07:35.880
something has gone horribly wrong in your doctrine because that was all washed away in baptism.

01:07:36.680 --> 01:07:40.520
When you were born again, when you became a Christian, when God gave you faith,

01:07:40.520 --> 01:07:46.040
if you were baptized as an infant, you may have come to faith through the word if you were

01:07:46.040 --> 01:07:50.920
baptized as an adult instead. But if you're looking for that sin, that pervertedness,

01:07:50.920 --> 01:07:55.400
that evil nature, the wickedness that was washed away in the water, what are you doing?

01:07:57.320 --> 01:08:02.840
If you're doctrine upon exposure to scripture disintegrates in your hands,

01:08:03.640 --> 01:08:07.800
why are you trying to rescue it? You have obviously believed a lie,

01:08:08.600 --> 01:08:13.640
look to scripture instead to see what it was you should have been believing the entire time.

01:08:14.040 --> 01:08:22.120
If your doctrine cannot survive exposure to scripture, it is false, it is necessarily false,

01:08:22.120 --> 01:08:29.080
and as a Christian, you must reject it. One of the outs that you will sometimes find the more

01:08:29.080 --> 01:08:34.840
sophisticated defender of the newly invented doctrine of racism is to say, well, in scripture,

01:08:34.840 --> 01:08:40.440
that's called partiality. And so if you're being partial, that's the same as committing racism,

01:08:40.440 --> 01:08:46.280
if you're being partial on the basis of race at least. There's one particular passage in James,

01:08:46.280 --> 01:08:52.760
I want to read from James 2 just briefly, but we'll also link to a website where you can see,

01:08:52.760 --> 01:08:57.240
where you can just, you can search for yourself, you can go to any concordance and search for partiality.

01:08:57.960 --> 01:09:05.800
And you will find I think many dozens, if not hundreds of instances of partial partiality being

01:09:05.880 --> 01:09:11.640
partial, showing up in both the old and the new testament. I want to give this example from James,

01:09:11.640 --> 01:09:16.280
I'm going to characterize partiality in general to give you a sense of how far off the mark they are.

01:09:16.920 --> 01:09:21.720
And the reason I'm using the James one is it's one of the most popular, and it's also one that's

01:09:21.720 --> 01:09:27.320
explicitly self-refuting of the notion that it could possibly have anything to do with racism.

01:09:30.120 --> 01:09:34.920
My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ,

01:09:34.920 --> 01:09:40.760
the Lord of glory. For if a man wearing a gold ring and fine clothing comes into your assembly,

01:09:40.760 --> 01:09:45.640
and a poor man and shabby clothing also comes in. And if you pay attention to the one who

01:09:45.640 --> 01:09:50.280
wears the fine clothing and say, you sit here in the good place, while you say to the poor man,

01:09:50.280 --> 01:09:56.440
you stand over there or sit down at my feet, have you not been made distinctions amongst yourselves

01:09:56.440 --> 01:10:02.920
and become judges with evil thoughts? Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen for those who

01:10:02.920 --> 01:10:07.880
are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those

01:10:07.880 --> 01:10:13.720
who love him. But you have dishonored the poor man, are not the rich, the ones who oppress you,

01:10:13.720 --> 01:10:18.840
and the ones who drag you into court, are they not the ones who blaspheme the honorable name

01:10:18.840 --> 01:10:23.640
by what you were called? If you really fulfill the royal law according to the scripture,

01:10:23.640 --> 01:10:28.520
you shall love your neighbor as yourself, you are doing well. But if you show partiality,

01:10:28.520 --> 01:10:32.440
you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors.

01:10:34.280 --> 01:10:39.560
Now there are two elements to this that are paramount. The first is says in the middle there,

01:10:39.560 --> 01:10:45.320
have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

01:10:46.200 --> 01:10:51.720
Now that judges with evil thoughts is really the center of that entire passage. It's not necessarily

01:10:51.720 --> 01:10:57.000
apparent from this one particular passage, but as I said, if you look at all of the other places

01:10:57.000 --> 01:11:04.920
in scripture where partiality is discussed, it's talking about judgment, it's talking about unfair

01:11:04.920 --> 01:11:10.520
judgment in effect on even weights and measures. It's saying if two men come before you and you're

01:11:10.520 --> 01:11:16.680
in a place to judge them, so it's not judging in the sense of prejudice that we use colloquially

01:11:16.680 --> 01:11:24.520
today. If a juror is prejudiced, that is in the technical sense, if a judge is prejudiced,

01:11:24.520 --> 01:11:29.880
that means that they have prejudged the outcome. That is the partiality that's being discussed here.

01:11:29.880 --> 01:11:35.880
So for example, if you're an attorney in a criminal case and you have a black defendant,

01:11:37.240 --> 01:11:43.880
you probably don't want to have 12 white jurors because everyone knows that there's

01:11:44.680 --> 01:11:48.760
if there's going to be bias, that's probably going to be in the direction of the outgroup.

01:11:49.400 --> 01:11:55.400
So they try to weed out anyone on the jury who might be prejudiced against the man because he's

01:11:55.400 --> 01:12:01.000
black, not because he's accused of a particular crime, which has yet to be proven, but if they just

01:12:01.000 --> 01:12:06.600
say that's a black guy, I think he probably did it, that's prejudice. That's what this is talking

01:12:06.600 --> 01:12:13.320
about. The sin of partiality is judging unfairly when something is brought before you to judge.

01:12:14.200 --> 01:12:18.600
But the reason I quoted James 2 is that look at the second part of that as well. We're

01:12:19.320 --> 01:12:27.080
if prejudice in the in the partiality sense and the sin sense that God is condemning is only about

01:12:28.520 --> 01:12:37.160
generalizations, then James 2 commits sin by what is said next. He says, are not the rich the ones

01:12:37.240 --> 01:12:45.240
who oppress you and the ones who drag you into court. If your definition of partiality is to make

01:12:45.240 --> 01:12:55.400
distinctions among groups and to generalize, this is an act of partiality. James 2 itself is the

01:12:55.400 --> 01:13:00.760
sin of partiality if it's about stereotyping. Well, and look at which specific one it is.

01:13:01.160 --> 01:13:08.200
This runs right back to the man the man we mentioned earlier. What did he link together? Racism

01:13:08.200 --> 01:13:15.240
and Classism. What is this we see right here? This would be Classism if it were the sin of partiality.

01:13:16.200 --> 01:13:23.400
And so it's worth noting that those constantly get connected down through the years. Classism,

01:13:23.400 --> 01:13:29.400
racism, all of these various things are connected because they are used to undermine and destroy

01:13:30.200 --> 01:13:36.200
nations, societies, and ultimately the church. That's why in 2023 the Missouri Senate

01:13:36.200 --> 01:13:43.000
condemn the sin of gentrification because that's racial classism disrupting poor black neighborhoods

01:13:43.000 --> 01:13:48.680
to the benefit of whites. That's literally what gentrification means. They can sugarcoat it,

01:13:48.680 --> 01:13:53.240
but when the large catechism condemned that, that's what it's talking about. It's talking about

01:13:53.240 --> 01:13:59.720
racial and class warfare in the Marxist sense. It's all these things are a bundle. The reason we

01:13:59.720 --> 01:14:03.720
keep bringing up Marxism, we're going to do an episode where we specifically talk about Marxism.

01:14:03.720 --> 01:14:09.000
We're not trying to play political games and import some label. I've said many times I despise

01:14:09.000 --> 01:14:14.440
labels because there's so much baggage that comes with them. When we say Marxism, we mean it. This is

01:14:14.440 --> 01:14:21.960
a collection of religious beliefs imported by secular Jews into the West for the purpose of

01:14:22.040 --> 01:14:27.080
overthrowing Christendom and it's working beautifully. We now have Christians eating it up left

01:14:27.080 --> 01:14:33.720
and right and adopting it just as they have adopted this Marxist sin of racism as a new religion.

01:14:33.720 --> 01:14:39.080
They import all the rest because it's all part and parcel. Satan has his catechesis too. He has

01:14:39.080 --> 01:14:44.120
his commandments. He has his rules. He has his lists of beliefs that must remain in violet.

01:14:44.840 --> 01:14:49.720
They're obviously always in pop position to God, but they're coherent within themselves when you

01:14:49.720 --> 01:14:54.760
start looking at them in the context of scripture. They dissolve like the white bread in the stream

01:14:54.760 --> 01:15:01.640
because there's nothing there, not logically and not theologically, but internally all these

01:15:01.640 --> 01:15:07.640
things are always a package. As I said, go read James 2. Go read the other passages that talk about

01:15:07.640 --> 01:15:12.840
partiality so that when you hear someone say, oh, well, racism, that's just partiality based on

01:15:12.840 --> 01:15:19.320
skin color. If that's the case, then James 2 sins by committing the sin of partiality against the

01:15:19.320 --> 01:15:24.840
rich because it expressly says, are not the rich the ones who oppress you? That's a generalization.

01:15:24.840 --> 01:15:30.600
That's saying all credence are liars, all richer oppressors. That's obviously not a universal truth.

01:15:30.600 --> 01:15:36.120
There may be exceptions. That's why we mentioned Naxald a few episodes ago. Not all X or like that

01:15:36.120 --> 01:15:43.640
is not a refutation. It is indeed the rich and the powerful who will use institutional power to

01:15:43.640 --> 01:15:52.360
destroy anyone who opposes them. That's sometimes used for evil. Sometimes when it's institutional

01:15:52.360 --> 01:15:57.720
power is a Marxist term, sometimes that just means a godly prince. When the godly prince executes

01:15:57.720 --> 01:16:03.960
those whom God says must be executed, that's not oppression. That's obeying God. And the fact that

01:16:03.960 --> 01:16:08.360
there are people who call themselves Christians who condemn that tells you about their faith. It

01:16:08.360 --> 01:16:11.720
doesn't tell you about God and it doesn't tell you about whether the prince is being godly.

01:16:12.360 --> 01:16:19.320
So I just wanted to discuss partiality before we get into a resolution that was adopted at the

01:16:19.320 --> 01:16:29.560
last LCMS Synodical Convention in 2019. We'll link the full thing here. This was Resolution 1104A

01:16:29.560 --> 01:16:35.800
to affirm the common humanity of all peoples and ethnicities. Now say avoided using the word race

01:16:35.800 --> 01:16:40.760
or nation there because ethnicity is sort of one of those magical voodoo words that can sort of

01:16:40.760 --> 01:16:46.440
encompass whatever you need without letting anyone pin you down. When I say race or nation,

01:16:46.440 --> 01:16:50.120
I'm pinned down by that and I'm fine with that because it actually means something. When

01:16:50.120 --> 01:16:54.760
these guys say ethnicity, they're trying to avoid saying race because they want to play games

01:16:54.760 --> 01:16:59.720
that we're about to illuminate. Of course, the funny part is they're just they're just saying race

01:16:59.720 --> 01:17:08.760
but in Greek. But yeah, exactly. They're just playing word games. But yeah, for exactly the reason you

01:17:08.760 --> 01:17:14.040
said. Yeah, it's enough to play to the crowd and to sucker people along and get everyone nodding

01:17:14.040 --> 01:17:18.680
very concerned. Oh, yes, no racism is bad. We need to do it every can't fight it. Which again,

01:17:18.680 --> 01:17:24.360
if racism were actually a sin from God, that will be true. I am not condemning a Christian. We're

01:17:24.360 --> 01:17:29.640
not condemning Christian seeking to obey God. We are saying when a Christian obeys God,

01:17:29.640 --> 01:17:34.520
it's going to be doing the opposite of what these churches are doing today about these very subjects.

01:17:35.240 --> 01:17:39.880
So I'm going to read through this kind of pretty quickly and we'll have some discussion around some

01:17:39.880 --> 01:17:46.360
of these. But I just want to illustrate again how flimsy, how pathetic these arguments are

01:17:46.360 --> 01:17:54.280
and how fundamentally they contradict anything that can actually be used to substantiate a real sin

01:17:54.280 --> 01:17:59.560
that exists in the world. And that's fundamentally the problem. If you if you want some different name

01:17:59.560 --> 01:18:05.000
for it, it doesn't matter. It's not a branding problem. It's not that well, racism has a bad

01:18:05.000 --> 01:18:09.480
brand. But if we can adopt some other turn, we can we can import these beliefs because they're

01:18:09.480 --> 01:18:13.640
that's that's what God wants to know. This falls apart because it's not scriptural.

01:18:15.640 --> 01:18:23.720
So overture or resolution 1104 A. Whereas all humanity shares a common origin and Adam and Eve.

01:18:23.720 --> 01:18:28.440
That's why we did episode one. We talked about that. Yes, there is a common origin. That does not

01:18:28.440 --> 01:18:33.720
mean that there are no races downstream from that. The races are merged through Noah's lineage

01:18:33.720 --> 01:18:39.480
after the Tower of Babel. The differentiation occurred when mankind spread. Yes, all those

01:18:39.480 --> 01:18:44.920
genes are contained in Adam, but there's no going back. That I have a tiny subset of the genes

01:18:44.920 --> 01:18:51.160
that Adam had by virtue of my English and German blood. Whoever you are, wherever you live,

01:18:51.160 --> 01:18:56.680
whatever your ancestors are, you have a small subset of Adam's genes. You don't have all of them.

01:18:56.680 --> 01:19:01.880
He's the only one who ever had all of them. He had all of the genes for all of men. Ever since then,

01:19:01.880 --> 01:19:08.120
it's been winnowed down and down and down. The races emerged through God's good order as he scattered

01:19:08.120 --> 01:19:14.520
us because we refused to go as we were bitten. He said, fill the earth, be fruitful and multiply,

01:19:14.520 --> 01:19:19.000
fill the earth and subdue it. We said, no, we want to stay in one place. We want to be one people.

01:19:19.000 --> 01:19:23.400
He said, fine, I'm going to confuse you. You're going to be talking to your cousin. You have no

01:19:23.400 --> 01:19:26.920
idea what he's going to say. You're going to have to go in different directions. You probably have

01:19:26.920 --> 01:19:31.000
some cousins like that. You try to talk to him like, there's no point. That's what happened at

01:19:31.000 --> 01:19:36.840
Babel. It was a one-way trip and it was not only sociological. It was also genetic. That was the

01:19:36.840 --> 01:19:41.960
genetic breaking point for the three major races being separated across the face of the earth.

01:19:41.960 --> 01:19:49.560
God did that. This first whereas is the first straw man that is being used in this resolution.

01:19:50.360 --> 01:19:55.880
Second, scripture affirms that God made from one man every nation of mankind to live on the face

01:19:55.880 --> 01:20:01.480
of the earth, which is funny. That's Acts 1726. Let me just bring that up real quick.

01:20:05.800 --> 01:20:10.280
They thought it was so important to use that verse and yet they failed to even quote the entire

01:20:10.280 --> 01:20:15.800
verse. Here's the whole thing. He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on the face

01:20:16.360 --> 01:20:19.880
of the earth. That's a part they quoted. Here's the part that the Missouri Senate censored,

01:20:19.880 --> 01:20:23.800
having determined a lauded periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place.

01:20:25.640 --> 01:20:30.360
Boundaries in dwelling places. Well, that sounds like prejudice. That sounds like partiality.

01:20:30.360 --> 01:20:35.160
That's separation. I thought we had oneness in Christ. How can you have oneness in Christ

01:20:35.160 --> 01:20:40.120
if there are boundaries of dwelling place as well? That's what the next whereas at. But this is what

01:20:40.120 --> 01:20:44.680
we're talking about. They have to cut off the middle of that sentence so that they can get away with

01:20:44.680 --> 01:20:49.640
the deception that they're undertaking here. Then they say, God shows no partiality.

01:20:49.640 --> 01:20:53.800
But in every nation, anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. Make

01:20:53.800 --> 01:21:00.120
what Acts 10, 20, Acts 10, 34 and 35. Great. We just talked about partiality. They want to

01:21:00.120 --> 01:21:05.560
introduce that term to conflate it with racism. So you're thinking, well, partiality,

01:21:05.560 --> 01:21:11.320
that must be the same thing as racism. There's another passage that's not in here, but I just

01:21:11.320 --> 01:21:16.200
want to bring it up again. We're talking about partiality. But if anyone does not provide for

01:21:16.200 --> 01:21:20.920
his relatives and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is

01:21:20.920 --> 01:21:28.680
worse than an unbeliever. Is that partiality? It's being partial. It's choosing distinctions

01:21:28.680 --> 01:21:34.440
among people. It's saying my relatives are more important than my neighbors that the members of

01:21:34.440 --> 01:21:40.280
my household are more important than my relatives. God says that. Is that partiality? Is that sinful?

01:21:41.000 --> 01:21:48.440
Well, if you adopt the secular 20th century definition of racism that goes along with

01:21:48.440 --> 01:21:53.560
this corruption of the proper doctrine of partiality, which specifically again,

01:21:53.560 --> 01:22:01.880
refers to judgment when you are placed in a position of judgment. Absent that, you are free to know

01:22:01.880 --> 01:22:06.360
that a black man is 120 times more likely to murder you than a white man. In fact, you're not

01:22:06.600 --> 01:22:10.680
free to know that. You're obligated to know that for the protection of yourself and of your

01:22:10.680 --> 01:22:16.360
family and of your neighbors. If you don't know that, that's sin. That is foolish sin. That's not

01:22:16.360 --> 01:22:25.800
partiality. That's wisdom. See, when they use these terms, they twist them in ways they can box you

01:22:25.800 --> 01:22:31.400
in because you're not going to question. I mean, this was approved by Synod at convention. That

01:22:31.400 --> 01:22:37.640
means it's effectively church doctrine. Now, the Missouri Synod says and believes this. Well,

01:22:38.360 --> 01:22:42.120
if you say anything that's contradictory to that, you may find yourself in trouble.

01:22:43.640 --> 01:22:49.960
The next passage says, next whereas scripture emphasizes humanity's oneness and Christ reconciling

01:22:49.960 --> 01:22:55.160
work, which quotes second Corinthians 5, 14 and following. It's basically the same as the

01:22:55.160 --> 01:22:59.080
Ephesians passage earlier. They're corrupting something where they're trying to take oneness

01:22:59.080 --> 01:23:05.560
and Christ and conflate it with rough oneness of humanity. Babel is oneness of humanity. Oneness

01:23:05.560 --> 01:23:12.440
and Christ is soteriological. It is not in this life. We don't get that in this life. We get

01:23:12.440 --> 01:23:18.440
it spiritually, but it still doesn't happen physically. And even in heaven, the distinctions are

01:23:18.440 --> 01:23:25.560
preserved, but its distinctions with oneness restored through Christ. By trying to say,

01:23:25.640 --> 01:23:30.040
humanity's oneness and Christ reconciling work. They're trying to make you think, well,

01:23:30.040 --> 01:23:33.880
Jesus did the work and therefore we're all one. We're all reconciled. We're all one.

01:23:34.920 --> 01:23:43.640
That's simply not true. Oneness in Christ is predicated on in Christ. Unbelievers are not in Christ.

01:23:43.640 --> 01:23:50.600
So you see this, this whereas, this substantiation for the condemnation of racism, it falls apart on

01:23:50.600 --> 01:23:56.600
its face because it excludes most of the very people that should be included for their purposes.

01:23:57.080 --> 01:24:03.000
That's why this stuff falls apart. It's logically incoherent. And that's why even if you don't

01:24:03.000 --> 01:24:07.400
agree with us, when you look at this and see how ham fisted and retarded it is, it should fill you

01:24:07.400 --> 01:24:12.120
with deep concern that this is the best they can do. Because when you see the arguments that are

01:24:12.120 --> 01:24:17.720
made for other doctrines in the actual Christian faith, they don't look like this. They don't look

01:24:17.720 --> 01:24:25.320
like a mess. They're not this montage of, I mean, this basically amounts to a ransom note with

01:24:26.200 --> 01:24:31.080
letters cut out of magazines. That's the theological equivalent of what they're trying to pull off here.

01:24:32.120 --> 01:24:38.520
Whereas, Jesus sends his people to bring the gospel to all nations or ethnos. Well, great. That's

01:24:38.520 --> 01:24:45.080
absolutely. The gospel is for all mankind, every descendant of Adam. That's regardless of race,

01:24:45.080 --> 01:24:51.720
of color, any differentiation you could possibly imagine, concoct, or taxonomize.

01:24:52.760 --> 01:24:59.160
God sent his son to die for all of them. No dispute. I just like that the author of this one

01:24:59.160 --> 01:25:07.000
couldn't even be bothered to pluralize ethnos. All of our pastors learn Greek. Come on. At least

01:25:07.000 --> 01:25:10.520
use, if you're going to say nations, at least pluralize the word.

01:25:10.760 --> 01:25:18.600
Yeah, at some point you have to wonder like, I think they're not even trying.

01:25:20.120 --> 01:25:25.320
The next whereas, God has united all believers in Christ through holy baptism. Okay, great.

01:25:25.320 --> 01:25:30.360
That's uniting all believers. The vast majority of humanity are not believers. So if you're trying

01:25:30.360 --> 01:25:35.880
to solve the new sin of racism, what good does this do you? I mean, yes, we would desire to

01:25:35.880 --> 01:25:40.600
baptize everyone, but until such time as their Christian, they're not one in Christ. So

01:25:43.000 --> 01:25:47.000
I'm not trying to argue against the gospel being the solution to our problems. I don't,

01:25:47.000 --> 01:25:52.200
I don't want that to come across. That's not the case. But as a practical pragmatic matter,

01:25:53.960 --> 01:26:00.920
if the immediate concern is hatred of man against man, yes, converting all men to Christianity

01:26:00.920 --> 01:26:05.880
to solve the problem, but it doesn't change the nature of the man apart from sanctifying that

01:26:05.880 --> 01:26:13.480
nature. As we mentioned earlier, sanctified man's nature still has his race. It still has his religion

01:26:13.480 --> 01:26:18.120
even before the throne of God in heaven. If you're white, if you're black, if you're Asian,

01:26:18.120 --> 01:26:22.520
you're still going to be Asian in heaven. You're still going to be black, white, or Asian

01:26:22.520 --> 01:26:28.760
in the new earth. You're going to have your body. All this is nostic to say, oh, this oneness,

01:26:28.760 --> 01:26:34.120
all this unity. Oh, there's no sex. There's no, it's all just one man. It's one in God. Well,

01:26:35.000 --> 01:26:42.360
that's a satireological claim. It's not a claim about the nature of creation. God is not destroying

01:26:42.360 --> 01:26:48.040
creation on the last day. He is perfecting it. He is wiping away the evil and he is restoring the

01:26:48.040 --> 01:26:53.720
good, which is why our fallen dead bodies that have been planted in the ground when we're buried

01:26:53.800 --> 01:26:59.880
will be raised up and will be perfected. It's still going to be your body just as it was Christ

01:26:59.880 --> 01:27:07.160
body who was raised. When they saw the scars, when they saw his side, it was his body. It was the

01:27:07.160 --> 01:27:12.600
very body that had been crucified. You get your body back too. We don't know if it's going to have

01:27:12.600 --> 01:27:16.840
the scars or what age it can be. It doesn't matter. It's going to be whatever God wants to be

01:27:16.840 --> 01:27:24.040
perfected. But this notion that unity in Christ, man, unity in God, man, that's satireological. It

01:27:24.040 --> 01:27:30.520
doesn't eliminate physical reality because physical reality is not evil. What God has created is

01:27:30.520 --> 01:27:36.920
good. Even in its fallen state, it is not fundamentally opposed to God, which is the point

01:27:37.400 --> 01:27:45.800
very well earlier. To say that Satan has become the author of creation is a new heresy. It's

01:27:45.800 --> 01:27:51.560
terrifying. It's the death of Christianity. Yet we see it permeating all of these were

01:27:51.560 --> 01:27:55.720
as is from well-intentioned people. I think these people are Christian. I just think they were

01:27:55.720 --> 01:28:01.640
idiots and no one stopped them because when this new religion was imported, everyone's like,

01:28:01.640 --> 01:28:05.640
oh man, yeah, you're right. It's in Bible. We got to find it somewhere. We got to turn out these

01:28:05.640 --> 01:28:11.960
resolutions every three years. We have to have a new resolution saying how much we hate racism.

01:28:14.040 --> 01:28:18.680
I would be embarrassed alone if not for the fact that this is so destructive to the faith,

01:28:18.680 --> 01:28:27.480
because there are unbelievers who understand these ontological created matters. They know that

01:28:27.480 --> 01:28:32.920
Africans are not identical to Europeans or not identical to Asians. And that actually means

01:28:32.920 --> 01:28:39.000
something. And so when we as Christians say, nope, it's all the same. We look like idiots and

01:28:39.000 --> 01:28:45.880
they're simply not going to listen. And those are such. They leave the church. They will never

01:28:45.880 --> 01:28:51.160
listen to people who lie to them about the one thing that they know. So this is not just about

01:28:51.160 --> 01:28:57.480
picking a fight that some sort of culture were thing. This is about the gospel. This is about

01:28:57.720 --> 01:29:04.120
the men who are actively seeking and fumbling towards God in their blind paganism when they

01:29:04.120 --> 01:29:09.960
stumble towards what we have told them is the opposite of the satanic world. And they find the

01:29:09.960 --> 01:29:16.360
same satanism in our halls and in our publications. They're never going to look again. They're going to

01:29:16.360 --> 01:29:21.880
say, yep, it's the same garbage I see everywhere else. I have one none of it. And they will revert

01:29:21.880 --> 01:29:27.640
into the most destructive and dangerous form of paganism as imaginable. And as a white man who

01:29:27.640 --> 01:29:33.400
has nothing to lose and everything to be angry about, that is not something we want to see in the

01:29:33.400 --> 01:29:39.240
world. And yet it's what these lies are guaranteeing for our future. Every time this

01:29:39.240 --> 01:29:48.600
gnostic wickedness comes up, I think of Job because Job has one of the best refutations of

01:29:49.480 --> 01:29:54.360
all of this wickedness, this nonsense, and it's in chapter 19 of Job.

01:29:56.120 --> 01:30:00.600
For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.

01:30:01.320 --> 01:30:06.520
And after my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God,

01:30:06.520 --> 01:30:10.600
whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall be whole and not another.

01:30:12.920 --> 01:30:18.120
People gloss over that when they read Job, if they even bother to read the Old Testament.

01:30:19.080 --> 01:30:25.560
But this is the oldest book of the Bible, clearly stating, incidentally, my Redeemer,

01:30:25.560 --> 01:30:34.440
but also in my flesh, I shall see God. If God raised me Chinese, it wouldn't be me.

01:30:36.600 --> 01:30:43.080
God has to raise me as a German with a little bit of Scottish, but he has to raise me as what he

01:30:43.080 --> 01:30:52.520
made me, or this verse is a lie. And it's not a lie because this is a promise from God,

01:30:52.520 --> 01:30:58.920
he will raise you in your flesh on the last day, if you are a Christian.

01:31:00.920 --> 01:31:07.320
And it is you as what you are, who you are. If he were to raise someone else, if he were to

01:31:07.320 --> 01:31:12.680
raise you as something else, it would not be you, and all of the promises in Scripture,

01:31:13.560 --> 01:31:18.600
about the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, all of them would be a lie.

01:31:19.960 --> 01:31:24.840
And that's why we have to refute this pernicious lie that is creeping into the church,

01:31:25.960 --> 01:31:33.720
because it is a denial of quite a bit of the Creed, but it is certainly a denial of God as creator

01:31:33.720 --> 01:31:39.960
and of the resurrection of the flesh. This next whereas is where things really go off the rails.

01:31:40.600 --> 01:31:47.000
Listen to this closely. Racism, as they find as, a belief that races the primary determinant of

01:31:47.000 --> 01:31:53.160
human traits and capacities and their racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a

01:31:53.160 --> 01:32:00.280
particular race. That is quoted by Synod from Miriam from their dictionary definition

01:32:00.840 --> 01:32:07.880
of racism. Definition 2, prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed at someone of a different race

01:32:07.880 --> 01:32:12.760
based on the belief that one's own race is superior. And that comes from

01:32:13.480 --> 01:32:18.920
Now, you may remember from, I think it was in the genealogy of ideas episode where I mentioned,

01:32:19.480 --> 01:32:25.960
as often as possible, go back to the Webster's 1828 dictionary to see what the definitions of

01:32:25.960 --> 01:32:31.640
words used to be, because we all know the words are getting redefined left and right faster than

01:32:31.640 --> 01:32:38.280
like printing can keep up. They will introduce new definitions of words more than once a year to

01:32:38.280 --> 01:32:44.200
keep up with the current hysteria that's being introduced by Satan in the world. So the fact that

01:32:44.200 --> 01:32:50.520
the Missouri Synod would go to two websites to get the current dictionary definition of racism,

01:32:50.520 --> 01:32:57.960
even if it were real, even if it were actually a sin that God had ordained from before creation

01:32:57.960 --> 01:33:02.840
was something in opposition to his will, you would still think that they could do better than

01:33:02.840 --> 01:33:07.640
quoting an internet dictionary. Do you think it's a good idea to quote Miriam Webster? Well,

01:33:07.640 --> 01:33:12.200
let me give you another example. I looked up the definition of man. If we're going to take them

01:33:12.200 --> 01:33:17.480
at their word for racism really means, and we're going to make theological conclusions on Webster's

01:33:17.480 --> 01:33:23.960
dictionary definition of racism, what does Webster say about a man? Man, an individual human,

01:33:23.960 --> 01:33:30.760
especially an adult male human. Ha, well, okay, male, that at least kind of gives me some identifier,

01:33:30.760 --> 01:33:38.440
so what does male be? Male, a male person, a man or a boy, so basically dictionary definition,

01:33:38.440 --> 01:33:42.920
two, see dictionary definition, one, and then the second part of the definition of male

01:33:43.080 --> 01:33:49.640
is a male, at least gives a little bit of definition sort of, an individual of the sex that is

01:33:49.640 --> 01:33:56.280
typically capable of producing small, usually motile gametes, such as sperm or spermatizowa,

01:33:56.280 --> 01:34:02.120
which fertilize the eggs of a female. So this obviously doesn't refer to humans in particular,

01:34:02.120 --> 01:34:10.280
it just means something that probably can produce sperm. And they say typically, not because they're

01:34:11.080 --> 01:34:18.200
keeping in mind that maybe someone is infertile, is that there are males according to Miriam Webster

01:34:18.200 --> 01:34:22.600
who do not produce sperm because they have ovaries, they're males with ovaries, they don't produce sperm.

01:34:23.800 --> 01:34:29.960
The other definition of a related to being the sex that typically has a capacity

01:34:29.960 --> 01:34:35.160
producing, having a gender identity that is opposite of female. Now we're off to the races.

01:34:35.160 --> 01:34:39.640
What's a male? It's the opposite of a female according to their gender identity.

01:34:39.640 --> 01:34:46.200
So here we finally get an actual concrete definition. Gender identity, a person's internal

01:34:46.200 --> 01:34:53.240
sense of being male, female, some combination of male and female, or neither male nor female.

01:34:53.240 --> 01:34:58.920
And the example that they give is great. Facebook provides more than 50 options beyond male and female

01:34:58.920 --> 01:35:04.520
for users to describe their gender identity from gender questioning and neither to endrogynous.

01:35:04.680 --> 01:35:11.640
Now if you've kept up with any of the fight over the large cataclysm, this is the same doctrine

01:35:11.640 --> 01:35:15.480
that the Missouri Synod just introduced in its latest addiction to large catacism.

01:35:16.040 --> 01:35:21.240
They introduce gender identity as a confusion that someone may suffer from, they may be burdened

01:35:21.240 --> 01:35:28.120
with it. You may be burdened with transgenders, according to Lutherans in 2023. So when we look at

01:35:28.120 --> 01:35:34.760
the dictionary definition from Webster, what racism is, we are going down, we're not going down

01:35:34.760 --> 01:35:40.120
the path, we're in the same room, we're already in the room by adopting the term racism, the Webster

01:35:40.120 --> 01:35:45.240
do's, with the term that says, what's a male? Well, it's the opposite of female and a female is

01:35:45.240 --> 01:35:51.080
the opposite of a male. That means whatever your gender identity is, you choose if you're male or

01:35:51.080 --> 01:35:59.720
female. If you let the Missouri Synod and all these other denominations get away with castrating

01:35:59.720 --> 01:36:07.000
Galatians 3.28 and these other sociological passages that say that sex is not a determinant for

01:36:07.000 --> 01:36:12.200
salvation, if you let them take the salvation part out of the equation, what do you left with?

01:36:12.200 --> 01:36:17.160
You're left with a person's internal sense of being male or female or both or neither and

01:36:17.160 --> 01:36:23.000
varying degrees because it's all shades. This is where our churches are at today. They're getting

01:36:23.000 --> 01:36:29.640
dictionary definitions and using them in theological statements that are so bankrupt that you cannot

01:36:29.640 --> 01:36:34.440
continue to be Christian. If you come into contact with this stuff for very long, these are false

01:36:34.440 --> 01:36:40.440
confessions. It is a false confession to say that male is well, if you think you're male,

01:36:40.440 --> 01:36:44.520
then you probably are. Until you change your mind, you might be a female again tomorrow,

01:36:44.520 --> 01:36:47.960
you might be something else entirely. Maybe you're a horse, maybe you're a zebra, maybe you're a

01:36:47.960 --> 01:36:54.520
fire truck. We'll find out tomorrow. That's not Christian. That is the opposite of Christianity

01:36:54.520 --> 01:37:00.120
and anyone who believes and confesses that has denied his creator and is going to hell. These are

01:37:00.120 --> 01:37:06.120
not small matters. So when Webster's dictionary definition from the website is showing up

01:37:06.120 --> 01:37:09.880
as a definition that's going to be used to establish theological credentials,

01:37:10.840 --> 01:37:15.720
it's just set it on fire. You don't even need to read Finnish reading. But unfortunately,

01:37:15.720 --> 01:37:19.640
I did. And so you're going to be subjected to the rest of it because it keeps getting worse.

01:37:21.320 --> 01:37:27.480
Whereas racism denies the biblical truth that all humanity have a common origin and atom

01:37:27.480 --> 01:37:32.680
and is contrary to the law of love. Ooh, the love love. I didn't notice that. That's exciting.

01:37:32.680 --> 01:37:38.040
I had felt the tingle. Love your neighbors yourself and may involve in its various expressions,

01:37:38.040 --> 01:37:44.040
the breaking of every commandment of the law. Oh, man, that's just that's another episode

01:37:44.040 --> 01:37:50.760
all by itself right there. This one's on the internet. I somehow managed to gloss over it or

01:37:50.760 --> 01:37:57.080
I wouldn't have wouldn't have. This is worse than most governing documents for church bodies.

01:37:57.080 --> 01:38:01.960
And most governing documents, particularly for individual churches, are terrible. Any attorney

01:38:02.040 --> 01:38:09.880
reads them and as an aneurysm, this is that level of bad. It's astonishing. There's nothing about

01:38:09.880 --> 01:38:16.600
this paragraph that is consonant with scripture or competent or Christian. It's not even coherent.

01:38:17.800 --> 01:38:21.720
Yep. Yeah. And that's the fundamental thing. Like, is you string together these

01:38:21.720 --> 01:38:25.480
where as is well, like I said, we'll give the links. You can read it yourself. We're going

01:38:25.480 --> 01:38:29.880
piecemeal and you know, maybe if you think we're being unfair or whatever, you can read it yourself.

01:38:29.880 --> 01:38:36.680
If you take all these where as is as a whole, it's like being punched from 15 different directions

01:38:36.680 --> 01:38:39.960
while you're drunk and blindfolded. You don't know where you are and you don't know what's

01:38:39.960 --> 01:38:45.160
happening because there's no coherent argument being made. I'm going to go back for a second to

01:38:45.160 --> 01:38:51.480
the previous one where what Webster says about racism says a race is a primary determinant of

01:38:51.480 --> 01:38:55.400
human traits and capacities. Well, what was the previous episode we just did about it? It was

01:38:55.400 --> 01:39:01.880
about IQ and the one before that was about behavior about criminality. Our contention based on

01:39:01.880 --> 01:39:08.840
created reality, based on facts, based on truth with a capital T is that race is the primary

01:39:08.840 --> 01:39:16.120
determinant in your IQ. If you are African, your IQ is bounded substantially different than if you're

01:39:16.120 --> 01:39:22.280
Asian or you're European. Period. The definition of racism that the Missouri Senate adopted says

01:39:22.280 --> 01:39:28.840
that that is condemned outright that facts are now sin outright. If you believe that, you are

01:39:28.840 --> 01:39:33.640
going to hell unless you repent. So if you agreed with the last episode of the previous one or

01:39:33.640 --> 01:39:38.040
frankly, if you agree with anything, we say the Missouri Senate says you are going to hell

01:39:39.080 --> 01:39:43.160
for believing something contrary to scripture. No, it's not contrary to scripture for

01:39:43.160 --> 01:39:49.560
believing something that's a lie. No, we established that those things are true. What is it contrary to?

01:39:49.560 --> 01:39:55.720
It is contrary to the dark prince who rules this age in this new religion that he has erected

01:39:55.720 --> 01:40:01.560
that's being called Christianity even among us. So when this whereas says that if you if you

01:40:01.560 --> 01:40:10.440
deny that I came and read it again is so bad like if truth is an opposition to your religion,

01:40:10.440 --> 01:40:15.800
your religion is no longer Christianity. It's that simple that there's stone choir in a nutshell.

01:40:15.880 --> 01:40:21.560
You can delete any new episodes. That's it. If truth is an opposition to your religion,

01:40:21.560 --> 01:40:27.000
your religion is not the Christian religion. All truth is encompassed in what comes from God.

01:40:27.000 --> 01:40:32.600
All lies are encompassed in what comes from Satan. That's it. Every argument we're ever going to

01:40:32.600 --> 01:40:39.240
make boils down to that. But we have to fight these one by one because no matter how many of these

01:40:39.240 --> 01:40:43.640
lies we refute someone will come along and say, oh, well, what about this next one and what about

01:40:43.640 --> 01:40:49.320
this next one? Yes, those are all lies too. The things that are contrary to God's word,

01:40:49.320 --> 01:40:56.520
the things that are contrary to reality are in fact teachings of demons. This sonotical resolution

01:40:56.520 --> 01:41:04.120
is teachings of demons and some pretty retarded demons. He was nice and the moles are wearing

01:41:04.120 --> 01:41:12.600
callers and they also already had brain damage before we began. No one advances. At least no one on

01:41:12.600 --> 01:41:19.000
our side. No Christian who believes in the truth that we are highlighting, contends that humanity

01:41:20.040 --> 01:41:26.120
has disparate origins. No one advocates that. The polygeneic theory is whatever it is you want to call

01:41:26.120 --> 01:41:31.400
them. That's Christian identity and whatever it is they call that weird sect in South Africa that

01:41:31.400 --> 01:41:36.280
believes that Africans are descended from the beast of the field. I can't remember what they call

01:41:36.360 --> 01:41:43.880
themselves, but those are tiny little cults that are irrelevant. No one on our side actually believes

01:41:43.880 --> 01:41:50.040
that the various races of men have different origins. No, we're all descended from Adam. We all

01:41:50.040 --> 01:41:55.480
confirm that. We're all descended from Noah. We confirm that. And so they're fighting against

01:41:55.480 --> 01:42:03.320
some weird straw man who basically doesn't even exist. And then I love the language and may involve.

01:42:03.320 --> 01:42:09.000
If you wrote that in a contract, I am going to fire you or throw something at you.

01:42:10.360 --> 01:42:15.480
That is such terrible. May involve in various expressions, breaking every commandment.

01:42:18.280 --> 01:42:23.640
If you're writing doctrine, if you are speaking for a church body and theoretically speaking for

01:42:23.640 --> 01:42:30.520
the church, maybe you should actually be specific in what it is you are condemning, what it is

01:42:30.520 --> 01:42:36.440
you're advancing, not maybe this thing exists that may possibly violate something somewhere and

01:42:36.440 --> 01:42:42.040
so we don't like it. That's not doctrine. That's not what the church should be writing and publishing.

01:42:42.040 --> 01:42:48.520
It's not what should be taught from our pulpits. And yet this is the 2019 synthesis of all previous

01:42:48.520 --> 01:42:53.000
resolutions that come out of the Missouri Senate. This isn't the dumbest even, but it's just the

01:42:53.000 --> 01:42:57.960
most recent. So it's one we're using just an example. This is the best that they can do when they're

01:42:57.960 --> 01:43:03.160
advancing their own argument against us to say that we are going to help for violating every

01:43:03.160 --> 01:43:08.440
commandment for telling you the truth and agreeing with scripture and agreeing with 1900 years

01:43:08.440 --> 01:43:13.160
of the Christian church. I'll take my chances on judgment day. But you as listeners,

01:43:13.160 --> 01:43:15.880
you need to figure it out for yourself and you need to do it in good conscience.

01:43:17.000 --> 01:43:21.880
Said repeatedly, don't just believe us because we say something or because we say we're clever

01:43:21.880 --> 01:43:27.000
or we sound clever or we sound mad and you like when people sound mad that seems convincing.

01:43:27.000 --> 01:43:32.600
Those are not good reasons to believe someone. Believe God. And when someone makes an argument

01:43:32.600 --> 01:43:38.600
from scripture and from truth, believe that. And if a man consistently does that, maybe you should

01:43:38.600 --> 01:43:42.680
listen to what he says. You shouldn't always believe everything. He says automatically. But he's

01:43:42.680 --> 01:43:47.880
probably someone worth listening to. The men who drafted this should be locked in a room and it

01:43:47.880 --> 01:43:52.280
should be locked forever because no one should ever get their voices. This is a calamity and it's

01:43:52.360 --> 01:43:56.440
continuing to accelerate. I'm only halfway through. So we're going to try to speed up a little.

01:43:57.320 --> 01:44:02.680
Whereas racism has its roots in the sins of pride and arrogance, which have plagued humankind

01:44:02.680 --> 01:44:09.480
in every time and in every place, including the Christian church. What? I mean, yes, pride and

01:44:09.480 --> 01:44:19.800
arrogance are bad in circumstances was was Solomon proud of being the wisest man on earth. Well,

01:44:20.360 --> 01:44:26.520
it was a gift from God and God was so pleased with his wisdom to ask for wisdom that he blessed him

01:44:26.520 --> 01:44:32.520
with every what every blessing that a man could have. He had wealth, he had power, he had fame,

01:44:32.520 --> 01:44:37.640
he had enough women to get him into trouble and cause far worse problems for him because he

01:44:37.640 --> 01:44:43.320
forgot God because he started liking the women more. You can have so many blessings that you forget

01:44:43.400 --> 01:44:51.320
God. That's not God's fault. But when he had those things, was he arrogant? At some point,

01:44:51.320 --> 01:44:56.520
probably, but when he was seen by the whole world as being the wisest man on earth, which was the

01:44:56.520 --> 01:45:04.040
case, people came from all around us to hear his judgments because they were wise. The last episode

01:45:04.040 --> 01:45:08.760
that we did, we talked about IQ and we discussed our own and we discussed the differences. These

01:45:08.840 --> 01:45:15.800
people and absolutely condemn us for arrogance, foretelling the truth for saying that by IQ standards,

01:45:15.800 --> 01:45:21.400
I'm six foot 10. Is that arrogant or is it accurate? Well, it depends on what you do with it.

01:45:22.120 --> 01:45:28.840
Is it arrogant to say that why people commit fewer crimes than Africans? Well, I guess it depends

01:45:28.840 --> 01:45:34.200
on what you do with it, but either way, it's a pretty relevant fact. And see, that's what this

01:45:34.200 --> 01:45:40.680
is structured around. They don't want you discussing facts. They literally forbid you to tell the

01:45:40.680 --> 01:45:46.360
truth. Is that coming from God when they say, Oh, that's that's sin. That's that's violating all

01:45:46.360 --> 01:45:52.440
the commandments. That's arrogance. You can't say that we're all exactly the same. That's a lie.

01:45:52.440 --> 01:45:58.680
It's a demonic lie. And the lies continue. Well, in this one, I just one quick thing about

01:45:59.640 --> 01:46:05.400
one of the terms you see here, I see this crop up all the time and it is a problem in English.

01:46:05.400 --> 01:46:13.240
I'm not aware if it's a problem than most other languages, but pride as a noun is neutral.

01:46:14.680 --> 01:46:20.920
You can have pride in something good. You can have pride in something wicked. It depends. It is

01:46:20.920 --> 01:46:30.680
fact specific as to whether that is good or bad. But when it comes to the adjective prideful,

01:46:31.480 --> 01:46:38.360
that has a negative connotation in English. However, people who use this argument always conflate

01:46:38.360 --> 01:46:45.960
being proud and being prideful. Being proud of something is not wicked. You can be proud of

01:46:45.960 --> 01:46:49.880
your ancestors. You can be proud of your accomplishments. You can be proud of your children.

01:46:50.520 --> 01:46:54.520
That's good because these are the things God has given you. Being proud of them is good.

01:46:54.520 --> 01:47:00.120
Being prideful is when you take it to an excessive and potentially sinful extent.

01:47:00.760 --> 01:47:06.120
And so they always conflate those terms. They're never careful. Some of them because they're stupid,

01:47:06.120 --> 01:47:12.120
but in general, it's because there's wickedness underlying it. The goal is to make it so that

01:47:12.120 --> 01:47:15.720
well, being prideful is wrong. So you can't be proud of things either.

01:47:16.120 --> 01:47:23.400
And that is teaching you to reject the good things of God and not be grateful for the gifts He

01:47:23.400 --> 01:47:31.720
has given you. And that is sin. Absolutely. And it's one of the word games that continuously

01:47:31.720 --> 01:47:37.560
gets played among us in order not to advance truth, not to advance anything scriptural,

01:47:37.560 --> 01:47:44.760
but just to shut down the risk that someone might say something that violates the spirit of this

01:47:44.760 --> 01:47:49.240
age. That's what this entire document is about. It's about making sure that the spirit of this

01:47:49.240 --> 01:47:56.760
age is never violated. The next whereas racism harms its victims and body, mind, and spirit.

01:47:56.760 --> 01:48:00.040
And people in our communities and ministries have experienced such harm.

01:48:01.240 --> 01:48:05.000
What does that even mean? Like at this point, they're just hysterical.

01:48:05.960 --> 01:48:09.720
Racism harms people in its victim and it's in body, mind, and spirit. Well,

01:48:10.520 --> 01:48:19.720
see, they've detached a sin from the sinner. And I think that's one of the overarching problems

01:48:19.720 --> 01:48:26.920
with all these discussions. When it says, whereas racism harms, it turns racism into this ambient

01:48:26.920 --> 01:48:33.880
thing like it's some cloud that turns people inside out if you go inside it. That's not how sin works.

01:48:34.840 --> 01:48:40.760
It's a common thing today to say something like whereas murder harms its victims and body. But

01:48:40.760 --> 01:48:50.040
you don't, to say murder harms is it's the passive voice, murderer's harm. Let's focus on the

01:48:50.040 --> 01:48:57.560
sinner and not only on the sin. What they're trying to do is to categorize and bundle up an entire

01:48:57.560 --> 01:49:04.200
collection of beliefs that are true in behaviors that don't exist in some cases.

01:49:04.840 --> 01:49:11.720
Bundle them all together as racism, market, seal it, box it up, and then put it on the shelf as

01:49:11.720 --> 01:49:17.080
this is rejected and condemned for all time. So the anything that's inside that box, you can't go

01:49:17.080 --> 01:49:21.000
near it. You can't open it up again. You can't examine the contents of this because again,

01:49:21.000 --> 01:49:25.800
this was a resolution adopted as an adequate convention. This is a official doctrine now.

01:49:25.800 --> 01:49:30.200
It's something that members of the Missouri Senator bounded not to disagree with publicly,

01:49:30.200 --> 01:49:34.760
or they the pastors of the Missouri Senate will be expelled from Senate to publicly disagree with

01:49:34.760 --> 01:49:40.920
this. That seems like a pretty big deal when something is so riddled with lies and stupidity

01:49:40.920 --> 01:49:46.040
that is difficult to even get through without losing your mind. Yeah, they want to make it that the

01:49:46.040 --> 01:49:50.520
concept harms. Of course, we understand what they're doing. This is Frankfurt School. This is

01:49:50.520 --> 01:49:54.360
systemic racism. It's all those various things. That's what they're doing here, even if they didn't

01:49:54.360 --> 01:49:59.480
recognize it. I don't know who exactly drafted this. So I don't know if the person who drafted it

01:49:59.480 --> 01:50:05.160
knew what he was doing, but given how poorly worded it is, I suspect not. But it would be the

01:50:05.160 --> 01:50:11.080
equivalent of saying that the concept of adulterate, no, it's not the concept of adultery that harms.

01:50:11.080 --> 01:50:16.600
It's you sleeping with your neighbor's wife. It is you the adulterer and her the adulteress that

01:50:16.600 --> 01:50:22.040
causes the harm, not the concept of adultery. And they're just doing the same thing here with racism.

01:50:22.600 --> 01:50:27.400
For reasons we've gone into before and we'll go into in greater length in the future, whatever we do,

01:50:27.400 --> 01:50:31.480
Marxism in the Frankfurt School. It's the same sort of errors that permeate the large

01:50:31.480 --> 01:50:36.520
cataclysm where they just have these, these ambient sins that are just floating around and people

01:50:36.520 --> 01:50:41.320
are burdened with them and they're just happening and they're no specific actors unless you argue

01:50:41.320 --> 01:50:46.120
with them. And then there's someone specific to be condemned. But short of that is just floating.

01:50:47.320 --> 01:50:51.800
Next one, racism has no basis in scripture. Well, if they'd stop there, they'd be absolutely right.

01:50:53.000 --> 01:50:58.680
That's the only race the only way as I can agree with. Racism has no basis in scripture.

01:50:58.680 --> 01:51:01.480
Absolutely factual. That's the unfortunate. That's not what they meant.

01:51:01.480 --> 01:51:05.160
Notably. That's the amended version. This is the way as they amended from originally saying.

01:51:05.160 --> 01:51:08.280
Oh, you're right. Yeah. Whereas we'll get to that in the seconds in science.

01:51:09.960 --> 01:51:12.120
Yes. I can see why they amended that one.

01:51:13.800 --> 01:51:19.960
Yeah. Yeah. The original wording that was removed before this was finally adopt a deck

01:51:19.960 --> 01:51:25.320
convention was to remove the claim that racism has no basis in science. No, I don't know the

01:51:25.320 --> 01:51:30.600
reasoning for that. But it would be just another, be it be another case where they were an error

01:51:30.600 --> 01:51:34.840
because the races are clearly different. The races are fundamentally objectively

01:51:34.840 --> 01:51:40.120
measurably different. That is not a so theological claim. It is not a claim before the throne of God.

01:51:40.120 --> 01:51:45.080
It is a claim that the human beings in certain populations have different properties.

01:51:45.880 --> 01:51:50.760
That's simply true. The Missouri Senate condemns the truth. And so it's no surprise the path

01:51:50.760 --> 01:51:56.200
that it's chosen. But it goes on to say the racism as no basis in scripture or Lutheran confessions.

01:51:56.200 --> 01:52:01.800
But rather is consistent with the atheistic evolutionary ideologies and movements that claim

01:52:01.800 --> 01:52:08.520
the supremacy of one group over another. Well, we refuted that in the in the first episode of

01:52:08.520 --> 01:52:13.400
these five talking about race. There's nothing about acknowledging races of humans.

01:52:13.400 --> 01:52:20.680
The requires macro revolution. You don't need fish becomes monkey becomes man to get from Noah

01:52:20.680 --> 01:52:26.920
to three different major racial populations. God did that. He did it in 6,000 years. He did it in

01:52:26.920 --> 01:52:31.640
4,500 years. In fact, and the differentiation, whether or not it continues to this day,

01:52:32.600 --> 01:52:39.240
the differentiation in terms of continuing to have new subspecies produced or however you wish

01:52:39.240 --> 01:52:44.920
to categorize them, we are what we are. And there's no going back. You can't reverse engineer

01:52:45.560 --> 01:52:51.320
J fifth from a big collection of Europeans that's the data has been lost. Well, exactly. But what

01:52:51.320 --> 01:52:59.160
we actually explicitly reject the neo Darwinian evolution or new synthesis, whichever one it is

01:52:59.160 --> 01:53:05.560
you subscribe. They're all false, of course. But we explicitly reject it because we make the

01:53:05.560 --> 01:53:13.880
correct argument that speciation doesn't occur. But the division into subspecies does occur

01:53:13.880 --> 01:53:21.080
through the loss of information, neo Darwinian evolution, the modern synthesis, etc., all claim

01:53:21.640 --> 01:53:27.080
that through mutation and selection, you can create new information, never demonstrated,

01:53:27.080 --> 01:53:33.560
but always claimed. We explicitly reject that. We go out of our way to actually reject atheistic

01:53:33.560 --> 01:53:40.920
evolution in a coherent manner instead of just throwing out catchphrases and hoping that someone

01:53:40.920 --> 01:53:47.240
will pay attention to us. And if someone is listening and they're trying to put the best

01:53:47.240 --> 01:53:51.080
construction on this and say, well, maybe they're not talking about you too. You guys are Christians,

01:53:51.080 --> 01:53:56.360
you're not atheistic evolutionists. So that doesn't apply to you. No, it absolutely applies to us.

01:53:56.360 --> 01:54:03.400
This condemnation has been personally leveled at us by members of synod in refutation of what we

01:54:03.400 --> 01:54:09.720
say about race. They absolutely insist that we are atheistic evolutionists, which is why they say

01:54:09.720 --> 01:54:16.920
we're going to hell. They're liars, but on all accounts, but there we are. And whereas the church

01:54:16.920 --> 01:54:22.520
is called to condemn sin in every form and manner, both in public and in private, including racism

01:54:22.520 --> 01:54:27.800
and all its expressions. Well, we got another catch all there just to make sure that in the future,

01:54:27.800 --> 01:54:33.560
this can be cited as a proof text to who knows what's going to happen next. How far is the

01:54:33.560 --> 01:54:40.040
the new religion of racism going to go tune into your next diversity, equity, inclusion training,

01:54:40.040 --> 01:54:45.880
your local business to find out where it's going because the doctrine continues to evolve.

01:54:45.880 --> 01:54:52.040
Satan's not done with it. He's keeps delivering new truisms that are part of the anti-racist

01:54:52.120 --> 01:54:58.920
religion. And by inclusion of racism and all its expressions, the Missouri Synod has preemptively

01:54:58.920 --> 01:55:04.520
adopted all of those forever into the future. If something is called racism by the latest

01:55:04.520 --> 01:55:10.600
definition on where, Missouri Synod is saying, yes, we condemn racism in all its forms,

01:55:10.600 --> 01:55:14.600
whatever new expression you've discovered, we condemn that already, which is a bold move.

01:55:15.000 --> 01:55:21.720
Not Christian, though. Where are us? Our Lord has commanded us. You shall love your neighbor

01:55:21.720 --> 01:55:29.400
as ourself. Well, talked about this again many times. Your neighbor means the man physically

01:55:29.400 --> 01:55:34.680
in front of you. Cory is not my neighbor. We don't live near each other. Cory is my brother

01:55:34.680 --> 01:55:40.600
in Christ, and he's my brother according to the flesh. We are not neighbors. So all of these notions

01:55:40.600 --> 01:55:46.520
that neighbor is this Mr. Rogers category of universal love. They're just bull. It's complete

01:55:46.520 --> 01:55:53.720
BS. It's a lie. And it's a lie that has this it's a brain parasite that's caused men to lose sight

01:55:53.720 --> 01:55:58.920
of what scripture says very plainly about neighbors. Neighbor is an important category. We do not

01:55:58.920 --> 01:56:05.560
deny that. In fact, it is we who uphold the scriptural teaching of neighbor over against those in

01:56:05.560 --> 01:56:12.760
the church today who will gladly despise their own neighbors and go 6,000 miles away to aliens

01:56:12.760 --> 01:56:16.520
who are not brothers according to the flesh. They're not brothers according to Christ and they're

01:56:16.520 --> 01:56:23.480
not neighbors. They're complete aliens. Those are the men to whom our churches seek to minister.

01:56:23.480 --> 01:56:27.960
We are the only ones who are actually concerned about our neighbors. So if you want to emphasize

01:56:27.960 --> 01:56:33.880
neighbor, yeah, absolutely, but it's not a reputation of racism. And here's where things get

01:56:33.880 --> 01:56:38.440
particularly ugly, even relative to the rest of this. Whereas the Lutheran church

01:56:38.440 --> 01:56:44.360
Missouri Senate confessing its own faults and walking humbly in repentance before God has

01:56:44.360 --> 01:56:50.840
addressed racism and discrimination in 10 Senate conventions, resulting in convention resolutions

01:56:51.720 --> 01:56:57.240
such as and they cite some. And whereas the committee on theology and church relations February

01:56:57.240 --> 01:57:03.240
1994 document, racism and the church states we in the Lutheran church Missouri Senate have before

01:57:03.240 --> 01:57:10.120
us a wonderful opportunity to commit ourselves to strive toward making racism a thing of the past

01:57:10.120 --> 01:57:15.880
and to demonstrate before a watching world how people of all cultures and groups can become

01:57:15.880 --> 01:57:20.520
one in Christ who has made of many one body for the edification of all.

01:57:23.080 --> 01:57:27.960
So the amazing thing about this section is that it says confessing our faults and walking humbly

01:57:28.040 --> 01:57:35.320
in repentance. Well, we're Christians. We don't confess faults. We confess sins in a church body

01:57:35.320 --> 01:57:40.840
doesn't confess sins collectively, especially not ones that are not enumerated and are buried

01:57:40.840 --> 01:57:48.840
somewhere in the distant past. So what they're doing here in 2019 is they are throwing the church

01:57:48.840 --> 01:57:54.120
of the past, throwing the church that in the past, bathed in a manner they considered itself

01:57:54.120 --> 01:57:59.400
consistent with scripture. They're saying that was evil. We condemn them and we're going to confess

01:57:59.400 --> 01:58:06.760
our faults. We're not confess our sins because we're not sinners obviously. And then it goes on to

01:58:06.760 --> 01:58:14.760
say with the CTCR thing, we're doing it before the eyes of the world. Well, there's a way in which

01:58:14.760 --> 01:58:20.120
that can be beneficial. But when you are adopting a worldly or religion and saying look at us, look

01:58:20.680 --> 01:58:27.000
how worldly we are, you said, you said racism was a bad thing. Look how hard we're going at racism.

01:58:27.000 --> 01:58:32.680
We're condemning it in all its forms and all its ways. This is our new religion. We are committed

01:58:32.680 --> 01:58:37.720
to destroying racism. And again, this has been going on since at least it's been going on no

01:58:37.720 --> 01:58:44.200
earlier than 1959. It really picked up in the 70s and then 1994 was when it hit its peak stride,

01:58:44.920 --> 01:58:51.400
which is interesting because if you know anything about Missouri Synod history, in the 70s,

01:58:51.400 --> 01:58:57.880
the Missouri Synod was very close to complete apostasy. The St. Louis Seminary was itself entirely

01:58:57.880 --> 01:59:04.840
apostate. Almost all of the professors who were on the campus walked off with the student body

01:59:04.840 --> 01:59:10.600
because they rejected scripture. They rejected God. They went on to form one of the most virulent

01:59:10.600 --> 01:59:17.480
precursors to Elka. They went on to be the reason that Elka resorted to Sodomy and all of its

01:59:17.480 --> 01:59:23.960
other egregious demonic activities as quickly as it did. The Missouri Synod did that. That was

01:59:23.960 --> 01:59:29.080
growing in the 70s. The mistake that the Synod made was that we didn't drive out the men that

01:59:29.080 --> 01:59:36.040
those demonic professors taught. Those men continued in the Synod. So you have Seminex in the mid 70s

01:59:36.120 --> 01:59:42.360
in 1994. You have this thing. Oh, before the eyes of God, we can demo racism. And today,

01:59:42.360 --> 01:59:47.800
these demons who celebrate that will say, look, look how faithful we were. We need to get back to

01:59:47.800 --> 01:59:54.120
that. When I see that on the timeline, what I see is the fruits of Seminex growing to their

01:59:54.120 --> 02:00:00.360
full form and stature were the men who were themselves apostate because they were taught by apostate

02:00:00.360 --> 02:00:05.960
professors. They believed in demonic lies that they were taught. They were teachers. They were

02:00:06.760 --> 02:00:11.800
professors. They were pastors in the Missouri Synod through the 90s. Things were getting really

02:00:11.800 --> 02:00:16.760
bad in the 80s and 90s precisely because we didn't root those men out. So yeah, there was a

02:00:16.760 --> 02:00:22.040
statement in 94. It was also I think the last one until this. There have been a couple middling

02:00:22.040 --> 02:00:27.960
ones. But the only big one was in 94 after the 70s. That's because Seminex had more or less

02:00:27.960 --> 02:00:33.560
run its course. What we're seeing today is the aftermath where the next generation after the

02:00:33.560 --> 02:00:37.800
Seminex demons are taking some new approaches, but they're still sticking to a lot of the old

02:00:37.800 --> 02:00:44.840
songbook because it worked really well. And further resolved, it says that synodin convention

02:00:44.840 --> 02:00:50.440
publicly condemned the sin of racism in all its manifestations, giving honor to the father from

02:00:50.440 --> 02:00:55.480
whom every family in heaven and on earth is named confessing son is basically the doxology.

02:00:55.560 --> 02:01:01.320
Like who's going to vote against the doxology and the Trinity? That's how craving this crap is.

02:01:01.320 --> 02:01:05.960
Like you can't it's not enough just to say that well this is a sin. You have to say it's a sin

02:01:05.960 --> 02:01:11.080
and we love Jesus in all these ways and everybody's saying kumbaya. And who's going to vote against

02:01:11.080 --> 02:01:17.640
that? See, only the radicals who will call BS upfront and say this is an alien teaching are the

02:01:17.640 --> 02:01:22.280
ones who are going to be resistant to it. So not only do they fill it with straw men, but they

02:01:22.280 --> 02:01:27.320
fill it with these decorations to legitimize it because if you say Jesus he's stuffed, this is

02:01:27.320 --> 02:01:33.560
the Jesus dust that they sprinkled on this pile. And it goes on resolved that the members of

02:01:33.560 --> 02:01:38.760
the Senate encouraged the church to utilize a 94 document, resolve the members, the congregations

02:01:38.760 --> 02:01:45.240
of the Senate are encouraged towards racial reconciliation and equality within the church and within

02:01:45.240 --> 02:01:50.600
society at large, praying that those who advocate racist ideologies and those who are deceived by

02:01:50.600 --> 02:01:56.200
them be brought to repentance and the justice and healing may come to those who have been wounded

02:01:56.200 --> 02:02:01.080
and be finally resolved as followers of Christ. We are grabbed knowing, according to the flesh,

02:02:01.080 --> 02:02:05.080
who we've reserved the one who has entrusted us to the message of reconciliation.

02:02:07.240 --> 02:02:12.040
Reconciliation to God. Look at this. At the very end of this, they're destroying the gospel,

02:02:12.040 --> 02:02:17.400
they're destroying scripture by saying reconciliation of man to man. You don't need any God in the

02:02:17.400 --> 02:02:21.720
picture. You're doing it for God, but you're doing it with one another. That is not scriptural

02:02:21.720 --> 02:02:28.760
reconciliation. In Christ, God is reconciling the world to Himself. They actually cite that.

02:02:30.840 --> 02:02:38.360
I'm just in awe. It's like watching a car wreck. And that's how it ends. That's the end of it.

02:02:40.120 --> 02:02:45.720
Lord, I mercy on us all. It's almost tempting just to end the episode there because it's so

02:02:45.720 --> 02:02:53.400
just so utterly evil and wicked and ridiculous simultaneously. And I know that we often say,

02:02:53.400 --> 02:03:00.360
we have argued at length, do not call what is being done by the left, by the Marxists, etc.

02:03:00.920 --> 02:03:07.480
Insane or woke or anything like that. But it can be both insane and evil simultaneously. And

02:03:07.480 --> 02:03:12.760
this manages to reach that. It is so incoherent as to be technically insane.

02:03:13.240 --> 02:03:21.640
Just the first bit, we regard no one according to the flesh. Okay, yes, you can cite scripture,

02:03:22.520 --> 02:03:26.120
but you're citing it in such a way that you are saying the opposite of what it says,

02:03:27.480 --> 02:03:32.360
because if you want to use the meaning that they are advancing here, well, okay,

02:03:33.640 --> 02:03:38.120
live like the crazy old anabaptist used to, because you may as well share your women,

02:03:38.200 --> 02:03:42.120
because if you regard no one according to the flesh, well, that's, she's not my wife,

02:03:42.120 --> 02:03:47.000
that's just random flesh. That's not how this works. That's not what scripture means.

02:03:47.720 --> 02:03:54.520
This is not a denial of, you cannot take scripture and make it in any part, in any subpart,

02:03:54.520 --> 02:04:00.600
a denial of the reality of what God has created, a denial of creation. And that is exactly what

02:04:00.680 --> 02:04:09.000
they are doing here. This is the absolute worst kind of not even citation scholarship,

02:04:09.000 --> 02:04:14.440
because it's so bad. It's picking out little bits of scripture and chopping it, not even

02:04:14.440 --> 02:04:22.840
whole verses, little snippets of verses, in order to advance in a mercenary fashion, this wicked

02:04:22.840 --> 02:04:29.640
doctrine that came nowhere from scripture. This is, Satan wasn't even this bad when he was trying

02:04:29.720 --> 02:04:38.200
to tempt Christ. He at least cited most of the verses he was citing. He at least did that. You

02:04:38.200 --> 02:04:42.920
have to give Satan more credit than you give the men who wrote and voted for this, because if they

02:04:42.920 --> 02:04:47.880
voted for this, they are implicated in the wickedness because they signed off on it.

02:04:48.680 --> 02:04:55.480
And since 2019, the LCMS has swung much further to the left than this document indicates. So,

02:04:56.200 --> 02:05:02.920
we spent most of this episode talking specifically about, you know, this is, this is a typical

02:05:02.920 --> 02:05:09.240
argument in favor of the doctrine of racism. Your churches, if they're not Missouri Senate,

02:05:09.240 --> 02:05:14.360
have will advance very similar arguments, because we said at the beginning, every argument that you

02:05:14.360 --> 02:05:19.720
will find about racism that doesn't explicitly cite scripture is going to come from the

02:05:19.720 --> 02:05:25.880
pedophile Jew Magnus Hirschfeld's document from the 30s. This stuff was written before any of

02:05:25.880 --> 02:05:31.640
these men were born. They're adopting and they're importing false theology from a false demonic

02:05:31.640 --> 02:05:38.040
religion. We've laid out clearly. None of this, of course, was scripture. Even, even if you disagree

02:05:38.040 --> 02:05:44.040
with us, even if you disagree with our scriptural conclusions, completely separate from that. If we

02:05:44.120 --> 02:05:50.120
didn't exist at all, no Christian and good conscience can read this document and these arguments

02:05:50.120 --> 02:05:55.000
and what's on the LCMS page about racism and come to the conclusion that they were produced

02:05:55.000 --> 02:06:01.160
by someone with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would not permit such lies to be done in his name.

02:06:01.160 --> 02:06:08.760
And yet here we have churches advancing lies that destroy Christianity. They destroy the gospel,

02:06:08.760 --> 02:06:14.440
they destroy the church, and they destroy creation, and they destroy the order that God has

02:06:14.440 --> 02:06:20.120
established among us. There's one entity in the universe that seeks all of those outcomes

02:06:20.120 --> 02:06:26.920
in his name as Satan. These advancements that are being pushed in the church, the reason that we're

02:06:26.920 --> 02:06:31.880
talking about it, the reason we're talking about this upsetting divisive subject that nobody wants

02:06:31.960 --> 02:06:40.200
to hear about is that it's seminal. This is it. This is the solvent that Satan is using to dissolve

02:06:40.200 --> 02:06:45.480
the Christian church. It's not about Lutherans. It's not about our denomination or what goes on

02:06:45.480 --> 02:06:51.560
Saint Louis. This is the fight everyone is in and we've all been capitulating to varying degrees

02:06:51.560 --> 02:06:58.520
at varying times. We're all on the same slippery slope. There's only one way any of this ends.

02:06:58.520 --> 02:07:04.600
Well, two possible ways. Either the church is completely destroyed, which God promises he will

02:07:04.600 --> 02:07:10.680
not permit, or these vipers are rooted out and they're put to the sword by a godly prince,

02:07:10.680 --> 02:07:14.440
because there's nothing else that's going to stop this sort of evil in this life. And

02:07:16.520 --> 02:07:21.240
I'd prefer to see the end of the world as I said last episode. I don't mean that for that to be

02:07:21.240 --> 02:07:26.760
a black pill. It's just that when I pray that kingdom come, I mean it. I want God to come among us,

02:07:26.840 --> 02:07:33.320
not only on a daily basis, but to come finally and to end evil, to end our suffering, to end my

02:07:33.320 --> 02:07:39.560
evil. I pray for God to take my life and to perfect. And that's only going to happen when I'm dead,

02:07:39.560 --> 02:07:45.240
where if he comes in the sky, when I'm alive, I will be struck down and raised up a new man

02:07:45.240 --> 02:07:50.520
without any of this sin, without any of these problems or any of these concerns. It's up to God

02:07:50.520 --> 02:07:56.120
what he does in the future. But the task before every Christian on this day is not to just sit on

02:07:56.120 --> 02:08:01.400
the hillside and look at the sky and hope that Jesus will come back. I pray that that will happen,

02:08:01.400 --> 02:08:06.760
but day to day, I am head down fighting this evil because when Christ comes back, I would much

02:08:06.760 --> 02:08:12.520
prefer that he find me serving him faithfully than pursuing the lust of the flesh that otherwise

02:08:12.520 --> 02:08:18.760
occupy my mind. If I can fight this instead of doing the evil that I would prefer to do,

02:08:18.760 --> 02:08:24.440
this is what I'm going to do. And it's an easy choice because this evil is not only, it's not

02:08:24.440 --> 02:08:30.280
about our church. It's about the whole Christian faith and it's about everything that we have ever

02:08:30.280 --> 02:08:35.880
known and loved in history. There is no part of history that's connected to anything that the

02:08:35.880 --> 02:08:43.080
listeners of this podcast have any connection to that is not being destroyed today. Physically

02:08:43.080 --> 02:08:51.320
destroyed, statutes torn down, paintings defiled, works of art, erased, edited, eradicated, were

02:08:51.320 --> 02:08:56.120
told that they never happened, were told that the men who did them are evil, were told everything

02:08:56.120 --> 02:09:03.560
that has ever existed in Christian history is evil. In their religion, they're telling the truth,

02:09:03.560 --> 02:09:08.440
all of those things are evil to say and all of those things were good according to God's perfect

02:09:08.440 --> 02:09:13.320
will. And that's why they prospered among his people in Christendom. If Christendom is going to

02:09:13.320 --> 02:09:20.520
survive, it's going because men stop eating up these worldly satanic teachings of demons that

02:09:20.520 --> 02:09:25.640
continue to be imported in the church by men who say they're doing it in God's name. Magnus

02:09:25.640 --> 02:09:30.360
Hirschfeld brought it, secularly, but he didn't bring it into the church. It was churchmen who

02:09:30.360 --> 02:09:35.160
brought it into the church. It was pastors and professors who said, ooh, that's a good idea. I

02:09:35.160 --> 02:09:40.360
want to use that in my next sermon and we're off to the races because you in the pews, are you going

02:09:40.360 --> 02:09:44.520
to listen to some jerk podcaster or are you going to listen to your pastor? You should be able to

02:09:44.520 --> 02:09:49.160
listen to your pastor without flinching, you know, without second guessing. And I pray for the day

02:09:49.160 --> 02:09:54.280
when God will restore that to all of our churches until such day comes. We're going to keep fighting

02:09:54.280 --> 02:09:59.080
this. We're going to keep fighting wherever these lies are introduced. So they're not going to be

02:09:59.080 --> 02:10:04.840
many episodes of stone choir that you find, you know, pleasing or relaxing. That's not why we're here.

02:10:04.840 --> 02:10:10.360
They're easy listening channels if you want to just have your brain scratched. We're talking about

02:10:10.360 --> 02:10:15.480
where Satan is attacking and he's coming for every direction. The race and racism is one of the

02:10:15.480 --> 02:10:22.120
chief ones today. And so that's why we spent five episodes on this. I hope that folks have found

02:10:22.120 --> 02:10:26.440
some value in it. I hope you'll share with friends and family and people in your church who will

02:10:26.440 --> 02:10:33.880
receive it. As I've said before, people who are told beforehand that Corey and I are wicked evil men

02:10:34.760 --> 02:10:39.640
will never listen in the first place for the most part. But if someone is a Christian who's

02:10:39.640 --> 02:10:43.320
trusted said, hey, you should listen to this podcast. It's pretty good. I like these guys. I think

02:10:43.400 --> 02:10:47.960
they have some interesting things to say. The reaction is almost always, that was really interesting.

02:10:47.960 --> 02:10:53.800
No one who ever listens to us comes to the conclusion that we are the men who are being slandered

02:10:53.800 --> 02:10:59.080
among the pastor at up and down from the left hand to the right hand in a Missouri Senate.

02:10:59.080 --> 02:11:03.560
All of our pastors are slandering us today and virtually no one is defending our reputations.

02:11:04.840 --> 02:11:09.160
God sees that too and he can take care of that. I'm not even worried about it. But for you who are

02:11:09.160 --> 02:11:13.640
listening, thank you for spending the time with us for you who share. We appreciate it.

02:11:14.920 --> 02:11:19.640
Keep spreading the word and keep spending time in scripture because all of this matters.

02:11:19.640 --> 02:11:24.200
It's not just the parts you like. It's not just the parts that make you happy and make you comfortable.

02:11:24.200 --> 02:11:28.920
Spend some more time in the pastor's scripture that make you really nervous because that's

02:11:29.640 --> 02:11:34.680
the Holy Spirit and you're saying, hey, you missed a spot. And when the Holy Spirit tells you,

02:11:34.680 --> 02:11:39.240
you should be nervous about something. You need to listen. Don't take it from our words.

02:11:39.240 --> 02:11:44.440
Take it from God. You will find these problems in scripture when you contrast them with what

02:11:44.440 --> 02:11:47.400
you're hearing in the Word today. And that's all we can ask of anyone.

02:11:48.120 --> 02:11:55.720
I am ever so slightly tempted to add something about the immediately next resolution that was

02:11:55.720 --> 02:12:02.120
passed at that same convention just because of how approach it also is.

02:12:02.840 --> 02:12:07.480
Just read the title. I just want to read the title and pull out one line because I think there's

02:12:07.480 --> 02:12:14.280
some deep abiding irony there to encourage responsible citizenship and compassion toward

02:12:14.280 --> 02:12:19.640
neighbors who are immigrants among us. If you've been paying attention to Stone Quire thus far,

02:12:19.640 --> 02:12:29.160
you recognize already some of the problems with that. But I enjoy one of the resolved paragraphs,

02:12:30.200 --> 02:12:37.720
part of it at least, that the members of Synod be encouraged not to allow political divisions to

02:12:37.720 --> 02:12:47.800
become church divisions. They've managed to violate it in both possible directions at once by

02:12:47.800 --> 02:12:55.080
not upholding scripture when scripture and political divisions do happen to align, for instance,

02:12:55.080 --> 02:13:02.440
abortion because we do have quite a few men and women in our pews with anti-scriptural positions

02:13:02.440 --> 02:13:07.880
on abortion and our pastors say very little about it. They say more than many denominations. That's

02:13:07.880 --> 02:13:15.960
certainly true, but not enough. And they violated in the other direction by permitting actual politics

02:13:16.040 --> 02:13:22.520
in the most base mercenary sense to become real divisions in the church that rise to the level

02:13:22.520 --> 02:13:30.360
of expulsion and at least attempted excommunication. But to end on a different note,

02:13:32.360 --> 02:13:40.600
we routinely bring up the transcendentals. And I hope that you as the listeners understand why we

02:13:40.600 --> 02:13:45.880
continue to do that. Everything against which we are fighting, against which we are speaking,

02:13:45.880 --> 02:13:51.640
the things against which we are pushing back, violate the transcendentals, go against the transcendentals

02:13:51.640 --> 02:13:56.680
because that which is evil is against good, that which is evil is against God's nature,

02:13:56.680 --> 02:14:04.680
is against God. God is his nature, the transcendentals are God's nature. Think about that, maybe replay

02:14:04.760 --> 02:14:11.320
at a couple of times to listen to exactly what I said. But when I list the transcendentals,

02:14:11.320 --> 02:14:16.920
I typically list the main three because that's just what is usually done in theology and philosophy.

02:14:17.640 --> 02:14:23.000
Beauty, goodness, truth, list them in whichever order you please. God's nature, of course, is one.

02:14:23.720 --> 02:14:29.320
And so the next one is being because there are actually five core ones. Being because of course

02:14:29.320 --> 02:14:33.880
that which exists is greater than that which does not. It's the summary of that. But the fifth is

02:14:33.880 --> 02:14:40.200
the one that I want to end on here. And it is one of the most important in our modern context.

02:14:40.200 --> 02:14:45.000
The others are of course important because as was just mentioned, we have monuments that are

02:14:45.000 --> 02:14:50.680
being destroyed. Our artwork is being destroyed. Things are being burned down, desecrated right and

02:14:50.680 --> 02:14:55.960
left. And of course, well, that's a fight against beauty. They're attempting to destroy beauty.

02:14:55.960 --> 02:15:01.960
And that's why you have brutalist architecture and things like that because a world that is against

02:15:01.960 --> 02:15:08.200
God. A society that is against God will produce only ugliness because beauty is an attribute

02:15:08.200 --> 02:15:16.040
of God, flows from God as does goodness and truth. And so truth is being attacked. That's why

02:15:16.040 --> 02:15:20.200
we're pushing back against these things because the things against which we are pushing back

02:15:20.920 --> 02:15:28.520
are all lies. They are fighting against truth. We are fighting for truth. So that's beauty and truth.

02:15:28.520 --> 02:15:35.480
Goodness, of course, everyone understands that implicitly to some degree at least good versus

02:15:35.480 --> 02:15:43.640
evil. And I already mentioned being, but the fifth one is unity. And the reason no one ever

02:15:43.640 --> 02:15:49.640
tells you that the fifth transcendental is unity. The reason you may never have heard that for

02:15:49.640 --> 02:15:57.800
in your life, if you haven't heard it from me, literally, is that because the cult that we have

02:15:57.800 --> 02:16:04.360
today, that is the official cult of most Western governments, that is the cult of our corporations,

02:16:04.360 --> 02:16:10.120
that is the cult of our elites, that is the cult of our politicians, that is becoming the cult of

02:16:10.120 --> 02:16:19.000
what once were churches and now no longer are, is diversity, equity and inclusion or diversity

02:16:19.000 --> 02:16:26.200
inclusion and equity if you want a better, more accurate acronym. And that first bit diversity

02:16:26.200 --> 02:16:36.120
goes directly against the transcendental of unity. And so, as with the others, if you have something,

02:16:36.120 --> 02:16:42.280
if you are following something, if you are advocating something, that pushes back against,

02:16:42.840 --> 02:16:47.480
refutes, disagrees with, rejects, and attribute of God,

02:16:49.320 --> 02:16:55.880
where you are obviously not on God's side, you are standing on Satan's side. And so if you find

02:16:55.880 --> 02:17:03.000
that you are standing on the side that is pushing diversity as some sort of highest good, some

02:17:03.000 --> 02:17:10.360
utmost value, you are pushing back against unity, you are rejecting one of the transcendental's,

02:17:10.360 --> 02:17:16.840
you are rejecting God, you are rejecting the faith, and you will spend eternity with your master.

02:17:19.240 --> 02:17:26.440
And you should think about that long and hard, because you cannot reject any of God's attributes

02:17:27.080 --> 02:17:35.240
without rejecting God. And so if you reject beauty, goodness, truth, being or unity,

02:17:35.240 --> 02:17:40.120
and are modern cult that is taking over the Western world and the rest of it eventually,

02:17:40.120 --> 02:17:47.080
rejects each and every one. If you reject them, you are no Christian. You may do it incidentally,

02:17:47.080 --> 02:17:55.000
accidentally for a period of time. But if you continue down that road, it is the wide path,

02:17:55.000 --> 02:18:02.360
and it leads to hell. The narrow path that leads to eternal life to paradise

02:18:02.760 --> 02:18:09.240
is, in fact, narrow. It is not the path that the bulk of the world is going to take.

02:18:10.440 --> 02:18:19.320
And so again, if you find yourself on the side pushing diversity, pushing anti-racism,

02:18:19.320 --> 02:18:26.760
pushing Marxism, pushing all these catch words, pushing these wicked things as transcendental

02:18:26.760 --> 02:18:34.840
values, which they are not, then you are on the side that is against God. And you will spend

02:18:34.840 --> 02:18:42.440
eternity suffering his wrath for the sins that you took back and claimed as your own,

02:18:42.440 --> 02:18:48.600
even if you were a baptized child of Christ at some point, you can throw that cloak off,

02:18:48.600 --> 02:18:55.000
and you can be kicked out of the wedding feast. Those are the stakes, and that is why we are

02:18:55.000 --> 02:19:01.960
doing this podcast, and that is why we will continue, because the stakes quite literally are heaven

02:19:01.960 --> 02:19:08.920
or hell.