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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast. I am Corey J. Mahler, and I'm still woe.

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Today's Stone Choir will be a continuation of last week's series that we began on the

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subject of the Jews in history. First episode was covering the entirety of scripture. This

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week we're going to be picking up pretty much where we left off with the destruction of the

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temple. We're probably going to get through the Middle Ages today. We'll see. This is going to be

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an extremely cursory look. We're not trying to give an exhaustive history of the Jews as a

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people. I think there are three main points that we want to make here today, and we're going to

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present evidence to this effect. The first is that the Jews were effectively destroyed when

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the temple was destroyed. When they called down God's curse against them, it worked. They were

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scattered to the winds. They were just a people without anything, without a homeland. They lost

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their language. They abandoned their religion by abandoning God and pursuing false gods,

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which we'll get into a little bit here today. The second thing to get across is that the examples

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that we give are going to have two main themes. One, the Jews post-Senkatepple destruction were

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frequently concealing what they were actually doing. There was subterfuge. There was secret

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symbolism. There were secret plans and then public pronouncements that were at odds with each other.

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A lot of the history of the Jews post-second temple has to do with someone else finding out

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what they're up to and getting upset about it for good or bad reasons. You can decide for yourself.

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We're going to present a bit of that history. The third one is basically they were just frequently

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up to no good to give just a brief recap of the up to no good to which they were attempting.

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I'm going to give just a brief highlight reel from past Stonequire episodes. Today's episode is

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number 35, so we've got 34 episodes behind us. In 12 separate episodes, the Jews have come up,

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not because Corey and I are racist anti-Semites who just hate people, but because when you're

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looking at theological concepts and problems facing Christendom, a certain group keeps popping up.

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I didn't do that. Corey didn't do that. We find over and over that the Jews show up when there

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are problems in Christendom. First episode three on Christian nationalism, we mentioned for this

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first time that the slave ships that came from Africa to North America were overwhelmingly

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owned by Jews. The slave markets were owned almost exclusively, I believe, by Jews. The slave

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markets all closed on the Sabbath. Pretty weird if it's white guys. Then the majority or the almost

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majority of owners of slaves in the South were themselves Jews. Whatever you think about the

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horrors of slavery in the antebellum South has something to do with those people. You can't

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disentangle it too. That's a big deal because today, America gets blamed for slavery, whites get

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blamed for slavery. If you're going to be assigning blame today for slavery, let's make sure we don't

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leave out the people who actually precipitated it. Episode five, a name no man knows. We mentioned

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that pseudonymity in changing names is there's nothing inherently wrong with it. I route a list

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of names of mainly Jewish entertainers who change their names from extremely Jewish names to

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extremely Anglo sounding names. If they blend in so that people would forget that they were Jews

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and they would just be Americans. Good or bad, I don't care. It doesn't upset me, but I think it's

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just interesting that that sort of shape-shifting has long roots, which we'll be getting into today.

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In episode eight, we discussed and neglected matters. We covered five issues and two of them

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touched directly on Jews. The first was usury. We mentioned how from the time of Moses, usury was

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banned among believers and God. Charging of interest was a crime. It wasn't until the Middle Ages

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when princes and kings began seeing the desirability of borrowing money or having lending made

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available principally for prosecuting wars that they began letting Jews commit usury. It was

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still forbidden for Christians. It was still a crime for Christians, but Jews were permitted to do

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so with the specific thinking that while they're going to hell anyway, so let's get some upside

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from lending because there are upsides to lending at interest. They're downsides, it's sin, but

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they're certainly upsides, and that's often the case with sin. It's not all bad where people wouldn't

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do it. One of the other issues that we discussed in the neglected matters was head coverings in

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church, and we mentioned the fact that Betty Frieden Goldstein, who founded the National

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Organization for Women in 1968, set out to do two things immediately. One, legalize abortion,

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and two, get head coverings burned in and out of our churches. She succeeded in both in short

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order. We took Christian doctrine from a Jewish lady in 1968. That's important. Like I said at the

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beginning, that's not us complaining about the Jews. It's just saying, hey, over and over we find

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the same group of people showing up. Maybe there's something that's deeper there, and if someone has

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a problem with them later on, maybe it's not the person who has a problem with the issue that is

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the problem. Maybe the fact that a group of people keep doing bad things is something that can at

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least be discussed. These are the ground rules for everyone today. Pretty much the entire news

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cycle is a reexamination of European history and assigning blame for things from hundreds and

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thousands of years ago. If those are the rules, okay. If you can look in history and say, well,

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this person's responsible for this, this group's responsible for this, sometimes that may be fair.

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Corey and I have no problem with generational guilt. We have no problem with collective guilt

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when it is justly applied. It's perfectly fair game for any group. It just so happens that many

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of the things that we as Christians are concerned about have Jews at their root. Episode 11,

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among the actions we mentioned that Judeo-Christian is a term that was invented in the 20th century.

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It's an oxymoron. There's no such thing as Judeo-Christian. Those are opposites. We made the

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case that that emerged because the ghettos of Europe were being disgorged on our shores.

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Suddenly, you had this large influx not in the south, but in the north and really throughout the

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country of Jews coming from mainly Eastern Europe. They wanted to assimilate. A lot of the name

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changing and things. One of the ways of assimilation was to invent Judeo-Christianity, where suddenly

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you have this Christian nation of America and all these Jews are showing up. They want to say,

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hey, we're on the same team, same God, same morals, same basic values. We're all together, man.

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Well, yeah, that's true. It's false. We discussed that in Episode 11. Episode 14 was pretty much

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about Jews. We had some discussion of Karl Popper, Theodor Adorno, and most of it was about

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Saul Alinsky and his rules for radicals. That was pretty much an episode about Satan's playbook.

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As it's practiced and exemplified today, it's all Jews doing it. We didn't do that. That's just who

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showed up. Episode 15 on human race, we discuss in foundational matters the fact that Jew is a race.

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It is not only a religion and underlying everything is the racial aspect. If you say,

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if someone says, I don't like Jews, the typical response is, oh, you're a racist. Yet, if someone

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says, hey, did you know that that guy is a Jew, they would say, well, how do you know that? He

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doesn't wear the hat. He doesn't keep kosher. He doesn't go to Sabbath. Why do you think he's a Jew?

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He's presbyterian. It's either or thing. It's a gotcha game where it's racist if you dislike

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something about Jews, but it's a religion if there's anything good about what they're doing.

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It's one of those games that gets played, and it leaves us tied up in knots.

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But Jew is, in fact, a race. We made that very clear last episode just discussing Scripture.

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All the genealogy was about the race of Jews. That's not inherently a bad thing.

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Everyone has a race. That's how God made us. We don't hate people because of their race, but

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if there are differences, maybe they're consequential, and we see in time that in fact they are.

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Episode 19 on human race and racism, we talked about Magnus Hirschfeld, the Jew from Weimar

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Germany who was conducting horrific sexual experiments, transsexual science, so-called

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pornography, sodomy, the worst imaginable sins that are reemerging today. When he fled Germany,

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he immediately went on to write the book Racism. He was a Jew. Also appearing in that same

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episode was the murder of the Zars and Communism, all of which was run by Jews.

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So over and over, this group of people shows up in the very worst moments in European history,

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and we're going to cover some more of those today. Episode 20 against the Antichrist,

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we revisit the fact that the Jewish slavers were relevant. Episode 23 on women and feminism.

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Well, we didn't explicitly mention Jews, mainly because we didn't want to get too much into second

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way of feminism or later. The history of feminism in the 20th century is almost entirely Jewish.

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Just a couple names that most people will probably recognize. Again, Betty Frieden,

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Nie Goldstein, Gloria Steinem, Gloria Alred, Andrea Dworkin, and Naomi Wolfe, all Jewish.

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So those are their contributions to feminism. If you think feminism is bad, you should give them

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credit. If you think it's great, you should also give them credit. When they take credit for what

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they're doing, who are we to rob them of it? Feminism in the 20th century was entirely

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a Jewish gift to our civilization, and I think it's important to give them that credit.

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Episode 27 and listener feedback, Episode 1. We finished with Israel Zanguil's The Melting Pot

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Play, which was a play that was basically dedicated both to race mixing and to the newly

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invented concept that America itself isn't a nation. It doesn't have any particular bloodline.

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It's just this big cauldron where people from all around the world get dumped in.

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And then, I don't know what, we're just, you know, as Corey finished up, it sounded pretty

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halish to us, that if you've ever said Melting Pot, you're quoting a man named Israel. So make

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sure you give them credit. Episode 30, Against the Clockwork Universe, we discussed, Corey mentioned,

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the Jewish law school professor Eugene Rostow, who declared that ceremonial deism was the official

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United States religion. And he's spot on, I mean, that goes back centuries. And Episode 23, most

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recently on Michael King, the Marxist agitator, I joked that most of the names in that read like

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the Tel Aviv phone book, beginning with Stanley Levison, his lifelong handler. Pretty much everyone

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who influenced him and was moving the Marxist needle in civil rights in the 60s in America,

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they were almost all Jews, not exclusively. But in the absence of that people group,

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the civil rights movement wouldn't have existed. So again, that's relevant. It's not,

12:19.540 --> 12:24.580
er, we're mad at these people. It's, I don't like evil. And if I think something is evil,

12:24.580 --> 12:28.500
and then I look at the genealogy of the man who's doing the thing, and I keep finding the same

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pattern, at some point, it's going to draw my attention. You know, five, six, seven years ago,

12:33.140 --> 12:37.780
I didn't care. I basically didn't know what a Jew was. I was completely indifferent. I had a bunch

12:37.780 --> 12:42.980
of Jewish friends. I had good friends with a number of them, great conversations. It is not

12:42.980 --> 12:49.860
hatred to say, huh, over and over, I keep seeing this pattern. That's just intelligence. That's

12:49.860 --> 12:55.060
honesty. So today, we're going to be having an honest assessment of the truth of some more aspects

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of history post-Second Temple destruction, beginning with the destruction of the temple itself,

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and then some of the things that happened after that.

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And so we'll start with the first of three Roman Jewish wars, so-called. And really, this is the

13:11.700 --> 13:18.100
one of the major Jewish revolts against the Roman Empire. And that is the one that is eventually

13:18.100 --> 13:24.500
put down by Vespasian and Titus. And that is when the temple is burned in 70 AD.

13:26.500 --> 13:34.420
So basically, what happens in this revolt is the Jews start a major uprising, as was their want.

13:35.380 --> 13:40.420
We see that in the pages of scripture. That is why Pilate has such a difficult time dealing with

13:40.420 --> 13:46.740
them and tries to be so careful, because these people were known for constantly causing trouble

13:46.740 --> 13:54.980
for the Empire. But they instigate a revolt. And the result of that is that it gets squashed

13:55.700 --> 14:02.420
by the Romans fairly conclusively. In this particular revolt, the Romans do lose a fair

14:02.420 --> 14:11.140
number of soldiers. It's 10,000 plus, according to Roman records, which is nothing compared to the

14:11.940 --> 14:18.500
third Roman Jewish war, which we'll get to. And the Jews lose something on the order of

14:18.500 --> 14:22.980
probably about 20,000. And then there's some number of civilians who are killed as well.

14:22.980 --> 14:31.300
That's harder to estimate. But the major point, of course, is, as was stated, the temple is burned.

14:31.300 --> 14:37.940
It is sacked and burned. It is destroyed completely, utterly. Because, of course, you should think of

14:37.940 --> 14:43.060
the words of Christ when you hear that the temple was destroyed. Not one stone will be left standing

14:43.060 --> 14:51.300
on another. And that's what the Romans do. The Romans loot the temple and destroy it. It is gone.

14:51.300 --> 14:58.660
This is God's judgment on the Jews taking physical form. The temple is gone. The place where they

14:59.300 --> 15:03.860
went to, at some points in their history, worship God, at other points in their history,

15:03.860 --> 15:07.380
to worship idols because they contaminated the temple with idols frequently.

15:08.500 --> 15:14.340
But it's now gone. Because, of course, that's not how you're supposed to worship God. You

15:14.340 --> 15:20.180
don't worship God at the temple. You worship God by being a Christian, by believing in Christ.

15:22.420 --> 15:28.980
But to move on to the second of these three Roman Jewish wars, the second one is often

15:28.980 --> 15:37.140
called the Kitas War, named after one of the gentlemen involved. This one has a much higher

15:37.140 --> 15:43.060
count when it comes to the death toll. And the reason for that isn't actually due to the conflict

15:43.060 --> 15:48.740
itself. I don't remember exactly how many died in the conflict. I think the records disagree on that.

15:48.740 --> 15:58.020
But it was the number of soldiers killed wasn't enormous. However, the Jews started uprisings

15:58.020 --> 16:03.700
in various places in the Roman Empire simultaneously because the Romans were dealing with other things

16:03.700 --> 16:09.140
in some of the fringe parts of the Empire. And so the Jews seized the opportunity. They instigated

16:09.140 --> 16:17.780
an uprising in Egypt, in Cyprus, in Libya, and, of course, in Israel, in Judea.

16:19.700 --> 16:26.740
What is notable about this particular conflict is that in Cyrene and Cyprus alone, because

16:26.740 --> 16:34.340
we have records for that from Cassius Dio, a Roman historian, 460,000 or more Roman subjects were

16:34.340 --> 16:42.580
murdered, civilians murdered by the Jews. That would have been primarily Romanized Greeks,

16:42.580 --> 16:49.060
of course, because of the location. Now, as a Christian, that should make you think.

16:49.380 --> 16:56.020
Because look at the timeline here. 70 A.D. is the first conflict when the temple is destroyed.

16:56.020 --> 17:00.100
That's sort of the conclusion of that conflict. It takes them a few years to clean up some rebels

17:00.100 --> 17:08.980
out in the fringes. This conflict is some years later between the years of 115 and 117.

17:10.260 --> 17:15.780
Many of these Roman Greeks who were murdered by the Jews would have been Christian at this point.

17:16.340 --> 17:23.460
This was, in part, Jews waging a pogrom against Christians. And the numbers I gave you are the

17:23.460 --> 17:28.660
ones that we know from Cyrene and Cyprus alone. I told you some of the other places they had

17:28.660 --> 17:33.620
the uprising. We don't know the death toll in Egypt, Libya, or other places in the Eastern

17:33.620 --> 17:39.140
Mediterranean. It may very well have been excess of a million Roman subjects who were murdered in

17:39.300 --> 17:42.260
of a million Roman subjects who were murdered in this uprising.

17:44.500 --> 17:49.300
It's interesting that they would start all these revolts all over the place all at once,

17:49.300 --> 17:53.620
because we saw exactly the same thing in the 19th and again in the 20th centuries.

17:55.460 --> 18:02.500
The wave of revolutions in 1848 and then the wave of communist revolutions in the 1910s.

18:03.460 --> 18:09.540
The same people. It was the same pattern, killing Christians on mass, mass revolution,

18:09.540 --> 18:15.860
mass chaos, same coordinators. So when we talk about Satan's playbook, we're not just like,

18:16.980 --> 18:20.580
how many times do you have to see the same pattern before you recognize it's a pattern?

18:21.140 --> 18:25.300
And you don't necessarily need to immediately jump to a conclusion, but when it's the same

18:25.300 --> 18:31.220
people doing the same thing, take that seriously. The slaughter of Christians in the 20th century

18:31.220 --> 18:35.620
is mirrored in the second century. That should matter to us as Christians.

18:36.340 --> 18:41.940
I guess I should mention a bit of historical irony, as it were, after the first of these

18:41.940 --> 18:49.460
three conflicts, because obviously Jerusalem was largely destroyed, the Jews shifted their

18:50.100 --> 18:55.940
center of power and focus, their leadership, to Galilee of all places. There's just a little bit

18:55.940 --> 19:04.180
of historical irony and the fact that they had to go there. But the results of the second Roman

19:04.180 --> 19:10.740
Jewish war, of course, again, victory for the Romans, they eventually did crush the Jewish

19:10.740 --> 19:15.220
rebellion. They killed many of the rebels, some number of hundreds of thousands dead,

19:15.220 --> 19:20.900
probably 200,000 dead, plus civilians. Difficult to count the number of civilians.

19:20.900 --> 19:24.980
The Jews weren't taking a census in the way the Romans were, so the Romans had better numbers.

19:25.940 --> 19:31.140
Eventually, they pushed them back to the city of Lidda, laid siege to that city,

19:31.140 --> 19:36.020
and destroyed the rebels and their leadership. The reason the city is worth mentioning

19:36.020 --> 19:41.700
is because the slain of Lidda is a phrase that is used in the Talmud as...

19:43.140 --> 19:47.220
These are people who are praised in the Talmud for what they did. The Jews are proud

19:47.220 --> 19:52.820
of what they did in this rebellion, of the hundreds of thousands, of the potentially

19:52.820 --> 19:59.700
million that they slaughtered. But the last of the conflicts, and perhaps the most important of

19:59.700 --> 20:06.180
these, other than obviously the temple being destroyed in the first one, is the third Roman

20:06.180 --> 20:11.940
Jewish war, or the third Jewish revolt, usually called the Bar Kokpa revolt, because it was led

20:11.940 --> 20:21.780
by Simon Bar Kokpa, Simon son of Kokpa. That was in the years 132 through 136. So this was not

20:21.780 --> 20:27.780
necessarily a short conflict, this lasted a while, particularly the final siege that

20:28.820 --> 20:33.460
was when the Romans annihilated these rebels, because again, the Romans did win this one.

20:35.540 --> 20:43.220
However, this came at a serious cost to the Romans. It is estimated that the Romans lost,

20:43.860 --> 20:51.300
I believe it was at least 200,000 soldiers. It's difficult to tell because it's not exactly

20:51.300 --> 20:57.780
clear historically, all of the legions that were present in Judea for this particular conflict.

20:58.900 --> 21:05.060
However, some number of tens of thousands up to 200,000 Roman soldiers died in this.

21:06.180 --> 21:11.460
And between 200,000 and 400,000 Jewish militia, whatever you want to call them,

21:11.460 --> 21:15.780
died in this. And then some number of thousands of the rebels directly under Bar Kokpa.

21:15.780 --> 21:23.380
However, the major outcome of this was the final destruction of the Jewish people

21:24.100 --> 21:30.660
in what is at the time Palestine. Because earlier, as a result of that second conflict,

21:32.100 --> 21:38.980
Hadrian had imposed a number of punitive measures on the Jewish people,

21:38.980 --> 21:43.460
basically because of their bad behavior, and the fact that they kept revolting and causing

21:43.460 --> 21:52.420
problems for the empire. But this third one, the Bar Kokpa revolt, basically the Romans raised

21:52.420 --> 21:58.740
Judea. They destroyed the fortified towns, they burned villages to the ground, they killed

21:58.740 --> 22:05.940
probably a half million or so Jews. They were done with the Jewish people done having to deal

22:05.940 --> 22:11.780
with these conflicts and every, you know, handful of decades having to send legions over

22:11.780 --> 22:17.780
to this province that's on the periphery of the Roman Empire that just constantly causes them so

22:17.780 --> 22:22.740
many problems. And not just on the periphery, because of course, they were instigating rebellions

22:22.740 --> 22:29.780
in other parts of the empire as well. I should expand on what Hadrian does here, because in the

22:29.780 --> 22:36.900
the aftermath of this revolt, this is where the real onerous measures come for the Jews,

22:36.900 --> 22:43.220
the ones who weren't dead. They were completely banned from Jerusalem. They were allowed their

22:43.220 --> 22:50.500
one day per year, their Tisha Ba'av day, which is basically their annual day of whining about

22:50.500 --> 22:53.860
things that they have suffered because of things that they have done.

22:56.500 --> 23:02.900
But the reason it's notable what happens here in this particular conflict and what Hadrian does

23:03.620 --> 23:09.380
is because this is the real beginning of the modern Jewish diaspora. This is when the surviving Jews

23:10.020 --> 23:15.060
flee to various other places in large part to Babylon, which becomes very relevant for other

23:15.060 --> 23:22.660
reasons. Now, of course, the Jews did also in this conflict murder basically any Christians they could

23:22.660 --> 23:28.900
find because the Christians had refused to fight against the Romans, because the Christians weren't

23:28.900 --> 23:33.300
trying to wage a rebellion against the Roman Empire. That was the Jews. So the Jews murdered

23:33.300 --> 23:38.900
a number of Christians in this as well. We'll probably never know that number. But this is also

23:38.900 --> 23:47.860
when as a punishment, essentially the Romans set about to erase Judea from history. Not only did

23:47.860 --> 23:53.780
they destroy the towns and the fortifications and a great deal of the population, this is when

23:53.860 --> 24:00.340
Hadrian renamed the province from Judea to Palestine. That's why we have that term for the

24:00.340 --> 24:06.180
modern area because of the consequences, the aftermath of this rebellion.

24:07.300 --> 24:13.540
One of the interesting aspects of the rebellion itself was that along with the warfare, one of

24:13.540 --> 24:19.380
the cultural things that they were trying to do was to restore the Hebrew language. They'd been

24:19.380 --> 24:24.340
speaking Aramaic and Greek. They actually had a brief period of time where they tried to repristinate

24:24.340 --> 24:30.180
the Hebrew language, and that was an important part of their identity. They wanted self-rule.

24:30.180 --> 24:38.020
They wanted the temple back, and they wanted their ancestral language, which is something we see

24:38.020 --> 24:44.900
today. That same desire was there in 135 that we have today. It's not narrowly a bad desire, but

24:44.980 --> 24:48.020
I think it's just interesting that this was the beginning of them

24:49.140 --> 24:55.540
basically trying to undo nearly a thousand years of God's punishment against them.

24:58.180 --> 25:01.380
Did you want to read the Titus quote from the First Rebellion?

25:02.820 --> 25:08.020
Yes, I think we should definitely include that Titus quote because it is one of the best quotes in

25:08.020 --> 25:16.180
all of history. As is customary in the Roman Empire, when Titus returns victorious from

25:16.180 --> 25:21.300
conquering the Jews in that First Revolt, it had started under his father Vespasian, but then

25:22.180 --> 25:27.700
because of happenings in Rome, Vespasian had returned to Rome the year before the revolt

25:27.700 --> 25:33.860
ended because Nero had committed suicide or forced his guard to kill him whichever way that

25:33.860 --> 25:39.780
actually went, and so Vespasian went back to take over as emperor essentially, but when Titus returned

25:40.580 --> 25:47.620
he was offered the wreath of victory, which is how they did things at the time, and he refused it,

25:48.500 --> 25:53.700
and his quote was, there is no merit in vanquishing a people forsaken by their own God.

25:54.740 --> 25:59.540
He considered himself to be an instrument of divine wrath against the Jews, and that is certainly true,

26:00.340 --> 26:04.980
but that is just one of the best preserved quotes in history.

26:07.140 --> 26:12.420
And on the point of the Hebrew language, Hadrian actually banned its use. He set about to erase

26:12.420 --> 26:17.780
what little of it was left. I think one of the interesting parts about the beginning of the

26:17.780 --> 26:24.260
diaspora here is that as they moved into Babylon, because of the destruction of the temple and the

26:24.260 --> 26:32.820
destruction of the priestly class, they shifted to a rabbinical school of Judaism, basically the

26:32.820 --> 26:38.340
Pharisees sort of continued on as rabbis in terms of the type of teaching that was done,

26:38.980 --> 26:46.340
and this was the beginning of them shifting from the oral traditions to writing those traditions

26:46.340 --> 26:51.860
down. The mission of the oral traditions had been passed down. They claimed from Moses day,

26:51.860 --> 26:57.940
they claimed that God had given Moses an oral Torah, an oral law, as well as the written one,

26:57.940 --> 27:04.020
and that was a key part of their control of the religion because they were contradictory. What

27:04.020 --> 27:09.940
was written down was from God, and then the oral tradition, the tradition that was secretly passed

27:09.940 --> 27:16.340
on among rabbis, and then taught to the people as it was doled out, contradicted Scripture,

27:16.340 --> 27:20.580
and this was one of the chief battles that Jesus had with the Pharisees, was that many of them,

27:21.300 --> 27:27.620
the ones who were not faithful, there were a few faithful Pharisees, at least they were believers.

27:29.780 --> 27:34.740
The rest of them were engaging in anti-Scriptural behaviors and teachings

27:35.300 --> 27:42.900
as a matter of lifestyle. That was the Phariseeical mode, and so when it shifted over to rabbinical

27:42.900 --> 27:50.660
Judaism, one of the things they did, because the central locus of the temple had been lost,

27:50.660 --> 27:55.620
was they started writing stuff down, and so this is the period where we have the two Talmuds can

27:55.620 --> 28:02.740
emerge and then converge, basically writing down those oral traditions as they'd been passed down,

28:02.740 --> 28:08.980
and it's a huge set. It's like 25 or 30 volumes of stuff, and it's funny when I've heard a couple

28:08.980 --> 28:14.660
rabbis discussing it, and they say, I know one, almost no one's ever read it all, which is kind

28:14.660 --> 28:19.860
of goofy for their holy works, but because they're basically signing statements, reinterpreting

28:19.860 --> 28:26.260
whatever God said, for them the important part is the arguing, and so it was a big shift for them

28:26.260 --> 28:31.380
to actually write any of that down, and that's another thing that we touched on briefly last week.

28:32.020 --> 28:36.260
They'd stopped speaking Hebrew, and despite the efforts in the third revolt,

28:36.260 --> 28:41.780
Hebrew didn't come back, so when the Talmud was written down, it was written in Aramaic,

28:41.780 --> 28:46.820
Hebrew was gone, so when you hear about a Talmudic scholar, the Talmuds will look like

28:46.820 --> 28:50.100
they're written in Hebrew, they're not. It's literally Aramaic that they're reading.

28:50.980 --> 28:56.020
Yeah, a full set of the English Talmud is 73 volumes and $3,000,

28:58.100 --> 29:01.940
and a lot of pages. I remember it's like 6,500, it's a lot of pages in the English.

29:02.900 --> 29:04.420
But in between...

29:04.420 --> 29:06.180
The question is how much of that is prof-emergent.

29:09.860 --> 29:18.660
Given this is a Jewish-owned shop, but in between the end of these Roman-Jewish conflicts,

29:18.660 --> 29:23.700
because Rome's power is starting to wane at this point, and this is when you have the

29:23.700 --> 29:27.060
the disillusion of the empire into the western and the eastern, so you have the Byzantines,

29:27.060 --> 29:32.100
the Byzantines obviously will have control over Jerusalem for a period of time until they

29:32.740 --> 29:36.740
lose that to the invading Islamic forces in a number of centuries.

29:37.940 --> 29:46.020
But in between the Roman suppression of these revolts and really things that will happen later

29:46.020 --> 29:53.060
on, we have an attempt by Julian the Apostate to rebuild the temple, because of course now the

29:53.060 --> 29:59.940
temple has been destroyed twice. You have the first temple is destroyed by the Babylonians,

29:59.940 --> 30:07.380
that is in 586 BC, and then you have, as was just mentioned, the second temple destroyed

30:07.380 --> 30:16.340
by the Romans in 70 AD. However, Julian the Apostate, who actually follows a number of

30:16.340 --> 30:22.420
faithful Christian rulers in the Byzantine Empire, he's not a Christian, that's why he's

30:22.420 --> 30:28.820
Julian the Apostate. He attempts to resurrect paganism, and so part of that he attempts to

30:28.820 --> 30:35.940
rebuild the temple. However, when the Jews, obviously eager to rebuild the temple, said about

30:35.940 --> 30:42.420
doing this task, they are met with basically complete destruction and signs from God.

30:43.460 --> 30:48.500
There is an earthquake, fire comes out of the ground and burns up workers, and they really

30:48.500 --> 30:54.180
don't get anywhere. But God makes it very clear, he does not want the temple to be reconstructed,

30:54.180 --> 30:59.060
that is not something Christians most certainly should support, that is something Christians

30:59.060 --> 31:04.260
should oppose. And so the people who are sending money over to Israel to build a third temple,

31:05.540 --> 31:11.460
that is incredibly wicked. Maybe we'll see fire from the ground again, or from the sky this time.

31:12.260 --> 31:20.180
We will have a link in the show notes to some first-hand and second-hand depictions from that

31:20.180 --> 31:26.260
time period of accounts of what happened there. The details vary slightly, but the overall theme is

31:26.260 --> 31:32.820
the same and unmistakable. There is a supernatural force preventing them from rebuilding the temple,

31:32.820 --> 31:38.500
and it included fireballs. We say supernatural, we're not talking about tummy aches,

31:38.500 --> 31:42.260
men were incinerated from the ground by fire, that's not normal.

31:43.220 --> 31:45.140
Well, it's a little more normal when you worship Satan.

31:47.460 --> 31:54.420
To move on to Babylon, that's really the next major point in this journey. Of course,

31:54.420 --> 31:59.300
you have the Babylonian captivity of Israel, not of the church, that's a different matter,

31:59.300 --> 32:05.220
that book is worth reading. Incidentally, that's written by Luther. But the Babylonian captivity

32:05.220 --> 32:14.500
of Israel is 597 BC is when that starts. That is when you really get the beginning of the Jewish

32:14.500 --> 32:20.500
diaspora population in Babylon. This, of course, is the southern kingdom Judah, because the Assyrians

32:20.500 --> 32:27.620
were the ones that took the northern kingdom captive earlier on. But you wind up with a population of

32:28.340 --> 32:34.420
between one and two million Jews living in Babylon, which essentially modern day Iraq.

32:36.260 --> 32:41.060
This is when the Talmud really begins to take form. And as was mentioned, you have a split here,

32:41.060 --> 32:46.340
because you have the Jewish population, what remains of it in Jerusalem in the surrounding area,

32:46.340 --> 32:50.900
they produce what comes to be known as the Jerusalem Talmud. But then you have the Babylonian

32:50.980 --> 32:58.660
Talmud, which obviously produced in Babylon. This is where the Jewish schools that we still

32:58.660 --> 33:05.140
have today, and they are largely in the US and Israel, this is where they take off the the

33:05.140 --> 33:14.740
Yeshiva. These are schools devoted to the study of the Talmud. And they start here in Babylon,

33:14.740 --> 33:21.780
and they spread to many other places over time. Wherever the center of Jewish power is at the

33:21.780 --> 33:27.860
time, that's where you'll find the Yeshiva. And as I mentioned, today, if you are looking at where

33:27.860 --> 33:34.900
the Yeshiva are concentrated, they are concentrated in Israel and in the US. But to give some historical

33:34.900 --> 33:43.540
context here, originally, when the Jews are taken captive in Babylon, they are taken captive by the

33:43.540 --> 33:52.820
Sassanid dynasty, and that is a Zoroastrian dynasty. However, during the period of this

33:52.820 --> 33:59.780
diaspora population living in this region, the Muslim conquest come through and Zoroastrianism

33:59.780 --> 34:08.180
is erased, it's gone. However, the Muslims for four centuries still permit the Jews to practice

34:08.180 --> 34:13.540
their religion, to have their schools, to teach the Talmud, to do all these various things, to

34:13.540 --> 34:20.260
participate in society, in banking and coinage and various other things, really the sorts of things

34:20.260 --> 34:26.340
that you would expect. And so perhaps that narrative that you constantly hear of the Jews and the

34:26.340 --> 34:34.180
Muslims being arch enemies and hating each other for all time, a little more complicated than most

34:34.260 --> 34:40.340
media reports would have you think. Because this is a large Jewish population living under Muslim

34:40.340 --> 34:47.380
rulers for centuries. And this isn't the only time we'll see that. We will see this again in Europe

34:48.260 --> 34:54.180
with the Muslim Caliphate in Spain. We will see this in the Ottoman Empire. This is not something

34:54.180 --> 35:01.060
that is new. It's not something that has ceased. It still happens to this day, despite the conflict

35:01.060 --> 35:10.660
between Israel and Palestine. But to go back to the Byzantine Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire,

35:10.660 --> 35:16.820
because of course, it's in the Eastern Roman Empire in Jerusalem, where the other Talmud,

35:16.820 --> 35:22.500
the other version is taking shape at this point. And really, it's just commentary on the Mishnah

35:22.500 --> 35:28.900
that are reduced to writing and then published. In this case, obviously copied by hand. They don't

35:28.900 --> 35:38.500
have a printing press back then. But the Eastern Empire Christendom really turns against the Jews

35:39.380 --> 35:45.620
in part. The turning point here, the inflection point is when Christendom becomes patriarch

35:45.620 --> 35:52.180
of Constantinople. And he has a number of sermons against the Jews. I will link to those in the

35:52.180 --> 35:59.540
show notes. They are worth reading. He was a good orator. He was a good pastor, a fairly good theologian.

35:59.540 --> 36:04.100
Obviously, I would disagree with him on some things. But not as much as one might think,

36:04.100 --> 36:10.100
because we'll get this eventually in an Eastern Orthodoxy episode. But what is Eastern Orthodoxy

36:10.100 --> 36:14.900
today is very different from what someone like John Chrysostom would have believed.

36:16.420 --> 36:19.700
Basically, because of Palimus. But we'll get to that in a future episode.

36:20.660 --> 36:26.660
And so Chrysostom becomes patriarch in 398. He has a number of sermons against the Jews.

36:27.300 --> 36:34.260
This stirs up anti-Jew sentiment among Christians. And obviously, some of the other things that

36:34.260 --> 36:37.700
have happened historically because the Christians at the time were not ignorant of what the Jews

36:37.700 --> 36:45.380
had been doing. So there were other reasons for it as well. But the first emperor who really takes

36:45.460 --> 36:50.900
after Hadrian, that is, of course, who takes anti-Jew measures would be Theodosius.

36:52.180 --> 36:59.620
That would be in the fifth century. Now, the Jews, even to this day, hate Theodosius.

36:59.620 --> 37:04.420
But if you actually look at the measures he enacted, they'll seem fairly reasonable to you.

37:05.220 --> 37:10.820
Jews were not allowed to own Christian slaves. Because, of course, there's a religious conflict

37:10.820 --> 37:18.180
there. And the Christian emperor did not want Jewish masters having Christian slaves. That's a

37:18.180 --> 37:26.900
problem. It also banned intermarriage between Christians and Jews. And Christians were forbidden

37:26.900 --> 37:33.140
to convert to Judaism. Those are basically the measures that he enacted. So not particularly

37:33.140 --> 37:40.660
burdensome or extensive. We have another attempt here to stamp out completely what remains of the

37:40.660 --> 37:46.500
Hebrew language. It's basically dead at this point. The Jews are still in some minor way attempting

37:46.500 --> 37:54.340
to resurrect it. And so Emperor Justinian, a short while after Theodosius, bans the use of Hebrew

37:54.340 --> 37:59.860
because he's still having trouble in his empire with rebellious Jews. And part of that, if you

38:00.740 --> 38:05.780
ban the use of this language, he's trying to make it harder for them to organize these problems that

38:05.780 --> 38:14.100
they are causing him. But I mentioned earlier the conquest by the Muslims. And so this moves

38:14.100 --> 38:20.820
us into the Islamic period, really. And that more or less begins with the Battle of Yarmouk in 636.

38:20.820 --> 38:27.460
That's when the Muslim forces defeat the Byzantine forces. And really, that's more or less the end

38:28.180 --> 38:36.820
of the hegemony of the Eastern Roman Empire in this region. And so that moves us into the Islamic

38:36.820 --> 38:47.060
period. And so Caliph Omar is the man who would wind up with control over Jerusalem in this period.

38:47.860 --> 38:52.500
In the Talmud, he is called a friend of Israel. So again, this relationship between the Jews and

38:52.500 --> 38:57.300
the Muslims is more complicated than you've probably been led to believe. They are cousins,

38:57.300 --> 39:05.620
after all. Scripture is very clear on that. And so Jews worked in his empire as one of the Arab

39:05.620 --> 39:14.180
historians has said, as assayers of coins, sellers of dye, tanners, and bankers, which I am sure are

39:14.180 --> 39:21.780
surprising jobs for everyone to hear. But on the topic of what we mentioned earlier, the diaspora,

39:22.820 --> 39:30.900
the nature of the diaspora starts to take form in some ways under Caliph Omar, and then under his

39:30.900 --> 39:37.700
successors as well. Because in the seventh century, the Caraj land tax is passed. And basically,

39:37.700 --> 39:45.140
that's a tax that is particularly burdensome on non Muslims who own agricultural or otherwise

39:45.140 --> 39:50.900
productive land. And so in order to avoid paying this tax, the Jews move to the cities. Because

39:50.900 --> 39:57.860
if you don't own productive land, you don't pay the land tax. This is, of course, just an instance

39:57.860 --> 40:05.300
of the standard, the dimmy or the jizya, the tax on non believers living in Muslim controlled lands.

40:07.220 --> 40:12.980
But this is the beginning of the concentration of the Jews almost exclusively in the cities.

40:13.940 --> 40:20.340
And we will see that pattern repeat over and over again, as they move from one place to the next

40:20.340 --> 40:26.900
when they are either expelled, or there's a new opportunity that opens up. But under

40:27.700 --> 40:31.540
this caliph and the subsequent ones, this is considered one of the golden ages.

40:32.900 --> 40:37.220
Because the Jews are basically free to do as they please, they're not really burdened other

40:37.220 --> 40:43.700
than this tax, but they move into the cities, they avoid the tax. And this persists through

40:43.700 --> 40:52.980
about the year 1000. But the center of gravity for the Jewish people shifts from the Middle East,

40:53.780 --> 41:00.020
from the Near East, into Spain. Because of course, you have the Moorish conquest of Spain.

41:01.140 --> 41:09.220
And you have for centuries, Muslims ruling European territory. And so this is considered

41:09.220 --> 41:14.500
the real golden age for the Jews in Europe in Spain.

41:15.860 --> 41:22.740
It's important to note that the ushering in of the Moorish Islamic age of the rule of Spain

41:23.300 --> 41:33.620
was brought upon by Jews in Spain, Toledo, the neighboring cities. It was Roman Catholic territory.

41:34.500 --> 41:39.060
I have a brief timeline here of some of the things that happened in Toledo and

41:39.940 --> 41:44.500
surrounds as it related to the Jews who at the time were in a minority because there were some

41:44.500 --> 41:52.100
Jews living there in the 500s and 600s. In 558, the bishop ordered the Jews of his diocese to

41:52.100 --> 41:57.860
convert to Catholicism, and those who didn't were expelled from the region. In 633, the Fourth

41:57.860 --> 42:02.820
Council of Toledo describes the Jews who were allegedly proselytizing their beliefs as the

42:02.820 --> 42:08.580
Antichrist ministers. So again, consistent with Christ's system, Christian preaching was that

42:09.300 --> 42:16.660
these people are evil. That's not calling names. That's a doctrinal position supported

42:16.660 --> 42:21.700
incidentally by Scripture, and we'll get to that in a couple of minutes. Also, in 633,

42:21.700 --> 42:26.660
the Fourth Council of Toledo declared that all Jews must be baptized. That is forcibly converted.

42:27.380 --> 42:33.380
In 654, the king of Toledo forbade Jews from keeping the Sabbath, forbade their dietary laws,

42:33.380 --> 42:39.140
their marriage laws, and forbade circumcision, which again is banning their religion outright.

42:39.140 --> 42:45.460
It was illegal effectively to practice Judaism. In 694, the Catholic bishops issued a decree

42:45.460 --> 42:50.900
that the Jews were traitors and should have their wealth confiscated and face perpetual slavery,

42:50.900 --> 42:54.820
which, as Cory just said, is a significantly worse deal than they were getting from

42:54.820 --> 43:01.620
the Muslims, whom we are told are their bitter hereditary enemies. Interesting, hereditary enemy

43:01.620 --> 43:08.420
is a word the Luther later uses, in fact, in the Lutheran confessions to describe the Muslims,

43:08.420 --> 43:16.100
yet the hereditary nature of the Jewish-Muslim relationship is frequently quite friendly.

43:17.460 --> 43:24.420
This came to a head in 711 when Tariq brought his army to Toledo to try to crush her. They were

43:24.420 --> 43:31.620
trying to capture Spain for the caliphate. Jewish traitors opened the gates of Toledo,

43:31.620 --> 43:39.060
let the Muslim soldiers in, so there was no siege of Toledo. There was no battle. The gates were

43:39.060 --> 43:46.180
opened by Jews who were traitors to their town, led in the Muslims, and they conquered it in

43:46.180 --> 43:54.180
short order. Basically, all of Spain fell not very long thereafter. That control that Muslims had

43:54.740 --> 44:04.580
lasted until the 15th century. And not only did the Jews help the Muslims to conquer their Christian

44:05.220 --> 44:11.460
rulers, but the Muslims put the Jews in charge of some of these cities. So they were basically left

44:11.460 --> 44:18.500
to second in command beneath the Muslims, but over the Christians. This was a pattern, as Cory

44:18.500 --> 44:22.980
said, this is a pattern that played out in multiple places. So when we talked at the beginning about

44:22.980 --> 44:29.780
there being malfeasance and misconduct by this group, there's always this pattern where wherever

44:29.780 --> 44:34.820
there are Jews and there are Christians, the Christians end up being harmed somehow, whether

44:34.820 --> 44:41.300
it's soft harm like usury or hard harm, like having the gates thrown open so that your enemies can

44:41.300 --> 44:48.020
come in and slaughter you. But that pattern is very clear and Muslims and Jews, in fact, to this

44:48.020 --> 44:52.740
day, work together. Most people don't remember this, but when ISIS was a thing briefly and they

44:52.740 --> 44:58.660
were causing trouble, at one point, they killed some IDF soldiers and they put out a public

44:58.660 --> 45:04.580
apology. They apologized for killing Israeli soldiers, which isn't what you would expect from

45:04.580 --> 45:09.380
Muslim terrorists seeking a caliphate. And yet, if you understand more of history, it's not quite

45:09.380 --> 45:14.580
that weird. And behind the scenes, even today, Saudi Arabia and Israel are very close friends.

45:14.580 --> 45:20.180
They work together in lockstep. And when you see breakdowns in their relations, it's because one

45:20.180 --> 45:26.100
Saudi Arabian, the Shakes or whoever, when they are ebbing and flowing and they have their internal

45:26.100 --> 45:34.100
conflicts, they will sometimes side more or less with Israel than others. But when it comes to them

45:34.100 --> 45:39.620
versus Christendom, there's no doubt their cousins. And so they have their battles as cousins. But

45:39.620 --> 45:43.700
when it comes to dealing with Christians, there's no question who's going to get the knife first.

45:44.740 --> 45:48.500
The Middle Eastern proverb really just plays out again and again and again.

45:49.380 --> 45:55.140
And everyone should know it by now. They and they will admit to it. This is their proverb. They

45:55.860 --> 46:01.540
know this about themselves. Me against my brother, me and my brother against my father,

46:01.540 --> 46:06.740
me, my brother and my father against my uncle, me, my brother, my father, my uncle against.

46:07.300 --> 46:09.780
And it just goes up from there until it's against the world.

46:11.940 --> 46:17.380
That is how they view things. That is how they behave. And that is why the Jews and the Muslims

46:17.380 --> 46:23.540
will get along to attack Christians because they're cousins, but they're not your cousin.

46:25.620 --> 46:32.020
And so with the conquest of Spain in 711 through 1031, this is considered one of the

46:32.020 --> 46:38.900
golden ages of the Jewish people by the Jewish people. Because as was mentioned, the Muslims

46:38.900 --> 46:45.380
basically let them practice their religion, set up their schools, in some cases collect taxes,

46:45.380 --> 46:52.900
bank, deal with the money and oppress Christians. And so this is a golden age for the Jews. It's

46:52.900 --> 46:59.060
also incidentally where a bit of that ruthless cosmopolitan nature comes from. Because they're

46:59.060 --> 47:04.980
just moving around from city to city as the opportunity opens up. There's no real connection

47:04.980 --> 47:12.580
to a specific geographic area. And the reason for that is because God destroyed them in their

47:12.580 --> 47:20.020
homeland. He made them into ruthless cosmopolitans. He made them into a diaspora people who wander

47:20.020 --> 47:24.900
endlessly because they are not at home anywhere, because that is a punishment from God.

47:26.260 --> 47:32.500
So we mentioned last week that we would get to the Star of David, so-called this week. It ties in

47:32.500 --> 47:39.460
both to the very beginning of the first century, all the way through the 10th and 11th century AD.

47:39.460 --> 47:43.300
So I think this is a good place to mention because it also ties in with Islam.

47:45.220 --> 47:49.060
I'm going to read back from scripture again. We're going to bounce back to scripture just a bit.

47:49.860 --> 47:59.860
In Act 7, around 743, Stephen is preaching to the Jews and he is speaking of Moses here.

48:01.620 --> 48:06.980
Moses received living oracles to give to us. Our fathers refused to obey him, but thrust him

48:06.980 --> 48:13.700
aside and in their hearts they turned to Egypt, saying to Aaron, make us gods who will go before us.

48:13.700 --> 48:18.740
As for this Moses who led us out from the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.

48:18.740 --> 48:23.700
And they made a calf in those days and offered a sacrifice to the idol and were rejoicing in the

48:23.700 --> 48:30.020
works of their hands. But God turned away and gave them over to worship the host of heaven,

48:30.020 --> 48:33.700
as it is written in the book of the prophets. And this is from Amos.

48:34.660 --> 48:38.820
Did you bring me slain beasts and sacrifices during the 40 years in the wilderness,

48:38.820 --> 48:44.260
O house of Israel? You took up the tent of Moloch and the star of your God, Raphane,

48:44.260 --> 48:48.820
the images that you made to worship, and I will send you into exile beyond Babylon.

48:49.860 --> 48:53.380
And then a little while later in this sermon, Stephen says,

48:53.380 --> 48:58.740
you stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears. You always resist the Holy Spirit.

48:58.740 --> 49:03.540
As your fathers did, so do you. Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute?

49:03.540 --> 49:06.980
And they killed those who announced beforehand the coming of the righteous one,

49:06.980 --> 49:11.780
whom you have now betrayed and murdered. You who received the law as delivered by angels

49:11.780 --> 49:17.860
and did not keep it. Almost immediately after saying this, Stephen is murdered. He's murdered

49:17.860 --> 49:24.180
by this crowd of Jews to whom he is preaching. So a couple things I want to note and then focus on.

49:24.180 --> 49:29.220
First, it's notable that if you go back and read Amos 20, about 25 and 26,

49:29.860 --> 49:34.340
you'll find some different wording than you find here in Acts. When it says,

49:34.340 --> 49:38.580
the tent of Moloch and the star of your God, Raphane, it says something different in Amos,

49:38.580 --> 49:44.500
the stars of Cuyun. I don't remember what the tent was. The reason for that difference is that Stephen

49:44.500 --> 49:50.340
is quoting the Septuagint. He's quoting the Greek Old Testament. So when you look at the Greek,

49:50.340 --> 49:55.060
it says Moloch and Raphane, or Remphan. It's said both ways. You translate it both ways.

49:55.780 --> 50:01.380
The words that appear in this verse in Amos 26 only appear one time in that verse, so we don't

50:01.380 --> 50:07.300
have other parallax for it. They're Appax Legomona. I think that's interesting because

50:07.300 --> 50:12.420
it highlights what we said last week that Hebrew is a dead language. Although you can now look

50:12.420 --> 50:17.140
at the Hebrew of Amos today, when Stephen was preaching, he didn't use the Hebrew. You used

50:17.140 --> 50:25.300
the Greek. More importantly, note what's going on here. When Stephen is condemning these Jews

50:25.300 --> 50:31.380
to their faces, he is telling them that they're idolaters, and specifically that their God was

50:31.940 --> 50:38.500
a star God, the star of their God, Raphane. He's making a direct connection between the

50:39.300 --> 50:44.900
idol worship, the Satan worship of the Jews before him, and the Satan worship of the Jews

50:44.900 --> 50:52.180
who came out of Egypt. This passage makes it very clear, when you go read it, go read Acts 743

50:52.180 --> 51:02.340
in that area. Stephen makes it very clear that the Jews in Moses' day, they were idolaters,

51:02.340 --> 51:09.300
not 100% of them, but their God. God turned them over to their God, to the host of heaven.

51:10.580 --> 51:13.620
When you hear that, and you're not really paying attention to anything, turn them over to worship

51:13.700 --> 51:19.620
the host of heaven. It kind of sounds like God. No, he's talking about a star. He's talking about

51:19.620 --> 51:27.220
the star God. This has to do with the star of David, because there's no such thing. That symbol,

51:27.220 --> 51:34.180
that hexagram, is called both the star of David and the shield of David. It does not exist in

51:34.180 --> 51:43.300
any Judaic practice until 1008 AD. The Leningrad Codex, which is a Tanakh that's preserved in Russia

51:43.380 --> 51:52.340
today, is over 1,000 years old. It is the first connection between the hexagram and the Jewish

51:52.340 --> 51:59.060
or Judaic faith. This is critical, because we do have other art from much earlier. We have art from

51:59.060 --> 52:05.540
before the first century, and we have depictions of stars in the first century and second and third

52:05.540 --> 52:11.460
century. The stars that they're talking about are not a star of David. They have nothing to do

52:11.460 --> 52:19.460
with the Jewish faith, so-called. They come from mysticism, specifically from Babylonian mysticism.

52:21.220 --> 52:26.900
The hexagram, which is effectively a triangle pointed up and a triangle pointed down,

52:29.380 --> 52:33.220
that's notable, because it's pointing two different directions. It's pointing up and down.

52:34.180 --> 52:41.620
That is an allusion to as above so below, which is a Satanic term that's used to this day.

52:41.620 --> 52:46.500
Satan worshippers today will use some of these symbols. In fact, they use the hexagram, the

52:46.500 --> 52:53.380
so-called star of David, as one of their symbols. Cory and I debated even talking about this subject,

52:53.380 --> 53:01.620
because the problem with when you start to delve into mysticism and these occult practices,

53:02.260 --> 53:06.020
there's a certain type of person who's vulnerable to that, who's weak to that.

53:06.020 --> 53:09.540
There's some men where a pretty girl can walk by and they just don't even care,

53:09.540 --> 53:15.780
but if there's a whip of occult information, of occult knowledge, that is tempting.

53:16.900 --> 53:20.980
When we're talking about this, I don't want anyone to be tempted by wanting to delve into

53:20.980 --> 53:27.300
these things. If you're listening and you hear what's talking about Babylonian magic and this

53:27.300 --> 53:33.300
mysticism, and it gets you excited, take that as a sign of that as a personal spiritual weakness

53:33.300 --> 53:37.540
of yours and just don't go anywhere near it. I'm warning you for the sake of your soul.

53:37.540 --> 53:42.820
This is how men, some men are tempted. Some men are completely indifferent. I can look into some

53:42.820 --> 53:48.100
of this stuff because it makes my skin crawl, and I look as little as possible, and I learn as

53:48.100 --> 53:52.660
little as possible, just enough to be able to identify the basic patterns to say, yeah, that's

53:52.660 --> 53:58.020
enemy action. We're going to talk a little bit about it. We're going to reference another podcast

53:58.020 --> 54:02.260
that goes into a little bit more. We're not recommending everyone look at this, and if you,

54:02.260 --> 54:07.380
in particular, are enthused about these things, just keep away, please. It's not worth it.

54:07.380 --> 54:12.180
It doesn't matter. There are much more important things to focus on. The reason for talking about

54:12.180 --> 54:18.020
the Star of Rafan as it relates to the so-called Star of David is that there are ancient ties

54:18.100 --> 54:25.060
to the Satan worship of the Israelites in Egypt. When you look at this symbol,

54:25.060 --> 54:30.420
the hexagram, what we call what we think is the Star of David today, it first appears

54:30.420 --> 54:34.820
in and around the first century, but it has no connection whatsoever to Judaism.

54:35.540 --> 54:43.700
The first connections that it has are to alchemy, to Babylonian magic, which ties back to Egyptian

54:43.700 --> 54:51.540
magic through the Greeks. It ties to Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism, and it also ties to

54:51.540 --> 54:57.380
Muslim mysticism. I found that very interesting that both Jewish and Muslim mysticism, most people

54:57.380 --> 55:02.980
don't even know the Muslim mysticism exists. It does, and it uses these very symbols. So

55:03.700 --> 55:10.580
the Star of David is an occult symbol, and the only place in scripture that a star appears

55:10.580 --> 55:19.220
is directly connected to a star god, a star god from Egypt. We're going to link to a podcast that's

55:19.220 --> 55:24.740
defunct now, which I said is really good, called Not Conformed. They did a four-part series of

55:24.740 --> 55:29.940
one point talking about some of the occult and some of the history of some of those evil stuff.

55:29.940 --> 55:35.780
We're just going to link to the last episode in that series because it goes the most directly

55:35.780 --> 55:44.900
into discussing Babylonian era and Egyptian era magic. I'm going to say something that might

55:44.900 --> 55:52.020
surprise some people, but black magic is real. When Pharaoh had his magicians performing

55:52.020 --> 55:58.180
magic in front of Moses, they were really doing those things. Now, to say that black magic is

55:58.180 --> 56:02.580
real is not to say that these men had power. They had no power. They were demon-possessed.

56:02.580 --> 56:07.940
Demons were doing those things. So when we talk about magic, we're talking about supernatural.

56:07.940 --> 56:12.020
None of this has anything to do with what any man can do. It's not like if you have certain

56:12.020 --> 56:17.460
knowledge, you can gain psychic abilities or the ability to levitate or do any of these things.

56:18.100 --> 56:24.100
In the event that any sort of supernatural phenomena appears, you're dealing with demons.

56:24.740 --> 56:32.340
There's no other way to describe it, and it's clear when Moses is doing battle with

56:32.980 --> 56:38.980
the magicians of Pharaoh that he's dealing directly with gods, their gods, their demonic gods,

56:38.980 --> 56:46.660
the 10 miracles that he does, that each of them is an overthrowing, symbolically, of one of the

56:46.660 --> 56:53.300
gods of the Egyptians who were demons. All those physical depictions of them and the descriptions

56:53.380 --> 56:58.980
of their habits and their tendencies and their domains, some of that's not going to be true,

56:58.980 --> 57:05.220
but some of it is absolutely real. There are demons associated with each of those Egyptian gods,

57:05.860 --> 57:11.220
and interestingly, a lot of those pop up in other cultures, too. They'll have sometimes

57:11.220 --> 57:16.020
similar names, sometimes different names, but it's not simply that they were worshiped in Egypt.

57:17.060 --> 57:20.580
The reason that Egypt is so important, the reason that it pops up in the episode that

57:20.580 --> 57:27.060
we're going to link to, is that as you look at modern-day magic, people are actually practicing

57:27.060 --> 57:34.420
what they believe is real supernatural communion with these deities, these demons, they will trace

57:34.420 --> 57:40.740
back through Babylon, they will trace through the Greeks who, remember when Alexander conquered

57:40.740 --> 57:48.900
Egypt, the Greeks were then running Egypt, and so much of the scholarship, much of the recordings

57:48.900 --> 57:55.300
of Egyptian magic, is in Greek because when the Greeks showed up, they're like, oh, this is great,

57:55.300 --> 58:01.940
we can now control these demons now. Today, the men who look back, they look through Babylonia,

58:01.940 --> 58:06.420
they look in Greek, back to what the Egyptians were doing 3,500 years ago.

58:08.580 --> 58:15.860
It's notable that the Freemasons and other similar secret societies also trace their lineage

58:16.500 --> 58:22.260
back to Egypt. Everyone wants roots in Egypt for this stuff, and today, if you're not paying any

58:22.260 --> 58:25.940
attention, you don't care, and frankly, most people shouldn't care. I'm not saying be excited

58:25.940 --> 58:31.860
about this stuff, please don't be excited, but if you begin to look at all, and you begin to look

58:31.860 --> 58:36.740
at things like the pentagram and the hexagram, you'll find that they're all directly connected to

58:37.780 --> 58:44.180
demonic spiritual practices in these ages, and they all trace back to the very time. Like,

58:44.180 --> 58:49.860
remember, when Stephen is quoting Amos in describing what happened, while Moses is up

58:49.860 --> 58:56.260
on the mountain, this isn't centuries later, Stephen and Amos are specifically describing

58:56.260 --> 59:02.900
what happened with the Jews at the base of the mountain when they told Aaron to make that

59:02.900 --> 59:09.140
golden calf for them, pointing back to their Egyptian gods, and God condemns them for worshiping

59:09.140 --> 59:15.700
their star god of Rafan. That's Egyptian, at least that old. We don't know how much older it is

59:15.700 --> 59:19.940
than their demons, so they were created during the Sixth Age of Creation, but their interaction

59:19.940 --> 59:27.700
with the Jews at least goes back to the days of Egypt. When we have these evil satanic magic

59:27.700 --> 59:31.780
symbols that today are called the Star of David, and they're in some of our churches,

59:31.780 --> 59:37.300
and most people think it's just fine. They think it's hunky dory. It did not exist anywhere

59:37.300 --> 59:45.700
as any sort of religious symbol that was not occult until 1008 AD. Then it was on a Tanakh

59:45.700 --> 59:51.620
that had been produced by these wicked apostate Jews who had been cursed by God a thousand years

59:51.620 --> 01:00:00.180
earlier. The Star of David is important as a small microcosm of how we were deceived. We

01:00:00.180 --> 01:00:03.700
talked last week about how we were deceived into thinking that Jesus was speaking Hebrew, no.

01:00:04.660 --> 01:00:09.940
We're also told that the Star of David is this ancient symbol of Israel. You call it the Star

01:00:09.940 --> 01:00:15.380
of David, like, okay, great, David, he's a long time ago. That's super Jewish stuff. No, they

01:00:15.380 --> 01:00:22.580
didn't have it. It did exist as a magic symbol for demon summoning. When you see flags and you see

01:00:22.580 --> 01:00:29.060
symbols in our own churches today that have that, it's still demonic. There's not a good version

01:00:29.060 --> 01:00:34.100
and a bad version. There is only the evil version because it's an evil symbol, just as the cross

01:00:34.100 --> 01:00:40.980
is a good symbol. Symbolism is a small thing, but believe me, it matters a great deal to people

01:00:40.980 --> 01:00:46.020
who are hiding stuff, because one of the most important and common things that Satan likes

01:00:46.020 --> 01:00:51.300
to do is hide this crap in plain sight. There's a little signal somewhere just to wet people's

01:00:51.300 --> 01:00:56.100
appetite and to signal to people who are in the know that this is what's going on.

01:00:56.740 --> 01:01:01.140
And these symbols, these occult symbols are all connected. You are going to find them

01:01:01.860 --> 01:01:06.820
all throughout ancient mysticism, particularly in this region. Another that you will find

01:01:07.460 --> 01:01:15.300
constantly is the all-seeing eye. You're going to find that in connection with these other symbols,

01:01:16.580 --> 01:01:24.100
one in particular still used in this region modernly is the Hamza, which is an all-seeing eye

01:01:25.060 --> 01:01:30.100
in the palm of a hand. You've probably seen that symbol in various places. It's a favorite of

01:01:30.100 --> 01:01:37.620
Hollywood and various other questionable entities, but this is also connected to worship of Baal.

01:01:37.620 --> 01:01:44.100
This is connected to Carthage. You see this all throughout this region. Satan recycles the symbols

01:01:44.100 --> 01:01:50.260
he uses. There are symbols that represent God, there are symbols that represent Satan, and you

01:01:50.340 --> 01:01:56.820
are going to see them in any culture that is worshiping Satan. And that is the case with

01:01:58.260 --> 01:02:02.260
the so-called Star of David, the Star of Remfan. You can have an M in there or not,

01:02:02.260 --> 01:02:12.100
it's rendered both ways. And the Star of Remfan and the Pentagram are essentially interchangeable

01:02:12.100 --> 01:02:17.460
in many cases in the occult. So it's important to think of that. It's important to recognize that

01:02:17.460 --> 01:02:22.180
when you see one, it may as well be the other. Sometimes you'll see both together or you'll

01:02:22.180 --> 01:02:28.420
see a coin with one on one side and one on the other. But we don't want to dwell on the occult

01:02:28.420 --> 01:02:35.780
too much. But yes, it does of course trace back to Egypt and to tie that together with Egypt,

01:02:35.780 --> 01:02:41.220
you have the Eye of Horus, which of course is an all-seeing eye. But before getting into the

01:02:41.220 --> 01:02:48.980
occult, it was mentioned that in Spain, in the period before the Muslim conquest, the Jews were

01:02:48.980 --> 01:02:55.460
being forced to become Christian or in some cases be exiled, some of the Jews, it is worth noting,

01:02:56.100 --> 01:03:02.660
committed suicide rather than be baptized. And that ties into the next section in the history

01:03:02.660 --> 01:03:08.500
of this, which would be the Crusades. Because during the Crusades, there were some pogroms

01:03:08.500 --> 01:03:16.260
against the Jews. And this was for various reasons, often related to the lending practices of the Jews.

01:03:18.420 --> 01:03:24.580
Because of course, those who are in a great deal of debt due to predatory lending practices

01:03:24.580 --> 01:03:30.660
are not going to think very highly of the lender. And as was mentioned, Christians, there's this

01:03:30.660 --> 01:03:36.580
additional layer to it, because these were Christians, Christians are not permitted to lend

01:03:36.660 --> 01:03:42.180
at interest. And yes, I recognize how that is going to sound to anyone living in a capitalist

01:03:42.180 --> 01:03:47.780
society, which basically means anyone listening to this podcast. I doubt anyone listening is from

01:03:47.780 --> 01:03:53.460
a society that is not capitalist in its orientation economically.

01:03:56.180 --> 01:04:02.020
But Christians are not permitted morally to charge interest. That's usury. Usury is not

01:04:02.100 --> 01:04:08.900
excessive interest. Usury is interest, period. And so at this time, this was actually enforced

01:04:08.900 --> 01:04:14.740
in Christian lands. Christians were not allowed to charge interest. And so if you lent money,

01:04:14.740 --> 01:04:17.860
you got back the principle, and that was it. If you got the principle back.

01:04:19.940 --> 01:04:25.220
Jews were not subject to this. They weren't Christian. And so as was mentioned, it was,

01:04:25.220 --> 01:04:29.140
well, they're already going to hell. So why not make it a little worse for them and make money

01:04:29.140 --> 01:04:33.620
in the process? Of course, that was sin on the part of the Christian leaders. Getting someone

01:04:33.620 --> 01:04:40.660
else to sin for you is still sin. Yes, that person is sinning, but you're also sinning by proxy and

01:04:42.100 --> 01:04:47.540
in your own person by encouraging others to sin. You know, temptations will come,

01:04:47.540 --> 01:04:55.620
but woe to the person by whom they come. And so you have in the lead up to the crusades,

01:04:55.620 --> 01:05:01.460
as they're organizing these armies in Europe, some of the Jewish populations are purged or expelled.

01:05:02.580 --> 01:05:08.340
Before we saw in Spain, some of the Jews committed suicide to avoid being baptized.

01:05:08.980 --> 01:05:14.980
In some of the instances where the crusaders were dealing with a Jewish population,

01:05:15.540 --> 01:05:20.820
they would forcibly baptize them. And again, some of the Jews committed suicide

01:05:20.820 --> 01:05:24.580
rather than be baptized. This is how much they hate God. This is how much they hate Christ.

01:05:25.300 --> 01:05:27.460
They would rather commit suicide than be baptized.

01:05:30.100 --> 01:05:35.060
We won't dwell too much on the crusades because that's not really the point of this episode.

01:05:35.060 --> 01:05:42.340
So we'll move on to the middle ages, which really is the last significant time period before

01:05:42.340 --> 01:05:48.580
early modern and then next week we'll get into the modern. But during the middle ages, you have an

01:05:48.580 --> 01:05:56.020
increase in passion plays and various things like that that depict the Jews in their proper

01:05:56.020 --> 01:06:02.580
role in the narrative, which is to say as the killers of Christ. And they were depicted often in

01:06:03.300 --> 01:06:08.820
modern dress instead of traditional dress because Jews during the middle ages in many places

01:06:08.820 --> 01:06:12.580
had to wear special clothing to note that you were dealing with a Jew.

01:06:12.820 --> 01:06:18.580
In some places this took the form of a yellow star. We see that star symbol again.

01:06:19.140 --> 01:06:24.260
In some places it took the form of a special hat. They still have special hats today,

01:06:24.260 --> 01:06:26.500
but they're different from the ones they wore in the middle ages.

01:06:28.340 --> 01:06:33.060
But this of course leads to an increase or at least an increased awareness.

01:06:34.100 --> 01:06:38.100
It leads to this increase in anti-Jew sentiment amongst the Christian population

01:06:38.980 --> 01:06:42.660
because they start paying more attention to what the Jews are actually doing.

01:06:43.220 --> 01:06:47.220
And again, they're doing these things that Christians are explicitly forbidden to do.

01:06:47.220 --> 01:06:53.060
Things that these Christians are told are wicked, are sins. They're lending it interest.

01:06:53.620 --> 01:06:57.940
And you have various controversies with coin shaving and things like that because often

01:06:57.940 --> 01:07:02.100
they were the ones handling the currency and so sometimes they were expelled for coin shaving.

01:07:02.900 --> 01:07:11.220
But this is really when the trope of the Jewish moneylender solidifies itself. Yes,

01:07:11.220 --> 01:07:16.020
you had it earlier because they also did moneylending in the Byzantine Empire.

01:07:16.020 --> 01:07:19.460
They dealt with currency in the Roman Empire. You saw Jewish tax collectors.

01:07:19.460 --> 01:07:24.500
They played the same role in the Islamic Empire for a period of time.

01:07:25.060 --> 01:07:32.980
But here in Europe they are the only ones doing it because Christians are forbidden to do it.

01:07:34.100 --> 01:07:39.860
And so if you had to borrow money, which you probably didn't have to borrow money, but if you

01:07:39.860 --> 01:07:44.740
are a prince and you want to wage a war and you need to raise an army and you don't have the

01:07:44.740 --> 01:07:50.260
gold on hand, you go to the Jewish moneylender and he lends you the gold at interest.

01:07:51.220 --> 01:07:56.820
And so that's where you get the stereotype. Stereotypes of course being grounded in reality

01:07:56.820 --> 01:08:02.500
because they don't come from nowhere. A stereotype would be entirely useless if

01:08:02.500 --> 01:08:06.420
it weren't based in reality to some degree. It doesn't mean that there's a perfect correspondence

01:08:06.420 --> 01:08:11.700
between the stereotype and members of the stereotyped group, but there's some correspondence.

01:08:12.660 --> 01:08:18.340
When Germans are called krauts, okay, yes, we like cabbage. We also like sausage and beer.

01:08:18.420 --> 01:08:24.020
Those are stereotypes, but they're true. The Irish like potatoes, but in fairness who doesn't.

01:08:26.020 --> 01:08:32.260
But this is also when we see quite a few expulsions of the Jews from various places in

01:08:32.260 --> 01:08:36.580
Europe and you don't just have expulsions from countries. It's important to remember that because

01:08:36.580 --> 01:08:42.820
a number that gets tossed around sometimes is 109 or 110 or 11 depending on how you number things.

01:08:43.780 --> 01:08:47.780
The number is much higher because that's essentially counting the number of times

01:08:47.780 --> 01:08:53.700
Jews have been kicked out of countries or large areas. But Europe in the Middle Ages

01:08:54.660 --> 01:09:01.300
wasn't really large countries yet. You didn't have the nation states that you have today.

01:09:01.300 --> 01:09:05.380
You didn't have Germany. You had an area full of Germans. You didn't have Germany.

01:09:06.020 --> 01:09:11.700
You had various cities ruled by princes or electors or counts or margrades. It just

01:09:11.700 --> 01:09:16.740
depended on the era and where you were. And sometimes these political entities,

01:09:16.740 --> 01:09:21.220
because that was the highest political entity other than the actual emperor himself,

01:09:21.220 --> 01:09:26.980
who wasn't dealing with the every day of any of the cities really, except for perhaps

01:09:26.980 --> 01:09:32.820
an imperial city if he happened to be there. But these smaller political entities would expel the

01:09:32.820 --> 01:09:38.260
Jews and they would expel them for the things already mentioned, shenanigans and money lending,

01:09:39.220 --> 01:09:45.540
oppressive taxation where they were tax collectors, coin shaving, all of the things you expect.

01:09:46.740 --> 01:09:55.540
However, this is also when stories of child sacrifice and things like that start cropping

01:09:55.540 --> 01:10:02.020
up in Europe. They've appeared at other points in time in history related to the Jewish people

01:10:02.020 --> 01:10:08.260
and related to other pagans as well. You see it in the pages of scripture where scripture speaks

01:10:08.260 --> 01:10:13.940
about them sacrificing their sons and their daughters to the demons. Well, this resumes

01:10:14.900 --> 01:10:19.940
to some level, to some degree in Europe. And so you have the depiction, for instance, I cannot

01:10:19.940 --> 01:10:26.020
remember the child's name now, the famous saint who's depicted in artwork having been sacrificed

01:10:26.020 --> 01:10:33.620
by the Jews, recognized as a saint by the church at the time, the pope himself at this time, a

01:10:33.620 --> 01:10:40.340
better pope than we certainly have today, actually recognized this, the sacrifice of a Christian

01:10:40.340 --> 01:10:49.140
child to use his blood in the preparation of elements for Jewish ceremony, most likely matzah,

01:10:49.140 --> 01:10:55.700
or something similar. We'll include the famous painting in the show notes. I cannot remember

01:10:55.700 --> 01:11:01.940
the child's name right now. But as I mentioned, you have the symbols associated with the Jews

01:11:01.940 --> 01:11:07.060
where they're set apart. You have the yellow star here, which is really when the star becomes

01:11:07.060 --> 01:11:11.780
solidified as a symbol associated with the Jewish people, this six-pointed star.

01:11:12.420 --> 01:11:17.380
It's also a symbol that they were using themselves. It wasn't merely an epithet,

01:11:17.380 --> 01:11:23.780
it was it was something they used publicly. So to return to Spain, because Spain, of course,

01:11:23.780 --> 01:11:30.660
is still during this period, being ruled by the Muslims, the Muslims were expelled in 1492 in

01:11:31.300 --> 01:11:34.900
January. You probably remember that year from the rhyme you learned in school.

01:11:36.980 --> 01:11:43.700
But that gives you an idea of how recently Muslims were ruling a fairly large and important part

01:11:43.700 --> 01:11:52.020
of Europe. And so they were expelled. And as part of that, Jews were also required to convert,

01:11:52.020 --> 01:11:58.340
because the Jews had been under the Muslims permitted to remain Jewish and practice their

01:11:58.420 --> 01:12:04.340
religion and teach in their schools, study the Talmud, etc. Now that Christian rulers

01:12:05.220 --> 01:12:10.260
took over that territory again, resumed control over Spain,

01:12:12.340 --> 01:12:17.140
they were not going to tolerate the Jews, partly because the Jews had cooperated with the Muslims,

01:12:17.140 --> 01:12:22.420
but also because the Jews are pagans. And tolerating a wicked pagan faith is not something

01:12:22.420 --> 01:12:28.180
that a Christian ruler is supposed to do. And so many of the Jews fled, they went to various other

01:12:28.180 --> 01:12:34.340
places, some went back to the Middle East or the Near East. But this is where you see, again,

01:12:35.060 --> 01:12:40.420
the rootless cosmopolitan nature where they simply flee to the next place where there's an opportunity.

01:12:42.580 --> 01:12:47.700
This is partly where we begin to see a concentration of the European Jewish

01:12:47.700 --> 01:12:54.580
population in Poland. And later on, Poland will have the highest Jewish population in Europe.

01:12:55.460 --> 01:13:02.020
I think it's important to note that the Spanish nexus to Jewish history is important just because

01:13:03.140 --> 01:13:08.100
among the many tropes that we've discussed here today, you know, they're called tropes, which is

01:13:08.100 --> 01:13:13.460
kind of a story unto itself. How come something that is true and factual and pattern based

01:13:13.460 --> 01:13:17.060
suddenly just sort of becomes, oh, it's just goofy. It's a trope. I don't know. I mean,

01:13:17.060 --> 01:13:22.740
that's silly. Why would you say that? The Spanish Inquisition has a pretty bad brand,

01:13:22.740 --> 01:13:27.860
doesn't it? It's a joke. It's a punchline. And we know it's one of the worst things that's ever

01:13:27.860 --> 01:13:33.220
happened. But most people don't know the details, starting with the fact that it wasn't the first

01:13:33.220 --> 01:13:38.340
and only Inquisition. There was an Episcopal Inquisition. There was a Papal Inquisition.

01:13:38.340 --> 01:13:44.420
Basically, when the Roman Catholic Church needed to stamp out heresies, they began an Inquisition.

01:13:44.420 --> 01:13:51.460
And so the Spanish Inquisition was in this place and time in Spain where there had been these

01:13:52.260 --> 01:14:00.580
Spanish Jewish conversos who were living as Christians. They had been Jewish. They had

01:14:00.580 --> 01:14:06.820
publicly converted to Christianity. And yet there was widespread evidence that many of them were

01:14:06.820 --> 01:14:12.420
not, in fact, Christian. And so the Spanish Inquisition, you know, that sounds so scary,

01:14:13.140 --> 01:14:18.580
that was simply looking at particularly the Jews in that place who had claimed to have

01:14:18.580 --> 01:14:23.780
converted Christianity to see if they actually had. Were they still in secret practicing their

01:14:23.780 --> 01:14:29.620
true religion while lying and pretending to be Christians for the benefits that accrued to them?

01:14:29.620 --> 01:14:33.860
Because you had different social standing. They had different tax status, different political

01:14:33.860 --> 01:14:39.380
rights. It was easier for you if you're a Christian because Spain was once again a Christian country.

01:14:40.020 --> 01:14:43.620
And so it's interesting when you hear Spanish Inquisition, you think one is terrible.

01:14:44.180 --> 01:14:49.860
And when you hear that they were targeting Jews, you think, well, that must mean they were going

01:14:49.860 --> 01:14:55.700
after all Jews. No, it was saying, if you claim to be a Christian and your ancestry is Jewish,

01:14:55.700 --> 01:14:59.380
we want to make sure you're actually Christian. Because the false Christians,

01:15:00.340 --> 01:15:05.700
they knew from experience from things like the gates of Toledo, that if you have a group of

01:15:05.700 --> 01:15:10.980
these Jews in your country pretending to be on your side, at some point, there's a very good

01:15:10.980 --> 01:15:15.940
chance they're going to stab you in the back. And so it was wisdom on the part of the Roman

01:15:15.940 --> 01:15:21.540
Catholic Church, which a couple of Lutherans saying this, like, we're not fans of these guys

01:15:21.540 --> 01:15:26.900
in principle. But as a matter of managing a country, it's also a separate question,

01:15:26.900 --> 01:15:31.700
which of this should be church authority versus state authority? And frankly,

01:15:31.700 --> 01:15:36.100
that's why they didn't go after the Jews and the Muslims who were practicing openly.

01:15:36.100 --> 01:15:39.860
This was specifically within the church. That's where the Inquisition had its power.

01:15:39.860 --> 01:15:44.660
It wasn't principally, even in this case, a political matter. It was one of purifying the

01:15:44.660 --> 01:15:52.020
church of false converts. And so, yes, again, there was a diaspora from there because some

01:15:52.020 --> 01:15:58.180
were found out. You hear the story, oh, they were looking for crypto Jews. Did they find any?

01:15:58.180 --> 01:16:03.140
Yes, they found a lot of them and a lot more fled people who had said, yes, I'm Christian. I used

01:16:03.140 --> 01:16:08.980
to be Jewish, but my family was Jewish. I'm Christian now. As soon as the Spanish Inquisition began,

01:16:08.980 --> 01:16:16.660
they fled. Why would a Christian leave? It's obvious that the Spanish Inquisition worked,

01:16:16.660 --> 01:16:22.420
which is why it's one of those things that has such a bad brand today. It's something, again,

01:16:22.420 --> 01:16:28.020
it's a punchline. It's a punchline because it was sold to us as a punchline by the people that it was

01:16:28.100 --> 01:16:40.260
going after. Notably, that took place after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. That was one

01:16:40.260 --> 01:16:46.740
of the early things that the Christian rulers did after they had reconquered Spain in March

01:16:46.740 --> 01:16:51.620
of the same year that they actually drove the Muslims out. They issued the edict,

01:16:51.700 --> 01:16:59.220
expelling notably practicing Jews. Jews who had converted, actually converted to Christianity

01:16:59.220 --> 01:17:03.940
were not expelled. It was only practicing Jews. They were expelling pagans. They were doing

01:17:03.940 --> 01:17:09.940
something that is entirely within the rights and, in fact, the duty of a Christian ruler.

01:17:11.540 --> 01:17:17.380
We will have a link in the show notes to a list of 1,030 expulsions of the Jews

01:17:17.380 --> 01:17:23.300
from both countries and regions and towns. There are dates and places and you can

01:17:24.180 --> 01:17:28.020
see some patterns in different places. At some point, they're expelled from Germany.

01:17:28.020 --> 01:17:34.180
At some point, they were expelled from England. It happened over and over again. I think one of the,

01:17:36.340 --> 01:17:40.500
as we mentioned earlier, one of the themes that I hope you'll get a sense of is

01:17:40.820 --> 01:17:47.300
if a particular group of people continually gets expelled by everyone that they encounter,

01:17:47.860 --> 01:17:53.780
at some point, you have to stop wondering why are they persecuting the Jews and start wondering,

01:17:53.780 --> 01:17:58.980
what is it about these people that no one wants to live around them? If you have a kid who gets

01:17:58.980 --> 01:18:04.260
expelled from 109 schools, at some point, you stop wondering if there's a problem with the school

01:18:04.260 --> 01:18:10.100
and start wondering maybe there's a problem with the kid. That's why this pattern is interesting,

01:18:10.580 --> 01:18:18.340
everywhere they went, eventually they wore out their welcome. There are other diaspora populations

01:18:18.340 --> 01:18:24.340
in history. There are other places where we've had cities and concentrations of a majority

01:18:24.340 --> 01:18:29.540
race and then a minority race. By and large, they've coexisted. There have obviously been

01:18:29.540 --> 01:18:36.420
flare-ups in places, but the only race in human history that has had this particular pattern

01:18:36.500 --> 01:18:43.620
is the Jews. It's okay to say that. It's okay to look and say, I wonder why this historical fact

01:18:43.620 --> 01:18:49.220
is true. I hope that as Corey and I are discussing these subjects in general, you can get the sense

01:18:49.220 --> 01:18:54.100
that it's possible to talk about facts without hating people. That's one of the tricks that's

01:18:54.100 --> 01:19:00.580
been played. When something gets categorized as racism and hatred, what does that do? It just

01:19:00.580 --> 01:19:04.980
means you can't talk about anything. We're just talking about history here. We're talking about

01:19:04.980 --> 01:19:09.780
historical facts, things that happened in our own homelands. Europe is our homeland, not Spain

01:19:09.780 --> 01:19:16.900
in particular. I have one Spanish ancestor from the third century, but he was a Roman consul who

01:19:16.900 --> 01:19:21.860
ruled part of Judea at the very end of the Roman Empire. I only know that because I think he was

01:19:21.860 --> 01:19:26.100
one of Charlemagne's ancestors. If you're Western European, you're descended from that guy too,

01:19:26.100 --> 01:19:33.780
so you have a drop of Spanish blood. The point is that Christians can speak faithfully without

01:19:33.780 --> 01:19:41.780
engaging in hate, without engaging in slander or desiring un-Christian outcomes by talking about

01:19:41.780 --> 01:19:47.620
historical facts and then looking at the present because the Jews today claim all of this. They

01:19:47.620 --> 01:19:53.540
claim that these are their people. They claim all of these events and say, that's us because they

01:19:53.540 --> 01:19:59.460
want to subscribe to the persecution, to the eternal victimhood of having been hated wherever

01:19:59.460 --> 01:20:04.820
they went and saying, oh, poor us. I believe that most of my life, like, okay, wow, I mean,

01:20:04.820 --> 01:20:08.900
some people get a raw deal. I think we all know somebody who just keeps getting kicked.

01:20:08.900 --> 01:20:13.940
It happens sometimes. It's not necessarily that person's fault, but when the preponderance of

01:20:13.940 --> 01:20:18.900
evidence is so overwhelming, at some point, it's okay to just say what's really going on here.

01:20:18.900 --> 01:20:24.820
That's why we began in Scripture with this. As we see, the intersection between Jewish

01:20:24.900 --> 01:20:30.980
malfeasance and Christian rulers trying to be faithful and ruling their lands is overwhelming.

01:20:30.980 --> 01:20:35.460
It's the constant pattern. As Corey said earlier, as we said, we're talking about the Muslims and

01:20:35.460 --> 01:20:41.300
the Jews. Whenever there's a Jew in the picture and there's a Christian in the picture, the Christian

01:20:41.300 --> 01:20:48.820
is going to end up on the short end of the stick. That's the pattern. We don't have to

01:20:48.820 --> 01:20:53.380
project into the future and say, all of this is always going to happen forever. We can say,

01:20:53.380 --> 01:20:58.500
wherever these people are, the same thing keeps happening. That's a fact. It's possible and

01:20:58.500 --> 01:21:03.300
permissible for a Christian to learn something from that and say, you know what, if the same

01:21:03.300 --> 01:21:09.060
people keep doing something, maybe I need to look. If we do 35 episodes and a dozen of them

01:21:09.620 --> 01:21:13.940
point specifically to Jews who've caused horrific problems that were bad enough that we needed to

01:21:13.940 --> 01:21:20.420
talk about in an episode, that's not us doing a podcast about Jews. That's doing a podcast about

01:21:20.420 --> 01:21:27.780
Christian issues. When Jews keep turning up, that becomes a Christian issue. What we do in

01:21:27.780 --> 01:21:34.340
response is also a Christian issue. You cannot hate people. You can't despise people. You can't

01:21:34.340 --> 01:21:41.060
malign people, but you can and must deal with them as they are. When people to this day dance in the

01:21:41.060 --> 01:21:48.500
blood of Christ, that's not only a religious matter, but it's also a political matter in the

01:21:48.500 --> 01:21:53.460
event that you actually have a Christian nation. Obviously, we don't today. We'll probably get into

01:21:53.460 --> 01:22:00.740
the history of why that is at some point. I hope that by presenting these topics in a calm and

01:22:00.740 --> 01:22:06.100
polite fashion, we can get across that these forbidden subjects have been forbidden for a

01:22:06.100 --> 01:22:11.220
reason. When you actually tell someone the history of what happened, it completely changes your

01:22:11.220 --> 01:22:16.900
perspective on the question. Just changing the perspective is the point. I don't want anyone

01:22:16.900 --> 01:22:21.620
to conclude that I want to go out and hurt a group of people. I don't want others to think

01:22:21.620 --> 01:22:27.620
that. I do want people to understand that when something keeps happening, we can expect that

01:22:27.620 --> 01:22:33.620
maybe in the future, we should be aware of that. That's all. That's common sense. It's wisdom,

01:22:33.620 --> 01:22:38.740
and it's frankly love for our own neighbors. It's love for our own blood to make sure that

01:22:38.740 --> 01:22:44.100
these things don't happen to our people. To be clear, because this question will definitely come up

01:22:44.900 --> 01:22:51.620
if we do not address it right now. You are not permitted as a Christian to hate someone

01:22:51.620 --> 01:23:00.420
on the basis of race, which is what Wojus said. However, you are required as a Christian to hate

01:23:00.420 --> 01:23:08.260
God's enemies. There's a distinction there. Just like Scripture tells us to turn the other

01:23:08.340 --> 01:23:14.100
cheek, we can get into the exegesis of that exactly what it means. But there are lines here.

01:23:14.100 --> 01:23:17.780
There are different categories, and it is important to keep them clear. For instance,

01:23:17.780 --> 01:23:24.420
if you are persecuted on the basis of your faith, you are to bear up under that persecution.

01:23:25.540 --> 01:23:33.780
That is a trial, and it is your duty to withstand that trial, to suffer for the gospel,

01:23:33.780 --> 01:23:40.420
to bear your cross. However, in the political realm, if you have people invading your country

01:23:40.420 --> 01:23:44.420
and causing problems, that's a political question. That's an entirely different

01:23:44.420 --> 01:23:48.100
matter. You're not turning the other cheek there, because there you have duties,

01:23:48.100 --> 01:23:51.220
particularly as a man, to defend your family and your nation.

01:23:53.460 --> 01:23:57.940
When it comes to personal enemies, you really shouldn't have a personal enemy.

01:23:57.940 --> 01:24:01.380
I've said before, I don't have any personal enemies. I absolutely mean that.

01:24:01.380 --> 01:24:09.940
I don't have anyone I consider a personal enemy. However, you most certainly do have enemies as a

01:24:09.940 --> 01:24:15.220
Christian. The world is your enemy. Satan is your enemy. The fallen flesh is your enemy.

01:24:16.820 --> 01:24:22.500
Those who stand against God are your enemy, and that is right, and you are to hate them.

01:24:23.300 --> 01:24:26.580
In the words of Scripture, you are to have a perfect hatred for them.

01:24:26.820 --> 01:24:32.420
I think probably the best example of that in this case is learning about this,

01:24:32.980 --> 01:24:39.140
is what we'll probably wind up with here, the trial of the Talmud, or the disputation of Paris,

01:24:39.140 --> 01:24:50.260
under King Louis IX in 1240, when a former Jew named Nicholas Donan came forward and said,

01:24:50.340 --> 01:24:54.020
I used to be a Jew, now I'm a Christian, let me tell you what's in the Talmud.

01:24:55.540 --> 01:25:01.860
Effectively, the response from Louis, I should have said Louis, not Louis, King Louis,

01:25:02.980 --> 01:25:09.300
and the other people even in the church was, what's the Talmud? They knew that it existed,

01:25:09.300 --> 01:25:14.180
and they knew that it was interpretive of the Tanakh of the Old Testament,

01:25:14.180 --> 01:25:22.100
but they didn't know its contents. What happened was this man put forth 35 separate

01:25:22.100 --> 01:25:27.300
elements of the Talmud and said, this is blasphemous, this is evil, this is what these

01:25:27.300 --> 01:25:31.700
people are teaching in their synagogues, in secret, which incidentally is something that

01:25:31.700 --> 01:25:36.980
Chrysostom had been complaining about 900 years previously. He was no fan of synagogues because

01:25:36.980 --> 01:25:42.260
of what went on in it. I think that's one of the tricks that gets played when all these questions

01:25:42.260 --> 01:25:47.300
are framed in terms of so-called antisemitism. Suddenly, it just becomes something you have

01:25:47.300 --> 01:25:52.260
to flee from without even looking at what you were trying to address in the first place.

01:25:52.820 --> 01:25:58.580
Chrysostom gets called the arch antisemite and the one who turned Christians against the Jews.

01:26:00.180 --> 01:26:04.980
Chrysostom was honest about what they were teaching in synagogues, and then 900 years later,

01:26:04.980 --> 01:26:11.220
when Donan came forward and said before King Louis IX, here is what is going on in the Talmud,

01:26:11.220 --> 01:26:15.620
here's what these people are preaching and teaching in secret, because at the time,

01:26:15.620 --> 01:26:20.500
the Talmud only existed in Aramaic or Hebrew. I don't know which one they were using at the time,

01:26:20.500 --> 01:26:25.460
but no one read it unless they were Hebrew. It was only because he had been raised a Jew

01:26:26.100 --> 01:26:30.580
that he was able to translate, and he did. That is when the real problem started,

01:26:30.580 --> 01:26:38.980
because the Christians knew that, yes, the Jews were not saved. They knew that they were of a

01:26:38.980 --> 01:26:43.700
different religion, but they believed essentially the Judeo-Christian myth. They believed that these

01:26:43.700 --> 01:26:49.460
Jews who claim the Old Testament and ignore the new, they're still pretty okay people. Maybe they

01:26:49.460 --> 01:26:54.260
have some issues, but we can coexist with them. They're not an immediate threat to Christianity.

01:26:54.820 --> 01:26:59.060
What came out in the trial of the Talmud was that the contents of the Talmud itself are

01:26:59.060 --> 01:27:04.580
utter blasphemy. They're not only utter blasphemy, but they're a direct political threat to Christians.

01:27:05.220 --> 01:27:10.500
It talks about things that are political, not simply religious matters. It says you can lie,

01:27:10.500 --> 01:27:16.660
you can cheat, you can murder a Gentile, the Goyim, us. If you're not a Jew, the rules for

01:27:17.380 --> 01:27:23.700
what is legal, some of them just go away. Those were the practices that they had always held,

01:27:23.700 --> 01:27:28.660
because those are their teachings. The Talmud and before that, the Mishnah, when it was oral and not

01:27:28.660 --> 01:27:35.700
written, said, here's what the scriptures actually teach, here's what the law actually says. They

01:27:35.700 --> 01:27:41.940
were teaching, and to this day teach in the Talmud, that the law permits horrific abuses and in some

01:27:41.940 --> 01:27:49.620
cases murder of Christians and other non-Jews just because they're not. As that was exposed,

01:27:50.260 --> 01:27:56.020
this was in many ways the beginning of a lot of the real problems for Jews in Europe. Now,

01:27:56.580 --> 01:28:00.580
it wasn't that there was false preaching, and it wasn't there was preaching of hatred.

01:28:00.580 --> 01:28:04.660
It was simply that a man who knew what they were preaching and saying in secret

01:28:04.660 --> 01:28:08.660
stood up and said, hey, did you know they're saying this stuff? And when Christians heard it,

01:28:08.660 --> 01:28:15.700
they were incensed, justifiably so. To be clear, we haven't even said some of the worst things that

01:28:15.700 --> 01:28:22.100
are in the Talmud. Maybe eventually we'll get around to an episode on some of the actual contents

01:28:22.100 --> 01:28:27.780
of those volumes, and it is in fact more wicked than you imagine, unless you've spent time looking

01:28:27.780 --> 01:28:36.020
into it. This is a good point. This is a good place to note. There are basically no other

01:28:36.020 --> 01:28:44.180
people on the planet who hold a grudge as well as the Jews. That is just simply a fact. That is not

01:28:45.060 --> 01:28:50.260
saying something mean or pejorative or wrong about them. They hold a grudge.

01:28:51.300 --> 01:28:57.220
They hate. It's kind of impressive. It almost is, because it's generational over centuries.

01:28:58.020 --> 01:29:04.420
Yeah. The dedication is impressive. And part of the reason that they hate him,

01:29:05.780 --> 01:29:13.060
you need to have an idea of what exactly was done here. One, it was conducted in an entirely fair

01:29:13.060 --> 01:29:21.060
manner, because this was held as a trial of the Talmud before the king. Four rabbis were allowed

01:29:21.060 --> 01:29:24.900
to defend the Talmud against the accusations of Donin.

01:29:26.900 --> 01:29:33.060
They failed. They did not convince the king at all. And so he ordered the copies of the Talmud

01:29:33.060 --> 01:29:41.300
to be rounded up and burned. They filled 24 carriages full of these. Now keep in mind,

01:29:41.300 --> 01:29:49.460
this is in 1240. These were all produced by hand, painstakingly produced by hand.

01:29:49.460 --> 01:29:51.380
These were extremely expensive.

01:29:53.460 --> 01:30:01.860
The king burned in one afternoon, the equivalent of the entire wealth of a major noble. That's

01:30:01.860 --> 01:30:08.820
probably about the value of what was burned. This was not a minor matter. And he basically wiped out

01:30:08.820 --> 01:30:13.620
the Talmud in Paris. Obviously, they had some hidden copies and they had things other places

01:30:13.620 --> 01:30:21.220
and they reproduced them, unfortunately. They still hate him to this day because of this.

01:30:21.780 --> 01:30:28.100
And another thing that is notable is where these volumes were burned. They were burned

01:30:28.740 --> 01:30:34.660
in front of Notre Dame. You may remember that not that long ago, Notre Dame caught fire.

01:30:35.380 --> 01:30:37.620
If you happen to be on social media at the time,

01:30:37.620 --> 01:30:42.260
you may remember that Jews were celebrating. They were celebrating because of this.

01:30:43.460 --> 01:30:46.740
In part, yes, because a church burned and they hate Christianity, they hate Christ,

01:30:46.740 --> 01:30:54.020
they hate the church. But it was partly because of a generational grudge held against King Louis

01:30:54.740 --> 01:30:55.940
for burning the Talmud.

01:30:58.980 --> 01:31:02.260
There are no other people on this planet who do that for that long,

01:31:02.260 --> 01:31:04.260
for a thousand years, nearly.

01:31:05.220 --> 01:31:11.380
Yeah, it's incredible. In 2020, a few people may remember that there were, as part of some of the,

01:31:11.380 --> 01:31:17.460
we need to destroy these statues of oppression protests. There were counter-protests in front

01:31:17.460 --> 01:31:23.620
of a statue of King Louis in St. Louis. In this country, there's a big, beautiful statue of him

01:31:23.620 --> 01:31:28.660
on horseback. There were people there. There were a number of Catholics there, commendably

01:31:28.660 --> 01:31:32.740
defending the statue, standing around and praying, and there were a bunch of protesters.

01:31:33.380 --> 01:31:38.740
This received worldwide attention, particularly from the Jewish press, which, while it's redundant

01:31:38.740 --> 01:31:45.060
at some point, particularly Jewish telegraph agency, J-post, all the actual Jewish-focused

01:31:45.060 --> 01:31:50.340
Jewish media outlets paid attention to this, and they all specifically mentioned the trial of the

01:31:50.340 --> 01:31:57.140
Talmud. Over 750 years after that happened, they still hate this man so much, that one of the

01:31:57.220 --> 01:32:02.900
statues that's important for them to tear down is the statue of King Louis in St. Louis. It's a

01:32:02.900 --> 01:32:09.300
long way from France, but it's a man who kicked them in the teeth and did damage to them because

01:32:09.860 --> 01:32:15.940
not only was there the immense destruction of wealth and the setback to them in terms of being

01:32:15.940 --> 01:32:22.580
able to spread their lies and their filth, but it exposed it because by having this very public

01:32:22.660 --> 01:32:29.060
trial, suddenly everyone knew, and this was not the last trial of the Talmud. In Barcelona,

01:32:29.060 --> 01:32:35.940
the Talmud was burned in the year 1263. The next year, Pope Clement IV decreed that any person caught

01:32:35.940 --> 01:32:42.420
with a copy in his possession be put to death in 1299 and 1309. The Talmud was publicly burned in

01:32:42.420 --> 01:32:49.860
Paris. In 1322, by order of Pope John XXII, the Talmud was again publicly burned. In 1415,

01:32:49.860 --> 01:32:55.220
Pope Martin V ordered that all copies be destroyed. During the Spanish Inquisition in 1490,

01:32:55.220 --> 01:33:03.300
Torquemata destroyed large-scale burnings of the Talmud. This caught on, and when a Jew tells

01:33:03.300 --> 01:33:09.220
the story, they say, oh, there is this European hatred of Jews, it was so unfair. The actual story

01:33:09.220 --> 01:33:15.220
was that for the first time since the Talmud had been written down, since it translated from the

01:33:15.220 --> 01:33:20.260
secret teachings of the Mishnah, which were orally transmitted from rabbi to rabbi,

01:33:21.860 --> 01:33:26.340
from teacher to teacher, Pharisee to Pharisee, whatever, when it became, when they shifted

01:33:26.340 --> 01:33:30.580
to the rabbinic school and they recorded the Talmud and started putting all this stuff down,

01:33:30.580 --> 01:33:36.340
it was still not until 1240 that any of it had been translated into a language that a Christian

01:33:36.340 --> 01:33:41.300
could read. So 1240 is effectively the first time that Christians had any idea what Jews had been

01:33:41.300 --> 01:33:46.340
up to for over 1200 years. And longer than that, because frankly, when you look at the stuff in

01:33:46.340 --> 01:33:51.460
there, I believe them that the Talmud includes things that had been taught by the Pharisees in

01:33:51.460 --> 01:33:57.780
the centuries preceding Christ, not all of them, because there were some believers among the Jews

01:33:57.780 --> 01:34:05.220
in that day. So there were indeed Christians who were believing the scripture and not believing

01:34:05.300 --> 01:34:11.620
the Talmud. In fact, this man himself was one of them. The story of his life was that he

01:34:12.260 --> 01:34:17.140
believed the Old Testament and he rejected the Talmud, and that's how he ended up getting

01:34:17.140 --> 01:34:22.100
excommunicated from his Jewish community and ended up becoming Christian sometime later,

01:34:22.100 --> 01:34:26.580
or maybe he was Christian first, but never any event. He was convinced not only by

01:34:27.300 --> 01:34:34.260
the veracity of the Tanakh, but by the evil of the Talmud that Christianity had to be the true

01:34:34.260 --> 01:34:39.780
religion. He came to faith by despising what was written in the Talmud, and so for him it was a

01:34:39.780 --> 01:34:46.020
matter of conscience to tell other Christians, here's what's in this thing. And I think that's

01:34:46.020 --> 01:34:51.220
why I think that's such a perfect microcosm of this whole question. When we talk about Jews,

01:34:51.220 --> 01:34:56.900
what's going on? Is it people spreading lies and hatred, or is it people telling the truth,

01:34:56.900 --> 01:35:03.780
and then Christians having a righteous response to evil? It has nothing to do with their genetics,

01:35:03.780 --> 01:35:08.740
as far as we're concerned. I don't care who they are or what they are. I care about evil,

01:35:08.740 --> 01:35:15.060
and if I find that wherever I see evil in my own society, I can dig for not more than 30 seconds

01:35:15.060 --> 01:35:19.220
and find Jews behind it. When we're told they're only 2% of the population,

01:35:19.220 --> 01:35:25.060
at some point that matters to Christians. I hate evil. God commands me to hate evil.

01:35:25.060 --> 01:35:29.780
God is in my heart. I hate evil. It's got nothing to do with the people who are perpetrating it.

01:35:30.340 --> 01:35:36.260
Corey and I have both been personal victims of tremendous evil just in the last couple months.

01:35:36.260 --> 01:35:40.180
I don't bear a grudge against any of the men who participated in doxing me,

01:35:40.180 --> 01:35:44.340
or any of the other harmful things that they've attempted to do. I don't bear a grudge. I pity

01:35:44.340 --> 01:35:52.180
them. And I ask God for my sake, not to punish them. They're unrepentant. They hate God with

01:35:52.180 --> 01:35:59.060
all their hearts. They're going to burn in hell, because regardless of what I do to seek God to

01:35:59.060 --> 01:36:04.340
forgive them for their sins against me, they hate him. And God will sort that out in his time. So

01:36:04.340 --> 01:36:09.860
men like Corey and me who are Christians, when we are actual victims of actual persecution,

01:36:09.860 --> 01:36:13.540
we don't need to bear a grudge, because we know the vengeance is God's.

01:36:13.540 --> 01:36:20.820
He's going to do a more perfect job of causing vengeance than we could ever imagine. I'm not

01:36:20.820 --> 01:36:24.980
going to sit around thinking about vengeance, because I don't need to. God will take care of it

01:36:24.980 --> 01:36:30.180
perfectly. And if that means that by some miracle, these men come to faith and become

01:36:30.180 --> 01:36:35.540
Christians, in some case again, thank God, I'd love to see him in heaven, and hope we can laugh

01:36:35.540 --> 01:36:39.940
about how stupid it was that they would try to dox and murder someone for a podcast,

01:36:39.940 --> 01:36:47.060
because it is really stupid. It's sad. But I'm not mad about it. That is a Christian response.

01:36:47.060 --> 01:36:51.620
These people have a different response. Someone tells the truth about them in its

01:36:51.620 --> 01:36:56.820
centuries and millennia of murder. That's a spiritual fruit. And to go back to what

01:36:56.820 --> 01:37:03.620
we were saying earlier on, the quotes from Jesus, John 8.44, Revelation 2.9, Revelation 3.9,

01:37:04.260 --> 01:37:09.300
these are the synagogue of Satan. They're the congregation of Satan. They're Satan's children,

01:37:09.300 --> 01:37:14.660
particularly. This isn't something that was said of the Greeks in that day, who were pagans,

01:37:14.660 --> 01:37:20.180
or the Romans who were pagans. They were worshiping demons as well. And yet they were not called

01:37:20.180 --> 01:37:27.620
children of Satan by God's prophet, by Paul, or by Jesus himself. It was specifically the Jews

01:37:27.620 --> 01:37:34.580
who were called the children of Satan. And so for 3,500 years, we have them practicing black magic

01:37:34.580 --> 01:37:40.180
and worshiping demons, intermittently in some cases, and some have repented and become Christian.

01:37:40.900 --> 01:37:47.380
Again, it's just as we talked last week about how salvation does not come through DNA. It comes

01:37:47.380 --> 01:37:53.860
through faith. The opposite is also true. Although a generational curse was called down by those Jews

01:37:53.860 --> 01:37:59.460
upon every Jew since then, anyone who is covered in the blood of Christ in righteousness and

01:37:59.460 --> 01:38:05.060
forgiveness, their sins are wiped away. They cease to be a Jew and they have access to salvation by

01:38:05.060 --> 01:38:10.100
God's mercy. That's what I wish for everyone. These are such stupid things for people to go to

01:38:10.100 --> 01:38:16.740
hell for, and they will, and they do. That's terrible. Being mad at a dead king from France

01:38:17.460 --> 01:38:24.420
and burning in hell because of your hatred, what a stupid thing. What a stupid thing. What a hopelessly

01:38:24.420 --> 01:38:31.140
foolish thing. My response is just, well, I would beg them to stop, but I know they won't because

01:38:31.780 --> 01:38:35.540
that's the point. They've been doing it for thousands of years. They're not going to stop.

01:38:35.620 --> 01:38:40.740
So we as Christians, when we have these people in our lands, have to find Christian ways of dealing

01:38:40.740 --> 01:38:46.340
with evil. That's part of why we focused in some cases on talking about things like Christian

01:38:46.340 --> 01:38:52.580
nationalism, about the fact that individuals like Cory and I have no duty. We have no vocation to

01:38:52.580 --> 01:38:58.100
fix these problems. We do have a vocation to tell the truth about them, to tell the truth about

01:38:58.820 --> 01:39:05.140
everything. It's not like we just want to talk about black people or Jews or DNA or

01:39:05.140 --> 01:39:10.900
whatever. I find these topics tedious. But at the same time, they're important because they're

01:39:10.900 --> 01:39:15.860
forbidden. When something is forbidden and it's forbidden against Christians when it's true,

01:39:16.500 --> 01:39:22.100
that's where the investigation needs to be kicked off. It's not for the sake of the titillating

01:39:22.100 --> 01:39:27.540
factor of some forbidden knowledge. This is not occult knowledge. It's simply people are up to

01:39:27.540 --> 01:39:32.660
no good. Christians need to know about that in our lives, in our communities, and as they're

01:39:32.660 --> 01:39:39.140
influencing us. If you know that every drop of media that you consume has been created by people

01:39:39.140 --> 01:39:45.140
who hate God and hate you and want you destroyed, maybe it changes some of your consumer habits.

01:39:45.700 --> 01:39:52.260
That's salutary. That's it. As far as what a prince does, a godly prince, that's neither of us.

01:39:52.260 --> 01:39:57.780
That's not our problem. That's not our purview. But telling other Christians to beware of evil

01:39:57.780 --> 01:40:02.340
is every Christian's duty. A Christian who fails to warn another Christian about evil

01:40:02.420 --> 01:40:07.380
is failing to be Christian. It's got nothing to do with name calling or hatred or anything else.

01:40:07.380 --> 01:40:12.340
It's saying, if there's evil in your midst, beware and deal with it in a Christian way.

01:40:14.660 --> 01:40:23.060
I want to emphasize that point about relative percentages. If you are dealing with a population,

01:40:23.060 --> 01:40:30.100
let's say it's made up of two different groups, A and B, and you have some bad thing that happens

01:40:30.100 --> 01:40:39.940
at a rate of 10% in your population. If 5% is from group A and 5% is from group B,

01:40:40.820 --> 01:40:45.140
you don't need to look at either group specifically. You look at the problem and try to address the

01:40:45.140 --> 01:40:55.540
problem. The root causes whatever they happen to be. If, in the alternative, 90% of that 10%

01:40:55.540 --> 01:41:03.620
problem occurs with group A, it is warranted to take a particular look at group A and what

01:41:03.620 --> 01:41:08.740
group A is doing with its time, why you have this problem in this particular group.

01:41:10.500 --> 01:41:22.100
An example of this would be in the US, according to NIH data, 60 to 75% of new HIV cases every year

01:41:22.100 --> 01:41:32.420
are amongst homosexual men, among sodomites. You should probably look at that because they are

01:41:32.420 --> 01:41:38.420
less than 10% significantly less than 10% in the older generations. There are some very real

01:41:38.420 --> 01:41:42.980
problems with the younger generations, although there are some self-reporting errors, but they

01:41:42.980 --> 01:41:48.980
are significantly less than 10% of the population. They should not be three-quarters of those who

01:41:48.980 --> 01:41:53.940
are diagnosed with this particular disease, except of course we know that it is due to their

01:41:53.940 --> 01:42:00.900
behavior. And so it is warranted to look at the behavior of that group and see why in this case

01:42:01.460 --> 01:42:05.940
this particular consequence of a particular kind of sin is affecting them.

01:42:07.220 --> 01:42:11.700
When it comes to the Jews, as was mentioned, they are about 2% of the US population.

01:42:12.260 --> 01:42:17.860
Depends where you are, they congregate in various areas. I could name them, but most likely you

01:42:17.860 --> 01:42:26.740
know them. If you find them at the root of almost every problem, major societal problem we have

01:42:26.740 --> 01:42:31.860
been discussing so far, if you find them at the root of the so-called Civil Rights Act, if you find

01:42:31.860 --> 01:42:36.340
them at the root of feminism, if you find them at the root of abolitionism, if you find them at the

01:42:36.340 --> 01:42:42.180
root of atheism, if you find them at the root of all of the court attempts to remove God from our

01:42:42.180 --> 01:42:48.020
public life, if you find them in the cases that legalized abortion and homosexual marriage so

01:42:48.020 --> 01:42:55.940
called, and all of these various other things, and they're 2% of the population, it is warranted

01:42:55.940 --> 01:43:03.940
to look more closely at what they are doing. That's akin to what happened in the disputation

01:43:03.940 --> 01:43:10.660
of Paris. Donine came to the king, obviously came to someone under the king first, you don't just

01:43:10.660 --> 01:43:16.340
walk up to the king, but Donine got this information to the king about what the Jews were doing,

01:43:17.300 --> 01:43:22.260
and so given the information about what was going on, it was warranted for him as a Christian,

01:43:22.260 --> 01:43:25.940
particularly as a Christian ruler, to investigate what was happening.

01:43:27.620 --> 01:43:35.140
All we're doing in this episode and so many others is looking at the facts through a Christian lens,

01:43:36.100 --> 01:43:42.100
comparing what we see in the world to what we see in scripture, what scripture commands us to do,

01:43:42.100 --> 01:43:47.620
and what we as a people are doing, what we as a church are doing, and what others out in the world,

01:43:47.620 --> 01:43:54.900
as their various groups are doing. If you find a group that is continually opposed to the church,

01:43:54.900 --> 01:43:59.460
that is continually opposed to God, that hates God with a hatred, you probably

01:43:59.540 --> 01:44:05.380
couldn't manage to summon for your worst enemy if you happen to have a personal enemy, not to

01:44:05.380 --> 01:44:13.540
resurrect that topic again. If you keep finding the same group, they warrant additional scrutiny.

01:44:14.660 --> 01:44:21.140
And as we have demonstrated conclusively, when you look at these problems, you keep finding Jews.

01:44:23.380 --> 01:44:28.900
We're not saying it's because of their ethnicity, because of their DNA. We're not saying it's because

01:44:28.900 --> 01:44:34.100
of race. Now, there may be some predilections there that play into it, because obviously,

01:44:34.100 --> 01:44:40.100
as we went over in the episodes on race, genetics affects certain personality characteristics,

01:44:40.100 --> 01:44:45.060
certain attributes, and those do play into things. For instance, you have more neuroticism amongst

01:44:45.060 --> 01:44:49.700
the Jewish population. That's not a stereotype. I mean, it is a stereotype, but it's also just

01:44:49.700 --> 01:44:56.180
statistically true. As I've mentioned before, I used to do psychology. So I have studied these

01:44:56.180 --> 01:45:02.740
things. You have certain psychological ailments that are more common in various populations,

01:45:02.740 --> 01:45:07.940
and so that does play into some of this in some ways. But when it comes to the Jews,

01:45:08.580 --> 01:45:14.980
the biggest thing is that they have maintained this particular wickedness over a course of centuries

01:45:16.180 --> 01:45:20.820
because they rejected Christ. That was the big inflection point. Yes, before that,

01:45:20.820 --> 01:45:25.380
they had all the times they were apostate and worshiped demons and sacrificed their children

01:45:25.380 --> 01:45:30.820
and hated God, and God killed many of them with disease and all sorts of other things.

01:45:32.100 --> 01:45:39.140
But it was really in Pilate's courtyard that they solidified their opposition to God by rejecting

01:45:39.140 --> 01:45:47.220
Christ, by crying out for him to be crucified, and choosing Barabbas, the son of the Father,

01:45:47.220 --> 01:45:53.460
because that's of course what Barabbas means, over the Son of Man, over the only begotten Son of God.

01:45:55.380 --> 01:46:02.660
And from that point, they have just doubled down again and again and again. When the temple

01:46:02.660 --> 01:46:08.820
was destroyed, they ran into the synagogues. Instead of having the sacrifices at the temple,

01:46:08.820 --> 01:46:15.700
because of course those were done, that prefigured Christ. With Christ's once-for-all sacrifice,

01:46:15.700 --> 01:46:21.300
the animal sacrifices were done. The temple is gone. That was God's point in utterly destroying it.

01:46:21.540 --> 01:46:28.340
Well, they ran into the synagogues. And so instead, now they have rabbis who teach

01:46:29.140 --> 01:46:34.420
not so much out of Scripture as out of what? Their interpretation of Scripture.

01:46:35.620 --> 01:46:40.020
But one of the most famous sayings about the Talmud, and this is a saying from Jews,

01:46:40.020 --> 01:46:45.700
this is not a saying Christians created, this is one of their own sayings. What the Torah forbids,

01:46:46.420 --> 01:46:52.660
Talmud permits. That's what they've done with the Talmud. They have inverted Scripture, inverted

01:46:52.660 --> 01:47:00.100
God's truth, and created a wicked satanic religion that is explicitly, vehemently,

01:47:00.100 --> 01:47:06.580
and virulently opposed to God and His Church. And they are not getting better with the centuries,

01:47:07.220 --> 01:47:14.020
because as we have pointed out before, if you continue longitudinally, and this is the case

01:47:14.020 --> 01:47:20.260
for an individual life, or for a nation, if you continue to worship demons, you will get worse.

01:47:22.260 --> 01:47:29.940
A man who engages in sexual sins in his youth can turn his life around. A man who does it for

01:47:29.940 --> 01:47:38.260
fifty years is very unlikely to do so. A people who worship demons for one generation can maybe turn

01:47:38.340 --> 01:47:44.020
that around. Perhaps their children turn back to the Lord God. But a people who worship demons

01:47:44.660 --> 01:47:50.180
over a course of thousands of years are very unlikely to change that behavior.

01:47:50.740 --> 01:47:58.180
And that is exactly what we see here. We can see the same pattern playing out over and over and over

01:47:58.180 --> 01:48:04.580
again. And apparently we as Christians learn very slowly. Or just forget our history and have to

01:48:04.580 --> 01:48:09.860
learn the lesson the hard way again. Because we're having the same problems today

01:48:11.460 --> 01:48:17.380
that Christian Europe had in the middle of the 1900s. They were having the same problems then

01:48:17.380 --> 01:48:23.140
that Europe had earlier in the 1800s. They were having the same problems then that Europe had

01:48:23.140 --> 01:48:27.860
in centuries past. And they were having the same problems then that the Roman Empire had.

01:48:27.860 --> 01:48:35.940
And it just keeps going. We don't have to repeat history. We don't have to learn

01:48:35.940 --> 01:48:41.700
the same lesson over and over and over again. If you have a low hanging part of your ceiling in

01:48:41.700 --> 01:48:46.180
your house, how many times do you have to smack your head before you learn to duck?

01:48:48.420 --> 01:48:55.300
As Christians, we are told to be wise. We're not told to be foolish anywhere. Being foolish

01:48:55.300 --> 01:49:00.660
is wrongful. Being foolish can be a sin. Don't be a fool. We are told to be wise.

01:49:01.620 --> 01:49:06.820
We have all this information at our disposal. Nothing we have said in this episode is particularly

01:49:06.820 --> 01:49:12.980
difficult to find. None of it is going to be difficult to verify. Yes, it takes some effort and

01:49:12.980 --> 01:49:18.820
some background knowledge in order to synthesize the material. But it's all out there. This is not

01:49:18.900 --> 01:49:25.380
hidden. We're not in the position of King Louis where a random former Jew comes to us and says,

01:49:25.380 --> 01:49:33.780
oh, by the way, we have access to these materials. The Talmud is online, in English. And it is

01:49:33.780 --> 01:49:38.900
actually a translation of the Talmud. They didn't play games with it. In places, it says that

01:49:38.900 --> 01:49:44.020
raping children is fine if they're under a certain age. It says that Christ is boiling an excrement.

01:49:44.340 --> 01:49:51.300
These are the kinds of things that are in there. And again, we as Christians are called to be wise

01:49:52.020 --> 01:49:58.500
because we have to protect ourselves, our families, our nation, and the church.

01:50:00.260 --> 01:50:05.380
Many of these problems have been allowed to fester for too long. And that is why we address these.

01:50:05.700 --> 01:50:16.020
It is the duty of Christian rulers to do what the Spanish did, to drive out the pagans and then to

01:50:16.020 --> 01:50:22.020
exile the pagans who will not convert. It is the duty of Christians in the church, not just pastors,

01:50:22.020 --> 01:50:27.860
not just bishops, but laymen as well, because fathers and men have duties as well in the church.

01:50:27.860 --> 01:50:34.740
It is the duty of men in the church to see the right doctrine is taught and that Christians

01:50:34.740 --> 01:50:42.980
understand these extremely salient issues. Because in the church itself, in the kingdom of the right

01:50:42.980 --> 01:50:50.100
hand, yes, it is sufficient to know right doctrine, to know the scriptures, not to believe false doctrine.

01:50:50.820 --> 01:50:55.220
But you don't exist just in the kingdom of the right hand. You also exist in the kingdom of

01:50:55.220 --> 01:51:00.740
the left hand. You have to interact in your daily life with others. You interact with the world.

01:51:00.740 --> 01:51:06.260
It is important as a Christian to know how you are to conduct yourself in both kingdoms.

01:51:06.900 --> 01:51:13.620
And is the duty of men, particularly of fathers and pastors and rulers, anyone in a position of

01:51:13.620 --> 01:51:19.860
authority, that authority having been granted by God, it is the duty of those men to address these

01:51:19.860 --> 01:51:35.780
problems. And Christians have neglected them for far too long.