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The Blast

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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast. I am Corey J. Mahler, and I'm still woe.

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On today's Stone Choir, we're going to begin part three of our episode discussing the subject

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of the Jews in history. Before we begin, I just want to do a little bit of brief housekeeping.

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And one last thing, just to plug another podcast while you're not going to have access to us for a

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couple of weeks. Corey also narrates the Bible daily on is a top-level

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find it. Every day, he does Bible readings from the lectionary, as well as readings from the Lutheran

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Confessions. So he's now standing narrator. He has a great voice for this stuff on like me. Well

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really valuable. So under today's episode, we're going to begin just briefly by rewinding back to

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one of the things we touched on earlier by talking a little bit about Jews and banking. We had

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mentioned the spiritual nature of usury in, I think it was about episode five on, we're talking

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about forgotten doctrines. And we spent a little bit of time in that discussing the fact that usury

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scripturally means any charging of interest, any lending at interest. It's not excessive interest,

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it's any interest at all. If you hand somebody $100 and you spec $105 back, you are a user. And

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historically, you would have been executed for that because it was a damnable sin. Still damnable

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sin. It's no longer a crime. So historically, the mosaic Jews, the faithful Jews of the Old

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Testament, those who were faithful, never engaged in usury of any sort. They never lent at interest

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because God forbade it. Which, as we mentioned in that episode, is something that was continued

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in Christendom up until the Middle Ages. It really wasn't almost Luther's day that we began to get to

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the modern conception that, sure, interest is okay, just not too much. Then you're doing usury,

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and that's bad. The history of Jews and banking is interesting because it lays the groundwork

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for everything else that we're going to talk about in today's episode. So I just wanted to

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briefly rewind back to the Babylonian exile that we talked about last week.

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When the Jews were in exile in Babylon in modern-day Iraq in the 500 years or so leading up to

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Christ's birth, we mentioned that they began adopting practices like witchcraft. Obviously,

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the Jews had engaged in witchcraft, at least as far back as Egypt. But there was also a lot of

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that going on in Babylon. We know that many of the black magic practices, the evil practices,

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were amplified in Babylon. Even things maybe they weren't doing, they started doing.

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Lending at interest is another thing that they picked up in Babylon. So beginning during that

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exile, they began to basically act as a banking body. The first place that this shows up is

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fascinatingly the temple. I didn't know this until I was looking at it, but money changer.

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When we think about Jesus cleansing the temple of the money changers, we think about money for

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pigeons and the annual tax to the temple that was given. So the money changers have to receive

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whatever money they had and then give them a Hebrew shekel to be put in the coffers of the

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temple. So we think it was all just a natural aboveboard thing. But in reality, that was the

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first visible element of Jews in banking. And there's actually records in the Apocrypha, in fact,

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of the Jews engaging in banking prior to Jesus' day. In 2 Maccabees, there's an account of

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a man named Simon the Benjaminite. He had been a temple guard. He had a falling out with a high

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priests, and he went to the secular rulers and said, hey, the Jewish temple in Jerusalem

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is full of uncountable quantities of gold and silver. You should go take that, because it's

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not on the books as being allocated for sacrificial and ceremonial purposes. And a man named Haleodorus

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went and was dispatched to the temple, and he went to the high priest and said, I'm here to inspect.

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I heard there was a lot of money here. And the high priest basically started wailing and said, no,

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all the money in there is, there's only a little bit, and it's all dedicated for orphans and widows.

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And oh, there's one rich guy. And so we have this amount of money that would be maybe unusual,

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but it's actually just because we're holding this one rich guy's money. Nothing else to worry about.

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And Haleodorus said, oh, I'm going to go check. And basically, in 2nd Maccabees chapter 3,

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I believe, describes how the high priest got everyone in the neighborhood, everyone around

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the temple, worked into a frenzy at the prospect of this man, this Gentile, this pagan entering the

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temple, which was God's holy place. This was prior to the destruction of the temple as prior to Jesus

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day. So God was still present there. Now, it's not clear from the text to what degree they were

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freaking out at the Gentiles getting ahold of their stache of gold versus just entering the

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temple, which was forbidden and was blasphemous. When he got near the temple, a supernatural event

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occurred, and he was basically beaten back by three figures that basically beat him unconscious,

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and he was dragged away. And he adopted the Jewish faith as a result of that. So

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the account is that it was supernatural, I believe that. Now, whether the supernatural

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intervention to keep him from looking inside the temple for this money was protecting the money

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or protecting the temple, I think would determine whether the supernatural element was

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God or demons. I will assume for the sake of charity that it was God, and he was keeping

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this man who was not a believer out of the temple, because that was the law.

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But it's interesting that just like all the modern congressmen who try to get into

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the Fort Knox and inspect where the gold is, he never got in there. He never got to look at it.

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So the story that the High Priest told about it being all donations for widows and orphans was

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all we know. It's interesting, if you do the math, in Exodus 30, there's a temple tax that is

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obligated to every adult Jewish male, believe it or above the age of 20. Once a year, he has to give

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half a shekel to the temple, which is a nominal amount. Depending on how you do the math for

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inflation and the expected value at the time, it's probably between about maybe six and forty

11:04.120 --> 11:11.240
dollars today, roughly. Either way, it's not a huge amount. But if you have one to two million

11:11.320 --> 11:16.680
Jews a year showing up and paying that into the temple, you're looking at somewhere between maybe

11:16.680 --> 11:22.600
a dozen million and sixty to seventy million dollars worth of silver a year being put in the

11:22.600 --> 11:29.960
temple. And this was the second temple. This was built 500 BC. It was finished. So they weren't

11:29.960 --> 11:33.800
paying a mortgage on this thing. This was just all money coming in. Now, they had expenses,

11:33.800 --> 11:39.320
obviously, but it's not at all unbelievable that there would have been vast quantities inside the

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temple. And that's a big piggy bank. Anyone who is ever confronted with access to cash,

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there's potentially the temptation to do something bad with it. So I just find it interesting that

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that accusation would have been leveled. They never found out. But if you look at the math,

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it's entirely believable that there was perhaps more there than should have been.

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So after the fall of the temple, when the Jews became the diaspora and they were basically

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scattered from Rome, many more of them moved into Babylon, later became Iraq. And we know from

12:18.680 --> 12:25.160
antiquity that they continued to engage in banking practices. And as they learned when

12:25.160 --> 12:30.360
they were in the Babylonian captivity, they just became better at it. And banking meant both

12:30.360 --> 12:37.560
stashing cash, loaning cash, and then lending cash and interest. When the Caliphate came about,

12:37.560 --> 12:46.680
when Islam arose, the Caliphate had a stronghold where the Jews were. They did not lose their

12:46.680 --> 12:52.520
rights to engage in that sort of banking. And so there will be a link in the show notes to the

12:52.520 --> 12:57.880
Jewish virtual library where I got some of the pointers to some of this data. But it's just

12:57.880 --> 13:04.280
interesting as you look at them, this is a Jewish website, they're bragging, which is part of why

13:04.280 --> 13:08.040
it makes it a reliable source is that they're just talking about how great it was that Jews have

13:08.040 --> 13:14.280
always been engaged in banking. And so they traced this line being in Babylon through

13:14.840 --> 13:19.960
modern day Baghdad and surrounds. And they discussed the fact that when the Muslims came

13:19.960 --> 13:27.640
along, they continued to, and in fact, enhance their reach into government. And there was

13:27.640 --> 13:35.080
simultaneously, of course, the diaspora into Europe. And so their records as far back as the

13:35.080 --> 13:41.720
fifth century AD, where we have the Merovingian kings and the early Roman church at that point,

13:41.720 --> 13:46.840
also already beginning to take loans from Jews. Because of course, throughout the history of

13:46.840 --> 13:53.880
Christendom up until the Middle Ages, usury was forbidden. It was a crime for a Christian to

13:53.880 --> 14:02.280
lend it interest. And starting as early as the 400, 400 and 500 AD, we find that Jews were permitted

14:02.280 --> 14:08.920
in Christian lands to engage in criminal behavior for Christians. And so the Jewish

14:08.920 --> 14:15.800
virtual library agrees with what today is considered a trope or a stereotype, or it's an

14:15.800 --> 14:21.960
anti-Semitic lie to say that Jews in banking are synonymous. The history of banking is basically

14:21.960 --> 14:28.600
the history of Jews in the West. That's not an insult. Now, if you believe that usury is a sin,

14:28.600 --> 14:35.880
that's a problem. But to say that Jews in banking is just synonymous, it's simply reality.

14:36.760 --> 14:44.040
And so roughly between the 12th and 15th centuries, Jews pretty much had a complete

14:44.120 --> 14:51.240
monopoly on lending in Christian lands. And most of that lending was not done to the common man.

14:51.240 --> 14:57.080
It was done principally to kings and to the church, which obviously has a corrosive influence.

14:57.640 --> 15:05.080
And many of the wars that are fought in early European history are financed by lending from

15:05.080 --> 15:09.800
Jewish bankers. And so that kind of dovetails with the rest of this episode today that

15:09.800 --> 15:15.000
wherever we have found historically Jewish presence in Christian lands, we find them

15:15.000 --> 15:20.360
engaging behaviors that are deemed sinful and not Christian. But we go along with it because

15:20.360 --> 15:26.760
there's some upside. But the upside is ultimately morally pernicious. There would have been fewer

15:26.760 --> 15:32.200
European wars if those kings couldn't have financed it. Now, the kings bear the culpability for

15:32.200 --> 15:37.160
borrowing the money for fighting a war if it was not a just war. But if they hadn't been able to

15:37.160 --> 15:41.000
borrow the money from Jews, some of those wars wouldn't have been fought or they wouldn't have

15:41.000 --> 15:48.040
been fought for as long or for the same reasons. And so that's one of the things we want to get

15:48.040 --> 15:53.880
across in today's episode, is that these effects are pernicious because ultimately,

15:54.520 --> 15:58.920
usury is sinful, lending at interest is sinful. Again, we make that case in one of the earlier

15:58.920 --> 16:05.000
episodes. But as a scriptural fact, this was recognized throughout Christendom until the

16:05.000 --> 16:11.400
Middle Ages. And so wherever you had usury, it was principally for misconduct. It was for the

16:11.400 --> 16:18.600
grandizement of a church that was increasingly not focused on spiritual matters, was more focused on

16:19.560 --> 16:24.920
grandiose pomp and on political power. And then on kings who were pursuing political power.

16:26.120 --> 16:29.560
And we mentioned last week with the Inquisition and the Conversos that

16:30.200 --> 16:34.360
on this very website, we talked a little bit about how the Conversos were Jews

16:34.440 --> 16:41.640
who were forced to be baptized and forced to convert to Christianity. And the Inquisition was

16:41.640 --> 16:48.520
pursuing whether or not they had actually truly converted. On the Jewish Virtual Library website,

16:48.520 --> 16:55.400
there's a couple paragraphs talking about how many of the Jews in Spain use their baptism

16:55.400 --> 17:01.480
as an entree into higher echelons of power. They're very open about the fact that they falsely

17:01.480 --> 17:05.960
converted to Christianity. They pretended to be Christians so that they could have enhanced

17:05.960 --> 17:13.880
banking contacts and therefore enhanced power, enhanced influence. In fact, the Nina Pinta and

17:13.880 --> 17:20.360
Santa Maria, when they came to what we today know as the United States, were recording this episode

17:20.360 --> 17:27.560
on July 4th on Independence Day, that was funded not by Queen Isabella of Spain, but it was funded

17:27.560 --> 17:33.400
by one of her Jewish financiers. He was very powerful and he wanted to get it done. And so,

17:33.400 --> 17:38.840
it was actually Jews who sent that mission to the New World. Now, they thought they were going to

17:38.840 --> 17:43.320
India. They didn't think they were going to find the Americas, but that's just an example of how

17:44.040 --> 17:52.600
the Converso false baptism, getting into banking and enhanced access for banking,

17:53.560 --> 17:59.960
it's a part of European history. It's just inescapable. And as we said last week,

17:59.960 --> 18:03.480
it's something like, it's okay for us as Christians to say, this is what happened,

18:03.480 --> 18:08.680
these are just historical facts. It's not calling anyone names. The fact that Jewish

18:08.680 --> 18:14.440
banking is effectively redundant. If you go look at that webpage, it's very long. It has tons and

18:14.440 --> 18:20.280
tons and tons of names and dates and places. And all of it leads to the inexorable conclusion

18:20.360 --> 18:25.880
that wherever there's banking in Christendom, it's always been Jews. And so, if anything bad

18:25.880 --> 18:32.440
ever happens with banking, there's almost always been a Jew involved. Period. And as we said last

18:32.440 --> 18:37.480
week, it doesn't mean hate them. It doesn't mean, we're just going to be angry and hateful. It's just

18:37.480 --> 18:43.080
is literally what happened. And so, one of the important reasons that we want to tackle this

18:43.080 --> 18:48.680
subject is that we can't talk about our own history as Christians, as Europeans, without

18:48.680 --> 18:54.040
talking about the impact the Jews have had on that history. This is going to be one of those

18:54.040 --> 19:02.840
episodes that maybe seems a little bit scattershot. And that's in part because this is going to be

19:03.880 --> 19:08.920
a rough overview. This is not going to be drilling down into the details of everything,

19:08.920 --> 19:15.240
because this is going to span a fair chunk of time, not as much as the last episode. The last

19:15.240 --> 19:23.000
episode was a little heavier on history. This time, we're touching more on the ideology behind

19:23.000 --> 19:29.720
this history, what drove the Jews to do the things they have done in history. And banking ties into

19:29.720 --> 19:36.280
that very well. As you were discussing the history of banking, I thought that really it ties in

19:36.280 --> 19:43.880
directly to sort of the overall theme of this entire series of episodes. But in particular,

19:44.760 --> 19:52.680
this episode and perhaps also the next one in three weeks. And that is tikkun olam. And tikkun

19:52.680 --> 20:01.000
olam is a Hebrew phrase that is usually translated repairing the world, which is relatively accurate.

20:01.960 --> 20:08.520
Tikkun is to repair its repairing. Olam, however, needs a little more explanation because

20:09.400 --> 20:14.120
the Hebrew language is a very limited language, particularly ancient Hebrew, modern Hebrew,

20:14.120 --> 20:18.680
as we've mentioned before, and we'll get into a little bit in this episode as well, most likely,

20:18.680 --> 20:24.440
is a constructed language. It is more expansive than ancient Hebrew. It can express more ideas

20:24.440 --> 20:33.480
more clearly. But ancient Hebrew is very limited. It is a tiny language. It has a small vocabulary.

20:33.480 --> 20:39.560
You have to use words to mean a lot of different things because you don't have very many words,

20:40.200 --> 20:45.800
as opposed to say German or English, which have massive vocabularies. There is always a word

20:45.800 --> 20:51.480
to express, if not the precise idea you need, then a couple of words together to express that

20:51.480 --> 21:00.680
precise idea. Olam has a large lexical scope. It can mean the world. It can mean eternity. It

21:00.680 --> 21:05.560
can mean everything. And so you need to keep that in mind when you hear Tikkun olam. It means

21:05.560 --> 21:11.720
repairing everything. Now, if you look into Kabbalah and things like that, you'll see that more

21:11.720 --> 21:17.160
clearly. I don't think we'll really touch on that in this episode, partly because no one should spend

21:17.160 --> 21:21.800
any time looking into Kabbalah. You're just inviting demons into your life, so don't do that.

21:22.120 --> 21:31.880
But the idea of Tikkun olam is the Jewish idea that human beings bear a responsibility

21:32.760 --> 21:37.320
to improve the world. Now, at first, to a Christian, that sounds great, because as Christians,

21:37.320 --> 21:43.720
we have a responsibility to improve the world. In fact, that was one of the things that we were

21:43.720 --> 21:48.440
originally supposed to do in the garden. We were gardeners. That was a big part of what humanity

21:48.440 --> 21:53.880
was originally meant to do, represent God in creation. That's what it means to be an icon

21:54.520 --> 22:02.840
or an image of God. Same word. But also, by being a gardener, you are taming subduing creation,

22:02.840 --> 22:09.080
improving things. God gave us work to do. He didn't do all the work for us. And so it sounds

22:09.080 --> 22:15.720
like something that is perhaps Christian, but it is very much not Christian. In the modern context,

22:15.720 --> 22:22.600
Tikkun olam has become social justice. Now, it's been that for quite some time. Actually,

22:22.600 --> 22:27.160
you see the roots of that back in the Enlightenment, which is where we'll be really properly starting

22:27.160 --> 22:34.680
this history after I explain the rest of this concept here. And so it's actually anti-Christian

22:34.680 --> 22:41.640
in the conception, the Jewish conception of Tikkun olam. And that is because the Jewish conception,

22:42.360 --> 22:47.160
partly Kabbalistic, but partly the Haskelah, which is the Jewish Enlightenment, we'll be getting

22:47.160 --> 22:56.840
into that. Their idea is that God is incapable of doing these things. Some of them will say that

22:56.840 --> 23:03.960
God refuses to do them. And so it falls to men in the Kabbalistic understanding. They are working

23:03.960 --> 23:08.520
to perfect something that is imperfect in the essence of God, which is almost blasphemous just

23:08.520 --> 23:13.480
to say, but of course, the Jewish God is not God. So I'm not talking about imperfection in the Lord

23:13.480 --> 23:21.400
God, but in the Jewish God, who is in fact quite imperfect. But that is what is underlying all of

23:21.400 --> 23:29.240
this throughout this entire history of the Jewish people. There is this drive to remake the world.

23:29.240 --> 23:35.800
It is a revolutionary spirit, a desire to see things remade in an image that suits the Jews.

23:36.760 --> 23:42.600
And banking ties into that, because banking is one way in which you can wield a great deal of power.

23:42.600 --> 23:47.320
And conveniently, you can wield a great deal of power without ever having to pick up a sword,

23:47.320 --> 23:54.360
which historically, after the time of the Maccabees, at least, the Jews have not been a people very

23:54.360 --> 24:00.520
inclined toward actually picking up weapons of war and going to war. Now, murder and such,

24:00.520 --> 24:04.920
very much been a part of Jewish history. We will see that in the various revolutions. We've seen

24:05.240 --> 24:10.360
that in previous revolutions, but actually forming an organized military and doing something on a

24:10.360 --> 24:17.240
battlefield, not becoming of the Jewish people of late. However, if you are the one who controls

24:17.240 --> 24:24.600
the purse strings, you can influence the one who directs the sword. Now, of course, power is power,

24:24.600 --> 24:30.920
and gold is not power. But you can buy power with gold, or you can influence the person who has

24:30.920 --> 24:37.000
power with gold. And that is how banking works. And we will see that perhaps most starkly when

24:37.000 --> 24:43.240
we eventually get to our episode on the World Wars, because it is the banking power that plays

24:44.280 --> 24:52.280
probably the most significant role in the World Wars. But to return, as I said, to properly the

24:52.280 --> 24:58.760
start of the history in this episode, we move into the Enlightenment, because that is essentially

24:58.760 --> 25:03.640
where we left off with the last episode. We left off in the Middle Ages, the end of the Middle Ages,

25:03.640 --> 25:10.920
the early modern period leading into the Enlightenment. And so the European Enlightenment

25:12.200 --> 25:20.840
lasted from, it depends on who you ask, it lasted either from the mid 1600s to the early 1800s.

25:21.400 --> 25:26.600
And that would be the death of Kant in that conception is considered the end of the Enlightenment

25:26.600 --> 25:32.920
period, or, and I think this is probably a better conception for political purposes. For

25:32.920 --> 25:37.320
intellectual purposes, the first definition is probably best. But for political purposes,

25:37.320 --> 25:43.080
it is generally considered, historically, to have begun with the death of Louis XIV

25:44.040 --> 25:49.560
in 1715, and ended with the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.

25:51.080 --> 25:54.920
But alongside this European Enlightenment, we've gone into that.

25:54.920 --> 25:59.640
Previously, we'll perhaps go into it more depth in a future episode, but alongside the European

25:59.640 --> 26:05.160
Enlightenment, there was a Jewish Enlightenment, which called the Haskellah. That was from the

26:05.160 --> 26:10.760
mid 1700s to the late 1800s, so roughly the same time, very large overlap here.

26:12.440 --> 26:20.040
And you have a group of individuals in various places, basically schools, or little revolutionary

26:20.040 --> 26:27.080
groups as they would become, but initially ideological groups, discussing the ideas of

26:27.080 --> 26:36.120
Enlightenment, so called. In part, what you have here is an ideological civil war between

26:37.480 --> 26:43.560
an older strain of thought amongst the Jewish people, and what would eventually become Zionism.

26:43.560 --> 26:49.000
And Zionism, of course, as you can probably guess one, the older strain of thought that had been

26:49.000 --> 26:55.880
more or less ascendant for some time was assimilationist. And the assimilationists argued

26:55.880 --> 27:01.800
that essentially the Jews should fit in with their host societies, at least to the extent

27:02.360 --> 27:06.760
of appearing to be members of those societies. Now, they maintained their Jewish customs and

27:06.760 --> 27:11.960
practices and such in secret many times, sometimes openly, but many times in secret.

27:13.480 --> 27:18.440
But in large part, they blended into the society. Part of it was simply mercenary,

27:18.440 --> 27:25.160
it was to avoid persecution, but part of it was simply to live alongside the people alongside

27:25.160 --> 27:32.120
whom they were living. The Zionists, on the other hand, which is what you really see ascendant in

27:32.120 --> 27:41.240
these groups, the Masculine, part of the Haskellah, they don't want to live alongside their European

27:42.120 --> 27:48.840
hosts as it were in peace. They want Jewish nationalism, they want Jewish identity,

27:48.840 --> 27:53.240
they want to be distinctly other from the societies in which they are living.

27:54.280 --> 27:58.920
And eventually this pushes toward, once again, having a state called Israel.

28:01.560 --> 28:07.240
It is important here to note where some of these major schools were, because this will

28:08.200 --> 28:14.280
lead into, I'm not going to bury the lead, this will lead into revolutions shortly hereafter.

28:15.640 --> 28:22.520
Four of the main schools were located in Berlin, Vienna, Austria, Galicia, which for those who

28:22.520 --> 28:28.280
are unfamiliar with the history, Galicia would essentially be modern day part of Poland and part

28:28.280 --> 28:38.040
of Ukraine and Russia. These are four of the nations, European, well, three nations in one area,

28:38.600 --> 28:47.560
where we are going to see some of the most violent Marxist communist uprisings in the 1800s. Three

28:47.560 --> 28:54.920
of them in the 1800s, Russia has some abortive revolutions throughout the 1800s and then really

28:54.920 --> 29:00.120
obviously it's the communist revolution that ultimately topples the traditional Russian society.

29:00.920 --> 29:05.640
It takes longer in Russia for various political and economic reasons, quite frankly.

29:07.080 --> 29:13.720
But these schools form the basis of those uprisings. It is these schools that provide

29:13.720 --> 29:20.200
the ideology that eventually pushes for these Marxist uprisings, for these, in some cases,

29:20.280 --> 29:27.720
mass movements of peasants to overthrow their so-called overlords. These are communist revolutions

29:27.720 --> 29:36.200
spurred on by Jewish intellectuals who are directly the direct ancestors, ideologically,

29:36.200 --> 29:42.360
of modern day Zionism. And what's interesting about calling them communist revolutions, and

29:42.360 --> 29:49.880
indeed they are, is that they are communists in every detail prior to Das Kapital having been

29:49.880 --> 29:54.920
written. These are because, of course, Marx was a Jew as well. He didn't invent that from

29:54.920 --> 30:01.080
cold cloth. Basically, the communist manifesto and the other things that were downstream or that

30:01.080 --> 30:07.400
we see as being upstream from all the communist things that followed were, in fact, essentially

30:07.400 --> 30:14.200
the distillation of Tikkun olam for the Goyim. So these Jews had been working on this revolutionary

30:14.200 --> 30:21.880
project for 100-plus years at this point, specifically within Europe. And as they delivered

30:22.760 --> 30:29.160
the blueprints to these Europeans, the reason that the same pattern emerges over and over is that

30:29.800 --> 30:38.040
it's an ancient pattern. As Corey said, it's the Tikkun olam pattern for social justice,

30:38.040 --> 30:42.360
for workers' rights. All these things today that we hear, and we think, oh yeah, there's some good

30:42.360 --> 30:50.200
to that. I can baptize that and make it Christian. Communism is older than the first men who called

30:50.200 --> 30:55.800
themselves communists. And it wasn't just about a commune. It was about all of these values being

30:56.440 --> 31:02.920
packaged up and delivered and spread through these schools, influencing people. And I think

31:02.920 --> 31:09.880
one of the important things about banking, having led up to this point, is that as Jews

31:10.680 --> 31:16.520
became the merchant class, as they were traders and bankers, basically the white-collar sort of

31:17.240 --> 31:24.520
echelon of society, they accumulated a disproportionate amount of wealth because those are more

31:24.520 --> 31:30.760
capitalist endeavors that naturally tend to produce more excess capital. And so, of course,

31:30.760 --> 31:36.600
by having access to their own banks, they were able to accumulate that wealth and then deploy it

31:37.480 --> 31:45.800
both as a weapon strategically at certain points to instigate, to fund a particular uprising.

31:46.360 --> 31:51.480
But also, if you're wealthier, people are more likely to want to be around you for the most part.

31:51.480 --> 31:57.480
It opens doors. When you have money, people are nicer to you, not everyone, but the people that

31:57.480 --> 32:04.200
you probably want to rub elbows with tend to be. And so, as they accumulated social status

32:04.840 --> 32:11.240
through the accumulation of wealth, as Corey said, they sort of just became European. Even

32:11.240 --> 32:17.560
while maintaining their Jewish identities, it was a side-by-side, I'm a German Jew, or I'm a

32:17.560 --> 32:25.640
Russian Jew, or I'm a Polish Jew. And they wanted to be both simultaneously to pursue Jewish ends

32:25.640 --> 32:33.880
in their host countries. And we'll talk a little bit about the divergence of Zionism and integration,

32:33.880 --> 32:39.880
because they both serve the same ultimate ends via different means. And so, I think it's one of the

32:39.880 --> 32:45.640
confusing things today. When you look at Jews, you'll see some who are rabidly pro-Israel,

32:45.640 --> 32:50.840
and you'll also find Jews who are supporting the plight of Palestinians. Now, they never support

32:50.840 --> 32:55.720
the Palestinian Christians, but they'll support the Palestinian Muslims. And so, it seems like

32:55.720 --> 33:01.080
they're two different kinds of Jews. They have these very diametrically opposed beliefs when,

33:01.080 --> 33:06.440
in fact, they have the same ultimate goal. They're just sort of working both sides of the equation

33:07.000 --> 33:11.000
for their goals. And that's something that occurs throughout history.

33:11.800 --> 33:18.520
I would hope that when you mentioned that wealth tends to increase one's influence or social circle,

33:18.520 --> 33:21.800
that a proverb would have come to mind for the listeners, and that, of course,

33:21.800 --> 33:27.320
as Proverbs 19.4, wealth brings many new friends, but a poor man is deserted by his friend.

33:31.480 --> 33:36.760
And you mentioned that sometimes people try to baptize something and make it Christian.

33:37.480 --> 33:45.000
And in this case, you really see a lot of this with Tikkun Alam generally, but there's one thing

33:45.000 --> 33:49.800
in specific to which I want to draw attention. And the reason I want to draw attention to this

33:49.800 --> 33:56.840
is that I see some Christians, but in particular pastors, committing a grave, a gross error,

33:57.560 --> 34:04.520
and borrowing a concept from Judaism, from the Talmud, that has no place in Christianity.

34:06.840 --> 34:13.480
And see if you can pick up on the word when I read through, this is part of the Jewish liturgy,

34:14.120 --> 34:15.480
the alainu part of that.

34:17.080 --> 34:23.640
Let the time not be distant, O God, when all shall turn to you in love, when all the brokenness of

34:23.640 --> 34:28.360
our world is repaired by the work of our hands and our hearts.

34:31.000 --> 34:37.080
And so many of you will have picked up on the word there. There are actually two words, but one,

34:37.080 --> 34:43.640
I have to translate so that you'll see it. There's a word there in English that you will hear come

34:43.640 --> 34:50.040
out of the mouth of many pastors and others these days. And it is directly a concept from the Talmud.

34:50.040 --> 34:56.440
It has no place in Christianity, and that is brokenness. People will speak of individuals

34:56.440 --> 35:02.280
being broken, or of the brokenness of our world or the brokenness of sin. This is not Christian.

35:02.280 --> 35:07.400
This is Talmudic. This is wicked. This is pagan. It has no place in the mouth of a Christian,

35:07.400 --> 35:13.320
and you should rebuke anyone who uses it. Where that comes from before I get to the

35:13.320 --> 35:22.200
second instance here, the second term. The idea of brokenness comes in part from the Talmud directly,

35:22.200 --> 35:27.320
but part through Kabbalistic interpreters of the Talmud, particularly some in Russia.

35:27.320 --> 35:31.880
The names aren't relevant here because, again, not something into which you should really look

35:31.880 --> 35:39.160
deeply. Again, this would be inviting demons into your life. But to just let you know what is going

35:39.240 --> 35:47.160
on here, there is a Kabbalistic understanding, as I stated earlier, that God himself, in his

35:47.160 --> 35:54.600
essence, is broken in a way. It essentially comes from their corrupted version of a creation myth,

35:54.600 --> 36:02.440
where God withdrew his light from a part of reality, and that created the world. And then,

36:02.440 --> 36:08.280
through sin and corruption, there's brokenness that enters in. And through prayer and meditation,

36:08.280 --> 36:13.960
you can restore some of the broken essence of God. That's the rough overview of it. Yes,

36:13.960 --> 36:21.960
it's as blasphemous as evil as it sounds. But that's the idea that is being imported into

36:21.960 --> 36:28.840
Christianity by those who are using the term brokenness. So stop using that term. It is blasphemous.

36:30.120 --> 36:37.720
But the second instance here is what is rendered as the brokenness being repaired by the work

36:39.000 --> 36:43.480
Well, that's tikkun olam. That's the words there. That's what's being prayed by the Jews.

36:44.440 --> 36:50.920
And you'll note that it's of our hands and our hearts. It's this arrogant conception that we

36:50.920 --> 36:55.960
are the ones who will repair what is broken and wrong in the world. We are the ones who will

36:55.960 --> 37:01.480
remake the world in our image. This should start to sound like a particular character in Scripture

37:01.480 --> 37:05.800
who says that he will ascend above the Most High and make his throne in the heavens.

37:05.800 --> 37:10.680
That's not God, but it is the God of the Jews.

37:12.920 --> 37:20.360
For a Christian, the specific terms that should be used instead are evil instead of brokenness,

37:20.360 --> 37:29.800
sin, and evil. And in terms of repairing the world, that's sanctification. That comes from

37:29.800 --> 37:36.120
God alone. And this is where the breakdown occurs. And the reason that this is so crucial is that

37:37.000 --> 37:43.000
when you look at, for example, press releases from some of our own churches, when they talk

37:43.000 --> 37:50.200
about things related to civil rights, they will use this exact framing and this exact terminology

37:50.200 --> 37:56.920
to talk about, you know, they may call racism a sin, an ancestral sin of this nation, you know,

37:57.480 --> 38:04.040
the United States, America was born with the original sin of racism. That's what some of our

38:04.040 --> 38:11.400
own false prophets say among us. And the fix for that, well, they'll throw Jesus in there.

38:11.400 --> 38:17.880
Ultimately, it's about them repairing that brokenness by going out and making people not be racist

38:17.880 --> 38:23.880
anymore. And when you carefully parse the way they say those things, it's clear that they're

38:23.880 --> 38:29.640
not talking about sanctification. They're not talking about God's work in our hearts and in

38:29.640 --> 38:36.840
our lives. They're talking about reshaping in the image of the world, to just go down whatever

38:36.840 --> 38:44.360
the morality of CNN is, and one by one deleting those things from people's hearts and minds

38:45.000 --> 38:50.840
coercively, if necessary, not through God's love and not through God's sanctification, but by,

38:51.560 --> 38:58.440
you know, whatever amount of persecution and hatred you can direct at these evils, that is how

38:58.440 --> 39:05.240
you create the unbroken world with your own hands. And so when these men believe these things,

39:05.240 --> 39:09.720
they will of course engage in any manner of evil because they don't think it's evil. They think

39:09.720 --> 39:15.080
that if by their own hands they're healing the world of its brokenness, of these original sins

39:15.800 --> 39:22.280
that aren't even in Scripture, then of course anything goes. If your ultimate goal is good to

39:22.280 --> 39:27.800
perfect the world, whatever you have to do to get there, you can rationalize. I mean, it's literally

39:27.800 --> 39:32.360
the end justifies the means. Now it's buried. You're not going to see that when you read one of

39:32.360 --> 39:37.320
these press releases unless you look at it with these eyes. Once you understand that these things

39:37.320 --> 39:42.680
are alien to the Christian faith, then they just kind of scream from the page, both by the words

39:42.680 --> 39:47.800
that they use and by the things that they omit, by the fact that they won't talk about God sanctifying

39:47.800 --> 39:53.800
our hearts. Something that today in the Missouri Synod is explicitly denied in our newest confessional

39:53.800 --> 40:00.440
documents, saying that someone who commits the sin of sodomy, someone who is a child rapist,

40:00.440 --> 40:06.040
someone who despises the body that they were given by God and believes that they're the opposite sex

40:06.040 --> 40:11.240
and that God made a mistake, our new confessional documents say there's no sanctification for that.

40:11.240 --> 40:16.200
They say you can be forgiven, but you're always going to want those evil things because God can't

40:16.200 --> 40:22.840
do it. And so we just have to be loving and supportive socially to make people feel the embrace

40:22.840 --> 40:29.160
of God's love rather than reminding people that this is sin, this is wickedness, and that God

40:29.800 --> 40:36.120
heals, God forgives, and He heals through forgiveness. Healing is a good thing when it's

40:36.120 --> 40:41.800
coming from God, but we don't heal each other. It comes from God and there's a specific pathway

40:41.800 --> 40:49.320
by which it's delivered to us, and it's not through these views. So it's a really tricky

40:49.320 --> 40:56.440
thing because as we've said in many past episodes, this stuff, if you don't realize it's evil genealogy,

40:56.440 --> 41:00.840
it's going to look and sound pretty Christian. Maybe it's a slightly different way of putting it,

41:00.840 --> 41:06.360
but when you get down to it, who doesn't want brokenness to be healed? Who doesn't want things to

41:06.360 --> 41:11.880
be better? And if I'm a Christian, of course, I want to be the one making things better. And

41:13.400 --> 41:17.880
there's a way that a Christian can believe that faithfully that doesn't sound like that

41:17.880 --> 41:25.160
because the actual repair of evil comes from God's work and God's forgiveness. And as we've

41:25.160 --> 41:29.320
said in a couple of recent episodes, there are things that are evil in this world that cannot

41:29.320 --> 41:35.240
be repaired. They can be forgiven, but they can't be undone. And I think that's one of the overarching

41:36.280 --> 41:42.120
reasons why we have many men in our own pulpits talking in these ways because

41:42.760 --> 41:48.520
they think that anything can be repaired and it's simply not true. If you sin against your own body

41:48.520 --> 41:53.800
and you damage it in a horrific way, you're stuck with it. God's not going to regrow whatever you

41:53.800 --> 42:01.000
cut off. He's not going to undo whatever damage you do. That is the new you. It's not the you

42:01.000 --> 42:06.520
that's going to be resurrected because if you are forgiven and you die in Christ, you will be raised

42:06.520 --> 42:12.600
again with a restored body, the body that God wanted you to have, but you don't just get to undo

42:12.600 --> 42:18.520
all of the damage from your own wicked acts. It's something that came up in the

42:18.600 --> 42:24.280
debt-free virgins with no tattoos fight a few years ago, where there were Christian men saying,

42:25.240 --> 42:30.520
there are things that we can do when we're young that can damage our prospects forever.

42:31.160 --> 42:36.760
And it's desirable for us to encourage those things. And it's desirable for us to discourage

42:36.760 --> 42:42.280
things that are sinful, things that are harmful. Pastors want to focus. Pastors are

42:42.280 --> 42:47.320
some are trying to be faithful and some are malicious. We'll try to say, no, we need to repair

42:47.320 --> 42:54.440
everything. If someone has had sex with 100 people, she's forgiven by Jesus, and so everything

42:54.440 --> 43:00.040
is back to normal. We talked about in the episode where we were discussing the clockwork universe

43:00.040 --> 43:07.560
in microchimerism. That's simply not the case. There's physical and emotional and mental damage

43:07.560 --> 43:13.960
to that sort of behavior that God forgives, but he doesn't undo. And for us to think that we can

43:13.960 --> 43:19.800
go further than what God does in this life is sinful. It's rebellion against God, because while

43:19.800 --> 43:24.760
it begins with, oh, I want to do something Christian, it ends with, God didn't do enough,

43:24.760 --> 43:28.360
I'm going to fix what he failed to fix, which is exactly Corey's point.

43:29.480 --> 43:35.640
And one of the foundations upon which this not really misconception, this wickedness,

43:35.640 --> 43:41.160
this evil is built, is a denial of original sin. And that is something that we see in the

43:41.160 --> 43:47.880
Christian context as well. Groups that deny the reality of original sin will eventually wind up

43:47.880 --> 43:54.920
apostate. Because if you deny the reality, if you deny the nature of original sin, what you've

43:54.920 --> 43:59.960
actually done, even if you haven't explicitly done so yet, what you have implicitly done,

44:00.520 --> 44:07.000
is deny the nature of the atonement. Because if original sin did not corrupt all of creation,

44:07.000 --> 44:12.840
if original sin is not this infinite separation of creation from Creator,

44:12.840 --> 44:16.840
then Christ's atonement is something lesser than it actually was.

44:18.760 --> 44:25.240
The Jews here are explicitly denying what Scripture says, even their Scriptures so called,

44:25.240 --> 44:29.000
because supposedly they believe in the Torah, they don't, they believe in the Talmud,

44:29.000 --> 44:34.040
we've previously gone over what Torah forbids Talmud permits. But

44:37.000 --> 44:43.400
what they are doing is denying the nature, the scope, the reality of original sin and saying,

44:43.400 --> 44:49.640
no, we can cure these things through our own works. We don't need God to do it for us.

44:50.360 --> 44:56.440
And there are Christian groups that do the very same thing. And so as Christians, you have to be

44:56.440 --> 45:04.520
careful to ensure that you always have this proper conception of original sin, of what original sin

45:04.520 --> 45:10.120
is, of what original sin did, of what was necessary to atone for original sin.

45:10.920 --> 45:16.680
This is one of those things that if you get it wrong, you may not wind up apostate,

45:17.320 --> 45:23.240
but your grandchildren will certainly will. And in the case of the Jews, we see exactly

45:23.240 --> 45:31.320
that playing out. But I mentioned earlier these four schools as it were, these four groupings

45:31.960 --> 45:37.880
of the Haskelah, the Jewish Enlightenment, the Maskelem is the name for the actual individuals

45:37.880 --> 45:45.400
or the groups that is plural. But I mentioned where these were. And the reason that's relevant is

45:45.400 --> 45:53.720
that these are where revolutions would take place in the 1800s. And we've mentioned before,

45:53.720 --> 46:00.200
I believe I've linked to it before, in the show notes for previous episodes. In fact, I know I have

46:01.080 --> 46:08.440
the revolutions of 1848. And it's interesting to note that there is an entire article on

46:08.440 --> 46:17.160
the revolutions of 1848. Because most of Europe was thrown into turmoil seemingly all at once.

46:19.640 --> 46:24.280
To just give a quick list of some of the revolutions, not even all of them.

46:24.360 --> 46:31.800
There were revolutions in the Italian states. There was a French Revolution of 1848, obviously not

46:31.800 --> 46:36.760
the French Revolution, but there was a French Revolution. There were German revolutions of

46:36.760 --> 46:46.920
1848. Denmark had an uprising in 1848, 1849. Sleschwisch Holstein had an uprising, or actually

46:46.920 --> 46:53.560
just at the time would have been Sleswisch, not Holstein yet. But there were uprisings in Austria.

46:53.560 --> 46:59.880
There were uprisings in Hungary, Galicia as mentioned, Sweden had uprisings, Switzerland,

46:59.880 --> 47:11.000
Poland, Romania, Belgium. This was Pan-European. And the hotspots focused exactly where you had

47:11.800 --> 47:20.200
these Jewish groups that would eventually become Zionism. And what you see as a follow on from

47:20.200 --> 47:26.040
this, as a result of this, sometimes it takes a few decades in the aftermath of these revolutions,

47:26.040 --> 47:33.960
but sometimes it doesn't. You see the emancipation of the Jews. Jews are given full political,

47:33.960 --> 47:42.520
civil, etc. rights in these various European nations. The first, of course, is France,

47:42.520 --> 47:49.320
because the French Revolution grants full rights to the Jews, and that is in 1789. Now, notably,

47:50.200 --> 47:54.920
there are many of those in the French Revolution who say that they have to cease to be Jews,

47:54.920 --> 48:00.680
and simply be French in order to have these rights. But there is some disagreement amongst the

48:01.320 --> 48:06.280
leaders of the French rebellion, the French Revolution. Unsurprising for anyone who's

48:06.280 --> 48:11.880
familiar with the history of the French Revolution as the leaders of that revolution were anything,

48:12.440 --> 48:15.240
but consistent, one year to the next.

48:15.880 --> 48:24.600
And to follow on from that, you have basically in the decades following, you have all of these

48:24.600 --> 48:30.280
various European nations emancipate the Jews. But the last to emancipate the Jews was Germany

48:30.280 --> 48:39.160
in 1871, and then Russia in 1917. Now, of course, 1917 should ring some bells as well.

48:39.400 --> 48:47.240
And that is another time in the early 1900s. Of course, we have the First World War.

48:48.440 --> 48:55.400
As a direct follow on from the First World War, which incidentally, the same hot spots again

48:55.400 --> 49:01.400
involved in the lead up to that war. But in the aftermath of that war, that is when we get

49:01.960 --> 49:09.560
sort of mass democracy and the emancipation of women and votes for women and all of these

49:09.560 --> 49:16.520
various liberal social agenda items that get pushed through that were being discussed previously

49:17.480 --> 49:25.240
by these Jewish groups. So you will see every time you have this sort of mass uprising and these

49:25.240 --> 49:32.200
rivers of blood in Europe, conveniently what follows on from that is the ratchet moving forward

49:33.160 --> 49:38.760
in favor of socialism. One of the interesting things about the timing of everything that you

49:38.760 --> 49:47.720
just mentioned is that it dovetails with the end of kind of the banking story for Jews. It dovetails

49:47.720 --> 49:52.920
into what became modern banking. I'm going to read just a part of a paragraph from the Jewish

49:53.000 --> 49:59.320
virtual library. Jewish banking in the 19th century begins with the rise of the house of Rothschild in

49:59.320 --> 50:05.560
Frankfurt, a city which became the new banking center of Europe as a result of the political upheaval

50:05.560 --> 50:10.680
caused by the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. The founder of the house, which became the

50:10.680 --> 50:17.000
symbol of the 19th century type of merchant banking, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, started as a banker to

50:17.000 --> 50:22.600
the elector of Hesse Castle. His sons rose in prominence as the major European bankers,

50:23.400 --> 50:29.720
Amschel Meyer in Frankfurt, Solomon Meyer in Vienna, Karl Meyer in Naples, James Meyer in Paris,

50:29.720 --> 50:40.520
and Nathan Meyer in London. Between 1815 and 1828, the total capital of the Rothschilds increased

50:40.520 --> 50:50.520
from 3.3 million to 118 million francs. It went up over 30-fold in just over a decade, and that's

50:50.520 --> 50:55.880
just ending in 1828. Obviously, they didn't end there, but that was basically their seed money for

50:55.880 --> 51:04.600
what just 20 years later became all these revolutions in 1848. As we've said, there are

51:04.600 --> 51:10.440
articles and you can find lists in one of the tricks when you're going through accounts of

51:10.520 --> 51:17.560
this stuff, particularly if you're starting on modern internet sources, is that they will obfuscate

51:17.560 --> 51:23.960
or flat out deny that there's any participation of Jews. On Wikipedia, a lot of these articles

51:23.960 --> 51:31.240
have actually had references to Jews removed in the last three years or so. However, if you dig

51:31.240 --> 51:37.240
into who were the principal leaders in any particular revolution, as Corey said, you're

51:37.240 --> 51:46.040
going to find it's at least half Jews. In most of the revolutions in both 1948 and then in 1917-18,

51:47.080 --> 51:53.800
some of them were up to 90% Jewish, which necessarily implies that if it were not for Jews,

51:54.440 --> 52:00.280
those things wouldn't have happened. That's a historical fact because not only were they

52:00.280 --> 52:06.120
key players, in many cases, virtually all of the players. This was true in the Russian revolution,

52:06.520 --> 52:13.320
it was a communist revolt. It was a Jewish communist revolt. Not only were they the overwhelming

52:13.320 --> 52:18.680
majority of those participating, but for example, in the Jewish revolution in Russia,

52:19.480 --> 52:26.920
Rothschild personally donated a million, I remember which currency it was, but a huge amount of money

52:26.920 --> 52:33.800
was infused into that communist uprising right as it was faltering. They got a fresh and cute fusion

52:33.800 --> 52:40.520
of cash from a Rothschild. There you go, the Tsars are dead, Russia's communist for nearly a century.

52:42.520 --> 52:47.800
The banking tie, and all this is the end of it being a part of the story, it's important because

52:47.800 --> 52:53.080
as they spread their tentacles throughout Europe, this influence and this incredibly outside,

52:53.080 --> 53:00.040
and so we're talking about quantities of money that are just inconceivable beyond what the average

53:00.040 --> 53:08.600
man would have access to, yet when it's a group of people who are able to influence kings and leaders

53:08.600 --> 53:15.240
and schools and crowds, incidentally, doesn't that sound like George Soros today? If you think

53:15.240 --> 53:21.480
about what we're describing the Rothschilds and these other doing 200 years ago, we see exactly

53:21.480 --> 53:28.920
the same thing today with different names. Soros, that last name is Esperanto, I mean

53:28.920 --> 53:34.760
Sor in Esperanto. His original name was Georgie Schwartz. He's a Jew, everyone knows a Soros is

53:34.760 --> 53:39.720
a Jew, but he changed his name to something that didn't sound that way. He's the frontman for doing

53:39.720 --> 53:44.760
this stuff today. There's always been a frontman, there's always been someone behind financing things.

53:47.160 --> 53:50.360
As I said earlier, and we said in the previous episode, when you say these things,

53:50.920 --> 53:54.600
people want to clutch their pearls and say, oh, this is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

53:55.400 --> 54:01.000
Let's start with, is it true or not? Not only is it true, but when you get them talking in a way

54:01.000 --> 54:07.880
that they're proud of it, they'll take credit for everything. It's not internet racists whining

54:07.880 --> 54:15.160
about disparities in bank accounts. It's literally just history. These events occurred,

54:15.160 --> 54:19.480
these were the men responsible, and they came from a place and they had an agenda,

54:19.560 --> 54:27.720
and it wasn't simply personal aggrandizement. The manner in which these things played out,

54:27.720 --> 54:33.880
as Corey said, all the patterns, all the revolutions of 1848, when you read the articles,

54:33.880 --> 54:38.280
they'll say, oh, it, everyone just revolted simultaneously for all these different reasons.

54:38.280 --> 54:43.880
Well, that's why you have to go looking at who is actually instigating it. And when you look at

54:43.880 --> 54:48.440
the reasons, even though some of the articles will say, these reasons are all unrelated,

54:48.440 --> 54:55.640
when you go down the checkbox list of communist values, of tican olam, social justice

54:56.440 --> 55:00.840
checkboxes, all the list of things that they want to do to change and repair the world,

55:00.840 --> 55:08.040
it's all there. It's things like worker rights, and it's things like disparate capital allocation.

55:08.760 --> 55:14.920
Things that seem kind of, either you hear them and you think, I don't care, that sounds

55:14.920 --> 55:20.920
technical and dry, or you think it's a moral imperative. When they're doing it, it's because it

55:20.920 --> 55:25.640
was fundamentally toppling the kingdoms, the kingdoms of Christendom, because don't forget,

55:26.280 --> 55:33.240
these were aristocracies, and they were monarchies. And by the end of the first world war,

55:33.240 --> 55:38.920
all those monarchies had been toppled. There was really no political power left in virtually any

55:38.920 --> 55:43.560
of the European kingdoms, even if they maintained something that was superficial, it no longer

55:43.560 --> 55:50.280
had any teeth. That wasn't a case in 1848, when this project began, or if you go back further to

55:50.280 --> 55:59.480
1789 in France. The toppling of the Christian rulers, and the liberalization of the societies,

56:00.200 --> 56:05.160
and the loosening of morals, and the opening of floodgates for all sorts of things that

56:05.160 --> 56:10.360
stopped being illegal, because we don't want to, that's going too far. We don't need all

56:10.360 --> 56:17.160
these Christian rules informing the law. Today, in 2023 in the United States, this is a fight

56:17.160 --> 56:23.320
that we're having in our own churches. How far does a Christian ruler go with regard to what

56:23.320 --> 56:29.320
scripture says about obeying God? What should the laws look like? This is a conversation that began

56:30.040 --> 56:34.360
in the Enlightenment. And so all of these intermediary steps along the way,

56:35.320 --> 56:41.480
they achieve the goal. They achieve the goal of what we call liberalization. I guess that's a

56:41.480 --> 56:47.480
technical term. It's fundamentally satanic terraforming of Christendom. That's really what's

56:47.480 --> 56:52.120
happened here. And when you look at the movers and shakers, you look at the players, you look at the

56:52.120 --> 56:58.360
men who were calling the shots and influencing people, they're almost all Jews. One of the things

56:58.360 --> 57:06.760
that I said near the end of last week's episode was that one of the areas in Europe with the highest

57:06.760 --> 57:14.120
percentage Jewish population was what has been sometimes known as Poland today. Most of this

57:14.120 --> 57:20.680
area is Poland, some of it is Ukraine. Just depends on the point in history, since Poland has existed

57:20.680 --> 57:28.040
and then not existed and then existed again. But the area known at the time as Galicia,

57:28.040 --> 57:36.040
I did mention that there was one of these Haskelah, they're one of these groups of Jewish intellectuals.

57:37.160 --> 57:45.880
And in 1846, there occurred what is known as the Galician peasant uprising. This was an uprising

57:45.880 --> 57:53.320
in which today they are often called patriotic Polish intellectuals and nobles. But in reality,

57:53.320 --> 57:58.200
they were Marxist revolutionaries in the most part in the main. Not all of them, some of them

57:58.200 --> 58:05.400
were diluted, certainly. That does happen as well. You see that pattern repeated over and over again

58:05.400 --> 58:11.560
actually with revolutionaries. You will have those who are malicious in their intent, those who know

58:11.560 --> 58:19.960
what they're doing, and then the fools who go along with them. In the Soviet era, the term was useful

58:19.960 --> 58:26.920
fool or useful idiot, which is those in the West who argued in favor of what the Soviets were doing

58:26.920 --> 58:33.800
because they did not understand what the Soviets were doing. They were useful idiots. I'll refrain

58:33.800 --> 58:38.840
from using the Russian term because I'm sure I'll butcher the pronunciation. But the Galician uprising

58:40.200 --> 58:47.080
basically slaughtered many of the nobles, some of whom had foolishly involved themselves in the rebellion.

58:48.040 --> 58:55.400
But this was just a standard Marxist uprising, and it was praised by Marxists at the time,

58:55.400 --> 59:01.480
including Karl Marx, who I believe, I don't know if he had just been expelled from Belgium,

59:01.480 --> 59:08.520
or if that was to come later. But at any rate, he praised this as a Marxist uprising,

59:08.520 --> 59:13.720
called it deeply democratic, of course. You have to be sure to get your propaganda term right.

59:14.360 --> 59:23.000
And this is the pattern that plays out over and over. You see a supposed peasant uprising,

59:23.560 --> 59:29.240
sometimes involving some of the nobles, because do bear in mind the French Revolution was supposedly

59:29.240 --> 59:35.080
this uprising of the underclass that was going to throw off the shackles of the oppressive

59:35.080 --> 59:40.520
nobility of the ancient regime. Well, in reality, almost all of the leaders were

59:40.520 --> 59:47.880
relatively affluent, educated students. They were not peasants. But this is what you see play out.

59:48.600 --> 59:55.880
You have Marxist revolutionaries who rile up some segment of the population and use that segment of

59:55.880 --> 01:00:02.520
the population to slaughter others, and it just creates chaos and a cycle of violence that destroys

01:00:02.520 --> 01:00:07.720
the nation from within. Some European nations were more successful in putting down these

01:00:07.720 --> 01:00:15.800
revolutions than others. Some were not successful. The the Germans actually managed to put down

01:00:15.800 --> 01:00:23.240
the revolutions of 1848 fairly convincingly. However, things did not go as well in Germany

01:00:23.240 --> 01:00:29.960
during the latter cycle of revolutions, because Germany had I'll move on to Germany now to sort

01:00:29.960 --> 01:00:34.120
of set the stage for a future episode, just to give a little bit more history here.

01:00:34.680 --> 01:00:41.960
The German revolutions, not of 1848, but the latter ones in the 1900s really started in 1918,

01:00:41.960 --> 01:00:48.200
started in the wake, of course, of World War One, and they lasted until 1933.

01:00:49.480 --> 01:00:55.080
There were various revolutions throughout Germany. You had the so-called German Revolution,

01:00:55.080 --> 01:01:01.320
1918 to 1919. In Germany, it's called the November Revolution, because there are other

01:01:02.280 --> 01:01:05.080
revolutions and other months, and so they're named after the month.

01:01:06.200 --> 01:01:13.160
But you had a people's state of Bavaria, which most people don't know. Bavaria had

01:01:13.880 --> 01:01:22.360
an actual communist government for over a year. Saxony, the birthplace of Lutheranism,

01:01:23.320 --> 01:01:32.920
essentially had a communist government for over a year. Bremen was a Soviet Republic in 1919.

01:01:33.480 --> 01:01:39.480
Bavaria, at the end of the people's state, also had a Soviet Republic. There was an uprising,

01:01:39.480 --> 01:01:46.520
a communist Marxist uprising in the Rur in 1920. There was a march uprising in 1921. There was

01:01:46.600 --> 01:01:53.240
an uprising in Hamburg in 1923. There was the German October, which was an international

01:01:53.240 --> 01:01:59.640
communist plot to again attempt to overthrow, at that time Weimar to institute an actual communist

01:01:59.640 --> 01:02:10.520
government in 1923. This is the state of Central Europe in the early 1900s, and it's important to

01:02:10.520 --> 01:02:17.640
understand that for other history we'll be covering in later episodes. But you see

01:02:18.760 --> 01:02:26.680
extensive Jewish involvement in these revolutions, because basically you have Marxist intellectuals

01:02:26.680 --> 01:02:33.960
and revolutionaries on one side, and the defenders of the old regime, the defenders of monarchy

01:02:33.960 --> 01:02:40.360
and order on the other side. And it is in fact Christians on the side of the monarchy,

01:02:40.360 --> 01:02:47.240
on the side of the nobles, on the side of order, versus atheists and Jews, on the side of the

01:02:47.240 --> 01:02:53.080
Marxist revolutionaries. And this plays out in other European states as well, but for obvious

01:02:53.080 --> 01:03:02.920
reasons, Germany is the most salient going forward. But this is all part of the Jewish

01:03:03.000 --> 01:03:09.480
understanding of tikkun olam. It is part of the Jewish understanding that it is incumbent on them

01:03:09.480 --> 01:03:14.120
to make the world a better place. It just so happens to be that the world would be a better

01:03:14.120 --> 01:03:21.080
place if the world were ruled by Jews. And so they are willing to use whatever means necessary

01:03:21.080 --> 01:03:29.240
to bring this about. They will tell you that tikkun olam is just making the world better,

01:03:29.240 --> 01:03:36.520
improving things, helping people. But it's not. Because the goal is radical social change. The

01:03:36.520 --> 01:03:41.880
goal is to make the world look like the world portrayed in the Talmud. And if you've read

01:03:41.880 --> 01:03:46.200
any of the Talmud or you've listened to what we've said about the Talmud, read a summary,

01:03:46.200 --> 01:03:51.720
what have you, you know how utterly wicked the Talmud is and what kind of world that would create.

01:03:52.600 --> 01:03:58.520
As was mentioned, this is Satan terraforming Christendom. And he has been extremely successful.

01:03:59.080 --> 01:04:04.280
Because Christians have not known how to counter it, particularly in the modern era,

01:04:04.280 --> 01:04:11.480
because Christians are so afraid simply to say the word Jews. And if you can't say the word Jews,

01:04:11.480 --> 01:04:15.800
you can't go over the history. You can't go over what has actually happened,

01:04:15.800 --> 01:04:22.200
because they have played an outsized role. At no point have they ever, with the exception of

01:04:22.200 --> 01:04:26.280
what is now Poland, because as I said they were higher concentration there, but even there it

01:04:26.280 --> 01:04:32.520
was sub 10%. They have never been more than single digit percentages of a given population.

01:04:32.520 --> 01:04:37.800
And yet they have been represented as 50 plus percent of these revolutionary groups.

01:04:37.800 --> 01:04:43.240
In the case of the Russian revolutionaries, so called Russian, 90 plus percent.

01:04:44.600 --> 01:04:50.680
That's salient. If you have a group that is a single digit percentage of a population,

01:04:50.680 --> 01:04:56.360
and yet somehow it is always more than half of violent revolutionary groups

01:04:56.360 --> 01:05:01.880
that rise up in that population and cause chaos. That is something of which both

01:05:02.680 --> 01:05:06.120
the Kingdom of the right hand and the Kingdom of the left hand should take notice.

01:05:06.120 --> 01:05:09.720
It is incumbent on the Kingdom of the left hand to crush those revolutionaries.

01:05:09.720 --> 01:05:13.320
But it is incumbent on the Kingdom of the right hand, which is to say the church,

01:05:13.320 --> 01:05:18.920
to recognize this evil and to address it. Otherwise, the terraforming will continue.

01:05:19.640 --> 01:05:24.920
Because it is continuing. That's what we see today. All of the things we see pushed for today,

01:05:24.920 --> 01:05:31.080
the social justice, the affirmative action, the BLM, whatever group it happens to be,

01:05:31.720 --> 01:05:37.320
these are all part of the same tapestry, cut from the same cloth of the Talmud,

01:05:38.520 --> 01:05:45.640
organized by the same malignant malign intelligence. And as Christians we have to address it,

01:05:45.640 --> 01:05:50.520
because things can always get worse. And if we're not trending God-word,

01:05:51.080 --> 01:05:55.880
then we are in fact trending hell-word. In the show notes for today's episode,

01:05:55.880 --> 01:06:01.960
we will have a link to a book by a Roman Catholic author named E. Michael Jones. A lot of you have

01:06:01.960 --> 01:06:07.000
probably heard that name before. He wrote a trilogy of books on the overarching subject we're talking

01:06:07.000 --> 01:06:12.200
here today. The specific one that applies most directly to this arc of our episodes

01:06:12.200 --> 01:06:17.240
is the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. You can find it at You can actually

01:06:17.240 --> 01:06:21.640
download the PDF. It's about 1200 pages. It's a very lengthy, detailed book.

01:06:22.840 --> 01:06:29.640
Obviously, this is the most superficial possible tackling of the subject for a podcast. If you

01:06:29.640 --> 01:06:35.160
want a deep dive, get a PhD. What I found interesting when I dug this up, I've never read the whole

01:06:35.160 --> 01:06:40.440
thing, but I've read bits and pieces. And most of what is in it, I have learned elsewhere.

01:06:41.080 --> 01:06:45.240
I was just laughing when I pulled up the PDF today and looked at the chapters.

01:06:45.240 --> 01:06:48.840
Here are the names of the first five chapters from E. Michael Jones' book,

01:06:48.840 --> 01:06:54.600
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Chapter 1, The Synagogue of Satan. Chapter 2,

01:06:54.600 --> 01:07:01.240
Julian the Apostate and the Doomed Temple. Chapter 3, Rome discovers the Talmud. Chapter 4,

01:07:01.240 --> 01:07:06.440
False Conversion and the Inquisition. Chapter 5, The Revolution Arrives in Europe.

01:07:06.440 --> 01:07:12.040
Chapter 6, The Converso Problem. And then in later chapters, he talks about Martin Luther King

01:07:12.040 --> 01:07:16.920
Jr. He talks about the civil rights movement. If this sounds a little bit like it was basically

01:07:16.920 --> 01:07:23.560
the last 20-odd episodes of Stone Choir, it's not because we're using his book to crib for source

01:07:23.560 --> 01:07:29.240
material. It's because if you look at the problems in our world, in the Christian world and Christian

01:07:29.240 --> 01:07:37.640
nations, you will find the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Now, E. Michael Jones is Roman Catholic.

01:07:37.640 --> 01:07:42.120
He's a Romanist. He's a Papist. That's what Luther calls you guys. And we have some listeners.

01:07:42.120 --> 01:07:46.760
Thank you for listening. We love you guys. You're obviously Christian because otherwise,

01:07:46.760 --> 01:07:53.160
you wouldn't put up with us. I'm highlighting specifically that he is a Romanist because

01:07:53.800 --> 01:07:57.080
one of the things that you'll find in this book, if you happen to check it out,

01:07:57.080 --> 01:08:03.640
is that there's a fair amount about Freemasonry, which again ties directly into today on Independence

01:08:03.640 --> 01:08:11.480
Day as we're recording. Obviously, Freemasonry was a big part of the American Revolution. And so

01:08:11.480 --> 01:08:20.760
we're told retroactively that that made Freemasonry the birth story of this nation, which is nonsense.

01:08:20.760 --> 01:08:26.200
This nation is 150 years older than the Revolution. The nation began when Europeans started landing

01:08:26.280 --> 01:08:31.560
here. And the men who started landing here weren't Freemasons. They weren't involved in any of that

01:08:31.560 --> 01:08:37.000
stuff because the Enlightenment hadn't happened yet. And Quakers were not members of secret

01:08:37.000 --> 01:08:42.040
societies. So I specifically mentioned the Freemason thing because if you delve into this

01:08:42.040 --> 01:08:47.240
or related subjects, I just want you to be aware that when Roman Catholics talk about

01:08:48.120 --> 01:08:55.000
these subjects, they will place an outsized emphasis on Freemasonry. Now, as Lutherans,

01:08:55.640 --> 01:09:01.800
we despise secret societies. In fact, from the very first days of the LCMS, no one who was a member

01:09:01.800 --> 01:09:08.680
of a secret society was permitted to be a member of the church because it's two contradictory gods.

01:09:09.400 --> 01:09:16.680
Freemasons and the other secret societies confess a creator God. They say that whether you're a Jew

01:09:16.680 --> 01:09:20.920
or a Mohammedan or a Christian, you're all worshiping the same God by different names.

01:09:21.560 --> 01:09:26.280
And it's interesting if you listened to any accounts of someone who's gone through a Masonic

01:09:26.280 --> 01:09:31.880
temple, they will have rooms that are dedicated to different periods of time with different

01:09:31.880 --> 01:09:37.640
architecture and different decorations. And they will have a room for Babylonian period.

01:09:37.640 --> 01:09:44.200
They'll have a room with Egyptian stuff, which if you remember us talking about the genealogy of

01:09:45.160 --> 01:09:52.200
Jewish black magic, that's where black magic traces through Babylon, through Greece, through

01:09:52.200 --> 01:09:59.960
Egypt, back to the very earliest days of demons walking the earth. And so the fact that Freemasons

01:09:59.960 --> 01:10:06.840
use exactly the same genealogy for their backstory, I think once you recognize that that pattern is

01:10:06.840 --> 01:10:13.320
something that will just pop up in places where black magic is being practiced is very conspicuous

01:10:13.400 --> 01:10:16.680
because whatever else they say about the God that they claim they're worshiping,

01:10:17.320 --> 01:10:26.360
when they are using the same terms and the same loci in human history as Kabbalah,

01:10:26.360 --> 01:10:34.200
as Muslim mysticism, as Egyptian demonology, that becomes consequential. You can't ignore that

01:10:34.200 --> 01:10:40.360
it's not random and it's not larping. It's not that they just like the look of obelisks or whatever.

01:10:40.360 --> 01:10:49.480
There's something serious about it. And so, yes, Freemasons, evil. Even to this day, they always

01:10:49.480 --> 01:10:54.520
have been, there's never been a time when they were not up to no good. The important distinction

01:10:54.520 --> 01:11:00.280
between our position and someone like E. Michael Jones is that things like Freemasonry are,

01:11:01.720 --> 01:11:08.280
they're kind of like communism. It's a repackaged form of Jewish mysticism for the Goliath.

01:11:09.240 --> 01:11:14.120
I don't know if they were ever Jews and Freemasons. It probably they were forbidden at some point

01:11:14.120 --> 01:11:19.640
because they didn't need to be there, but it was the same sort of stuff. When you trace a backfire

01:11:19.640 --> 01:11:26.520
enough, it has the same values. Freemasons are famous for good works, as Corey is describing,

01:11:26.520 --> 01:11:33.000
tikkun olam. What is that, but how Freemasons and Shriners and all these others talk publicly

01:11:33.000 --> 01:11:37.800
about what they want to do? It's about community improvement. It's about making things better.

01:11:37.800 --> 01:11:41.000
And as a naive listener, like, well, that's great. Who doesn't want more of that?

01:11:41.800 --> 01:11:45.880
When you delve into what they're actually doing behind the scenes, it's clear that

01:11:45.880 --> 01:11:51.480
they're all working from the same playbook. So Roman Catholics will place an outsized emphasis on

01:11:52.680 --> 01:11:58.200
Freemasons. As Lutherans, we have a problem with that because Jesuits do the same stuff.

01:11:58.200 --> 01:12:02.920
They'll always scream about Freemasons and they'll ignore Jesuits, who, by the way, show up in the

01:12:02.920 --> 01:12:07.480
same parts of history doing the same evil stuff as the rest. They're pretty much indistinguishable.

01:12:07.960 --> 01:12:13.000
And as Protestants, Jesuits are important because that was literally stood up to

01:12:13.000 --> 01:12:19.960
stamp out the Reformation. The Jesuits were basically an inquisition against the Reformation

01:12:19.960 --> 01:12:27.960
to root out what they termed heretics, that's us, and kill them. The Jesuit history involves

01:12:27.960 --> 01:12:33.640
assassination. So if you're listening to a Roman Catholic author and he starts going off about

01:12:33.640 --> 01:12:39.800
Freemasons, I would encourage you to focus on the fact that Freemasons are a derivation of

01:12:39.800 --> 01:12:46.280
Talmudic Judaism and not let him get you focused on the political stuff because it's all rooted

01:12:46.280 --> 01:12:52.440
in the same spiritual undertones, which is why it shows up in E. Michael's Jones book about the Jewish

01:12:52.440 --> 01:12:56.920
revolutionary spirit. I haven't read the exact chapter. Maybe he makes the case as well,

01:12:56.920 --> 01:13:01.560
but when I hear a lot of Roman Catholics talking about these subjects online,

01:13:02.520 --> 01:13:05.800
if you get them talking about Freemasons, they're just off the races and they want to

01:13:05.800 --> 01:13:12.200
call America Freemason and all this stuff. The Founders, many of them were my ancestors who

01:13:12.200 --> 01:13:18.840
were a year and 50 years prior were not. America was not a Freemason country. It was a Christian

01:13:18.840 --> 01:13:26.440
nation and it was the very Enlightenment devilry that was being ginned up both by

01:13:27.320 --> 01:13:33.160
atheists and agnostics and Jews in Europe and then imported at the time of the revolution in

01:13:33.160 --> 01:13:37.800
this country that did the damage to our founding. Whether or not we should have been our own country

01:13:37.800 --> 01:13:45.320
is a separate matter, but the manner in which it was done was not godly and it's history at this

01:13:45.320 --> 01:13:50.760
point. Just don't get distracted when somebody starts freaking out about Freemasons. I would

01:13:50.760 --> 01:13:55.800
encourage you if you want to look into this subject in more detail. It's well worth taking a look at

01:13:55.880 --> 01:14:01.240
E. Michael Jones' book. Even if you just delve into a particular chapter that deals with a specific

01:14:01.240 --> 01:14:06.200
topic you're interested in, it will give you a lot of details that will certainly be omitted

01:14:06.200 --> 01:14:11.400
in places like Wikipedia. As I was reading through the article on the 1848 revolutions,

01:14:12.120 --> 01:14:17.240
Corey was talking a minute ago about patriots and it was hilarious to see them describing,

01:14:17.240 --> 01:14:23.080
yes, the patriots killed their nobles, killed their king. That's not patriotic,

01:14:23.080 --> 01:14:27.800
and what universe is that patriotic? Well, in a Jewish universe, we're overthrowing

01:14:28.520 --> 01:14:35.000
godly hierarchy is a high good. Yeah, that's certainly patriotic, but the men who were doing

01:14:35.000 --> 01:14:39.640
that in those places and times, they weren't patriots. They were evil wicked men who were

01:14:39.640 --> 01:14:47.640
serving evil ends. So, when all these patterns play out, once you're able to name the source

01:14:47.640 --> 01:14:53.000
and see how it's playing out both within the context and more broadly throughout time,

01:14:53.960 --> 01:14:58.680
it becomes a lot easier for us as Christians to discuss these things openly and publicly and say,

01:14:58.680 --> 01:15:03.720
well, look, this is what happened. These people take credit for it. They did it. I have a problem

01:15:03.720 --> 01:15:07.560
with it morally. I'm looking at where they came from and the things that they're doing and I have a

01:15:07.560 --> 01:15:14.200
problem with that. That's a perfectly reasonable place for a discussion. And Corey and I are

01:15:14.280 --> 01:15:18.920
podcasters. We want discussion. We're not calling for violence. We don't want violence.

01:15:18.920 --> 01:15:24.280
Part of the reason for discussing this stuff is to try to prevent violence because the further

01:15:24.280 --> 01:15:29.640
and further the world gets into this sort of wickedness, the greater the incentive there is

01:15:29.640 --> 01:15:37.800
for the backlash against what is pure evil to just be pure violence. And if violence is necessary,

01:15:38.440 --> 01:15:43.720
that should be done in a godly fashion by a godly state as not for individuals to ever pursue.

01:15:45.160 --> 01:15:49.640
If there are no Christians involved in the conversation, all you're going to have is people

01:15:49.640 --> 01:15:54.680
who are going to misidentify who the culprits are, and they're going to go further than any

01:15:54.680 --> 01:16:00.120
Christian should want them to go. And so that's part of the reason we're tackling these tough

01:16:00.120 --> 01:16:06.520
subjects because the absence of actual Christian voices discussing these things that are emerging

01:16:06.520 --> 01:16:12.680
in real time, we're talking about things in the early 1800s that are identical to things happening

01:16:12.760 --> 01:16:20.760
in 2023, in 2024 and beyond. This decade is going to play out like Germany 100 years ago.

01:16:20.760 --> 01:16:26.680
It already is. It's not just parallel. It's practically like someone used a clone tool

01:16:26.680 --> 01:16:32.600
and just copied from one century to the next. That's bad news because the end result of that

01:16:32.600 --> 01:16:38.040
is going to be violence that no one should want to see. We don't want to see it. Wars are always

01:16:38.040 --> 01:16:43.400
destructive. Even a just war is destructive and evil. The question is whether it's less evil than

01:16:43.400 --> 01:16:50.440
the alternative. If no Christians discuss these things, all we're left with are evil alternatives,

01:16:50.440 --> 01:16:54.040
and any Christian should seek to prevent that if it's all possible.

01:16:54.840 --> 01:16:59.960
If you want a good example of what happens when really no one involved is Christian,

01:17:01.640 --> 01:17:07.960
look at any number of wars that have been waged in the Far East in history and some of the atrocities

01:17:08.040 --> 01:17:15.400
that have been committed. That's what happens when men are entirely unbounded morally,

01:17:15.400 --> 01:17:21.320
when there are no restrictions. And that is what happens when Christians remove themselves from

01:17:21.320 --> 01:17:27.400
the conversation. There are no Christians on the left. There are no Christians on the Marxist side

01:17:27.400 --> 01:17:36.360
of this. And so the only Christians are on the right. And if Christians want to have an influence

01:17:36.360 --> 01:17:40.360
on the outcome of these events, because as was mentioned, we are living through

01:17:42.040 --> 01:17:49.320
right now probably about the 1920s in Central Europe. We're living through the same thing all

01:17:49.320 --> 01:17:57.560
over again in the same decade incidentally. Welcome back to the 20s. Not so roaring this time,

01:17:57.560 --> 01:18:05.400
but the 20s nonetheless. If Christians want to have an influence, not only in the outcome,

01:18:05.400 --> 01:18:10.040
but how we get there, and it is important to have an influence in the means if you want

01:18:10.040 --> 01:18:17.320
an influence on the ends, then we have to be part of the discussion. And the only way

01:18:17.320 --> 01:18:22.920
Christians can be part of the discussion on the right is if we're honest, if we're blunt,

01:18:22.920 --> 01:18:28.040
if we speak the truth, if we're not afraid of touching on these subjects that are supposedly

01:18:28.040 --> 01:18:33.880
off limits. In this case, for this series of episodes, if we're not afraid to say the word

01:18:33.960 --> 01:18:39.960
Jews, because if we're afraid to say these things, then those on the right who have

01:18:41.080 --> 01:18:46.200
been looking at these matters, granted through a secular so-called lens, not through a Christian

01:18:46.200 --> 01:18:52.840
lens, but had been looking at them and had arrived at the very clear truth, because some of these

01:18:52.840 --> 01:18:59.800
truths do not require a Christian lens to see them. You can find the Jewish involvement in Marxism,

01:19:00.520 --> 01:19:06.760
whether or not you're a Christian. You can find the destructiveness of multiculturalism,

01:19:06.760 --> 01:19:12.680
whether or not you're a Christian. But if Christians, as has been the case for the last

01:19:12.680 --> 01:19:19.160
several decades, resolutely refuse to engage in these discussions and particularly refuse to

01:19:19.160 --> 01:19:26.360
speak the truth on them, then both sides are going to completely ignore at the absolute best

01:19:26.440 --> 01:19:31.400
Christians. And usually what happens in that case is that Christians wind up dead,

01:19:32.760 --> 01:19:39.000
because neither side has an incentive to keep Christians alive, if Christians are simply lying.

01:19:39.560 --> 01:19:44.360
The left, of course, because they are anti-Christ, they hate Christ, they want to

01:19:44.360 --> 01:19:49.480
destroy the church, and the best way to destroy the church on earth is to destroy Christians.

01:19:50.040 --> 01:19:55.080
It's not burning buildings, that is destructive, of course, but you can rebuild the buildings.

01:19:55.160 --> 01:19:59.080
If you kill the Christians, if you burn the scriptures, if you destroy

01:20:00.280 --> 01:20:04.920
all of those who have that knowledge, you can very effectively destroy the church on earth.

01:20:04.920 --> 01:20:09.640
God has promised that he will not permit the forces of evil to completely triumph,

01:20:09.640 --> 01:20:13.640
but that does not mean that they cannot triumph in an area for a period of time.

01:20:14.840 --> 01:20:19.800
Look at the map, the religious map of Europe, before and after World War II.

01:20:20.440 --> 01:20:23.320
Christendom died in that war.

01:20:24.600 --> 01:20:27.640
It was wounded almost mortally in World War I, certainly,

01:20:27.640 --> 01:20:33.560
but if you look at the percentage of those who were atheist, 20 years on, from World War II,

01:20:34.280 --> 01:20:39.880
the East is atheist. With some exceptions of those who claimed to be Roman Catholic,

01:20:39.880 --> 01:20:42.760
but if you start asking them questions about what they believe,

01:20:42.760 --> 01:20:45.320
you'll find out very quickly most of them are atheist as well.

01:20:45.960 --> 01:20:48.440
So there are very real consequences here in time.

01:20:49.800 --> 01:20:54.440
When it comes to these conflicts, and that's for the left, now for the right side.

01:20:55.400 --> 01:21:00.840
The right, if Christians are simply going to lie, which has been the case for some decades,

01:21:00.840 --> 01:21:05.480
then they have no need of Christianity or Christ, from their perspective.

01:21:05.480 --> 01:21:11.160
They're wrong, of course, ultimately, eternally wrong, but politically they're not,

01:21:11.960 --> 01:21:17.800
because politically speaking, if Christians are unwilling to address these issues,

01:21:17.800 --> 01:21:22.040
unwilling to speak the truth, unwilling to take scripture seriously, incidentally,

01:21:22.760 --> 01:21:26.600
because scripture does speak of speaking the truth before the powerful,

01:21:27.400 --> 01:21:32.680
and that doesn't just mean the gospel, because God is true, so all truth belongs to God.

01:21:33.560 --> 01:21:37.240
The gospel is the most salient part of that, but none of it's irrelevant.

01:21:37.880 --> 01:21:41.800
But if we're not willing to do that, well, it shows a number of things.

01:21:42.680 --> 01:21:47.080
One, it shows we don't really believe. It shows that our faith isn't real.

01:21:48.040 --> 01:21:51.320
Because if Christians don't value the truth, if Christians aren't willing to speak the truth,

01:21:52.280 --> 01:21:56.200
then maybe we don't really believe in the truth, and so why should those on the political right

01:21:56.200 --> 01:22:04.360
care what Christians say? But there is also the matter of Christians are naturally on the political

01:22:04.360 --> 01:22:09.880
right, because that is simply the side of God in these matters, because the political right is

01:22:09.880 --> 01:22:17.320
the side that believes in family and hierarchy and all of these various things that are of God,

01:22:17.320 --> 01:22:22.600
that are good from God, and opposes all the evil things from the left, the transgenderism,

01:22:22.600 --> 01:22:27.560
the homosexuality, multiculturalism, etc., adnazium.

01:22:30.760 --> 01:22:38.360
But in order to be part of the right, in order to be an influential part of what is transpiring,

01:22:38.360 --> 01:22:45.240
whether or not we are part of it, we have to properly be Christians, which means,

01:22:45.880 --> 01:22:52.680
again, speaking the truth. It means not being afraid to address these problems.

01:22:53.800 --> 01:22:57.960
It means recognizing the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves,

01:22:59.080 --> 01:23:05.800
because ultimately, the political right in the West should be Christian, top to bottom.

01:23:07.000 --> 01:23:11.080
That is how things should be, and that is how things would be if Christians

01:23:11.880 --> 01:23:17.720
were willing to speak the truth instead of being Zionists, as has been the case in the U.S.

01:23:17.720 --> 01:23:22.760
for far too long with many churches. That's not in Scripture. That's not scriptural. That's

01:23:22.760 --> 01:23:29.480
anti-scriptural. Where in Scripture does it command us to support a pagan nation, a nation that hates

01:23:29.480 --> 01:23:36.280
God, a nation that hates Christ, a nation that has banned proselytization? You can be arrested

01:23:36.280 --> 01:23:41.880
for attempting to spread the gospel in Israel. That's not Christian. That's not a nation we should

01:23:41.880 --> 01:23:48.520
support. And if we support that as Christians, what are we declaring to the world? What we're

01:23:48.520 --> 01:23:52.440
declaring is that we don't really believe in God. We don't really believe in Christ,

01:23:52.440 --> 01:23:55.800
because we're willing to support this evil, wicked, pagan nation.

01:23:58.360 --> 01:24:05.560
Our confession before the world truly matters, and it truly matters today, because of what is

01:24:05.560 --> 01:24:14.280
coming in the next few decades. We don't want a repeat of what happened in Europe,

01:24:14.920 --> 01:24:23.000
although that is where we are heading today. We want Christianity to come out of this conflict in

01:24:23.000 --> 01:24:30.280
better shape, not as in Europe where Christianity Christendom effectively died in the 1940s and the

01:24:30.280 --> 01:24:41.080
1950s. We have a very real opportunity, as Christians, in this century to see a revival

01:24:41.080 --> 01:24:46.840
of the Church, because God doesn't abandon His people. It has always been true. Scripture is

01:24:46.840 --> 01:24:54.680
very clear. If we desist in our evil ways and turn to God, He will turn to us. He will remember us.

01:24:54.680 --> 01:25:00.280
He will restore us. And so we very much have that opportunity as a nation. And yes,

01:25:00.280 --> 01:25:05.160
we mean as a nation. We're recording as has been mentioned a number of times on the 4th of July.

01:25:07.160 --> 01:25:10.920
Bear in mind, as we have said many times before, country and nation are not synonymous.

01:25:13.160 --> 01:25:23.240
Germany is not the 1945 Constitution. That's a country. Germany is a nation of the Germans. France

01:25:23.320 --> 01:25:32.440
is a nation of the French. Ireland is a nation of the Irish. America is properly a nation of the

01:25:32.440 --> 01:25:39.640
Americans. And we are a distinct Western European, descended people. That is what Americans are.

01:25:41.160 --> 01:25:47.160
The U.S. is a country that is a different thing. And so as Christians,

01:25:47.880 --> 01:25:55.560
it is important for us to act in accord with what God made us to be. I'm going back to what

01:25:55.560 --> 01:26:03.800
I said earlier about mankind in the garden. What is man? What is our purpose? We are an idol,

01:26:04.360 --> 01:26:10.680
properly understood in the proper sense of the term, an icon, an image. These are all synonymous.

01:26:10.680 --> 01:26:18.920
We are God's image in creation. We represent God in His creation. We act in His stead,

01:26:19.480 --> 01:26:25.560
not in the sense of tikkun olam, because tikkun olam is remaking creation in the image of man,

01:26:25.560 --> 01:26:32.520
or really in the image of those men who adhere to that concept, the image of their God,

01:26:33.560 --> 01:26:38.920
who is very much not our God. Yes, we live in a fallen world.

01:26:39.880 --> 01:26:44.280
No, we cannot perfect a fallen world, but we can certainly make it better than it is today.

01:26:45.320 --> 01:26:48.600
And as Christians, it is incumbent on us to try.

01:26:50.200 --> 01:26:54.520
Part of that is being faithful with regard to the right-hand kingdom that's attending church,

01:26:54.520 --> 01:27:00.840
that's holding to right doctrine, that's teaching your children, etc. But we must also be faithful

01:27:00.840 --> 01:27:06.680
in the left-hand kingdom. And that is the kingdom of the world. That is the state, that is politics.

01:27:07.160 --> 01:27:13.800
And part of that is speaking truthfully about history, even when that history makes people

01:27:13.800 --> 01:27:19.400
uncomfortable, even when that history requires you to say words that make other people uncomfortable,

01:27:20.040 --> 01:27:24.760
even when there may be consequences for speaking that truth. Now, of course, I am not saying,

01:27:24.760 --> 01:27:29.800
go into your workplace and scream, it's the Jews, don't do that. However,

01:27:30.680 --> 01:27:40.760
you are to employ wisdom in all matters. But as a Christian, you are not permitted

01:27:40.760 --> 01:27:48.120
to lie about these things. You are permitted not to address them or to avoid the topic if

01:27:48.120 --> 01:27:55.560
wisdom dictates you should do so. But lying about them is anti-Christian, lying about them is sin.

01:27:56.440 --> 01:28:00.920
I would say the folks who are listening, even if you don't want to read Michael Jones' book,

01:28:00.920 --> 01:28:06.360
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, I would suggest that you at least visit the link

01:28:06.360 --> 01:28:12.680
that we'll have in the show notes and just look at the chapter names. They're 25, 30-odd chapters.

01:28:13.560 --> 01:28:21.720
Each of them is a different aspect of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, of Tikkun olam, of this

01:28:21.800 --> 01:28:32.360
group of people with biblical ancestry going back. They have been corrupted by leaving God,

01:28:32.360 --> 01:28:38.280
by abandoning the God who led them out of Egypt. God instantly, they abandoned within 40 days

01:28:38.280 --> 01:28:45.640
of leaving Egypt. No, they came and went. But when you look at the list of things that

01:28:45.640 --> 01:28:51.800
E. Michael Jones lays out, and he makes a case in each of those chapters, what relevance it has to

01:28:51.800 --> 01:28:58.440
the Jewish people, it becomes unmistakable that for us as Christians, for us as citizens

01:28:58.440 --> 01:29:07.560
of whatever country we live in today, these are matters of survival. They're matters of polity,

01:29:08.200 --> 01:29:14.200
they're matters of spiritual significance, and they're matters that can only be addressed by

01:29:14.280 --> 01:29:20.520
talking about Jews. The manner in which we do it must be Christian. As Corey said, there's no

01:29:20.520 --> 01:29:24.440
moment in a Christian life where we can say, well, I'm not going to be Christian for the next five

01:29:24.440 --> 01:29:29.720
minutes because I'd really rather do this other thing and then say mean, hateful, terrible things,

01:29:29.720 --> 01:29:34.440
or commit violence, or any whatever thing you would like to do because you're mad about what

01:29:34.440 --> 01:29:39.720
somebody else did. That is the moment where you most need to be Christian, because it's a moment

01:29:39.720 --> 01:29:45.000
where it's the hardest to be Christian, because your sinful nature wants to go in one direction,

01:29:45.000 --> 01:29:51.560
and God says the other direction. I think the trick that we as Christians have to understand in

01:29:51.560 --> 01:29:58.920
the 21st century is that our sinful nature doesn't only look to commit violence or say mean things

01:29:58.920 --> 01:30:06.040
or whatever active measure you might think, yeah, that's really bad. Our sinful nature also is a

01:30:06.040 --> 01:30:13.960
coward. Our sinful nature is to be fearful and to duck our heads and to stay out of the line of fire

01:30:13.960 --> 01:30:19.400
and to avoid saying something that's going to cause grief for us, because it's easier if people

01:30:19.400 --> 01:30:26.600
leave you alone, and if saying something that's true that gets you punished is something that's

01:30:26.600 --> 01:30:32.760
scary to you, at some point you're going to have to choose, do I tell the truth or do I deny God,

01:30:32.760 --> 01:30:38.920
because they're two sides of the same coin. If you start lying, you're losing your faith,

01:30:39.640 --> 01:30:42.840
and if there's something that the world is telling you you must lie about,

01:30:43.720 --> 01:30:49.400
it threatens your faith. It's actually a matter of salvation, not that believing any of this stuff

01:30:49.400 --> 01:30:55.000
that we say is itself salvific or not, it's not. The gospel is contained in Scripture. We're not

01:30:55.000 --> 01:31:03.160
trying to elevate any of this to being wholly writ. However, if it's true and you lie about it,

01:31:03.800 --> 01:31:07.880
you're sinning against God by lying, and it doesn't matter what you're lying about,

01:31:07.880 --> 01:31:14.120
and lies of omission or lies too. Failure to tell the truth when the truth is demanded is a sin.

01:31:14.760 --> 01:31:21.240
It's an easy sin, and it's an easy sin for someone who will say, I'm not going to shout hateful things,

01:31:21.240 --> 01:31:25.160
I'm not going to hit someone, I'm not going to advocate something that's overtly evil.

01:31:25.960 --> 01:31:31.160
It's a very quiet sin. It's completely silent. That's the bopside, that's the whole point

01:31:31.160 --> 01:31:35.800
of the sin of silence. When you fail to tell the truth when the truth is demanded,

01:31:36.680 --> 01:31:41.800
it's easy. You get away with it. No one knows you didn't say the thing that you knew you should

01:31:41.800 --> 01:31:48.600
have said. You know, God knows, and the world is made worse by your failure to be faithful

01:31:48.600 --> 01:31:53.320
to telling the truth. Now, as Corey said, that doesn't mean you go around shouting about these

01:31:53.320 --> 01:31:58.440
things if you believe the things that we've said. It's a really hard thing for a lot of people to

01:31:58.440 --> 01:32:03.640
go through as they come to realize all this has been going on, because again, it's been going on

01:32:03.640 --> 01:32:10.680
for thousands of years. The Jews have been up to no good for thousands of years. That's troubling,

01:32:10.680 --> 01:32:17.640
that reshapes our own understanding of our history and of Scripture. Now, when I say that,

01:32:17.640 --> 01:32:22.680
I don't mean that people 200 years ago would have believed something different.

01:32:24.040 --> 01:32:26.920
That's part of the reason we talked about Zionism. We'll probably do an episode in the

01:32:26.920 --> 01:32:34.200
future entirely about Zionism, particularly around the Schofield Bible and how it was inserted into

01:32:34.200 --> 01:32:38.920
particularly the American psyche and the American political system, because

01:32:40.600 --> 01:32:46.040
cordoning off this whole subject area makes it possible for people who are up to no good to

01:32:46.120 --> 01:32:52.040
maneuver freely. No one's going to interfere, and if anyone tries to, you say, there are greatest

01:32:52.040 --> 01:32:58.440
ally. I support Israel. They're the chosen people. If that's true, if that's scriptural, then yes,

01:32:58.440 --> 01:33:03.640
we're bound to it. The problem is none of it's true, and yet people believe it in good conscience, and so

01:33:05.240 --> 01:33:12.200
within our own nation, within our own people group, we have opposite sides in defense of an

01:33:12.200 --> 01:33:19.560
alien group. Again, alien isn't inherently bad. It means different. It means outside. If they're

01:33:19.560 --> 01:33:25.720
alien and they should be supported, if that were true, I'd be first in line, because it's what God

01:33:25.720 --> 01:33:32.040
commanded, but it's not true, and it's actually incredibly spiritually and physically destructive

01:33:32.040 --> 01:33:38.120
for us to engage in it, and for us to even remain silent about it. A lot of people, when they discover

01:33:38.120 --> 01:33:44.600
this stuff, go from either complete indifference or complete Zionism. If they manage to get over

01:33:44.600 --> 01:33:50.600
the hump of saying, actually, this is true and I'm unhappy about it, it's really easy to fall off

01:33:50.600 --> 01:33:56.760
the other side of the horse and say, now I'm going to be rabidly against the Jews and all things at

01:33:56.760 --> 01:34:01.320
all times for all purposes. That's not the point. The point is tell the truth, and if the truth is

01:34:01.400 --> 01:34:08.520
that they're up to no good and we need to stop that by a Christian means, then by God, that's what

01:34:08.520 --> 01:34:14.360
we should do, but it should always be by God. It should always be what he wants, not what we want,

01:34:14.360 --> 01:34:19.880
not because we're fired up about something new. If you learn anything from what we're saying in

01:34:19.880 --> 01:34:27.400
this series or any of the other things, zeal is good, but it has to be mediated by faithfulness.

01:34:27.400 --> 01:34:35.480
It's more important to maintain your footing as a Christian than to run off in a new direction.

01:34:35.480 --> 01:34:39.720
Even if the new direction is the correct direction, nothing we're saying here is false.

01:34:39.720 --> 01:34:45.640
All this is vital to the modern Christian life, but we would much prefer that if you believe this,

01:34:45.640 --> 01:34:51.480
you pivot slowly, you reorient yourself, do research, do study on your own, look at these

01:34:51.480 --> 01:34:58.200
sources, go read whatever you want to read. Just be aware that when they took over the banks 200

01:34:58.200 --> 01:35:05.880
years ago, they took over a lot of other things too. Media is entirely controlled by Jews. It's

01:35:05.880 --> 01:35:10.440
called an anti-Semitic trope. It's called a stereotype, and yet at the same time,

01:35:11.320 --> 01:35:18.200
on their very own websites, you'll see them writing articles about how it's true. It's this

01:35:18.200 --> 01:35:24.200
cloaking device that's been put around an entire people. We're on one hand, it's false if it puts

01:35:24.200 --> 01:35:29.320
them in a bad light, but it's true if it puts them in a good light. That's not how the truth works.

01:35:29.320 --> 01:35:33.560
Either it's true or false, and if it makes them look good, okay, whatever, they look good, fine,

01:35:33.560 --> 01:35:38.280
I don't care. If it makes them look bad, then we have to deal with that. And so when you're digging

01:35:38.280 --> 01:35:44.520
into sources, it's part of why the show notes are always so rich with these links when we can find

01:35:44.520 --> 01:35:50.360
them, because most of what you're going to read is going to contradict what we're saying, and you're

01:35:50.360 --> 01:35:56.360
saying, well, those guys are liars. Well, that's one possibility. The other possibility is that a

01:35:56.360 --> 01:36:02.920
necessary part of keeping you from seeing the truth is making sure that you're hemmed in by enough

01:36:03.480 --> 01:36:08.200
superficial sources that you never get to the truth. And then it's easy to go along with the

01:36:08.200 --> 01:36:14.040
entire crowd that's saying one thing, and you have a few people saying another thing, and some of

01:36:14.040 --> 01:36:19.160
them say it in really terrible ways. Some of them are hateful. Some of them are stupid. Some of the

01:36:19.160 --> 01:36:23.960
people who agree with us about some of these things are extremely embarrassing, and it makes me sad

01:36:23.960 --> 01:36:31.480
that I can't convince them to be better about A, being Christians, and B, being persuasive. But

01:36:33.000 --> 01:36:37.000
it's possible to tell the truth and to be a Christian at the same time, in fact, it's required.

01:36:37.560 --> 01:36:42.360
And so as we work through all this stuff, just remember that if you're hearing something for

01:36:42.440 --> 01:36:45.800
the first time, or maybe you've heard it before and you've always disregarded it,

01:36:45.800 --> 01:36:48.680
maybe we made a better case than you've heard, and so you want to learn more.

01:36:50.040 --> 01:36:55.160
Be cautious. Don't just go adopting new crap. That's how we got into the situation in the first

01:36:55.160 --> 01:37:00.120
place. People started throwing new stuff into our culture saying, oh, now we're going to believe

01:37:00.120 --> 01:37:04.840
this instead. And what do we do? We threw out Scripture. We threw out thousands of years of

01:37:04.840 --> 01:37:11.880
Christianity, and suddenly, user is fine. Suddenly, feminism is valuable. Suddenly, the destruction

01:37:11.880 --> 01:37:19.240
of order and hierarchy is freedom. Let freedom ring. How did we get there? We got there by not

01:37:19.240 --> 01:37:23.160
checking our inputs and not comparing it with Scripture. That's all we're ever going to tell

01:37:23.160 --> 01:37:27.960
anyone to do. That's the only thing we're ever going to be vigorous about, because if you do that

01:37:27.960 --> 01:37:32.760
vigorously and faithfully, you're going to come along on the rest of the stuff that we're talking

01:37:32.760 --> 01:37:40.360
about. I was wrong about most of the stuff most of my life. I mean, I didn't look. I was never a

01:37:40.360 --> 01:37:45.720
lib, but I was certainly indifferent. I was a libertarian. I was like, oh, yeah, whatever. They're

01:37:45.720 --> 01:37:51.000
not hurting anybody. It's not my business. Don't be mean. Don't stereotype. It was only when I

01:37:51.000 --> 01:37:55.800
started looking at the facts as they played out immediately, because this isn't history. This is

01:37:55.800 --> 01:38:02.600
today. The revolutions, stuff in the 1800s and stuff in the 1900s, it's happening on our streets

01:38:02.600 --> 01:38:08.120
today. It's threatening our families and our communities, and only by understanding that

01:38:08.120 --> 01:38:13.720
there's an overarching pattern that goes back, frankly, to the Garden of Eden, goes back to the

01:38:13.720 --> 01:38:19.560
serpent. Once you can see that pattern weaving throughout history, then you can make sense of

01:38:19.560 --> 01:38:25.000
the things today that otherwise don't make any sense. That's why we said before, don't call people

01:38:25.000 --> 01:38:31.320
libtards. Don't say they're insane. What they're doing is evil, which is why, as Corey said, the

01:38:31.320 --> 01:38:38.760
right is the place of godly people. The right is fundamentally about order, full stop. When the

01:38:39.720 --> 01:38:46.360
communist revolutions were occurring in Europe in the 1900s, simultaneously, there was anarchy

01:38:46.360 --> 01:38:51.080
taking off in this country. We didn't have overt communists, but we had Italian anarchists

01:38:51.800 --> 01:38:57.000
sending pipe bombs everywhere. Hundreds of people died, thousands were injured, horrifically.

01:38:57.080 --> 01:39:03.960
It was a terror wave 100 years ago, and almost nobody knows about it. Anarchy and Talmudic

01:39:03.960 --> 01:39:10.120
Judaism go hand in hand. It's a repackaging for another ethnicity, for another situation,

01:39:10.120 --> 01:39:15.080
but the goal is the same. They were targeting bankers. They were targeting judges. They were

01:39:15.080 --> 01:39:19.400
targeting anyone who said, actually, all these people that just got off the boat are actually

01:39:19.400 --> 01:39:25.800
a social corruption. We should send them back. That might sound familiar to you today. That's

01:39:25.800 --> 01:39:31.800
nothing new. That's something that America has dealt with for a long time. 100 years ago, when

01:39:31.800 --> 01:39:36.040
they were trying to deal with it, there were judges and politicians and reporters who were

01:39:36.040 --> 01:39:41.720
getting killed by anarchists for saying it. It's not always directly branded in the way,

01:39:41.720 --> 01:39:47.800
but the behavior and the pattern is always going to look the same. Just look at the pattern. Pattern

01:39:47.800 --> 01:39:53.160
recognition, it's a part of IQ. It's also just part of being honest with yourself. You don't have to

01:39:53.160 --> 01:39:58.200
be that smart to figure this stuff out. You just have to believe your lying eyes. When you find

01:39:58.200 --> 01:40:03.880
something that's a demonstrable historical fact, and it makes you reconsider things you believe

01:40:03.880 --> 01:40:09.640
before, okay, you were wrong. That's fine. It's part of being a grown-up to have been wrong about

01:40:09.640 --> 01:40:15.160
something and then to fix it. That's one of the most grown-up things you can ever do to admit,

01:40:15.160 --> 01:40:21.880
I was tricked. I was fooled. I see now. I said a bunch of dumb stuff. I did a bunch of dumb stuff.

01:40:22.680 --> 01:40:27.800
Repent, straighten out, tell the truth, serve God.

01:40:28.680 --> 01:40:35.480
And so we'll close out this episode with a little bit of history and then two short passages of

01:40:35.480 --> 01:40:42.840
Scripture. First, I want to read a list of names, partly because it will be relevant for future

01:40:42.840 --> 01:40:48.040
episodes and partly because they are actually names worth reading. I'll resist reading the German

01:40:48.040 --> 01:40:54.680
versions. I'll read the English versions of the names. John, Duke of Saxony, Elector. George,

01:40:54.680 --> 01:41:02.840
Margrave of Brandenburg. Ernest, Duke of Lunarburg. Philip, Landgrave of Hesse. John, Frederick,

01:41:02.840 --> 01:41:10.680
Duke of Saxony. Francis, Duke of Lunarburg. Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt. Senate and Magistracy

01:41:10.680 --> 01:41:20.600
of Nuremberg. Senate of Leutlingen. These are the names, seven nobles in two cities,

01:41:20.600 --> 01:41:26.920
that were signed at the end of the Augsburg Confession as presented to Emperor Charles V.

01:41:28.360 --> 01:41:32.600
The reason these names are relevant, the reason they're worth reading,

01:41:33.800 --> 01:41:39.320
is that when they presented this before the Imperial Diet in 1530 in Augsburg,

01:41:41.080 --> 01:41:47.720
they were very much putting their lives on the line. Not just their lives, but their names,

01:41:47.720 --> 01:41:55.000
their lands, their honor. And the reason they knew this was that earlier John Huss had been

01:41:55.000 --> 01:42:01.800
executed and that was despite the fact that the Pope had promised him safe passage, safe conduct,

01:42:02.360 --> 01:42:07.720
and fair treatment. He was burnt at the stake for trusting in the Pope's word.

01:42:08.120 --> 01:42:13.880
So these men knew full well what the consequences of what they were doing could be. They knew that

01:42:13.880 --> 01:42:19.080
they could be stripped of their titles potentially, potentially burned at the stake as heretics for

01:42:19.080 --> 01:42:26.200
signing on to this confession of God's truth. And yet they did so. Because that is what Christians,

01:42:26.200 --> 01:42:33.880
particularly Christian rulers, are supposed to do. They were fulfilling their duty as faithful

01:42:34.440 --> 01:42:44.200
Christians and as faithful Christian princes. But at the beginning of the Augsburg Confession,

01:42:44.200 --> 01:42:48.840
there is a short passage of Scripture, and it is a relevant passage of Scripture,

01:42:49.720 --> 01:42:55.880
and it is most interesting because it comes directly after mentioning that it is submitted to

01:42:55.880 --> 01:43:01.400
His Imperial Majesty Charles V and directly before the preface which is addressed to

01:43:01.400 --> 01:43:09.240
His Imperial Majesty Charles V. And that is Psalm 119, verse 46.

01:43:11.240 --> 01:43:16.280
I will also speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to shame.

01:43:18.440 --> 01:43:26.760
And that is the Christian position that God will carry us through. God will keep us safe,

01:43:27.640 --> 01:43:36.840
and it may very well be not to our mind what safety is, because God also ordained the end of John

01:43:36.840 --> 01:43:43.640
Hus. He went to the stake proclaiming God's truth, and he received a martyr's crown.

01:43:45.000 --> 01:43:51.640
That may be the end for some of us. It was not the end for these men, although many of them did

01:43:51.640 --> 01:43:59.880
suffer for the truth later on. The end is up to God. It is our duty to do what God has commanded

01:43:59.880 --> 01:44:09.080
us to do in the interim. And so I want to double down, as it were, on that passage of Scripture

01:44:09.640 --> 01:44:17.400
with the words of Christ from Matthew 10. Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of

01:44:17.400 --> 01:44:24.520
wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Beware of men, for they will deliver you

01:44:24.520 --> 01:44:30.120
over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings

01:44:30.120 --> 01:44:37.080
for my sake, to bear witness before them and the nations. When they deliver you over, do not be anxious

01:44:37.080 --> 01:44:42.360
how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that

01:44:43.240 --> 01:44:47.480
hour, for it is not you who speak but the spirit of your father speaking through you.

01:44:48.200 --> 01:44:53.000
Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children

01:44:53.000 --> 01:44:58.520
arise against parents and have them put to death, and you will be hated by all for my name's sake.

01:44:59.160 --> 01:45:04.200
But the one who endures to the end will be saved. When they persecute you in one town,

01:45:04.200 --> 01:45:09.720
flee to the next, for truly I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel

01:45:09.720 --> 01:45:16.360
before the Son of Man comes. A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.

01:45:16.920 --> 01:45:21.480
It is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master.

01:45:22.120 --> 01:45:27.000
If they have called the master of the house beelisable, how much more will they malign those

01:45:27.000 --> 01:45:35.800
of his household?

01:45:57.000 --> 01:45:57.800