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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast. I am Corey J. Moeller, and I'm still woe. Today's Stone

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Choir is a continuation of last week's episode on the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther

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King Jr. or Michael King or Mike as we're going to call him. As we discussed last week, Mike was

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not a Christian. Every day of his life that he spent dealing with Christian subjects was a day

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spent in blaspheming the God of Scripture. So last week we specifically focused on the theological

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aspects of his life. This week we're going to be specifically focusing on what he did once he got

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into the pulpit. He pretty much immediately left out of the pulpit into political activity,

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which was really what his goal was from the beginning. And he pretty much said as much

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in his own early writings when he was in seminary. Before we get into the meat of this proper,

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I want to give a couple of pre-imples briefly. One, as I said last week, we're not just doing

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this to beat up on a guy. It's not because we don't like his politics, although obviously we don't.

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The specific reason that this matters is that King is inserted into Christianity today. His

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beliefs, his morals, his ethics, his political views are pretty much sanctified by almost every

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church today. Your pastors, your leaders in your churches have almost certainly quoted him favorably

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on the high holy days of the black religion of this country. You will see his shining face with

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some meme on Facebook and Twitter and wherever else your churches use social media, holding him

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up as an example of, here's a good Christian man, and here's a good Christian life, and here's what

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good Christians sound like. The sainthood that was conferred upon him pretty much by fiat

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serves political ends. And so today we're talking about that. And that's kind of the second part

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of the preamble I want to give you is that while this is an episode talking about political stuff,

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the reason that we're doing it is that fundamentally at some point that dichotomy between

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religious and political, between the Christian church life and the Christian civic life

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breaks down. There are important distinctions. There are things that the state should do

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and that the church should do that should not overlap. And that's what the two kingdoms doctrine

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is about. It's not about Christians being stuck in one sphere or the other. It's about the Christian

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organizations that exist for the blessings of all Christians and all men by God are structured in

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such a way that when the state does something, the church shouldn't be doing it and vice versa.

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So the reason for talking about these political things today is that fundamentally calling them

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political is really giving short shrift to what's actually happening. Because again, when this man

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who were told was a pastor, he was a preacher, he was a good, peaceful, nonviolent man,

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he had a lot of good teachings, he had a lot of good civics lessons. And if you disagree with those,

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you are religiously condemned. You are damned as an unbeliever and a hater and all these other

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defamatory things that are said about men who will dare to question the civic religion,

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which today is indistinguishable from his religion. So that's why we're talking about this. It's

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not going to be an episode we're talking about political events. But the important distinction

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is that fundamentally, if you let Satan just chip away and chip away at the entire civic life

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until you're just limited to a couple hours on Sunday, you can't be a Christian anymore.

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And that's really what's been accomplished by so many of these teachings.

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So to begin, as I said, last week we talked about his childhood, his college days, his

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seminary days, a little bit about his PhD days, and very briefly when he was in the pulpit,

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we kind of ended there. And he lived another about 14, 15 years. So today we're mostly going to be

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talking about those years after he got his PhD. We're going to be talking a lot today about

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communists and about Jews and about communist Jews and about Jewish communists that will be

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recurring theme throughout this, which again, sounds political. I want to preface what we

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say in the rest of this episode with a brief excerpt from an article from the Atlantic from 2017.

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This is an article that was talking about the history of the Soviet Union

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as it viewed race relations in the United States, because I think this is a part of history that

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most people don't know about. And it's critical because as we're talking about civil rights and

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MLK in the South in the 50s and 60s, and then we are also talking about communists, if all you know

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about communists is from, oh, it's McCarthy and it's Hoover and they were just name calling and

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they were being mean, then you're not going to be able to put two and two together. And so I'm

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going to begin with this quote from the Atlantic specifically because it makes perfect sense in

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light of what the Atlantic is saying, like, not our guys. They're not by any stretch friendly to

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anything that we have to say. And yet they're telling the truth here about this because frankly,

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they're kind of proud. The Atlantic writes, playing on racial tensions inside the United

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States was a Soviet tactic. In fact, it predates even the Cold War. In 1932, for instance, to me to

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read more, the Soviet Union's most famous propaganda poster artist created a poster that

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cried, freedom for the prisoners of Scotsboro. It was a reference to the Scotsboro boys and

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nine black teenagers who were accused of raping two white women in Alabama, and then repeatedly

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convicted by all white Southern juries. The case became a symbol of the Jim Crow South,

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and the young Soviet state milked it for all the propagandistic value it could.

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It was part of a plan put in place in 1928 by the common turn, the communist international,

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whose mission was to spread the communist revolution around the world. The plan initially

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called for recruiting Southern blacks and pushing for self determination in the black belt.

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By 1930, the common turn had escalated the aims of its covert mission and decided to work towards

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establishing a separate black state in the south, which would provide it with a beachhead for spreading

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the revolution to North America. So as we're talking about communists today, and we're talking

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about civilization's political, you need to keep in mind that as early as 1928, just 10 years after

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the Jewish communist revolution in the Soviet Union, where they murdered the Russian rulers

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and replaced them with their own people, within 10 years they had correctly identified that using

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racial divisions in the United States was going to be a key fracture point to a, advance the goal of

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spreading communism in the United States and be diminishing the United States political power.

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And so all the things we're going to say today, just keep in mind that 20, 30 years later,

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the Soviet Union, when they were deciding how to destroy America, they decided, let's use blacks

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in the south to spread communism. So when we say later on, there are communists in the south

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using blacks against the United States government, that's not just us name calling, that's literally

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what the plan was. And so if you can put those two and two together, it gets a little bit easier to

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take what we're saying at face value. And like, you don't need to believe any of this,

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you can go research for yourself. These are all just historical facts. So just keep in mind,

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we're talking about communists in the south, they had already decided in 1928 that this was

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the plan they wanted to enact. And so we'll start with a little bit of context, just to

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give you an idea of where it is that we're beginning or picking up this narrative with regard

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to MLK. And that is in 1954, in September of that year, he became pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist

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Church in Montgomery, Alabama. And the city is relevant here. As mentioned, he didn't really

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spend over much time as an actual pastor, he was really more interested in the civil rights movement.

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And so in 1955, in December, of course, that is when we have the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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That was coordinated and organized by the organization called the Montgomery Improvement

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Association, which was organized and basically began its life on December 5th,

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and MLK was made the head of it the same day. That is the day that they were going to originally

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have the Bus Boycott. It was meant to be one day. It wound up being over a year.

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And there's a lot that follows on from that, we'll get into more of those facts shortly.

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But it's worth noting that this didn't actually begin with the Montgomery Improvement Association.

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It began years earlier with an organization called the Women's Political Council that was founded by

09:39.660 --> 09:45.820
Mary Fair Birx, who was head of the English department actually in Alabama State. She

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resigned. There's some questions about whether or not it was really a resignation or a forced

09:52.380 --> 10:00.620
resignation. Resignations often are not voluntary. And she did that because she was an activist and

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she was involved with a number of other activists at the school who had been dismissed specifically

10:04.780 --> 10:11.340
because of their, in this case, yes, Marxist activism. But of course, when you think of the

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Bus Boycott, there's a name that is going to come to mind immediately, and that's going to be Rosa

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Parks. And the reason Rosa Parks comes to mind is because in your history books, most likely you

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were taught that Rosa Parks was the one that sparked this. To some degree, that's true. To some

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degree, it's not. Because there had been a number of blacks who had been arrested over the years

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for violating the laws in place with regard to public transportation. However, those who wanted

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to push for the boycott wanted to pick the perfect plaintiff. This is plaintiff shopping. This is

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something that attorneys do. It's not always permissible how it's done, but it's not always

10:53.420 --> 11:01.020
impermissible. But at any rate, it points out that this Bus Boycott was very much a planned

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matter. This was not a spur of the moment. This was not, you know, Rosa Parks was tired. I've heard

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people say that over the years. And she flatly refutes that in her memoirs, incidentally. But

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to go back to the actual Bus Boycott here and the facts of what happened, the driver in this case

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was James Blake. And actually, Rosa Parks and James Blake had interacted earlier along the same lines

11:26.940 --> 11:32.540
because 12 years earlier, she had refused to sit in the back of the bus and had been confronted by

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James Blake, this same driver. At that point, she got off the bus. She was not removed from the bus.

11:37.100 --> 11:44.620
She got off of her own accord. So this is 12 years later. And this is when the Bus Boycott and really

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MLK's real activism begins. I think the important thing to note is we're going along and mentioning

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all these disparate little seemingly friendly sounding organizations like the Women's Political

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Council, the Montgomery Improvement Association. How could you possibly object to anything that a

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group like that would ever do? Once you observe and learn how the left works, you'll find that

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this is exactly how it works. They will set up an entire brand new organization created from

12:16.060 --> 12:22.460
whole cloth with a set goal in mind that will not be the goal that is the stated goal of the

12:22.460 --> 12:27.260
organization, the Montgomery Improvement Association. That sounds like the nicest thing in the world who

12:27.260 --> 12:33.820
wouldn't want Montgomery to improve. However, when you start unraveling who is behind it, who is

12:33.820 --> 12:38.620
financing it, who is organizing it, what were their plans going in? And then what would they do as

12:38.620 --> 12:44.780
soon as they hit the ground? It becomes very clear that their intentions went far beyond improving

12:44.780 --> 12:50.300
Montgomery. And so we're going to mention a bunch of different groups like this, just little

12:50.380 --> 12:55.180
organizations. It's happening today in our own church in Missouri, Cindy of Lutherans for Racial

12:55.180 --> 13:01.900
Justice. They appeared fully formed within a few weeks of George Floyd's suicide. And everyone's

13:01.900 --> 13:06.700
saying, well, they're Lutherans and they want racial justice. Well, that sounds, if you know a

13:06.700 --> 13:11.580
little bit, you think that's probably bad news because only bad people talk about racial justice,

13:11.580 --> 13:18.460
incidentally, starting in the 50s with these people. But if you're not really paying attention

13:18.460 --> 13:24.380
and you just see a new group pop up, you think, oh my, there's a ground swell. It's not astroturfed.

13:24.380 --> 13:31.740
It's a natural upwelling of the people in pursuit of some particular goal. And so all these seemingly

13:31.740 --> 13:37.340
disconnected organizations with completely innocuous names, they're all effectively fronts.

13:37.900 --> 13:44.460
And when you call something a front, sometimes there's a very deliberate specific road map

13:44.460 --> 13:50.540
behind it. And sometimes it's spontaneous. For example, the Antifa blog that was set up to

13:50.540 --> 13:55.660
Doc's Corey and me, spring into existence for the sole purpose of assassinating our character.

13:55.660 --> 14:00.460
That's the only reason it exists. The people existed before, but the new brand that they

14:00.460 --> 14:05.580
created was created for that specific purpose. So they spring up, they do it. And then later on,

14:05.580 --> 14:10.620
they'll just walk away from it because there's no investment in the organization. So a lot of these

14:10.620 --> 14:14.060
groups, like the Women's Political Council, I don't know if it's still around, it's probably not.

14:14.060 --> 14:18.620
And it wasn't just that time passed. It was that in that moment, it had served its purpose.

14:19.260 --> 14:25.260
So when you hear these names, keep in mind that if you were doing this stuff because you're an

14:25.260 --> 14:29.820
honest person, you're a Christian, you would stick to your principles and you would apply them to

14:29.820 --> 14:34.540
whatever you're doing. You cannot give that benefit of the doubt to these organizations.

14:34.540 --> 14:39.260
When they're playing these shell games with organizations, they'll let them mask funding

14:39.260 --> 14:44.940
and mask organizers. The reason for that is that it seems spontaneous when it's actually all coordinated.

14:45.740 --> 14:49.500
And the names are always a dead giveaway for anyone who's familiar with how the left works.

14:50.540 --> 14:55.340
They always sound like this. Hence why, of course, you have the People's Republic of China.

14:56.700 --> 15:00.940
They name them in ways that, like you said, sound positive. It sounds like something you

15:00.940 --> 15:03.980
couldn't possibly oppose, but then you look into what they're actually doing.

15:04.540 --> 15:08.220
And so to continue with that particular theme,

15:09.180 --> 15:15.340
the husband of Rosa Parks was Raymond, and he was a member of the NAACP, which, of course,

15:15.340 --> 15:20.620
is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Apparently, they're still

15:20.620 --> 15:27.820
allowed to use that term. She did not initially join the NAACP because her husband expressed

15:27.820 --> 15:33.740
some reservations or concerns about her safety, whether or not those were genuine, one could debate,

15:33.740 --> 15:39.820
but she did eventually join the NAACP in 1943. So she's already an activist more than a decade

15:39.820 --> 15:46.380
before this happens. And she also had a history of violating the various laws in the South

15:46.380 --> 15:51.900
related to segregation. So this was not the first instance of her just being tired and refusing

15:51.900 --> 15:58.220
to give up her seat. That narrative is totally false. Beyond that, she was actually specifically

15:58.220 --> 16:07.100
trained by communists as a political activist, as an agitator. And she was trained at what was

16:07.100 --> 16:14.060
then called the Highlander Folk School. And that was in August of 1955, just shortly before

16:14.060 --> 16:19.820
this bus boycott, which started in December. Incidentally, I looked it up and surprisingly,

16:19.820 --> 16:25.260
this school still exists. It's only a half hour from where I live, which is interesting. It's

16:25.260 --> 16:31.580
now called the Highlander Research and Education Center, still a socialist, far left communist

16:32.700 --> 16:38.300
think tank, as it were, training agitators and advocating for the sort of policies you would

16:38.300 --> 16:46.300
expect. There are some notable people involved in this school. A couple of them would be Miles

16:46.300 --> 16:54.780
Horton and his wife, Zilfia. The reason she is interesting here is that she is the one who adapted

16:54.780 --> 17:00.780
a Christian hymn to create the song We Shall Overcome, which of course became the sort of anthem

17:00.780 --> 17:05.500
of the Civil Rights Movement. There are a lot of individuals who wind up connected to this

17:06.140 --> 17:13.020
school, as it is called. Now, Rosa Parks never officially became a member of the Communist

17:13.020 --> 17:18.460
Party. And you will see that in some of the individuals as we go through this history,

17:18.460 --> 17:23.340
some of them become members, some of them don't become members. Her husband was a member,

17:23.340 --> 17:29.420
and she attended meetings. So whether or not she was officially a member of the Communist Party

17:29.420 --> 17:35.020
hardly matters. It may have been her husband who introduced her to the Communist Party. It may

17:35.660 --> 17:43.500
have been another that's not particularly clear. But what is clear is that most likely her husband

17:43.500 --> 17:51.180
became involved with the Communist Party in the 1930s, when the NAACP was raising funds to appeal

17:51.180 --> 17:57.420
the convictions in the case that was mentioned in the opening, the Scottsboro Boys, which was a

17:57.420 --> 18:05.420
gang rape case involving a group of blacks and two white women. The Communist Party agitated,

18:06.460 --> 18:11.660
along with the NAACP, to get the convictions overturned and helped the Communist Party

18:11.660 --> 18:18.780
help raise funds. This was largely organized by the group called International Red Aid.

18:18.780 --> 18:27.100
Now, what the International Red Aid is, they deliberately use the name as really sort of a pun,

18:28.220 --> 18:35.100
because they called themselves a version of the Red Cross, but for political prisoners and political

18:35.100 --> 18:40.700
activists. And of course, red is also associated with communists. We have the colors reversed in

18:40.700 --> 18:49.980
the US. That is because a newspaper man decided that he didn't want to associate the left with

18:49.980 --> 18:55.900
communism in the US, so the colors got switched and it's stuck. It's dumb, but that's just the way

18:55.900 --> 19:00.700
it is in the US. Typically, conservatives are actually blue in most of the world. But at any

19:00.700 --> 19:06.780
rate, the International Red Aid was one of the revolutionary organs of international communism.

19:06.780 --> 19:11.420
It was in fact started by the Communist International in 1922.

19:13.420 --> 19:19.020
But to get back to Parks, we pointed out in the opening that many of these individuals have

19:19.020 --> 19:27.500
basically become a sort of saint in a new religion. And toward that point, Parks is commemorated in

19:27.500 --> 19:33.100
five states, at least there may be more now, but she is commemorated in California, Michigan,

19:33.100 --> 19:40.300
Ohio, Oregon, and Texas. So whatever you may think of Texas as being a conservative state,

19:41.180 --> 19:47.820
perhaps reconsider that on some counts. As for Parks in her later life, she became

19:48.860 --> 19:53.900
even more of an activist. She got involved in the Black Power movement. She advocated for murderers

19:53.900 --> 19:58.780
and rapists, arsonists, and various other criminals through her various organizations,

19:58.780 --> 20:04.220
with which she involved herself. Or in some cases started, she founded the Detroit chapter of the

20:04.220 --> 20:11.980
Joanne Little Defense Committee, which that organization is notable. You may even recognize

20:11.980 --> 20:18.140
this name. They defended Angela Davis, who is an open Marxist and a professor at UC Santa Cruz.

20:18.140 --> 20:25.100
They defended her, I believe that was on a murder charge. To expand on Angela Davis for those who

20:25.100 --> 20:30.620
are mercifully here to for not familiar with her. She lived in the USSR,

20:31.660 --> 20:37.500
longtime member of the Communist Party, deeply involved in far left agitation, communist politics,

20:38.140 --> 20:43.740
and she has been frequently accused, perhaps reasonably, of engaging in calls for political

20:43.740 --> 20:50.300
violence. These are the sorts of individuals who are involved from the very beginning of this.

20:51.260 --> 20:55.820
Well, most people, when you hear the name Rosa Parks, you think of the the hagiography.

20:56.380 --> 21:01.900
Poor old woman, tired feet, made to sit in the back of the bus, she objected because why shouldn't

21:01.900 --> 21:07.580
she be allowed to. And then maybe a few new later on in her life that she was politically motivated to

21:07.580 --> 21:12.780
be an activist. Well, of course, suddenly she realized how bad racism was and she wanted to vote

21:12.780 --> 21:17.740
her life to fighting it. That's an easy story to buy if you don't pay any attention. And that's

21:17.740 --> 21:24.300
what they're counting on. They're counting on all of us being stupid and not having any interest in

21:24.300 --> 21:30.300
figuring out where any of this stuff came from. Fundamentally, this is a genealogy of ideas episode.

21:30.300 --> 21:36.060
What is the genealogy of these people and their ideas and their supporters and the organizations

21:36.060 --> 21:43.020
that they were in? Because the actual Rosa Parks, as Corey's just laid out, was effectively a

21:43.020 --> 21:47.660
communist agitator. And it doesn't matter whether or not she was a communist party member,

21:47.660 --> 21:53.020
because as I mentioned, the intro has popped up again here with the the Scottsboro Boys.

21:54.460 --> 22:00.620
This was the playbook. This was literally the Soviet Union's communist playbook. They wrote it

22:00.620 --> 22:06.700
down in the 20s and 30s. And then in the 40s and 50s, they did it. So there's a direct line

22:06.700 --> 22:12.540
between the political goals of communism to overthrow the United States and all these

22:12.540 --> 22:17.340
nice old black people in the South having sore feet and just wanting to be left alone.

22:17.980 --> 22:22.380
And if you don't pay any attention, you don't see the connection between the two. And when

22:22.380 --> 22:26.460
someone tells you there's a connection, typically all you're going to hear is people shouting and

22:26.460 --> 22:32.460
say, you're racist or whatever. They want to cancel you because if you're not canceled and people

22:32.460 --> 22:37.180
hear you're out, they're like, oh, wow, you can go read for yourself. Like I said, the Atlantic

22:37.180 --> 22:42.460
article on many articles, when they describe these things today looking backward, they don't hide

22:42.460 --> 22:46.860
these connections because there's no longer any concern to be ashamed. And the reason for that

22:46.860 --> 22:52.300
is that communism, A, we think is dead, because we don't fundamentally understand what it is,

22:52.300 --> 22:56.860
we'll be doing a future episode specifically on that. So we're, we're kind of jumping in the middle

22:56.860 --> 23:01.180
of, you know, the 50s and 60s. I think we'll probably have to do an episode on the civil

23:01.180 --> 23:06.380
rights movement at large, because there's much more to it than just these people, particularly MLK,

23:07.100 --> 23:11.980
and then we'll have to deal with communism both forward and backward in time, because again,

23:11.980 --> 23:18.140
it's, it's theology. You know, the communist values, the Soviet Union was an atheist state.

23:18.140 --> 23:23.900
One of the very first things they did was A, ban antisemitism, which incidentally they just invented

23:23.900 --> 23:28.940
and you'd be put to death for antisemitism in the USSR. And B, Christianity was made illegal,

23:28.940 --> 23:34.140
almost simultaneously. And you would be executed for being a Christian. They tortured and murdered

23:34.140 --> 23:37.980
tens of millions of Christians. They starved them to death. They put them in gulags.

23:38.540 --> 23:43.980
They were systematically exterminating Christians. That was communism. And it's

23:43.980 --> 23:49.900
still communism. It happens everywhere the communism spreads up. And when we hear the

23:49.900 --> 23:54.220
term, we think, oh, well, that's just political. And some people even today in our own churches

23:54.220 --> 24:00.380
try to sanctify some of that. I mean, there's a pastor in the LCMS who literally says with pride,

24:00.460 --> 24:04.380
my Marxist, when he's talking about one of the laymen in his own congregation,

24:05.340 --> 24:10.460
that should not be the case in any Christian church. And so it's important to tackle

24:11.260 --> 24:18.140
where the theology ends, if it does, and where the politics begins. And frankly, I don't think

24:18.140 --> 24:23.180
the theology ever ends, which is not the same as saying we want a theocracy. I think it's important

24:23.180 --> 24:29.580
as we tackle these things to make clear, we're not saying theocratic rule is the alternative

24:29.580 --> 24:34.540
to this. We're simply saying that Christians can be Christian in all spheres of their life.

24:34.540 --> 24:39.740
And if they're doing that, it doesn't look like the life of Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr.

24:41.020 --> 24:47.500
Before we return to the aftermath, what happens because of that boycott, there is another individual

24:48.540 --> 24:52.860
who needs to be mentioned here, because he is one of the founders of the Montgomery Improvement

24:52.860 --> 24:59.740
Association, and that is E.D. Nixon. His father was a Baptist minister. It's worth noting because

25:00.380 --> 25:05.980
as we go through this, you are going to notice there are a lot of ministers, many of them Baptist,

25:05.980 --> 25:13.020
some Methodist, I believe there's one Episcopalian at one point. But there are a lot of men who are

25:13.020 --> 25:20.700
masquerading as Christians. Now, the reason they're doing this should be obvious. It's because it

25:20.700 --> 25:25.980
lends a sort of credibility. It lends a sort of prestige that they would otherwise not have.

25:27.660 --> 25:32.700
And we have some of this happening today. There are men who are very much not Christian,

25:32.700 --> 25:41.900
and yet are wearing a collar. And so we have to be careful of wolves who are dressing up as shepherds.

25:43.500 --> 25:48.220
But at any rate, Nixon was one of the ones who was really one of the organizers of the

25:48.220 --> 25:54.140
effort to find a good plaintiff for the lawsuit that would follow on from the Montgomery Bus Boycott,

25:54.140 --> 26:00.620
because of course from the beginning, that was the goal. The goal was to change the law of the land

26:00.620 --> 26:07.500
by creating chaos and forcing a court case. And so there were a number of individuals who were

26:07.500 --> 26:14.780
ignored, who had been arrested for violating the very same sort of laws. One was a 15-year-old

26:14.860 --> 26:21.580
student who was arrested nine months prior to the Rosa Parks incident. This was very much

26:21.580 --> 26:28.700
a planned endeavor. They knew what they were trying to achieve, and they set about doing so ruthlessly.

26:31.020 --> 26:35.180
Now, as mentioned, originally the boycott was meant to last for one day, December 5th,

26:35.180 --> 26:40.620
but it wound up going for more than a year, and it eventuated in the court case called Browder v. Gale.

26:41.340 --> 26:44.700
That was a U.S. District Court case in the Middle District of Alabama,

26:45.260 --> 26:52.460
and this found against the segregation laws of Alabama. So basically, this is one of

26:53.500 --> 27:00.540
the cases that forces integration, particularly in the South. The judge in this case was Frank

27:00.540 --> 27:07.100
Minnis Johnson. He would go on to oversee many desegregation cases, including desegregating

27:07.100 --> 27:15.100
the Alabama school system. The other two justices who were involved here was Seaborn Harris-Lynne,

27:15.100 --> 27:21.420
he notably dissented, although on technical grounds, and Richard Rivas, who is not particularly

27:21.420 --> 27:27.180
relevant in this narrative. What is relevant is that this case was, of course, appealed,

27:27.820 --> 27:35.660
and it was summarily affirmed by SCOTUS, by the Supreme Court, on the 13th of November in 1956,

27:36.300 --> 27:42.460
and the holding of this case is that conditions created by segregation

27:44.540 --> 27:50.700
violate the equal protection under the 14th Amendment. That's the basic holding, and of

27:50.700 --> 27:57.260
course, that's always how we wind up with these segregation cases going. These measures are struck

27:57.260 --> 28:03.660
down because, well, initially, it was found by the Supreme Court, separate but equal,

28:03.660 --> 28:09.740
which is Plessy v. Ferguson. This sort of overrules that, to some degree, but of course,

28:09.740 --> 28:15.260
that was really overruled by Brown v. Board of Education, which was the desegregation of public

28:15.260 --> 28:21.340
schools. That incidentally was a unanimous opinion, which is worth noting. We didn't have dissenting

28:21.340 --> 28:29.340
justices who decided to uphold the law, they all decided to overturn it. And so this is an extension

28:29.900 --> 28:36.940
to some degree of that. But to go into the facts of Brown v. Board of Education a little more,

28:37.500 --> 28:45.260
that was also an NAACP case. In fact, it was five cases that were sponsored by the NAACP

28:45.260 --> 28:51.660
that were combined into one case and then taken before the court. Another noteworthy individual

28:51.660 --> 28:57.340
here would be the Chief Counsel for the NAACP at that time, and that was Thurgood Marshall,

28:57.900 --> 29:01.580
who would later be appointed to the Supreme Court by Lyndon Johnson.

29:02.860 --> 29:09.260
Thurgood Marshall was a far leftist. There are many things we could mention about him,

29:09.260 --> 29:14.060
many anti-Christian stances that he took. One in particular would be that he was a

29:14.060 --> 29:21.420
lifelong staunch opponent of the death penalty. Incidentally, also, one of the justices who

29:21.420 --> 29:29.820
played a key role in undermining obscenity law in the US. And so you will see these Marxist agitators

29:29.820 --> 29:36.780
and those around them constantly working to undermine civil society and the morality of society.

29:37.820 --> 29:43.100
One of the biggest ways in which the courts have done that is the changes to obscenity law over

29:43.100 --> 29:50.460
time. Now we could go through the history of obscenity law with Hicklin and Roth and Miller,

29:51.660 --> 29:57.260
but we're not going to do that because this isn't the point of this podcast. The point here is that

29:59.900 --> 30:04.700
Thurgood Marshall was one of the driving forces behind Stan Levy, Georgia,

30:05.740 --> 30:10.780
which was the case that ruled that the criminalization of obscene materials was unconstitutional.

30:12.140 --> 30:19.180
You may not immediately recognize the problem with that case in which Marshall actually wrote the

30:19.180 --> 30:27.580
opinion. The big reason that that case is a problem is that it was founded upon the grounds of

30:27.580 --> 30:33.820
privacy, a right to privacy. Now, if you are familiar with some other areas of the law,

30:33.820 --> 30:38.060
you may understand the problem here. The right to privacy is also how we got abortion.

30:39.660 --> 30:43.020
That is, incidentally, why we have pornography so widespread as well.

30:43.740 --> 30:50.220
It's all a ratchet. If you give an inch, they take a mile, and they will always work

30:50.220 --> 30:57.260
toward whatever the next evil is. And so, of course, from Stan Levy, Georgia, we have now the

30:57.260 --> 31:04.220
Miller Test, 1973, which basically just permits obscenity. Our obscenity law at this point in

31:04.220 --> 31:12.060
the U.S. is a complete joke. The things that are banned are so egregious that we will never mention

31:12.140 --> 31:18.940
them on this podcast. The personal privacy angle is also how contraception was legalized

31:18.940 --> 31:24.460
nationally. That was another key thing, to abortion, contraception, pornography. They're

31:24.460 --> 31:29.500
all part and parcel. It's all part of the same group of people. And although MLK was not himself

31:29.500 --> 31:35.980
personally an advocate of these things, it was all the people surrounding him in a cloud.

31:35.980 --> 31:40.620
So he didn't have to because he legitimized all of these other moving parts, all advancing

31:40.620 --> 31:45.500
inexorably towards the same sort of goals. Well, he didn't care about pornography. He

31:45.500 --> 31:55.020
was much too busy with prostitutes. Indeed. But as a follow on from the bus boycott, MLK writes

31:55.020 --> 32:00.140
his Strive Toward Freedom book, which was his so-called memoir about this boycott,

32:00.140 --> 32:05.980
and he does this throughout his life. He does something that is agitating, something that

32:05.980 --> 32:12.060
is disruptive, and then writes a book or an article or speech about it. Although it is

32:12.620 --> 32:17.740
not entirely accurate to say he writes because he used ghost writers. That is very obvious. I would

32:17.740 --> 32:23.980
hope the last episode made very obvious that his most famous speeches were written by others.

32:25.500 --> 32:33.420
We saw the sort of things he wrote. But moving forward in time to one of MLK's speeches,

32:33.500 --> 32:40.220
1957, he delivers the Give Us the Ballot speech at the Lincoln Memorial. This is, of course,

32:40.220 --> 32:46.140
highly praised by the NAACP. Not surprising considering they helped organize the event.

32:47.180 --> 32:54.300
The event is attended by a number of prominent individuals. One salient one here is A. Philip

32:54.300 --> 33:00.140
Randolph. And the reason that he is relevant is because he was the founder of the Brotherhood

33:00.140 --> 33:06.540
of Sleeping Car Porters and the Negro American Labor Council, NAACP, which will be relevant later.

33:08.300 --> 33:11.900
He is one of the individuals who pushed for the March on Washington.

33:13.900 --> 33:22.220
He was an open socialist. He explicitly tied in his comments and his speeches in his public

33:22.220 --> 33:29.100
appearances overcoming racism to enacting socialism. And of course, bear in mind that

33:29.180 --> 33:34.860
when we use socialism in this context, we mean the sort of socialism that the communist used

33:35.580 --> 33:42.860
as the pathway to communism. In keeping with the theme of a lot of involvement of supposed

33:42.860 --> 33:50.540
Christians and pastors, Randolph claimed to be a Methodist. He was probably an atheist, though.

33:51.740 --> 33:56.700
He signed a document called the Humanist Manifesto II, the second version of it.

33:56.700 --> 34:01.660
This was signed by a number of prominent individuals. Asimov, Isaac Asimov, for instance,

34:01.660 --> 34:09.660
signed this one. This rejected theism, deism, any argument there is proof of the afterlife,

34:10.780 --> 34:16.060
rejected and opposed racism, proposed an international court, supported contraception,

34:16.060 --> 34:21.500
abortion, divorce, and euthanasia, and supported quite a few other Marxist or leftist causes.

34:22.060 --> 34:28.140
Very clearly not something that a Christian could even contemplate signing. And of course,

34:28.140 --> 34:33.180
the nail in the coffin, he was also a pacifist. Christians cannot be pacifists. Perhaps we'll

34:33.180 --> 34:41.020
go into that in greater depth at some point in the future. Another thing that follows on,

34:41.660 --> 34:48.300
from this Montgomery bus boycott, is the formation of a particularly salient group.

34:48.620 --> 34:52.940
That group is the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

34:55.900 --> 34:59.900
One of their stated goals in establishing this group was to, quote,

34:59.900 --> 35:07.660
redeem the soul of America, unquote. You may find that similar to things that you have heard

35:07.660 --> 35:14.540
from pastors and politicians today. You may think of those who say that racism is America's original

35:14.540 --> 35:23.980
sin. This is an alternative religion to Christianity. Christians don't talk about politics

35:23.980 --> 35:31.900
redeeming the soul of anything. That's not what politics does. And yet, that is supposedly

35:32.460 --> 35:35.180
what this group thought they would do. And you may think, oh, well, they have the name,

35:35.740 --> 35:40.780
the word Christian in their name. Obviously they're, no, their original name before,

35:41.020 --> 35:47.660
well, I believe this one was actually Levison. We'll get to him soon enough. But the original name

35:47.660 --> 35:53.660
before some of MLK's handlers got to it was the Southern Negro Leaders Conference on Transportation

35:53.660 --> 36:01.020
and Nonviolent Integration, which is not only a mouthful, but nonsense and doesn't involve the

36:01.020 --> 36:08.620
word Christian. One of the reasons that this group is relevant is the individuals involved in it.

36:09.180 --> 36:15.420
And so now we'll run through a number of key individuals from this group. We'll start with

36:15.420 --> 36:23.180
perhaps the most relevant, although perhaps this man and the last one we'll mention are probably

36:23.180 --> 36:31.820
the two most relevant from this particular group. The first is Bayard Rustin. Rustin notably was a

36:31.820 --> 36:38.940
communist. More, he was a communist sodomite. He joined the Young Community League, which was a

36:38.940 --> 36:44.860
communist feeder group in 1936. He did leave that one because he became disillusioned with their

36:44.860 --> 36:52.220
effectiveness. And then he became involved with the Communist Party USA. He became disillusioned

36:52.220 --> 36:56.540
with them as well. And the reason that he became disillusioned with them is notable,

36:56.540 --> 37:00.140
because this happened with a number of the so-called civil rights leaders.

37:01.660 --> 37:10.140
When World War II started, international communism, understandably, shifted focus from trying to gin

37:10.140 --> 37:15.900
up racial hatred and division in the U.S. in order to undermine and destabilize the U.S.,

37:17.100 --> 37:23.660
to attempting to get the U.S. to enter World War II. Because, of course, the communists would have

37:23.660 --> 37:31.420
lost World War II, if not for U.S. entry into that war. These individuals became disillusioned

37:31.420 --> 37:35.500
with the Communist Party because they saw the Communist Party as abandoning them,

37:35.500 --> 37:43.020
because they were focusing on the war instead of on these various civil rights issues in the U.S.

37:44.300 --> 37:50.940
And so he joined the Socialist Party instead. This man was also another one of the architects

37:50.940 --> 37:58.860
behind the march on Washington. To give a little more information about this man's life and the

37:58.860 --> 38:06.540
sort of character he was, he was arrested in 1953. He was 40 years old then. He was caught having sex

38:06.540 --> 38:15.020
with two other men in their 20s in a parked car. Later in his life, when he was 70 years old,

38:15.020 --> 38:19.500
he adopted his catamite, and the catamite at that point was 30.

38:22.380 --> 38:28.700
He took a trip to Russia, communist Russia at one point, which is another thing you will see with

38:28.700 --> 38:35.580
many of these. Marxist agitators, even if they don't publicly profess to be Marxist, they will take

38:36.460 --> 38:42.220
questionable trips to various communist states, whether it happens to be Cuba or Russia or China.

38:42.780 --> 38:49.900
They go there, of course, often to get training, partly just as a sort of solidarity with their

38:49.900 --> 38:56.780
fellows in other states. He was also a friend of Norman Potarets. Some of you will recognize that

38:56.780 --> 39:05.340
name. And later in life, he became a Zionist. And I guess is one sort of final point for attacking

39:05.340 --> 39:11.340
another idol that we may eventually get around to. Upon Rustin's death, he was praised by

39:12.060 --> 39:18.780
Ronald Reagan. One of the things that stuck out to me in the story of Rustin is that

39:19.820 --> 39:25.980
he became disillusioned with the communists because they had been using blacks in America

39:25.980 --> 39:30.460
as part of their proxy war against the United States, against Christians in this country.

39:31.020 --> 39:37.020
And as soon as political need shifted, they got dumped like a sack of potatoes because they were

39:37.020 --> 39:41.980
never the point. What I found interesting is that if you remember the Feminism episode we did a

39:41.980 --> 39:48.060
couple months ago, the exact same thing happened with feminism and slavery in the U.S. in the 1800s.

39:48.060 --> 39:54.780
Only at this time, it was the African Americans in the pursuit of emancipation that was the primary

39:54.780 --> 40:01.180
mover and the feminist agitators were piggybacking. And they thought that the revolution was going

40:01.180 --> 40:05.980
to include everyone at the same time, that liberation would be universal, that all blacks

40:06.060 --> 40:09.660
would be freed, all women would be freed, all children would be freed, there would be just

40:09.660 --> 40:17.900
infinite freedom. And as soon as the emancipation movement got enough steam going that it was

40:17.900 --> 40:25.580
clear that there was going to be a concerted effort to end slavery, the women got left behind.

40:25.580 --> 40:31.500
They had been active participants, they had been key in many aspects, and they got dumped like a

40:31.500 --> 40:37.260
sack of potatoes because they weren't politically expedient anymore. It wasn't going to work if they

40:37.260 --> 40:42.140
were on board because they knew they could only tackle one thing at a time. Well, do slavery,

40:42.140 --> 40:47.660
this women stuff just is going to have to wait. And that was really the advent of the open feminist

40:47.660 --> 40:52.780
movement as its own thing. They had to split because it became clear that they were not the

40:52.780 --> 41:00.380
principal reason. And so every time on the left, you see there's some sort of what they call advancement

41:00.380 --> 41:07.980
of these goals, of their stated goals. It's always mercenary. It's always whatever is expedient is

41:07.980 --> 41:11.500
what they're going to do. And if they have to shoot their own people in the back to do it,

41:11.500 --> 41:18.780
they don't care. The communists absolutely dumped the African American allies that they had on this

41:18.780 --> 41:25.340
soil on the floor. They let them go because they had other things to worry about. And yet,

41:25.420 --> 41:31.260
these people never learned the lesson that they're being used as a tool. And I think that's one of the

41:31.260 --> 41:35.900
hard parts about contextualizing when we say that men like Michael King,

41:37.100 --> 41:43.340
he was obviously a dirtbag in his own life. But he wasn't nearly smart enough to be the sort of tool

41:43.340 --> 41:48.220
that if we just said he was the mastermind, no one would believe that. But he was absolutely a tool

41:48.220 --> 41:53.820
in someone else's hands. And that's why it's important that it didn't matter if he was a communist

41:53.820 --> 41:59.900
member, or if he particularly in person wanted pornography or contraception or any of these

41:59.900 --> 42:05.260
other things to be legalized, because he was part of the same march. And he was locked arm in arm

42:05.260 --> 42:09.900
with all these other people pursuing the same goals. And one by one, the goals get achieved.

42:09.900 --> 42:15.340
And the people who are advancing other things, either advance or they get dumped. Because as

42:15.340 --> 42:21.340
long as things are getting worse and worse, the satanic animating force behind all this

42:21.340 --> 42:26.220
is gaining ground. It doesn't care who gets destroyed in the process. So I just found it

42:26.220 --> 42:32.780
interesting that Rustin was personally aggravated and offended that the Soviet Union would not

42:32.780 --> 42:38.300
be worried about black liberation in America when they were trying to fight a global war.

42:38.300 --> 42:44.540
But that's what we're dealing with. You have macro scale geopolitical events that are over

42:44.540 --> 42:49.820
most people's heads and seem very theoretical. And the other hand, you have things like bus boycotts.

42:49.820 --> 42:55.580
And it can sound completely harebrained to try to tie the two together. And when you look at the

42:55.580 --> 43:00.460
moving parts, sometimes they're disconnected. Because like in this case, the Soviets quit

43:00.460 --> 43:05.100
caring for a while, they weren't pushing that stuff, because they needed different things from

43:05.100 --> 43:10.780
different people. But once the war was over, they came back around in the late 40s and 50s. And as

43:10.780 --> 43:15.420
Corey said earlier, Rosa Parks went to one of these schools that they were funding and pushing,

43:15.420 --> 43:21.980
just like Saudi Arabia has their madrasas training people up to overthrow their governments,

43:21.980 --> 43:25.820
different religions, but ultimately serving the same sort of evil ends.

43:25.820 --> 43:30.860
And so there's an ebb and flow to these things. And if someone can't come along and just say,

43:30.860 --> 43:34.540
yes, there was A, and then there's B, and there was C, and there's a straight line,

43:34.540 --> 43:38.860
and there was consistent force applied throughout, no, it comes and goes because

43:38.860 --> 43:43.660
this is all happening in real time. And so as we look back on it, some of the things seem a little

43:43.660 --> 43:49.020
bit disconnected, it's simply because there were bigger things happening that were also moving

43:49.020 --> 43:53.020
different parts around on the board that weren't a part of anything that MLK was doing.

43:53.980 --> 43:59.900
When it comes to the gentleman who was the ultimate handler for MLK, we actually don't know

44:00.540 --> 44:06.940
who that was. We know the group that was really controlling what he was doing. And in fact,

44:06.940 --> 44:12.380
what he was saying, we will get to the intermediate handler, though, the puppet master, as it were.

44:12.460 --> 44:15.660
I see him coming up in my notes here after we get through.

44:17.100 --> 44:21.820
The rest of those who were involved in this particular group, the SCLC.

44:23.500 --> 44:29.580
And so the next individual for this group is Ella Baker. Ella Baker was a Marxist agitator,

44:29.580 --> 44:36.220
but one of the interesting facts about her is that she was close friends for much of her life

44:36.220 --> 44:44.140
with Anne Braden, who was a Jewish communist and open advocate for anti-racism and for many of the

44:45.500 --> 44:50.300
so-called or really modern Marxist causes that we see being pushed today.

44:51.260 --> 44:59.420
And so even back here, decades ago, a number of decades ago, we see the same sort of evil being

44:59.420 --> 45:06.700
pushed that is being pushed today. Jewish communist pushing anti-racism. Just go on Twitter any day

45:06.700 --> 45:13.660
and you will find the same sort of thing. The next individual is Charles Kenzie Steele,

45:13.660 --> 45:21.660
an NAACP activist. Basically, anyone we mention at this point in this episode is probably going

45:21.660 --> 45:27.580
to be connected to the NAACP in some way. That's one of the organizations they all

45:27.580 --> 45:33.740
wind up joining in some fashion. Steele notably was also a Baptist preacher,

45:33.740 --> 45:40.620
you may be noticing a theme. Next individual is Fred Lee Shuttlesworth. He would later help provoke

45:40.620 --> 45:48.380
the Selma riots, which we won't really get into in this episode, but I'll put some stuff in the

45:48.380 --> 45:54.540
show notes for that. But one of the reasons that he is notable is he helped organize what was called

45:54.540 --> 46:00.220
the Freedom Riders. And now what the Freedom Riders did was they would deliberately get on

46:01.020 --> 46:09.420
an interstate bus and take that bus from somewhere where it was legal for an integrated bus to exist

46:10.060 --> 46:14.620
to somewhere where it was not legal. And so in other words, they would deliberately cross state

46:14.620 --> 46:21.980
lines in order to violate the law. Why this is interesting is not so much that they did that

46:21.980 --> 46:27.420
because that's just what you expect from Marxist agitators. The goal is to cause chaos and undermine

46:27.420 --> 46:35.180
rule and order and the law. The interesting part here is that Robert F. Kennedy gave Shuttlesworth

46:35.180 --> 46:40.780
his personal phone number and told him to call in case he needed any legal help with this particular

46:40.780 --> 46:48.460
scheme. And so our own leaders who are tasked with upholding the law are deliberately of course

46:48.460 --> 46:56.940
undermining it. The next individual is Joseph Lowery. He becomes part of the reason for the case

46:56.940 --> 47:02.460
that becomes known as New York Times v. Sullivan. There are a number of other cases below it that

47:02.460 --> 47:09.740
turn into ultimately New York Times v. Sullivan. That is the case that basically permits the media

47:10.540 --> 47:18.380
to slander people. Basically, if you are a public figure, you are going to lose a defamation suit

47:19.820 --> 47:25.020
because the standard is that you have to show actual malice, which is a very high bar.

47:26.780 --> 47:31.900
The general standard for defamation for a private individual is essentially just

47:31.900 --> 47:37.180
false information that is damaging. It's more complicated than that, but this isn't legal advice

47:37.180 --> 47:44.220
or a legal podcast. I'm not going to explain defamation law. The added, as I mentioned,

47:45.500 --> 47:49.740
element, the added requirement for a public figure. And there is such thing as a limited

47:49.740 --> 47:55.100
public figure, notably, so you can be a public figure with regard to this one area or you can

47:55.100 --> 48:03.020
be general. So a politician, general public figure, a sports figure, probably more limited,

48:03.020 --> 48:07.980
someone who becomes infamous for something in particular, limited public figure.

48:07.980 --> 48:14.540
But the added requirement is actual malice. You have to show actual malice on the part

48:15.180 --> 48:18.700
of the publisher. And if you're a public figure, good luck.

48:21.180 --> 48:27.580
Lowry is also an NAACP activist, unsurprising. Later in life, he advocates for homosexual

48:27.580 --> 48:33.660
rights, so-called, and homosexual marriage, so-called. One interesting part about this

48:33.660 --> 48:40.140
individual, and some of you may perhaps remember this, he gave the benediction at the inauguration

48:40.140 --> 48:47.580
of Barack Obama. You may notice a theme. We have a sort of state religion that is being formed here.

48:48.940 --> 48:55.820
And so the last individual for this particular group is Ralph Abernathy, another Baptist pastor.

48:58.460 --> 49:04.380
You may recognize his name if you read the news or have ever seen some certain memes.

49:05.260 --> 49:11.980
He opposed space exploration and he protested NASA a number of times. He's the one who basically said

49:11.980 --> 49:18.140
we shouldn't be spending money on the universe out there, space exploration, when there are poor

49:18.140 --> 49:23.980
people here. And so he was advocating for basically shuttering NASA and dispersing all the money to

49:23.980 --> 49:33.900
poor blacks. However, in addition to that little historical tidbit, one of the reasons he is a

49:33.900 --> 49:39.900
particularly salient individual in this narrative is because he was a close friend with MLK for

49:39.900 --> 49:48.940
many years, and he wrote a memoir that was rather revealing. In fact, he was roundly condemned by

49:48.940 --> 49:55.580
other associates of MLK. He was accused of betraying MLK's trust because he is one of the ones

49:56.300 --> 50:06.220
who wrote about MLK's constant cheating. And also, he confirmed the FBI narrative

50:06.860 --> 50:12.540
that MLK spent his last night on earth cheating with two women and also beating a third woman.

50:13.340 --> 50:21.020
So, this is not just the FBI. This is also one of MLK's closest friends who confirms for us

50:21.020 --> 50:29.820
the sort of nature of the individual who has been turned into a saint in the modern U.S. religion.

50:31.180 --> 50:37.180
But staying in 1957 briefly before we get to the aforementioned puppet master,

50:37.580 --> 50:46.620
and this leads right into him. In 1957, MLK spoke at the American Jewish Congress. Now,

50:46.620 --> 50:53.260
you may wonder why he was speaking at the American Jewish Congress. Incidentally, later on, the AJC

50:53.260 --> 51:00.140
becomes involved in the March on Washington. But the reason that he speaks at the American Jewish

51:00.620 --> 51:07.900
Congress is that earlier in the year, he sent out a telegram asking various organizations for support

51:08.540 --> 51:13.260
and Israel Goldstein, I am not making up that name, that is actually his name,

51:13.260 --> 51:19.660
who was then president of the American Jewish Congress, responded with support and advice

51:19.660 --> 51:25.660
for deliberations regarding the SCLC, which was the organization for which MLK had requested

51:25.660 --> 51:31.980
support at that time, a quote from his speech at the AJC.

51:55.900 --> 52:12.700
Moving forward to 1958, we have another speech by MLK at an AJC conference, this one there,

52:12.700 --> 52:21.180
Biennial Conference. And here is the individual whose name you should truly know. He is at least

52:21.260 --> 52:27.820
the intermediate puppet master for MLK and a number of other so-called civil rights figures.

52:28.380 --> 52:33.980
He acts as a go-between between international communism, particularly in the USSR,

52:35.580 --> 52:42.140
and Marxist agitation, communist agitation in the US, and that man is Stanley Levison.

52:43.660 --> 52:50.060
He was MLK's contact at the AJC. Stanley Levison was a Jewish attorney from New York.

52:51.580 --> 52:55.820
He is one of the individuals, the key individual in fact, who helped raise funds

52:55.820 --> 53:01.580
for the earlier Montgomery Bus Boycott. He is the one who ran the day-to-day operations

53:01.580 --> 53:10.220
of MLK's movement. He was the administrator. The FBI at the time had long known that Levison

53:10.220 --> 53:17.100
was a communist, had known that he funneled money from international communism into groups in the

53:17.100 --> 53:25.980
US to sow chaos. And so he was surveilled. Part of the reason the FBI began surveilling MLK

53:26.620 --> 53:33.340
was MLK's close relationship with Levison. To give you a little bit of an idea of the

53:33.340 --> 53:38.300
sort of man Levison was, he was one of the individuals who helped support the defense

53:38.300 --> 53:43.260
of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. You should know those names. They were two traitors who were

53:43.260 --> 53:48.380
executed to Jewish communists who were executed for stealing nuclear secrets.

53:49.020 --> 53:53.340
To be fair, they would be traitors if they were Americans. But in fact, they were serving

53:53.340 --> 53:59.740
their home country. They were Soviet. The fact that they happened to be here didn't change

53:59.740 --> 54:04.460
anything. So it's, yes, they were murdered. They were executed, wasn't murdered. It was a

54:04.460 --> 54:12.380
just execution for treason. But they were serving their true master. They didn't betray anyone because

54:12.380 --> 54:16.220
they were never here to be a part of America. They were here to help bring it down. And

54:16.220 --> 54:22.460
that's the case throughout much of the history of 20th century espionage, particularly atomic

54:22.460 --> 54:27.820
espionage. Over and over, you will find that wherever there were Jews who had access to this

54:27.820 --> 54:32.860
stuff, not at the highest level, because as we all know, the Manhattan Project was itself almost

54:32.860 --> 54:39.580
entirely a Jewish project. And many of them were, well, they wanted to create the bomb for Europe,

54:39.580 --> 54:44.540
not for Asia, but it just so happened that it needed to be used in Asia because we had already

54:44.540 --> 54:51.660
won the war in Europe by the time they'd finished it. But it's not that every Jew who is a member

54:51.660 --> 55:00.780
at a high level of the military industrial complex acted in a treasonous fashion, but very

55:00.780 --> 55:06.540
frequently when you run down the people who are committing slightly lower levels of espionage,

55:06.540 --> 55:13.500
they're almost invariably genetically linked back to their Jewish family in Russia. That's

55:13.500 --> 55:19.100
over and over again. We see that to this day. Many of the people who were accusers against

55:19.100 --> 55:23.980
Trump from within the military and elsewhere, over and over, it's Russian Jews, Ukrainian Jews.

55:25.180 --> 55:30.140
At some point, the pattern means something. And that's not to say that if it's a Jew, we should

55:30.140 --> 55:35.500
dislike them. It's to say when almost everyone who's doing this sort of thing has the same ethnic

55:35.500 --> 55:40.860
background. At some point, it's worth noticing the pattern. And that's why we're explicitly pointing

55:40.860 --> 55:47.020
this out, to say over and over, whenever a Jew shows up in these stories, it's doing something

55:47.020 --> 55:55.340
that's contrary to the interests of America. And as we get further along into this series of episodes,

55:56.060 --> 56:00.300
I'll tell you folks who are listening, at some point, we may cross the line for something

56:00.300 --> 56:04.540
where you will think, I used to like those stone choir guys, but they've gone too far. I can't

56:04.540 --> 56:10.300
abide by any of this. I'm not going to listen anymore. I would hope that if, in when you reach

56:10.300 --> 56:16.220
that point, that rather than just turning it off mid-episode, you would, at least for another

56:16.220 --> 56:21.180
episode or two, become a hate listener, we have quite a few hate listeners to this podcast who

56:21.820 --> 56:26.940
feverishly tune in every week so they can be just completely outraged at the things that we say.

56:27.900 --> 56:32.300
If we cross one of your red lines when we're dealing with these hot button subjects,

56:33.020 --> 56:38.460
I would just encourage you to consider the fact that we're applying the same level of rigor to

56:38.460 --> 56:44.220
that subject, whatever it is, as we do to every other subject we've ever discussed. So if your

56:44.220 --> 56:49.740
red line is crossed by one of the comments that we make, keep listening and then prove us wrong

56:49.740 --> 56:54.140
in your own mind. You don't need to send us hate mail. We get plenty of that. But if you want to,

56:54.140 --> 56:58.700
fine. I'm not saying you have to answer to us. I'm simply saying, if we say something that you're

56:58.780 --> 57:04.940
like, that is completely unforgivable, go do the research yourself and see if we lied to you.

57:04.940 --> 57:10.860
You might not like the conclusion, but frankly, no one's entitled to his own facts. Things are

57:10.860 --> 57:15.980
either true or false. And so as we give this, the rest of this episode is getting read like the

57:15.980 --> 57:22.780
Tel Aviv phone book. That's not a coincidence. It's what actually happened. And I think at

57:22.780 --> 57:29.820
some point, any honest person has to say, this seems a bit disproportionate. And a lot of the

57:29.820 --> 57:35.180
social conditioning that's emerged since the 50s and 60s, frankly, it's specifically to make sure

57:35.180 --> 57:40.700
that if someone says these things, they do get shut down mentally. There's a mental block.

57:40.700 --> 57:46.300
It's like an emergency fire door that as soon as the alarm goes off, it just drops and people can no

57:46.300 --> 57:52.540
longer interact or communicate or anything. So most don't choir listeners, you're smart enough

57:52.540 --> 57:56.860
to be able to engage with things even if you don't necessarily like them. If you hate something, we

57:56.860 --> 58:02.700
say just for a little while longer, keep engaging with it because I will tell you in all sincerity,

58:03.980 --> 58:08.540
one, we're not lying. And two, if you're willing to engage with the thing that you find upsetting,

58:08.540 --> 58:14.620
you're going to learn something because what we're telling you is factual. You may disregard our

58:14.620 --> 58:21.180
conclusions, but the facts can't be argued. And so we believe that this pattern that is not emergent

58:21.180 --> 58:25.660
at this point, it's inescapable, that it is a significant pattern and that there's something

58:25.660 --> 58:30.460
to it. And we'll be doing future episodes, we specifically talk about how that pattern emerged

58:30.460 --> 58:36.700
and why it matters for Christians and for a Christian nation. If a certain ethnic group is

58:36.700 --> 58:42.460
continuously stealing secrets like atomic secrets, maybe that ethnic group shouldn't have access to

58:42.460 --> 58:48.700
atomic secrets. That's a perfectly reasonable question to ask. If every time you executed

58:48.700 --> 58:52.780
someone for treason, it was an Irishman, at some point you'd ask, what's going on with these Irish?

58:53.660 --> 58:59.980
There's no one who gets a special out in the narrative of the 20th century has provided

58:59.980 --> 59:05.660
a special out for a certain group. And so that doesn't scare us. We're willing to tackle these

59:05.660 --> 59:10.060
things. So this is another blasphemy episode. We're going to blaspheme some things that people

59:10.060 --> 59:17.820
don't like. It's not to be scandalous or shocking. These are facts. Stanley Levison was a communist.

59:17.820 --> 59:25.100
Stanley Levison ran Martin Luther King for a decade, ran him like a puppet. And that's not

59:25.100 --> 59:30.780
just us saying it. It's his own biographers and others widely hold that view. They'll phrase it

59:30.780 --> 59:35.980
differently, but you know, credit Scott King and all of his other family mothers after he was killed,

59:36.860 --> 59:42.780
they credited Levison for the trajectory of his career. So when we credit Levison for the trajectory

59:42.780 --> 59:47.100
of his career, we're in agreement with everyone who was there on the ground as it happened.

59:48.300 --> 59:53.020
When it comes to the theft of nuclear secrets, there's basically one exception to the Jewish rule.

59:53.740 --> 59:57.980
And for anyone who is familiar with political science, the name should immediately come to mind,

59:57.980 --> 01:00:05.500
A.Q. Kahn, who is the... Well, it depends on how you define your terms, either Indian or Pakistani,

01:00:05.500 --> 01:00:11.420
because he was from an Indian family, but emigrated to Pakistan because he was Muslim. But at any

01:00:11.420 --> 01:00:17.900
rate, he is the one responsible for stealing nuclear secrets largely from Europe and then

01:00:17.900 --> 01:00:25.660
proliferating them basically all over the world. He is the reason we have such an immense problem

01:00:26.380 --> 01:00:32.380
with nuclear arms in certain parts of the world. We have a problem with nuclear arms in...

01:00:33.100 --> 01:00:38.140
Basically, there were a number of stages. You had the US first, then the USSR and a couple others,

01:00:38.140 --> 01:00:41.820
then you had India, Pakistan, North Korea, et cetera.

01:00:44.140 --> 01:00:49.900
The second one, that second wave of expansion is due to Jewish infiltration and theft of nuclear

01:00:49.900 --> 01:00:57.340
secrets. The third one is largely due to A.Q. Kahn. But the second point that I wanted to make here

01:00:57.340 --> 01:01:02.860
is another tangential point. I did promise I would say something nice about the Irish,

01:01:03.740 --> 01:01:10.300
other than they make good beer. One of the organizations that is salient throughout all of

01:01:10.300 --> 01:01:19.420
this is the AFL-CIO. Unions in particular play an outsized role when it comes to civil rights

01:01:19.420 --> 01:01:24.540
and socialism and communism in large part because they were infiltrated, because they were seen as a

01:01:24.540 --> 01:01:30.060
very good way by Marxist agitators to spread their propaganda. It was very effective.

01:01:31.900 --> 01:01:38.860
The AFL-CIO was founded essentially by two men in 1955. The first one is William Meany,

01:01:38.860 --> 01:01:44.780
who was an Irishman and a staunch anti-communist. So he deserves praise for that. The second one,

01:01:45.340 --> 01:01:51.820
and here I will say something not nice about a German, Volta Reuter was the German co-founder

01:01:51.820 --> 01:02:03.260
of the AFL-CIO and he was a communist. But to return to Levison, and we left off with the

01:02:03.260 --> 01:02:08.380
defensive Julius and Ethel Rosenberg of course, which is why we were talking about nuclear secrets.

01:02:08.380 --> 01:02:14.300
So per the FBI, Levison was one of the chief conduits for funneling money from the USSR

01:02:14.300 --> 01:02:20.460
into various organizations in the US, including the Communist Party USA and also including

01:02:21.020 --> 01:02:27.340
MLK. He gave MLK some untold amount of money. There was one point where he just gave him $10,000.

01:02:29.100 --> 01:02:35.980
Today that would probably be in the 90s, so $90,000. I don't know exactly how much I'd have to

01:02:35.980 --> 01:02:44.620
look up the math on that, but a non-trivial sum. Levison was also one of the ghost writers for

01:02:44.700 --> 01:02:51.420
MLK's books and speeches. He did not necessarily write all of them, but he wrote large parts of a

01:02:51.420 --> 01:03:02.060
number of them. And here in particular is a very salient fact. Levison worked for MLK for this

01:03:02.060 --> 01:03:09.020
entire time with zero compensation. That should make you think about what he was attempting to do

01:03:09.580 --> 01:03:17.020
and who was pulling his strings. Now Levison of course was connected to

01:03:17.020 --> 01:03:24.060
other communists who were also tied to MLK. I mentioned several of them here, two key ones.

01:03:24.780 --> 01:03:31.420
Hunter Pitz O'Dell is the first. He was a member of the Communist Party USA and the SCLC. O'Dell

01:03:31.420 --> 01:03:37.420
helped with the Birmingham campaign, which was basically a campaign to just bring Birmingham

01:03:37.420 --> 01:03:43.420
to its knees to cause chaos and to set up additional court cases and media coverage

01:03:43.420 --> 01:03:49.500
and sympathy and fundraising, etc., the sorts of things that you expect from communist agitation.

01:03:52.940 --> 01:04:00.220
Now with regard to both Levison and O'Dell, MLK was repeatedly told by high-ranking government

01:04:00.220 --> 01:04:05.980
officials, including the aforementioned Kennedy, that he needed to sever ties with these men

01:04:05.980 --> 01:04:13.020
because they were open communists. They were known communist agitators. MLK of course disregarded

01:04:13.020 --> 01:04:19.420
that. So even if he didn't personally find out some way, he knew because he was told multiple

01:04:19.420 --> 01:04:27.900
times this was the case. I think I read that in 62 or 63 that I think Levison himself

01:04:28.940 --> 01:04:34.540
publicly stepped back from his interface with MLK specifically because of the wire tapping

01:04:34.540 --> 01:04:40.060
and the other pressure, but he continued his lifelong relationship with him in private. So

01:04:40.060 --> 01:04:44.940
the influence didn't change. He just ceased to be public about it. That's something that was in his

01:04:44.940 --> 01:04:52.140
own words. Yes, exactly. That is exactly what he did because he wanted to attenuate that connection

01:04:52.140 --> 01:04:58.300
to some degree so that MLK would continue to be this shining example of non-violence or whatever

01:04:59.260 --> 01:05:06.540
and not have this connection to a known communist who was funneling money from the USSR into the

01:05:06.540 --> 01:05:14.460
US to seed chaos. But the second individual here is Clarence Benjamin Jones. He was part of the

01:05:14.460 --> 01:05:19.900
defense team that argued New York Times v. Sullivan. He was also general counsel for a group called

01:05:19.900 --> 01:05:29.900
the Gandhi Society for Human Rights. This society is noteworthy for a number of reasons, mostly

01:05:29.900 --> 01:05:34.940
because of the individuals who were involved. You may see a theme with that as well. It was founded

01:05:34.940 --> 01:05:41.340
by Theodore Keel, who was a Jewish attorney from New York. The other man, Jones, who just mentioned

01:05:41.340 --> 01:05:48.140
him and Harry Vokdal, who was another Jewish attorney from New York and member of the Communist

01:05:48.140 --> 01:05:56.780
Party. Other members of the Gandhi Society included Mordecai Johnson, who was the Black

01:05:56.780 --> 01:06:02.220
President Emeritus of Howard University. Although when I say Black, I do encourage you if you are

01:06:02.220 --> 01:06:07.180
listening to look up pictures of this gentleman. Just go ahead and do that. You can pause the

01:06:07.180 --> 01:06:13.740
episode if you need to. William Moses Kunstler. I think you can probably guess this gentleman

01:06:13.740 --> 01:06:18.380
was Jewish. He was also an attorney, also an open communist, and incidentally,

01:06:18.380 --> 01:06:23.100
also from New York. Additionally, he was special counsel to the ACLU at the time.

01:06:24.220 --> 01:06:30.300
And the last individual, Benjamin Mays, president of Morehouse College. You may remember Morehouse

01:06:30.300 --> 01:06:38.780
College from the last episode. A sort of aside here, but salient in the narrative and

01:06:39.580 --> 01:06:44.540
there's a comment worth making on it. In 1959, MLK travels to India for a month.

01:06:47.020 --> 01:06:53.500
Somewhat salient. We just mentioned a Gandhi Society, but also salient because MLK didn't

01:06:53.500 --> 01:06:59.340
really act as a pastor. Despite being pastor of a church, he spent his time being a political

01:06:59.340 --> 01:07:05.100
activist and then traveling to India for a month. And this made his congregation somewhat unhappy

01:07:05.100 --> 01:07:13.020
with him, understandably. In 1959, when he got back from India, there was enough pressure from

01:07:13.020 --> 01:07:18.140
his congregation from some members of it that he actually resigned his pastorate,

01:07:18.860 --> 01:07:24.620
which is interesting because we're talking about 59. Now, he'd been in the pulpit since 48,

01:07:24.620 --> 01:07:29.820
but he didn't graduate. He didn't get his PhD till 54. And so effectively, he was only

01:07:30.780 --> 01:07:36.380
technically in the pulpit outside of school for five years. But when you go back through the stuff

01:07:36.380 --> 01:07:41.420
that we've just listed, we didn't talk about all the things that MLK was personally doing,

01:07:41.420 --> 01:07:49.740
but he was active in all these things all the time. Since Cory just said, the man was not a pastor.

01:07:49.740 --> 01:07:56.060
He wasn't doing pastor stuff. Basically, what he did, he went through a grooming school, a

01:07:56.140 --> 01:08:02.860
preparatory process at the end of which he was declared to be a reverend. And that gave him entree

01:08:02.860 --> 01:08:08.540
into pulpits anywhere he needed to go. So anywhere in the South, anywhere in the Yankee North,

01:08:08.540 --> 01:08:14.300
where he would be welcome as a black man in a white congregation, they would be very excited

01:08:14.300 --> 01:08:23.340
to have this famous civil rights leader come preach. Functionally, the man was just a politician.

01:08:23.340 --> 01:08:29.340
He was only an activist. And so looking back to the first episode, we made it very clear

01:08:29.340 --> 01:08:34.220
that man wasn't Christian and didn't care about Christian doctrine. The whole reason that he

01:08:34.220 --> 01:08:41.180
got into the pulpit in the first place was to enable a life of this sort of activism. And that's

01:08:41.180 --> 01:08:48.540
what we see. He spent so much time in his first five years as a so-called full-time pastor

01:08:48.620 --> 01:08:54.300
that his own congregation basically asked him to step down. And he did. And in the subsequent year,

01:08:54.300 --> 01:08:59.980
he did become an associate pastor in his father's congregation. But that wasn't because he was going

01:08:59.980 --> 01:09:07.100
to get back into the pulpit as a serious preacher. It was to maintain that credibility check mark.

01:09:07.100 --> 01:09:14.060
He needed people to be able to address him as reverend and say, here's a wonderful pastor from

01:09:14.060 --> 01:09:19.260
the South. He's here to preach to us today. It was a skin suit from the very beginning. And that's

01:09:19.260 --> 01:09:25.020
why we're talking about it on a Christian podcast. A man who cloaked himself in the Christian faith

01:09:25.660 --> 01:09:33.420
went on to work for communists to do destructive things. That's it. And we said before, is that

01:09:33.420 --> 01:09:40.620
politics is a religion? Honestly, I don't care. It's evil. It's insincere. It's not Christian. It's

01:09:40.700 --> 01:09:45.580
just bad. You don't need to sort of put it into the correct bucket to be able to know what to

01:09:45.580 --> 01:09:50.220
think about it. The man pretended to be a pastor so that he could do all of this other stuff.

01:09:50.780 --> 01:09:55.820
And that's kind of what this entire episode boils down to. Not only was he not Christian as we

01:09:55.820 --> 01:10:02.380
talked about last episode, but he wasn't a pastor either. The man didn't do pastoral stuff. He didn't

01:10:02.380 --> 01:10:07.180
get in pulpits and gave speeches. And occasionally he would talk, and he talked about God, and he

01:10:07.180 --> 01:10:10.860
would talk about Jesus, but not at the same time, because as we mentioned, he didn't think they were

01:10:10.860 --> 01:10:17.740
the same. He didn't think that Jesus was God or is God. But he knew that Jesus opened pocketbooks

01:10:17.740 --> 01:10:23.100
and Jesus would open doors. And so that word, that shibboleth, that he would provide to actual

01:10:23.100 --> 01:10:29.100
Christians in some of these places was the opportunity for him to do what the communists had sent him to do.

01:10:29.260 --> 01:10:45.420
I guess if we mentioned that MLK spent a month in India and that MLK was an advocate of so-called

01:10:45.420 --> 01:10:53.420
non-violence, then it's probably incumbent on us to at some point go after the idol that is Mahatma

01:10:53.420 --> 01:11:01.740
Gandhi, because of course the non-violence thing was his big argument. And it's as much of a lie as

01:11:01.740 --> 01:11:10.380
in the case of MLK. But returning to MLK, the topic of this episode, in 1960, he moves to Atlanta

01:11:10.380 --> 01:11:16.940
because he wants to become more involved in the SCLC, which was based in Atlanta. And so he becomes

01:11:16.940 --> 01:11:25.660
associate pastor at his father's church, Ebenezer Baptist Church. In 1963, this is where we get

01:11:25.660 --> 01:11:32.540
the Birmingham campaign, which was mentioned earlier. These are large-scale protests to disrupt

01:11:32.540 --> 01:11:39.260
the operation of Birmingham. The goal here is complete and utter chaos to bring the city to

01:11:39.260 --> 01:11:48.380
its knees and to force change, which sounds an awful lot like something that is not non-violence,

01:11:48.380 --> 01:11:56.460
so-called. Notably, in this campaign, they deliberately used children and young adults

01:11:56.460 --> 01:12:04.860
in order to garner sympathy. And that was 100% fully undertaken with the knowledge

01:12:05.580 --> 01:12:11.340
that the use of riot tactics would be in play because of what these protesters, so-called,

01:12:11.340 --> 01:12:17.820
were doing. The goal was to have children or young adults injured in front of the media

01:12:17.820 --> 01:12:24.540
so that they could take this to the world and garner sympathy. This was scripted beginning to end.

01:12:24.540 --> 01:12:31.740
It wasn't executed well, but it was scripted from the beginning. The mastermind, as it were,

01:12:31.740 --> 01:12:37.580
behind the use of children and young adults was James Bevel. You may be surprised to learn

01:12:37.580 --> 01:12:43.420
that James Bevel was a serial pedophile who frequently abused his own daughters and undoubtedly

01:12:43.420 --> 01:12:49.740
others. One of his daughters in the court case where he was convicted of incest testified that

01:12:49.740 --> 01:12:56.460
he began molesting her when she was only six years old. Lest you believe that these charges were

01:12:56.460 --> 01:13:04.380
ginned up against him, one of the items introduced to evidence into evidence in that case was a

01:13:04.380 --> 01:13:10.460
recording of a conversation between James Bevel and one of his daughters in which he admits to

01:13:10.460 --> 01:13:15.420
having raped her and states that he just wanted to have sex with her not get her pregnant.

01:13:17.020 --> 01:13:21.980
This was, of course, admitted when he denied it because then it is an admission against interest

01:13:21.980 --> 01:13:29.100
and it is permissible to admit that over here, say, objection, a little legal aside for someone.

01:13:29.100 --> 01:13:37.420
That's relevant for one specific reason. These are moral matters. The accusation of racism

01:13:37.420 --> 01:13:45.180
is a moral accusation. It is an accusation of sin against a God. That makes it relevant when

01:13:46.140 --> 01:13:54.060
men who will rape their own children will also call racism evil. We said many times,

01:13:54.060 --> 01:14:01.260
if you as a Christian believe that something like racism is evil or misogyny or all of these

01:14:01.260 --> 01:14:07.260
other words that didn't exist in the 19th century, if you believe that those are sins against God,

01:14:08.460 --> 01:14:12.700
ask yourself how your morality perfectly matches someone who rapes his own daughters

01:14:12.700 --> 01:14:19.420
because it does. Someone who says that racism is evil has the same God as someone who says

01:14:19.420 --> 01:14:30.060
that pedophilia is okay. Those two keep coming up with freakishly creepy frequency. It's really

01:14:30.060 --> 01:14:36.300
disturbing to me how often someone who comes after Corrie or myself or anyone on the right,

01:14:36.300 --> 01:14:42.700
anyone who's not afraid to say, actually, maybe human beings are not all just fungible economic

01:14:42.700 --> 01:14:48.780
cogs. Maybe God creates us differently and perhaps for different purposes. When someone says that,

01:14:48.780 --> 01:14:55.260
and the person who's furious with them is also a child rapist, that's morally relevant because

01:14:55.260 --> 01:15:02.060
these are moral questions. If harming children in such a horrific manner is okay to someone

01:15:02.060 --> 01:15:08.140
and using a mean word about someone is horrific to the same person, at some point you have to

01:15:08.140 --> 01:15:13.900
ask yourself, is your moral compass broken if it's pointing the same direction as theirs?

01:15:13.900 --> 01:15:18.780
Because if you're pointing in the same direction on racism, how are they pointing in a different

01:15:18.780 --> 01:15:25.020
direction when it comes to something that's clearly much more serious? Yet these things keep

01:15:25.020 --> 01:15:31.100
coming up. He's not the only one. This happens all the time. We talked in the past about Jeffrey

01:15:31.100 --> 01:15:39.020
Dahmer. He was a sodomite, a cannibal, a rapist, a murderer. The thing that he was upset about when

01:15:39.020 --> 01:15:43.980
he was arrested and in the press was when he was called a racist. That was the only thing that

01:15:43.980 --> 01:15:50.700
anyone accused Dahmer of that actually offended him. That was against his religion. That should be a

01:15:50.700 --> 01:15:55.980
big deal to Christians. If you're still not over the hump of thinking that racism is not only not

01:15:55.980 --> 01:16:00.540
a sin, but it's actually talking about something that may be relevant in the Christian faith,

01:16:01.740 --> 01:16:05.820
you should just stop what you're doing and work on that. That's why we did a whole series on race

01:16:05.820 --> 01:16:10.140
and we did an entire episode on racism. Because don't forget Martin Luther King Jr.

01:16:10.140 --> 01:16:16.540
Mike devoted his whole life to fighting racism, and he did. He fought racism. He toppled racism.

01:16:16.540 --> 01:16:21.260
The reason he comes up in our churches today is he is the patron saint of anti-racism.

01:16:21.900 --> 01:16:27.420
He's also a communist. He's also a godless. He's also a rapist. He was an evil, wicked man who's

01:16:27.420 --> 01:16:32.540
burning in hell and he was anti-racist. That makes it relevant for every Christian today.

01:16:32.540 --> 01:16:38.060
If you can have a religion that has bits and pieces of Satan's religion and in bits and pieces of

01:16:38.060 --> 01:16:44.140
God's religion and you throw them all together, does God survive that? Does the true Christian

01:16:44.140 --> 01:16:51.740
faith survive contact with utterly wicked things? I don't think it can. It's not powerlessness on

01:16:51.740 --> 01:16:58.300
God's part. It's unbelief on our part. If we're willing to take these wicked things from wicked

01:16:58.300 --> 01:17:05.260
men, that's my new religion. I'm really passionate about this now. At some point, you're jeopardizing

01:17:05.260 --> 01:17:10.540
your soul and it doesn't take long. As we can see from all of these men, all these men are evil.

01:17:10.540 --> 01:17:15.740
There's not a good one among them. We didn't cherry-pick. This is just a litany of the men

01:17:15.740 --> 01:17:22.140
in Mike's life who were all working towards the same goals that are by and large anti-racist,

01:17:22.140 --> 01:17:27.100
which, as we said at the beginning, was an explicit Soviet tentpole of the destruction

01:17:27.100 --> 01:17:34.300
of America. You bring up an important point there that I want to emphasize. We did not pick

01:17:34.300 --> 01:17:40.300
these individuals at random. We did not go looking for the worst ones. In fact,

01:17:41.740 --> 01:17:49.260
this list was almost exclusively made from the King Institute at Stanford. Just taking the names of

01:17:49.260 --> 01:17:55.740
the individuals the King Institute considers relevant in his life. So there are others

01:17:56.860 --> 01:18:04.060
who could be listed here and they aren't. We listed the ones that the defenders of King

01:18:04.620 --> 01:18:12.940
say were relevant in his life. So this is the good representation of MLK. There's a worse one we

01:18:12.940 --> 01:18:21.020
could make. But return for just a moment to bevel during the trial he also admitted to having had

01:18:21.020 --> 01:18:27.500
16 children with seven different women. I will decline to draw any conclusions from that.

01:18:27.980 --> 01:18:35.100
Notably, the Jesuits were involved in the Birmingham campaign. They did, however, remark

01:18:35.100 --> 01:18:40.940
that the protesters were disorganized and, in their words, quote, misdirected.

01:18:42.860 --> 01:18:48.140
But the Roman Catholic Church has long had involvement in the so-called civil rights

01:18:48.140 --> 01:18:55.100
movement and not just in the U.S., but in other places as well. And I am not just picking on the

01:18:55.580 --> 01:19:01.260
Roman Catholics because obviously we've already mentioned Baptist and Methodist and I believe

01:19:01.260 --> 01:19:06.380
there either is an Episcopalian in this list or I saw him while I was reading. I may not have

01:19:06.380 --> 01:19:15.420
ultimately included him. But this same year, after this immense civil unrest caused by MLK

01:19:16.300 --> 01:19:20.540
and men, there were deaths in this. There were individuals who were killed as part of this

01:19:20.540 --> 01:19:27.260
rioting. MLK, of course, caps this off by giving a speech about nonviolence because

01:19:28.220 --> 01:19:36.460
how better to cap off a riot that lasts for days on end. But this is used as one of the reasons

01:19:36.460 --> 01:19:43.340
that the FBI finally wiretaps MLK and then consistently begins collecting

01:19:43.580 --> 01:19:50.460
recordings of his conversations with others. This is also when he writes his

01:19:51.180 --> 01:19:54.940
famous or infamous, depending on your point of view, letter from Birmingham Jail.

01:19:55.740 --> 01:20:02.540
This is in part a response to mostly white pastors who had urged MLK. These are individuals

01:20:03.740 --> 01:20:08.380
who didn't disagree with MLK. They believed in the things for which he was fighting.

01:20:09.260 --> 01:20:16.940
They agreed with his goals. They just said, be less radical, be more patient. He rejected that

01:20:16.940 --> 01:20:22.540
and then he ultimately turned that letter into his third book, Why We Can't Wait,

01:20:24.300 --> 01:20:32.860
declaring, I guess, a very high time preference. But also in 1963, we have the March on Washington,

01:20:32.860 --> 01:20:40.940
one of the more famous bit pieces acts in this entire saga. Officially, it was called the March

01:20:40.940 --> 01:20:47.900
on Washington for jobs and freedom. Unsurprisingly, they dropped jobs and also freedom. This was

01:20:47.900 --> 01:20:54.060
organized largely by Randolph and Rustin, two individuals mentioned earlier and noted specifically

01:20:54.060 --> 01:21:01.100
for having helped organize the March on Washington. There were about 200,000 demonstrators who descended

01:21:01.100 --> 01:21:06.940
on Washington for this March. This is, of course, where MLK gives his I Have a Dream speech.

01:21:07.820 --> 01:21:14.300
There are a number of notable participants. In fact, quite a few notable participants come out

01:21:14.300 --> 01:21:21.500
for this particular rally. I will note one who has not been mentioned previously. A number of

01:21:21.500 --> 01:21:26.540
those who were mentioned previously, of course, attended this rally. But one who was not was

01:21:26.620 --> 01:21:31.820
Rabbi Joachim Prinz, who was the president of the American Jewish Congress at the time,

01:21:32.460 --> 01:21:37.580
an organization we have mentioned a number of times already. He had notably been expelled from

01:21:37.580 --> 01:21:45.340
Germany in 1937, perhaps for similar activity, which he is now engaging in on US soil.

01:21:47.100 --> 01:21:51.660
This man notably joined the March through Memphis after MLK was killed.

01:21:52.300 --> 01:22:03.180
And so we're sort of coming to the end of MLK's timeline as it were here, but not necessarily

01:22:03.180 --> 01:22:09.340
the end of describing exactly what it is we've just gone over. What is happening here?

01:22:11.100 --> 01:22:17.740
There's a lot of disparate seeming information. If we drew a full web, however, of the connections

01:22:17.740 --> 01:22:21.740
between and among these individuals, it would be so dense, you would not be able to read the names.

01:22:23.900 --> 01:22:31.420
This is all connected. This is all organized. This is all part of a plan, in this case, an

01:22:31.420 --> 01:22:39.580
international communist plan to subvert the United States to cause chaos, because the goal in large

01:22:39.580 --> 01:22:45.820
part for international communism was the destruction of America, because America was really the only

01:22:45.820 --> 01:22:51.980
standing power against communism. Europe had already been destroyed. Western Europe was

01:22:51.980 --> 01:22:59.100
busy attempting to rebuild still. They did not form any sort of real opposition to communism,

01:22:59.100 --> 01:23:04.700
to the spread of international communism. Only the US did. And so the goal was to destroy the US

01:23:05.420 --> 01:23:12.940
and one of the key arrows in that quiver. One of the key parts of that plan was to use

01:23:13.500 --> 01:23:20.940
southern blacks to agitate for long social lines and along racial lines to destabilize the US,

01:23:20.940 --> 01:23:26.380
to force the US to look inward to attempt to solve these problems, to address the chaos,

01:23:26.380 --> 01:23:29.180
and therefore retreat from opposing international communism.

01:23:31.580 --> 01:23:35.340
But the final two events we have here just go through these two because

01:23:36.540 --> 01:23:42.540
really they're the most salient for this. 1964 MLK is named Man of the Year by Time Magazine.

01:23:43.180 --> 01:23:50.220
Now in some cases the Man of the Year is just the most salient Man of the Year, the one who has

01:23:50.220 --> 01:23:57.100
done the most or caused the most chaos as the case may be. But here we actually see some of the

01:23:57.100 --> 01:24:06.620
building of the narrative of MLK as Saint in the new religion of the US. That religion being

01:24:06.620 --> 01:24:13.020
essentially Marxism but often called many other things. It's anti-racism, it's egalitarian,

01:24:13.660 --> 01:24:16.860
it's in favor of equality, it's all of these things, it's...

01:24:19.260 --> 01:24:23.820
We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. That's what it is.

01:24:24.620 --> 01:24:28.060
Made into a religion with various tenets and various different cults.

01:24:28.940 --> 01:24:34.060
These days largely sex cults, as we have gone over in this and other episodes,

01:24:34.460 --> 01:24:40.940
but it is a false religion and if you're Christian obviously you cannot participate in a competing

01:24:40.940 --> 01:24:52.060
religion. And so of course we end MLK's timeline with him being shot and killed on April 4th of 1968.

01:24:53.660 --> 01:24:59.500
We'll decline to speculate as to what exactly happened there because quite frankly it's not

01:24:59.660 --> 01:25:07.660
entirely clear who did what. The why is obvious, his corpse was used as a sled to push through

01:25:07.660 --> 01:25:14.780
civil rights legislation. And so it's very obvious why it happened and how it was used,

01:25:14.780 --> 01:25:21.260
but who exactly played what role is probably something that is known only to God and those

01:25:21.260 --> 01:25:27.260
who were actually involved. At some point in the near future we will definitely be doing an

01:25:28.220 --> 01:25:33.660
episode specifically on the history of so-called civil rights in the US.

01:25:35.020 --> 01:25:41.420
One of the things that I hope as you're listening to the news and reports today in current year,

01:25:41.980 --> 01:25:46.780
as you see trannies and all this other demonic activity out in the open,

01:25:47.740 --> 01:25:52.700
the people who are doing those things make it very clear that that is the culmination of the

01:25:52.780 --> 01:26:01.580
civil rights movement. They say that so-called transgender mutilated men and women standing

01:26:01.580 --> 01:26:09.420
on the lawn of the White House half naked exposing their mutilated bodies is the pinnacle of civil

01:26:09.420 --> 01:26:14.860
rights. That this sort of acceptance of this sort of behavior of these sort of people is

01:26:15.580 --> 01:26:21.100
the end stage civil rights movement and they're right. I think that's the hard part for a lot of

01:26:21.100 --> 01:26:26.780
Christians to acknowledge is that they're telling the truth. These people don't always lie when they

01:26:26.780 --> 01:26:33.180
show you the absolute most evil thing that you can possibly imagine and say, yeah, we're finishing.

01:26:33.180 --> 01:26:39.900
This is the finish line of what Martin Luther King Jr. started. If you like MLK, you want to defend

01:26:39.900 --> 01:26:44.220
his legacy, you say, oh no, he was a good man, judge a man by the content of his character,

01:26:44.220 --> 01:26:51.980
not this stuff. If you believe who Mike King really was, it's a lot easier to believe these people

01:26:51.980 --> 01:26:55.660
when they're doing these evil things and they say, yeah, we're on the same team as that guy.

01:26:56.300 --> 01:27:00.780
And as we said at the beginning, sure, he didn't go as far. He might not have approved of some of

01:27:00.780 --> 01:27:07.340
those things, but it doesn't matter because Corey just said once he had served his purpose, he had

01:27:07.340 --> 01:27:13.900
one last purpose and that was to be the sled that the rest of this stuff rode on to advance the

01:27:14.140 --> 01:27:18.780
ball further than he had in his life. In his death, he did even more damage in his life

01:27:18.780 --> 01:27:24.700
as a saint. And he's continuing to do that damage today in our churches. When this man is invoked

01:27:24.700 --> 01:27:32.700
as a source of morality and Christian virtue, once you know the things that we'd said this week

01:27:32.700 --> 01:27:39.340
and last week about the man, what does it say about your pastor, whoever is spreading that in

01:27:39.340 --> 01:27:45.420
your church, for him to believe that, to actually believe that this man who had an entire life

01:27:45.420 --> 01:27:51.420
against God and God's things, he didn't get one thing right. He didn't get anything right.

01:27:51.420 --> 01:27:57.100
Everything he ever did was intrinsically evil and it was in service to evil that was even

01:27:57.100 --> 01:28:01.740
greater than himself. He wasn't smart enough to understand that Levinson was handling him.

01:28:01.740 --> 01:28:08.780
He thought Levinson was a friend. It's funny, the discussions and the memoirs and the wiretaps

01:28:09.500 --> 01:28:15.180
Levinson was a typical New York Jewish lawyer. He was very much invested in money.

01:28:15.180 --> 01:28:20.380
A lot of the one of the complaints from the FBI is that a lot of the wiretaps are completely mundane.

01:28:20.380 --> 01:28:25.180
They're this guy whining about nickeling and diming these other circumstances. And yet when it

01:28:25.180 --> 01:28:32.860
comes to devoting so much of his time and energy to King's work, never a dime was transferred

01:28:32.860 --> 01:28:39.260
from King to Levinson. As Corey said, that tells you something. There was so much value

01:28:39.260 --> 01:28:44.140
that this man who would be so cheap in every other aspect of his life was like, I'm going to do this

01:28:44.140 --> 01:28:48.300
for free. If you're being charitable and if you think these are good people think, oh, wow,

01:28:48.300 --> 01:28:55.660
it was so important. Well, yes, it was important to Levinson to achieve the goals that global

01:28:55.660 --> 01:29:03.100
communism had, the global jewelry had. This was their goal was to use civil rights law

01:29:03.100 --> 01:29:10.620
as a solvent to dissolve the American society. We'll talk about it in the civil rights episode,

01:29:10.620 --> 01:29:18.620
but I think that as we look back from current year on to the civil rights marches and the civil

01:29:18.620 --> 01:29:24.780
rights efforts in the 50s and 60s, it's very easy to say, well, yeah, they were fighting for what's

01:29:24.780 --> 01:29:29.500
fair and black people were mistreated and I don't like that. I don't want to see people mistreated.

01:29:29.500 --> 01:29:34.940
That's not a bad impulse. We wouldn't say that's a bad impulse. The question is, why was it actually

01:29:34.940 --> 01:29:39.340
happening? And one of the things we'll talk about in more detail, but I think it's worth mentioning

01:29:39.340 --> 01:29:44.940
here just because of the Tel Vee phone book we've just read here is that all of the laws,

01:29:44.940 --> 01:29:50.620
all of the rules, all the signs that prohibited Negroes in certain places also prohibited Jews

01:29:50.620 --> 01:29:57.100
in almost every case. The civil rights movement, we're told today in retrospect, was about giving

01:29:57.100 --> 01:30:05.580
African Americans equal access to all of America's bounty. In reality, when those laws were passed,

01:30:05.580 --> 01:30:10.060
they also meant that you couldn't have social clubs, you couldn't have golf clubs, you couldn't

01:30:10.060 --> 01:30:16.860
have any sort of private institution where the real power in so-called WASP America excluded Jews

01:30:17.660 --> 01:30:23.580
because Jew is first and foremost an ethnicity. You can be an atheist Jew and it's not an oxymoron.

01:30:24.140 --> 01:30:28.700
See, it's one of these things where you say, well, is someone Jewish or not? I don't know. I don't

01:30:28.700 --> 01:30:34.460
know if he goes to synagogue. That's a bait and switch that's been put in our minds. Someone can

01:30:34.460 --> 01:30:40.380
be Jewish and not have the Jewish faith. They don't have to be practicing to be a Jew. And frankly,

01:30:40.380 --> 01:30:44.860
it's really offensive to say to someone, you're not a Jew because they don't wear the hat and go

01:30:44.860 --> 01:30:52.300
to synagogue. That denies who they are. I wouldn't do that. And yet, that's something that gets played

01:30:52.300 --> 01:30:57.420
on us when someone wants to say, well, I kind of have a problem with some of the political goals

01:30:57.420 --> 01:31:04.060
of this group of people. So as we go through the civil rights history in detail, just keep in mind

01:31:04.060 --> 01:31:09.100
that all the stuff that was presented as being done in the name of God, in the name of Christianity,

01:31:09.180 --> 01:31:14.780
in the name of African-Americans, it achieved all the goals of these other people, of the

01:31:14.780 --> 01:31:19.980
Levinsons and the counselors and all the others, without them having to be out in front. They

01:31:19.980 --> 01:31:27.340
never had to say, let me into your golf course. All they had to say was, you should let this black

01:31:27.340 --> 01:31:33.980
man in. And then when the civil rights laws were passed that basically made illegal individuals

01:31:33.980 --> 01:31:39.180
choosing with whom they would associate, they were let in as well. And I think that a big part

01:31:39.180 --> 01:31:43.180
of the fight that's completely invisible, and part of the reason the guys like Levinson were doing

01:31:43.180 --> 01:31:48.540
all the work for free was they got a lot out of it, even apart from the global communist efforts,

01:31:48.540 --> 01:31:54.060
which for some people maybe is a big ticket item to small, all those we said at the beginning,

01:31:54.060 --> 01:31:59.100
like even the Atlantic says, yeah, that's exactly what was going on. That's not secret history.

01:31:59.100 --> 01:32:05.340
It's literally the history of the last century. I think the overall theme of this in many of our

01:32:05.340 --> 01:32:10.620
episodes is don't necessarily take what people say at face value. If someone says they're doing

01:32:10.620 --> 01:32:15.580
something in the name of fairness, or in the name of Jesus, or whatever they know is going to sound

01:32:15.580 --> 01:32:21.900
good in your mind, look at where they came from, look at the genealogy of their ideas, and look

01:32:21.900 --> 01:32:26.940
at who else is along for the ride, who are they partners and friends with, and who is going to

01:32:26.940 --> 01:32:34.540
benefit if they convince you to do what they're asking you to do. Because the convincing part

01:32:34.540 --> 01:32:39.180
is always in moral terms. It's this is right, this is wrong, you must do this, you can't do that.

01:32:40.060 --> 01:32:46.860
But the doing is what actually matters. You could choose to end free association as a

01:32:46.860 --> 01:32:51.820
civil rights act did for any reason or no reason. You say, yeah, I think everyone should be forced

01:32:51.820 --> 01:32:57.340
to associate with everyone else, no matter what. Okay, all they have to do is convince you of one

01:32:57.340 --> 01:33:01.980
reason that's going to work, and then agree with them, and then do the thing, and then it's over.

01:33:03.020 --> 01:33:07.980
And so every time these things happen, they advance the ball and they move things a little bit

01:33:07.980 --> 01:33:16.060
further, and then they restructure polite society. So for a man to question, huh, how did that happen?

01:33:16.060 --> 01:33:20.780
And what's up with all these people? Why are they all moving in lockstep across a century

01:33:20.780 --> 01:33:25.660
without any apparent coordination? And why is it always bad for my people? When someone asks

01:33:25.660 --> 01:33:31.340
that question, they're slandered and defamed in the worst possible terms in modern society,

01:33:31.340 --> 01:33:35.500
but they're terms that didn't exist 100 years ago because they're not moral terms.

01:33:35.500 --> 01:33:41.900
They're new political terms for political enemies. And it's okay for Christians and honest men,

01:33:41.900 --> 01:33:48.540
even if they're not Christian, to break free of someone else's labels of how you must limit your

01:33:48.540 --> 01:33:54.860
behavior. Behavior should be dictated by conscience. And as Christians, conscience should be dictated

01:33:54.860 --> 01:34:00.620
by scripture. And when someone who's not Christian comes along and tries to dictate your conscience

01:34:01.500 --> 01:34:08.300
in Jesus' astounding terms that aren't from scripture, just say, no, I want no part of that.

01:34:08.300 --> 01:34:11.500
Let's talk about what's in the Bible, or let's not talk at all, because I'm not interested

01:34:11.500 --> 01:34:16.380
in hearing you out. I think that if we were to unwind just a little bit, basically back to where

01:34:16.380 --> 01:34:22.380
we were in the 50s, in terms of viewing these ideas with either a jaundice tie or a welcoming one,

01:34:23.500 --> 01:34:30.300
the conversations would be completely different. And right and wrong doesn't change. It just doesn't.

01:34:30.860 --> 01:34:35.420
Right and wrong is eternal because it comes from God. And so as long as God is not changing,

01:34:35.420 --> 01:34:42.460
what is sin and not sin doesn't change either. And if our anchor is in the ethics of the day,

01:34:42.460 --> 01:34:45.420
it's easy to get bounced around by the tides of these things.

01:34:46.540 --> 01:34:51.980
Christians have to anchor our morality in scripture. If God said it, it's true. If God

01:34:51.980 --> 01:34:57.900
forbids it, it's evil. Begin there and everything else is simple. And when someone comes along and

01:34:57.900 --> 01:35:03.660
says, for 6,000 years, everyone was wrong, today we have a different idea. You just need to know

01:35:03.660 --> 01:35:09.580
that that person's not speaking in God's name. And once you figure that out, you can decide who is

01:35:09.660 --> 01:35:13.500
actually acting in your benefit and who might be a threat to your soul.

01:35:14.940 --> 01:35:20.940
Ultimately, a big part of this episode and others like it is simply an encouragement

01:35:22.060 --> 01:35:29.820
to heed the warnings of scripture that a tree is known by its fruit. And we are living

01:35:30.700 --> 01:35:37.340
with the fruit of the tree of the civil rights movement because the fruit of that movement

01:35:38.140 --> 01:35:44.940
is transgenderism. The fruit of that movement is children having their genitalia removed

01:35:45.660 --> 01:35:52.700
in the pursuit of becoming the other sex as if that were possible, as if we can undo what God

01:35:52.700 --> 01:36:01.900
did, if we can correct his supposed errors. The fruit of that movement is the incredible increase

01:36:02.460 --> 01:36:08.140
in interracial crime. The fruit of that movement is the fact that we have

01:36:09.420 --> 01:36:14.380
an enormous percentage of young children who are now depressed and some who commit suicide.

01:36:15.740 --> 01:36:20.460
And I could go on for quite some time, we all know, because we are living through it.

01:36:22.860 --> 01:36:27.020
So if the fruit of the tree is poisonous, the tree is poisonous.

01:36:27.580 --> 01:36:35.340
And so if you wouldn't eat the poisonous fruit, then why would you defend the tree?

01:36:36.700 --> 01:36:42.220
If you look at the way the world is today and you recognize that it is anti-Christian,

01:36:43.180 --> 01:36:49.100
if you recognize that the world hates God, hates his truth, hates his sheep,

01:36:49.980 --> 01:36:57.420
why would you support the very sort of men and the very ideas that brought us to where

01:36:57.420 --> 01:37:04.700
we are today? And there is a direct line from the civil rights movement to where we are today,

01:37:05.580 --> 01:37:09.580
and we will get into that eventually with an episode on civil rights.

01:37:12.220 --> 01:37:18.700
And if you go back through the list of the men and the women we talked about in this episode,

01:37:20.060 --> 01:37:23.260
you will find a lot of them who claimed to be Christian.

01:37:24.300 --> 01:37:32.220
You will find Baptist and Methodist aplenty. Some of them admitted they were not religious,

01:37:32.220 --> 01:37:34.700
most of them claimed to be one of those two.

01:37:38.620 --> 01:37:44.220
And yet look at their deeds, or in the case of those who wrote, look at their writings.

01:37:45.100 --> 01:37:49.180
These men were not Christian. They did not believe in the God of the Bible.

01:37:49.820 --> 01:37:56.780
They did not behave as Christians. They behaved for all the world as wicked pagans,

01:37:57.660 --> 01:38:00.620
virtually their entire lives in some of these cases.

01:38:03.820 --> 01:38:09.100
And look at those with whom they surrounded themselves. They surrounded themselves with

01:38:09.100 --> 01:38:15.100
atheists and Jews, and quite a few communists, and there is indeed a lot of overlap in those

01:38:15.100 --> 01:38:20.220
categories. Christians do not behave in that way.

01:38:22.220 --> 01:38:26.380
That's not to say that you cannot associate with sinners because that's always the charge

01:38:26.380 --> 01:38:31.340
whenever we make an argument like this. Oh well, Christ associated with prostitutes,

01:38:31.340 --> 01:38:33.740
yes, he told them to stop being prostitutes.

01:38:34.700 --> 01:38:40.140
If you are a Christian and you spend your entire life associating with communists,

01:38:43.020 --> 01:38:46.060
there's a very good argument to be made. You probably are not a Christian

01:38:47.740 --> 01:38:52.540
because you should be calling the communists to repentance and then disassociating yourself.

01:38:52.540 --> 01:38:56.300
If they refuse for a period of time, you can debate the period of time,

01:38:57.100 --> 01:39:02.620
but you cannot debate. The scripture is very clear. Do not even associate with such a one.

01:39:02.620 --> 01:39:09.980
There are injunctions in scripture with relation to disentangling yourself from open,

01:39:09.980 --> 01:39:13.900
impenitent sinners because they will drag you down with them.

01:39:15.340 --> 01:39:19.820
And yet here in the U.S., we are told that we are supposed to revere these men,

01:39:20.380 --> 01:39:25.180
that we are supposed to pursue the same things they pursued as if they were Christian.

01:39:25.180 --> 01:39:29.820
We're told these are part of the faith. Find it in the pages of scripture.

01:39:30.780 --> 01:39:39.660
Find me where scripture says racism is a sin. Find me where scripture says anti-racism is a good work.

01:39:41.420 --> 01:39:47.180
You won't find it. You will find that scripture says you have to care for your own above and beyond

01:39:47.180 --> 01:39:52.860
the stranger. You will find that scripture says that if you forsake your own family,

01:39:52.860 --> 01:39:59.180
you are worse than an unbeliever. And yet we're told by so many modern pastors,

01:39:59.260 --> 01:40:02.860
this is the sin of partiality. It's not. We've gone over that.

01:40:05.180 --> 01:40:11.260
Partiality is subverting justice. Partiality is not showing preference to your blood kin.

01:40:12.460 --> 01:40:17.820
That is simply behaving as a Christian. That's behaving as a human being. That's behaving as a

01:40:17.820 --> 01:40:21.820
man. Even pagans get that one right better than many modern Christians.

01:40:21.980 --> 01:40:27.420
But when it comes to these new invented so-called sins,

01:40:28.140 --> 01:40:31.500
there's a very simple standard. It has two steps.

01:40:33.580 --> 01:40:37.340
Can you find it explicitly in the pages of scripture?

01:40:39.340 --> 01:40:46.940
And then, if Christians did not write about it in virtually the entire 2000 year history

01:40:46.940 --> 01:40:54.700
of the New Testament Church, then why on earth do you think that it is a salient part or even a

01:40:54.700 --> 01:41:03.900
required part of the Christian faith? If you cannot find it in scripture and you cannot find it

01:41:03.900 --> 01:41:10.060
in the historical writings of the Church, then it simply is not Christian.