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Also, thank you for watching!

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So, let's get prepared for our break!

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Everybody knows what we do!

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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast.

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I am Corey J. Mahler.

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And I'm Woe.

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Today's episode of Stone Choir is part two of our series on feminism.

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Last week, we spent about 100 minutes talking about the scriptural basis for what God says

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the purpose of a woman is in the world in creation.

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We established, as God established, we didn't do it.

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A couple of podcasters aren't writing any of these rules.

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God said that woman was made as a helper fit for man.

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And we established through the scriptural basis how that is consistent from before

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the fall through all of Scripture, Old and New Testament.

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So today, we're going to be talking about what has happened in the last few centuries

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in Christendom as we first begin to depart from that.

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Up front, I want to mention that we are not really going to be talking about any other

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societies outside of Christian societies, because A, that's not really our problem.

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And B, if as you're listening along, you think of counter-examples of, oh, well, this other

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pagan society had feminism long before Christendom did, yeah, exactly.

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Those are pagans.

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They're all burning in hell.

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They were feminists long before us.

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So thank you for making our point like that.

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We could do a 90-second episode here that just said, you know what?

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Feminism correlates to damned society.

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That's not really a good podcast.

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So we're going to go over in detail what's played out really since the Enlightenment.

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So off to the races, we're going to be talking about feminism as it really began as genesis

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in the Enlightenment, in the West.

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As we mentioned last week, really the reason for that is that every Christian society has

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understood what we said last week.

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Christian societies have always been based on God's rules and norm for human civilization.

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When nations were Christianized, whatever pattern they had for male-female relations

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before Christianity arrived, they all naturally adopted the head chat principle.

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They adopted the premise that the man is the head of the household, that a woman is

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a helper fit for man, whether she is a daughter in the case of children.

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And then when she's married off, when she becomes one flesh with her husband, he becomes

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her head.

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This was codified in European law.

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It was the norm in society.

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So it wasn't really much of an issue.

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These weren't points of specific contention really until the Enlightenment.

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It's probably in almost every episode.

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The Enlightenment seems to come up.

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We'll do an episode here probably pretty soon talking about it.

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I think for us to do that proper treatment is going to take a little more research than

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some of these so we haven't tackled it yet, just for that reason it's going to take some

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more work on our upfront.

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The Enlightenment was a period of time, really in the 1700s in Europe, when the notions of

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Christendom were set aside for the sake of science and reason.

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Let me just read you briefly something that is from Wikipedia.

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I mentioned last week, I highly recommend using Wikipedia for looking at these subjects.

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When you're looking at feminism or women's liberation or the Enlightenment, anyone who's

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writing for Wikipedia is a huge fan.

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So when we are criticizing and attacking some of these things, these are good sources because

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you can find and replace in any article they're good for bad and you'll basically have the

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correct Christian opinion on the things.

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But because they're bragging about what they've accomplished, they're very thorough.

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In fact, they're thorough to the point that they will try to pull in things that have

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nothing to do with their agenda to try to say, oh yeah, this was this thing as well.

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So they can just basically co-opt all of Christian history into their own worldview.

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This is part of what Wikipedia says about the Enlightenment.

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Philosophers and scientists of the period widely circulated their ideas through meetings

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at scientific academies, masonic lodges, literary salons, coffee houses, and in printed

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books, journals, and pamphlets.

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The ideas of the Enlightenment undermined the authority of the monarchy and the church

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and paved the way for political revolutions in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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A variety of 19th century movements including liberalism, communism, and neoclassicism trace

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their intellectual heritage to the Enlightenment.

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The central doctrines of the Enlightenment were individual liberty and religious tolerance,

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in opposition to an absolute monarchy and the fixed dogmas of the church.

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So basically a one sentence summary of that is something that you will find popping up

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on really any of these basic articles talking about it, and it's something that I think

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I remember almost verbatim from social studies in grade school.

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The Enlightenment was the triumph of science and reason over faith in superstition.

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I want that to be a central tenet that you keep in mind as you're listening to all this,

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because one, the Enlightenment is entirely a European thing, occurred in Europe in Christendom.

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We're not talking about anywhere else.

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This was entirely within the sphere of the Christian dominion.

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That's important because the second part of that, it's the triumph of science and reason

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over faith and superstition.

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Those mean the same thing when they say them.

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Faith can only mean the Christian faith, and superstition just means principally the superstitions

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of the Christian faith.

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So the Enlightenment all by itself, everything about it was principally man in his reason

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overthrowing God in scripture that's been revealed to us, overthrowing monarchy, overthrowing

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the church.

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Those three things are always part and parcel of any discussion of Enlightenment, thinking

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and its influence.

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That's important because that's why we did the episode on genealogy of ideas.

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We're going to talk about it repeatedly in this episode.

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This is the genealogy of the ideas that many of you hold to be sacred, the idea that women

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are equal to men, the idea that the franchise should be universal.

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All of these things are new in Christendom as of the 17 and 1800s.

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They weren't held previously, and today they're sacrosanct.

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So we're contrasting Christianity with the Enlightenment because they're two competing

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And I think that's important to carry throughout this entire conversation.

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And to emphasize the point of the genealogy of ideas, we were discussing before we started

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recording a central symbol in Christianity in scripture that we really ignore is the

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idea of a tree and its fruit, and a tree is known by its fruit.

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A good tree does not produce poisonous fruit.

07:27.240 --> 07:29.240
Poisonous fruit does not come from a good tree.

07:29.240 --> 07:33.440
A poisonous tree does not produce good fruit.

07:33.440 --> 07:36.600
And Christians have just stopped paying attention to that.

07:36.600 --> 07:40.360
We read it, we go, yes, okay, and move on.

07:40.360 --> 07:44.120
We don't pay attention to what scripture is actually saying there.

07:44.120 --> 07:48.400
If you look at the fruit of something, and the fruit is wicked, the fruit is evil, the

07:48.400 --> 07:55.280
fruit is poisonous, that is telling you the thing itself is wicked, evil, and poisonous.

07:55.280 --> 08:00.360
And jumping ahead a little bit really, but not in fullness, we'll go through this chronologically

08:00.360 --> 08:01.360

08:01.360 --> 08:05.320
We're living in the results of what we're talking about here with first and second

08:05.320 --> 08:11.120
wave feminism, with the roots in the Enlightenment, proto-feminism so-called.

08:11.120 --> 08:15.860
We are living the fruit of that today, and we can see the wickedness in our societies.

08:15.860 --> 08:20.360
We see it in abortion, we see it in so-called sexual liberation, we see it in the growing

08:20.360 --> 08:26.960
support for prostitution, pornography, the list is endless.

08:26.960 --> 08:30.920
All of those things are the fruit of these ideas.

08:30.920 --> 08:35.880
And so as Christians, we have to look at this and say, it's a poisonous tree.

08:35.880 --> 08:38.280
We cannot consume the fruit from this tree.

08:38.280 --> 08:44.960
We cannot believe the things that are said by those who hold to this ideology, this competing

08:44.960 --> 08:46.840

08:46.840 --> 08:53.920
And so it's not a matter of saying, well, I reject transgenderism, but I'm okay with

08:53.920 --> 08:56.200
all of the things that came before it leading up to it.

08:56.200 --> 09:00.720
No, because that is the inevitable result of all of the things leading up to it that

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we're going to discuss in this episode.

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And so as Christians, we have to go all the way back to the source.

09:08.760 --> 09:12.840
We have to go back to the source of these ideas.

09:12.840 --> 09:14.040
What is the tree?

09:14.040 --> 09:15.680
Which tree bore this fruit?

09:15.680 --> 09:16.880
Does this come from Scripture?

09:16.880 --> 09:17.960
Does this come from God?

09:17.960 --> 09:21.120
Does this come from natural revelation?

09:21.120 --> 09:26.520
Because of course, God is the author of two books, Scripture and Nature, the natural world

09:26.520 --> 09:27.760

09:27.760 --> 09:32.840
And we've pointed out before that when God himself appears and speaks in the book of

09:32.840 --> 09:36.080
Job, he doesn't appeal to his word.

09:36.080 --> 09:41.960
He doesn't after a fashion, because of course he spoke creation into existence, but he appeals

09:41.960 --> 09:43.920
to creation.

09:43.920 --> 09:51.080
He appeals to that as illustrating his glory, his might, his majesty.

09:51.080 --> 09:54.920
And so yes, we can look to the natural world for truth.

09:54.920 --> 09:55.920
There is truth there.

09:55.920 --> 10:00.040
Yes, it's fallen and corrupt, but there's still truth there because it is God's creature,

10:00.040 --> 10:01.040
it's God's creation.

10:01.040 --> 10:05.120
It is good because it comes from the ultimate good.

10:05.120 --> 10:07.080
And so we have to look at that source.

10:07.080 --> 10:11.520
Does it come from something that is from God, or is it a corruption?

10:11.520 --> 10:15.760
Because of course Satan can't create anything new, but is it a corruption of God's good

10:15.760 --> 10:19.600
order and therefore a wicked tree bearing wicked fruit?

10:19.600 --> 10:24.200
And in the case of feminism, it does not matter which wave.

10:24.200 --> 10:26.000
That is the fundamental baseline here.

10:26.000 --> 10:30.320
It doesn't matter if it's first wave, second wave, third wave, or so-called fourth wave

10:30.320 --> 10:34.120
that is starting in the last decade or so.

10:34.120 --> 10:36.480
They are all wicked because they are all rebellion.

10:36.480 --> 10:38.520
They are all against God.

10:38.520 --> 10:41.680
They do not come from a good tree.

10:41.680 --> 10:44.400
They are wicked fruit from a wicked tree.

10:44.400 --> 10:49.920
And a fundamental truth that I want everyone to bear in mind when it comes to feminism

10:49.920 --> 10:53.920
was already mentioned in Woe's opening.

10:53.920 --> 10:58.440
Woman was made to be a helper for man.

10:58.440 --> 11:04.880
Anything that is against that core nature of woman is evil.

11:04.880 --> 11:11.440
And so feminism fundamentally seeks to make woman not a helper, but an equal and a competitor.

11:11.440 --> 11:17.360
At the very least, the latter waves want to make woman above man, and really the first

11:17.360 --> 11:18.360
one did as well.

11:18.360 --> 11:25.880
But anything that makes woman a competitor instead of a helper is not from God, because

11:25.880 --> 11:28.860
God made her to be a helper.

11:28.860 --> 11:34.140
And so we can see this wickedness, this wicked strain running through many different things

11:34.140 --> 11:38.080
and all of the waves of feminism.

11:38.080 --> 11:44.160
If something is contrary to what God has ordained to the nature of the thing as God intended

11:44.160 --> 11:49.320
it, as God made it, then that is wicked and Christians cannot support it.

11:49.320 --> 11:54.720
And so again, it does not matter which wave of feminism, and you will see even pastors

11:55.040 --> 11:59.880
making this argument, they'll say, well, third and fourth wave feminism are wicked, but first

11:59.880 --> 12:05.040
and second wave were fine, or maybe they'll say only first wave, that's not how it works.

12:05.040 --> 12:09.000
A little bit of poison is not good.

12:09.000 --> 12:12.640
A lot of poison is worse, of course, but you don't eat the poisonous fruit, you don't

12:12.640 --> 12:15.200
eat one bite, you don't eat the entire fruit.

12:15.200 --> 12:18.320
You avoid it, you avoid the poisonous tree.

12:18.320 --> 12:24.120
And as I mentioned, we were discussing a few things before we started recording.

12:24.120 --> 12:28.720
If you let Satan play in your yard, you're going to wake up the next day with him in

12:28.720 --> 12:30.160
bed with you.

12:30.160 --> 12:31.960
That's how these things always go.

12:31.960 --> 12:33.880
They always get worse.

12:33.880 --> 12:39.000
And so you can't dip your foot in this pool and say, well, the first wave, no.

12:39.000 --> 12:40.000
It is all wicked.

12:40.000 --> 12:43.400
It should all be avoided by Christians, and that's why we're going through the history

12:43.400 --> 12:49.320
of this, pointing out all of the signs that this is wicked fruit, that this is not from

12:49.320 --> 12:52.000
God, that this is from Satan.

12:52.000 --> 12:59.160
So I think a good place to begin the story of Western feminism is, as was mentioned in

12:59.160 --> 13:04.960
the Wikipedia article about the Enlightenment, in the salons of France in the 17th and 18th

13:04.960 --> 13:10.160
century, and the coffee houses of England in the colonies around the same time.

13:10.160 --> 13:17.200
The salons in France were really one of the first times that women became a type of participant

13:17.200 --> 13:23.160
in public life in matters of discourse and debate and discussion.

13:23.160 --> 13:27.920
And the salon was sort of the very smallest version, and then the coffee houses were even

13:27.920 --> 13:29.680
more egalitarian than that.

13:29.680 --> 13:34.800
Basically what happened in the salons, the women acted as sort of governesses or moderators.

13:34.800 --> 13:38.720
They're basically their kind of a stone police, just to make sure that the discussion was

13:38.720 --> 13:39.720

13:39.720 --> 13:40.720
Everyone followed the rules.

13:40.720 --> 13:43.200
It was basically the men who were doing the discussion.

13:43.200 --> 13:48.160
But the women were present there in the room, they had maybe a little bit to say, it was

13:48.160 --> 13:51.120
the very smallest bite of the apple.

13:51.120 --> 13:53.920
And so by itself, you look at that and think, well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with

13:53.920 --> 13:54.920

13:54.920 --> 13:58.000
I honestly don't know if I could disagree.

13:58.000 --> 14:03.440
In isolation, I don't know if I would shout that down without knowing anything that happened

14:03.440 --> 14:05.840
in subsequent centuries and say, no, stop.

14:05.840 --> 14:06.840
Get the women out of the room.

14:06.840 --> 14:07.840
We can't do this.

14:07.840 --> 14:11.600
It doesn't look like there's a problem there.

14:11.600 --> 14:15.280
I think that what's illustrative is that it never really happened before.

14:15.280 --> 14:20.280
It wasn't something that had occurred in Christian societies.

14:20.280 --> 14:24.160
You would have private discussions in homes, and these were sort of bigger than that.

14:24.160 --> 14:30.200
The salon was fundamentally in a home, but it was really sort of a public gathering of

14:30.200 --> 14:34.600
friends that became more and more important to how society ran.

14:34.600 --> 14:40.920
And then as that model was adopted kind of by the English on both sides of the Atlantic,

14:40.920 --> 14:43.400
it became much more egalitarian.

14:43.400 --> 14:48.400
As I said, there were men's only debating societies, and coffee houses were only men were permitted

14:48.400 --> 14:49.400
to speak.

14:49.400 --> 14:53.360
There were some where there was completely mixed company, and the women were equal participants.

14:53.360 --> 14:57.520
And then at some point, it kind of actually became fractious, and the men got tired of

14:57.520 --> 14:58.520
the women talking.

14:58.520 --> 15:02.800
And so women created their own coffee houses and their own societies to discuss these things

15:02.800 --> 15:06.680
among themselves about matters related to the public sphere.

15:06.680 --> 15:11.320
I think that's the important distinction here is that they weren't talking about the

15:11.320 --> 15:13.200
duties of a helper to a husband.

15:13.200 --> 15:18.800
They were talking about, in the case of the salons literally, a lot of it was books, it

15:18.800 --> 15:19.800
was poetry.

15:19.800 --> 15:25.480
It was strictly non-political, and then it began to evolve into being more political.

15:25.480 --> 15:31.360
And in the US and in England, it was much more strongly linked to things that had traditionally

15:31.360 --> 15:34.400
only been in the sphere of the man.

15:34.400 --> 15:40.080
This sphere is a term that you'll find popping up to this day among feminists as something

15:40.080 --> 15:45.000
that they find despicable, because the claim that's been inserted back into history, and

15:45.000 --> 15:49.960
we'll get to some of the various points where it's made, feminists will claim that it was

15:49.960 --> 15:54.320
men that created these artificial spheres, where the woman is basically chained in the

15:54.320 --> 15:55.320

15:55.320 --> 15:59.960
All she can do is cook and clean and make babies, and she can't talk to anyone, and that's

15:59.960 --> 16:00.960
her sphere.

16:01.120 --> 16:06.120
It's more like being cauterized or like being a pearl that's sealed up and kept separate

16:06.120 --> 16:07.360
from everything else.

16:07.360 --> 16:12.440
It's seen as a matter of subjugation, and so these departures from the spheres as they

16:12.440 --> 16:18.440
began to occur in these public places, again, on their face, I think even as a Christian,

16:18.440 --> 16:24.400
you wouldn't necessarily think, even as I'm sure many people think of us as hyperactive,

16:24.400 --> 16:28.480
hypersensitive Christians, I don't think I would necessarily look at that and think,

16:28.480 --> 16:30.200
oh man, this is really bad news.

16:30.240 --> 16:35.720
I think in retrospect, it becomes much clearer what was beginning in those places, because

16:35.720 --> 16:40.240
again, it wasn't that a woman talking is inherently sinful.

16:40.240 --> 16:44.160
We're not talking about church, where God forbids women to speak.

16:44.160 --> 16:46.640
If she has a question, she can go home and ask her husband.

16:46.640 --> 16:52.560
We're talking about civil society, so God didn't explicitly say, don't do this.

16:52.560 --> 16:56.760
It just typically wasn't done in Christian society, and I think in retrospect, we can

16:56.800 --> 16:59.040
maybe question why that is.

16:59.040 --> 17:01.960
I don't know why this sent fences here, I'm just going to tear it down.

17:01.960 --> 17:03.440
That's basically what happened.

17:03.440 --> 17:09.480
We demolished Chesterton's fence, and then we got the results, but as we looked downstream

17:09.480 --> 17:16.320
from those first events, we can see that as women began to engage in civic life and public

17:16.320 --> 17:18.520
life, they didn't have opinions.

17:18.520 --> 17:19.520
They had ideas.

17:19.520 --> 17:23.720
They had things that they wanted to get done, and increasingly, it became visible to them

17:23.720 --> 17:25.520
that they disagreed with their husbands.

17:25.600 --> 17:31.880
I think that's when we really got off to the races on the feminist thrust that has led

17:31.880 --> 17:34.200
us to the point that we're at today.

17:34.200 --> 17:40.480
You made an important point there, that if something has never been done before in Christendom,

17:40.480 --> 17:47.320
and suddenly someone brings in this novel idea, we don't necessarily have to reject

17:47.320 --> 17:51.840
it out of hand, but we do have to be skeptical.

17:51.840 --> 17:57.200
Why is this thing that none of our Christian ancestors has ever done, that has never been

17:57.200 --> 18:02.920
part of Christendom, that has never been accepted in Christian society?

18:02.920 --> 18:06.400
Why is it all of a sudden a thing?

18:06.400 --> 18:09.040
Why is this now being pushed?

18:09.040 --> 18:14.720
And of course, in this case, with the advantage of the vantage point of centuries of development,

18:14.720 --> 18:16.720
well we know why.

18:16.720 --> 18:23.760
But if you have that initial skepticism of things like this, you may avoid the problem

18:23.760 --> 18:25.680
down the line.

18:25.680 --> 18:31.320
Because Satan's plans span decades, centuries, generations.

18:31.320 --> 18:37.200
And so something that he has planned for your great-great-great grandchildren?

18:37.200 --> 18:40.160
Well the beginning of that may not look bad to you.

18:40.160 --> 18:45.880
Well women are just joining us in the coffee house to discuss politics.

18:45.880 --> 18:51.040
Now of course, to a Christian that actually probably should look bad, because of the subject

18:51.040 --> 18:53.440
being discussed.

18:53.440 --> 19:00.160
Because fundamentally Christianity and nature as well teaches that the woman's space is

19:00.160 --> 19:02.140
in the home.

19:02.140 --> 19:03.560
That is her world.

19:03.560 --> 19:06.040
Her world is the private world.

19:06.040 --> 19:11.360
It is the maintenance of the home, the teaching of children, the rearing of children, etc.

19:11.360 --> 19:12.360
Those things.

19:12.360 --> 19:15.600
That is the woman's sphere.

19:15.600 --> 19:17.760
The man's sphere is the public sphere.

19:17.760 --> 19:23.800
Not all men of course, because if you are a woodworker and you spend all of your time

19:23.800 --> 19:28.760
in your shop and you don't involve yourself in politics whatsoever, as a man that is typically

19:28.760 --> 19:34.920
fine, yes there are times where you may have to have some voice and things speak up.

19:34.920 --> 19:38.000
But for men there are as well different spheres.

19:38.000 --> 19:44.960
But the public sphere itself is solely the sphere for men.

19:44.960 --> 19:50.080
It is something in which only men should be engaged.

19:50.080 --> 19:53.040
Politics is a man's pursuit.

19:53.040 --> 19:59.800
And so we see even here in proto-feminism and then leading into first wave, it naturally

19:59.800 --> 20:06.400
leads into first wave, because in proto-feminism you have this push for women to discuss things

20:06.400 --> 20:11.440
like politics and economics and political philosophy.

20:11.440 --> 20:17.280
I wouldn't go so far as to say that all discussion of philosophy and things like that are wrong

20:17.280 --> 20:18.280
for women.

20:18.280 --> 20:19.280
That's not true.

20:19.280 --> 20:24.600
We don't hold that position, because of course some parts of the Christian faith are philosophy.

20:24.600 --> 20:29.720
They touch on philosophy as it used to be taught and held in our universities when they

20:29.720 --> 20:30.720
were still Christian.

20:30.720 --> 20:34.520
Theology is the queen of the liberal arts.

20:34.520 --> 20:37.920
It is the highest form of philosophy.

20:37.920 --> 20:43.720
And so these are still issues that women can of course discuss with their husbands at home

20:43.720 --> 20:46.000
as they are supposed to.

20:46.000 --> 20:48.680
That is the right ordering of things.

20:48.680 --> 20:53.760
Because the woman has a head and she should discuss these things with her head.

20:53.760 --> 20:59.960
But you see the lead-in from discussing the issues in the salon and the coffee house right

20:59.960 --> 21:02.320
into first wave feminism.

21:02.320 --> 21:08.160
The first wave feminism is of course the agitation for so-called political rights.

21:08.160 --> 21:13.000
And of course those political rights themselves were the fruit of the Enlightenment.

21:13.000 --> 21:24.000
One of the first major concomitant within downstream from the Enlightenment was the American Revolution.

21:24.000 --> 21:28.720
We all know probably virtually everyone has memorized the opening lines to the Declaration

21:28.720 --> 21:34.320
of Independence, which is one of the most obscene lies ever told in the English language.

21:34.320 --> 21:40.080
We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed

21:40.080 --> 21:45.280
by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty,

21:45.280 --> 21:48.320
and the pursuit of happiness.

21:48.320 --> 21:53.480
Those words are a spell that has been cast on the heart and mind of every American who's

21:53.480 --> 21:57.080
been born since or who was alive at that time.

21:57.080 --> 21:59.520
Because instantly that became true.

21:59.520 --> 22:04.040
It describes itself as we hold these truths to be self-evident.

22:04.040 --> 22:07.080
In other words, it's unthinkable not to think the thing that we just said.

22:07.080 --> 22:10.880
And then here's a list of them, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

22:10.880 --> 22:18.040
Now the reason that that was the kickoff for feminism in this country is that there was

22:18.040 --> 22:23.240
the inherent irony in what happened in the War for Independence, which was a revolution.

22:23.640 --> 22:26.520
The War for Independence is how we couch it here.

22:26.520 --> 22:30.760
It was a revolt against the rightful king of this colony.

22:30.760 --> 22:33.640
And we'll get into some of the other revolutions that followed.

22:33.640 --> 22:37.960
I think that there's some structural difference between a colony thousands of miles away,

22:37.960 --> 22:46.360
rebelling against its motherland, and a country trying to overthrow its own king on its own soil.

22:46.360 --> 22:49.960
But fundamentally, as a matter of morality, it's difficult to justify

22:50.840 --> 22:55.000
what is functionally regicide, which was what was going on.

22:55.000 --> 22:59.240
They were overthrowing the king, anointing themselves as their new lords and masters.

23:00.520 --> 23:03.640
The irony of what happened immediately thereafter is that

23:04.840 --> 23:11.800
we had, predominantly English, it was basically all Northern European people in this country,

23:11.800 --> 23:17.000
plus some Africans who had been imported against their will as slaves into the South.

23:17.880 --> 23:24.520
When we said all men are created equal, and then we had the three-fifths compromise,

23:24.520 --> 23:30.520
which said, oh, well, not you. Africans were not permitted to vote. They were not full citizens.

23:30.520 --> 23:36.120
They were counted as partial men for the purpose of apportionment of representation,

23:36.120 --> 23:41.640
because the South wanted that. That was a political compromise in favor of the South to say, yeah,

23:41.640 --> 23:45.800
you have these Africans, so we'll count them as three-fifths for the purpose of giving you

23:45.800 --> 23:50.520
representation in Congress. After the war between the states, and leading up to the war

23:50.520 --> 23:57.560
between the states, we also have the genesis of feminism, because in the aftermath of the American

23:57.560 --> 24:02.760
Revolution, and in the aftermath of that spell of the declaration of independence being cast,

24:03.480 --> 24:06.280
everyone starts believing it, saying all men are created equal.

24:07.720 --> 24:12.040
Some are saying, well, what about these Africans? Are they men? Aren't they created equal? And if so,

24:12.040 --> 24:17.560
why are they slaves? And then you have the women saying, well, when it says all men,

24:17.560 --> 24:22.040
does it mean all mankind? Because we're part of mankind. Why are we equal? Why don't we have

24:22.040 --> 24:27.240
representation too? And that's why the salons in the coffee house is mattered, because as women

24:27.240 --> 24:33.880
became participants in public life, and in these political matters, they suddenly realized that

24:33.880 --> 24:41.000
maybe they didn't agree with their husbands, and they wanted to be heard too. And so the genesis

24:41.000 --> 24:48.680
of feminism in this country was fundamentally one of the simultaneous rise of a desire for abolition

24:48.680 --> 24:55.000
of slavery and liberation of women. Those two throughout all American history have always

24:55.000 --> 24:59.880
gone hand in hand. In first, second, and third wave feminism, they all happen at the same time.

24:59.880 --> 25:05.000
And the feminists themselves say this. They will say that the two are inexorably linked,

25:05.000 --> 25:09.240
and they're called waves, but really they're just generations. You have a fit and a start,

25:09.240 --> 25:14.520
and you have the spurt of energy, and they move the ball down the field. And then it sort of died

25:14.520 --> 25:20.280
out for a generation or so. And then a subsequent generation came along and revolted again.

25:21.240 --> 25:26.440
And so in first wave feminism, one of the first voices that I turned up that I found kind of

25:26.440 --> 25:32.440
interesting was a man named John Neal, NEAL. He has quite the Weakie-Pete article himself. He was

25:32.440 --> 25:38.120
a very impressive man on paper. I find his face to be pretty punchable, and I disagree with virtually

25:38.120 --> 25:45.320
everything he said or did, but he can't fault the guy for being lazy. He was incredibly prolific in

25:45.320 --> 25:50.920
his life. And one of the things that he devoted most of the 19th century to doing was fighting for

25:50.920 --> 25:56.680
the, quote, intellectual equality between men and women. He fought coverture. He demanded suffrage,

25:56.680 --> 26:02.600
equal pay, better education, and working conditions for women. Now, working conditions for women is

26:02.680 --> 26:08.760
hilarious because how would women have bad working conditions if they're in the home? You see,

26:08.760 --> 26:14.120
already feminism, as it begins to encroach, is creating the very problems that it's then trying to

26:14.120 --> 26:20.520
solve. You know, we talked today about, we know about sweatshops and about horrible working conditions

26:20.520 --> 26:24.840
in the industrial revolution. That's principally what he was fighting. What was that? That was

26:24.840 --> 26:29.320
women working outside the home in horrible conditions. You know, they were, it was awful.

26:30.280 --> 26:33.640
They were working incredibly long hours in dangerous, miserable conditions.

26:34.680 --> 26:39.240
His solution was, well, we need to get them better working conditions. I think the Christian

26:39.240 --> 26:43.560
solution would be to say they shouldn't have left their home in the first place. And so,

26:43.560 --> 26:48.680
even at the very beginning, before any of this has really taken off, we already see the machine of

26:48.680 --> 26:54.120
feminism as creating one problem and then using itself as the solution to its own problems.

26:54.120 --> 26:57.560
And that's a pattern that gets repeated throughout the history of this thing.

26:58.120 --> 27:02.920
And that is one of the strings of irony that runs through all of this, of course,

27:03.480 --> 27:10.840
is that feminism has never once made women better off. It has always made life worse for women.

27:11.560 --> 27:18.200
And some women today are starting to realize that recognizing that they would actually rather be

27:18.200 --> 27:24.920
at home with their children caring for the home instead of working for some corporation that

27:24.920 --> 27:32.280
cares not at all about them, paying them some miniscule wage, and will terminate them for

27:32.280 --> 27:39.000
whatever reason it feels like. Feminism is not a good deal for women. It's not a good deal for men

27:39.000 --> 27:47.240
either, because it turns the helper God created for man into a competitor and creates animosity

27:47.240 --> 27:52.680
between men and women instead of what men and women are supposed to feel for one another,

27:52.680 --> 27:59.000
which is mutual respect and love for one another, supposed to have marriages format of that.

27:59.000 --> 28:03.960
There's a reason we see the marriage rate collapsing. And it is in large part due to

28:03.960 --> 28:09.720
feminism, which creates that animosity on the part of women toward men. And then men react to

28:09.720 --> 28:16.200
that animosity by not wanting to deal with women. It breaks down the family, it breaks down everything

28:16.200 --> 28:23.960
fundamentally. But here at the beginning, even initially, we see that one of the goals is to

28:23.960 --> 28:29.720
get women into the workforce, because of course, this is just serving another of the idols of the

28:29.720 --> 28:34.120
Enlightenment and capitalism, the things that flow from it. And that, of course, is mammon.

28:34.920 --> 28:41.960
Because if you have basically double the workforce, yes, you are going to increase

28:41.960 --> 28:47.960
overall productivity. But everyone is going to live a worse life, except of course those

28:47.960 --> 28:54.280
at the top who are benefiting from the increase in productivity. Because as anyone who has studied

28:54.280 --> 29:01.240
any economics knows, well, what happens when you increase massively the supply? Well,

29:02.520 --> 29:09.080
the price of the thing is going to drop. And so what happens when you take the workforce

29:09.080 --> 29:15.400
and double it? Well, now you have significantly lower wages, which has been one of the

29:15.400 --> 29:22.520
long term consequences of feminism is lower wages for workers. And so now instead of being able to

29:22.520 --> 29:30.760
survive off of one income for a family of however many children you happen to have, well, now you

29:30.760 --> 29:36.760
have to have both parents working, the man and the woman both have to work in order to meet

29:36.760 --> 29:45.160
just the basic needs of the family because of feminism. Feminism demanded that women be allowed

29:45.160 --> 29:50.360
into the workplace and they made it absolutely necessary for women to be in the workplace

29:50.360 --> 29:57.000
in order to survive in the world feminism created. So as mentioned, it created a problem

29:57.640 --> 30:02.440
and then offered a supposed solution. Of course, it isn't any solution at all because

30:02.440 --> 30:09.000
now there is no buffer. There's no, you know, if the husband is injured, the wife can't go out and

30:09.000 --> 30:14.600
work a little bit, which used to be the case that often happened. Now we could discuss whether or

30:14.600 --> 30:18.440
not society should have some sort of safety net to deal with that instead of forcing women to go

30:18.440 --> 30:24.440
out of the home and work. But that's a separate issue. The issue here is that feminism destroyed

30:24.440 --> 30:31.640
that buffer and made it so that most people now live inches from abject poverty. That is a long

30:31.640 --> 30:38.280
term consequence of feminism to go back again to the idea of bad fruit. We see here the evil,

30:38.280 --> 30:44.760
wicked, poisonous fruit of feminism in society. It's not a good tree because a good tree does

30:44.760 --> 30:52.200
not bear bad fruit. As we mentioned last week, one of the legal principles that was overthrown

30:52.760 --> 30:57.640
over a century or so of feminism was that of coverture. I want to read now what the English

30:57.640 --> 31:02.520
women's property rights were. This is the English common law description. It was basically what was

31:02.520 --> 31:08.840
in effect on this side of the Atlantic as well. English common law defined the role of the wife

31:08.840 --> 31:14.840
as a femme covert, emphasizing her subordination to her husband and putting her under the, quote,

31:14.840 --> 31:20.520
protection and influence of her husband, her baron, or her lord. Upon marriage, the husband

31:20.520 --> 31:26.440
and wife became one person under the law as the property of the wife was surrendered to her husband

31:26.440 --> 31:31.480
and her status as a separate legal personality with the ability to own property and sue and

31:31.480 --> 31:37.400
be sued solely in her own name ceased to exist. Any personal property acquired by the wife during

31:37.400 --> 31:43.560
the marriage unless specified that it was for her own separate use went automatically to her husband.

31:43.560 --> 31:48.680
If a woman writer had a copyright before marriage, the copyright would pass to the husband afterwards,

31:48.680 --> 31:53.880
for instance. Further, a married woman was unable to draft a will or dispose of any property

31:53.880 --> 31:59.400
without her husband's consent. Now today, that sounds kind of terrible. It sounds

32:00.440 --> 32:07.160
it sounds diminutive. It sounds oppressive. But when viewed in the context of two becoming one

32:07.160 --> 32:14.120
flesh and the man being the head of the woman, that's basically a legal recognition of the order

32:14.120 --> 32:21.240
that God ordained. And I think that that's important because, again, as we're looking at these issues,

32:21.400 --> 32:26.040
we're a quarter way through the 21st century now. We're looking back through centuries of

32:26.680 --> 32:32.200
post-enlightenment thought. And so when we read and hear these things, they sound awful. They sound

32:32.760 --> 32:41.160
just alien and obscene and hateful. If you look at them from that day, what were they trying to do?

32:41.160 --> 32:47.240
They were trying to solve the problem of headship. How does the law, how does the left hand of Christ's

32:47.240 --> 32:54.040
kingdom deal with the created order that God has ordained? This was the solution under English

32:54.040 --> 33:00.760
Common Law to deal with that. I think it's kind of hard to find fall with it theologically. There

33:00.760 --> 33:06.360
were obviously some practical problems that sometimes cropped up. And one of the recurring

33:06.360 --> 33:12.760
themes that we'll find in this episode is that when you have things like abusive slave masters

33:12.840 --> 33:20.200
or abusive husbands, the solution of the revolutionary is to overthrow the institution

33:20.200 --> 33:26.280
that they see as embodying the abuse. Whereas the Christian approach, as we described in last

33:26.280 --> 33:31.480
week's episode about Scripture on Feminism and the week previous on slavery in Scripture,

33:32.120 --> 33:37.880
the Christian solution, the scriptural solution from God is not revolution. It's not overthrowing

33:38.440 --> 33:43.880
that headship. It is making the head accountable to God, in some cases through the state,

33:44.440 --> 33:50.680
for being faithful, for being obedient to God. Because masters also have a master in heaven.

33:50.680 --> 33:57.160
So if a master is cruelly and unjustly beating his slaves, the solution from a Christian perspective

33:57.160 --> 34:03.800
is not abolish slavery. The state should intervene so that that man stops abusing his property.

34:03.880 --> 34:08.120
Because although the slaves are property, they're also human beings. And they also may have

34:08.120 --> 34:12.840
protection under the law. That's entirely appropriate as a Christian for the Christian

34:12.840 --> 34:19.400
prince to intervene in the case of a faithless master or a faithless husband. So see, feminism

34:19.400 --> 34:26.680
sees through the Marxist lens of power dynamics, we have oppressor and oppressee, and we need to

34:26.680 --> 34:31.560
overthrow the class of the oppressor. The scriptural approach, as we've talked about in the last

34:31.560 --> 34:35.960
couple of weeks, is simply if someone is being cruel, if someone is doing something ungodly,

34:35.960 --> 34:41.160
he should stop doing it. If he's a Christian, and whether or not he's a Christian, the godly prince

34:41.160 --> 34:46.600
has a right and a duty to intervene to prevent that evil from happening. Because evil, sin,

34:47.320 --> 34:52.520
should be illegal. That's one of the problems we're having today as we're beginning to discuss

34:52.520 --> 35:00.680
Christian nationalism in a wider sphere is where do you draw the line between that which is sinful

35:00.680 --> 35:05.080
and that which is illegal? And maybe there are some cases where things that are sin should

35:05.080 --> 35:11.720
not be against the law under the civil law. However, they're not two separate questions.

35:11.720 --> 35:16.840
There's a reason that for thousands of years, the civil law was lined up pretty much directly with

35:17.560 --> 35:24.920
what God has said the law should be. And that wasn't just, that's not theonomy. That's not

35:25.640 --> 35:32.920
God being the direct overseer of a country. That's simply Christians in their spheres,

35:32.920 --> 35:38.600
in their vocations, obeying God. And if God says, do something, we should do it. And if you're a

35:38.600 --> 35:43.160
godly prince, you should do it. If you're a godly master or godly husband, you should do it. And

35:43.160 --> 35:49.000
if you don't, someone should intervene to prevent that. Except in the case of a godly prince, there's

35:49.000 --> 35:54.840
no one over a king except God. So that means he has the greatest answer for if he sins against

35:54.920 --> 35:59.880
his people. But ultimately, they are his people. And I mentioned the quote there,

35:59.880 --> 36:05.400
protection and influence of her husband, her baron, or her lord. I think that's important

36:05.400 --> 36:12.200
because it recognized that a woman always had a head. It's something that we lost in the revolutionary

36:12.200 --> 36:18.040
fervor of the Enlightenment in the Americas is that we cease to have barons and lords. I'm not

36:18.040 --> 36:22.120
necessarily bringing back that sort of class system, but I think it's important to recognize

36:22.120 --> 36:31.480
that when we declared no gods, no masters in 1775 and 76, when we said we will not have a king,

36:31.480 --> 36:38.600
we will not have anyone over us, it fundamentally changed the hierarchy that God had established.

36:38.600 --> 36:44.120
Because suddenly, when we became the Democratic Republic, we were choosing our own masters,

36:44.120 --> 36:48.600
our own rulers, and saying, well, you can't really rule. You have very limited things where you can

36:48.600 --> 36:53.480
do, and we're going to decide what you can do to us or not. And there can be discussion around

36:53.480 --> 36:58.600
where the lines are there, but I think it's important that when you eliminate the notion of

36:58.600 --> 37:04.600
subject, it really erases a lot of these distinctions. Because again, in England, the woman was a

37:04.600 --> 37:09.240
subject of their king, and she became a subject of her husband. But even without a husband,

37:09.240 --> 37:15.640
she was still subject to the king. And so when we hear subjugation, we think, oh no, it's evil.

37:15.640 --> 37:21.640
No, there's someone over you. There's always someone over you. As we said last week, all of these

37:21.640 --> 37:27.800
things, fight for feminism, the fight against slavery, is always fundamentally about knocking

37:27.800 --> 37:34.040
out that middle portion between the man and God. Because we are not ruled directly by God. We are

37:34.040 --> 37:39.080
ruled through intermediaries, through fathers, through husbands, through godly princes. That

37:39.080 --> 37:45.320
order is God's order. And so what these things do on their faces, not to say we won't overthrow God,

37:45.320 --> 37:48.600
although in private, they will say that. But in public, what they say is,

37:48.600 --> 37:52.920
we just want to knock out this middle support. I don't need to have a man over me. I don't need

37:52.920 --> 37:57.720
to have a master. I don't need to have a husband. I can do it myself. And what that does is it

37:57.720 --> 38:02.440
eliminates God from the chain, and you do become your own God and your own master. And again,

38:02.440 --> 38:07.160
we're living in the aftermath of those results. Some of them do go so far as to say they want

38:07.160 --> 38:14.040
to overthrow God, even in public. But I think you touched on an important truth there.

38:15.320 --> 38:21.720
There's a Christian solution, and there's an atheist or satanic solution to basically everything.

38:21.720 --> 38:28.280
And they follow a pattern. The Christian solution is, to put it in two words,

38:28.280 --> 38:36.040
reform and regulation. The atheist or satanic, the Marxist solution, these are all equivalent

38:36.040 --> 38:43.960
terms, is basically abolition. And it's always abolition, the solution to a handful of slave

38:43.960 --> 38:49.080
masters abusing their slaves, or we have to abolish slavery. The Christian solution is to say, no,

38:50.440 --> 38:55.560
we enact laws to regulate this, to reform the practices, to bring it in line with what Scripture

38:55.560 --> 39:03.240
says. And that runs throughout everything, we could apply that to the economy and society as well.

39:04.040 --> 39:11.000
Because you have, what's the most radical solution as it were to issues presented by

39:11.000 --> 39:16.840
problems in the economy? Well, that would be the hardcore Marxist or anarchist position,

39:16.840 --> 39:22.360
which is basically just abolish everything, get rid of it as much as you can, reduce property

39:22.360 --> 39:28.200
rights, eliminate property rights, etc. We all know what they actually advocate, regardless of

39:28.200 --> 39:34.280
how it may work in reality, as we've seen, for instance, with the USSR. But that's not the

39:34.280 --> 39:38.760
Christian solution. The Christian solution, when you see these problems in the economy,

39:38.760 --> 39:46.040
is say, we need reform, it needs to be regulated to control these sinful results of fallen human

39:46.040 --> 39:53.480
nature. You don't abolish the system, because imperfect fallen humans cannot use it perfectly.

39:53.480 --> 39:57.240
Of course, that's the case, we are all fallen, we're all sinful, we make mistakes, we sin,

39:58.200 --> 40:01.080
things are not going to go exactly according to plan.

40:02.360 --> 40:07.080
That's one of the reasons we have this sort of hierarchy. Yes, the hierarchy is innate,

40:07.080 --> 40:11.000
it is part of God's good ordering of creation, it would have existed without the fall,

40:11.000 --> 40:16.200
but now subsequent to the fall, one of the duties of those higher up in the hierarchy

40:16.200 --> 40:23.560
is to ensure that things below Him run properly, to curb the wicked, basically to use God's law

40:24.120 --> 40:28.600
in the three ways it is supposed to be used, although quite a bit of it is punishment when

40:28.600 --> 40:34.920
it comes to those ranked higher in the hierarchy in order to curb wickedness in society. But we

40:34.920 --> 40:43.640
also have that in society itself, in the social setting. The atheist solution to finding any

40:43.640 --> 40:48.600
sort of problem, and yes, of course, it is pretext in many cases, but finding any sort of problem

40:48.600 --> 40:54.120
in the inner relationship of men and women, or parents and children even, which is what

40:54.120 --> 40:59.640
we're getting into these days, is to get rid of those relationships, is to abolish them,

40:59.640 --> 41:05.400
is to radically reorient, reconfigure society so that you don't have this hierarchy, you don't

41:05.400 --> 41:10.840
have these relationships, you get rid of the power dynamics, and yes, even though Marxists

41:10.840 --> 41:16.120
are obsessed with the idea of power dynamics, power dynamics is a real thing. If you go stand

41:16.120 --> 41:23.000
before a prince, he has power over you. That is just the reality of it. And that holds today,

41:23.000 --> 41:28.440
if you are in court, the judge has power over you. And it doesn't actually matter if you're the one

41:28.440 --> 41:32.840
on trial or not. Yes, if you're on trial, he has more power over you. But if I appear in court as

41:32.840 --> 41:36.920
an attorney, that judge has power over me, he can hold me in contempt, he can throw me in jail.

41:37.480 --> 41:42.200
The power dynamics are real, those still exist, you cannot get rid of those. But the atheist

41:42.200 --> 41:47.000
solution is to attempt to get rid of those. The Christian solution is to reform them,

41:47.000 --> 41:53.000
to regulate them, to bring them in line with what God set up, how God ordered things,

41:53.000 --> 41:59.640
and what Scripture says. And yes, I'm sure some have heard in the background of this,

41:59.640 --> 42:06.840
the Echo of Seppur-Refumanda, and yes, that's a problem, we should not always be trying to reform,

42:07.720 --> 42:12.360
because if you bring something in line with Scripture and in line with God's law,

42:13.480 --> 42:19.640
you don't need to keep reforming it. That is not actually the cry of the Christian,

42:19.640 --> 42:26.120
is not Semper-Refumanda, that's not. That is the cry of the rebel, the cry of the radical.

42:26.920 --> 42:33.160
Because as you have undoubtedly been able to see, thus far and continuing as we continue this episode,

42:33.160 --> 42:41.080
with feminism, it is a ratchet. It is a constant attempt to continue rebelling against

42:41.080 --> 42:46.280
whatever little bit of God's order they find, whatever they find it, through constant revolution.

42:46.920 --> 42:52.840
And there's a distinction there. Revolutions are almost always wicked things that are meant to

42:52.840 --> 42:59.160
overthrow rightful order. Rebellions are not always so, because sometimes a rebellion can be

42:59.160 --> 43:04.920
against tyrannical authority that has become oppressive and contrary to God. And that's an

43:04.920 --> 43:09.480
episode we will eventually do. I don't know when, so I won't make any promises on that.

43:10.760 --> 43:13.400
But there's a distinction there that is important to maintain,

43:14.040 --> 43:18.680
revolution versus rebellion. And we're talking about really revolution here.

43:19.400 --> 43:25.080
Yes, it's rebellion in the sense of it is rebellion against God, which of course is always wicked.

43:25.240 --> 43:31.080
But there is in the political and social sphere a concept of rebellion that is not always wicked.

43:31.960 --> 43:37.560
And we'll be getting into more of the revolutions here as we move into the next bit of this,

43:37.560 --> 43:45.160
because we see the revolutions in Europe that follow on really from what happened in the U.S.

43:45.160 --> 43:50.600
in some ways, because you have the U.S. Revolution, you have the French Revolution, you have what many

43:50.600 --> 43:54.680
don't know, because it is no longer really taught in history class. You had revolutions

43:54.680 --> 44:00.120
throughout most of Western Europe and also in some parts of Eastern Europe in the 1800s.

44:01.320 --> 44:05.000
Some starting a little earlier like the French Revolution and obviously the American Revolution,

44:05.560 --> 44:11.800
but this was a wave of revolution that spread throughout Christendom. And the goal was the

44:11.800 --> 44:19.400
same throughout. No gods, no masters. It was a desire to destroy the right ordering of the

44:19.480 --> 44:25.240
left hand kingdom, of the kingdom of the left hand of Christ, and to destroy that hierarchy

44:25.240 --> 44:31.960
that God had instituted as part of His creation, as part of His good. And so that's what we get

44:31.960 --> 44:37.560
into now, because we see the consequences of that today, but this is where it started.

44:38.120 --> 44:44.040
And as I mentioned up front, that's literally one of the explicit descriptions of the Enlightenment,

44:44.040 --> 44:48.360
overthrowing monarchy, overthrowing the church. What do we find, both of those happening?

44:49.000 --> 44:54.520
And so after the American Revolution, after the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and

44:54.520 --> 45:02.440
the colonies becoming their own country, immediately Quaker agitators and some others began fighting

45:02.440 --> 45:08.680
for freedom for the slaves in the south. They wanted the abolition of slavery. They said,

45:08.680 --> 45:13.960
well, all men are created equal. We have these men who are not being treated as equal. We need

45:13.960 --> 45:18.040
to fix that. The Quakers wouldn't resort to violence, but many others resorted to violence.

45:18.440 --> 45:23.240
And so there was a lot of discussion in the first half of the 19th century and the 1800s

45:23.240 --> 45:30.760
in the United States about this. And this was where feminism coalesced in the U.S.

45:30.760 --> 45:36.920
And one of the seminal moments in feminism in the United States was the Seneca Falls Convention

45:36.920 --> 45:42.680
of 1848. This was the first women's rights convention. Now, the reason this is key is that

45:43.480 --> 45:49.960
they had a women's rights convention in parallel with the work that had been done

45:49.960 --> 45:56.120
by the abolitionists in the decades prior. And see, as I mentioned, these things are part and

45:56.120 --> 46:02.440
parcel. They're inextricable. The abolition of slavery and the so-called liberation of women

46:02.440 --> 46:06.760
have always been inextricably linked. You'll find out in the mouth of every feminist today,

46:06.760 --> 46:11.480
you'll see in all of the conversations about it, always link them because it's true.

46:12.920 --> 46:16.680
The reason that there was a Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, there was a women's

46:16.680 --> 46:21.720
rights convention, is they began to realize that maybe the fight for the abolition of slavery

46:21.720 --> 46:29.320
wasn't going to do women any good if they were not treated as their own specific constituency.

46:30.040 --> 46:35.160
And see, this flows from the salons and from the coffee houses as a participation began,

46:35.160 --> 46:40.360
as the agitation picked up from those conversations. Pretty soon, you have massive

46:40.360 --> 46:49.160
conventions where this issue of women's liberation is seminal. And 1848 is a crucial year. As Corey

46:49.160 --> 46:56.200
just mentioned, look up on Wikipedia, revolutions of 1848. There's an entire Wikipedia article

46:56.200 --> 47:02.920
just about all the revolutions that occurred in this year. In 1848, hell literally broke loose.

47:03.720 --> 47:10.440
It had been happening before, but the mask really came off in 1848. So the enlightenment

47:10.440 --> 47:19.560
lit the fuse, and here's where we see the first detonation. We see simultaneous to work for abolition.

47:19.560 --> 47:26.520
We see now explicit work for the liberation of women, for women's suffrage, for women's rights,

47:26.520 --> 47:32.680
for equal rights, for the abolition of coverture, of basically total equality. And then ultimately

47:32.680 --> 47:38.040
today, we have the usurpation of man entirely. The modern feminist goal is to have babies without

47:38.040 --> 47:45.880
men at all. And they're producing embryo where they've taken DNA from two eggs or from two

47:45.880 --> 47:53.880
female donors. So that's the transhumanist neck, the end of the beginning that we see in these

47:53.960 --> 48:01.960
smaller moves. And the Seneca Falls Convention was fuelled again by Quakers. And a woman who was

48:02.760 --> 48:08.120
seminal in all this, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was really one of the most important feminists

48:08.120 --> 48:13.240
in history. Susan B. Anthony kind of gets more pressed, but I think in reading about this and

48:13.240 --> 48:21.240
looking at the impact, I think Stan was probably more important. She gave rise to organizing this

48:21.240 --> 48:28.440
thing and to making a front burner issue in society. But what she said, even in the 1840s,

48:28.440 --> 48:32.680
as she was describing this, is really revealing. And it gets back to the point that we were talking

48:32.680 --> 48:37.000
about at the beginning about this being about scripture. When we're talking about feminism,

48:37.000 --> 48:43.240
we're not just talking about beating up on girls and saying, we want misogyny, we want subjugation.

48:43.240 --> 48:49.160
That's not the point. This is a theological problem. Listen to what is said about Elizabeth

48:49.160 --> 48:55.560
Cady Stanton. She said she had been terrified as a child by a minister's talk of damnation,

48:55.560 --> 48:59.320
but after overcoming those fears with the help of her father and brother-in-law,

48:59.320 --> 49:03.960
had rejected that type of religion entirely, meaning Christianity. So even as a child,

49:05.480 --> 49:11.640
in her young life, she rejected Christianity. As an adult, her religious views continued to evolve.

49:11.640 --> 49:16.520
While living in Boston in the 1840s, she was attracted to the preaching of Theodore Parker,

49:16.600 --> 49:22.520
who like her cousin, Garrett Smith, was a member of the Secret Six, a group of men who financed

49:22.520 --> 49:28.200
John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry in an effort to spark an armed slave rebellion.

49:29.080 --> 49:33.880
So that was her cousin. That was her spiritual leader, their literal terrorists and anarchists,

49:34.440 --> 49:42.440
undertaking demonic activity to foment violent rebellion. This is her genesis as she's becoming

49:42.440 --> 49:48.680
an archfeminist. It continues, Parker was a transcendentalist and a prominent unitarian

49:48.680 --> 49:53.960
minister, which means completely not Christian, not remotely. What did he teach? He taught that the

49:53.960 --> 50:00.120
Bible need not be taken literally, that God need not be envisioned as a male, and the individual men

50:00.120 --> 50:04.920
and women had the ability to determine religious truth for themselves. So you can see why Stan

50:04.920 --> 50:09.960
would really like that, because that's everything she was looking for. She wanted no gods, no masters.

50:09.960 --> 50:16.040
She didn't want a god who was a man. She wanted to be her own god, and Parker gave it to her.

50:17.480 --> 50:23.400
Subsequent to that, in the Declaration of Sentiments written for the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention,

50:23.400 --> 50:28.600
Stanton listed a series of grievances against men who, among other things, excluded women from

50:28.600 --> 50:34.280
the ministry and other leading roles in religion. In one of those grievances, Stanton said that

50:34.280 --> 50:41.400
man, quote, has usurped the prerogative of Jehovah himself, claiming it as his right to assign for her

50:41.400 --> 50:47.880
a sphere of action when that belongs to her conscience and her god. This was the only grievance

50:47.880 --> 50:53.560
that was not a matter of fact, such as exclusion of women from colleges, from the right to vote, etc.,

50:53.560 --> 50:59.640
but one of belief, when the challenges a fundamental basis of authority and autonomy.

51:00.520 --> 51:06.360
So this is crucial. This proto-feminist, this harbinger of everything that has happened in

51:06.360 --> 51:12.200
the last two centuries and the advancement of so-called women's rights, why did she do it?

51:12.200 --> 51:17.960
She did it because she lied about women being made as a helper for men. She said, no, a woman

51:17.960 --> 51:22.840
will define her own role, and that's between her and her god, who clearly was not the god of the

51:22.840 --> 51:30.840
Bible. And she specifically attacked Christianity. She attacked Christian doctrine. She was for

51:30.840 --> 51:35.960
women's ordination, which was, again, a function and part of being shrouded by Quakers who were a

51:35.960 --> 51:41.560
demonic cult. It's tragic that we didn't stamp them out. When the first Quakers began coming to

51:41.560 --> 51:47.400
this country, to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they started getting executed, and I think King

51:47.400 --> 51:52.280
Philip II actually put a stop to it, which is unfortunate, because if the Quakers had been

51:52.280 --> 51:59.640
ended by conversion or by godly justice, we wouldn't have these problems today. But instead,

51:59.640 --> 52:04.520
they were tolerated, because that was one of the values, even of those colonies. While they were

52:04.520 --> 52:10.360
Christian in principle, tolerance was already an enlightenment value that was being pushed into

52:10.360 --> 52:15.880
the hearts and minds of men to say, oh, I can judge your doctrine. That's between you and your god.

52:15.880 --> 52:22.600
Well, two centuries later, Stanton has her god telling her what to do, and we see the results.

52:23.400 --> 52:29.640
One of the major works produced by Stanton and a committee of other authors, which says something

52:29.640 --> 52:35.080
about committees perhaps, but was the Woman's Bible, which basically they went through and just

52:35.080 --> 52:43.480
rewrote the Bible in order to agree with feminist ideology. That was published in two volumes,

52:43.480 --> 52:50.040
and it is a wicked book. It is an inversion of what scripture teaches. It is an inversion

52:50.040 --> 52:58.120
of what God says is true. And that's just exactly what you expect from feminism, because feminism

52:58.120 --> 53:04.040
is an inversion of what God says is true, of what scripture actually teaches. As we went over in the

53:04.040 --> 53:11.560
first half of this two-part episode series, scripture is very clear. Again, woman was made

53:11.560 --> 53:21.080
as a helper for man. Any attempt to make woman a competitor and equal to man is rebellion against

53:21.080 --> 53:30.760
God, is wickedness, it is sin. And so we see that here in the beginning of the feminist movement

53:30.760 --> 53:36.120
in the US and elsewhere. As was mentioned, this is also involved in some of the revolutions that

53:36.120 --> 53:43.480
are going on at essentially the same time in Europe. Many of those who failed in the revolutions,

53:43.480 --> 53:47.880
because not all of those revolutions really got anywhere in Europe, some of them were crushed,

53:47.880 --> 53:55.080
although at great expense, in both terms of treasure and blood. Many of them came to the US

53:55.640 --> 54:00.760
and bolstered the feminist ranks here. And so that is part of the reason that we have such a

54:00.840 --> 54:07.160
concentration in the US. And of course, a lot of this took off after World War One. Some of this

54:07.160 --> 54:14.120
took off during the revolutions that took place in the 1700s, intensified in the 1800s, intensified

54:14.120 --> 54:23.400
again in the 1900s, for various reasons, we'll get into that in a moment. But it is worth highlighting

54:23.400 --> 54:32.040
again just how much interrelationship and how complex the web is when it comes to abolition

54:32.600 --> 54:38.440
and feminism and all of the issues that then float after that. They are part and parcel,

54:38.440 --> 54:44.920
they are the same thing, because they are both rebellion against God's good order.

54:45.080 --> 54:52.920
Scripture does not teach, as we went over in the episode on slavery, that slavery is sinful.

54:54.040 --> 54:58.840
You can exercise it in a sinful manner, you can exercise it in a perfectly Christian manner.

55:00.360 --> 55:08.120
The desire to abolish slavery is morally equivalent to feminism, because both

55:08.120 --> 55:13.320
are a rejection of the order that God has instituted in creation. They are ultimately

55:13.320 --> 55:20.040
a rejection of God. And so that is why you see so many of those who worked in or were associated

55:20.040 --> 55:26.840
with abolitionism transitioning right into feminism, and then the women's suffrage movement,

55:27.400 --> 55:32.920
and so-called women's rights, and then expanding the franchise ever more and more,

55:33.880 --> 55:40.760
because it never stops. As we have said many times, there is no floor. Sin can always get worse,

55:40.760 --> 55:44.600
it always snowballs, the slope is always slippery.

55:45.800 --> 55:50.120
One of the things that happened in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War,

55:51.400 --> 55:55.160
when the 13th, 14th, and then 15th Amendments were passed,

55:56.120 --> 56:01.800
Stanton and others were ticked, because they had hoped that the 15th Amendment,

56:01.800 --> 56:07.960
which basically granted citizenship and effectively voting rights to freed slaves,

56:08.520 --> 56:15.000
didn't include women. See, this was their plan all along. The feminism was trying to draft behind

56:15.560 --> 56:21.000
abolition, but it was all the same fight. And there's some choice quotes from Stanton when she

56:21.000 --> 56:27.400
realized that black men were going to get the vote and she wasn't. She went mask off and she's like,

56:27.400 --> 56:31.480
I'm not going to quote what she said here, but modern ears would be offended by the words that

56:31.480 --> 56:37.080
she used, because she wasn't doing it for them, she was doing it for herself. And so

56:37.160 --> 56:41.480
when African Americans were freed and given the franchise and she wasn't,

56:41.480 --> 56:46.360
she didn't see that as a victory for liberty. She was ticked off because she was still second class.

56:46.920 --> 56:54.840
And so in 1868, Stanton and Susan B. Anthony founded a paper that was short-lived called

56:54.840 --> 57:00.600
Surprise Surprise, The Revolution, where they began pushing for, well, if we didn't get it in

57:00.600 --> 57:05.480
the 15th Amendment, we got to fight and fight and fight until we achieve equality for women,

57:05.480 --> 57:09.160
which finally came in the 19th Amendment, a decade or so after her death.

57:10.040 --> 57:16.760
I think it's worth noting that when Stanton published the Women's Bible, that was in 1895.

57:16.760 --> 57:22.760
It was nearly 50 years after the Seneca Falls Convention. Now, although at the Seneca Falls

57:22.760 --> 57:28.840
Convention, she had already exposed that she was not a Christian, that she was hostile to God.

57:28.840 --> 57:34.040
It was only in the latter years of her life when she felt she had nothing to lose, that she really

57:34.040 --> 57:39.880
went fully mask off under the degree to which she specifically hated Christianity. And it caused

57:39.880 --> 57:46.040
a huge rift in the feminist movement of that day because she was actually denounced by her own

57:46.040 --> 57:52.760
organization and her close lifelong friend Susan B. Anthony fought against the organization for

57:52.760 --> 57:57.880
the sake of her honor. But ultimately, they didn't narrowly pass a condemnation of what she said.

57:59.160 --> 58:03.000
What she and the other editors in the Women's Bible did was to methodically work their way

58:03.000 --> 58:07.480
through it, quoting selected passages and commenting on them, office sarcastically.

58:09.320 --> 58:14.040
One of the things that she had told an acquaintance in response to her views,

58:14.680 --> 58:21.160
well, if we who do see the absurdities of this old superstitions never unveil them to others,

58:21.160 --> 58:26.040
how is the world to make any progress in the theologies? I am in the sunset of life,

58:26.040 --> 58:30.360
and I feel to me my special mission to tell people what they are not prepared to hear.

58:30.920 --> 58:36.600
So she knew that she had nothing to lose. She knew that her enemy was God in Christianity,

58:36.600 --> 58:42.200
and she revised this wicked Bible for the sake of trying to tear gun down God and the God of

58:42.200 --> 58:48.040
Christianity. And she explains why in the book itself, I do not believe that any man ever saw

58:48.040 --> 58:53.400
or talked to God. I do not believe that God inspired the mosaic code or told the historians

58:53.400 --> 58:58.600
what they say he did about woman for all the religions on the faiths of earth degrade her.

58:58.600 --> 59:04.760
And so long as woman accepts the position that they assign her, her emancipation is impossible.

59:05.960 --> 59:10.040
That's it in a nutshell. She's absolutely right. As long as you accept Christianity,

59:10.040 --> 59:14.520
the emancipation of women is impossible. She knew what battle she was fighting,

59:14.520 --> 59:18.920
and she knew what master she was serving. So what her words are absolutely true here.

59:18.920 --> 59:24.200
What they are not is Christian. They're absolutely contrary to Christian doctrine and Scripture.

59:24.760 --> 59:29.640
So what does that have to do with us today? Well, this is the genesis of voting rights for women.

59:29.640 --> 59:35.960
This is it. This is the woman that gave you, as a woman, the so-called right to vote. You

59:35.960 --> 59:41.640
now have the franchise, both in public life universally and in our churches now, since really

59:41.640 --> 59:49.000
the 60s. Virtually every church now permits women to vote on matters in the church. All of that is

59:49.000 --> 59:55.240
the genesis born of a woman who hated God and devoted her life to overthrowing his order.

59:55.880 --> 01:00:00.040
You want to talk about the genealogy of ideas? You want to talk about the fruit of trees?

01:00:00.600 --> 01:00:07.240
This is the tree. Stanton is the tree. And all the things that we have today that we take as

01:00:07.240 --> 01:00:12.600
personal rights, as things that are sacrosanct, those are the fruits. Those are the fruits of

01:00:12.680 --> 01:00:20.200
a demonic tree. Stanton is burning in hell. And her life's work lives on today by people who think

01:00:20.200 --> 01:00:25.560
that when they hear these things, when they hear what she did, they think that she did it in service

01:00:25.560 --> 01:00:31.960
to God. And I pray for those people that they don't mean service to their God, because if they go

01:00:31.960 --> 01:00:36.600
down that path and are fully committed to it, what they are saying is that their God is not the

01:00:36.600 --> 01:00:44.040
triune God, because her God was Satan. She devoted her life to a satanic pursuit of overthrowing

01:00:44.040 --> 01:00:51.080
all hierarchy and direct opposition to God. So why are we talking about feminism? This is why

01:00:51.080 --> 01:00:59.080
feminism was born of satanic worship. It was born as a doctrine of demons. It's inextricable,

01:00:59.080 --> 01:01:02.840
and this is the only first way of feminism. We're not even talking about later generations yet.

01:01:02.840 --> 01:01:06.440
We're not going to spend a whole lot of time on those, because it's more recent history that you

01:01:06.440 --> 01:01:12.280
know better, but it kept getting worse because of where it started. There's not one single moment

01:01:12.280 --> 01:01:21.080
of any of this with her Unitarian Universalist pastor and her anarchist demon cousin trying to

01:01:21.080 --> 01:01:26.680
foment violent rebellion and murder. These are the trees from which the fruits of these beliefs

01:01:26.680 --> 01:01:31.640
came. They did not come from Scripture. That's why we devoted the first episode about feminism,

01:01:31.640 --> 01:01:36.280
specifically to Scripture, to demonstrate here's what God says. It's literally the opposite of

01:01:36.280 --> 01:01:42.120
everything that these people are doing. So today, when we hear feminism in any of its forms upheld

01:01:42.120 --> 01:01:47.480
to something godly, that's something that's found in Scripture by men today, they're lying.

01:01:47.480 --> 01:01:52.840
They're absolutely lying. Demons found this in hell, and they brought it to man, and man brought

01:01:52.840 --> 01:01:57.640
it to church, and church is now shoving it down the throats of Christians, who if they swallow it

01:01:57.640 --> 01:02:01.400
will ultimately cease to be Christian. These are the stakes for these conversations.

01:02:02.280 --> 01:02:10.200
We see this sort of argument going back to the more blunt rejection of Christianity,

01:02:10.200 --> 01:02:15.800
of Scripture, versus the supposedly moderate forces that didn't want to reject those things

01:02:16.440 --> 01:02:23.400
yet, which of course that is the key. But we see a form of this all the time, and it's basically a

01:02:23.480 --> 01:02:28.680
rough form of the Mott and Bailey argument. For those who aren't familiar, the Mott and Bailey

01:02:28.680 --> 01:02:34.360
Castle is a type of European fortification where you have what is called a Mott. It is a keep on

01:02:34.360 --> 01:02:39.720
a hill, a raised area, and then you have a walled area below that that is the Bailey. The Bailey

01:02:39.720 --> 01:02:45.800
is where you have your little town. So if you are attacked, you retreat to the Mott because it is

01:02:45.800 --> 01:02:52.040
more defensible. And the reason that that's used is because that's exactly how the argument goes.

01:02:52.680 --> 01:02:58.840
The Mott and Bailey fallacy is this. You make a wild claim, or an indefensible claim, that's the

01:02:58.840 --> 01:03:05.240
Bailey. And then when someone points out that you made a wild and indefensible claim, you retreat

01:03:05.240 --> 01:03:11.800
to a moderate, reasonable defensible version of that claim, doesn't even have to be that directly

01:03:11.800 --> 01:03:16.040
related just as long as you can kind of make the argument that may be related, you retreat to the

01:03:16.040 --> 01:03:22.200
Mott. And then as soon as the threat passes because, well, you've defended yourself in the Mott,

01:03:22.200 --> 01:03:26.440
you return to the Bailey and make the same argument. And we see a form of that

01:03:27.800 --> 01:03:32.360
with many Christians today, including many pastors, where they'll say, well, obviously,

01:03:33.000 --> 01:03:38.840
we can't worship demons. Well, that's the Mott. That's the absolutely defensible position. No

01:03:38.840 --> 01:03:45.080
one is going to say, well, no, no, you can't worship demons. But then they go down to the Bailey

01:03:45.080 --> 01:03:49.800
after the threat has passed and say, but of course, we can have women voting in our congregations,

01:03:50.920 --> 01:03:55.880
and we can have women exercising political rights outside the home, and we can have

01:03:56.680 --> 01:04:07.960
ABC through Z. That's not how it works, because Satan is the camel that sticks its nose under your

01:04:07.960 --> 01:04:14.440
tent flap. If you don't stop it, then you wake up with the entire camel in the tent with you.

01:04:15.800 --> 01:04:22.200
And that is where we are today. So we get attacked by pastors and others when we point out

01:04:22.760 --> 01:04:28.680
these stark black and white lines in Scripture, where it says, no, you may not do this,

01:04:29.560 --> 01:04:37.000
because the entirety of our cultural inertia is against these arguments, because we have,

01:04:37.000 --> 01:04:42.520
for centuries, not been listening to the Word of God, not been listening to Scripture. We have

01:04:42.520 --> 01:04:47.560
been listening to Satan filtered through these various agents, some of whom we've named.

01:04:48.920 --> 01:04:56.040
And so they'll say this seemingly reasonable position, and then as soon as they're subjected

01:04:56.040 --> 01:05:01.720
to Scripture, they retreat to the Mott and make an argument that is in line with Scripture.

01:05:02.680 --> 01:05:07.560
And they'll say, well, we believe the gospel. No one is attacking the gospel. That's not the

01:05:07.640 --> 01:05:13.400
point. That's not what we're focusing on with this podcast. And so some of the critiques will be,

01:05:13.400 --> 01:05:19.880
where's the gospel and what you're saying? We affirm the gospel. The issue is, as a Christian,

01:05:20.520 --> 01:05:26.440
once you are a Christian, then what do you do? It's not a matter of just saying,

01:05:26.440 --> 01:05:31.720
I believe in Jesus, I'm over the line, I'm safe. No, because there is more to the Christian life.

01:05:31.960 --> 01:05:37.000
James is a book written to Christians. There are supposed to be works that flow from being a

01:05:37.000 --> 01:05:42.520
Christian. And part of that is listening to the Word of God, because Christians have the

01:05:42.520 --> 01:05:47.000
indwelling of the Holy Spirit. And when they read the Word of God, when they hear the Word of God,

01:05:47.000 --> 01:05:51.640
they understand it. That's not saying you'll understand everything. There are parts that are

01:05:51.640 --> 01:05:57.640
difficult to work through. And God gives differing abilities to different people. But the core

01:05:58.600 --> 01:06:04.680
truths of the Christian faith, you will understand when you hear them. You will understand truth

01:06:04.680 --> 01:06:10.520
when it is spoken to you from the Word of God, if you are a Christian. And that is the point.

01:06:11.560 --> 01:06:15.720
These are things that are in Scripture. And we as Christians have to obey them. We have

01:06:15.720 --> 01:06:20.120
to listen to them, because they are the voice of God speaking to us, telling us how we should

01:06:20.120 --> 01:06:27.240
conduct ourselves. And so when God says that a woman is a helper, if society says that woman

01:06:27.320 --> 01:06:32.440
can be a competitor, you have to choose as a Christian. Are you going to listen to God,

01:06:32.440 --> 01:06:39.000
or are you going to listen to society? When Scripture says that woman has a head, and that

01:06:39.000 --> 01:06:47.000
head is man, and society says no women can vote, including in your churches, are you going to

01:06:47.000 --> 01:06:53.000
listen to society, or are you going to listen to God? As a Christian, you have to choose. And as a

01:06:53.000 --> 01:06:57.800
Christian, there's only one option, because if you choose the other one, you cease to be Christian.

01:06:59.080 --> 01:07:05.560
And so that is what we see today in so many interactions with Christians, is that they will

01:07:05.560 --> 01:07:13.320
make a completely reasonable argument, the mott, something that is just a core truth and Christianity

01:07:13.320 --> 01:07:17.480
with which no Christian can disagree. And then they'll say, well, because of that,

01:07:17.480 --> 01:07:21.240
and they go right to the Bailey to something that is completely indefensible and insane.

01:07:22.120 --> 01:07:26.600
And so it's, well, you believe the gospel, right? Well, that means you have to get rid

01:07:26.600 --> 01:07:32.120
of your slaves. Well, you believe the gospel, right? That means you have to let your daughters

01:07:32.120 --> 01:07:37.320
go to university and do all the things we know that young women do at university.

01:07:38.760 --> 01:07:45.320
The Bailey doesn't follow from the mott. Do not fall for it when you see that argument made,

01:07:45.320 --> 01:07:51.480
when you see that form of argument advanced. You can affirm what is said as the mott,

01:07:51.480 --> 01:07:58.280
as the keep, the core truth, but do not let it distract you and do not let it mislead you

01:07:58.280 --> 01:08:03.480
when the wild claim is made after it that does not follow that is not Christian.

01:08:04.280 --> 01:08:07.320
And that's what we see happening here with the issue of feminism.

01:08:09.240 --> 01:08:13.480
Except, of course, there is a slightly tweaked version of this, which is what we see with

01:08:13.480 --> 01:08:18.840
Stanton and others, where they just go ahead and make the wildest claim right up front. Yeah,

01:08:18.840 --> 01:08:24.920
I don't believe in God, and scripture is wicked, and you shouldn't obey it. And instead, no gods,

01:08:24.920 --> 01:08:32.920
no masters. Usually, you will have a moderating force within any of these revolutionary groups

01:08:33.480 --> 01:08:40.680
that will try to get the bulk of people, the reasonable, the, well, somewhat reasonable people

01:08:40.680 --> 01:08:44.040
to come along with them by saying, Oh, don't don't pay attention to that person in the corner.

01:08:44.040 --> 01:08:50.680
She's crazy. The problem is the person in the corner screaming in these revolutionary groups

01:08:50.680 --> 01:08:55.800
is usually the person who's leading it realistically, because that's the person who is speaking with the

01:08:55.800 --> 01:09:01.640
unfiltered mouth of Satan, the person who is speaking Satan's voice. And Satan is the one

01:09:01.640 --> 01:09:09.160
leading the revolutionary group. And so you go from the supposedly reasonable people who say,

01:09:09.160 --> 01:09:15.320
no, we don't want to abolish Christendom and order and hierarchy in the family. We just want to make

01:09:15.320 --> 01:09:21.240
these tweaks to them. Well, if those tweaks are contrary to scripture, you eventually wind up

01:09:21.240 --> 01:09:26.120
with the screaming person in the corner, the actual possessed person in some cases,

01:09:27.240 --> 01:09:32.600
because that's the goal. That's where Satan is taking you. Even if you don't see where you're

01:09:32.600 --> 01:09:39.720
going, if you look around and the way is broad and easy, you are probably not on the straight and

01:09:39.720 --> 01:09:48.440
narrow. The incredible result of first wave feminism as it came to a close, shortly after World War

01:09:48.440 --> 01:09:57.160
One, was that in the span of about five years between the 1917, 1918 and 1922 or 23, virtually

01:09:57.160 --> 01:10:03.000
every country on both sides of the Atlantic almost simultaneously adopted universal women's

01:10:03.000 --> 01:10:07.880
suffrage. Now, that's astonishing to think about. When you think about the disparity in

01:10:08.520 --> 01:10:17.480
history and culture, in political governance, almost all at once in the immediate aftermath of

01:10:17.480 --> 01:10:23.240
World War One, you have the culmination of one of the principal goals of the Enlightenment.

01:10:23.240 --> 01:10:30.840
No gods, no masters, instead democracy. Not only democracy where it's one vote per household,

01:10:30.840 --> 01:10:38.840
but where women can also vote. This is crucial in American history because there are a great many

01:10:38.840 --> 01:10:46.440
things that in the United States politically, policy-wise, they fundamentally pivot as soon as

01:10:46.520 --> 01:10:53.720
the 19th Amendment is passed. As I said last week, if at the time of the ratification of the 19th

01:10:53.720 --> 01:10:59.640
Amendment, women had had the vote, it would not have passed. Women were not in favor of it. It was

01:10:59.640 --> 01:11:05.960
not the majority opinion of women to be subjected to the political sphere because most of them were

01:11:05.960 --> 01:11:10.600
Christian women. They knew better. They knew that it wasn't their place. They knew it was a burden.

01:11:10.600 --> 01:11:14.840
When we say not their place, we don't mean, oh, you go over there, you don't know what you're

01:11:14.840 --> 01:11:21.880
talking about, just be quiet and knit. We mean that these things are ugly. They're painful. They're

01:11:21.880 --> 01:11:27.560
fights. They're actual fights that sometimes involve political violence. That is not the

01:11:27.560 --> 01:11:34.280
place for a woman. Shouting matches in public are not a place for a woman. In politics, sometimes

01:11:34.280 --> 01:11:39.720
those things happen anyway. That is the reason that women generally wanted no pardon. They

01:11:39.720 --> 01:11:43.720
didn't want to know. They didn't want to be burdened with it. They didn't want to have to deal with

01:11:43.720 --> 01:11:49.560
it. They knew that it stunk. They didn't want any pardon in it. It was foisted on them. Then,

01:11:49.560 --> 01:11:53.560
at that point, it becomes a numbers game because, well, your neighbor down the street, you don't

01:11:53.560 --> 01:11:58.840
really like her views on things. Even though you don't really want to vote, you better go do it

01:11:58.840 --> 01:12:05.960
because otherwise you've got to counter her vote. Getting back to the coverture thing towards the

01:12:05.960 --> 01:12:13.480
beginning, one of the essential things that's lost today when we think about the woman and her

01:12:13.480 --> 01:12:20.280
husband becoming legally one is that the voice of the household was the husband's voice. He was

01:12:20.280 --> 01:12:27.080
the head. He had the mouth. Insofar as voting is good at all, the husband voted on behalf of his

01:12:27.080 --> 01:12:33.160
household. Why would anyone in his household disagree with him if he is a good and faithful

01:12:33.160 --> 01:12:38.440
husband and father? There should be no circumstance under which those under his care and protection

01:12:38.520 --> 01:12:43.480
would vote differently than him if they could vote. But once the franchise was given,

01:12:43.480 --> 01:12:49.800
it became a numbers game. It also became an opportunity for opposition to occur between

01:12:49.800 --> 01:12:56.120
man and wife. Today, it's pretty normal in a lot of marriages for husbands and wives to know who

01:12:56.120 --> 01:13:00.680
the other one voted for, but not to talk about it because you know in many cases, you're actually

01:13:00.680 --> 01:13:04.840
canceling each other's votes out. Now, in a good marriage, that's not the case, but in a lot of

01:13:04.840 --> 01:13:09.720
marriages, that is the case. You know better than to ask her who she voted for because you know

01:13:10.440 --> 01:13:16.680
she canceled your vote out. What's the win there? What is the point of that? There's an undermining

01:13:16.680 --> 01:13:22.280
of your headship. There is a nullification of your vote. The whole thing is just preposterous.

01:13:22.280 --> 01:13:28.200
At some point, it just becomes theater, but it's not mindless, meaningless theater. It's

01:13:28.200 --> 01:13:35.880
theatrical performance at the polling booth, but the voting engenders is fundamentally one of

01:13:35.880 --> 01:13:42.200
rebellion and independence, which is not permissible for anyone. To be frank, I don't think men should

01:13:42.200 --> 01:13:46.840
be allowed to vote, and if any men should vote, I don't think I should be allowed to vote. I don't

01:13:46.840 --> 01:13:52.840
have children. I don't think men without a household should have the franchise. I'd be fine with that.

01:13:53.560 --> 01:13:58.760
Am I worth listening to? Well, I think so, and some people do, but if you don't listen to me,

01:13:58.760 --> 01:14:03.880
that's fine. I don't think that my voting needs to be, I don't think it's sacrosanct. I don't think

01:14:03.880 --> 01:14:09.480
it fundamentally changes anything about my participation in society. When we talk about

01:14:09.480 --> 01:14:14.840
saying that women shouldn't vote, Cory and I are not trying to exclude women. We both think that

01:14:14.840 --> 01:14:19.640
there should be monarchy, that there should be a godly king, and there should be hierarchy and

01:14:19.640 --> 01:14:25.640
order. There are intermediary steps to get there, but voting is not something that we find to be

01:14:25.640 --> 01:14:33.960
sacrosanct. It's certainly something that's alien to the Christian faith. Even when they chose

01:14:33.960 --> 01:14:40.600
the replacement for Judas, they cast lots. They trusted the Holy Spirit to guide the casting

01:14:40.600 --> 01:14:46.200
of dice, basically, and that was how they decided. They let God decide. They trusted that the outcome

01:14:46.200 --> 01:14:52.920
of that sign would be God's will, and it was. I think that that would be a better

01:14:52.920 --> 01:14:56.920
form of church governance than what we have today. I would much rather see congregations,

01:14:56.920 --> 01:15:00.680
if there's something to vote on, that isn't a matter of doctrine, which obviously shouldn't

01:15:00.680 --> 01:15:06.840
be voted on anyway. I would rather see voting by lot, if there's to be voting at all. I'm not

01:15:06.840 --> 01:15:11.720
saying that absolutely has to be done, but again, we're just trying to point out that these modern,

01:15:11.720 --> 01:15:18.200
particularly American notions of what is, we now view as religious. The Declaration of

01:15:18.200 --> 01:15:23.480
Independence gets quoted by pastors as though it's doctrinal. It's happened in the Missouri Synod

01:15:23.480 --> 01:15:27.720
from the very top, where the Declaration of Independence is used to make theological points.

01:15:28.520 --> 01:15:33.000
When Harrison did that, he was making a theological point. It was a false prophet. He was making a

01:15:33.000 --> 01:15:38.360
point on behalf of a theology that comes from hell. The Declaration of Independence, there's

01:15:38.440 --> 01:15:44.040
some good things, and I've quoted it here before. There's some things about enduring a long train

01:15:44.040 --> 01:15:49.720
of usurpations, even though they have been an ultimate goal, because it's better to suffer

01:15:50.840 --> 01:15:56.520
while there's a chance that forbearance may be rewarded than to have a rebellion, because even

01:15:56.520 --> 01:16:01.640
when it's a golly rebellion, it's still going to be awful. Christian men never want to see rebellion.

01:16:01.640 --> 01:16:07.240
That's not what we see in abolition. It's not what we see in feminism. They constantly want to see

01:16:07.240 --> 01:16:16.200
rebellion against all order. First Wave Feminism terminates with everyone getting the vote, and

01:16:16.200 --> 01:16:21.800
the 20th century, all of its politics were defined by that moment, because with the ratification of

01:16:21.800 --> 01:16:27.720
the 19th, where women got the vote, and in every other society, it fundamentally changed the nature

01:16:27.720 --> 01:16:35.240
of politics, because suddenly the woman's gift to be a manager of her household, where peace and

01:16:35.240 --> 01:16:41.960
accord are paramount, was superimposed on a world where that's not how it works. In the world,

01:16:41.960 --> 01:16:48.680
there's scarcity. In the world, there's violence, and there are threats. The man's job in a household

01:16:48.680 --> 01:16:55.720
is to keep those threats outside the house to keep them at bay. Politics is fundamentally adversarial,

01:16:56.280 --> 01:17:01.400
sometimes between nations themselves, sometimes internally, but there are often fights.

01:17:01.400 --> 01:17:06.760
Women are not equipped for those fights. The 20th century history of politics is defined by

01:17:07.480 --> 01:17:12.200
women reshaping politics in the image of how they want to see the household run.

01:17:13.160 --> 01:17:17.720
Many of the problems that we have today are because women are conflict-averse. Today,

01:17:17.720 --> 01:17:23.000
we have men who are almost universally conflict-averse. I have tried to have discussions, honest

01:17:23.000 --> 01:17:29.480
discussions with men face to face, where they flatly refuse to speak to me, because the alternative

01:17:29.480 --> 01:17:34.360
is to disagree. I'm not talking about picking a fight. I'm not saying I want to have an argument.

01:17:34.360 --> 01:17:38.360
I just want to discuss a matter where there's a disagreement between two men,

01:17:38.360 --> 01:17:44.680
and the other man is terrified to actually disagree with me. Such men are eunuchs. There's

01:17:44.680 --> 01:17:50.200
another word for it. That is a castrated man that cannot stand in front of someone and defend his

01:17:50.200 --> 01:17:55.320
position. Again, we're not talking about being confrontational. We're not talking about a knock

01:17:55.320 --> 01:18:00.520
down drag-out argument. The idea that two people could disagree about something and then discuss

01:18:00.520 --> 01:18:06.440
it civilly is something that women don't want. They would rather have peace, even if it means

01:18:07.000 --> 01:18:11.640
chopping off legs and just making everyone the same height and silencing anything that's going

01:18:11.640 --> 01:18:19.080
to cause discord. In the home, some of that can work in some cases. Societally, civilizationally,

01:18:19.240 --> 01:18:26.040
at large, it is guaranteed to cause evil outcomes. Giving women the vote wasn't simply a matter of

01:18:26.600 --> 01:18:31.160
doubling the number of voters. You needed more ballots. It fundamentally changed forever the

01:18:31.160 --> 01:18:36.840
nature of the appeals made by politicians and the nature of what was being voted on and what

01:18:36.840 --> 01:18:42.040
the ultimate outcomes would be. We see that today in American politics, where you look at

01:18:42.840 --> 01:18:47.960
if only men voted versus only women voted, you have diametrically opposed outcomes in the

01:18:47.960 --> 01:18:55.320
presidential elections. That is a profound statement. It's a theological statement. There's

01:18:55.320 --> 01:19:02.360
no way in which a society can work where men and women are so diametrically opposed. The only

01:19:02.360 --> 01:19:07.800
solution for that, the only godly solution, is for women to return to their proper sphere in the home.

01:19:09.240 --> 01:19:13.880
Repeatedly, as I quoted some of these things, the claim is made by the feminists that men

01:19:13.880 --> 01:19:19.720
created these spheres. We did an entire episode. We did 105 minutes about how God ordained these

01:19:19.720 --> 01:19:26.840
spheres for us. The woman's household and the man's household are internal and external. He rules,

01:19:26.840 --> 01:19:31.720
but she governs within it. He deals with the outside matters and the inside when he needs to,

01:19:31.720 --> 01:19:36.280
and the rest of the time, that's her domain, not to his exclusion, but as his helper.

01:19:36.840 --> 01:19:42.120
Everything that's happened in the feminist world is an inversion and a subversion of that,

01:19:42.120 --> 01:19:46.280
to the point that now men are afraid to do their jobs, and women don't even know what

01:19:46.280 --> 01:19:50.600
their jobs are. They're just going to do everything, and no one will stop them. When a man does stand

01:19:50.600 --> 01:19:55.160
up and say, actually, scripture says we should do the opposite, maybe we should take that seriously,

01:19:55.160 --> 01:20:00.840
those men are punished in the most harsh means imaginable, because such a man is a threat

01:20:00.840 --> 01:20:07.400
to the prince of this world. Following on from first wave feminism is, of course,

01:20:07.480 --> 01:20:13.480
second wave feminism, which is really the genesis of a lot of the evils we see today.

01:20:14.440 --> 01:20:20.520
Yes, you need that superstructure into which to slot these things, because a lot of these

01:20:20.520 --> 01:20:30.760
things were pushed through political means, but the proximate genesis, the start of these evils

01:20:30.760 --> 01:20:37.720
that are now bearing their ultimate fruit today in what is called fourth wave feminism,

01:20:37.720 --> 01:20:44.920
start in the 60s and the 80s with second wave feminism. Whereas first wave feminism focused

01:20:44.920 --> 01:20:50.040
largely on so-called political issues, although, yes, it followed on from the

01:20:50.040 --> 01:20:57.240
political slash social issue of abolitionism, second wave feminism really focuses on the

01:20:57.240 --> 01:21:06.200
social issues. And that becomes family dynamics, the relationship of man and woman, the domesticity

01:21:06.200 --> 01:21:11.640
of woman, reproduction rights so-called, woman's participation in the workforce,

01:21:12.360 --> 01:21:18.280
and the structuring of the family and, of course, because this is always one of Satan's goals with

01:21:18.280 --> 01:21:25.640
feminism in whatever form and wherever it crops up, human sexuality becomes one of the major issues,

01:21:25.640 --> 01:21:28.840
and that, of course, is what leads to birth control and abortion.

01:21:29.800 --> 01:21:36.040
And this dichotomy is important because the second wave feminism, the subsequent generations,

01:21:36.040 --> 01:21:41.160
basically what happened, you had first wave feminism sort of firing up in the 1840s or

01:21:41.160 --> 01:21:48.280
50s and carrying on through the ratification of the 19th Amendment. By the 20s, there wasn't

01:21:48.280 --> 01:21:53.960
really anything left for them to do. And so there was this weird lull between the generations where

01:21:53.960 --> 01:21:59.640
they had one political power. They had one, basically the man's power outside of the home

01:21:59.640 --> 01:22:05.960
to vote. And that was their initial goal to get them as first order participants in political

01:22:05.960 --> 01:22:12.280
society. Then there was a lull of 30 years or so where there wasn't much more for them to do.

01:22:12.280 --> 01:22:18.360
And it was very interesting because today, one of the punchlines for second and third wave feminism

01:22:18.360 --> 01:22:26.600
is the June Cleaver 1950s homemaker. You'll hear the 50s come up over and over again from modern

01:22:26.600 --> 01:22:35.720
feminists as the pinnacle of patriarchal repression. What's fascinating about that, I, for researching

01:22:35.720 --> 01:22:42.600
for this episode, I listened to several hours of feminists on YouTube. You can pray for my

01:22:42.600 --> 01:22:49.480
soul for having to endure that. But I found it to be fascinating because they're very open about

01:22:49.480 --> 01:22:55.800
what they did. And one of the things, but one of the things they lie about, it just as Stanton and

01:22:55.800 --> 01:23:02.360
the others lied about man creating the sphere of the home and the household for women. Today,

01:23:02.360 --> 01:23:07.880
the feminist lie is that man really repeated the same thing, created that sphere of the household

01:23:07.960 --> 01:23:13.800
for women. And the 50s was when that was invented. That's really fundamentally what they,

01:23:14.600 --> 01:23:18.760
I think some of them believe it. I think they think the history didn't exist before that

01:23:18.760 --> 01:23:23.960
because what happened in the 50s is the same thing that happened in the 40s and the 30s and 20s.

01:23:23.960 --> 01:23:29.480
And it always happened in Christian societies. Women were homemakers. In the 50s, they were

01:23:30.280 --> 01:23:39.880
beginning to be exposed more to public media, to TV. The TV was just sort of nascent at that

01:23:39.880 --> 01:23:45.640
point. But radio and many magazines specifically focusing on women for the sake of propagandizing

01:23:45.640 --> 01:23:54.760
them. And so there became a home ingenuity of dress and of the use of makeup and hair. And

01:23:54.760 --> 01:24:00.920
that's the version of the 50s woman that is really despised by the feminist today. It's also

01:24:00.920 --> 01:24:10.200
what's held up today on the right hand political sphere as sort of trad. It's a straw man almost

01:24:10.200 --> 01:24:16.520
as being held up by both sides where on the right, you'll have them saying the 50s woman in the

01:24:16.520 --> 01:24:21.560
traditional dress that's knee length and she has her hair done up and she has a drink ready for her

01:24:21.560 --> 01:24:26.680
husband when he comes home. The right says that's trad. That's exactly what should have always been.

01:24:26.680 --> 01:24:30.520
And the left says that's horrible. That's patriarchy. That's the worst possible form

01:24:30.520 --> 01:24:37.800
of human society. Both of them are missing the point that that wasn't unusual except for the mass

01:24:37.800 --> 01:24:43.480
media influence on how they all sort of behaved in similar ways. And of course, that was also a

01:24:43.480 --> 01:24:48.760
function of wealth because there were very poor people in those days who had none of that because

01:24:48.760 --> 01:24:56.600
they were poor. My mom's family in Appalachia had none of that. They literally lived on dirt

01:24:56.600 --> 01:25:02.040
floors. They did not have the cocktail waiting for my drunken grandfather when he came home with

01:25:02.040 --> 01:25:10.280
a belt. However, as something that's being held up as an example of either love or hate,

01:25:10.840 --> 01:25:16.360
it's really an anachronistic view of what happened because that was just the first time the mass

01:25:16.360 --> 01:25:22.120
media was encompassing that life for us all to see today. So we have lots of pictures and drawings

01:25:22.120 --> 01:25:27.640
and ads showing that and they're visually appealing and so everyone wants to latch on to it. But

01:25:28.840 --> 01:25:36.280
the reason that the second wave of feminism got riled up was that they started realizing that

01:25:38.280 --> 01:25:45.240
the revolution wasn't over. And as it wound up in the 60s, again with revolutions worldwide,

01:25:45.240 --> 01:25:52.680
you have communist revolutions sweeping the European continent just as you had revolutions in

01:25:52.680 --> 01:26:02.040
1848 and 1913, 1415 with World War I, we again have this paroxysm of revolution, violent revolution

01:26:02.040 --> 01:26:07.800
in other places. And there was violence here as well. The 60s were marked by radical violence.

01:26:07.800 --> 01:26:13.080
It's beyond even what we've seen in recent history today. That's going to change, but it's the same

01:26:13.080 --> 01:26:18.680
spirit. It's a revolution that comes back again and again. The second wave of feminism said,

01:26:18.680 --> 01:26:23.560
well, we got the vote, but as Cory as you just said, what about the household? What about June

01:26:23.560 --> 01:26:29.480
Cleaver? We need to liberate her. It's not enough that June can vote. She needs to put down the cocktail

01:26:29.480 --> 01:26:34.680
glass for her husband. She needs to let down her hair and burn her bra and take off that dress and

01:26:34.680 --> 01:26:40.840
put on some pants and leave the house and go do what she wants to do. So the spheres are important

01:26:40.920 --> 01:26:47.240
in their dialectic because that's what they need to destroy. First, the man's sphere outside the

01:26:47.240 --> 01:26:52.600
home, and then the woman's sphere inside the home, both being destroyed and inverted simultaneously

01:26:52.600 --> 01:26:59.080
such that nothing can remain. You can never have the June Cleaver version of the woman again.

01:27:01.000 --> 01:27:04.760
It's something that the right holds up as a model and the left holds up as

01:27:05.720 --> 01:27:11.560
basically the woman version of Hitler. Nothing could possibly be worse than that sort of woman

01:27:11.560 --> 01:27:15.720
who actually cares about looking good for her husband. So it's a punchline because I don't

01:27:15.720 --> 01:27:21.160
want you to return to that, but it's not just a return to that. It's a return to the faithfulness

01:27:21.160 --> 01:27:24.760
that those women were still trying to maintain because even though there had been a lot of

01:27:24.760 --> 01:27:30.360
worldliness in the intervening decades after women's suffrage, they were still by and large

01:27:30.440 --> 01:27:37.160
not working outside the home. They were still fundamentally domestic, and the second wave

01:27:37.160 --> 01:27:41.960
was designed to overthrow domesticity because that is how you get women out of the home,

01:27:41.960 --> 01:27:47.560
and it's how you burn bras and burn veils and put them on the birth control pill. And as you said,

01:27:47.560 --> 01:27:52.920
Cory, then you get the sexual revolution because when she leaves a supervision of her household,

01:27:52.920 --> 01:27:58.760
whether it's her father or her husband, suddenly there's no one supervising her. And if she can't

01:27:58.760 --> 01:28:06.200
get pregnant, she can do whatever she wants. She can be sexually liberated, which was one of the

01:28:06.200 --> 01:28:11.960
ultimate goals of all of this, eliminating dependence financially and eliminating dependence in terms

01:28:11.960 --> 01:28:17.960
of headship and then eliminating any sort of headship at all, eliminating the idea that a woman

01:28:17.960 --> 01:28:22.520
would be told by a man what to do or what not to do to the point that today when we say that

01:28:23.080 --> 01:28:28.360
maybe it's actually scriptural that a man would tell a woman what to do or what not to do if he's

01:28:28.360 --> 01:28:32.600
her head, not saying that I can go around telling women what to do if I don't know them, if she's

01:28:32.600 --> 01:28:37.000
not my relative, it's not my business. It is, however, the state's business, which is my Christian

01:28:37.000 --> 01:28:43.400
nationalism is important. See, these hierarchies still need to exist, and feminism is ensured that

01:28:43.400 --> 01:28:49.960
we chip away one layer after another until nothing can exist between unfettered man and all of his

01:28:49.960 --> 01:28:55.240
wildest desires. That's what Satan promised in the garden, and it's what we're getting today.

01:28:55.720 --> 01:29:00.680
The reason that the consequences are horrible is that those are the fruits of the most poisonous tree.

01:29:02.040 --> 01:29:09.880
We really see a cycle of revolutions, of uprisings throughout history as Satan attempts to overthrow

01:29:10.680 --> 01:29:16.600
one sort of hierarchy in order after another. He doesn't always succeed. Sometimes he is repulsed

01:29:16.600 --> 01:29:23.880
and pushed back. The revolutions of 1848, as mentioned, were not overall successful. Germany

01:29:23.880 --> 01:29:32.600
is a good example of this. And even for those who maybe knew about the revolution of 1848,

01:29:32.600 --> 01:29:37.720
called the March Revolution, typically in German, as you'll know why in a minute here,

01:29:39.080 --> 01:29:42.920
even those who know about that typically don't know about the revolution that followed

01:29:44.040 --> 01:29:50.680
World War One. The revolution of 1848, 1849 was put down. And actually, if you know one of

01:29:50.680 --> 01:29:56.440
Bismarck's most famous quotes, it references that his, rather through iron and blood quote,

01:29:56.440 --> 01:30:03.400
references the March Revolution. But following on the March Revolution and some of those who,

01:30:03.960 --> 01:30:10.840
some who lost, some who won, left Germany in the ensuing chaos and came to the U.S.,

01:30:10.840 --> 01:30:17.720
called the 48ers. But the revolution that followed on World War One was the November

01:30:17.720 --> 01:30:25.000
Revolution. And that was between 1918 and 1919. And that was the revolution that overthrew,

01:30:26.120 --> 01:30:31.960
basically destroyed the German Empire, destroyed the traditional form of government in Germany,

01:30:31.960 --> 01:30:38.440
and led to the Weimar Republic. And of course, it was the weakness of the Weimar Republic that led

01:30:38.440 --> 01:30:46.120
to chaos. And in part, World War Two, yes, that's more complicated subject for another time, another

01:30:46.120 --> 01:30:54.600
place. But Satan managed with the Revolution of 1918, what he did not manage to do with the

01:30:54.600 --> 01:31:04.360
Revolution of 1848. He brought chaos and a dissolution of proper order and hierarchy

01:31:04.920 --> 01:31:09.640
to the heart of Europe. And it spread from there. Yes, there were other revolutions,

01:31:09.640 --> 01:31:14.760
same time in other parts. Obviously, the Russian Revolution is pertinent here.

01:31:16.920 --> 01:31:25.960
But you see following on from feminism and what happened with in the U.S. abolitionism and also

01:31:25.960 --> 01:31:31.000
feminism. But what happened with the feminists, leading into additional revolution and the

01:31:31.000 --> 01:31:37.080
destruction of more and more, because Satan is never happy. Satan is never sated. Satan is never

01:31:37.080 --> 01:31:45.320
pleased. He will always try to destroy any vestige of good, anything that is left that doesn't conform

01:31:45.320 --> 01:31:55.160
to his image, which is just corruption and opposition to God. And we're not really going to

01:31:55.160 --> 01:32:01.720
deal with third and fourth wave feminism, particularly in a lengthy way, because we're

01:32:01.720 --> 01:32:08.120
currently living the fourth wave, we all know what happens with fourth wave feminism. But it is worth

01:32:08.120 --> 01:32:17.560
mentioning. It is worth highlighting a core difference, as it were, between what is now

01:32:17.560 --> 01:32:23.720
called fourth wave and the previous waves of feminism, because it was always an ultimate

01:32:23.720 --> 01:32:30.360
goal of feminism. But it was not laid out early on, because the intelligence, the animating

01:32:30.360 --> 01:32:35.160
intelligence behind feminism saw where it was going, knew what he wanted to achieve. But many

01:32:35.160 --> 01:32:40.200
of his human actors may not have seen it along the way. Undoubtedly, most of them did not. Perhaps

01:32:40.200 --> 01:32:47.480
some of them had some conception. The most wicked ones may have wanted to achieve this. But one

01:32:47.480 --> 01:32:55.800
of the active goals of fourth wave feminism now is the destruction of what it means to be a man

01:32:55.800 --> 01:33:02.200
or a woman. Not just the destruction of the roles of men and women in society in the home,

01:33:02.280 --> 01:33:07.160
the relationship between men and women, but the destruction of masculinity, femininity,

01:33:07.720 --> 01:33:13.400
what it means to be by nature male or female. And that's why we have the transgender movement.

01:33:13.400 --> 01:33:20.440
That is fourth wave feminism. And so there was a pivot to some degree. You have some feminists now

01:33:21.080 --> 01:33:26.600
who write about men and masculinity, instead of writing about women and women's issues so called.

01:33:27.480 --> 01:33:32.840
Because the goal is to destroy what it means to be a man. Because if you have no men,

01:33:34.040 --> 01:33:39.480
well, you can never roll back all of these supposed gains, this progress of feminism.

01:33:40.040 --> 01:33:44.280
Because there's no one to stand against it. There's no one to stand up in opposition and say these

01:33:44.280 --> 01:33:49.720
things are wrong. They disagree with scripture. We cannot do this if you destroy men and if you

01:33:49.720 --> 01:33:55.000
destroy masculinity, which they have done quite an effective job thus far. There are not very many

01:33:55.000 --> 01:34:03.080
actually masculine men left in the world at this point. But that's why you'll see some modern

01:34:03.080 --> 01:34:08.520
feminist writers who will try to argue that well, men should be more emotional, should express their

01:34:08.520 --> 01:34:13.320
emotions more in public, should cry, should do all these various things. If you are a man.

01:34:14.120 --> 01:34:21.080
Now, Wo may want to add a comment on to this or disagree in part. But for me, my position is very

01:34:21.160 --> 01:34:26.360
clear. If you are a man, you generally should not be crying and expressing these things in public

01:34:27.160 --> 01:34:32.760
with the exception of a handful of situations, which would be the death of a close relative,

01:34:32.760 --> 01:34:38.840
the death of your dog, or the passion of Christ, those you're allowed to cry for those, that's it.

01:34:39.880 --> 01:34:44.920
But there is a difference between what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man.

01:34:45.560 --> 01:34:49.880
And the goal is to destroy that with fourth wave feminism, it is to make,

01:34:49.880 --> 01:34:56.920
instead of humanity, sexually and psychologically, spiritually dimorphic as God created us,

01:34:58.680 --> 01:35:03.320
it is to make some androgynous new man where it doesn't matter

01:35:04.280 --> 01:35:09.160
how you were born, what parts you have, all of that is irrelevant. Because ultimately, of course,

01:35:09.160 --> 01:35:16.120
their goal is to make it so that you can put off being physically male and become physically

01:35:16.120 --> 01:35:21.720
female, the same as you would put on or off a new suit. Now, they won't get there, they won't

01:35:21.720 --> 01:35:27.400
achieve it. But that's their goal. That is the reality that is the mindset of the enemies we

01:35:27.400 --> 01:35:35.000
are facing. They think that the science fiction they've been reading, where you can just swap

01:35:35.000 --> 01:35:39.800
bodies, where you can become whatever it is you want to be, instead of, I don't feel like being

01:35:39.800 --> 01:35:44.520
a human today, I'll be a wolf today. They think that that's a reality and they will fight tooth

01:35:44.520 --> 01:35:50.200
and nail and they will burn everything to the ground in an attempt to get there. And that's

01:35:50.200 --> 01:35:57.960
fourth wave feminism. That's why you have to oppose third wave and second wave and first wave

01:35:57.960 --> 01:36:04.840
and proto feminism, because it leads inevitably to where we are today. We are living in the

01:36:04.840 --> 01:36:13.240
aftermath of centuries of virtually unopposed feminism. Now, there were times in history

01:36:13.240 --> 01:36:18.280
where these revolutions were put down, where Christians stood up and said, no, we will not

01:36:18.280 --> 01:36:24.040
permit this. This cannot be done. This is wicked. A great example would be the peasants revolt

01:36:24.040 --> 01:36:29.640
in the 1500s in Germany. That was one of the first times where Satan really pushed hard.

01:36:30.360 --> 01:36:35.160
In the aftermath of the Reformation, he saw that perhaps there was an opportunity here

01:36:35.160 --> 01:36:42.280
to overthrow rightful hierarchy, because some of the peasants got it into their mind that because

01:36:43.640 --> 01:36:49.720
the Protestants had rejected Roman so-called authority because of Rome's transgressions,

01:36:49.720 --> 01:36:55.080
that, well, we should be allowed to reject all authority, because that's the spirit. That's

01:36:55.080 --> 01:37:00.600
always the spirit. It's always to push, always for more. And so they attempted to overthrow

01:37:01.320 --> 01:37:07.080
their barons and their lords and all hierarchy. They wanted to completely destroy the government,

01:37:07.080 --> 01:37:12.360
basically create anarchy. And they succeeded in creating anarchy in certain states,

01:37:12.360 --> 01:37:17.720
where imperial forces had to be called in to put them down at the cost of quite a bit of blood and

01:37:17.720 --> 01:37:24.760
treasure. But that was put down. Martin Luther actually wrote against the peasants in this case.

01:37:24.760 --> 01:37:30.120
It's worth reading. I'll put a link to it in the show notes. I believe I have an English translation

01:37:30.120 --> 01:37:36.920
that's not encumbered by copyright. But that was put down. That time Satan tried and he failed.

01:37:38.040 --> 01:37:46.360
1848, he tried again, that failed. 1918, he tried and he succeeded. And he succeeded in a lot

01:37:46.360 --> 01:37:52.280
of the Western world with those revolutions. And we are still living through the aftermath of that

01:37:52.280 --> 01:37:59.080
today. And the thing is, even Christians today who will point out that there were problems with

01:37:59.080 --> 01:38:03.000
those revolutions, which I would hope so, because many of them were effectively communist revolutions,

01:38:04.440 --> 01:38:07.720
they won't go so far as to say that the intellectual

01:38:08.440 --> 01:38:15.000
forebears of those revolutions were also wicked. And we're right back to the idea of the wicked tree.

01:38:15.880 --> 01:38:24.040
If the fruit is poisonous, evil, then the tree is poisonous and evil. You cannot say,

01:38:24.040 --> 01:38:28.680
well, I won't eat this fruit off the poisonous tree, but I'll eat that one. They're all poisonous,

01:38:28.680 --> 01:38:35.240
because the poisonous tree bears only poisonous fruit. And the poisonous fruit came from a poisonous tree.

01:38:36.920 --> 01:38:42.120
And so you cannot, as a Christian, say, well, I oppose the communist revolutions, but I don't

01:38:42.680 --> 01:38:49.400
oppose feminism and egalitarianism and all of these various things, liberty in the conception

01:38:49.400 --> 01:38:55.480
of the French Revolution and in the conception of the American Revolution. If you say you don't oppose

01:38:55.480 --> 01:39:00.760
these things as well, all you're doing is saying, I want to return to the point where Satan only

01:39:00.760 --> 01:39:06.760
ruled us from the shadows instead of openly. And that is not a Christian position. And so as

01:39:06.840 --> 01:39:12.840
Christians, we have to oppose all of these things, because we have to stand on scripture,

01:39:12.840 --> 01:39:19.400
on God's word, on what God has told us, on what He has done in creation, the order that He has

01:39:19.400 --> 01:39:24.360
created, the rightful hierarchy He has instilled. These are the things that we have to defend.

01:39:25.560 --> 01:39:30.360
We do not get to defect from the truth, because we don't like this particular truth,

01:39:30.360 --> 01:39:34.760
because this one makes us uncomfortable, because society says you cannot hold these views,

01:39:34.760 --> 01:39:38.120
because society says if you hold those views, we will persecute you,

01:39:39.480 --> 01:39:44.520
because those who fall away during persecution, you don't inherit eternal life,

01:39:46.200 --> 01:39:52.360
because it says those who persevere to the end. And so as Christians, we have to take a stand

01:39:52.360 --> 01:39:58.760
on these issues, on all of these issues, not just push back a little. You don't just push back

01:39:58.760 --> 01:40:04.840
against the most recent evil, as has often been said, conservatives today politically are just

01:40:05.560 --> 01:40:13.000
liberals or leftists going the speed limit. And so that often plays out. In our political sphere,

01:40:13.000 --> 01:40:20.440
in our government, you will have the so-called conservative parties are just 20, 30,

01:40:20.440 --> 01:40:27.000
maybe 40 years behind the left parties. And we have Christians doing the same thing in the church.

01:40:27.800 --> 01:40:34.040
You have the ones with the so-called rainbow, it's not a rainbow, it's missing a color,

01:40:34.040 --> 01:40:39.000
the so-called rainbow flag, the BLM flag, all these various things festooning these beautiful

01:40:39.000 --> 01:40:43.720
buildings that were built to the glory of God and now serve as sanctuaries for Satan. But you have

01:40:43.720 --> 01:40:52.760
these buildings full of pastors, so-called, many of whom are women now, proclaiming that they are

01:40:52.760 --> 01:40:59.800
Christian and then lying in God's name and proclaiming immense wickedness. Today, it's going

01:40:59.800 --> 01:41:07.320
to be transgenderism and anti-racism and all the various talking points of the Marxist. But down

01:41:07.320 --> 01:41:15.400
the street, you'll have a supposedly sound Christian church proclaiming the proto-versions

01:41:15.400 --> 01:41:21.240
of all of the same wickedness just from a century ago. Sure, the Christians are taking a little

01:41:21.240 --> 01:41:25.240
longer to catch up than the political realm did, but they're doing it more quickly.

01:41:26.840 --> 01:41:31.320
And so you'll have Christians who are preaching abolitionism and egalitarianism

01:41:31.320 --> 01:41:38.760
and mutual submission and a litany of a thousand other evils. That is not faithfulness to God.

01:41:39.640 --> 01:41:45.320
Pushing back against only the most recent wickedness of the culture, the most recent thing

01:41:45.320 --> 01:41:51.320
that Satan happens to be propping up is not faithfulness. Yes, if you are opposing the

01:41:51.320 --> 01:41:57.160
place where Satan is attacking, that is faithfulness. But not if you've let him into your camp

01:41:58.120 --> 01:42:03.400
and he's living beside you, which is what we are doing today as supposed Christians.

01:42:04.680 --> 01:42:11.640
And that's why we addressed all of the various forms of feminism. Yes, we didn't go into detail

01:42:11.640 --> 01:42:16.760
on the third and the fourth wave because you're living in it now. You know what it is.

01:42:18.520 --> 01:42:24.440
But the reason you start with the Enlightenment and even before that, the reason you start with

01:42:24.440 --> 01:42:32.840
proto-feminism is because that is the wicked tree. You cannot eat from the wicked tree. If you approve

01:42:33.720 --> 01:42:38.680
anything that comes from Satan instead of from God, you are in rebellion to God.

01:42:39.480 --> 01:42:44.280
And you will eventually end up where we are today and worse.

01:42:45.480 --> 01:42:51.080
To be clear, we're only talking about the last 300 years, which is Christians matter,

01:42:51.080 --> 01:42:56.360
because the Christian Church has been around for 2000 years and the Christian faith has been around

01:42:56.360 --> 01:43:04.200
for 6000 years. So when Corey and I point back to Scripture and to history prior to the Enlightenment,

01:43:04.440 --> 01:43:10.280
I hope that those are convincing arguments to you. I hope that as a Christian in the 21st

01:43:10.280 --> 01:43:18.200
century, you can understand that if you're personally held, strongly held moral convictions,

01:43:19.400 --> 01:43:25.160
our fruits of the Enlightenment, such that they were alien to every Christian for 5700 years,

01:43:25.800 --> 01:43:31.320
I would hope that that fills you with profound dread. That's our goal. If you hold some of these

01:43:31.320 --> 01:43:37.640
beliefs, and it's in good conscience, and we tell you, did you know that no Christians for 5700

01:43:37.640 --> 01:43:43.400
years believed what you believe? And in fact, Scripture and every believer in heaven teaches

01:43:43.400 --> 01:43:50.600
and believe the opposite of what it is that you're saying today. That is important. I don't

01:43:50.600 --> 01:43:57.400
know how to say it. That is the essence of the continuity of Christianity. It doesn't come in

01:43:57.480 --> 01:44:02.360
fits and spurts. That's a hallmark of the devil. When you have revolution, when you have new things

01:44:02.360 --> 01:44:07.160
popping up all the time and changing all the time, that is alien to the Christian faith.

01:44:07.800 --> 01:44:13.160
That's not something that should be a part of our Church. It should not be part of a

01:44:13.160 --> 01:44:19.240
Christian nation, of a Christian civilization. When we had Christendom, none of this existed.

01:44:19.240 --> 01:44:25.880
Christendom ended with the Enlightenment to be explicit. Christendom died in the Enlightenment.

01:44:26.600 --> 01:44:32.280
This has all been dancing in the ashes of a Christendom that would have been our inheritance

01:44:32.280 --> 01:44:38.360
if our grandfathers had preserved it, but instead they failed. They betrayed us. They defied God.

01:44:38.360 --> 01:44:44.840
They've handed us a pile of evil. That's why we're talking weird. That's why we're talking about

01:44:44.840 --> 01:44:48.200
stuff that people don't want to talk about. That's why we're talking about history,

01:44:48.200 --> 01:44:53.480
ancient history from 250 and 300 years ago. That's not relevant to your life today, is it?

01:44:54.440 --> 01:44:59.720
Those matters are long settled. Why would anyone care today? It's because this is the

01:44:59.720 --> 01:45:07.480
genesis of these modern heresies. These are teachings of demons. I've pointed many times to

01:45:07.480 --> 01:45:12.680
1 Timothy 4. Teachings of demons is a very low threshold. Anything that is contrary to Scripture

01:45:12.680 --> 01:45:19.720
is a teaching of demon. These are all things from hell. The illumination that we have today from

01:45:19.720 --> 01:45:25.160
the Enlightenment. Frequently in text, it doesn't work as well verbally. In text, I call it the

01:45:25.160 --> 01:45:30.360
Inlusifermint. It's harder to say, but that's really what it is. Lucifer the Lightbringer

01:45:30.360 --> 01:45:37.960
in Lucifered the 17th century. He brought the light of hell to illuminate the world,

01:45:37.960 --> 01:45:41.560
and Christendom ceased to be Christendom when it bought and gobbled it up.

01:45:42.760 --> 01:45:48.040
All those things that appeal to our natural vanity, just as Satan appealed to Eve's vanity in the

01:45:48.040 --> 01:45:53.000
garden when he said, you can be like God. She said, wow, it's a really pretty fruit. That sounds

01:45:53.000 --> 01:45:59.080
like a good deal. I won't surely die. God wouldn't kill me. God loves me. He's the God of love.

01:45:59.080 --> 01:46:05.160
This is going to be great. That refrain has echoed through the ages in different ways.

01:46:05.160 --> 01:46:12.120
Our problem today in the West is the final version of that. Not only has it ended Christendom,

01:46:12.120 --> 01:46:16.200
but it's going to end Christianity if our churches are not reclaimed in the name of

01:46:16.200 --> 01:46:22.360
Scripture and the name of Scripture as God. The last 300 years have left us with virtually nothing,

01:46:22.360 --> 01:46:27.240
and our churches and our pews are filled with people who, when they hear these enlightenment

01:46:27.240 --> 01:46:32.440
teachings, teachings of feminism, teachings of abolition, all of these things that are

01:46:32.440 --> 01:46:36.760
opposed to God fundamentally, and you can demonstrate clearly from Scripture as we have,

01:46:37.480 --> 01:46:42.600
people hear those things from the world, from Satan's mouth, and they hear the voice of God.

01:46:42.600 --> 01:46:52.040
They hear the voice of God in Satan's words. What does that mean for their salvation? I don't know,

01:46:52.040 --> 01:46:59.320
but I can tell you that God promises that his sheep recognize his voice, and when men like

01:46:59.320 --> 01:47:04.920
Corey and I speak with the words of God, like we're not prophets, we're quoting Scripture and

01:47:04.920 --> 01:47:10.920
making simple arguments from Scripture. This is not fancy. We could be fancy, but I don't want to.

01:47:11.320 --> 01:47:15.960
I want to be as simple as possible with this stuff. I want to be as simple as they were 300

01:47:15.960 --> 01:47:20.200
years ago when they believed it still. When Christians still believed these things,

01:47:20.200 --> 01:47:25.560
we had Christendom, and then we threw it away when we picked up what Satan was selling instead.

01:47:26.760 --> 01:47:32.920
When you have churches today where Christians hear the scriptural words and they don't recognize

01:47:32.920 --> 01:47:38.600
them and they hate them, that means that Christianity is going to die. It's going to die

01:47:38.600 --> 01:47:43.880
in this century unless something turns around, because Christianity can only be propagated

01:47:43.880 --> 01:47:49.000
and perpetuated by Christians, and there are vanishingly few of those left. When you look

01:47:49.000 --> 01:47:54.840
at the surveys of Christians of their beliefs, most Christian beliefs on the very most basic things

01:47:54.840 --> 01:47:59.880
forget feminism and slavery and these hot button issues on whether or not Jesus is God,

01:47:59.880 --> 01:48:04.360
on whether or not Scripture is the word of God. Most Christians disagree with those statements.

01:48:04.360 --> 01:48:09.640
They're not Christian. Even in our churches, which themselves are largely not Christian anymore,

01:48:09.640 --> 01:48:14.360
most of the pews and the pews of those non-Christian churches are themselves not Christians.

01:48:14.360 --> 01:48:18.120
The teachers are ceasing to be Christian. No one hears the word of God. They don't

01:48:18.120 --> 01:48:22.280
hear the voice of God. They hear the voice of Satan, and they think, that's my God. I'm going to

01:48:22.280 --> 01:48:29.240
follow him. This is an existential battle, which is why we chose these things, these hot button

01:48:29.240 --> 01:48:35.000
issues as subjects for the Stone Choir podcast, because as hard as it is here, and as angry as

01:48:35.000 --> 01:48:39.800
it may make some of you to hear these things, we're not telling you anything that we were told

01:48:39.800 --> 01:48:45.640
anyone 400 years ago because there had been no point. They would call us radical liberals for

01:48:45.640 --> 01:48:50.840
the things that we don't agree with them about, and I would happily receive that reprimand.

01:48:50.840 --> 01:48:55.400
I wish there was someone to tell me, I'm not going hard enough, because I'm sure I'm missing

01:48:55.400 --> 01:49:00.840
something, and it's not going hard enough for the sake of earning salvation. I want to be faithful

01:49:00.840 --> 01:49:06.440
to God. I want you to be faithful to God. How do you do that? You hear his word and you obey it.

01:49:07.160 --> 01:49:11.560
Jesus died on the cross for you. You're already saved. There's nothing you can do to earn your

01:49:11.560 --> 01:49:18.600
salvation. There is something you can do to reject your salvation. You can take those sins down off

01:49:18.600 --> 01:49:22.760
the cross and take them back to your own heart and say, I don't think these are sins anymore.

01:49:23.720 --> 01:49:27.320
That's not a sin, so Jesus didn't need to pay for that. If that is your belief,

01:49:27.320 --> 01:49:32.920
if that's your confession, God will decide on the last day whether he's going to credit

01:49:32.920 --> 01:49:36.280
Christ's righteousness to you or whether he's going to believe your confession,

01:49:36.280 --> 01:49:40.680
that these things are not sins because they are. He knows they are. He declared them from

01:49:40.680 --> 01:49:45.400
before eternity to be evil because they're contrary to his eternal will. If things that

01:49:45.400 --> 01:49:51.560
are contrary to God's will are part of your religion, I hope and pray that you'll change

01:49:51.640 --> 01:49:57.640
because time is running short for every one of us. These matters, while they don't seem on their

01:49:57.640 --> 01:50:03.160
face to be principal matters of salvation, when we get down to the nitty-gritty of people despising

01:50:03.160 --> 01:50:08.520
God's word, they absolutely are because when someone shows you in Scripture that the man is

01:50:08.520 --> 01:50:12.360
the head of his wife, his Christ is the head of the church, and you have Christians who've

01:50:12.360 --> 01:50:16.200
literally never heard the man as the head of his wife, and they demand to know where is that in

01:50:16.200 --> 01:50:23.720
Scripture. Time is short for all of us. This is stuff that we have to get right, not for our

01:50:23.720 --> 01:50:29.240
salvation, not to earn salvation, because if we deny God, when He's standing before the judgment

01:50:29.240 --> 01:50:35.080
thrown, how is He going to receive us? I know how He's going to receive me. He's going to receive

01:50:35.080 --> 01:50:40.520
me covered in Christ's blood because that is the only thing that can cover my sins. But I confess

01:50:41.160 --> 01:50:45.960
everything that Christ says, not just the stuff that I like, not just the stuff that makes me

01:50:45.960 --> 01:50:50.680
look good, the stuff that makes me look the worse, and the stuff that makes me the most ashamed,

01:50:50.680 --> 01:50:56.440
that is what I confess. These controversial matters are matters of confession for all of us.

01:50:56.440 --> 01:51:03.000
We were born in a demonic society that does not view God, and it hears the words of Satan and

01:51:03.000 --> 01:51:08.040
believes that they're the voice of God. We must reject that if we are to have salvation because

01:51:08.040 --> 01:51:11.880
although Christ earned it on the cross for every one of us, if you reject Him,

01:51:11.880 --> 01:51:23.960
you reject the salvation that He was given to each of us.