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He's a...

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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast. I am Corey J. Moller, and I'm Woe.

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Today's episode of Stone Choir is going to be discussing something that was produced by the present of the Missouri Synod several weeks ago.

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The present Matt Harrison put out a press release that originally began as an email that was sent to district presidents and leaked online on Facebook and then subsequently sent out to the world.

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Up front, I want to say two things just to clarify something we've said in previous episodes.

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We don't want this to become an inside baseball podcast about elutheranism, let alone the LCMS.

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We have a lot of listeners who are in other denominations, and we don't want to bore you.

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The reason we're talking about this particular letter is that this letter was literally written against the Stone Choir Podcast.

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This was written expressly against Corey and against me.

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So we're going to go through it because it is directly relevant to the state of the church in the West, not simply our denomination, not simply Protestantism, but really the whole church is facing similar issues.

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So I hope you'll bear with us and we're going to be going through a letter once again line by line.

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I know we did that last week. I promise we won't do that again for a while.

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It's not something we want to make a habit, but in this particular case, there's so much error and so much evil in this thing.

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And the fact that it's directly related to a podcast that's only been around for 20 episodes, I think that it's worth our time to discuss it and certainly to respond to it.

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And hopefully you'll find that it's worth your time listening to it.

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So I hope you'll bear with us as we do one more episode that's a bit inside baseball, but again, not too much.

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We're going to rely pretty heavily on some previous episodes that we've done.

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It's been, I think, no coincidence at this point that every time we manage to lay down an episode within a couple of weeks, it becomes a seminal aspect of what is going on in the world.

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That's, you know, we talked about me IQ episode.

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We can see where the ball is going so we know some of these things are coming before they actually explode in public.

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So we're going to begin this by we're going to take turns reading paragraphs and discussing them.

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I want to begin by pointing out something from the framing episode that we did a few months back where we discussed how the nature in which someone frames the discussion fundamentally bounds how you can think about it.

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If you're just going to acquiesce to their frame.

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If you will fight back if you'll sort of disregard their frame and you can escape it and you have your own thoughts.

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But if you go along with what they're trying to say, you end up in a situation where they can absolutely control what you're thinking simply by the way they frame it.

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So the title of this press release was President Harrison denounces disturbing ideologies.

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Now I want to just briefly unpack those five words because there's a whole lot going on even right there.

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President Harrison, okay, great. That's his title.

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It's also asserting a degree of authority.

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So this is the president of the Missouri Senate.

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He's speaking with authority.

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He's on the LCMS webpage. He's coming to the whole world saying something's going on.

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What does he do? He denounces.

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That's perfectly reasonable. We're doing this podcast to denounce what he's saying.

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So there's nothing wrong and errorly with that.

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But it's a very strong word to use. It's not a comment. It's not an observation.

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It's not concern. He denounces.

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And in the book of Concord, this would be the equivalent of we reject and condemn.

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So for him to say denounces is pretty much the strongest possible word that he could use to sort of frame what it is he wants to tell us about.

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Next word to use is disturbing.

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That's a very emotionally laden word.

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When you say something is disturbing, it sort of primes whoever's reading to think,

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oh, what's going to happen next?

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Like, I'm already a little bit concerned. I'm a little bit frightened.

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I'm going to be exposed to something terrible.

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So that's a very emotionally manipulative word to use.

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It was very deliberately chosen.

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And then last word to use is probably the...

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The piecer is a stoss of what he's done here.

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President Harrison denounces disturbing ideologies.

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Now, that's interesting because as we've talked in past episodes,

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there's the doctrine of the kingdom of the left hand of Christ and the kingdom of the right hand of Christ,

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where the left hand is sort of the civil, the secular, for lack of a better term.

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The world where the church isn't necessarily directly involved,

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and any of the right hand kingdom where the church is talking.

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So in Harrison says ideologies, he's implicitly shoving what he's about to tell you about and to the left hand kingdom.

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He's saying this has nothing to do with church.

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This is an ideology. This is something that does not come from Scripture.

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It's not godly.

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It's something that's just from somewhere else.

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And I'm President Harrison and his recented,

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I'm going to tell you what's wrong with it.

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So just in five words, he's really conducted a master class in framing to ensure that what you receive next

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is going to be something that you're going to be ready to be scared about,

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and you're going to be ready to think, yeah, this is definitely not Christian.

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And then he goes on with the title, the Statement of Recent Online UnChristian Teachings.

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And once again, that's sort of doubling down.

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It was online, so you know, it's kind of fringe of Mac.

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Lengthening online isn't real.

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Like, it's not published.

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It's just, it's out there in the Twitter sphere or whatever.

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And unChristian makes clear that, you know, again, that ideology thing.

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We're not talking about doctrine.

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We're not talking about Scripture.

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We're talking about non-Christian things being done somewhere related to the church.

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And then teachings.

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So as president of the Missouri Synod, he is now framing it in terms of there are competing teachers out there opposed to the church.

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So just in the first two lines, before you even get to his dear friends in Christ,

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he's already set this up as the church versus evil men from outside the church.

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And maybe that's true.

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Maybe that's false.

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That's like framing is not inherently impermissible or duplicitous.

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But it is very powerful and someone's not paying attention to it.

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Because if you see the frame without thinking about it, if it's unconscious,

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you absorb it and you're like, okay, I'm going to go along with this for now.

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And that's very typical when you're dealing with, you know, the president of the Missouri Synod.

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This is a pastor.

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He's ordained.

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He has a caller.

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He's well respected by people who are themselves well respected.

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So, you know, you're kind of tend to believe him.

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You certainly wouldn't think he was a liar.

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You wouldn't think he was going to be doing something evil.

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And so, when he tells you on Christian and these other things, you're going to tend to believe him.

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So, this first paragraph is five lines, but it's going to be where we spend.

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I think the bulk of this episode simply because there's so much to unpack here.

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Matt begins, dear friends in Christ, the Lutheran church Missouri Synod,

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its president, vice president, and all 35 district presidents,

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along with its ministerium and congregations, categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings

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of the so-called alt-right and total, including white supremacy, Naziism, pro-slavery, anti-interracial marriage,

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womenist property, fascism, death for homosexuals, even genocide.

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So, as one paragraph, that was the very beginning of this thing.

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There are two things to point out there and we're going to spend most time talking about the second,

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but the first is that he says, this is the president, all six vice presidents, and all 35 district presidents.

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I want to name for you the vice presidents upfront because what he is saying and what they are saying

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by their silence and acquiescing to this latter that was published in their name,

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is that they all agree with this.

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So, we are not picking on Matt Harrison.

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This is, according to him, the unanimous voice of the entire Missouri Synod speaking against these things that are to follow.

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So, the vice presidents are Peter Lang, John Warabi, Jr., Scott Murray, Nabil Nure, Chris Esket, and Ben Ball.

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Those six men are all equally responsible for what we say.

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So, when we say Matt, you can hear all their names, you can hear the names of all 35 district presidents.

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Every man in Synod, who's in one of these positions, is guilty of everything that is said in this latter.

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It's that's the first part of it.

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And then the LCMS categorically rejects the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called alright.

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So, I think we'll begin with the term alright itself because it's something I think most people probably don't know what it is.

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You actually probably don't hear it much anymore, and there's a reason for that.

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So, the term alright came to prominence a number of years ago.

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About 2016, we have a graph in the show notes that illustrates the searches for the term which roughly corresponds with when the term was in use.

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And of course, it just means alternative right.

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There were some on the right who were pushing the use of this term and some on the left using it as a pejorative, but as a way to distinguish those on the right who weren't establishment right.

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The term did not catch on, fell out of favor, and basically is not used today.

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So, it's first off, ridiculous, the term would be resurrected to be used in this letter.

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And second, this isn't a term that anyone uses to describe himself today.

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I have never called myself alt-right. I've had many discussions with people about the ridiculousness of the term.

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I hate the term for a number of reasons. This isn't really the place for the discussion of that though.

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But there's no one who has critiqued the catechism, who has critiqued the leadership of the LCMS, any of these things, who describes himself as alt-right.

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This is a term that today is used as a propaganda term, largely by the mainstream media, to attack anyone who is a little further right than you're allowed to be.

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Or just happens to hold views that the media don't like.

10:25.000 --> 10:29.000
And that's how Harrison is using it here. He's using it as a term to say,

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these are evil people who are outside the bounds of what is acceptable to believe today.

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And so, he wants you to condemn all of these things in this letter on the basis of this term, on the basis of what he has labeled those who are critiquing what he has been doing in the name of synod, on behalf of synod.

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And what others in synod have been doing, particularly with the large catechism, which is sort of what kicked this off for the synodical leadership.

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Yeah, I also don't think I've ever called myself alt-right. I've used other terms, Bill.

11:02.000 --> 11:07.000
This is a boomer term that was stuck in there, basically, to scare boomers.

11:07.000 --> 11:13.000
If you say, all right, somebody doesn't know what it is. They remember reading something about a few years ago. It sounds scary.

11:13.000 --> 11:22.000
So what does it do? It triggers fear in the mind of the reader, just as the disturbing ideologies headline was designed to trigger fear.

11:22.000 --> 11:33.000
So this is emotional manipulation, bundling up all of these things together as one package, ascribing it to a few people, and then singling them out and saying,

11:33.000 --> 11:42.000
you cannot listen to anything those men say. And that's the whole purpose of that intro paragraph. He put this up front for very specific reason.

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And so we're going to get into the parenthetical of the including white supremacy, et cetera.

11:47.000 --> 11:55.000
Begin with the first one, including white supremacy. Well, we just did a five episode series on race,

11:55.000 --> 12:03.000
concluding with the last episode that was specifically on the made-up synod racism in which we went through, basically line by line,

12:03.000 --> 12:11.000
the 2019 synodical resolution that the Missouri Senate passed against the fake sin of racism. And I think we, for my purposes,

12:11.000 --> 12:21.000
I think we demonstrated categorically that it's nonsense. It's, it's, it's ham-fisted nonsense. And so if you agreed with anything that we said,

12:21.000 --> 12:27.000
even if you only agreed with part of one of the episodes, maybe the episode on crime stats, you thought was interesting.

12:27.000 --> 12:35.000
But then when we talked about IQs, you're like, well, maybe I can see violence correlating with race, but not IQ. I don't buy that or vice versa.

12:35.000 --> 12:42.000
Like if you agreed with any of the things we said and any of those five episodes, you are by Matt Harrison's definition,

12:42.000 --> 12:51.000
by the definition of the Missouri Senate, a white supremacist, because that's fundamentally what we were talking about that there are races that they exist,

12:51.000 --> 13:00.000
that they exist distinctly, and that they have different characteristics. And as we said, a hundred times, probably nearly every episode,

13:00.000 --> 13:11.000
not before God, but relative to each other, we behave in different waves. We have different properties. And to say that out loud is, quote, unquote, white supremacy.

13:11.000 --> 13:20.000
Just this past week, there's something in the news, a law professor, one of the major law, law programs is being expelled and losing tenure,

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because she said that black students are not as smart. Now, that's a horrible white racist white supremacist thing to say, if it's not true, but if it's true, what do you do?

13:32.000 --> 13:44.000
Do you let the label stick, even though the fact is verifiable, or do you say that labels and categorizations based on morality are more important than telling the truth?

13:44.000 --> 13:53.000
So that's really where all of this is, when white supremacy is used as a scare tactic and as a label, it's fundamentally designed to shut down your brain,

13:53.000 --> 14:02.000
just like the thing talking about these disturbing ideologies is there to shut down your ability to think rationally, because if you think rationally,

14:02.000 --> 14:10.000
you'll think about crime stats and IQ and all the other things that we talked about, and you'll think about the fact that maybe there's subsens to some of it,

14:10.000 --> 14:17.000
even if you disagree with the conclusions, even just thinking that the thing exists is itself white supremacy.

14:17.000 --> 14:29.000
So, a warning for anyone who's a podcast subscriber to Stone Quire, you are a white supremacist by the definition of this church simply by listening, doesn't even matter if you disagree with us.

14:29.000 --> 14:35.000
The very fact that you would tolerate our voices in your ears makes you evil according to these people.

14:35.000 --> 14:38.000
Now, it's a term from the mainstream.

14:38.000 --> 14:49.000
He's talking just like MSN, and we'll be doing a talk coming up here soon about the fallout from this letter and the subsequent activities from within the Missouri Senate.

14:49.000 --> 14:55.000
There's a great deal of it that's been going on behind the scenes in secret, or so they think, and we'll be exposing all of that.

14:55.000 --> 15:04.000
We're not going to discuss it today, but suffice it to say that the Missouri Senate has been acting in concert with pagans, with atheists, with evil people

15:04.000 --> 15:14.000
for the sake of these terms, for the sake of upholding the morality of the dark world that does not serve God.

15:14.000 --> 15:16.000
And so, that's just the first term there.

15:16.000 --> 15:19.000
You know, second one is Nazism. What does that even mean?

15:19.000 --> 15:21.000
Are there people who...

15:21.000 --> 15:23.000
Well, they never define any of these terms.

15:23.000 --> 15:24.000
Yeah, of course.

15:24.000 --> 15:33.000
They didn't define white supremacy because they want you to take the term white supremacy and just think that really any positive statement about whites is white supremacy.

15:33.000 --> 15:38.000
That was what the whole point of the, it's okay to be white campaign was.

15:38.000 --> 15:41.000
The point is the reaction of people to saying that.

15:41.000 --> 15:49.000
None of us would object to someone saying, it's okay to be Asian, it's okay to be African, it's okay to be whatever you want to insert.

15:49.000 --> 15:53.000
Fine, God made the races, you want to wear that shirt? Fine.

15:53.000 --> 16:00.000
The whole point is the reaction, and the goal here is to make the white supremacy term, it's a kill word.

16:01.000 --> 16:12.000
As you mentioned, they don't want people to think when they hear the term, but they also want you to associate anything that is positive with regard to whites as being white supremacy.

16:12.000 --> 16:26.000
And that's one of the reasons they don't define it because if they actually defined it, you might start going, well, what these men are saying doesn't match up with the way this term is being defined, this accusation doesn't fit.

16:27.000 --> 16:31.000
But these men don't care about the eighth commandment at all.

16:31.000 --> 16:41.000
That's why they never define these things, that's why it's always vague accusations, that's why they don't want to have the actual discussion of what it is, they're saying what it is we're saying.

16:41.000 --> 16:48.000
They just want you not to listen, not to think about it, obey the ministerium and shut up.

16:49.000 --> 17:02.000
The LCMS itself by the world standards is a white supremacist church simply by virtue of the fact that 96% of the souls in the Missouri Senate are white, that itself is white supremacy.

17:02.000 --> 17:16.000
It is a categorical imperative of the world that if you find an overwhelming majority of white people anywhere, even if it's in places that they built themselves for themselves, if they still have that thing that they built, that is white supremacy.

17:17.000 --> 17:24.000
Period, there's no way around that, and if you as a normal human being and a Christian recoil from that, say, well, that's absurd, that's obscene.

17:24.000 --> 17:29.000
Yes, it is. That is the point. The term itself is, as Cory said, a killing word.

17:29.000 --> 17:35.000
It is designed to kill your ability to respond because who wants to be a white supremacist? That's evil, obviously.

17:35.000 --> 17:41.000
But you can't discuss it. You can't talk about what it is. You just have to accept and move on.

17:41.000 --> 17:54.000
Same with Nazi. The National Socialist German Workers Party vanished in 1945. There have been no Nazis since 1945 because that was a political party for a country that was killed.

17:54.000 --> 18:03.000
That was killed by the West in the name of all of these things. It was done by Communists and it was done by Godless Americans.

18:03.000 --> 18:10.000
And so for them to try to lump that in is again, it's just another scare tactic because what is more evil in the universe than Nazism?

18:10.000 --> 18:16.000
If you've watched movies in the last 30 years, you know that there's nothing. There's nothing you could possibly do that would be more evil than Nazi.

18:16.000 --> 18:22.000
So they throw the word out there to scare you. I'm not a Nazi because I'm not that old.

18:22.000 --> 18:29.000
I don't particularly care about politics from the German people in the 30s and 40s. I don't find it interesting.

18:29.000 --> 18:41.000
I think there are aspects of every period that you can learn something from good and bad. But to discuss things honestly is not to be an unthinking subscriber, which is again what they want.

18:41.000 --> 18:54.000
They just lump. They categorize. They smear and then they move on having labeled morally anything that they don't like with a term that you are programmed by an entire lifetime of propaganda to recoil from and horror.

18:54.000 --> 19:03.000
So these disturbing ideologies they're telling you what they are. The disturbance is the racism. It's the Nazis and the next one is pro slavery.

19:03.000 --> 19:16.000
Well, Scripture is not anti-slavery. We're going to be doing an episode probably at some point pretty soon here specifically about slavery and about the fact that Scripture does not condemn it.

19:16.000 --> 19:24.000
That is not to say that to say something that is a verifiable scriptural fact is not the same as being pro slavery.

19:24.000 --> 19:40.000
I've literally mentioned on Stone Square episode a few episodes ago. I'd rather be a slave than own slaves because I've been an employer. I've signed paychecks. I know what it's like to not to own someone, but to have an employee and the prospect of.

19:41.000 --> 19:49.000
Yeah, well, not in my case employees in the business. Yeah, yeah, Jeff Bezos is pretty close to a slave owner.

19:49.000 --> 20:00.000
But even then he sends them home with virtually nothing. He sends him home crippled. Their healthcare, their welfare, their lives are not his problem because he doesn't own them.

20:00.000 --> 20:06.000
He doesn't even give them bathroom breaks. I'm pretty sure no slave owners were that bad.

20:07.000 --> 20:15.000
So the notion that any men, including both of us, both Cory and I do not think this slavery is a sin.

20:15.000 --> 20:22.000
This is something that the entire history of the faith agrees with until the last 150 years.

20:22.000 --> 20:30.000
Now, it's interesting for the Missouri Synod to choose pro slavery as an explicit attack on moral grounds.

20:31.000 --> 20:38.000
Again, they didn't provide any proof that anyone was pro slavery. They didn't provide any definition for what that is.

20:38.000 --> 20:49.000
But we'll link in the show notes what the founder of the Missouri Synod CFW Walther said about slavery during the time the prohibition was rising.

20:49.000 --> 20:58.000
They were atheists. The men who were pushing prohibition were among the most evil men in the United States at the time.

20:58.000 --> 21:07.000
They were not Christians primarily. And the ones who were putative Christians were degenerate. They were not anything that Lutherans would recognize remotely as Christian.

21:07.000 --> 21:17.000
They were so far off in the weeds because they were obsessed with equality. They were obsessed with the follow-on to the French Revolution.

21:17.000 --> 21:24.000
And one of the amazing points that Walter makes in I can't remember what year was like 1859 roughly.

21:24.000 --> 21:31.000
He specifically ties the abolitionist movement to feminism, which didn't even exist yet.

21:32.000 --> 21:38.000
You know, feminism was something that came later because what did you have first? First you freed the slaves and then you freed the women.

21:38.000 --> 21:47.000
You had a women's liberation. And so he saw well before that ball began rolling that it was going to start. And he saw that it was all part of the same thing.

21:47.000 --> 21:59.000
So to get back to the headline of this thing, when Harrison calls these disturbing ideologies, he's trying to make you think that these are completely beyond any possible scriptural discussion

21:59.000 --> 22:12.000
that there's no moral grounding for anyone who might disagree with him. When in fact, virtually the entire history of the church agrees with us, which will be the first to admit doesn't prove that we're right.

22:12.000 --> 22:19.000
We would never point to the history of the church, say, look, everybody who is doing it must be right. What do we do? We point to Scripture.

22:19.000 --> 22:29.000
So when we do the episode on slavery, not being a sin, we will spend a lot of time in Scripture because it's everywhere and it's never condemned in Scripture.

22:29.000 --> 22:46.000
Even Philemon is not an anti-slavery book. So this is worldly. This is the fact that he's spouting these 21st century sentimental CNN talking points as condemnation and saying, oh, there's no theology here.

22:46.000 --> 22:56.000
It's just fundamentally dishonest and also just as a purely factual matter. I don't think I've seen a single person on our side argue or slavery.

22:56.000 --> 23:06.000
We've argued that slavery is not a sin because slavery is in Scripture, not condemned by Scripture. If we're described as slaves of Christ, that makes Christ a slave owner.

23:06.000 --> 23:12.000
If you want to say that slavery is sin, you're calling Christ a sinner. Good luck with that on judgment day.

23:12.000 --> 23:18.000
But I don't think a single one of us has ever said we want to reinstitute slavery.

23:18.000 --> 23:34.000
So pro slavery is just actually wrong on its face because we recognize the horrible consequences of slavery for the nation and the hassle that it was and would be certainly if it were reinstituted.

23:34.000 --> 23:41.000
And there's no reason for it. So no one is arguing we should bring back slavery. No one is making that argument.

23:41.000 --> 23:48.000
We still have slavery technically because the 13th Amendment doesn't actually bar slavery at bar slavery except as punishment.

23:48.000 --> 23:54.000
And so prisoners are slaves in many ways. But no one is arguing to bring it back.

23:54.000 --> 24:02.000
And even if they were, that is a political matter. It is not a moral matter. And that's fundamentally what's a policy decision. Exactly.

24:02.000 --> 24:10.000
It's perfectly within the power of the state, the rightful power of the state to practice slavery or not practice slavery.

24:10.000 --> 24:22.000
And as a political matter, I am looking back over history absolutely fundamentally opposed to the slavery in the importation of Africans into North America.

24:22.000 --> 24:31.000
I think it's a single worst thing this country has ever done for entirely opposite reasons than those like Harrison who call it the original sin of the United States.

24:31.000 --> 24:36.000
I think that it was evil because it brought people someplace they didn't want to be and they didn't belong.

24:36.000 --> 24:43.000
And then when we emancipated them, we just left them here. They were dumped on their own. Now you want to talk about pro slavery.

24:43.000 --> 24:58.000
If you go look back at many of the slaves who were so called emancipated, many of them wish that they could return to slavery because their lives as slaves were easier than their lives were when they were on their own forced defend for themselves. That was a raw deal.

24:58.000 --> 25:03.000
They were put someplace that they hadn't intended to be. They didn't want to be. They didn't have support systems.

25:03.000 --> 25:10.000
And they're just left. And it was terrible for them. Just as it was terrible for them to been brought here. I am not pro-African slavery.

25:10.000 --> 25:18.000
I wish that the afferent kids who had kidnapped them in Africa had not done so. I wish that the Jews who had brought them here on their slave ships had not done so.

25:19.000 --> 25:25.000
I wish that the plantation owners who were predominantly Jewish in the south who had purchased them had not done so.

25:25.000 --> 25:37.000
And I wish that when they were finally emancipated through violence that was itself evil, that when that occurred by whatever means, I wish that they had been returned home as many of them would have wanted.

25:37.000 --> 25:47.000
And I think to this day when you have on the far left, so called in the far right, agreeing African shouldn't be here, I don't think anyone finds that controversial.

25:48.000 --> 26:00.000
And it's not hateful. So see, Cory and I will speak of these things in these terms. And when you actually hear us out, maybe you disagree, but it doesn't sound as terrible as these guys want to make it sound.

26:00.000 --> 26:09.000
And that's a whole point. They want to make everything that is in opposition to anything they believe just sound so unspeakably terrible that you can't even go near it.

26:09.000 --> 26:16.000
Maybe thing is great for Africans to be here and they should be kept here, even if it's against their will. Personally, I think that they should go back to Africa.

26:16.000 --> 26:23.000
That's not hateful. I think that that was where God put them. I think that's where they were until they were plucked away against their will.

26:23.000 --> 26:32.000
And I think that if being surrounded by people who are not like them is bad for them, then returning to a place where people are like them would naturally be good for them.

26:32.000 --> 26:42.000
I don't think that saying they should go back to Africa is a matter of hate. I think it's what is the best possible thing for these people. That's my personal belief.

26:42.000 --> 26:51.000
That's a policy belief. That's a political belief. Is there a religious belief? Well, it's only religious and religious in the sense that I have a duty to my neighbor and to my kin.

26:51.000 --> 27:00.000
And I have a duty to them in so far as they are my neighbors. And I think personally that what would be best for them would be to be back where God put them.

27:00.000 --> 27:07.000
You can disagree. And it's okay for people to disagree about these things without saying that if you don't agree with me, you're going to hell.

27:07.000 --> 27:13.000
I don't think if someone wants to keep Africans here, they're going to hell. I think they're wrong. I think it's worth discussion.

27:13.000 --> 27:27.000
But this is what normal human beings can talk about when they stop damning each other and calling each other all these names that are fundamentally categorically eliminators of any discussion, which is why this letter was written.

27:27.000 --> 27:34.000
It was written to end discussion. Well, too bad for Harrison and too bad for the Missouri Senate. We're here to discuss.

27:34.000 --> 27:42.000
The next point in the list is anti-interracial marriage. Well, again, here we have a moral point that's trying to be made.

27:42.000 --> 27:55.000
Interracial marriage was literally illegal in the United States until within living memory. And it was illegal for centuries. And it was fundamentally something that everyone thought was unnatural.

27:55.000 --> 28:09.000
I mean, there's a great video from Muhammad Ali when he was interviewed by some British guy specifically talking about interracial marriage. And the British guy was very enlightened and was trying to browbeat him into it.

28:09.000 --> 28:19.000
And Ali said, you know, something effect the butterflies breeder butterflies and bluebirds breed with bluebirds. And he had bluebirds stopped breeding of bluebirds. They stopped being blue.

28:19.000 --> 28:36.000
And he says that his black skin is beautiful. And why wouldn't he want his kids to look just like him? I find that to be completely respectable. And when he says it because he's a black guy and because he converted Islam and because he's famous, well, no one's going to get too much grief, although he really upset that that interviewer.

28:36.000 --> 28:47.000
But it's not a fringe belief. Even if you disagree, again, it's not a matter of damnation. And when it was illegal until within living memory,

28:47.000 --> 29:03.000
that fundamentally makes it a matter of policy and not a matter of morality. The Missouri Senate itself not only didn't conduct interracial marriages until about 1959, 19, 60 or so, the Missouri Senate itself was segregated until within living memory.

29:03.000 --> 29:15.000
So these guys want you to ignore history to damn everyone in history up until the 60s and then pretend like that's perfectly normal. And if anyone disagrees with that, they're going to hell.

29:15.000 --> 29:26.000
We're going to hell. Cory and I are going to hell for saying, hey, what the church did in 1960, whether it was a good policy or not, you can argue that it wasn't damnable.

29:26.000 --> 29:33.000
And if you don't, if you think it was damnable, you're condemning everyone who handed you the faith that you pretend to carry today.

29:33.000 --> 29:44.000
This particular point was a direct response to a tweet that I made that happened to gain traction as the winds of Twitter sometimes dictate.

29:44.000 --> 29:50.000
And that the tweet was very simple, if your children are different colors, then you were unfit for the office of pastor.

29:50.000 --> 30:01.000
And I actually did go ahead and explain this. I explained it two different times once in a reply to someone who asked me about it once in another tweet explaining what I had meant.

30:01.000 --> 30:07.000
And it's very simple, if you have children who are different colors, there are only two ways you achieve that.

30:07.000 --> 30:16.000
One, multiple wives, not allowed if you're a pastor because a pastor has to be a man of one woman.

30:16.000 --> 30:26.000
Two, if you adopt foreign children, and I argue that is demonstrating a lack of judgment under current circumstances, it is most certainly demonstrating a lack of judgment.

30:26.000 --> 30:30.000
And a lack of judgment is disqualifying for the office of pastor.

30:30.000 --> 30:51.000
And of course, that completely set them off to some degree because they took it to be a per se blanket condemnation of interracial marriage, which is a point that I've never taken and an argument I've never made because marrying outside your race is not per se sinful.

30:51.000 --> 31:02.000
It can be sinful, if your intent is sinful, it can be sinful, if it's due to a lack of judgment, if you don't take into account all of the things that flow from that.

31:02.000 --> 31:12.000
For instance, your children will probably not be able to get an organ transplant, a bone marrow donation, any of the number of other things we discuss some of this stuff in previous episodes.

31:12.000 --> 31:19.000
But it's worth repeating, it is not per se sinful to marry outside your race.

31:20.000 --> 31:33.000
It can be due to other factors. It's the equivalent of there are different kinds of defamation. There's defamation per se, which is a statement that on its face is defamatory.

31:33.000 --> 31:47.000
So for instance, if you're speaking about someone and you say that he lacks a certain attribute that is necessary for his profession, that is per se defamatory because you're saying he's unfit.

31:48.000 --> 31:55.000
There's also per quote, which is defamation per quote, which means it relies on fax, a fax specific analysis.

31:55.000 --> 32:03.000
And so if you said something about someone that was defamatory, but only if you understood the context in which it was stated, that's per quote.

32:03.000 --> 32:15.000
And so marrying outside your race can be per quote, according to the outside factors, according to the situation, the circumstances sinful, but not per se.

32:16.000 --> 32:23.000
And so that's part of why this is included in his list of alt-right things that are condemned.

32:23.000 --> 32:28.000
And it's also included because both of his sons have married outside their race. Something he's very proud about.

32:28.000 --> 32:32.000
Yes, he very much has a personal stake as it were.

32:32.000 --> 32:45.000
And so does Justin Panzer, one of the district presidents of the Missouri Synod who on the LCMS Racism page that we cited last week, he's one of the featured highlights where he has a story about the African kid he adopted, they've raised his own son.

32:45.000 --> 32:53.000
There's nothing wrong with adoption per se, like Jesus was adopted by Joseph. We get that. We're not arguing against that.

32:53.000 --> 32:59.000
And adopting the fatherless, the parentless is an act of love.

32:59.000 --> 33:13.000
The specifics still matter. And over and over again, in virtually every case, when you have a kid from one race raised by parents of another, they almost invariably grow up to resent them.

33:14.000 --> 33:28.000
And being raised in a Christian household does not change that. And frankly, it's even worse in the cases where there you have interracial marriages where you have, for example, a white father or vice versa in a black mother or vice versa.

33:28.000 --> 33:37.000
When a child doesn't know what culture they belong to, doesn't know what nation they belong to, they're inherently alienated.

33:38.000 --> 33:48.000
When we did the first episode on race itself in the episode previously on election and the Nash Christian nationalism one, we talked about the fact that you have a people.

33:48.000 --> 33:57.000
My people personally are predominantly English and secondarily German. I'm almost entirely English invariants and German invariants.

33:57.000 --> 34:08.000
Those are my people. Do I identify with them directly? I identify as American because three quarters of my family was here by 1650.

34:08.000 --> 34:20.000
I'm not eligible for a passport anywhere else. America is my home and American is what I am. I am a product of those nations mixing in this place.

34:20.000 --> 34:36.000
The English in the Germans mixed. It was not the same as the English in the Zambezi in mixing because they share a common culture. They shared common religion. They shared common DNA until fairly recently. And the differences were minuscule.

34:36.000 --> 34:47.000
Am I conflicted internally by being part English and German? No. I can tell sometimes which parts are which just in my personality. But there's no inherent conflict there.

34:47.000 --> 34:58.000
That is not the case when you have a child who's a product of a disparate, interracial marriage. You call him Kaepernick as a prime example of this. He was adopted by white parents.

34:58.000 --> 35:07.000
Obama is another example. He's half black. Everyone calls Obama the first black president. Well, his grandparents were Irish. His mom was white.

35:07.000 --> 35:26.000
So it's kind of an erasure to even deny that he had white family. He was mixed race. And he chose to identify as African American because he looked black. He looked like a light-skinned black guy. He looked much lighter than his father.

35:26.000 --> 35:41.000
And that's usually how it works out. And so the problem inherent to disparate interracial marriage is not that you have necessarily done something evil, but what sort of burdens are you causing your children to inherit?

35:41.000 --> 35:46.000
Now, we're not going to make this an episode about that. We're not making a defense of our positions one way or another.

35:46.000 --> 35:54.000
We're illustrating simply by talking about it for a few minutes that these are discussions worth having. Maybe you disagree and you think, no, it's fine.

35:54.000 --> 36:14.000
Whatever. The point is that this is not impermissible for the Christian to discuss. And so for the Missouri Senate to categorically say, this is damned, which is what they're doing here. Well, we'll get to that in a minute. But obviously the way it was what he said, we categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings, including anti-interracial marriage.

36:15.000 --> 36:22.000
If it's a question of something that was you could go to prison for until George Alabama will be loving.

36:22.000 --> 36:26.000
Loving people, Jr. Loving people, Jr. Thank you.

36:26.000 --> 36:37.000
You know, and it was illegal in most states until living memory. If that is not suitable for public discussion, I don't know what is.

36:38.000 --> 36:47.000
And that's why we're talking about this. There's no situation in which a church can say that thing that was normal a hundred years ago.

36:47.000 --> 36:57.000
Today you go to hell if you even talk about it. That's not how Christianity works. That's not how Christian Brotherhood works. I would never say to someone who disagrees with my views on these things.

36:57.000 --> 37:10.000
You're going to hell if you don't agree with me. Even if I make a scriptural case for my position, I understand that we all live in such a propagandized world that even if someone's going to agree with me, it's going to probably take them a while.

37:10.000 --> 37:19.000
And that's particularly the case with interracial marriage, which by the way virtually never happens. It's extremely rare. It's still, I think, well under 5%.

37:19.000 --> 37:28.000
Even today, with all of the pro interracial marriage propaganda that you see everywhere, you cannot buy stock photos or anything else.

37:28.000 --> 37:40.000
You can't see an ad or a TV show where you don't see an interracial couple. And if you think that's organic, if you think that's just, it just happened naturally because that was part of the character development of the plot.

37:41.000 --> 37:52.000
I'm sorry, but you're a fool. That is deliberate propaganda that's being put in your face to make you think something that has never existed and has never been seen as normal is now normal.

37:52.000 --> 38:04.000
Now, is normal equivalent with moral? No, I wouldn't make that case. I think that often morality lines up with normality. But it's not a Christian case to be made for it.

38:04.000 --> 38:12.000
It's an open question for Christians to discuss. And it's impermissible for a Christian to say you're going to help you don't agree with me.

38:12.000 --> 38:15.000
Next one on this list is something we're going to

38:15.000 --> 38:24.000
may discuss in a future episode, but women is property. Well, what does that mean? It means that one property is basically the same as slavery.

38:24.000 --> 38:38.000
A slave is a particular term for a human being owning and other human being. If you own a creature, if you own a pig or a goat, that is your property that you can dispose of as you see fit.

38:38.000 --> 38:48.000
Because it's an animal. It has no protections beyond, you know, the very most basic protections of law to own a human is fundamentally what parenthood is.

38:48.000 --> 39:00.000
When you give birth as a mother to a new child and hand that child to the father and he cradles the child in his arm for the first time, that is his child. That is her child. That is their property.

39:00.000 --> 39:17.000
Is that is that defamatory? Is that something that the degrades the child? No, that child is a treasure that child, especially the firstborn child, is the most precious treasure in the lives of those parents to have that child as their own.

39:17.000 --> 39:27.000
Is the most incredible gift and responsibility that they will ever receive. And so we don't think about that in terms of property, but that's absolutely what it is.

39:27.000 --> 39:44.000
And in fact, that's something that the state is actively seeking to encroach on today to say that, well, if your child three years wants to, if your boy wants to put on a tutu, we're going to take him away from you if you don't let him get put on a hormone replacement therapy.

39:44.000 --> 39:57.000
So that he becomes a girl, quote unquote, there's no such thing, but you can absolutely mutilate and destroy a child. So the idea that a child belongs to his parents is perfectly normal to us.

39:57.000 --> 40:08.000
It's something a libertarian's kind of a problem with, but that's part of why we're having these problems today is that there's so much libertarian thought that's pervading everything in Western culture.

40:08.000 --> 40:14.000
Well, except when Rothbard, but for different reasons, yeah.

40:14.000 --> 40:28.000
When slaves are owned, that means that there's a master and there's a slave, the master purchases a human being and owns them and is responsible for them 24, seven for clothing, for feeding, for their health, for everything.

40:28.000 --> 40:38.000
And scripture is clear that slave owners are not to mistreat their slaves there to be kind masters there to take care of all their needs.

40:38.000 --> 40:47.000
We're not going to talk about the policies, but simply the fact that someone would be owned by someone else isn't foreign to Christianity.

40:48.000 --> 40:57.000
So the question of women as property is is another one where they're trying to say something that's completely anti-feminist.

40:57.000 --> 41:03.000
You know, Walter said the feminism was coming if we go down the road of abolitionism. He was absolutely right.

41:03.000 --> 41:10.000
What do you do? You have you have anti-slavery of abolitionism and then what comes next? Women's liberation.

41:10.000 --> 41:31.000
Well, liberation from what? Women were liberated from men. They were liberated from patriarch because prior to that movement that caused legal changes in the 20th century in America and other countries, a woman was in the custody of her husband or of her father.

41:31.000 --> 41:43.000
And we see this even to this day in the form of Western marriages where although it's now considered pro-forma and kind of, you know, if it's done, maybe it's trad, but it doesn't serve any real purpose.

41:43.000 --> 41:54.000
But it used to be a very significant thing for a suitor to approach the father and ask his permission for his daughter's hand in marriage.

41:55.000 --> 42:10.000
And the hand in marriage thing is important too because when the wedding ceremony takes place even today, it's the norm for the father of the bride to walk her up the aisle and then to hand her hand to her groom.

42:10.000 --> 42:19.000
Now, today we just sort of see these as kind of cute traditions, but historically and legally, that was a transfer of title.

42:20.000 --> 42:33.000
That was an actual legal transaction. Now, it's not like someone selling his infant to someone else. It's about a father saying, I was the head of this girl.

42:33.000 --> 42:44.000
I am transferring headship to this man who will now be her husband and who will be her head in my stead and in God's stead and the husband becomes the primary head of the woman.

42:44.000 --> 43:01.000
And scripture talks a great length about the manner in which the husband of a wife is her head, not to be domineering, but to be ahead, to be that who decides, who protects, who defends, and if necessary, who will sacrifice for her.

43:01.000 --> 43:25.000
So the notion of title being transferred doesn't imply something disposable. We're not talking about a goat. When I used that example earlier, it wasn't to compare children or wives or daughters to livestock, but it's to say that the custody and the care of someone is fundamentally Christian in the very most basic way.

43:25.000 --> 43:35.000
And so for a church to say, women as property is evil flies in the face of virtually all of human history. And I think that's something we need to be concerned about.

43:35.000 --> 43:50.000
Of course, it also ignores the tenth commandment in which women are listed along with other property. And it's worth highlighting something here that sometimes comes up. It's in relation to both this point and the slavery point.

43:51.000 --> 44:07.000
At some point, someone decided it was a good argument to say that southern slavery and some others is worthy of particular condemnation was particularly evil because it was chattel slavery.

44:07.000 --> 44:17.000
And I won't go so far as to say that's a completely ridiculous term, but it is almost always a completely ridiculous term. And the reason for that is simple.

44:17.000 --> 44:28.000
In property law, there are two kinds of property. We're going to ignore intellectual property, see previous episode for why there's real property, which is land basically.

44:28.000 --> 44:37.000
And things that are very attached to the land, more or less, and then there's chattel property. Chattel property is anything that isn't real property.

44:37.000 --> 44:47.000
So the pen I'm holding my chattel property, the microphone I'm using, chattel property, slaves, chattel property. That's just what they are.

44:48.000 --> 45:02.000
And so the only time where you could use chattel slavery to actually have meaning would be if you are differentiating it from, say, the practice of some of the Greek city states sparta, particularly where the state owned all the slaves.

45:02.000 --> 45:10.000
And so they were more state property, but they're still chattel property. They're just chattel property of the state instead of personal chattel property.

45:11.000 --> 45:21.000
And so when someone uses that term, he is attempting to mislead you, he probably doesn't realize he's doing it because he probably doesn't know what the term means.

45:21.000 --> 45:27.000
And so if you're talking about chattels, it's just a term for personal property. That's all it means. It's a legal term of art.

45:27.000 --> 45:36.000
It's not a significant ideological argument when someone says, oh, it's chattel slavery in the south. And so then it was evil because of that.

45:36.000 --> 45:40.000
No, that's just someone who doesn't know what terms mean.

45:40.000 --> 45:53.000
But again, to return to the point that women are listed in the 10th commandment along with other property because the second table is dealing largely in property rights.

45:53.000 --> 46:12.000
And so to say that someone is property is not to denigrate the person is not to insult the person is not to demean or call the person less than human. That's not what is being said.

46:12.000 --> 46:32.000
owning another person does not fundamentally change the nature of that person. It changes that person's relation to you, the person's relation to the laws to the state perhaps, but it doesn't change the fact that he is a human being.

46:32.000 --> 46:49.000
And at least in so far as he's a Christian, he's in the image of God, that image being restored and regeneration. And so the whole point of this argument is to make you think, oh, calling someone property is a horrible wicked thing and they want to use and abuse them.

46:49.000 --> 46:58.000
And really that reveals something about the nature and the disposition, the personality of the person making the argument, I don't abuse my property.

46:58.000 --> 47:09.000
I don't beat my dog. I don't, I don't even, I don't abuse any of my property. I don't abuse my animals. I treat them quite nicely. I give them treats my chickens get treats all the time.

47:09.000 --> 47:24.000
I go out of my way not to walk on patches of clover because I like to keep the flowers alive for the bees. That's just the kind of person I am. And so to me, the idea that property means something that you would destroy is absurd. I wouldn't do that.

47:25.000 --> 47:29.000
But it sort of reveals something about the kind of person who would make that argument.

47:29.000 --> 47:39.000
Saying that a woman is property is a recognition of the proper relationship of her father to her or her husband to her.

47:39.000 --> 47:44.000
It's not saying anything about her value or what she is or should be.

47:44.000 --> 47:56.000
And of course part of the reason, as mentioned, that this is included here is that it flies in the face of feminism and feminism is one of the modern idols, one of the modern religions of our world.

47:56.000 --> 48:09.000
We will put a link in the show notes to the Wikipedia article on coverture, which was the English common law doctrine related to the manner in which a woman was the property of either her husband or father.

48:09.000 --> 48:22.000
This is not, it's not a matter of dispute. So if it's a moral matter, then the church is saying them either morality changed or everyone before the late 19th century was immoral.

48:22.000 --> 48:33.000
And if you push these men, that's what they'll say they'll say everybody was evil and virtually all of human history until us. We're the enlightened generation. We are freed from the shackles of these evil.

48:33.000 --> 48:42.000
That's really what this whole press release is about. It's an announcement of a new religion. We'll get to that towards the end. But this is fun.

48:42.000 --> 48:50.000
This is a religion that they're describing. Like we're not we're when they're saying that these things are doctrinal and we're saying that they're not.

48:50.000 --> 49:00.000
We're not disputing that they're not religious doctrines. We're disputing that they're Christian doctrine because they're not nothing in here has any nexus to Christianity.

49:00.000 --> 49:13.000
It is, however, a satanic religion that is being placed over the church to this way. Like this press release wouldn't exist if there were not demons controlling what the Missouri Senate is doing.

49:13.000 --> 49:21.000
The next name that they give is fascism, you know, which is obviously one of the biggest most terrifying scary words you can use.

49:21.000 --> 49:35.000
If you see someone online using the word fascist, they're almost always a pedophile, a communist, a Sodomite, you know, all three is very common as well.

49:35.000 --> 49:42.000
Those are the people who are freaking out about fascists. Oh, and also a lot of Christians now are freaking out about fascists.

49:42.000 --> 49:56.000
Why do you think that is? Regardless of what the term is, even if you don't know what it means, if you know nothing about it or its history or what might be embodied by any notion of some sort of ideology, and this is one that's actually an ideology.

49:56.000 --> 50:10.000
So I'll give him credit for the headline saying ideologies. If all of your bedmates are the very most worst evil, reprehensible human beings on the planet, are you going to join hand and hand with them and say, yeah, get those fascists.

50:10.000 --> 50:17.000
We got to kill them. Well, the Missouri Senate is, the Missouri Senate is actively coordinating with and promoting.

50:17.000 --> 50:25.000
Antifa, literal anti-fascist communists against us personally, they've coordinating a docks and campaign.

50:25.000 --> 50:39.000
They're seeking our physical destruction, again, for the Stone Quire podcast. We'll talk about that more in the future elsewhere, but I think it's important that when Harrison and all the VPs and all the DPs of Senate say that they condemn fascism.

50:39.000 --> 50:46.000
They're aligning with the world. Regardless of what the word means, I don't even care what the word means.

50:46.000 --> 50:53.000
The fact that they would attack it in lockstep is fundamentally an alignment with the spirit of this age.

50:53.000 --> 51:06.000
I think it's worth mentioning quickly a little more about just exactly what Antifa is because some listeners and particularly older listeners are not going to have a great idea about Antifa.

51:06.000 --> 51:21.000
You're going to have a mental image of someone clad in black protesting against capitalism. Most likely you're going to have that sort of view, possibly some violence, probably throwing Molotovs, things like that.

51:21.000 --> 51:24.000
That's part of the way there.

51:24.000 --> 51:34.000
What Antifa actually is, it started off in Germany, and it started off as the militant wing of the Communist Party.

51:34.000 --> 51:51.000
It's anti-fascist action, anti-fascist action, which basically just means they are the street thugs who beat up people, kill people in the streets because that was definitely happening quite frequently in Germany in that era.

51:51.000 --> 52:00.000
They were the street level violence against anyone who opposed the Marxist revolution, and that's the same thing they are today.

52:00.000 --> 52:14.000
They are the point to the spirit, the tip of the spirit as it were. They are the individuals who go out and agitate in the street and attack people and attempt to bring about the Marxist revolution.

52:15.000 --> 52:26.000
That is their role. That is what they're doing. The actual people organizing the revolution and such are elsewhere. They don't do the street level violence on the left side, typically.

52:26.000 --> 52:39.000
But that's what Antifa is. It is a wicked, evil, communist, atheist, anti-Christian organization in particular in Germany they like to target the clergy.

52:39.000 --> 52:49.000
And undoubtedly they will start doing that more actively here, unless of course the clergy continue to support them in which case they'll wait a little while. They'll get around to it because they always do.

52:49.000 --> 52:55.000
You don't survive the revolution by bending the knee to it as history makes very clear.

52:55.000 --> 52:59.000
But that's what we're dealing with when we talk about Antifa.

53:00.000 --> 53:12.000
And that is what is in view here when so-called fascism is condemned. Not one of the men who uses this as a pejorative would be able to actually define what fascism is.

53:12.000 --> 53:17.000
And part of that is that fascism is an umbrella term.

53:17.000 --> 53:24.000
Fascism really just means authoritarian right wing. So not libertarian right wing, but authoritarian right wing.

53:25.000 --> 53:31.000
If you're listening to this podcast, you are definitionally a fascist.

53:31.000 --> 53:44.000
You may not know it, but you are because you support things that are authoritarian and right wing like marriage being between one man and one woman.

53:44.000 --> 53:51.000
Like controlling hard drugs, like outlying prostitution, like banning pornography.

53:51.000 --> 53:54.000
These are all fascist positions.

53:54.000 --> 54:05.000
And so when the term fascism is used what they want you to do is blanket condemn all of these authoritarian right wing positions.

54:05.000 --> 54:10.000
So what they're getting you to do is condemn yourself without knowing that's what you're doing.

54:10.000 --> 54:21.000
And that's all fascism in fascism. It's not used in the technical sense anymore of being an authoritarian right wing Italian movement in the 20s and 30s.

54:21.000 --> 54:29.000
No one means that anymore. It just means authoritarian right wing. It's that entire upper right quadrant of the political grid.

54:29.000 --> 54:42.000
And so that is what's being done here. The goal is to get you to agree with it and condemn yourself and condemn all of your ancestors and everything the church has stood for throughout time without realizing it.

54:42.000 --> 54:47.000
Except you should realize it because you're agreeing with the Marxists when you do it.

54:47.000 --> 54:52.000
And if you knew nothing else, that would be sufficient. That's one of the points we've made over and over again.

54:52.000 --> 55:04.000
What's the genealogy of the idea that you are subscribing to? The reason we did that is one of the very first episodes is it's such a seminal feature of confronting evil in the world.

55:04.000 --> 55:14.000
Because evil in the world first begins with arguments and then begins with actions. And when the arguments are being made by men like Harrison here.

55:14.000 --> 55:23.000
They're being made in terms that are designed to scare you and to box you into a corner and to condemn yourself as Corey said.

55:23.000 --> 55:31.000
And then they have you then you've bent the knee and you've offered the pinch of incense and the new religion that you're suddenly finding yourself subscribing to.

55:31.000 --> 55:41.000
It puts what you thought you wanted to believe in the rearview mirror, but you bent the knee. So how do you how do you get back up off your knees to go find the true God to kneel before him?

55:41.000 --> 55:56.000
Most men aren't equipped for it. They will just go down the path and not even look back because the psychic cost, the personal cost of realizing I have made a mistake and who I've made my my stable mates here is more than most men can bear.

55:56.000 --> 56:14.000
They'd whether dance with the one that brought them. The second last item in this list of horrible racist teachings that Harrison condemns is I think probably the most important because is a direct condemnation of God.

56:14.000 --> 56:19.000
It is a literal damn nation of the God of Scripture.

56:19.000 --> 56:27.000
Harrison says we categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called all right, including death for homosexuals.

56:27.000 --> 56:40.000
Now, I've never said that anywhere online because I know that I would get banned. I don't think it. I personally, it's not something that I would pursue. And when we talk about the left hand and the right hand kingdom, that's what we're talking about.

56:40.000 --> 56:54.000
When we as individuals prescribe any sort of policy, we're not saying we're going to go do this because that would be a legitimate. It is for the godly prince to uphold godly laws.

56:54.000 --> 57:03.000
So when Harrison says death for homosexuals is fundamentally evil, he's not talking about the God of the Bible.

57:03.000 --> 57:16.000
Here's what the God of the Bible says. If a man lies with a male, as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death. Their blood is upon them.

57:16.000 --> 57:30.000
That's God. That is the triune God. Now, the trick that these Marcy andites will play like Harrison and the rest of the LCMS, he'll say, oh, that was the God of the Old Testament. The God of the New Testament doesn't do that.

57:30.000 --> 57:43.000
Oh, so God changes. God was the same yesterday, but today he's different. Is he going to be different tomorrow? Is that the God that is described in scripture? Absolutely not.

57:43.000 --> 57:51.000
For Harrison to say that anyone, regardless of saying that we did it, which we didn't, it would be stupid to say it and we don't think it.

57:51.000 --> 58:04.000
But even the mere fact that he would condemn this as evil demonstrates that Matt Harrison is not a Christian and that this religion that he is describing is an anti-Christ religion.

58:04.000 --> 58:20.000
I guess it is worth pointing out that there's just an additional little layer of ridiculousness in the arguments he's making here because the ideologies that are being condemned, the ideologies of the so-called alt-right are described as horrible.

58:20.000 --> 58:44.000
And racist. Last I checked homosexuals, not a race, but apparently he needs an editor. He needs more than that. He also needs an historian because once again, you know, we've, you'll notice this is a recurring theme where we'll have a church saying something with absolute moral authority declaring up and down.

58:44.000 --> 58:52.000
You'll go to hell if you don't believe this thing. And if you look and say, well, did they believe that a hundred years ago, 200 years ago, it all falls apart.

58:52.000 --> 59:03.000
They will try to point to proof texts and scripture, ignoring the ones that repudiate their own views and they'll ignore the entirety of the Christian church history.

59:03.000 --> 59:17.000
In 1533, King Henry VIII passed what was called the Bugery Act. It was a country's first civil-sautomial law such offenses having previously been dealt with by a vehicle-y, astical courts.

59:17.000 --> 59:32.000
Bugery in England remained a capital offense until 1861. So what that means is that for hundreds and in fact thousands of years, it was common for homosexuals, which is a novel term itself,

59:32.000 --> 59:42.000
but it is really the more appropriate term. Homosexual is a psychological term that was adopted basically as part of moving from Sodomite to homosexual to gay.

59:42.000 --> 59:48.000
It's just, you know, someone has a different sexuality. That's, you know, that's their own personal business.

59:48.000 --> 59:58.000
That was a very deliberate transition. That trajectory was framing. It was, it was taking a frame of Sodomite, turning into the frame of homosexual where it's a psychological thing.

59:58.000 --> 01:00:15.000
And it's gay. We're all, it's a lifestyle. And suddenly, well, you're boxed in as a Christian because how can you possibly think that a godly prince would execute Sodomites when godly prince has been doing it for thousands of years and god himself commanded it to his own people.

01:00:15.000 --> 01:00:36.000
Now, Corey and I are not returning to, we're not arguing for a return to Levitical Law. The narrow point to be accepted here is that when a man like Matt Harrison says the death for Sodomites is itself sin, and god says you shall put them to death.

01:00:36.000 --> 01:00:50.000
Harrison is Antichrist. He is not speaking about God. He is speaking against God in God's stead. And we'll get to some of the places where he makes a very explicit that he's speaking in God's stead when he dams God for what God said.

01:00:50.000 --> 01:01:11.000
In a history of the Sodomy laws goes on. Once again, the history of these laws pops up just changing during the French Revolution. In 1791, the National Constituent Assembly abolished the laws against homosexuality as part of adopting a new legal code without the influence of Christianity.

01:01:11.000 --> 01:01:32.000
Well, that's what the LCMS says today. It is a church without the influence of Christianity. When the president and every vice president and every district president signs this press release that condemns those who would say that as a matter of policy, it is acceptable for a godly prince to execute Sodomites.

01:01:32.000 --> 01:01:38.000
They are standing in opposition to God and to his church and to his throne.

01:01:38.000 --> 01:01:53.000
Additionally, we have a comment from Luther that I want to read here about the issue of Sodomy homosexuality just to highlight house society felt about the issue in his time.

01:01:53.000 --> 01:02:00.000
And this is from Luther's commentary on Genesis, in particular Genesis 19, of course dealing with Sodom and Gomorrah.

01:02:00.000 --> 01:02:16.000
I for my part do not enjoy dealing with this passage because so far the ears of the Germans are innocent and uncontaminated by this monstrous depravity for even though disgrace like other sins has crept in through an ungodly soldier and allude merchant.

01:02:16.000 --> 01:02:29.000
Still the rest of the people are unaware of what is being done in secret. The Carthusian monks deserve to be hated because they were the first to bring this terrible pollution into Germany from the monasteries of Italy.

01:02:29.000 --> 01:02:40.000
And so in Luther's day this was so unknown that he didn't even want to discuss Genesis 19 because of how reprehensible the behavior it is.

01:02:40.000 --> 01:02:54.000
And now today basically our entire society has accepted it and now we have Matt Harrison advancing this very same agenda in the very same way it was advanced in our society generally.

01:02:54.000 --> 01:03:08.000
I want to read a couple more brief clips from Wikipedia just to give you a sense of historical frame of how not only anti-Christian Harrison's claims are but how fundamentally it odds with American history there.

01:03:08.000 --> 01:03:18.000
Documented executions for Sodom began in 1624. The Massachusetts Bay General Court was the first to officially outlaw Sodom and 1631.

01:03:18.000 --> 01:03:28.000
The first documented conviction for lesbian behavior in America took place in 1649 with the arrest and execution of Sarah Norman and Mary Hammond.

01:03:28.000 --> 01:03:38.000
In 1714 Sodomy laws were established across the early colonies in any colonial militia. The laws were not abolished until 1925.

01:03:38.000 --> 01:03:48.000
And in fact prior to 1962 Sodomy was a felony in every state punished by a lengthy term of imprisonment and or hard labor.

01:03:48.000 --> 01:03:58.000
So look again you have the French Revolution and you have 1962 how often does the French Revolution in the 1960s pop up in our episodes.

01:03:58.000 --> 01:04:05.000
We should really have a little counter with each episode for when those come up because it's nearly all of them so I guess it might be redundant.

01:04:05.000 --> 01:04:16.000
But these things that were battling in the church today this is not this is not an LCMS problem. This is the whole church because it's Satan's culture is informing our morality.

01:04:16.000 --> 01:04:28.000
And that's fundamentally what's going on here. Harrison has morals. He has very deeply held moral convictions. They are Satan's morality. These are teachings of demons.

01:04:28.000 --> 01:04:40.000
Because what does Harrison and the LCMS want you to believe is a Christian? He wants you to believe that if something is a sin a sin against God that it can't be illegal.

01:04:40.000 --> 01:04:56.000
How does that work as a civil society in the in the left hand kingdom. How does it work when the church starts declaring that sins serious sins are not to be considered criminal matters.

01:04:56.000 --> 01:05:13.000
What is happening is Satan is cutting off Christ's left hand. He's trying to tie it behind his back and Matt Harris and the Antichrist and the LCMS is trying to help him by saying oh no these sins are that's just a speck in your neighbors. I don't don't look there.

01:05:13.000 --> 01:05:26.000
That's something that we just we have to we have to love them back to Christ and they're never going to change because that's what it says in the large cataclysm with the annotations that these people will never be sanctified from this evil nature.

01:05:26.000 --> 01:05:36.000
And you certainly can't punish them because he could try to love him to Jesus. Well once again these are moral matters and their policy matters.

01:05:36.000 --> 01:05:43.000
Even if you disagree with us even if you think this ought to be should not return to being illegal as it has always been.

01:05:43.000 --> 01:05:57.000
You cannot contend that someone who believes that is committing a sin. You simply can't it must necessarily be a disagreement. It must be a matter of opinion.

01:05:57.000 --> 01:06:17.000
I think is a moral matter that it is in fact sin to say that things that are sinful can never can't be illegal. But I'm not going to say you go to hell if you disagree with me. I just think it's wrong. I think it's a dangerous and potentially deadly air as we're seeing here because this is this is all about the slippery slope.

01:06:17.000 --> 01:06:31.000
This is Harrison in the LCMS saying we're just going to keep chipping away a God's law until there's nothing left until all we have is the gospel. All we have is love. Well they had love in the 60s too.

01:06:31.000 --> 01:06:42.000
They didn't need Jesus to have love and that's that's where Harrison is taking the church. It's where the LCMS and all of its DPs and all of its VPs are taking the church to say that you know what.

01:06:42.000 --> 01:06:47.000
But as long as we love these people we'll try to get around to the Jesus stuff flavor. It's not going to work.

01:06:47.000 --> 01:07:06.000
This is also for Lutherans directly against our confessions in multiple places in the confessions we affirm and the princes who signed our confessions affirmed that it is the duty of those who rule in the left hand kingdom to ensure that right doctrine is taught in their lands.

01:07:06.000 --> 01:07:18.000
That is throughout the book of concord that is the confession of Lutherans and so as Lutherans we are bound by this. There are others who may disagree because their confession doesn't include this.

01:07:18.000 --> 01:07:31.000
But for our part for Lutherans we are bound to hold that it is the duty of the godly prince to see that right doctrine is taught in his lands and that God's word is upheld.

01:07:31.000 --> 01:07:54.000
And just for instance in the preface to the book of concord in regard to these matters as we have mentioned above it has always been our purpose that in our lands dominions schools and churches no other doctrine be proclaimed and accurately set forth then that which is founded upon the word of God and contained in the Augsburg confession and the apology.

01:07:54.000 --> 01:08:07.000
And that too when understood properly in its genuine sense and that opinions conflicting with these be not admitted and indeed with this design this formula of agreement was begun and completed.

01:08:07.000 --> 01:08:20.000
That's from the preface to the book of concord and we have electors, princes and others who signed these documents and put their lives very much on the line to uphold this.

01:08:20.000 --> 01:08:27.000
That is the position of Lutherans down through the centuries except apparently the LCMS today.

01:08:27.000 --> 01:08:32.000
So to round out the first paragraph here we're going to go a lot quicker through the rest as we promised.

01:08:32.000 --> 01:08:41.000
The very last thing that Harrison's LCMS condemns is even genocide which honest faces a bald face lie neither of us have ever said anything about genocide.

01:08:41.000 --> 01:08:48.000
Nobody that I've ever seen anywhere in our sphere which is again fundamentally what he's talking about.

01:08:48.000 --> 01:08:55.000
See these guys are too chicken to name names and part of that as they don't want to face a libel suit for what would be actionable.

01:08:55.000 --> 01:09:00.000
But they're absolutely talking about us and we'll demonstrate that and when we get to the rest of this.

01:09:00.000 --> 01:09:05.000
But for them to condemn genocide is also an explicit condemnation of scripture.

01:09:05.000 --> 01:09:10.000
Genocide is the slaughter of a people of a nation.

01:09:10.000 --> 01:09:18.000
Geno like genome it's the same route that we talked about in the nation's episode is talking about a race.

01:09:18.000 --> 01:09:28.000
It's talking about the extermination of a race which is interesting because they also simultaneously say that race doesn't exist but I guess race can exist if someone's trying to exterminate one.

01:09:28.000 --> 01:09:34.000
I'm not sure how you figure out what a race is if they're not real but anyway he's explicitly condemning scripture yet again.

01:09:34.000 --> 01:09:44.000
Here's what for Samuel 15 says thus says the Lord of hosts I have noted what amulac did to Israel and opposing them on the way when they came up out of Egypt.

01:09:44.000 --> 01:09:55.000
Now go and strike amulac and devote to destruction all that they have do not spare them but kill both man and woman child and infant oxen sheep camel and donkey.

01:09:55.000 --> 01:10:15.000
And in Joshua 10 so this is a separate incident so Joshua struck the whole land the hill country and the neck and the lowland and the slopes and all their kings he left none remaining but devoted to destruction all the breath just as the Lord God of Israel commanded.

01:10:15.000 --> 01:10:31.000
Now these aren't the only only two places what what today the UN would call genocide occurred in scripture it was routine that when God condemned a nation he would send its enemies to slaughter them wholesale that was God's will.

01:10:31.000 --> 01:10:55.000
So on one hand neither Cory nor I know any nor anyone I've ever seen has ever advocated for the genocide of anyone but separately even if that were done it cannot be condemned morally God did it and see this is one of the tricks that they'll play yet again these Marcy andites who will deny that the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament.

01:10:55.000 --> 01:11:16.000
They will say well that was Old Testament and so that was the wrath God but then Jesus was born and now we have the love God and they worship the love God and that's true they do worship the love God but it is not the triune God because the God of the Old Testament is the eternal God if you had only one you would have all of them because God is unchanging.

01:11:16.000 --> 01:11:44.000
And this God who said when there are evil people my people I will command them to wipe them out while God isn't giving Christian nations today sucks directives to say categorically that that is per se sin accuses God of sin there's no way to get around that Matt Harrison is an antichrist who accuses God of sin repeatedly throughout the Old Testament and the only out that he has is to say well that was the Old Testament God.

01:11:44.000 --> 01:11:58.000
Good luck with that on judgment day because it's the unified trinity who is going to be judging him and the unified trinity who commanded genocide and commanded the execution of Sodomites will judge him for speaking falsely in his name.

01:11:58.000 --> 01:12:18.000
God actually went further than just commanding genocide God personally committed genocide according to the modern international law definition of genocide what God did to Egypt was genocide God himself committed genocide in the pages of scripture.

01:12:19.000 --> 01:12:46.000
And so a blanket condemnation of genocide is a condemnation and rejection of God it is something Christians cannot do Christians cannot do it and yet the Missouri sin is doing it the Missouri Senate cannot be Christian if this statement stands in the statement will stand we will see we'll get to the minute but this will be agreed and amplified by the convention that's coming up this summer and things will we'll get even worse.

01:12:46.000 --> 01:12:52.000
And we're going to move on quickly to the some of the rest of paragraphs because there's there's some meat and bits and pieces here.

01:12:52.000 --> 01:13:09.000
Harrison continues the sonotical explanation of Luther's small catechism teaches that the fifth commandment you shall not murder includes the prohibition of quote hating despising or slandering other groups of people parentheses prejudice racism and so forth.

01:13:09.000 --> 01:13:25.000
The scriptures agree everyone who hates his brother is a murder and you know that no murder has eternal life abiding in him every human being is precious to God and as valuable as the very blood of Jesus Christ shed for all for God so love the world that he gave his only son.

01:13:25.000 --> 01:13:47.000
Now the meat and I think in this paragraph is they correctly admit the sonotical explanation I think we should start off by reading what the the small catechism says because of course for the the Lutheran audience we all memorize that as children but for those who are listening and not Lutheran in the actual small catechism of Dr. Martin Luther.

01:13:47.000 --> 01:14:12.000
Under the fifth commandment thou shalt not kill what does this mean we should fear and love God if we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body but help and befriend him in every bodily need that's it that's what is said in the small catechism about the fifth commandment you may notice that what is quoted here by Matt Harrison is not there.

01:14:12.000 --> 01:14:23.000
There's a reason for that in this sonotical explanation which I'm glad that they admitted but we'll get to why it's not really an admission that's actually them asserting even greater authority.

01:14:23.000 --> 01:14:40.000
The small catechism has been updated a number of times when I was categorized we use the 1943 version which I think was the last one they used King James maybe the 1991 had King James as well in 2008 they added some additional explanations on top of the earlier ones.

01:14:40.000 --> 01:15:04.000
And but it didn't include this it wasn't until 2017 that Harrison's own small catechism with Harrison's newly edited annotated explanations of what Luther wrote added hating despising or slandering other groups of people prejudice racism and so forth that's brand new doctrine in 2017 that didn't exist for 500 years.

01:15:04.000 --> 01:15:33.000
Now this is highly important because what kicked all this off and what we'll get into in a minute briefly is that the large catechism with annotations is why we are talking about this today because Harrison after he finished adding these new doctrines to the small catechism he immediately moved on to the large catechism which is an equally important document for teaching the faith in different parts of the church to fathers to husbands to pastors.

01:15:33.000 --> 01:15:56.000
To any layman who wants to learn more in depth about what the Christian faith means Luther's large catechism has many outstanding useful things that are enumerating an application of what is said in the small catechism about the Lord's supper about baptism about the confession of sins about the Lord's prayer and so forth.

01:15:57.000 --> 01:16:13.000
So when Harrison inserted new doctrine in 2017 and then in 2023 he cites it as authoritative that's the game that we are fighting against the reason that we objected to the large catechism having those essays appended to it.

01:16:13.000 --> 01:16:19.000
See what they're saying today is all those essays are just it's ancillary it's not it's not something you have to subscribe to.

01:16:19.000 --> 01:16:32.000
Well do you have subscribed to this because the the synod on behalf of every member of synod which is every single pastor says you must hold to what Harrison wrote in 2017 or you're damned.

01:16:32.000 --> 01:16:54.000
See this is papism this is new doctrines being introduced by the magisterium and being imposed unilaterally by a pope by whatever name he goes over against scripture against its church against God's church this church doesn't belong to me it doesn't belong to Harrison it belongs to God.

01:16:54.000 --> 01:17:18.000
So yeah it is a synodical explanation it's not a Christian explanation and it's certainly not a Lutheran explanation the reason that we object to these things being added and annotated and appended is that when erroneous foolish and in this case demonically possessed men begin to introduce false doctrines we're stuck with them like those books went out they were printed.

01:17:18.000 --> 01:17:29.000
John plus one of the editors immediately hopped on an airplane to Africa to pass them out in Africa I guess you know sticking them with with false doctrine I don't know how to even do the math on that one.

01:17:29.000 --> 01:17:47.000
That's what we're dealing with the these editions of new doctrines are specifically incremental subversions of an institution because every Lutheran knows all the large catechism the small catechism those are a big deal those are important foundational confessional documents.

01:17:47.000 --> 01:18:16.000
Every Lutheran subscribes to them every church by law and constitution says that it upholds them you without equivocation so when these men introduce these things in the margins and in the periphery they can deliberately confuse people by saying that these new teachings that we made up five years ago or five months ago those are binding on your conscience to this is an act of pure malevolence and this is why every document that is produced by a church.

01:18:16.000 --> 01:18:41.000
Body must be ruthlessly pruned of anything that could possibly be used for deception down the road so the last bit of this particular paragraph that's worth mentioning is that the quote of course from first john three everyone who hates his brother is a murderer we've gone over at length previously the difference between brother and neighbor.

01:18:42.000 --> 01:18:46.000
One no one on our side is advocating hating your neighbor.

01:18:46.000 --> 01:19:05.000
And two certainly no one is advocating hating his brother so this accusation is just completely false but that is of course in keeping with the mo for pretty much everything Harrison seems to write these days but moving on to the next paragraph.

01:19:05.000 --> 01:19:34.000
We were shocked to learn recently that a few members of LCMS congregations have been propagating radical and unchristian quote alt right unquote views via Twitter and other social media they are causing local disruption and consternation for their pastors congregations and district presidents they have publicly stated that they seek the destruction of the LCMS leadership they have made serious online threats to individuals and scandalously attacked several faithful LCMS members.

01:19:35.000 --> 01:19:45.000
Through these social media posts even our wonderful deaconesses have been threatened and attacked may as already the next line as well this is evil we condemn it in the name of Christ.

01:19:48.000 --> 01:19:53.000
There's a lot in this particular paragraph that's just false on its face and ridiculous.

01:19:54.000 --> 01:20:04.000
We'll start with perhaps the most trivial accusation I guess the comment about deaconesses is because we brought up the issue of women teaching in the church.

01:20:04.000 --> 01:20:33.000
And in fact there was fairly extensive interaction with some individuals on our side and deaconesses and some who have even produced these materials that are being used to instruct pastors and others in the church all of it was respectful no one flung insults there was no denigration none of that no threats no attacks this is just an outright lie.

01:20:34.000 --> 01:20:50.000
This started off very early and it's just been continuously repeated in amplify but there is no evidence they will offer no evidence because there is no evidence it's all publicly searchable because much of this was conducted on Twitter the archive the history is there you can go back and look for it yourself.

01:20:51.000 --> 01:21:03.000
So this is just a lie on the deaconess point we have why I've certainly said I don't think the deaconesses should exist I don't think that program should exist it's clear to everyone who's actually paying attention that this is back door women's ordination.

01:21:04.000 --> 01:21:24.000
They have a uniform you anytime you see a picture of an LCMS deaconess they won't be facing you they're going to be facing their right with their left shoulder facing you the reason for that is that there's a deaconess uniform so they won't put on a collar so what they do they put a special cross patch on their special jackets on their left shoulder.

01:21:24.000 --> 01:21:34.000
So that you know that they're a deaconess show so when they show up you know that you're dealing with a very special church lady who has very special theological training and you better listen to her.

01:21:34.000 --> 01:21:51.000
And that's exactly what's going on now some of them are nice ladies I'm sure that they're believing how the program was sold nevertheless when they graduate they're all given the past oral care companion they're all given things and said you're going to go out and you're going to do past oral care

01:21:51.000 --> 01:22:01.000
but it's not pastor stuff it's private you're not going to commune anyone you're just going to pray with I mean you're going to guide them etc and it's it's back door women's ordination

01:22:01.000 --> 01:22:17.000
and they know it they know that they are empowering women that's what it's about it's about female empowerment it's not about serving the body of Christ when we did the episodes at the very beginning or we talked about this very controversy we pointed out that

01:22:17.000 --> 01:22:32.000
during that controversy not one of them talked about Titus 5 not one of them talked about what God says women should be teaching they should the older women should be teaching the younger women to obey their husbands and to work in their homes

01:22:32.000 --> 01:22:50.000
in what is the deaconess proved program do this the seminaries are actually trying to poach wives young wives of men in our churches to say that the women should go off to the deaconess program to move to one of our seminaries to disrupt their families to do these things

01:22:50.000 --> 01:23:01.000
that is evil on its face that is evil on its face never mind the deaconess thing but the fact that such evil is going on is a reason that we fundamentally opposed the existence of the program or the existence of the

01:23:01.000 --> 01:23:12.000
program or the existence of what is frankly it made up title you can go back to the very first episode of this stone choir see the the entire podcast to hear us talk about that at length

01:23:12.000 --> 01:23:27.000
but this is where we when we said at the beginning of this is out this podcast this is the proof a few members of LCMS congregations have been propagating radical and uncritional reviews on Twitter and other social media that's us that's who they're talking about

01:23:27.000 --> 01:23:46.000
now the accusation is a lie but they specifically mean Corey and they mean me now the next sense has another lie they're causing local disruption and consternation for their pastors that is a categorical lie the men who have been specifically targeted and we'll get into what the targeting was in a minute

01:23:46.000 --> 01:24:04.000
have never had any issues in their congregations with the exception of Corey who spoken previously about three godless pastors so-called who sent ridiculous false accusations to his pastor which he reviewed last June

01:24:04.000 --> 01:24:21.000
and what did his pastor do his pastor said I find no fault here and he continued to commune Corey was never put under church discipline there was never any problem yes the pastor spoke to him due to slander due to other pastors lying about him is that Corey causing problems

01:24:21.000 --> 01:24:33.000
or is that liar's causing problems the liar's caused the problem for Corey's pastor so this is false on its face they are causing local disruption absolutely not there's not been another single congregation

01:24:33.000 --> 01:24:43.000
besides his they had any disruption of any sort until the subsequent lies that followed on from this demonic male continued

01:24:43.000 --> 01:25:00.000
I'm also not sure that anyone rational would really characterize a meeting as a disruption perhaps consternation yes because having to field false charges by false shepherds is undoubtedly annoying for a pastor but it is part of the job

01:25:00.000 --> 01:25:17.000
and so move on to one of the last two they have publicly stated that they seek the destruction of the LCMS leadership and so there are probably a handful of tweets they're thinking of I have two of them here that I will read

01:25:17.000 --> 01:25:38.000
on January 20th I tweeted these interlopers and subvertors will be removed these men in single quotes have no claim to the historical Lutheran church and they have no connection to the man who came before them as for me and many others we will continue attending opa's church I'm of course referring to Walter there

01:25:38.000 --> 01:26:07.000
and the second of the two the entire LCMS leadership is apostate or derelict they must all be removed in forever barred no exceptions that was also January 20th this letter dated February 21st so in other words I just presaged things by a month more or less because with this letter and the fact that the entirety of the leadership

01:26:07.000 --> 01:26:24.000
of the LCMS and not just the leadership but it Harrison also claims to be speaking for the ministerium and for the congregations he claims to be speaking for the entirety of the LCMS and so what I said is entirely accurate as we are proving by going through this letter

01:26:24.000 --> 01:26:39.000
he is apostate some of the others are apostate every last one of them who is not apostate is derelict I absolutely meant what I said and I reiterate it now because it is true it was true then it's even more true now

01:26:39.000 --> 01:26:50.000
I want to say something specific about the timing of these tweets because January 20th when you tweeted the else the entire LCMS leadership is apostate or derelict and they must be forever removed and barred

01:26:50.000 --> 01:27:11.000
that was in direct response to the publication of the large cataclysm we had it in hand we had been reviewing those specific essays we were digging through them we were finding these demonic errors that Matt Harrison was propagating in the name of Marxism in the name of his new religion and masquerading his Lutheranism

01:27:11.000 --> 01:27:30.000
we knew at that point something that we had known for a couple years Corey and I have known how evil Matt was we weren't able to publicly prove it which is why we weren't saying it until this year the reason that we have begun to say these things publicly is with the publication of the large cataclysm

01:27:30.000 --> 01:27:49.000
Harrison has gone fully mask off he he confessed a false god by what he published in that demonic book and it was clears day it was clears day to us the reason we did the IQ episode in part was to say their men who can see clearly what's going to happen that you can't see clearly

01:27:49.000 --> 01:28:18.000
so when Corey said the entire LCMS leadership and as Corey just mentioned they all signed this this email they all signed this press release damning Christian doctrine now did Corey jump the gun didn't Corey speak out of turn or did he simply know something for a fact that it took other people a little while longer to catch up to it's the latter we can see things sometimes clearly that other people can't like I said we didn't say these things in 2020 when we didn't say these things in 2020

01:28:18.000 --> 01:28:35.000
when we knew it because we couldn't make a demonstrable case today we can make that case which is why I have no reservations about saying that Matt Harrison is anti Christ this letter is anti Christ the large cataclysm is in a front to God

01:28:35.000 --> 01:29:02.000
and so yes absolutely we have stated that we seek not the destruction we seek the removal which is a hilarious part of this is as you're saying in prep like the idea that these would be threats of any sort of personal violence or anything not only is utterly false not only is a direct violation of the eighth commandment which calls on every Christian to put the kind as possible light on how we explain what our brothers and Christ say

01:29:02.000 --> 01:29:21.000
but it would be stupid like no harm befalling Harrison or any the other men would change anything about the doctrine of the church the church will continue regardless of any of us the reason that the doctrines matter is that the doctrines perpetuate themselves

01:29:21.000 --> 01:29:50.000
because men will come along and point to them so when you said removed and forever barred it was from theology Harrison must be removed from his post along with every other VP laying in low robby and Murray and nor and Eskett and Bell must all be removed and forever barred why because they are guilty of the large cataclysm and they sign this letter and they continue to be guilty for all of these evil things not one of them is spoken up and said not a my name

01:29:50.000 --> 01:30:12.000
I don't believe any of that and it doesn't matter if they're going through back channels and we'll get to why that's such a pivotal part of this because fundamentally this whole thing is a back channels and the fact that podcasts like stone choir are not a back channel what these men fundamentally do not want is for layman to speak about theology and a way that makes them look bad

01:30:12.000 --> 01:30:30.480
full stop this entire thing is about mad Harrison's Maui vacation getting screwed up and him looking like a jackass because he pulled it he pulled the large cataclysm and then he shipped it again nine or 10 days later because all of his body said no it's fine those are Nazis you know

01:30:30.480 --> 01:30:46.480
Vogel and kill crease and all the other flying monkeys of the CTCR who were directly responsible for pedophilia advocacy and all the other evil in the large cataclysm went through our timelines and they said these men are Nazis you don't need to listen to him

01:30:46.480 --> 01:30:56.480
and Harrison was like oh man Nazis that's terrifying and so he went full bore and this letter is a direct response to the things that we have been saying and specifically to us

01:30:56.480 --> 01:31:04.480
calling them on the carpet for lying lying in God's name which is a damnable sin above almost all others

01:31:04.480 --> 01:31:10.480
and that accusation of supposed threats made is the fourth point from this paragraph that's worth highlighting

01:31:10.480 --> 01:31:18.480
and just to read that line again they have made serious online threats to individuals and scandalously attacked several faithful LCMS members

01:31:18.480 --> 01:31:28.480
notice what Harrison is attempting to do their pay careful attention serious online threats and then attacked

01:31:28.480 --> 01:31:38.480
attack just means critique in this case it means that we said things about their false positions the false comments they've made their false doctrine

01:31:38.480 --> 01:31:46.480
and that that is supposedly here an attack it's not an attack it's a critique if you want to call it an attack on false doctrine fine

01:31:46.480 --> 01:31:57.480
in so far as that is true it is to some degree there have been no threats no serious online threats no online threats of any kind

01:31:57.480 --> 01:32:05.480
we are in a position to know the people who had access to this information who were involved in discussing it looking at it

01:32:05.480 --> 01:32:13.480
critiquing it no one made any threats no one would make any threats why would anyone make any threats it doesn't make any sense to do that

01:32:13.480 --> 01:32:19.480
it would be extremely dumb to do so and so no one has done that

01:32:19.480 --> 01:32:27.480
well I can tell you I can tell you which tweet they're talking about so the next day on the 21st

01:32:27.480 --> 01:32:35.480
the the next day on the 21st when Ryan turn up seated posted his thread that included all the things that he and others had found in the pettichism

01:32:35.480 --> 01:32:42.480
I was in that thread at some point and someone replied to me they've sensed deleted their accounts I'm not sure what they said to me

01:32:42.480 --> 01:32:46.480
I think it was something of me effective I hope you stay in the fight because this is bad news

01:32:46.480 --> 01:32:55.480
and my reply on the 21st was oh we're not going anywhere we are going to hunt these people down and bring them to justice

01:32:55.480 --> 01:33:06.480
now if you want to be hysterical and think that someone is trying to kill you you might hallucinate and think that that was what that tweet was about

01:33:06.480 --> 01:33:13.480
as Cory just said that would be stupid I I'm not a violent person and I'm not a stupid person

01:33:13.480 --> 01:33:18.480
an intelligent man if you were going to do something harmful to someone would not announce it on Twitter

01:33:18.480 --> 01:33:25.480
that's not typically how smart criminals work you don't broadcast to the entire world where it gets swept up in a police

01:33:25.480 --> 01:33:31.480
dragnet undoubtedly I'm certain that this tweet in particular was sent to the FBI because I know for a fact

01:33:31.480 --> 01:33:38.480
that some other tweets have been sent to the FBI it was sent to them to say look this man is making violent threats against us

01:33:38.480 --> 01:33:47.480
what did I say we are going to hunt these people down well hunt what does that mean the typical case is not going to be

01:33:47.480 --> 01:33:54.480
well for one thing this is rhetoric when one of the techniques in hunting and I'm not a hunter my father's a hunter

01:33:54.480 --> 01:34:01.480
but I want once or twice like squirrel and rabbit hunting I didn't like it I like going on the woods but I don't want to kill anything

01:34:01.480 --> 01:34:09.480
like I'm the same as Cory like I walk around clover too because I want to see the bees eating it I'm not a violent man against beast

01:34:09.480 --> 01:34:18.480
or against man so when I said I want to hunt that we will hunt these people down well one of the aspects of hunting is using calls

01:34:18.480 --> 01:34:26.480
you can use like a duck call or you can use a call that simulates a doe that's running to draw a buck

01:34:26.480 --> 01:34:33.480
because when it hears certain sounds the animal think oh one of my friends is over there I'm going to go over and meet up with the group

01:34:33.480 --> 01:34:39.480
or I'm going to have sex or whatever it is so one aspect of hunting is calling when I said that I

01:34:39.480 --> 01:34:46.480
when I said hunt these people down I specifically meant calling them out again not to shoot them

01:34:46.480 --> 01:34:53.480
you know photographers do the same thing they will also use calls on the use bait because they want to get their target

01:34:53.480 --> 01:34:59.480
to where they can take a picture of them that's a form of hunting too it's not called hunting because they're not using a gun

01:34:59.480 --> 01:35:06.480
but it's effectively the same thing is drawing the target out to expose itself publicly which is absolutely my desire

01:35:06.480 --> 01:35:13.480
and you know what mission accomplished this letter is the culmination of the hunt that I described

01:35:13.480 --> 01:35:19.480
I don't need to go anywhere I have no desire no intention I don't have the capacity to go harm people

01:35:19.480 --> 01:35:24.480
I wouldn't do that because it would be fruitless it would be evil I would answer to God for it

01:35:24.480 --> 01:35:31.480
and these evil men would just be replaced by others what I seek is institutional change that doesn't happen through violence

01:35:31.480 --> 01:35:37.480
not in the case of a church that happens through them being removed and so when I say bring them to justice

01:35:37.480 --> 01:35:47.480
well bring them to justice if you think in terms of vigilanteism which is of course what they would want you to think

01:35:47.480 --> 01:35:55.480
you think some man like doing something by himself like some sort of individual act of vengeance

01:35:55.480 --> 01:36:01.480
I have said repeatedly on this podcast series that we are opposed to individual acts of vengeance

01:36:01.480 --> 01:36:08.480
scripture condemns that God condemns that I'm not going to say one thing that God says and then go out and do the opposite

01:36:08.480 --> 01:36:16.480
because I don't like someone online so what does bring to justice mean well in this case justice is not the civil courts

01:36:16.480 --> 01:36:21.480
there's no there's no earthly justice for these demonic lies these men are telling

01:36:21.480 --> 01:36:27.480
the only justice that I can bring them to in this life is to bring them before the church

01:36:27.480 --> 01:36:32.480
to tell it to the church to tell to the church publicly incidentally as scripture commands

01:36:32.480 --> 01:36:38.480
to bring the evil of men among you before the church which is what Harrison thinks he's doing with this email

01:36:38.480 --> 01:36:47.480
what he has actually done as he has brought himself out of hiding as an antichrist and he has exposed himself to the justice of the church

01:36:47.480 --> 01:36:54.480
I don't need to do anything else at this point like mission accomplished this tweet that I made on January 21st

01:36:54.480 --> 01:37:02.480
is fulfilled by his email and by the subsequent events that we'll go into later I had I never had any ill or violent intent

01:37:02.480 --> 01:37:09.480
because I have none in my heart I wanted the evil of this man that I knew was there for years to be exposed

01:37:09.480 --> 01:37:15.480
and it's been drawn out so I thank God for this this letter that you published this wicked press release

01:37:15.480 --> 01:37:21.480
signed by the entire Missouri Senate for the evil and the slander in the libel that's in it because

01:37:21.480 --> 01:37:27.480
there's not much else for me to say at this point if men today see this and they don't see evil

01:37:27.480 --> 01:37:33.480
they're not going to believe anything else I say so like I wouldn't bother I truly mean that like

01:37:33.480 --> 01:37:38.480
we'll continue occasionally to to detail as these things occur but

01:37:38.480 --> 01:37:45.480
I wanted the thing that I knew years ago to be known by the average man who wasn't paying much attention

01:37:45.480 --> 01:37:51.480
I wanted to hunt these people down and bring them to justice that has been done that was it's done

01:37:51.480 --> 01:37:55.480
it was done in on February 21st when Harrison published this letter

01:37:55.480 --> 01:38:00.480
one would think they would know the subsidiary secondary meaning of hunt which is just a search for

01:38:00.480 --> 01:38:05.480
and the same as when I say remove it means from office but of course they're that's not their goal

01:38:05.480 --> 01:38:10.480
their goal is to destroy anyone who objects to what they're doing to the church

01:38:10.480 --> 01:38:15.480
and that's why they have involved the FBI that's not an idle comment

01:38:15.480 --> 01:38:22.480
that is something we know as a fact has been done that is the level of the wickedness of these men

01:38:22.480 --> 01:38:27.480
that Christians are told not to go to the civil courts against each other

01:38:27.480 --> 01:38:34.480
these men would prefer to lynch us quite frankly is what they would prefer to see done if they could manage it

01:38:34.480 --> 01:38:41.480
and so obviously there are concerns over swatting and things like that these things are being handled as best we can

01:38:41.480 --> 01:38:45.480
but that is the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves today

01:38:45.480 --> 01:38:51.480
because of the evil of the men who wrote and signed this letter and those who pushed for it

01:38:51.480 --> 01:38:57.480
and that's why we're covering it because this is what is happening in the church today

01:38:57.480 --> 01:39:02.480
these are the men who are attempting to kill the church once and for all

01:39:02.480 --> 01:39:08.480
to destroy what is left of the actual church in the U.S. in the West in the world

01:39:08.480 --> 01:39:14.480
and so moving on to the next paragraph these quote alt-right

01:39:14.480 --> 01:39:19.480
unquote individuals were at the genesis of a recent controversy surrounding essays

01:39:19.480 --> 01:39:23.480
accompanying a new publication of Luther's large catechism

01:39:23.480 --> 01:39:29.480
this group used that opportunity to produce not only scandalous attacks in widespread falsehoods

01:39:29.480 --> 01:39:34.480
but also to promote their own absolutist ideologies

01:39:34.480 --> 01:39:39.480
again we have the idiotic term alt-right

01:39:39.480 --> 01:39:44.480
we've mentioned that already it's quite frankly an insult to Luther that they call this Luther's large catechism

01:39:44.480 --> 01:39:50.480
because it's not it contains the text of the large catechism but the rest of it is poison

01:39:50.480 --> 01:39:57.480
except for a handful of things that were thrown in there to distract people from how bad it is on balance

01:39:57.480 --> 01:40:03.480
the main charge of this of course is that this group used that opportunity to produce not only scandalous attacks

01:40:03.480 --> 01:40:11.480
and widespread falsehoods but also to promote their own absolutist ideology

01:40:11.480 --> 01:40:18.480
there are a number of problems with this one widespread falsehoods is the core of this

01:40:18.480 --> 01:40:23.480
that's the the linchpin of this particular paragraph because if what we said is true

01:40:23.480 --> 01:40:30.480
then the attacks aren't scandalous and if we use it to supposedly promote our ideologies

01:40:30.480 --> 01:40:36.480
if what we're saying is in line with the truth then there's nothing wrong with promoting what is in line with the truth

01:40:36.480 --> 01:40:41.480
and so the question is where our critiques false

01:40:41.480 --> 01:40:47.480
did we wrongly characterize the annotated large catechism and the answer is no

01:40:48.480 --> 01:40:54.480
it's published now it can be found online the PDF can be found online in various places

01:40:54.480 --> 01:40:59.480
people can read the material and see that what we quoted is exactly what's there

01:40:59.480 --> 01:41:07.480
what we said is what's there the critique is sound you can go watch the stream I will again put that in the show notes

01:41:07.480 --> 01:41:15.480
we were highlighting things in there yes some of it we are going to see and others may have trouble sussing it out

01:41:15.480 --> 01:41:23.480
because we understand the Marxism the ideology that is underlying it and so when you understand the underlying ideology

01:41:23.480 --> 01:41:29.480
you can pick out key terms you can see why the author used this word instead of that word

01:41:29.480 --> 01:41:36.480
but the critique that we leveled against the annotated large catechism is entirely sound

01:41:36.480 --> 01:41:40.480
and in fact we didn't go anywhere near as hard as we could have gone

01:41:40.480 --> 01:41:45.480
we were raising the alarm we wanted to point out there were serious flaws in this

01:41:45.480 --> 01:41:51.480
sinned is lying in the name of every member of the LCMS every member of an LCMS congregation

01:41:51.480 --> 01:41:57.480
and ultimately in the name of God and that's why we highlighted these errors

01:41:57.480 --> 01:42:04.480
and so the attacks so called against the authors and the annotated large catechism are not in fact scandalous

01:42:04.480 --> 01:42:11.480
because they are accurate we were critiquing false doctrine we were pointing out what is being done in the name of the church

01:42:11.480 --> 01:42:17.480
we are pointing out this corruption that is seeping into the church that if we do not get rid of it now

01:42:17.480 --> 01:42:21.480
we'll destroy the church in our lifetime

01:42:21.480 --> 01:42:27.480
and this bit about absolutist ideologies is vague to the point you can't even respond to it

01:42:27.480 --> 01:42:31.480
I guess you could harken back to the parenthetical listing the supposed ideologies

01:42:31.480 --> 01:42:36.480
but also I want to highlight the word absolutist

01:42:36.480 --> 01:42:42.480
well you know what absolutist is an absolutist ideology well that's Christianity

01:42:42.480 --> 01:42:48.480
because those who aren't in Christ go to hell black and white it's yes or no

01:42:48.480 --> 01:42:52.480
when you stand before the throne it's either well done good and faithful servant

01:42:52.480 --> 01:42:59.480
or depart from me I never knew you that's absolutist Christianity is an absolutist ideology

01:42:59.480 --> 01:43:05.480
Christianity is not universalist Christianity is you get it right or wrong

01:43:05.480 --> 01:43:09.480
and you go to heaven or hell depending on that one thing

01:43:09.480 --> 01:43:13.480
yes there's more to the Christian life than simply believing in Christ

01:43:13.480 --> 01:43:20.480
but if you get that part wrong that absolute question that yes or no

01:43:21.480 --> 01:43:28.480
you go to hell and so condemning absolutism is again a condemnation of Christianity

01:43:28.480 --> 01:43:31.480
it is a condemnation of scripture it is a condemnation of God

01:43:31.480 --> 01:43:37.480
it is a condemnation of everything for which the church and Christians are supposed to stand

01:43:37.480 --> 01:43:42.480
a Christian cannot write this paragraph cannot write this line

01:43:42.480 --> 01:43:48.480
in this paragraph is also the absolute proof that this entire essay or this press release

01:43:48.480 --> 01:43:52.480
is directed at quarry in me personally and to other men

01:43:52.480 --> 01:43:57.480
we will link in the show notes once again the turn up stream that was done by Ryan Turnip Seed

01:43:57.480 --> 01:44:04.480
by quarry myself and by one other man who spoke for about three hours going point by point

01:44:04.480 --> 01:44:09.480
all the things that Ryan had highlighted in his Twitter thread that went so viral

01:44:09.480 --> 01:44:13.480
that it was caught up in not quite mainstream but subsidiary media

01:44:13.480 --> 01:44:19.480
as Marxism encroaching in the Lutheran church it gave the Lutheran church

01:44:19.480 --> 01:44:23.480
Missouri Senate a black eye did it do it because we said things that were scandalous

01:44:23.480 --> 01:44:27.480
or false no it's because we told the truth the LC mask got a black eye

01:44:27.480 --> 01:44:32.480
because the LCMS is apostatizing as quarry said we like if you go when you listen

01:44:32.480 --> 01:44:36.480
to the stream I would encourage you to do so that stream will prove to be one

01:44:36.480 --> 01:44:40.480
of the most important moments and LCMS history I know that sounds incredibly

01:44:40.480 --> 01:44:45.480
sale itself a grandizing but the four men on that stream each of them

01:44:45.480 --> 01:44:50.480
have been targeted specifically by the president of the Missouri Senate for

01:44:50.480 --> 01:44:54.480
X communication if we do not repudiate everything that we said on that stream

01:44:54.480 --> 01:44:57.480
was because we said anything particularly on that stream that was false

01:44:57.480 --> 01:45:02.480
and also each other no yes and also each other we must disavow the entire

01:45:02.480 --> 01:45:07.480
person of every other man on that stream or we will be declared to go to hell

01:45:07.480 --> 01:45:12.480
by the LCMS this is a fact now as I said up front we're going to be doing a

01:45:12.480 --> 01:45:17.480
separate event at some point we're going to talk in detail we're going to give

01:45:17.480 --> 01:45:20.480
everything that has been in secret about what has happened since this letter

01:45:20.480 --> 01:45:25.480
but it is an absolute fact that the president of the Missouri Senate marked

01:45:25.480 --> 01:45:30.480
for layman for exit communication for doxing and for destruction at the hands of

01:45:30.480 --> 01:45:35.480
the world because we disagreed with his doctrine Matt Harrison is antichrist

01:45:35.480 --> 01:45:40.480
he is demonically possessed he is a fundamentally evil man he is a threat to

01:45:40.480 --> 01:45:45.480
everyone who listens to word he says and he says the same above me so you

01:45:45.480 --> 01:45:48.480
got to pick I know the most people are going to pick him because he's got a

01:45:48.480 --> 01:45:52.480
collar he's got the big mustache he has the enormous comically sized pectoral

01:45:52.480 --> 01:45:58.480
crucifix that makes him look like a buffoon not that the crucifix says but

01:45:58.480 --> 01:46:02.480
like how how much Jesus do you have to hide behind for people to believe your

01:46:02.480 --> 01:46:07.480
bowl I'm anonymous I'm suit on this no one knows my name until the Missouri

01:46:07.480 --> 01:46:12.480
Senate succeeds in doxing me you listen to me if what I say sounds like what God

01:46:12.480 --> 01:46:16.480
is saying this guy won't go anywhere near scripture this is a guy who quotes

01:46:16.480 --> 01:46:21.480
the declaration of independence and quotes other garbage like that instead

01:46:21.480 --> 01:46:25.480
of quoting scripture and when he does touch scripture it's horribly mangled

01:46:25.480 --> 01:46:29.480
that's not the product of the Holy Spirit so this this paragraph is the

01:46:29.480 --> 01:46:33.480
absolute proof that we are the men he's talking about which is why we're

01:46:33.480 --> 01:46:37.480
saying that this is about us and that's why we're doing this episode in your

01:46:37.480 --> 01:46:42.480
A about the absolutist thing like that's it's a it's a scare word but it's

01:46:42.480 --> 01:46:46.480
also a word that shows that they are universalists Matt Harrison has friends

01:46:46.480 --> 01:46:49.480
were universalist in the Missouri Senate I've mentioned on a previous

01:46:49.480 --> 01:46:54.480
episode there's a pastor named Rick McCafferty who's a pastor in the LCMS

01:46:54.480 --> 01:47:00.480
in the northwest district who's literally an open universalist he says he's

01:47:00.480 --> 01:47:06.480
universalist on a vimeo page hosted by his district he is a member in good

01:47:06.480 --> 01:47:11.480
standing who says that his Pacific Northwest Indian ancestors all went to

01:47:11.480 --> 01:47:15.480
heaven because they worshiped the great spirit they already knew God before

01:47:15.480 --> 01:47:20.480
the white man came and what is Rick concerned about he's concerned the white

01:47:20.480 --> 01:47:24.480
man are coming with their racism and telling his people how they should worship

01:47:24.480 --> 01:47:30.480
God they want to have sunrise ceremonies when the white Lutherans who are

01:47:30.480 --> 01:47:33.480
coming to those people are saying let's tell you about Jesus and let's go

01:47:33.480 --> 01:47:38.480
inside and stop beating drums and stop doing pagan things and let's start doing

01:47:38.480 --> 01:47:43.480
Christian things Rick McCafferty says no my people already had God he's a

01:47:43.480 --> 01:47:47.480
universalist and he's in good standing Matt Harrison wants us to be

01:47:47.480 --> 01:47:52.480
excommunicated is that the product of a Christian body you know what we think

01:47:52.480 --> 01:47:58.480
you can decide for yourself and the next paragraph here anyone trying to

01:47:58.480 --> 01:48:02.480
solid the reputation of the LCMS based on comments from a small number of

01:48:02.480 --> 01:48:07.480
online provocateurs does not know the loving faithful and generous kind and

01:48:07.480 --> 01:48:11.480
welcoming Senate that I have met all across the nation are people are delighted

01:48:11.480 --> 01:48:14.480
to gather with centers of every stripe to receive free and full forgiveness

01:48:15.480 --> 01:48:19.480
from our crucified savior and are not represented by these few men with

01:48:19.480 --> 01:48:24.480
their sinful agenda this is the Jesus butter they talk about you these guys

01:48:24.480 --> 01:48:28.480
love to sprinkle the Jesus dust on who can object to a man who speaks in the

01:48:28.480 --> 01:48:33.480
name of God well this podcast apparently as a sinful agenda what is our sinful

01:48:33.480 --> 01:48:38.480
agenda saying believe God and obey him and confess your sins and read your

01:48:38.480 --> 01:48:43.480
Bible and attend a faithful church if God help you can find one anymore and

01:48:43.480 --> 01:48:48.480
when your pastor is faithful seek to support him when your pastor is confused

01:48:48.480 --> 01:48:52.480
about things try to support him don't be confrontational we've never in public

01:48:52.480 --> 01:48:57.480
or private once told anyone to confront his pastor and to be a pain in the

01:48:57.480 --> 01:49:01.480
butt we have always said you can tell in a pastor can learn and you can tell in

01:49:01.480 --> 01:49:04.480
a pastor's hardhearted and when you have a pastor who can learn you should be

01:49:04.480 --> 01:49:08.480
learning from him because he should be the expert from whom most things will

01:49:08.480 --> 01:49:12.480
be flowing if there's something that you happen to know better than him speak

01:49:12.480 --> 01:49:15.480
in privately we've never gone beyond that because we don't believe anything

01:49:15.480 --> 01:49:19.480
beyond that and that's the only approach that we have ever taken in private

01:49:19.480 --> 01:49:23.480
so for Harrison to say that we have a sinful agenda again it's just a scare

01:49:23.480 --> 01:49:27.480
mongering you know it's it's fascism it's Naziism it's racism it's all the

01:49:27.480 --> 01:49:32.480
isms that you get on MSN and you should be scared and you should flee from us

01:49:32.480 --> 01:49:36.480
you should delete your subscription to stone choir and you should repent because

01:49:36.480 --> 01:49:39.480
if you tell your pastor that you've listened to this I guarantee you at some

01:49:39.480 --> 01:49:43.480
you will fall under church discipline in the LCMS that's how serious this

01:49:43.480 --> 01:49:47.480
is I've warned people in public and in private you need to be careful about

01:49:47.480 --> 01:49:51.480
your pastor knowing that you talked us now I'm not ashamed I'm not saying you

01:49:51.480 --> 01:49:55.480
should be ashamed I'm saying you should be as wise as a serpent you should be

01:49:55.480 --> 01:49:58.480
as innocent as a dove you shouldn't be concealing anything but you should

01:49:58.480 --> 01:50:03.480
understand if you talk about the things that we talk about and if you say that

01:50:03.480 --> 01:50:08.480
and have ever heard of us and you don't hate us you will also be called to

01:50:08.480 --> 01:50:14.480
repent or you will face excommunication that's a fact it's going to happen the

01:50:14.480 --> 01:50:21.480
the vows that we take a baptism and a confirmation say that we reject

01:50:21.480 --> 01:50:24.480
everything in the devil we renounce the devil and all his works and all his

01:50:24.480 --> 01:50:29.480
ways well today who who are Lutherans demanded to renounce their demanded

01:50:29.480 --> 01:50:32.480
remount and renounce Cory Mueller and my name will be in there too if they know

01:50:32.480 --> 01:50:36.480
my name so so far they're just trying to personalize it to him but it's

01:50:36.480 --> 01:50:39.480
absolutely both of us and the other two men on the stream as I said have

01:50:39.480 --> 01:50:42.480
also been targeted for destruction by the Senate they've been told that

01:50:42.480 --> 01:50:46.480
unless they disavow us they'll be excommunicated that they will be told that

01:50:46.480 --> 01:50:49.480
they are damned to hell for eternity they will never be permitted to

01:50:49.480 --> 01:50:54.480
commune again they may well be the cops may be called they may be told

01:50:54.480 --> 01:50:57.480
they can't come into their churches anymore as it happened to Cory and it

01:50:58.480 --> 01:51:02.480
was that as would absolutely happen to me if these men knew my name so if

01:51:02.480 --> 01:51:06.480
you remember we did an episode talking about a man with no name or a man

01:51:06.480 --> 01:51:10.480
whose name no man knows we talked about pseudonymity and its advantages

01:51:10.480 --> 01:51:15.480
the advantages I haven't had to face the cops outside my church yet because

01:51:15.480 --> 01:51:20.480
Matt doesn't know my name Matt knows Cory's name so Pat Matt sent the cops

01:51:20.480 --> 01:51:24.480
to drag Cory out of church and to say that he's not allowed to enter again

01:51:24.480 --> 01:51:28.480
that's a kind of evil we're dealing with so when you hear all these guys

01:51:28.480 --> 01:51:31.480
saying oh if you're if you really believe in what you say you'll use your

01:51:31.480 --> 01:51:35.480
real name they're vipers they want to ensure that if you disagree with

01:51:35.480 --> 01:51:38.480
them you can face the same sort of destruction that all four of us are

01:51:38.480 --> 01:51:43.480
facing just as a sort of side note I can definitely tell these men have

01:51:43.480 --> 01:51:49.480
read through several of the things on my site because some of the things

01:51:49.480 --> 01:51:53.480
they highlight in this particular letter and others they're straight out of

01:51:53.480 --> 01:51:58.480
my article about testing the orthodoxy of your pastor I can link to that

01:51:58.480 --> 01:52:04.480
in the show notes there's 16 questions there really four big categories

01:52:04.480 --> 01:52:09.480
16 questions total and they hit the highlights because the things that I

01:52:09.480 --> 01:52:12.480
mentioned were rank heresy they don't really touch on that because that's

01:52:12.480 --> 01:52:17.480
things like just straight up rejecting scripture which they do here they

01:52:17.480 --> 01:52:20.480
don't touch on the issue because they want to get that in by the back door

01:52:20.480 --> 01:52:26.480
they want to sort of hide that but the main categories that I have in

01:52:26.480 --> 01:52:31.480
that article are the reality of the sexes the ontological difference between

01:52:31.480 --> 01:52:35.480
men and women will they touch on that with the denial of the nature of woman

01:52:35.480 --> 01:52:40.480
and the relationship of a woman to her head whether that is her father or her

01:52:40.480 --> 01:52:44.480
husband then there's the issue of the reality of the human races that's of

01:52:44.480 --> 01:52:48.480
course throughout this letter and then the last was just the verbal

01:52:48.480 --> 01:52:54.480
inspiration of scripture which again they deny by saying that slavery is

01:52:54.480 --> 01:52:59.480
sinful because if you say slavery is sinful you are denying the plenary verbal

01:52:59.480 --> 01:53:05.480
inspiration of scripture you're giving it to Marcianism but to move on to

01:53:05.480 --> 01:53:11.480
the next paragraph in this letter I am not speaking about the individuals

01:53:11.480 --> 01:53:16.480
may have expressed theological concerns about the essays published alongside

01:53:16.480 --> 01:53:20.480
the catechism I'm talking about a small number of men who based their

01:53:20.480 --> 01:53:25.480
opposition upon racist and supremacist ideologies the former are welcome

01:53:25.480 --> 01:53:30.480
the latter we condemn the problem of course with this is that we

01:53:30.480 --> 01:53:35.480
expressed theological concerns about the essays and so how does this

01:53:35.480 --> 01:53:40.480
venn diagram get parsed by Harris and others well we know the answer

01:53:40.480 --> 01:53:45.480
anyone who expresses theological concerns but who can be painted with

01:53:45.480 --> 01:53:50.480
the brush of being a racist or a supremacist well they're going to focus on

01:53:50.480 --> 01:53:54.480
that and get you out of the church because that way they can continue to

01:53:54.480 --> 01:53:58.480
import this false doctrine into the church unopposed because that's of course

01:53:58.480 --> 01:54:04.480
their ultimate goal because that is the goal of the master they are serving

01:54:04.480 --> 01:54:08.480
and they always want to make it a small number of men small number of men a

01:54:08.480 --> 01:54:14.480
small number of men believe this one there was a time when the church was

01:54:14.480 --> 01:54:23.480
12 men give or take so small number of men not a very good excuse for

01:54:23.480 --> 01:54:26.480
saying oh well it's a small number of men you can just ignore it and

01:54:26.480 --> 01:54:29.480
actually there was a time when the church was smaller there was a time

01:54:29.480 --> 01:54:33.480
when there were four men in the church or one if we go all the way back to

01:54:33.480 --> 01:54:38.480
Adam so that the number of men is irrelevant but of course it's not a small

01:54:38.480 --> 01:54:41.480
number of men we know that from the statistics for this podcast we know that

01:54:41.480 --> 01:54:45.480
from the interaction we get we know that from all of the email and comments

01:54:45.480 --> 01:54:50.480
that we receive constantly it's not a small number of men as much as

01:54:50.480 --> 01:54:55.480
Harrison and others may wish there are more faithful men left than most

01:54:55.480 --> 01:55:00.480
would like to believe those on Harrison's side anyway and again we're

01:55:00.480 --> 01:55:05.480
just back to the the accusation of racism and supremacism the supremacism

01:55:05.480 --> 01:55:09.480
argument I may as well comment it on now since I didn't comment on it

01:55:09.480 --> 01:55:14.480
earlier in the the parenthetical section that's not the point it's never

01:55:14.480 --> 01:55:19.480
been the point it never will be the point for us the issue isn't

01:55:19.480 --> 01:55:23.480
whether or not a certain group of people is better than another group of

01:55:23.480 --> 01:55:28.480
people generally or specifically with regard to something small that's not

01:55:28.480 --> 01:55:33.480
it you love your people because they're your people and that's why one of

01:55:33.480 --> 01:55:38.480
the first thing in fact that I linked in my article with regard the one

01:55:38.480 --> 01:55:42.480
that is about the ongoing apostasy of Missouri I can link that one as

01:55:42.480 --> 01:55:46.480
well the show notes are getting long for this episode but the first thing

01:55:46.480 --> 01:55:51.480
that I linked was a poem by Kipling the stranger anyone who's

01:55:51.480 --> 01:55:56.480
familiar with the poem should immediately bring to mind what I intended

01:55:56.480 --> 01:56:02.480
with that because the point is not that I believe my people are

01:56:02.480 --> 01:56:06.480
better the point is not that I believe some other people are worse or

01:56:06.480 --> 01:56:12.480
inferior that's not it again they are my people that's why matter it's the same

01:56:12.480 --> 01:56:16.480
reason you love your family they're your family it's the same reason you love

01:56:16.480 --> 01:56:19.480
your cousins they're your family it's the same reason you love your nation

01:56:19.480 --> 01:56:24.480
it's your nation God has placed you into these groups and you love them

01:56:24.480 --> 01:56:29.480
because they are yours and so I'll just read one stanza from this I'll

01:56:29.480 --> 01:56:33.480
link the poem for those who want to read the whole of it the men of my own

01:56:33.480 --> 01:56:38.480
stock they may do ill or well but they tell the lies I am wanted to and they

01:56:38.480 --> 01:56:42.480
are used to the lies I tell and we do not need interpreters when we go

01:56:42.480 --> 01:56:48.480
to buy and sell and that's the point the men of your own nation the men

01:56:48.480 --> 01:56:52.480
of your own blood it's not that they're better it's not that they're worse

01:56:52.480 --> 01:56:56.480
it's at their yours and so you you have the same outlook you have the same

01:56:56.480 --> 01:57:00.480
culture you have the same practices you understand each other you get

01:57:00.480 --> 01:57:05.480
at the pub and in the marketplace and all of these things because God has

01:57:05.480 --> 01:57:10.480
made human beings has made men to be social creatures and you have a social

01:57:10.480 --> 01:57:14.480
network that it radiates outward from you through others to the entirety of

01:57:14.480 --> 01:57:20.480
your nation that's the point and so the accusation of supremacy or

01:57:20.480 --> 01:57:25.480
supremist ideologies just falls flat in the face of reality no one is

01:57:25.480 --> 01:57:29.480
advocating that yes there are some who are going to say well you did the IQ

01:57:29.480 --> 01:57:34.480
episode and you're saying that the point of that is not that one group is

01:57:34.480 --> 01:57:39.480
better than another the point of that is that there is a biological reality

01:57:39.480 --> 01:57:44.480
that we must recognize and deal with it accordingly in light of how it affects

01:57:44.480 --> 01:57:49.480
our civilization our culture our societies and the church it's a matter of

01:57:49.480 --> 01:57:56.480
fact and similarly the same sort of thing holds for the accusation of racism as

01:57:56.480 --> 01:58:01.480
we mentioned in the last episode go back and listen to it again racism is

01:58:01.480 --> 01:58:08.480
not a sin it's a false sin it's made up it has existed for not very long it's

01:58:08.480 --> 01:58:16.480
a lie it is a modern nonsense supposed sin that Satan made up in order to

01:58:16.480 --> 01:58:21.480
subvert the church in order to subvert Christian nations and destroy those

01:58:21.480 --> 01:58:26.480
who sustain the church to destroy the next generation of every nation that

01:58:26.480 --> 01:58:31.480
has ever been Christian that's his goal and he's succeeding he's doing quite a

01:58:31.480 --> 01:58:36.480
good job of it because of men like Harrison who put out letters like this and

01:58:36.480 --> 01:58:40.480
men like Harrison put out letters and statements and have views like this and

01:58:40.480 --> 01:58:44.480
pretty much every modern church body which is why this is fundamentally a problem

01:58:44.480 --> 01:58:49.480
for everyone who's listening you don't have to be Lutheran to have these

01:58:49.480 --> 01:58:54.480
problems because your churches most are probably further down this path some

01:58:54.480 --> 01:58:58.480
maybe not quite as far but you're all headed the same way because it's the same

01:58:58.480 --> 01:59:02.480
playbook that's being run everywhere and that's the reason that we did the

01:59:02.480 --> 01:59:06.480
episode before we started the race series specifically on Satan's playbook the

01:59:06.480 --> 01:59:11.480
entire synopsis of this paragraph and the proceeding to beginning with the

01:59:11.480 --> 01:59:16.480
one about these all right individuals is literally a linsky pick a target

01:59:16.480 --> 01:59:21.480
freeze it personalize it and polarize it and that's precisely what has been

01:59:21.480 --> 01:59:27.480
done here Harrison is using a linsky's rules against us he's cutting us out

01:59:27.480 --> 01:59:31.480
of the herd he's saying that we have a sinful agenda for saying these things

01:59:31.480 --> 01:59:35.480
the scripture says for saying that the church 50 and a hundred and 200 years

01:59:35.480 --> 01:59:40.480
ago didn't believe what he believes but we have a sinful agenda if we tell

01:59:40.480 --> 01:59:44.480
you that you can decide for yourself if that's true based on what we say he

01:59:44.480 --> 01:59:48.480
doesn't want you to hear us he doesn't want anyone to hear us which is why

01:59:48.480 --> 01:59:53.480
this campaign of personal and physical destruction has been undertaken as

01:59:53.480 --> 01:59:57.480
his command and payrolled by the Missouri Senate they're actually paying

01:59:57.480 --> 02:00:02.480
people money to try to distort destroy a layman for speaking out against their

02:00:02.480 --> 02:00:07.480
false doctrine and that a linsky tactic is exactly why you now see a

02:00:07.480 --> 02:00:12.480
number of the Senate connected accounts on Twitter and elsewhere pushing the

02:00:12.480 --> 02:00:20.480
term mollorite they they want to lump everyone under my umbrella they

02:00:20.480 --> 02:00:24.480
want to make it seem like I'm the leader of some cult and you are all just

02:00:24.480 --> 02:00:28.480
parroting the things I say which is obviously not true because no one is

02:00:28.480 --> 02:00:32.480
parroting all of the things I say but that is their goal and so they want to

02:00:32.480 --> 02:00:36.480
use the term mollorite because it is the exact same playbook that Rome used

02:00:36.480 --> 02:00:40.480
against Lutherans that's why we're called Lutherans today we are called

02:00:40.480 --> 02:00:45.480
Lutherans because Rome used it as a pejorative in an attempt to attack and

02:00:45.480 --> 02:00:49.480
discredit those who were reforming the church who were returning it to

02:00:49.480 --> 02:00:55.480
write doctrine and so what Lutherans did at the time was say fine we're

02:00:55.480 --> 02:00:58.480
Lutheran because we agree with what he's saying because what he's saying is

02:00:58.480 --> 02:01:04.480
true and so of course that backfired against Rome but it's the same playbook

02:01:04.480 --> 02:01:10.480
because it's the same animating intelligence that is why you see them

02:01:10.480 --> 02:01:16.480
attempting to brand all of us as mollorites because it's the same thing every

02:01:16.480 --> 02:01:21.480
century Satan subverts and then attacks those who try to push back against

02:01:21.480 --> 02:01:25.480
the subversion the next two paragraphs which are very nearly the end

02:01:25.480 --> 02:01:29.480
really go mask off on what's fundamentally happening here with the

02:01:29.480 --> 02:01:34.480
Missouri Synod versus Christians who are still in its pews.

02:01:34.480 --> 02:01:39.480
This paragraph reads the LCMS is a robust Christian community under the

02:01:39.480 --> 02:01:43.480
absolute authority of the inherent scriptures as the very word of God and

02:01:43.480 --> 02:01:48.480
bound together in subscription to our Lutheran confessions. Theological dialogue

02:01:48.480 --> 02:01:53.480
is good we have clear processes for registering concerns over published

02:01:53.480 --> 02:01:58.480
materials and we encourage such theological critique the biblical confession of

02:01:58.480 --> 02:02:03.480
the LCMS on doctrine and life is true and unchangeable now this is

02:02:03.480 --> 02:02:08.480
two giveaways one they say under the absolute authority and in

02:02:08.480 --> 02:02:12.480
error scripture except for Leviticus and except for Joshua and except

02:02:12.480 --> 02:02:15.480
for first Samuel because we don't believe the stuff about Sodomites we

02:02:15.480 --> 02:02:19.480
don't believe the sus about genocide we don't believe the stuff about girls

02:02:19.480 --> 02:02:23.480
we don't believe the stuff about slavery but other than that yeah we this Bible

02:02:23.480 --> 02:02:27.480
stuff you were we're pretty solid with it bull see this is what happens you

02:02:27.480 --> 02:02:32.480
will have people who will give a general confession and a specific

02:02:32.480 --> 02:02:37.480
confession and they'll be at odds with each other and it's done to confuse

02:02:37.480 --> 02:02:41.480
people because the general confession is always going to be good it's always

02:02:41.480 --> 02:02:45.480
going to be the Jesus dust it's always going to be something that you can't

02:02:45.480 --> 02:02:49.480
argue with not if you're a Christian and then they'll give the specific confession

02:02:49.480 --> 02:02:54.480
in a specific confession is contrary to the very general confession that they've

02:02:54.480 --> 02:02:58.480
just made so in this case the general confession is we love scripture and a

02:02:58.480 --> 02:03:02.480
specific confession is but not slavery but not patriarchy none of that stuff

02:03:02.480 --> 02:03:06.480
that's cringe that's evil we can reject and condemn them the strongest

02:03:06.480 --> 02:03:11.480
possible terms well which is their true confession it's not the Jesus

02:03:11.480 --> 02:03:16.480
dust this is pro forma boilerplate this is stuff that Christians say when they

02:03:16.480 --> 02:03:20.480
don't have anything to say to make sure you remember their Christian the

02:03:20.480 --> 02:03:26.480
specifics that they gave the lies the libel the venom those are their true

02:03:26.480 --> 02:03:30.480
confession and forget whether or not they said something mean about us they're

02:03:30.480 --> 02:03:34.480
defying and despising God's word that's why we're concerned I'm not concerned

02:03:34.480 --> 02:03:39.480
about the fact fact that some fat buffoon in Saint Louis doesn't like me I'm

02:03:39.480 --> 02:03:43.480
concerned about the fact that the president of the Missouri Synod is openly

02:03:43.480 --> 02:03:47.480
saying that scripture is wrong while saying it's right because that creates

02:03:47.480 --> 02:03:51.480
cognitive disness in the in the listeners mind who's going to believe him

02:03:51.480 --> 02:03:55.480
because he's got a collar and he's got a reputation and he's got a title

02:03:55.480 --> 02:04:00.480
and so what he must be what he's saying must be true and he says it's in

02:04:00.480 --> 02:04:04.480
scripture so I got to believe it when a pastor lies he binds

02:04:04.480 --> 02:04:09.480
consciences when a pastor lies he sends people to hell who don't know

02:04:09.480 --> 02:04:13.480
any better this is why Corey and I focus so much on teachers

02:04:13.480 --> 02:04:17.480
because if you have a good teacher and you're an idiot you're going to be

02:04:17.480 --> 02:04:21.480
just fine because as long as you believe his faithful teaching you will be

02:04:21.480 --> 02:04:25.480
received with welcome arms in the kingdom of God because you're going to take a

02:04:25.480 --> 02:04:30.480
faithful confession to your grave if you have a wolf like these men who

02:04:30.480 --> 02:04:34.480
tells you oh that's not the true God the God of the Old Testament isn't the true

02:04:34.480 --> 02:04:38.480
God we have the God of love now that's the God you want to worship that's a

02:04:38.480 --> 02:04:42.480
good one to focus on and his name is Jesus well it's some point

02:04:42.480 --> 02:04:46.480
you have to start wondering if we're even talking about the same Jesus at all

02:04:46.480 --> 02:04:50.480
because the Jesus who cleans the temple of the money changers is not the Jesus

02:04:50.480 --> 02:04:54.480
that these guys want to worship and we don't bring that up to try to make

02:04:54.480 --> 02:04:59.480
Jesus to be some wrathful thing when there's peace God is all those things

02:04:59.480 --> 02:05:03.480
at once it's why we did the episode on perfect hatred

02:05:03.480 --> 02:05:07.480
this is this is a tapestry all these episodes fit together because

02:05:07.480 --> 02:05:13.480
they're all pieces of the same hole so when he says oh yeah I like scripture

02:05:13.480 --> 02:05:17.480
but not that part you need to listen to the not that part and you did

02:05:17.480 --> 02:05:21.480
disregard when he claims to like scripture because he simply doesn't and

02:05:21.480 --> 02:05:25.480
the other part here I want to highlight is theological dialogue is good

02:05:25.480 --> 02:05:30.480
we have clear processes for registering concerns now this is fundamentally

02:05:30.480 --> 02:05:35.480
authoritarian this is fundamentally top down to say oh you don't like

02:05:35.480 --> 02:05:38.480
something the synodid you don't like something they published in their

02:05:38.480 --> 02:05:42.480
materials there's a process for that what's the process it's not

02:05:42.480 --> 02:05:47.480
podcasting it's not tweeting don't you dare do that now what's omitted

02:05:47.480 --> 02:05:51.480
from this paragraph in the next paragraph is something we've talked about

02:05:51.480 --> 02:05:56.480
several times in 2016 and in 2019 the Missouri Synod amended its own

02:05:56.480 --> 02:06:01.480
bylaws to prohibit pastors from publicly disagreeing with

02:06:01.480 --> 02:06:06.480
synodical statements or each other they locked every member of synod

02:06:06.480 --> 02:06:10.480
which is something that he refers to in the previous thing we talked about

02:06:10.480 --> 02:06:15.480
these members of synod being attacked that doesn't mean parishioners that

02:06:15.480 --> 02:06:19.480
means pastors I'm not a member of synod I'm a member of a congregation

02:06:19.480 --> 02:06:23.480
that's a member of synod member of synod when Harrison says it is a term

02:06:23.480 --> 02:06:27.480
of art there refers to his collar buddies your first of the other pastors

02:06:27.480 --> 02:06:33.480
pastors are not permitted to speak against other pastors publicly period you

02:06:33.480 --> 02:06:37.480
can't disagree theologically it's barred by the bylaws which are corporate

02:06:37.480 --> 02:06:42.480
bylaws that govern whether or not they may continue to be members in good

02:06:42.480 --> 02:06:46.480
standing of the corporation now if you're not a member in good standing of the

02:06:46.480 --> 02:06:50.480
corporation of the LCMS what happens you cannot be called to another

02:06:50.480 --> 02:06:54.480
Missouri Synod church and you're no longer eligible to be in a call in your own

02:06:54.480 --> 02:06:59.480
church so what that means functionally is if a pastor disagrees with the

02:06:59.480 --> 02:07:03.480
pedochism with the large cataclysm that pastor can only do it in private

02:07:03.480 --> 02:07:08.480
or he will face being expelled from the corporation we don't have those

02:07:08.480 --> 02:07:13.480
shackles Corey is not a member of synod I am not a member of synod we are

02:07:13.480 --> 02:07:17.480
not bound by what the Missouri Synod bylaws say Harrison has no control

02:07:17.480 --> 02:07:22.480
over us and they've realized in the last six months that that is a threat

02:07:22.480 --> 02:07:26.480
to the demonic evil that they are spreading because the lies that they're

02:07:26.480 --> 02:07:29.480
putting in these books that they're then saying oh it's a published material

02:07:29.480 --> 02:07:35.480
from the church you can't question it these lies layman spoke up and it caused a

02:07:35.480 --> 02:07:40.480
fear a righteous fear from pastors to pastors temporarily disregarded those

02:07:40.480 --> 02:07:44.480
bylaws and said I don't care about the bylaws I care that we have things in a

02:07:44.480 --> 02:07:49.480
in a publication from synod they contradict scripture and as a faithful

02:07:49.480 --> 02:07:53.480
shepherd I must speak against that now they've pretty much vanished at

02:07:53.480 --> 02:07:58.480
this point because the memo that went out remember remember who you serve

02:07:58.480 --> 02:08:03.480
and it's not Jesus it's it's bylaw 1.8.2 the Missouri Synod Constitution

02:08:03.480 --> 02:08:07.480
that's what they serve they cannot disagree publicly or they'll be

02:08:07.480 --> 02:08:11.480
drummed out and it is worth mentioning that if they get drummed out that

02:08:11.480 --> 02:08:17.480
also in dangers their health insurance and their pension in most cases

02:08:17.480 --> 02:08:21.480
or at least in many cases I don't know exactly the percentage on that

02:08:21.480 --> 02:08:25.480
but there is a very real tangible concern for the members of synod

02:08:25.480 --> 02:08:30.480
if they go against synodical leadership of course there should also be

02:08:30.480 --> 02:08:34.480
the theological concern of are you choosing the world over God

02:08:34.480 --> 02:08:40.480
and so any pastors teachers others listening to this you should think

02:08:40.480 --> 02:08:44.480
long and hard about which side you are going to take in this conflict

02:08:44.480 --> 02:08:49.480
personally I think the sides are very clear and I don't see how anyone could

02:08:49.480 --> 02:08:53.480
think otherwise but you have to make that decision for yourself

02:08:53.480 --> 02:08:59.480
but I also found it ironic that they say we have clear processes

02:08:59.480 --> 02:09:07.480
sure sure you do the process that they will always tell you is that

02:09:07.480 --> 02:09:11.480
you are supposed to if for instance a pastor does something truly heinous

02:09:11.480 --> 02:09:15.480
like dressing in drag to concentrate a new piano

02:09:15.480 --> 02:09:20.480
you know just a example picked it random out of my mind

02:09:20.480 --> 02:09:25.480
certainly not something that would happen in a conservative church like the LCMS

02:09:25.480 --> 02:09:29.480
but if a pastor does that you are supposed to complain to his district president

02:09:29.480 --> 02:09:34.480
who will then wave you off and do absolutely nothing about it

02:09:34.480 --> 02:09:39.480
except for tell you to be silent because obviously we wouldn't want to

02:09:39.480 --> 02:09:43.480
embarrass the church by speaking about it and so we know how these processes

02:09:43.480 --> 02:09:49.480
work which is to say they don't for instance this is not the first

02:09:49.480 --> 02:09:54.480
damnable thing that Harrison is published another great example

02:09:54.480 --> 02:10:02.480
would be his published and still up response to Floyd's suicide

02:10:02.480 --> 02:10:08.480
he high-handedly flagrantly violated as many of the commandments as he possibly

02:10:08.480 --> 02:10:13.480
could in that piece perhaps not all of them but he certainly became an active

02:10:13.480 --> 02:10:20.480
idolater murderer and slanderer because he called racism the original sin

02:10:20.480 --> 02:10:25.480
of the United States which is quite the claim for a man who is supposedly a pastor

02:10:25.480 --> 02:10:31.480
and a leader of a church body but that's still up and the reason I bring up

02:10:31.480 --> 02:10:36.480
that particular piece letter what article whatever you want to call it

02:10:36.480 --> 02:10:42.480
he was called to repentance by many pastors privately

02:10:42.480 --> 02:10:45.480
of course because if they done publicly they would have been expelled

02:10:45.480 --> 02:10:51.480
I wrote him a letter I copied all of the VPs on my letter I sent an electronic copy

02:10:51.480 --> 02:10:58.480
I included a little gift with the letter just as a sign of goodwill toward the

02:10:58.480 --> 02:11:05.480
pricidium I didn't get a response basically no one got a response a few

02:11:05.480 --> 02:11:10.480
pastors got responses but nothing was done the letter is still up that is

02:11:10.480 --> 02:11:17.480
still damnable false doctrine on if not the home page then one level under the

02:11:17.480 --> 02:11:23.480
home page of the LCMS site that is still lying in God's name and lying in the

02:11:23.480 --> 02:11:30.480
name of every single Lutheran in the LCMS and so this we have clear processes

02:11:30.480 --> 02:11:35.480
means nothing because the processes don't do anything because the leadership

02:11:35.480 --> 02:11:44.480
of synod is apostate or derelict so moving on to the next paragraph

02:11:44.480 --> 02:11:50.480
LCMS congregations agree to uphold our biblical standards we are not a top

02:11:50.480 --> 02:11:55.480
down institution that said I will work together with our pastors and district

02:11:55.480 --> 02:12:00.480
presidents to address this matter wherever it arises among us and rejected

02:12:00.480 --> 02:12:05.480
we issue the cry of Jesus repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand Matthew 3

02:12:05.480 --> 02:12:09.480
2 we are confident that the same law and gospel that broke the hard heart of

02:12:09.480 --> 02:12:15.480
Saint Paul himself a murderer and blasphemer can and will do the same today

02:12:15.480 --> 02:12:20.480
we are all called repentance daily the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from

02:12:20.480 --> 02:12:25.480
all sin first John 1 7 where that call to repentance is not heated there must

02:12:25.480 --> 02:12:32.480
be excommunication and of course the point of the this paragraph is twofold

02:12:32.480 --> 02:12:39.480
it's to advance the well not exactly a lie but increasingly so we are not a

02:12:39.480 --> 02:12:44.480
top down institution because he of course subverts that exact statement

02:12:44.480 --> 02:12:47.480
with the very next sentence saying that he will work together with pastors

02:12:47.480 --> 02:12:51.480
and district presidents to address the matter which is saying that synod is

02:12:51.480 --> 02:12:55.480
going to give marching orders to the district presence who will give marching

02:12:55.480 --> 02:12:59.480
orders to the pastors who will then do whatever sinned commanded and I'm not

02:12:59.480 --> 02:13:02.480
just saying that we've seen that happening behind the scenes and we will comment

02:13:02.480 --> 02:13:07.480
on that soon enough but then of course the second point is that last sentence

02:13:08.480 --> 02:13:12.480
where that call to repentance is not heated there must be excommunication and

02:13:12.480 --> 02:13:17.480
that of course is their goal is to excommunicate anyone who disagrees with

02:13:17.480 --> 02:13:21.480
anything they're doing whether it's the annotated large catechism the comments

02:13:21.480 --> 02:13:27.480
on racism the letter about Floyd's suicide all of these things that is their goal

02:13:27.480 --> 02:13:34.480
their goal is to drive every faithful man willing to stand up and oppose this

02:13:34.480 --> 02:13:39.480
evil out of the churches because the goal of Satan and he is their master

02:13:39.480 --> 02:13:43.480
he is the animating intelligence in this he is the one they are serving his

02:13:43.480 --> 02:13:49.480
goal is the destruction of the church because the LCMS for many years

02:13:49.480 --> 02:13:54.480
for decades was one of the most faithful church bodies on the face of the

02:13:54.480 --> 02:14:00.480
planet and Satan hates that and he will not forget and so his goal is to

02:14:01.480 --> 02:14:06.480
utterly destroy the LCMS to make us at least as bad as Alka if not worse

02:14:06.480 --> 02:14:10.480
we are quite frankly trending toward being worse than Alka with the way

02:14:10.480 --> 02:14:15.480
this letter and other things are heading as we said earlier all four men

02:14:15.480 --> 02:14:19.480
who were on the turn upstream specifically highlighting the theological

02:14:19.480 --> 02:14:24.480
issues with the large cataclysm were specifically targeted for excommunication

02:14:24.480 --> 02:14:29.480
if they did not repent and disavow each other so he's fall through that and

02:14:29.480 --> 02:14:34.480
that's again further proof that this letter is specifically about us

02:14:34.480 --> 02:14:38.480
and about the stone choir podcast one more thing about this paragraph before

02:14:38.480 --> 02:14:43.480
we move on because some are not going to notice what was said here

02:14:43.480 --> 02:14:48.480
when Harrison chooses his words in this paragraph when he chooses

02:14:48.480 --> 02:14:52.480
Saint Paul is his example and then says that Saint Paul was a murderer and

02:14:52.480 --> 02:14:57.480
blasphemer he is leveling the accusation of being a murderer and blasphemer

02:14:57.480 --> 02:15:03.480
against me against woe against Ryan turnip seed against the other

02:15:03.480 --> 02:15:08.480
man who was on that stream against anyone who stands up and opposes this false

02:15:08.480 --> 02:15:14.480
doctrine that is what is being said there and so if you disagree with what is

02:15:14.480 --> 02:15:17.480
being done if you're a Lutheran in your name if you are a Christian in

02:15:17.480 --> 02:15:21.480
another tradition what is undoubtedly being done by other men in your name

02:15:21.480 --> 02:15:26.480
or will be soon enough then according to Matt Harrison you are a murderer

02:15:26.480 --> 02:15:31.480
and a blasphemer yep you're absolutely right

02:15:31.480 --> 02:15:34.480
so this last paragraph that we're going to read it's not the last paragraph

02:15:34.480 --> 02:15:37.480
but the last few are just fluff equal link so you can read the full thing

02:15:37.480 --> 02:15:42.480
yourself Harrison concludes in his own words of all the things I've seen

02:15:42.480 --> 02:15:47.480
as LCMS president this is the most bizarre I am informed that other

02:15:47.480 --> 02:15:51.480
conservative denominations are experiencing similar challenges this

02:15:51.480 --> 02:15:56.480
horrid attack of the devil drives us to be firm in our confession our

02:15:56.480 --> 02:16:00.480
message of Christ the Savior for all our local and global mission that

02:16:00.480 --> 02:16:05.480
serves the entire human race with forgiveness and joy stands firmly opposed

02:16:05.480 --> 02:16:09.480
to Satan and all evil our steadfast message of love and biblical

02:16:09.480 --> 02:16:14.480
fidelity on all the cultural issues of marriage sexuality race and life

02:16:14.480 --> 02:16:19.480
is an assault on the devil and his minions to no end our steadfast witness

02:16:19.480 --> 02:16:24.480
and assistance to our global Lutheran friends has the devil fuming

02:16:24.480 --> 02:16:30.480
now notice how much he focuses on the LCMS preaching overseas

02:16:30.480 --> 02:16:34.480
we've mentioned some of the stats previously but I saw some stats I

02:16:34.480 --> 02:16:38.480
think just in the last week that the actual attendance in the LCMS last

02:16:38.480 --> 02:16:45.480
year was about 480,000 souls that means a tiny fraction of the United

02:16:45.480 --> 02:16:50.480
States population is in LCMS churches and the overwhelming majority even

02:16:50.480 --> 02:16:54.480
of Christians have never heard of us and if they know anything they probably

02:16:54.480 --> 02:16:57.480
know that were the conservative you know Lutherans a kind of staff by

02:16:57.480 --> 02:17:02.480
ourselves but no more than that one of the things that has mat howling

02:17:02.480 --> 02:17:07.480
is that we have exposed through his words and deeds that the Missouri

02:17:07.480 --> 02:17:12.480
Senate is not in fact the conservative so-called denomination that has been

02:17:12.480 --> 02:17:16.480
not to be one that it was historically you know if you go back to the

02:17:16.480 --> 02:17:21.480
poll results from 1965 you'll find the Missouri Senate at the very top

02:17:21.480 --> 02:17:27.480
of everything on inerrancy in every sound Christian doctrine compared

02:17:27.480 --> 02:17:31.480
other denominations we stood head and shoulders above the rest

02:17:31.480 --> 02:17:36.480
you get something right that there are other conservative denominations

02:17:36.480 --> 02:17:41.480
that are experiencing similar challenges now the challenge is not that

02:17:41.480 --> 02:17:45.480
the layman who are speaking against evil that is of course God's hand

02:17:45.480 --> 02:17:50.480
working in the world the challenge is that there are faithful layman

02:17:50.480 --> 02:17:54.480
in other non Lutheran denominations quite a few of whom listen to this

02:17:54.480 --> 02:17:58.480
podcast I wouldn't be surprised at all if the majority of our probably

02:17:58.480 --> 02:18:02.480
1200 plus subscribers so far are not Lutheran and I'm very thankful for that

02:18:02.480 --> 02:18:07.480
because regardless of what is going on in our particular denomination

02:18:07.480 --> 02:18:12.480
Cory and I are never going to waver on our belief that Lutheran doctrine

02:18:12.480 --> 02:18:17.480
as it was inherited from centuries ago is sound doctrine the issue that

02:18:17.480 --> 02:18:22.480
we take today is with the very men the wolves who masquerade as shepherds

02:18:22.480 --> 02:18:26.480
who are seeking to subvert and destroy that doctrine so the fact that

02:18:26.480 --> 02:18:29.480
other churches are going through the same problems yeah that's no surprise

02:18:29.480 --> 02:18:34.480
at all and some of the men who in the laymen who are subjected to similar

02:18:34.480 --> 02:18:38.480
persecution and other denominations I hope we'll find each other as

02:18:38.480 --> 02:18:42.480
listeners of this show and I think increasingly where we are and we'll

02:18:42.480 --> 02:18:46.480
continue to find each other online then as I've said on Twitter recently

02:18:46.480 --> 02:18:50.480
as Lutherans were never going to capitulate on the sacraments in particular

02:18:50.480 --> 02:18:54.480
because we believe that we have correct sacramental theology that's not

02:18:54.480 --> 02:19:00.480
negotiable for a Lutheran however there is so much of what I see from many

02:19:00.480 --> 02:19:07.480
reformed and similar Christians that is much closer to the sort of Christianity

02:19:07.480 --> 02:19:11.480
that I find in the Bible that I'm finding even from pastors that I've been

02:19:11.480 --> 02:19:16.480
told are confessional because it turns out when when the Lutheran confessions

02:19:16.480 --> 02:19:21.480
run out of things to say these guys just get stuck in a loop all they can do

02:19:21.480 --> 02:19:27.480
is talk about the book of Concord which is 440 years old it doesn't help

02:19:27.480 --> 02:19:31.480
there are things that it doesn't talk about and so there are other bodies

02:19:31.480 --> 02:19:38.480
who are continuing to face doctrinal issues in the world head on and I wish

02:19:38.480 --> 02:19:41.480
that they were coming at them from Lutheran perspectives because I think that the

02:19:41.480 --> 02:19:46.480
foundation theologically and philosophically that we have personally I prefer it

02:19:46.480 --> 02:19:50.480
but I can't argue with the results that these men who are in other traditions

02:19:50.480 --> 02:19:55.480
are coming to the results that Cory and I have alone. Cory and I are pretty

02:19:55.480 --> 02:19:58.480
much the only one saying these things and it's not because we're not good

02:19:58.480 --> 02:20:05.480
Lutherans it's because we're largely alone as Lutherans and I don't know what the

02:20:05.480 --> 02:20:10.480
future is going to be for Protestantism in North America I have my private

02:20:10.480 --> 02:20:14.480
opinions and you know if I said them now they'd be a prophecy of some sort but

02:20:14.480 --> 02:20:18.480
I'll say but I don't need credit for being right later because it's frankly not

02:20:18.480 --> 02:20:23.480
very good news but I will say this the church is not going to go away church

02:20:23.480 --> 02:20:28.480
because we have the word of God and even if every man who's listening to this

02:20:28.480 --> 02:20:32.480
and every man who has any faith in his heart is arrested and thrown out of his

02:20:32.480 --> 02:20:36.480
congregation they will still be Christians they will still be baptized

02:20:36.480 --> 02:20:41.480
members of Christ's body and we cannot be plucked from God's hand no matter

02:20:41.480 --> 02:20:45.480
what the wolves and the antichrist do among us so all the nonsense that you're

02:20:45.480 --> 02:20:49.480
hearing in your churches and you're hearing us talk about in our churches

02:20:49.480 --> 02:20:53.480
it should not be it should be a cause from concern but it should not be a cause for

02:20:53.480 --> 02:20:59.480
despair as I've said before if you just you know read through the New Testament

02:20:59.480 --> 02:21:04.480
every two months you will see these events described over and over where men are

02:21:04.480 --> 02:21:08.480
thrown out of synagogues where Jesus says that that will happen where Jesus says

02:21:08.480 --> 02:21:13.480
that they will kill you in my name and they will think that they are serving me

02:21:13.480 --> 02:21:17.480
but when we have the Missouri Synod swaddling members of Missouri Synod

02:21:17.480 --> 02:21:21.480
congregations I don't know how much closer you can get without having a

02:21:21.480 --> 02:21:26.480
lion pit and that's that's the future that I think maybe we face as Christians

02:21:26.480 --> 02:21:32.480
and I don't think that's bleak me as stupid as that may sound I think that if

02:21:32.480 --> 02:21:37.480
if we are blessed to be in a time of persecution where we are hated for Christ's

02:21:37.480 --> 02:21:43.480
sake we should have confidence in the God who gave us our faith because

02:21:43.480 --> 02:21:47.480
there's nothing that we can do on our own to change any of this all we can do

02:21:47.480 --> 02:21:52.480
is proclaim Christ and proclaim his word faithfully all of it proclaim

02:21:52.480 --> 02:21:57.480
Leviticus in 1 Samuel and wherever you find the word of God that's relevant

02:21:57.480 --> 02:22:02.480
to today don't be ashamed of it even if your church body is and if your church

02:22:02.480 --> 02:22:08.480
body is ashamed of the word of God find out why that is find out if it's a new

02:22:08.480 --> 02:22:12.480
reason thing as this is in the Missouri Synod like this is this is fairly new

02:22:12.480 --> 02:22:18.480
for us to be this radically hateful towards Scripture it's been decades that

02:22:18.480 --> 02:22:23.480
this is coming I think really since 7X since the 60s that this began to emerge

02:22:23.480 --> 02:22:28.480
but we are still at the cost of something new which is why I said early I

02:22:28.480 --> 02:22:32.480
think that the turnips stream that we did on the large cataclysm will be a

02:22:32.480 --> 02:22:37.480
turning point but because the fact that the Missouri Synod has specifically

02:22:37.480 --> 02:22:41.480
targeted for laymen for destruction for saying these things that are faithful

02:22:41.480 --> 02:22:47.480
to Scripture is the biggest scandal in the history of Lutheranism once

02:22:47.480 --> 02:22:51.480
you know once you get past the drama of the very first few decades nothing

02:22:51.480 --> 02:22:56.480
this bad has happened to Lutheranism from within Lutheranism by the men

02:22:56.480 --> 02:23:00.480
who claim to be Lutheran we've been we've faced assaults from without and

02:23:00.480 --> 02:23:05.480
we've faced different types of betrayal but this sort of subversion from a

02:23:05.480 --> 02:23:10.480
literal anti-Christ figure who stands in the stead of Christ and lies in his name

02:23:10.480 --> 02:23:15.480
and contradicts Scripture is truly unprecedented and again this isn't just

02:23:15.480 --> 02:23:19.480
a Lutheran problem every denomination is facing similar issues so Harrison

02:23:19.480 --> 02:23:23.480
did tell the truth here that other conservative denominations are indeed

02:23:23.480 --> 02:23:27.480
experiencing similar challenges because Satan has a playbook and our leaders

02:23:27.480 --> 02:23:31.480
are running that playbook they're using lensky's rules they're targeting

02:23:31.480 --> 02:23:36.480
faithful men because Satan knows who the Christians are just as God knows

02:23:36.480 --> 02:23:40.480
God wrote our name in the book of life from before eternity Satan knows who

02:23:40.480 --> 02:23:44.480
the ones with faith are because he knows who he needs to destroy and he knows

02:23:44.480 --> 02:23:48.480
that he needs to destroy stone choir he needs to keep anyone from hearing

02:23:48.480 --> 02:23:52.480
what we say because they threat to men who will lie in God's name this

02:23:52.480 --> 02:23:57.480
terror that you're seeing is because none of the apparatus within the Missouri

02:23:57.480 --> 02:24:03.480
sinned edifice can account for layman speaking faithfully without permission

02:24:03.480 --> 02:24:06.480
from their pastors they don't have any rules for this so what do they do they

02:24:06.480 --> 02:24:10.480
go straight to excommunication and doxing and threats of the worst horrible

02:24:10.480 --> 02:24:15.480
kinds and slander the will and can destroy many most band can't stand up to

02:24:15.480 --> 02:24:19.480
this sort of slander especially when it comes from your pastor so these are

02:24:19.480 --> 02:24:24.480
very real and consequential matters but if the demons of the Saint Louis and

02:24:25.480 --> 02:24:29.480
the demons and all your other dominations think that they're going to dissuade

02:24:29.480 --> 02:24:34.480
faithful men by being demons they don't understand their nature and they don't

02:24:34.480 --> 02:24:37.480
understand their nature we will do what God commands us to do because we are

02:24:37.480 --> 02:24:42.480
faithful creatures we are slaves to Christ and we will continue to obey him

02:24:42.480 --> 02:24:47.480
because as Peter said to Christ Lord to whom shall we go you have the

02:24:47.480 --> 02:24:51.480
words of eternal life that should be every Christians confession where

02:24:51.480 --> 02:24:55.480
are you going to go and if our churches won't be faithful it doesn't change the

02:24:55.480 --> 02:24:58.480
fact that God is faithful to us and that's something we all need to keep in our

02:24:58.480 --> 02:25:02.480
hearts and mind to some degree I'm glad that we're the ones being targeted

02:25:02.480 --> 02:25:08.480
because as you said we're able to stand up under this assault and God knows

02:25:08.480 --> 02:25:13.480
that and so undoubtedly that would be the reason he has permitted us to be this

02:25:13.480 --> 02:25:20.480
part of his plan and I do believe that good will come of this we are

02:25:20.480 --> 02:25:28.480
not done with the hard part yet the hard part is coming but it has

02:25:28.480 --> 02:25:35.480
certainly begun I just wanted to highlight that as you pointed out he

02:25:35.480 --> 02:25:40.480
focuses so much on foreign mishes in this and that's because that is the

02:25:40.480 --> 02:25:46.480
only concern of men like Harrison because that is what gets him praise

02:25:46.480 --> 02:25:51.480
from the culture he doesn't care about the church he doesn't care about the

02:25:51.480 --> 02:25:56.480
gospel he doesn't care about Christianity if he cared about those things he

02:25:56.480 --> 02:26:03.480
would be attempting to fix the problems we have at home as was mentioned on

02:26:03.480 --> 02:26:09.480
an average Sunday we have 400 some thousand in our pews across this country

02:26:09.480 --> 02:26:17.480
for those who aren't very fond of math that's about 14 100 of 1% of the US

02:26:17.480 --> 02:26:26.480
population that's a rounding error and instead of attempting to get our

02:26:26.480 --> 02:26:33.480
confirmed young adults to stay Lutheran instead of getting women to have

02:26:33.480 --> 02:26:37.480
children instead of pursuing a so-called career outside the home and

02:26:37.480 --> 02:26:42.480
therefore solving our demographic issues instead of addressing the

02:26:42.480 --> 02:26:46.480
desperation of young men who look at a culture that hates them and hear the

02:26:46.480 --> 02:26:51.480
exact same thing being repeated from St. Louis and who can't find wives

02:26:51.480 --> 02:26:55.480
because they're being told to go become deaconesses instead of being wives

02:26:55.480 --> 02:26:59.480
and mothers which is actually what scripture commands them to do instead of

02:26:59.480 --> 02:27:03.480
doing any of a hundred other things that would actually help the church at

02:27:03.480 --> 02:27:12.480
home Harrison is sending false doctrine off with plus to Africa and

02:27:12.480 --> 02:27:18.480
otherwise focusing everywhere but on his own people and we described some of

02:27:18.480 --> 02:27:24.480
the reason for that earlier in this episode but it comes down to the fact

02:27:24.480 --> 02:27:30.480
that Harrison has taken up the mantle of Antichrist he stands against

02:27:30.480 --> 02:27:35.480
Christ against his church and is actively seeking to subvert and destroy

02:27:35.480 --> 02:27:42.480
what little remains of the Lutheran church in the United States and now

02:27:42.480 --> 02:27:46.480
of course attempting to subvert the Lutheran church even in Africa so

02:27:46.480 --> 02:27:50.480
whatever faithfulness there may be in Africa and go back and listen to our

02:27:50.480 --> 02:27:56.480
series on race if you want to see how that will go whatever is currently there

02:27:56.480 --> 02:28:01.480
this sort of false doctrine is being spread there as well so that's not

02:28:01.480 --> 02:28:06.480
going to survive these men are false teachers here they are false teachers

02:28:06.480 --> 02:28:13.480
there they are poison wherever they go and to comment specifically on this

02:28:13.480 --> 02:28:18.480
line our global Lutheran friends I don't deny that we have Lutherans good

02:28:18.480 --> 02:28:22.480
Lutherans even in many places around the world that I am grateful for that I

02:28:22.480 --> 02:28:26.480
wish we had more of them I wish we had more nations that had as many Lutherans

02:28:26.480 --> 02:28:30.480
as Madagascar I wish Madagascar had more I wish they had better teachers I

02:28:30.480 --> 02:28:34.480
wish they could get a hold of their syncretism problem but it is good that

02:28:34.480 --> 02:28:40.480
we have these Lutherans elsewhere but that is not our primary calling our

02:28:40.480 --> 02:28:44.480
primary calling is to our brother and to our neighbor the Lutherans in Madagascar

02:28:44.480 --> 02:28:51.480
are not my neighbor the Lutherans in Madagascar are not my brothers my

02:28:51.480 --> 02:28:58.480
calling is to my brothers by blood to my neighbors who are here that is what

02:28:58.480 --> 02:29:02.480
it means to be a Christian that is what a Christian is supposed to do and I

02:29:02.480 --> 02:29:10.480
don't see a single faithful Christian body in the west focusing on those

02:29:10.480 --> 02:29:15.480
things focusing on the things that Christians are supposed to do and I don't

02:29:15.480 --> 02:29:21.480
want to take that position because I am not anti clerical by nature but at

02:29:21.480 --> 02:29:26.480
this point what I am not in theory I have to be in practice because I've

02:29:26.480 --> 02:29:32.480
seen what the clergy are doing to the church and we have vanishingly few

02:29:32.480 --> 02:29:36.480
faithful men we do have faithful men I know many of them I talk to many of them

02:29:36.480 --> 02:29:40.480
frequently and I am glad that we have them and I hope that we will have more of

02:29:40.480 --> 02:29:45.480
them in the future of course with the way Harrison and others are attempting

02:29:45.480 --> 02:29:49.480
to subvert the seminaries that is going to be quite the challenge but there are

02:29:49.480 --> 02:29:56.480
models for that maybe we'll do an episode of on that in the future but if you

02:29:56.480 --> 02:30:02.480
happen to find a faithful pastor do everything you can to support that man he

02:30:02.480 --> 02:30:06.480
is worth his weight in gold because there are so few of them these days if you

02:30:06.480 --> 02:30:11.480
find a pastor who's weak on some issues but by and large faithful help him to

02:30:11.480 --> 02:30:15.480
work through those issues if he is willing to learn he is again worth his weight

02:30:15.480 --> 02:30:19.480
in gold because there are so few men today who are willing to learn willing to

02:30:19.480 --> 02:30:25.480
hear that they may have been wrong to correct their errors but again it is

02:30:25.480 --> 02:30:30.480
worth mentioning Christ will preserve his church we are promised that in

02:30:30.480 --> 02:30:37.480
scripture God does not lie God cannot lie and so it is true that the church

02:30:37.480 --> 02:30:42.480
will persevere through this even if there are undoubtedly some hard times ahead

02:30:42.480 --> 02:30:47.480
there are good men there are good Christians left in this country there are good

02:30:47.480 --> 02:30:54.480
congregations led by faithful pastors and so I'd like to end with another

02:30:54.480 --> 02:31:00.480
stanza of the poem I read earlier because it ties into this exact point and some

02:31:00.480 --> 02:31:04.480
who know the poem well may have wondered why I didn't read this one earlier

02:31:04.480 --> 02:31:10.480
well this is why I wanted to end with it the men of my own stock bitter bad they

02:31:10.480 --> 02:31:16.480
may be but at least they hear the things I hear and see the things I see and

02:31:16.480 --> 02:31:23.480
whatever I think of them in their likes they think of the likes of me

02:31:46.480 --> 02:31:48.480