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welcome to the Stone Choir podcast I am Corey J. Mahler and I'm woe

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today's episode of Stone Choir as well as next week's episode will both be dealing with the

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subject of feminism of women's liberation of the role and nature of the woman in the Christian

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life in the life of the world and the life of the family and what it means both for Christians

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and civilizationally when these things are usurped from outside of the church initially we had

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hoped to do this all as one episode the way we did with slavery last week but as we were sort of

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talking and discussing and just thinking through what we wanted to say we realized that even

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speedrunning just the scriptural part of this was probably going to take even going in a fast

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clip you know we'll probably blow past 90 minutes today so rather than trying to shoehorn it on

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to one I think we're just going to decide up front to split it into two so today's episode is

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going to specifically focus on the scriptural basis for the ontological difference between man

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and woman and what God intends by making one of each why are we different how are we different

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what was the purpose of our being created differently and unequally and once we establish

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that this week next week's episode is going to specifically deal almost entirely with what has

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happened really in the West since the Enlightenment it's interesting you can go read through the

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Wikipedia article on like women's liberation you know the role the evolution of women in society

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and everything in the West there's stuff that happened in Greece and Rome and then there's not

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really any updates until the Enlightenment and the reason for that is that when the last of the

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pagan kingdoms which were really in Scandinavia finally adopted Christianity feminism as we know

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it today in any form died in the West and there was really a homogeneity in the way that Christendom

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dealt with and viewed women vis-à-vis men and that only began to change after the Enlightenment

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and so that you find us a lot when you're I actually recommend reading Wikipedia articles on

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these things because because they're slanted in the liberal direction they're going to be bragging

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about what they've done so they're actually very informative in terms of the timeline and what

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you'll find in a lot of these sociological so-called subjects the reason we're talking about it is not

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sociological it's theological but what you'll find is that you'll have stuff 2000 years ago and then

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there's a gap and then in the 1800s it picks up again in the West and that's the reason why is

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that morality changed a couple hundred years ago as the West began to abandon Christianity so this

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first episode about feminism is going to specifically discuss Christianity what scripture says about it

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and then next week we'll talk about the destruction that has been done to the Christian doctrine by

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the adoption of notions of feminism whether it's first second or third wave the notion of the brand

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new sin of misogyny for which men are now being excommunicated from our churches that's a pretty

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big deal that we have a new doctrine that is damning men that for literally 6000 years of

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Christian history minus what has happened since the Enlightenment everyone believe the same thing

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it's recurring theme on stone choir because it is one of the fundamental issues facing the entire

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church so as we get into scripture we're going to begin at the very beginning with Genesis 2.

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I think I may actually begin with Genesis 1 because it is then echoed in Genesis 2

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but because obviously of course we have two narratives not different narratives but two

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narratives the second being an expanded of the first of the creation of man and so I'll start

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with Genesis 1 verse 26 then God said let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them

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have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock

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and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God created man

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in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them and God blessed

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them and God said to them be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion

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over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on

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the earth now of course it's tempting to turn this into a lecture on Genesis but that's not our

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goal today we're going to focus specifically on how scripture treats the interplay between men and

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women the nature of woman and things like that and so I want to start here because it is worth

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pointing out contrary to what so many argue today this does not actually say that God created woman

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in his own image this says that God created man in his own image because it says God created

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man in his own image that is singular masculine there and then it says in the image of God he

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created him again that is singular masculine and so of course then we have the expanded

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narration of the creation of mankind in Genesis 2 starting with verse 15

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the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it

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and the Lord God commanded the man saying you may surely eat of every tree of the garden

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but at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in the day that you eat of

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it you shall surely die then the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone I will

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make him a helper fit for him now out of the ground the Lord God had formed every beast of the field

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and every bird of the heavens and brought them to the man to see what he would call them and whatever

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the man called every living creature that was its name the man gave names to all livestock

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and to the birds of the heavens and to every beast of the field but for Adam there was not

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found a helper fit for him so the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man

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and while he slept took one of his ribs enclosed of its place with flesh

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and the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man

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then the man said this at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called

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woman because she was taken out of man therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and

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hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh there are a number of things we need to

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pull out of this passage first it is worth noting who named Adam

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God named Adam naming is an exercise of ownership of possession of authority over someone or something

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that's why parents name their children that's why some people name inanimate objects but why

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most people name their pets it is an exercise of ownership and exercise of dominion and so

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God brings the animals to Adam Adam names them because Adam is the steward of creation he has

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given dominion over all of these things this is a demonstration of the dominion of Adam

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over creation and that includes woman because you will note that Adam calls her woman later

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on he also names her Eve but here he calls her woman there's some word play here which actually

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works pretty well in the English merely is a quirk of historical etymology but because the word that

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is used here as opposed to earlier where the generic term for man is Adam in fact the name of Adam

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is both man and Adam here it's ish and ishah so it's a play on words there that that does come

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through thankfully in the English but we note that woman is created out of man as opposed to man who

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was created from the earth there is a theological point there woman is from man man names woman

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man is the head of woman and we'll see that of course later more explicitly in other parts of

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scripture but man and woman also come back together they were from one flesh Eve having

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been created from Adam they come back together as one flesh as man and wife and that is how

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the blessings of God to be fruitful and multiply are retained to humanity by that one flesh union

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which we call marriage i'm glad that you you jump back to Genesis one to point to the

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discussion of the image of God that's reiterated actually in Genesis five it reads when God created

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man he made him in the likeness of God male and female he created them and he blessed them and

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named them man when they were created this is why we are called mankind this is why linguistically

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for example in languages like latin if there was a single man in a group the masculine form would be

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used to describe the group the only time you would have the feminine in latin would be if

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everyone that you're referring to was female so this has always been baked into creation

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it's been baked into previous languages it was baked into the english language until really

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the last 30 years or so when suddenly the masculine form of language as generic is no

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longer permissible it's called gendered language in fact we have even church bodies like wells going

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so far as to change the the creeds to remove the so-called gendered language to say that

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christ was created human and not created man which is vulgar on multiple levels but that's

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that's the reason that we're pointing to this stuff is that these small small details

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that can seem like they're picky and you know why are these guys being defensive why does anyone care

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well i think the real question is why do people care when they're pushing in the opposite direction

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when someone wants to talk about what the image of God meant at creation

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let's listen to what God actually said and he said man was created in his image and when you

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look at the the passage in jessing 127 or so it's verbally awkward it would have been much easier

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to not say male and female he created them while ignoring the image part if the image were obviously

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to apply to both it was simply said so and so that repetition with exclusion has to be significant

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and it's repeated it's repeated not only in in genesis it's also repeated in the new testament

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i think we'll get to one of those passages later but uh you'd also mention naming is is an active

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authority in one of the early episodes we did a name no man knows we spent some time talking

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about that about the authority of being able to name something about the reason the pseudonymity

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and anonymity makes some people so angry because they want to exercise authority over someone

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and they don't know their name and that is limiting when you don't know for example my name

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there's only so much you can do to me once you do know my name there's more stuff you can do to me

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and when someone wants to do harm to someone when someone wants to they will claim exercise

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authority in a godly fashion but we'll see what the results of those will be and they're not going

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to be godly uh but the the results will speak for themselves naming has authority and when

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adam named eve just as adam named all the other creatures as you said that was an exercise of

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dominion and as we discussed last week when we were talking about slavery dominion has come

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to mean ruling mercilessly or authoritarianism in the negative sense of the word where if you rule

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if you have dominion that's it's the worst thing you can do it's it's inherently an act of cruelty

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in our minds today and that's not godly god has dominion over us is that cruelty well that is

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absolutely what satan wants us to believe that was the pitch the satan gave to eve the in essence

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that god was cruel by not letting them eat the fruit and he said look how delicious is and you'll

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be like god and so she fell for it and that's always the pitch that if someone is over you

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they're ruthless they're they're heartless they're doing something to you that's bad

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and the only way for you to escape this evil that you just realized is to fight the patriarchy to

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fight the headship to subvert the rule over you that's the essence of everything that's happened

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since the enlightenment in a nutshell that's what's been happening one by one no gods no masters

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no masters and slaves no man over woman you can go right through glaciers 320 a you can go right

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down the entire hierarchy of headship and you'll find that the worlds today and the morality that

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all of us have been taught to hold is fundamentally at odds with created order and one of the reasons

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that we're starting in jesus is not only that's the beginning but as we establish that god's headship

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beginning with woman being created from man and as a helper i think we're i'm going to refer back

14:28.300 --> 14:35.740
to jesus 218 repeatedly that the the passage then the lord god said it is not good that man should

14:35.740 --> 14:42.140
be alone i will make a helper fit for him that's the essence of everything that we're going to say

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here today in both old and new testament because this is before the fall this is before there was

14:47.500 --> 14:52.860
any sin in the world this was before there was the curse against either adam or eve which obviously

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applies to every man and to every woman in turn before there was any evil god said it's not good

15:00.620 --> 15:05.340
for man to be alone i'm going to give him a woman i'm going to give him a helper fit for him

15:08.060 --> 15:11.580
the reason that that's going to be important throughout this episode and throughout the

15:11.580 --> 15:21.500
second part of the subsequent episode is that helper inherently has a healthy so adam he existed by

15:21.500 --> 15:28.300
himself he was able to do what he needed to do but god said that's not i'm not done adam needs more

15:28.300 --> 15:36.300
he needs a helper eve on the other hand was created to be a helper in other words her definition

15:36.300 --> 15:45.740
is pointed directly at adam her purpose is to be a helper absent someone to help she has no purpose

15:46.300 --> 15:52.300
and that's fundamentally the root of what we see feminism doing in the hearts and minds of those who

15:52.300 --> 15:59.180
adopt it by any measure is the notion that a woman can be strong and independent and oh that's great

15:59.180 --> 16:08.380
and you go girl and what it does is it fundamentally uproots a woman from the only task to which

16:08.380 --> 16:13.100
god has created her and the only thing that's ultimately going to make her happy so when we

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discuss these things like slavery like headship like the roles of men and women it is never

16:19.580 --> 16:25.820
in the pursuit of subjugation or cruelty or saying you are less than you need to be ruled

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that's not the point the point is that if god has ordained a certain order and we try to break it and

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subvert it what's going to happen the punishment for sin the temporal punishment and there is

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temporal punishment for every sin every time you do something wrong god paid for it on the cross

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but you're still going to pay the price in this life somehow and the the punishments for these

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sins are usually baked right into the sin if you know if someone decides to assert self identity

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and they say i was born a man but i want to be a woman now well the first things they do is they

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change their name as we said in the name no man knows episode that is an assertion of self ownership

17:06.780 --> 17:13.580
trannies are throwing off the shackles of god and saying i am my own maker i am remaking by

17:13.580 --> 17:19.500
naming myself i'm going to remake my body what do they do when they destroy their bodies and they

17:19.500 --> 17:25.580
destroy their minds by injecting hormones that do not belong in them complete destruction it leads

17:25.580 --> 17:32.860
to madness it leads to despair they consume their own bodies in their sin and because they're given

17:32.860 --> 17:39.580
over to that delusion it's all consuming and in in many cases there's no way for them to get back

17:39.580 --> 17:45.420
out of it because they go down this path of destruction so the sin was believing that god

17:45.420 --> 17:50.780
had made them wrong which is itself high-handed sin but the further they go down that path the more

17:50.780 --> 17:58.620
destruction that sin causes in their lives and so when we talk about the order of creation and how

17:58.620 --> 18:06.140
god has made each of us it's ultimately serving and obeying god and saying if god made me for this

18:06.220 --> 18:12.860
purpose i can't just veto that i can't find a workaround and say i'm going to ignore it

18:12.860 --> 18:19.900
because try as we might our nature is immutable if god made you a man you are a man and if you made

18:19.900 --> 18:26.860
you a woman you are a woman you don't get a vote and if some days you feel a little weird about it

18:26.860 --> 18:33.420
pray for help and if you need to talk to someone seek help but to believe that god made a mistake

18:34.380 --> 18:39.980
is apostasy is to say that god is not god because god cannot make mistakes if you believe that god

18:39.980 --> 18:46.140
made a mistake to either make you a woman or to you know maybe you admit that you made you a woman

18:46.140 --> 18:49.900
but you're going to say well i don't i don't like the role he gave me i want a different role i want

18:49.900 --> 18:56.060
to be in charge that is rebellion against the very god who has given you the gifts of whatever

18:56.060 --> 19:03.420
your station is and so these conversations are important again not not because we are men

19:03.420 --> 19:10.220
who are seeking dominion over other races or over the weaker sex there's nothing of the sort

19:10.860 --> 19:18.140
it's all of us saying god is our head he is ordained order among us the further we stray

19:18.140 --> 19:23.020
from that the worse we make everything and what we see around us in the world today is everything

19:23.020 --> 19:29.500
being made worse by us ceasing to believe that god actually met what he did and met what he said

19:29.500 --> 19:35.260
and so when he says these things in scripture it's imperative for us to listen when i say dominion

19:36.220 --> 19:42.940
i just think lordship and when i use either of those terms from my perspective they're

19:42.940 --> 19:48.300
entirely neutral because i know the etymology and what they mean for most people yes they're going to

19:48.300 --> 19:56.060
have imbibed the implications the world infuses into those terms and that of course is negative

19:56.060 --> 20:04.380
because it is a rejection on the part of the world of rightful hierarchy authority etc but dominion

20:04.380 --> 20:12.780
just comes from dominus in latin which just means lord i have dominion over my property i have dominion

20:12.780 --> 20:22.620
over my dog parents have dominion over their children this is a neutral term how you exercise it

20:22.620 --> 20:31.500
is what makes it good or bad good or evil and so dominion in and of itself is more or less morally

20:31.500 --> 20:38.540
neutral it's good in so far as it is part of god's design for creation but how it is exercised

20:39.260 --> 20:46.140
is what gives it its moral character the reason it's under assault the reason it's under assault

20:46.140 --> 20:52.700
is precisely because satan doesn't want god to be lord he doesn't want jesus christ to be lord

20:52.700 --> 20:58.060
all of this is fundamentally rooted in upending god's headship in his order and that that's why

20:58.060 --> 21:02.220
it's becoming a dirty word and most people today think it is a dirty word you're right and that's

21:03.100 --> 21:08.140
we're talking about this head on precisely because this is a satanic attack feminism

21:08.140 --> 21:15.500
is a satanic attack on god and on the church just as the abolition of slavery as a notion

21:16.300 --> 21:21.980
is a satanic attack it is saying we are all equal we are completely horizontal there's no

21:21.980 --> 21:27.420
differences among men there's no difference between man and woman when god when satan uses

21:27.420 --> 21:33.740
glations 328 as a template for undoing creation we need to pay attention and then we need to fight

21:33.740 --> 21:46.860
back satan was the first rebel elinsky did get that right and the whole goal of rebels in this

21:46.860 --> 21:52.860
sort of area is to overthrow rightful authority it's not saying that rebels are always wrong

21:52.860 --> 21:59.020
because of course someone could rebel against unlawful or wicked uses of authority and that's

21:59.020 --> 22:03.420
a different matter for a different time perhaps we'll eventually get around to an episode on

22:03.420 --> 22:10.860
magnibor and related things but satan's entire goal is to subvert the right ordering of creation

22:12.060 --> 22:18.700
because he wants to be god but of course you may notice the irony there he doesn't want to get rid

22:18.700 --> 22:25.020
of hierarchy he just wants to be at the top of it and that is the same thing that he tries to get

22:25.020 --> 22:33.020
his children to do and so feminism fundamentally is an attempt by women to replace men at the top

22:33.020 --> 22:38.380
of the hierarchy they don't want equality they never want equality that's not the goal satan's

22:38.380 --> 22:45.020
goal wasn't equality with god satan's goal was to be god the goal of feminists is to supplant men

22:45.020 --> 22:50.780
and be in charge in the place of men some of them go so far so they want to get rid of men

22:51.580 --> 22:58.540
i don't know how that's going to work out but they want to be in control they want to take

22:58.540 --> 23:04.220
that role of headship and leadership that god gave to man and make that their own

23:05.820 --> 23:11.820
and i think that's a good transition into the fall we could talk more about teleology

23:11.820 --> 23:16.140
because that was touched on but i think we'll save that for later in the episode or possibly

23:17.100 --> 23:23.580
the next episode instead of just reading through genesis three and i recommend you go and do that

23:25.340 --> 23:32.940
we'll talk through what happens in the fall what the fall is and the nature of the curses that

23:32.940 --> 23:40.300
flow from the fall and so of course we all know the narrative of the fall the serpent deceives the

23:40.300 --> 23:49.020
woman the woman takes the fruit eats and gives it to her husband now scripture is very clear

23:49.020 --> 23:54.700
and this also comes up in the new testament it is the woman who was deceived it is the weaker vessel

23:54.700 --> 24:02.940
who was deceived by the serpent and became a transgressor however her husband is standing there

24:02.940 --> 24:10.380
while she does this and so we could debate almost endlessly as to which sin was the first sin

24:12.060 --> 24:16.540
in the garden anyway because obviously satan has already fallen at this point

24:16.540 --> 24:24.700
he is the deceiver he is bringing sin into the world you have the sin of eve because she listens

24:24.700 --> 24:30.460
to the serpent instead of asking her husband which is what she should have done he's standing there

24:30.460 --> 24:35.660
he is her head he is the one who should make the decision but you also have the sin of adam

24:35.660 --> 24:42.460
who as the head is standing there passively observing when he should have interjected he

24:42.460 --> 24:49.580
should be the one either talking to or rejecting the serpent instead of sitting back and seeing

24:49.580 --> 24:56.380
what happens with his wife and so then we have the curses that flow from this

24:57.100 --> 24:59.180
I'll just read through

25:00.940 --> 25:07.340
all the the fullness of the curses the lord god said to the serpent because you have done this

25:07.340 --> 25:13.100
cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field on your belly you shall go

25:13.100 --> 25:19.100
and dust you shall eat all the days of your life I will put enmity between you and the woman

25:19.100 --> 25:24.620
and between your offspring and her offspring he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his

25:24.620 --> 25:31.420
heel to the woman he said I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing in pain you shall bring

25:31.420 --> 25:37.340
forth children your desire shall be contrary to your husband but he shall rule over you

25:37.340 --> 25:42.700
I'll pause for a second there because the word your desire shall be contrary to your husband

25:42.700 --> 25:47.260
can also be translated your desire shall be for your husband or against your husband will

25:47.820 --> 25:53.100
get bored to that in the discussion it's important to note there that the esv that's a

25:53.100 --> 25:58.780
complete mistranslation that is not an and that is a but and that's really crucial because one of

25:58.780 --> 26:04.460
the things that some feminists have tried to do with this verse when they when it says your desire

26:04.460 --> 26:10.860
shall be contrary to your husband or it shall be for your husband but he shall rule over you which

26:10.860 --> 26:15.580
is false it's trying to set those in opposition to say well maybe one of those isn't quite a curse

26:16.140 --> 26:21.580
when as we get as you get through the rest of what is said of adam every single phrase here

26:21.580 --> 26:28.460
in this passage is a direct curse against the recipient you shall does your just your desire

26:28.460 --> 26:35.820
shall be contrary to your husband is a curse full stop and he shall rule over you is also a curse

26:35.820 --> 26:42.300
now we'll get to that in a minute but I just want to note that when he has V says but they're lying

26:42.300 --> 26:49.660
it's a blatant mistranslation specifically to try to to and interject doubt into whether

26:49.740 --> 26:54.300
this entire thing is a curse as I said when when you read through what it says about adam

26:54.300 --> 27:00.940
every part of it is terrible news even the proto evangelium which is delivered to satan which

27:00.940 --> 27:07.260
is good news for us is a complete curse against satan the promise of a messiah in genesis 315

27:07.260 --> 27:13.100
is a curse that is the worst possible news for satan it's all bad news it just so happens that

27:13.100 --> 27:19.980
the curse against satan is the best possible news for us so every word of this is evil in the

27:19.980 --> 27:26.540
proper sense every word of this is being delivered as punishment for evil yes of the the underlying

27:26.540 --> 27:35.340
greek here the word that the esv translates as but is chi which is and so the the curse on adam then

27:35.340 --> 27:41.340
and to adam he said because you have listened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree

27:41.340 --> 27:47.340
of which I commanded you you shall not eat of it cursed is the ground because of you in pain you

27:47.340 --> 27:52.220
shall eat of it all the days of your life thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you and

27:52.220 --> 27:57.660
you shall eat the plants of the field by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return

27:57.660 --> 28:04.780
to the ground for out of it you were taken for you are dust and to dust you shall return and

28:04.780 --> 28:10.780
that i'll read the the next verse as well because we touched on it earlier but it's good to also

28:10.780 --> 28:16.780
read the verse itself the man called his wife's name eve because she was the mother of all living

28:16.780 --> 28:25.100
and so again we see that exercise of dominion of headship by adam over his wife he names her eve

28:26.620 --> 28:33.260
and so to turn back to the curses the serpent is dealt with somewhat summarily it's just

28:33.900 --> 28:38.700
cursed are you above all livestock and then of course we get the proto-evangelion which

28:38.700 --> 28:46.140
is bad news as stated for sate even if it is good news of course for us but the curse for the the

28:46.140 --> 28:54.140
woman and the man will focus on those two you will note first that the nature of the curse

28:54.140 --> 29:02.700
goes to the core of the nature of the one who is cursed and so adam is cursed with regard to

29:02.700 --> 29:13.100
his work he is cursed with regard to the work of being a gardener a man of the soil a husbandman

29:13.100 --> 29:18.940
because that is what man was made to do we have that in genesis when man was made he was placed

29:18.940 --> 29:26.300
in the garden to work and to keep it that is the purpose for which god made man originally and here

29:26.300 --> 29:32.940
we see that now it will only be about a sweat of his face by labor toil suffering and pain

29:33.660 --> 29:39.260
that work that originally would not have included these things would not have entailed these it would

29:39.260 --> 29:47.260
have been a joyful thing to do this work in the garden now it is toil now it is labor not simply

29:47.260 --> 29:55.900
work and so for the woman the curse also goes to the core of her nature because in her nature she is

29:55.980 --> 30:03.020
a wife and a mother and so it is her pain and childbearing that god multiplies because that

30:03.020 --> 30:10.700
goes to her nature as wife because she can't have children without a husband without a man and mother

30:10.700 --> 30:14.940
because obviously she has the children by burying them and that is where the pain

30:15.660 --> 30:24.140
enters as part of this curse but additionally she is cursed in that her submission to her husband

30:24.140 --> 30:33.500
will no longer be natural as it was before the fall before the fall woman submitting to man is

30:33.500 --> 30:40.940
simply the order of things it is the nature of things now that rests less easily upon woman

30:40.940 --> 30:48.540
now it is in her nature to want to rebel this is sort of a solidifying of what she did in the fall

30:49.020 --> 30:55.980
because in the fall she listened to the serpent she decided for herself she acted as the head

30:55.980 --> 31:01.100
instead of asking her husband instead of letting him be the head yes he should have stepped up and

31:01.100 --> 31:08.220
done it himself but she also should have submitted instead of what she did and so she is confirmed

31:08.220 --> 31:14.300
in this after a fashion and now her desires are contrary to her husband which is to say

31:14.940 --> 31:19.740
she wants to be in the place of headship she wants to rule she wants to be the head

31:20.300 --> 31:26.380
but her desire is also for her husband because woman still has some of that desire

31:27.180 --> 31:33.980
to be in the proper hierarchy to properly submit to her husband it does not come as easily as it

31:33.980 --> 31:41.580
would have prior to the fall but it is still there and of course man shall still rule over woman

31:42.460 --> 31:49.660
this is both a reaffirmation of the nature of things of the order created by god prior to the

31:49.660 --> 31:58.140
fall and a statement of how things will continue to operate after the fall but of course this is

31:58.140 --> 32:08.220
now rule over the woman which is a more active and less agreeable matter than would have been

32:08.220 --> 32:14.140
the sort of headship exercised before the fall and it's important to note with the word that's

32:14.140 --> 32:20.780
translated desire here that only appears two other times in scripture and the most immediate one is

32:20.780 --> 32:27.580
again in genesis four seven just a few you know less than a page later after this curse so I'm

32:27.580 --> 32:32.940
going to read what what was said to you first and then Amelia what was said about Cain to Eve

32:33.020 --> 32:37.260
your desire shall be contrary to your husband and he shall rule over you

32:38.140 --> 32:44.140
and then so Cain was very angry and his face fell the Lord said to Cain why are you so angry and

32:44.140 --> 32:49.740
why has your face fallen if you do well will you not be accepted and if you do not do well

32:49.740 --> 32:55.820
sin is crouching at the door its desire is contrary to you but you must rule over it

32:56.860 --> 33:01.500
and I think it's really important to read these two passages in light of each other

33:01.500 --> 33:06.380
because when we try to imagine what desire might be what's not talking about the sort of

33:06.380 --> 33:11.980
you know lust or any sort of desire that is referred to in the New Testament it's specifically

33:11.980 --> 33:19.980
referring to the type of desire that Cain's sin had against him again it says sin is crouching at

33:19.980 --> 33:26.860
the door its desire sins desire is contrary to you but you must rule over it now that almost

33:26.860 --> 33:34.460
perfectly mirrors the second half of this curse against Eve so the notion that the desire is

33:34.460 --> 33:43.500
almost an operant force outside of the self if a sin can have a desire and Eve's desire both are

33:43.500 --> 33:50.140
contrary to the good thing which is the husband or in Cain's case against himself it was his own

33:50.140 --> 33:55.420
his own sinful nature I think that when you read those passages together it makes very

33:55.500 --> 34:01.580
clear the nature of what the woman every woman has to struggle against and one thing that's

34:01.580 --> 34:06.700
frankly it's really missing from our pastor's preaching and it needs to come back women are

34:06.700 --> 34:13.020
cursed God has cursed women to struggle against their husbands and against their fathers before

34:13.020 --> 34:18.460
that and now with the advent of feminism and many of our pastors today are feminists that's not

34:18.460 --> 34:24.940
only an egregious sin among women feminism is normal in our society as I said you will be

34:24.940 --> 34:32.060
excommunicated from the LCMS if you are a quote unquote misogynist that is the religion of feminism

34:32.060 --> 34:38.620
so it's not a small deal to point out that the woman is cursed in such a way that causes

34:39.580 --> 34:46.060
what she wants to be contrary to what God desires to the order that God has established

34:46.060 --> 34:53.660
and anyone who's who's read dating advice or marriage advice or just if you if if you're a

34:53.660 --> 34:58.460
man and you've been around women for any length of time in a relationship you know that that's

34:58.460 --> 35:02.780
sort of struggle and pushback you know that's called a certain type of testing if you're

35:02.780 --> 35:07.180
familiar with the term I'm not going to mention a year but it never goes away it's something that

35:07.180 --> 35:13.420
is always there and it's a test it's a constant prodding and poking just to see are you still the

35:13.420 --> 35:20.300
man are you still my head because a woman knows the second that a man abdicates his headship

35:20.300 --> 35:26.460
whether he gets tired of it or he's too weak for it or he just you know whatever excuse he has if he

35:26.460 --> 35:33.100
fails to be the head she will come roaring right back just as Eve did and earlier Corey had mentioned

35:33.100 --> 35:40.380
the the order of sins I just want to reiterate the first part of that curse and to Adam he said

35:40.380 --> 35:45.500
because you have listened to the voice of your wife that was his first and that was Adam's first

35:45.500 --> 35:52.620
sin and we inherit Adam's sin we don't simply inherit the sin that he disobeyed God by eating the fruit

35:52.620 --> 36:00.860
we inherit the first sin that he listened to his wife and listen is is another term that has a few

36:00.860 --> 36:06.140
different common connotations it's used it this it's a common word in the Hebrew word that's used

36:06.140 --> 36:11.740
but one of the common connotations is heed or obey and I just I highlighted that here because

36:11.740 --> 36:19.100
this is also echoed a bit later in Genesis in chapter 16 now Sarai Abrams wife had born him

36:19.100 --> 36:24.780
no children she had a female Egyptian slave whose name was Hagar and Sarai said to Abram

36:24.780 --> 36:30.620
behold now the Lord has prevented me from bearing children go into my slave it may be that I shall

36:30.620 --> 36:37.580
obtain children by her and Abram listened to the voice of Sarai so twice in Genesis we have two

36:37.580 --> 36:45.340
major pivotal moments where a husband listens and heeds his wife's evil advice Eve had disobeyed

36:45.340 --> 36:50.140
God she had disbelieved God and she had listened to the voice of Satan and here in Genesis 16

36:50.140 --> 36:55.020
what is Sarai doing she's saying God's keeping me from getting pregnant he told me that I was

36:55.020 --> 36:59.900
going to have a son and now it's years later and nothing's happening you need to go have sex with

36:59.900 --> 37:06.540
my slave so that I can have an heir it was open disobedience and did Abram correct her as Adam

37:06.540 --> 37:11.740
failed to correct Eve no he listened to her and what is the result of that sin we have Muslims

37:13.180 --> 37:18.300
the punishment for all of humanity is a Muslims exist because Abram listened to the voice of his

37:18.300 --> 37:25.340
wife that's a bad punishment there's a huge deal there's left a permanent scar on humanity

37:25.820 --> 37:32.140
the face of the earth on so many nations it's impossible to name them we don't understand

37:32.140 --> 37:39.340
what the human timeline would be like if not for this one sin resulting in the birth of the

37:39.340 --> 37:46.860
air brace and the Muslims that rose among them so temporal punishment for sin sometimes has

37:46.860 --> 37:54.380
far-reaching consequences Abram listened to his wife he did not push back against her curse

37:54.380 --> 37:59.420
she was pushing him just as God had cursed her to be to push not that God caused her to sin

37:59.980 --> 38:04.780
but part of her curse was to suffer under the delusion that she would know better than her

38:04.780 --> 38:11.820
husband what to do and again as we talk in the in the next episode about the genesis and the

38:11.820 --> 38:17.100
root of feminism it's a very opposite of that it celebrates the idea the women would be freed from

38:17.100 --> 38:23.420
the shackles of the bondage to men into having to listen to what men tell them to do to be freed

38:23.500 --> 38:28.540
from mansplaining you know the the fact that there's a term for a man explaining something

38:28.540 --> 38:34.620
that's so derogatory and dismissive he was laugh at it today but that's a big deal the idea that

38:34.620 --> 38:40.220
a man would explain something to a woman has now become a caricature well there's literally the order

38:40.220 --> 38:46.540
that God created and we've gone so far down this path of destruction of godly order the things

38:46.540 --> 38:52.940
that God ordained are now punchlines and scripture is very clear to expand on the

38:53.740 --> 39:02.060
issue of the the Arabs and Islam in genesis 16 later in that chapter he shall be a wild donkey

39:02.060 --> 39:07.900
of a man his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him and he shall dwell over against

39:07.900 --> 39:16.860
all his kinsmen god tells us exactly the nature of the nations that will flow from Ishmael who of

39:16.860 --> 39:25.980
course is the son born to Abraham by a Hagar and i really in a to return to the curse in a very real

39:25.980 --> 39:32.460
way most of the curse falls on man which is of course appropriate because as the head man is

39:32.540 --> 39:39.340
responsible and so the fact that woman rebels yes it's a curse on woman it is something with which

39:39.340 --> 39:48.060
she has to struggle but it really is a curse on man as well because now as a father you have to deal

39:48.060 --> 39:55.420
with rebellious daughters as a husband you have to deal with a rebellious wife this is just a fact

39:55.420 --> 40:02.220
of the fallen nature of mankind we don't get around it by ignoring it we have to deal with it

40:02.220 --> 40:07.660
and as was mentioned pastors need to preach these things these things need to be said to

40:07.660 --> 40:13.420
Christians they are in scripture Christians need to hear them you are supposed to teach the full

40:13.420 --> 40:18.940
counsel of god not just the parts that don't make you uncomfortable and don't make the women

40:18.940 --> 40:25.020
angry with you later on in the bible study this is what scripture says this is what Christians

40:25.580 --> 40:31.980
need to say and it has explanatory power it's not simply a condemnation of sin i mean

40:31.980 --> 40:37.180
the fact that women are cursed we're not going niner niner boo boo look at you like it's not

40:38.220 --> 40:44.860
it's not meant to be insulting it's a fact women are cursed everyone knows that men are cursed

40:44.860 --> 40:50.700
you know men die earlier because our bodies typically are beaten up and even guys who do

40:51.340 --> 40:56.060
work with their minds the stress of those jobs typically causes men to die younger

40:56.700 --> 41:01.500
we get beaten up and worn out as part of the curse and everybody knows it and you know the

41:01.500 --> 41:06.380
joke is that well women live longer because they're more sensible well maybe they live longer because

41:06.380 --> 41:13.020
they're not cursed for their work to be cursed the curse of the woman is to to be ornery to

41:13.020 --> 41:19.100
to be apathy to to cause problems for her husband and it's not malicious and that's why that's the

41:19.100 --> 41:24.540
reason that pastors need to talk about i mean malicious might not be the right word it it's

41:24.540 --> 41:30.620
inherent but it's not inexorable see if you've been in a relationship where a man understands

41:30.620 --> 41:35.980
these things the man will know that he can tamp it down and then the woman will be happy again

41:35.980 --> 41:41.420
it's only when these things are permitted to run wild where the where a girl is permitted to continue

41:41.420 --> 41:46.940
to push and push and push and never get any pushback that the true disaster in a relationship

41:46.940 --> 41:52.780
and ultimately at a civilizational scale occurs if a man knows because you know in the case of

41:52.780 --> 41:57.180
christians a pastor will tell him men who are not christians have learned these things from

41:57.180 --> 42:01.500
places like the manosphere where you're getting some advice that's good and some advice that's

42:01.500 --> 42:07.500
absolutely wicked our pastors are they're only dealing with the other half of the baby they're

42:07.500 --> 42:11.500
they're dealing with the part that's not wicked but they're ignoring the part that god has made

42:11.500 --> 42:17.180
clear so these are matters of wisdom not only condemnation if pastors are telling their flocks

42:17.180 --> 42:22.940
both men and women look women you're going to inherently want to fight your husband or your

42:22.940 --> 42:29.340
father and you need to be aware of it you need to catch yourself and husbands need to be aware of

42:29.340 --> 42:36.540
the fact that their wives are going to do this and the solution for the husband is not to capitulate

42:36.540 --> 42:42.780
not to say yes dear just you know i mean there are obviously times where you have to use sound judgment

42:42.780 --> 42:47.980
but when a woman is being rebellious against god's order a man needs to have the wisdom to

42:47.980 --> 42:53.420
understand the difference between she's doing something she shouldn't do and i'm just being lazy

42:53.420 --> 42:58.460
or i don't want to hear it but there's she's not doing anything wrong like it's not we're not putting

42:58.460 --> 43:04.380
everything on one side or the other but the fact that this curse is absent from preaching and from

43:04.380 --> 43:11.260
discussion among most christians is a crisis because the result again is writ large at a

43:11.260 --> 43:18.380
civilizational level because this test of woman against man has scaled up through feminism

43:18.380 --> 43:25.020
through the franchise being given to women it's gone far beyond the household it's gone far beyond

43:25.020 --> 43:31.980
the wife to husband relationship where now as voters these tests are being applied civilizationally

43:31.980 --> 43:39.180
and the disastrous results are exponentially more severe it's not just one unhappy husband with a

43:39.180 --> 43:45.740
nagging wife it's an entire civilization with women seeking things that they should not seek

43:45.740 --> 43:52.460
and men not saying no you can't do that i am the head we are the heads you must obey us

43:53.260 --> 43:58.300
now it's it sounds offensive to our modern ears to even hear language like that and the point of

43:58.300 --> 44:03.820
us talking about these things is to highlight that that's a godly way to talk it's not automatically

44:03.820 --> 44:09.100
right like a man could say those things and be completely wrong which is why there's the onus

44:09.100 --> 44:14.860
is on the man is to as the head to get these things right to study the order of god to be serious

44:14.860 --> 44:24.140
about his duties and to obey god and to take care of those under his dominion as as sarah's lord and

44:24.140 --> 44:27.340
as there's another passage i think in first peter we're going to get to towards the end

44:28.140 --> 44:34.140
where she specifically commended for calling abraham her lord that is the view the proper

44:34.140 --> 44:40.380
godly view that a woman should have to her husband and if we don't return to that sort of

44:40.380 --> 44:46.700
relationship in families and then civilizationally where men are in charge of these things and women

44:46.700 --> 44:52.940
are not things will continue to get worse and the fact that there's a correlation that is in fact

44:52.940 --> 44:58.940
causative between the advent of these things that we called feminism and the wholesale destruction

44:58.940 --> 45:06.860
of christendom it's not coincidence it is absolutely causal in relationship to expand just a little bit

45:06.860 --> 45:15.420
on your comments with regard to the word desire in the curse on the woman any christian when reading

45:16.140 --> 45:23.580
that section of the curse in genesis three should call to mind roman seven

45:25.500 --> 45:30.460
so i find it to be a law that when i want to do right evil lies close at hand

45:31.020 --> 45:36.860
for i delight in the law of god and my inner being but i see in my members another law waging war

45:36.860 --> 45:42.220
against the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members

45:42.460 --> 45:49.020
and so that sin that dwells in your members of which paul is speaking here in romans

45:49.580 --> 45:56.060
that's that desire of women that is contrary to their husbands that desire to rule to be the head

45:56.060 --> 46:05.660
to usurp that is not an inherent part of the nature of woman that is a corruption of the nature of

46:05.660 --> 46:13.660
woman because it is part of sin it is that corruption of sin that is transmitted as original

46:13.660 --> 46:21.820
sin down through the generations and so that is the law of sin and we have to resist that as

46:21.820 --> 46:27.900
christians and so again pastors need to cover this need to be preaching this because it's not

46:27.900 --> 46:33.500
just that men have to do their duty and rule over women although yes men have to do that

46:33.500 --> 46:39.980
and most modern men are not doing it as they should but women also have to struggle against

46:39.980 --> 46:46.940
this sin that is particular to the nature of woman because a wife should submit to her husband

46:47.900 --> 46:54.780
she shouldn't just submit to her husband because he rules over her she should submit to her husband

46:54.780 --> 47:01.580
because that is her duty as his wife and christian women need to hear that from the pulpit they need

47:01.580 --> 47:08.620
to hear that from pastors just as much as christian men need to hear that they are to rule over

47:08.620 --> 47:13.740
their wives yes you are to love your wives as christ loved the church but you are also to rule over

47:13.740 --> 47:22.460
them that is the duty that is the position that god gave you and if you are not doing the things god

47:22.460 --> 47:30.940
gave you to do you are not doing what christians are supposed to do because yes christianity

47:30.940 --> 47:37.260
is a matter of faith in christ yes it is by grace through faith we know that that's not the point

47:37.980 --> 47:44.940
of the things we are addressing typically on this podcast because no one at least no Protestant

47:44.940 --> 47:52.380
disagrees with that we are addressing the matters that have been neglected that so many do not touch

47:52.380 --> 47:58.780
on the parts of scripture that make men uncomfortable because they don't want to deal with it because the

47:58.780 --> 48:05.740
modern world says these aren't the things that really matter anymore it's just love no that's not

48:05.740 --> 48:13.580
the point here there are works that are supposed to flow from a living faith for husbands that is

48:13.580 --> 48:19.740
right management of the household that is dominion over the household that is ruling over wife and

48:19.740 --> 48:26.380
children that is loving your wife and children as christ loves the church but there are duties

48:26.460 --> 48:32.540
for the other members of the household as well slaves are to submit to their masters

48:33.260 --> 48:39.260
are to serve their masters well not just because they're afraid of punishment but because as

48:39.260 --> 48:44.460
Christians you are supposed to do your duty children are supposed to submit to their parents

48:44.460 --> 48:50.620
are to obey their parents the fourth commandment is very clear wives are to submit to their husbands

48:50.620 --> 48:56.620
in all things that's a quote from scripture that is literally what scripture says about

48:56.620 --> 49:02.620
wives submitting to their husbands we'll get to that later and read the context as well the context

49:02.620 --> 49:09.900
doesn't change it that's what it says the full counsel of god is what is supposed to be proclaimed

49:10.460 --> 49:16.780
from pulpits in bible studies from anyone who wants to be or stands up to be has been called to be

49:16.780 --> 49:23.500
a teacher in the church and we have far too few today who are actually addressing what scripture

49:23.500 --> 49:31.100
says we have most men who are pretending to be pastors they will receive a pastor's judgment

49:31.100 --> 49:35.660
the stricter judgment of a teacher because they had the role whether or not they fulfilled it

49:37.020 --> 49:40.780
they're not proclaiming the full counsel of god they are simply parroting the world

49:40.780 --> 49:48.940
and the world is today almost diametrically opposed to the things of god to what scripture

49:48.940 --> 49:55.820
actually says about these issues and that is why we are going over these issues we are going over

49:55.820 --> 50:04.940
them because it is vitally important for Christians to actually believe what god says not what the

50:04.940 --> 50:10.380
world says not what the world said Christians should believe but what god says is true

50:11.020 --> 50:19.020
because god's word is eternally true everything contained in scripture is true today it was true

50:19.740 --> 50:25.340
when it was written it was true before it was written it has always been true because it is god's

50:25.340 --> 50:32.700
eternal will the law is god's eternal will it does not pass away because we now have the gospel

50:32.700 --> 50:38.380
and we have the proto-evangelion here in genesis it didn't do away with the law

50:39.340 --> 50:46.700
because the law again is god's eternal will and it is vital for Christians to order their lives

50:46.700 --> 50:53.900
according to that will in Ephesians 5 the holy spirit through paul writes wives submit to your

50:53.900 --> 50:59.580
husbands as to the lord for the husband is the head of the wife even as christ is the head of the

50:59.580 --> 51:05.900
church his body and is himself its savior now as the church submits to christ so also wives

51:05.980 --> 51:11.420
should submit in everything to their husbands which is what you just you just cited in this

51:11.420 --> 51:17.020
one brief passage it says twice a wife submit to your husbands at the beginning and at the end

51:17.020 --> 51:23.260
so paul's not stuttering here he's reiterating something that's very important and i want to

51:23.260 --> 51:29.100
highlight this passage as a specific refutation of the heresy that's very common today among

51:29.100 --> 51:36.380
many pastors to discuss this concept of what they call mutual submission they want you to think that

51:36.940 --> 51:41.980
oh well sure wives have to submit to their husbands but husbands have to submit to their wives too

51:43.500 --> 51:50.700
if that were true doctrine then necessarily by implication they would be saying that christ

51:50.700 --> 51:57.740
must submit to the church when you read go read Ephesians 2 5 yourself you'll see and in the other

51:57.740 --> 52:01.820
passages we're going to cite in every one of them where it talks about wives submitting to their

52:01.820 --> 52:09.740
husbands as husbands submit to christ and as the church submits to christ the notion that that

52:09.740 --> 52:16.620
polarity could be reversed is heresy it's absolutely false there is no submission of christ

52:16.620 --> 52:24.300
to the church now christ submitted himself on the cross on behalf of the church and as i was

52:24.300 --> 52:29.340
listening to the the slavery episode from last week i realized that i said something i sort of

52:29.340 --> 52:34.860
misspoke a little bit when i was talking about masters having a duty to their slaves i said

52:34.860 --> 52:40.780
something to the effect that masters were slaves to their slaves i didn't really state that clearly

52:40.780 --> 52:45.260
what i meant was that there's always a hierarchy which is something that we cite in scripture god

52:45.260 --> 52:52.700
makes clear masters you to have a master in heaven so don't mistreat your slaves a master is a slave

52:52.700 --> 52:59.820
to god just as the slave is a slave to his master the master's slavery to god

53:00.620 --> 53:07.580
involves a duty to his own slaves so it's not that there's a mutual submission of master and slave

53:08.140 --> 53:15.180
it's that the master himself in obedience to god in slavery to god has a duty of care to those under

53:15.180 --> 53:20.940
him whether it's a master to a slave whether it's a husband to a wife whether it's parents to children

53:21.580 --> 53:27.340
the duty flows from top to bottom from the head through the intermediary to the recipient

53:27.900 --> 53:31.740
and there's not an inversion there but the duty is always flowing upward

53:32.460 --> 53:38.140
children have a duty their parents wives have a duty to their husbands husbands have a duty to god

53:38.140 --> 53:42.620
and so the care flows in one direction the duty flows in the other so

53:43.900 --> 53:48.380
the term mutual submission is patently offensive and it's a sign you're dealing

53:48.380 --> 53:53.500
with a weak if not a false teacher no christian pastor should ever be talking that way it's

53:53.500 --> 53:59.180
become very common precisely because everyone wants to flee from these passages as we've talked about

53:59.180 --> 54:06.780
on a bunch of episodes this is about satan inverting galatians 328 it's about there's no slave nor

54:06.780 --> 54:13.740
free there's no male and female satan wants those categories to be eliminated wants hierarchy to be

54:13.740 --> 54:19.420
eliminated and so what happened with the attack on slavery and what's happening in feminism with

54:19.420 --> 54:25.740
the attack on what they call patriarchy is knocking out that middle support in the three in the

54:25.740 --> 54:32.140
tripartite system so at the bottom you have the one in the greatest position of submission

54:32.140 --> 54:37.740
but also the one to who the greatest amount of duty flows in the middle you have the parent

54:37.740 --> 54:44.860
or you have the husband to whom a duty flows from god through him to his wife to his children

54:45.420 --> 54:51.660
he has dominion over those beneath him in the middle but he has a duty to them so his dominion

54:51.660 --> 54:57.980
over them and duty to them at the same time the dominion flows down from him in his household

54:57.980 --> 55:05.340
but the duty flows from god through him and so the inversion in the destruction of galatians 328

55:05.340 --> 55:10.220
is about knocking out that middle it's about saying there's we're going to smash the patriarchy

55:10.220 --> 55:15.900
we're going to end all masters you can't even use that word anymore reddit actually broke last week

55:15.900 --> 55:19.740
because they pushed a software update that eliminated master from some of their code

55:19.740 --> 55:24.860
and it broke everything like these people have become so obsessed with making sure that master

55:24.860 --> 55:29.740
can't even exist in the english language that they're willing to break their own systems to do it

55:30.460 --> 55:35.500
satan's doing that to civilization too he's eliminating the possibility for us to think in

55:35.500 --> 55:42.620
terms of master and slave of dominion and dominated and to think that dominated means

55:42.620 --> 55:49.740
something terrible when a child who's in dominion of a faithful father or a wife who's in the dominion

55:49.740 --> 55:57.900
of a faithful husband are being served by god through that man and so smashing the patriarchy

55:57.900 --> 56:03.420
is essentially knocking god's hands out of the system and it's it's no gods no masters

56:03.420 --> 56:11.740
the one follows right after the other for a reason and so the idea that the man must submit to the

56:11.740 --> 56:19.100
woman is is really telling you that christ must submit to the church which is evil on its face

56:19.100 --> 56:23.660
that never has and never will happen it cannot happen it's it's ontologically impossible because

56:23.660 --> 56:29.100
of headship because christ is the head of the church just as man is the head of woman

56:29.100 --> 56:35.100
just as god is the head of us all so you have the head and you have the body the body can only act

56:35.100 --> 56:41.020
in accord with the will of the head and it's the duty of the head to act faithfully so when we

56:41.020 --> 56:47.980
advocate these things we're advocating on behalf of faithful headship not just headship for its own

56:47.980 --> 56:53.260
sake of ruling for the sake of ruling and doing whatever you want only a weak and

56:53.260 --> 56:59.020
braved man would think about being in a position of authority and have his mind go immediately to

56:59.020 --> 57:04.540
oh man i'm going to get away with so much now no man who's ever actually had authority would think

57:04.540 --> 57:09.340
that way if you've been in a position of authority where you've been responsible for a lot of people

57:09.340 --> 57:15.980
underneath you are responsible for some great duty you understand the burden of command you

57:15.980 --> 57:21.260
understand that the burden you have to those beneath you flows from the from the duty that

57:21.260 --> 57:26.940
has been given to you from above wherever the above is whether it's god giving you a vocation

57:26.940 --> 57:34.220
or it's a commander giving you an assignment the worst it's your boss giving you a task duty

57:35.580 --> 57:40.700
is neutral as quarry said it can well duty should always be good you know we think of that in positive

57:40.700 --> 57:47.260
terms but how a man exercises dominion is a function of his character and so if there's a man who

57:47.260 --> 57:52.220
tells you that anytime you see dominion you should flee that's a man you should be afraid of because

57:52.220 --> 57:57.500
as a man who is weak and perverted in his soul and he's telling you if i ever get a chance to do

57:57.500 --> 58:02.540
anything i'm going to do it that's that's terrifying that is not christian we're talking about the

58:02.540 --> 58:07.820
opposite of that when we talk about rule and dominion we're talking about doing it in a gracious

58:07.820 --> 58:14.620
and merciful but firm way in a way that does not relent to being pushed back on by those who

58:14.620 --> 58:20.540
are weaker who don't understand who wish to do evil you start you begin with a gentle correction

58:20.540 --> 58:25.420
and then you step it up if you need to because if someone's going to persist in error whether

58:25.420 --> 58:29.260
it's a wife or it's a civilization at some point you have to put your foot down and say it's not

58:29.260 --> 58:35.340
going to happen anymore now obviously the way that manifests will depend on the situation and the scale

58:35.340 --> 58:41.420
but at the end of the day the only thing that will reverse the decline and destruction of christendom

58:41.420 --> 58:48.540
is for faithful men to reassert ourselves in the hierarchy and some will be lower and some will be

58:48.540 --> 58:53.660
higher and we have to get used to wherever that is and serve that position faithfully because all

58:53.660 --> 58:59.100
of that service in duty is ultimately to god i was hoping that you would get to that point about

58:59.100 --> 59:06.060
headship because that is a a key point here and it's very obvious that it's an important point

59:07.100 --> 59:12.860
if you just look at how much it is hated by the enemy by feminists and others

59:14.700 --> 59:21.420
and to emphasize that point we'll turn to 1st Corinthians 11 now i commend you because you

59:21.420 --> 59:25.820
remember me in everything and maintain the traditions even as i delivered them to you

59:26.540 --> 59:32.060
but i want you to understand that the head of every man is christ and the head of a wife

59:32.060 --> 59:34.780
is her husband and the head of christ is god

59:37.500 --> 59:45.660
and so the principle of headship is vitally important because there are those who can look at

59:46.220 --> 59:51.340
submission and duty and all these things and attempt to corrupt those terms they have very

59:51.420 --> 01:00:00.780
clear meanings they teach clearly if you know what they mean but headship is the clearest of the

01:00:00.780 --> 01:00:07.260
terms there is no way to look at the term headship and not understand what is meant just look at the

01:00:07.260 --> 01:00:17.660
word the head is in control period your foot doesn't tell you what to do that's not to say your

01:00:17.820 --> 01:00:22.380
foot can't lodge a complaint your foot can certainly make a request if you step on something

01:00:22.380 --> 01:00:29.420
sharp you're going to know that immediately but you as the head are in control of your body

01:00:30.300 --> 01:00:38.300
and so the husband is in control of the wife she is the body he is the head christ is in

01:00:38.300 --> 01:00:45.740
control of the church she is the body he is the head that is right authority that is the right

01:00:46.540 --> 01:00:49.580
order of things that is how hierarchy is supposed to work

01:00:50.540 --> 01:00:58.460
and so headship is a vitally important term because people intuitively grasp what is meant

01:00:58.460 --> 01:01:05.500
by headship because we all know that the head is in control that the body does not in fact tell us

01:01:05.500 --> 01:01:11.580
what we have to do yes the body can make demands yes we have duties to our body we are supposed

01:01:11.660 --> 01:01:18.300
to take care of our body it is a gift from god and so you don't starve yourself or otherwise abuse

01:01:18.300 --> 01:01:26.460
your body but ultimately the head is in control and there are other verses that speak of disciplining

01:01:26.460 --> 01:01:33.820
the body to keep it in line which is a related matter not directly here so don't read too much

01:01:33.820 --> 01:01:39.740
into that but it is a related issue of the head maintaining right relationship to the body and

01:01:39.740 --> 01:01:49.500
control I'd like to read the rest of the first that first Corinthians 11 passage because it

01:01:49.500 --> 01:01:53.580
mirrors directly the points we're making at the beginning from Genesis 2 and 3

01:01:56.460 --> 01:02:01.580
every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head but every wife who

01:02:01.580 --> 01:02:07.820
prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head since it is the same as if

01:02:07.820 --> 01:02:13.580
her head were shaven for if a wife will not cover her head then she should cut her hair short

01:02:13.580 --> 01:02:18.460
but since it is disgraceful for a wife to cut off her hair or to shave her head let her cover her

01:02:18.460 --> 01:02:25.500
head for a man ought not to cover his head since he is the image and glory of god but woman is the

01:02:25.500 --> 01:02:33.340
glory of man for man was not made from woman but woman from man neither was man created for woman

01:02:33.340 --> 01:02:38.620
but woman for man that is why a wife ought to have a symbol of authority on her head

01:02:38.620 --> 01:02:46.460
because of the angels and this is a passage that we mentioned in the forgotten doctrines episode

01:02:46.460 --> 01:02:51.420
earlier we did come and grab back we included head covering I want to begin at the end here where it

01:02:51.420 --> 01:02:56.940
just mentions because of the angels because that's something that we don't really know what it means

01:02:56.940 --> 01:03:02.540
there's some speculation but I highlight it specifically to make the point it doesn't matter

01:03:02.540 --> 01:03:09.500
what it means because when the Holy Spirit says because of the angels that's not justifying the

01:03:09.500 --> 01:03:15.740
doctrine that a woman should be in submission with her head covered he's providing an explanation

01:03:16.540 --> 01:03:21.900
of some other ontological fact even if we don't understand what it means it doesn't change the

01:03:21.900 --> 01:03:27.100
the command and furthermore what do we know about angels even we don't know what this means

01:03:27.100 --> 01:03:32.060
we know the angels are immortal beings they're unchanging once they're created they remain

01:03:32.060 --> 01:03:38.700
created for all time their nature does not change so whatever was true 2000 years ago

01:03:38.700 --> 01:03:43.980
was true 6000 years ago and it's still true today all we need to know about this passage

01:03:43.980 --> 01:03:48.860
even if you want to try to use oh well I don't know what that means so it can't count no what it

01:03:48.860 --> 01:03:54.220
means is that God has given a command and we don't get to obey it and all the surrounding

01:03:54.220 --> 01:03:59.580
discussion where it talks about he is the image and glory of God but woman is the glory of man

01:03:59.580 --> 01:04:05.900
woman was not made from man but man was made from woman woman was not made man was not made for

01:04:05.900 --> 01:04:13.660
woman but woman was made for man these are direct mirrors of what is said in Genesis before before

01:04:13.660 --> 01:04:21.580
the fall these are matters of God's eternal will so a lot of times when you have people come along

01:04:21.660 --> 01:04:28.940
pushing the feminist agenda the anti-patriarchal agenda when these passages come up they want to

01:04:28.940 --> 01:04:34.860
say oh that was just Paul that was about Corinth that was situational it was cultural doesn't

01:04:34.860 --> 01:04:41.420
apply to us we're free in Christ now well weren't they free in Christ no Paul is not talking about

01:04:41.420 --> 01:04:48.060
Corinth he's not talking about 2000 years ago he's talking about eternity he's talking about male

01:04:48.060 --> 01:04:54.380
and female as God created them in the garden before the fall woman was in submission to man

01:04:54.380 --> 01:05:01.180
before the fall as we discussed in the nature of the curse woman's submission to man is not a product

01:05:01.180 --> 01:05:07.820
of the fall the fact that woman bridles under that submission is the product of the fall so the only

01:05:07.820 --> 01:05:12.460
thing that changed in the fall was not the submission but the fact that it was no longer willing

01:05:12.540 --> 01:05:18.220
that it then became unwilling submission which is somewhat ironic because when you look at the

01:05:18.220 --> 01:05:24.300
very happiest relationships today between men and women it's the ones where the man is dominant

01:05:24.300 --> 01:05:29.820
and the woman is submissive where she is happily submissive she's happy to have a head to not have

01:05:29.820 --> 01:05:35.340
to worry about the things that he worries about and she can completely and profoundly appreciate

01:05:35.340 --> 01:05:40.380
the things that he does and the things that he sacrificed for her sake and for the sake of their

01:05:40.380 --> 01:05:45.500
children so that she doesn't have to deal with it what these feminists whether they're men or women

01:05:45.500 --> 01:05:50.300
what they're fundamentally doing by cutting men out of the picture and pushing women forward

01:05:50.300 --> 01:05:55.660
is destroying women it's putting them in a position to do things God didn't equip them to do that

01:05:55.660 --> 01:06:01.580
they're not permitted to do that they shouldn't be doing and then when they fail everyone gets hurt

01:06:02.300 --> 01:06:07.660
and it's one of the problems that we have when we're discussing these sociological issues today

01:06:07.660 --> 01:06:11.980
because one of the things that men want to complain about as they all these these women are

01:06:11.980 --> 01:06:18.460
doing things wrong whether it's in the church or in civil society yes they are doing things wrong

01:06:18.460 --> 01:06:22.620
you know what we did wrong first we put them in a position where they would be making incorrect

01:06:22.620 --> 01:06:26.860
decisions outside of their domain and we'll get to a minute what the woman's domain and she the

01:06:26.860 --> 01:06:32.540
woman has a domain it's not that their women have nothing to do women have a great deal to do

01:06:33.340 --> 01:06:39.660
to be Adam's helper is profound creation wasn't finished until God gave Adam a helper

01:06:40.300 --> 01:06:48.300
there's no version of human civilization without women the problem is that women have been removed

01:06:48.300 --> 01:06:54.620
from their sphere where God ordained them to act and we as men have rebelled against God and shoved

01:06:54.620 --> 01:06:58.780
them into other spheres where they don't belong where they're not equipped where they perform poorly

01:06:59.340 --> 01:07:06.140
and we all suffer as a result and so the only way to undo all of these myriad problems all

01:07:06.140 --> 01:07:13.260
these layers of failures is to undo them all at once it's not enough just to end women's suffrage

01:07:13.820 --> 01:07:17.980
it's we have to go back further than that we have to go back to the point where we realize that

01:07:17.980 --> 01:07:22.940
women should not have been put in a position to be forced to make those decisions in the first place

01:07:22.940 --> 01:07:27.420
we'll talk about this more next week but if women's suffrage had been put to a vote

01:07:27.420 --> 01:07:33.500
for women at the time it would have failed it was men who put forward women to be given the

01:07:33.500 --> 01:07:38.860
franchise when the majority of women didn't want it they knew better they knew it was a raw deal

01:07:38.860 --> 01:07:42.940
that it was outside of their sphere there was a rebellion against God and it was going to make

01:07:42.940 --> 01:07:48.300
everything worse but because they didn't have the vote ironically they then got the vote and we

01:07:48.300 --> 01:07:53.500
were off to the races but all of those changes were not godly but we can't just pinpoint one

01:07:53.500 --> 01:07:59.020
moment in time and say well roll back to 1850 or roll back to whatever particular date what we

01:07:59.020 --> 01:08:03.340
need to roll back is the false doctrines that have permitted us to get to the point where we're

01:08:03.340 --> 01:08:09.260
making all of these errors and they're mutually reinforcing errors is not just one mistake it's

01:08:09.260 --> 01:08:15.500
dozens and dozens of mistakes that are all interlocking interconnected facets of this

01:08:16.860 --> 01:08:22.060
this diamond there's there's a hardness to it that's you can't crack it because there's such

01:08:22.140 --> 01:08:27.100
strength in the way it fits together but it doesn't fit together the way God wanted it to

01:08:27.100 --> 01:08:32.620
it's interlocking rebellion against God and so what we have to do is just remove the entire

01:08:32.620 --> 01:08:38.140
thing at once and so as we're discussing all of these myriad issues it's for that reason

01:08:38.140 --> 01:08:43.260
is that there's not just one problem civilizationally to solve it's all these problems that have to be

01:08:43.260 --> 01:08:50.540
solved together and that begins with the headship of man over creation over other men over women

01:08:50.540 --> 01:08:56.300
over family as long as there's not a man in charge of a household as long as there's not

01:08:56.300 --> 01:09:02.780
a man in charge of a country things will happen that are evil guaranteed because it's how God

01:09:02.780 --> 01:09:09.020
ordered things in any rebellion against that order is inherently fraught with the wages of sin

01:09:11.260 --> 01:09:15.740
so the next passage I want to look at is from 1 Peter 3 that mirrors some of the others but

01:09:15.740 --> 01:09:20.300
this also the fact that Peter wrote this instead of Paul gives lie to the notion oh well this was

01:09:20.860 --> 01:09:26.460
was Paul being a misogynist well then Peter was a misogynist too in saying either of those says

01:09:26.460 --> 01:09:31.900
that the Holy Spirit is misogynist which by modern standards yes God is a misogynist which is the

01:09:31.900 --> 01:09:37.660
reason the evil men see that as a sin because in their service to Satan they must uphold their

01:09:37.660 --> 01:09:45.100
false religion so here's what Peter says like wives wives be in subjection to your own husbands

01:09:45.100 --> 01:09:50.460
so that even if some do not obey the word they may be one without a word by the conduct of their

01:09:50.460 --> 01:09:56.060
wives when they see your respectful and pure conduct do not let your adorning be external

01:09:56.060 --> 01:10:00.620
the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry or the clothing you wear but let your

01:10:00.620 --> 01:10:05.500
adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet

01:10:05.500 --> 01:10:12.060
spirit which in God's sight is very precious for this is how the holy women who hoped in God

01:10:12.140 --> 01:10:18.620
used to adorn themselves by submitting to their own husbands as Sarah who obeyed Abraham calling

01:10:18.620 --> 01:10:24.380
him Lord and you are her children if you do good and do not fear anything that is frightening

01:10:25.180 --> 01:10:30.940
as I mentioned God sees the woman who is submissive to her husband as very precious

01:10:31.740 --> 01:10:36.620
that's substantial that is a profound thing for God to say that when a woman is submissive

01:10:36.620 --> 01:10:41.740
to her husband even in the case where the husband maybe isn't doing what he should be doing

01:10:42.060 --> 01:10:48.620
which is one of the attacks of feminism on a husband and on patriarchy is the notion well

01:10:48.620 --> 01:10:53.660
what if the husband isn't a good husband what then well the same as what if a slave master

01:10:53.660 --> 01:10:59.660
isn't a good slave master slaves should obey anyway because they're ultimately serving their duty

01:10:59.660 --> 01:11:06.620
to God and when that is done God sees it as very precious it's not simply obedience to him

01:11:06.700 --> 01:11:13.420
it is to God God's glory that we obey him this the obedience to God that we are pointing out

01:11:13.980 --> 01:11:18.220
it's not for earning salvation which is something we always say there are those who actually think

01:11:18.220 --> 01:11:23.020
that that this podcast is all law and then we're trying to say if you don't do these things you

01:11:23.020 --> 01:11:30.220
can't save yourself it's just a lie it's a flat out lie we continuously point to God's sacrifice

01:11:30.220 --> 01:11:36.140
and his love for us this is about the end then of the Christian life now that we are Christians how

01:11:36.140 --> 01:11:42.940
do we live knowing that nothing we can do can save ourselves what do we then do in knowledge and

01:11:42.940 --> 01:11:49.100
recognition and through the gift of the Holy Spirit to sanctify our hearts what do we do now

01:11:49.100 --> 01:11:55.740
we obey God even when it stinks even when a wife doesn't have a good husband she should still obey

01:11:55.740 --> 01:12:02.620
him because he is her head even if a master is evil the slave should still obey him that's the

01:12:02.620 --> 01:12:07.660
hard teaching of this it's that things don't always work out and that's the reason that so much

01:12:07.660 --> 01:12:13.500
ink is spilled in scripture where the Holy Spirit gives duties to masters and gives duties to husbands

01:12:13.500 --> 01:12:19.900
we're not picking on slaves and we're not picking on wives to to bully or to belittle it's to point

01:12:19.900 --> 01:12:26.860
out that the so-called liberation of those who are in lower states is the very destruction of

01:12:26.940 --> 01:12:32.220
everything that's good and holy it's not liberation to take someone away from their

01:12:32.220 --> 01:12:40.620
godly role and set them free as though freedom is some sort of nebulous thing that's like being

01:12:40.620 --> 01:12:46.540
thrown into space it's being launched into the vacuum of space where you have nothing the only

01:12:46.540 --> 01:12:52.300
way that a slave can be rooted is through his master in duty to God the same is true of a woman

01:12:52.380 --> 01:12:59.900
as a as a as a daughter and as a wife her submission to her husband is her anchor to God's

01:13:01.020 --> 01:13:06.780
subjugation of her in the best and most holy sense and God's response to that when it's done

01:13:06.780 --> 01:13:14.060
faithfully is to view it as very precious before we turn to the last two sections of scripture

01:13:14.620 --> 01:13:20.300
for this episode I want to reiterate my recommendation that you read Genesis 3 but

01:13:20.300 --> 01:13:27.580
actually go ahead and read one through three but when you read that focus on the wording of what

01:13:27.580 --> 01:13:37.980
God says about woman and about man because we don't want anyone to take away the wrong understanding

01:13:37.980 --> 01:13:45.260
the wrong view from this episode yes wives are to submit to their husbands and all things as

01:13:45.260 --> 01:13:54.860
scripture says but it is vitally important to note the nature of woman what woman is in relation to

01:13:54.860 --> 01:14:04.460
man because Adam walked with God in the garden Adam spoke with God Adam knew God face to face

01:14:05.740 --> 01:14:14.700
and God still said it is not good for man to be alone that is the nature of the gift that is woman

01:14:15.660 --> 01:14:21.580
it is the greatest gift other than of course salvation which at the time Adam did not need

01:14:22.300 --> 01:14:30.220
but it is the greatest gift that God made for man woman was made for man as a gift by God

01:14:31.900 --> 01:14:43.260
and again to state what scripture says that is a gift from God to Adam who at the time

01:14:44.060 --> 01:14:46.940
walked with God and spoke to him face to face

01:14:48.780 --> 01:14:55.020
it would be difficult to overstate the nature of the gift God gave to man here

01:14:56.620 --> 01:15:02.700
yes there is corruption because of the fall but the good nature is not erased by the fall

01:15:02.700 --> 01:15:09.740
original sin is not man's nature original sin is a corruption of man's nature and so I just wanted

01:15:09.820 --> 01:15:18.460
to say that to emphasize what scripture actually says in Genesis and what we are and are not saying

01:15:18.460 --> 01:15:22.140
in this episode about woman and the relationship of man and woman

01:15:25.980 --> 01:15:30.220
it is fundamentally a question of pointing back to what is said in Genesis 2

01:15:30.860 --> 01:15:35.020
it is not good that a man should be alone I will make a helper fit for him

01:15:35.020 --> 01:15:41.100
and that is precisely what God did when he made woman he made a helper fit for man

01:15:41.660 --> 01:15:48.780
and what has been done societally with the false idol of equality with the demon of feminism

01:15:48.780 --> 01:15:54.860
is to eliminate the category of helper to say I'm not helping anyone I'm a free woman I'm strong

01:15:54.860 --> 01:16:00.780
I'm independent I have a job I have income I don't need to help anybody and then suddenly

01:16:00.780 --> 01:16:06.540
she's a 45 year old wine ant with two week vacations where she fornicates with half a

01:16:06.540 --> 01:16:13.100
dozen guys halfway around the world and her medicine cabinet is antibiotics and antidepressants

01:16:13.100 --> 01:16:20.780
and birth control pills and she realizes that the only thing she has left in yeah and she

01:16:20.780 --> 01:16:27.100
realized that there's nothing in her future except for despair and no amount of makeup

01:16:27.100 --> 01:16:33.260
and Botox and filters on Instagram are going to take away that despair because what she lost

01:16:33.260 --> 01:16:40.300
was being a helper fit for a man by not having a man by not being a proper one flesh union with

01:16:40.300 --> 01:16:47.260
a man she has no children she has nothing except for memories of sin and disobedience to God

01:16:47.260 --> 01:16:53.020
which is why you see such despair in that set again the punishment for sin is built into it

01:16:53.020 --> 01:16:58.860
if you try not to have kids you'll succeed you won't have kids and then guess what you're stuck

01:16:58.860 --> 01:17:04.540
with the punishment for that forever the punishment of does this disobeying God and not having kids

01:17:04.540 --> 01:17:08.620
is you don't have kids there's not going to be anybody there to take care of you when you're old

01:17:08.620 --> 01:17:15.100
there's no one for you to raise up as God commands you to the punishments built in and when we talk

01:17:15.100 --> 01:17:21.580
about these things and say obey God it's not to save yourselves it's to to have the life

01:17:21.660 --> 01:17:27.260
God wishes for us to have even in this fallen world even with the fall even with the corruption of

01:17:27.260 --> 01:17:35.580
sin and the devil prowling as a roaring lion if we focus on scripture and we obey God we can restore

01:17:35.580 --> 01:17:41.900
these gifts because they're built into creation when you do the things that are obedience to God

01:17:41.900 --> 01:17:49.340
the gifts come naturally even to unbelievers the unbeliever who behaves faithfully in his

01:17:49.340 --> 01:17:53.980
marriage is going to be blessed with lots of children he's not going to go to heaven because

01:17:53.980 --> 01:18:00.460
of it but the temporal blessing is there through the obedience to God's order even absent knowledge

01:18:00.460 --> 01:18:09.020
that God the true God commanded it and so this is about restoring the helper relationship

01:18:09.020 --> 01:18:14.140
in all cases not just in some cases it's not optional the second and last passage we're going

01:18:14.140 --> 01:18:19.180
to read here is from Titus 2 which a week or two ago I misreferred to as Titus 5 which of course

01:18:19.180 --> 01:18:26.940
doesn't exist before we move to Titus I just want to add two things real quick I know we'll get into

01:18:26.940 --> 01:18:34.060
this more next week but what we're speaking about here is teleology about telos the end

01:18:34.060 --> 01:18:42.300
of things not end in the sense of end versus beginning but end in the sense of that toward

01:18:42.300 --> 01:18:48.380
which you should properly be aimed your purpose would be a good way to summarize it

01:18:50.060 --> 01:18:56.780
the purpose of woman is as helper fit for a man for her husband

01:18:59.020 --> 01:19:05.500
and that's why we are earnest about this and why we treat it as an urgent matter as men

01:19:05.580 --> 01:19:13.180
men this is less urgent for us there's earnestness there still with regard to men but the urgency

01:19:13.180 --> 01:19:21.420
is not the same because for a woman there is a narrow window within which she can do these

01:19:21.420 --> 01:19:29.260
things that God has commanded her to do and be blessed for doing them if a woman waits until

01:19:29.260 --> 01:19:35.980
she is 50 years old to marry she will probably not be blessed with children she's no longer

01:19:35.980 --> 01:19:42.060
within the window where she can have them that is just a fact of biology unless you happen to be

01:19:42.060 --> 01:19:48.860
Sarah and God specifically blesses you to have a child in your old age which is very unlikely

01:19:49.980 --> 01:19:56.700
but that is the reason we treat this as such an urgent matter because when teachers pastors and

01:19:56.700 --> 01:20:03.500
others lie to young women about these things when their parents tell them no wait to have children

01:20:03.500 --> 01:20:08.940
until you get your master's degree until you're established in your career until x y and z

01:20:11.100 --> 01:20:18.300
you are stealing they are stealing from these young women any chance of having the blessings

01:20:18.300 --> 01:20:24.780
that God would give them if they were faithful because that window is narrow

01:20:24.780 --> 01:20:32.140
there are only so many years during which a woman can have children you are not going to be young

01:20:32.140 --> 01:20:38.460
forever that's true for men as well and it is better if you have children relatively young

01:20:39.020 --> 01:20:46.380
but for men 30s and 40s is fine for women it really needs to be in their 20s and so that is

01:20:46.380 --> 01:20:53.500
why we treat this matter as again such an urgent matter because this is not something you can put

01:20:53.500 --> 01:21:00.380
off this is not something where you get a do-over you do it right the first time or you're done

01:21:01.260 --> 01:21:08.860
because the consequences the temporal consequences once you have them that's it you cannot go back

01:21:08.860 --> 01:21:14.380
you cannot do it over you cannot say well now that i have my master's degree and i'm established in

01:21:14.380 --> 01:21:21.500
my job now i'll have children it's too late biologically you can no longer have that family

01:21:21.500 --> 01:21:27.260
you can no longer reap the benefits of being faithful to God you could be faithful to God still

01:21:28.060 --> 01:21:34.140
in so far as you are able to do so at that stage in life but the benefits will no longer be there

01:21:34.860 --> 01:21:40.060
because the benefits attend to being faithful at the time when God tells you to be faithful

01:21:40.700 --> 01:21:43.660
not when you feel like getting around to doing it

01:21:44.540 --> 01:21:52.380
and of course referring to it as biological is simply the scientific explanation for God's

01:21:52.380 --> 01:21:58.220
created order that's how God built women and we talked in i think the first episode we were

01:21:58.220 --> 01:22:04.860
talking about DNA about the fact that a girl in the in her mother's womb has what will be all of

01:22:04.860 --> 01:22:09.900
the eggs she'll ever have in her entire life and they begin to be to die and to be cast off

01:22:09.900 --> 01:22:16.220
and by the time she reaches menopause she's out that that is a fixed timer it is like grains of

01:22:16.220 --> 01:22:22.460
sand passing through an hourglass that is how God designed a woman differently than a man

01:22:22.460 --> 01:22:29.180
men can continue to procreate much later decades later than women and to have a healthy offspring

01:22:29.180 --> 01:22:34.540
it does fall off over time but as you said the window is much narrower for women and it's much

01:22:34.620 --> 01:22:40.460
earlier and so every lie that is told in our churches and our schools and our society that

01:22:40.460 --> 01:22:47.580
pushes girls away from pairing off with a good faithful man early and starting families is

01:22:47.580 --> 01:22:53.900
ultimately destructive to their own ends which dovetails well with Titus too it begins older

01:22:53.900 --> 01:22:58.540
women which you know in this case would have basically amounted to menopause once you've

01:22:58.540 --> 01:23:02.940
stopped having children once your children are out of the home what is your duty older women

01:23:02.940 --> 01:23:08.620
likewise or to be reverent in behavior not slanders or slaves too much wine there to teach what is

01:23:08.620 --> 01:23:14.060
good and so train the young woman to love their husbands and children to be self-controlled

01:23:14.060 --> 01:23:21.020
pure working at home kind and submissive to their own husbands that the word of God may not be

01:23:21.020 --> 01:23:29.340
reviled that's a short passage but there's a ton of theological depth there one it makes clear

01:23:29.340 --> 01:23:35.260
that older women do have a place for teaching in the church it is teaching younger women these

01:23:35.260 --> 01:23:40.860
things this is the only time the women are ever told in scripture that they have something to teach

01:23:41.580 --> 01:23:46.220
apart from their own young children if you are an older woman in the church you should be teaching

01:23:46.220 --> 01:23:51.900
the younger women what to obey and love your husbands and your children to be submissive to

01:23:51.900 --> 01:23:57.900
your husbands and what do we see in the church when this is disobeyed and this is radically

01:23:57.900 --> 01:24:04.540
despised even in Lutheranism we see far more faithfulness to this in some of the other adjacent

01:24:04.540 --> 01:24:09.340
Protestant denominations than we see among any Lutherans in this day and the reason for that

01:24:09.340 --> 01:24:16.380
is that the word of God is indeed reviled among us this passage is despised by the LCMS today

01:24:16.380 --> 01:24:21.420
you'll be excommunicated if you believe this if you say that the wife should be submissive

01:24:21.500 --> 01:24:28.140
to their husbands with no asterisk that's misogyny that's absolute misogyny you will be

01:24:28.140 --> 01:24:36.300
declared damned by the LCMS corporation so these are not inconsequential matters not only for

01:24:36.860 --> 01:24:43.260
civilization not only for order in the home but in the church they are matters of whether or not

01:24:43.260 --> 01:24:49.100
our church bodies are apostate or remain Christian and they're church bodies that are absolutely

01:24:49.100 --> 01:24:55.580
embracing apostasy why so that they can remain friends with MSNBC so that they can remain friends

01:24:55.580 --> 01:25:02.380
with Rolling Stone and with occupied democrats those are the people who today celebrate the

01:25:02.380 --> 01:25:07.420
actions of some of our church bodies that's not the company you want to keep because if you keep

01:25:07.420 --> 01:25:12.860
that company in this life you're going to be keeping that company in eternity one of the best

01:25:12.860 --> 01:25:18.700
ways that a woman can achieve this status of being a respected older woman in the congregation

01:25:19.180 --> 01:25:24.780
and having younger women actually listen to her is simply being faithful in her own marriage which

01:25:24.780 --> 01:25:33.020
of course is what she is supposed to train the younger women to be because if you are a grandmother

01:25:33.020 --> 01:25:39.100
or a great grandmother if you have a hundred grandchildren and great grandchildren the younger

01:25:39.100 --> 01:25:44.940
women in your congregation are going to be more likely to listen to you than if you are a spinster

01:25:44.940 --> 01:25:51.820
with 15 cats that is simply the reality of it and that's how it should be because if you are the

01:25:51.820 --> 01:25:58.460
latter most likely the advice you have is simply do not be like me that's the best advice you could

01:25:58.460 --> 01:26:04.620
offer to the younger women if you are the grandmother the great grandmother who has been blessed by

01:26:04.620 --> 01:26:11.900
god for your faithfulness and you have dozens of grandchildren you can tell them imitate me

01:26:12.460 --> 01:26:18.460
i can tell you what to do in your lives because i have already done it and god blessed me because

01:26:18.460 --> 01:26:25.340
i did it i did what he told me to do and look at the blessings i have when you can give that

01:26:25.340 --> 01:26:33.580
concrete example of your life and show people this is what god will do for you because this is what

01:26:33.580 --> 01:26:39.340
it says in scripture this is how he made creation this is simply the natural consequences not in

01:26:39.340 --> 01:26:43.740
the negative sense of the term but just in the neutral in this case positive sense of the term

01:26:44.540 --> 01:26:49.900
if you are obedient these are the consequences if you are faithful in your marriage to your

01:26:49.900 --> 01:26:56.540
husband god will give you children if you are faithful in raising up those children they will

01:26:56.540 --> 01:27:01.260
pursue the same sort of life that you had and they will also be blessed in their marriages with

01:27:01.260 --> 01:27:08.780
children if you have six children and each one of those children has six children you have 36

01:27:08.780 --> 01:27:17.740
grandchildren this is exponential one generation to the next you can over not as many generations

01:27:17.740 --> 01:27:22.700
as you may think if you're not particularly mathematically inclined build your own nation

01:27:24.140 --> 01:27:29.980
if you are simply faithful to god which of course in this case very clearly means not

01:27:29.980 --> 01:27:38.620
practicing birth control but a faithful christian woman barring of course medical issues and such

01:27:38.620 --> 01:27:44.380
there's always the caveat even if we don't mention it but barring those things a faithful christian

01:27:44.380 --> 01:27:54.380
woman should probably be a grandmother by about 50 many times over by 60 that is the natural course

01:27:54.460 --> 01:28:02.300
of things when husbands and wives are faithful to god in their marriages that is simply how it

01:28:02.300 --> 01:28:08.700
works because that is how god designed it and so the older women who have been faithful for decades

01:28:08.700 --> 01:28:13.420
in their marriages in their lives should be teaching the younger women to do the same

01:28:14.460 --> 01:28:18.700
because that is how we relay these things yes we teach from the scriptures

01:28:19.340 --> 01:28:28.220
yes we attend the services on sunday etc but it is also vitally important that one generation

01:28:28.780 --> 01:28:34.380
relay this information to the next with the concrete examples of look at these individuals

01:28:34.380 --> 01:28:39.660
who are faithful and how god blessed them that is vitally important when training up children in

01:28:39.660 --> 01:28:45.820
the way they are supposed to go so that when they are old they will not depart from it mathematically

01:28:46.460 --> 01:28:54.780
it is entirely realistic for one couple to end up with a thousand living descendants in their

01:28:54.780 --> 01:29:01.020
lifetimes if you have 10 kids they have 10 kids they have 10 kids it's entirely possible if you're

01:29:01.020 --> 01:29:05.420
blessed with long life for you to be alive to see all of them and of course some of the first are

01:29:05.420 --> 01:29:10.780
going to be having you know another generation so you might not see an entire generation but you're

01:29:10.780 --> 01:29:16.780
going to see multiple iterations it's literally possible again with god's blessing of both long

01:29:16.780 --> 01:29:23.660
life and fecundity of all of your descendants for you to have a thousand descendants alive in your

01:29:23.660 --> 01:29:30.220
lifetime the reason we don't see that anymore is that we are ashamed and we revile god's word

01:29:30.220 --> 01:29:36.380
and we despise him that's the sole reason for it as we see faithful husbands and wives

01:29:36.460 --> 01:29:40.860
returning to true godly living we see family sizes like that again for the first time in

01:29:40.860 --> 01:29:46.380
generations and it is a blessing the last thing that we want to focus on is something that's

01:29:46.380 --> 01:29:52.540
referenced here within the description of the Titus II woman which harkens back to the very

01:29:52.540 --> 01:30:00.860
beginning that a helper fit for Adam wives are not merely vessels for producing children that is

01:30:00.860 --> 01:30:06.700
one of their most important roles but that is it is part of the role is as Corey mentioned

01:30:06.700 --> 01:30:12.300
the curse of Eve touches on both of them it touches on her relationship with her husband

01:30:12.300 --> 01:30:18.380
and on childbearing so we talked a lot about childbearing but we're going to end with what

01:30:18.380 --> 01:30:23.980
does the helper part mean because in the middle of this in Titus II it says they are to teach

01:30:23.980 --> 01:30:30.460
the younger women to work at home now there's been discussion in the past on this podcast and

01:30:30.460 --> 01:30:36.860
online and elsewhere about where is it permissible for women to work and so we're going to end in

01:30:36.860 --> 01:30:43.020
Proverbs 31 you probably heard of the Proverbs 31 woman before it's it's a verse that's used very

01:30:43.020 --> 01:30:49.340
often as a proto-feminist verse to say well go girl here's all the stuff you can do the reason

01:30:49.340 --> 01:30:56.140
that we've presented all of this and saved that for last is to frame the nature of the work that

01:30:56.140 --> 01:31:03.580
the Proverbs 31 woman does in view of her role as a helper for her husband and in view of her role

01:31:03.580 --> 01:31:13.580
as Titus II says of working at home and so reading from Proverbs 31 an excellent wife who can find

01:31:14.140 --> 01:31:19.820
she is far more precious than jewels the heart of her husband trusts in her and he will have no

01:31:19.820 --> 01:31:26.620
lack of gain she does him good and not harm all the days of her life she seeks wool and

01:31:26.620 --> 01:31:32.860
flax and works with willing hands she is like the ships of the merchant she brings her food from afar

01:31:33.500 --> 01:31:39.420
she rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens

01:31:40.060 --> 01:31:44.380
she considers a field and buys it with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard

01:31:44.940 --> 01:31:50.860
she dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong she perceives that her merchandise is

01:31:50.860 --> 01:31:57.260
profitable her lamp does not go out at night she puts her hands to the distaff and her hands hold

01:31:57.260 --> 01:32:03.420
the spindle she opens her hands to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy she is not

01:32:03.420 --> 01:32:09.100
afraid of snow for her household for all her household are clothed in scarlet she makes bed

01:32:09.100 --> 01:32:15.580
coverings for herself her clothing is fine linen and purple her husband is known in the gates when

01:32:15.580 --> 01:32:21.660
he sits among the elders of the land she makes linen garments and sells them she delivers sashes

01:32:21.660 --> 01:32:26.780
to the merchant strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the time to come

01:32:27.420 --> 01:32:31.420
she opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue

01:32:32.060 --> 01:32:37.420
she looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness her children

01:32:37.420 --> 01:32:44.220
rise up and call her blessed her husband also and he praises her many women have done excellently

01:32:44.220 --> 01:32:51.020
but you surpass them all charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord

01:32:51.020 --> 01:32:56.540
is to be praised give her of the fruit of her hands and let her works praise her in the gates

01:32:57.740 --> 01:33:04.060
I think that when you view Proverbs 31 in light of everything else that we've cited here which

01:33:04.140 --> 01:33:10.060
of course you must because scripture is one there's no there's no setting these passages in opposition

01:33:10.060 --> 01:33:17.740
this is a beautiful exposition of the nature of a woman of a wife as a helper to a man and I think

01:33:17.740 --> 01:33:24.460
if you read the nature of the tasks that she's performing here they're all household tasks

01:33:24.460 --> 01:33:30.220
now it doesn't literally mean that she stays inside all day that's not that's not the nature of

01:33:31.020 --> 01:33:36.860
the relationship between husband and wife that we think is part of the Christian religion

01:33:37.420 --> 01:33:42.460
the point is that what she does is in service to her husband as a helper and that includes

01:33:43.020 --> 01:33:48.140
producing wealth in some cases if it is a part of his household and there are things that she can do

01:33:48.780 --> 01:33:57.180
that builds up the household but what is absent from this and is not simply temporarily bound is that

01:33:57.180 --> 01:34:02.300
she's not going off far away and doing something totally unrelated and bringing home the bacon

01:34:02.860 --> 01:34:07.180
that's not the purpose of this even when it talks about her producing things and taking them

01:34:07.180 --> 01:34:12.220
to the markets she's selling them to vendors to sell things now it's a small point but I mean

01:34:13.020 --> 01:34:18.940
I would think that today this would be akin to to a wife having an Etsy storefront and producing

01:34:18.940 --> 01:34:23.020
things and then selling them you know if it's something that's good if it's something that's

01:34:23.020 --> 01:34:29.340
not you know shameful or pornographic that's great and there there are absolutely ways that

01:34:29.340 --> 01:34:36.940
women can do more than cook and clean and make babies and raise them that are also godly and

01:34:36.940 --> 01:34:43.260
that's one of the caricatures that's set up in opposition by the religion of feminism against

01:34:43.260 --> 01:34:50.700
what Christianity says about the womanly role a wife's role isn't just one thing it's multifaceted

01:34:50.700 --> 01:34:55.420
and this is this is how proverbs ends and it's one of the few places in proverbs where it goes on

01:34:55.420 --> 01:35:03.100
and on about these a single topic at length and because this is wisdom being passed from a father

01:35:03.100 --> 01:35:08.300
to son and of course from god to all of us we should take particular care to pay attention

01:35:08.860 --> 01:35:13.420
if you have a wife who is capable of these things you know who's who's physically capable of doing

01:35:13.420 --> 01:35:18.140
things around the house like if your wife and your wife is weaker than you obviously because

01:35:18.220 --> 01:35:23.100
you're a man you're you're much stronger than her but that doesn't mean that her own weakness

01:35:24.060 --> 01:35:27.980
is necessarily something to be celebrated she should be as strong as she can be

01:35:27.980 --> 01:35:32.860
as strong as she needs to be you know it's not saying your wife needs to be a crossfitter

01:35:32.860 --> 01:35:38.620
I think that presuses some some questionable results sometimes but the point is that these

01:35:38.620 --> 01:35:44.780
things are godly and they're not in opposition to the nature of a woman being a helper and they're

01:35:44.780 --> 01:35:50.380
not in opposition to Titus making clear that the epistle to Titus that these are things that

01:35:50.380 --> 01:35:55.900
happen within the home all of this fits together to say that there is much that a woman can do

01:35:56.620 --> 01:36:02.620
that doesn't require any of the women's liberation that we've been sold in the last couple hundred

01:36:02.620 --> 01:36:08.300
years none of that is required for the godly life all of these things are obedience to god

01:36:08.300 --> 01:36:12.140
and they're a blessing to the household they're obviously a blessing to the husband

01:36:12.140 --> 01:36:17.340
in this in Proverbs 31 the husband's proud he's grateful to have such a wonderful wife

01:36:17.340 --> 01:36:22.380
who wouldn't be proud and grateful to have a wife like that the question is do you need the

01:36:22.380 --> 01:36:28.220
lies of feminism to come along and say oh well this is a proof text to say you can do so much more

01:36:28.220 --> 01:36:33.260
think about how much richer you could be if you had even more wealth if you did even more outside

01:36:33.260 --> 01:36:39.980
the home if you left the household and pursued greater wealth because that is when she has

01:36:39.980 --> 01:36:45.740
ceased to be a helper and is seeking to be an equal and that is when these things get upended

01:36:45.740 --> 01:36:51.100
and it happens by a matter of degrees it's not an on off switch there there are small degrees by

01:36:51.100 --> 01:36:56.460
which something may be permissible that by a large degree suddenly becomes a usurpation and it's a

01:36:56.460 --> 01:37:03.100
matter of godly wisdom for a faithful husband to know the difference to be able to say this far

01:37:03.100 --> 01:37:08.620
and no further and everyone wins and so as we talk about these things it is ultimately about

01:37:08.620 --> 01:37:13.260
upholding everything that God says but not shying away from this part of why we say this for last

01:37:13.260 --> 01:37:18.380
again is that this is sort of seen by by some who are trying to pretend that they're trad and

01:37:18.380 --> 01:37:23.900
conservative that it's actually an anthem for feminism if you read it rightly well I think

01:37:23.900 --> 01:37:28.780
if you read in light of everything else that we've cited it's clearly not an anthem for feminism

01:37:28.780 --> 01:37:35.260
it's an anthem for a helper who is a godly helpmeat one who works within the home as Titus

01:37:35.260 --> 01:37:40.620
describes and is the pride of her husband and the joy of his life and that's the sort of god

01:37:40.620 --> 01:37:47.100
blessing that's sort of blessings god gives us when we obey him in all of our vocations as husband

01:37:47.100 --> 01:37:52.940
as wife whatever task you have do it faithfully and you will be blessed as Proverbs 31 describes

01:37:53.900 --> 01:37:59.660
in this entire issue what we're really focusing on is a simple foundational truth

01:38:00.380 --> 01:38:08.220
you will never be happier than when you are obeying God that doesn't mean that there won't be trials

01:38:08.220 --> 01:38:13.340
that there won't be challenges that there won't be sorrow and pain in life because we live in a

01:38:13.340 --> 01:38:23.260
fallen world but the best possible life you can lead is a life of obedience to God now that doesn't

01:38:23.980 --> 01:38:31.180
mean that there isn't pleasure and enjoyment amusement whatever else you may find in a life

01:38:31.180 --> 01:38:37.820
of rebellion to God you may find that for a time and so the woman who goes off to college

01:38:37.820 --> 01:38:45.340
and is promiscuous and generally does whatever comes to mind with no regard for the things of

01:38:45.340 --> 01:38:54.460
God or what she should be doing may very well have an enjoyable 10 years 15 maybe 20 if she's lucky

01:38:56.300 --> 01:39:01.340
but she will have destroyed the rest of her life in the process and not only hers

01:39:02.380 --> 01:39:07.180
because she destroyed any potential life that she would have brought into the world

01:39:07.980 --> 01:39:11.900
had she been a faithful wife instead of what she chose to become

01:39:12.220 --> 01:39:16.220
and so

01:39:17.420 --> 01:39:22.780
the point that we are making of course the the point is always the truth of Scripture and that

01:39:22.780 --> 01:39:28.860
all of Scripture matters but the point that we are making is that as Christians we must live the

01:39:28.860 --> 01:39:34.380
sort of life that God tells us to live and believe that God will bless us when we do so

01:39:34.940 --> 01:39:40.460
because Scripture does not just speak of eternal blessings of crowns in heaven of

01:39:40.460 --> 01:39:46.860
such things as that Scripture speaks of temporal blessings I believe that I will look on the

01:39:46.860 --> 01:39:52.860
goodness of the Lord and the land of the living Scripture is very clear that when you are true

01:39:52.860 --> 01:39:59.340
to God God will bless you again that does not mean that your life will be perfect that there

01:39:59.340 --> 01:40:05.420
will be no trials that there will be no challenges that is not what Scripture promises Scripture

01:40:05.420 --> 01:40:09.500
in fact promises that there will be trials there will be tribulations there will be challenges

01:40:10.460 --> 01:40:19.420
but God will see you through them and for women the way that you are faithful to God

01:40:19.420 --> 01:40:27.260
is to fulfill your role as a helper that is what God made you that is what you are

01:40:29.180 --> 01:40:37.260
and as a creature which this applies to man and woman equally we are both creatures of God

01:40:37.340 --> 01:40:45.820
as a creature the Creator made us for various purposes if we rebel against those purposes

01:40:45.820 --> 01:40:53.100
we are going against our true nature we are going against our true end our telos and we will suffer

01:40:53.100 --> 01:41:00.140
for it if we rebel against the Creator rebel against his order rebel against what he designed

01:41:00.140 --> 01:41:08.540
for us because what he designed for us is good because he is good and so as creatures

01:41:10.860 --> 01:41:16.620
that for which we should strive is a life lived according to our nature

01:41:17.500 --> 01:41:25.260
according to the role for which God designed us the role into which he placed us for men

01:41:25.260 --> 01:41:29.980
that of course is all the various things that God assigns to the realm of men

01:41:30.780 --> 01:41:37.820
chief among them of course being husband leader father all of those various roles of headship

01:41:39.260 --> 01:41:44.060
and the roles to which God assigned women chief among them of course being

01:41:44.060 --> 01:41:52.300
wife and what flows naturally from that mother if we fulfill our roles as we are supposed to

01:41:52.300 --> 01:42:00.380
fulfill them as God assigned them to us then he will bless us if we look at the state of our

01:42:00.380 --> 01:42:06.860
society currently we can very clearly tell that we are not blessed by God and the reason for that

01:42:06.860 --> 01:42:15.420
should be clear we are not blessed by God because we do not obey God our women rebel against God

01:42:16.060 --> 01:42:22.300
instead of being wives and mothers they go off to university and become professors

01:42:22.300 --> 01:42:30.380
and corporate leadership that is not the role for which God made woman God made woman to be

01:42:30.380 --> 01:42:40.380
a helper for man that is the role in which she is happiest that is the role in which she fulfills

01:42:40.380 --> 01:42:49.900
the end for which God made her that is the only role in which humanity continues in such a way

01:42:49.900 --> 01:42:56.540
that we will be blessed by God because everything breaks down when the family breaks down and the

01:42:56.540 --> 01:43:05.660
family breaks down when Satan comes in and suggests feminism and men and women both adopt it women

01:43:05.660 --> 01:43:12.460
adopt it because we go back to that curse in Genesis the desire to rebel to become the head

01:43:12.460 --> 01:43:20.140
that is why women go in for feminism and men go in for it because it's easier because being the

01:43:20.140 --> 01:43:26.060
head is hard because being the head requires work because being the head means you will answer to

01:43:26.060 --> 01:43:33.660
God for what you did and what you failed to do and so it seems easier if like Adam in the garden

01:43:33.660 --> 01:43:39.020
you stand back and just watch the snake talk to the woman well I don't have to be head I can just

01:43:39.020 --> 01:43:46.940
stand here and do nothing but that doesn't work because as a man God made you the head

01:43:47.820 --> 01:43:54.540
and it is your duty to fulfill that role that he gave you and as a woman God made you a helper

01:43:55.180 --> 01:44:02.700
and it is your duty to fulfill that role that he gave you and so it is incumbent on Christian women

01:44:04.060 --> 01:44:08.940
to be wives and mothers and it is incumbent on those Christian women

01:44:08.940 --> 01:44:14.540
who fulfilled that role over a course of decades and are now the older women described in Scripture

01:44:14.540 --> 01:44:22.220
to teach the younger women to do the same if we return to God as it says so many times throughout

01:44:22.220 --> 01:44:29.900
Scripture then he will surely turn to us and bless us if we continue to rebel against God

01:44:29.900 --> 01:44:36.140
there is no floor things can always get worse

01:45:00.220 --> 01:45:06.140

01:45:16.620 --> 01:45:17.100