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Welcome to the Stone Choir podcast. I am Corey J. Mahler.

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And I'm still woe. Today's Stone Choir is part three of our four-part series on the

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subject of the state of the church today in terms of foreign beliefs being imported into the church

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and being passed off as Christian. The first episode that we did specifically dealt with defining

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Christianity or defining religion in general in terms specifically of the source of right and

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wrong of morality. Because there are a lot of different sources of morality that we use today

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that we believe are giving us moral answers to things, but they're not from the Bible. But then

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we think they're Christian after the fact because we think they're moral. And so we talked for a

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couple hours about the fact that that's really dangerous because if you're getting your morality

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from the world and the world is evil, you're getting your morality from Satan and we should care.

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Last week's episode we specifically dealt with Judaism. This was the very first heresy that

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attacked the early church. And we talked specifically about two big areas and gave a couple other

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examples of ways in which the early church faced an attack from Satan that did not directly attack

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the gospel, not overly. It did subtly and it did ultimately, but the attack was to say,

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okay, you're Christian, that's fine, but you still need to do the Jewish stuff. And the case we made

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in the Judaizing episode, and although I didn't say this explicitly during the episode, I really

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thought I was re-listening to it, I think that we made the case, the point repeatedly throughout,

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that we didn't want to just give a list of, here are the top five ways that the church today is

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Judaizing. Because if you leave something off of the list, then someone will say, okay, well,

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it was on the list, so it must not be Judaizing. What we did was we established the principle

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by which you can determine whether or not anything is, in fact, a Judaizing heresy.

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And so we highlighted a couple examples to show, here's something that was stamped out in the church,

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it ceased to be Christian practice, and then it came roaring back in the last couple centuries.

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And now, more and more, we're told, here's another new thing that you need to do.

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Sure, you're Christian, that's fine, but if you want a more authentic version of your Christianity,

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you got to go back and you got to have more of this Jewish stuff that, sure, yeah,

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Christians never did, but we should be doing it so we can be more authentic.

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The reason we gave that premise is that you don't need a list of the things if you understand the

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principle. So by trying to teach the principle, I can almost guarantee that at some point in

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current year, some new form of Judaizing is going to come along, where someone will discover some

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new word or some new tradition or some new idea that is blessed by ancient Judaism, not the version

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of God, but the version of the people who killed Christ. And we'll be told, if you want your Christianity

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to be more authentic, you need to do this thing, too. And for those folks who listened and who

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got the point, you'll be able to say to something that couldn't possibly be on anyone's list,

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hey, that's Judaizing. I recognize what's going on because Satan will use the old

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tricks, but he'll use new forms of it. He'll use the old sales pitch, but he's not going to try

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to sell exactly the same thing. And so the danger that we have today is if we just want a checklist

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to say, well, if it's this, this, and this, then I understand what's going on. Otherwise,

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it's fine because there's nothing bad going on. This is a very vulnerable place where all Christians

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really have been left today because there's no one left who can think about new threats. Today,

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we're specifically talking about Gnosticism as it's been roaring back in the last century,

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not only in the church, but in our world at large. And when explicitly state at the outset,

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if you are autistic or if you're very knowledgeable about the history of Gnosticism as it's been

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recently researched and uncovered from the past, you're going to be really annoyed at our approach

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today because we don't care about the specific veins of Gnosticism in the first and second century.

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What we're going to do today is we're going to distill a few key elements that were present

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in all of the Gnostic cults. And we're going to present a case that those key elements are

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represented in new lies that are told today. And so when we're doing an episode of Gnosticism,

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I want to at least make the plea that we are not being some of the sort of idiotic people

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you see online that they learn a word and want to just say, well, I know that Gnosticism is bad,

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so anything I don't like is Gnosticism. There are people who do that. And so I'm going to acknowledge

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we're not being sloppy with the definition because we don't care about the specific

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implementation details. We're being specific about the underlying premises shared among all

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the Gnostic cults because this was the second key heresy that was frontally attacking the church,

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is denounced obliquely in Scripture. It's denounced very frequently in the early church

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fathers because it was one of the very first attacks that Satan waged sort of from outside

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the church and sort of within. So we'll get up very briefly into the history of what used to be

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believed, but we fundamentally don't care because once you understand a few of the key points that

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we're going to make about what beliefs were underlying their specific doctrinal claims,

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the specific doctrinal claims, some of which are coming back today and some of which are not,

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if someone is going to be completely autistic and will say, well, it doesn't meet any of these

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specific criteria that I found on this page, therefore it's not Gnosticism, don't care not the

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point. The point is that when you understand that there's a form of a thing that can creep back in

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in a new form, the underlying principles are the same, but then the substance is the same,

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but the form can change subtly, that's what we have today. And so we're going to make the case

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that once you understand that there are a few key principles in the early Gnostic religion,

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you will find them playing out over and over today. And this is one of the cases even more

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so than Judaizing, although there's a lot of parallels. I think the Gnosticism in some ways

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is even more dangerous of a heresy to the church because we're adopting it wholesale and we'll

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make the case for some of that. So we have kind of four basic areas that we're going to cover from

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the type of Gnosticism that used to exist that we're starting to see again. The first two examples,

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I'm going to get out of the way because they're important and they're interesting and they'll

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pop up a few times throughout this episode, but they're not really the main point, which is why

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we're front loading them. The main point is going to be the last two elements that are going to be

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the bulk of this episode. The first element of Gnosticism that is sort of definitional to all

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the views that used to be held, regardless of kind of which permutation nearly 2000 years ago,

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is that Gnosis is the mystical or esoteric knowledge coming from directly partaking of the

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divine. What I found interesting when I found this description was that this almost perfectly

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describes what Bonhoeffer was doing. I recently re-listed the Bonhoeffer episode because it's

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kind of part two of the MLK episode and since MLK Day was recent, I was going back through the

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back catalog and Bonhoeffer almost says this verbatim. When Bonhoeffer talks about what he was

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trying to do to and in Christianity, he was specifically pursuing a post-Christian religion,

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one where the doctrines and the dogmas fall away, but the spirit and the essence of the thing can

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live on. Even people stop being Christian per se, they can still have God because they've partaken

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of the divine essence that they're getting from wherever. The thing that Bonhoeffer and MLK

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had in common was that they believed religion was man-made. They didn't believe that Christianity

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came from God and was revealed to man. They believed that men created religion in specific ways and

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specific times. The way that that played out in the early Gnostic cults is that it was very much

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of the same vein. The elements of the Gnostic heresies was that we're just going to discover

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new secrets. We want esoteric knowledge, we want this mysticism, and that is how we're going to

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know that we're getting closer to the truth. The truth is in their mind God. We call it God

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Truth as well because that's what God calls himself. The question is when you contrast

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what they're doing with Scripture, it falls apart. They're clearly not looking for the true God.

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What they're looking for is deep, dark mysteries of things that are hidden, that are occult,

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because there's always an appeal. In every man and every age, there's a certain appeal to hidden

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knowledge. We've done episodes in the past where we've briefly touched on those things and specifically

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said, we're not going to go into them because we don't want to inflame those passions and the men

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who are vulnerable to them. Either Corey or I are interested in delving into that crap because we

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know just enough to know how wicked it is. There's no enticement. There are some men when they hear

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about secrets, hidden knowledge, it piques their interest. Okay, I want to learn more. That sounds

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juicy. I think it's part of the midwit trap that there are guys who are used to maybe knowing a

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little bit more than others. If you can learn some esoteric bit of knowledge, something you've

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leveled up, if you know a secret bit that nobody else knows, it makes you smarter. You are clearly

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the smartest man in the room when it comes to that one thing. Someone who's sort of striving

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to climb the ladder was perceived as intelligence. We'll see hidden knowledge as a way of getting

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there. The Gnostic esoteric impulse, there really is fundamental demand and we find it everywhere.

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You find it in Freemasonry. You find it in all the cults. You find in Mormonism, Scientology.

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There's a progressive revelation of new bits and pieces of knowledge so you level up and you go

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deeper into the thing, which is in stark contrast from Christianity. Christianity does not have

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levels. There's complexity to Christian doctrine. It is a newcomer. You're going to receive spiritual

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milk because that's all you can digest. As you get more into your faith, you can handle solid

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food. That's not progressive revelation. It's not levels of secrecy. It's simply that when you're

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early on, you have very simple questions, very basic questions. As you start making more mistakes,

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subtle mistakes by asking the obvious human questions, like, how does this work? What about

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this? What about this edge case? That is when the heretics of old invented all sorts of false

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doctrines to fill in the blanks when God had not revealed something. Although Christianity can be

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as complicated as you want it to be, the simplest version of Christianity is just as true. In some

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ways, it's more true. We said in the IQ episode, if you are literally retarded and you have good

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parents and faithful teachers, you will be a blessed Christian and you will have everything

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of Christianity you need. You don't need a bunch of facts and figures and details and arguments to

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be a better Christian. You need faith in receiving what is given correctly and just believing it.

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So if you have an IQ of 60 and you can't function and your parents tell you about Jesus

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and that you did something bad and that Jesus forgives you because you are sorry for it,

12:23.420 --> 12:28.380
tada, you're Christian. That's it. It's lots gospel. It's sanctification. It's justification.

12:28.380 --> 12:33.580
It's everything. And even though someone of that limited ability doesn't understand any of those

12:33.580 --> 12:38.380
words, he understands he did something bad and he understands he's forgiven and he's reconciled.

12:38.380 --> 12:42.380
And he knows that Jesus is the reason for it. That's the entirety of the Christian faith.

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So right the outside, I just want to make the case that there's no comparison between the fact

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that teaching more and more things about God is certainly a lifelong pursuit. You can spend your

12:55.020 --> 13:00.540
entire life reading the Bible and only begin to scratch the surface. That's not the same as a

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sort of Gnostic esoteric hidden knowledge that is so appealing and it's one of the ways it gets

13:06.300 --> 13:11.500
people distracted from what God actually wants for us. So it's impulse is always present and it's

13:11.500 --> 13:18.140
really a dangerous one. To give a concrete example here of where this crops up in the modern church

13:19.020 --> 13:26.220
with the greatest frequency, I would highlight Pentecostalism and I use that as an umbrella term

13:27.100 --> 13:33.500
because we see in Scripture very clearly that God works through means, not least of all being

13:33.500 --> 13:40.700
Scripture itself. God has given us his word and he has given us the sacraments. God works

13:40.700 --> 13:49.980
through means to create faith and largely even those Christians who are listening now and disagree

13:49.980 --> 13:55.340
with us on the sacraments, I would recommend you go listen to those episodes again. But even if you

13:55.340 --> 14:01.900
disagree with us on the sacraments, you will at a bare minimum as a Christian agree that the word

14:01.900 --> 14:09.580
of God is a means God uses to create faith and he uses that when it is read or when it is heard.

14:09.580 --> 14:16.940
Scripture is very clear that is how this works. Pentecostalism as an umbrella term would be all

14:16.940 --> 14:25.020
of those strains that are Christianity adjacent that claim direct revelation, inspiration,

14:25.020 --> 14:31.980
some direct connection to God where absent the means of grace which God has instituted,

14:31.980 --> 14:39.340
man can come to a saving faith of God, a saving faith in God. That is fundamentally

14:39.340 --> 14:43.020
Gnostic and well we'll get to that with the second point here in a minute but

14:45.020 --> 14:52.220
that is what you should think of when you hear or see Pentecostalism. It is a fundamentally

14:52.220 --> 14:59.900
Gnostic perversion of the Christian faith because again God works through means you do not go out

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and sit under a tree and just contemplate God or wait for God to come to you. He's given us

15:06.940 --> 15:12.460
his word. If you want to learn about God, if you want to learn about the things of God,

15:13.500 --> 15:20.380
use what he has provided. He has revealed himself to us in his word and so anyone who tells you

15:20.380 --> 15:26.140
that you don't need the word of God you just need to have a relationship with God or you just need

15:26.220 --> 15:32.780
to contemplate God or anything like that. You're dealing with a religion but that religion is not

15:32.780 --> 15:38.700
Christianity. That is a strain that is a thread that is a form of Gnosticism.

15:40.540 --> 15:46.620
One other thing that stands out when you look at that definition is in terms of partaking directly

15:46.620 --> 15:54.780
of the divine. That's pretty much Eastern Orthodoxy as well. All of the meditating on God and the

15:54.780 --> 16:00.220
naval gazing and pursuit outside of Scripture trying to find God where God does not say he

16:00.220 --> 16:07.340
reveals himself, it's the same sort of thing. It's the same sort of pursuit that's fundamentally

16:07.340 --> 16:11.820
a Gnostic pursuit. If you're EO, we're going to beat up on everybody. We're going to spend most

16:11.820 --> 16:15.580
of the time, I'm going to spend most of this time going after Lutherans. Please don't tune

16:15.580 --> 16:20.860
out if you're like, oh man, they called me Gnostic. What a jerk. Lutherans have some serious problems

16:21.100 --> 16:27.660
now. We're going to deal with Roman Catholics too. Everybody has this problem because we're all

16:27.660 --> 16:33.900
vulnerable to it. If we ever finger point at some other denomination, rest assured we are

16:33.900 --> 16:39.500
least as unhappy as things that are going on in our denominations. This is going to be a

16:39.500 --> 16:44.620
pan-denominational bloodbath in this episode because we all have these problems and sometimes

16:44.620 --> 16:48.540
they're subtle, sometimes they're profound. The Pentecostal thing is just wide open. They're just

16:48.540 --> 16:54.380
sitting there waiting for Jesus to tune in and drop new revelation on them. If anyone comes to

16:54.380 --> 16:58.780
you with a new revelation that is not from God that isn't from Scripture, you're going to put

16:58.780 --> 17:03.420
them out the window. Whether it's somebody in your church or it's some new teacher or it's a

17:03.420 --> 17:08.780
podcaster, that is deadly. Scripture condemns that. You need to deal with those people as a

17:08.780 --> 17:16.540
threat to your soul because it's not what happens. One of the other aspects of Gnosticism that

17:17.500 --> 17:24.540
it's not a huge issue in the church today, but it's always a danger. This is one of the

17:24.540 --> 17:31.580
other key elements from the origins of Gnosticism, is that this sort of secret knowledge or gnosis,

17:31.580 --> 17:38.220
incidentally, they have the same Proto-Indo-European root. GnO and Know pronounced the same. That's

17:38.220 --> 17:45.180
originally the word for no. Six thousand years ago, you could have said no to someone and you

17:45.260 --> 17:51.580
would have been saying the same thing. That's just very interesting, but it is that ancient

17:51.580 --> 17:57.980
word to say you know something, same root as gnosis, as Gnosticism. It's important to highlight that

17:58.940 --> 18:05.100
the pursuit of knowledge is not itself bad. In fact, some of the early contexts of the use of

18:05.100 --> 18:10.700
Gnostic was in some ways talking about learned men. He was talking about some of the men that we

18:11.420 --> 18:16.460
find that were opponents of the early church, but they weren't dumb. It was the Pharisees and some

18:16.460 --> 18:21.820
of the teachers. Even those who were outside of the Judaic cult, which was trying to destroy

18:21.820 --> 18:27.500
Christianity, there were other learned men that Paul went to in the Areopagus and elsewhere where

18:28.140 --> 18:33.100
they're philosophers. They were always pursuing knowledge as just part of their daily life.

18:33.980 --> 18:37.660
It's not inherently bad to pursue knowledge. The problem is where are you getting it from

18:37.660 --> 18:44.140
and what are you doing with it? As Christians, our concern is if this knowledge of religion

18:44.140 --> 18:50.620
and specifically of God is not coming from where God told us we would find it, we're in danger.

18:52.460 --> 19:00.300
One of the other aspects of Gnosticism is that there was a belief then that knowing these

19:00.300 --> 19:06.620
specific things were the means of salvation. It wasn't knowing that Jesus died for your sins

19:06.620 --> 19:11.660
and believing that and having faith in that that saved. It was specifically the knowledge.

19:12.300 --> 19:17.740
It was the one small portion of, okay, now I have the fact. The problem with this sort of approach

19:17.740 --> 19:25.500
is that it turns the faith into magic. It turns it into a sort of witchcraft where if you have

19:25.500 --> 19:31.740
the secret word, then you've captured the power behind it. We talked about last week in Judaism.

19:31.740 --> 19:36.220
We talked about Yahweh. That's an example of that. Not necessarily of imparting salvation,

19:36.220 --> 19:41.340
but of the secret knowledge that we think is being progressively revealed. Suddenly we've

19:41.340 --> 19:47.020
discovered Jehovah in the 1500s or whatever, and then Yahweh less than two centuries ago.

19:48.380 --> 19:52.300
That's the new secret name of God that you have to use if you want to refer to God.

19:53.980 --> 19:59.900
It becomes a case for some people that they won't refer to God as God. They won't say I am.

19:59.900 --> 20:05.020
They'll say Jehovah. They won't call Jesus Jesus. They'll have to call him Yeshua. Why?

20:05.020 --> 20:09.580
Because it's somehow more authentic, even though it's absurd, even though it's not scriptural,

20:10.140 --> 20:16.620
but it's fundamentally Gnostic in a very small way. I want to make explicit in this first section

20:16.620 --> 20:22.140
that when we say that these things are Gnostic in nature, that's not saying that anyone who says

20:22.140 --> 20:27.100
Yahweh or Yeshua is a Gnostic. That would be stupid. That would be what people do. I don't

20:27.100 --> 20:32.540
like that. That's just Gnostic. No, we're not saying that. We're saying that the impulse underneath

20:33.180 --> 20:37.820
the desire to do that, to say, well, I need a better name for God than God. God's not good enough.

20:37.820 --> 20:44.620
I need the secret name. Congratulations. That's a Gnostic impulse. Full stop in any century.

20:47.180 --> 20:52.220
I think it's interesting to know that one of the things that you see a lot, particularly on

20:52.220 --> 20:58.220
social media with a lot of guys, particularly younger guys who are what's called cage stage,

20:58.220 --> 21:03.820
where you just discover your faith or you just reinvigorated, especially if they're a little

21:03.820 --> 21:08.380
bit intelligent. You want to dig into the stuff. You want to read more. You want to learn more.

21:08.380 --> 21:12.220
You want to learn as much as you can because you're excited about God. You're excited about

21:12.220 --> 21:19.420
Christianity and about your faith. The very subtle error that I would caution is potentially Gnostic

21:19.420 --> 21:24.940
in that space is that when the desire to accumulate knowledge and facts

21:26.780 --> 21:30.220
ends up being the intermediate point that you focus on, instead of focusing on,

21:31.100 --> 21:35.500
like at some point, you accumulate so much knowledge and you get such a big library

21:35.500 --> 21:39.660
and you have so many arguments and talking points for all these different fiddly,

21:40.300 --> 21:44.540
sixth century councils almost no one's ever heard of, but you have really strongly held

21:44.540 --> 21:51.500
opinions on them. When that becomes your predominant focus, it's entirely possible to begin to lose

21:51.500 --> 21:55.980
sight of God because although those arguments in those days were pointing to God, they were about

21:55.980 --> 22:03.180
God, your focus can potentially be on having the knowledge itself and you think, okay, I've

22:03.180 --> 22:08.140
accumulated this stuff. I have these facts. I have all these details. Now I'm a better Christian

22:08.140 --> 22:12.300
and you're just not. You could be totally ignorant of all that stuff and potentially be a better

22:12.300 --> 22:16.700
Christian than you are with it. Not because the knowledge itself is bad, but because the emphasis

22:16.700 --> 22:22.940
that was placed on pouring out all that energy, like to what end? If you can eloquently argue with

22:22.940 --> 22:30.220
somebody on Twitter about a sixth century church council, so what? What has that done for anyone?

22:30.220 --> 22:34.140
Now maybe there's some interesting point. We're talking about a historical point here, but

22:34.780 --> 22:41.740
I want to highlight that when Corey and I tackle historical subjects, it's superficially and that's

22:41.740 --> 22:47.420
deliberate. It's not that we're not capable of digging deeply into these things, is it? I am very

22:47.420 --> 22:53.500
pragmatic about what I want to talk about. When we approach a subject, it needs to be immediate.

22:53.500 --> 22:59.820
It needs to actually be hurting people today. Sixth century councils aren't hurting anybody.

23:01.180 --> 23:07.020
First century Gnosticism isn't hurting anybody. If you go down the checklist of the specific

23:07.020 --> 23:11.580
cults that existed, you're not going to find them by and large. What you will find is the

23:11.580 --> 23:18.140
underlying spirit of those cults reemerging in all these little places by varying degrees,

23:18.140 --> 23:22.700
and so that's what concerns me. It's not that there was some weird thing in the first century

23:22.700 --> 23:27.020
that's reemerged, and so let's spend all this time talking about history. It's that when we

23:27.020 --> 23:32.940
know that the evil thing in the first and second century bore evil fruit, it had nothing but evil

23:32.940 --> 23:38.140
surrounding it. In all of the church history, it was always condemned it, and if I can say,

23:38.140 --> 23:43.660
yeah, this new thing has the same roots as that, I don't need to worry anymore about how good or

23:43.660 --> 23:49.180
bad it is. I know it's evil because I know that there's a Gnostic root underneath it. Now, I'm

23:49.180 --> 23:55.020
not saying that cage-stage guys are Gnostic at all. I'm not being stupid about it. I'm just saying

23:55.020 --> 24:00.220
that there's a desire that we all have to want to know more, to want to level up, and Christianity

24:00.220 --> 24:05.580
doesn't have levels. Christianity has depth and substance, but it's not the same thing. It's like

24:05.580 --> 24:12.940
there are ranks, there aren't secret tiers, there's no paywall, there's no Patreon level for Jesus.

24:12.940 --> 24:17.660
You're in or you're out, and that's all. The more you know, the better off you are, but all the

24:17.660 --> 24:22.700
things that God gives us are free, and they're in Scripture. It's interesting when you look at the

24:22.700 --> 24:29.500
transition from Hebrew to Greek in the Old Testament, that was the end of the oral tradition.

24:29.980 --> 24:34.780
Because the oral tradition was only needed when you had Val pointing. When everything had been

24:34.780 --> 24:41.180
written down in the Tanakh, and then it was translated by those faithful scribes into Greek,

24:41.820 --> 24:45.580
it was fully fleshed out. There was no longer a need for an oral tradition

24:46.300 --> 24:51.660
to explain anything from scratch. Now, it was certainly still valuable because,

24:51.660 --> 24:56.460
insofar as they were teaching faithfully, it was consistent with the text. But at that point,

24:56.460 --> 25:03.340
you could hand a Greek Old Testament, a Greek Tanakh, the Septuagint, to anyone. If he understood

25:03.340 --> 25:08.300
Greek well, he could come to faith by it all by himself. He didn't need any secret knowledge

25:08.300 --> 25:12.940
to be able to access it. I think it was a very interesting moment in history where, in a way,

25:13.500 --> 25:20.140
God really put oral tradition to death. What we've seen since then is wherever oral tradition is

25:20.140 --> 25:26.220
preserved, it causes problems because it's invariably departing from the text. Just knowing

25:26.220 --> 25:31.900
a bunch of stuff isn't going to save you, but it can potentially create a problem for your faith

25:31.900 --> 25:35.980
if you think, well, I got to know more. I'm not a good enough Christian. You don't. You don't have

25:35.980 --> 25:40.140
to listen to a podcast to be a good Christian. You don't have to know what we know or care about

25:40.140 --> 25:45.180
what we care about to be a good Christian. Being a good Christian is very simply believing in God

25:45.180 --> 25:49.500
and obeying him. If your conscience says, you know what, I think I'm missing out on something,

25:49.500 --> 25:54.140
I should spend more time in your Bible, do that, and you'll have more of what God wants for you.

25:54.140 --> 25:57.420
But there's no progressive revelation. It's all right there for us for the taking.

26:02.140 --> 26:08.540
For those who spend a lot of time on some of these ancient conflicts and various minutia,

26:09.100 --> 26:12.860
and by that I don't necessarily mean that they are unimportant because they may very well be

26:12.860 --> 26:18.940
important. But there's a difference, again, as Woe has just said, between importance and relevance.

26:19.180 --> 26:24.780
But I think a good standard, a good question for you to ask yourself if you think you may possibly

26:24.780 --> 26:31.420
be in that camp. Would you be just as happy arguing with someone on the Internet about your

26:31.420 --> 26:37.980
favorite fantasy army or military or faction? And if that's the case, then maybe you just

26:37.980 --> 26:43.260
like arguing and you've found a niche in which you can argue about something that really doesn't

26:43.260 --> 26:52.620
actually have any import or any impact in the current context. And if you are trying to invest

26:52.620 --> 26:57.500
that time in a Christian way, I'm not saying that investing your time in a hobby isn't Christian,

26:57.500 --> 27:02.060
because of course Christians can have hobbies. But if you're trying to invest that time in a way

27:02.060 --> 27:07.500
that you believe is explicitly a Christian use of that time, which is to say a pursuit of the

27:07.500 --> 27:15.420
Christian faith itself, then maybe just read scripture instead of the old councils, because by

27:15.420 --> 27:21.260
and large those battles aren't live. These are not things over which we're having actual fights

27:21.260 --> 27:28.220
today. These are not things that are endangering souls today. So just read scripture rather than

27:28.220 --> 27:34.140
reading whatever council it happens to be. Go and read several books of scripture. You can probably

27:34.140 --> 27:40.380
do it in about the same time. It's going to be of greater utility to you to read through scripture

27:41.420 --> 27:45.740
again. However many times you've read the book, it's always profitable to read it again.

27:48.300 --> 27:53.980
There is another issue that I want to bring up here, because it's an important way to frame

27:55.020 --> 28:03.420
the issue of knowledge and the division here between the sort of Gnostic conception of knowledge

28:03.500 --> 28:09.580
and what it does, and the Christian conception. This has come up in a number of other episodes,

28:09.580 --> 28:13.660
but I will go over it again here, because repetition is how we remember things.

28:15.420 --> 28:23.980
There's the tripartite division within Christianity with regard to knowledge and how we react to that

28:23.980 --> 28:31.340
knowledge. And that would be Noticia, Ascensus, and Fiducia. So to take notice of the thing,

28:31.340 --> 28:35.260
to ascent to the thing, and to trust in the thing. These are terms that have

28:35.980 --> 28:39.900
basically direct equivalents in English, so you can readily understand even the Latin.

28:42.620 --> 28:49.900
What distinguishes Christianity is the third. It is Fiducia. It is trust. It does not save you

28:50.700 --> 28:58.060
that you recognize the Bible exists. It does not even save you if you recognize the things in the

28:58.060 --> 29:06.940
Bible are true. What saves you, what saving faith is, is the trust in those things, that those things

29:06.940 --> 29:14.220
were undertaken by God for you. Now, they were undertaken, of course, for the entirety of creation,

29:14.220 --> 29:22.140
because Christ redeemed creation in his death and resurrection. However, it is that personal faith

29:22.140 --> 29:28.460
that applies that salvation to you. This is the subjective justification. This is what saves you,

29:28.460 --> 29:37.420
and that is Fiducia. The distinction here is that these Gnostic cults inevitably rely heavily on

29:37.420 --> 29:43.420
Ascensus. Now, they do play around with Noticia as well, because a big part of the cult,

29:43.420 --> 29:51.100
the initiation into the cult, is just to recognize the existence of this secret knowledge,

29:51.100 --> 29:57.820
to be given access to it, and then to accept it at Ascensus level. That's what makes you

29:57.820 --> 30:02.780
a part of the Gnostic cult. That is what they really are at their core, at their foundation.

30:04.140 --> 30:11.660
And you see this in basically the division between any religion that is not Christian

30:11.660 --> 30:18.460
and Christianity, because Christianity relies on faith, relies on that trust,

30:19.100 --> 30:26.700
relies on that third level, the belief. That is what saves you, whereas in every other religion,

30:27.740 --> 30:33.980
it generally works. But they also have this aspect of secret knowledge, particularly the mystery

30:33.980 --> 30:39.660
cults in ancient Greece and Rome and other places, but we're not getting into the specifics of the

30:39.660 --> 30:46.700
history in this episode, as Woe already said. But it's helpful to have this framework in mind,

30:47.500 --> 30:53.020
not only during this episode, but when you are listening to things out in your everyday life,

30:53.020 --> 31:01.100
when you are assessing things in our culture. Is this Gnosticism that is being sold to me

31:01.100 --> 31:07.820
as Christianity? Because that is often the case. You'll have a Gnostic cult that'll wear a Christian

31:07.820 --> 31:13.580
mask. The Mormons are one of the best examples of this, even though very few people in this

31:13.580 --> 31:18.780
audience are going to fall for the Mormon claim to being Christian. There are plenty of people

31:18.780 --> 31:24.860
in the United States and elsewhere who believe the Mormons are Christian, maybe a little weird,

31:24.860 --> 31:27.980
often their little corner doing their own thing, although there are now millions of them,

31:28.780 --> 31:33.900
but still Christian, because that's what they pretend to be. They will wear that mask until

31:33.900 --> 31:37.900
you're a Temple Mormon, then they drop the mask and tell you that Satan is Jesus Christ's brother

31:37.900 --> 31:40.460
and all of these other things and you get a rule of planet when you die.

31:43.420 --> 31:48.940
But you need to be careful as a Christian to make sure that you aren't falling for a demon that just

31:48.940 --> 31:55.820
happens to be wearing a mask, because Satan appears as an angel of light. He's not going to come to

31:55.820 --> 32:00.460
you as Satan, because if he comes to you as Satan, the odds you're going to fall for that are pretty

32:00.540 --> 32:08.540
low. But if he comes to you and says, I'm Christian just like you, brother, and I've discovered something

32:08.540 --> 32:12.860
and you need to hear about it, your hackles should go up, the hair on the back of your neck should

32:12.860 --> 32:19.820
stand up, you are in danger with regard to your eternal soul. And so bear this framework in mind,

32:20.700 --> 32:26.300
because Christianity is fundamentally different, it is different in kind from these false religions,

32:27.020 --> 32:31.340
because what distinguishes Christianity is faith, it's not secret knowledge.

32:32.540 --> 32:35.980
Now I'm not saying that knowledge isn't important, because again, all three of these levels also

32:35.980 --> 32:43.420
apply in Christianity. It is important to take notice of the fact that Christ did become incarnate,

32:43.420 --> 32:51.180
that he did die, that he was resurrected. It is also important to ascent to those facts as facts.

32:52.140 --> 32:57.500
But a Christian believes in them, trusts in them, has faith in them, that is what distinguishes

32:57.500 --> 33:02.940
Christianity, and that is one of the ways that you can tell false religion from true religion

33:03.580 --> 33:10.780
and Gnosticism from Christianity in this case. The fact that Mormons today masquerade as Christian

33:10.780 --> 33:16.700
is just historically absurd, until like the last 30 or 40 years, it was never the case.

33:17.340 --> 33:22.060
They saw us as separate, they saw Christianity as a separate competing religion,

33:22.940 --> 33:29.500
just as it's just as absurd as the claim today that Jews are white. 40 years ago it wasn't the

33:29.500 --> 33:35.260
case, it was never the case historically. The identity of the thing was one way, and then

33:35.260 --> 33:41.500
suddenly when it becomes advantageous for the group to identify differently, they just morph.

33:42.380 --> 33:47.100
And this is one of the fundamental problems that we're facing continuously.

33:47.100 --> 33:53.020
If something has no actual roots, if it can just transform on the fly like a hallucination,

33:53.820 --> 33:58.220
you can never get your hands around it. It's always a hallmark of deception.

33:58.220 --> 34:02.940
Something that's true today will still be true in 100 years. Even if things change,

34:03.580 --> 34:08.220
maybe it's no longer true because the thing is wiped out, but it was true today.

34:08.220 --> 34:14.540
You can't undo the truth retroactively, which incidentally is really the next point.

34:15.580 --> 34:21.180
One of the other key fundamental elements of Gnosticism, the early religions,

34:21.180 --> 34:26.780
that is where we spent a lot of time today, is the demiurge. We've talked about this before.

34:26.780 --> 34:34.380
One of the key doctrinal claims in the Gnostic cults was that there were two opposing gods,

34:34.940 --> 34:41.420
and the cults vary depending on whether or not the demiurge of before Jesus was

34:42.140 --> 34:50.060
equal to the newer god, or if they were subservient, did one create the other. They argued over that,

34:50.060 --> 34:53.740
which is why the Finley Autistic arguments over, well, that's not Gnosticism because blah.

34:53.740 --> 34:59.260
Don't care. The demiurge is the important part because the demiurge is the Old Testament god.

34:59.260 --> 35:03.900
That's a phrase that you've heard. Oh, that's the Old Testament god. Well, if the Old Testament god

35:03.900 --> 35:10.860
is not the same as the New Testament god, then they're both Satan because God is eternal. He

35:10.860 --> 35:15.580
doesn't wink in and out of existence. There's no one god here, and then he changes and he's something

35:15.580 --> 35:23.100
else later. That is not our god. We've talked about, particularly, in the perfect hatred episode,

35:23.100 --> 35:27.500
talking about how it's become common in Lutheranism in particular, but certainly everywhere,

35:28.220 --> 35:34.540
that men will say, sure, the Old Testament, which is a terrible name, by setting old and

35:34.540 --> 35:39.340
new in opposition, suddenly becomes, you can just discard it. Well, it doesn't really count

35:39.340 --> 35:43.180
because Jesus came, so now we have this new stuff. Well, Jesus came pointing to the Old

35:43.180 --> 35:49.580
stuff. The scripture that Jesus preached from, that the apostles preached from, that Paul reasoned

35:49.580 --> 35:55.500
from, was the Old Testament. It was the Tanakh. It was all the stuff that we call old. For them,

35:55.500 --> 36:01.740
it wasn't old. It was the faith. It's still the faith. What we have the benefit of today

36:01.740 --> 36:06.620
is everything that they said and wrote down is also recorded for us, but it's all an

36:06.620 --> 36:11.660
explication of what was said before, so there's not two religions. There's not a Judeo portion

36:11.660 --> 36:17.020
and then a Christian portion. It's all Christian because it's all pointed towards God. It's a

36:17.020 --> 36:21.500
fundamental element. If you never learn anything else from Stonequire that you can hang your head

36:21.500 --> 36:27.180
on, please let that be it. Christianity is eternal. Adam was a Christian. You're a Christian.

36:28.060 --> 36:36.300
It's all pointed to God. What we see with this Gnostic heresy actually manifesting today

36:37.020 --> 36:41.340
is that guys will actually say, well, the Old Testament, God did this and then things changed.

36:42.140 --> 36:49.100
And it's very notable that in the Gibbs essay that I referenced in that perfect hatred episode,

36:49.100 --> 36:54.860
in what we see today in many of the new Lutheran commentaries, they go out of their way to reference

36:55.420 --> 37:01.180
the God, the God in the Old Testament as Yahweh. They don't call him God anymore. They don't say

37:01.180 --> 37:07.580
I am where it's relevant. They say Yahweh. We talked a length last week about how that is,

37:07.580 --> 37:14.700
A, Judaizing, and B, it's a Satanic invocation. To say Yahweh is invoking the Antichrist. There's

37:14.700 --> 37:20.780
no other explanation for what happened in the last two centuries to produce those sounds.

37:21.980 --> 37:27.340
One of the reasons that they won't call God God is because demons can't call on his name.

37:27.900 --> 37:33.260
If they call him Yahweh or Yahweh God, they're changing the variable. They're talking about

37:33.260 --> 37:38.300
something different and they will explicitly say that anytime someone talks about Yahweh

37:38.300 --> 37:43.900
in the Old Testament and doesn't also talk about Yahweh in the New Testament as the immediate God

37:43.900 --> 37:50.220
in that age and in our age, they're talking about the Demiurge. They're talking about a bifurcation

37:50.220 --> 37:56.780
of multiple deities, competing deities. One of the key elements of the Demiurge was he was evil.

37:57.580 --> 38:04.140
The evil of the Old Testament, the God who killed people, the God who was was judgey,

38:04.140 --> 38:11.420
the God who didn't just have these rules, that is seen as evil. That's a perception that some

38:11.420 --> 38:16.140
people have today of their God or who they claim to be their God. Can God be your God if you call

38:16.140 --> 38:22.140
him evil? I don't think so. I don't think you can call God evil and have a promise of salvation

38:22.780 --> 38:28.940
and in our own denomination. This happened last year. In direct condemnation of this podcast,

38:28.940 --> 38:35.180
the LCMS put out a press release where in the name of every pastor in the Synod, they explicitly

38:35.180 --> 38:41.420
denounced numerous teachings of the Bible. They specifically highlighted one that's incredible.

38:41.420 --> 38:46.780
They said that genocide is always evil. When you look at the Old Testament, we made the case in the

38:46.780 --> 38:52.620
episode against the Antichrist. You went into detail on how to say something like that is inherently

38:52.620 --> 38:59.340
to say that God is evil. When the president of the LCMS and all the pastors and all the district

38:59.340 --> 39:05.260
presidents who participated willingly in publishing that in the name of all Christians, and indeed

39:05.260 --> 39:10.060
this was said in the name of Christ we condemn it. That was how Harrison ended that paragraph.

39:10.700 --> 39:15.740
Specifically said that to commit genocide is evil. He was talking about the demiurge because the Old

39:15.740 --> 39:22.620
Testament God was evil. Then there's a new God. When Jesus showed up, we have a new set of deities

39:22.620 --> 39:30.700
and everything's hunky-dory now. That is straight up Gnosticism. No holds barred, no equivocation,

39:30.700 --> 39:36.860
no need to play any games with definitions. This is a Gnostic heresy, full stop. It's on full

39:36.860 --> 39:42.460
display today, not only in Lutheranism, but in all Protestantism and really in pretty much everywhere

39:42.460 --> 39:47.260
because it's a necessary part of the global religion. Because when you look at the Old Testament,

39:47.260 --> 39:53.180
you find slavery, you find racism, you find women being treated as women and not as equals.

39:53.740 --> 40:01.340
You find the slaughter of wicked people on moss. Everybody gets killed. There were places where

40:01.340 --> 40:06.460
God said not only kill every living human, he said kill all the animals and all the livestock.

40:06.460 --> 40:11.580
He said kill everything. That's our God. If that's not your God, then you don't have the

40:11.580 --> 40:16.940
God of the Bible. There's not an Old Testament one and then a New Testament one. There's one

40:16.940 --> 40:24.860
God. That is the Christian confession. This is one of those places where Christianity today

40:24.860 --> 40:31.260
has come to a crossroads where guys who will suddenly adopt the Judaizing practice of saying,

40:31.260 --> 40:37.020
well, I was Yahweh God in the Old Testament and then Jesus came. They play games and say it's

40:37.020 --> 40:42.620
the same God, but when the confession is called into question, they'll say racism is bad. There's

40:42.620 --> 40:47.020
lots of racism in the Old Testament. There's lots of slaves in the Old Testament. The Old

40:47.020 --> 40:52.860
Testament never says it's bad. We did a whole episode on slavery as a Bible study. There's

40:52.860 --> 40:57.820
nothing. Even the New Testament doesn't say it as well. We try to make sure that we call out when

40:57.820 --> 41:03.980
people play these games to try to set the so-called old against the so-called new. Scripture is

41:03.980 --> 41:10.380
Scripture. It's all breathed out by God. It's all useful for reproof and rebuke and correction of

41:10.940 --> 41:15.980
every word of it, every jot and tittle. That's what it says. We have to believe that or we have

41:15.980 --> 41:20.860
to say God's a liar and why are we wasting our time? There are much easier things to do with

41:20.860 --> 41:28.380
your life if there is no God than this. It's not fun. The rewards are few and fleeting. The

41:28.380 --> 41:33.820
punishments are frequent and sometimes more than some people can bear. This is not what you would

41:33.820 --> 41:39.580
invent as a religion. It's what God has given us because it's true. When people come along and say,

41:39.660 --> 41:46.380
I have the secret revelation, let me improve it. Let me find a new sin as the racism episode

41:46.380 --> 41:52.140
and the feminist episode. These things that were not sins for thousands of years became sins by

41:52.140 --> 41:59.100
virtue of Gnostic revelation. The game that they have played is that they didn't say what the

41:59.100 --> 42:03.180
Mormons say. They didn't say this is a new revelation of Jesus Christ because that would be

42:03.180 --> 42:08.540
a bridge too far. Even idiotic Christians, even Christians who are almost asleep would detect,

42:09.100 --> 42:12.140
new revelation from Jesus Christ, that doesn't sound like Christianity.

42:12.860 --> 42:17.260
What they do, they said, oh, it was always a sin. It's always been a sin to do these things. This

42:17.260 --> 42:22.140
has always been wrong. When someone like us comes along and says, well, doesn't that mean that

42:22.140 --> 42:26.300
everybody in the Bible is in hell? Don't worry, but they didn't understand. They didn't get it.

42:26.300 --> 42:34.220
We get it now. That's progressive revelation. That is a type of Gnosticism. We're not making

42:34.220 --> 42:38.780
the fiddly case that we just want to shout Gnostic and call everything Gnostic. When you

42:38.780 --> 42:46.380
look at the moving parts and you see that these specific details are the machinery of the Gnostic

42:46.380 --> 42:53.740
cult, you'll find it emerging in new forms. If I say the Yahweh is not only Judaizing,

42:53.740 --> 42:58.220
but it's also fundamentally Gnostic, if you want to be autistic about the definition of

42:58.220 --> 43:04.460
Judaizing in the Bible, well, there were things that we said last week that are not condemned in

43:04.460 --> 43:10.140
Scripture, not in terms of this was Judaizing heresy. Yahweh in particular, the word hadn't

43:10.140 --> 43:16.700
been invented yet. If we say that that's Judaizing and you use what was Judaizing in the first

43:16.700 --> 43:22.380
century, obviously we're wrong because there was no Yahweh, so it can't be the same. That's why the

43:22.940 --> 43:27.500
conveyance of these principles is why we're doing these episodes. If we can explain to you,

43:27.500 --> 43:33.180
when you see these moving parts acting as a machine and they're producing certain results,

43:33.180 --> 43:37.660
you can identify the underlying cause. The underlying cause, when you have guys run around

43:37.660 --> 43:43.100
saying Yahweh and saying that God's sinned in the Old Testament and your ancestors who are

43:43.100 --> 43:49.420
Christians sinned and they didn't repent, and so according to Christian doctrine, they must

43:49.420 --> 43:55.740
necessarily be in hell. They usually won't go that far, but there's no way to reconcile that

43:55.740 --> 44:01.340
with what the Christian faith teaches. If you have unrepentant sin, you're damned for it. Only

44:01.340 --> 44:05.420
the sins that we take to the cross are those that are forgiven, which is why there's a Christian duty

44:05.420 --> 44:11.900
to throw everything on the cross. Say, Lord have mercy on me, poor, miserable sinner. That's every

44:11.900 --> 44:17.580
one of us. The more you learn about Christianity, the more miserable a sinner you will realize you

44:17.580 --> 44:22.300
are because the more bad things you get rid of, the more you'll realize how many little subtle

44:22.300 --> 44:27.980
things are lurking, but it doesn't beat you down. It's supposed to give you an appreciation for the

44:27.980 --> 44:34.540
gospel that God loved you so much that he paid for the price for all this crap, these evil things

44:34.540 --> 44:38.540
that you tried to do, and the stupid things you didn't even know about. He paid for all of them

44:38.540 --> 44:41.980
because he loved you even when you were his enemy. That's the gospel.

44:42.220 --> 44:46.460
This is one of the things about Gnosticism that should be

44:47.260 --> 44:54.540
somewhat easy for most Christians to detect, at least when it is blatant, because this sort

44:54.540 --> 45:02.700
of dualism is rampant in the world. It is a standard feature of most of the false religions of the

45:02.700 --> 45:08.940
world to various degrees. Sometimes good is stronger than evil, sometimes evil is stronger

45:08.940 --> 45:14.380
than good, it depends on which mythology, but you have this sort of balancing between good and

45:14.380 --> 45:22.380
evil that you see across the world in these false religions. And that is not the case in Christianity.

45:23.020 --> 45:29.660
Satan is not God's equal. Satan is not God's opponent in the sense of being equally matched

45:29.660 --> 45:36.460
as you would be in a tennis match or something. Satan exists because God permits him to continue

45:36.460 --> 45:42.300
to exist for a time before damning him to hell for eternity. He'll still exist,

45:42.300 --> 45:45.820
which is not good news for him. It's not good news for anyone in hell.

45:47.740 --> 45:53.500
But there's no dualism in Christianity. There's good and evil, but good wins and it's not even

45:53.500 --> 46:03.260
close. Evil is permitted for a time. Evil does not have control. Evil did not create. Evil cannot

46:03.260 --> 46:12.620
create. It can only pervert. And so the sort of dualism that we see in these Gnostic groups,

46:12.620 --> 46:19.500
which often takes the form of the demiurge being responsible for the creation of the physical

46:19.500 --> 46:25.660
world. Now, of course, we're not talking about Plato and his conception, we're talking about

46:26.220 --> 46:30.380
the later form of Gnosticism for those who are familiar with, say, Timaeus.

46:31.100 --> 46:35.980
But this later form of Gnosticism that is the kind that is a problem for the church that is creeping

46:35.980 --> 46:46.220
back into things, places the creation of the material world within the demiurge. The demiurge is what

46:46.220 --> 46:53.100
created your physical body. It may be that God created your soul and created the parts of you

46:53.100 --> 46:58.460
that are actually good and we'll get more into that issue of the distinction between the Spirit

46:59.420 --> 47:03.500
and the flesh and how Gnosticism conceives of that distinction.

47:06.620 --> 47:15.340
But that simply is not Christian because God created you and you are Spirit and flesh. Again,

47:15.340 --> 47:20.140
we're not going to get into whether you are Spirit and flesh or Spirit Mind and flesh in

47:20.140 --> 47:25.420
this episode. That's not the point here. And having that debate, although it may be interesting,

47:25.500 --> 47:32.220
is not actually that relevant to this topic. The distinction is between the Spirit and the

47:32.220 --> 47:39.580
flesh and both are good. We'll get into this more at the end of the episode. But they're both good

47:39.580 --> 47:46.860
because God created both. As Christians, we do not get to deny that God is the author both of our

47:46.860 --> 47:54.940
body and of our soul. If you deny that he created one or the other, then you are attributing the

47:54.940 --> 48:00.380
powers of God to something that is not God. Because if God didn't create your body, something

48:00.380 --> 48:07.660
created your body because your body certainly exists. And so this is an error that sometimes comes up

48:07.660 --> 48:12.060
and has come up in the Christian Church in the past. This is one that is actually relevant because

48:12.060 --> 48:16.860
people today still get this one wrong. And they may not even understand they are getting it wrong.

48:17.100 --> 48:21.740
In our fallen state, as we currently find ourselves,

48:23.500 --> 48:33.740
we are corrupted by original sin. Our nature is not original sin. Our flesh is not original sin.

48:34.620 --> 48:40.140
These things are in their essence good because they are still creations of God,

48:40.140 --> 48:46.460
even in your fallen state. God created your body, God created your soul, God gave you life.

48:47.340 --> 48:54.700
These things, in so far as they are the creations of God, are good. They are tainted. They are

48:54.700 --> 49:00.380
corrupted by original sin in this life until you are restored fully in the next life.

49:02.780 --> 49:09.500
That corruption is the work of Satan. But it is not an original creation. It's not a creation at all.

49:09.500 --> 49:14.780
It is a corruption of God's good creation. And it is vitally important for Christians

49:15.420 --> 49:21.420
to distinguish these things because if you say, for instance, that your nature in your

49:21.420 --> 49:28.460
fallen state is original sin, then what you are saying ultimately is that Satan created human

49:28.460 --> 49:34.300
nature because the corruption that is sin can be attributed to Satan bringing it into the

49:34.300 --> 49:38.940
world through our first parents. And so as a Christian, you must be careful here.

49:39.820 --> 49:46.380
God created human nature. Satan has corrupted it. There is a distinction there.

49:46.380 --> 49:52.860
Satan has not created any part of you. You can attribute, again, the corruption to him. He

49:52.860 --> 49:58.700
can be blamed for that. And he should be blamed for that. That's not to say we don't also bear

49:58.700 --> 50:03.180
blame, of course, because we bear blame for our sins. We have inherited original sins from our

50:03.180 --> 50:11.260
parents, et cetera. But our nature, again, not at risk of ad nauseam, because this is important

50:11.260 --> 50:18.220
and Christians need to understand it and take it to heart. Your nature, even in your fallen state,

50:18.780 --> 50:25.180
is a creature of God created by God. And so any system that attempts to prop up this sort of

50:25.180 --> 50:32.700
dualism where this part of creation is attributable to the demiurge and this part of creation is

50:32.700 --> 50:37.020
attributable to God and this part is good because it's from God and that part is evil because it's

50:37.020 --> 50:44.540
from Satan, that is from Satan. That idea, that thinking is from Satan. Because that is Satan

50:44.540 --> 50:49.980
attempting to elevate himself to the level of a God. He'd like to elevate himself to the level

50:49.980 --> 50:58.140
of God. He can't do that. But if you believe that he has created something, that he has created

50:58.140 --> 51:03.420
your nature, whatever it happens to be, you are attributing to him the powers of deity and you

51:03.420 --> 51:10.940
are making him your God. Now you may also have other gods, but you now have a false God. And so

51:10.940 --> 51:19.180
this dualism is alive and well in the world today. We see this not just in other religions, but we

51:19.180 --> 51:27.580
see it being imported into Christianity. And we see it primarily in this distinction, this false

51:27.660 --> 51:31.980
distinction that is drawn between the Old Testament and the New Testament as Woe was highlighting.

51:33.260 --> 51:38.940
Because if you can say, well that was then and this is now, you're saying that God changed.

51:40.060 --> 51:46.620
And if you're saying that God changed, well God doesn't change. So that's a different God you have

51:46.620 --> 51:50.780
in the Old Testament if you say that he is different from the one in the New Testament.

51:51.740 --> 52:00.220
Because Jesus Christ is the God who walked in the garden. Jesus Christ is the God who met

52:00.220 --> 52:06.300
and ate with Abraham and then went on with the angels to oversee the destruction of Sodom and

52:06.300 --> 52:12.940
Gomorrah. Jesus Christ is the one who took on flesh and walked around ancient Israel with the

52:12.940 --> 52:20.300
apostles. Jesus Christ is the one who was nailed to the cross. These are things that he did bodily.

52:21.660 --> 52:27.020
And he is God then, he is God now, he will always be God. You cannot say that the Old Testament

52:27.020 --> 52:32.460
God is a different God. It is the Triune God in the Old Testament and it is the Triune God in the

52:32.460 --> 52:39.020
New Testament. And so if you find something that God did in the Old Testament and you disagree

52:39.020 --> 52:44.540
with that, you think it's wrong, oh God couldn't do that. You have a different God. You don't get

52:44.540 --> 52:52.860
to pick and choose what God may do or may not do. What God has done is right and true and good.

52:52.860 --> 52:59.100
If you think it is not, you are an error. God is not an error. This is something that

52:59.100 --> 53:05.500
the modern world seems to think it can just declare this is good and right. And so anything else

53:05.500 --> 53:10.700
that doesn't agree with what I have said is good and right must be evil and wrong. And they will

53:10.700 --> 53:17.260
go to any length in order to justify that. You'll have men like Bonhoeffer who will go through

53:17.900 --> 53:21.820
the Old Testament and disagree with this piece and that piece and oh well that was a different

53:21.820 --> 53:25.100
God or that was a different time or you have to interpret this or you have to deal with it

53:25.100 --> 53:30.380
differently. You'll have someone in the East who will say the conquest of Canaan was actually

53:30.380 --> 53:36.460
metaphorical and they didn't actually kill anyone. These are people who are trying to make excuses

53:36.460 --> 53:44.940
for God or for their own religion often both. And that is not Christian because a Christian

53:44.940 --> 53:54.140
reads what God has done and says amen. What God has done is right and good. If you disagree,

53:54.140 --> 53:59.500
you are an error. And so when God commands the Israelites to take slaves, if you think that

53:59.500 --> 54:06.700
slavery is a sin, you are an error. When God commands the Israelites to genocide the cities

54:06.700 --> 54:13.020
and the peoples in the promised land, if you think that genocide is a sin, you are an error.

54:14.300 --> 54:20.620
Anything that God has ever commanded a man to do was not sin because God does not command sin.

54:21.260 --> 54:26.940
Anything that God has ever done was not sin because God does not sin. There isn't even a

54:27.260 --> 54:32.300
way to say that in our language. We don't have a word for it because merely to imply that the

54:32.300 --> 54:39.100
possibility of God sinning is a thing is incoherent. So it's not actually fully correct to say

54:39.100 --> 54:45.740
God does not sin or God did not sin because it is above and beyond that even to put God in sin

54:45.740 --> 54:51.100
other than saying God hates sin in the same sentence is basically incoherent. But our language

54:51.100 --> 54:58.380
doesn't really encompass the necessary concept there. But this distinction that we draw, not

54:58.380 --> 55:05.260
we in this episode and not we personally, but the general we, this distinction that is drawn

55:06.220 --> 55:12.940
by many, particularly many pastors and teachers today who will say that was then and this is now,

55:13.580 --> 55:19.660
that is Gnostic dualism being brought back into the church in order to deal with the fact that these

55:19.660 --> 55:27.900
men are one uncomfortable with what God did in the Old Testament because it's God, it's the same

55:27.900 --> 55:34.140
God, and to hide the fact that they don't actually worship that God. They have a totally different

55:34.140 --> 55:41.100
God they have created in their image. And if you look carefully, this is a problem that we have

55:41.100 --> 55:46.060
with many Christians that perhaps reveals they don't really read the Bible. If you look at the

55:46.140 --> 55:50.940
things that they say about their supposed New Testament God, right, this is a different God,

55:50.940 --> 55:56.700
he just loves everyone and he never hates and he doesn't use mean words, it never says anything

55:56.700 --> 56:05.180
that's coarse or never is blunt or anything like that. Anyone who would agree with that is clearly

56:05.180 --> 56:10.300
not read scripture as what was mentioned in other episodes, just go read the words in red letters.

56:11.020 --> 56:16.300
If you think that Christ never said anything that was harsh or blunt or brusque,

56:17.340 --> 56:21.500
I don't know which scripture you're reading, but it's clearly not the one written by God

56:22.300 --> 56:25.180
using men as his scribes, inspired men.

56:28.300 --> 56:30.940
Even if you just read the words of Christ,

56:33.340 --> 56:37.180
the God being propped up by these prophets of the modern world,

56:38.140 --> 56:44.940
that's not the God of scripture. And there is a consistency through all of scripture.

56:45.900 --> 56:50.540
God is not inconsistent between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

56:50.540 --> 56:55.980
God didn't have a manic episode in the Old Testament and he settled down in the New Testament,

56:55.980 --> 57:02.780
now things are good again. God is consistent because God does not change and if your God

57:02.780 --> 57:09.020
changes, if your God has changed, then you have a God, but it is not the Lord God.

57:10.460 --> 57:14.860
The last of the main points that we want to make today, which is going to take up the rest of the

57:14.860 --> 57:22.540
episode, is another of the key tenets of all of the early Gnostic heresies. And that is that the

57:22.540 --> 57:28.940
human body is a prison for the true self rather than a part of it. In other words, your spirit,

57:28.940 --> 57:36.620
your soul, your mind is trapped in a meat suit. You are not your body, fundamentally,

57:36.620 --> 57:43.100
because as Corey was saying, the body was created by the demiurge. The demiurge was evil.

57:43.100 --> 57:50.140
All of material creation was evil. And one of the first false prophets of this teaching was

57:50.140 --> 57:57.340
Marcian. We've talked about him before. I've publicly accused Jeff Gibbs, the retired professor

57:57.420 --> 58:04.540
from LCMS's St. Louis Seminary, who wrote the wicked essay on hatred, a Marcianite,

58:05.180 --> 58:11.100
particularly because he set the so-called Old Testament God against the New Testament God.

58:11.100 --> 58:17.180
And it's everywhere. Let me read this passage about Marcian to you and we're going to talk about

58:17.980 --> 58:22.620
a couple different things that emerge because it's fascinating how relevant these bits are today.

58:23.260 --> 58:27.820
Again, that's why we're talking about this. It's not that Marcianism has been resurrected wholesale,

58:27.820 --> 58:33.100
but when you look at the bits and pieces and you see them being recycled in Christian churches,

58:33.100 --> 58:38.620
that's notable today. And it doesn't matter if you say, well, it's Marcianite or not.

58:38.620 --> 58:43.820
I don't care. It's evil. This is one of the earliest, most prevalent heresies that was directly

58:43.820 --> 58:49.420
condemned by the entire church. It caused a firestorm. It was a huge problem for the church.

58:50.140 --> 58:55.100
Here's what this says. According to Marcian, the God of the Old Testament, whom he called the

58:55.100 --> 59:01.500
Demiurge, the creator of the material universe, is a jealous tribal deity of the Jews, whose law

59:01.500 --> 59:07.340
represents legalistic reciprocal justice and who punishes mankind for its sins through suffering

59:07.340 --> 59:13.820
and death. In contrast, the God that Jesus professed is an altogether different being,

59:13.820 --> 59:18.940
a universal God of compassion and love who looks upon humanity with benevolence and mercy.

59:20.300 --> 59:24.460
Marcian also produced a book called Antitheses, which is no longer extant,

59:24.460 --> 59:29.180
contrasting the Demiurge of the Old Testament with the Heavenly Father of the New Testament.

59:29.820 --> 59:35.420
Marcian held Jesus to be the Son of the Heavenly Father, but understood the Incarnation in a

59:35.420 --> 59:42.380
dorsetic manner. That is, the Jesus body was only an imitation of material body and consequently

59:42.380 --> 59:46.300
denied Jesus' physical and bodily birth, death, and resurrection.

59:47.020 --> 59:53.660
There are a couple things here. One, Marcian confessed the Demiurge. He said there are two

59:53.660 --> 01:00:00.780
different gods, just as we find in our pulpits today. How did he describe the Demiurge? The

01:00:00.780 --> 01:00:07.820
tribal deity of the Jews whose law represents legalistic reciprocal justice. You may remember

01:00:07.820 --> 01:00:14.460
something almost exactly like that described in the very Eastern Less Orthodox episode,

01:00:14.460 --> 01:00:21.260
where we talked about the Orthodox so-called hatred of penal substitutionary atonement.

01:00:21.260 --> 01:00:27.420
That's precisely what it is. Legalistic reciprocal justice is just Marcian's way of saying

01:00:27.420 --> 01:00:33.100
penal substitutionary atonement, saying that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins,

01:00:33.100 --> 01:00:36.700
because the Orthodox will say that there's no penalty for our sins that Jesus paid.

01:00:36.700 --> 01:00:43.100
They say Jesus died on the cross to make the story better. The idea that a God would punish

01:00:43.740 --> 01:00:52.220
Jesus for our sins is hateful. They go right to the limit of calling God the father of the Demiurge,

01:00:52.220 --> 01:00:55.420
but they get around it by saying, well, that didn't really happen because it's not Christianity.

01:00:56.220 --> 01:01:03.100
PSA is hated in Marcianism. It's hated in Eastern Orthodoxy. Again, if you're listening, I'm not

01:01:03.100 --> 01:01:09.100
picking on you guys. We're picking on Lutherans too. We're all under the same bus here. This is a

01:01:09.100 --> 01:01:14.540
disaster for the Church, because whenever these false beliefs got picked up, the fact that things

01:01:14.540 --> 01:01:20.460
in Marcian, the damned heretic, who's universally condemned by the Church, are being recycled in

01:01:20.460 --> 01:01:26.300
our pulpits or whatever the EO have, that's a bad thing. It shouldn't happen to any of us.

01:01:27.740 --> 01:01:31.580
And the second part of that towards the end specifically talked again about what Corrie

01:01:31.580 --> 01:01:38.700
was saying. If the Demiurge produced the material world and Jesus was God, then Jesus couldn't

01:01:38.700 --> 01:01:44.140
have a physical body, could he? Because he could not participate in evil by taking on human flesh.

01:01:44.940 --> 01:01:50.300
So, see, this is where the rubber meets the road with this denial of the flesh. Jesus,

01:01:50.300 --> 01:01:56.860
because he's perfect, can't have a body. But then you've denied his birth, his death, his resurrection.

01:01:56.860 --> 01:02:02.140
Christians, according to the Creed, according to Scripture, believe if you deny those things,

01:02:02.140 --> 01:02:09.660
you deny God. You are not Christian and you are going to hell. Jesus had to be born bodily as a man

01:02:09.660 --> 01:02:15.020
because it was prophesied, because it's what God said he was going to do, and it's what God said he

01:02:15.020 --> 01:02:20.380
did, and he showed us that he did it. And Jesus died the same way and he was resurrected the same way.

01:02:22.140 --> 01:02:28.140
The only way for Christianity to be true is for this Gnostic heresy to be false. And so,

01:02:28.220 --> 01:02:32.540
the reason that this matters today is not necessarily, they're not recycling this part

01:02:32.540 --> 01:02:38.140
of Martianism. They're not saying that Jesus wasn't necessarily resurrected bodily. What they will say

01:02:38.940 --> 01:02:44.860
is the other stuff about the body, that your body is not your true self. And this is a case where,

01:02:44.860 --> 01:02:51.020
as we spend the rest of this episode talking about this, we find that the church today of the new

01:02:51.020 --> 01:02:57.420
global religion is in perfect accord with the global religion appreciators in every other

01:02:57.420 --> 01:03:03.420
walk of life. Men who have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever will agree

01:03:03.420 --> 01:03:07.660
with all the things we're going to say for the rest of this, because the notion that your body

01:03:07.660 --> 01:03:16.140
is not your self, well, that is necessary to deny the race is real. If the only way for race to be

01:03:16.140 --> 01:03:23.340
real is if God did something bad, because the other side of the equation that these guys will say is

01:03:23.340 --> 01:03:29.180
that race is a product of sin, there would never have been any human races if not for sin. We went

01:03:29.180 --> 01:03:35.500
over in the DNA episode and in the satiriology episode on race about how that's a lie. But it's

01:03:35.500 --> 01:03:39.820
something that I still hear regularly online. People think, well, yeah, we have race, but that's

01:03:39.820 --> 01:03:44.700
only because Adam fell. If not for the Tower of Babel, there'd be no race, which is just complete

01:03:44.700 --> 01:03:49.900
nonsense. But fundamentally and much more importantly, it's a denial of the flesh,

01:03:49.980 --> 01:03:55.420
because it goes to the point that Cory made about the demiurge producing the physical.

01:03:56.220 --> 01:04:03.340
If you believe that the fact that you are white or black or Asian or whatever is a product of sin,

01:04:04.140 --> 01:04:09.660
you are saying that your body per se is a product of sin. And where that becomes a problem is in

01:04:09.660 --> 01:04:15.260
the resurrection, because forget this life, you assume for the sake of argument that that is true,

01:04:15.260 --> 01:04:21.020
that you only have a race today because there's sin, and therefore your race is sinful.

01:04:21.900 --> 01:04:26.460
Even if you ignore Revelation 7, we're making it very clear that all the races of men stand

01:04:26.460 --> 01:04:32.380
before the throne of God in perfection where nothing evil can exist, only that which is

01:04:32.380 --> 01:04:38.620
perfect can be there. So that proves that wrong all by itself. Even if you ignore that, you are

01:04:38.620 --> 01:04:45.660
still left with the question of if my body is sinful per se because I am white and I was never

01:04:45.660 --> 01:04:50.860
meant to be white, whatever I am, it's not a white man, it's not a man at all incidentally,

01:04:50.860 --> 01:04:55.740
it's just a spirit being trapped in this meat. What's going to be resurrected on the last day?

01:04:56.380 --> 01:05:03.260
The Christian faith, Scripture says that you, I, my actual physical body, the one sitting here

01:05:03.260 --> 01:05:07.820
and speaking to you right now, waving my arms in the air as I'm talking, you can't see because

01:05:07.820 --> 01:05:15.580
thank God this isn't a video podcast. This body will be raised on the last day. That's what Job

01:05:15.580 --> 01:05:20.220
said, he said, I know that my Redeemer lives and I will see him with my own eyes. He believed that

01:05:20.220 --> 01:05:25.980
he was going to be resurrected, his body, his eyes. My body and my eyes will be resurrected and so

01:05:25.980 --> 01:05:31.900
will yours and so will the unbelievers. As Corey said, that's really bad news for them because

01:05:31.900 --> 01:05:36.940
the bodily resurrection applies to everyone. Incidentally, this is something that divides

01:05:36.940 --> 01:05:41.820
some of the other cults from Christianity. There are those who subscribe to annihilationism,

01:05:41.820 --> 01:05:48.620
they say that only those who are saved, only the elect will actually be resurrected from the dead

01:05:48.620 --> 01:05:53.260
and everyone else just vanishes. Why? Because you can separate the body from the soul

01:05:53.260 --> 01:05:58.620
permanently and there's no more you. Now, death itself is clearly a separation of the body from

01:05:58.620 --> 01:06:03.660
the soul, that's absolutely a fact and that's why it's traumatic and it's evil and we see it

01:06:03.660 --> 01:06:10.140
as a corruption. We see it as the worst thing that can be imagined. You can suffer any indignity as

01:06:10.140 --> 01:06:17.260
long as you're still alive but to die, it's finished. When annihilationists say, no, only the savior

01:06:17.260 --> 01:06:22.140
raised from the dead or when someone says, well, sure, you're going to be raised from the dead but

01:06:22.140 --> 01:06:28.220
it's not going to be this body with these sinful things like being white, then what is raised from

01:06:28.220 --> 01:06:34.220
the grave? Because it's no longer your body, it's no longer you and this is why this is such an

01:06:34.220 --> 01:06:41.180
incredibly deadly and very active heresy today that we've, Cory and I have triggered this heresy

01:06:41.180 --> 01:06:47.900
on the spot, on contact with LCMS pastors by discussing racism. When we talk about the races,

01:06:47.900 --> 01:06:53.340
we specifically point it to them personally, Brian Wolfmueller, pastor in Austin, Texas.

01:06:53.340 --> 01:06:58.220
He's very well liked on YouTube. I used to like him. I just think he was a good,

01:06:58.220 --> 01:07:04.700
faithful pastor until he started attacking the resurrection of the dead in order to defend

01:07:04.700 --> 01:07:11.260
against racists because Galatians 3.28 says there's neither Jew nor Greek and so Cory made the point

01:07:11.260 --> 01:07:16.620
to him on Twitter, well, what's going to be resurrected for the dead Jew and the dead Greek

01:07:16.620 --> 01:07:21.020
and the dead me and the dead Cory and the dead Brian? What's going to come out of the grave?

01:07:21.660 --> 01:07:28.620
And scripture says, Job says, it's my eyes, this flesh, my body is what's going to be raised.

01:07:29.180 --> 01:07:35.020
Brian had to deny the resurrection of the dead in order to defeat racism because he's on the other

01:07:35.020 --> 01:07:39.660
side of the Gnostic heresy. He ceased to be Christian when it comes to these subjects

01:07:40.300 --> 01:07:46.700
because Gnosticism that hates the body that says it's the product of the demiurge must necessarily

01:07:46.700 --> 01:07:52.860
have something different resurrected from the dead. Now, there's absolutely open questions

01:07:52.860 --> 01:07:57.340
in Christianity about what is resurrected. It's my body, but I don't know which version.

01:07:57.340 --> 01:08:02.940
What age will I be? Will I have gray hair? When I was born, I had a heart defect. I didn't know

01:08:02.940 --> 01:08:08.060
it till I was about 40 years old when the valve started failing. I would have been dead six years

01:08:08.060 --> 01:08:12.940
ago if they hadn't replaced the valve. The valve that I have in my heart now is a cow valve.

01:08:12.940 --> 01:08:18.460
When I'm resurrected from the dead, am I going to be 0.2% cow? Probably not.

01:08:19.580 --> 01:08:23.740
I don't think there'd be any purpose in that, but all these things go wrong with all of us.

01:08:23.740 --> 01:08:29.500
If someone has an arm amputated, if you lose your eyesight, if you're born without body parts,

01:08:29.500 --> 01:08:33.260
what comes out of the grave? We don't know. We know that it will be perfect,

01:08:33.900 --> 01:08:41.100
and we know what the perfect form of humanity is because we can clearly discern that from creation.

01:08:41.100 --> 01:08:45.980
We can discern what Adam's body would have been like by looking at all the variations of human

01:08:45.980 --> 01:08:51.660
bodies with their different flaws, and we can see the good in individuals and say, well,

01:08:51.660 --> 01:08:57.260
if you mash all the good together and you extract all the evil, Adam's going to be a lot like that.

01:08:57.900 --> 01:09:02.060
God doesn't give us specifics, and we don't need to worry about it. I don't worry about it, but

01:09:03.260 --> 01:09:08.300
I want to distinguish between that and what we have with heretics like Wolfmueller,

01:09:08.300 --> 01:09:12.620
who will openly deny the resurrection of the dead, saying, well, it's some sort of spirit

01:09:12.620 --> 01:09:18.380
body that comes out of the grave. That's narcissism. That's saying that your body that you have today

01:09:18.380 --> 01:09:22.860
is fundamentally evil, and God has to give you something different for it to be perfect.

01:09:23.500 --> 01:09:28.300
This is dangerous stuff. This is the death of Christianity, because when you lose the

01:09:28.300 --> 01:09:33.180
resurrection of the dead, whether you deny that the damned are also resurrected bodily,

01:09:33.180 --> 01:09:38.540
they are, they're going to be cast bodily into fire. What does a spirit carry if it's cast

01:09:38.540 --> 01:09:44.060
into fire? The damned are cast bodily into fire. We're all going to get up on the last day. We're

01:09:44.060 --> 01:09:48.220
all going to be put back together, and the sheep go in one direction, the goats go in the other,

01:09:48.220 --> 01:09:53.580
and it's either paradise or it's eternal suffering, bodily suffering. That's horrible.

01:09:53.580 --> 01:09:57.820
I don't want that for anyone. Even the men who hate me, I don't want them to suffer that,

01:09:57.820 --> 01:10:02.300
particularly for my case, because it would be stupid. Why hating some podcaster would put

01:10:02.300 --> 01:10:08.140
someone in hell is beyond me. Please, just, I wish they were to repent and I forgive them for

01:10:08.140 --> 01:10:14.380
my sake, but ultimately, when they hate me, it's not me. They don't care about me. They hate God.

01:10:15.180 --> 01:10:22.140
These men hate God because God is the God of the old and the New Testament. God is the God that did

01:10:22.140 --> 01:10:28.460
a racism and did a genocide and did a misogyny. Scripture is unapologetic about that, and they

01:10:28.460 --> 01:10:33.900
hate it. They hate everything about it, and so they will go to the very heart of the Christian faith

01:10:33.900 --> 01:10:39.020
by denying the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, according to the creeds and

01:10:39.020 --> 01:10:45.420
according to Scripture, because it's necessary to own the racists. Think about how serious that is.

01:10:46.060 --> 01:10:51.500
The fundamental parts of the Christian faith just go out the window in order to deal with these new

01:10:51.500 --> 01:10:57.180
made up sins. So, we're talking about Gnosticism today. These aspects of it are not a dead issue.

01:10:57.180 --> 01:11:02.860
They're alive and they're destructive and they're sending men to hell. This is serious stuff and

01:11:02.860 --> 01:11:07.980
it's happening right now. That's why it's worth us discussing, because we got to get in front of this.

01:11:08.700 --> 01:11:15.740
And one of the problems that the church has today that Satan is exploiting is that these are new

01:11:15.740 --> 01:11:21.100
variations on the old theme. Satan didn't use these attacks in prior centuries,

01:11:21.100 --> 01:11:25.580
so what does that mean? It means that there are no prior church fathers to which we can

01:11:25.580 --> 01:11:29.260
reference and say, well, here's where he said this and we can trust his judgment,

01:11:29.260 --> 01:11:33.820
and here's a good sound argument. Okay, this is a subtle issue. That's bad. This is good.

01:11:33.820 --> 01:11:39.100
We have an argument. We have to actually recognize first, here's the pattern. It's replaying. It's

01:11:39.100 --> 01:11:46.460
not completely novel. It's a form of Gnosticism. It's a form of Judaizing, but it's the same heresy,

01:11:46.460 --> 01:11:51.660
but it's wearing a new skin suit. And so things that weren't even done in the first and second

01:11:51.660 --> 01:11:56.220
centuries are being done in the church today. They're being done in Christian pulpits today.

01:11:56.780 --> 01:12:02.620
The sheep and the pews don't know any better. And I said earlier, if you're retarded and you have a

01:12:02.620 --> 01:12:08.700
good teacher, you're fine. That'd be fine. There'd be no problem with that. The problem is that we

01:12:08.700 --> 01:12:14.060
don't have good teachers. We have men who will, for the sake of owning the racist on Twitter,

01:12:14.060 --> 01:12:19.340
they will deny the resurrection of the body. And at that point, all of Christianity is canceled.

01:12:19.340 --> 01:12:24.700
That man cannot come back from that without specifically repenting of that blasphemy. Wolf

01:12:24.700 --> 01:12:30.940
Miller is a blasphemer. Harrison's a blasphemer. These men who participate in these lies thinking,

01:12:30.940 --> 01:12:36.460
oh, it's a small thing. It's better to say this than to let someone be racist in our church.

01:12:37.900 --> 01:12:44.140
So we did that episode earlier. This stuff, these seemingly minor peripheral issues,

01:12:44.140 --> 01:12:48.060
they will always ultimately cut to the heart of the Christian faith because Satan knows what

01:12:48.060 --> 01:12:54.460
he's doing. Satan's not dumb. And the fact that he's recycling this stuff century after century,

01:12:54.460 --> 01:12:59.980
it's not just that he's lazy as he doesn't need to be creative. We're stupid. We're fundamentally

01:13:00.540 --> 01:13:08.140
evil in our fallen nature. The things that we are attracted to are always going to be bad.

01:13:08.700 --> 01:13:15.580
God has to replace that with a sanctified nature by perfecting what was originally supposed to be

01:13:15.580 --> 01:13:23.260
us. It was us that God desired when he foreknew us before eternity. But then sin came along and

01:13:23.260 --> 01:13:27.980
it corrupted us. And so we're naturally turned towards all these tricks that Satan can play

01:13:27.980 --> 01:13:34.380
over and over again, and we gobble it up. So again, we're not being fiddly with historical points,

01:13:34.380 --> 01:13:39.260
and we're not playing fast and loose with a definition to try and play a game here,

01:13:39.340 --> 01:13:46.620
but to say that if you believe that the first century heresy was demonic, as it demonstrably is,

01:13:47.180 --> 01:13:52.060
you must necessarily conclude that these new teachings from these men who call themselves

01:13:52.060 --> 01:13:58.140
Christian pastors are also demonic. And the fruit is right there. When a discussion came up about,

01:13:58.140 --> 01:14:01.500
well, what about the resurrection of the dead? If there's neither Jew nor Greek,

01:14:01.500 --> 01:14:05.100
the first response from these guys is, well, God's not going to resurrect us.

01:14:05.100 --> 01:14:08.060
He's going to resurrect something else. We don't even know what it'll be, but it won't be us.

01:14:08.620 --> 01:14:13.420
Well, if you're not your race, what about your sex? That's the next part of this,

01:14:13.420 --> 01:14:18.380
transsexualism. We open the door to every modern thing, and that's where the stuff

01:14:18.380 --> 01:14:21.900
outside the church comes in, because then it's not just about church doctrine,

01:14:21.900 --> 01:14:25.020
it's about what we see playing out all around the world today.

01:14:26.460 --> 01:14:33.180
Make sure that we are abundantly clear with regard to Woe's rhetoric about the resurrection.

01:14:33.420 --> 01:14:41.020
We do have some information about the resurrection and the state of things in the resurrection,

01:14:41.020 --> 01:14:48.300
in Scripture, because of course Christ during his ministry on earth was a foretaste of that kingdom,

01:14:48.300 --> 01:14:53.980
and he restored sight to the blind, and hearing to the deaf, and the ability to walk to the lame.

01:14:54.620 --> 01:14:59.180
And yes, those are the terms that we should use. It's a tangential issue here, but an important one

01:14:59.180 --> 01:15:06.300
nonetheless. He restored these things because he was restoring the way these men were supposed to be.

01:15:06.300 --> 01:15:11.580
He was removing the defects. He was removing these things that are not supposed to be part of

01:15:11.580 --> 01:15:17.340
creation, because they are the result of sin. They are the result of corruption. They are not

01:15:17.340 --> 01:15:24.460
part of God's good design. And so yes, if you are blind, you will see in eternity. If you are deaf,

01:15:25.260 --> 01:15:28.860
I don't know how you're listening to the podcast, but you will hear. I guess we do have transcripts.

01:15:30.140 --> 01:15:37.020
These things will be cured in the resurrection, so Woe is not going to be some certain percentage cow.

01:15:37.020 --> 01:15:39.660
He will have a heart that no longer has that defect.

01:15:43.100 --> 01:15:47.580
But to turn to the issue, the fundamental, the core issue here,

01:15:50.140 --> 01:15:57.340
there are two reasons that Woe and I talk about things such as racism, such as the

01:15:57.420 --> 01:16:00.940
races. And by racism, I mean the fact that it essentially does not exist.

01:16:02.700 --> 01:16:07.260
Yes, of course, if you hate someone purely because he's a different race, that is actual

01:16:07.260 --> 01:16:13.340
racism and that is impermissible for a Christian. Preferencing your own is not racism, but we're

01:16:13.340 --> 01:16:17.100
not really discussing racism in this episode. We've gone over that previously. You can go and

01:16:17.100 --> 01:16:24.060
re-listen to that. But the point that I want to make here is the twofold reason that we constantly

01:16:24.940 --> 01:16:30.860
return to these issues. One is because they are relevant to society and we do talk about

01:16:30.860 --> 01:16:36.540
things that are relevant to society. We talk about them in a Christian light, but we talk

01:16:36.540 --> 01:16:41.340
about them because they are relevant. They are important. They have very real consequences

01:16:41.340 --> 01:16:47.900
for the society in which we live and the society, the societies in which all of you live because

01:16:47.900 --> 01:16:52.940
we have listeners from around the world. We have listeners from quite a few countries at this point.

01:16:52.940 --> 01:17:00.220
The second reason, and it deals specifically with the issue of race, that we talk about

01:17:00.220 --> 01:17:05.020
the issue of race or any of these other controversial issues, is that they matter

01:17:05.020 --> 01:17:11.180
to the Christian. And the reason for this is very simple logic and,

01:17:11.980 --> 01:17:17.340
yes, basic, very, very basic logic course that it's important to understand.

01:17:18.300 --> 01:17:21.740
This is called modus ponens if you want the Latin name. The Latin doesn't matter.

01:17:22.460 --> 01:17:28.300
It's just if P, then Q. Hold that in your mind. The reason that this matters,

01:17:29.900 --> 01:17:36.700
if A, then B, if P, then Q. And so if you have one thing, another thing necessarily follows.

01:17:38.620 --> 01:17:44.940
So if you say that you have P, then you will necessarily have Q.

01:17:46.620 --> 01:17:50.700
But to summarize this, without getting deep into the weeds, the reason that this matters

01:17:51.820 --> 01:17:58.860
is that issues like race and sex and all these core aspects, these fundamental parts

01:17:58.860 --> 01:18:07.500
of our physical bodies, if you deny them, you are denying the physical created reality,

01:18:07.500 --> 01:18:13.420
which means you are denying the creator. So these issues that will bring up that may seem like

01:18:13.420 --> 01:18:21.100
they're tangential or not particularly important or why on earth are Christians focusing on these

01:18:21.100 --> 01:18:29.020
things. Well, the reason that we're focusing on these things is that if you deny the reality of

01:18:29.020 --> 01:18:36.460
race, you're denying the reality of the flesh, you're denying the reality of creation, you are

01:18:36.460 --> 01:18:43.500
effectively asserting a form of Gnosticism. And as Woe said, and as we've highlighted elsewhere,

01:18:44.220 --> 01:18:51.100
how does the resurrection work in this sort of scheme that is being built up by these men who

01:18:51.100 --> 01:18:59.020
claim to be Christian and yet deny fundamental aspects of the creation? If you say that race

01:18:59.020 --> 01:19:08.700
isn't real, then as what are you resurrected? I am ethnically German and a little Scottish.

01:19:09.260 --> 01:19:14.780
That is what I will be in eternity, because if I were anything else, I would not be me. It is

01:19:14.780 --> 01:19:20.300
incoherent to say, well, if I were Chinese, if I were Chinese, it wouldn't be me. It would be a

01:19:20.300 --> 01:19:28.380
Chinese man. And I am not Chinese. The same thing works in reverse. If a man who is Chinese

01:19:28.380 --> 01:19:34.300
were German, well, he wouldn't be the same man. These things are fundamental. The same is true

01:19:34.300 --> 01:19:39.180
of sex, and hopefully Christians are still in a position, and I know that those who are listening

01:19:39.180 --> 01:19:42.940
are, but hopefully still in a position to recognize that there's a fundamental difference

01:19:42.940 --> 01:19:48.300
between the sexes. And so it is utterly incoherent to say, well, if I had been born a woman,

01:19:49.260 --> 01:19:57.900
I would not be me. I am male. All of these things are part of my nature as God created me.

01:19:57.980 --> 01:20:04.460
They cannot be otherwise, because if they were otherwise, I would not be me. And so God

01:20:05.180 --> 01:20:12.460
must resurrect these things in order to resurrect me, because if these things are not resurrected,

01:20:12.460 --> 01:20:18.460
then God has resurrected something else. God has created something else, and that would be to make

01:20:18.460 --> 01:20:24.780
God a liar. And ultimately, that is the accusation that these men are leveling against God,

01:20:25.340 --> 01:20:29.340
because ultimately they're not disagreeing with me, they're not disagreeing with Woe,

01:20:29.340 --> 01:20:34.380
they're not disagreeing with any of you who have interacted with them on Twitter or elsewhere.

01:20:35.900 --> 01:20:42.300
They are disagreeing with God, because they are denying what He created. If a man stands up

01:20:42.300 --> 01:20:46.060
and speaks the word of God, and someone shouts at him that he's a liar,

01:20:47.260 --> 01:20:50.780
he's not shouting at the man who stood up and spoke, he's shouting at it God.

01:20:51.340 --> 01:20:57.740
And that is why, for instance, in Scripture, when we see those who rise up against a prophet,

01:20:57.740 --> 01:21:01.500
and say the prophet is a liar, or say the prophet shouldn't have that position,

01:21:01.500 --> 01:21:07.580
or someone else should be able to unseat him from his position, God will take offense,

01:21:07.580 --> 01:21:14.300
because it is God who was insulted. Yes, the prophet is also insulted, but the ultimate insult,

01:21:14.300 --> 01:21:20.700
the ultimate accusation, is directed at God. And so that is true anytime you speak the things of

01:21:20.700 --> 01:21:26.700
God. And so these men who attack these things aren't ultimately attacking us. They're attacking

01:21:26.700 --> 01:21:33.900
God, and they will have to answer for that one day. But as Christians, we have to affirm these

01:21:33.900 --> 01:21:41.180
things, because if you hold a belief that necessarily entails a denial of Christianity,

01:21:42.140 --> 01:21:50.140
you are necessarily denying Christianity. You cannot hold beliefs that are contrary

01:21:50.140 --> 01:21:55.260
to Christianity to state it more simply. If you have mutually exclusive beliefs,

01:21:55.260 --> 01:21:59.900
so there's a set of things that Christianity says are true, and there's a set of things you believe,

01:21:59.900 --> 01:22:07.420
if these do not agree, you have an idol, at least one. You need to purge that idol from your life.

01:22:08.460 --> 01:22:14.940
And so it may be that it's one of these idols that is very common, that are very common in our culture.

01:22:15.900 --> 01:22:22.460
It may be race, it may be sex, it may be ability, it may be disability, maybe any of these various

01:22:22.460 --> 01:22:27.180
things that have been turned into idols either in and of themselves or by proxy in our culture.

01:22:28.380 --> 01:22:33.260
If you have them as part of your religion, whether you call it a religion or not,

01:22:34.380 --> 01:22:40.380
then you have a religion that is a different religion from Christianity. It is incompatible

01:22:40.460 --> 01:22:44.700
with Christianity, and that is why we keep talking about these issues, why we raise them,

01:22:45.260 --> 01:22:49.740
why we word things the way we do, in particular I will word things in order to elicit these

01:22:49.740 --> 01:22:56.060
responses from people, because I am highlighting where they have an idol, where they are worshiping

01:22:56.060 --> 01:23:02.940
a false god, where they are using language that is incompatible with Christianity. It is that pinch

01:23:02.940 --> 01:23:09.500
of incense to Caesar. There were Christians who were willing to go to the lions because they

01:23:09.500 --> 01:23:15.980
wouldn't give a pinch of incense to Caesar. I don't know how we could possibly think that the

01:23:15.980 --> 01:23:21.660
things that we see supposed Christian leaders and teachers doing every single day could possibly be

01:23:21.660 --> 01:23:27.580
conceived of as less than a pinch of incense. These are men who are devoting their time,

01:23:27.580 --> 01:23:34.140
their name, their honor, their lives in some cases to defending these tenets of a false religion.

01:23:34.620 --> 01:23:40.620
They are defending a form of Gnosticism. This is a new secret knowledge. This isn't something

01:23:40.620 --> 01:23:44.540
they got from Scripture. This is something they got from the world and then attempted to shoehorn

01:23:44.540 --> 01:23:50.620
into Scripture because they want to deceive you as well. So when someone tells you that,

01:23:50.620 --> 01:23:54.620
for instance, because it is one of the best examples, we will keep using it, when someone

01:23:54.620 --> 01:24:02.940
tells you that racism is a sin, tell them to give you a verse. There is no verse that says

01:24:03.660 --> 01:24:10.140
that racism is a sin because it simply is not in Scripture. There are things that God says in

01:24:10.140 --> 01:24:15.900
Scripture that today, if you took them out of context or you changed a couple of words but

01:24:15.900 --> 01:24:21.020
kept the meaning the same, all of these priests of the new modern religion would tell you that's

01:24:21.020 --> 01:24:26.300
racist and you can't say that. If you said that all Cretans are liars, well, they're going to

01:24:26.300 --> 01:24:29.260
understand that one because that's a quote from Scripture. They might catch that one.

01:24:29.420 --> 01:24:34.220
But if you change it and pick another stereotype from somewhere else,

01:24:35.260 --> 01:24:39.340
make fun of any other group, which is fine, you're allowed to engage in that sort of humor,

01:24:39.340 --> 01:24:43.900
but pick one and use that. They'll tell you all that's racist, you can't do that. It's the same

01:24:43.900 --> 01:24:51.260
sort of statement that God makes in Scripture. If you think that God sinned, then the religion you

01:24:51.260 --> 01:24:57.820
have is not Christianity. It is another religion. It is a competing religion. It is, in fact,

01:24:57.820 --> 01:25:04.460
this modern Gnostic religion that says we are more enlightened. We have progressed. We have these

01:25:04.460 --> 01:25:13.260
new beliefs that are distinct from those backwards, less progressive, less advanced people we find in

01:25:13.260 --> 01:25:19.180
the pages of Scripture. And so what we believe is right. And so we'll rewrite Scripture to fit

01:25:19.180 --> 01:25:23.980
the things we believe, which is what they're actually doing. When you change the meaning of a word,

01:25:24.300 --> 01:25:31.340
you are not actually interpreting the underlying text. You are changing the meaning

01:25:31.340 --> 01:25:36.460
of the text. You are rewriting the text in effect. And that is what we see happening

01:25:37.180 --> 01:25:43.420
with these false teachers, with these false pastors, these wolves, these false shepherds.

01:25:44.860 --> 01:25:50.460
In particular, with the case of racism, they'll try to say that, well, partiality and racism

01:25:50.460 --> 01:25:55.900
are the same thing. And so when it says that you can't be partial, well, there's a ban on racism.

01:25:55.900 --> 01:25:59.900
They'll try to use that one because that's the comeback for the ones who are a little better

01:25:59.900 --> 01:26:04.140
trained. They'll immediately use that one against you when you tell them to point to racism.

01:26:04.140 --> 01:26:09.020
That's not what partiality means. Partiality is the use of false scales. It's the use of a false

01:26:09.020 --> 01:26:14.300
measure. And Scripture is clear about that. God hates false measures. He hates a false scale.

01:26:15.100 --> 01:26:16.780
That's in multiple places in Scripture.

01:26:16.940 --> 01:26:25.580
But as Christians, we need to be very careful about these things. And you do need to think of them.

01:26:26.700 --> 01:26:31.260
It's not necessarily in a philosophical sense, but it is in a logical sense.

01:26:32.460 --> 01:26:38.940
You need to think, if I believe A, or if I agree with this person who says I must believe A,

01:26:39.900 --> 01:26:46.540
what are the consequences of this belief? Because it may not be so simple that it's

01:26:46.540 --> 01:26:52.300
A and then B is rank heresy. Satan is often more subtle than that because most people

01:26:52.300 --> 01:26:59.340
can figure out if there's that immediate connection there. But it may be that if I believe A,

01:27:00.140 --> 01:27:06.220
I must necessarily believe B, which necessarily entails C. And it happens to be that C is the

01:27:06.220 --> 01:27:12.060
heresy. Well, you can't believe A because necessarily entails means that it must follow.

01:27:12.380 --> 01:27:20.300
And that's the goal. The goal of Satan is to extrapolate this out just enough that it gets

01:27:20.300 --> 01:27:27.420
past your defenses. Well, that sounds jesus-y. That sounds kind of Christian. And it's said by

01:27:27.420 --> 01:27:33.260
someone who has M. Div behind his name and pastors of large church and all of these things that are

01:27:33.260 --> 01:27:38.620
supposed to be signals to tell me that this is a Christian. The signal that tells you whether

01:27:38.620 --> 01:27:44.940
or not it's Christian is whether or not it is in God's word. So if that person is just telling you

01:27:44.940 --> 01:27:51.340
well, to be a good person, to be nice, you can't do X, Y, and Z, and you must do A, B, and C.

01:27:52.460 --> 01:27:58.940
No, tell me where it is in God's word. Because God has given me his word. He has given me his

01:27:58.940 --> 01:28:08.380
revelation. He has told me what I am to believe and not to believe. Now, yes, we will, of course,

01:28:08.460 --> 01:28:14.460
continue to hold there is both special revelation, which is to say scripture, and there is natural

01:28:14.460 --> 01:28:19.980
revelation, which is to say the natural world. There are things that you can discern from the

01:28:19.980 --> 01:28:27.100
natural world. However, nothing you discern from the natural world will ever contradict what God

01:28:27.100 --> 01:28:32.620
has revealed of himself in scripture. And so if you find that these men are telling you things,

01:28:33.100 --> 01:28:38.620
that disagree with God's word, that you cannot reconcile with Christianity, that necessarily

01:28:38.620 --> 01:28:45.100
entails some false belief, they are trying to drag you into a false religion. They are trying to

01:28:45.100 --> 01:28:50.300
get you to give that pinch of incense. They are trying to get you to bow down before an idol.

01:28:50.300 --> 01:28:54.780
And ultimately, they are trying to drag you with them to hell.

01:28:55.740 --> 01:29:01.740
As we've mentioned, two of the most obvious examples of created reality being accessible,

01:29:01.740 --> 01:29:10.220
even to the unbeliever, is sex and race. Any man can look at a man and a woman and tell the

01:29:10.220 --> 01:29:17.340
difference. Any child can, animals can, dogs will have preferences for one sex versus the other.

01:29:17.340 --> 01:29:22.380
Incidentally, dogs also have preferences for race among humans. They know which humans are more

01:29:22.380 --> 01:29:30.380
likely to mistreat them. The sexes are plainly discernible. It's a created reality at every

01:29:30.380 --> 01:29:35.980
level, at the level of DNA, at the level of the body, particularly even before puberty,

01:29:35.980 --> 01:29:41.020
but especially after puberty, when the secondary characteristics become predominant.

01:29:41.980 --> 01:29:45.980
And then even in death, when a fully grown male and female die,

01:29:46.540 --> 01:29:51.420
a thousand years later, you can dig up those skeletons and tell which one was a man and which

01:29:51.420 --> 01:29:57.260
one was a woman, not only by the size, not only by the bone density, not only by the shape of

01:29:57.260 --> 01:30:03.820
certain types of bones, particularly by the pelvis, because a woman's pelvis needs to be able to

01:30:03.820 --> 01:30:09.660
transit a human skull when she gives birth to a baby. It's got to go from one side to the other.

01:30:10.220 --> 01:30:16.220
Man's pelvis doesn't need that. There's no possibility of getting a baby's head through a

01:30:16.220 --> 01:30:23.900
man's pelvis. It's literally physically different. You can have an entire lifetime without a shred

01:30:23.900 --> 01:30:29.660
of knowledge of God or of scripture, and still come to the correct scriptural conclusion about

01:30:29.660 --> 01:30:34.940
the fact that the two sexes are different, that the two sexes are unequal, and that they were made

01:30:34.940 --> 01:30:40.700
for different purposes. I've said before, I'm a physically completely average man, and yet I am

01:30:40.700 --> 01:30:49.020
stronger, meaner, and more capable of violence than almost any girl, and a man who's one standard

01:30:49.020 --> 01:30:55.500
deviation bigger than me is going to be basically superior to every girl who exists, unless there's

01:30:55.500 --> 01:31:00.220
a complete freak, because that's just how it works. I'm totally average, totally normal,

01:31:00.220 --> 01:31:05.580
totally nothing, and yet I'm bigger, stronger than meaner than almost every girl, because I'm a man,

01:31:05.580 --> 01:31:12.620
and that's it. It's just free and it's automatic. This is not a distinction of

01:31:13.020 --> 01:31:19.420
better or worse in terms of the way we usually use those words. It's just different. If I'm bigger,

01:31:19.420 --> 01:31:25.020
stronger, and meaner than a girl, and I'm not using that to be big, strong, and mean against her,

01:31:25.020 --> 01:31:30.940
then if for whatever reason she's with me, and there's a benefit to those qualities,

01:31:30.940 --> 01:31:37.340
I can protect her better than she can protect herself. Now, of course, in a world with sin,

01:31:38.300 --> 01:31:42.860
where there is always the possibility that the bigger, stronger, and meaner could hurt

01:31:42.860 --> 01:31:48.620
the smaller and weaker, girls instinctively understand that they shouldn't ever be alone

01:31:48.620 --> 01:31:54.460
with certain guys. Arguably, girls should never be alone with anyone who isn't a relative or a

01:31:54.460 --> 01:32:00.700
husband. Now, that sounds incredibly extreme, but it's worked for many cultures. One of the reasons

01:32:00.700 --> 01:32:05.580
that it has worked is that the guy who's bigger, stronger, and meaner, if he sees a pretty girl

01:32:05.580 --> 01:32:09.740
who's weaker, and he's like, well, I want her, and I don't care what she thinks, and I don't care

01:32:09.740 --> 01:32:18.220
about the law, he can do something harmful, and she has no choice. We're going to talk here for

01:32:18.220 --> 01:32:22.780
a minute about some things that some people may want to fast forward for five minutes or so,

01:32:23.500 --> 01:32:29.820
because it's necessary in refuting the gnostic heresy of your body not being yourself,

01:32:30.780 --> 01:32:36.380
unfortunately, to talk about some things that are harmful. So we're going to talk for a minute

01:32:36.380 --> 01:32:42.620
about things that some kids might not want to hear. If you've been the victim of a physical crime,

01:32:42.620 --> 01:32:47.580
especially one of that type of nature, you might want to skip ahead, because this might be unpleasant.

01:32:48.140 --> 01:32:52.220
You know, it's funny, when we hear things like trigger warnings, the thing, well, that's just

01:32:52.220 --> 01:32:57.020
stupid, that's just weak. Frankly, if someone has had something terrible happen to them,

01:32:57.020 --> 01:33:02.540
and you can do them a favor by not reminding them, that's a good thing. It's obviously taken to

01:33:02.540 --> 01:33:08.540
absurd extremes by leftists, but the principle is not a bad one. You know what, there's some content

01:33:08.540 --> 01:33:14.140
in this thing that it's not for everyone. It doesn't mean it's sinful or that it's bad per se,

01:33:14.140 --> 01:33:19.660
but if someone wants to opt out of that, let them. So just saying now, skip ahead for five minutes

01:33:19.660 --> 01:33:27.500
if you don't want to hear that sort of thing. For everyone else, one of the key proofs that

01:33:27.500 --> 01:33:35.980
the Gnostics are lying about the fact that the body is not self, is that when there's physical

01:33:35.980 --> 01:33:42.780
violence done to yourself, to your body, it's personal. It's completely personal. And it's

01:33:42.780 --> 01:33:49.660
why some people become permanently traumatized by that sort of injury. If someone is violently

01:33:49.660 --> 01:33:57.580
attacked, if a girl is raped or otherwise assaulted in such a manner, it's personal in a way that

01:33:57.580 --> 01:34:03.660
nothing else is. It's violative in a way that nothing else is, because it involves your body.

01:34:04.300 --> 01:34:11.180
It's not hypothetical. It's not external. It's not conceptual. It's physical. And the physical

01:34:11.260 --> 01:34:14.060
damage and harm that is done to an individual

01:34:16.220 --> 01:34:20.700
bypasses all the intellectual and all the other protections that we may have.

01:34:20.700 --> 01:34:25.900
There's not necessarily an amount of mental toughness that can insulate you from being

01:34:25.900 --> 01:34:31.820
physically injured by deliberate cause. If someone wants to hurt you if they're malicious

01:34:31.820 --> 01:34:38.540
and they do something harmful, it affects, in some cases, a lifelong permanent change

01:34:38.540 --> 01:34:43.420
in that person. That's one of the examples we gave last week with circumcision.

01:34:43.420 --> 01:34:49.740
Circumcision of an infant where their strapped cruciform in 36,000 nerve endings

01:34:49.740 --> 01:34:55.820
are sliced off without anesthesia. They go from being comfortable in the womb for nine months,

01:34:55.820 --> 01:35:01.740
completely protected, to the most unimaginable, excruciating pain possible. And it causes permanent

01:35:01.740 --> 01:35:06.940
changes. The baby doesn't remember, but the brainwaves remember, the body remembers, the

01:35:06.940 --> 01:35:18.220
self remembers, because the platonic separation of mind and soul and body is their distinctions

01:35:18.220 --> 01:35:27.100
that are valuable to a point, but they're not distinctions of their details of self,

01:35:27.100 --> 01:35:35.580
where every man is effectively a type of trinity. God has the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

01:35:35.580 --> 01:35:39.980
Man has body, mind, and soul. I'm not suggesting that they correlate directly,

01:35:40.540 --> 01:35:46.140
but there's a sense of typology there, even if it's not actually typological.

01:35:47.900 --> 01:35:54.460
What we are, as our bodies, as ourselves, is it's indistinguishable. You cannot separate

01:35:54.460 --> 01:36:01.660
the man or the woman from her body and take it somewhere else. And these sorts of

01:36:01.740 --> 01:36:07.340
violative attacks on the person prove that, because in some cases they'll fracture people.

01:36:08.060 --> 01:36:13.500
One of the horrible examples that we've alluded to before, and I'll say just briefly here,

01:36:14.940 --> 01:36:20.460
torture as it relates to MKUltra, a program that was developed in the 1960s by the United States

01:36:20.460 --> 01:36:26.700
government, specifically exploited this fact, exploit the fact that you could cause psychological

01:36:26.700 --> 01:36:34.140
and physical torture of a person to split the mind from the body, to cause disassociation.

01:36:34.940 --> 01:36:40.380
And they tried all these experiments, and they created a methodology of doing this specific

01:36:40.380 --> 01:36:46.060
thing, and they mastered it. And we think about that as sort of being ancient history,

01:36:46.060 --> 01:36:50.860
and that's just it doesn't happen anymore. And that's really extreme, and the Manchurian candidates

01:36:51.500 --> 01:36:54.460
who cares about disassociation, that's not a big deal.

01:36:55.820 --> 01:36:59.580
One of the ways that this has played out since then is in the form of things like

01:36:59.580 --> 01:37:06.540
nuclear drills. And today we have active shooter drills. We're little children who probably don't

01:37:06.540 --> 01:37:12.140
understand mortality yet, are told, there's an existential threat outside the door that's

01:37:12.140 --> 01:37:17.820
about to kill you. I don't know what kill means, but I'm terrified. My teacher is telling me this

01:37:17.820 --> 01:37:23.740
is serious. They make these things so elaborate that they're actually terrifying for little kids now.

01:37:24.940 --> 01:37:31.660
That is the end stage of MKUltra. Because what does it do? It takes a child in an innocent state

01:37:31.660 --> 01:37:36.940
where they don't know about death and they don't know about terror. And it imposes that sort of

01:37:36.940 --> 01:37:41.500
terror in a way that rips them away from what they thought was a safe, comfortable place.

01:37:42.460 --> 01:37:47.020
In this sort of mass conditioning that's done now, it's not the full version of MKUltra. It's

01:37:47.020 --> 01:37:53.660
a distinct deluded version for a slightly different purpose. But the conditioning effects are similar.

01:37:54.380 --> 01:38:01.020
When kids are continuously told, you may suffer grievous bodily harm or death at any moment.

01:38:01.020 --> 01:38:05.260
That's horrifying. We talked, I think, last week or the week before about the fact that

01:38:05.260 --> 01:38:10.780
there's certain types of evil knowledge that children should be spared from. People shouldn't

01:38:10.780 --> 01:38:16.060
know these things. And yet, unfortunately, we all learn them at some point. And so the sole purpose

01:38:16.060 --> 01:38:21.180
of talking about it is to illustrate that when you do something to the mind, when you do something

01:38:21.180 --> 01:38:27.500
to the body, you can actually permanently damage a person, internally, so that they can never

01:38:27.500 --> 01:38:32.060
completely be put back together. That's not to suggest that it's hopeless or that there's no

01:38:32.060 --> 01:38:37.100
forgiveness or whatever is applicable in the situation. It's to say that just like cutting

01:38:37.100 --> 01:38:42.860
off your arm or gouging out your eyes, these internal damages, this sort of psychic damage

01:38:42.860 --> 01:38:48.300
to the mind and to the soul can be just as permanent and just as scarring. And so when

01:38:48.300 --> 01:38:54.380
someone has suffered that, we need to be empathetic. Don't laugh when they need a little more cushioning

01:38:54.380 --> 01:39:00.620
to stay away from these things. That's something that's Christian. If you can spare them suffering

01:39:00.620 --> 01:39:05.340
something that hurts, do it. And thank God that you're in a position that you can't,

01:39:05.340 --> 01:39:10.780
because not everybody will care. Because the division of the body, mind, and soul

01:39:10.780 --> 01:39:16.460
is an artificial one, ultimately. You are all of those things at once. You are either a man

01:39:16.460 --> 01:39:22.140
or a woman, and that informs everything, informs your body, informs your psyche, informs your

01:39:22.140 --> 01:39:27.500
personality, it informs your intelligence even. Because although men and women on average are

01:39:27.500 --> 01:39:33.660
about the same intelligence, men go much further to the extreme. They're not nearly as many female

01:39:33.660 --> 01:39:39.100
geniuses or female retards as there are men. Men go much further to either side. So if you

01:39:39.100 --> 01:39:44.780
imagine the bell curve, the female bell curve for any particular race is much narrower. The male bell

01:39:44.780 --> 01:39:51.180
curve is wider because we have greater variety. That's intrinsic. So that's in part about the mind,

01:39:51.180 --> 01:39:55.980
but it's also about sex because it's at the body, and it's ultimately about the self.

01:39:56.940 --> 01:40:02.620
You know, and something like retardation is a, it's a regression from the norm, and it's something

01:40:02.700 --> 01:40:09.820
that is a defect. It just is being blind as a defect, being lame as a defect, being paralyzed.

01:40:10.380 --> 01:40:17.020
When Jesus performed miracles, as Corey said earlier, he removed those things. Men who were

01:40:17.020 --> 01:40:23.900
either suffered injury or sickness or were blind or lame from birth, God healed their bodies,

01:40:23.900 --> 01:40:30.460
and he did it for three reasons. One, he fulfilled prophecy. Two, it proved that he was master of

01:40:30.460 --> 01:40:36.460
creation, that he was the Creator. And so when he said, I can forgive your sins, and he will fix

01:40:36.460 --> 01:40:41.820
the lame and he will in fact cause people to be raised from the dead by speaking, you can believe

01:40:41.820 --> 01:40:46.620
that it's that he can actually deliver on that promise. And three, as Corey said, it's undoing

01:40:46.620 --> 01:40:52.460
the effects of the fall. If someone is certainly dead, or if they're lame or deaf or mute or blind

01:40:52.460 --> 01:40:59.340
or paralyzed, if they have leprosy or some other sickness, this is the fall. This is damage to the

01:40:59.340 --> 01:41:05.820
self. It is not intrinsic to the self. No one's intrinsically a leper. No one is naturally blind,

01:41:05.820 --> 01:41:10.140
even if they're born blind, even if you've never been able to see for a day in your life,

01:41:10.140 --> 01:41:15.420
that is not how God intended to create you. And this is a key point, because this is something

01:41:15.420 --> 01:41:20.220
that's happening very often in our churches. It didn't used to be the case until the last 20 or 30

01:41:20.220 --> 01:41:26.140
years, but now we have churches where people are afraid to say, this is a disability, this is a

01:41:26.140 --> 01:41:31.340
defect. If you're listening and you're blind, as Corey said, you weren't supposed to be blind at

01:41:31.340 --> 01:41:38.220
birth. I'm not making fun of you. I'm not saying you're worse than, but the fact that you can't see

01:41:38.220 --> 01:41:43.180
is something that God will fix. When you're raised on the last day, you will be able to see,

01:41:43.180 --> 01:41:47.340
and God proved that by healing the blind, as he was prophesied to do.

01:41:48.860 --> 01:41:54.860
God fixes the products of sin, because there won't be any in creation. What didn't he remove?

01:41:54.940 --> 01:41:59.660
He didn't turn men into women. He didn't turn people from one race into another or race their

01:41:59.660 --> 01:42:04.780
race entirely. They were still the same body that they had before, and it wasn't a fluke.

01:42:04.780 --> 01:42:09.740
It wasn't a forgot something. It wasn't that he hadn't proven that point yet. It was that those

01:42:09.740 --> 01:42:15.020
things are intrinsic. Those are how God made you. When God wrote my name in the book of life from

01:42:15.020 --> 01:42:19.900
before eternity, it was the name of a man. Same with Corey, same with you. If you're a woman,

01:42:19.900 --> 01:42:23.980
it's the same thing. You are what you are, because God made you that way.

01:42:25.100 --> 01:42:30.300
Today, we see, first, we had the equality of the sexes saying, well, sure, they're the same and

01:42:30.300 --> 01:42:36.540
they're interchangeable, which leads necessarily into transgenderism, because that is one of the

01:42:36.540 --> 01:42:44.460
most pure expressions of Gnosticism to say, this body, this flesh, it's not really me.

01:42:44.460 --> 01:42:49.340
I feel like I'm a woman. I'm feeling girly today. I think I'm going to do all the things I need to do

01:42:49.580 --> 01:42:55.180
butcher this body and turn into a woman. It doesn't work. All I've done is wreck a man's body and

01:42:55.180 --> 01:43:01.020
turned into something that's neither. I'm still a man inside and therefore tormented. That's what

01:43:01.020 --> 01:43:05.580
we find. The suicide rates for those people are horrific because they're being tormented.

01:43:06.140 --> 01:43:11.340
They're being demonically oppressed. Then when people don't say, stop, this is evil,

01:43:11.340 --> 01:43:17.180
don't do any of this. When there's no one to intervene and condemn the deception and the

01:43:17.180 --> 01:43:21.260
damage is done to the body, it's permanent. There are many accounts from people who have

01:43:21.260 --> 01:43:27.900
repented from having gone through one of those evil procedures. They come out the other side

01:43:27.900 --> 01:43:33.980
and they realized that they were always the sex that they were born. Oh, I was born that way,

01:43:33.980 --> 01:43:39.340
as though that's some accident. No, that is the substance of who you are. This is crucial because

01:43:39.340 --> 01:43:45.500
it doesn't only apply to us. To go back to what Marcian said about denying the birth, death,

01:43:45.500 --> 01:43:52.060
and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Jesus was born a man. He was not born human. He was born a man

01:43:52.620 --> 01:44:01.180
because Adam was created a man. Woman was taken out of man. Jesus on the cross was fully anatomically

01:44:01.180 --> 01:44:06.620
correct just like any other man. He wasn't some hermaphrodite. He wasn't splitting the difference.

01:44:06.620 --> 01:44:13.580
He wasn't a spirit being. He was a man and he died bodily as a man. He was resurrected the same way.

01:44:15.980 --> 01:44:20.140
When we go down this path where we say that your body is not yourself,

01:44:20.140 --> 01:44:23.420
you will ultimately get to the point where you have to deny the resurrection,

01:44:23.420 --> 01:44:27.420
which is where Marcian started out. This is something else we're seeing today.

01:44:27.420 --> 01:44:33.180
Wells recently changed their hymnals, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which is

01:44:33.180 --> 01:44:37.740
generally considered more conservative than the LCMS. It's not really, but they have a

01:44:37.740 --> 01:44:42.780
different set of problems. We're all fighting these battles together. They recently changed

01:44:42.780 --> 01:44:50.540
the Apostles Creed to say that Jesus was born human, not born a man because of egalitarianism,

01:44:50.540 --> 01:44:55.980
because of anti-misogyny, because Jesus died for everyone. We want to be inclusive.

01:44:55.980 --> 01:45:02.620
You have to include everyone by denying that Jesus is a man. It's a small thing,

01:45:02.620 --> 01:45:08.780
but that's what Satan loves. He'll take generations to do this damage. He doesn't care if you're not

01:45:08.780 --> 01:45:15.260
tricked by switching from Jesus as a man to Jesus as human. He'll wait for the next round.

01:45:15.260 --> 01:45:21.180
He'll come back and say, well, human, what does that even mean? This sort of incrementalism

01:45:21.820 --> 01:45:28.700
is made possible in part by our appetite for Gnosticism. When you deny the body, as everyone is

01:45:28.700 --> 01:45:34.860
today, identifying with pronouns and all that crap, all these things that we all know about and

01:45:35.420 --> 01:45:41.500
tend to laugh about when it is not fought facially and condemned not only as false,

01:45:41.500 --> 01:45:46.700
but as evil, particularly because, as Corey is saying, it is a denial of how God made you.

01:45:47.340 --> 01:45:54.380
If you refer to a man as a woman, you are denying how God made them. You are denying God. You cannot

01:45:54.380 --> 01:46:00.620
deny their Creator or your Creator without denying that that Creator saved you. It's part

01:46:00.620 --> 01:46:07.500
and parcel. We're not trying to make race an issue of salvation. We're making confession of God

01:46:07.500 --> 01:46:12.700
an issue of salvation because we don't need to do that. God did that. You can't confess false

01:46:12.700 --> 01:46:18.060
gods and have the one true God's forgiveness. If you call God a liar and say, well, you didn't

01:46:18.060 --> 01:46:24.220
make this. I'm actually a girl or I'm Hindu. I'm Chinese. I'm all these different things. I don't

01:46:24.220 --> 01:46:29.420
care what you say. You're not the boss of me, Dad. That's the spirit behind all of it. It's

01:46:29.420 --> 01:46:35.580
facially absurd. It's stupid and yet we're told to tolerate it because self-identification

01:46:36.220 --> 01:46:42.060
is the purest form of Gnosticism. It's saying, this body, this evil garbage, this meat sack,

01:46:42.060 --> 01:46:47.500
none of this is me. Don't pay any attention to this. I'm just a spirit. I'm a spirit trapped and

01:46:47.500 --> 01:46:53.900
listen to my ideas and blah, blah, blah. It destroys what God has made because you're not just

01:46:54.860 --> 01:47:00.700
an idea. You're not just a soul. You're everything it wants. Whenever any one of them

01:47:00.700 --> 01:47:07.900
is damaged, it damages all of you. This becomes an issue of salvation because it's a denial of

01:47:07.900 --> 01:47:13.660
how God created you. Not only transgenderism, but also transhumanism, which isn't a problem

01:47:13.660 --> 01:47:18.780
in the church yet, but it's certainly a problem in the pagan world where there are guys who think

01:47:18.860 --> 01:47:24.940
that they will be able to live forever. Some are trying to enhance their human bodies. Others are

01:47:24.940 --> 01:47:30.140
looking at ways of extracting their consciousness of jumping into a robot or jumping into another

01:47:30.140 --> 01:47:36.220
human body or uploading into the cloud so they can just live on AWS and pay the fees and then

01:47:36.220 --> 01:47:41.020
they'll always be present even if they don't have a body. We laugh at those things and we think

01:47:41.020 --> 01:47:48.060
they're absurd, but by measures and degrees, they're going to get someplace. They're going to do

01:47:48.060 --> 01:47:54.300
portions of it. They won't do it perfectly because as soon as you remove a body from the mind,

01:47:55.020 --> 01:48:02.140
you have broken the person just as death breaks us. When the mind dies with the body

01:48:02.140 --> 01:48:07.740
and the soul departs, there's a rending that is terrible. It's something that we can visually see

01:48:08.460 --> 01:48:14.380
as bad. If you've ever been to the funeral with open casket of a loved one or a relative,

01:48:14.460 --> 01:48:23.020
you look at that and you're like, that's them, but it's not. It's a very viscerally unsettling,

01:48:23.020 --> 01:48:29.260
uncanny valley thing because it still looks like them. They do stuff with makeup and things,

01:48:29.260 --> 01:48:34.540
so it seems realistic, but you know that if you touch them, they're cold and no mammal is cold.

01:48:35.660 --> 01:48:42.220
You know that it's naturally awful. It's completely terrible. That's why it's so traumatic

01:48:42.220 --> 01:48:47.420
because it's not natural. It's a separation. These lies that are being told today about

01:48:47.420 --> 01:48:53.020
traniism and about your race not being who you are and about transhumanism being able to separate

01:48:53.020 --> 01:48:58.860
these things cleanly, ultimately, they're all destructive. That's what Satan wants. He wants

01:48:58.860 --> 01:49:04.780
to destroy. He wants to remake and destroy creation because he hates God and he hates us.

01:49:04.780 --> 01:49:09.900
He hates us more than you can possibly imagine because we were created in God's image and we

01:49:09.900 --> 01:49:16.620
were given a gift and he doesn't have those gifts and he despises us and he's devoting

01:49:17.420 --> 01:49:23.260
every moment that he has. I was going to say waking moment, but he never sleeps. He's always

01:49:23.260 --> 01:49:28.460
prowling like a roaring lion. He hates us because we're different than him because as an angel,

01:49:29.020 --> 01:49:35.660
he is spirit. To whatever degree he can manifest, it's not truly who he is. The supernatural

01:49:35.740 --> 01:49:40.940
is a totally separate category. It's fundamentally what we get into here when we deal with these

01:49:40.940 --> 01:49:47.500
gnostic things where men say we can separate body and mind and soul. We're going to create new things.

01:49:47.500 --> 01:49:52.540
We're going to have subsets of things and it's still going to be you. You're playing with a

01:49:52.540 --> 01:49:59.260
fabric of creation and it's not that it's impossible to do any of it. It's that it's

01:49:59.260 --> 01:50:04.700
impossible to do what they're claiming to do. They can destroy and they can create horrors,

01:50:04.700 --> 01:50:10.220
but they're not going to deliver on their promises because all the promises are satanic promises

01:50:10.220 --> 01:50:15.660
intended to deceive and to destroy. They're not intended for immortality, which incidentally

01:50:15.660 --> 01:50:22.860
is another defiance of God. The entire reason that the flaming sword in the hand of the angel

01:50:22.860 --> 01:50:27.260
was placed outside the garden was to keep Adam and Eve out of the garden because if they could still

01:50:27.260 --> 01:50:34.300
eat from the tree of life, they wouldn't die. What happens if you don't die? You can be resurrected.

01:50:34.860 --> 01:50:42.380
Our death is necessary for us to be reunited with God in perfection. All of this stuff,

01:50:42.380 --> 01:50:46.700
all this denial of the body, the least of the denial of the resurrection of the dead,

01:50:46.700 --> 01:50:53.260
it's not coincidental. It's an arrow pointed directly at the heart of the Christian faith.

01:50:53.260 --> 01:50:57.820
All these bits and pieces that we pulled together today, they all work towards that same end.

01:50:57.820 --> 01:51:02.940
When you start looking at this pattern, you find that there is hatred of this doctrine

01:51:02.940 --> 01:51:08.300
in this form that God has presented, in this way that he's given us things. It's just all

01:51:08.300 --> 01:51:13.500
hatred for what God does. It's substituting something that the world embraces. The global

01:51:13.500 --> 01:51:18.780
religion loves all this stuff. It says, maybe you're burdened with it and will pray for you,

01:51:18.780 --> 01:51:25.500
but you don't have to change. It's very common now among death ministry for those people to be told

01:51:26.460 --> 01:51:30.220
they're not going to be healed from being deaf, that you're going to be deaf in the resurrection.

01:51:30.220 --> 01:51:35.180
You're fine just the way you are. You're not fine. There's something wrong with you. Your body

01:51:35.180 --> 01:51:39.980
is defective, just as my body was defective when I had to flap it. It was just, it was flapping

01:51:39.980 --> 01:51:44.300
around. It never worked. My cardio was always terrible. I had no idea why. It turned out I had

01:51:44.300 --> 01:51:50.300
a valve that eventually failed, so they had to fix it. And now things work again. I was born

01:51:50.300 --> 01:51:56.780
defective in lots of ways. As one particular one, I can hear, I can see, but my heart didn't work

01:51:56.780 --> 01:52:02.220
quite right. Some people can't see. They can't hear. They're missing arms or legs. They, you know,

01:52:02.220 --> 01:52:08.140
all these things are less than what God wanted us to be. All these things are what God will restore

01:52:08.140 --> 01:52:12.780
in the resurrection of the dead. As soon as you start pretending that your body is not you, you're

01:52:12.780 --> 01:52:17.740
saying, I don't care what you do. You know, it's whatever. Let my soul go play a harp in heaven,

01:52:17.740 --> 01:52:23.660
like that absurdity. No, this body will be resurrected on the last day. I know that my

01:52:23.660 --> 01:52:29.260
Redeemer lives, and I will live to see him with my own eyes. That's a promise from God,

01:52:29.260 --> 01:52:34.380
and it's one that we have to remember, because Satan's trying to take it from us. And if he can

01:52:34.380 --> 01:52:39.740
take that away, then all these other lies are up for grabs. And the more you adopt and the more

01:52:39.740 --> 01:52:44.700
you're not terrified of, the more you think, well, maybe I can baptize that. It doesn't seem like

01:52:44.700 --> 01:52:48.700
it's a threat on Christianity. You know, annihilation is like, I don't want people to go to hell. So,

01:52:48.700 --> 01:52:53.100
you know, maybe they just vanished. No, they're resurrected bodily just like you. And then they're

01:52:53.100 --> 01:52:58.460
thrown into fire. If that seems bad to you, maybe tell them about Jesus. If damnation is

01:52:58.460 --> 01:53:05.500
inconsequential, then who cares? Like, it's this sort of separation of act and consequence

01:53:05.500 --> 01:53:10.620
is something else Satan wants. It's all about separation from God's Word, from his will,

01:53:10.620 --> 01:53:17.340
and from his promises to us. Everything that God has told us about and has given us is for a benefit.

01:53:17.340 --> 01:53:22.460
Everything that Satan has given us and told us about is terrible. It's the worst possible thing.

01:53:22.460 --> 01:53:28.300
And more and more, churches are adopting what Satan is giving us and despising what God has

01:53:28.300 --> 01:53:33.420
in the same breath. The church is not going to make it. The church will not make it if we

01:53:33.420 --> 01:53:38.860
continue down that path. So, these narrow episodes about this seemingly weird stuff,

01:53:38.860 --> 01:53:42.860
we have to nip it in the bud, because it will corrode the church from the inside,

01:53:43.420 --> 01:53:47.900
just as it's corroding the world around us. And we are the ones who have to stop it,

01:53:47.900 --> 01:53:52.700
because we have no guarantee that if we screw this up and let all this stuff slide,

01:53:52.700 --> 01:53:57.100
that there's going to be anything left for the next generation even know what Christianity

01:53:57.100 --> 01:54:03.980
was about in the first place. You are like most of the other things in your environment surrounding

01:54:03.980 --> 01:54:10.780
you, what is called a Gestalt. And that is simply a German word that means a thing that is greater

01:54:10.780 --> 01:54:15.180
than the sum of its parts. And it is also an English word, because we just straight imported

01:54:15.260 --> 01:54:20.220
that one into English. So, capitalize the G or don't capitalize it as you prefer.

01:54:22.860 --> 01:54:28.780
But this is true of so many of the things that surround us. The pen that I'm holding is a Gestalt,

01:54:29.500 --> 01:54:35.260
because certainly it is made of, I believe this one is Macrolon, it has some metal,

01:54:36.140 --> 01:54:40.460
a few other components. If those were all separated out and set on my desk,

01:54:40.540 --> 01:54:45.260
no one would call that a pen, it would just be a handful of miscellaneous materials.

01:54:46.140 --> 01:54:51.020
Useful certainly, they have utility still, but it wouldn't be a pen, it wouldn't be the same thing.

01:54:53.900 --> 01:55:00.940
And we see this, as Woe mentioned, when someone or a pet, something dies.

01:55:03.500 --> 01:55:09.180
That is the separation of the spirit and the mind as well from the body.

01:55:10.860 --> 01:55:18.540
The Gestalt is gone, which means the person is not there because you are the Gestalt.

01:55:19.340 --> 01:55:24.300
You are not just your finger, you are not just your spirit, you are not just your mind,

01:55:24.300 --> 01:55:32.460
you are all of those things. You can't take one part and rip it away and have the whole remain.

01:55:32.700 --> 01:55:40.700
And that is why death is a traumatic thing, not just for the one who dies but also for those

01:55:40.700 --> 01:55:47.180
who witness it, who are around after it, because it is unnatural, it is not meant to be a part

01:55:47.180 --> 01:55:55.420
of nature. Death was brought into the world by sin. Death will be removed from the world defeated

01:55:56.380 --> 01:56:02.460
by Christ. It already has been, but that ultimately resolves itself in the Second Coming

01:56:02.460 --> 01:56:10.220
and the New Heavens and the New Earth. And so when we think about this

01:56:10.940 --> 01:56:19.260
Gnostic tendency to deny the reality of the flesh, the reason that it is such a danger to

01:56:19.260 --> 01:56:25.900
Christians and to Christianity, to the Church, is that again it is ultimately a denial of the

01:56:25.900 --> 01:56:34.220
creation and therefore a denial of the Creator. There are a number of reasons for this. One is

01:56:34.220 --> 01:56:40.860
that Satan just wants to destroy. He hates God, he hates the things of God, he hates the people of

01:56:40.860 --> 01:56:46.540
God, he hates all that is good and true and beautiful. And so he just wants to destroy.

01:56:47.020 --> 01:56:49.820
But there's a nuance to it here.

01:56:52.300 --> 01:57:01.180
God took on human flesh. That sets man apart in a way that the angels and the demons are not.

01:57:02.860 --> 01:57:09.100
The demons hate that. The angels want to look into the mystery of the incarnation and what these

01:57:09.100 --> 01:57:16.380
things mean. The demons hate it, but at the same time they envy us. And we see that envy

01:57:17.180 --> 01:57:25.500
in a number of places, in the reliable recountings of exorcisms. We see this. We see it in

01:57:25.500 --> 01:57:33.260
Christ's interaction with the demoniac and the herd of pigs. On the one hand they hate the flesh,

01:57:33.260 --> 01:57:37.260
but on the other hand they envy the flesh, but they want to destroy it.

01:57:39.100 --> 01:57:46.460
And so if you participate in this denial of the flesh and this denial of the reality

01:57:46.460 --> 01:57:50.620
of what it means to be a person, because again, you are not just your spirit,

01:57:50.620 --> 01:57:56.220
you are spirit, mind and body. I'll go ahead and just state that you are tripartite. We're not

01:57:56.220 --> 01:58:02.140
getting into the finer details of that. We're just going to assert it. But you are that Gestalt.

01:58:02.700 --> 01:58:08.860
So if you deny some component part of that, you are ultimately really denying the whole.

01:58:08.860 --> 01:58:15.020
You are denying what you are. And this works out as a denial of the resurrection.

01:58:16.220 --> 01:58:20.700
Because here in time you'll have those who will say that, well, you're not really German. You're

01:58:20.700 --> 01:58:24.540
just German because you had a piece of paper that says it, or you're American because you have a

01:58:24.540 --> 01:58:31.100
piece of paper that says it. It's not because you were born American. You're a man because

01:58:31.100 --> 01:58:36.140
that's just what you feel like today. You're not a man or a woman because you happen to have

01:58:36.140 --> 01:58:43.180
the chromosomes that tell you you are that. Because that's what it is. It is according to the

01:58:43.180 --> 01:58:48.380
biological nature of your body that you are male or female. Now, of course, there are those

01:58:49.340 --> 01:58:54.060
who will scream about, well, what happens for those who have a genetic defect of any of a

01:58:54.060 --> 01:59:02.460
various number of kinds? It's a defect. If a man is missing a leg, that does not mean

01:59:02.460 --> 01:59:08.380
that it is in the nature of man to be missing a leg. It means that that man is missing a leg.

01:59:09.340 --> 01:59:15.340
And so if someone has a genetic defect that causes a problem with the reproductive system,

01:59:15.980 --> 01:59:21.980
that does not mean that it is in the nature of man or woman to have that defect. It means

01:59:21.980 --> 01:59:28.940
it is a deviation from the norm. It is a defect that will be fixed by God in the resurrection,

01:59:28.940 --> 01:59:35.260
which is great news if you're a Christian, terrible news and sad news if you are not.

01:59:36.940 --> 01:59:44.220
And so you cannot deny any of these fundamental aspects of the flesh of the body.

01:59:45.660 --> 01:59:51.180
These are, if we want to use the distinction, essential. They are not accidental.

01:59:53.500 --> 01:59:58.060
The color of the coat you're wearing, if you're wearing a coat right now or socks or whatever

01:59:58.060 --> 02:00:02.140
it happens to be, is accidental. It's not intrinsic to your nature.

02:00:04.540 --> 02:00:11.740
Whether you are German or Scottish or French or Japanese or Ugandan or any of the other

02:00:11.740 --> 02:00:18.380
races of men that I could list, that is essential to your nature. You are that now in time because

02:00:18.380 --> 02:00:24.060
you were born that because God created you as that. You will be that in eternity because he

02:00:24.060 --> 02:00:34.220
will raise you on the last day. Because again, if he were to raise some other thing from what you are,

02:00:35.340 --> 02:00:41.660
so if you are, say, a French woman and he raises a Chinese man, that isn't you,

02:00:41.660 --> 02:00:47.420
that would not be you. It's not to say that, oh well, now you're saying God can't do. No,

02:00:47.420 --> 02:00:53.500
I'm saying it is incoherent to assert that. It's the same as the stupid arguments where you see

02:00:53.580 --> 02:00:57.420
an atheist say, well, can God make a rock so heavy that God couldn't lift it?

02:00:59.260 --> 02:01:03.980
In brief, the reason that's incoherent and stupid, and we should be clear it is stupid,

02:01:04.620 --> 02:01:12.460
is because God, what you are premising in the beginning of your question, is defined as omnipotent.

02:01:12.460 --> 02:01:18.460
So as soon as you get to the word cannot, your sentence is incoherent, and anything after it

02:01:18.460 --> 02:01:23.900
is just a string of sounds. You could say purple moose banana, and it would make as much sense as

02:01:23.900 --> 02:01:28.860
the rest of that supposed question, just because you can intone so that it sounds like a question

02:01:28.860 --> 02:01:34.380
in English at the end of your rambling sound doesn't mean it's a question, it's incoherent.

02:01:35.180 --> 02:01:39.260
The same thing is true if someone tries to say that God is going to raise you

02:01:40.300 --> 02:01:46.860
as these things that you are not change your essence. That cannot happen because it is incoherent

02:01:46.860 --> 02:01:53.500
to say it. And so when we see the promise of the redemption and the resurrection, when we see

02:01:53.500 --> 02:01:59.580
these things in Scripture that are the core of the faith, if we give up what it means to be

02:01:59.580 --> 02:02:05.580
resurrected, what it means for you to be resurrected, not something to be resurrected, because if God

02:02:05.580 --> 02:02:11.100
just said he's going to burn the current universe to ash and then make a new one, that's not good

02:02:11.100 --> 02:02:15.660
news for anyone living in this one. It's good news if you're resurrected in the new one,

02:02:16.220 --> 02:02:20.220
which is what God promises incidentally because he is going to burn this one to ash.

02:02:22.220 --> 02:02:28.060
But believers will be resurrected into the new life, into the eternal life,

02:02:28.940 --> 02:02:34.620
in the new heavens and the new earth. And notably, we spend our eternity in the new earth.

02:02:35.340 --> 02:02:39.180
We're not saying what the exact contours of that are because Scripture doesn't give us all the

02:02:39.180 --> 02:02:44.460
details, we don't need them. We know it's perfect because that is what God promises, it is paradise.

02:02:45.740 --> 02:02:52.620
But what God says is new earth, because you are going to be flesh and blood. You will still be

02:02:52.620 --> 02:03:01.740
spirit, mind and body, but that body part is important. We cannot import this gnostic understanding,

02:03:01.740 --> 02:03:06.940
this gnostic contention, that well, all of the things of the flesh don't matter because it's

02:03:06.940 --> 02:03:14.380
ultimately the spirit that matters. Quite frankly, you are male or female according to your spirit,

02:03:14.380 --> 02:03:23.420
because you are male or female in your essence. And so if you are a German man, you are going to

02:03:23.420 --> 02:03:29.420
be resurrected as a German man. If you are a Scottish woman, you are going to be resurrected

02:03:29.420 --> 02:03:35.660
as a Scottish woman, because that is who you are. God is going to resurrect you.

02:03:37.340 --> 02:03:42.860
And that is why these verses that we will get into in another episode in more detail,

02:03:42.860 --> 02:03:47.660
these verses that say there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free,

02:03:47.660 --> 02:03:54.380
there is not male and female. They're not a denial of those categories. They are an affirmation

02:03:54.380 --> 02:04:00.860
of those categories as real things, because what matters is what follows, all are one in Christ.

02:04:01.580 --> 02:04:09.260
It is saying that these categories do not preclude you from saving faith, do not preclude you from

02:04:09.260 --> 02:04:15.100
being included in the resurrection and the new life and the new heaven and the new earth.

02:04:16.220 --> 02:04:21.020
That is what is being said there. And so when you see pastors and teachers and others who stand up

02:04:21.020 --> 02:04:26.220
and use these verses to deny the reality of the creation as God has made it,

02:04:28.300 --> 02:04:32.220
those are false shepherds, those are wolves, those are liars and those are demons.

02:04:33.180 --> 02:04:37.580
Because what Scripture as we have highlighted previously calls teachings of demons,

02:04:37.580 --> 02:04:44.060
those things are trivial compared to the things being put forward today as supposed

02:04:44.060 --> 02:04:51.420
tenets of the Christian religion. And so the fundamental question that you need to ask yourself

02:04:51.420 --> 02:04:57.180
when it comes to these matters is the question that I raised earlier and really we've been

02:04:57.180 --> 02:05:05.260
illustrating it in this episode. Does this thing that I am being told I must believe

02:05:06.220 --> 02:05:12.940
or I must not believe conflict with what the Christian faith actually is?

02:05:14.620 --> 02:05:21.260
And do the consequences of, say, the thing I am being told to believe conflict with the

02:05:21.260 --> 02:05:27.740
Christian faith? Because if you are being told that you must believe A and as it turns out,

02:05:27.980 --> 02:05:35.420
what is entailed by believing A is something that is incompatible with the Christian religion,

02:05:35.980 --> 02:05:42.060
then what you are being told with A is that you must bow down to a false God. You must render

02:05:42.060 --> 02:05:47.980
unto Caesar something that does not belong to Caesar. You must bow before this idol. You must give

02:05:47.980 --> 02:05:53.820
the pinch of incense, whatever it happens to be. And we see this rampant in our culture.

02:05:54.300 --> 02:06:00.540
We see this with things that are extremely obvious. We see those who say, well, it's not nice and it's

02:06:00.540 --> 02:06:06.060
not kind if you oppose abortion, because that's health care for women. No, it's murder. And it is

02:06:06.060 --> 02:06:10.940
incompatible with the Christian religion. And if you support it and promote it, you will go to hell.

02:06:12.140 --> 02:06:17.740
Because that is high-handed, impenitent violation of the Fifth Commandment that is

02:06:17.740 --> 02:06:22.620
incompatible with what it means to be a Christian. But there are also more subtle

02:06:22.700 --> 02:06:29.100
things. And that is why we keep returning to the issue of race and sex and related matters,

02:06:29.100 --> 02:06:34.780
because those are more subtle. If you just look at it at a surface level, it may seem like,

02:06:35.420 --> 02:06:41.580
well, if I just say that we're all equal and these things don't matter, how can that possibly

02:06:41.580 --> 02:06:48.620
conflict with the Gospel? Because that's the tact they will often take. How does that conflict

02:06:48.780 --> 02:06:56.540
with the Gospel? Well, it does conflict with the Gospel. But fundamentally, foremost and first,

02:06:56.540 --> 02:07:02.700
it conflicts with what we confess in the first article of the Creed. Because we believe in God,

02:07:02.700 --> 02:07:09.100
the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. And if we deny the reality of the creation, we

02:07:09.100 --> 02:07:16.380
are denying the reality of the Creator. You cannot have the Son if you deny the Father.

02:07:16.460 --> 02:07:21.900
The same as you cannot have the Father if you deny the Son. But it does also conflict with

02:07:21.900 --> 02:07:29.820
the Gospel. Because the good news is that you're forgiven. And to be forgiven means that you are

02:07:29.820 --> 02:07:37.020
adopted as a Son of God and you will see eternal life and eternity. And if you deny the creation,

02:07:37.020 --> 02:07:44.220
you are denying that resurrection. And so again, as Christians, what we are urging you to do

02:07:45.180 --> 02:07:53.100
is to take all of these things and assess them in light of Scripture, in light of what it means

02:07:53.100 --> 02:08:00.140
to actually be a Christian. Because you are going to be constantly bombarded from all sides in this

02:08:00.140 --> 02:08:06.460
life, particularly as things currently stand in our culture, with demands that you give your pinch

02:08:06.460 --> 02:08:12.860
of incense, that you bow down before whatever idol it happens to be, that you affirm whatever

02:08:13.740 --> 02:08:16.540
the lie happens to be, and it changes seemingly every day.

02:08:18.300 --> 02:08:25.420
But as soon as you give that inch, Satan is going to take not a mile, but whatever you'll give him,

02:08:26.140 --> 02:08:32.780
right up to it, including your soul. Because as we've said before, Satan is a rat, he's a snake.

02:08:32.780 --> 02:08:36.460
If he can get his head in, the rest of Satan is coming in as well.

02:08:37.420 --> 02:08:43.340
And so we do these episodes that may seem like something that is perhaps a minor issue,

02:08:43.340 --> 02:08:50.060
or if you're thinking about classical Gnosticism, not a live issue, but we do them because they are

02:08:50.060 --> 02:08:56.940
live issues. Some of them may be a problem that we see that is going to be a live issue in the

02:08:56.940 --> 02:09:02.540
church, or currently a minor issue that is going to become a major issue for the church. This is

02:09:03.500 --> 02:09:09.820
not one of those. This is today a major issue for the church. Because when you start looking

02:09:10.620 --> 02:09:17.180
at what is being pushed in the world, you see a Gnostic religion, because you see this dualism,

02:09:17.180 --> 02:09:22.140
because really the third and the fourth points of the episode were the meat of it, as it were.

02:09:22.140 --> 02:09:27.180
Yes, there's the secret knowledge aspect, and there's the impartation of salvation,

02:09:27.180 --> 02:09:29.980
the belief that just the knowledge alone will save you.

02:09:30.940 --> 02:09:36.780
But the meat of the episode really is the dualism, that good versus evil in which they're

02:09:36.780 --> 02:09:41.900
equivalent, equal, in which the God of the Old Testament, lowercase g, isn't a real God,

02:09:41.900 --> 02:09:45.100
and it's only the God of the New Testament who settled down. That's the real God.

02:09:45.980 --> 02:09:50.940
And then there is the denial of the flesh, the belief, the physical world is evil, that it is

02:09:50.940 --> 02:09:57.420
wicked, and those two are really part and parcel. Because if you have good versus evil and they're

02:09:57.420 --> 02:10:03.900
equivalent, then you have this follow on from it, that it is the evil God that created the

02:10:03.900 --> 02:10:08.620
natural world, the physical world, and it's the good God who created your spiritual nature,

02:10:08.620 --> 02:10:15.900
and you'll be freed from your physical nature by whatever secret knowledge it is that this cult

02:10:15.900 --> 02:10:21.980
imparts. And this is nothing new to mankind. We see this in old religions, we see this in

02:10:21.980 --> 02:10:26.860
Greek religion, we see this in Eastern religion, but we see it today as well in the church,

02:10:26.860 --> 02:10:32.700
and we see it being pushed by men who are supposedly leaders and teachers who are pastors,

02:10:32.700 --> 02:10:40.780
so-called in these cases, of the church. We see it rampant in some denominations more than others.

02:10:40.780 --> 02:10:47.820
This is a particular problem in the Eastern Orthodox churches as we went over in that episode,

02:10:47.820 --> 02:10:53.660
so I will not go over it here. But it is a problem in every single denomination.

02:10:54.620 --> 02:10:58.300
And so like we said at the beginning, we're not beating up on any one denomination or any

02:10:58.300 --> 02:11:03.340
three denominations. This is a problem for all of us that we all need to address together.

02:11:04.620 --> 02:11:07.180
This is something that needs to be ejected from the church,

02:11:08.220 --> 02:11:14.860
searched out, found in whatever dark corner it is hiding and removed, because it is incompatible

02:11:14.860 --> 02:11:21.340
with the worship of the one true God, because it demands that we believe things that are false

02:11:21.420 --> 02:11:25.740
and incompatible, things that are mutually exclusive with the Christian religion.

02:11:27.980 --> 02:11:32.540
And so we've alluded to it a number of times, but I just want to close this episode out

02:11:32.540 --> 02:11:41.020
with the actual reading from Job 19, because this is one of the greatest gospel passages

02:11:41.020 --> 02:11:48.380
in all of Scripture, and it's right here in the Old Testament, in arguably the oldest

02:11:48.380 --> 02:11:49.900
book of the Old Testament.