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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast. I am Corey J. Mahler, and I'm still woe.

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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast. Today we are continuing the series that we had going

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the last few weeks, covering the history of the Hebrew people, beginning in Scripture,

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going through medieval time, up through more modern time, and today we're going to hopefully

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conclude this series by discussing the 20th century and how the people who are called

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Jews today, how they fared, what happened to them, and what we've been told in contrast

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with some things that can either be proven or disproven physically. Before we get into

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the episode, a warning to parents, there will be some details in this that will probably

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not be child-friendly. This is an episode you probably want to screen before you listen to it

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with your kids. We know there are quite a few folks who do that, and that's awesome,

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but this is one that you're going to want to listen to yourself first to decide if

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some of these unpleasant descriptions are what you want them to hear. We're not going to be too

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graphic, but unfortunately, some of the tremendous ugliness is also a key part of the story itself,

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so we're not being gratuitous. It's a vital part of communicating what actually happened

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versus the things that we've been told happened. Before we begin discussing the 20th century,

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I want to talk just briefly about why we're doing this in general. One of the specific

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things that we hope to get across with this episode is that Cory and I want you to understand that

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there are times and places where there is a massive effort to lie to us. That's

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up to and excluding a global conspiracy of lies, and that's the sort of thing that sounds completely

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absurd. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, which incidentally, the CIA invented the concept of

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in the 60s to discredit people talking truthfully about things that they wanted to cover up,

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so a conspiracy theory itself is literally a conspiracy theory by their standards.

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People are rightfully concerned and a little bit hesitant to jump into things where people

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are making wild claims that are revisionist about the past, justifiably so. If what you believe and

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what everyone else believes is an accord, and everyone knows everything everyone says about

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that is one thing, and some guy comes along and says, well, actually, it's this completely opposite

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thing, you're right to be skeptical. I want to tie this just briefly to the 21st century.

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You are probably old enough to remember 2020 and 21 and 22 when COVID came along, when there was

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a virus, a respiratory virus coming out of China that was looked for all intents and purposes to

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be very serious. It looked like it was potentially killing people. It was dangerous. There were

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immediate reactions in China and then elsewhere that were caused for great concern.

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There were things that were true that were reported about that, and then later on, there

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were things that were false that were shown to us on TV and were reported throughout the media,

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and then we repeated to each other. In the case of us as individuals, in good conscience,

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but in the case of much of the media, it turned out that some of it was deceptive,

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and that really hit the road when it came to the injections. When months after this brand-new

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novel virus appears, they already have a vaccine ready to go, and we find out the next year the

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vaccine had been patented before COVID-19 actually emerged, suddenly you've gone from the realm of,

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oh wow, there's a disease that came from a wet market in China to Pfizer has something to do

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with this. Again, that's what is called today conspiracy theory. How on earth could it be

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that a drug company could have something to do with a global disease?

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The things that we were all told about the COVID vaccines, so-called, the fact that

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in unproven technology that was using mRNA, every time that had been used in humans prior to the

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COVID injections, it had killed them. Everyone who'd ever been injected with that stuff died.

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They had been a highly experimental, incredibly narrowly scoped gene therapy. That's what it is,

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gene therapy. They don't call it gene therapy anymore. Now it's just, oh, it's a great new

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technology for rapidly assembling vaccines, and everyone's excited. This thing got rolled out,

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and it got mandated. Probably most of the people listening didn't get injected. Some of you probably

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got injected once. A few might have gotten injected more than once. I would wager that most of the

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people, if not all, who received those injections today regret it, because you may have suffered

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some health problems. You may have known people who were injured or died as a result of it.

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What we know today tells us that everything that we were told from the end of 2019 was either a

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complete fabrication, or it was a deliberately crafted piece of propaganda in order to control

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the global population. This wasn't America. This wasn't just NBC and CNN. This was everyone

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in the world being told the same lie. We all understand today that that's actually possible,

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because we literally just saw it with our own eyes. We saw everyone on the planet, all the experts,

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all the doctors, all the scientists so-called, all the politicians, all the world leaders,

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all the church leaders saying, go get injected. If you love your neighbor, you're going to go get

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this poison put in your body. We need to learn from that that not only is it possible for people

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to lie in ways that are inconceivable to us, no one listening would ever engage in such a behavior,

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and it's a real blind spot for Christians to think, well, I couldn't possibly do that,

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is then assume no one could possibly do that. We now know for a fact that a whole lot of people

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are entirely capable of doing that and did so in order to control the population of the world,

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in order to control the economy of the world, in order to cause adverse health outcomes deliberately.

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It was malevolent. The whole thing was evil, and everyone who was doing it lied in concert.

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That's just the intro to the fact that such lies are not only possible, they're provable to have

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occurred. It's not a stretch to think that that wasn't the first time, because when you look at how

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simply and cleanly and adroitly they lied about everything, poisoning people, killing people,

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causing incalculable destruction economically, personally, and to the future. We still are

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just on the cusp of beginning to figure out the long-term effects of that poison, and they all

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just did it. They were handed a script and they ran with it. That's not unprecedented.

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Today's episode is another example from the past, from the 20th century, where

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not quite the same scope, but the same depth of lie has occurred. This is one of those things

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where the facts that we're going to give you today, and they are facts. We're going to have

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some links in the show notes. You can go do your own research. We are not going to go in depth on

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any of this. We're just going to give some highlights. We're going to give some names,

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some dates, some facts. You can go do your own research. If you wish, we're going to have a couple

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good links to, a man named Ron Ans, who is himself a Jew, has been for years going after

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these very same stories. Now, I'm not playing the white guy thing. We're like, oh, I have a Jewish

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friend who agrees with me, but at some point, it is actually valuable when not every single person

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from a group that we're saying has some problems disagrees with us. Ron Ans agrees that there are

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lies that are told here. He has some of the most in-depth stuff. That's well worth reading.

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There's also a documentary called Europe of the Last Battle. We'll link it. I can't say I recommend

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it because it's incredibly long. It's not that well done, but it has a lot of truth in it.

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It's true. The stuff in it is true. It's verifiable, but it's not really well presented.

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I'm mentioning it because there's a lot of raw material in there that if you want to go googling,

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you can absolutely go down the rabbit hole and find the stuff for yourself. It's a great jumping

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off point, but I would say that that is raw material. I wouldn't say here's a finished product

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that I can commend. The ans articles, not so. They have a lot of detail and in depth, and they have

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a lot of footnotes you can go jump off elsewhere. We're only going to cover superficially some

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of the history in beginning in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, and going up through the diary van

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Frank. Within that, we're going to not focus very much on Germany itself because this is part of

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our episode series on Jews. We're almost exclusively going to talk about the Jewish activity in this

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time period, what was happening, what they said was happening, what they were doing, and what was

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done to them because that period of time is a defining moment for us politically today,

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not because it has anything to do with us. Probably very few people are listening or Jewish,

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and you probably don't have many of any Jewish relatives. The reason that it matters is it's

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become a political weapon. Ever since we got to the Nuremberg trials, everything following has been

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a weapon against the West. We're going to make the case of the beginning that that was a strategy

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over 100 years ago. They were very public about it, they executed it, and now we're living not

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only in the aftermath, but these things that accuse men of antisemitism, of being a neo-Nazi.

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After the Missouri Synod docks me to Antifa, and local media published a hit piece against me,

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it called Stonequire a neo-Nazi podcast, which is idiotic. It's completely absurd,

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but it delivers a payload of death because anything that's Nazi in any way must necessarily be the

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most evil, worst, terrible thing in the universe. Nothing could be lower, stupider, more unspeakably

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terrible than a Nazi or a neo-Nazi. All you have to do now is throw out that term and someone's

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destroyed. Their goal of Matt Harrison and the Missouri Synod and the reporters in Antifa was

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to destroy me. Not going to work. I'm still here. I'm saying the same things that we've always been

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saying because it's true. If suffering for the truth is what I get, okay, I belong to God,

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I don't care. We're telling you these things and I'm going to be upfront. You're going to hear a

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lot of things today that are going to sound impossible. You're going to hear some things that

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can't possibly be true. That's fine. You don't need to believe everything we say as we say it.

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If you want to learn more, go do some research. I didn't believe this stuff five or six years ago.

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I didn't know. It wasn't that I was devoted to the Holocaust narrative

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in the other direction. It was unexamined. Again, it was one of those things that everyone knows

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says one thing, I don't care. Why am I going to look? It wasn't until I realized that this

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entire subject area is used as a weapon against my people and my nation that it became interesting

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to me. As soon as I started to look into the facts, it fell apart. Today, we are going to be

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presenting the facts that were used in the past as evidence in the trial of the German people in

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the 20th century. We're asking you as the listeners to be jurists, to be triers of fact. Are we lying

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or is the narrative lying? Because somebody's lying here. As we just said, COVID was a lie.

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The injections were a lie. I'm not saying COVID wasn't real. I got COVID a couple times. I suffered

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from it. I mentioned a couple months back, I had a stroke. I had a stroke because I had COVID. I

12:42.800 --> 12:48.160
had no at the time. That was my only symptom. It was January. I was severely vitamin D depleted.

12:48.160 --> 12:54.160
My only symptom was a stroke. Other than that, I had some fogginess and some heart problems,

12:54.160 --> 12:58.240
but it was months later before I realized it was COVID. I'm not saying it was a fake disease.

12:58.800 --> 13:03.760
I'm saying it was a bioweapon that then became a narrative weapon. That's how this stuff plays.

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They're kernels of truth, and then they get weaponized. The first kernel of truth that's been

13:09.680 --> 13:18.480
weaponized is something that happened in 1897. There's a Jewish man who was a Jew, but he wasn't

13:18.480 --> 13:25.920
practicing. He was not observant really, but he was ethnically Jewish and very rapidly. He convened

13:26.000 --> 13:31.440
what was called the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland for three days in 1897.

13:32.160 --> 13:41.120
He got together as many Jews as he could to try to convince them to back his idea for a Zionist

13:41.120 --> 13:46.480
state. Zionism is something that's been coalescing at the end of the 19th century,

13:46.480 --> 13:53.440
and he was the first man who conceived of a state of Israel. He met for three days,

13:53.440 --> 13:57.840
he subsequently went on a roadshow, he engaged the support of Jewish bankers,

13:57.840 --> 14:04.080
including one of the Rothschilds from France, and he published a book called A Jewish State,

14:04.080 --> 14:10.400
an attempt at a modern solution of the Jewish question. In this book, in this manifesto,

14:10.400 --> 14:16.160
I don't say that critically, it was basically manifesto, here's his plan. He uses the term

14:16.160 --> 14:22.640
the final solution. Now, two terms have been used here, the Jewish question and the final solution.

14:22.640 --> 14:28.320
If you hear either of those terms today, you naturally sort of pucker. That's bad news.

14:28.320 --> 14:32.160
If you were dreaming and something that bad happened in your dream, you're going to try to

14:32.160 --> 14:38.000
wake yourself up because you know that something bad's about to happen. This was a Jew. He was

14:38.000 --> 14:42.560
trying to help his people, and he discussed the Jewish question. What does the Jewish question

14:42.560 --> 14:48.560
mean? The Jewish question is, what is to be done with the diaspora Jews? They've been scattered

14:48.560 --> 14:55.680
to the forewinds. As Zionism emerged, they wanted to coalesce. They wanted to recongeal on one place

14:55.680 --> 15:00.560
and to regain their strength and unity, ultimately to rebuild the third temple, and to have a nation

15:00.560 --> 15:07.680
of their own. When he talks about the Jewish question, that's what it means. What do we do

15:07.680 --> 15:12.880
with the diaspora Jews? Can we get them back in one place? He called it a file solution because

15:12.880 --> 15:17.280
they were all tired of being diaspora. They were tired of being scattered. They wanted to

15:17.840 --> 15:24.960
reunite. Those two terms that today are so fraught, and so they have so much baggage with them,

15:24.960 --> 15:30.480
in history, it was completely neutral. We'll get to a little bit later when those terms are used

15:30.480 --> 15:35.920
in other contexts, but just remember, the first people to talk about the Jewish question and the

15:35.920 --> 15:41.680
final solution were Jews. It was completely neutral, was favorable to them. That's a pattern

15:41.680 --> 15:45.680
that's going to repeat throughout this. Something that's totally innocuous is turned into something

15:45.680 --> 15:51.600
evil through branding, not through facts, but through making people afraid when they even hear

15:51.600 --> 15:57.680
the word. This may be a good point to highlight that Americans and really English speakers in

15:57.680 --> 16:05.920
general have been propagandized to hear an edge of harshness or even evil when they hear German.

16:06.400 --> 16:12.000
And that's notable here because these proceedings being conducted in Switzerland

16:12.000 --> 16:17.760
were conducted in German. So when they speak of the Jewish question, the term they used is

16:17.760 --> 16:25.120
Judenfrage. And when they speak of the final solution, they're saying, and lösung. They're

16:25.120 --> 16:32.320
using the same terms that you have undoubtedly heard in another context here at the first Zionist

16:32.400 --> 16:39.360
Congress. And now, German may sound scary to you because you've been propagandized to believe

16:39.360 --> 16:44.160
that, but if you actually understand German, it just sounds like a language. That's one of the

16:44.160 --> 16:50.560
tricks of the brain. Language is just a bunch of sounds in a constant stream. The pauses between

16:50.560 --> 16:54.880
words aren't even real, generally speaking. They are to some degree. You can look at the

16:54.880 --> 17:00.560
waveform as a drop in the volume, but it is generally a stream of sound that your brain

17:00.640 --> 17:06.960
parses. If you understand it, it has one effect on you. If you don't understand it,

17:06.960 --> 17:11.920
it has an entirely different one. And that's the same for any language. Some languages have

17:11.920 --> 17:18.720
more consonant sounds, have more guttural sounds, but a language is not necessarily good or evil.

17:19.280 --> 17:22.880
Now, I know some of you are going to maybe return to what we said about Hebrew, but we didn't say

17:22.880 --> 17:29.040
the Hebrew language was evil. We said what has been done with it is evil. But it sounds awful.

17:29.120 --> 17:34.000
It does. Well, yes, that's what happens when you mix the pronunciation of German and French and

17:34.000 --> 17:40.080
somehow make it more guttural. But it's important to bear in mind as we go through this, because

17:40.080 --> 17:45.600
undoubtedly a few German words will come up here and there. Keep in mind your reaction to German.

17:46.400 --> 17:50.160
Why do you have that reaction? Why would you have that reaction?

17:50.640 --> 17:58.880
German is one of the major ethnicities that comprises the American population. The American

17:58.880 --> 18:04.080
population. In fact, if you expand that from German to Germanic, the American population

18:04.080 --> 18:12.240
is essentially Germanic. Anglo-Saxon. Saxon, of course, just being German and incidentally also

18:12.240 --> 18:18.960
angles a Germanic tribe. Why do you have that reaction to a language probably of your own

18:18.960 --> 18:26.400
ancestors? Just something to bear in mind as we go through this episode and perhaps other episodes

18:26.400 --> 18:34.000
as well. So fast forwarding from Basel 20 years, we have the Balfour Declaration. This was a

18:34.000 --> 18:41.440
continuation of the Zionist dream. It was transmitted on the 2nd of November, 1917,

18:41.440 --> 18:47.040
notably one year prior to the end of World War I, and it was published one week later on the 9th

18:47.040 --> 18:53.840
of November. The Balfour Declaration is considered by Jews today to be pivotal. They consider it to

18:53.840 --> 19:00.400
be basically 3,000 years in the making, because it was the inception of what became two years later

19:01.200 --> 19:08.320
mandatory Palestine. The British controlled what is today Israel. They controlled Palestine.

19:08.320 --> 19:13.920
They controlled that area politically, and so the Balfour Declaration was effectively saying,

19:13.920 --> 19:18.160
we are going to begin using this as a place to concentrate global Jewry.

19:20.160 --> 19:27.120
One of the Rothschilds was involved in writing that. Jacob Rothschild, I believe, died recently.

19:27.120 --> 19:34.880
He was nearly 100. He possessed the original copy of that. It is fundamental and seminal to

19:35.440 --> 19:43.760
the creation of the modern state of Israel. Basel Switzerland, 1897, Herzl says,

19:43.760 --> 19:49.600
we want a final solution to the Jewish question. 20 years later, as World War I was

19:50.560 --> 19:56.320
starting to come to an end, they were already looking forward to the final solution for the

19:56.320 --> 20:03.600
Jewish question, anticipating that after the war was over, Jews and particularly Jewish refugees

20:03.600 --> 20:09.440
who had been fleeing the war would have a place to go in mandatory Palestine, then under the control

20:09.440 --> 20:16.880
of the British. Mandatory Palestine existed between 1920 and 1948. It ended in 1948 because

20:16.880 --> 20:21.360
the state of Israel was born then. Pretty much everything we are going to talk about in this

20:21.360 --> 20:28.400
period is encompassed within that 28-year period when the British had been foremost in the Zionist

20:28.400 --> 20:34.160
plan to give the Jews their own place. Of course, by giving them a place, they had to take it from

20:34.160 --> 20:38.480
other people who lived there because it was not the wilderness. There were millions of Palestinians,

20:38.480 --> 20:42.960
including many Christians who lived there. But everything that is going to happen in this episode

20:42.960 --> 20:48.640
is between the end of World War I and the aftermath of World War I and the end of World War II and

20:48.640 --> 20:53.120
the aftermath of World War II. Just keep in mind, as we are talking throughout all of this,

20:53.200 --> 20:58.640
the mandatory Palestine existed as a place under British control where Jews could seek refuge.

20:58.640 --> 21:04.320
There were rules about their immigration and that was a constant source of negotiation and

21:04.320 --> 21:10.800
renegotiation because the British wanted to not have it just explode and become overwhelmingly huge.

21:12.160 --> 21:16.480
Global Jewry, those who were on board with the Zionist plan wanted to get in there.

21:16.480 --> 21:20.240
They wanted to start making something and form something of their own, which isn't inherently

21:20.240 --> 21:26.320
bad. I think that every people would want the same thing. I'm not judging just based on the fact

21:26.320 --> 21:31.680
that they wanted to do it, but this was the plan and they executed it. This whole episode takes

21:31.680 --> 21:37.680
place as mandatory Palestine exists as a place for the Jews to flee to, not necessarily from

21:37.680 --> 21:42.880
persecution, just as a place to flee from having been diaspora for thousands of years.

21:43.600 --> 21:50.160
And this declaration was not only delivered to Rothschild, it was also drafted by him and

21:50.160 --> 21:57.600
another man named Heim Weizmann, another Jew, obviously. So this was drafted by Jews, run

21:57.600 --> 22:01.280
through the British government, and then delivered back to those very same Jews.

22:03.360 --> 22:10.240
This was just total control of the British government by Zionists already in World War I,

22:11.200 --> 22:14.640
a theme that will continue throughout this period of history.

22:15.200 --> 22:20.080
And to this day, Balfour Day is celebrated as a holiday in Israel for obvious reasons. It was

22:20.080 --> 22:26.080
basically not their Independence Day, but it was the day of the conception of Israel.

22:28.320 --> 22:33.440
When World War I ended, we all know about the Treaty of Versailles, and then there's also the

22:33.440 --> 22:38.000
Treaty of St. Germain. Versailles involved Germany, St. Germain involved Austria.

22:38.560 --> 22:44.000
We're not going to go into too many of the details of that, but this is where World War II began.

22:44.800 --> 22:51.600
Right as World War I is ending, the hatred of the German people becomes so overwhelmingly

22:53.120 --> 22:58.240
blatant that for the very first time, as far as I know in history, you can correct me if I'm wrong,

22:58.240 --> 23:04.240
but I believe for the first time in history, a country that was defeated in war was essentially,

23:04.560 --> 23:12.640
it's not unusual for a country to be enslaved after war, that's pretty common, but the difference is

23:12.640 --> 23:19.840
that when Germany was defeated in World War I, their enslavement was a moral one. They were ordered

23:19.840 --> 23:26.960
to pay enormous reparations that they could never possibly hope to pay off. There was literally

23:26.960 --> 23:32.320
no chance of the German people would ever be able to get out from underneath the debt load that they

23:32.320 --> 23:38.560
were given in the Treaty of Versailles. The terms were utterly crippling, and they immediately had

23:38.560 --> 23:43.760
the effect of crippling a country, which incidentally just a few years before had been able to take on

23:43.760 --> 23:50.960
most of the industrialized world, not alone, but pretty close to it, just as they did in World War II.

23:50.960 --> 23:55.280
So we're not talking about a poor nation. We're not talking about a backward nation. We're talking

23:55.280 --> 24:01.040
about a nation that was left as a matter of a treaty that was signed under the auspices of the

24:01.040 --> 24:06.720
League of Nations to be utterly destroyed and left with nothing. That was the goal, it was the

24:06.720 --> 24:12.080
explicit goal of the drafters of the Treaty of Versailles to do that, and they achieved those

24:12.080 --> 24:18.560
goals, and the St. Germain Treaty had to do with the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So

24:19.440 --> 24:27.360
if you look at a map of Europe from 1914 or the 1800s, late 1800s, it looks fundamentally different

24:27.360 --> 24:34.480
than it does in 1922. That's not uncommon. Maps change all the time, and they usually change as

24:34.480 --> 24:42.560
a result of warfare, but it's very interesting that as you look at the history of the emerging

24:42.560 --> 24:49.200
conflict in World War II, and you hear things like Hitler invaded Poland, Hitler conquered Austria,

24:49.200 --> 24:55.920
well, if you look at a map of Germany in 1914, he did no such thing. Germans were in Germany,

24:56.720 --> 25:01.200
Hitler went into places where there were Germans, and brought them back under German rule.

25:02.560 --> 25:09.440
If you assume that history began at the Treaty of Versailles, and you ignore everything from the

25:09.440 --> 25:14.640
prior century about European history, then yes, everything that followed may look like some degree

25:14.640 --> 25:20.320
of aggression, even then there's not much aggression, if any. But if you look at it in terms of the

25:20.320 --> 25:27.280
status quo ante for the Empire of Germany, they were only getting back bits and pieces of what

25:27.280 --> 25:32.400
they'd already had. Now, you can question the moral legitimacy in that and whatever else. I'm

25:32.400 --> 25:38.720
not here to debate German history. The simple fact is if you try to pretend that whatever the German

25:39.520 --> 25:44.640
government did in the 30s is completely disconnected from the German government's

25:44.640 --> 25:53.360
borders in 20 years prior. Living relatives, they were in Germany, and then the next day

25:53.360 --> 25:57.200
after the Treaty is signed and the country's carved up, they're no longer in Germany. They're

25:57.200 --> 26:03.280
in another country entirely, ruled incidentally by foreigners, and this was much of the problem

26:03.280 --> 26:08.480
that we'll get to in a little bit, had to do with why Hitler was going into some of these places,

26:08.480 --> 26:15.440
because former Poland, Danzig particularly, the Poles were being incredibly cruel to the ethnic

26:15.440 --> 26:20.400
Germans in that place who had incidentally lived there for centuries. I have some of my German

26:20.400 --> 26:25.840
ancestors. I'm like 20% German. I have a few German ancestors who were born in places with

26:25.840 --> 26:32.160
Polish place names, but they were 100% German. I'm talking 250 years ago. They were Germans

26:32.240 --> 26:41.440
in Germany because Poland didn't exist from 1792, 96, 95. Between 1795 and 1918,

26:41.440 --> 26:47.120
there was no Poland. It had ceased to exist. They had been wiped off the map by Prussia,

26:47.120 --> 26:53.200
by Russia, and by the Habsburg Monarchy. That's just the way it goes in war.

26:55.200 --> 26:59.920
When someone says Hitler invaded Poland, if you pretend that the Treaty of Versailles never

26:59.920 --> 27:03.600
existed, you're like, wow, that's really bad. He shouldn't have invaded his neighbor. If you

27:03.600 --> 27:08.400
look at the borders beforehand, Germans were going into what had been Germany within not only

27:08.400 --> 27:13.680
living memory, but there were some soldiers in World War II who also fought in World War I,

27:13.680 --> 27:20.320
like the same land, same men, same places. For us today to pretend that it's all disconnected,

27:20.320 --> 27:26.480
it's just fundamentally disingenuous. To give people some idea of the sort of economic

27:26.560 --> 27:33.120
crisis that resulted in Germany, it's important to understand some of the

27:33.120 --> 27:40.160
numbers that are involved here. If we convert the reparations for World War I that were

27:40.160 --> 27:46.720
imposed on Germany into modern dollars, you're talking somewhere in the vicinity of a trillion

27:46.720 --> 27:52.240
dollars. This is an astronomical figure. Now, of course, some are going to think,

27:52.240 --> 27:55.600
well, we owe far more than that when it comes to the U.S. debt.

27:56.640 --> 28:02.080
One, the U.S. cannot possibly pay off that debt. That's a discussion for another day.

28:02.080 --> 28:06.560
And two, the U.S. is significantly larger than Germany.

28:09.760 --> 28:16.240
However, one of the most salient things about this debt is that it was payable in gold.

28:16.560 --> 28:24.080
And so, all of Germany's gold reserves were plundered by the victorious powers in World War I.

28:25.680 --> 28:31.680
This led to the total collapse of the German currency. It became entirely untethered

28:31.680 --> 28:37.680
from anything real. It was purely a paper currency. Now, of course, the U.S. currency today

28:37.680 --> 28:45.200
is largely a paper currency, but it is still backed in a sense, if not by gold, because it's

28:46.160 --> 28:52.000
not backed by gold anymore. It is certainly backed by, as it were, the full faith and credit of the

28:52.000 --> 28:58.240
United States, which is to say, we can bomb you and make the rubble bounce, which does count for

28:58.240 --> 29:02.000
something in international finance, as you will see throughout this entire narrative.

29:03.120 --> 29:08.080
But in the German case, they were stripped of their military. They were stripped of their

29:08.080 --> 29:13.920
territories. They were stripped of the industrial zones. They lost the territory of Alsace-Lorraine.

29:13.920 --> 29:19.920
The Reur was occupied by French troops. Eastern Germany was basically eradicated,

29:19.920 --> 29:28.880
except for Danzisch and a section of what used to be Prussia. And so, the German nation

29:29.920 --> 29:35.280
had nothing to back its currency. This caused hyperinflation, the likes of which

29:35.840 --> 29:40.080
had never been seen before, and we should certainly pray to God we'll never be seen again.

29:40.960 --> 29:46.160
Zimbabwe wasn't even as bad for those who've seen those ridiculous bills.

29:47.360 --> 29:53.920
You could be paid in the morning with a wheelbarrow full of currency and not be able to buy bread

29:53.920 --> 30:01.360
with it in the evening. The prices in terms of hyperinflation, prices doubled every two days

30:01.360 --> 30:07.440
for 20 months straight. This meant the complete and utter destruction of all savings. It meant

30:07.440 --> 30:11.840
that whatever you had, you no longer had anything. It very quickly got to the point that the

30:11.840 --> 30:18.480
marks that were used, the bills that were used, were worth more as kindling for heating homes

30:18.480 --> 30:24.240
than they were as cash. So, they're photographs of people throwing cash into their furnaces,

30:24.240 --> 30:31.120
into their stoves to heat their homes, because wood cost more than the cash in terms of heat output.

30:31.120 --> 30:40.160
The sort of economic collapse of Germany after World War I is something that is simply beyond

30:40.800 --> 30:47.840
understanding for most people. Germany was a first world country. It was at, yes, I recognize

30:47.840 --> 30:52.640
that that is sort of jumping the gun as it were with that term, but Germany was what we would

30:52.640 --> 30:58.080
call a first world country. It was the top of the heap when it came to culture and industry and all

30:58.080 --> 31:06.160
of those things, and it was reduced to the status of a third world country. With people starving

31:06.160 --> 31:11.920
in the streets, people, as was noted, burning currency in order to heat their homes, people

31:11.920 --> 31:20.640
couldn't buy bread, people couldn't buy anything. The absolute level of despair and destruction

31:20.640 --> 31:26.160
that was deliberate, that was the point of World War I and the point of the Versailles Treaty,

31:26.400 --> 31:33.920
it would be almost impossible to overstate what happened to Germany in the wake of World War I.

31:34.960 --> 31:42.400
The birth rates completely collapsed. Unemployment quickly hit 30%. Suicides were just off the charts.

31:42.400 --> 31:48.000
There's a severe economic depression, and as we mentioned in the prior episode, there was also

31:48.000 --> 31:52.560
a Jewish Communist Revolution that had to be put down by some of the very same soldiers who just

31:52.560 --> 31:56.480
come home from World War I or the Great War. They didn't know there was going to be another,

31:57.200 --> 32:02.800
and so you have Communist revolts, incidentally led by Jews. You have all of this suffering,

32:03.440 --> 32:11.360
and when you look at, as they did at the time, who is involved in running things,

32:12.320 --> 32:19.280
1% of the German population at the end of World War I was Jewish. They constituted 50% of the media,

32:19.360 --> 32:28.320
over 70% of all the judges, 57% of the metal trade, 22% of the grain trade, 39% of textile trade,

32:28.320 --> 32:33.760
and over 90% of the banks were owned by Jews. One percent, basically if you were in business,

32:33.760 --> 32:39.520
if you were in any sort of trade, or if you needed gold money for anything, you were going

32:39.520 --> 32:46.160
to be dealing with a Jew. They were effectively sitting on top, extracting wealth as the German

32:46.160 --> 32:54.640
people were being destroyed, and this is very conspicuous. When you hear today someone talk about

32:55.680 --> 33:02.560
the emergence of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, the NSDAP, which emerged in 1920,

33:03.440 --> 33:09.120
largely constituted of soldiers and other men who had opposed communism and had been involved in

33:09.120 --> 33:15.280
World War I, you think, oh wow, they were just so racist. They became anti-Semitic for no reason.

33:15.360 --> 33:23.440
Well, whatever you think of how they responded, the simple fact is that when these men on the

33:23.440 --> 33:33.440
ground 100 years ago looked around, they saw their brothers dying, starving, being reduced to absolute

33:34.480 --> 33:42.160
animal levels of existence in some cases, and they saw ethnic Jews living well. That contrast

33:42.160 --> 33:47.600
is inescapable. It's the same sort of thing that we've seen in the post-COVID world when there were

33:47.600 --> 33:53.360
shutdowns, and so many small businesses were destroyed, and yet the major businesses like

33:53.360 --> 33:59.360
Walmart saw their profits increase, their revenue increased. Basically, all the little guys got

33:59.360 --> 34:05.760
squeezed out, and all the big guys got richer. You had a transfer of wealth to the billionaires

34:05.760 --> 34:12.640
from those who didn't have much to begin with. This sort of thing is always socially destabilizing,

34:13.200 --> 34:20.240
because a man doesn't need more than he needs to eat and live and clothe himself, and we're not

34:20.240 --> 34:24.800
trying to be communists here. We're not saying you have too much and needs to be taken from you,

34:24.800 --> 34:30.800
but any man understands that if you have one bear that has three honey jars and you have

34:30.800 --> 34:34.880
another bear that has zero honey jars, at some point there's going to be a bear fight,

34:34.880 --> 34:41.440
because the bear with no honey needs some to live. It doesn't have to be about envy, and it

34:41.440 --> 34:45.680
doesn't have to be about racism. When men look around and they see them in an alien group,

34:45.680 --> 34:51.200
an openly alien group, and keep in mind, 100 years ago there was never any illusion in anyone's

34:51.200 --> 34:55.760
mind that these Jews were German. They were Jews in Germany, but they were first and foremost Jews.

34:56.320 --> 35:00.640
Wherever they went, they were Jews, and they were open about that. That didn't shift really until

35:00.640 --> 35:07.680
within living memory. It's within our lifetimes that it became the case that Jews would begin to

35:07.680 --> 35:12.960
say that, no, I'm white. I don't practice Judaism. I don't wear the hat. I'm not a Jew. I'm white.

35:13.600 --> 35:17.600
That was never the case in the entire history of the Jewish people. Frankly, I think it's

35:17.600 --> 35:23.280
derogatory to them to deny them that they have an ethnic history. We've said that before, like,

35:23.280 --> 35:32.000
there are people. They have been subjected by God and throughout history to conquering, to being

35:32.880 --> 35:39.280
miscegenated, by being ruled by other nations. Yet there is still some degree of continuity,

35:39.280 --> 35:44.400
and I think to suddenly say, no, you don't exist anymore is just it's foolish and it's insulting.

35:44.400 --> 35:50.320
So when the Germans were looking around, forming the National Socialist German Workers' Party,

35:51.280 --> 35:55.920
they said, hey, the Jews are living high on the hog, and our brothers who went and fought and

35:55.920 --> 36:02.560
died in this war are now crushed. This is something that we take issue with. And they didn't immediately

36:02.560 --> 36:08.320
begin with violence. They began with saying, here's the problem. I'm looking at two different

36:08.320 --> 36:14.320
sides of a ledger, and I'm seeing us losing everything. That's a completely reasonable

36:14.320 --> 36:19.120
conclusion. And these were the facts on the ground created by the Treaty of Versailles.

36:19.840 --> 36:26.720
And before we move into World War Two and that era proper, I think it's important to go over

36:27.840 --> 36:34.560
World War One generally a little bit, and then also what was happening in Russia at this time,

36:34.560 --> 36:37.920
because that is very relevant to this entire narrative.

36:40.800 --> 36:46.000
But a fairly simple point about World War One that is absolutely essential to grasp

36:46.960 --> 36:54.320
in order for this narrative to really make any sense is that Germany effectively won World War

36:54.320 --> 37:03.840
One all the way up until 1917. Now for those who remember their history, 1917 is when the U.S.

37:03.840 --> 37:11.440
entered World War One on the side of Britain. And not at this time really the side of the

37:11.440 --> 37:16.480
Communist because the Communist Revolution had just taken place in Russia. Things were still

37:16.480 --> 37:24.640
solidifying there as it were. But Germany in 1916 was in about the best position you could possibly

37:24.640 --> 37:33.360
be in this sort of conflict. France was more or less done fighting. The British were more or less

37:33.360 --> 37:38.000
done fighting. Russia was in the process of completely collapsing.

37:39.920 --> 37:47.520
And the Germans offered peace. In fact, they offered status quo ante. They offered peace

37:47.520 --> 37:54.480
with everything returned to how it had been before the conflict. Germany offered to take

37:54.480 --> 38:02.560
not a single square inch of territory, despite being in a position as victor of that war at that

38:02.560 --> 38:11.760
time. And the British refused. And the reason the British refused is that Jews came to the leadership

38:11.760 --> 38:19.520
of the British and told them, if you give us Palestine, there's the Balfour Declaration,

38:19.520 --> 38:25.680
if you give us the state of Israel, we will get the United States to enter the war on your side.

38:26.640 --> 38:33.200
And that is what happened. And in addition to getting the United States to enter the war

38:33.200 --> 38:39.760
and thus prolong the war and lead to millions more deaths totally unnecessarily, destroy Germany and

38:39.760 --> 38:46.480
set the stage for World War II. In addition to that, the Jews also communicated with their

38:46.480 --> 38:52.640
brothers in Germany and got them to organize strikes and communist agitation and got them

38:52.640 --> 38:58.240
to shut down production of armaments and also got them to assassinate various German leaders.

38:58.240 --> 39:02.960
They caused complete and utter chaos in Germany. You may have heard of this. This is called the

39:02.960 --> 39:10.800
stab in the back as what is called by Germans. This was Jewish communists stirring up all sorts of

39:10.800 --> 39:19.200
chaos in Germany when Germany was in a position to win World War I. That is what sets the stage

39:19.200 --> 39:23.440
for what comes next, for what happens in World War II and the aftermath.

39:24.720 --> 39:29.200
And so in the aftermath of World War II, as we mentioned, the National Socialist German

39:29.200 --> 39:34.720
Workers' Party, the NSDAP, incidentally, you've all heard the term Nazi. You've used the term

39:34.720 --> 39:40.080
Nazi. I certainly have. Before I understood what I was talking about, I was derogatory. Obviously,

39:40.080 --> 39:47.760
that's the worst thing anyone could possibly be. It's a slur that was created by a Jew named

39:47.760 --> 39:55.120
Konrad Haydn, who was a member of an opposing political party in the 1920s. National Socialist

39:56.160 --> 40:01.920
in the German form of it was shortened to Nazi, which was itself a political pun based on the

40:01.920 --> 40:08.240
slang for simpleton or for country bumpkin. So it was inherently derogatory at the time and

40:08.240 --> 40:12.160
it's remained that way ever since. And today, when you call someone a Nazi or a neo-nazi,

40:12.160 --> 40:17.280
you know that obviously they're stupid and evil at the same time. They're both the worst person

40:17.280 --> 40:22.080
in the neighborhood and the dumbest and the most reprobate. It's just human refuse. There's

40:22.080 --> 40:27.840
nothing lower than a Nazi. If you use that term, you're using a slur that was created

40:28.640 --> 40:36.320
as part of a political war in 1920s Germany because 1920s Germany, Weimar Germany,

40:36.880 --> 40:41.920
not only did it have those economic problems, it also had catastrophic social issues.

40:42.480 --> 40:44.960
We talked a little bit about in the prior episode,

40:48.320 --> 40:56.240
the sexual debauchery, the open, I'm not even going to describe the things that were going on

40:56.240 --> 41:02.720
in public, the things that we're just beginning to see today in parades with sexual debauchery in

41:02.720 --> 41:07.920
places like San Francisco and now everywhere. That was not only the norm, but it wasn't just a parade.

41:07.920 --> 41:13.840
It was every day in some of the major cities in Weimar Germany. And so this was a Christian

41:13.840 --> 41:19.600
nation, it had been a Christian nation, not only was it being reduced materially, but it was being

41:19.600 --> 41:25.840
reduced morally. And because people were starving, there were Christian women who in some cases were

41:25.840 --> 41:33.920
whoring themselves out and who swooped in pimps, brothel keepers. You don't have to guess what

41:33.920 --> 41:39.280
much of their ethnicity was. There was an extraction of every ounce of dignity, every ounce

41:39.280 --> 41:45.360
of anything of any value of the German people to enrich the Jews in that country. And so politically,

41:45.360 --> 41:52.640
this is obviously incredibly fraught. As the NSDAP formed and they looked around and they

41:52.640 --> 41:58.800
quickly gathered support, specifically because they had, keep in mind, all the communists were Jews,

41:59.440 --> 42:05.040
all the people who were causing problems were Jews. So when they emerged and said, we are

42:05.040 --> 42:10.560
going to do something about the problem, it was naturally inherently an anti-Jewish

42:11.200 --> 42:15.920
political organization, not because they hated Jews, but because they hated the destruction of

42:15.920 --> 42:22.320
their people, of their homeland, of their fatherland. There was nothing unreasonable about that

42:22.320 --> 42:26.640
conclusion. When we look back today, we think, oh, that's just hate, it's pure hatred. How can you

42:26.640 --> 42:33.120
possibly love your people? That's despicable. They had every moral obligation. They had a duty to

42:33.120 --> 42:37.360
God to love their people. And if someone was harming their brothers according to the flesh,

42:37.360 --> 42:44.080
they had a duty to protect them. And so the NSDAP coalesced around doing something about it. So we're

42:44.080 --> 42:50.080
going to skip a ton of history here. We want this to be about the history of Germany. We're going to

42:50.080 --> 42:57.040
skip straight ahead to the Reichstag fire. And on February 27th, 1933, you already know Hitler

42:57.040 --> 43:03.360
had become, he come into power, he wasn't given full command yet. He was the chancellor of Germany.

43:04.160 --> 43:11.200
The Reichstag fire was a fire with sabotage set by Jewish communists. They burned the Reichstag

43:11.760 --> 43:17.520
just like they were burning everything everywhere else. So in 1933, when a Jew sets fire to a

43:17.520 --> 43:23.760
political target, it's nothing remotely interesting. This had been going on since the teens globally.

43:24.400 --> 43:30.560
There was sabotage. There was assassination. There was destruction and mayhem by communists.

43:30.560 --> 43:37.440
This is just what communists do. It's what they do today. And so we know the name Reichstag fire is

43:37.440 --> 43:42.640
all about. This is a really big deal. The difference and the reason that the Reichstag fire became a

43:42.640 --> 43:48.000
big deal in retrospect is that Hitler, who was already chancellor, actually did something about

43:48.000 --> 43:57.120
it. Within one month of that, the enabling act was passed on March 23rd, same year, which basically

43:57.120 --> 44:03.840
gave him far greater power, arguably almost unlimited power. And he immediately swung into

44:03.840 --> 44:10.800
action dealing with the communist agitators. Everyone knew for the past 15 years what was

44:10.880 --> 44:15.440
going on. They'd seen it out and open. They lived there. There were only 62 million Germans at the

44:15.440 --> 44:20.320
end of World War One. They could all see exactly what was going on. And so when the NSDAP took

44:20.320 --> 44:26.960
control and Hitler was promoted from chancellor to what eventually became Fuhrer, he did something

44:26.960 --> 44:34.400
about it. He did something to protect his people. And March 23rd, the enabling act gives him those

44:34.400 --> 44:40.880
powers. March 24th, 1933, there's a headline in the Daily Express that is the show art for this

44:40.880 --> 44:49.520
episode. This says, Judea declares war on Germany. Global Jewry, in response to Hitler fighting

44:49.520 --> 44:57.600
back against the communists, declared war on Germany. So all this politically, as he said,

44:57.680 --> 45:03.920
she said, and who did this first and who responded, keep in mind that when global

45:03.920 --> 45:08.080
Jewry, the term they use for themselves, today when a man says global Jewry,

45:08.080 --> 45:11.680
oh, it's a conspiracy theory. Well, it's literally what they called themselves. And by the way,

45:11.680 --> 45:18.080
it's absolutely true. So it's not hateful. It's just, what else do you call Jews around the world?

45:18.080 --> 45:23.760
They were global Jewry. They declared war on Germany, on the people of Germany. And one week

45:23.840 --> 45:32.160
later, the boycotts had gone wild. Germans in other countries and in Germany, particularly in

45:32.160 --> 45:36.800
other countries, declared that they were going to boycott importing anything from Germany, which

45:36.800 --> 45:42.160
was a big deal because in the aftermath of Versailles, anytime you have a people who has

45:42.160 --> 45:47.840
crushed a government who's crushed and placed under burdens, getting cash is vital. Embargos

45:47.840 --> 45:53.600
mean that getting hard currency from other countries is your lifeblood. It's how we strangulated

45:53.600 --> 46:00.000
Cuba. It's how we strangulate North Korea. You cut them off for having any access to foreign

46:00.000 --> 46:06.000
capital that they can possibly use to import things. Because if you can use hard capital from

46:06.000 --> 46:12.560
other countries to import things, you might survive. This has been a over a century year old

46:12.560 --> 46:19.840
technique used to destroy countries. And so boycotting Germany in 1933 was a big deal.

46:19.840 --> 46:25.760
It was particularly effective against Germany because Germany has long and to this day been

46:25.760 --> 46:34.160
an export driven economy. The German economy produces things and exports them. That is the

46:34.160 --> 46:41.200
major driver of the German economy. So an embargo of German goods is even more effective against

46:41.200 --> 46:46.400
Germany than it would be against many other countries. And so just keep that in mind because

46:46.400 --> 46:51.280
all subsequent events, all the other things that we talk about today, in some ways they

46:51.280 --> 46:58.880
hinge around Judea declaring war on Germany. Now Judea in 1933 was an idea. The Zionist project

46:58.880 --> 47:04.560
had was underway at this point. The mandate of Palestine existed. Mandatory Palestine was

47:05.200 --> 47:10.000
beginning to accumulate jewelry from around the world. But there was no Judea. When they say

47:10.000 --> 47:15.920
Judea, they mean Judeans. They mean Jews. They mean people wherever they lived in the world.

47:16.480 --> 47:25.040
And so the subsequent discussions in propaganda and publishing by books and magazines and movies

47:25.040 --> 47:31.680
against Germany hinge around this declaration of war. Because frankly, as Corey just mentioned,

47:31.680 --> 47:37.680
it existed already in World War One. Jews succeeded in destroying Germany in World War One

47:37.680 --> 47:43.040
by getting the US to engage. The war would have been over and the losses would have ended.

47:43.840 --> 47:47.680
They wanted Germany destroyed. And they continued that in the following decades

47:47.680 --> 47:49.920
with the communist revolution and with these other things.

47:52.000 --> 48:00.560
The next crucial moment was just a few months later. On August 25th of 1933, the Havara agreement

48:00.560 --> 48:09.840
was signed between Hitler's NSDAP, between the German government and Jews, both in Germany and

48:09.840 --> 48:16.560
abroad, to support Mandatory Palestine. As part of the Jewish question being answered,

48:16.560 --> 48:23.600
what was the Jewish question? What did diaspora Jews do? Hitler, coming from the 20s saying,

48:23.600 --> 48:28.880
these people are bad for us. We don't want them here anymore, worked with them politically

48:28.880 --> 48:34.240
to support their efforts, their idea. Remember, this is Herzl's idea from 1897,

48:34.240 --> 48:36.640
to set up some place for them to be on their own.

48:38.400 --> 48:43.760
Hitler's Germany supported that openly. And they did something really brilliant economically.

48:44.880 --> 48:50.000
They said that Jews would be permitted to leave Germany and to preserve some of their wealth that

48:50.000 --> 48:54.480
they were holding in Germany, but they weren't going to just be allowed to take it with them.

48:55.200 --> 48:59.840
One of the worst things that occurs today to the United States is what are called remittances.

49:00.400 --> 49:05.920
It's where someone from Mexico or South America or India comes here and they work

49:05.920 --> 49:11.760
and they remit, so-called, most of their money back home. That's terrible because it removes

49:11.760 --> 49:16.560
that money from our economy. It means that every dollar that some foreigner earns here

49:16.560 --> 49:20.880
gets shipped off to a faraway land and spent on stuff and we don't get the money back.

49:21.840 --> 49:25.280
It's a net loss for the U.S. economy for our money to be leaving.

49:26.160 --> 49:31.040
The German government did not want that to happen, so as part of the Havar agreement,

49:31.040 --> 49:38.320
they set up a system whereby a German Jew, a Jew in Germany, who wanted to leave for mandatory

49:38.320 --> 49:46.640
Palestine was permitted to buy machinery and equipment from German manufacturers. That credit

49:46.640 --> 49:51.280
would be transferred to a bank in mandatory Palestine and then they would have money waiting

49:51.280 --> 49:57.520
for them there. It was a bank transfer and the goods that they purchased in Germany would also be

49:57.520 --> 50:05.520
shipped to Israel to mandatory Palestine, which later became Israel. In effect, Germany was bypassing

50:05.520 --> 50:10.560
the boycott. They were saying, rather than you boycotting us, all the riches that you have in

50:10.560 --> 50:16.000
this country are going to be converted into purchasing German goods, which will sell to you.

50:16.160 --> 50:20.720
It wasn't theft. It was saying, you can buy German things, we'll ship them to mandatory

50:20.720 --> 50:24.880
Palestine where you need them. They needed farm equipment and all sorts of things if they were

50:24.880 --> 50:30.640
going to actually create what became the state of Israel. This was the German government actively

50:30.640 --> 50:36.720
supporting them being successful. Note at this point, there's no extermination. There's no hatred.

50:36.720 --> 50:42.320
There was animosity, certainly, because of the damage that had been done to the German nation.

50:42.960 --> 50:49.200
But even with that, when he took power and when he was given what is called absolute power in March

50:49.200 --> 50:56.000
of 1933, the man did not begin by rounding Jews up and hurting them. He began by coming up with

50:56.000 --> 51:00.960
a, frankly, a brilliant economic plan by which they could take some of their wealth out of the

51:00.960 --> 51:05.680
country and they could leave with it and they could have a good life and a new place where

51:05.680 --> 51:10.720
everybody would be a Jew and they wouldn't have to worry about anyone else. It was a win-win situation

51:11.200 --> 51:16.640
and it was such a win-win situation that some of the Jews hated it to the point that they

51:16.640 --> 51:20.880
assassinated some of the men who were actually involved in signing the agreement. Jews assassinated

51:20.880 --> 51:25.200
other Jews. It's something that's a long-standing thing with them. These are murderous people

51:25.760 --> 51:30.080
and so there was some support for it because it was a great outlet and there were others

51:30.080 --> 51:35.440
who were viciously opposed because it was interrupting the boycott. No, it wasn't boycott

51:35.440 --> 51:41.280
busting. It was just, I got a deal for you. Take it or leave it. And enough Jews took it

51:41.280 --> 51:48.560
that it made the rest of them angry. But Hitler actually worked in support of the Zionist program

51:48.560 --> 51:53.520
because it was good for his people and the fact that it was good for Jews too was the carrot.

51:53.520 --> 51:59.440
He was like, go. We don't want you here. You don't want to be here. Take your money and go.

51:59.440 --> 52:02.480
Buy German goods on the way out and they'll be waiting for you when you get there.

52:02.480 --> 52:12.480
To give you an idea of how successful this program was, by the time World War II started and bear

52:12.480 --> 52:20.480
in mind, World War II began officially in September of 1939. We're in 1933 here and

52:20.480 --> 52:25.360
Jews have already declared war on Germany six years before there's actually the war proper.

52:26.000 --> 52:33.760
However, by the time World War II started, there were hundreds of billions of dollars

52:33.760 --> 52:44.400
worth of German equipment in Israel. German built equipment made modern Israel possible.

52:46.320 --> 52:49.120
And look at how the German people were repaid for that.

52:49.680 --> 52:57.120
So, domestically, Hitler and his government set about undoing the damage that had been done by

52:57.120 --> 53:00.560
the Treaty of Versailles. One of the very first things they did was to cancel the payments,

53:01.120 --> 53:06.960
just cancel the debt. We're not paying any more reparations to anybody. They got rid of the currency

53:06.960 --> 53:12.000
that they'd been using because it was based on the central bank. They created their own currency

53:12.000 --> 53:18.480
that was not fiat currency and it wasn't backed by gold. It was backed by German labor. And so,

53:18.560 --> 53:23.680
what the way it worked, a German who in many cases was unemployed because at some point

53:23.680 --> 53:30.080
unemployment reached 50% in Germany, you could do labor on behalf of the German government

53:30.800 --> 53:36.640
and you would be paid in these labor-backed marks that you could then go spend on other things.

53:36.640 --> 53:45.200
And so, 100% of the wealth represented on paper was backed by work. Germans working for Germany

53:45.200 --> 53:54.320
producing things in Germany. And this created an economic miracle that's literally unparalleled

53:54.320 --> 54:04.240
in human history. Between 1933 and 1938, Germany went from being a shambling corpse to effectively

54:04.240 --> 54:09.920
running a marathon. The economic output that occurred, and it didn't take five years either,

54:09.920 --> 54:17.760
it was a matter less than a year. The economic miracle was overwhelming. Suicide dropped,

54:17.760 --> 54:23.120
maternity increased. People had food again. There weren't any more lines for food.

54:24.160 --> 54:30.320
It went down to less than 2% in a few years. There was no more debt. There was no more inflation.

54:30.320 --> 54:34.400
Six million new jobs were created. Crime virtually vanished.

54:35.360 --> 54:40.880
Hitler also did other things like instituting programs like a cross of honor for mothers who

54:40.880 --> 54:46.080
had many children. There was public honor and there were also explicit programs where

54:46.640 --> 54:51.280
if you got married, you could take out a loan for a home and for each child that you had,

54:51.280 --> 54:56.000
a percentage of that loan which came from the state was forgiven. So I believe if you had four

54:56.000 --> 55:04.560
kids, the house was free. And so the death spiral economically and in terms of demographics

55:05.360 --> 55:13.360
was reversed. Entirely three policy changes. So when this occurred, the rest of the world

55:13.360 --> 55:18.960
was taking note because remember this began in 1933. What was going on in the U.S. in 1933?

55:18.960 --> 55:22.480
We'd had the market collapse in 29. We're in the middle of the Great Depression.

55:23.040 --> 55:28.080
And so when there's a German economic miracle, everyone else starts paying attention.

55:29.120 --> 55:34.720
You've heard that Hitler was the time man of the year in 1938 and everybody thinks,

55:34.720 --> 55:39.520
oh man, that's just so crazy. How could he have propagandized them and tricked everyone

55:39.520 --> 55:44.720
into thinking he was a good guy? Well, the whole world's eyes were turning to a place

55:44.720 --> 55:51.120
that had gone from virtual destruction to becoming one of the most powerful countries on the world

55:51.120 --> 55:59.040
again in five years. It's inconceivable us today. The idea that something could go from nothing

55:59.040 --> 56:06.080
to incredibly powerful, simply by policy changes. It was the same people. There had not been deportations.

56:06.080 --> 56:12.160
There hadn't been immigration. It was literally the same Germans who had been subjected to surrender

56:12.160 --> 56:18.000
in World War I when they were freed from the shackles of debt and usury and given the opportunity

56:18.000 --> 56:24.560
to be themselves again. It became a beacon to the world and that terrified the very people who

56:24.560 --> 56:30.400
wanted to see Germany destroyed because the last thing that could possibly exist anywhere in the

56:30.400 --> 56:38.000
world was a Germany that had nationalist pretenses. Nationalism today is a dirty word principally

56:38.000 --> 56:44.400
because of the hatred against the German people in this day. That propaganda begins then hating the

56:44.400 --> 56:51.040
idea of Germans being a nation, being successful by themselves. There were some other policies that

56:51.040 --> 56:57.680
were enacted by the national socialist government that modern Americans, and this is relatively

56:57.680 --> 57:02.960
recent only in the last handful of decades, but modern Americans have been convinced that these

57:02.960 --> 57:09.360
are left-wing policies, that these are something conservatives so-called cannot support, that

57:09.360 --> 57:15.440
if you are right-wing you should not support these things. But the national socialists enacted

57:15.440 --> 57:22.640
the first animal welfare laws in the world, in history. They put an end to vivisection,

57:22.640 --> 57:31.360
which was very widespread at the time in medical science. They basically abolished factory farming.

57:32.640 --> 57:38.640
All sorts of protections for both wildlife and domesticated animals enacted for the first time

57:39.200 --> 57:46.480
in national socialist Germany. And as Christians, it's worth noting here, as Christians it is our

57:46.480 --> 57:51.680
duty to take care of the natural world. This is not something that is optional, this is not something

57:51.680 --> 57:57.680
that is left-wing or right-wing, I would say properly it is right-wing. If we divide the two

57:57.680 --> 58:06.320
morally, which I think is more useful than the usual division, Christians are stewards of creation.

58:07.280 --> 58:14.320
Part of being a steward of creation is ensuring that you do not squander the creation, you don't

58:14.320 --> 58:21.600
squander the the capital as it were, the principle. That is what a steward or a fiduciary is supposed

58:21.600 --> 58:31.760
to do, you do not squander the principle. And so, as Christians, it is our duty to hand down a world

58:31.840 --> 58:38.960
that is not worse for the wear to the next generation and for them to do the same. If possible,

58:38.960 --> 58:44.720
we are to improve conditions. That was one of man's original tasks in the garden, was to fill the

58:44.720 --> 58:51.840
earth and subdue it. God gave us work to do in creation even before the fall, certainly now

58:51.840 --> 58:56.480
after the fall it is much harder. There are thorns and thistles and the weather is deeply

58:56.480 --> 59:03.840
unpleasant at times, but this is not something that is optional. And so, what the Germans were

59:03.840 --> 59:11.760
doing in this era was perfectly in keeping with Christianity, because the German nation at the

59:11.760 --> 59:19.200
time was still Christian. And not only did they have the protection of animals of wildlife,

59:20.400 --> 59:25.280
and this extended to other policies as well. For instance, the Audubon was built out in such a

59:25.280 --> 59:31.920
way that it did not interfere with forests or wildlife. The Germans have wildlife bridges and

59:31.920 --> 59:36.240
things like that, something we should most certainly have in our own country instead of seeing all the

59:36.240 --> 59:42.800
so-called roadkill. But there were also extensive protections enacted for the natural world, for

59:42.800 --> 59:49.040
the protection of natural resources of the forests, of the water. All of these various things that

59:49.040 --> 59:56.160
today might fall under the original purpose of the EPA, not the modern, what the EPA has become.

59:57.600 --> 01:00:03.840
And notably, of course, it was Republicans, right-wingers who actually started the EPA,

01:00:03.840 --> 01:00:10.080
that's under Nixon. But the protection of the natural world is something that we see

01:00:10.960 --> 01:00:18.240
really for the first time being enacted into law and properly pursued in national socialist Germany.

01:00:18.240 --> 01:00:22.960
And again, this is just a Christian position. This is what Christians are supposed to do.

01:00:23.840 --> 01:00:29.440
And so by mentioning these things, we're not trying to rehabilitate Taylor's image in your mind.

01:00:30.160 --> 01:00:33.760
We want to specifically make the point that in the span of five years,

01:00:33.760 --> 01:00:37.200
some of the best things that ever happened in the history of Christendom

01:00:37.200 --> 01:00:42.400
happened in a place where the man we're told is the most evil man in the universe who ever existed

01:00:42.400 --> 01:00:46.160
was in charge. We're told he was an absolute dictator doing whatever he wanted.

01:00:46.960 --> 01:00:51.360
This is some of the stuff that he did. When he did what he wanted, his people thrived.

01:00:51.920 --> 01:00:56.640
They stopped killing each other. They started having babies. They started being able to own

01:00:56.640 --> 01:01:02.080
homes and businesses. Everything that every person in every part of the world naturally

01:01:02.080 --> 01:01:07.840
wants for his own family is what came about for the German people in the span of five years.

01:01:08.560 --> 01:01:12.960
Dictator to 1938-1939 when the war kicked off.

01:01:14.800 --> 01:01:20.400
It was a wonderland. No one can argue with that. The only people who have anything to

01:01:20.400 --> 01:01:25.760
complain about are the Jews who were no longer in the privileged positions. Because remember,

01:01:25.760 --> 01:01:31.680
they had previously owned all the banks, Hitler also banned usury. He reduced their access and

01:01:31.680 --> 01:01:36.960
eventually curtailed their access to controlling the media. Because why would foreigners who at

01:01:36.960 --> 01:01:43.280
this point had clearly proven they were hostile foreigners be permitted to control your own media?

01:01:43.280 --> 01:01:48.000
Why should your nation be informed by people who don't like you? I think it's a question we

01:01:48.000 --> 01:01:52.720
should be asking ourselves in this country. Every country should ask itself of its own media.

01:01:53.280 --> 01:01:57.840
Why should our own voices not be the ones that we hear? Why is it that we're hearing

01:01:57.840 --> 01:02:02.400
from other people who actually don't like us very much? And sometimes they do things like the

01:02:02.400 --> 01:02:08.800
COVID vaccine that hurt us a lot. It's a fair question for anyone. Those questions began to

01:02:08.800 --> 01:02:15.120
emerge because remember, the US was still in a depression effectively until kind of the middle

01:02:15.120 --> 01:02:22.400
of World War II. We're told via the nonsense of Keynesianism that destroying all this stuff

01:02:22.400 --> 01:02:26.320
created economic vitality. That's nonsense. It was going to turn around eventually.

01:02:26.400 --> 01:02:35.360
The reality is that Morgenthau, who was FDR's treasurer, who was one of the principal authors

01:02:35.360 --> 01:02:40.400
of the New Deal, kept the United States in recession for a decade longer than needed to be.

01:02:41.120 --> 01:02:46.080
If he had not been in charge, if a white man had been in charge as Secretary of Treasury,

01:02:46.080 --> 01:02:52.640
who just copied what Germany was doing, the United States would have been so powerful and so well

01:02:52.640 --> 01:02:57.360
off that had there been some need for them down into the war, it would have been over in six weeks.

01:02:58.000 --> 01:03:02.800
Instead, we had to emerge from an artificially created depression where we were suffering

01:03:03.520 --> 01:03:11.440
nearly as much as the Germans were because of artificial federal bank-induced misery.

01:03:12.320 --> 01:03:16.000
A lot of this is rooted in central banks. I'm not going to talk about that today,

01:03:16.000 --> 01:03:21.680
but if you know anything about the history of central banking, you know that virtually it

01:03:21.680 --> 01:03:27.600
always results in boombox cycles and it results in human misery and it results in the transfer

01:03:27.600 --> 01:03:34.560
of wealth. So, Hitler ended that in Germany and it took the entire world ganging up against the

01:03:34.560 --> 01:03:43.200
German people to stop their success. I think here we should briefly note, to expand on earlier,

01:03:43.200 --> 01:03:48.240
I said we would mention what was happening in Russia at the time. We'll actually comment on what was

01:03:48.320 --> 01:03:54.960
happening in the Eastern European region generally, not just Russia because of course the Soviets,

01:03:54.960 --> 01:04:02.800
the communists had taken over more than just Russia proper, but this ties into central banking and

01:04:02.800 --> 01:04:10.080
it ties into what the banks have done because these cycles, particularly the destruction,

01:04:10.080 --> 01:04:16.720
is intentional. It's not accidental, it's a feature, it's not a bug. This had been done

01:04:18.240 --> 01:04:25.360
in Eastern Europe already. It was ongoing at the time of World War I, the end of World War I,

01:04:25.360 --> 01:04:34.080
and into and through, really almost the modern day. This did not stop around the time of World

01:04:34.080 --> 01:04:39.280
War I or World War II. This continued throughout the life cycle as it were of the Soviet Union.

01:04:40.400 --> 01:04:45.680
What the Soviets did was through banking policy and political policy,

01:04:46.640 --> 01:04:53.520
they completely and utterly destroyed the peasant class and the goal of that was

01:04:54.800 --> 01:05:01.040
really twofold. One, if you destroy the peasant class, which was largely farmers at this time,

01:05:01.040 --> 01:05:07.280
naturally, they would seek work elsewhere. They would move to the cities. The cities were the

01:05:07.280 --> 01:05:14.000
hotbeds of recruitment for the Communist Party and so it increased the ranks of the Communist Party

01:05:14.000 --> 01:05:17.920
when you destroyed the peasant farmers in the countryside, you got more Communist workers in

01:05:17.920 --> 01:05:24.160
the cities, very beneficial for the Communist Party. But in addition, you then had control

01:05:24.160 --> 01:05:30.560
over the grain supply, over the food, you could determine at your own whim who lived and who died.

01:05:31.280 --> 01:05:38.160
And how they did this was they collapsed the farms by destroying the peasantry, largely

01:05:38.160 --> 01:05:43.520
through banking policy and there are plenty of quotes from Communist leaders pointing out that

01:05:43.520 --> 01:05:48.240
without international finance, the Communist revolutions would not have been possible.

01:05:49.360 --> 01:05:55.920
You can find those, it's all very obvious. But through destroying the peasant farmers,

01:05:56.640 --> 01:06:02.400
they destroy the agricultural output of these countries, in particular the Ukraine,

01:06:03.040 --> 01:06:09.600
being a region more than a country at the time, Russia, several other nations in this region.

01:06:09.840 --> 01:06:18.400
And so if you destroy the level of agricultural output and you have control over what remains,

01:06:20.080 --> 01:06:26.240
millions are going to die. But you get to choose which millions die and that is exactly

01:06:27.200 --> 01:06:35.200
what the Jewish Communists did. They slaughtered tens of millions of Christian peasants

01:06:35.200 --> 01:06:45.760
in Eastern Europe between 1916 and the 1970s. Probably on the order of 50 to 70 million

01:06:46.720 --> 01:06:51.600
were murdered by Jewish Communists and they did this through starvation.

01:06:53.520 --> 01:06:58.640
And that is exactly what they were attempting to do to Germany and that is what the national

01:06:58.640 --> 01:07:05.360
socialists stopped and that is why they hated them. They hated them before that because obviously

01:07:05.360 --> 01:07:10.000
if you want to starve tens of millions of people in a country to death, you hate those people,

01:07:10.000 --> 01:07:14.320
you don't do that because you love them and you certainly don't do that because you believe

01:07:14.960 --> 01:07:18.480
in the Lord God, you believe in a very different lowercase G God.

01:07:20.640 --> 01:07:25.040
But they had succeeded already in Eastern Europe. They were moving on to Germany.

01:07:25.920 --> 01:07:29.760
They would undoubtedly move on to other places after that and they did it to some degree in the

01:07:29.760 --> 01:07:36.800
U.S. as well. The Great Depression killed millions. It's difficult to estimate exactly how many died

01:07:36.800 --> 01:07:42.400
in the Great Depression, many from starvation and other related problems.

01:07:44.720 --> 01:07:51.760
But the entire goal, the overarching goal that has been enacted very methodically,

01:07:51.760 --> 01:07:57.280
step by step from the 1800s onward, is the destruction of Christendom.

01:07:58.960 --> 01:08:03.120
Through economics, through banking, through the collapse of agriculture,

01:08:03.120 --> 01:08:08.160
through the wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of Christians, that is the goal.

01:08:09.840 --> 01:08:13.600
And if you look at history, you see that it has been very successful. So that is

01:08:15.360 --> 01:08:20.160
the background in which all of this is taking place. That is the backdrop

01:08:20.240 --> 01:08:25.920
against which the National Socialists in Germany are enacting their policies and having their success.

01:08:26.560 --> 01:08:30.160
They can look east and see what the Jewish Communists have already done,

01:08:30.160 --> 01:08:36.880
see the tens of millions dead, see unburied bodies by the thousands or tens of thousands in ditches,

01:08:38.160 --> 01:08:43.840
and they can look to the west and see the banking system beginning to collapse

01:08:44.400 --> 01:08:50.480
Britain and the U.S. and every other nation that has this central bank controlled by international

01:08:50.480 --> 01:08:56.800
finance. And the National Socialists take a third route, and they're rewarded for it.

01:08:58.080 --> 01:09:04.160
Germany rises from the ashes and becomes the preeminent nation on the face of the planet,

01:09:04.800 --> 01:09:11.120
in the span of less than a decade, in the span of half of a decade, utterly unprecedented in history.

01:09:11.680 --> 01:09:21.040
And that is why the international finance click, the bankers agitate to have World War II to destroy

01:09:21.040 --> 01:09:27.520
Germany, as they hope once and for all. We're told that one of the first dominoes to drop in World

01:09:27.520 --> 01:09:35.360
War II was Austria, which had a referendum in 1938, where 99% of the people voted to join Germany.

01:09:36.240 --> 01:09:40.160
You can guess that the 1% was probably the Jews who lived in Austria.

01:09:41.120 --> 01:09:47.520
I think it's probably almost an absolute certainty. Why? Because the Austrians were in a depression too.

01:09:48.160 --> 01:09:54.800
It wasn't a Weimar depression. It was a global depression. The whole world was under central

01:09:54.800 --> 01:10:03.600
bank destruction for decades after World War I, triggered within less than a decade. And so Austria

01:10:03.600 --> 01:10:08.320
looked to Germany's economic miracle and said, yes, please, we want that too. We all speak the

01:10:08.400 --> 01:10:14.160
same language. We were all part of a greater country not so long ago. We won in. And so

01:10:15.600 --> 01:10:22.240
we're told that German soldiers went into Austria as conquerors. But what we're less often told,

01:10:22.240 --> 01:10:27.840
and certainly never by anyone who wants you to believe the mainstream narrative, is that Hitler

01:10:27.840 --> 01:10:34.560
also invited Austrian troops to march in Germany. It was a reunification. It was not conquering.

01:10:35.040 --> 01:10:41.680
They were greeted as liberators from economic calamity because the suicides, the depression,

01:10:41.680 --> 01:10:47.920
the starvation, all the horrors in Germany that had been done away with in the last five years,

01:10:47.920 --> 01:10:53.840
Austria was still under, just as the United States was still under. And so the first domino

01:10:53.840 --> 01:10:59.600
to fall was not evil Germans conquering their Austrian neighbors. It was their Austrian neighbors

01:10:59.600 --> 01:11:05.760
saying, please make us more like Germany, please save us. They were crying out for a bread king.

01:11:05.760 --> 01:11:10.480
They wanted peace and they wanted prosperity, which is something that everyone on the planet

01:11:10.480 --> 01:11:15.280
wants for himself. And in the absence of some of these malevolent forces, we would have it.

01:11:17.120 --> 01:11:23.840
The Munich agreement with Czechoslovakia wasn't exactly the same, but the Sudentenland was the

01:11:23.840 --> 01:11:30.160
Communist president opposed it. And effectively, I'm skipping a lot of stuff, historians are going

01:11:30.160 --> 01:11:33.680
to hate some of the stuff we're saying here. You can go read up on all the stuff you want to get

01:11:33.680 --> 01:11:38.880
into full details. Effectively, what Hitler was doing, what the German government was doing,

01:11:39.520 --> 01:11:45.680
in between 38 and 39 and 40, was looking at where there were actual German populations

01:11:46.240 --> 01:11:53.040
in neighboring countries. The incidentally, two decades prior, had been the German empire

01:11:53.040 --> 01:11:59.680
and saying, you have Germans in your modern territory. They have a right to be ruled by

01:11:59.680 --> 01:12:06.000
German rule. These are our brothers. We want them to be German fully again under our rule, not

01:12:06.640 --> 01:12:11.920
conquest, not I want to rule people. These are my brothers. My heart goes out to them. I want them

01:12:11.920 --> 01:12:18.640
to have the prosperity that we have in Germany. And so the Sudentenland was part of that. Danzig

01:12:19.280 --> 01:12:26.560
was an even uglier situation. This was in what was modern Poland, where a lot of Germans basically

01:12:26.560 --> 01:12:32.560
got left behind enemy lines. And when they were an ethnic minority, the Poles began treating them

01:12:32.560 --> 01:12:39.760
very poorly, including murdering tens of thousands of them. And so when we first hear about Germany's

01:12:39.760 --> 01:12:48.240
so-called invading Poland, A, there was no border there 50 years prior, and B, Germany was trying to

01:12:48.320 --> 01:12:54.400
save Germans for being massacred by Poles. They had every reason to do that, whether that they

01:12:54.400 --> 01:12:59.680
had a right under international law. I don't care. I think they had a moral obligation to do so,

01:12:59.680 --> 01:13:05.280
and they followed through with it. After negotiation, Hitler and his Germany did not begin by invading

01:13:05.280 --> 01:13:12.800
Poland. They began by trying to stop the persecution and the massacre of ethnic Germans inside Poland.

01:13:12.800 --> 01:13:17.440
When that failed, they moved in to protect them. It's exactly what you would do with any bully

01:13:17.440 --> 01:13:21.520
who's bullying someone smaller than them. If you're bigger than them, you can stop them.

01:13:21.520 --> 01:13:27.200
You have a moral obligation to stop it. And so the first few dominos of what we call World War II

01:13:28.160 --> 01:13:36.560
were only aggression if you believe that the 1919 rules and borders are blessed by God.

01:13:36.560 --> 01:13:40.160
If you think that they were synthetic and that some of these countries were reconstituted

01:13:40.160 --> 01:13:44.720
by the League of Nations, and maybe there's a different approach, then suddenly it becomes a

01:13:44.720 --> 01:13:49.920
lot fuzzier. And they don't want fuzzy, so all we're told is Hitler bad, Hitler conquered his

01:13:49.920 --> 01:13:53.520
neighbor, Hitler evil. No one understands what happened. He just went mad one day,

01:13:54.160 --> 01:13:57.200
time declared on the man of the year, and then he started killing people.

01:13:57.200 --> 01:14:01.520
That's the idiotic, simplistic, retarded version of history we're given. When you actually look

01:14:01.520 --> 01:14:08.480
at the facts, you basically see the exact opposite. And so during this time, it became pretty clear

01:14:08.480 --> 01:14:16.560
that England was once again agitating heavily for war against Germany. And Hitler did not want it.

01:14:16.560 --> 01:14:22.880
As he was dealing with his neighbors on the continent, he was simultaneously communicating

01:14:22.880 --> 01:14:30.000
with Great Britain to say, I don't want to go to war with you. And his entreaties were continuously

01:14:30.000 --> 01:14:36.000
rebuffed. And it finally got to the point that Hitler gave a speech entitled The Last Appeal

01:14:36.000 --> 01:14:41.760
to Reason. And not only did he give the speech, but copies of that speech were airdropped over

01:14:41.760 --> 01:14:50.160
England to try to reach the Englishmen themselves, because he knew that the media and the political

01:14:50.160 --> 01:14:57.360
machinery were opposed to not having a war, that they wanted a war. And so Hitler's Last Appeal

01:14:57.360 --> 01:15:02.720
to Reason was to the Englishmen to say, I do not want to war with you. We're brothers. He hated

01:15:02.720 --> 01:15:07.920
that they had fought the last war. And incidentally, Hitler was a highly decorated corporal from World

01:15:07.920 --> 01:15:14.720
War One. Whatever else you think about the man, he had guts. He was a messenger. He was a runner.

01:15:14.720 --> 01:15:19.440
And they didn't have walkie-talkies in those days. If an officer wanted to communicate with someone

01:15:19.440 --> 01:15:24.960
in another trench, they sent Adolf. They sent a man as a runner with a message to carry it

01:15:25.600 --> 01:15:31.440
in open fire. So whatever's going on in the battlefield, as soon as a runner emerges,

01:15:31.520 --> 01:15:37.360
everybody's shooting at him. It was a hard and incredibly deadly job. I believe he was shot. He

01:15:37.360 --> 01:15:42.960
was definitely gassed multiple times. He was hospitalized a couple times, and he was awarded

01:15:42.960 --> 01:15:50.320
numerous times. And some of his injuries were such that he could have left the war after the

01:15:50.320 --> 01:15:57.520
first injury, but he chose to go back to be with his comrades in arms. And so, again, whatever else

01:15:57.520 --> 01:16:03.440
you think about how he conducted himself as World War Two became an actual full-fledged shooting

01:16:03.440 --> 01:16:09.600
war, you cannot deny that when you look at the things that he said in the last appeal to reason,

01:16:09.600 --> 01:16:14.160
to the English, and then the things that he said to the world and to the German people,

01:16:14.160 --> 01:16:19.840
he was eminently compassionate towards the man in the trench, the man who was going to die

01:16:20.640 --> 01:16:26.320
when the war took place. He had been there. He had been shot. He'd been gassed. His friends had

01:16:26.320 --> 01:16:31.840
died horribly. He went blind for a while from the gassing. In fact, one of the things that Germany

01:16:32.560 --> 01:16:36.560
did not do, although they easily could have, was they never used poison gas,

01:16:36.560 --> 01:16:41.840
because it had been done to him, and he hated it. Hitler hated poison gas. They could have used

01:16:41.840 --> 01:16:46.160
poison gas. It would have helped them. In some cases, gas kind of, you know, depending on which

01:16:46.160 --> 01:16:53.200
way the wind blows, it can help or it can hurt you. He never lost sight of the fact that the men

01:16:53.200 --> 01:16:59.040
in the trenches were going to suffer for the political decisions made by the men in the offices,

01:16:59.040 --> 01:17:05.840
and so much of his politics, if not all of it, was guided principally by seeking the welfare

01:17:05.840 --> 01:17:12.640
and prosperity of German people, German blood, and secondarily, not causing unnecessarily loss of

01:17:12.640 --> 01:17:17.280
life, because he knew what it was like to be one of the men who was effectively disposable on the

01:17:17.360 --> 01:17:23.360
battlefield. On the note of poison gas, because of course that will come up again,

01:17:25.280 --> 01:17:31.520
the National Socialist regime had at its disposal not only chlorine gas, which obviously

01:17:32.080 --> 01:17:36.480
any country in the world can make chlorine gas. You could make it in your kitchen. It is extremely

01:17:36.480 --> 01:17:44.080
easy, even accidentally, to make chlorine gas. Don't mix vinegar and bleach. That will kill you

01:17:44.080 --> 01:17:52.080
if you're in enclosed space. In addition, though, to chlorine gas, which had been used in World War

01:17:52.080 --> 01:18:00.000
I, the National Socialist regime had access to, for the time, very high-grade nerve gas,

01:18:00.960 --> 01:18:08.880
extremely effective, extremely lethal, and not as volatile in terms of potentially gassing yourself

01:18:08.880 --> 01:18:15.840
as chlorine gas. It sort of stays lower to the ground. They had seren and somen. They could have

01:18:15.840 --> 01:18:20.720
deployed these on the battlefield, and they would have been very effective, particularly in repulsing

01:18:20.720 --> 01:18:29.440
the invasion of Normandy. They did not do so. But to expand on the topic of the number of peace

01:18:29.440 --> 01:18:35.120
and treaties that the National Socialist government sent to, particularly the British,

01:18:35.840 --> 01:18:45.600
the British archives have over two dozen formal peace and treaties sent by the Germans during

01:18:45.600 --> 01:18:52.560
this period in order to avoid war, and then more sent during the war in order to stop the war.

01:18:54.240 --> 01:19:01.600
The British did not respond to any of them. They entirely ignored the efforts of the German

01:19:01.600 --> 01:19:06.960
government to secure peace, to avoid war, because Churchill wanted war.

01:19:08.560 --> 01:19:18.240
To cap off the peace and treaties, Hitler sent his best friend, Rudolph Hess, on a personal

01:19:18.240 --> 01:19:25.840
solo mission he flew into Scotland in an attempt to meet with some of those in

01:19:25.920 --> 01:19:33.280
Britain who supposedly opposed the war-like stance of Churchill, prime among them the Duke of Hamilton.

01:19:35.120 --> 01:19:41.920
And his attempt, Hess's attempt, was to secure peace between Britain and Germany. For his efforts,

01:19:41.920 --> 01:19:48.400
he was arrested, held in custody until the end of the war, tried and convicted at the Nuremberg

01:19:48.400 --> 01:19:55.200
trials, sentenced to life in prison at Spandau Prison. The Soviet Union blocked any attempts to

01:19:55.200 --> 01:20:01.600
release him for the entirety of his life, and then he supposedly hanged himself with a lamp cord in

01:20:01.600 --> 01:20:09.200
1987 at the age of 93. It does not take a genius to figure out what actually happened there.

01:20:10.880 --> 01:20:18.960
But that was the extent. That was how far the Germans were willing to go to attempt to secure

01:20:18.960 --> 01:20:27.600
peace. The German people and the German government did not want World War II, and it could not possibly

01:20:27.600 --> 01:20:34.640
be more evident if you look at the actual historical evidence. They did everything they could

01:20:35.200 --> 01:20:42.800
to avoid the war, and then they did everything they could during the war not to escalate.

01:20:43.200 --> 01:20:48.400
They did not respond in kind when they could have, and when they did respond it was very delayed,

01:20:48.400 --> 01:20:55.760
for instance. Most people will not know. The German bombing of London, the Blitz so called,

01:20:56.400 --> 01:21:03.280
occurred only after three months of the British bombing German cities, including the use of

01:21:03.280 --> 01:21:11.680
incendiary bombs, which is a war crime. Hitler repeatedly refused to bomb the British. He would

01:21:12.640 --> 01:21:19.520
not even discuss plans to bomb London because the idea was so abhorrent to him. But after three

01:21:19.520 --> 01:21:26.880
months of German cities being bombed, again including fire bombs, and Berlin itself being bombed,

01:21:27.840 --> 01:21:31.200
that was when they finally responded by bombing London.

01:21:32.400 --> 01:21:36.320
And so next we're going to briefly skip over a whole bunch of history that you know about

01:21:36.960 --> 01:21:43.920
to mention a book that was published in 1940 by a Jew named Theodor Kaufmann. The name of that

01:21:43.920 --> 01:21:52.400
book was Germany Must Parish. This book was Kaufmann's blueprint for the Jewish extermination

01:21:52.400 --> 01:21:57.520
of the German people. The book explicitly called for the complete German genocide,

01:21:57.520 --> 01:22:01.600
called for the sterilization of every man and every woman of childbearing age

01:22:01.600 --> 01:22:06.720
in the German country. And the explicit purpose of this sterilization campaign

01:22:06.720 --> 01:22:12.000
was to extinguish German nationalism and pride. See what had been done in Versailles

01:22:12.000 --> 01:22:18.160
wasn't coincidental. It was part of a complete destruction of the German people that was intended

01:22:18.160 --> 01:22:23.360
by those who wanted them dead. Kaufmann advocated dividing up the territory and other nations.

01:22:24.240 --> 01:22:28.320
This book was very well reviewed newspapers, including The New York Times,

01:22:28.320 --> 01:22:32.000
which when you start looking at the content is absolutely shocking. I mean,

01:22:32.000 --> 01:22:36.800
to talk about just completely annihilating a people today, if someone were to publish a book

01:22:36.800 --> 01:22:42.800
like this about the Jews today, they would be assassinated. Forget arrest, forget outrage,

01:22:42.800 --> 01:22:47.840
some would come and kill them for saying these things. New York Times is a great book.

01:22:49.360 --> 01:22:54.560
It was a great book in one sense. Goebbels ordered a million copies of it translated into

01:22:54.560 --> 01:22:59.840
German and distributed among the German people specifically to say, look at what we're dealing

01:22:59.840 --> 01:23:05.200
with here. We've been trying for years to deal with these people peacefully, treating them

01:23:05.200 --> 01:23:11.040
as guests in our country that we want to leave, but not treating them entirely as an enemy species.

01:23:12.640 --> 01:23:18.080
Goebbels said, thanks to the Jew Kaufmann, we Germans know only too well what to expect in

01:23:18.080 --> 01:23:23.440
the case of defeat. Humanity would sink into eternal darkness. It would fall into a dull

01:23:23.440 --> 01:23:32.480
and primitive state where the Jews to win this war. We're told that Goebbels was the father of

01:23:32.480 --> 01:23:38.480
propaganda, which is itself propaganda, but he was good at it. Propaganda is not false.

01:23:39.040 --> 01:23:46.800
Propaganda is slanted. It's giving information for a particular purpose. This podcast,

01:23:46.800 --> 01:23:52.160
Stone Choir, is propaganda. It doesn't mean it's not true. It means we're selling something.

01:23:52.240 --> 01:23:57.040
We're not selling chachkies. We're not selling subscriptions. We're selling what we believe

01:23:57.040 --> 01:24:01.840
is the truth. And either we're lying or we're telling the truth, but we're presenting a particular

01:24:01.840 --> 01:24:08.240
set of facts that advance as a narrative. Not to the exclusion of facts that contravene while

01:24:08.240 --> 01:24:12.240
we're claiming because there are none, but when we're telling you things that no one else will

01:24:12.240 --> 01:24:18.880
tell you, it is inherently propagandistic. So when Goebbels took, Germany must perish,

01:24:18.880 --> 01:24:23.920
written by a Jew saying, we're going to murder all the Germans. The propaganda value of that was

01:24:23.920 --> 01:24:30.240
infinite because all Goebbels had to say was, look, here's their plan. They lay it out. We

01:24:30.240 --> 01:24:34.960
saw what they did in the Treaty of Versailles. We saw what they did under occupation because

01:24:34.960 --> 01:24:41.200
that's effectively what Weimar Germany was. When four out of the six Reichstag directors are Jewish,

01:24:41.200 --> 01:24:45.840
they were under occupation for that time until 1933.

01:24:47.280 --> 01:24:54.640
Lest anyone think that this was something new in Jewish intellectual circles,

01:24:54.640 --> 01:25:02.000
that this was something unprecedented, there was another book written in 1924 by the American Jew

01:25:02.000 --> 01:25:08.960
Marie Samuel. And that book is entitled Eugen Tiles, in which essentially the same things are

01:25:08.960 --> 01:25:17.920
argued, not in as explicit of terms, but against all non-Jews. One of the famous quotes from this

01:25:17.920 --> 01:25:24.960
that some of you will have undoubtedly heard, but everyone should hear. We Jews, we the destroyers,

01:25:24.960 --> 01:25:31.440
will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.

01:25:32.000 --> 01:25:38.480
We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God world, which it is not in your

01:25:38.480 --> 01:25:44.880
nature to build. The wretched fate which scattered us through your midst has thrust this unwelcome

01:25:44.880 --> 01:25:53.120
role upon us. So this is a stream, in Jewish thought, that extends back centuries. Quite

01:25:53.120 --> 01:26:00.080
frankly, it extends back into the Talmud. It is also found there. So this book about Germany is

01:26:00.080 --> 01:26:05.600
nothing new. They simply picked Germany as their most hated target for all of the reasons we've

01:26:05.600 --> 01:26:12.880
already stated. The National Socialist had made usury punishable by death. The National Socialist

01:26:12.880 --> 01:26:18.320
had driven out the central bank. The National Socialist had rebuilt the currency, etc., etc.

01:26:19.280 --> 01:26:23.520
And in addition to this, the National Socialist were Christian.

01:26:24.960 --> 01:26:31.440
And Jews hate nothing more than Christians because they are the eternal enemies of Christendom,

01:26:31.440 --> 01:26:38.800
of Christ. During the Third Reich, just to give an example of the destructiveness of Jewish

01:26:38.800 --> 01:26:45.280
Communism versus National Socialism and what National Socialism did, during the Third Reich,

01:26:45.920 --> 01:26:54.000
thousands of churches, probably around 3,000 churches, were built. That is in addition to

01:26:54.000 --> 01:26:58.720
the many thousands of churches already in Germany. No churches were destroyed by the

01:26:58.720 --> 01:27:04.160
National Socialists. Many churches, of course, were firebombed by the Allies. But that is a

01:27:04.160 --> 01:27:10.720
separate matter. In comparison, look at what happened in the Spanish Civil War, so called. It was

01:27:10.720 --> 01:27:18.960
really a communist insurrection that was put down by a fascist government. Twenty thousand

01:27:18.960 --> 01:27:26.880
churches in Spain were burned by the communists. And most of the nuns were raped and the monks

01:27:26.880 --> 01:27:34.000
were murdered, often in inventive ways. Those are the stakes, and that is the difference here.

01:27:34.000 --> 01:27:41.760
The line could not possibly be more clear. One side upholds the church and builds churches.

01:27:41.760 --> 01:27:48.160
The other side burns churches and rapes nuns. For a Christian, this isn't a choice.

01:27:50.160 --> 01:27:54.880
The echoes of Germany must perish are found four years later in Roosevelt's own mouth.

01:27:55.760 --> 01:28:01.360
He said in 1944, we have got to be tough with Germany. I mean the German people,

01:28:01.360 --> 01:28:06.320
not just the Nazis. You either have to castrate the German people, or you've got to treat them in

01:28:06.320 --> 01:28:11.760
such a manner so they can't just go on reproducing people who want to continue the way they have in

01:28:11.760 --> 01:28:19.600
the past. Now, this is not metaphorical speech. He's not being flowery here. He's talking about

01:28:19.600 --> 01:28:27.600
Kaufmann's Germany must perish. He's talking about genocide. If it's the literal UN definition

01:28:27.600 --> 01:28:32.240
of genocide today, to make it impossible for a people to reproduce, to exterminate them,

01:28:32.240 --> 01:28:38.880
to wipe them out, all the things that the Nazis so-called are accused of is literally what the

01:28:38.880 --> 01:28:45.920
Allies pursued against the Germans because the Jews told them to. So now we come to the

01:28:45.920 --> 01:28:51.760
concentration camps or the internment camps. Just like final solution, when you hear the term

01:28:51.760 --> 01:28:57.680
concentration camp, your hackles go up. It's concentration camp is the scene of the worst

01:28:57.680 --> 01:29:03.280
horrors in the history of humanity. Nothing worse has ever happened to any human being than happened

01:29:03.280 --> 01:29:08.000
in concentration camps. It's just automatic. It's baked into the word itself. Even to hear

01:29:08.000 --> 01:29:14.480
concentration, your mind now autocompletes camp and then you shudder because it's terrible and

01:29:14.480 --> 01:29:22.800
it's evil. Concentration means precisely that. It means undoing the diaspora. It means that we have,

01:29:22.800 --> 01:29:28.560
in the case of Germany, we have Jews all over Germany and as they expanded into former Poland

01:29:28.560 --> 01:29:35.600
and other places, we have these Jews in these places that are scattered. Many of them are saboteurs,

01:29:35.600 --> 01:29:41.840
they're communists, they're people that we don't trust. Whether they're criminals or not,

01:29:41.920 --> 01:29:47.520
we don't trust them. We want to concentrate them in one place. So the Germans began building

01:29:47.520 --> 01:29:52.720
prison camps. They weren't called prison camps. Do you know what the German word was? I'm sure

01:29:52.720 --> 01:29:58.640
you do. They were just concentration camps or work camps because originally they were largely

01:29:58.640 --> 01:30:05.760
for communists. They didn't even start out as camps for rounding up Jews to have them in one place.

01:30:05.760 --> 01:30:12.880
It was for the communists in the wake of the Reichstag fire and the various communist uprisings

01:30:12.880 --> 01:30:17.840
that were still occurring in Germany because you had communists assassinating people in the street.

01:30:17.840 --> 01:30:24.080
It was an attempt to cut down on that, to basically deal with those fires, to have these people

01:30:24.080 --> 01:30:28.320
somewhere you knew where they were and they wouldn't be causing more problems, which quite frankly

01:30:29.280 --> 01:30:36.320
was a very reasonable approach because if you have communists who are executing people in the

01:30:36.320 --> 01:30:42.400
street, by all means, you are morally entitled to hang them. Instead, they were rounding up the

01:30:42.400 --> 01:30:45.440
communists and putting them to work in concentration camps.

01:30:48.320 --> 01:30:55.520
And the reason that the term is such a perversion today is that we ignore the fact that the United

01:30:55.520 --> 01:31:02.400
States did the very same thing and also for good reason. February 19, 1942, here's something you

01:31:02.400 --> 01:31:11.760
can Google, FDR signed Executive Order 9066. This order from FDR ordered the internment or the

01:31:11.760 --> 01:31:18.400
concentration of Japanese, Italian and Germans on US soil for the reasons that Corey just described.

01:31:18.400 --> 01:31:24.800
Now, there wasn't as much sabotage going on by those people, but we were at war. We were at open

01:31:24.800 --> 01:31:30.400
declared war with these three countries that the United States had an official state of war.

01:31:30.400 --> 01:31:36.000
If someone was fresh off the boat, if someone is still fundamentally Italian, frankly,

01:31:36.640 --> 01:31:42.960
it's insulting to that person if I don't assume that they would be loyal to Italy and not to the

01:31:42.960 --> 01:31:48.000
country that they just landed in. So when Americans rounded up Japanese, which is incidentally the

01:31:48.000 --> 01:31:52.160
only ones we're ever told about, we're told that there were Japanese internment camps, it wasn't

01:31:52.160 --> 01:32:00.080
just them. Radio 9066, it was Germans, Italians and Japanese separately, but all three of those

01:32:00.080 --> 01:32:07.280
groups independently were potentially subversive. So they weren't tortured, they weren't executed,

01:32:07.280 --> 01:32:12.880
they were put in prison camps, labor camps, concentration camps where they couldn't be

01:32:12.880 --> 01:32:19.040
subversive because it was war. Is it fair? Who cares? Because Corey just said, if a group of

01:32:19.040 --> 01:32:24.240
people is a potential threat to you and you have bigger fish to fry, if they start acting up,

01:32:24.800 --> 01:32:29.840
the easy thing is to kill them all. That's easy. It doesn't take much work and that's one and done.

01:32:29.840 --> 01:32:34.640
You never have to wonder again. Nobody did that. We didn't do that and the Germans didn't.

01:32:36.000 --> 01:32:41.520
So the camps that first began to emerge in 33 and 34 were just that. There were prison camps for

01:32:41.520 --> 01:32:46.240
political prisoners. And even the term political prisoner, when you're thinking in the German

01:32:46.240 --> 01:32:51.840
context today, it's like, oh, that's terrible. It was people who were fighting those evil Nazis

01:32:51.840 --> 01:32:57.680
and standing up for democracy and freedom. No, they were traitors like Bonhoeffer. They were

01:32:57.680 --> 01:33:02.800
men who were traitors to their own country who did evil things. And in some cases, the most severe

01:33:02.800 --> 01:33:10.560
traitors like Bonhoeffer were justly executed for treason. The rest simply rounded up and put in

01:33:10.560 --> 01:33:15.760
prison. Oh no, this happens all the time. People get rounded up and put in prison every day and

01:33:15.760 --> 01:33:20.320
no one has a moral panic over it until it was the Jews. Because as Corey mentioned, these were also

01:33:20.320 --> 01:33:27.360
work camps. You have these butchers and bakers and candlestick makers and orchestra members

01:33:28.000 --> 01:33:33.600
and bankers who are being forced to shovel and to break rocks and to do manual labor.

01:33:33.600 --> 01:33:40.240
And so much of the quetching that echoes down for the last century is not that they were murdered

01:33:40.240 --> 01:33:46.240
or tortured. It's that they're forced to work with their hands. The resentment is you can't

01:33:46.240 --> 01:33:51.680
comprehend the resentment that these people are capable of, which is Corey mentioned, has strangulated

01:33:51.680 --> 01:33:58.480
a 93Y so he couldn't die of natural causes. They wouldn't let him get away with it. Somebody came

01:33:58.480 --> 01:34:04.960
into his cell and executed and murdered him. We see this to this day, there's still people being

01:34:05.040 --> 01:34:13.040
hunted as Nazis today. And they're famously tried for the most incidental peripheral connection with

01:34:13.040 --> 01:34:18.000
one of the camps. If they can find someone, identify them, they put them on show trial.

01:34:18.000 --> 01:34:23.440
That is a vindictiveness that is so utterly antithetical to Christianity that we have no

01:34:23.440 --> 01:34:30.640
bucket, we have no frame of reference with which to understand that much hatred. And it is perfectly

01:34:30.640 --> 01:34:34.880
normal for these people. So everything that follows is consistent with that.

01:34:36.400 --> 01:34:42.240
Well, it's also wildly illegal under international law. You are not permitted under international

01:34:42.240 --> 01:34:48.800
law to go into a foreign country, kidnap someone and then put him on show trial in your own country

01:34:48.800 --> 01:34:54.160
and yet Israel does this. And there are no international repercussions for this. Nothing

01:34:54.160 --> 01:35:00.320
is done about the fact that Israel kidnaps citizens from other countries, puts them on

01:35:00.320 --> 01:35:05.920
show trial or just outright murders them because Mossad is also very fond of just poisoning people.

01:35:07.120 --> 01:35:12.400
And when it comes to the camp, before we move on to more about the German camps,

01:35:13.520 --> 01:35:19.200
it is important to note there are many thousands of Russian, so-called Russian,

01:35:19.200 --> 01:35:27.280
Soviet camps at this time. And those very much were death camps. People were sent to those camps

01:35:27.280 --> 01:35:35.120
to die. They were sent to starve. They were sent to be worked to death. Those camps were set up

01:35:35.120 --> 01:35:42.560
for the purpose of exterminating the Russian Christian population. And of the 12 main gulags,

01:35:42.560 --> 01:35:47.520
because there were 12 main camps than many satellite camps, but of the 12 main gulags,

01:35:48.080 --> 01:35:55.840
11 of them had Jewish commandants. What happened in those camps is just unspeakable.

01:35:55.840 --> 01:36:03.680
The absolute horrors. People eaten alive. Women routinely raped. Those camps were every sort of

01:36:03.680 --> 01:36:09.760
horror you could possibly imagine and then some. That's what was happening in Russia

01:36:11.120 --> 01:36:16.000
before World War II and even during World War II. They didn't stop for the war.

01:36:16.960 --> 01:36:21.760
Many millions were dying on the front, but it was important to continue the industrial scale

01:36:21.760 --> 01:36:26.320
slaughter also in the hinterland, because most of these camps were along the Trans-Siberian

01:36:26.320 --> 01:36:29.920
Railway in the middle of nowhere. So even if you escaped, you'd die of exposure.

01:36:31.360 --> 01:36:35.360
And those victims, of course, were all Christians, because that was consistent throughout all of this.

01:36:35.360 --> 01:36:39.440
It was Christians dying on an industrial scale. It did not happen to Jews.

01:36:40.400 --> 01:36:45.600
So one month prior to the FDR executive order, January 42,

01:36:46.480 --> 01:36:53.120
there was a Vonsi conference where the word final solution to the Jewish question was used in German.

01:36:55.280 --> 01:36:59.680
And so this is one of the things that's used today and say, look, the final solution,

01:36:59.680 --> 01:37:04.000
this was the mass execution of every Jew in Europe. They wanted to kill them all. They

01:37:04.000 --> 01:37:08.240
wanted to execute them all. Here's the final solution. Here's what they put on paper.

01:37:08.240 --> 01:37:14.400
They were going to murder everyone. And if you've fallen for the lie, the final solution

01:37:14.400 --> 01:37:19.760
meant mass murder. Well, yep, got them. It doesn't matter what the paperwork says

01:37:19.760 --> 01:37:24.640
about what we're going to do, because if you already know what final solution really means,

01:37:24.640 --> 01:37:29.440
you don't believe any of the lies on paper in the meticulous record keeping from the Germans.

01:37:29.440 --> 01:37:34.320
You know the final solution means absolute, catastrophic, overwhelming murder of everyone.

01:37:35.120 --> 01:37:40.480
The reality is that they were simply repeating what Theodor Herzl had said 45 years earlier.

01:37:40.480 --> 01:37:45.040
The final solution to the Jewish question was for them to be moved somewhere else.

01:37:45.040 --> 01:37:48.240
But by 1942, because they were under wartime conditions,

01:37:48.800 --> 01:37:53.760
just as FDR did the following month with the Italians, Germans, and Japanese,

01:37:54.800 --> 01:38:01.440
this is labor. This is a material resource for the war effort. And so while these people

01:38:02.400 --> 01:38:09.120
previously might have been permitted to go to the mandatory Palestine to live their new life

01:38:09.120 --> 01:38:16.480
as free Jews in their own land in 1942, because of the amount of sabotage and subterfuge,

01:38:16.480 --> 01:38:22.240
and because of the fact that they needed labor to support the war effort, these people were

01:38:22.240 --> 01:38:26.480
undesirables. So what did they do? They rounded them up. And rather than shipping them off completely

01:38:26.560 --> 01:38:32.320
to Palestine, they put them in camps. They put them in camps where they were forced to work.

01:38:32.320 --> 01:38:38.000
These were labor camps. Now that can sound horrific, but we'll get in a minute into some

01:38:38.000 --> 01:38:43.200
of the details about camps like Auschwitz were like. I want you to first keep in mind something

01:38:43.200 --> 01:38:50.960
that we mentioned a couple episodes ago about the map of the camps that we're talking about here.

01:38:50.960 --> 01:38:53.760
We put it in the show notes, and we'll include it in these show notes as well,

01:38:53.760 --> 01:39:01.200
so you can get a refresher. After World War II ended, and the narrative emerged that

01:39:01.200 --> 01:39:08.720
the final solution meant murdering all of the Jews in Europe. The story was that there were

01:39:08.720 --> 01:39:14.240
concentration camps in the West, and then there were death camps in the East. And when you look at

01:39:14.240 --> 01:39:25.200
a map of the former German occupied territories, a very conspicuous fact emerges. 100% of the camps

01:39:25.840 --> 01:39:31.120
that are claimed that no one was industrially murdered were in the Allied places, where we

01:39:31.120 --> 01:39:38.560
could go after the war with witnesses. 100% of the camps that were told are murder camps

01:39:38.560 --> 01:39:44.080
were behind Soviet-controlled lines. Now this is a line that didn't emerge until after the war.

01:39:44.720 --> 01:39:50.160
The Germans, when they were making their concentration camps on one hand and their

01:39:50.160 --> 01:39:54.000
murder camps on the other hand, they couldn't have possibly known where the post-war borders

01:39:54.000 --> 01:40:00.000
were going to be. And yet somehow they managed to put every single murder camp, every single

01:40:00.000 --> 01:40:04.480
death camp, where the Soviets were going to be in control of it. If you know anything about

01:40:04.480 --> 01:40:09.920
Soviet propaganda and lies, that by itself should be enough for you to take pause and say,

01:40:10.640 --> 01:40:18.080
I'm not sure this adds up. Just as an example of how blunt Soviet propaganda is,

01:40:18.640 --> 01:40:26.640
and even admittedly in some cases, possibly the most famous example of a concentration camp

01:40:27.200 --> 01:40:31.840
being liberated, there's a photo of a woman running up a hill toward the photographer,

01:40:31.840 --> 01:40:36.400
very convenient, you would think. Well, it's very convenient because it was staged,

01:40:36.400 --> 01:40:41.440
and the Soviets admitted that. They said that the reason for it was that they forgot to take

01:40:41.440 --> 01:40:45.920
the camera with them when they liberated the camp. So they actually had the prisoners go back in

01:40:46.720 --> 01:40:51.280
and then stage the liberation in order to take propaganda pictures of it.

01:40:53.920 --> 01:41:01.920
That is something they admit to having done. How much do you think the Soviets do not admit

01:41:01.920 --> 01:41:09.280
that they did do? Or that did not occur that they said did occur? The Soviets are not exactly

01:41:09.280 --> 01:41:15.040
paragons of truthfulness. Keep in mind that the Soviets, when they are liberating these camps,

01:41:15.040 --> 01:41:21.920
are busy murdering millions of Russian Christians in the hinterland still. They've already killed

01:41:22.560 --> 01:41:27.280
millions of farmers. They've already committed heinous acts.

01:41:28.080 --> 01:41:34.400
And we are supposed to believe that they're telling the truth about the Germans.

01:41:36.480 --> 01:41:43.040
On the subject of photographs, we have all seen the images of the horrifically emaciated,

01:41:44.000 --> 01:41:51.360
skeletonized, living people, men and women who looked like skeletons with skin drawn over them,

01:41:51.360 --> 01:41:58.320
and yet they're still alive. And those images are shown to us as examples of German atrocities,

01:41:58.320 --> 01:42:05.200
that the National Soviet Socialist German Workers Party, the Nazis, had done these horrific things

01:42:05.200 --> 01:42:10.880
to human beings who are completely innocent. That's one possible theory. When you look at that,

01:42:10.880 --> 01:42:15.120
it's horrific. We're not going to put those in the show notes you've seen before. You can find

01:42:15.200 --> 01:42:22.000
them if you want to refresh her. What you probably don't know is that those photographs of those

01:42:22.000 --> 01:42:29.440
horrifically emaciated bodies were like their knee bones. Their knees are the widest part of their

01:42:29.440 --> 01:42:35.200
leg by far, because everything else is just gone. They've wasted away. Those photographs of those

01:42:35.200 --> 01:42:41.680
exact types of injuries are present from the United States war between the states, the Civil War

01:42:41.680 --> 01:42:50.720
in 1864 and 65, in our prison camps with our captured soldiers. And the reason for that is not

01:42:50.720 --> 01:42:58.800
that there were Nazis in 1865, is that those are the symptoms of typhus. Typhus is a horrific,

01:42:58.800 --> 01:43:06.400
at the time, fatal disease spread by parasites. The only possible way to prevent a typhus outbreak

01:43:06.400 --> 01:43:14.560
is de-lousing literally everything and making sure that no dust gets kicked up. You can find

01:43:14.560 --> 01:43:21.520
pictures from the camps where it says, five miles per hour, typhus spreads by dust. This is where we

01:43:21.520 --> 01:43:29.920
get into the meat of the history of the Holocaust, as we're told. We're told that there were murder

01:43:29.920 --> 01:43:36.480
camps, that there were homicidal gas chambers, where Jews were packed in by the hundreds and were

01:43:36.480 --> 01:43:43.520
murdered with Zyklon B. Zyklon B is the German name. It sounds very scary, as Corey was saying

01:43:43.520 --> 01:43:52.320
earlier. Zyklon is German for cyclone. Cyclone B was the very MB of a de-lousing agent. It was

01:43:52.320 --> 01:44:00.000
hydrogen cyanide, but in the use in the camps, it was in such low concentrations, it couldn't even

01:44:00.000 --> 01:44:06.080
make you sick. And we know this because prisoners would come into one of these concentration camps,

01:44:06.080 --> 01:44:11.360
they would be taken off the trains. And incidentally, there are interviews with men and women who came

01:44:11.360 --> 01:44:16.640
off those trains, actual so-called victims, who said they were thankful for the train,

01:44:16.640 --> 01:44:20.160
as crummy as the circumstances were, because it meant they didn't have to walk.

01:44:20.960 --> 01:44:25.600
They had to cover a great many miles. They were not death march to the camps they were put on

01:44:25.600 --> 01:44:31.040
trains. It was packed. There was nowhere to go. The bathroom was crappy. Guess what? It was a war.

01:44:32.240 --> 01:44:37.040
The Germans who were hiding, civilians who were hiding in air raid shelters,

01:44:37.040 --> 01:44:41.360
as Churchill incinerated their cities, they were cramped in some place where they couldn't go to

01:44:41.360 --> 01:44:48.560
the bathroom either. War is hell. And so, yes, if you just imagine being on the cattle car,

01:44:48.800 --> 01:44:54.160
that's the worst thing imaginable. It is. It's terrible. That doesn't mean that it was murderous.

01:44:54.160 --> 01:44:58.480
When they got off of those things, a few things happened. They were marched off.

01:44:59.520 --> 01:45:06.880
They were taken almost immediately into showers where they were required to strip naked,

01:45:06.880 --> 01:45:11.360
which, if anything, Nazis are evil. Well, that's completely humiliating. Why would they strip

01:45:11.360 --> 01:45:19.840
them naked? Typhus. Lice. These people who had been packed in who were in a wartime environment

01:45:19.840 --> 01:45:25.600
where everyone had lice. It wasn't simply that Typhus was something that only existed in camps.

01:45:25.600 --> 01:45:31.520
It was widespread because the Allies had so completely destroyed German infrastructure

01:45:31.520 --> 01:45:36.560
that plumbing, sanitation, all the things that we take for granted in a working environment

01:45:36.640 --> 01:45:41.440
were destroyed. There was very little of it left. Sanitation kills more people and war

01:45:41.440 --> 01:45:46.960
than the bullets. That's always the case. So, they come off the cattle car. They would go into

01:45:46.960 --> 01:45:53.600
showers. The showers that are shown that you see pictures of today, it was soap and water.

01:45:53.600 --> 01:45:58.400
People who went through that say it was soap and water. They were strip naked. They were given

01:45:58.400 --> 01:46:03.840
soapy showers to get the lice off them, and their heads were shaved, which is another example,

01:46:03.920 --> 01:46:08.720
if you believe the propaganda, of absolute humiliation, unless you know that they're all

01:46:08.720 --> 01:46:13.760
covered in lice, like in the war, everyone was covered in lice. Because these people were all

01:46:13.760 --> 01:46:18.400
coming into a camp environment where they're going to be in close quarters, the only possible way to

01:46:18.400 --> 01:46:25.120
prevent parasites and these other nasty things like lice is to kill it all at once. They immediately

01:46:25.120 --> 01:46:29.360
went to showers. They took their clothes. In many cases, they either burned their clothes in some

01:46:29.360 --> 01:46:36.640
camps or they deloused them. The rooms where the delousing agent, the Zyklon B, was used,

01:46:37.680 --> 01:46:41.040
they were not hermetically sealed. They were rooms with just normal doors.

01:46:42.320 --> 01:46:47.840
The clothes would go in. They would release the Zyklon B fumigation agent and it would kill the

01:46:47.840 --> 01:46:52.560
lice so that the clothes then could be reused, whether they're in the camp or later on in the

01:46:52.560 --> 01:46:57.120
future. But they didn't even want that stuff hanging around in the camp because if you have

01:46:57.120 --> 01:47:06.080
this massive Petri dish of typhus clothing, it's going to get out. So they stripped them naked.

01:47:06.080 --> 01:47:11.920
They soaped them down. They cut their hair off to kill the lice and they put them in PJs. They put

01:47:11.920 --> 01:47:17.840
them in, in some cases, prison clothes because they're prisoners, boo-hoo. People are prisoners.

01:47:17.840 --> 01:47:23.920
That's not the end of the world. Like it or not, fair or not, that's not horrific mistreatment.

01:47:23.920 --> 01:47:30.000
And then they went into the camps. And one of the things that doesn't get told very often is that

01:47:30.960 --> 01:47:37.600
Britain liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. We're told that that was one of the worst

01:47:37.600 --> 01:47:43.760
places. When the Brits freed the Jews and the others, incidentally, most of the prisoners in

01:47:43.760 --> 01:47:48.720
a lot of these camps, as Corey said earlier, weren't Jewish. There were Poles. There were Russians.

01:47:48.720 --> 01:47:54.480
There were political prisoners and some of them were Jews. When Bergen-Belsen was liberated,

01:47:54.480 --> 01:48:01.600
the fatality rate went up. More prisoners died in Bergen-Belsen under British control than under

01:48:01.600 --> 01:48:08.480
German control. And these were people who were in the end stages of typhus. They were going to die

01:48:08.480 --> 01:48:13.520
at the time. So it wasn't necessarily the British did anything bad. It was that many of the people

01:48:13.520 --> 01:48:19.680
who did die in those camps died as a result of starvation and the horrific convictions that led

01:48:19.680 --> 01:48:26.560
to deadly diseases like typhus. And incidentally, Allied bombing caused much of that. If we hadn't

01:48:26.560 --> 01:48:33.280
been bombing their supplies, they would not have been in those circumstances. So in a very real sense,

01:48:33.280 --> 01:48:39.280
we caused more death in the camps that the Germans maintained than the Germans themselves did.

01:48:39.280 --> 01:48:45.520
We have ample records from at the time. And we have records, not only records that were captured

01:48:45.520 --> 01:48:52.240
from Germans. We also have records that were transmitted via the enigma encryption cipher

01:48:52.240 --> 01:48:57.360
that the Germans didn't know was broken until the end of the war. So when they were transmitting,

01:48:57.360 --> 01:49:02.080
encrypted communications, they still never once said anything about killing everyone.

01:49:02.720 --> 01:49:07.680
And we're told, oh, well, that's how secret the final solution was. It was such a dire conspiracy

01:49:07.680 --> 01:49:11.680
that even in encrypted transmissions that they believed with absolute certainty,

01:49:11.680 --> 01:49:16.480
no one could ever read, still didn't say anything. What did they talk about? They talked about

01:49:17.360 --> 01:49:24.080
the war leaders in Berlin being angry at the fatality rates in the camps, not because of any

01:49:24.080 --> 01:49:29.680
particular affinity for the prisoners, but because they were materiel for the war. They were prison

01:49:29.680 --> 01:49:35.280
labor. They were producing things that the war effort needed. And so if a camp commandant has

01:49:35.280 --> 01:49:40.320
too many prisoners dying, he's hurting the war effort. Forget humanity, they cared because they

01:49:40.320 --> 01:49:45.760
needed those people doing work, which means they needed them healthy. And Germans went to great lengths

01:49:45.760 --> 01:49:50.000
to keep their prisoners healthy, even while they didn't have diesel for their tanks,

01:49:50.000 --> 01:49:54.160
and they didn't have food for their own people. They were still taking care of those prisoners of

01:49:54.160 --> 01:49:58.400
the point that when the bridge showed up, more prisoners died than when the Germans were caring

01:49:58.400 --> 01:50:06.080
for them. And that is a very important point. If you take shipments of Cyclone B that actually

01:50:06.080 --> 01:50:11.600
successfully arrived at the camps weren't bombed or otherwise destroyed, you actually have an

01:50:11.600 --> 01:50:18.320
inverse correlation with death in the camps. In other words, this agent that was supposedly used

01:50:18.320 --> 01:50:23.440
to execute people, the more of it you have at a camp, the fewer people died at that camp.

01:50:24.400 --> 01:50:31.120
Because it was a delousing agent. Yes, it is cyanide based and cyanide is very scary for those

01:50:31.120 --> 01:50:37.920
who have a rudimentary understanding of chemistry. Yes, it interrupts the synthesis of ATP and no,

01:50:37.920 --> 01:50:44.400
you don't want to consume cyanide. But cyanide can be used in certain concentrations in certain

01:50:44.400 --> 01:50:51.520
formulations to kill insects and other things without harming people. We still use it today.

01:50:51.680 --> 01:50:58.240
We still have insecticides that have cyanide in them and other agents as well. Cyanide is heavily

01:50:58.240 --> 01:51:05.600
used in industry, particularly mining. But today for delousing agents, and this ties back into

01:51:05.600 --> 01:51:13.200
what I mentioned earlier about nerve gases. Today for delousing agents, we primarily use

01:51:13.200 --> 01:51:19.680
organophosphates. And the reason that's notable I mentioned earlier, sarin and somen, there were

01:51:19.760 --> 01:51:26.640
other poison gases as well, nerve agents, taboon for instance. Sarin is an organophosphate.

01:51:28.240 --> 01:51:36.800
We use a more dangerous, more deadly version of a delousing agent today. Yes, we use it in a way

01:51:36.800 --> 01:51:41.360
that isn't particularly dangerous to humans. Obviously, all of these things come with some

01:51:41.360 --> 01:51:49.440
risk anytime you're using poison. But we're using something that is more closely related

01:51:49.520 --> 01:51:57.600
to a nerve gas, a nerve gas to which the National Socialists had ready access. If they had wanted

01:51:57.600 --> 01:52:04.240
to mass murder people in these camps, they could very well have done so with poison gas, with nerve

01:52:04.240 --> 01:52:09.840
gas. And incidentally, sarin, you may think, well, nerve gas, you don't want to use nerve gas because

01:52:09.840 --> 01:52:13.440
that's incredibly dangerous and it won't break down and you'll poison your own people and

01:52:14.400 --> 01:52:19.360
which is noteworthy because the doors were wood and in some cases the officer's mess was right

01:52:19.360 --> 01:52:25.520
next to the supposed gas chamber. But maybe you don't want to use nerve gas because it has these

01:52:25.520 --> 01:52:35.920
lingering problems. Sarin can be broken down with water and hydroxide or high pH. For those who

01:52:35.920 --> 01:52:41.680
aren't particularly versed in chemistry, in other words, it's very easy to do, easy to clean up,

01:52:41.760 --> 01:52:48.240
easy to get rid of. Yes, very dangerous, but also easy to reduce to something that is no longer

01:52:48.240 --> 01:52:56.640
dangerous because you can reduce it to phosphonic acid, which is non-toxic. That was not done.

01:52:58.160 --> 01:53:04.400
So on the one hand, we are told that we must believe that the Germans were this preeminent threat

01:53:05.200 --> 01:53:11.040
incredibly competent, managed to hold off the entire world. We know this is very true,

01:53:11.040 --> 01:53:17.360
managed to hold off essentially the entire world for years, despite being smaller than Texas

01:53:18.160 --> 01:53:23.280
and having less than a third of the population of the US. The Germans are those things,

01:53:24.320 --> 01:53:31.280
but they were so wildly inept that they used a relatively non-toxic, delousing agent to mass

01:53:31.280 --> 01:53:39.200
murder people. A bullet is a lot cheaper and a lot easier, just as a purely practical matter.

01:53:39.760 --> 01:53:47.760
The story doesn't make any sense. For instance, Saren is approaching 100 times more lethal

01:53:48.400 --> 01:53:52.480
than hydrogen cyanide in terms of the concentration required to kill a person,

01:53:53.280 --> 01:53:59.600
and so many even more so. And that's just the beginning of the things that do not make sense

01:53:59.600 --> 01:54:05.280
in this narrative. One in particular, if you talk about the crematoria.

01:54:06.240 --> 01:54:12.400
The smokestack, the chimney at Auschwitz is not attached to the building.

01:54:15.280 --> 01:54:19.280
I don't know how much you may understand about construction,

01:54:19.840 --> 01:54:24.240
but if you don't attach your chimney to your building, it is not very useful.

01:54:25.840 --> 01:54:30.320
Not always it's not attached. It's not actually a chimney. It has no opening in the top,

01:54:30.320 --> 01:54:35.920
and it was built by the Soviets. Yeah, it's a stack of bricks that the Soviets built several

01:54:35.920 --> 01:54:45.840
years after World War II ended. And when you look at the pictures of the so-called gas chamber,

01:54:46.480 --> 01:54:54.000
or the crematoria and gas chamber assembly at Auschwitz, it looks really weird. The gas chamber

01:54:54.000 --> 01:55:00.400
in particular, it looks like what it was. It was an air raid shelter. In fact,

01:55:01.360 --> 01:55:07.360
when you go on the tour today in the so-called gas chamber in Auschwitz, if you look carefully,

01:55:07.360 --> 01:55:12.080
there's a trap door at the bottom. There's a trap door so that people could escape the air raid

01:55:12.080 --> 01:55:19.600
enclosure in case there was rubble that covered the doors, because the doors opened inward so that

01:55:20.000 --> 01:55:24.720
the rubble couldn't prevent you from getting out. But even in those cases, you could go through the

01:55:24.720 --> 01:55:30.480
bottom. Those doors that opened inward wouldn't make any sense if you were going to murder hundreds

01:55:30.480 --> 01:55:35.920
of people with gas, because where is someone naturally going to go if you're gassing them,

01:55:35.920 --> 01:55:39.520
and they know they're dying? They're going to try to go through the one door into the room.

01:55:40.080 --> 01:55:46.960
So if you murder hundreds of people in 30 seconds, most of the bodies are going to pile up in front

01:55:46.960 --> 01:55:52.880
of the door that opens inward, and you would see the problem because the door had glass panes on it,

01:55:52.880 --> 01:56:03.280
and it actually locks from the inside. The entire Auschwitz murder assembly was built as a theatrical

01:56:03.280 --> 01:56:10.800
prop. Everything there, all of it, is theater. Auschwitz had a theater. It had both a stage

01:56:10.800 --> 01:56:16.080
theater and it had a movie theater. They had a grand piano, they had an orchestra, they had

01:56:16.640 --> 01:56:22.400
a large dining room with nice tables and chairs. They had a large swimming pool that the prisoners

01:56:22.400 --> 01:56:28.720
themselves built with concrete that the Germans gave them. A concrete's valuable, and yet they

01:56:28.720 --> 01:56:33.520
permitted them to build a very nice lap pool with a diving board, so it's not a shallow pool.

01:56:34.640 --> 01:56:40.080
This is the nicest murder camp ever, and these amenities were inside the barbed wire. They weren't

01:56:40.080 --> 01:56:44.880
allowed to leave, and there were some people who were shot and killed if they tried to leave,

01:56:44.880 --> 01:56:50.160
because it's a prison camp. You're not allowed to break out. There were people who were killed,

01:56:50.160 --> 01:56:55.440
rightfully so, under any normal terms of engagement if they tried to break out.

01:56:56.080 --> 01:57:02.000
Everyone who just enjoyed the orchestra and the lap pool had a great life, and there are many

01:57:02.000 --> 01:57:06.880
people who actually went to this place who describe it themselves. Some of them Jews tell the truth.

01:57:07.920 --> 01:57:12.720
It's not a couple of podcasters with an axe to grind. They're making stuff up.

01:57:12.720 --> 01:57:18.640
Eyewitness reports say I was treated well, and not only that, but they will say that no one

01:57:18.640 --> 01:57:24.080
ever said anything about anyone being killed anywhere. One of the reasons that the crematoria

01:57:24.960 --> 01:57:33.280
is important is that there are two reasons. One, Auschwitz were told as a place where 4 million

01:57:33.280 --> 01:57:39.600
people were murdered. That was on a plaque that was there until, think till about roughly 1989,

01:57:39.600 --> 01:57:46.320
give or take. It said 4 million people died in Auschwitz. That was later revised down to 1 million,

01:57:47.120 --> 01:57:53.920
which is very interesting because we've all heard that 6 million Jews were murdered

01:57:54.640 --> 01:58:02.160
and the Holocaust, so-called. When half of that count was removed from the Auschwitz numbers,

01:58:02.160 --> 01:58:07.600
as things started to leak out of the former Soviet Union, and the record keeping made it clear that

01:58:08.480 --> 01:58:13.280
the claims were so preposterous that they couldn't possibly stand up, they said, okay,

01:58:13.280 --> 01:58:20.560
75% discount. How about a million? The slab was updated to say 1 million were killed here,

01:58:21.120 --> 01:58:25.760
and yet 6 million Jews were still murdered by Nazis in World War II. That's something

01:58:25.760 --> 01:58:33.040
consistent throughout all of this. The reason that cremation was important, particularly at Auschwitz,

01:58:33.920 --> 01:58:39.200
is that it was built on marshland, so there was nowhere to bury anyone. You couldn't possibly

01:58:39.200 --> 01:58:44.640
bury people at Auschwitz because it would poison the water table and they'd probably come back up,

01:58:44.640 --> 01:58:48.800
and certainly if you were doing it to millions of people, you couldn't possibly build

01:58:49.360 --> 01:58:57.840
a ditch big enough to bulldoze all the bodies into. By saying that they were all cremated,

01:58:57.840 --> 01:59:05.280
it made it possible to claim they just went up in smoke. There's no evidence because the

01:59:05.280 --> 01:59:12.320
Germans were so evil that they incinerated them all. Some of you may have heard jokes on Twitter

01:59:12.320 --> 01:59:18.800
and elsewhere talking about cookie math. People will make jokes about Cookie Monster saying,

01:59:18.800 --> 01:59:24.080
if I had four ovens and I baked this many cookies that took this many minutes to cook,

01:59:24.080 --> 01:59:32.480
how many cookies could I bake in five years? This is an allusion to the crematoria at Auschwitz

01:59:32.480 --> 01:59:38.160
and the other camps. If you simply look at the raw math, and this is math you can do yourself,

01:59:39.040 --> 01:59:45.840
at the time, it would have taken around two hours using maximum fuel, which incidentally they

01:59:45.840 --> 01:59:52.640
didn't have because by the end of the war, as I said, they didn't have fuel for their tanks.

01:59:52.640 --> 01:59:57.440
Were they going to say, I hate Jews so much, I'm going to let this tank sit here,

01:59:57.440 --> 02:00:02.080
I want to incinerate a Jew that's already dead? That's what they want you to believe,

02:00:02.080 --> 02:00:08.160
that's the story. It's absurd. When you look at the cookie math, it becomes literally impossible

02:00:08.160 --> 02:00:12.640
for the number of bodies that they claim to have cremated there to have been cremated.

02:00:12.640 --> 02:00:19.280
Never mind the fact that there's not a single shred of evidence for any ashes anywhere. The

02:00:19.280 --> 02:00:26.000
pile of ashes that would have been produced would be visible from space, and yet the pH

02:00:26.000 --> 02:00:30.720
levels on the soil don't indicate that there were any ashes anywhere within miles of that place.

02:00:30.720 --> 02:00:38.000
People have gone and checked, there's nothing. The other reason that ashes in cremation are

02:00:38.000 --> 02:00:44.720
important is the word holocaust itself. Holocaust above all the other words that we've mentioned

02:00:44.720 --> 02:00:53.280
today as a really scary word, it instantly triggers a certain view in your mind. You know exactly

02:00:53.280 --> 02:00:58.800
how evil something is when you hear holocaust. For example, when someone's a holocaust denier,

02:00:58.800 --> 02:01:03.200
that's the worst possible thing you could be. A denier is someone who denies the faith,

02:01:03.200 --> 02:01:08.000
the faith in the holocaust. Holocaust is a scriptural word. There are many biblical

02:01:08.000 --> 02:01:14.240
translations that use the word holocaust in the Old Testament to describe a sacrificial whole

02:01:14.240 --> 02:01:19.600
burnt offering that goes up in smoke. They can get to be a pretty long translation when you look

02:01:19.600 --> 02:01:26.400
at the full context of what it meant. So you have a whole burnt offering, it's incinerated,

02:01:26.400 --> 02:01:33.120
and it goes up in smoke. The reason that they branded this thing in the 20th century as holocaust

02:01:33.120 --> 02:01:39.360
is to point back to that Old Testament sacrifice to say that the Jews in World War II were this

02:01:39.360 --> 02:01:46.560
holocaust. They were this burnt offering who rose up as smoke as an offering to what? You know,

02:01:47.200 --> 02:01:52.560
the holocaust becomes a religion and so it's not an offering to God. What it is is it's functionally

02:01:53.280 --> 02:02:00.720
an offering to itself. The narrative of the holocaust rebranding all of these different words

02:02:00.720 --> 02:02:08.560
and incorporating into the mythology of this story details that are either at best peripherally related

02:02:08.560 --> 02:02:15.920
but not important or completely fabricated in the case of the cremations. They all serve to advance

02:02:15.920 --> 02:02:22.640
what is effectively a new religion and that's crucial. It's the reason we're talking about this

02:02:22.640 --> 02:02:28.560
on Stone Choir is that these are religious beliefs. When you call someone a holocaust denier,

02:02:28.560 --> 02:02:35.520
that's like saying someone's a trinity denier or a resurrection denier. That's a religious accusation

02:02:35.520 --> 02:02:40.960
of heresy. Except modern pastors get less angry about those two than they do about denying the

02:02:40.960 --> 02:02:47.600
holocaust. Absolutely. To deny Christ before most Christian pastors, so-called, would upset them

02:02:47.600 --> 02:02:53.280
less than if you were to say even a few of the things that are provable facts from this episode

02:02:53.280 --> 02:02:59.200
of Stone Choir. So we're tackling it because this is a new religion and the fact that this

02:02:59.280 --> 02:03:07.120
imagery is being imported into it from Christianity is, it's evil, it's conspicuous and it's relevant.

02:03:08.080 --> 02:03:13.040
The crematoria, they had a few because they had bodies and again they couldn't bury them. People

02:03:13.040 --> 02:03:18.000
died in the camp and they were cremated because they couldn't be buried. That's not inherently

02:03:18.000 --> 02:03:24.720
horrific. You know who else had crematoria and delousing chambers? Alice Island. If you look at

02:03:24.720 --> 02:03:30.400
the construction of Alice Island, it's very similar to many of these same edifices in Auschwitz

02:03:30.400 --> 02:03:36.080
and these other so-called death camps. It's what you do when you're bringing in a group of foreigners

02:03:36.080 --> 02:03:41.440
who have diseases and you want to quarantine the diseases and some of them may die and you don't

02:03:41.440 --> 02:03:45.600
want to let the disease onto your shores. That's why Alice Island is an island. That's why it wasn't a

02:03:45.600 --> 02:03:51.440
port. They wouldn't let them on shore until they'd been deloused and if someone died on the island,

02:03:51.440 --> 02:03:56.160
they got cremated on the island because they didn't want their parasites like typhus coming to the

02:03:56.160 --> 02:04:02.400
mainland. It was a quarantine zone. Auschwitz and these other places, they were quarantine zones.

02:04:02.400 --> 02:04:07.200
They weren't murderous. There's nothing inherently murderous about any of this and yet as it gets

02:04:07.200 --> 02:04:15.200
reimagined in history to foster this new religion, this new movie, we've all been programmed to just

02:04:15.200 --> 02:04:20.720
recoil. Final solution. Oh god no, please not that Holocaust. Lord have mercy. Can't imagine

02:04:20.720 --> 02:04:27.040
anything more evil than Hitler. Hitler's the new Satan. Well by the time we get to the end of this,

02:04:27.040 --> 02:04:32.720
if we can unwind in your mind or after you do your own research, all the things that Hitler

02:04:32.720 --> 02:04:38.240
and the so-called Nazis are accused of, if it turns out that those things were lies, what's left to

02:04:38.240 --> 02:04:45.200
hate them for? So as I said, we're not trying to rehabilitate German politics in the 30s and 40s.

02:04:45.200 --> 02:04:50.320
The point is that these are alive issues. We were accused of being neo-Nazis for having a

02:04:50.320 --> 02:04:55.680
podcast where we tell people to believe the Bible and go to church. If that's neo-Nazi, okay,

02:04:56.880 --> 02:05:01.600
you know what? It's a package deal. If telling the truth makes you a Nazi, then quit caring.

02:05:02.400 --> 02:05:05.360
That's what a lot of people need to get to. They need to get to the point that when you're

02:05:05.360 --> 02:05:10.560
being told these completely absurd lies, you just say, I don't care. I don't care about your name

02:05:10.560 --> 02:05:19.920
calling, I'm going to tell the truth. The number six million pops up for a lot of reasons. Six,

02:05:19.920 --> 02:05:26.960
obviously, is a number associated both with man and with Satan, usually Satan 666, the repetition

02:05:26.960 --> 02:05:34.800
of false trinity. That's why it's 666 instead of 777 being the number of the trinity. It's Satan's

02:05:34.800 --> 02:05:42.240
attempt to approach to be God, failed attempt, of course. But one of the reasons that we see

02:05:42.240 --> 02:05:51.120
6 million is it comes from Talmudic thought. This number appears in hundreds of articles written

02:05:51.120 --> 02:06:00.480
by Jews prior to World War II, prior to World War I even. This is a constant propaganda talking

02:06:00.480 --> 02:06:06.720
point with this exact number. And the idea of exaggerated numbers or just completely ludicrous

02:06:06.720 --> 02:06:14.080
numbers picked out of thin air is very common amongst the Jews. In the Talmud, for instance,

02:06:14.080 --> 02:06:20.080
there are claims that the Romans killed 40 million Jews. There are claims the Romans killed 800 million

02:06:20.080 --> 02:06:26.800
Jews. There is at least one place that claims the Romans killed 4 billion Jews. There was a Jewish

02:06:26.800 --> 02:06:33.440
author who claimed the Romans killed 800 billion Jews. These are obviously numbers that aren't

02:06:33.440 --> 02:06:38.720
even possible. That many Jews didn't exist. That many Jews don't exist today. That many Jews have

02:06:38.720 --> 02:06:43.840
never existed in all of human history. But these are claims that they have in their holy book.

02:06:45.360 --> 02:06:51.920
But the six million number is important to them because in their writings, this was the number

02:06:52.640 --> 02:06:57.760
that needed to be sacrificed to bring the Jewish people back to the land of Israel.

02:06:58.560 --> 02:07:06.400
And so the Holocaust was the whole burnt offering necessary to render service to their

02:07:06.400 --> 02:07:13.040
God, lowercase g, in order to give them back the land of Israel. And so in their mind,

02:07:13.040 --> 02:07:17.680
well, that's what was accomplished. Of course, it wasn't 6 million Jews who died,

02:07:18.240 --> 02:07:23.920
because as the Red Cross, which had access to the German camps would confirm,

02:07:23.920 --> 02:07:28.720
there was only some 200,000 who died in the camps, and they died of typhus. They didn't die

02:07:29.360 --> 02:07:35.520
of gas chambers or electrified floors or any of a dozen other things we could discuss about

02:07:36.080 --> 02:07:41.920
some of the ridiculous, some utterly absurd claims. They died of typhus.

02:07:42.320 --> 02:07:49.840
It wasn't 6 million Jews who died. They were not the burnt offering in World War Two. The burnt

02:07:49.840 --> 02:07:57.280
offering, the whole burnt offering, the Holocaust of World War Two was Germans. Yes, many others

02:07:57.280 --> 02:08:01.920
were killed as well. They had previously, as I've mentioned several times in this episode alone,

02:08:01.920 --> 02:08:10.160
previously done so to the Russians. And yes, many French died, many British died, Americans died,

02:08:10.160 --> 02:08:16.960
Belgians died, many others died. But it was the German cities that were fire-bombed, Dresden,

02:08:16.960 --> 02:08:22.640
chief among them, for reasons I have previously explained, I'll explain again in a second,

02:08:23.200 --> 02:08:27.200
but it was the German cities that were fire-bombed that were the actual Holocaust,

02:08:27.840 --> 02:08:34.880
the offering by the Jews to their God in order to get them the land of Israel.

02:08:35.600 --> 02:08:43.040
And they have this bluntly written in many articles before World War Two was even something

02:08:43.040 --> 02:08:49.440
that was being contemplated by the European powers, even those who intended to start that war.

02:08:51.360 --> 02:08:55.920
But Dresden, I said I would mention what happened there, the reason that Dresden

02:08:56.640 --> 02:09:05.760
Dresden is so important is that Dresden was utterly and completely destroyed by fire-bombs,

02:09:05.760 --> 02:09:12.880
by phosphorus munitions that were war crimes then and are certainly war crimes now. And that was

02:09:12.880 --> 02:09:22.480
done by the US and by Britain at the behest of Jews as an offering to Satan. And the reason

02:09:22.480 --> 02:09:29.440
that Dresden was chosen is the same as the reason that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen

02:09:29.440 --> 02:09:38.000
for the atomic bombs. Dresden was a center of Christian culture in Europe. The book of Concord,

02:09:38.800 --> 02:09:44.640
the statement, the definitive statement of the Lutheran faith, go ahead and read the title page,

02:09:45.280 --> 02:09:54.560
published in 1580 at Dresden. Dresden is the capital of Saxony. Saxony is basically the

02:09:54.560 --> 02:10:00.560
birthplace of Lutheranism, which is say the rebirth of Christendom in the Middle Ages.

02:10:02.880 --> 02:10:10.880
Saxony is where the founders of the LCMS were born. They came from Saxony. They were Saxons,

02:10:10.880 --> 02:10:17.840
Saxon Germans who came to the US and reinvigorated Lutheranism and therefore Christianity in the

02:10:17.840 --> 02:10:26.880
US. There are no coincidences. Satan chose Dresden as a burnt offering to himself

02:10:27.760 --> 02:10:33.040
in order to spit in God's face. And the Allies did the dirty work for him.

02:10:33.120 --> 02:10:40.880
There are multiple eyewitness reports from within the camps, from the Red Cross,

02:10:40.880 --> 02:10:50.320
the International Red Cross, including in 22nd November, 1944, where they flatly stated they

02:10:50.320 --> 02:10:55.040
had not been able to discover any traces of installations for extermination of civilian

02:10:55.040 --> 02:11:03.760
prisoners. The number of dead that they reported was somewhere between 271 and 290,000. That's for

02:11:03.760 --> 02:11:08.720
all the years of the camps being in operation. That's everyone who died of typhus. That's everyone

02:11:08.720 --> 02:11:13.920
who may have died of starvation, of natural causes, because these are people of all ages. Some of them

02:11:13.920 --> 02:11:19.360
were old. Some of them died of heart attacks or just died in their sleep. Some of them were criminals

02:11:19.440 --> 02:11:24.880
who were executed. There were some executions in the camps. That's okay. That's legitimate.

02:11:25.680 --> 02:11:31.680
We execute people in our prisons today. It still goes on. The state does not bear the

02:11:31.680 --> 02:11:37.920
sword for nothing. So the question then becomes how many of those killings were illegitimate,

02:11:37.920 --> 02:11:42.080
how many were murder, how many of those deaths were killings, how many of those killings were

02:11:42.080 --> 02:11:50.000
illegitimate. We do know that there were Germans, including SS officers, who were executed for

02:11:50.000 --> 02:11:55.920
killing Jewish prisoners. They were held to a very high standard under wartime conditions.

02:11:56.640 --> 02:12:00.720
If you're a German and you mistreated a prisoner, if you killed a prisoner,

02:12:00.720 --> 02:12:06.880
you were probably going to die. Not simply out of love for the prisoner because you were a German

02:12:07.520 --> 02:12:12.880
officer. You were a German soldier who disobeyed in wartime. That's more serious than anything

02:12:12.880 --> 02:12:20.240
else you could do. And so the discipline was incredibly tight. So we know based on records,

02:12:20.240 --> 02:12:25.760
on record keeping, and simply on the absence of any larger numbers that in the event that there were

02:12:25.760 --> 02:12:31.920
unjust killings, they were very small in number. Incidentally, exponentially smaller in number than

02:12:31.920 --> 02:12:37.120
what occurred in Russian, British, and American camps. We're not even going to get to what the

02:12:37.120 --> 02:12:44.320
Americans did to German prisoners of war after the war. It's unspeakable. One other camp I want

02:12:44.320 --> 02:12:50.560
to mention just because it's relevant to some of the related subjects, Treblinka. It's another name

02:12:50.560 --> 02:12:56.480
you've heard of. It was another camp. It was in Soviet occupied space. The claims today are that

02:12:56.560 --> 02:13:02.960
870,000 people were murdered at Treblinka. They were killed in gas chambers. They were buried

02:13:02.960 --> 02:13:08.240
in mass graves. That was the original story. And so someone went looking for the bodies and said

02:13:08.240 --> 02:13:15.440
there's no evidence of any mass graves here. It's difficult to hide 870,000 bodies. No matter

02:13:15.440 --> 02:13:20.480
how densely packed you find them, it's going to disturb the soil in ways that's pretty easy to

02:13:20.480 --> 02:13:28.240
detect. The Treblinka story was updated to say, yes, the Germans gasped them and buried them in

02:13:28.240 --> 02:13:34.240
mass graves, and then they dug them up again and they cremated them. Because cremation is the

02:13:34.240 --> 02:13:38.880
solution for not having any bodies, which is interesting because in the history of English

02:13:38.880 --> 02:13:45.920
jurisprudence, it's been very, very, very difficult to convict someone of murder if there's no body.

02:13:46.720 --> 02:13:51.920
It can happen with circumstantial evidence, but the default presumption is if there's no body,

02:13:51.920 --> 02:13:58.800
the person is not dead. You want to say somebody's dead? Okay, show me the body. 870,000 dead,

02:13:58.800 --> 02:14:05.440
zero bodies. So I had to be cremated. And then the ashes were scattered, the ashes were buried,

02:14:05.440 --> 02:14:14.480
and the story evolved. So in 1999, some men who wanted to investigate this took soil samples from

02:14:14.480 --> 02:14:20.240
within miles of Treblinka, found zero evidence that any ashes had been scattered anywhere.

02:14:21.280 --> 02:14:27.200
When human ashes are going to change the pH value of the soil, it's also going to leave behind

02:14:27.200 --> 02:14:31.040
chemicals that are very readily apparent that wouldn't be naturally occurring.

02:14:32.160 --> 02:14:37.840
They also used ground penetrating radar to search the entire area, which would tell them two things.

02:14:37.840 --> 02:14:43.680
One, are there any mass graves that are buried far enough that it's not visible from the surface?

02:14:43.760 --> 02:14:48.960
And two, has the soil itself been disturbed? Because if you dig a hole in your yard, and then

02:14:48.960 --> 02:14:53.600
you just fill the hole back in, when someone crosses it with ground penetrating radar,

02:14:53.600 --> 02:14:57.920
they're going to see a disturbance in the soil. Because all the density will be similar,

02:14:57.920 --> 02:15:04.160
it's still visible that the soil has been disturbed. Ground penetrating radar found no evidence

02:15:04.160 --> 02:15:10.800
whatsoever of any of the claims, meaning no one was cremated at Treblinka. No one was gassed,

02:15:10.800 --> 02:15:18.160
no one was murdered, no one was put in mass graves. It was 100% fabrication. In similar

02:15:18.160 --> 02:15:23.280
analyses were done at a number of the camps, including Auschwitz by several chemists and

02:15:23.280 --> 02:15:29.360
other scientists who went, and in some cases surreptitiously, took samples from the walls in

02:15:29.360 --> 02:15:35.200
these so-called murder chambers where this hydrogen cyanide had been used, and they tested it.

02:15:35.280 --> 02:15:41.920
Because if hydrogen cyanide is used in quantities and concentrations necessary to kill someone,

02:15:43.120 --> 02:15:49.920
it's going to leave the very easily detectable trace evidence in the walls. There was no evidence

02:15:49.920 --> 02:15:55.920
whatsoever. There was no chemical analysis that demonstrated either the presence of anything like

02:15:55.920 --> 02:16:03.200
cyanide. Additionally, in the cases where they have dug up bodies from graves, the claims were

02:16:03.200 --> 02:16:08.800
that they either used hydrogen cyanide or in some cases they used carbon monoxide. If you kill

02:16:08.800 --> 02:16:15.200
someone or someone dies from poisoning from one of those gases, it causes significant discoloration

02:16:15.200 --> 02:16:20.320
of the body that's permanent. So they can be dug up years later, you can examine the corpse,

02:16:20.320 --> 02:16:26.720
and you can determine if they died by poisoning by one of these gases. Not once have they ever

02:16:26.720 --> 02:16:31.120
found a single body that's been dug up in the few places where they found burials,

02:16:31.120 --> 02:16:36.160
where anyone died of anything that looked like poisoning. So I hope you're getting the sense

02:16:36.160 --> 02:16:40.560
that every time anyone actually goes looking at any of these claims, and we're going to finish with

02:16:40.560 --> 02:16:44.640
some of the most absurd claims, you know the six million to six hundred eight hundred billion

02:16:45.360 --> 02:16:50.400
is just the beginning of the absurdity of the claims that are made, to bind our consciences,

02:16:50.400 --> 02:16:56.880
to tie us up and fits politically and religiously, so that we can never even say the word Jew in public

02:16:56.880 --> 02:17:02.160
because of the Holocaust. Well, what happens when you do that? You can't read the New Testament

02:17:02.160 --> 02:17:08.080
out loud anymore. Do you know that? New Testament says the Jews in a bad sense a lot of times. So

02:17:08.080 --> 02:17:13.360
the Old Testament, by the way, scripture, not really big on the Jews. They're valuable and

02:17:13.360 --> 02:17:19.840
they're important. They were the vessel by which Christ's messianic promise was delivered. But

02:17:20.640 --> 02:17:28.640
that doesn't mean that they were all good guys. So one of the other pieces of physical evidence

02:17:29.200 --> 02:17:34.080
that we have by inference is that in the case of Auschwitz and a couple other

02:17:35.440 --> 02:17:43.600
so-called murder camps, the United States Air Force and other intelligence agencies were over

02:17:43.600 --> 02:17:51.040
flying enemy territory in airplanes taking photographs daily. And any assembly, any place

02:17:51.040 --> 02:17:54.800
where, you know, these camps were effectively factories, so they were surveilling to see

02:17:54.800 --> 02:17:58.240
are they moving materiel in and out? It was relevant to the war effort.

02:17:59.760 --> 02:18:06.480
In 1979, photographs were declassified from these overflights that showed for a matter of many months

02:18:07.120 --> 02:18:12.560
daily overflights of places like Auschwitz showed literally zero evidence of any of the claims.

02:18:13.200 --> 02:18:19.360
No smoke, no massive piles of bodies, no anything. You go right down the list,

02:18:19.360 --> 02:18:24.800
there's not a single photograph you can point to that we were taking in secret that was classified

02:18:24.800 --> 02:18:30.160
for 40 years that says, yeah, this was actually what's going on. It's impossible to conclude

02:18:30.160 --> 02:18:36.880
from the evidence that any of the claims were ever true. So at the end of the war, the Red Cross

02:18:36.880 --> 02:18:43.760
did a 1650 page report where they covered everything that they knew about these circumstances.

02:18:44.320 --> 02:18:47.840
And one of the things that emerges that's interesting that gets completely left out of this

02:18:47.840 --> 02:18:52.880
whole six million narrative and all the rest is in many of the camps, most of the people, in fact,

02:18:52.880 --> 02:18:57.120
virtually all the camps, the majority of the people were not Jews. We're told all the Jews

02:18:57.120 --> 02:19:02.000
were rounded up and put in concentration camps and murdered. Well, Auschwitz, less than 40% of

02:19:02.000 --> 02:19:09.040
the prisoners were Jews. Buchenwald, it was 30%. Dachau, 12%. In some cases, there were hardly any

02:19:09.040 --> 02:19:13.600
Jews at all. There was other people and sort of say, oh, it was Gypsies, it was homosexuals,

02:19:13.600 --> 02:19:20.320
everyone is mistreated. Well, they were either undesirables or they were criminals,

02:19:20.320 --> 02:19:25.920
or they were saboteurs and communists. That doesn't mean that it was unjust for them to be locked up.

02:19:25.920 --> 02:19:30.080
And even if they were all unjustly locked up, it doesn't mean anyone was murdered.

02:19:30.080 --> 02:19:33.440
There's two different things. It's why some people oppose the death penalty,

02:19:33.440 --> 02:19:38.720
because you can lock someone up by mistake and you can undo that. But if you execute them and

02:19:38.720 --> 02:19:42.960
they were innocent, you can't undo that. I don't think it's a legitimate objection,

02:19:42.960 --> 02:19:47.440
but at least it's a rational one. None of these people were killed.

02:19:50.160 --> 02:19:55.040
When the USSR captured Auschwitz, they got ahold of the records that the Germans had.

02:19:55.600 --> 02:19:59.200
Now, the Germans didn't expect for this place to be captured.

02:20:00.160 --> 02:20:05.680
By the end, they knew that they were falling. And so in order for you to disbelieve the record

02:20:05.680 --> 02:20:10.480
keeping of the German camp commanders and the men working there, you need to believe either

02:20:10.480 --> 02:20:16.080
that Germans were sloppy at record keeping, or that they had two sets of books and they somehow

02:20:16.080 --> 02:20:20.880
managed to destroy one of them, or that they just deleted the portions of their records

02:20:21.440 --> 02:20:28.480
that would have shown that they had done something evil. Which, if you know anything about forensic

02:20:28.480 --> 02:20:35.920
analysis of records, is a complete impossibility. You can't go into a book and remove certain pages

02:20:35.920 --> 02:20:43.360
and have the rest of it add up. You have to have a fake set of books. And so we know that the

02:20:43.360 --> 02:20:49.440
Russians, the Soviets, captured a real set of books. And what that shows in Auschwitz was that

02:20:49.520 --> 02:20:55.920
about 29,000 Jews died there. Again, all causes, not murdered, died in the time that it was in

02:20:55.920 --> 02:21:02.480
operation. So the German records meticulously kept that accounted like, we're talking about names,

02:21:02.480 --> 02:21:07.680
serial numbers, dates, cause of death. We're talking about medical records, not just like

02:21:07.680 --> 02:21:12.560
a tally mark every time they killed one, but they kept records of the prisoners because,

02:21:12.560 --> 02:21:18.000
remember the commandants, commandants had to answer to high command for how they were managing

02:21:18.000 --> 02:21:25.120
their war material. And those records were not only kept meticulously at the camp,

02:21:25.120 --> 02:21:31.680
they were transmitted routinely on schedule in Germanic fashion to Berlin. So they were kept

02:21:31.680 --> 02:21:37.600
in at least duplicate. Yeah, absolutely. And so when they were transmitting their encrypted

02:21:37.600 --> 02:21:43.280
records that no one could have ever possibly broken, it matched the physical records. So

02:21:43.280 --> 02:21:48.080
there's literally no evidence. There's no physical evidence. There's no chemical evidence.

02:21:48.080 --> 02:21:54.720
There's no body. There's no ashes. There's no records of any of it. And I think one of the

02:21:54.720 --> 02:21:59.680
most interesting and telling facts is that there's a World Almanac that was published every year for

02:21:59.680 --> 02:22:06.160
a very long time. I think it still is. It counted not race, but it counted religious practice.

02:22:06.880 --> 02:22:13.600
But we all know that if someone is religiously a Jew, they're always ethnically Jewish. There's

02:22:13.600 --> 02:22:21.280
virtually no conversion into the Jewish faith. So the World Almanac reported 15.3 million Jews

02:22:21.280 --> 02:22:29.200
worldwide in 1933, 15.3 million. 15 years later, three years after the war in 1948,

02:22:29.200 --> 02:22:37.920
that number had drumroll increased to 15.8 million. The worldwide number of Jews

02:22:37.920 --> 02:22:42.880
between 33 and 48 increased by almost half a million noses.

02:22:45.920 --> 02:22:51.040
Where did they go? Where's the 6 million? Where's the 3 million? Where's the 870,000?

02:22:51.680 --> 02:22:55.760
You're talking about wartime. You're talking about a disruption of nutrition. You're talking

02:22:55.760 --> 02:23:00.560
about a disruption of health. Naturally, and we see this in other countries, we see this in Germany

02:23:00.560 --> 02:23:09.200
in the US, the reproductive rate falls off everywhere due to adverse conditions. Babies were

02:23:09.200 --> 02:23:16.800
still born. Incidentally, also in Auschwitz, which had a maternity ward. Lots of babies were delivered

02:23:16.800 --> 02:23:21.840
in Auschwitz. If the Germans were so hell bent on murdering all the Germans, why are they giving

02:23:21.840 --> 02:23:27.760
birth to them? Their stories about all the way, they bayoneted them in the stomach. It was so horrible.

02:23:27.760 --> 02:23:32.880
That did happen. It happened in the USSR. It was done when Jews were running the camps,

02:23:32.880 --> 02:23:38.480
murdering Christians. All the stories that they tell are projection. They're telling you

02:23:38.480 --> 02:23:44.240
what they did to us. They're not telling you what the Germans did to them. That is repeated

02:23:44.240 --> 02:23:49.520
over and over again throughout all of this. So immediately in the aftermath of the war,

02:23:49.520 --> 02:23:53.040
one of the things that Eisenhower did, he was still supreme Allied commander,

02:23:54.720 --> 02:24:00.960
in Buchenwald, he rounded up in local German villagers and made them come to the camp and

02:24:00.960 --> 02:24:06.640
march through and basically rub their nose in it. They were a dog who taken a crap on the carpet.

02:24:07.280 --> 02:24:12.480
These Germans who lived right next door, they had no idea that all this mass murder was going on,

02:24:12.480 --> 02:24:17.760
were told, come and look what you people did. Because this was the blood guilt that had come

02:24:17.760 --> 02:24:26.080
from Kaufmann's destruction of Germany. What did he show them? There was a table. The table had

02:24:26.080 --> 02:24:33.200
lampshades made from human skin, allegedly. It had soap made from human fat, allegedly.

02:24:33.200 --> 02:24:38.320
They had shrunken human heads, and they were told this is the proof that the Germans were

02:24:38.320 --> 02:24:43.360
being horribly cruel. They were doing unspeakably evil things to all the Jews in this place.

02:24:44.000 --> 02:24:47.680
All of those have been discredited. The shrunken human heads were not Jews. They were not from

02:24:47.680 --> 02:24:52.320
that place. Fat is a really interesting thing. Because remember, on one hand, we have these

02:24:52.320 --> 02:24:57.840
people, the Nazis were starving so that their knee bone was the biggest part of their body,

02:24:57.840 --> 02:25:03.120
and yet they have fat to make soap out of. Did they have some special needle to extract all the

02:25:03.120 --> 02:25:08.160
fat? Is that why they were so skinny? No. They were skinny because of typhus. They were starving

02:25:08.240 --> 02:25:14.080
and emaciated because of typhus. The idea that fat was being rendered from Jews to make soap is

02:25:14.080 --> 02:25:20.800
just ludicrous. We're talking about Acme, Bugs Bunny stuff. We're talking about the road runner.

02:25:20.800 --> 02:25:27.680
This is just utterly beyond absurd, and yet we're told with a straight face that these things happened,

02:25:27.680 --> 02:25:32.080
and there are 18 countries around the world where if you say these things, you can be put in prison.

02:25:32.960 --> 02:25:38.400
It's literally a crime to tell someone that these things that are on their face absurd,

02:25:38.400 --> 02:25:46.160
that have been proven to be lies, are absurd. Who does that? Imagine if I came to you with a story,

02:25:46.160 --> 02:25:52.400
and I said, you know what? You've been lied to your whole life. The sun actually rises in the

02:25:52.400 --> 02:25:56.720
west. You've been lied to your whole life. If you go out in the morning and you look to the west,

02:25:56.720 --> 02:26:01.440
you're going to see the sun. It doesn't come up in the east. You might take that with a grain of

02:26:01.440 --> 02:26:06.240
salt, and if you're curious enough and you're feeling scientific, you go outside. You wait for

02:26:06.240 --> 02:26:10.640
the sunrise and you look to the west and you feel the sun on your back because it came up right where

02:26:10.640 --> 02:26:18.080
it always is. There's no need for someone to pass a law against absurdity. You don't need to pass a

02:26:18.080 --> 02:26:25.520
law against a lie because a lie is on its face falsifiable. Why would something be illegal to

02:26:25.520 --> 02:26:32.560
say unless they were both true and vitally important to some other effort? That's what goes

02:26:32.560 --> 02:26:38.480
back to the very beginning, to 1897, when Herzl came up with the idea for the creation of the Jewish

02:26:38.480 --> 02:26:45.040
state of the culmination of what had been forming around the Zionist dream. Since 1948, when the

02:26:45.040 --> 02:26:51.360
mandate of Palestine went away and the state of Israel was formed, they have that place. That

02:26:51.360 --> 02:26:59.680
place has been financed for nearly a century now on the backs of these stories. Germany,

02:26:59.680 --> 02:27:06.080
to this day, is paying money to Israel. Germany gives them free submarines. Thyssenkrupp makes

02:27:06.080 --> 02:27:12.000
some of the best diesel submarines in the world and gives them to Israel for free. They have

02:27:12.000 --> 02:27:15.280
submarines floating around. We don't know where because they're incredibly quiet. They're not

02:27:15.280 --> 02:27:21.680
nuclear, but today, diesel subs with air breathing, which is what they have, are even quieter than

02:27:21.680 --> 02:27:27.280
our subs. They could be sitting off the coast of some European city, and we won't know until they

02:27:27.280 --> 02:27:32.400
launch their cruise missiles, which I think will probably happen someday soon. Topic for another

02:27:32.400 --> 02:27:38.160
day. We're still paying them on the backs of the Holocaust, so it's really important for you to

02:27:38.160 --> 02:27:43.360
believe it. In the church, what happens? Anyone who says, hey, I think there's some bad news

02:27:43.360 --> 02:27:48.080
surrounding these Jews. Let's take a look at what Scripture has said, what God has said,

02:27:48.080 --> 02:27:54.480
and then what history says. You'll be expelled. You'll be excommunicated. You will be derided

02:27:54.480 --> 02:28:00.880
in the press. For what? For being mean? Cory and I have never been mean. We could. Sometimes I feel

02:28:00.880 --> 02:28:05.840
like it. I try to keep it to myself when I do feel that way. But when we tell the truth about these

02:28:05.840 --> 02:28:12.240
things, that is the greatest threat. See, all these things are called isms and hatred, but the real

02:28:12.240 --> 02:28:17.840
threat is when men tell the truth. Because if you start telling the truth about this, the entire

02:28:17.840 --> 02:28:24.480
20th century crumbles. This is the founding mythology of the 20th century. The belief in the

02:28:24.480 --> 02:28:31.120
Holocaust is necessary for everything that has followed. If you unwind that, you find that we

02:28:31.120 --> 02:28:37.200
have been lied to just as we were lied to about COVID, about not only this, but a great many other

02:28:37.200 --> 02:28:44.960
things. Just as in 1933 through 38, when the eyes of the world were looking to Germany,

02:28:44.960 --> 02:28:49.840
say, hey, what's going on there? This guy with a funny mustache is doing some really good stuff

02:28:49.840 --> 02:28:55.920
for his people. What's he doing differently? If we start looking around and saying, who's telling

02:28:55.920 --> 02:29:00.400
us to lie? Who's lying to us? What are the lies and what are they accomplishing with them?

02:29:01.440 --> 02:29:06.320
Some very tough questions emerge. There's going to be some people who get extremely angry when

02:29:06.320 --> 02:29:11.440
they learn, I've been lied to my whole life. I was personally. I believed in all this crap.

02:29:11.440 --> 02:29:17.040
I'm 46 for 40 plus years. I believed some or all of it. Some I thought was a little silly,

02:29:17.040 --> 02:29:23.520
but I didn't care. I certainly never cared enough to investigate. And as soon as I began to investigate,

02:29:23.520 --> 02:29:27.680
scientifically, like it wasn't, I hate these people. I want to prove them wrong. Like, well,

02:29:28.560 --> 02:29:32.640
these people are saying this is true. And then this one weirdo on the internet tells me it's

02:29:32.640 --> 02:29:37.360
false and he can prove it. I'll look at it. Because if he's telling me that the sun rises

02:29:37.360 --> 02:29:42.000
in the West, it's going to take me five minutes to prove him wrong. What I found was that I spent

02:29:42.000 --> 02:29:46.560
a year looking at this stuff, and it took me maybe three weeks to realize that everything

02:29:46.560 --> 02:29:50.720
that I've ever been told was a lie. I spent the rest of that time just reading up on just

02:29:50.720 --> 02:29:55.920
how many lies I'd been told, how many lies you've been told, and why it's so important for everyone

02:29:55.920 --> 02:30:02.240
to believe that this is a neo-Nazi podcast. It's absurd. It's libelous. It's defamatory.

02:30:02.240 --> 02:30:09.120
It's retarded. But it's crucial to call us Nazis, to call you Nazis, because you are a Nazi if

02:30:09.120 --> 02:30:13.600
you're a Christian. That's all that means today. When these people use that slur, what they actually

02:30:13.600 --> 02:30:18.800
mean is Christians. If you get them worked up enough, they will use the words interchangeably.

02:30:19.920 --> 02:30:26.960
In a few past episodes, I've mentioned the transcendentals. And I've pointed out that I will

02:30:26.960 --> 02:30:31.600
continue to mention them on this podcast because they are of the utmost importance

02:30:32.880 --> 02:30:40.640
in Western theology, which is to say proper theology. The transcendentals are identical

02:30:41.600 --> 02:30:48.960
with God's nature. God's essence is the transcendentals. The three traditional core

02:30:48.960 --> 02:30:58.320
transcendentals are goodness, beauty, and truth. What we're talking about in this episode and so

02:30:58.320 --> 02:31:03.920
many others is that third one. The others as well, because of course they are interchangeable in a

02:31:03.920 --> 02:31:10.960
sense. We have to separate them out to comprehend them, because we are limited as finite beings.

02:31:11.520 --> 02:31:19.440
But obviously, God is one. His essence is one. Three persons, one essence. And so goodness is

02:31:19.440 --> 02:31:26.960
beauty, is truth, is goodness. But we're talking about what we as human beings call truth.

02:31:26.960 --> 02:31:34.240
And the truth matters. And the reason that the truth matters is that if you abandon the truth

02:31:34.960 --> 02:31:44.080
anywhere, you will ultimately abandon the truth everywhere. You cannot cede territory

02:31:44.080 --> 02:31:52.080
when it comes to the truth. You can say something that is false and not necessarily

02:31:52.080 --> 02:32:00.000
lose truth, because there's a difference between those. If I tell you that my dog is outside when

02:32:00.000 --> 02:32:05.200
he's actually sleeping at my feet, I've made a false statement, that's a lie. But it's different

02:32:05.200 --> 02:32:11.840
from denying the truth. Denying the truth is something more fundamental. It's saying that

02:32:11.840 --> 02:32:16.800
you're a man when you're actually a woman, or you're a woman when you're actually a man, or

02:32:17.360 --> 02:32:21.280
that you're a German when you're a Jew, or that you're a Jew when you're a German.

02:32:22.640 --> 02:32:29.600
It's asserting something that is fundamentally false about something that is fundamental in nature.

02:32:30.960 --> 02:32:40.080
And ultimately, all lies about truth with an uppercase T are lies about God, because God is

02:32:40.080 --> 02:32:46.240
truth. All truth flows from God. To deny any truth is therefore to deny all truth,

02:32:46.240 --> 02:32:52.640
and to deny truth is to deny God. And Scripture is very clear about those who deny God before men.

02:32:55.360 --> 02:33:03.200
But in addition to that, getting you to deny any truth is always one of the prime goals

02:33:03.280 --> 02:33:10.640
of communist propaganda, of Marxism. The whole enterprise of cultural Marxism,

02:33:10.640 --> 02:33:18.320
ultimately the end, the telos, is the destruction of beauty and goodness. But it gets there through

02:33:18.320 --> 02:33:24.320
the destruction of truth. And it gets there through the destruction of truth in the standard

02:33:24.320 --> 02:33:32.000
communist fashion. It gets you to assert something that you know is false. If it can get you to assert

02:33:32.000 --> 02:33:36.720
something that is simply false first, you don't necessarily need to know it. It's just getting

02:33:36.720 --> 02:33:42.960
that foot in the door. Satan just needs one toe in the door. You'll get more through the door in

02:33:42.960 --> 02:33:49.600
time. He just needs that foot in the door to start. But for the communists, the goal is to get you

02:33:50.240 --> 02:33:57.120
to deny something that you know is true. To assert something you know is false, and the reason

02:33:57.120 --> 02:34:03.920
that is the goal is because as soon as you've done that, you're lost. Because now they can get

02:34:03.920 --> 02:34:14.640
you to say or believe anything. If you can be forced to say that white is black, black is white,

02:34:14.640 --> 02:34:21.760
blue is red, red is blue, you have abandoned the truth such that you will be able to accept any

02:34:21.760 --> 02:34:28.960
absurdity in the full course of time. And that's why things started off in this country. We can see

02:34:28.960 --> 02:34:37.440
it today where we've point to which we've come in time. But where did it start? Well, it started

02:34:37.440 --> 02:34:42.960
as we've gone over in previous episodes with things like feminism. Well, men and women are

02:34:42.960 --> 02:34:48.800
interchangeable. They're equal. They're the same. You accept that lie. Or even earlier than that,

02:34:48.880 --> 02:34:53.040
you accept the lie that there's no differences between and among the races of men. Well, then

02:34:53.040 --> 02:35:00.160
it's easier to accept that feminist lie. And then it's easier to accept the lie that men can be women,

02:35:00.160 --> 02:35:07.760
or women can be men. Or the lie that marriage can be between two men, or two women, or three women

02:35:07.760 --> 02:35:13.680
in one man, or three men in one woman, or a dog in a man, or whatever it happens to be, because

02:35:13.680 --> 02:35:21.040
Satan will always push for more. The goal will be to deny all truth. But it starts with denying one

02:35:21.040 --> 02:35:27.920
truth. And that is why this issue, in particular the issue of the Holocaust is such a central issue,

02:35:28.480 --> 02:35:36.800
because the entire edifice, all of the lies are built on forcing you, are built on the presumption

02:35:36.800 --> 02:35:43.200
that you will assert that the Holocaust happened when it did not. Because that is the lie

02:35:43.840 --> 02:35:50.080
that it is absolutely necessary to get you to affirm, because then all the rest of it falls into

02:35:50.080 --> 02:35:58.080
place. And so ultimately, it doesn't matter if you reject the transgenderism and the homosexuality,

02:35:58.640 --> 02:36:03.040
and all of the other things, all the dozens of things I could list, but we all know.

02:36:04.320 --> 02:36:10.240
Because if you reject all of those, but affirm this lie, well, you already let Satan in the door,

02:36:10.240 --> 02:36:16.320
and all of the rest of it is inevitable. And not only is it inevitable, but you will not be able

02:36:17.040 --> 02:36:24.880
to functionally, to effectively push back against it, because you already seated the territory

02:36:24.880 --> 02:36:33.360
that truth doesn't actually matter. You've already said that truth is debatable. The truth is questionable.

02:36:34.320 --> 02:36:41.120
You're echoing Pilate, quit as veritas, what is truth. You're denying the ultimate reality of

02:36:41.120 --> 02:36:50.480
truth and in so doing, denying God. Because again, the transcendentals, goodness, beauty, and truth

02:36:52.160 --> 02:37:01.760
are the nature of God, and God is his nature. And so to deny truth is ultimately apostasy.

02:37:04.080 --> 02:37:08.880
So after justifiably pricking your consciences and hopefully binding them with that,

02:37:09.680 --> 02:37:17.440
I want to end on a light note. I want you to exit this episode being, having permission to laugh at

02:37:17.440 --> 02:37:22.400
some of this stuff. Most of the stuff we've talked about so far has been pretty serious, some of it's

02:37:22.400 --> 02:37:28.160
been outright horrifying. Going to give you one last horrifying detail, and then we're going to slip

02:37:28.160 --> 02:37:32.880
into absurdity, and hopefully by the very end of this episode in a few minutes, you're going to laugh

02:37:32.880 --> 02:37:39.360
at something, because that's the response we need to have. It's okay to laugh, it's something stupid

02:37:39.360 --> 02:37:45.840
and insane. That's why Sir Eye laughed when God said that she was going to have a son. She laughed

02:37:45.840 --> 02:37:50.800
because it was absurd. That's the natural human reaction. Now her mistake was she was laughing

02:37:50.800 --> 02:37:57.040
at God, we shouldn't do that, but laughing at absurdity is the human reaction God has given us.

02:37:57.600 --> 02:38:02.480
So we're going to tell you a few facts, so-called. These are the facts and evidence,

02:38:02.480 --> 02:38:07.360
as I said at the beginning. We're treating you as jurists to weigh this evidence yourself,

02:38:07.360 --> 02:38:13.360
to be the finders of fact. This is effectively our closing argument, not, you know, Corey,

02:38:13.360 --> 02:38:17.760
as I said, you kind of gave you that statement. We're just going to end up with some things that

02:38:17.760 --> 02:38:24.880
you have to believe if you believe the Holocaust is true. And if you disbelieve any of them,

02:38:24.880 --> 02:38:30.640
you start having to ask yourself how many of these are lies. And by the time you get to the end of

02:38:30.640 --> 02:38:36.960
that line of questioning, you'll find that there's nothing true left, except that there were Germans.

02:38:38.160 --> 02:38:41.280
There were Germans in the 40s. That's about the only part of this that's true.

02:38:41.920 --> 02:38:46.160
So before we get to the funny stuff, I want to close, as Corey was talking about truth,

02:38:46.720 --> 02:38:51.600
one of the counterarguments will obviously be, well, what about the Nuremberg trial?

02:38:51.600 --> 02:38:54.400
And that's an excellent question. What about the Nuremberg trials?

02:38:54.960 --> 02:39:00.080
Lots of Germans were put on trial. Lots of evidence was presented. There were confessions.

02:39:00.080 --> 02:39:05.120
There were convictions. There were executions. Obviously, that was justice in pursuit of truth.

02:39:05.680 --> 02:39:10.080
Who can argue with that? We ran it. Remember, the good guys won World War II,

02:39:10.080 --> 02:39:17.280
and then we tried the bad guys. So just going to give you a tiny handful of facts about the

02:39:17.280 --> 02:39:22.160
Nuremberg trials. And I haven't given any commentary. You can make of it what you will,

02:39:22.160 --> 02:39:27.680
whether you think that anything they came out of the Nuremberg trials is valid or not,

02:39:27.680 --> 02:39:33.680
based on what I'm about to tell you. One, most of the chief prosecutors were Jews.

02:39:34.560 --> 02:39:40.480
Of the 3,000 staff members at Nuremberg, 2,400 were Jews, three quarters.

02:39:41.360 --> 02:39:47.200
Nearly all of the men who were involved in prosecuting the Germans there of shaping this

02:39:47.200 --> 02:39:54.880
narrative were Jews. Is that a reliable witness? Are they unbiased in pursuit of truth,

02:39:54.880 --> 02:40:01.280
particularly in the light of a previous century of Jews saying we are going to exterminate Germany?

02:40:02.160 --> 02:40:08.480
As an aside, Hitler committed suicide or escaped to South America, whatever. We're not going to

02:40:08.480 --> 02:40:13.360
do that sort of podcast. Assume for the sake of argument, he committed suicide. We're told that

02:40:13.360 --> 02:40:19.680
was an act of despair, that he had lost all hope, that he was a broken and defeated man,

02:40:19.680 --> 02:40:27.440
and that his last act was one of cowardice. His actual reason for taking his own life in the bunker

02:40:27.440 --> 02:40:34.240
and then having his body burned was precisely so that Nuremberg could not take place with him.

02:40:34.960 --> 02:40:41.680
Because he was the Fuhrer, because he was effectively the embodiment of the German people,

02:40:41.680 --> 02:40:47.840
that was the edifice that had been erected. He knew that above all else, humiliating him,

02:40:48.480 --> 02:40:54.320
parading him around, torturing him would be the ultimate humiliation of the German people.

02:40:54.960 --> 02:41:01.120
So when he took his own life, it was not, I believe, the coward's way out. It was because it was love

02:41:01.120 --> 02:41:06.720
for his own people that he said, I've lost, it's over. I know that these people are going to do

02:41:06.720 --> 02:41:12.800
the same horrible things that Goebbels had reprinted in Kaufmann's own words in a million copies,

02:41:12.800 --> 02:41:16.960
saying what they were going to do to Germany. He knew that they were telling the truth about that.

02:41:16.960 --> 02:41:22.880
He knew that he, as an example of the German people, would be used to humiliate them and

02:41:22.880 --> 02:41:27.600
break their spirits even further. So he killed himself so that he would not be in what he knew

02:41:27.600 --> 02:41:34.400
would become the Nuremberg Trials. Here are a couple of the articles of the Nuremberg Trials,

02:41:34.400 --> 02:41:40.160
the rules of evidence. These are special trial rules that were only used at Nuremberg. They've

02:41:40.160 --> 02:41:44.800
never been used anywhere else because they're utterly antithetical to any Christian criminal

02:41:44.800 --> 02:41:52.560
trial. They're utterly unconscionable. Article 19 read, the tribunal shall not be bound by

02:41:52.560 --> 02:41:58.240
technical rules of evidence. Now, their excuse was it was wartime, things were complicated.

02:41:58.240 --> 02:42:03.280
What it meant in practice was that there was no need to have any proof that something that was

02:42:03.280 --> 02:42:10.800
presented in court was actually true. Incidentally, the existence of the homicidal gas chambers

02:42:10.800 --> 02:42:16.160
was never proven at all. It was only obliquely referred to as a couple of times. They presented

02:42:16.160 --> 02:42:20.800
no evidence. It was simply stipulated by the prosecution and the defense had nothing they

02:42:20.800 --> 02:42:26.000
could do to stop it, to say, yes, of course this happened. That was the second article,

02:42:26.000 --> 02:42:32.800
Article 21. The tribunal shall not require proof of facts of so-called common knowledge,

02:42:32.800 --> 02:42:38.160
but shall take judicial notice thereof. What does this mean? It means that any lies that

02:42:38.160 --> 02:42:43.440
have already been generally assumed, like Eisenhower's lampshades and human soap,

02:42:43.440 --> 02:42:48.800
those were all facts. Those were all facts entered into evidence. They could not be repudiated.

02:42:49.280 --> 02:42:54.960
It had to be stipulated that this was true. That's insane. If you're out put on trial for

02:42:54.960 --> 02:43:02.080
anything and the judge says everything everyone already says about you is presumed to be true,

02:43:02.880 --> 02:43:08.400
it's over. That was the whole point. The idea was that we know they're guilty. This is just

02:43:08.400 --> 02:43:14.960
we're going through the motions. When three-quarters of these Jews put them on trial,

02:43:15.520 --> 02:43:19.760
it was to lay the framework for what became Israel, the state of Israel,

02:43:19.760 --> 02:43:25.440
and what became the last 80 years of human history. I want to read one quote from the

02:43:25.440 --> 02:43:32.160
Simpson Army Commission judge on January 9th, 1949. This was published in the Washington Daily News.

02:43:33.680 --> 02:43:38.640
The investigators would put a black hood over the accused head and then punch him in the face

02:43:38.640 --> 02:43:43.680
with brass knuckles and kick him and beat him with rubber hoses. All the two of the Germans in the

02:43:43.680 --> 02:43:51.840
139 cases we investigated hadn't been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. They also used

02:43:51.840 --> 02:43:59.600
pliers. These men were mutilated sexually beyond recognition. Just given those two facts,

02:44:00.160 --> 02:44:05.360
they can make things up. Anything that was said was assumed to be true and these men were tortured,

02:44:06.000 --> 02:44:12.480
mutilated horrifically, and then they were put on the stand and asked questions. In some cases,

02:44:12.560 --> 02:44:17.680
the torture was not only the mutilation of their genitals and their bodies in places that

02:44:17.680 --> 02:44:23.840
wouldn't be obvious in court. They were also told if they did not confess, the same thing would be

02:44:23.840 --> 02:44:32.080
done to their families. See, they can always hurt you more. It's a much more severe case of doxing.

02:44:32.080 --> 02:44:37.200
It's not just going after the man. It's going after everyone he's ever loved, everyone he's ever

02:44:37.200 --> 02:44:43.600
talked to making sure that they will pay the price too. There were men who, after having their

02:44:43.600 --> 02:44:50.320
testicles crushed, having been repeatedly kicked and crushed with pliers, were put on the stand

02:44:50.320 --> 02:44:55.440
against evidence that was stipulated to be true without any evidence provided. They were told,

02:44:55.440 --> 02:45:00.080
if you don't confess, if you don't say these things on the stand, we will do the same thing to your

02:45:00.080 --> 02:45:05.200
family. If you were a father and they threatened to do that to your young son, what would you do?

02:45:05.760 --> 02:45:08.720
You know your life is over anyway. You know it's a show trial. You know

02:45:10.080 --> 02:45:15.680
the humiliation is baked in and the execution is guaranteed. If there's something you could do

02:45:15.680 --> 02:45:20.960
to save your son, would you maybe do it? If you want to go look at the Nuremberg trials and you

02:45:20.960 --> 02:45:23.920
want to go look at the things that were said there, just keep that in mind.

02:45:27.200 --> 02:45:33.840
There's a note here that is worth making, and it's a general note, but also a specific one.

02:45:34.800 --> 02:45:41.120
Generally, if you look at the prohibitions in Scripture, things that are specifically banned,

02:45:41.760 --> 02:45:48.000
things that carry the harshest of penalties, those are the things that Jews will often be doing in

02:45:48.000 --> 02:45:54.480
society. Here in the case of Nuremberg, with the crushed testicles, yes of course that's

02:45:54.480 --> 02:46:01.280
an effective way to torture a man, but also from Deuteronomy 25, when men fight with one

02:46:01.280 --> 02:46:06.240
another and the wife of one draws near to rescue her husband from the hand of him who is beating

02:46:06.240 --> 02:46:12.080
him and puts out her hand and seizes him by the private parts, then you shall cut off her hand.

02:46:14.480 --> 02:46:16.640
That is something that is explicitly

02:46:18.880 --> 02:46:25.440
addressed in Scripture. It is prohibited to deal with men in that way, even if they're just having

02:46:25.440 --> 02:46:31.520
a fight here. And yet that is exactly what the Jews, because many of the interrogators were Jews,

02:46:31.520 --> 02:46:37.680
that is exactly what the Jews did at Nuremberg. And you will find this repeated all throughout

02:46:38.640 --> 02:46:45.760
this era in history and others. Jews will do things that are explicitly against Scripture,

02:46:45.760 --> 02:46:51.040
because remember the saying about the Talmud, what Torah forbids, Talmud permits.

02:46:51.760 --> 02:46:55.840
And that includes lying to the Goyim, which is where we're going to end up this episode.

02:46:56.800 --> 02:47:04.160
One of the common pieces of so-called evidence in Western Christian life today is the diary of

02:47:04.160 --> 02:47:11.600
Anne Frank. It's held up as, oh, the Nazis were so evil, even these young girls trapped in attics,

02:47:12.240 --> 02:47:17.920
terrible things happened, and then they died. The Nazis were terrible. At least we have her diary

02:47:17.920 --> 02:47:20.960
talking about her hopes and dreams and how she was robbed of those by Hitler.

02:47:22.640 --> 02:47:29.360
It's proven in court that a man named Meyer Levin, himself a Jew, wrote the majority of the dialogue

02:47:29.360 --> 02:47:38.640
in the diary of Anne Frank. He was awarded $50,000 in a New York court for having been ripped off

02:47:38.640 --> 02:47:45.840
by Anne Frank's father. She died, dad cashed in by making up a story. He hired another Jew

02:47:45.840 --> 02:47:52.560
to write the dialogue in a story, and then he didn't pay him. And so the Jew took the other Jew

02:47:52.560 --> 02:47:59.120
to court and got paid for writing the dialogue that was supposed to ban a diary. And just for

02:47:59.120 --> 02:48:04.720
added fun, the entire manuscript, the original manuscript for the diary of Anne Frank, is written

02:48:04.720 --> 02:48:10.640
in ballpoint pen, which did not exist until the following decade. The entire thing is a forgery,

02:48:10.640 --> 02:48:15.760
every word of it is a forgery. But because it is in service to the Holocaust narrative,

02:48:15.760 --> 02:48:21.200
it's entirely permissible. And so we're going to end with just a series of brief vignettes.

02:48:21.200 --> 02:48:25.360
Some of these are, I hope they will make you laugh out loud because you really need to.

02:48:26.080 --> 02:48:33.680
This stuff is too stupid for words. These people who are responsible for all the crap on TV,

02:48:33.680 --> 02:48:40.320
all the schlockiest, most idiotic, inane dialogue, the stupidest stories, these are the people who

02:48:40.320 --> 02:48:46.560
wrote the Holocaust. This is a movie. It's a really bad movie. They gotten better at making movies

02:48:46.560 --> 02:48:53.920
than they were then. So here are some of the tragic stories of the Holocaust.

02:48:56.080 --> 02:49:01.840
Later, Mr. Huber was sent to Buchenwald. Quote, in the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle,

02:49:01.840 --> 02:49:06.560
he said. Every day they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would

02:49:06.560 --> 02:49:12.320
pick at his bones. But that's unbelievable, whispered a visitor. It is unbelievable, said Mr. Huber.

02:49:12.320 --> 02:49:13.120
But it happened.

02:49:15.520 --> 02:49:20.800
The Belzik camp is built underground. It is an electric crematorium. There are two halls in

02:49:20.800 --> 02:49:25.200
the underground buildings. People were taken out of the railway cars into the first hall.

02:49:25.760 --> 02:49:30.240
Then they were led naked to the second hall. Here the floor resembled an enormous plate.

02:49:30.800 --> 02:49:34.560
When the crowd of men stood on it, the floor sank deep into a pool of water.

02:49:35.120 --> 02:49:39.840
The moment the men sank up to their necks, a powerful electric current of millions of volts was

02:49:39.840 --> 02:49:45.520
passed through, killing them all at once. The floor rose again, and a second electric current was

02:49:45.520 --> 02:49:50.480
passed through the bodies, burning them until nothing was left to the victims save a few ashes.

02:49:54.480 --> 02:50:00.640
Treblinka near Warsaw. The extermination camp for Jews. There was a chamber with moving knives.

02:50:00.640 --> 02:50:06.480
It was in a basement under a banya. The bodies were cut into pieces and then burned. There were

02:50:06.480 --> 02:50:12.160
mountains of ashes, 20 to 25 meters high. In one place, Jews had been chased into a pond full of

02:50:12.160 --> 02:50:16.640
acid. Their screams were so terrible that the local peasants abandoned their homes.

02:50:18.640 --> 02:50:23.280
But we never gave in, not really. There was that one time just before liberation,

02:50:23.280 --> 02:50:28.160
but other than that we were strong. We would see the boys. They put them on those masturbating

02:50:28.160 --> 02:50:34.000
machines. Just drop, just die right there in front of us. The absolute cruelty was beyond our

02:50:34.000 --> 02:50:38.800
belief. That they could do these things to us, that human beings were doing it to other human

02:50:38.800 --> 02:50:43.600
beings. And we would hobble back to camp with painfully swollen scrotums whimpering,

02:50:43.600 --> 02:50:45.360
don't bump me, please don't touch me.

02:50:50.320 --> 02:50:54.320
And the last one, we're going to be mercifully brief with this.

02:50:54.480 --> 02:51:01.920
800 to 900 yards from the place where the ovens were, the prisoners were squeezed into little cars

02:51:01.920 --> 02:51:08.000
that ran on rails. In Auschwitz, these cars had various dimensions and could hold up to 15 people.

02:51:08.000 --> 02:51:13.520
As soon as a car was loaded, it would be set in motion on an inclined plane that traveled at full

02:51:13.520 --> 02:51:18.480
speed down a corridor. At the end of the corridor, there was a wall, and then the wall was a door

02:51:18.480 --> 02:51:24.080
to the oven. As soon as the car hit the wall, the door opened automatically. The car would dip

02:51:24.160 --> 02:51:29.040
forward and pitch its cargo of living people into the oven. Right behind it came another car with

02:51:29.040 --> 02:51:36.080
another load and so on. The trains and the kill coaster both ran on time in Germany.

02:51:37.600 --> 02:51:45.920
That's the holocauster. This just beggars belief, and it needs to be mocked. Not because we're

02:51:45.920 --> 02:51:51.760
hateful, because any honest man just has to laugh.