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Don't worry.

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Don't worry.

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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast, I am Corey J. Mahler.

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And I'm woe.

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If Inside Baseball drama sounds like it's not your cup of tea, you can stop listening

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right now.

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You won't miss out on anything because this is not an episode where we're really going

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to be referring to in the future.

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There are a number of episodes that this is effectively a continuation of, kind of a culmination

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in some way.

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So we will link those in the show notes and we'll mention them as we go along.

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One other warning as we get started, this episode is going to seem kind of rambling

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in content.

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The reason for that is that we're going to be doing everything in order.

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We basically have assembled a timeline of events as they relate to Synod's attacks

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on layman.

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And those are, until you have the whole picture, it just kind of seems like, what does this

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have to do with each other?

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There are things that most of these things we knew as they were happening, that they

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were happening.

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There are some things we didn't know at the time and then we subsequently discovered.

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So in this timeline as we deliver it, we're just going to tell you point by point everything

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that's happened.

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As a result, it's probably going to seem a little confusing until we get to the end.

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So if you want to know what has been happening to the four men who were on the turnip stream

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dealing with the large cataclysm, this is for the time being the most canonical source

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of those things for Ryan's threads and some of the videos and some of the articles we're

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going to mention.

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The show notes are going to be very rich in terms of pointing to those resources.

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So we're not going to repeat a bunch of stuff that's been said elsewhere.

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If you have been following the story, we're not going to bore you too much with repeating

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those details because they're already well laid out.

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So we will incorporate those by reference as we go along.

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So again, feel free to just tune out right now if that's not something you have any

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interest in hearing.

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If on the other hand you want to hear what the Synod has been doing and at the end we'll

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be talking briefly just about some things that we can do in response as laymen who are

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concerned about the state of these things.

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So to begin with, we're going to zoom back to the middle of last year, nearly a year

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ago today.

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Before I mention the first item in this timeline, I want to point out that for those who may

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have the wrong understanding, have taken away the wrong implication from what Woe just said,

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this is inside baseball insofar as it involves what is happening to the church.

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This is not inside baseball specifically insofar as it pertains to what is happening to the

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LCMS because it's the LCMS and the AALC, as you will see soon enough today.

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It will be your church tomorrow, or maybe it was your church 10 years ago.

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This is something that Satan is doing to all of the churches.

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So it's inside baseball for the church, not specifically for the LCMS.

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This is going to be largely for the LCMS because the two of us are Lutheran.

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So starting with June, the 1st of June of 2022.

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My pastor received a complaint letter from three other pastors, Eric Johnson, Ben Meyer,

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and Daniel Ross.

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The letter itself I scanned, it is available, it'll be linked to in the show notes, it's

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linked to on my website, it was linked to on Twitter as well.

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This is sort of what kicked off some of this because the thrust of their complaint is that

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they didn't believe I was treating them appropriately on Twitter as they are pastors.

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The problem with their argument is that what I was doing was correcting their false doctrine

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because all three of these men constantly spout false doctrine on Twitter.

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And it's a real problem that we have with pastors across the spectrum in various different

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denominations, but that's how this started out.

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And so they sent the complaint letter, I met with my pastor and an elder and nothing came

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of it.

04:38.780 --> 04:44.260
I talked to them, I was not placed under discipline, and that was the end of that.

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Which made of course these three men very unhappy, and undoubtedly also those who are

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over them in the church very unhappy.

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And so we'll move forward a month from there.

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This is part of what really got things going because this next event is the one that caused

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many of us to start looking more deeply into these matters.

05:06.580 --> 05:12.060
And that was the LCMS Youth Gathering in Houston, that's the National Youth Gathering.

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And the reason that we started looking into this, the date is the 1st of July.

05:16.740 --> 05:22.140
The reason we started looking into this is that the organization calling itself Lutherans

05:22.140 --> 05:28.940
for racial justice played an outsized role in this youth gathering.

05:28.940 --> 05:35.980
And so you have this Marxist organization agitating along racial lines and others.

05:35.980 --> 05:40.020
Of course, you can go back and listen to our episode on Marxism and you'll understand

05:40.020 --> 05:42.340
what they were doing.

05:42.340 --> 05:47.140
But you have them taking over the youth gathering and the LCMS.

05:47.140 --> 05:50.380
And so they're indoctrinating the next generation in Marxist thinking.

05:50.380 --> 05:52.860
That is exactly what they're doing because that is how Marxists work.

05:52.860 --> 05:56.400
It is a subversion of an existing institution.

05:56.400 --> 05:58.900
And so we notice that is what is happening.

05:58.900 --> 06:06.900
And we have individuals who are involved in this will link to the bios for the men who

06:06.900 --> 06:09.020
claim to have started this.

06:09.020 --> 06:15.180
But you have Nunez as one of them, you have, I've forgotten the name of the pastor, remember

06:15.180 --> 06:16.180
his name?

06:16.180 --> 06:18.340
I don't recall off the top of my head.

06:18.340 --> 06:20.060
I'll link to it.

06:20.060 --> 06:26.100
But then you also have Salzburg, who is a literal pornographer from California, who

06:26.100 --> 06:31.460
is the co-founder of this organization.

06:31.460 --> 06:34.740
And so we started digging from there and this ties into other things.

06:34.740 --> 06:39.380
And you'll notice there are just tentacles throughout because that is how Satan works.

06:39.380 --> 06:40.380
That's how this worked.

06:40.380 --> 06:46.540
You have individuals who are in various places and start indoctrinating children here, start

06:46.540 --> 06:49.740
changing curriculum there.

06:49.740 --> 06:54.340
And that is how we started looking into these issues more deeply.

06:54.340 --> 06:59.700
And if you're not familiar with the national youth gathering, it is a large production.

06:59.700 --> 07:04.900
To give you a sense of the scale, the LCMS spent $9 million on this thing.

07:04.900 --> 07:10.700
It was a third of the annual budget last year spent specifically on getting all the kids

07:10.700 --> 07:12.220
together for a week.

07:12.220 --> 07:14.700
And it's always been known as kind of the lib thing.

07:14.700 --> 07:19.260
It's always been an ultra-lib youth event.

07:19.260 --> 07:23.500
So much so that there's actually a competing event called Higher Things that was set up

07:23.500 --> 07:28.300
without Senate oversight to be a confessional competitor to it.

07:28.300 --> 07:32.900
Unfortunately, they have gone down the same path because they all live in the same world.

07:32.900 --> 07:36.620
And so all these pastors, even when they're trying to be so-called confessional, they're

07:36.620 --> 07:39.260
still adopting the world's frame on all these issues.

07:39.260 --> 07:45.500
So Lutherans for Racial Justice first popped up about four weeks after George Floyd's suicide

07:45.500 --> 07:47.260
three years ago now.

07:47.260 --> 07:53.540
And so they are themselves an outgrowth of the Black Caucus within the Missouri Senate.

07:53.540 --> 07:56.940
So it's many of the same pastors in the Black Caucus.

07:56.940 --> 08:02.820
They rebranded some of their operations, they actually share some of the same legal entities.

08:02.820 --> 08:07.740
They're specifically now focusing on what they call racial justice inside the LCMS.

08:07.740 --> 08:14.340
And so the personalities are crucial because when we first started looking at it a year

08:14.340 --> 08:21.180
ago, we thought, wow, these racial agitators are taking things over.

08:21.180 --> 08:24.860
As all of the things we're subsequently going to describe here unfolded, we realized in

08:24.860 --> 08:31.140
retrospect Matt Harrison handed the reins to these racial agitators a year ago.

08:31.140 --> 08:34.260
Lutherans for Racial Justice has worked hand in hand with him.

08:34.260 --> 08:40.620
Now he's more conservative publicly than them, but it's a Mott and Bailey play where

08:40.620 --> 08:46.140
L4RJ will go further and then the nice centrist guys can pretend, oh, well, we don't want

08:46.140 --> 08:49.740
to be like Kendi, ex-Abraham, whatever.

08:49.740 --> 08:51.420
We want to be the conservatives.

08:51.420 --> 08:53.700
But then they keep saying exactly the same things.

08:53.700 --> 08:58.260
And oh, by the way, it's all targeted at white men like us who are saying, hey, let's believe

08:58.260 --> 08:59.460
the Bible.

08:59.460 --> 09:03.660
And that's probably going to look exactly like what it looked like 150 years ago.

09:03.660 --> 09:09.860
That is why the Missouri Senate is freaking out today about laymen talking when they have

09:09.860 --> 09:14.020
these $9 million budgets and then we say, oh, you know what, this looks like a pile

09:14.020 --> 09:15.020
of garbage.

09:15.020 --> 09:16.100
What are you doing?

09:16.100 --> 09:18.460
That interrupts their plans.

09:18.460 --> 09:23.060
I want to make sure that everyone has the names of those involved in this.

09:23.060 --> 09:28.220
And so I am going to go back over a handful of names here just so people can start to

09:28.220 --> 09:31.020
sort of mentally map what is going on here.

09:31.020 --> 09:36.620
And New York is going to come up an outsized number of times.

09:36.620 --> 09:38.500
And so we'll start with Eric Johnson.

09:38.500 --> 09:43.180
Eric Johnson is an SMP pastor in New York.

09:43.180 --> 09:47.300
I think he's still at Holy Trinity in Yonkers.

09:47.300 --> 09:48.300
I'm not exactly sure.

09:48.300 --> 09:51.060
He's actually, he's finishing him his MDiv.

09:51.060 --> 09:52.180
So he's in St. Louis now.

09:52.180 --> 09:53.180
He's not a pastor.

09:53.180 --> 09:54.180
Oh, is he?

09:54.180 --> 09:55.180

09:55.180 --> 09:56.180

09:56.180 --> 09:57.180
He's finishing that up.

09:57.180 --> 09:58.180
That's where he's what?

09:58.180 --> 10:00.220
I don't know if he'll go back there, but New York plays an outsized role in this.

10:00.220 --> 10:02.340
He was originally from New York.

10:02.340 --> 10:05.180
You can find his installation pictures and such.

10:05.180 --> 10:12.060
Daniel Ross is a pastor in Oklahoma, which for those who've been paying attention, you

10:12.060 --> 10:16.140
know that Ryan Turnip seed also Oklahoma.

10:16.140 --> 10:20.660
And then there is Ben Meyer, who is a pastor in Ohio.

10:20.660 --> 10:24.380
And so you'll note that we have these disparate pastors who came together and wrote a letter

10:24.380 --> 10:26.260
against me.

10:26.260 --> 10:31.740
We're going to see this sort of collusion more and more as we go on from here.

10:31.740 --> 10:38.100
Before you go on, Ben Meyer is crucially important because he is best friends with Jordan Cooper.

10:38.100 --> 10:40.500
Jordan Cooper is also AALC.

10:40.500 --> 10:44.220
Jordan Cooper has tangled with Corey in the past.

10:44.220 --> 10:49.900
Jordan Cooper, the AALC and Antifa have ties historically before we get to the things that

10:49.900 --> 10:51.100
have happened here.

10:51.100 --> 10:58.100
So when Ben Meyer shows up right off the bat, coming after Corey, that is not disconnected

10:58.100 --> 11:01.340
from his close personal friendship with Jordan.

11:01.340 --> 11:04.740
And when I say close personal friendship, he named his kid after him.

11:04.740 --> 11:08.300
So they're longtime friends, fine, whatever, you can be friends with people.

11:08.300 --> 11:11.940
Unless it's Corey and me, you're not allowed to be friends with us or you will go to hell.

11:11.940 --> 11:14.380
That's what the Missouri Synod has said and we'll get into that.

11:14.380 --> 11:20.300
That's pretty much the thrust of most of this conversation, most of these details, but everybody

11:20.300 --> 11:24.580
else gets to have friends as long as they're not us.

11:24.580 --> 11:29.820
And part of the reason that Jordan Cooper hates me in particular, but a number of others

11:29.820 --> 11:34.340
as well, one, he doesn't like to be challenged by anyone.

11:34.340 --> 11:40.260
And well, unfortunately for him, he routinely posts things that are just outright false.

11:40.260 --> 11:47.260
He's been called an open heretic by Kilcrease, who is a member of the CTCR, despite the fact

11:47.260 --> 11:50.820
that the LCMS and the ALC are in alter and pulpit fellowship.

11:50.820 --> 11:55.860
We have the supposed chief theologian, one of the chief theologians of the LCMS calling

11:55.860 --> 11:59.300
the chief theologian of the ALC an open heretic.

11:59.300 --> 12:02.460
And Kilcrease did apologize on Facebook.

12:02.460 --> 12:07.860
He got slapped on the wrist for that because pastors can't say bad things about other pastors,

12:07.860 --> 12:11.060
but laymen are absolutely fair game.

12:11.060 --> 12:12.340

12:12.340 --> 12:17.380
And so part of the reason, the another part of the reason that Jordan Cooper does not

12:17.380 --> 12:25.140
like me is that I helped defend super Lutheran when he was being brought up basically for

12:25.140 --> 12:32.040
excommunication for heresy charges, more or less by the ALC.

12:32.040 --> 12:36.420
And that was brought, those charges were brought by Cooper.

12:36.420 --> 12:39.900
I did get them to admit that in the hearing.

12:39.900 --> 12:41.700
They didn't want to.

12:41.700 --> 12:46.300
This was, again, one of those, not as bad as some of the struggle sessions have been

12:46.300 --> 12:51.380
since then with the LCMS, but it was a sort of struggle session in which it was very

12:51.380 --> 12:56.780
nebulous who was charging, but I did get the tribunal to force the prosecution to admit

12:56.780 --> 12:57.780
that bit.

12:57.780 --> 13:00.900
So we do know that Jordan Cooper was the one who pushed for those charges.

13:00.900 --> 13:01.900
And again, it's because-

13:01.900 --> 13:04.100
And I believe that he's since publicly denied that.

13:04.100 --> 13:05.100
He has.

13:05.100 --> 13:08.020
I believe he's publicly denied that as well, despite the fact that there were half a dozen

13:08.020 --> 13:11.540
witnesses to that testimony from their side.

13:11.540 --> 13:13.040

13:13.040 --> 13:17.180
The panel was seven men, there were two prosecutors, there was a recorder, and then there were

13:17.180 --> 13:23.580
three of us, four on the other side, depending on what part of the so-called trial.

13:23.580 --> 13:27.460
There were plenty of men in the room who heard exactly what was going on.

13:27.460 --> 13:28.460
But yes, he's denied that.

13:28.460 --> 13:31.380
They haven't released the recording, and they probably never will, assuming they even

13:31.380 --> 13:34.380
kept the thing.

13:34.380 --> 13:38.420
So that's the basic outline of this, and then the last two men that I wanted to mention

13:38.420 --> 13:42.740
to make sure people have the names here, I mentioned Joshua Salzburg, who is the pornographer

13:42.740 --> 13:51.900
from Culver City, so from Southern California, and then Matthew Gonzalez is a pastor in New

13:51.900 --> 13:57.700
York, the Bronx in this case, who is the other founder, the co-founder of Lutherans

13:57.700 --> 14:01.420
for Racial Justice, at least insofar as they mention it.

14:01.420 --> 14:03.780
I mentioned Nunez already, John Nunez.

14:03.780 --> 14:11.260
He is a frequent speaker on various things, Lutheran supposedly, and he is also involved

14:11.260 --> 14:15.860
in this, although his involvement is not as explicitly mentioned on their website and

14:15.860 --> 14:22.020
their materials, but he constantly comments on these racial grievance issues.

14:22.020 --> 14:31.940
And so moving on from there to October, October 19th, still 2022, obviously, we released the

14:31.940 --> 14:34.780
first episode of Stone Choir.

14:34.780 --> 14:38.260
That was, of course, our episode on headship teaching and women in the church, and part

14:38.260 --> 14:42.820
of the reason that we address that issue, well, one, it's an important issue and no

14:42.820 --> 14:48.260
one was really addressing it, and so it needs to be addressed, a constant theme on this podcast.

14:48.260 --> 14:55.620
But another part of it is that CPH had been and still is publishing theology written by

14:55.620 --> 15:03.900
women, some of it directed toward pastors, so we have women who are forbidden to speak

15:03.900 --> 15:09.980
in the church, forbidden to teach in the church, teaching pastors, and they try to get around

15:09.980 --> 15:15.620
this, of course, by saying, well, they're not teaching in the church, but go back and

15:15.620 --> 15:16.620
listen to the episode.

15:16.620 --> 15:18.640
That's not what scripture says.

15:18.640 --> 15:26.060
And so part of the reason we did that episode was to push back against this creeping heresy.

15:26.060 --> 15:29.420
You have women teaching pastors.

15:29.420 --> 15:32.460
Not only are they teaching in the church, they're teaching the men who are supposed

15:32.460 --> 15:35.820
to be doing the teaching in the church.

15:35.820 --> 15:36.820
It's abhorrent.

15:36.820 --> 15:43.300
It's an abomination, and yet it's happening in a supposedly conservative Lutheran synod.

15:43.300 --> 15:48.380
And the timing is important because we did that episode on the 19th of October.

15:48.380 --> 15:52.260
We had intended originally to begin Stone Choir on Reformation Day just because it seemed

15:52.260 --> 15:54.700
like a suitable number for this.

15:54.700 --> 16:01.740
But when Mrs. Jonathan Lacky shipped her book through CPH in early to mid-October, this

16:01.740 --> 16:06.860
subject blew up, and our group of friends was at the forefront of that.

16:06.860 --> 16:11.680
And so this book is going to the book that was part of the subject of the very first

16:11.680 --> 16:17.060
episode of Stone Choir comes up later on as one of the accusations against one of the

16:17.060 --> 16:21.180
men involved that he had spoken out against her book.

16:21.180 --> 16:26.780
And so there was lies told about him by his own pastor to his face in reference to the

16:26.780 --> 16:28.660
book that was at the beginning of this.

16:28.660 --> 16:33.020
So the reason we're laying all this groundwork before we get to the beginning of this year

16:33.020 --> 16:38.380
when the large catechism came out, which is the next thing, is that these pieces have

16:38.380 --> 16:43.520
been moving for a while, including Jordan Cooper's hatred of Corey and of me personally.

16:43.520 --> 16:47.720
Jordan Cooper, when he docked Super Lutheran, he thought that he was doxing me.

16:47.720 --> 16:52.080
When he got him defrocked and expelled from his own church, he thought that Super Lutheran

16:52.080 --> 16:53.320
was me on Twitter.

16:53.320 --> 16:57.840
And so it was directly an attack against me because I'd been going after him.

16:57.840 --> 17:04.680
And while I wish that I had not been the precipitate for that attack, Jordan is evil.

17:04.680 --> 17:09.940
And so when I said he was evil and he responded with more evil, what are good men supposed

17:09.940 --> 17:11.580
to do in these situations?

17:11.580 --> 17:14.820
And that's fundamentally what all of this is about.

17:14.820 --> 17:21.940
What are good men supposed to do when their own pastors are being evil?

17:21.940 --> 17:25.940
We called it Stone Choir because all we can do is cry out.

17:25.940 --> 17:32.540
We don't have a vocation to be either cheerleaders or crossing guards.

17:32.540 --> 17:34.340
We're not hall monitors.

17:34.340 --> 17:39.200
We're laymen who know the Bible well enough to say, that doesn't sound like what God said.

17:39.200 --> 17:40.280
Let's go look.

17:40.280 --> 17:43.240
And so that will be the recurring theme through all of this.

17:43.240 --> 17:46.640
Laymen say, hey, this doesn't look like scripture.

17:46.640 --> 17:53.280
And then pastors respond with malevolence, not disagreement, not, well, that's your opinion.

17:53.280 --> 17:56.760
Not I think that we should do this a different way in the church.

17:56.760 --> 17:57.760
Absolute malevolence.

17:57.760 --> 18:01.240
That's the overarching theme of what goes on behind the scenes.

18:01.240 --> 18:05.860
So the reason for doing this episode today and laying out this somewhat convoluted timeline

18:05.860 --> 18:11.220
is that as we put all these pieces together, it will become more and more clear that the

18:11.220 --> 18:16.740
malevolence is the dominating factor of those who oppose us.

18:16.740 --> 18:18.540
We could be right or wrong.

18:18.540 --> 18:20.140
We're just two random guys.

18:20.140 --> 18:26.500
Maybe we're full of crap, but everything that has been done to and against us is evil.

18:26.500 --> 18:28.060
It's plainly evil.

18:28.060 --> 18:32.920
It's gotten so bad that even people who publicly disagree with us and don't like us, some of

18:32.920 --> 18:37.160
them block us on Twitter, they think we're terrible people, they even admit that what

18:37.160 --> 18:39.160
the Synod has been doing is evil.

18:39.160 --> 18:40.600
And they don't know the half of this.

18:40.600 --> 18:42.880
They know some of the details, they don't know all of it.

18:42.880 --> 18:44.720
The reason we're doing this episode is to lay it all out.

18:44.720 --> 18:46.800
And so everyone will have the facts.

18:46.800 --> 18:50.320
You think what you're going to think about it, but we're going to give you point by

18:50.320 --> 18:53.200
point every detail of what's happened.

18:53.200 --> 18:58.660
And I will go ahead and commit myself to producing a public version of this timeline.

18:58.660 --> 19:00.380
Obviously, we're looking at our notes here.

19:00.380 --> 19:02.340
We have the timeline in front of us.

19:02.340 --> 19:07.020
I'll produce a public version of this that will be a little easier to follow.

19:07.020 --> 19:08.540
I don't know that it'll come out with the episode.

19:08.540 --> 19:11.860
It may take me a little longer than that to get it done because I do have to edit the

19:11.860 --> 19:17.220
episode after we record, but I will eventually get that done so people have something they

19:17.220 --> 19:21.700
can actually see and follow a little more clearly.

19:21.700 --> 19:29.280
And so from there, we move on to the beginning of this year, and that is the 20th of January.

19:29.280 --> 19:35.600
We received one of the earliest copies of the annotated large catechism, the large catechism

19:35.600 --> 19:40.240
whichever term you want to use for this horrible thing.

19:40.240 --> 19:45.640
And so we started going through it because that's what you do and Synod publishes something

19:45.640 --> 19:51.280
that is very clearly meant to be a doctrinal standard, despite the fact that they will

19:51.280 --> 19:53.660
try to disclaim that.

19:53.660 --> 19:58.540
This is a doctrinal standard for the LCMS because pastors are not going to be allowed

19:58.540 --> 20:01.120
to publicly disagree with this.

20:01.120 --> 20:04.600
Pastors are going to be pushed to use this in their congregations.

20:04.600 --> 20:08.860
Pastors are going to use this to teach their congregants.

20:08.860 --> 20:12.620
This is the doctrine of the LCMS.

20:12.620 --> 20:19.940
This is what Matt Harrison and the CTCR and various others are pushing into the pulpits

20:20.080 --> 20:24.080
and into the congregations and therefore into your homes.

20:24.080 --> 20:29.760
And so we started reading through this collection of essays and we found Marxism throughout

20:29.760 --> 20:31.360
the entire thing.

20:31.360 --> 20:34.200
We found racial grievances.

20:34.200 --> 20:40.320
We found minimization of pedophilia, really a apology for pedophilia.

20:40.320 --> 20:46.200
We found all sorts of the sorts of problems that you would expect from say a large university

20:46.260 --> 20:53.500
or a large corporation with a big program, a big dye program, diversity, inclusion and

20:53.500 --> 20:55.180

20:55.180 --> 21:00.100
That's what we found in these essays and so we started critiquing them.

21:00.100 --> 21:05.220
We started going through and pointing out the problems and it of course took a little

21:05.220 --> 21:08.580
while because this is a fairly substantial book.

21:08.580 --> 21:11.020
It takes a while to go through and read these things.

21:11.020 --> 21:17.640
However, it is abundantly clear on the face of many of these essays what they are and that

21:17.640 --> 21:21.240
they do not belong in this book.

21:21.240 --> 21:23.400
Not only because of the content.

21:23.400 --> 21:26.200
You don't even need to get to the content in some cases.

21:26.200 --> 21:28.880
You can look at the names of the authors.

21:28.880 --> 21:32.600
There are men who are decidedly not Orthodox Lutheran.

21:32.600 --> 21:36.720
There are men who are heretics writing for this.

21:36.720 --> 21:39.360
There are essays written by Elka in this thing.

21:39.380 --> 21:44.260
They're essays written by girls, which was the very first thing that we dealt with.

21:44.260 --> 21:48.180
I think one of the tricks has been played by the other side is that they will say,

21:48.180 --> 21:50.300
oh, well, they're just essays.

21:50.300 --> 21:54.420
It's a modern contemporary commentary on these issues.

21:54.420 --> 21:57.660
Those aren't doctrinally blinding.

21:57.660 --> 22:02.060
A month later, Matt Harrison proved what a lie that was by something that he put out

22:02.060 --> 22:07.780
where he cited the small catechism that he had published in 2017 with exactly the same

22:07.800 --> 22:09.560
kind of annotations.

22:09.560 --> 22:15.160
Matt Harrison, the false prophet, added new doctrine to the small catechism in 2017.

22:15.160 --> 22:20.880
Then this year, he said that we are going to hell for disagreeing with his false doctrine.

22:20.880 --> 22:22.600
It's nothing in the small catechism.

22:22.600 --> 22:25.200
It's new annotations.

22:25.200 --> 22:28.160
Once again, this is the game that they play.

22:28.160 --> 22:33.440
They don't have the guts to actually tamper with our confessional documents, but what

22:33.440 --> 22:34.440
do they do?

22:34.500 --> 22:38.700
They do the equivalent of a presidential signing statement where they reinterpret it in a

22:38.700 --> 22:42.980
modern way and then they hold you to their modern interpretation.

22:42.980 --> 22:48.700
If what you say about what Lutherans have held for 500 years is contradictory to the

22:48.700 --> 22:53.940
modern interpretation in their comments and their essays, they say you're going to hell

22:53.940 --> 22:55.580
and they excommunicate you.

22:55.580 --> 22:58.820
That's precisely what's happened in this circumstance.

22:58.820 --> 23:03.380
Partly in response to this, in fact, the same day, I read somewhat quickly, so I got through

23:03.400 --> 23:05.600
a lot of the book.

23:05.600 --> 23:10.280
I posted two tweets and I'll just go ahead and read those two tweets.

23:10.280 --> 23:13.280
We'll link to them in the show notes as well.

23:13.280 --> 23:18.200
The first one, the entire LCMS leadership is apostate or derelict.

23:18.200 --> 23:23.680
They must all be removed and forever barred, no exceptions.

23:23.680 --> 23:26.840
That was directly a response to the large catechism.

23:26.840 --> 23:28.960
Yes, I also had other things in mind.

23:28.960 --> 23:35.580
I obviously remember what Matt Harrison had written at the time of George Floyd's suicide

23:35.580 --> 23:40.900
and that is still up to the great shame of every single pastor in the LCMS that has not

23:40.900 --> 23:45.500
been removed from the LCMS website.

23:45.500 --> 23:49.060
For those who haven't read it, I'll link it in the show notes, but it also, one of this

23:49.060 --> 23:57.460
alien points that it advances is that racism is the original sin of America, which of course

23:57.480 --> 23:59.600
that's just rank heresy.

23:59.600 --> 24:05.360
But the second tweet that I put out was these interlopers and subverters will be removed.

24:05.360 --> 24:10.360
These men, in single quotes, have no claim to the historical Lutheran church and they

24:10.360 --> 24:13.440
have no connection to the men who came before them.

24:13.440 --> 24:17.880
As for me and many others, we will continue attending Opa's church, and of course I'm

24:17.880 --> 24:25.000
referencing CFW Valter there, who wrote on many of these issues that have become so controversial

24:25.020 --> 24:30.660
in our times and in fact sides with us as do all of the historical divines of the Lutheran

24:30.660 --> 24:37.460
church because the men who are currently in charge of the LCMS are not Lutheran, they're

24:37.460 --> 24:38.980
not even Christian.

24:38.980 --> 24:44.820
Those two particular tweets are crucial because although you provided no context at the time,

24:44.820 --> 24:47.300
you were already reading the large cataclysm.

24:47.300 --> 24:51.380
You said these things the next day, the next thing we were going to talk about is Ryan

24:51.400 --> 24:56.480
Ternopseed's initial thread about this that went very viral at the time it had over a

24:56.480 --> 25:01.240
quarter million views just on Twitter and a lot more on other websites.

25:01.240 --> 25:08.840
These comments from Corey have been used in private, in secret, misconstrued as accusations

25:08.840 --> 25:14.080
against us and against other men, making utterly false claims about what he said.

25:14.080 --> 25:19.520
So those comments were one of the very first things that Corey said that were directly

25:19.660 --> 25:24.740
used to try to destroy the four men involved in what happens next.

25:24.740 --> 25:31.740
And as you mentioned, the part that happens next that really kicks off the annotated large

25:31.740 --> 25:37.620
cataclysm controversy is Ryan's thread because that of course gains considerable traction

25:37.620 --> 25:43.220
and that was posted on Saturday, that is the 21st of January and we'll link to that for

25:43.220 --> 25:47.940
those who have not gone through and read it or need a refresher and it just pulls out

25:47.960 --> 25:56.720
some of the more egregious bits of what is contained in that annotated large cataclysm.

25:56.720 --> 26:02.160
Some of the worst parts of the Marxist thinking, the false doctrine, things like that.

26:02.160 --> 26:05.520
We could have made the thread 20 times as long quite easily.

26:05.520 --> 26:11.320
I could go through and critique that volume of essays and it would take me weeks worth

26:11.320 --> 26:14.640
of podcast episodes at four hours of pop.

26:14.640 --> 26:19.220
It is an endless source of false doctrine and that is why we went as hard as we did

26:19.220 --> 26:26.720
against it because it is full of false doctrine and it is clearly intended to become the standard

26:26.720 --> 26:28.940
for the LCMS.

26:28.940 --> 26:35.180
If this particular collection of essays is permitted to stand, the LCMS is no longer a

26:35.180 --> 26:37.580
Christian body.

26:37.580 --> 26:41.100
That is what is at stake here.

26:41.160 --> 26:48.200
One of the most damning things in the thread in the large cataclysm is the minimization

26:48.200 --> 26:50.200
of what really is called pedophilia.

26:50.200 --> 26:52.040
It really shouldn't be.

26:52.040 --> 26:57.880
Pedophilia is basically a derivation of the Greek word for boy lover.

26:57.880 --> 27:01.400
There's nothing loving about that.

27:01.400 --> 27:04.600
What we're talking about is child rape.

27:04.600 --> 27:09.760
That's an upsetting thing to say because it's a deeply upsetting and disconcerting thing

27:09.760 --> 27:10.920
to think about.

27:10.920 --> 27:15.740
The idea that children could be raped by adults should be unthinkable.

27:15.740 --> 27:20.460
It shouldn't even be able to be something that someone could contemplate, let alone

27:20.460 --> 27:22.540
have it exist in the world.

27:22.540 --> 27:26.460
Yet, we know that there are these so-called pedophiles.

27:26.460 --> 27:29.660
There are these child rapists and they're everywhere.

27:29.660 --> 27:34.340
More and more in the political sphere, we find out, oh, turns out that guy was what

27:34.340 --> 27:35.700
we call a pedo.

27:35.700 --> 27:38.140
He was a child rapist.

27:38.160 --> 27:42.640
This is going to come up towards the end of this because the single most damning screenshot

27:42.640 --> 27:48.240
from all of this was the one where the essay by a girl in the sixth commandment portion

27:48.240 --> 27:54.080
talking about adultery classified pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

27:54.080 --> 27:57.720
Put it in the same sentence as polyamory somehow.

27:57.720 --> 28:00.880
How did polyamory come up?

28:00.900 --> 28:09.100
What the Missouri Synod said in this girl's voice is a pedophilia, the rape of children

28:09.100 --> 28:12.980
is a speck in your neighbor's eye.

28:12.980 --> 28:16.420
For some reason, they didn't do that in the fifth commandment one about murder.

28:16.420 --> 28:21.420
If your neps door neighbor is murdering people, if he's a serial killer, it would not occur

28:21.420 --> 28:26.940
to you as a Christian to think, huh, well, he's killing and eating people.

28:26.940 --> 28:31.160
It's Jeffrey Dahmer, and so he's doing these really bad things, but I got a lot of sin

28:31.160 --> 28:32.160
in my heart too.

28:32.160 --> 28:34.200
I can't judge him.

28:34.200 --> 28:37.960
That's not a Christian response, not by a million miles.

28:37.960 --> 28:42.080
Part of the reason that we did the episode on the fact that there are different degrees

28:42.080 --> 28:49.960
of sin is that this antinomian view that all sins are equal, man, sure they might be raping

28:49.960 --> 28:53.920
kids, but you looked at a girl on the McKinney once, it's all the same.

28:53.920 --> 28:56.400
That is a demonic lie from the pit of hell.

28:56.860 --> 28:58.220
Yes, both are sins.

28:58.220 --> 29:01.940
Yes, are both damning because damnation is binary.

29:01.940 --> 29:05.620
There's no, well, maybe you don't go to hell for that.

29:05.620 --> 29:10.220
Without Christ's sacrifice on the cross, you go to hell for every single sin or any individual

29:10.220 --> 29:15.380
sin, including the fact that you were born with original sin.

29:15.380 --> 29:22.340
The idea that a sin is different in degree or different in weight is plainly understood

29:22.340 --> 29:23.620
by every Christian.

29:23.620 --> 29:28.000
That's a reason that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed while the other towns around them

29:28.000 --> 29:29.280
were not destroyed.

29:29.280 --> 29:30.760
The other towns had sinners.

29:30.760 --> 29:34.440
They did not have sinners who were committing sodomy and rape.

29:34.440 --> 29:40.600
God hates that and he destroys it and he commands it to be destroyed.

29:40.600 --> 29:46.040
When that was made public, it rightly pissed off a lot of people, especially a lot of mothers

29:46.040 --> 29:48.080
in the LCMS.

29:48.080 --> 29:52.920
Mothers tend to take personally when someone says, maybe raping kids isn't so bad.

29:52.940 --> 29:56.900
Mothers do too, but mothers in particular, when you come after their kids, you're playing

29:56.900 --> 29:58.540
with fire.

29:58.540 --> 30:06.060
This rightly incensed people and lately, just in the last two weeks, most of the attacks

30:06.060 --> 30:10.820
against us against Stonequire are in defense of pedophilia.

30:10.820 --> 30:11.820
We'll get to that towards the end.

30:11.820 --> 30:19.060
I just want to remember that one salient fact because throughout all of this, the reason

30:19.060 --> 30:26.160
that laymen are facing these dire consequences, this persecution, this murder in our own church

30:26.160 --> 30:31.800
is because laymen said, hey, maybe child rape is something where we don't just paper it

30:31.800 --> 30:34.720
over and say, yeah, man, that's sin.

30:34.720 --> 30:36.400
It's a good thing Jesus died for them too.

30:36.400 --> 30:38.080
Let's go share the gospel.

30:38.080 --> 30:41.720
That's not where you begin when someone's raping children.

30:41.720 --> 30:43.560
I've said that term repeatedly.

30:43.560 --> 30:45.640
It's disgusting.

30:45.640 --> 30:50.020
The fact that we have pastors trying to defend it and say, well, what about the child rapist?

30:50.020 --> 30:51.820
We need to reach out to them with the gospel.

30:51.820 --> 30:55.260
Yeah, you can do that in the electric chair.

30:55.260 --> 30:57.740
Tell them about God and flip the switch.

30:57.740 --> 31:00.800
That is the only thing that the state should be doing with these men.

31:00.800 --> 31:04.180
They should not be permitted to live.

31:04.180 --> 31:06.700
For me to say that is a political position.

31:06.700 --> 31:09.380
You may say, well, no, we do something else with them.

31:09.380 --> 31:15.300
The only concern for many of the pastors involved in this is we're not sharing the gospel enough.

31:15.300 --> 31:19.280
We're not focused enough on the gospel with child rapists.

31:19.280 --> 31:22.760
What I have to say in response to that is not fit for this podcast.

31:22.760 --> 31:29.120
I'm actually going to link to, I think for the first time in this podcast, in the show

31:29.120 --> 31:33.520
notes, a specific Supreme Court case.

31:33.520 --> 31:42.240
I'm going to link to the Supreme Court case that struck down the use of the death penalty

31:42.240 --> 31:44.720
for child rapists.

31:44.720 --> 31:48.860
I am not going to recommend, I may put a little disclaimer on it even, I'm not going to recommend

31:48.860 --> 31:52.340
that most of you read the fact pattern for it.

31:52.340 --> 31:56.620
But some of you, and you'll know who you are, should read through that.

31:56.620 --> 32:04.500
So you can have some idea of how truly wicked some men are and our courts are and therefore

32:04.500 --> 32:10.420
our country is and our synod is becoming, the church is becoming.

32:10.420 --> 32:13.100
It's all of one piece.

32:13.100 --> 32:20.520
And moving on, Matt Harrison posts on the following Monday, the 23rd of January.

32:20.520 --> 32:31.320
He posts on Facebook basically responding to some of this controversy and really he

32:31.320 --> 32:37.880
botches it, not necessarily as badly here as later on, but we do eventually actually

32:37.880 --> 32:47.980
get them to halt the distribution of the large catechism in response to some of what

32:47.980 --> 32:51.260
we brought to light.

32:51.260 --> 32:55.060
But of course it was cynical because it was resumed shortly afterward.

32:55.060 --> 32:57.220
It wasn't even delayed very long.

32:57.220 --> 32:59.460
I believe this is when it was delayed.

32:59.460 --> 33:02.460
It was delayed on the 23rd.

33:03.460 --> 33:11.080
We got the notice that sales were going to be halted shortly before we began the turn

33:11.080 --> 33:12.080

33:12.080 --> 33:13.080

33:13.080 --> 33:19.960
It was a quick response on their part specifically because the one thing that Matt Harrison and

33:19.960 --> 33:25.000
many in the LCMS leadership hate is bad press.

33:25.000 --> 33:31.360
It's almost like dealing with Asian politicians like Chinese or to a lesser degree, but still

33:31.380 --> 33:35.740
Japanese politicians were saving face is the biggest thing and that carries over to their

33:35.740 --> 33:37.980
corporate culture as well.

33:37.980 --> 33:42.460
But they're almost behaving in that manner where if they get bad press, that is the thing

33:42.460 --> 33:45.700
that gets them to respond.

33:45.700 --> 33:49.980
Of course, they're animated by Satan ultimately because we see that with the doctrines they

33:49.980 --> 33:56.340
are attempting to push through into pulpits and congregations, but it's the bad press

33:56.340 --> 34:00.660
that really gets them to act because they're acting in self-interest.

34:00.760 --> 34:07.760
As you mentioned, we then do the turnip stream, which is when we went on Ryan Turnip Seed's

34:07.760 --> 34:15.240
YouTube channel and discussed some of these passages from the annotated large catechism

34:15.240 --> 34:19.960
and why they are false doctrine, why they are a problem, what exactly it is they are

34:19.960 --> 34:23.000
pushing into the churches.

34:23.000 --> 34:27.840
That was a three-hour stream that involved four men, involved Corey, me, Ryan, and a

34:27.980 --> 34:30.980
friend of ours who goes by the name of Ash.

34:30.980 --> 34:37.980
That stream, the two days after the thread, is the kickoff for everything that's happened

34:37.980 --> 34:38.980

34:38.980 --> 34:45.980
It's now been put in writing in public that the Synod admits that all the retaliation,

34:45.980 --> 34:53.060
all the doxing, all the threats, all the excommunication are in direct retaliation for the layman participating

34:53.060 --> 34:55.380
in that stream particular.

34:55.380 --> 35:00.600
The 23rd of January is functionally the beginning of this story.

35:00.600 --> 35:05.320
Everything we've said thus far, with the exception of the large clatechism being published in

35:05.320 --> 35:09.400
the first place, this is the moment when all of this began.

35:09.400 --> 35:13.960
Notably, it's about three months after Stone Coir started.

35:13.960 --> 35:19.640
We started really because we felt that our hand was forced by how bad things were getting

35:19.640 --> 35:25.040
after the national youth gathering and then after the Mrs. Molly Lackey book.

35:25.040 --> 35:26.140
We felt we had no choice.

35:26.140 --> 35:27.380
We had to begin doing this.

35:27.380 --> 35:33.580
We decided to do it before Lackey's book, but the timing forced it.

35:33.580 --> 35:37.420
Everything that's happened since then has confirmed to us that we were right to begin

35:37.420 --> 35:42.540
this and that Satan is soiling his britches as a result of us doing this.

35:42.540 --> 35:46.700
Never in my life have I seen a nobody podcast.

35:46.700 --> 35:48.620
Two guys, no one knows anything about.

35:48.620 --> 35:51.860
Nobody cares about other than some people hate us, a few people like us.

35:51.860 --> 35:54.740
We had no marketing budget.

35:54.740 --> 36:01.680
It's a nothing podcast, and yet the volume of hatred and terror coming from men who are

36:01.680 --> 36:06.600
advocating pedophilia and normalization, that's the story here.

36:06.600 --> 36:08.640
That is the real story.

36:08.640 --> 36:09.640
Not about us.

36:09.640 --> 36:12.360
It's not about people picking on us or saying mean things.

36:12.360 --> 36:17.600
It's about the fact that when two laymen will actually begin to say, hey, this is not what

36:17.600 --> 36:18.600
the Bible says.

36:18.600 --> 36:20.840
Our churches are doing something wrong.

36:20.840 --> 36:25.300
The entire edifice of the LCMS began to crumble.

36:25.300 --> 36:26.900
We didn't do that.

36:26.900 --> 36:33.300
All we did was shine a light on what's happening, and the hysterics, and the opprobrium, and

36:33.300 --> 36:38.620
the devilish actions that have followed since then make it crystal clear to any Christian

36:38.620 --> 36:41.020
that we are on the right track.

36:41.020 --> 36:46.780
Not to say that we're completely without sin or everything we ever do is sanctified,

36:46.780 --> 36:51.640
but the fact that we are doing this has caused such evil in response, and we're going to

36:51.640 --> 36:57.240
go into the details of some of the evil, many of those details have not been known previous

36:57.240 --> 37:00.720
to this podcast today.

37:00.720 --> 37:04.080
We knew as all these things were happening that they were happening, we were talking

37:04.080 --> 37:10.760
amongst our friends, and initially, as we're living these moments day by day, we were trying

37:10.760 --> 37:14.240
to wrap our heads around it, like what is going on?

37:14.500 --> 37:21.380
I want to say we were shocked by how bad the large cataclysm was, but it was certainly

37:21.380 --> 37:27.180
stark that Harrison would push things so far left, so publicly.

37:27.180 --> 37:32.540
That's risky on his part, and the risk was made clear by the response to the turnip

37:32.540 --> 37:35.780
stream, to the thread, and everything that happened after that.

37:35.780 --> 37:41.220
As Corey said, Harrison doesn't want anyone to say anything bad about him ever.

37:41.720 --> 37:46.440
When Hermonotten died and the other guy took over Christian News, Harrison called him on

37:46.440 --> 37:50.880
the phone and said he was going to hold him personally accountable for if he ever used

37:50.880 --> 37:55.760
Matt Harrison's name in vain, and because that man was a pastor, he was bound by it,

37:55.760 --> 37:59.720
because Harrison has corporate control over pastors.

37:59.720 --> 38:01.280
Who doesn't know Harrison control?

38:01.280 --> 38:03.160
He doesn't control laymen.

38:03.160 --> 38:06.680
Corey and I have no relationship to Matt Harrison whatsoever.

38:06.680 --> 38:08.480
He's some guy in St. Louis.

38:08.480 --> 38:12.660
He's controlling a church that we're members of, and he's doing evil things.

38:12.660 --> 38:15.060
That makes this our business, and it makes this our problem.

38:15.060 --> 38:18.620
As Corey said at the beginning, all this stuff is playing out in other churches too,

38:18.620 --> 38:23.180
and many it's already happened, and some of the LCMS is now further down this path of

38:23.180 --> 38:26.020
absolute abject destruction.

38:26.020 --> 38:28.980
We're not going to take it silently.

38:28.980 --> 38:32.180
That's why we're here, to talk about what is happening.

38:32.180 --> 38:36.660
If we were just shouting into the void, and no one was listening, and nobody cared, the

38:36.660 --> 38:38.220
Synod would have ignored us.

38:38.220 --> 38:41.360
If no one heard what we were saying, we wouldn't matter.

38:41.360 --> 38:43.240
Honestly, that's what I expected.

38:43.240 --> 38:48.480
I expect that as we built up this library of episodes, a few people a year, and maybe

38:48.480 --> 38:50.600
later on, someone would stumble across it.

38:50.600 --> 38:54.960
I never expected that we would be at the center of what is bringing down Matt Harrison's

38:54.960 --> 38:57.840
evil administration, and yet here we are.

38:57.840 --> 39:01.960
This is what God is using us for, and I thank him for it, and I thank him for every amount

39:01.960 --> 39:06.240
of hatred poured out by all these pastors, because it proves that everything that we're

39:06.260 --> 39:10.340
describing to you is true and correct, and it is in service to God.

39:10.340 --> 39:17.580
And so part of our response to what we've just described was the episode here we stand,

39:17.580 --> 39:21.120
which we published on the 25th of January.

39:21.120 --> 39:25.420
And in that episode, we pointed out that we aren't going anywhere.

39:25.420 --> 39:30.980
We are Lutherans, and we are going to remain Lutherans, because we actually take our confirmation

39:30.980 --> 39:32.620
oath seriously.

39:32.620 --> 39:38.440
The confirmation oath for those who are unfamiliar with the Lutheran rite of confirmation is,

39:38.440 --> 39:44.040
do you intend to continue steadfast in this confession and church, and to suffer all even

39:44.040 --> 39:47.480
death rather than fall away from it?

39:47.480 --> 39:51.560
And so every single confirmed Lutheran has said yes to that.

39:51.560 --> 39:57.760
Every Lutheran has publicly stated that his position is that he will suffer all even death

39:57.760 --> 40:02.600
before falling away from the Lutheran confession in the Lutheran church.

40:02.600 --> 40:03.740
We took that seriously.

40:03.740 --> 40:05.540
We take that seriously.

40:05.540 --> 40:06.540
And so we aren't going anywhere.

40:06.540 --> 40:07.620
We're going to remain Lutheran.

40:07.620 --> 40:11.180
We made that point very clear in that episode.

40:11.180 --> 40:15.540
One of the reasons that we did that episode was that a lot of people were asking us in

40:15.540 --> 40:19.620
the wake of the large cataclysm, why are you guys staying in this church body?

40:19.620 --> 40:20.620
Why don't you leave?

40:20.620 --> 40:23.900
In fact, that's something that's been asked to us personally, directly.

40:23.900 --> 40:27.580
Everyone involved in that stream, we're told by their pastors, why don't you guys just

40:27.580 --> 40:29.260
leave if you don't like it?

40:29.260 --> 40:36.040
Why don't you just disavow the vow that you took to God and before God to remain steadfast

40:36.040 --> 40:38.280
in the Lutheran church?

40:38.280 --> 40:40.320
Lutheran pastors say, you guys should just leave.

40:40.320 --> 40:41.520
Just go away.

40:41.520 --> 40:46.560
Even knowing that according to Lutheran doctrine, the word is not properly preached and the

40:46.560 --> 40:51.720
sacraments are not properly administered in other denominations, these pastors would basically

40:51.720 --> 40:53.960
send us to the wolves and say, you guys should leave.

40:53.960 --> 40:55.520
You should go somewhere else.

40:55.520 --> 40:56.920
I think that's stark.

40:56.980 --> 41:01.940
I think that you're a pastor and someone has doctrinal concerns.

41:01.940 --> 41:07.180
If your knee jerk response is, why don't you just go somewhere else, I would submit to

41:07.180 --> 41:12.660
you that you're not a shepherd, that you're basically a spiritual assassin.

41:12.660 --> 41:17.740
Some of the men who said that weren't actually evil men, and it was an honest inquisition,

41:17.740 --> 41:22.020
but we did the episode specifically to say, where else can we go?

41:22.020 --> 41:26.180
This is sound doctrine that's being attacked from within the church.

41:26.180 --> 41:30.480
It's not that the church doesn't hold true doctrine, it's that those in the church attempting

41:30.480 --> 41:34.040
to subvert it are destroying the doctrine that we hold to.

41:34.040 --> 41:37.400
We're not going to go somewhere else when other places don't hold to sound doctrine

41:37.400 --> 41:38.400
in the first place.

41:38.400 --> 41:42.640
We're going to fight for our church where that doctrine should be preserved because

41:42.640 --> 41:45.640
we know through time it has been.

41:45.640 --> 41:47.960
If God is with us, it will be here.

41:47.960 --> 41:49.960
That was exactly what I was going to point out.

41:49.960 --> 41:54.400
We're not going to go anywhere because the Lutheran church has the most correct doctrine

41:54.700 --> 41:58.540
and our confirmation of binds our consciences.

41:58.540 --> 42:03.660
We are going to remain Lutheran to the end, regardless of what may happen to the institutional

42:03.660 --> 42:07.500
Lutheran church in the interim.

42:07.500 --> 42:13.540
So following on, we have the first meeting of Ash with his pastor.

42:13.540 --> 42:18.100
It was a meeting like passing in the Narthex since, so Ash told his pastor that he had

42:18.100 --> 42:23.740
been involved in the large cataclysm, specifically the thread and the video stream.

42:23.740 --> 42:27.760
He wanted to let him know that he expected there would be some pushback and he didn't

42:27.760 --> 42:33.600
want his pastor to be blindsided by his online activities and he offered to give him his

42:33.600 --> 42:36.080
Twitter and his pastor's like, I'm not interested.

42:36.080 --> 42:41.240
In fact, I believe his pastor and elders said, we've got your back effectively.

42:41.240 --> 42:42.240
Ryan turnip seed.

42:42.240 --> 42:47.040
I don't remember the date, but he had a almost verbatim conversation with his own pastor.

42:47.040 --> 42:49.440
His pastor is even more disinterested.

42:49.500 --> 42:55.300
So immediately after doing the stream, two of the men said, hey, to their pastors, there

42:55.300 --> 42:56.380
might be some blowback.

42:56.380 --> 42:57.940
I want you to know what I'm doing.

42:57.940 --> 42:59.380
I did it in good consciousness.

42:59.380 --> 43:02.180
If you have questions, pastors like, we don't want to know.

43:02.180 --> 43:03.620
We have no questions.

43:03.620 --> 43:06.100
You're a parishioner, whatever, do what you're going to do.

43:06.100 --> 43:10.940
So the pastors were completely disinterested in the idea of layman speaking to doctrine

43:10.940 --> 43:11.940

43:11.940 --> 43:14.420
They had no pastoral concern about that whatsoever.

43:14.420 --> 43:17.140
And that's going to come up later.

43:17.140 --> 43:20.120
This is probably a good place to point out.

43:20.120 --> 43:24.240
I'm not going to mention all the times that I have met with or talked to my pastor because

43:24.240 --> 43:25.600
that would be ridiculous.

43:25.600 --> 43:26.880
I've had coffee with him.

43:26.880 --> 43:30.880
I've been over to his house, et cetera.

43:30.880 --> 43:38.760
And so all throughout this, my pastor was made aware of my online activity and all of

43:38.760 --> 43:39.760
these various things.

43:39.760 --> 43:42.320
So none of this was a blind side for him.

43:42.320 --> 43:46.160
He was not taken unawares by these things.

43:46.160 --> 43:50.100
And so I don't want to give that impression by not listing all of the times that I have

43:50.100 --> 43:52.180
talked to him.

43:52.180 --> 43:55.460
As I said, I've had coffee with him a number of times, been over to his house, et cetera.

43:55.460 --> 43:56.940
So just bear that in mind.

43:56.940 --> 44:02.700
I'm not going to list them all here because it would be silly.

44:02.700 --> 44:10.460
But moving on from there, the next salient episode of this podcast is The Enemy's Playbook,

44:10.460 --> 44:13.740
and that was published on the 1st of February.

44:13.740 --> 44:19.520
What is the one where basically we went over how Marxists subvert institutions, how they

44:19.520 --> 44:24.400
take over organizations, just how these things work?

44:24.400 --> 44:26.720
We went over Satan's playbook.

44:26.720 --> 44:33.600
And those who are paying attention, you will see exactly that happening in this timeline

44:33.600 --> 44:42.360
of events because the LCMS leadership and others are following Satan's playbook because

44:42.360 --> 44:45.260
they are serving Satan.

44:45.260 --> 44:48.220
They're just following their master's playbook.

44:48.220 --> 44:52.500
And so if you don't remember that podcast, don't remember the content of that one, maybe

44:52.500 --> 45:01.300
go back and listen to that one after this one, and you will see exactly that playbook

45:01.300 --> 45:05.260
being put into action in this timeline.

45:05.260 --> 45:10.300
The salient fact from that is basically one line.

45:10.440 --> 45:14.280
Alinsky's Rules for Radicals is Satan's playbook.

45:14.280 --> 45:21.120
And Alinsky 13 says verbatim, pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

45:21.120 --> 45:24.760
Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

45:24.760 --> 45:27.160
Go after people and not institutions.

45:27.160 --> 45:29.860
People hurt faster than institutions.

45:29.860 --> 45:36.280
Everything that has happened subsequent to the exposure of the pedophilia advocacy in

45:36.280 --> 45:43.240
the large cataclysm is specifically focused primarily around Corey because he is not pseudonymous.

45:43.240 --> 45:45.880
So he was the easiest, most prominent target.

45:45.880 --> 45:51.680
I am equally targeted, but because my name was not known at the time to Synod, they couldn't

45:51.680 --> 45:53.000
come after me personally.

45:53.000 --> 45:58.640
So they have very closely and very assiduously followed Alinsky Rule 13.

45:58.640 --> 46:03.720
They picked Corey, completely isolated him, made him persona non grata.

46:03.720 --> 46:08.800
It was a very deliberate, very conscious, very satanic act by Synod.

46:08.800 --> 46:09.960
And we knew it was coming.

46:09.960 --> 46:10.960
We didn't know to what degree.

46:10.960 --> 46:12.700
We didn't know what the details were going to be.

46:12.700 --> 46:16.640
But the reason that the very next episode we did was about Alinsky's Rules because we

46:16.640 --> 46:20.260
knew we were dealing with satanic men.

46:20.260 --> 46:24.440
We knew based on the content of the large cataclysm itself that we were dealing with

46:24.440 --> 46:25.440

46:25.440 --> 46:26.880
We were not dealing with Christians.

46:26.880 --> 46:32.560
We were not dealing with disputes about doctrine in, you know, maybe it could go either way.

46:32.560 --> 46:34.600
We were dealing with Satan himself.

46:34.600 --> 46:37.900
And everything that's happened since then has confirmed that we were absolutely correct.

46:37.900 --> 46:41.400
So if you go back and listen to that episode, and it's worth listening to, particularly

46:41.400 --> 46:46.300
in light of the context of this episode and the subs in all of these events, you can clearly

46:46.300 --> 46:51.480
see that it seems prophetic, like all the stuff we talked about happened, and it wasn't

46:51.480 --> 46:54.440
we're brilliant, and it wasn't we have some sort of vision.

46:54.440 --> 46:56.120
It's Satan's playbook.

46:56.120 --> 46:59.800
We knew we were up against Satan, so he just did what he always does.

46:59.800 --> 47:03.720
To flesh out your comments about why they targeted me.

47:03.720 --> 47:06.480
Part of it, yes, is that I'm very public.

47:06.480 --> 47:08.000
My accounts are all my name.

47:08.000 --> 47:09.680
My website is my name.

47:09.680 --> 47:13.480
My profile picture is my literal profile picture.

47:13.480 --> 47:15.560
You and Ash are pseudonymous.

47:15.560 --> 47:19.720
You are much more difficult for them to target, although Synod, of course, knows who both

47:19.720 --> 47:22.160
of you are.

47:22.160 --> 47:27.040
But outright doxing you in order to pursue you makes them look worse.

47:27.040 --> 47:29.200
So we know they have your docs.

47:29.200 --> 47:33.280
They've held back because, probably because attorneys got involved, not because they were

47:33.280 --> 47:38.640
necessarily bright enough to figure out strategically what they should or shouldn't do, but attorneys

47:38.640 --> 47:41.960
may have mentioned to them that there is potential liability here.

47:41.960 --> 47:47.640
And of course, in the case of Ryan, who is, again, as I am not pseudonymous, well, it

47:47.640 --> 47:51.440
looks bad when you're targeting someone as young as Ryan.

47:51.440 --> 47:53.320
And so they didn't like the optics of that.

47:53.320 --> 47:56.920
And of course, there are more inflammatory things that I've posted, and so it makes it

47:56.920 --> 47:57.920
easier to target me.

47:57.920 --> 47:58.920
I knew that.

47:58.920 --> 48:01.080
I know that every time I post.

48:01.080 --> 48:03.680
And so that's why they've gone after me.

48:03.680 --> 48:07.400
Unfortunately, for them, I don't really care, and I'm not a good person to target because

48:07.400 --> 48:09.400
I will hit back.

48:09.400 --> 48:16.560
But moving on from that episode, the enemy's playbook, to the resumption of the distribution

48:16.560 --> 48:23.400
of the large cataclysm, the pedochism, whatever we want to call it, literally the next day,

48:23.400 --> 48:25.760
the second of February.

48:25.760 --> 48:28.120
And Harrison resumed it.

48:28.120 --> 48:35.680
And as part of that resumption, he said that he deplored the un-Christian attacks against

48:35.680 --> 48:39.720
the annotated large cataclysm and its authors.

48:39.720 --> 48:41.600
And so he doubled down.

48:41.600 --> 48:48.600
He is now, he was before, but he is now 100% responsible for the content and has stamped

48:48.600 --> 48:52.440
it with his stamp of approval multiple times.

48:52.440 --> 48:59.160
We have been able to confirm that this collection of essays not only went through CTCR, which

48:59.160 --> 49:03.560
is the standard process for anything that is doctrinal and published by CPH.

49:03.560 --> 49:08.080
It has to go through a review process, but it went through the review process with the

49:08.080 --> 49:13.640
CTCR, CPH's review process, and Harrison's office.

49:13.640 --> 49:20.280
This is 100% stamped and approved by the LCMS leadership top to bottom.

49:20.280 --> 49:22.320
And that includes the VPs.

49:22.320 --> 49:27.720
He reiterated that when he reintroduced the publication, when he said, I deplored the

49:27.720 --> 49:29.200
un-Christian attacks.

49:29.200 --> 49:32.120
He also commended it to every Lutheran to every Christian.

49:32.120 --> 49:33.120
You should read this.

49:33.120 --> 49:34.120
You're going to love it.

49:34.120 --> 49:35.120
All the stuff about pedophilia, it's great.

49:35.120 --> 49:36.880
You're going to love it all.

49:36.880 --> 49:43.760
So the large, the annotated large cataclysm is the official doctrinal position of the

49:43.760 --> 49:48.200
LCMS, regardless of any comments they have made to the contrary.

49:48.200 --> 49:50.440
It has been approved by Matt Harrison.

49:50.440 --> 49:52.640
It has been approved by the CTCR.

49:52.640 --> 49:55.200
It has been approved by members of the seminaries.

49:55.200 --> 49:58.600
I think it has by CTS as well, not just St. Louis.

49:58.600 --> 50:02.000
Well, yeah, Rast, Larry Rast, the president of-

50:02.000 --> 50:03.000
That's the general right.

50:03.000 --> 50:04.000

50:04.000 --> 50:07.360
Rast is president of the Four Wayne Seminary.

50:07.360 --> 50:11.400
He's also, I believe he's the president, Pro Tem of CTCR.

50:11.400 --> 50:12.920
He was directly and personally involved.

50:12.920 --> 50:18.120
And we're not going to get the specific details of his personal life, but suffice it to say

50:18.120 --> 50:25.120
that these changes in doctrine surrounding sexuality that are pushed in the large cataclysm

50:25.120 --> 50:31.880
are in many cases self-defense of Matt Harrison's personal friends whose own families have fallen

50:31.880 --> 50:35.320
into sexual sin that needs to be papered over.

50:35.320 --> 50:39.320
So it's not simply that they're changing doctrine to be more worldly, is that they're

50:39.320 --> 50:46.520
changing doctrine because their own family and friends have fallen into sin, to demonic

50:46.920 --> 50:50.640
possession, into privacy, and they're trying to cover for them.

50:50.640 --> 50:53.520
They're trying to say, well, let's just have a lot of love for this.

50:53.520 --> 50:54.520
We don't want any law.

50:54.520 --> 50:57.220
We want to scare people away with the law.

50:57.220 --> 51:01.120
So the personnel involved, while we're not going to mention them here specifically, it's

51:01.120 --> 51:06.400
not a coincidence that many of these things are present, that men involved knew who they

51:06.400 --> 51:09.240
were providing cover for when they said these things.

51:09.240 --> 51:13.720
The same with regard to Harrison and his family and some of the comments in the small cataclysm

51:13.720 --> 51:17.560
previous to the re-released large cataclysm.

51:17.560 --> 51:24.400
There's a lot of mercenary actions going on in all of this.

51:24.400 --> 51:30.280
But after the resumption of the distribution of the annotated large cataclysm, we'll take

51:30.280 --> 51:37.640
a sort of detour here to briefly mention something that is tangentially related and becomes more

51:37.640 --> 51:40.800
relevant actually by the day.

51:40.800 --> 51:49.320
But on the 7th of February, Chris Rosebro, who goes by Pirate Christian on various social

51:49.320 --> 51:52.960
media platforms, he has a discernment ministry so called.

51:52.960 --> 51:59.520
He is also an online pastor who consecrates the sacrament, as much as it pains me even

51:59.520 --> 52:05.440
to say those words in that order, who supposedly consecrates the sacrament over the internet.

52:05.440 --> 52:10.400
But he registers a website called Operation Valkyrie.

52:10.400 --> 52:12.520
Do not visit that website.

52:12.520 --> 52:16.440
If you want to look at any of the articles, make sure to use an archive link.

52:16.440 --> 52:22.520
You can find those various places they've been shared on Twitter by various individuals

52:22.520 --> 52:25.080
who are mutuals with us.

52:25.080 --> 52:27.840
Do not go there directly, it will dox you.

52:27.840 --> 52:31.760
If you're not worried about that, then I guess that's on you.

52:31.760 --> 52:37.080
But at any rate, this is an operation that he is conducting with his son.

52:37.080 --> 52:41.000
I don't know for absolute certainty that he registered it, it may have been someone close

52:41.000 --> 52:42.000
to him.

52:42.000 --> 52:49.440
But at any rate, Rosebro controls this and his son is one of the authors on this site.

52:49.440 --> 52:53.720
What's notable about the date is that when this was registered on February 7th, we had

52:53.720 --> 52:57.040
no idea because he didn't do anything with it for a couple months.

52:57.040 --> 53:03.000
So this is one of the few elements of this timeline where as we plug it back in retroactively

53:03.000 --> 53:07.560
once we discovered it, a whole lot of things downstream click.

53:07.560 --> 53:11.800
So at the time, we didn't know because he wasn't using this blog to come after us.

53:11.800 --> 53:17.040
Subsequently, he said sometime, I think beginning of April, roughly, that he had been doing

53:17.040 --> 53:21.160
this operation for a couple months, specifically coming after us.

53:21.160 --> 53:31.160
So the relevance of him registering Operation Valkyrie on February 7th is that he was doing

53:31.160 --> 53:36.640
things behind the scenes in secret, targeting Stone Choir, and the big reveal was a couple

53:36.640 --> 53:37.640
months later.

53:37.640 --> 53:39.240
And it's very clearly his own blog.

53:39.240 --> 53:43.200
He has yet to take credit for it personally and publicly, but he's the only one who's

53:43.200 --> 53:44.200
boosted it.

53:44.200 --> 53:48.280
He's the first one who boosts it, he has his fingerprints all over it.

53:48.280 --> 53:53.760
He's writing for Chris's, his son, his Josh, and probably a couple other pastors are writing

53:53.760 --> 53:55.560
for it as well, his friends.

53:55.560 --> 54:01.360
So it's their blog that was literally stood up to attack Stone Choir, to attack laymen

54:01.360 --> 54:05.680
in another Senate because we're LCMS, he's AALC, but that's part of the reason we told

54:05.680 --> 54:11.480
the story about Jordan and these AALC connections that go back for years.

54:11.480 --> 54:16.520
So we didn't know at the time that this had occurred, but later on it becomes very relevant.

54:16.520 --> 54:22.800
And so basically he's just publishing articles attempting to rebut things that we've said.

54:22.800 --> 54:24.400
They aren't worth reading.

54:24.400 --> 54:29.240
If you want to laugh, I guess go read them, but the more salient thing here is that the

54:29.240 --> 54:34.200
name they chose really reveals a lot about them.

54:34.200 --> 54:40.640
Those who are familiar with World War II will perhaps recognize Operation Valkyrie.

54:40.640 --> 54:43.480
It actually has multiple senses in that context.

54:43.480 --> 54:48.240
It was the name of the continuity of government operation for the Third Reich, but it was

54:48.240 --> 54:56.080
also the name of the July 20th plot, which was an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler

54:56.080 --> 55:01.600
and overthrow the Third Reich government by a coup d'etat.

55:01.600 --> 55:05.320
And so you've probably seen the picture.

55:05.320 --> 55:12.880
There was the use of an explosive to completely level a conference room, but Hitler was saved

55:12.880 --> 55:17.080
by the particularly thick table leg.

55:17.080 --> 55:21.280
And so he just had damage to his eardrums and such, but he survived.

55:21.280 --> 55:26.780
But the reason it's relevant here is because that is how these gentlemen see themselves.

55:26.780 --> 55:31.080
They believe that they're part of some sort of resistance movement attempting to overthrow,

55:31.080 --> 55:34.880
I don't know, apparently I'm an evil dictator, despite the fact that I don't control anything

55:34.880 --> 55:37.160
other than my own garden.

55:37.160 --> 55:44.920
But apparently their goal is to destroy evil as they see it, and I am that evil.

55:44.920 --> 55:50.960
And so is Woe, and so is anyone who is objected to these materials.

55:50.960 --> 55:52.700
It's much more explicit than that.

55:52.700 --> 55:55.080
They celebrate murdering Nazis.

55:55.080 --> 55:58.520
And then, oh, by the way, separately they say that we are Nazis.

55:58.520 --> 56:03.760
So at least once a week, you'll see multiple pastors on Twitter joking about murdering

56:03.760 --> 56:08.720
Nazis, celebrating murdering Nazis, saying that murdering Nazis is basically one of

56:08.720 --> 56:12.320
the highest forms of a good work that any Christian can do.

56:12.320 --> 56:17.960
And then the same day or the next day, they'll say, Cory is a Nazi.

56:17.960 --> 56:18.960
I am a Nazi.

56:18.960 --> 56:20.600
Our friends are Nazis.

56:20.600 --> 56:24.240
Anyone who believes what we believe about X, Y, and Z are Nazis.

56:24.240 --> 56:28.760
The connection between we're going to murder Nazis and these laymen are Nazis cannot be

56:28.760 --> 56:32.480

56:32.480 --> 56:34.960
They're just taking a page out of the playbook of the left.

56:34.960 --> 56:40.920
The left has been doing this for years where anyone who is right of X arbitrary individual

56:40.920 --> 56:46.200
or position is a Nazi because that is the level of political discourse in the modern

56:46.200 --> 56:52.480
West, that if you're to the right of this arbitrary position, you're a Nazi, and it

56:52.480 --> 56:54.360
is always good to murder Nazis.

56:54.360 --> 56:56.100
In fact, you can't murder a Nazi.

56:56.100 --> 57:00.920
You can only kill him if they were smart enough to actually distinguish those terms.

57:00.920 --> 57:01.920
But that's what's happening here.

57:01.920 --> 57:07.720
We're just adopting that playbook, that page from the playbook of the left because, again,

57:07.720 --> 57:10.520
same master.

57:10.520 --> 57:12.880
But here is an interesting part.

57:12.880 --> 57:18.360
Three days later, so note that Rosebrough starts his little Operation Valkyrie thing

57:18.360 --> 57:20.000
on the 7th.

57:20.000 --> 57:30.600
Three days later on the 10th, Antifa poses my summary of, I guess, my bio and a dox attempt

57:30.600 --> 57:32.320
on me.

57:32.320 --> 57:33.480
Some of the information is doxing.

57:33.480 --> 57:36.080
A lot of the information is already public.

57:36.080 --> 57:40.640
But it's not the point that the information in some cases is already public.

57:40.640 --> 57:43.880
The point is the goal of what is being done here.

57:43.880 --> 57:46.440
This is the isolation freeze targeting.

57:46.440 --> 57:51.280
This is the Alinskyite tactics that you see in action here.

57:51.280 --> 57:56.240
And pastors are some of the first ones to pick up and run with this.

57:56.240 --> 57:58.680
There are pastors who follow this account on Twitter.

57:58.680 --> 58:00.480
There are pastors who promote this stuff.

58:00.480 --> 58:03.720
There are pastors who share this information.

58:03.720 --> 58:11.160
And this becomes sort of a proxy, an excuse for some of the things that happen with my

58:11.160 --> 58:17.880
pastor, former pastor, and congregation, and that will then continue to happen to others.

58:17.880 --> 58:23.360
They haven't doxed anyone else yet, but that does not mean that they will not do so.

58:23.360 --> 58:28.880
Notably, this is the same tactic that was employed against Superluthorin.

58:28.880 --> 58:35.640
And in that case, they actually tagged Jordan Cooper at the end of that thread, tacitly

58:35.640 --> 58:40.480
acknowledging his links to Antifa groups.

58:40.480 --> 58:45.160
And there are things that happen specifically to Super, with personal information that could

58:45.160 --> 58:48.760
not have come from outside the AALC.

58:48.760 --> 58:53.480
And that's the case as well with what's in the Makair action dox of Corey.

58:53.480 --> 58:58.440
When they list several of my previous Twitter accounts, previous pseudonyms, there's no

58:58.520 --> 59:04.240
way that my current account could be tied to those in a way that Antifa would have had

59:04.240 --> 59:09.360
access because Antifa was clearly not following me for years, not this group of Antifa.

59:09.360 --> 59:14.280
Others have, but this particular group, which is primarily based out of Portland with direct

59:14.280 --> 59:18.880
connections to Italy somehow, maybe they're crypto-fascists, that'd be exciting.

59:18.880 --> 59:26.400
They specifically include details that could only have possibly come from Lutheran pastors.

59:26.440 --> 59:32.640
And the blog that they're using to be explicit, the URL that the Makaira action blog is on,

59:32.640 --> 59:40.640
the only possible way you can have a blog on that is if you are vetted in and by Antifa.

59:40.640 --> 59:41.960
There's no other possible way.

59:41.960 --> 59:45.000
So we're not talking about Blogspot.

59:45.000 --> 59:49.200
It's a specific Antifa hosting company with Antifa DNS.

59:49.200 --> 59:53.520
Everything about it is 100% vetted Antifa.

59:53.520 --> 59:58.440
And the information on it came in part from Lutheran pastors.

59:58.440 --> 01:00:04.040
And so when two months later, Chris said, I've been working on this operation for months,

01:00:04.040 --> 01:00:10.640
and he sets up his domain before Makaira action drops their docs on Corey and one of his friends

01:00:10.640 --> 01:00:14.600
at his church.

01:00:14.600 --> 01:00:19.680
That's speculative, that's circumstantial, but in full view of everything else, there's

01:00:19.680 --> 01:00:23.160
no doubt in my mind that the two are directly linked.

01:00:23.160 --> 01:00:27.480
I would agree completely, because we've seen this before, we've seen it play out.

01:00:27.480 --> 01:00:32.640
We've seen this connection between Antifa and individuals supposedly in the Lutheran

01:00:32.640 --> 01:00:40.200
church who have the explicit goal of moving the Lutheran church to the left of basically

01:00:40.200 --> 01:00:42.120
turning the LCMS.

01:00:42.120 --> 01:00:48.400
And insofar as it's not already there, the ALC into just another Elka.

01:00:48.400 --> 01:00:53.040
And so the follow on from this docs, as I said, it was going to be used as an excuse

01:00:53.040 --> 01:01:01.040
and here's the use of it as an excuse on the following Sunday, two days later, the 12th.

01:01:01.040 --> 01:01:08.960
My pastor comes up to me after, I believe he told me before the service, very briefly

01:01:08.960 --> 01:01:15.720
mentioned it as I walked in, and then I talked to him afterward because we had a potluck

01:01:15.720 --> 01:01:18.760
after the service, so I talked to him then.

01:01:18.760 --> 01:01:23.760
He told me there was going to be a meeting, an elders meeting, and I was to attend it,

01:01:23.760 --> 01:01:27.080
and that was on the following day on Monday.

01:01:27.080 --> 01:01:31.320
So I provided him with some links to make sure that he was well informed what was going

01:01:31.320 --> 01:01:32.320

01:01:32.320 --> 01:01:39.720
I linked to the Antifa docs notably through an archive so that it would not dox him and

01:01:39.720 --> 01:01:44.880
some of the stone choir materials and things so that he would be ready for this meeting

01:01:44.880 --> 01:01:49.000
and have a better idea of what was going on.

01:01:49.000 --> 01:01:51.840
Whether or not he read those, I don't know.

01:01:51.840 --> 01:01:57.040
I suspect that many of those who were present at the meeting did not read those.

01:01:57.040 --> 01:02:01.280
And so Monday, the next day, the elders meeting took place.

01:02:01.280 --> 01:02:05.000
Now, of course, I was not informed of the nature of the meeting.

01:02:05.000 --> 01:02:08.600
I was just told there was going to be a meeting I needed to be present.

01:02:08.600 --> 01:02:13.280
I wasn't told who was going to be present, what the subject was.

01:02:13.280 --> 01:02:16.520
I wasn't provided any information.

01:02:16.520 --> 01:02:19.000
But anyway, I show up to this meeting.

01:02:19.000 --> 01:02:24.800
And before we get to the meeting itself, just as an interesting aside, something that is

01:02:24.800 --> 01:02:31.360
worth noting, and for those who pay close attention to these things in life, this is salient,

01:02:31.360 --> 01:02:35.160
the day before the front door of the church broke.

01:02:35.160 --> 01:02:40.640
And so everyone who attended this meeting had to enter through a small door on the back

01:02:40.640 --> 01:02:43.800
of the church building that's practically hidden by bushes.

01:02:43.800 --> 01:02:48.560
Honestly, I don't think I even knew it was there before this meeting.

01:02:48.560 --> 01:02:52.200
But after entering through this narrow little hallway on the backside of the church, I went

01:02:52.200 --> 01:02:56.120
to the meeting room where we usually have Bible studies and such.

01:02:56.120 --> 01:03:02.400
And as it turns out, it was actually the elderboard, Pastor Graves, who is the circuit visitor

01:03:02.400 --> 01:03:09.000
for Mid-South, Pastor Manum, my former pastor.

01:03:09.000 --> 01:03:15.600
And it was not a meeting because a meeting is a coming together of various individuals

01:03:15.600 --> 01:03:17.320
for the discussion of certain subjects.

01:03:17.320 --> 01:03:19.400
That is just the definition of a meeting.

01:03:19.400 --> 01:03:20.520
There was no discussion.

01:03:20.520 --> 01:03:23.200
I had no chance to respond to anything.

01:03:23.200 --> 01:03:29.400
There was simply a reading of charges against me by Pastor Manum.

01:03:29.400 --> 01:03:33.840
And then I was told to leave.

01:03:33.840 --> 01:03:36.880
I was not even provided with a copy of the charges.

01:03:36.880 --> 01:03:38.520
I asked for that.

01:03:38.520 --> 01:03:44.640
One of the other pastors in attendance notably did stage a very ineffectual, but I will give

01:03:44.640 --> 01:03:47.280
him credit where credit is due.

01:03:47.280 --> 01:03:50.920
He did say that I should have been provided with something and that it wasn't entirely

01:03:50.920 --> 01:03:51.920

01:03:51.920 --> 01:03:58.280
He was very quickly shut down by Graves, who is the circuit visitor who is directly connected

01:03:58.280 --> 01:04:01.720
to Synod, who is one of the individuals who is very clearly pushing this.

01:04:01.720 --> 01:04:06.640
I don't know if it came to him directly from Synod or if it came through the district president.

01:04:06.640 --> 01:04:10.360
Most likely it came through the district president, who is Pavala.

01:04:10.360 --> 01:04:12.200
You may notice that name.

01:04:12.200 --> 01:04:16.440
His son is on Twitter and active and posts things that are in keeping with the other

01:04:16.440 --> 01:04:19.760
pastors we've mentioned so far.

01:04:19.760 --> 01:04:26.560
But that is essentially where I was told that very clearly their goal was going to be to

01:04:26.560 --> 01:04:28.720
excommunicate me.

01:04:28.720 --> 01:04:32.920
They didn't explicitly say it at the time because they didn't really tell me anything

01:04:32.920 --> 01:04:36.440
other than the reading of the charges and then telling me to leave the property.

01:04:36.440 --> 01:04:41.760
It's worth noting with regard to hierarchy for anyone who's not familiar with, even

01:04:41.760 --> 01:04:47.560
in the LCMS, I think a lot of people don't know this, the LCMS has a president beneath

01:04:47.560 --> 01:04:51.600
the president, our district presidents, I think they're like 31 of them, roughly, if

01:04:51.600 --> 01:04:53.080
I remember correctly.

01:04:53.080 --> 01:04:56.640
And then within the districts, those are divided into circuits.

01:04:56.640 --> 01:05:02.520
And so the lowest form of hierarchy in the Missouri Synod is the circuit visitor.

01:05:02.520 --> 01:05:08.960
It's a pastor who doesn't directly have authority, but he kind of has supervisory duties.

01:05:08.960 --> 01:05:16.000
And so the presence of a circuit visitor at any of these meetings implicitly involves

01:05:16.000 --> 01:05:20.400
synod hierarchy, which was also explicit in this case and in the other cases.

01:05:20.720 --> 01:05:25.680
But it's worth noting that when we say circuit visitor or circuit pastor, we're talking about

01:05:25.680 --> 01:05:30.440
someone who is there as a representative of LCMS corporate.

01:05:30.440 --> 01:05:31.440
It's not just a pastor.

01:05:31.440 --> 01:05:32.440
It's not just another witness.

01:05:32.440 --> 01:05:37.320
It is a man who is an agent of the LCMS corporation.

01:05:37.320 --> 01:05:43.960
So we're dealing with synod officials acting in their official capacity as synod agents.

01:05:43.960 --> 01:05:50.080
And so after this meeting, I texted Pastor Manum as a sort of follow-up and I stated

01:05:50.080 --> 01:05:51.320
that I had three requests.

01:05:51.320 --> 01:05:57.120
I again renewed my request for a copy of the charging document, as it is simply in keeping

01:05:57.120 --> 01:06:03.600
with good order to actually give the accused a copy of the document with the charges.

01:06:03.600 --> 01:06:09.200
Second, I asked him if he had an intent to get a restraining order against me as it was

01:06:09.200 --> 01:06:15.800
made fairly clear in the meeting that I was not particularly welcome at the church, particularly

01:06:15.800 --> 01:06:17.000
by one of the elders.

01:06:17.000 --> 01:06:18.400
It was made very clear.

01:06:18.400 --> 01:06:25.040
And then the third request was a review of the charge because they did have a charge

01:06:25.040 --> 01:06:29.600
about Jordan Cooper and my comments about Jordan Cooper on social media.

01:06:29.600 --> 01:06:34.760
I asked for a review of that in light of the fact that Kilcrease had called Jordan Cooper

01:06:34.760 --> 01:06:37.280
an open heretic.

01:06:37.280 --> 01:06:45.400
Because if one of the chief, supposed theologians of the LCMS is calling a man an open heretic,

01:06:45.400 --> 01:06:50.320
I as a layman can hardly be faulted for saying the exact same thing.

01:06:50.320 --> 01:06:54.960
In Kilcrease, his name is really important because he is one of the principal architects

01:06:54.960 --> 01:06:57.360
of the large cataclysm.

01:06:57.360 --> 01:06:58.880
He is on the CTCR.

01:06:58.880 --> 01:07:03.200
He is one of the men most directly involved with it, along with John Pless, who's very

01:07:03.200 --> 01:07:06.800
good old friends with Matt Harrison.

01:07:06.800 --> 01:07:12.880
In the immediate aftermath of the turnip stream and turnip seeds thread on Twitter, Jack Kilcrease

01:07:12.880 --> 01:07:15.760
lost his mind on Facebook.

01:07:15.760 --> 01:07:19.760
He began spreading insane slander about us.

01:07:19.760 --> 01:07:25.120
And he specifically said on Facebook that as soon as Matt got back from his Maui vacation

01:07:25.120 --> 01:07:29.360
that we ruined, he was going to get to and make sure that he understood that these men

01:07:29.360 --> 01:07:33.440
who were opposed to the pedacism were in fact Nazis.

01:07:33.440 --> 01:07:39.360
And that's precisely what Matt reiterated when he re-released the large cataclysm.

01:07:39.360 --> 01:07:44.800
When he described the un-Christian conduct by those men, that was the aftermath of Kilcrease

01:07:44.800 --> 01:07:46.720
getting to him.

01:07:46.720 --> 01:07:53.320
Now, that's important because Kilcrease's wife follows Antifa's blog.

01:07:53.320 --> 01:07:59.960
They follow Makai Reaction, as well as Peter Slayton, who's the LCMS social media manager.

01:07:59.960 --> 01:08:05.560
Now, interesting thing about Slayton's following, as far as we can tell based on the timing,

01:08:05.560 --> 01:08:10.480
Slayton was already following Makai Reaction on Twitter before they dropped any docs, which

01:08:10.480 --> 01:08:15.840
is interesting because that blog and that account were literally set up for the purpose

01:08:15.840 --> 01:08:17.280
of doxing Corey.

01:08:17.280 --> 01:08:19.560
There'd never been any activity previously.

01:08:19.560 --> 01:08:22.280
The first thing that they did was to dox Corey.

01:08:22.280 --> 01:08:25.680
No one had ever heard of him before until they showed up.

01:08:25.680 --> 01:08:30.400
By all accounts, it appears that Peter Slayton had prior knowledge that Makai Reaction was

01:08:30.400 --> 01:08:34.880
going to be doing this, which is relevant because he's an LCMS employee.

01:08:34.880 --> 01:08:36.160
Kilcrease is an employee.

01:08:36.160 --> 01:08:37.800
Kilcrease is part of CTCR.

01:08:37.800 --> 01:08:40.920
As far as I know, I don't think he's remunerated for that.

01:08:40.920 --> 01:08:41.920
Slayton is salaried.

01:08:41.920 --> 01:08:44.480
He's paid a lot of money.

01:08:44.480 --> 01:08:48.520
He has had an axe to grind against Corey for years.

01:08:48.520 --> 01:08:55.960
In fact, the Book of Concord disaster that Corey can link in the show notes as well, Joshua

01:08:55.960 --> 01:09:00.520
Shear and Peter Slayton were two of the men instrumental in removing the Book of Concord

01:09:00.520 --> 01:09:03.920
from the internet because they hated Corey so much.

01:09:03.960 --> 01:09:10.920
In secret, those men spread slander and lies about Corey destroying his reputation so that

01:09:10.920 --> 01:09:16.000
they could try to steal the work that he had done with Paul McCain's senior's approval

01:09:16.000 --> 01:09:19.840
to redesign the Book of Concord website.

01:09:19.840 --> 01:09:24.840
The fact that Slayton, who hates Corey, who's been destroying his reputation for years,

01:09:24.840 --> 01:09:31.080
would be one of the very first people following the Antifa Twitter account and that Bethany

01:09:31.120 --> 01:09:36.040
Kilcrease would follow right in his wake is very telling.

01:09:36.040 --> 01:09:41.120
This is circumstantial evidence, but the more of this stuff that piles up, the more clear

01:09:41.120 --> 01:09:48.000
it is that the LCMS, ALC, and Antifa have all been colluding since the very beginning

01:09:48.000 --> 01:09:54.680
of all of this in response to the large cataclysm and layman pushing against it.

01:09:54.680 --> 01:09:58.240
I guess we should probably point out at some point that Makaira is Greek for slaughter

01:09:58.320 --> 01:10:02.800
knife, something that those who have not read some of the materials surrounding this will

01:10:02.800 --> 01:10:07.280
not know, so it's very clear what the sort of mindset and intent of those doing these

01:10:07.280 --> 01:10:08.280

01:10:08.280 --> 01:10:12.480
Well, what their mindset is.

01:10:12.480 --> 01:10:20.200
But moving on from there, the very next day, that Tuesday the 14th, a friend of mine at

01:10:20.200 --> 01:10:25.880
the congregation who has now also left that congregation was interrogated for nearly four

01:10:25.920 --> 01:10:34.120
hours by Pastor Manum, by the elders, and by Pastor Graves, the circuit visitor.

01:10:34.120 --> 01:10:39.560
Basically, he was interrogated for being my friend, because we would go out and get beers

01:10:39.560 --> 01:10:41.320
after the service.

01:10:41.320 --> 01:10:46.280
We sat next to each other in the congregation in the sanctuary.

01:10:46.280 --> 01:10:53.120
And so he was placed under the lesser ban, essentially, for associating with me, because

01:10:53.160 --> 01:10:56.200
he wasn't given any charges.

01:10:56.200 --> 01:10:59.920
He was actually given a chance to defend himself, whereas I was not even given the chance to

01:10:59.920 --> 01:11:06.960
speak, except insofar as I did comment as I was packing up my things to leave, of course.

01:11:06.960 --> 01:11:11.760
But he was placed under the lesser ban because of his association with me.

01:11:11.760 --> 01:11:14.160
And that is a theme that we see throughout all of this.

01:11:14.160 --> 01:11:16.720
It is guilt by association.

01:11:16.720 --> 01:11:24.680
Now, drawing out something about a man by virtue of those with whom he spends his time

01:11:24.680 --> 01:11:28.600
is one thing, and you can't do that to some degree.

01:11:28.600 --> 01:11:35.640
But you cannot place someone under the lesser ban because he has a friend with whom you disagree.

01:11:35.640 --> 01:11:39.520
The lesser ban means he's barred from communion, means that Indy was not allowed to commune

01:11:39.520 --> 01:11:45.440
to that congregation anymore, which itself is an explicit statement that you are in a

01:11:45.440 --> 01:11:48.000
state of open, unrepentant sin.

01:11:48.000 --> 01:11:53.000
Effectively, you are going to hell unless you repent for what we're charging you for.

01:11:53.000 --> 01:11:54.360
What did they charge him with?

01:11:54.360 --> 01:11:56.080
No sin of his own.

01:11:56.080 --> 01:12:01.480
When the three and a half hour interrogation of Indy amounted to questions about things

01:12:01.480 --> 01:12:06.160
that Corey had said, nothing that Indy had said, what did Corey say and did he agree

01:12:06.160 --> 01:12:07.160
with it?

01:12:07.160 --> 01:12:13.120
And he was told that if he didn't completely disavow Corey, he would be excommunicated.

01:12:13.120 --> 01:12:17.040
And they immediately placed him under the lesser ban because he refused to disavow his

01:12:17.040 --> 01:12:21.640
friend for what his friend had said, regardless of whether or not he'd agreed with any thing

01:12:21.640 --> 01:12:25.480
Corey had said, which is important because this comes up again later.

01:12:25.480 --> 01:12:30.040
This is a script that was written by Synod that was delivered to these men.

01:12:30.040 --> 01:12:36.640
Because remember, Manum had no interest in tangling with Corey before Makaira Action.

01:12:36.640 --> 01:12:40.600
He had no interest in placing him under the lesser ban, excommunication, nothing.

01:12:40.600 --> 01:12:44.320
He never dared to challenge Corey until this happened.

01:12:44.320 --> 01:12:46.880
The very next week, what does he do?

01:12:46.880 --> 01:12:48.760
He bars one of his friends from Communion.

01:12:48.760 --> 01:12:52.920
Now, if you're a pastor and you're listening to this, your blood pressure should be through

01:12:52.920 --> 01:12:54.500
the roof.

01:12:54.500 --> 01:12:56.680
You heard about it when it happened to Ryan Ternopseed.

01:12:56.680 --> 01:13:00.560
We're telling you for the first time, that was not the first time that this happened.

01:13:00.560 --> 01:13:02.520
This evil is scripted.

01:13:02.520 --> 01:13:05.760
It's coming from Matt Harris and the False Prophet in St. Louis.

01:13:05.760 --> 01:13:09.080
And it's being done in defense of what?

01:13:09.080 --> 01:13:10.080
You know what?

01:13:10.080 --> 01:13:16.200
Church cataclysm, pedophilia advocacy, minimizing every heinous sin and making things into sins

01:13:16.200 --> 01:13:18.040
that are not sins at all.

01:13:18.040 --> 01:13:22.960
This is being done in the name of Christ, which is something that Paris is going to say shortly.

01:13:22.960 --> 01:13:24.560
This is a profound evil.

01:13:24.560 --> 01:13:29.360
And so the lesser ban is saying that he's an open sin for being friends with Corey.

01:13:29.360 --> 01:13:30.360
Is that church doctrine?

01:13:30.360 --> 01:13:31.360

01:13:31.360 --> 01:13:32.360
Is it Alinsky's rules?

01:13:32.360 --> 01:13:33.360

01:13:33.480 --> 01:13:40.600
So that same day, Manum sent me an email asking me not to attend the midweek service, because

01:13:40.600 --> 01:13:44.360
of course, we're dealing with Lent here.

01:13:44.360 --> 01:13:50.280
And so I agreed as an explicit show of good faith, but, and this is something I don't

01:13:50.280 --> 01:13:56.960
always do, I requested a copy of the Constitution and bylaws in exchange, as it were, for my

01:13:56.960 --> 01:14:01.120
show of good faith and not attending because he mentioned security concerns.

01:14:01.240 --> 01:14:08.040
And when anti-fuzz and play, I think it is fair to the elders to give them that consideration

01:14:08.040 --> 01:14:14.480
of a day or really the better part of a week to deal with any concerns considering that

01:14:14.480 --> 01:14:16.160
radical group.

01:14:16.160 --> 01:14:20.000
And so as a sign of good faith, I agreed not to attend the midweek service.

01:14:20.000 --> 01:14:25.720
But the reason that I requested a copy of the Constitution and bylaws is that I was telegraphing

01:14:25.720 --> 01:14:31.600
to Pastor Manum that I was well aware of the restrictions on how he could proceed with

01:14:31.600 --> 01:14:33.120
an excommunication.

01:14:33.120 --> 01:14:39.720
I wanted him to know that if he did not follow the bylaws to the letter, it would cause future

01:14:39.720 --> 01:14:41.320

01:14:41.320 --> 01:14:44.680
Of course, they did not follow the bylaws.

01:14:44.680 --> 01:14:51.320
As I mentioned in my article, the requirement for excommunication at first Lutheran is that

01:14:51.320 --> 01:14:54.840
the vote of the congregation be unanimous.

01:14:55.800 --> 01:15:01.760
Now, the reason, part of the reason, they placed Indy under the lesser ban is that they

01:15:01.760 --> 01:15:06.000
were going to try to argue that because he was under the lesser ban, he was no longer

01:15:06.000 --> 01:15:07.000
a member.

01:15:07.000 --> 01:15:08.000
That's not, of course, the case.

01:15:08.000 --> 01:15:12.240
The way the bylaws work is that you are a member until you're excommunicated.

01:15:12.240 --> 01:15:18.640
And so the vote having to be unanimous, they would never be able to excommunicate me simply

01:15:18.640 --> 01:15:22.000
because Indy was still a member of the congregation.

01:15:22.000 --> 01:15:24.320
Now there were other individuals as well.

01:15:24.320 --> 01:15:25.800
I have to stop and correct you.

01:15:25.800 --> 01:15:27.840
That's not actually true.

01:15:27.840 --> 01:15:32.640
You had the original copy of first Lutheran's bylaws, which did say unanimous.

01:15:32.640 --> 01:15:36.080
So after Indy's meeting, that was what we believed.

01:15:36.080 --> 01:15:42.200
When you did later get a copy of them, they had amended those bylaws to make it two-thirds.

01:15:42.200 --> 01:15:43.680
So whether or not Indy was present.

01:15:43.680 --> 01:15:45.680
There's a technicality there.

01:15:45.680 --> 01:15:46.680
Is there?

01:15:46.680 --> 01:15:47.680

01:15:47.680 --> 01:15:48.680
Yeah, there is.

01:15:48.680 --> 01:15:51.720
The technicality in it, and I think it's good that they did this, it's actually reasonable.

01:15:51.720 --> 01:15:55.680
It's a two-thirds vote if the accused is not present.

01:15:55.680 --> 01:15:59.240
If the accused is present, it is unanimous.

01:15:59.240 --> 01:16:05.280
And so the problem for them is that the accused must be present.

01:16:05.280 --> 01:16:06.400
That is in the bylaws.

01:16:06.400 --> 01:16:12.680
The only way that they are allowed to resort to that two-thirds option is if the accused,

01:16:12.680 --> 01:16:15.800
in this case, if I refuse to attend.

01:16:15.800 --> 01:16:18.360
If I refuse to attend, they need a two-thirds vote.

01:16:18.360 --> 01:16:22.000
I didn't refuse to attend, as we will get to soon enough.

01:16:22.000 --> 01:16:24.320
They barred me from the property.

01:16:24.320 --> 01:16:27.120
And so they didn't follow the rules at any...

01:16:27.120 --> 01:16:33.000
Everything they did was a violation of the bylaws to say nothing of the various injunctions

01:16:33.000 --> 01:16:36.520
in Scripture with regard to how you were to treat a fellow Christian.

01:16:36.520 --> 01:16:44.000
So no, according to the civil law, they have just completely and utterly, well, they're

01:16:44.000 --> 01:16:47.480
screwed to be blunt.

01:16:47.480 --> 01:16:53.560
But to move on from there, there's a sort of note in between things that are happening

01:16:53.560 --> 01:16:56.720
in my story here.

01:16:56.720 --> 01:17:04.160
Lutherans for racial justice on that Thursday, the 16th, discuss the Antifa docks, and they

01:17:04.160 --> 01:17:11.140
divulge having had prior knowledge of Harrison's press release, which comes out not yet.

01:17:11.140 --> 01:17:12.400
It comes out on the 21st.

01:17:12.400 --> 01:17:17.920
So they're pointing out five days before that they know that a press release is coming

01:17:17.920 --> 01:17:18.920
from Harrison.

01:17:18.920 --> 01:17:24.720
And this is the discussion between Matt Gonzalez and Ken Ferry, who is the latter running for

01:17:24.720 --> 01:17:28.080
president of the LCMS.

01:17:28.080 --> 01:17:34.400
But now to return to what is happening to me in this timeline, that Friday, the 17th,

01:17:34.400 --> 01:17:40.700
Monum emailed me again to ask this time that I not attend the divine service on Sunday.

01:17:40.700 --> 01:17:42.340
This time I declined.

01:17:42.340 --> 01:17:48.700
I pointed out that not attending the midweek service, and I always attend midweek services.

01:17:48.700 --> 01:17:52.700
I pointed out that not attending the midweek service was a sign of good faith, that he

01:17:52.700 --> 01:17:56.580
had had adequate time, and that I would be attending the service.

01:17:56.580 --> 01:18:03.580
I additionally texted him to make sure that he checked his email so he knew that I was

01:18:03.580 --> 01:18:08.740
intending to attend the service, and that he would have adequate time to prepare as

01:18:08.740 --> 01:18:10.340
it were.

01:18:10.340 --> 01:18:17.500
Notably, he said in his email that he sent via certified letter a copy of the email.

01:18:17.500 --> 01:18:18.940
I never actually received that one.

01:18:18.940 --> 01:18:20.860
I don't have reason to believe he didn't send it.

01:18:20.860 --> 01:18:27.540
I think that most likely USPS has it somewhere, and I just didn't get a notification.

01:18:27.540 --> 01:18:34.700
But he sent his email on Friday, I sent my reply actually on the 18th on Saturday.

01:18:34.700 --> 01:18:43.260
Then on the 19th, that Sunday, as always, I got ready to attend the service at 9.30,

01:18:43.260 --> 01:18:47.940
which is when the divine service, there's one service, the divine service at 1st Lutheran.

01:18:47.940 --> 01:18:55.180
I picked up donuts in the morning, as I usually do, as I've done every week, and I drove to

01:18:55.180 --> 01:18:56.180
the church.

01:18:56.180 --> 01:19:03.340
However, it would seem that God did not want to give Pastor Monim the opportunity to actually

01:19:03.340 --> 01:19:06.580
talk to me about these issues.

01:19:06.580 --> 01:19:12.460
Because for those who don't know me personally, and maybe didn't pay particularly close attention

01:19:12.460 --> 01:19:17.460
to what Antifa said, I am always on time for the divine service.

01:19:17.460 --> 01:19:24.260
I have been late, I believe, twice in the past six to ten years.

01:19:24.260 --> 01:19:29.180
And by one of those, I mean late by ten seconds, literally ten seconds.

01:19:29.180 --> 01:19:33.980
This time, for the first time in ten years, I was actually late.

01:19:33.980 --> 01:19:37.420
I was probably fifteen or twenty minutes late.

01:19:37.420 --> 01:19:44.060
And the reason for that is that I witnessed, directly in front of me, a chase, crash, and

01:19:44.060 --> 01:19:46.980
then foot chase with the police.

01:19:46.980 --> 01:19:53.460
They, some individual, probably on drugs, pulled out from a side street, directly in

01:19:53.460 --> 01:19:58.340
front of me while I was on my way to church, got chased by two squad cars, crashed into

01:19:58.340 --> 01:20:03.500
the median, completely blocked the road, jumped out of his car, took off, the police tackled

01:20:03.500 --> 01:20:04.500

01:20:04.500 --> 01:20:06.460
It took a while for me to get out of there.

01:20:06.460 --> 01:20:11.300
I gave a brief statement because, of course, I saw basically the entire thing.

01:20:11.300 --> 01:20:13.780
And so I was late.

01:20:13.780 --> 01:20:18.420
The reason that it is salient that I was late is that Pastor Manum and the elders were

01:20:18.420 --> 01:20:23.220
standing outside waiting for me to show up so they could intercept me because they had

01:20:23.220 --> 01:20:25.540
called the police on me.

01:20:25.540 --> 01:20:30.900
Well, I didn't get to talk to Pastor Manum because of that delay.

01:20:30.900 --> 01:20:35.060
I did get to talk to, well, really only the police because the elders would not talk to

01:20:35.060 --> 01:20:36.060

01:20:36.060 --> 01:20:40.620
I had a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and these various other things to point out

01:20:40.620 --> 01:20:44.100
where they were clearly in the wrong because that is the Christian response.

01:20:44.100 --> 01:20:48.580
When you have an erring brother or erstwhile brother, former brother, however we want to

01:20:48.580 --> 01:20:53.580
say this, you point out to him when he is in the wrong, where he is in the wrong, why

01:20:53.580 --> 01:20:56.180
he is wrong and hope that he will repent.

01:20:56.180 --> 01:20:58.500
That was my goal.

01:20:58.500 --> 01:21:03.820
It did not turn out that way for reasons well beyond my control.

01:21:03.820 --> 01:21:06.980
And so I talked to the police and that video is available.

01:21:06.980 --> 01:21:08.080
You can watch that.

01:21:08.080 --> 01:21:12.400
The police were very polite and they did their job.

01:21:12.400 --> 01:21:17.720
Obviously, I explained some of it to them for the purpose of having the video and for

01:21:17.720 --> 01:21:21.440
the purpose of the elders who were still standing there because I know the police can't do anything

01:21:21.440 --> 01:21:22.680
about this.

01:21:22.680 --> 01:21:26.800
This is a matter for the civil courts if it goes to that, not for the police to solve

01:21:26.800 --> 01:21:28.280
that in there.

01:21:28.280 --> 01:21:33.520
It's important to note with regard to threats.

01:21:33.520 --> 01:21:37.960
There were no threats from Antifa or anyone else.

01:21:37.960 --> 01:21:43.000
Interestingly, if you look at the original Makai reaction docs of you, the only demands

01:21:43.000 --> 01:21:49.120
that Antifa made were excommunicate you from your church and bar you from going back to

01:21:49.120 --> 01:21:51.440
that brewery.

01:21:51.440 --> 01:21:54.560
They subsequently got their wish on both counts.

01:21:54.560 --> 01:21:55.560
There was never any direct threat.

01:21:55.560 --> 01:21:58.200
I do like they included the brewery one.

01:21:58.200 --> 01:21:59.200

01:21:59.200 --> 01:22:00.200
It's so ridiculous.

01:22:00.720 --> 01:22:05.320
It goes to Luther's explanation where he talks about how Satan doesn't want us to even have

01:22:05.320 --> 01:22:07.240
a morsel of food and peace.

01:22:07.240 --> 01:22:09.560
That's literally what happened here.

01:22:09.560 --> 01:22:13.960
And so there were idiot pastors on Twitter and there are all these slanders elsewhere

01:22:13.960 --> 01:22:18.960
saying you were a threat to the church or Antifa was a threat to the church that there

01:22:18.960 --> 01:22:21.160
was direct physical threats.

01:22:21.160 --> 01:22:24.880
Every single such claim is absolutely false.

01:22:24.880 --> 01:22:29.320
There is only slander coming from within the Missouri Senate and specifically coming from

01:22:29.320 --> 01:22:35.680
Manum and 1st Lutheran of Knoxville to claim that there was some sort of unspecified threat

01:22:35.680 --> 01:22:37.080
of violence.

01:22:37.080 --> 01:22:39.720
That was the basis for no trespassing you.

01:22:39.720 --> 01:22:43.680
And so they didn't get a restraining order, but what they did, a lesser version of it,

01:22:43.680 --> 01:22:49.120
but effectively the same thing is to no trespass you, which means your name is now permanently

01:22:49.120 --> 01:22:52.360
in the police records with that address.

01:22:52.360 --> 01:22:58.000
And so at any point in the future, if Corey ever sets foot on 1st Lutheran property, he

01:22:58.000 --> 01:23:03.920
will be immediately subject to arrest without appeal because by saying you are trespassing

01:23:03.920 --> 01:23:10.920
if you come back, it basically primes any future contact to be automatically a crime.

01:23:10.920 --> 01:23:15.880
So it's kind of like a restraining order except it doesn't have to have additional buffers.

01:23:15.880 --> 01:23:18.080
And that stands to this day.

01:23:18.080 --> 01:23:22.760
Corey is permanently barred from returning to his church.

01:23:22.760 --> 01:23:26.920
And see, there are people who don't like Corey, who don't like what he says, who think he's

01:23:27.920 --> 01:23:34.920
a heretic, even if you're 100% correct that Corey is the monster that the LCMS says he

01:23:35.400 --> 01:23:41.320
is, is this how you deal with someone who's not actually causing problems?

01:23:41.320 --> 01:23:45.040
And one of the amazing thing that played out subsequently is that Hans Feeney and some

01:23:45.040 --> 01:23:50.080
of these other chicken pastors went so far as to say, well, of course they would bar

01:23:50.080 --> 01:23:51.200
him from being there.

01:23:51.200 --> 01:23:53.160
He would just speak in his own defense.

01:23:53.160 --> 01:23:56.520
Why would we let him proclaim Hitler in church?

01:23:56.560 --> 01:23:58.560
Because that's anything you've ever done.

01:23:58.560 --> 01:24:05.240
And so again, this is pure Alinskyi tactics to prevent you from ever physically being

01:24:05.240 --> 01:24:09.320
there again, is complete personal destruction.

01:24:09.320 --> 01:24:13.720
And any bystanders, you think, well, anybody who gets thrown out of church and the cops

01:24:13.720 --> 01:24:15.520
are called, he's got to be bad.

01:24:15.520 --> 01:24:16.720
And that's the whole point.

01:24:16.720 --> 01:24:23.560
The optics of the situation are so evil in terms of the person who's being targeted that

01:24:23.600 --> 01:24:26.720
most people are just going to say, well, he must have done something.

01:24:26.720 --> 01:24:28.120
Corey must have done something.

01:24:28.120 --> 01:24:31.280
He wouldn't be subjected to this if he hadn't done something.

01:24:31.280 --> 01:24:32.480
And that's all it takes.

01:24:32.480 --> 01:24:33.720
That's not Christian.

01:24:33.720 --> 01:24:36.560
That's not consistent with the eighth commandment.

01:24:36.560 --> 01:24:40.040
And yet it's the only thing that we've seen within our own church.

01:24:40.040 --> 01:24:45.720
And yes, it is worth mentioning that I am also barred from going back to Schultzbräu,

01:24:45.720 --> 01:24:48.480
which is the brewery where I used to go with Indy.

01:24:48.480 --> 01:24:52.200
And we would record Tisseraiden, which is have a number of episodes of that up.

01:24:52.240 --> 01:24:54.400
I may finish editing the others and release them.

01:24:55.320 --> 01:24:58.520
There's really no reason not to do that now.

01:24:58.520 --> 01:25:03.000
But they managed to get me barred from that because of the Antifa docs.

01:25:03.000 --> 01:25:06.680
And again, this is a family owned business.

01:25:06.680 --> 01:25:10.760
I don't entirely blame them because they are afraid of what could be done to their

01:25:10.760 --> 01:25:12.960
business by this violent group.

01:25:13.400 --> 01:25:19.600
And so everyone knows that Antifa is a violent, leftist, a radical group that will firebomb

01:25:19.600 --> 01:25:21.760
your business, say.

01:25:21.760 --> 01:25:23.880
And so I don't I don't blame them for that.

01:25:23.880 --> 01:25:26.760
So please don't send them nasty messages or anything like that.

01:25:26.760 --> 01:25:28.160
It's it's not their fault.

01:25:28.160 --> 01:25:31.400
They got caught up in things that are beyond their control.

01:25:31.400 --> 01:25:33.400
Just leave them be.

01:25:34.640 --> 01:25:40.840
But that same Sunday, Pastor Monum announces from the pulpit, actually not from the pulpit.

01:25:40.840 --> 01:25:44.920
He's it's from the the lectern, the lectern at first Lutherans on the left,

01:25:44.920 --> 01:25:45.680
the pulpits on the right.

01:25:45.680 --> 01:25:50.280
He announced from the lectern that there were some issues and they had been dealt

01:25:50.280 --> 01:25:54.160
with, and he did this with a smile, and you can watch the video and judge for

01:25:54.160 --> 01:25:57.080
yourself what exactly is going on there.

01:25:58.680 --> 01:26:05.480
And so we move on to President Harrison's press release, as it were on the 21st of

01:26:05.480 --> 01:26:11.000
February, and that is President Harrison denounces disturbing ideologies.

01:26:12.480 --> 01:26:18.760
And essentially, this is his comment where he denounces the alt right and

01:26:18.760 --> 01:26:20.920
racist and all these various other things.

01:26:21.200 --> 01:26:26.560
He basically lists out Satan's talking points, the left's talking points, and says

01:26:26.560 --> 01:26:30.680
that he denounces them in the name of the Missouri Synod, in the name of the

01:26:30.680 --> 01:26:34.360
president of the Missouri Synod, the vice presidents of the Missouri Synod, the

01:26:34.360 --> 01:26:38.920
35 district presidents of the Missouri Synod, the ministerium, the congregations.

01:26:39.440 --> 01:26:44.120
Basically, he says that he does this in the name of the entire LCMS and in the

01:26:44.120 --> 01:26:44.840
name of Christ.

01:26:45.800 --> 01:26:51.760
And what is denounced is the horrible and racist teachings to quote him of the

01:26:51.760 --> 01:26:59.800
so-called alt right in Toto, which is to include white supremacy, Nazism, pro

01:26:59.800 --> 01:27:05.000
slavery, anti-interracial marriage, women as property, fascism, death to

01:27:05.000 --> 01:27:06.960
homosexuals, even genocide.

01:27:09.440 --> 01:27:12.480
Now those who have actually read the Old Testament may notice that there are some

01:27:12.480 --> 01:27:13.240
problems here.

01:27:13.840 --> 01:27:18.840
Because the Old Testament, as we have mentioned previously, does not ban

01:27:18.840 --> 01:27:23.160
slavery, in fact, tells the Israelites to take slaves in some cases.

01:27:25.400 --> 01:27:29.360
We'll ignore some of the other ones, but I will point out that the so-called

01:27:29.360 --> 01:27:37.960
death to homosexuals, one, we haven't actually called for that, except in so

01:27:37.960 --> 01:27:42.680
far as perhaps we have quoted the Old Testament, because that is what God

01:27:42.920 --> 01:27:44.120
says in the Old Testament.

01:27:44.720 --> 01:27:49.200
And of course, genocide, that would be a correct characterization of what God

01:27:49.200 --> 01:27:51.160
commanded Israel to do to the Canaanites.

01:27:51.840 --> 01:27:57.640
So this is Matt Harrison, in the name of the LCMS, in the name of the

01:27:57.640 --> 01:28:01.720
entirety of the leadership of the LCMS, in the name of all the congregations of

01:28:01.720 --> 01:28:05.040
the LCMS, condemning the Old Testament.

01:28:06.920 --> 01:28:12.320
If this isn't at least Marcionism, I don't know what this is, but this is

01:28:12.440 --> 01:28:13.480
incredibly wicked.

01:28:13.760 --> 01:28:15.800
This is a rejection of Christianity.

01:28:16.840 --> 01:28:20.680
Matt Harrison is not a Christian, because a Christian could not write this.

01:28:22.760 --> 01:28:25.640
And we waited six weeks before we responded to it.

01:28:25.640 --> 01:28:30.120
The episode that you've probably heard against the Antichrist was a line-by-line

01:28:30.120 --> 01:28:31.160
refutation of that.

01:28:31.720 --> 01:28:37.240
What's particularly interesting about the death for homosexuals line is that in

01:28:37.360 --> 01:28:43.400
the news just this past week, the nation of Uganda has passed laws which permit

01:28:43.400 --> 01:28:48.080
that it is now legal in Uganda for the state to execute homosexuals.

01:28:49.160 --> 01:28:53.680
And all manner of homosexuality is now illegal, including grooming, and

01:28:53.680 --> 01:28:59.960
interestingly, including publication of anything that advocates such, which would

01:28:59.960 --> 01:29:04.400
mean that the LCMS, CPH, based on some of the things that were written in the new

01:29:04.440 --> 01:29:09.560
large catechism, they could make a case in Uganda that the CPH would be breaking

01:29:09.560 --> 01:29:11.920
the law and be stripped of their license to publish there.

01:29:12.480 --> 01:29:15.920
So that's interesting for a couple of reasons.

01:29:15.920 --> 01:29:17.760
One, it's not completely out of left field.

01:29:17.760 --> 01:29:23.040
Not only is it still in scripture, it's still the law in many places, and it's

01:29:23.040 --> 01:29:27.520
relevant to the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod in particular, because this

01:29:28.000 --> 01:29:33.600
coming July, the LCMS is going to be voting on full altar and pulpit

01:29:33.600 --> 01:29:37.960
fellowship with the Ugandan Lutheran Church, with the church in the very

01:29:37.960 --> 01:29:42.720
nation that has now passed this law that says that homosexuals can and should be

01:29:42.720 --> 01:29:43.360

01:29:43.880 --> 01:29:47.200
So I'm really curious to see how that plays out.

01:29:47.560 --> 01:29:53.240
Is the Ugandan Lutheran Church going to be made to denounce this in the name of

01:29:53.240 --> 01:29:56.560
so-called Christ as the false prophet Matt Harrison did?

01:29:56.960 --> 01:30:00.320
If he's consistent, he'll say, well, yeah, sure, you're black, sure, you're

01:30:00.320 --> 01:30:02.800
African, but you still got to follow the rules.

01:30:03.560 --> 01:30:09.600
Or is this alt-right hysteria something that came from Jack Kilkrease's mouth?

01:30:10.520 --> 01:30:11.600
It's, of course, the latter.

01:30:11.880 --> 01:30:14.120
I don't think they're going to say anything about the Lutheran church in

01:30:14.120 --> 01:30:18.040
Uganda, because all they care about is scoring political points and also

01:30:18.040 --> 01:30:19.720
protecting sodomites.

01:30:20.280 --> 01:30:24.240
And getting back to the initial point about the pedacism and something we've

01:30:24.240 --> 01:30:29.840
said on a previous episode, sodomites reproduced by raping children.

01:30:30.480 --> 01:30:32.400
The two are directly connected.

01:30:32.800 --> 01:30:37.160
If you know someone who describes themselves as homosexual, gay, whatever

01:30:37.160 --> 01:30:42.320
euphemism they use, they are almost certainly the victim of child rape.

01:30:42.720 --> 01:30:43.800
That's a terrible thing.

01:30:44.400 --> 01:30:49.480
And as a Christian to acknowledge that this horrible thing was done to them as a

01:30:49.480 --> 01:30:55.080
child, it's an important part of making them whole within the church, because by

01:30:55.080 --> 01:31:01.800
and large, sodomites who live that lifestyle as adults are doing so, specifically

01:31:01.800 --> 01:31:04.760
as a coping mechanism for the horrors that were done to them as children.

01:31:05.240 --> 01:31:10.680
So see, all these nasty, vile, disgusting things that are difficult to even talk

01:31:10.680 --> 01:31:12.880
about, they're part and parcel.

01:31:13.400 --> 01:31:18.640
And for the Missouri Synod to give up ground on any one of these things, on

01:31:18.720 --> 01:31:22.480
doing something that Jesus said, you'd be better off having a millstone

01:31:22.480 --> 01:31:26.520
tied around your neck on the last day than to do this to one of these little

01:31:26.520 --> 01:31:32.080
children, the church that we belong to, that I still belong to, Corey has been

01:31:32.080 --> 01:31:33.360
falsely excommunicated.

01:31:33.360 --> 01:31:35.040
He's not, he's still a Lutheran.

01:31:35.240 --> 01:31:38.280
He's still an LCMS Lutheran, unless he doesn't want to be anymore.

01:31:38.280 --> 01:31:41.040
But as we made clear, we take our vows seriously.

01:31:41.520 --> 01:31:44.280
False prophets don't get to kick men out of the church.

01:31:44.720 --> 01:31:45.560
It just doesn't happen.

01:31:45.640 --> 01:31:46.640
It's not real.

01:31:47.040 --> 01:31:48.160
They broke all the rules.

01:31:48.160 --> 01:31:49.360
They lied in God's name.

01:31:49.520 --> 01:31:52.440
They continue lying in God's name, which is the reason that we

01:31:52.480 --> 01:31:53.520
will continue to fight.

01:31:54.480 --> 01:31:59.920
One other interesting thing to note, the 21st of February is when Harrison

01:31:59.920 --> 01:32:02.960
posted his screed on the LCMS.

01:32:03.800 --> 01:32:06.360
Actually, it didn't initially go out on the LCMS website.

01:32:06.360 --> 01:32:07.480
We should mention the timeline.

01:32:07.800 --> 01:32:11.400
He initially posted this on Facebook and not directly.

01:32:11.600 --> 01:32:16.040
It was a letter that was sent, I think, to the DPs and it was immediately

01:32:16.040 --> 01:32:17.280
leaked on Facebook.

01:32:17.560 --> 01:32:19.040
It went into wide circulation.

01:32:19.040 --> 01:32:23.920
We immediately circulated it because it directly names, not us by name, but it

01:32:23.920 --> 01:32:30.080
makes very clear that this screed is directed against the men online who

01:32:30.080 --> 01:32:31.640
oppose the large cataclysm.

01:32:32.040 --> 01:32:35.960
So Harrison specifically says that we are being personally targeted by what he says.

01:32:36.360 --> 01:32:38.120
He didn't have the guts to publish it personally.

01:32:38.280 --> 01:32:42.120
He leaked it on Facebook through an ally, through an agent.

01:32:43.160 --> 01:32:47.120
And then a couple of days later, published it on the internet for everyone, on

01:32:47.120 --> 01:32:48.400
the official LCMS blog.

01:32:48.760 --> 01:32:52.720
What's interesting about the timing is that this was after sundown, prior to

01:32:52.720 --> 01:32:57.200
Ash Wednesday, Corey's Church has weekly services throughout the year, or at

01:32:57.200 --> 01:32:58.520
least was prior to this.

01:32:58.520 --> 01:33:02.520
So the Wednesday service was actually outside of Lent.

01:33:02.840 --> 01:33:04.320
Lent began the very next week.

01:33:04.600 --> 01:33:07.480
And so Ash Wednesday is the next day in our timeline.

01:33:08.000 --> 01:33:14.200
Harrison waited until sundown, effectively in the Jewish way of measuring time.

01:33:14.520 --> 01:33:16.600
Sundown is the beginning of the next day.

01:33:17.560 --> 01:33:23.160
And so it was effectively Ash Wednesday when this attack by Synod was launched

01:33:23.200 --> 01:33:27.120
against Stone Choir and against anyone who agrees with anything we said.

01:33:27.360 --> 01:33:31.040
Because we said, Indy was told he is not a Christian.

01:33:31.040 --> 01:33:34.880
He is an unrepentant sin for being friends with Corey, for listening to the

01:33:34.880 --> 01:33:38.400
things that he said, not repeating them, just listening, just being friends.

01:33:38.840 --> 01:33:39.600
You're listening.

01:33:40.120 --> 01:33:42.600
You may or may not consider yourself friends.

01:33:42.960 --> 01:33:45.920
You are also no longer a Christian because you hear our voices.

01:33:46.160 --> 01:33:48.400
That's what Matt Harrison wants the whole world to think.

01:33:48.960 --> 01:33:53.040
And what's funny is that February, our audience was way smaller than it is today.

01:33:53.280 --> 01:33:56.080
We've at least doubled, maybe tripled in size since then.

01:33:56.120 --> 01:34:03.400
So all the hysteria has not tamped down interest in true sound teaching, but it

01:34:03.400 --> 01:34:08.280
has brought attention from the world to there's something going on here.

01:34:08.560 --> 01:34:11.560
If these men who are doing these things are so afraid of a couple guys of the

01:34:11.560 --> 01:34:14.120
podcast, maybe it's worth finding out why.

01:34:14.440 --> 01:34:15.760
So we're glad you're still listening.

01:34:16.560 --> 01:34:21.080
Yes, I should have mentioned that it was pre-Lent or Shrove Tide, a term we no

01:34:21.080 --> 01:34:24.640
longer really use, which of course starts with Septuagosima Sunday.

01:34:25.920 --> 01:34:28.520
And so we had the midweek services as well.

01:34:29.800 --> 01:34:36.520
But you mentioned the issue of the sodomy laws and how recently those have

01:34:36.520 --> 01:34:37.120

01:34:37.120 --> 01:34:41.640
And so I'm going to actually link a second Supreme Court case, Lawrence v.

01:34:41.640 --> 01:34:42.560
Texas in this case.

01:34:42.560 --> 01:34:44.040
The previous one was Kennedy v.

01:34:44.080 --> 01:34:44.760

01:34:46.320 --> 01:34:51.040
And that was the case that struck down anti-sodomy laws, or you can just

01:34:51.040 --> 01:34:56.360
call them sodomy laws in the U.S., struck them down as unconstitutional, saying

01:34:56.360 --> 01:35:01.480
that there is a substantive due process right to intimate consensual sexual

01:35:01.480 --> 01:35:05.120
conduct or contact in the U.S.

01:35:05.120 --> 01:35:07.040
And so that is now protected by U.S.

01:35:07.040 --> 01:35:07.400

01:35:07.400 --> 01:35:08.560
And that was struck down.

01:35:08.560 --> 01:35:12.720
Many are going to think that, oh, that must have happened in the 60s or, you

01:35:12.720 --> 01:35:14.240
know, the 70s, the 80s are the latest.

01:35:14.440 --> 01:35:15.960
That was 2003.

01:35:16.560 --> 01:35:24.400
So the current mania, the current hysteria with regard to supposedly anti-sodomy

01:35:24.400 --> 01:35:29.960
opinions or anti-homosexual opinions is very new.

01:35:30.160 --> 01:35:31.000
It is novel.

01:35:31.000 --> 01:35:32.920
It is in the past handful of years.

01:35:33.280 --> 01:35:36.480
Satan is pushing for this stuff very hard.

01:35:37.000 --> 01:35:40.440
And he is pushing for it, not just in society, but also in the church.

01:35:40.720 --> 01:35:45.720
And men like Matt Harrison and Jack Kilkrease, Jordan Cooper, and so many

01:35:45.720 --> 01:35:48.920
others are facilitating what Satan is doing to the church.

01:35:49.240 --> 01:35:51.120
He has already done it to society.

01:35:51.480 --> 01:35:53.520
The church is the last bulwark against it.

01:35:53.960 --> 01:35:58.160
If the church falls, there is nothing to stop the horrors that are coming.

01:35:58.960 --> 01:36:04.200
And so that same day, Ash Wednesday, in this case, not the Tuesday, when

01:36:04.560 --> 01:36:09.920
Harrison released his statement, Ash reiterated to his pastor that Harrison

01:36:10.040 --> 01:36:14.280
was in part targeting him personally with that press release.

01:36:14.840 --> 01:36:19.960
And so the next day, Thursday, Ash was summoned to the church by his pastor.

01:36:20.760 --> 01:36:25.400
Again, you're going to note that this is a familiar sequence of events here.

01:36:25.720 --> 01:36:31.400
He was ambushed by the elderboard of his church and synod through DP

01:36:31.400 --> 01:36:36.480
Naren's asked Ash to resign as an elder of his church.

01:36:37.000 --> 01:36:40.520
I have some notes here from Ash that I want to reference in part.

01:36:41.400 --> 01:36:44.240
These are things that Ash said directly in his own defense.

01:36:44.720 --> 01:36:48.840
So this is something that we weren't personally witnessed to, but this is

01:36:48.840 --> 01:36:53.480
from the man who was targeted at this meeting where he was ambushed by his

01:36:53.480 --> 01:36:54.480
pastor with the elders.

01:36:54.480 --> 01:36:55.880
He wasn't told they were going to be there.

01:36:56.840 --> 01:37:03.000
He was explicitly told that he was put on the radar of synod because of the

01:37:03.000 --> 01:37:04.240
large cataclysm stream.

01:37:04.880 --> 01:37:09.360
So this is the day after alt-right ideologies, these disconcerting

01:37:09.360 --> 01:37:14.200
anti-unChristian beliefs are condemned in public by synod, by all the VPs and

01:37:14.200 --> 01:37:15.240
by all the DPs.

01:37:16.040 --> 01:37:21.200
Ash was told point blank, we have summoned you here because you were on

01:37:21.200 --> 01:37:23.040
that stream and he was on that stream.

01:37:23.520 --> 01:37:27.000
Every man on that stream has subsequently been targeted by synod.

01:37:27.280 --> 01:37:28.560
This is a fact.

01:37:28.800 --> 01:37:32.600
It is a provable fact with dozens of witnesses.

01:37:33.600 --> 01:37:36.400
He was asked to resign his eldership.

01:37:36.600 --> 01:37:39.560
One of the things that he was told was that he had at some point on Twitter

01:37:39.560 --> 01:37:43.360
had mentioned that he was an elder and that really set Harrison off.

01:37:43.640 --> 01:37:48.800
And so Harrison demanded through his DP Nairans, through his pastor, that he be

01:37:48.800 --> 01:37:50.280
removed as an elder.

01:37:50.920 --> 01:37:56.480
And there were some other things that were unrelated to any of this where he

01:37:56.480 --> 01:37:58.400
chose to step down as an elder.

01:37:58.760 --> 01:38:03.600
It was not his own wishes, but he did not also wish to fight.

01:38:04.160 --> 01:38:08.000
So he stepped down as an elder because Matt Harrison commanded it.

01:38:08.000 --> 01:38:08.480

01:38:08.680 --> 01:38:09.960
Because he was on the stream.

01:38:10.200 --> 01:38:12.800
Was there a single thing that he said on the stream that was false?

01:38:12.840 --> 01:38:14.480
No, absolutely not.

01:38:14.640 --> 01:38:15.440
It'll be in the show notes.

01:38:15.440 --> 01:38:16.680
You can go listen for yourself.

01:38:16.960 --> 01:38:20.000
Not one thing that he said or any of us said is not defensible.

01:38:20.200 --> 01:38:23.560
Even if you disagree with our opinions, the idea that someone would be placed

01:38:23.880 --> 01:38:27.920
under church discipline, told you're living in unrepentant sin, that you cannot

01:38:27.960 --> 01:38:32.200
receive the body and blood of Christ until you repent for what you said, for

01:38:32.200 --> 01:38:38.840
that level of scrutiny to be applied to for laymen who had comments about what

01:38:38.840 --> 01:38:43.880
the sin had published in our name is literally unprecedented.

01:38:44.040 --> 01:38:47.080
Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the Missouri Senate.

01:38:47.800 --> 01:38:49.400
It may have happened in other church bodies.

01:38:49.400 --> 01:38:49.920
I don't know.

01:38:51.000 --> 01:38:57.880
He said that he claimed, Ash's pastor claimed that Matt Harrison had been

01:38:57.880 --> 01:39:01.960
subjected to threats of violence and that the authorities had been called to

01:39:01.960 --> 01:39:05.600
investigate the four of us who had been on the turnip stream.

01:39:06.200 --> 01:39:10.200
He stated that he believed it involved the local authorities where Ash lives and

01:39:10.200 --> 01:39:11.800
that the FBI was involved as well.

01:39:12.160 --> 01:39:16.120
He said the Synod watches the social media of certain members and maintains a

01:39:16.120 --> 01:39:17.720
database of dossiers on them.

01:39:18.000 --> 01:39:21.040
That list includes Ash and every other man on the stream.

01:39:21.640 --> 01:39:23.920
So what do we have here?

01:39:24.280 --> 01:39:28.120
We have behavior that would be more the fitting of Scientology.

01:39:28.400 --> 01:39:30.640
This is what happens in cults.

01:39:31.680 --> 01:39:34.560
Part of the reason we're doing this stream where it's running, we're almost

01:39:34.560 --> 01:39:37.320
two hours now, this might be a four hour stream.

01:39:37.520 --> 01:39:39.720
Sorry, or you're welcome if you're a trucker.

01:39:40.440 --> 01:39:43.080
We have a number of truckers who beg us for longer episodes.

01:39:43.400 --> 01:39:45.960
Some people like there's no endless and all that, whatever.

01:39:46.960 --> 01:39:54.040
The fact that Harrison, that his Synod is maintaining files on laymen to target

01:39:54.040 --> 01:39:57.640
them based on their opposition to him is screwed up.

01:39:58.160 --> 01:39:59.280
It is call behavior.

01:39:59.440 --> 01:40:00.880
That is, it's sick.

01:40:01.200 --> 01:40:02.200
Who does that?

01:40:02.520 --> 01:40:05.640
Well, the sort of man that publishes the pedochism is who does that?

01:40:05.920 --> 01:40:10.280
Because as he told the new editor of Christian News, don't you dare take my name

01:40:10.280 --> 01:40:10.720
in vain.

01:40:11.080 --> 01:40:13.160
You better not say anything negative about me.

01:40:13.480 --> 01:40:14.080
What do we do?

01:40:14.120 --> 01:40:18.760
We said that this is false doctrine and he said, that's about me.

01:40:18.920 --> 01:40:19.960
You said false doctrine.

01:40:19.960 --> 01:40:22.120
I know I'm a false shepherd.

01:40:22.320 --> 01:40:23.760
I know I'm a false prophet.

01:40:24.360 --> 01:40:29.320
Now, if you go back and listen to the turnip stream again, we were conciliatory.

01:40:29.400 --> 01:40:30.480
We held back.

01:40:31.040 --> 01:40:34.600
Corey and I in particular did not say many of the things that we wanted to say

01:40:34.600 --> 01:40:35.320
at that time.

01:40:35.640 --> 01:40:39.120
We knew that Harrison was going to be a scumbag because we knew he wasn't Christian.

01:40:40.120 --> 01:40:44.560
We held our tongues because at the moment of the stream, he had pulled back the

01:40:44.560 --> 01:40:45.440

01:40:46.600 --> 01:40:47.600
We're going to let it play out.

01:40:47.840 --> 01:40:51.080
Whatever he wants to do in public, he's going to do in public and we will respond.

01:40:51.320 --> 01:40:53.720
We weren't going to try to get ahead of it and say how bad he was.

01:40:54.280 --> 01:40:55.560
Let him do what he's going to do.

01:40:56.480 --> 01:41:01.400
Either Scientology or the Stasi would be another one that would come to mind.

01:41:02.040 --> 01:41:07.480
The former internal security force of the DDR, the East German

01:41:08.400 --> 01:41:12.200
communist government, very keeping with what they do.

01:41:13.040 --> 01:41:19.000
When East Germany fell and they got into those records, it became clear that a

01:41:19.000 --> 01:41:22.440
quarter of the entire East German population was reporting on the rest.

01:41:23.000 --> 01:41:27.160
That's where the Senate is headed.

01:41:30.840 --> 01:41:36.280
One of the other things to highlight there is that we were targeted not only as

01:41:36.320 --> 01:41:39.360
Harrison maintaining dossiers on us, but he called the cops.

01:41:39.800 --> 01:41:40.640
Now think about that.

01:41:40.640 --> 01:41:46.040
He called the cops on four men who went on a stream and said, this is false doctrine.

01:41:46.520 --> 01:41:48.800
The pastor said that the FBI was involved.

01:41:49.080 --> 01:41:54.240
What's interesting about that, his pastor told him that the FBI had been involved

01:41:54.240 --> 01:41:54.960
in this stream.

01:41:54.960 --> 01:41:57.120
He said, May, he had heard the FBI.

01:41:57.120 --> 01:42:04.720
He knew that the same evening after Ash was told this by his pastor that the cops

01:42:04.960 --> 01:42:09.560
had been called on all four of us, that the FBI was looking into us, one of our

01:42:09.560 --> 01:42:14.680
other friends on Twitter who had nothing to do with the stream, but he was a Twitter

01:42:14.680 --> 01:42:17.360
mutual, so he had interacted with us.

01:42:17.720 --> 01:42:22.480
He got a knock on the door from the cops at 10 PM that evening, the same evening

01:42:22.760 --> 01:42:26.120
that Ash was told by his pastor, yeah, we called the cops.

01:42:26.160 --> 01:42:27.760
The Senate called the cops on you guys.

01:42:28.440 --> 01:42:33.640
Our friend got a knock on the door from the police who said, one of your tweets

01:42:33.680 --> 01:42:38.280
related to abortion was reported to the FBI, we're here to check on you.

01:42:38.840 --> 01:42:39.880
And they walked away.

01:42:39.880 --> 01:42:42.080
They said, there's nothing to charge you with a crime.

01:42:42.320 --> 01:42:43.280
We're going to report back.

01:42:43.280 --> 01:42:44.360
You have an FBI file.

01:42:44.360 --> 01:42:46.320
This contact is going in your FBI file.

01:42:47.320 --> 01:42:52.120
So in the same evening, we had two separate reports from friends saying the FBI

01:42:52.120 --> 01:42:52.960
has been contacted.

01:42:52.960 --> 01:42:54.160
The police have been called.

01:42:55.240 --> 01:42:59.880
After that, subsequent to that, like I think 1130 that night, I tweeted about the

01:42:59.880 --> 01:43:00.400

01:43:00.600 --> 01:43:04.720
Now, Ash had told Corey and me that this had happened because again, is all this

01:43:04.720 --> 01:43:06.120
is unfolding in real time.

01:43:06.440 --> 01:43:10.560
We're just friends talking about what happened and is Ash going to keep secret

01:43:10.880 --> 01:43:12.960
that his pastor has told him authoritatively.

01:43:13.200 --> 01:43:15.240
The cops were called on all four of you.

01:43:15.480 --> 01:43:18.720
Of course, our friend is going to tell us that that's not any sort of conspiracy.

01:43:18.720 --> 01:43:19.720
That's just being a good friend.

01:43:19.920 --> 01:43:22.080
You know what, Senate called the cops on you.

01:43:22.080 --> 01:43:23.200
The FBI is involved.

01:43:23.560 --> 01:43:27.160
I would not have tweeted about the FBI being involved until our friend got a

01:43:27.160 --> 01:43:30.800
knock confirming that the FBI was called on all four of us.

01:43:31.080 --> 01:43:32.320
I have an FBI file.

01:43:32.320 --> 01:43:35.600
Now, I don't know if I did before, probably not because I'm not a criminal.

01:43:36.720 --> 01:43:40.600
Synod accused us of terrorism, accused us of violent threats.

01:43:40.880 --> 01:43:46.120
Synod opened an FBI file against us for speaking about false doctrine.

01:43:47.000 --> 01:43:51.760
When we say that Matt Harrison is a false prophet and a wolf and anti-Christ,

01:43:52.040 --> 01:43:55.200
this is why this is evil behavior.

01:43:55.360 --> 01:43:59.760
It is expressly prohibited by scripture for a Christian to go to the

01:43:59.760 --> 01:44:02.040
authorities against another Christian.

01:44:02.840 --> 01:44:05.640
And even on paper, I'm still a Christian.

01:44:05.800 --> 01:44:08.280
I'm still in good standing in my congregation.

01:44:08.640 --> 01:44:10.080
Nothing has been done to me.

01:44:10.080 --> 01:44:13.480
I am a Christian in fellowship with Matt, in theory.

01:44:13.880 --> 01:44:16.760
I have no fellowship with him because I have no fellowship with Satan.

01:44:17.440 --> 01:44:21.520
But the fact that these things are being done to us and that we were finding out

01:44:21.520 --> 01:44:24.680
in real time, we didn't say that this stuff, we intimated some of it.

01:44:24.960 --> 01:44:29.200
I warned other people, by the way, I had a duty to my followers to warn them.

01:44:30.200 --> 01:44:34.160
Employees of the LCMS are going through our timelines and calling the cops on us.

01:44:34.400 --> 01:44:35.840
You should be aware of that.

01:44:37.040 --> 01:44:39.120
That's, it's unconscionable.

01:44:39.280 --> 01:44:40.840
It is absolutely evil.

01:44:41.040 --> 01:44:43.440
Matt Harrison did this.

01:44:44.960 --> 01:44:50.000
And so this is something that those who engage on Twitter and elsewhere

01:44:50.000 --> 01:44:52.720
should probably consider.

01:44:53.280 --> 01:44:58.000
There are certain things that the FBI in particular, but law enforcement

01:44:58.000 --> 01:45:03.320
more generally are going to take, I wouldn't say seriously, but they're

01:45:03.320 --> 01:45:04.760
going to treat them as if they're serious.

01:45:04.760 --> 01:45:06.560
And one is critiquing abortion.

01:45:07.200 --> 01:45:08.680
I'm not telling you not to do so.

01:45:08.680 --> 01:45:11.280
I am saying that there are real considerations if you do.

01:45:12.320 --> 01:45:14.440
I've obviously staked out my position.

01:45:14.440 --> 01:45:18.760
I have an article on my site called Killing Abortionist's Moral, and it's

01:45:18.760 --> 01:45:21.520
been up since 2019 and I will not take it down.

01:45:22.200 --> 01:45:25.480
So I've very clearly chosen my position on this matter.

01:45:26.920 --> 01:45:33.960
But you can see with how society, the enforcers of society, react to these

01:45:33.960 --> 01:45:40.720
things, what they truly value and abortion is a sacrament for our society.

01:45:40.840 --> 01:45:44.360
It is a sacrament in our secular, so-called religion.

01:45:45.120 --> 01:45:50.040
And if you attack their idols, they are going to respond as you would expect

01:45:50.040 --> 01:45:52.440
someone to respond when you're attacking his God.

01:45:53.640 --> 01:45:56.760
Now, if only Christians would respond that way when people attack God, but

01:45:57.440 --> 01:46:00.640
that's a topic for another episode, perhaps.

01:46:02.240 --> 01:46:04.240
But we very much have attacked their gods.

01:46:04.240 --> 01:46:08.320
This is something that plays out in the course of Ash's interrogation

01:46:08.680 --> 01:46:11.120
by his pastors and his elders who ambushed him.

01:46:11.600 --> 01:46:13.160
He goes through what his gods are.

01:46:13.520 --> 01:46:17.280
He begins by saying, his pastor begins by saying that Ash is guilty by

01:46:17.320 --> 01:46:19.200
association with us.

01:46:19.880 --> 01:46:20.960
Where do we hear that before?

01:46:21.120 --> 01:46:21.800
With Indy.

01:46:22.080 --> 01:46:26.680
So at this point, when Ash told us he recounted what had happened in this

01:46:26.680 --> 01:46:29.920
interrogation, at this point, we knew it was a pattern.

01:46:30.520 --> 01:46:32.320
Corey obviously was directly targeted.

01:46:32.320 --> 01:46:34.680
He was read the riot act and then they called the cops.

01:46:35.240 --> 01:46:38.880
Indy was interrogated for three hours for guilt by association.

01:46:39.200 --> 01:46:43.640
Ash was interrogated for hours for guilt by association.

01:46:44.240 --> 01:46:45.240
The association with what?

01:46:45.800 --> 01:46:48.640
Association with Stonequire, with Corey, with me.

01:46:49.360 --> 01:46:53.480
And to get to the gods, the things that Corey had said and that I have said

01:46:53.480 --> 01:46:59.000
online that caused them to interrogate Ash to say, you're not a Christian,

01:46:59.000 --> 01:47:05.560
if you're friends with these men, they related to race, to interracial marriage,

01:47:06.320 --> 01:47:11.960
to a subjection of women, to the idea that perhaps women can be legally property.

01:47:12.320 --> 01:47:16.560
These are all things that we've done episodes on since then, not in response

01:47:16.560 --> 01:47:21.160
to this directly, but because these are the false gods of this age.

01:47:21.800 --> 01:47:23.440
Interracial marriage is an interesting one.

01:47:23.440 --> 01:47:26.520
We've hardly said anything about it on Stonequire.

01:47:26.800 --> 01:47:28.200
It's been mentioned as an aside.

01:47:28.400 --> 01:47:33.680
After Harrison vehemently defended it in his screed against us, we took a few

01:47:33.680 --> 01:47:38.120
minutes in that episode to talk about it, not to lay out a defense of what we think,

01:47:38.360 --> 01:47:43.640
but simply to point out that just like with sodomy laws, where Harrison doesn't

01:47:43.640 --> 01:47:48.280
think it should be illegal for sodomites, that it should be legal for sodomites to

01:47:48.280 --> 01:47:51.160
do whatever they're doing as long as they're not hurting anyone, basically,

01:47:51.720 --> 01:47:55.800
do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the Lutheran confession.

01:47:55.800 --> 01:47:56.760
That's what he's saying.

01:47:57.960 --> 01:48:01.240
By the way, if it's bad, then they need Jesus, but they're not going to stop

01:48:01.960 --> 01:48:03.800
wanting to do those evil things.

01:48:03.800 --> 01:48:06.120
That's one of the things in the large cataclysm.

01:48:06.120 --> 01:48:10.440
If you are beset by these sins, there's no sanctification for you.

01:48:11.080 --> 01:48:14.120
If you want to rape children, you're always going to want it.

01:48:14.120 --> 01:48:16.440
If you're a sodomite, you're always going to want those things.

01:48:16.440 --> 01:48:21.240
It literally says that there's no hope for you, even in Christ, to be freed from such

01:48:21.240 --> 01:48:26.360
evil burdens, which is paddling false, is directly in contradiction to Scripture,

01:48:26.360 --> 01:48:28.280
to Christian doctrine, to Lutheran doctrine.

01:48:29.480 --> 01:48:30.840
Why is Harrison pushing it?

01:48:30.840 --> 01:48:31.960
Because he needs to.

01:48:32.600 --> 01:48:34.200
He needs to push these lies.

01:48:34.520 --> 01:48:39.880
One of the remarkable things that happened in this meeting on February 23rd

01:48:39.880 --> 01:48:43.160
was that another pastor's name was invoked slanderously.

01:48:43.160 --> 01:48:48.920
Ash's pastor directly went after Mark Pruice to attack Ash.

01:48:48.920 --> 01:48:53.080
I don't think Mark Pruice isn't on Twitter as far as I don't believe he is,

01:48:53.080 --> 01:48:59.720
but the fact that Mark Pruice had ever said anything related to the station of women

01:49:00.680 --> 01:49:06.840
with regard to the station of men is vis-a-vis gender equality, as is called today.

01:49:09.080 --> 01:49:10.040
Ash was interrogated.

01:49:10.040 --> 01:49:13.320
Do you, like Mark Pruice, say the women should not speak outside of the home

01:49:13.320 --> 01:49:14.680
and certainly not to other men?

01:49:18.280 --> 01:49:22.600
When Ash was surprised that he would invoke Mark Pruice's name,

01:49:23.240 --> 01:49:27.320
and Ash said something in fact they didn't think he went that hard, Ash's pastor said,

01:49:27.320 --> 01:49:30.040
oh yes, it's my understanding that he goes every bit as hard,

01:49:30.040 --> 01:49:33.880
and he's recruited other men in Wyoming to do this way of thinking,

01:49:33.880 --> 01:49:37.000
and they're starting a college to spread these views,

01:49:37.000 --> 01:49:39.960
to which Ash can only chuckle and say them why he's at a co-ed college.

01:49:40.840 --> 01:49:45.160
So this slander that's being directed and secret against us,

01:49:45.160 --> 01:49:47.560
if you pastors think you're skating by, you're not.

01:49:47.560 --> 01:49:51.000
This pastor, Ash's pastor, directly slandered Mark Pruice.

01:49:51.880 --> 01:49:54.760
These slander is a key part of all of this.

01:49:54.760 --> 01:49:58.520
The reason I'm giving this specific example publicly is that it's evil,

01:49:58.520 --> 01:50:01.240
it's malicious, and it's par for the course.

01:50:02.600 --> 01:50:08.040
Reputations are being destroyed in secret by pastors of the Missouri Senate every day.

01:50:08.600 --> 01:50:13.160
These Senate agents are freely lying about anyone they don't like,

01:50:13.160 --> 01:50:16.200
and for what? For saying what's in the Bible,

01:50:16.200 --> 01:50:20.440
to say that women should not speak in the church service, is in the Bible.

01:50:21.160 --> 01:50:23.480
Men who disagree with that disagree with God.

01:50:24.040 --> 01:50:27.000
And if you and I want to have an argument over it, that's fine.

01:50:27.000 --> 01:50:28.280
I don't think you're going to hell.

01:50:28.280 --> 01:50:30.920
I think you're wrong, and I think I can prove it from Scripture.

01:50:30.920 --> 01:50:34.200
These men will destroy your life, they'll destroy your reputation,

01:50:34.200 --> 01:50:36.760
and they will expel you from church for believing it.

01:50:36.760 --> 01:50:39.000
This is not a Christian church, this is a cult.

01:50:40.280 --> 01:50:43.880
So after attacking Ash for a Christian view of headship

01:50:43.880 --> 01:50:46.760
and interrogating whether he agreed with us that the Bible was right,

01:50:47.880 --> 01:50:50.440
the next question was, was he all right?

01:50:50.440 --> 01:50:53.240
And he sort of laughed because it's such an idiotic term.

01:50:53.240 --> 01:50:55.240
And it's a term that Harrison used.

01:50:55.240 --> 01:50:57.480
It's a term that Kilcrease has used for years.

01:50:58.040 --> 01:51:04.200
And when Ash asked what it was, one of the elders said a terrorist verbatim.

01:51:04.200 --> 01:51:05.400
He said, a terrorist.

01:51:05.400 --> 01:51:08.920
And Ash laughed because he thought he was joking, as that was so absurd.

01:51:08.920 --> 01:51:10.840
And he clarified that he was utterly serious.

01:51:11.400 --> 01:51:14.840
He stated that Ash said, I'm no terrorist.

01:51:14.840 --> 01:51:19.400
But the implication is that when Matt Harrison says, all right, he means terrorist.

01:51:19.960 --> 01:51:21.000
How do we know that?

01:51:21.000 --> 01:51:22.200
He called the FBI.

01:51:22.920 --> 01:51:25.800
Now, if you're paying attention to anything else in the new cycle,

01:51:25.800 --> 01:51:27.320
you know how important that is.

01:51:27.320 --> 01:51:31.640
Because the Biden administration is currently attempting to infiltrate Christian churches,

01:51:32.440 --> 01:51:37.960
specifically to look for violent white supremacist terrorism.

01:51:38.840 --> 01:51:42.440
What is the Missouri Synod giving to the FBI?

01:51:42.440 --> 01:51:44.920
Violent white supremacist terrorists.

01:51:44.920 --> 01:51:45.800
That is their claim.

01:51:47.000 --> 01:51:49.480
Harrison says that flat out in writing.

01:51:49.560 --> 01:51:52.520
And he's said it multiple times since then in public,

01:51:52.520 --> 01:51:55.080
in events that he thought were private, but they were not.

01:51:55.080 --> 01:51:59.400
Everything that Harrison does according to his public office is per se public.

01:51:59.400 --> 01:52:03.400
Unless it is a one-on-one thing within the past oral office,

01:52:03.400 --> 01:52:05.080
what he is doing is public conduct.

01:52:05.720 --> 01:52:10.120
So when he gets up at a convention or he gives a speech

01:52:10.120 --> 01:52:14.040
and he calls us white supremacists and makes illusions to us being terrorists,

01:52:15.080 --> 01:52:17.160
that endangers our lives.

01:52:17.160 --> 01:52:20.440
When he called the FBI, he endangered our lives.

01:52:20.440 --> 01:52:22.120
That's how people get swatted.

01:52:22.120 --> 01:52:24.920
That's how terrible things, violent things happen

01:52:24.920 --> 01:52:27.080
that are horrific tragedies.

01:52:27.080 --> 01:52:31.880
And the bloodshed is virtually always the target, which is the whole point.

01:52:31.880 --> 01:52:35.960
This intimidation, this threats, this is the terrorism.

01:52:35.960 --> 01:52:37.320
You want to talk about terrorism?

01:52:37.320 --> 01:52:39.480
What Antifa does is terrorism.

01:52:39.480 --> 01:52:42.760
When people are so afraid of the name Antifa

01:52:42.760 --> 01:52:46.040
that they'll kick you out because they're afraid of Antifa showing up,

01:52:46.040 --> 01:52:49.080
that is the threat of violence achieving their goals.

01:52:49.080 --> 01:52:52.120
That's literally what Senate is doing here

01:52:52.120 --> 01:52:55.880
by labeling us as alt-right and as terrorists saying that those are synonymous.

01:52:56.520 --> 01:53:02.600
That is jeopardizing our lives, our physical flesh and blood

01:53:02.600 --> 01:53:04.840
and our property and our reputations.

01:53:05.720 --> 01:53:07.400
This is not small stuff.

01:53:07.400 --> 01:53:08.680
And again, what started it?

01:53:09.320 --> 01:53:12.280
The large catechism with annotations.

01:53:13.400 --> 01:53:13.800
That's it.

01:53:14.040 --> 01:53:15.240
Here's some published something.

01:53:15.240 --> 01:53:18.840
We said, hey, there's some bad doctrine in here, cops called.

01:53:20.120 --> 01:53:22.520
That is, it's unspeakable.

01:53:24.040 --> 01:53:27.320
One of the last things that came up in Ash's interrogation,

01:53:27.320 --> 01:53:29.080
and the reason we mentioned this first,

01:53:29.080 --> 01:53:33.160
was he was accused of viciously attacking Mrs. Jonathan Lackey.

01:53:33.160 --> 01:53:36.840
The very first episode he did, back when Ash was still on Twitter,

01:53:37.480 --> 01:53:40.520
when we were talking about this, the very first episode,

01:53:41.320 --> 01:53:47.400
we go over all the details where CPH publishing that book was something evil.

01:53:47.960 --> 01:53:50.920
Publishing a book by a girl teaching theology is evil.

01:53:50.920 --> 01:53:53.160
Evil is that which is contrary to God's will.

01:53:53.160 --> 01:53:55.480
Scripture is clear that that is not to happen.

01:53:55.480 --> 01:53:57.000
The Missouri Synod is doing it.

01:53:57.000 --> 01:53:59.240
The Missouri Synod is doing evil things.

01:53:59.800 --> 01:54:02.040
In those threads, I don't think we initially called them evil.

01:54:02.040 --> 01:54:04.840
We just said, this is not obeying God.

01:54:05.480 --> 01:54:07.800
Ash is very gentle.

01:54:07.800 --> 01:54:08.520
He's very nice.

01:54:08.520 --> 01:54:13.320
He doesn't go one-tenth as hard as we would on our softest days.

01:54:13.320 --> 01:54:14.840
That's fine. I love them for it.

01:54:14.840 --> 01:54:19.400
We need reasonable men who can say the correct things

01:54:19.400 --> 01:54:21.480
in ways that don't get everybody's hackles up.

01:54:22.200 --> 01:54:23.560
That's not why we're here, though.

01:54:25.000 --> 01:54:29.000
The fact that going back to October of last year

01:54:29.000 --> 01:54:30.920
is one of the charges against Ash,

01:54:31.480 --> 01:54:34.840
shows that what Ash's pastor said is true.

01:54:34.840 --> 01:54:37.640
There are dossiers at Synod against us.

01:54:37.720 --> 01:54:39.800
What are they against us for?

01:54:39.800 --> 01:54:41.400
For disagreeing with Synod.

01:54:41.400 --> 01:54:42.840
This is called behavior.

01:54:42.840 --> 01:54:47.080
Ash said something about a woman publishing a book with CPH.

01:54:47.640 --> 01:54:50.760
Matt Harrison's Janissaries jotted it down,

01:54:50.760 --> 01:54:52.360
put it on his permanent file,

01:54:52.360 --> 01:54:55.000
and when it came time to place him under church discipline,

01:54:55.000 --> 01:54:55.960
he was accused of it.

01:54:56.600 --> 01:54:57.960
Do you want to be in this church?

01:54:58.600 --> 01:54:59.640
I'll ask you point blank.

01:54:59.640 --> 01:55:03.320
Would you want to be in a church that would do this to a layman?

01:55:03.320 --> 01:55:04.680
Even if he was in the wrong,

01:55:04.680 --> 01:55:06.760
even if someone was doing bad things,

01:55:06.760 --> 01:55:10.840
is having dossiers and calling police church discipline?

01:55:11.640 --> 01:55:13.800
Is it how Christians treat each other?

01:55:14.600 --> 01:55:17.320
The answer is unequivocally no.

01:55:18.040 --> 01:55:20.040
It is the conduct, however, of the Missouri Synod.

01:55:21.800 --> 01:55:23.000
And so the next item,

01:55:23.000 --> 01:55:25.160
which was actually the same day,

01:55:25.160 --> 01:55:29.640
this was a busy Thursday, the 23rd of February,

01:55:29.640 --> 01:55:35.080
I published the first summary of what was going on

01:55:35.800 --> 01:55:38.600
in the Missouri Synod with regard to these matters.

01:55:38.600 --> 01:55:40.920
And that is my article, The Apostasy of Missouri,

01:55:41.640 --> 01:55:45.320
that goes through more than an outline,

01:55:45.320 --> 01:55:48.360
but not with the level of detail that we are including here.

01:55:49.400 --> 01:55:54.600
But it highlights what was being done by Matt Harrison and his lackeys.

01:55:55.240 --> 01:55:58.760
I started, of course, with Super Lutheran, the Godcast, and the ALC,

01:55:58.760 --> 01:56:02.280
because that is where some of this started with regard to Jordan Cooper

01:56:02.280 --> 01:56:04.600
and part of why he hates me particularly.

01:56:05.240 --> 01:56:07.880
And part of why he hates Woe,

01:56:07.880 --> 01:56:10.520
although to some degree mistakenly,

01:56:10.520 --> 01:56:15.000
believing he was Super Lutheran, not the same person.

01:56:15.000 --> 01:56:16.200
I'm well aware of that.

01:56:17.800 --> 01:56:19.000
And that's all linked to that,

01:56:19.000 --> 01:56:21.080
because that has the complaint letter and such.

01:56:22.440 --> 01:56:24.440
The reason that Jordan Cooper hates me personally

01:56:24.440 --> 01:56:28.120
is that I was doing significant damage to the lies that he was telling online.

01:56:28.680 --> 01:56:32.120
Three years ago, Cooper was bragging about driving

01:56:32.120 --> 01:56:34.200
so-called alt-right men from the church.

01:56:34.840 --> 01:56:36.600
And I used to be a fan of Cooper.

01:56:36.600 --> 01:56:38.280
I used to watch all his videos.

01:56:38.280 --> 01:56:40.600
Like, I pointed people to him and said,

01:56:40.600 --> 01:56:42.440
here's some good Lutheran content.

01:56:42.440 --> 01:56:45.480
I didn't start as an enemy or an adversary of any of these guys.

01:56:46.040 --> 01:56:48.440
It wasn't until I saw more and more of their conduct

01:56:48.440 --> 01:56:53.320
that I realized that what seemed to be in some parts faithful,

01:56:53.320 --> 01:56:58.200
and frankly, the conduct, the statements that they make in many cases,

01:56:58.200 --> 01:57:02.520
is true to Lutheran doctrine, just as when Satan quotes Scripture,

01:57:02.520 --> 01:57:04.200
he's saying what God says.

01:57:04.200 --> 01:57:07.400
But when they get into these modern religious views

01:57:07.400 --> 01:57:12.040
on sex, on both intercourse and biological sex,

01:57:12.040 --> 01:57:13.960
when they get into questions of headship,

01:57:14.920 --> 01:57:18.280
suddenly these men break ranks with Christianity,

01:57:18.280 --> 01:57:23.480
and they go, you know, what is colloquially called far left?

01:57:23.480 --> 01:57:24.840
What it is is Satanic.

01:57:25.480 --> 01:57:27.640
Cooper began doing that more and more.

01:57:27.640 --> 01:57:30.920
He began doing things like denying that there's an ontological basis

01:57:31.000 --> 01:57:35.480
for the pastoral office being limited by God to men for a reason.

01:57:36.200 --> 01:57:39.000
See, these guys don't think that Jesus was born a man.

01:57:39.000 --> 01:57:40.920
They think he was born human.

01:57:40.920 --> 01:57:44.280
They just happen to accidentally have masculine characteristics.

01:57:45.000 --> 01:57:48.440
When you read the description and revelation of Christ before the throne,

01:57:49.480 --> 01:57:51.800
it's the perfect picture of masculinity.

01:57:52.600 --> 01:57:57.480
You would never read the description and think that this was not a man.

01:57:58.040 --> 01:58:02.920
It is so much a man that we are only typologically men

01:58:02.920 --> 01:58:07.960
in the image of the antitype of Christ as the perfect man.

01:58:09.000 --> 01:58:11.320
I don't simply mean in his incarnate body,

01:58:11.880 --> 01:58:15.320
but we're made in the image of that which pre-existed.

01:58:16.200 --> 01:58:17.480
And it's masculine.

01:58:18.360 --> 01:58:22.760
All three parts of the Trinity refer to with masculine pronouns.

01:58:22.760 --> 01:58:23.800
That's not a coincidence.

01:58:23.800 --> 01:58:25.800
That's not a linguistic trick.

01:58:25.800 --> 01:58:27.080
It's what God gave us.

01:58:27.880 --> 01:58:31.720
And so men like Cooper started doing more and more subversive things.

01:58:31.720 --> 01:58:35.080
I started going after him, not targeting him personally,

01:58:35.080 --> 01:58:39.800
but saying, this guy who claims to be Lutheran is saying stuff that's not Lutheran.

01:58:39.800 --> 01:58:43.240
Same thing we're doing with Harrison, or we did initially with Harrison.

01:58:43.240 --> 01:58:46.440
These men say they're Lutheran, but they're not saying Lutheran things.

01:58:46.440 --> 01:58:47.160
Something's wrong.

01:58:48.120 --> 01:58:51.720
Cooper personally got me banned from Twitter a few years ago because

01:58:52.600 --> 01:58:57.480
his reputation as a Lutheran was being harmed by me pointing out facts.

01:58:57.480 --> 01:59:02.600
Like when he says he's learning at the feet of sodomites in Lesbianville, USA,

01:59:02.600 --> 01:59:04.840
which is verbatim from one of his tweets,

01:59:04.840 --> 01:59:08.280
and defense to someone saying that he should just mind his own business

01:59:08.280 --> 01:59:09.960
when talking about sodomites.

01:59:09.960 --> 01:59:11.000
That was his defense.

01:59:11.000 --> 01:59:13.000
I grew up in Lesbianville, USA.

01:59:13.000 --> 01:59:17.720
I have a place at the table because I sat under the table with these sodomites.

01:59:17.720 --> 01:59:19.000
I learned from them.

01:59:19.880 --> 01:59:22.760
And so I can communicate with you in their terms.

01:59:23.560 --> 01:59:25.560
This is the spirit of the AALC.

01:59:25.560 --> 01:59:28.520
So when he went after Super, he hated Super anyway.

01:59:28.520 --> 01:59:29.240
He hated me.

01:59:30.200 --> 01:59:32.920
He was confused briefly thinking we were the same person.

01:59:32.920 --> 01:59:34.760
He was going to destroy Super no matter what,

01:59:34.760 --> 01:59:37.560
because Super's ministry online was effective.

01:59:38.120 --> 01:59:44.760
Super brought thousands of men out of darkness, men who were angry,

01:59:44.760 --> 01:59:46.280
all the things that they say about us,

01:59:46.280 --> 01:59:52.280
men who were deaf to the word of God, all they saw was horror in the world.

01:59:54.680 --> 01:59:57.240
Some of them listened to the God cast with Super Lutheran,

01:59:57.240 --> 02:00:01.560
and he helped bring them to Christ by talking about Scripture

02:00:01.560 --> 02:00:04.760
and by dealing with their issues, the things that they knew about

02:00:04.760 --> 02:00:07.560
in honest terms and in Christian terms.

02:00:07.560 --> 02:00:12.120
That is the single worst thing that you can do in Lutheranism today.

02:00:12.120 --> 02:00:14.040
It's what Cory's been doing for years.

02:00:14.040 --> 02:00:15.880
It's what I've been doing for years.

02:00:16.120 --> 02:00:19.320
Super, Cory and I have all been targeted by the AALC

02:00:19.320 --> 02:00:22.280
for trying to reach out to men that the world despises.

02:00:22.280 --> 02:00:23.000
Who are they?

02:00:23.000 --> 02:00:24.120
They're white men.

02:00:24.120 --> 02:00:25.320
They're conservative.

02:00:25.320 --> 02:00:27.480
In some cases, they're not Christian at all,

02:00:27.480 --> 02:00:31.800
and I want more than anything to fix that by telling them about God.

02:00:31.800 --> 02:00:36.520
But you cannot tell a man about God if you start by lying to him about creation.

02:00:38.040 --> 02:00:40.600
All the episodes we did on race, on headship, on everyone else,

02:00:41.160 --> 02:00:44.920
all those other subjects, there are many men who are not Christian

02:00:44.920 --> 02:00:50.600
or they're marginally Christian, who when they hear those things described

02:00:50.600 --> 02:00:53.880
in an honest way by Christians like Cory, Super and I,

02:00:54.440 --> 02:00:55.720
they're like, okay, I get it.

02:00:55.720 --> 02:01:01.480
I see now the Christianity is not what Nietzsche says,

02:01:01.480 --> 02:01:05.240
that it's not what Antifa says or what Biden says,

02:01:05.240 --> 02:01:08.760
that it's actually something that is true and faithful to God,

02:01:08.760 --> 02:01:10.760
and I won't be ashamed to hold as a man.

02:01:11.400 --> 02:01:13.960
Because a man who doesn't know God,

02:01:14.680 --> 02:01:17.080
knows that he has to protect his family and his community,

02:01:17.080 --> 02:01:18.280
wants to be a good man.

02:01:19.240 --> 02:01:23.400
Those are things that God placed in his heart, his own creation.

02:01:24.040 --> 02:01:27.480
That is the image of God, which is damaged in the fall,

02:01:27.480 --> 02:01:29.640
and it's only by bringing these men the gospel

02:01:29.640 --> 02:01:31.880
that they can have the image of God restored,

02:01:31.880 --> 02:01:35.880
such as they can live Christian lives and be with us in heaven.

02:01:36.760 --> 02:01:40.760
Harrison, AALC, none of these people want to see those men in our churches.

02:01:40.760 --> 02:01:42.120
They want to drive them out.

02:01:42.120 --> 02:01:45.960
So why are there dossiers in St. Louis for us

02:01:46.520 --> 02:01:48.280
to ensure that as many of these men

02:01:48.280 --> 02:01:49.880
are driven from the church as possible?

02:01:51.320 --> 02:01:54.760
Two quick points about Super Lutheran,

02:01:54.760 --> 02:01:57.160
the God cast Jordan Cooper and the AALC,

02:01:57.800 --> 02:01:59.800
and yes, that's two points about four things.

02:02:01.480 --> 02:02:09.560
First, the AALC is well aware of exactly what Jordan Cooper is doing

02:02:10.200 --> 02:02:14.040
and what he has said, and I know that for a fact,

02:02:14.040 --> 02:02:17.720
because I handed them the hard drive that had screenshots

02:02:17.720 --> 02:02:21.400
of many of his tweets and links to his YouTube videos

02:02:21.400 --> 02:02:25.480
where he has said things that are abominable, that are false,

02:02:25.480 --> 02:02:26.760
where he has made these comments

02:02:26.760 --> 02:02:28.840
that he is driving men away from Lutheranism.

02:02:29.480 --> 02:02:32.440
So they know, I handed that to the panel

02:02:33.000 --> 02:02:36.840
and the gentlemen who were the prosecuting attorneys,

02:02:36.920 --> 02:02:40.280
as it were, not attorneys actually, but pastors,

02:02:41.640 --> 02:02:43.160
they had access to that information.

02:02:44.600 --> 02:02:47.080
They are friends with all of the individuals.

02:02:47.080 --> 02:02:50.440
One of them is the head pastor of the AALC.

02:02:51.880 --> 02:02:54.760
So they know this is not something that is hidden from them.

02:02:54.760 --> 02:02:57.240
This is not something that Cooper is doing in secret.

02:02:57.240 --> 02:02:58.920
Of course, he's doing it publicly on the internet,

02:02:58.920 --> 02:03:02.040
but that doesn't mean that some of these older pastors are aware.

02:03:02.600 --> 02:03:04.280
They do know and I know they know.

02:03:04.680 --> 02:03:07.480
And secondly, when it comes to the number of men

02:03:07.480 --> 02:03:10.360
who have come into the faith or returned to the faith,

02:03:10.360 --> 02:03:13.800
because of the Godcast, because of the work that Superluthoran

02:03:13.800 --> 02:03:16.280
and others are doing on the Godcast,

02:03:17.400 --> 02:03:21.400
I know how many, because I've seen the emails,

02:03:21.400 --> 02:03:22.600
I've seen the messages,

02:03:24.200 --> 02:03:26.760
because that was one of the arguments that was made

02:03:26.760 --> 02:03:27.880
before that panel.

02:03:27.880 --> 02:03:29.560
This is an effective ministry.

02:03:30.760 --> 02:03:32.360
If a ministry is effective,

02:03:32.600 --> 02:03:34.360
it is because it is blessed by God.

02:03:34.360 --> 02:03:36.280
It is because it is speaking the truth,

02:03:36.920 --> 02:03:38.760
because a tree is known by its fruit.

02:03:38.760 --> 02:03:41.960
And so a tree that is bearing fruit is a good tree.

02:03:43.080 --> 02:03:44.760
It doesn't mean the tree is perfect.

02:03:44.760 --> 02:03:47.320
It doesn't mean the doctrine is always 100% on point.

02:03:47.320 --> 02:03:49.480
Of course, we may have disagreements.

02:03:50.360 --> 02:03:52.120
But if God is blessing it,

02:03:52.760 --> 02:03:54.760
then who are these men to stand in the way of it

02:03:54.760 --> 02:03:56.280
and tell God that he is wrong?

02:03:57.000 --> 02:03:58.440
But to return to the timeline,

02:03:58.440 --> 02:04:02.040
the next day, the 24th of February,

02:04:02.040 --> 02:04:05.000
Ash made a phone call to D.P. Naran's,

02:04:05.000 --> 02:04:08.200
in order to request a meeting regarding these allegations,

02:04:09.080 --> 02:04:10.680
because that is what Christians do.

02:04:11.400 --> 02:04:16.600
Christians, the first step is to meet with your brother personally.

02:04:16.600 --> 02:04:20.600
And that has basically not been done in any of these cases,

02:04:20.600 --> 02:04:23.800
but it has been done in the last couple of years.

02:04:23.800 --> 02:04:26.200
It has not been done in any of these cases.

02:04:26.200 --> 02:04:30.040
It has always been an ambush by a panel, at best.

02:04:30.040 --> 02:04:33.080
In my case, it was not even a discussion with the panel.

02:04:33.640 --> 02:04:35.000
But in most of these cases,

02:04:35.000 --> 02:04:37.320
it has been an ambush and an interrogation.

02:04:38.040 --> 02:04:40.360
And that is not how this is supposed to be conducted.

02:04:40.360 --> 02:04:42.760
That is not how Christians conduct themselves.

02:04:42.760 --> 02:04:46.840
That is not what Scripture says Christians must do.

02:04:46.840 --> 02:04:48.840
And so Ash here is doing the right thing.

02:04:49.880 --> 02:04:52.920
He is contacting directly a man.

02:04:53.000 --> 02:04:55.720
He has been told is bringing these charges against him,

02:04:56.440 --> 02:04:58.040
promoting these allegations,

02:04:58.040 --> 02:05:00.840
and saying we need to have a discussion as Christians.

02:05:03.080 --> 02:05:05.080
So moving to the next month,

02:05:05.080 --> 02:05:07.800
this is of course now March, the first of March in fact,

02:05:09.000 --> 02:05:12.440
Ryan's father received an email from his pastor.

02:05:13.480 --> 02:05:16.840
And basically the thrust of that email,

02:05:16.840 --> 02:05:21.080
you can find some of this information in Ryan's thread,

02:05:21.080 --> 02:05:22.600
but the basic thrust of the email

02:05:22.600 --> 02:05:25.320
was that Ryan's father would need to recuse himself

02:05:25.960 --> 02:05:28.040
for many hearings regarding Ryan,

02:05:28.040 --> 02:05:30.520
because of course he has, I guess,

02:05:30.520 --> 02:05:32.680
an implied conflict of interest as it were.

02:05:33.960 --> 02:05:36.360
Which is not really a standard that we have in the church,

02:05:37.000 --> 02:05:40.040
because the standard in the church is God's word.

02:05:40.040 --> 02:05:41.880
The standard is what is true and right.

02:05:42.760 --> 02:05:46.200
And a man should hold himself and others to that standard.

02:05:48.040 --> 02:05:49.800
In this case, it would be showing partiality.

02:05:49.800 --> 02:05:52.200
This is actually a case where partiality would be in play.

02:05:52.920 --> 02:05:55.960
If you show, yes, your own children,

02:05:56.920 --> 02:06:01.320
partiality in that you do not hold them to the standard of scripture,

02:06:01.320 --> 02:06:03.640
then you run afoul of that injunction in scripture.

02:06:05.720 --> 02:06:08.840
But the implication here by Ryan's pastor

02:06:08.840 --> 02:06:11.560
is that Ryan's father is not going to be able to hold himself

02:06:11.560 --> 02:06:12.760
to the standard of scripture.

02:06:13.880 --> 02:06:16.680
It's an insult, it's slander against Ryan's father.

02:06:17.080 --> 02:06:20.440
And so Ryan, that same day,

02:06:20.440 --> 02:06:23.080
speaks with his pastor at the Midweek service,

02:06:23.640 --> 02:06:27.960
and his pastor admits that the Oklahoma DP is involved.

02:06:27.960 --> 02:06:29.560
And the reason this is relevant

02:06:29.560 --> 02:06:31.240
is because all along, what have we seen?

02:06:31.800 --> 02:06:33.400
The district presidents are involved.

02:06:33.960 --> 02:06:36.280
And the reason the district presidents are involved

02:06:36.280 --> 02:06:40.040
is because all of this is being orchestrated by synod

02:06:40.040 --> 02:06:42.520
and pushed to the districts and from the districts

02:06:43.080 --> 02:06:44.680
pushed to the congregations.

02:06:44.680 --> 02:06:46.040
And this is part of why, of course,

02:06:46.040 --> 02:06:49.400
I say that Pavela, in my case, was undoubtedly involved,

02:06:49.400 --> 02:06:51.000
because he is the district president.

02:06:53.800 --> 02:06:58.440
And that same day, Woe met with an elder.

02:06:58.440 --> 02:07:01.080
I suppose you'll give us more details about that, though.

02:07:03.480 --> 02:07:06.200
So, again, as all this stuff is playing out,

02:07:07.640 --> 02:07:09.560
we were discussing this as friends,

02:07:09.560 --> 02:07:12.280
again, not as some sort of shadowy conspiracy,

02:07:12.280 --> 02:07:15.800
just, hey, we're all being targeted, what's the latest?

02:07:16.760 --> 02:07:19.160
Someone says, oh, I got a text from my pastor

02:07:19.160 --> 02:07:21.560
to go to this meeting by the second or third one.

02:07:21.560 --> 02:07:23.480
We're like, yeah, it's an ambush.

02:07:23.480 --> 02:07:24.680
Let us know how it goes.

02:07:25.240 --> 02:07:29.480
So, on the same day, on that Wednesday,

02:07:30.760 --> 02:07:34.520
after seeing Harrison's screed against me,

02:07:34.520 --> 02:07:36.920
after seeing what had been done to these other laymen,

02:07:38.360 --> 02:07:42.200
I knew that I was probably going to be doxxed pretty soon.

02:07:42.760 --> 02:07:43.960
I didn't know by whom.

02:07:44.360 --> 02:07:46.200
I didn't have any specific reason for that,

02:07:46.200 --> 02:07:48.840
but I knew that the intensity of hatred,

02:07:48.840 --> 02:07:50.760
the fact that the FBI was involved,

02:07:50.760 --> 02:07:54.040
the fact that I was personally accused of terrorism,

02:07:54.040 --> 02:07:56.520
that I was personally accused of violence,

02:07:56.520 --> 02:07:58.680
and that the feds had been told that,

02:07:58.680 --> 02:08:00.600
I knew that it was probably just a matter of time,

02:08:00.600 --> 02:08:04.200
and probably not very long before I was personally doxxed.

02:08:04.200 --> 02:08:08.760
And so, I have three elders at the time.

02:08:09.880 --> 02:08:13.080
One of them, the oldest one whom I've talked to the most,

02:08:13.080 --> 02:08:19.800
his name is Tom, I knew that when Synod did finally doxx me

02:08:19.800 --> 02:08:22.360
and came to the Board of Elders and said,

02:08:22.360 --> 02:08:23.480
here's what's going on.

02:08:23.480 --> 02:08:25.000
You have a terrorist in your midst.

02:08:25.560 --> 02:08:27.400
I knew that of the three elders,

02:08:27.400 --> 02:08:29.480
Tom would be the most hurt by it.

02:08:29.480 --> 02:08:30.840
I knew that he would be upset.

02:08:30.840 --> 02:08:32.280
He would be confused.

02:08:32.280 --> 02:08:35.240
He has some health problems that would have made this worse for him.

02:08:35.960 --> 02:08:40.440
For his sake, I went to Tom and spoke to him for about 90 minutes.

02:08:41.400 --> 02:08:43.400
And so, during that one-on-one meeting with him,

02:08:43.400 --> 02:08:47.240
I said, first, Tom, I'm coming to you as my elder.

02:08:47.800 --> 02:08:52.520
This is an official contact in your office, in the church.

02:08:53.560 --> 02:08:54.760
I gave him the rundown.

02:08:54.760 --> 02:08:59.000
I told him the short version of the backstory of what's going on here,

02:08:59.000 --> 02:09:03.240
that I was one of the men who had spoken against this synodical publication,

02:09:03.880 --> 02:09:08.760
that I believe that there were serious problems and Demek II Synod at large,

02:09:08.840 --> 02:09:12.200
that while they didn't touch on our local congregation yet,

02:09:12.200 --> 02:09:13.960
they would inevitably down the road,

02:09:13.960 --> 02:09:16.440
because if a denomination gets worse and worse,

02:09:16.440 --> 02:09:19.320
it's inherently going to produce worse pastors.

02:09:19.320 --> 02:09:21.160
And so, the next time you're looking for a pastor,

02:09:22.120 --> 02:09:23.400
you're going to be screwed.

02:09:24.200 --> 02:09:26.680
And in my case, my church has been vacant

02:09:26.680 --> 02:09:30.040
since actually right around the time we decided to do Stone Choir.

02:09:31.080 --> 02:09:34.040
I had, at the time that we decided to do it,

02:09:34.040 --> 02:09:35.640
my pastor hadn't left yet.

02:09:35.640 --> 02:09:38.120
He basically popped smoke and just vanished.

02:09:39.160 --> 02:09:41.080
Shortly after we had decided to do this.

02:09:41.080 --> 02:09:43.720
Now, if my pastor had stuck around,

02:09:43.720 --> 02:09:47.400
I would have told him about Stone Choir from the very first episode.

02:09:47.400 --> 02:09:49.800
I had had these conversations with him in the past.

02:09:49.800 --> 02:09:51.000
We'd spoken for hours.

02:09:51.560 --> 02:09:54.360
And he, like every other pastor I've ever talked to,

02:09:54.360 --> 02:09:56.040
he didn't tell me to go to seminary.

02:09:56.040 --> 02:09:58.440
He said, why aren't you teaching at seminary?

02:09:58.440 --> 02:10:00.840
That was his view of me spiritually at the time.

02:10:00.840 --> 02:10:04.840
So, I told him, there are things that I believe politically

02:10:04.840 --> 02:10:06.600
and otherwise that maybe you wouldn't agree with.

02:10:07.320 --> 02:10:08.760
I am pseudonymous.

02:10:08.760 --> 02:10:10.920
He explicitly told me to remain pseudonymous,

02:10:10.920 --> 02:10:13.960
I think in part because he hoped that someday I would go to seminary.

02:10:13.960 --> 02:10:17.640
I told him point blank, that was not happening for unrelated reasons.

02:10:19.880 --> 02:10:21.240
God took him off the board.

02:10:21.240 --> 02:10:25.480
God removed our pastor right at the time the Stone Choir got started.

02:10:25.480 --> 02:10:28.760
So, we don't have a pastor we haven't had one since.

02:10:29.560 --> 02:10:31.880
I would not have concealed this from my pastor,

02:10:31.880 --> 02:10:33.800
even while I was doing it pseudonymously.

02:10:34.440 --> 02:10:36.040
As a matter of spiritual oversight,

02:10:36.040 --> 02:10:38.280
I have respect for the process.

02:10:38.280 --> 02:10:39.720
I'm not a cowboy.

02:10:39.720 --> 02:10:41.080
I'm not a renegade.

02:10:41.080 --> 02:10:44.040
I understand that church discipline and good order is necessary.

02:10:44.600 --> 02:10:48.760
And I knew, again, before we had actually begun the podcast,

02:10:48.760 --> 02:10:52.120
that if and when I was doxxed, it would become his problem.

02:10:52.120 --> 02:10:53.960
So, I wanted him to know upfront,

02:10:53.960 --> 02:10:55.880
here are the problems I'm causing for you.

02:10:55.880 --> 02:10:59.080
Not in the sense that I have a guilty conscience about anything.

02:10:59.080 --> 02:11:02.440
Everything that we say and we publish and we do, we stand behind.

02:11:03.080 --> 02:11:06.600
Because we believe that we're doing it in faithfulness to God.

02:11:07.720 --> 02:11:09.240
Because we didn't have a pastor,

02:11:09.240 --> 02:11:11.400
Tom was basically the man for me to speak to.

02:11:11.400 --> 02:11:16.600
And because he was the most likely to be injured by the false accusations

02:11:16.600 --> 02:11:19.480
that I knew for a fact, we're going to be coming from Synod.

02:11:19.480 --> 02:11:24.040
Again, these wicked evil slanderous things directed at me, this defamation.

02:11:25.560 --> 02:11:26.840
I talked to him for 90 minutes.

02:11:26.840 --> 02:11:28.440
I said, here's what's going on.

02:11:28.440 --> 02:11:32.680
Here's, I sent him an email afterwards with Stone Choir and more or two other things.

02:11:32.680 --> 02:11:35.160
I send the link to Harrison's article,

02:11:35.720 --> 02:11:39.240
condemning me personally, saying that I have a wicked agenda.

02:11:41.240 --> 02:11:42.760
Because I didn't want him to be line-sided.

02:11:42.760 --> 02:11:46.040
And I told him point blank, there's some stuff that I say on the podcasts

02:11:46.040 --> 02:11:47.880
I know you're not going to agree with.

02:11:47.880 --> 02:11:49.880
His wife is an uber feminist.

02:11:49.880 --> 02:11:52.920
Feminism is a cancer in the church at large.

02:11:52.920 --> 02:11:54.680
It's a cancer in his home.

02:11:54.680 --> 02:11:58.200
I knew that those comments were going to upset him.

02:11:59.160 --> 02:12:01.880
In spite of that, I went to him out of Christian love for him.

02:12:04.040 --> 02:12:06.280
That was the last time I ever spoke to Tom.

02:12:06.280 --> 02:12:07.800
This was on March 1st.

02:12:08.440 --> 02:12:13.080
And so as we get down further the timeline, I'm going to point back to this day because

02:12:14.200 --> 02:12:19.240
what I would learn later was that when I was subsequently doxxed, Tom did it.

02:12:19.240 --> 02:12:22.040
My elder in his office, his elder did it.

02:12:22.040 --> 02:12:25.720
And he did it despite my explicit warning to him

02:12:25.720 --> 02:12:29.480
that by doxxing me, synod will jeopardize my life,

02:12:30.040 --> 02:12:34.360
will jeopardize my property, will destroy my reputation.

02:12:34.360 --> 02:12:38.440
Not because I have said anything wrong, because I say things like,

02:12:38.440 --> 02:12:40.840
a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

02:12:40.840 --> 02:12:43.240
And that's not the same thing and it's not interchangeable.

02:12:43.240 --> 02:12:45.400
That's enough to destroy a man's life today.

02:12:45.400 --> 02:12:48.920
Confessing how we're created is enough for you to be destroyed.

02:12:48.920 --> 02:12:55.160
But most urgently, the reputation is less of an immediate concern in doxxing

02:12:55.160 --> 02:12:58.920
than physical destruction, threats to my property and to my life.

02:12:59.960 --> 02:13:04.280
I told him point blank, please do not discuss this with anyone

02:13:04.280 --> 02:13:09.960
because it will cause personal, real, verifiable harm to me.

02:13:11.000 --> 02:13:14.440
Subsequently, learn he intended to do precisely that.

02:13:15.000 --> 02:13:19.160
And what was amazing was that that conversation was very cordial.

02:13:19.160 --> 02:13:20.280
I remember we hugged at the end.

02:13:20.280 --> 02:13:21.240
We certainly shook hands.

02:13:21.240 --> 02:13:23.160
It was a very friendly conversation.

02:13:23.160 --> 02:13:25.720
I went to him because we'd had such conversations in the past.

02:13:26.600 --> 02:13:30.200
When he heard Stonequire, he became possessed.

02:13:31.560 --> 02:13:34.280
And so as we get to some of the later details,

02:13:34.280 --> 02:13:35.240
I'm going to point back to that.

02:13:35.240 --> 02:13:39.400
But just remember on March 1st, I am the one who told my elder

02:13:39.400 --> 02:13:40.680
out of concern for himself.

02:13:40.680 --> 02:13:46.440
This was detrimental to me personally to tell another man,

02:13:46.440 --> 02:13:48.200
hey, here's something you're not going to like.

02:13:48.200 --> 02:13:52.520
But when these evil men come and slander me to you in secret,

02:13:52.600 --> 02:13:55.400
before I know what's going on, I don't want you to be hurt.

02:13:56.360 --> 02:13:57.720
That's my wicked agenda.

02:13:57.720 --> 02:13:59.560
These men who say I'm not a Christian,

02:13:59.560 --> 02:14:01.480
that's the kind of non-Christian that I am.

02:14:03.640 --> 02:14:06.440
So Friday of that week on the 3rd of March,

02:14:06.440 --> 02:14:09.800
so basically a little more than a week after Ash had reached out

02:14:09.800 --> 02:14:11.080
to DP Nairans to say,

02:14:12.120 --> 02:14:14.680
you have leveled these accusations against me personally.

02:14:14.680 --> 02:14:16.840
I like to talk to you because you're further up the chain.

02:14:17.720 --> 02:14:19.400
Nairans did get back to me, responded.

02:14:19.400 --> 02:14:22.840
Ash, may the request he wanted to discuss the fact that these

02:14:22.840 --> 02:14:26.840
instructions had come down from Synod through Nairans for him

02:14:26.840 --> 02:14:29.720
to resign as an elder, because that was a big problem for him.

02:14:29.720 --> 02:14:30.680
That's slanderous.

02:14:31.320 --> 02:14:34.440
That's something that is completely outside the bounds

02:14:34.440 --> 02:14:35.720
of our own polity.

02:14:35.720 --> 02:14:40.600
This is not our ecclesiology for a president to order an elder to me removed.

02:14:41.160 --> 02:14:46.360
We're not top down, which is something Matt said on his February 21st

02:14:46.440 --> 02:14:49.640
screen, and then he says, however, we're going to do it anyway.

02:14:49.640 --> 02:14:51.880
And this is exactly that playing out.

02:14:51.880 --> 02:14:54.200
So on March 3rd, when he talked to DP Nairans,

02:14:54.840 --> 02:14:59.000
he reiterated that these instructions have been passed through him from Synod.

02:14:59.720 --> 02:15:02.920
And so Ash wanted to find out what exactly was going on.

02:15:03.800 --> 02:15:09.240
And another thing that we didn't mention in the first meeting that Ash had with his pastor,

02:15:09.240 --> 02:15:11.880
his pastor was openly recording the entire meeting.

02:15:12.680 --> 02:15:15.640
Ash asked if he could have a copy of that at that time.

02:15:15.640 --> 02:15:21.400
And it was made clear to him that he would be given access to the record.

02:15:21.400 --> 02:15:23.720
So Ash didn't make his own recording at that time.

02:15:24.760 --> 02:15:27.320
When Ash asked for a copy of the recording,

02:15:28.520 --> 02:15:33.640
both Nairans and his own pastor said, no, you're not going to have it.

02:15:34.200 --> 02:15:38.040
And this comes up later on in conversations with Ryan

02:15:39.000 --> 02:15:45.640
in another Oklahoma congregation where his own pastor made fun of Ash for not having his own

02:15:45.640 --> 02:15:51.320
recording, which frankly is part of the reason why Ryan recorded that stuff,

02:15:51.320 --> 02:15:55.880
as he said in his own thread where he had these conversations with these men,

02:15:55.880 --> 02:15:59.800
according to their public office, and he posted those recordings.

02:15:59.800 --> 02:16:05.640
The reason for that wasn't that he's some sneaky little kid that's just sneaking around in the dark

02:16:05.720 --> 02:16:06.680
trying to get people.

02:16:08.120 --> 02:16:12.360
When Ash had this thing publicly recorded, he was denied a copy.

02:16:12.360 --> 02:16:13.880
He had no witnesses there.

02:16:13.880 --> 02:16:16.840
The only witnesses present for him were against him.

02:16:16.840 --> 02:16:21.320
He had no witness of his own to testify to what was said to what was done.

02:16:21.880 --> 02:16:25.240
And when he subsequently asked for a copy, he was denied.

02:16:25.240 --> 02:16:30.280
And so that at that point by March 3rd had been made very clear to all of us

02:16:30.280 --> 02:16:32.760
that none of this was going to be done above board

02:16:32.760 --> 02:16:35.480
and that we were the only people involved in any of this.

02:16:35.480 --> 02:16:37.400
With our own interests at heart.

02:16:39.160 --> 02:16:45.160
Something that happened in the immediate week after that, Ash

02:16:47.080 --> 02:16:51.080
had contact with one of the elders who had been there trying to reach out to him.

02:16:51.080 --> 02:16:53.160
Again, he tried to talk to Naren's.

02:16:53.160 --> 02:16:55.880
There was an attempt made to reach out to one of the elders.

02:16:56.600 --> 02:17:01.000
The elder refused to have communication by phone.

02:17:01.560 --> 02:17:05.480
And when asked point blank why not, the response was FBI.

02:17:07.960 --> 02:17:13.960
So those accusations of terrorism that occurred within his own congregation,

02:17:13.960 --> 02:17:17.800
the characterization of all of us as terrorists

02:17:17.800 --> 02:17:21.640
and the promise from the pastor from district

02:17:21.640 --> 02:17:23.560
the Synod had called the FBI,

02:17:24.200 --> 02:17:28.680
had sufficiently damaged his personal reputation with his own elders,

02:17:28.680 --> 02:17:30.600
with people in his own congregation,

02:17:30.600 --> 02:17:34.760
his church home that they literally refused to talk to him.

02:17:35.720 --> 02:17:37.480
This is cult behavior.

02:17:37.480 --> 02:17:39.960
I'm going to keep saying that because that's all it is.

02:17:39.960 --> 02:17:43.800
If you know anything about how cults conduct themselves internally,

02:17:43.800 --> 02:17:44.760
this is it.

02:17:45.800 --> 02:17:50.120
Fear, suspicion, slander and accusations,

02:17:50.120 --> 02:17:52.920
going to the police to make coercive threats against men,

02:17:52.920 --> 02:17:57.080
to bring them back into line for daring to speak against the leadership.

02:17:57.080 --> 02:17:57.960
That's what cults do.

02:17:58.600 --> 02:17:59.880
Forget bad Christians.

02:17:59.880 --> 02:18:03.320
Forget denominations that Corey and I disagree with doctrinally.

02:18:03.320 --> 02:18:05.080
Even they wouldn't do this stuff.

02:18:05.080 --> 02:18:06.760
Even a Methodist wouldn't do this.

02:18:07.320 --> 02:18:10.600
And yet the confessional Lutheran Missouri Synod

02:18:10.600 --> 02:18:13.560
is doing what even some cults are afraid to do.

02:18:16.040 --> 02:18:19.720
We're talking about these details specifically because everyone needs to know.

02:18:19.720 --> 02:18:22.280
Everyone in the Synod needs to know how Matt Harrison,

02:18:22.280 --> 02:18:25.560
this false prophet is conducting our church.

02:18:25.560 --> 02:18:26.760
It's not his church.

02:18:26.840 --> 02:18:33.080
It's not his personal plaything to do as he wants to spend $9 million giving kickbacks

02:18:33.080 --> 02:18:38.600
to his buddies in Lutherans for racial justice while they brainwash kids in universalism.

02:18:39.400 --> 02:18:41.000
We need to put an end to this.

02:18:41.000 --> 02:18:42.040
So at the end of this episode,

02:18:42.040 --> 02:18:45.480
we're going to be making some suggestions for how we can all accomplish that.

02:18:46.200 --> 02:18:50.600
And so in keeping with the theme of all this being relatively dense with things happening

02:18:50.600 --> 02:18:57.400
one right after the other, on the same day in fact that Naren's returned that call,

02:18:58.280 --> 02:19:00.520
Rolling Stone published an article on me.

02:19:01.320 --> 02:19:05.880
And I did know this one was coming because to step back a couple days,

02:19:06.440 --> 02:19:09.160
Tim Dickinson, who is the editor for that article,

02:19:09.880 --> 02:19:13.720
contacted me on Twitter on the 1st of March.

02:19:13.720 --> 02:19:19.080
And then on the 2nd of March, I spoke to him on the phone for just under 26 minutes.

02:19:19.720 --> 02:19:21.160
I do have a recording of that.

02:19:21.160 --> 02:19:23.160
I may very well just go ahead and release that.

02:19:24.120 --> 02:19:30.600
And then on the 3rd, that article was published in Rolling Stone.

02:19:31.880 --> 02:19:35.640
And this occurred simultaneously with publication a few other places,

02:19:35.640 --> 02:19:39.400
mostly just parroting the Rolling Stone article, for instance.

02:19:40.280 --> 02:19:42.040
MSN picked it up and ran with it.

02:19:42.040 --> 02:19:47.320
MSN's title was Hitler Loving Races Trying to Turn Lutheran Church into Haven for

02:19:47.320 --> 02:19:49.480
quote, Hardline Young Men, unquote.

02:19:50.760 --> 02:19:55.160
But the Rolling Stone article is he believes Hitler went to heaven

02:19:55.160 --> 02:19:57.160
and wants to take over the Lutheran Church.

02:19:59.080 --> 02:20:02.520
Now I could quibble with the contentions in the headline,

02:20:03.880 --> 02:20:08.120
but the point here is that the leadership of the LCMS,

02:20:08.120 --> 02:20:15.720
supposed church leadership, are marching in lockstep with media outlets like Rolling Stone.

02:20:18.040 --> 02:20:24.920
And as we mentioned in one of the earliest episodes, you need to look at the source of things.

02:20:26.360 --> 02:20:31.000
These ideas are not coming from the church.

02:20:32.360 --> 02:20:34.280
These ideas aren't coming from the media either.

02:20:34.840 --> 02:20:39.080
These ideas ultimately are coming from Satan and they are being parroted by the media

02:20:39.080 --> 02:20:41.800
and now unfortunately also by church leadership.

02:20:42.760 --> 02:20:47.800
And so if you see church leadership marching in lockstep with the established media,

02:20:48.760 --> 02:20:53.080
there's a very real problem because these are the media that constantly advocate for

02:20:53.080 --> 02:20:59.400
sodomy, for abortion, for mass so-called immigration, for all of these various evils

02:20:59.400 --> 02:21:06.680
that beset society and now the church is partaking of them, is in some cases an active

02:21:07.320 --> 02:21:11.480
participant in them or at least actively defending and even pushing for them.

02:21:12.760 --> 02:21:15.320
But to return to the timeline the very next day,

02:21:17.160 --> 02:21:21.720
Ryan's article on Christian nationalism is published on GAV News.

02:21:23.160 --> 02:21:30.040
Now of course that is one of the things that is absolutely hated by the media,

02:21:30.040 --> 02:21:33.720
Christian nationalism. They're afraid of it of course because they realize that if

02:21:33.720 --> 02:21:37.640
Christians were in control of the country, it would be a very real problem for some of these

02:21:37.720 --> 02:21:44.360
extremely wicked men, particularly individuals like Rolling Stone and those who write for it.

02:21:45.560 --> 02:21:49.400
As an aside, I am going to make a general recommendation that if you are called by the

02:21:49.400 --> 02:21:53.960
media, do not talk to them. If you are an exception to that rule, you know it.

02:21:54.680 --> 02:21:58.520
But you probably aren't. Do not talk to them, all they can do is make your life worse.

02:21:59.080 --> 02:22:03.080
I knew what I was doing, that's why I talked to them, I knew what would happen and

02:22:03.080 --> 02:22:08.040
they did exactly what I expected, so that played out. But Ryan's article on Christian

02:22:08.040 --> 02:22:15.080
nationalism gets a good response, which is great, it's good, we want people to see Christian nationalism,

02:22:16.040 --> 02:22:21.320
what we mean by it and what the goals are, but it gets another response because he receives

02:22:21.320 --> 02:22:26.840
a message from his pastor that same day and the circuit pastor and another congregation

02:22:26.840 --> 02:22:32.360
member are copied on that message. It asks for his availability to talk, but of course, as is the

02:22:32.360 --> 02:22:41.800
theme, did not list the subjects or any subject for that conversation. But to return to my part

02:22:41.800 --> 02:22:48.840
of the timeline, the very next day, this being a Sunday, my congregation voted to excommunicate me.

02:22:48.840 --> 02:22:56.440
As was mentioned earlier, I was not present. Per the bylaws, I must be present, it says that

02:22:56.440 --> 02:23:02.680
the accused must be present for the vote on excommunication. The only exception

02:23:03.320 --> 02:23:10.840
is if the accused cannot be found or refuses to attend. I don't know why you would be excommunicating

02:23:10.840 --> 02:23:15.400
someone who cannot be found because if he cannot be found, I don't see how he would have done

02:23:15.400 --> 02:23:19.080
something that's worthy of excommunication, but it's in there for sake of completeness.

02:23:20.280 --> 02:23:25.720
Really what the two thirds vote is for is so if someone refuses to attend, someone has truly

02:23:25.800 --> 02:23:31.800
apostatized, someone is living a profligate lifestyle that is anti-Christian and simply

02:23:31.800 --> 02:23:35.560
refuses to listen to anything the church says and will not come to the meeting, then it's a two

02:23:35.560 --> 02:23:41.400
thirds vote. That's entirely reasonable. I agree with that change to the bylaws. That was not in

02:23:41.400 --> 02:23:45.480
the original Constitution and bylaws, it is in the updated one. I think that's a good thing.

02:23:47.240 --> 02:23:53.880
But the actual part of the bylaws that was applicable in my case required a unanimous

02:23:53.880 --> 02:24:00.360
vote and required my presence. I was not present. Indy had been driven out of the church at that

02:24:00.360 --> 02:24:05.720
point. They violated the bylaws up one side and down the other. They did absolutely everything

02:24:05.720 --> 02:24:12.360
they could not to adhere to these binding bylaws because these are binding under the civil law.

02:24:14.120 --> 02:24:18.760
That's a part of this that some people are missing. There is what Scripture says

02:24:19.560 --> 02:24:23.800
and Christians are bound by that, but that's not enforceable in the civil courts,

02:24:23.800 --> 02:24:27.560
typically unless it has been transposed into a contract of some kind.

02:24:29.000 --> 02:24:33.880
The bylaws, the Constitution and bylaws, are of the corporation that is the church.

02:24:35.000 --> 02:24:41.320
Those are binding on members on the church and they are binding in the civil courts.

02:24:42.440 --> 02:24:46.840
And so the fact they did not follow these is a violation, it's a civil violation.

02:24:47.800 --> 02:24:54.840
It's not a crime, but it is a civil violation of which the courts will take notice and provide remedy.

02:24:55.960 --> 02:25:00.440
And we have many pastors out there who are behaving as if they are not subject to the

02:25:00.440 --> 02:25:04.520
civil authorities. I don't know what happened to render unto Caesar, but apparently some have

02:25:04.520 --> 02:25:08.840
forgotten that's in Scripture. While it's not a direct violation of the bylaws,

02:25:08.840 --> 02:25:13.720
one of the shocking irregularities of this so-called excommunication meeting

02:25:13.720 --> 02:25:19.000
is that your own pastor was not present. The reason he was not present and in his place was

02:25:19.000 --> 02:25:26.760
Graves, the circuit visitor, is that we forgot to mention earlier on the Wednesday after

02:25:27.800 --> 02:25:33.000
Corey was physically restrained from entering the church when the cops were called. Between

02:25:33.000 --> 02:25:39.560
that Sunday and the subsequent Wednesday, your pastor had his kidney begin to fail.

02:25:39.560 --> 02:25:44.120
It was a transplanted kidney that had been in place for years. He went into serious

02:25:44.840 --> 02:25:49.160
physical jeopardy and it took him a while to figure out what was going on. So the reason he

02:25:49.160 --> 02:25:54.200
wasn't present for the excommunication is that he had missed several weeks. He was out for,

02:25:54.200 --> 02:26:03.000
I think, six weeks or so. He was hospitalized at the time because God knocked and apparently he

02:26:03.000 --> 02:26:08.760
didn't hear. I was burying the lead. I was leaving it until we mentioned that he returned to the

02:26:08.840 --> 02:26:13.480
pulpit to announce the excommunication, which we'll get to soon enough. But yes, he was

02:26:14.200 --> 02:26:21.240
gravely ill. He not only wasn't preaching, he wasn't attending the service because he was in

02:26:21.240 --> 02:26:27.000
the hospital. I mean, he was probably seemingly about as close to death as you get without being

02:26:27.000 --> 02:26:33.240
dead. That was very much how it sounded in the prayers of the church. And the reason I mentioned

02:26:33.240 --> 02:26:39.800
here is for the irregularity of the circuit visitor who is again an agent of Synod. So in this

02:26:39.800 --> 02:26:46.360
meeting, this church meeting at 1st Lutheran Knoxville where every single bylaw was violated

02:26:46.360 --> 02:26:52.040
for excommunication, it was a Synod official in his act as an agent of Synod who did it.

02:26:52.600 --> 02:26:58.760
He was not even the pastor of the congregation. He was on death's door. He was in a hospital bed

02:26:59.400 --> 02:27:04.120
fighting for his life when this happened. So you want to talk about irregularity,

02:27:04.120 --> 02:27:10.280
both on paper and spiritually? This story has every single base covered.

02:27:11.160 --> 02:27:14.920
I don't even know if that's actually proper according to the bylaws. I'm not sure that they

02:27:14.920 --> 02:27:21.080
directly address the issue of whether or not an excommunication can even proceed in the absence

02:27:21.080 --> 02:27:25.480
of the properly presiding pastor, not some random agent of Synod.

02:27:26.440 --> 02:27:28.840
Yeah, I would imagine that's not possible.

02:27:29.400 --> 02:27:36.200
It again just seems like Synod has decided that we're Rome and Pope Harrison can say whatever

02:27:36.200 --> 02:27:41.960
he wants and the DPs have to jump and then the pastors have to listen to the DPs or the

02:27:41.960 --> 02:27:48.200
circuit visitor if he's used as a proxy. But the beauty of it all is that in this specific case,

02:27:49.080 --> 02:27:54.280
God basically has hardened Synod's heart and tied this around their necks.

02:27:55.400 --> 02:28:02.040
Synod literally presided over an illegal excommunication of a member who, incidentally,

02:28:02.040 --> 02:28:08.120
this took just a couple weeks from the riot act being read to him being falsely excommunicated.

02:28:09.000 --> 02:28:13.880
And that's part of what the process was not followed. The rules were basically to slow

02:28:13.880 --> 02:28:20.600
things down to call for repentance. There was not a single call for repentance from Corey.

02:28:21.800 --> 02:28:25.480
If you're a pastor, if you're a Christian and you hear that, that should concern you.

02:28:26.040 --> 02:28:29.080
How can an excommunication occur without a call for repentance?

02:28:30.200 --> 02:28:35.640
Never mind the guy not even being present to be told he's going to hell for disagreeing

02:28:35.640 --> 02:28:39.400
with the Missouri Synod, but not even to be asked to repent of anything.

02:28:40.040 --> 02:28:45.160
I guess we can make a comparison here because, of course, we're Lutheran,

02:28:45.160 --> 02:28:53.480
so we're going to make the comparison to Luther. But in 1517, Luther posted his theses on the church

02:28:53.480 --> 02:29:05.000
door. Notably, he was not excommunicated until 1521. Now, of course, it takes longer in the 1500s

02:29:05.000 --> 02:29:12.840
for news to travel, but it does not take four years for news to travel from Germany to Italy and

02:29:12.840 --> 02:29:22.360
back. So he got four years. I got basically no time at all. And I think probably this

02:29:22.360 --> 02:29:27.800
defend himself multiple times. Yeah. I think probably the most egregious procedural

02:29:28.280 --> 02:29:35.320
malevolence in all of this is that you found out, putatively, that you had been excommunicated on

02:29:35.320 --> 02:29:40.600
Twitter from one of the enemy pastors. If I remember correctly, it was Ben Meyer. It may not

02:29:40.600 --> 02:29:44.920
have been. I don't mean to tie his name to this, but he was certainly in the know about many of

02:29:44.920 --> 02:29:50.520
these things. One of the enemy pastors who had been hounding you for your destruction and joking

02:29:50.520 --> 02:29:54.120
about murdering Nazis, which, by the way, you're a Nazi, according to these men,

02:29:54.760 --> 02:30:00.440
they're the ones who posted on Twitter that you were excommunicated. You had no communication

02:30:00.440 --> 02:30:06.200
whatsoever with your own church, not the elders, not the pastor, not the circuit visitor, no one.

02:30:06.200 --> 02:30:10.760
You found out on Twitter that apparently there had been a meeting that Sunday to excommunicate you.

02:30:11.400 --> 02:30:16.440
And it's even worse than that because not only did they not announce the excommunication to me,

02:30:16.440 --> 02:30:21.000
they did eventually send me a certified letter. I do have a copy of that one. That one I actually

02:30:21.000 --> 02:30:27.320
did receive. Perhaps I can get my scanner to cooperate and scan that one. But they haven't

02:30:27.320 --> 02:30:36.200
contacted me at all since I was turned away from the church on Sunday with the police.

02:30:37.320 --> 02:30:42.920
I have not had a message from anyone in the congregation. I have not been emailed,

02:30:42.920 --> 02:30:49.560
texted, called anything. And, notably, the elders all have my cell phone number and my email address.

02:30:50.520 --> 02:30:56.600
They also know where I live. I have had absolutely no contact from any of them. This is simply not

02:30:56.600 --> 02:31:01.480
how Christians behave. And in the case of some of them, it's quite disappointing.

02:31:02.840 --> 02:31:06.840
Not for all of them. Some of them, I kind of expected it. But for some of them,

02:31:06.840 --> 02:31:15.000
I expected them to behave more Christian than they have. The only vague communication I've had

02:31:15.000 --> 02:31:21.800
from anyone in the congregation has been because I happen to have mutual friends with some members

02:31:21.800 --> 02:31:25.080
of the congregation and come up in those discussions and then been reported to me.

02:31:26.360 --> 02:31:33.240
But I have had no direct communication from any member of that congregation from any member

02:31:33.240 --> 02:31:39.880
of the district from anyone at Synod. So I mentioned that I don't have a scan of the document and I

02:31:39.880 --> 02:31:45.240
have put it in a stack of papers somewhere and I will eventually find it. I didn't burn it like

02:31:45.240 --> 02:31:50.120
Luther did with the papal bull, but as I mentioned before we started recording, it doesn't have the

02:31:50.120 --> 02:31:55.800
seals and the pomp of a papal bull. It's not as much fun to burn a simple certified letter.

02:31:56.440 --> 02:32:04.280
But I'm going to read the charges from it because this will shock many pastors and many Christians.

02:32:04.680 --> 02:32:11.880
Just how vague these charges are and what's listed here. But I'll start with the second paragraph

02:32:11.880 --> 02:32:17.800
of the letter. The basis of the excommunication was your continued unabashed and unrepentant

02:32:17.800 --> 02:32:25.000
postings and dialogue via social media, superimposing fascist white supremacist slash ethnocentric

02:32:25.000 --> 02:32:30.040
and misogynistic views in the name of Lutheranism. The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod,

02:32:30.120 --> 02:32:35.080
and the Lutheran Church as a whole in violation of one, the first commandment,

02:32:35.080 --> 02:32:40.840
two, the second commandment, three, the fourth commandment, four, the fifth commandment,

02:32:40.840 --> 02:32:46.200
five, the eighth commandment, and six, the tenth commandment. I remind our Reformed and other

02:32:46.200 --> 02:32:51.400
listeners to recall to mind that Lutherans number the commandments differently. So do bear that in

02:32:51.400 --> 02:32:57.800
mind when you're looking at this. And then they just basically say under article four relating to

02:32:57.800 --> 02:33:02.760
the bylaws, et cetera, which they violated. So it's funny that they cite them. But that's it.

02:33:03.720 --> 02:33:10.600
I don't have specific examples. There are no attachments or exhibits, as it were. It's just

02:33:10.600 --> 02:33:18.120
this listing and then your excommunicated for these violations of basically modern morality.

02:33:19.160 --> 02:33:24.040
Because the fascism, yes. Because no one in scripture doesn't say you can't be these things.

02:33:24.600 --> 02:33:31.560
You were literally declared to be damned for misogynistic views. This is a charge from a

02:33:31.560 --> 02:33:39.800
Lutheran church. And see, the thing about these is it's not that those in concert were bad enough

02:33:39.800 --> 02:33:44.520
for you to go to hell. If only one of those were true, you would still go to hell. That's what

02:33:44.520 --> 02:33:49.880
this letter says. That's what excommunication means in the Lutheran church. First Lutheran,

02:33:49.880 --> 02:33:54.840
on behalf of Mount Harrison, has declared the quarry is going to hell. That is official

02:33:54.840 --> 02:34:01.160
under Missouri Synod doctrine. Why is he going to hell for misogynistic views?

02:34:01.880 --> 02:34:08.600
Now, I'm struggling to figure out which of the five, six commandments they listed there. I'm not

02:34:08.600 --> 02:34:13.160
sure which one of the misogyny falls under. I guess we'll have to wait for the next edition of the

02:34:13.160 --> 02:34:18.520
small catechism from Pope Harrison. I would presume they're going to argue the same as they argue

02:34:18.520 --> 02:34:25.000
that racism is murder. I would presume they're going to say that misogyny is murder of women,

02:34:26.680 --> 02:34:30.120
which is one of the dumbest arguments you could possibly make, but they are

02:34:31.000 --> 02:34:36.040
the kind of people who would make that argument. Yeah. But if you're a pastor and you're listening,

02:34:36.040 --> 02:34:40.280
you're wondering, I wonder why Cory was excommunicated. Maybe you don't like him. Maybe you think

02:34:40.280 --> 02:34:45.320
he's a jerk and he says mean things online. Did you know that he was excommunicated for misogyny?

02:34:45.960 --> 02:34:50.920
Mark Price is a misogynist, by the way, according to Asher's pastor, he made very clear that Mark

02:34:50.920 --> 02:34:57.160
Price is a misogynist. He made very clear that all you guys up in Wyoming, you're misogynists,

02:34:57.160 --> 02:35:01.000
you're going to be excommunicated next because that is the religion of the Missouri Synod.

02:35:01.560 --> 02:35:08.200
If you guys think you can hide away and not face what's coming because we're disposable laymen and

02:35:08.200 --> 02:35:13.720
you can go off into your own thing, you're joking yourselves. We're at the vanguard of this precisely

02:35:13.720 --> 02:35:18.200
because we can take the punishment so that you can move in behind us and do something Christian.

02:35:18.760 --> 02:35:23.880
If you continue to hide, they're going to come for you next. Mark, I specifically named because he

02:35:23.880 --> 02:35:30.440
was named for this slander of misogyny. That's literally what was given to Ash as a charge

02:35:30.440 --> 02:35:37.720
against him. So this is not a joke. It's a joke in terms of that being absolutely obscene. That's

02:35:37.720 --> 02:35:43.880
contrary to everything in scripture. You can entire chapters of scripture are blatantly misogynist

02:35:43.880 --> 02:35:49.880
by 2023 standards and the Missouri Synod under the false prophet Matt Harrison says you will go to

02:35:49.880 --> 02:35:56.040
hell for agreeing with scripture. Quite frankly, I didn't even go as far as Mark Price is accused

02:35:56.040 --> 02:36:01.720
of going because I have never once said that women shouldn't be allowed to speak outside the home.

02:36:01.960 --> 02:36:08.120
Yeah, everything about it is just obscene, but that's part of the reason that we're airing this

02:36:08.120 --> 02:36:14.840
dirty laundry. Every single one of these things are a fact. It is verifiable. It's provable with

02:36:14.840 --> 02:36:20.280
evidence and with witnesses. This is not supposition on our part. This is the state of the cult of

02:36:20.280 --> 02:36:24.760
Missouri Synod. At least they didn't include the Third Commandment. I guess that would be difficult

02:36:24.760 --> 02:36:30.200
when I constantly tell people to go to church. The first sentence of the last paragraph should

02:36:30.200 --> 02:36:34.920
warm the black cockles of Chris Rosebrough's heart though because they state that you are

02:36:34.920 --> 02:36:39.480
welcomed and explicitly encouraged to view the divine service at First Lutheran or any LCMS

02:36:39.480 --> 02:36:45.800
affiliated church through online broadcast of said service. Despite the fact that the bylaws say

02:36:45.800 --> 02:36:52.760
in all caps in the original that even those were excommunicated are cordially invited to attend

02:36:52.760 --> 02:36:58.600
the divine service and there is no way that those who wrote that thought that attending the divine

02:36:58.600 --> 02:37:05.480
service included Facebook streaming. It's just, it's utterly depraved. And yeah, this is the state

02:37:05.480 --> 02:37:13.240
of the Missouri Synod. That's the pornographic version of church. To watch a peep show on YouTube

02:37:13.240 --> 02:37:18.600
is not the communion of the saints. Now, it may well be edifying. I don't mean that it's disgusting

02:37:18.600 --> 02:37:24.520
or gross, but I mean to say that it is a fake version of the real thing, that there's no

02:37:24.520 --> 02:37:29.720
legitimacy to the notion that a man can attend church online. It's one of the conversations

02:37:29.720 --> 02:37:34.040
that Corey and I have regularly. There are a lot of men who have seen this stuff playing out

02:37:34.600 --> 02:37:38.360
and they're saying, I'm just going to leave the established church altogether. I don't want to

02:37:38.360 --> 02:37:44.760
be a part of any of that. Why would I subject myself to it? And so we caught in the middle of

02:37:44.760 --> 02:37:49.880
this are still trying to do battle and say, no, you do need to go to a church. You need to have a

02:37:49.880 --> 02:37:55.480
church home. Even if you don't believe everything they say, it's still important to gather together

02:37:55.480 --> 02:38:00.680
with Christians every Sunday. It is part of the Christian life. Even if it's a place where you

02:38:00.680 --> 02:38:07.160
cannot commune because you don't agree with what they believe about things, it's still important

02:38:07.160 --> 02:38:12.440
to gather together with other Christians. It is edifying and it is necessary for the Christian life.

02:38:13.640 --> 02:38:18.040
These people don't even want that for us, which is we made clear earlier with the story about

02:38:18.040 --> 02:38:22.920
Jordan Cooper. These men want to drive us from the church entirely. They want us physically

02:38:22.920 --> 02:38:29.320
removed. They call the police to seek our physical destruction. Demonic doesn't even begin to describe,

02:38:29.320 --> 02:38:35.000
but there's no word in the English language for how evil this is. And again, Matt Harrison from

02:38:35.000 --> 02:38:41.560
St. Louis on behalf of the Synod and in his office as president is orchestrating every one of these

02:38:41.560 --> 02:38:45.720
details. The fact that these things are starting to blur together, it's like, well, that already

02:38:45.720 --> 02:38:50.280
happened. Well, yeah, it did to one guy, but then it happened to the other four guys too. That's why

02:38:50.280 --> 02:38:56.040
it's a script. Alinsky has a script. Harrison has a script. And by and large, it's the same script.

02:38:57.640 --> 02:39:04.280
And so the next item we have is the following Monday, the very next day, the 6th of March.

02:39:05.400 --> 02:39:11.400
The previously mentioned elder refuses to communicate with Ash and he states as his basis

02:39:11.400 --> 02:39:18.280
for this that there is FBI involvement. So again, verifying that Synod has deliberately

02:39:18.280 --> 02:39:24.680
involved the FBI in these matters, going to the secular authorities in violation of scripture.

02:39:27.240 --> 02:39:32.680
And we really should point out that the goal here, and it is fair to call it their goal,

02:39:32.680 --> 02:39:40.600
is to murder us. Because when you are dealing in these sorts of charges, white supremacy,

02:39:40.600 --> 02:39:45.560
and when you're accusing people of being a terrorist, the odds of the FBI, or someone

02:39:45.560 --> 02:39:50.440
like that, no knock rating you, and they have a very real tendency to just shoot people in those

02:39:50.440 --> 02:39:55.480
raids, that is exactly what is in view. And that is what Synod desires in this case.

02:39:56.680 --> 02:40:01.720
And it's made clear by all the Nazi stuff online. Again, when all these pastors call us Nazis,

02:40:01.720 --> 02:40:09.480
and then separately celebrate murdering Nazis, Rosebro posted a vile video of a man literally

02:40:09.560 --> 02:40:15.000
being stabbed through the skull with a knife, because he was a Nazi, and he was saying,

02:40:15.000 --> 02:40:20.200
I'm so excited about this movie, it looks so beautiful. That's a threat. That's a direct

02:40:20.200 --> 02:40:25.320
physical threat. That is far beyond anything that even if Corey and I thought those about these men,

02:40:25.320 --> 02:40:31.800
we would never say it online, because they would call the FBI. They would take that as a serious

02:40:31.800 --> 02:40:39.000
personal threat. It beggars belief that this is occurring in our church, but this is called behavior.

02:40:39.560 --> 02:40:43.960
When men are intimidated by the fact that the church is contacting the police,

02:40:43.960 --> 02:40:49.320
contacting the FBI, and they're cutting off all communication with you, again, that's the

02:40:49.320 --> 02:40:56.040
Elinsky rule, cutting off all social circles so that someone has no support, saying you may not

02:40:56.040 --> 02:41:00.920
return to the church at all. This is complete spiritual and physical destruction as a package

02:41:00.920 --> 02:41:08.280
deal. This is sacramental for Matt Harrison. This false prophet of St. Louis is vehemently

02:41:08.280 --> 02:41:13.800
pursuing his own religion, and he's doing it at the expense of Christian laymen. He's not done.

02:41:14.360 --> 02:41:18.280
We're not the only ones he's doing this for. There are other men that are currently being

02:41:18.280 --> 02:41:23.960
targeted who are not currently public. We're not going to say more about it. I will say this,

02:41:23.960 --> 02:41:29.640
Matt, and all the other evil men who are listening, we know far more than we are saying here.

02:41:29.640 --> 02:41:34.760
We're saying what is relevant to us and was relevant to this timeline. If you think that all

02:41:34.760 --> 02:41:40.200
the other things you're doing in secret are actually secret, well, we'll get in just a minute

02:41:40.200 --> 02:41:46.040
about the verses about daylight, but the daylight has come upon your actions, too. What you're doing

02:41:46.040 --> 02:41:52.360
in secret has been made bare. When the time comes for that to be known to the world, it will. You

02:41:52.360 --> 02:42:01.480
can rest assured. On the next day, that Tuesday, the 7th of March, Ryan was informed of the subject

02:42:01.560 --> 02:42:06.520
of the previously mentioned meeting, and that is that they were deeply concerned with his online

02:42:06.520 --> 02:42:12.040
activity. There was also an attempt to walk back the earlier admission of the involvement of the

02:42:12.040 --> 02:42:18.120
DP, and so clearly we see that Synod would like to be involved and control these things, but does

02:42:18.120 --> 02:42:26.360
not want anyone to know. Now, I am going to say that this is most likely due to someone consulting

02:42:26.360 --> 02:42:34.920
Synod Council, because an attorney is most likely going to advise the leadership of Synod

02:42:34.920 --> 02:42:39.320
that you should not be directly involved in this because you are opening yourself to liability,

02:42:39.320 --> 02:42:45.240
which is good advice that is correct. What I'm saying isn't legal advice, but you're not listening

02:42:45.240 --> 02:42:51.000
to this podcast for legal advice, but I think that is most likely what happened here.

02:42:51.400 --> 02:42:57.800
But it's far too late because the Synod's fingerprints are all over all of this. Again,

02:42:57.800 --> 02:43:04.040
we have multiple witnesses. We have documentation, physical documentation. We have eyewitnesses saying

02:43:04.040 --> 02:43:09.720
Synod directed us to do this. Matt Harrison has directed all this, all the lies, all the slander,

02:43:09.720 --> 02:43:16.840
all the defamation, all the malicious acts in person calling the FBI. That's all on him. That's

02:43:16.920 --> 02:43:22.040
provable. Whether that's proved in the court of public opinion or it's proved in an actual court,

02:43:22.920 --> 02:43:24.840
frankly, it's probably going to be up to him down the road.

02:43:25.720 --> 02:43:30.760
Yes, they spoke to Corporate Council far too late because Corporate Council would have told them

02:43:30.760 --> 02:43:35.000
never to touch any of this. Then this wouldn't have happened. They would have behaved as actual

02:43:35.000 --> 02:43:39.240
Christians, which irony of ironies an attorney would have told them to behave as a Christian,

02:43:39.800 --> 02:43:47.480
but sometimes these things align for tuitous reasons. But that same day, that Tuesday,

02:43:47.480 --> 02:43:54.840
Ryan met with the circuit pastor. Did you want to go over the details of that one or just refer

02:43:54.840 --> 02:44:01.000
people to the thread? I think we'll just refer to the thread. We're already incredibly long and we

02:44:01.000 --> 02:44:05.960
got at least another hour of content of our own. Ryan has separately detailed all the events of

02:44:05.960 --> 02:44:11.080
what has been done to him. The point that we wanted to make is that that's just one story of four.

02:44:11.640 --> 02:44:16.920
All four stories have some very striking similarities. They have some variations on themes.

02:44:16.920 --> 02:44:22.600
They have some verbatim accusations that keep popping up. So you can discern from all of that,

02:44:22.600 --> 02:44:27.880
both the script and who wrote it, by Senate's fingerprints being all over all of it fundamentally.

02:44:28.760 --> 02:44:33.240
And then Ryan had another meeting that same week, that Thursday the 9th, and that was with

02:44:33.880 --> 02:44:39.480
his pastor, a circuit pastor, and two elders. And again, you can look at his thread that will

02:44:39.480 --> 02:44:47.400
be in the show notes for some of the details of that. And so the next day on Friday, one of the

02:44:47.400 --> 02:44:53.400
LCMS pastors who uses a pseudonym to specifically attack us on Twitter, I have no idea what his

02:44:53.400 --> 02:44:57.960
real name is, but I believe him when he claims to be an LCMS pastor. He goes by the name Luther

02:44:57.960 --> 02:45:06.280
Commander CMDR. He tweeted on the 10th that he had my docs, that he knew my name. And one of the

02:45:06.280 --> 02:45:12.520
things about doxing, as we said in the episode on the enemy's playbook, is that the thread is

02:45:12.520 --> 02:45:18.520
worse than the thing itself. And so when they're getting close to doing their evil deeds, they want

02:45:18.520 --> 02:45:25.320
to amp up the terror as much as possible in their target. And so for most people, the idea of being

02:45:25.320 --> 02:45:32.120
doxed is scary enough to chase them away. There are men who have had peripheral connections to some

02:45:32.120 --> 02:45:39.080
of this, who have been chased away by the thought of being doxed. And I don't blame them. If you're

02:45:39.080 --> 02:45:44.440
not financially independent, if you can have something taken away from you that endangers your

02:45:44.440 --> 02:45:51.160
family's welfare, you have to weigh that. And that's what doxing relies on, saying we're going to make

02:45:51.160 --> 02:45:56.440
you unemployable. We're going to make it so no one will ever talk to you. Not only will you never be

02:45:56.440 --> 02:46:01.480
allowed to go to church again, at least in the Missouri Synod, but you'll never be hired in XYZ.

02:46:01.480 --> 02:46:08.360
So when this pastor, this Missouri Synod pastor says, I have your docs, finally, the specifics

02:46:08.360 --> 02:46:14.520
don't matter, but he made clear that he knew who I was. That was the first time that I had any indication

02:46:14.520 --> 02:46:20.760
that that was true. Now, as I mentioned earlier on the first, I talked to one of my elders to say,

02:46:21.240 --> 02:46:27.240
I know that this is coming. On the 10th, when this pastor revealed that he had my docs, like,

02:46:27.240 --> 02:46:32.280
okay, well, I guess I was right about the timing, but I had no idea how did it happen at that point.

02:46:33.720 --> 02:46:41.320
So the next day before you received that letter that we had previously read with the details

02:46:41.320 --> 02:46:46.280
of your excommunication, which was the first actual indication that you had been excommunicated,

02:46:46.280 --> 02:46:50.360
at that point, it was just a rumor on Twitter, among other pastors,

02:46:50.360 --> 02:46:54.760
which I hope people are recognizing is one of the recurring themes of this.

02:46:54.760 --> 02:47:01.080
LCMS pastors, agents of the Missouri Synod Corporation are slanders and gossips of the

02:47:01.080 --> 02:47:08.360
lowest order. Incidentally, it also very much proves their little networks that are pushing

02:47:08.360 --> 02:47:14.040
so much of this information and how it is being disseminated, not only from Synod,

02:47:14.040 --> 02:47:19.160
but from pastors up to Synod. There is a definite feedback loop in many of these cases.

02:47:20.360 --> 02:47:25.960
Unquestionably. And so that was on Saturday, the 11th, as was mentioned.

02:47:26.760 --> 02:47:33.160
The Wednesday after that, the 15th of March, we published the episode against the Antichrist,

02:47:33.160 --> 02:47:39.640
where we went through that press release, we should call it from Harrison,

02:47:40.680 --> 02:47:47.480
and detailed the ways in which he taught falsely and corrected what he stated in that.

02:47:47.480 --> 02:47:51.960
And I will link to that because that is worth relistening to if you have forgotten some of

02:47:51.960 --> 02:48:00.200
those specific, it ties into all of this. And as we keep mentioning, the podcast is a thread,

02:48:00.200 --> 02:48:03.400
there are interconnections everywhere, all of this is interconnected,

02:48:04.280 --> 02:48:07.160
because there is an animating intelligence on the other side.

02:48:08.200 --> 02:48:14.280
And there is an animating intelligence on this side, because we are fighting for Christ,

02:48:14.760 --> 02:48:19.160
and his kingdom and his bride, his truth. And the other side is fighting against it.

02:48:20.600 --> 02:48:24.840
So that same day after we published the Against the Antichrist episode,

02:48:24.840 --> 02:48:29.320
at some point in the afternoon, the same three pastors that have popped up at the very beginning,

02:48:29.320 --> 02:48:33.880
Dan Ross, Eric Johnson, and Ben Meyer, all confirmed that they had my docs.

02:48:33.880 --> 02:48:38.680
They did this on Twitter. So earlier in the afternoon, two of them were tweeting about

02:48:39.240 --> 02:48:43.400
Bible verses about darkness being brought into light, which is one of the very favorite

02:48:43.400 --> 02:48:48.920
things to say about us. They say that we were filled with darkness, that we're hiding in darkness,

02:48:48.920 --> 02:48:54.760
that anonymity is darkness, and that they're bringing the light to darkness with their slanderous

02:48:54.760 --> 02:49:00.360
accusations and their murderous lies. So in the afternoon, I could tell they got riled up because

02:49:00.360 --> 02:49:05.640
they were posting about light and in darkness and whatever. And I thought, you know, maybe this has

02:49:05.640 --> 02:49:11.160
to do with Luther commander a few days earlier saying that he had my docs. And then a couple

02:49:11.480 --> 02:49:19.480
hours after Eric and Ben were tweeting about light, Dan Ross posted a long thread with my docs.

02:49:20.040 --> 02:49:26.680
It didn't name me directly, but he gave specific details about where I live, about previous employment,

02:49:26.680 --> 02:49:31.240
that made it very clear that he knew where I lived, who I was, what my name was,

02:49:31.240 --> 02:49:37.640
and he was doing it to intimidate me. This is now CMS pastor in Oklahoma, mind you. He has no

02:49:37.640 --> 02:49:44.760
connection to Synod other than the hierarchy and his network of pastor friends. Somehow,

02:49:44.760 --> 02:49:50.680
he had my docs. And I didn't know at the time what had done it. But as I subsequently learned,

02:49:50.680 --> 02:49:56.840
on the first when I spoke to my past to my elder, Tom, and said, I'm coming to you as an elder,

02:49:56.840 --> 02:49:59.960
don't tell this to anyone, Synod is trying to dox me. What did he do?

02:50:00.920 --> 02:50:08.600
He immediately doxed me to Synod. And within 10 days, my docs was communicated up

02:50:08.600 --> 02:50:12.600
to St. Louis. I know for a fact that it went through corporate headquarters in St. Louis,

02:50:12.600 --> 02:50:17.320
and then it came back down to Oklahoma and to wherever Lutheran commander lives.

02:50:19.080 --> 02:50:23.720
This is direct, immediate proof that the Missouri Synod is participating in my docs,

02:50:23.800 --> 02:50:29.000
that they were spreading my personal private information among themselves.

02:50:29.800 --> 02:50:36.280
Now, Dan Ross has no relationship to me as a pastor. He's just some jackass on Twitter. He's

02:50:36.280 --> 02:50:42.120
a slander. He's a murderer. He's not a Christian. He was used as a specific example of one of these

02:50:42.120 --> 02:50:49.160
pastors who directly blast seemed scripture, gleefully, in service of the modern religion

02:50:49.160 --> 02:50:54.520
that the Missouri Synod holds to. He's a cult member. He's a card-carrying cult member because

02:50:54.520 --> 02:51:01.640
he's a pastor in this cult. When he posted my docs, he made it clear that he and Synod were acting

02:51:01.640 --> 02:51:08.760
in collusion to intimidate a layman, to threaten me physically, which keep in mind, I already knew

02:51:08.760 --> 02:51:15.080
that Synod was talking to the FBI and to police. These are intimidation tactics of the highest

02:51:15.080 --> 02:51:20.760
order. It was funny to watch because Dan posted that thread on Twitter and nobody responded,

02:51:20.760 --> 02:51:26.520
and I just ignored it. He retweeted a couple times and was plainly trying to get some attention.

02:51:26.520 --> 02:51:32.040
He was frustrated that no one took the bait because he thought it was so clever. This was a

02:51:32.040 --> 02:51:37.720
Wednesday. By Friday evening, he had deleted the entire thread, which means that someone else

02:51:37.720 --> 02:51:44.360
saw what he was doing and said, Dan, you idiot, you screwed up. You just physically proved beyond

02:51:44.360 --> 02:51:52.200
any shadow of doubt that the LCMS communicated my docs to you too late. It's archived. It's in

02:51:52.200 --> 02:51:57.640
Twitter's database. I have screenshots. It can be subpoenaed. Dan is the absolute proof that

02:51:57.640 --> 02:52:02.440
Luther Commander was telling the truth four days earlier that Synod had doxxed me. Again,

02:52:02.440 --> 02:52:08.120
I didn't know on the 15th how Dan got it. It wasn't until a couple weeks later, which is the rest of

02:52:08.120 --> 02:52:15.400
my part of the story where I found out how that happened. That was Wednesday the 15th. The following

02:52:15.400 --> 02:52:21.800
Tuesday the 21st, I had known at this point that I was going to be doxxed. I knew that I had been

02:52:21.800 --> 02:52:26.920
doxxed, which meant that I knew that at some point soon, what I had warned Tom about was going to

02:52:26.920 --> 02:52:33.480
come to fruition, that these liars from the cult in St. Louis were going to come to my elders and

02:52:33.480 --> 02:52:39.400
say, this guy's a terrorist. This guy is all these things. This guy is evil. I knew that that was

02:52:39.400 --> 02:52:45.080
coming. I didn't want them to be blindsided. So I spoke to a second elder and to another man that I

02:52:45.080 --> 02:52:50.280
trust in the congregation to get him up to date. I told him the same things that I had told Tom

02:52:50.280 --> 02:52:55.320
in the first meeting. I told him I had met with Tom. I didn't know at the time how I had been doxxed.

02:52:56.520 --> 02:53:01.480
It was clear to me in retrospect from their response that they didn't know yet either what

02:53:01.480 --> 02:53:08.040
was happening. They listened as Christians to all of it and said, okay, how do you leave a meeting

02:53:08.040 --> 02:53:12.520
like that where one of your laymen says this Synod is trying to physically destroy you.

02:53:13.160 --> 02:53:17.800
They didn't know what to make of it. At that point, I didn't care. I just wanted them to know

02:53:18.440 --> 02:53:23.320
not to make my case before Synod brought its lies, but just so they wouldn't be blindsided.

02:53:23.960 --> 02:53:29.640
Because again, we don't have a pastor. These guys are not involved in all in Synod politics or

02:53:29.640 --> 02:53:35.000
anything. It would be an absolute shock to anyone's system in their position for someone to reach down

02:53:35.000 --> 02:53:41.000
through the tentacles of Synod and make slanderous, defamatory accusations against me about things

02:53:41.000 --> 02:53:46.200
like terrorism and that the FBI has been called and that there were physical threats. I didn't

02:53:46.200 --> 02:53:51.880
want them to be hearing that for the first time from a stranger. So the way first I met with them,

02:53:51.880 --> 02:53:57.640
on the 30th of March, though the elders met privately, I was not aware of this at the time,

02:53:57.640 --> 02:54:04.680
but they met together to discuss the situation. And let's see, that was a Thursday, the 30th of

02:54:04.680 --> 02:54:09.800
Thursday they met together. Subsequent to that meeting of the elders, the president of the

02:54:09.800 --> 02:54:16.360
congregation contacted me by phone and asked if I'd be able to meet after church with them

02:54:17.720 --> 02:54:22.520
to discuss what was going on. At that point, I obviously knew the context of the meeting.

02:54:23.480 --> 02:54:28.440
Because of the previous ambushes, I asked the president point blank the names of all the men

02:54:28.440 --> 02:54:33.800
that would be present because I told him in like 15 minutes, I told him what had happened to Ash,

02:54:33.800 --> 02:54:37.720
what happened to Corey, what happened to Indy, what happened to Ryan, I said,

02:54:37.720 --> 02:54:43.000
if I'm going to show up, I want to know the name of every man present. If there's somebody else in

02:54:43.000 --> 02:54:49.320
the room that I don't recognize, this isn't going to happen. And he assured me that the names that

02:54:49.320 --> 02:54:54.040
he had given me would be the only names present. Okay, I believed him. So I showed up for a meeting

02:54:54.040 --> 02:55:01.000
on Sunday, the 2nd of April. I met with the president and two other witnesses for about 90

02:55:01.000 --> 02:55:08.440
minutes. And during that meeting, there was some back and forth where we sort of laid out the

02:55:08.440 --> 02:55:14.760
details of how we got there. And one of the things that the president made very clear by way of

02:55:14.840 --> 02:55:20.760
admission was that Tom had doxxed me to Senate. The elder in whom I had confided for his own

02:55:20.760 --> 02:55:26.280
spiritual sake is the one who had doxxed me to Senate. Apparently, his daughter has some connection

02:55:26.280 --> 02:55:32.200
to Senate. He went through her, that reached up directly to corporate. And then, as I said earlier,

02:55:32.200 --> 02:55:38.520
back down to multiple pastors and far flung parts of the country who now knew my name and address

02:55:38.520 --> 02:55:43.240
and were personally trying to intimidate me on the internet by posting part of my doxx,

02:55:43.240 --> 02:55:49.320
which incidentally, well, they're both legal and civil ramifications to those sorts of threats.

02:55:51.160 --> 02:55:55.240
During that conversation, I was pretty well prepared for it because, again, I had known

02:55:55.240 --> 02:56:00.920
what had happened before. What came out pretty quickly was that they started enumerating

02:56:01.560 --> 02:56:07.640
a few of the accusations against me. And it was the exact same wording that had been used with

02:56:07.640 --> 02:56:15.720
Ash and with Ryan and with Indy. They highlighted three specific things and said that I was guilty

02:56:15.720 --> 02:56:19.960
of them. And I got them to clarify. I said, where did you get that language? I asked the president,

02:56:19.960 --> 02:56:25.240
where did he get that language? Because I knew it didn't come from him. And he admitted that

02:56:25.240 --> 02:56:31.880
Synod had transmitted to them through Tom documentation, the dossier, part of the dossier

02:56:31.960 --> 02:56:38.360
that Matt Harrison had assembled against me, a layman, targeting me for the large cataclysm for

02:56:38.360 --> 02:56:43.720
my opposition to that false doctrine. They had physical copies of it. I said, I want to copy

02:56:43.720 --> 02:56:48.600
of that because I knew at this point everyone else had been having these secret charges

02:56:48.600 --> 02:56:52.200
from secret accusers. It's something that when you hear the transcript from Ryan,

02:56:52.200 --> 02:56:57.800
when you hear his clips, he had the same problem. There was a secret dossier assembled against him.

02:56:58.760 --> 02:57:04.200
The details were just sort of read off completely haphazardly with no context,

02:57:04.200 --> 02:57:09.400
with no opportunity to respond to explain what is going on. And in his case, it wasn't even

02:57:09.400 --> 02:57:14.440
things he had said. It was things other men said. But even then, it was still secret accusers.

02:57:14.440 --> 02:57:18.760
So I knew the secret accuser thing was going to happen because I knew the accuser was.

02:57:18.760 --> 02:57:24.200
The accuser is Satan. His agent is Matt Harrison. Whoever assembled the secret dossier, probably

02:57:24.200 --> 02:57:30.280
on payroll, is the accuser who passed this down through my elder to my congregation. So

02:57:30.280 --> 02:57:37.080
I have a physical copy of that printout. It's a list of some tweets going up through about March

02:57:37.080 --> 02:57:44.040
23rd, roughly. They're not screenshots. They're just copy pastes of the words that were in the

02:57:44.040 --> 02:57:49.800
tweets. I never bothered to check to see if they were verbatim what I had said on Twitter.

02:57:50.120 --> 02:57:54.440
The reason I mentioned that is that I didn't need to in this meeting because

02:57:55.400 --> 02:58:01.720
one of the other guys who was there, as I was sort of explaining the backstory to what was

02:58:01.720 --> 02:58:06.680
happening, he said, let's just get down to basics. We don't need to hear your excuses.

02:58:07.320 --> 02:58:11.000
I've always liked you and respected you. You're the most knowledgeable man about

02:58:11.000 --> 02:58:14.920
scripture in the congregation. I've always been very impressed with your knowledge of

02:58:14.920 --> 02:58:19.880
Lutheranism, so I'm shocked to find out you're not a Christian. That's almost verbatim what he

02:58:19.880 --> 02:58:25.640
said. He was shocked to learn that I wasn't Christian based on the tweets. Okay, fine.

02:58:26.280 --> 02:58:31.640
Let's look at this piece of paper. You pick a tweet and you tell me which one is in Christian,

02:58:31.640 --> 02:58:36.200
and let's talk about it. He said, I don't want to do that. I said, which specific thing have I

02:58:36.200 --> 02:58:40.200
said is not Christian? He said, well, all of it's not Christian. I said, okay, great. Then we can have

02:58:40.280 --> 02:58:46.600
a specific example and we can discuss the details of why I, in good conscience, said something

02:58:46.600 --> 02:58:51.240
and why you think that it's not Christian. That means I'm going to hell for a tweet.

02:58:52.520 --> 02:58:59.080
He refused. At no point in 90-minute conversation was there any actual discussion of the specifics

02:58:59.080 --> 02:59:04.040
of anything that I had said. Now, the other two men who were present bathed themselves in a

02:59:04.040 --> 02:59:08.120
completely Christian manner, I have no problem with how that meeting was conducted. It was not

02:59:08.120 --> 02:59:12.280
an ambush. The President was true to his word. The only men who were present there were the

02:59:12.280 --> 02:59:18.200
men he had named. I believe him completely that on his part, he was not acting on the orders of

02:59:18.200 --> 02:59:22.760
Synod. That only played out because we didn't have a pastor. If there had been a pastor,

02:59:22.760 --> 02:59:26.520
I don't know what would have happened, but I would have at least had a personal relationship with the

02:59:26.520 --> 02:59:32.920
man. As it happened, basically the same thing happened in my 90 minutes with them has happened

02:59:32.920 --> 02:59:38.520
to Ash and to Indy and to Ryan, which was that no specifics were ever discussed. It's just,

02:59:38.520 --> 02:59:43.800
oh, it's all bad. It's all not Christian. It's all evil. It's kind of frustrating as a Christian

02:59:43.800 --> 02:59:50.360
when someone says you're going to hell and can't tell you why. That's something that should concern

02:59:50.360 --> 02:59:54.840
anyone because I do take it seriously. As I've said in previous episodes, when someone comes to me

02:59:54.840 --> 03:00:00.920
and says you're doing something wrong, that trips a circuit breaker and I pause whatever I'm doing

03:00:00.920 --> 03:00:05.640
and I evaluate, are they right? Because regardless of how they bring it to me, regardless of what I

03:00:05.640 --> 03:00:11.400
think of them, if I'm doing something sinful, that's my chief concern. If I'm sinning against God,

03:00:11.400 --> 03:00:16.280
that matters more than any of the circumstances surrounding it. When these men say you're going

03:00:16.280 --> 03:00:21.160
to hell, as Matt Harrison said in writing in his publication on February 21st,

03:00:22.520 --> 03:00:27.720
I like specifics. I like to look at the specifics. That's the reason the six weeks after Matt Harrison

03:00:27.720 --> 03:00:32.600
published that, we refuted it line by line because virtually every word of it was a lie.

03:00:33.240 --> 03:00:38.760
Most of it was blasphemous against the God of Scripture, which at this point should be no

03:00:38.760 --> 03:00:44.680
surprise to anyone listening. We're not dealing with Christians, not in my church. The response

03:00:44.680 --> 03:00:50.360
that Tom had to me coming to him in brotherly love to say, I know you're not going to like this,

03:00:50.360 --> 03:00:55.400
but I need you to know because it's going to hurt you. As I said, he's never spoken to me again.

03:00:55.400 --> 03:00:59.240
In fact, he has left the church. The reason I said we don't have three elders anymore is he's

03:00:59.240 --> 03:01:06.440
left. He hates me so much for Stone Choir that he went around to the rest of the congregation.

03:01:06.440 --> 03:01:14.440
The reason that we were having the meeting wasn't simply that the dossier came down to the elders.

03:01:14.440 --> 03:01:19.880
It was that Tom had gone around to the rest of my congregation, to everyone whose support he could

03:01:19.880 --> 03:01:26.840
elicit, to say, he's evil. We need to get him out of here. Interestingly, exactly the same treatment

03:01:26.840 --> 03:01:34.120
that Corey received. He's evil. Get him out of here. There was not a single notion in Tom's mind

03:01:34.120 --> 03:01:40.360
of me being called to repentance, of any specifics being discussed. It was literally, damn him,

03:01:41.000 --> 03:01:47.080
let's go. He hates me so much that he's never come to church again. I don't know what to make of that.

03:01:47.320 --> 03:01:52.680
The history that I had with him, we had bumped heads before and we had reconciled as Christians.

03:01:53.240 --> 03:01:57.960
I truly believe that there's demonic influence in his household. There's no rational explanation

03:01:57.960 --> 03:02:02.200
for that. It's something that I told the president because the president of the congregation has been

03:02:02.200 --> 03:02:08.200
friends with Tom for 40 years. He said he considers him to be like family and he had no idea where

03:02:08.200 --> 03:02:13.880
the hatred came from. The reason for disclosing these details is I told the president of the

03:02:13.880 --> 03:02:20.200
congregation, I can tell you why it's happening. It's not Tom's spirit. This is an animating spirit

03:02:20.200 --> 03:02:25.880
that's coming from outside of this congregation that has possessed him. This is evil that is being

03:02:26.680 --> 03:02:33.240
acted out through men. It makes no sense when you look at it rationally. A lot of people,

03:02:33.240 --> 03:02:37.480
maybe you're listening and we're over three hours in, probably not many people listening left, but

03:02:38.680 --> 03:02:42.920
on paper, when someone says there's a Christian disagreeing with another Christian,

03:02:42.920 --> 03:02:47.480
and then you describe the behavior of one of them, if you believe that the person behaving

03:02:47.480 --> 03:02:51.880
that way is a Christian, you can't reconcile the two because Christians don't act that way.

03:02:51.880 --> 03:02:56.280
What Tom did is not how any Christian would ever act. Again, I told him,

03:02:56.280 --> 03:03:01.400
I will be placed in physical jeopardy if you tell anyone. What did he do? He immediately told Senate.

03:03:02.040 --> 03:03:08.200
Within 10 days, not only had he gone up through corporate in St. Louis, but it had come back down

03:03:08.200 --> 03:03:13.160
to the very enemy pastors who've been hunting and hounding and defaming us for years on Twitter.

03:03:13.800 --> 03:03:19.000
That is not Christian behavior, which is why when I say this is a cult, that's what I'm talking about,

03:03:19.000 --> 03:03:26.040
these intimidation tactics, these isolation tactics with zero interest in discussing scripture

03:03:26.040 --> 03:03:31.160
or discussing what it means to actually be reconciled to Christ. It's not what you ever

03:03:31.160 --> 03:03:34.280
find in a Christian church, but it's what you find in the LCMS.

03:03:35.160 --> 03:03:41.960
And so the next item in the timeline is back to Ryan, in this case the 18th,

03:03:43.160 --> 03:03:48.200
and he was informed that there'd be another meeting no earlier than the 21st. It's not

03:03:48.200 --> 03:03:54.120
considered urgent. However, he was at that time threatened with the minor ban. And again, we'll

03:03:54.120 --> 03:04:00.760
refer you to the thread that he has going that has more details on what is going on in his case.

03:04:01.560 --> 03:04:09.320
And so on the 29th of April, one month ago, I guess I forgot to close out without that meeting left.

03:04:10.520 --> 03:04:13.880
The purpose of the meeting on the part of the present was fundamentally to figure out what we

03:04:13.880 --> 03:04:20.120
do, what do we do as a congregation, not with me, but what do we do collectively with a situation

03:04:20.120 --> 03:04:26.520
where a now former elder has gone around stirring up controversy, slandering another church member,

03:04:26.520 --> 03:04:30.520
making it so that there's the possibility that other people would also leave the church.

03:04:30.520 --> 03:04:36.520
If they even saw me there. And I told him something that I had said previously on

03:04:37.240 --> 03:04:42.840
Stone Choir. I had always known when I began this podcast that I may well be doxxed as a result,

03:04:42.840 --> 03:04:47.000
but by putting my voice out there, and by saying the same things that I always say in person,

03:04:48.040 --> 03:04:52.440
not hiding in darkness, you could recognize the things that I say because they're things I've

03:04:52.440 --> 03:04:59.080
said to other people in the LCMS. There's things I've said to pastors in the LCMS face to face.

03:04:59.720 --> 03:05:04.440
So it was very likely at some point someone say, I recognize that guy, and whether they

03:05:04.440 --> 03:05:09.800
behave as Christians or not is between them and God. I'm not worried about that. One of the

03:05:10.360 --> 03:05:17.000
possible outcomes that the president offered was that I simply leave, that I leave the church

03:05:17.000 --> 03:05:23.240
forever, just stop showing up because I would solve the problem. And I told him that I knew that it

03:05:23.240 --> 03:05:27.800
was possible that it might come to that because I would not have on my conscience

03:05:29.160 --> 03:05:35.320
other people actively sinning against me simply by sitting in the pews next to me stewing with

03:05:35.320 --> 03:05:42.040
hatred. And if that would cause them to leave the church, I would have to weigh very carefully

03:05:43.000 --> 03:05:48.440
how I in good Christian conscience could deal with that. Obviously, I am being targeted by sin and

03:05:48.520 --> 03:05:55.080
by evil, but at the same time, it is possible to become a stumbling block for someone by that

03:05:55.080 --> 03:06:00.440
meaning to actually cause them to sin by what you're doing, even if what you're doing isn't

03:06:00.440 --> 03:06:08.360
necessarily per se sin. So I told him there was an open question, but this was just before Monday,

03:06:08.360 --> 03:06:13.960
Thursday. We had previously that Sunday. So that would have been, that was a Sunday priority Easter.

03:06:13.960 --> 03:06:18.120
I said, well, this is Holy Week. I'm not going to stop coming to church during Holy Week.

03:06:18.120 --> 03:06:22.440
I'll show up for the Good Friday service and then I'll come to the Sunday service and

03:06:23.320 --> 03:06:27.880
we'll take it from there. And I told him this since the primary problem that the church was dealing with

03:06:29.240 --> 03:06:34.200
was not whether or not I had said something online, but the fact that Tom had stirred people

03:06:34.200 --> 03:06:40.440
up against me. And so I said, I will show up. I will be an appease. You come to me and let me know

03:06:41.000 --> 03:06:44.920
if other people are saying they're going to leave the church if they don't drive me out

03:06:45.640 --> 03:06:49.640
because that were the case. That would be new information that I would have to weigh.

03:06:50.840 --> 03:06:56.920
And maybe I would have to leave. Maybe I would, as a matter of conscience, have to walk away,

03:06:56.920 --> 03:07:01.480
not for the sake of abandoning the faith, certainly, but for the sake of not being the

03:07:01.480 --> 03:07:06.920
cause of other people going to hell because they were so filled with hatred that they would rather

03:07:06.920 --> 03:07:11.800
separate themselves from Christ than be sitting in the same room as me in church.

03:07:12.120 --> 03:07:16.840
So I was basically where that meeting was left. And one of the other things that came up was that

03:07:16.840 --> 03:07:22.680
we could, because we don't have a pastor, he said that he thought it would be helpful for

03:07:22.680 --> 03:07:29.240
me to speak with a pastor for him to just hear out some of the concerns, you know, the dossier,

03:07:29.240 --> 03:07:36.040
the docs from Synod. He wanted, he admitted that he wasn't theologically apt to debate those things

03:07:36.040 --> 03:07:40.760
with me. And I wasn't going to try to beat up on him because I would win even if I were lying.

03:07:40.760 --> 03:07:46.200
It wouldn't be fair, and we agreed to that. So I agreed that if I would defer to his judgment,

03:07:46.200 --> 03:07:49.720
if he wanted me to meet with another pastor. So on the 29th, that's what we did.

03:07:51.320 --> 03:07:57.560
The 29th was a Saturday. I sat down with the president of the congregation as a witness.

03:07:57.560 --> 03:08:01.880
He didn't really say anything. He was just there to kind of hear things out and to be a witness to

03:08:01.880 --> 03:08:08.200
the events with one of the pastors who has served us once or twice during our vacancy.

03:08:08.920 --> 03:08:13.880
And so I agreed to show up. I expected an ambush. I expected that it would be as bad as everything

03:08:13.880 --> 03:08:19.560
else that everyone had received. I was honestly shocked by what happened. I had the only Christian

03:08:19.560 --> 03:08:27.320
meeting of all of this. For four hours, the pastor asked me whatever he wanted. We had a very

03:08:27.320 --> 03:08:32.520
fruitful back and forth. By the end of the first hour, he said, I can tell you have answers for

03:08:32.520 --> 03:08:40.600
everything. And he wasn't being snarky. He could understand that when he had concerns about something

03:08:40.600 --> 03:08:46.920
he had heard about what I said about race or whatever, that I wasn't just shooting my mouth off,

03:08:46.920 --> 03:08:52.280
but I could substantiate my positions. Which isn't to say that he agreed with everything. He made

03:08:52.280 --> 03:08:56.760
clear that he didn't agree with everything I said. But when we got down to the brass tacks of what

03:08:56.760 --> 03:09:01.080
does Scripture say and what is it that I am trying to accomplish by saying these things,

03:09:01.800 --> 03:09:07.640
by about the end of the third hour, he basically told the president that I don't see anything here

03:09:07.640 --> 03:09:12.200
based on our discussion that would lead me to believe that there's something that there's a

03:09:12.200 --> 03:09:16.920
sin to be repented of that would be something certainly for acts of communication, which we

03:09:16.920 --> 03:09:22.840
both agreed. It was not a clean bill of health. It was not him agreeing with me by any measure

03:09:22.920 --> 03:09:28.200
simply saying, I don't see a reason why this man would be put under church discipline for what we

03:09:28.200 --> 03:09:33.080
have discussed. Now, obviously, even a four-hour conversation where I had no agenda and I was

03:09:33.080 --> 03:09:37.960
given no agenda, I agreed to that. I showed up and he asked me whatever he wanted. Every single

03:09:37.960 --> 03:09:42.840
question he asked, we discussed at length. He shared some of his concerns. I gave him my explanations

03:09:42.840 --> 03:09:49.000
for why I believed that what I was doing was legitimate in the face of his concerns. And

03:09:49.000 --> 03:09:52.920
I don't mean to suggest by any means a yak. We asked what I said or he didn't agree with me,

03:09:53.560 --> 03:09:58.840
but he agreed that this was part of a longer conversation that he would need to go do some

03:09:58.840 --> 03:10:03.720
more research. I'm sure at this point probably Synod has reached out to him directly and told him

03:10:03.720 --> 03:10:08.360
many of the slanderous things. I recounted some of those things to him, but he sat down across

03:10:08.360 --> 03:10:13.560
from me face-to-face for four hours and we demonstrated to each other we are Christians.

03:10:14.520 --> 03:10:19.640
We have disagreements about some things. I'm not worried about them. The thing that I wish that

03:10:19.640 --> 03:10:24.520
this pastor had been able to talk to some of the other men instead of me, because the other men

03:10:24.520 --> 03:10:29.560
were far less deserving. Well, no man deserves the treatment that they received. But if this man

03:10:29.560 --> 03:10:34.040
who spoke to me had been in all these other situations, none of them would have happened,

03:10:34.680 --> 03:10:38.440
because he would have dealt with them in a Christian fashion and none of the outcomes

03:10:38.440 --> 03:10:44.760
would have occurred as they did. Even if in the case that ultimately there were some sin to be found

03:10:44.760 --> 03:10:51.000
among us, it would not have transpired as it did in these other cases. I'm thankful to God and

03:10:51.000 --> 03:10:56.840
I'm thankful to that man that he is a faithful Christian. When we say things like the Missouri

03:10:56.840 --> 03:11:03.400
Synod is a cult, I mean that in all sincerity. That does not mean that they're not Christians in

03:11:03.400 --> 03:11:09.080
the Missouri Synod. This man who met with me was a Christian. He was a faithful Lutheran pastor

03:11:09.080 --> 03:11:14.200
who's doing the best that he can. That's all I can ask of anyone. I don't ask anyone to agree with

03:11:14.200 --> 03:11:19.800
everything I say. I think that what we say on this podcast is worth hearing out. It's worth

03:11:19.800 --> 03:11:24.760
discussion. It's a point I made to him. We exist to talk about things that the rest of the church

03:11:24.760 --> 03:11:32.600
isn't talking about. Naturally, that's going to be in our blind spots as a church. The way that

03:11:32.600 --> 03:11:37.960
was less was that he was going to go and do some more study. I was not placed under discipline.

03:11:38.680 --> 03:11:45.400
Since the first meeting with the elders, I have not communed. That was for the sake of others.

03:11:45.400 --> 03:11:51.800
I was not placed under the lesser ban. I have voluntarily ceased to commune for the sake that

03:11:51.800 --> 03:11:56.360
I don't want to go up. I don't know who hates me in the congregation. I know that there are people

03:11:56.360 --> 03:12:01.080
to whom Tom slandered me. I don't know their names because just like Cory and everyone else,

03:12:01.080 --> 03:12:05.800
not one person has ever communicated with me. I talked to Tom. He never talked to me again.

03:12:05.800 --> 03:12:10.040
I talked to the second elder. He never talked to me again. I don't fault him for it, but at no

03:12:10.040 --> 03:12:15.480
point has anyone specifically who is harboring something against me come to me. No one has ever

03:12:15.480 --> 03:12:20.040
said, hey, I have a problem with what you're saying. Let's talk this out as Christian brethren.

03:12:20.040 --> 03:12:25.800
It's never happened. I am not communing in my congregation on the occasions when we have a

03:12:25.800 --> 03:12:32.200
pastor to provide the Eucharist for the sake of the other souls in my congregation because I know

03:12:32.200 --> 03:12:37.240
that if I go up and I'm at the altar rail beside them, one, I know that we're not communion because

03:12:37.880 --> 03:12:44.040
some of them hate me. I don't know who, but more importantly, I don't want them to see me there

03:12:44.040 --> 03:12:49.880
and to be sitting in the pews and seething or to be beside me at the altar rail, seething with

03:12:49.880 --> 03:12:55.720
hatred. The last thing that I would ever do would be the reason that someone would be sinning

03:12:55.720 --> 03:12:59.720
against the body and blood of Christ at the very moment they're receiving it for the forgiveness

03:12:59.720 --> 03:13:05.320
of sins. For that reason and that reason alone, I am not communed. Honestly, I don't know if I'll

03:13:05.320 --> 03:13:09.720
ever commune again at Lutheran Church. That's something I couldn't find which episode it was.

03:13:09.720 --> 03:13:15.000
It's something that we mentioned in an episode before any of this blew up where I said, even if

03:13:15.000 --> 03:13:20.200
I'm doxxed, even if I'm excommunicated, I'm going to continue to faithfully attend church. I said,

03:13:20.200 --> 03:13:25.640
I won't commune because I obviously would make communion with a congregation that would excommunicate

03:13:25.640 --> 03:13:32.920
me, but I will continue to be faithful to my vows. The only caveat that I gave in that comment was

03:13:32.920 --> 03:13:38.040
that they would have to get a restraining order to keep me from coming to church within, I think,

03:13:38.040 --> 03:13:42.360
a month or so. That's exactly what they did to Corey. I don't know if anyone from sin had heard

03:13:42.360 --> 03:13:47.080
that episode by, hey, that's a great idea, but Satan knew it was the only way to keep Corey from

03:13:47.080 --> 03:13:52.040
his church because he's faithful. We're faithful laymen. Even if we got something wrong about

03:13:52.040 --> 03:13:58.040
the large cataclysm, even if we got it all wrong, even if we were just complete doofuses and everything

03:13:58.040 --> 03:14:03.160
we said was wrong, we would receive faithful church discipline and we would continue to be

03:14:03.160 --> 03:14:09.960
faithful in our attendance because we obey God. We actually care about obeying God and there are

03:14:09.960 --> 03:14:14.440
precious few men involved in any of this. They can make that claim with a straight face.

03:14:15.080 --> 03:14:19.320
That was probably the best line from the Antifa Docs when they pointed out that

03:14:19.320 --> 03:14:21.880
I attended church every Sunday and sat in the same place.

03:14:24.040 --> 03:14:28.280
It's something I wish that could be said exactly. I wish it's something that could be said about

03:14:28.280 --> 03:14:34.440
every one of our listeners and every member of our congregations, but at the opposite end of the

03:14:34.440 --> 03:14:41.880
spectrum from the experience you just described with that last pastor on that Sunday, the next

03:14:41.880 --> 03:14:47.320
day, the 30th, Manum returned to the pulpit for, I believe, the first time. I didn't check every

03:14:47.320 --> 03:14:54.280
single one of the live streams, but I doubt that in the course of his nearly dying, he took a break

03:14:54.280 --> 03:15:01.720
from nearly dying to preach. He returned to the pulpit on the 30th and basically the first thing

03:15:01.720 --> 03:15:08.280
he did was announce my excommunication. So apparently that warning shot from God was insufficient

03:15:08.280 --> 03:15:14.840
for him. I do intend to write him a letter. I'll go ahead and state that publicly and

03:15:15.560 --> 03:15:19.000
I guess we will see how hardened his heart is in this matter.

03:15:20.920 --> 03:15:28.600
Moving back to Matt Harrison, the next month, the 10th, Harrison appeared at a

03:15:28.600 --> 03:15:35.480
pastor's conference in Minnesota and he called us groomers for trying to take over the LCMS

03:15:35.480 --> 03:15:42.440
and for attempting to, again, one of their beloved terms, infiltrate the LCMS with white supremacy.

03:15:43.240 --> 03:15:50.200
However, one of the things that is notable from this talk that he gave is that he is angry about

03:15:50.200 --> 03:15:56.280
the number of people listening to this podcast. He is angry about the number of people listening

03:15:56.280 --> 03:16:06.120
to this podcast because we are having a very real, a concrete effect on the LCMS. We are pushing

03:16:06.120 --> 03:16:12.040
things back towards Scripture and he hates that because he hates Scripture, because he hates God,

03:16:12.840 --> 03:16:17.720
because the God of Scripture, the Lord God, is not Matt Harrison's God anymore.

03:16:18.840 --> 03:16:23.800
I don't doubt for a second that at one point in the past, I don't know when the switch happened,

03:16:23.880 --> 03:16:27.960
but at some point in the past, I don't doubt that he was a faithful pastor.

03:16:29.480 --> 03:16:36.600
But he no longer is. He has chosen to be something other than a Christian and that is a very real

03:16:36.600 --> 03:16:44.120
problem because he is pushing his false beliefs into the LCMS and the LCMS is one of the last

03:16:44.120 --> 03:16:51.320
standing conservative, traditional, true Christian churches in the US. And if the LCMS falls,

03:16:51.320 --> 03:16:58.840
it is a catastrophe for the church. Which, as we said in the episode on Here We Stand,

03:16:59.400 --> 03:17:04.280
this is why we're sticking around. This is why we started the podcast. This is why we talk about

03:17:04.280 --> 03:17:10.920
these issues. We believe the historic Lutheran explanation of the Christian faith. We believe

03:17:10.920 --> 03:17:16.280
that that is faithful. What we do not believe is that it is held anymore by the very men who

03:17:16.280 --> 03:17:21.480
claimed to uphold it. And that's what's so fundamentally difficult about all this is that

03:17:21.480 --> 03:17:26.200
when on one hand you have a man wearing a big cross saying, I'm Christian, I'm a Lutheran,

03:17:26.200 --> 03:17:32.360
I'm very confessional, I love the liturgy. And on the other hand, he says, I hate God,

03:17:32.360 --> 03:17:39.560
this stuff in the Bible is wicked and evil and sinful. We have been so brow beaten into just

03:17:39.560 --> 03:17:45.640
assuming at face value the claims of people who say they're Christian that we never for a second

03:17:45.640 --> 03:17:50.920
doubt that it might not be true. And in some sense, that's the way it should be. I mean,

03:17:50.920 --> 03:17:54.920
you should be able to believe if someone comes up to you and says, I'm a brother in Christ.

03:17:54.920 --> 03:18:00.680
The response should be, thank God, the response should not be for your hackles to go up and for

03:18:00.680 --> 03:18:07.480
you to be doubtful and to try to interrogate them to find out what their heresy is. That's not

03:18:07.480 --> 03:18:13.480
how the church should work. I don't want that. But the only way to prevent that from happening

03:18:13.480 --> 03:18:21.160
is if men are held to account by scriptural standards and where that means exposing men

03:18:21.160 --> 03:18:26.600
who are false prophets. When we call Matt Harrison a false prophet and describe these

03:18:26.600 --> 03:18:34.280
men as wolves, that's scriptural language. The facts matter. Maybe the fact is true or

03:18:34.280 --> 03:18:38.920
the fact is false. But in comparison to scripture, to say that a man is a false prophet,

03:18:39.000 --> 03:18:45.400
that is a scriptural category. God says there will be false prophets who will come to you

03:18:45.400 --> 03:18:53.240
in sheep's clothing, that there will be wolves who will try to destroy God's church to devour

03:18:53.240 --> 03:18:59.400
his sheep, and that if people are not on guard, they will succeed. God doesn't want a single

03:18:59.400 --> 03:19:05.640
soul snatched from his hand. But when people are asleep, it's possible. When pastors are

03:19:05.640 --> 03:19:12.840
derelict in their duties, it's likely. When pastors openly embrace falsehood, even by degrees,

03:19:12.840 --> 03:19:18.840
it's a certainty. And so this is what the fight is for. It's not about internet drama. We're

03:19:18.840 --> 03:19:23.240
at three and a half hours now. This is a painfully long episode for you listening. I'm losing my

03:19:23.240 --> 03:19:30.600
voice just doing it. All these details are part of a hideous tapestry of evil. And the reason for

03:19:30.680 --> 03:19:36.120
laying all of them out simultaneously is that if you just see some part of it, it's very easy to

03:19:36.120 --> 03:19:42.600
think, oh, well, maybe it's just a confusion. Maybe it's just, you know, he said, she said,

03:19:42.600 --> 03:19:48.120
I wish we could get over these doctrinal disagreements, but we got to come together and try to find

03:19:48.120 --> 03:19:55.160
common ground. I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, it isn't. And as long as it's not

03:19:55.160 --> 03:20:01.240
the case, we have to guard our souls and we have to guard our brothers in Christ as well.

03:20:02.360 --> 03:20:08.680
And so returning to Ryan, we have two more points on Ryan's timeline thus far. That is

03:20:08.680 --> 03:20:17.880
obviously still ongoing. But on the past Thursday, the 18th, he put out his second Twitter thread.

03:20:17.880 --> 03:20:23.160
We will again link to that. And it gives some of the details of what has been happening

03:20:23.240 --> 03:20:28.840
since the initial thread and the publication of the so-called annotated large catechism.

03:20:30.120 --> 03:20:34.920
And then on the 21st, undoubtedly partly in response to that second Twitter thread,

03:20:35.720 --> 03:20:41.640
Ryan was placed under the minor ban. And so now they are lining things up to potentially

03:20:41.640 --> 03:20:48.920
excommunicate him as well. And the crucial point to note about that is that it was an immediate

03:20:48.920 --> 03:20:55.400
response to him publicizing the thread where he disclosed the abuses he had been subjected to

03:20:55.400 --> 03:21:02.200
by synod agents. They didn't say a word about it when they said you are banned from communion,

03:21:02.200 --> 03:21:07.080
you are in open sin. They said you are in open sin and you're banned from communion

03:21:07.080 --> 03:21:11.160
for all the same things that they had talked to him about two months earlier. Now, what's

03:21:11.160 --> 03:21:15.960
fascinating about that is that two months earlier, when they said, well, we'll have another conversation

03:21:15.960 --> 03:21:21.160
towards the end of May beginning of June, there was no urgency. Even though Ryan told them point

03:21:21.160 --> 03:21:27.080
blank, you haven't told me anything here for me to repent of. So I'm not sure why we would meet

03:21:27.080 --> 03:21:32.520
again for you to just say the same stuff again. If you believe that I'm an open sin, let's deal

03:21:32.520 --> 03:21:36.920
with it now. They had no interest now. They went to kick the can down the road because they thought

03:21:36.920 --> 03:21:42.280
that as long as they kept it secret, they could continue to browbeat him. And to be explicit,

03:21:42.360 --> 03:21:48.600
his sins are being friends with Corey and I for speaking to us publicly. Never mind the fact that

03:21:48.600 --> 03:21:54.600
he and I and Corey, we disagree on many things. We disagree privately all the time about things.

03:21:54.600 --> 03:21:59.320
We don't argue with each other in public because we can argue in private. That's a better place

03:21:59.320 --> 03:22:03.880
to have an argument with a friend. He certainly doesn't subscribe to everything. I think no one

03:22:03.880 --> 03:22:09.640
does. I think that's one of the seminal aspects of this is that suddenly the church, the so-called

03:22:09.640 --> 03:22:16.600
church, the Missouri Synod, is imposing this notion that if you have public contact with anyone

03:22:17.160 --> 03:22:21.000
by necessity, you must believe everything that they believe and you're guilty of everything

03:22:21.000 --> 03:22:28.200
that they're guilty of. Literally no one can survive that. It's funny. Their pastors who,

03:22:28.200 --> 03:22:34.760
Hans Feeney, went on a stream last week with an atheist Jew to condemn Christian nationalism,

03:22:35.480 --> 03:22:42.200
he's platforming her by the standards that Ryan's being held to. Ryan is being told that because

03:22:42.200 --> 03:22:47.880
he tweeted about one of our posts, one of our podcast episodes from Stone Choir, and Ash was

03:22:47.880 --> 03:22:53.720
accused of the same thing, that he, because he retweeted one of our episodes of Stone Choir,

03:22:53.720 --> 03:22:58.600
he was to be disciplined unless he disavowed our entire persons. That was a language that

03:22:58.600 --> 03:23:04.840
was used repeatedly against Ryan, against Ash, against Indy. You are guilty by association of

03:23:04.840 --> 03:23:11.720
being friends with those men. Why? Because Harrison knows that Stone Choir is a threat to his demonic

03:23:11.720 --> 03:23:20.600
activity. The large cataclysm stream was the kickoff because it brought into light the evil

03:23:20.600 --> 03:23:25.560
in Matt Harrison's heart and the things that he's been doing in Synod. He's not alone, plus

03:23:25.560 --> 03:23:31.800
Vogel, Kilkrease, all of these men are doing wicked things behind the scenes. They're spreading

03:23:31.800 --> 03:23:38.840
this doctrine. Forget slander, forget the personal destruction, forget the physical threats, forget

03:23:38.840 --> 03:23:44.760
the defamation. The fact that they're spreading doctrine in our church organs will be with the

03:23:44.760 --> 03:23:52.840
Missouri Synod until it becomes healthy enough to repudiate those false teachings. I don't think

03:23:52.840 --> 03:23:57.640
it's ever going to get there. I don't think it will ever get healthy enough to expel the foreign

03:23:57.640 --> 03:24:04.520
organisms that are introduced by the decade of Matt Harrison's damage to the Missouri Synod.

03:24:06.120 --> 03:24:11.320
One of the last things that we're going to cover here is, in a way, it's kind of a denouement to

03:24:11.320 --> 03:24:17.560
the very first thing that happened. We mentioned Operation Valkyrie and Chris Rose Bro registering

03:24:17.560 --> 03:24:24.600
a blog by that domain. About a month and a half ago, roughly now, he started posting on Operation

03:24:24.600 --> 03:24:30.120
Valkyrie along with his son, Josh. They were specifically coming after Corey and me. They're

03:24:30.120 --> 03:24:35.240
specifically coming after Ryan. They were specifically defending the large catechism.

03:24:36.760 --> 03:24:44.600
Josh has not been active on Twitter, at least not under his real name. He has a public account

03:24:44.600 --> 03:24:51.320
with that name. He doesn't use much until recently. However, he has numerous SOC accounts, which are

03:24:51.320 --> 03:24:57.400
when you stand up multiple fake accounts with fake usernames so that you can pretend to be

03:24:57.400 --> 03:25:02.360
a bunch of different people and try to convince someone that, oh, wow, everyone disagrees with me

03:25:02.360 --> 03:25:09.080
when it's actually one guy with four accounts. That's what Josh does. On the 22nd of May,

03:25:09.080 --> 03:25:15.240
this will pretty much be the end of our timeline, Chris Rose Bro's son, who again, Chris is AALC.

03:25:15.960 --> 03:25:21.480
He's a longtime friend of Todd Wilkin. Chris is basically the reason, incidentally, that Matt

03:25:21.480 --> 03:25:27.160
Harrison is president of the Missouri Senate. Most people don't remember, but Harrison kind of came

03:25:27.160 --> 03:25:33.000
out of nowhere. Part of the reason that he was given the opportunity to just barely sneak by a victory

03:25:33.080 --> 03:25:40.760
was that for a long period of time, Chris Rose Bro operated a series of blogs

03:25:40.760 --> 03:25:47.400
that were viciously attacking Jerry Kieschnick, a man who I have no fond memories of. Jerry was not

03:25:47.400 --> 03:25:52.440
a good guy. Jerry was exactly the sort of man you don't want in the Missouri Senate.

03:25:53.800 --> 03:26:01.320
And so when Kieschnick was devoured by the attacks from Chris, Harrison was able to step into the

03:26:01.320 --> 03:26:08.600
void and to be the confessional candidate that the good guys wanted to win. And one of the things

03:26:08.600 --> 03:26:14.440
that happened back then was that Kieschnick fired Todd Wilkin and canceled issues, et cetera. And then

03:26:14.440 --> 03:26:20.280
when I tried to keep the name, when Chris Rose Bro continued to host Todd Wilkin on Chris's own

03:26:20.280 --> 03:26:25.880
infrastructure, which was no doubt operated by Josh Rose Bro, his son, issues, et cetera, became

03:26:25.880 --> 03:26:32.520
one of the touchstones for Harrison's election and one of his fiercest advocates. So Wilkin,

03:26:32.520 --> 03:26:39.240
Harrison, and Rose Bro are a troika that go way back long before this. So immediately after Chris

03:26:39.240 --> 03:26:46.040
Rose Bro beginning his open attacks, specifically on Corey, on me, on Stone Choir, he went on

03:26:46.040 --> 03:26:51.480
Wilkin's show to do a show about Stone Choir. And we mentioned that a few weeks ago after it happened.

03:26:52.200 --> 03:26:56.360
On the 22nd of May, after he had been blogging on Operation Valkyrie for a while,

03:26:56.920 --> 03:27:04.280
Josh Rose Bro retweeted one of his own socks tweets that had my docs. Again,

03:27:04.920 --> 03:27:10.680
it was something that was specific, personally identifiable information. And the comment from him

03:27:10.680 --> 03:27:18.040
was that we had been sitting on this information for some time. So Josh made a comment that taking

03:27:18.120 --> 03:27:24.360
this V card has a much different connotation than normal, which if you're not familiar, it's a grotesque

03:27:24.360 --> 03:27:30.600
sexual innuendo that has to do with taking someone's virginity. The V card in question is,

03:27:31.160 --> 03:27:37.960
it's a fake poker card that has a V on it with a heart. And I didn't know what the V was until

03:27:37.960 --> 03:27:43.400
Josh explained his own meme that he was quoting from the other count, but this is the salient part.

03:27:43.400 --> 03:27:47.720
If you want to play this game, then let this guy know we're ready to play this card.

03:27:47.720 --> 03:27:53.880
We've been sitting on this one for a while. A few things there. The sock is Josh. The sock is

03:27:53.880 --> 03:28:00.600
Josh Rose Bro. We is plural, which in this case is not his multiple personalities. It refers to

03:28:00.600 --> 03:28:07.320
Chris to Josh, to the other men, including Dan Ross, Eric Johnson, and Ben Meyer, and whoever

03:28:07.320 --> 03:28:13.240
the Lutheran commander is, and others who are all given my information by the Missouri Senate.

03:28:13.800 --> 03:28:20.600
Chris Rosebow also has my docs. And what's he been doing? He's been sitting on it for a while.

03:28:20.600 --> 03:28:26.440
How long has he been sitting on it? Since early March when Tom docks me to Senate. But how long

03:28:26.440 --> 03:28:32.360
has he been preparing to docks me? Since February when he set up his blog before Antifa even set

03:28:32.360 --> 03:28:37.240
up their blog for docksing, because they knew that this concerted effort between the LCMS,

03:28:37.240 --> 03:28:44.280
the AALC, and Antifa to target us for personal destruction was, it's been in the carts.

03:28:44.280 --> 03:28:51.880
And Rosebow's affiliation with Harrison is not incidental. It's very deep. So the fact that

03:28:52.760 --> 03:28:59.160
the kerfuffle was kicked off principally by the large cataclysm thread from Ryan Ternopseed,

03:28:59.160 --> 03:29:05.800
and that's the main focus of Chris in his blog, can't be missed. One of the creepiest things

03:29:05.800 --> 03:29:11.080
that's happened, I hesitate to even say this, but as I said at the beginning, child rape

03:29:11.080 --> 03:29:18.920
is one of the things in the large cataclysm that is being normalized. Chris Rosebow and his son Josh

03:29:18.920 --> 03:29:27.560
have spent weeks screaming about loving pedophiles. Not worrying about the victims of child rape,

03:29:27.640 --> 03:29:32.920
but worrying about bringing the gospel to child rapists. The latest blogs from Chris's

03:29:32.920 --> 03:29:38.040
Operation Valkyrie are entirely in defense of pedophilia saying, well, yeah, it's a sin,

03:29:38.040 --> 03:29:42.200
but we got to love these people. We can't condemn them. We can't have the law for them.

03:29:43.160 --> 03:29:47.000
I think that the Ugandan solution is the appropriate solution. I think that as a matter of law,

03:29:47.800 --> 03:29:51.960
that would work. I think that would work really well. And as Corey mentioned earlier,

03:29:51.960 --> 03:29:57.080
the Supreme Court made that impossible. These guys love when the new religion with the new

03:29:57.080 --> 03:30:03.240
Supreme Court rulings takes away all the legal barriers to dealing God's justice to evil men.

03:30:03.960 --> 03:30:08.520
It's not for the church to ever do. The church doesn't meet out justice unless it's the Lutheran

03:30:08.520 --> 03:30:13.160
Church of Missouri Synod, in which case you call the cops, you threaten people of physical violence.

03:30:13.720 --> 03:30:18.600
The church's job is to worry about souls. The state's job is to worry about bodies.

03:30:18.600 --> 03:30:24.040
We are free to talk about both. We are not pastors who are limited to talking about the

03:30:24.040 --> 03:30:28.360
kingdom of the right hand. We are free as Christians to talk about politics,

03:30:28.360 --> 03:30:33.080
to talk about religion, to talk about their intersection, and to talk about how faithful

03:30:33.080 --> 03:30:38.680
Christians interact with all of them at the same time. And so this hysteria that has arisen

03:30:38.680 --> 03:30:45.240
from a very queer corner of the Lutheran sphere calls into question a lot of what's going on behind

03:30:45.240 --> 03:30:52.680
the scenes. There's a lot more to what's going on than we have made public here. There's a lot more

03:30:52.680 --> 03:31:00.520
going on, and they're revealing much of it by their own screaming. When we threw a rock into a pack

03:31:00.520 --> 03:31:09.160
of dogs and one came out yelping about pedophilia, we know which rock landed. It was the one slide

03:31:09.160 --> 03:31:14.600
that I made that highlighted that when the large cataclysm says a pedophilia is a speck in your

03:31:14.600 --> 03:31:20.680
neighbor's eye and we said that's vile, that's repugnant to Christ, that is animating much of

03:31:20.680 --> 03:31:27.480
the attacks against us. So stone choir is serving God's purposes. We will continue to do this as

03:31:27.480 --> 03:31:32.280
long as we draw breath. We will continue to be faithful in our churches as long as we draw breath,

03:31:32.280 --> 03:31:37.960
because we owe our duty to God. We don't owe it to any church, nor any church body,

03:31:37.960 --> 03:31:40.120
certainly not one that seeks our physical destruction.

03:31:42.200 --> 03:31:45.720
So for those who are still listening, and particularly if you're Lutheran,

03:31:46.360 --> 03:31:53.640
you may be wondering what you can do, because we've detailed a very serious ongoing problem or

03:31:53.640 --> 03:32:02.600
set of problems in the LCMS. But what can you do about that? And the answer to that is the same

03:32:02.600 --> 03:32:08.120
as what we would tell you on the political side in some cases. You're going to act locally.

03:32:08.760 --> 03:32:15.080
That's how you can address this problem. And so I'm going to read a document that will include

03:32:15.080 --> 03:32:20.520
in the show notes as well, giving some information, some suggestions about what can be done

03:32:21.240 --> 03:32:26.840
to start addressing these problems in the LCMS and eventually in the larger church.

03:32:29.480 --> 03:32:34.680
If a member of an LCMS congregation takes strong exception to the conduct or direction of Synod,

03:32:35.240 --> 03:32:39.480
one of the least used but potentially most effective means of feedback

03:32:39.480 --> 03:32:45.000
is withdrawal of financial support to Synod. While calls, letters, and resolutions are all

03:32:45.000 --> 03:32:50.040
good and useful, there are times when each of those will fail to elicit the response

03:32:50.040 --> 03:32:57.320
that turning off the cash will. A portion of every congregation's budget is allocated to at-large

03:32:57.320 --> 03:33:03.320
spending. This is typically money dispersed through the district for Synod programs or

03:33:03.320 --> 03:33:09.800
further upstream to the Synod level. These funds are generally unrestricted, made available to

03:33:09.800 --> 03:33:16.360
district and Synod for any purpose they see fit. This usually amounts to a few percent of the

03:33:16.360 --> 03:33:22.280
congregation's total budget. All of the other expenses we typically think of in a congregation

03:33:22.280 --> 03:33:28.920
fall under the at-home budget. We as individual Christians and collectively in our congregations

03:33:28.920 --> 03:33:35.400
have every right to withhold our tithes from teachings or conduct that do not reflect our faith.

03:33:36.200 --> 03:33:40.440
Beyond the local level, the pocketbook is by far the loudest voice we have.

03:33:41.160 --> 03:33:46.360
It is one that will not be ignored, and the net effect at the local level is a positive.

03:33:47.800 --> 03:33:52.760
The chief objections will be that we are obligated to blindly give Synod money,

03:33:52.760 --> 03:33:57.240
and that failing to do so will impact all manner of worthy programs unrelated

03:33:57.240 --> 03:34:03.400
to whichever corner of Synod has drawn our ire. To the first, the response is simple.

03:34:03.400 --> 03:34:08.840
To whatever extent we are obligated to send the Synod money, they have an infinitely greater duty

03:34:08.840 --> 03:34:16.120
to use it to serve God faithfully. To the second, disrupting all programs is precisely the necessary

03:34:16.120 --> 03:34:22.680
outcome. If the Synod is able to continue all its conduct unimpeded, then we have accomplished

03:34:22.680 --> 03:34:29.240
nothing. They have sufficient unrestricted funds to move them around if we continue remitting,

03:34:29.240 --> 03:34:35.960
but earmark the programs we like. Other than a minor paper shuffle, it would have no impact.

03:34:36.760 --> 03:34:43.000
Dropping remittances to zero forces whatever issue has necessitated this very serious measure.

03:34:44.360 --> 03:34:47.640
And so there are two steps. Two stages, stage one,

03:34:48.360 --> 03:34:54.680
mark all donations at home, and communicate with your church treasurer to ensure it is

03:34:54.680 --> 03:34:59.480
understood that these funds are restricted from remittance to district or Synod.

03:35:00.200 --> 03:35:04.440
Stage two, discuss your concerns with others in your congregation.

03:35:05.240 --> 03:35:11.800
If the congregation has the same problems with LCMS conduct, discuss terminating all remittances

03:35:11.800 --> 03:35:14.680
until such time as those concerns are addressed.

03:35:41.800 --> 03:35:47.880
To be explicit, we're not saying don't fund Synod because you like Stonequire. It's not us versus

03:35:47.880 --> 03:35:56.440
them. This is about their conduct against Christian laymen, period. If I were not a victim of their

03:35:56.440 --> 03:36:02.840
defamation and their attacks and their threats, I would still be as every bit as incensed as I am

03:36:02.840 --> 03:36:08.040
at this conduct. It's part of the reason that we're describing this. This is not self-defense.

03:36:08.040 --> 03:36:11.720
The people who believe me, we're going to believe me anyway, and the people who hate me

03:36:11.720 --> 03:36:17.880
won't believe anything I say. We're not gaining any ground by sharing this for our own sake.

03:36:17.880 --> 03:36:23.800
What we're doing is making the entire timeline clear so that all Christians in the LCMS can know

03:36:23.800 --> 03:36:29.880
this is what your Synod dollars are being spent for. There were LCMS employees on the payroll,

03:36:29.880 --> 03:36:37.240
meaning your dollars were being spent for them to dox us, for them to call the FBI on laymen.

03:36:38.040 --> 03:36:43.240
Maybe you don't agree with anything we say. If you think that if a Christian can call the FBI on

03:36:43.240 --> 03:36:48.280
another Christian because he doesn't like what he says, that's your business. But if you have a

03:36:48.280 --> 03:36:54.280
problem with it, this is one of the most effective things you can do. Yes, it's going to cause some

03:36:54.280 --> 03:36:59.320
disruption to your congregation. That's the point. Your treasurer is going to be annoyed. We mentioned

03:37:00.200 --> 03:37:04.760
talk to him or her, figure out what the most appropriate way to do it is so that you can

03:37:04.760 --> 03:37:11.080
ensure that it's easy for your local congregation and yet deny Synod any money at either the district

03:37:11.080 --> 03:37:16.200
or the synodical level. Because to be clear, every DP who is given these marching orders

03:37:16.200 --> 03:37:22.520
follow them to a T. The district, and it was random. It's not like Oklahoma is like the super

03:37:22.520 --> 03:37:27.880
lib part of the Synod. It turns out it's pretty bad, but frankly, I'm not sure where the good

03:37:27.880 --> 03:37:35.160
places are. It's awfully hard to find. It's not like we just stumbled over a coven in Oklahoma.

03:37:35.160 --> 03:37:41.080
The simple fact is the Synod is in this bad a shape. Until such time as we can rectify those

03:37:41.080 --> 03:37:46.440
spiritual problems, our voices can best be heard with our dollars. You individually cutting off

03:37:46.440 --> 03:37:52.120
your money, we're not saying reduce your donation. We're suggesting if you think that there are

03:37:52.120 --> 03:37:56.280
problems here that you have with what Synod is doing. Maybe it's this, maybe it's something else.

03:37:57.000 --> 03:38:02.440
Resolutions are not enough. Emails are not enough. When you cut off personally,

03:38:02.440 --> 03:38:06.040
you're giving more money to your local congregation. You're not cheating God,

03:38:06.680 --> 03:38:12.920
which is one of the false responses they would have. Are you cutting off programs you may like?

03:38:12.920 --> 03:38:20.680
Yes. When Synod begins being Christian again, the money can come back. But until that time,

03:38:20.680 --> 03:38:25.480
this is probably the single most effective thing we can do as individuals, because your

03:38:25.560 --> 03:38:30.440
conscience will be clean that you are not funding these attacks. You'll have the opportunity to

03:38:30.440 --> 03:38:35.480
start the conversation in your congregation. Maybe you're alone. Maybe the only one who cares

03:38:35.480 --> 03:38:40.840
and everyone's going to think you're a nutcase. Welcome to the club. What can I say? That's

03:38:40.840 --> 03:38:45.720
increasingly what the Christian life is going to be like. If, however, there are other people who

03:38:45.720 --> 03:38:50.920
share some of your concerns about some of these things, then perhaps as a congregation, you would

03:38:50.920 --> 03:38:54.840
decide that this is the appropriate measure to take. I'm not saying anyone should do it.

03:38:55.480 --> 03:38:59.880
Personally, I would like to see it happen, but congregations like no way. I think that's wild.

03:38:59.880 --> 03:39:05.320
I think that's inappropriate. Okay. I don't think you're going to hell. I think that there are

03:39:05.320 --> 03:39:11.880
reasons that someone could articulate that would outweigh their misunderstanding of the situation.

03:39:11.880 --> 03:39:15.880
I don't think if someone believes everything that we've just laid out, that believes we're telling

03:39:15.880 --> 03:39:22.920
the truth about these verifiable, provable, witnessed facts, I don't think you could continue

03:39:22.920 --> 03:39:28.200
funding Senate, but if you disagree, that's fine. That's between you and God in your conscience.

03:39:29.240 --> 03:39:34.040
This is one way that we can say, you know what? There's a lot more people upside about this than

03:39:34.040 --> 03:39:41.160
just two jerks with a microphone and a few jerks on Twitter. The fate of the Christian church in

03:39:41.160 --> 03:39:47.720
North America hinges on whether Christians can be faithful in the face of these sorts of attacks,

03:39:47.720 --> 03:39:53.160
not necessarily our personal situation, but in general, as this plays out over and over in

03:39:53.160 --> 03:39:58.840
multiple denominations, there's no question that there's an animating intelligence behind the attacks.

03:39:59.480 --> 03:40:03.800
And as Corey said, there's also an animating intelligence on this side. God speaks to us

03:40:03.800 --> 03:40:09.240
through scripture. So the fact that Stone Choir is mostly a Bible study podcast,

03:40:10.040 --> 03:40:14.200
that's why Senate is angry. We're pointing to the parts of scripture that they condemn.

03:40:14.200 --> 03:40:17.880
We're pointing to the parts of scripture that have been forgotten for so long

03:40:17.880 --> 03:40:23.720
that when Matt Harrison condemns them in public, no one even recognized it. The things that he said

03:40:23.720 --> 03:40:30.200
that condemns God didn't raise any questions from people. They thought, oh wow, Nazis. All right,

03:40:30.200 --> 03:40:34.760
that's scary. That's really bad. Nobody thought, hey, this guy just blasphemed God Almighty.

03:40:35.400 --> 03:40:38.840
That's the degree of ignorance that exists in the Missouri Senate. That's what I want to see

03:40:38.840 --> 03:40:45.240
fixed. And it's going to happen only when we cut these men off and we drive them out. They do not

03:40:45.240 --> 03:40:50.600
belong in the church. They were a threat to souls. They were a threat to lives. They're a threat to

03:40:50.600 --> 03:40:56.040
everything that Satan is a threat to because they are acting on behalf of their Lord. Their Lord is

03:40:56.040 --> 03:41:02.280
Satan and he will rule in hell with eternity with them. We are going to do what God says.

03:41:02.280 --> 03:41:07.240
We are slaves to Christ and we will continue to obey him. And the angrier people get at that,

03:41:07.240 --> 03:41:11.960
frankly, at this point, that just tells me we're over target. Even if at some point in the past,

03:41:11.960 --> 03:41:15.960
I might have wondered, somebody's mad, maybe we should do something differently. Now,

03:41:15.960 --> 03:41:21.320
when people become furious and set up a new blog and a new Twitter account, just to attack us,

03:41:21.320 --> 03:41:25.960
means we nailed it. It means that we threw that the rock into the pack of dogs and the one that

03:41:25.960 --> 03:41:30.360
comes out yelping is the one we were aiming for. We don't need to see where the arrow is going,

03:41:30.360 --> 03:41:36.440
where the stone is going, because God is guiding it to its target. This has been a four hour episode.

03:41:36.440 --> 03:41:39.960
God bless you if you made it all the way through. I'm sure even the truck drivers are tired at this

03:41:39.960 --> 03:41:45.160
point, but we won't be doing another episode like this. This was just a one time thing to lay out

03:41:45.160 --> 03:41:50.440
the entire timeline of what happened. This is our permanent record of everything, not everything,

03:41:50.440 --> 03:41:56.680
portions of what we bore witness to, everything that we can prove. So again, if you're incented,

03:41:56.680 --> 03:42:01.160
if you're one of these flying monkeys, if you think that we've said everything that we know,

03:42:01.160 --> 03:42:06.600
everything that we could prove, well, I hope you don't behave in a manner that assumes that,

03:42:06.600 --> 03:42:10.920
because it's not the case. We're saying what's necessary to lay out for a layman,

03:42:10.920 --> 03:42:14.440
how to fight the evil in their church, to know that there's evil there and that something needs

03:42:14.440 --> 03:42:21.400
to be done. It's up to everyone else what you do. Please pray. Pray for us. Pray for Harrison.

03:42:21.400 --> 03:42:26.760
Pray for these evil men. These men are evil and they still need our prayers. I didn't understand

03:42:26.760 --> 03:42:32.200
the passages in Scripture about hardening hearts until this began. I understand it now,

03:42:32.200 --> 03:42:37.880
as I've watched it in real time. But even then, all we can do is pray for God to deal with our

03:42:37.880 --> 03:42:43.320
enemies justly and fairly and mercifully, because that's what we would hope for ourselves.

03:42:44.360 --> 03:42:50.520
I am going to add just a little bit of emphasis or nuance, which I usually don't necessarily do,

03:42:50.600 --> 03:42:57.160
but in this case I will, to the comments about whether or not you should withhold your tithes.

03:42:58.040 --> 03:43:04.680
I would say that you should. I would say that you are morally bound to do so if you believe

03:43:04.680 --> 03:43:09.480
the things we have just said in this episode. Because if you believe the things that we have

03:43:09.480 --> 03:43:15.320
said in this episode, then you know for a fact that your tithes, if they go to Synod,

03:43:15.320 --> 03:43:22.120
if they go to the district, they are going to be used to push evil. They are going to be used

03:43:22.120 --> 03:43:27.240
to fund the salaries of evil men. They are going to promote evil. They are going to tear down

03:43:27.240 --> 03:43:32.920
the Synod, in fact. They are going to harm the church. And so you are conscience bound

03:43:32.920 --> 03:43:36.840
to withhold that tithe from men you know will use it for evil.

03:43:38.680 --> 03:43:42.680
Now, as was mentioned, we aren't saying it's us versus Synod. That's not the point here.

03:43:43.240 --> 03:43:47.720
The point is to use your tithes to advance the mission of the church,

03:43:48.760 --> 03:43:54.120
to serve your neighbor, to serve your congregation, to do all these things that are supposed to be

03:43:54.120 --> 03:43:59.480
done with your tithe. Because as a Lutheran, when you hear about a tithe, you of course should be

03:43:59.480 --> 03:44:06.120
thinking about Luther's comment that God doesn't need your good works. Because God also doesn't

03:44:06.120 --> 03:44:12.440
need your money. Your money is worth nothing to God. There is no amount of gold you could amass

03:44:12.440 --> 03:44:19.160
that would mean anything to God. God didn't have them decorate the temple with gold everywhere inside

03:44:19.160 --> 03:44:25.400
because gold is valuable to God. Your neighbor needs your good works. Your neighbor needs what

03:44:25.400 --> 03:44:31.480
can be bought with your tithe. And so if it were just us versus Synod, we would tell you,

03:44:31.480 --> 03:44:36.520
well, whatever you would have given to Synod, write that check to us. And we're not telling you that.

03:44:36.520 --> 03:44:42.360
We're telling you, give that money to your local congregation. Or do any of the things that you

03:44:42.600 --> 03:44:47.720
would like Synod to be doing that Synod is not doing and do them yourself. You can pass out a

03:44:47.720 --> 03:44:53.640
small catechism. You can buy a case of them and pass them out. You can probably find them fairly

03:44:53.640 --> 03:44:59.160
cheap if they're used. And they're probably going to be lightly used, which is a problem to discuss

03:44:59.160 --> 03:45:06.280
another day. But we're not telling you just withhold your money. We're telling you ensure that it is

03:45:06.280 --> 03:45:13.160
directed where it will do good, where it will do what God intends for it to do. We'll end this

03:45:13.160 --> 03:45:18.920
episode with a short reading from Scripture. Just reading the words of Christ from Luke 12.

03:45:36.280 --> 03:45:40.040
You have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.

03:45:40.920 --> 03:45:46.360
I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more they

03:45:46.360 --> 03:45:54.600
can do. But I will warn you whom to fear. Fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast

03:45:54.600 --> 03:46:04.920
into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.