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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast.

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I am Corey J.

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And I'm still, whoa.

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It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom 120 satraps, to be throughout the whole kingdom, and over them three high officials, of whom Daniel was one, to whom these satraps should give account, so that the king might suffer no loss.

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Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other high officials and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom.

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Then the high officials and the satraps sought to find a ground for complaint against Daniel with regard to the kingdom.

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But they could find no ground for complaint or any fault, because he was faithful, and no error or fault was found in him.

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Then these men said, We shall not find any ground for complaint against this Daniel, unless we find it in connection with the law of his God.

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Then these high officials and satraps came by agreement to the king and said to him, O King Darius, live forever.

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All the high officials of the kingdom, the prefects and the satraps, the counsellors and the governors, are agreed that the king should establish an ordinance and enforce an injunction, that whoever makes petition to any god or man for thirty days, except to you, O king, shall be cast into the den of lions.

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Now, O king, establish the injunction and sign the document.

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So that it cannot be changed, according to the law of the Medes and the Persians, which cannot be revoked.

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Therefore, King Darius signed the document and injunction.

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When Daniel knew that the document had been signed, he went to his house, where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem.

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He got down on his knees three times a day, and prayed and gave thanks before his god, as he had done previously.

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Then these men came by agreement, and found Daniel making petition and plea before his god.

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Then they came near, and said before the king, concerning the injunction, O King, did you not sign an injunction, that anyone who makes petition to any god or man, within thirty days except to you, O King, shall be cast into the den of lions?

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The king answered and said, The thing stands fast, according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which cannot be revoked.

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Then they answered and said before the king, Daniel, who is one of the exiles from Judah, pays no attention to you, O King, or the injunction you have signed, but makes his petition three times a day.

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Then the king, when he heard these words, was much distressed, and set his mind to deliver Daniel.

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And he labored till the sun went down to rescue him.

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Then these men came by agreement to the king, and said to the king, Know, O King, that it is a law of the Medes and Persians, that no injunction or ordinance that the king establishes can be changed.

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Then the king commanded, and Daniel was brought and cast into the den of lions.

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The king declared to Daniel, May your God, whom you serve continually, deliver you.

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The story of Daniel as he was serving his king is instructive for this week's episode, because although Jesus obviously correctly calls Daniel a prophet, Daniel's day job was not as a prophet.

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He was a public employee.

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He worked for the king.

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He worked for a pagan king.

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All of his coworkers, the men whom he served and whom he supervised, they were all pagans.

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And so he just had a public job.

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And we're opening with this passage from Daniel 6 today, because it is a prime example of what we as Christians are faced with in our own day, in current year.

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And in fact, in the past week, a circumstance similar to this has arisen in one of the states in the United States.

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When Daniel was faced with these evil pagan men who hated him because God had blessed him.

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And even though the king was not a Christian, was not a believer in the true God, he still respected Daniel for the gifts he'd been given.

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So those men set about to change the law in order to destroy Daniel.

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And the destruction they hoped would take the form of Daniel violating the law, which prohibited praying to anyone but the king for a period of 30 days.

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The reason this is instructive for us is that a law was passed and a believer in the true God responded.

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The impetus for today's episode, this week's episode is a law that was passed last week in the state of South Dakota.

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It was a law that was modeled after an international definition of anti-Semitism that was ratified in 2016.

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It's been upheld as a model for stamping out hate globally by the UN, by the European Commission, by a bunch of other groups.

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Lots of acronyms, lots of very serious faces, all saying anti-Semitism is very bad.

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We got to stamp it out.

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The reason we're talking about it this week is that one of the provisions, and that law, which we're going to discuss in a bit, but the reason we're talking about this today is that that law effectively makes the Bible illegal in the state of South Dakota.

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We'll talk about the details.

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They don't really matter all that much in terms of legality.

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And that's one of the first points I want to make here, because when you look at the example of Daniel, he didn't think like an American.

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He didn't think, oh, they've passed a law that impinges upon my freedom of religion.

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I need to petition the ruler to get the law changed.

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What did he do?

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He did what he always did.

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He prayed to his Lord three times a day, and he did it in front of the window, because that was his habit.

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He wasn't making a spectacle, which is something that's condemned in the New Testament correctly.

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He wasn't putting on a show.

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He just wasn't hiding when he was praying.

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He had always done it.

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The other evil satraps knew that, and they knew that if he continued to be faithful to his God, they'd be able to catch him and accuse him, take him for the king, and see him killed.

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That was their principal goal.

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However, they could also destroy Daniel if he obeyed the law, if he stopped praying to his God, and if he did pray to the king instead of to the true God, that would also be a victory.

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They probably would have been more satisfied with him being thrown into the lion's den.

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That's always principally what evil men want.

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They want to see the physical destruction of their enemies.

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But to see their enemy Daniel humiliated by causing him to apostatize would have been very satisfying.

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Frankly, in the long term, that may have been even more satisfying to them because it would have permitted them to co-opt him, to make him one of them, and then to pull him into their evil schemes and to separate him from the true God.

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So what did Daniel do?

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He did not pray to the king.

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That would have been adherence to the law.

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He did not take a prayer fast.

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He didn't say, you know what?

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I'm just not going to pray for 30 days.

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I'm not going to disobey the law, but I'm not going to obey it either.

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He didn't try to split the difference and stay out of trouble, which in the case of this kingdom, legal trouble meant execution.

00:07:54.492 --> 00:07:56.032
So he could have just stopped praying.

00:07:56.272 --> 00:07:57.132
He could have said, you know what?

00:07:57.332 --> 00:07:58.392
I'm not going to pray to the king.

00:07:58.412 --> 00:08:02.732
I'll just not pray for anything, or I'll pray in my head, but they won't know.

00:08:03.032 --> 00:08:06.892
God knows what's in my heart, so I don't need anyone to find out about it.

00:08:07.172 --> 00:08:09.252
He could have done that, and he didn't.

00:08:09.732 --> 00:08:19.052
And the model that Daniel provides is the model that we need to have in mind as we're confronting everything that happens in the world going forward from this day on.

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One of the things that I said on Telegram in response to this when I came out, somebody said something, and I'm going to use a few responses to this story as it was breaking from guys who listen to Stone Choir and interact with me on Telegram or on Twitter.

00:08:34.392 --> 00:08:36.712
Please don't feel like I'm picking on you, not in the slightest.

00:08:37.052 --> 00:08:40.872
The things that were said were prime examples of the way we're all taught to think.

00:08:41.872 --> 00:08:48.052
Somebody basically made some reference to the obvious American solution of, well, this has got to be litigated.

00:08:48.392 --> 00:08:56.452
Clearly, the South Dakota law that says that the classic anti-Semitism and the specific of the law says that the Jews killed Christ.

00:08:56.732 --> 00:08:58.252
That is classic anti-Semitism.

00:08:58.712 --> 00:09:03.872
It is illegal to say that in their context in which you can be punished legally in the state of South Dakota.

00:09:04.412 --> 00:09:10.432
The typical American response is, well, that obviously violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

00:09:11.012 --> 00:09:12.392
I want to see this litigated.

00:09:12.412 --> 00:09:18.992
You know, maybe someone would choose to violate it knowing that it was going to be litigated and they could be the poster child defendant.

00:09:19.772 --> 00:09:28.932
The problem with that and the thing that I rebuked at the time and I subsequently said on Twitter, I'm going to say here, stop thinking like an American and start thinking like a Christian.

00:09:29.532 --> 00:09:36.192
Look to Daniel for an example when anything like this comes up that impinges upon our spiritual duties to God.

00:09:36.432 --> 00:09:37.312
What did Daniel do?

00:09:37.852 --> 00:09:48.132
He didn't go to the king and say, Oh, mighty king, if I obey this law, I will be violating my conscience and praying in a manner that I find to be untenable.

00:09:48.432 --> 00:09:51.312
I can't worship you and I must continue to worship my God.

00:09:51.332 --> 00:09:52.832
Please don't throw me into the lions den.

00:09:53.272 --> 00:09:54.712
He didn't ask for reprieve.

00:09:55.232 --> 00:09:56.392
He didn't ask for an excuse.

00:09:56.412 --> 00:09:58.112
He didn't ask for the law to be changed.

00:09:58.812 --> 00:10:00.952
He did exactly what he always did.

00:10:01.732 --> 00:10:08.632
That is the Christian response in the case of something where you were told to apostatize, which is precisely what the law was.

00:10:09.092 --> 00:10:13.412
The law was no one may pray to any God except for the king for 30 days.

00:10:14.212 --> 00:10:17.212
It didn't say you had to replace your God with another God.

00:10:17.492 --> 00:10:21.272
It specifically said don't pray to another God except for the king for 30 days.

00:10:21.652 --> 00:10:22.572
It was time limited.

00:10:22.592 --> 00:10:24.312
They had a sunset clause.

00:10:24.852 --> 00:10:30.532
It was not exclusive in terms of belief or even confession.

00:10:30.552 --> 00:10:31.352
It was just prayer.

00:10:31.732 --> 00:10:35.752
Don't offer petitions to anyone except for the king, as God, as a deity.

00:10:36.492 --> 00:10:39.932
The legal outs there, if you're thinking like an American, are abundant.

00:10:40.312 --> 00:10:41.372
You cannot pray.

00:10:41.452 --> 00:10:43.372
You can pray secretly so that no one knows.

00:10:43.712 --> 00:10:50.952
You can pray publicly, hoping to challenge it in court so that you can assert your rights and fight back in that way.

00:10:51.612 --> 00:10:52.912
None of those occurred to Daniel.

00:10:53.392 --> 00:10:54.152
He said nothing.

00:10:54.172 --> 00:10:55.552
You know, he didn't argue.

00:10:55.932 --> 00:11:04.852
He was basically led like a lamb to the slaughter simply by doing what he always did, which was to pray three times a day to the true God, and he was thrown into the lions den for it.

00:11:05.472 --> 00:11:20.372
This is an example for us today simply by virtue of the fact of all the things that Daniel didn't do, because the instincts that we have all been given today are to focus on things that are going to keep us out of trouble.

00:11:20.932 --> 00:11:31.332
And just as happened last year in the context of Stone Choir itself and the Church more broadly, satanic attacks often occur during Lent, during the Easter season.

00:11:32.012 --> 00:11:43.832
We did an episode just at the end of last calendar year about the liturgical life where we talked about the Church calendar, which is held by almost all churches, and it should be held by all because it's a useful teaching tool.

00:11:44.512 --> 00:12:12.572
And we point out in that episode, and something that's reiterated here by example, when you look at the Church calendar that has seasons of Easter and Lent and Christmas and then Pentecost, which is the big one that fills most of the year, each of these seasons is designed to emphasize a different part of the faith, a different part of the story of God and creation and Christ's sacrifice for us and all the teachings of Scripture.

00:12:13.472 --> 00:12:19.432
The reason we have to spread it out is that there's so much in the Bible that you can never possibly fit it all into one Sunday.

00:12:19.692 --> 00:12:21.692
You can't fit the whole Bible into one sermon.

00:12:22.032 --> 00:12:24.392
You can't fit the whole Bible into one lifetime.

00:12:24.752 --> 00:12:30.332
There are men who dedicate entire lives to studying a couple books of the Bible and they never get to the bottom of them.

00:12:30.652 --> 00:12:39.192
They can bring together a lot of connections, but the depth of the richness and wisdom and knowledge of God, it's more than a human mind can comprehend.

00:12:39.212 --> 00:12:40.252
And it's a blessing.

00:12:40.732 --> 00:12:49.772
So the church calendar gives us structure by saying, you know what, in this time, particularly as we're recording this now, it's during Lent, we have Palm Sunday coming up in just a couple weeks.

00:12:51.132 --> 00:13:02.612
In this penitential season, we're particularly focused on the crucifixion of Christ, on the events that led to it, and reflecting on the fact that the reason for the crucifixion was our sin.

00:13:02.932 --> 00:13:04.372
That's why it's a penitential season.

00:13:04.832 --> 00:13:05.532
It's a downer.

00:13:05.832 --> 00:13:14.692
It is something that weighs on consciences, rightly, that our sin caused Christ to have to sacrifice himself for us.

00:13:15.332 --> 00:13:23.672
And that's also the Gospel, that God loved us so much that while we were yet his enemies, he did this, the ultimate act of love in all of history.

00:13:24.172 --> 00:13:34.212
To do something for people who were nailing him to the cross by our wickedness, he did it so that we could be saved from the penalties for the very wickedness that he was paying.

00:13:35.532 --> 00:13:41.912
That is the law, that is the Gospel, that is the entire arc of the Christian faith in one moment.

00:13:42.212 --> 00:13:42.992
That is the cross.

00:13:43.532 --> 00:13:46.892
And so oftentimes in the church, we will focus on something like the cross.

00:13:47.152 --> 00:13:49.392
We'll point to Good Friday, which is coming up soon.

00:13:49.692 --> 00:13:52.532
And we'll also point to Easter, which happens a few days later.

00:13:52.932 --> 00:13:58.092
Because if Jesus is dead in the tomb, and that's the end of the story, that's the hope of the world.

00:13:58.112 --> 00:13:58.992
That's no hope at all.

00:13:59.172 --> 00:14:00.252
It's just death and then you're gone.

00:14:00.532 --> 00:14:01.752
That's basically nihilism.

00:14:03.232 --> 00:14:06.332
The story of the Christian faith is that there's an Easter Sunday.

00:14:06.892 --> 00:14:11.032
When the sun rises three days later, the tomb is empty.

00:14:11.652 --> 00:14:20.012
And the celebration and the joy that we feel in that moment is that God had fulfilled all the promises that led to the cross, led to the crucifixion.

00:14:20.292 --> 00:14:26.192
And so all the miracles were performed, all of the prophecies were fulfilled.

00:14:26.812 --> 00:14:33.072
The fact that Christ raised from the dead is the ultimate proof that everything was kept.

00:14:33.472 --> 00:14:35.212
Everything He said He was going to do, He did.

00:14:35.552 --> 00:14:36.412
And He proved it.

00:14:36.912 --> 00:14:40.992
And so we can count on every promise that God makes to us because it's from God.

00:14:41.232 --> 00:14:42.692
And He proved it and He delivered.

00:14:43.292 --> 00:14:56.392
But if your church is only Easter every Sunday, if every Sunday is Easter at your church, and the cry is always Christ has risen, He has risen indeed, hallelujah, something we all know, the call and response is baked into our hearts.

00:14:57.172 --> 00:15:02.892
If every single Sunday is only about Easter, how do you understand why the tomb is empty?

00:15:02.912 --> 00:15:04.132
Why is there a tomb in the first place?

00:15:04.152 --> 00:15:04.832
Well, it's because He died.

00:15:05.092 --> 00:15:05.812
Why did He die?

00:15:05.832 --> 00:15:06.712
Because He was crucified.

00:15:06.892 --> 00:15:07.852
Why was He crucified?

00:15:07.992 --> 00:15:12.332
So you have to work back through the entire story to understand any of it.

00:15:12.652 --> 00:15:14.632
You can't understand the joy of Easter.

00:15:14.652 --> 00:15:22.192
You can't have the joy of Easter if you don't first have the weight of the sin and the death that came to that moment.

00:15:22.692 --> 00:15:26.632
The joy is in contrast to that which led to it.

00:15:27.772 --> 00:15:35.192
And so the problem that we have in the church that is really the point of this episode is something that I referred to a couple of weeks ago.

00:15:35.212 --> 00:15:36.952
It's going to become a recurring theme now.

00:15:37.332 --> 00:15:40.692
And that is doctrine versus emphasis.

00:15:41.432 --> 00:15:48.512
Because the problem that we have in the Christian church today is that every denomination has its particular doctrines.

00:15:48.932 --> 00:15:52.152
It has these are the temple features of the Christian faith.

00:15:52.552 --> 00:15:54.312
This is how we orient our lives.

00:15:54.332 --> 00:15:55.712
It's how we orient our belief.

00:15:56.272 --> 00:15:58.852
Everything that we do, everything we know revolves around this.

00:15:59.332 --> 00:16:00.412
That's not inherently bad.

00:16:01.272 --> 00:16:09.672
The problem is when those doctrines are permitted to have an emphasis that obscures the rest of scripture.

00:16:10.432 --> 00:16:15.412
Because if every Sunday your church is Easter Sunday, I'm sorry, but you're not a Christian.

00:16:15.432 --> 00:16:16.652
That's not a Christian church.

00:16:17.352 --> 00:16:21.792
Because there's more to the Christian life than Easter Sunday as the entire story.

00:16:22.112 --> 00:16:24.872
It doesn't make sense without Good Friday.

00:16:25.112 --> 00:16:27.772
It doesn't make sense without everything that led up to it.

00:16:28.892 --> 00:16:36.692
So for the Christian, it is imperative for us to focus on these various doctrines at certain times so that we don't forget them, so that we incorporate them.

00:16:37.172 --> 00:16:39.912
But that emphasis cannot be exclusive.

00:16:40.652 --> 00:16:50.352
And the problem that we have today that's exemplified by this one law and by the example of Daniel is that he could have emphasized the doctrine, well, I'm not going to pray to that king.

00:16:50.372 --> 00:16:51.152
That would be idolatry.

00:16:51.172 --> 00:16:51.732
That would be sin.

00:16:51.952 --> 00:16:53.292
I will absolutely not do that.

00:16:54.172 --> 00:16:55.892
But I don't need to make a big deal out of it.

00:16:56.172 --> 00:16:58.132
I don't need to say anything publicly.

00:16:58.152 --> 00:16:59.172
I can stay out of trouble.

00:16:59.412 --> 00:17:01.352
I can just keep my head down for 30 days.

00:17:01.652 --> 00:17:04.452
The law is going to sunset, and I can go back to praying to God.

00:17:04.472 --> 00:17:06.152
I'm never going to pray to anyone else.

00:17:06.172 --> 00:17:07.772
I'm just going to take a fast from prayer.

00:17:08.032 --> 00:17:10.072
It's kind of what we all did during COVID, isn't it?

00:17:10.672 --> 00:17:26.172
The problem with that is that the doctrine that is true, that why I haven't prayed to other gods, is at odds with the doctrine of, you know, for example, remembering the Sabbath day, to pray, praise and give thanks to God in all times and in all places.

00:17:26.732 --> 00:17:30.972
And particularly when the world says you can't do it.

00:17:31.592 --> 00:17:41.072
And that's the reason we're doing this episode today, is that we in current year are faced with the circumstances in the world where the world is now saying there are parts of the Bible that are illegal.

00:17:41.352 --> 00:17:43.992
There are parts of the Bible that are classic anti-Semitism.

00:17:44.272 --> 00:17:47.792
And therefore, be a good little Christian, you can't say that.

00:17:48.192 --> 00:17:59.952
And the problem that is occurring is that when the world says, well, that's anti-Semitism, say the Jews killed Christ, if the response, which is what someone gave me on Twitter, and again, I'm not picking on you at all.

00:17:59.972 --> 00:18:02.632
Please don't feel like this is being singled out for this.

00:18:02.812 --> 00:18:04.152
It's a perfectly natural response.

00:18:05.132 --> 00:18:08.232
Somebody said, my sins crucified Christ.

00:18:09.172 --> 00:18:10.932
And that's the entire point of this episode.

00:18:11.152 --> 00:18:15.692
That is entirely true doctrine, and it is a completely false confession.

00:18:16.752 --> 00:18:17.292
Here's why.

00:18:18.012 --> 00:18:20.212
There are five things that are true about the crucifixion.

00:18:20.572 --> 00:18:23.852
My sins crucified Christ, just as yours did.

00:18:24.492 --> 00:18:26.352
Pontius Pilate crucified Christ.

00:18:26.752 --> 00:18:28.932
The Roman centurions crucified Christ.

00:18:29.212 --> 00:18:31.092
The Pharisees crucified Christ.

00:18:31.392 --> 00:18:34.352
The crowd of braying Jews crucified Christ.

00:18:34.792 --> 00:18:36.692
All five of those facts are true.

00:18:36.952 --> 00:18:38.432
All five of them are scriptural.

00:18:38.992 --> 00:18:42.492
It is entirely permissible to say all five of them as a Christian.

00:18:43.232 --> 00:18:47.952
And yet the world only cares about the last two, and especially the last one.

00:18:48.452 --> 00:18:51.312
You can say, my sins crucified Christ, all you want.

00:18:51.652 --> 00:18:53.172
You won't get banned from Twitter for it.

00:18:53.392 --> 00:18:54.472
The UN won't care.

00:18:54.792 --> 00:18:55.732
Satan doesn't care.

00:18:55.752 --> 00:18:59.692
And I think that's the crucial point that we need to get through today.

00:19:00.092 --> 00:19:04.692
There are certain confessions of the Christian faith that the world is completely fine with.

00:19:05.052 --> 00:19:09.492
You can say something that's completely Christian, and Satan's like, yeah, keep that up.

00:19:10.232 --> 00:19:12.112
That's why we're doing this episode today.

00:19:12.432 --> 00:19:15.672
Why is it that Satan cares about some confessions, but not others?

00:19:16.352 --> 00:19:19.392
If I say that I crucified Christ with my sins, Satan's like, great.

00:19:19.792 --> 00:19:22.752
If I blame the Romans, okay, yeah, that's a great excuse.

00:19:22.952 --> 00:19:24.492
It keeps the Jews out of the spotlight.

00:19:25.012 --> 00:19:29.552
If I say the Pharisees did it, well, that's kind of anti-Semitic, because they were the leaders of the Jews.

00:19:29.852 --> 00:19:31.132
But at least it's not all Jews.

00:19:31.512 --> 00:19:41.332
But if I say what scripture also says, which is that the Jews, the crowd of praying Jews, all of them called for Christ's blood, that is impermissible.

00:19:41.752 --> 00:19:50.472
And I've said before, I've actually heard Lutheran pastors in the pulpit change the text of that story to remove Jews and say Pharisees.

00:19:51.512 --> 00:19:58.012
That is a false confession, because the question is not which of those five is the most important.

00:19:58.332 --> 00:19:59.972
The most important one is my sins.

00:20:00.372 --> 00:20:02.992
The Christian faith is that it's my sins that crucified Christ.

00:20:03.652 --> 00:20:04.652
No argument there.

00:20:05.092 --> 00:20:12.332
But when someone in the world attacks one of the others, that becomes the crucial Christian confession for a moment.

00:20:12.552 --> 00:20:24.252
Not in replacement of, but when we continue to cling to the emphasis on the traditional correct doctrine that Christ died for our sins, Satan's like, yeah, that's great.

00:20:24.472 --> 00:20:25.352
Keep on doing that.

00:20:25.692 --> 00:20:27.312
Just don't say the Jews killed Christ.

00:20:27.652 --> 00:20:37.232
Just by example, there's one place where the emphasis of a true doctrine, it becomes a false confession by omission of the truth that is also in Scripture.

00:20:37.592 --> 00:20:39.532
So that's the reason we're talking about this today.

00:20:41.372 --> 00:20:58.052
Essentially, any problem that we are going to face when it comes to religion or really almost any issue, can be derived from statements in Scripture or supported by them once otherwise derived.

00:20:59.552 --> 00:21:05.192
Now, I want to be very clear about what I am saying with those twin statements.

00:21:05.812 --> 00:21:12.832
I am not saying that every truth is contained in Scripture because not every truth is contained in Scripture.

00:21:13.412 --> 00:21:18.372
Scripture is not meant to be a comprehensive statement of truth.

00:21:19.672 --> 00:21:27.172
Scripture first and foremost is a statement of religious truth, of doctrinal truth, of theological truth.

00:21:27.572 --> 00:21:35.412
So anything having to do with those subjects can be derived from or supported by a statement in Scripture.

00:21:37.512 --> 00:21:51.032
The reason that I am making those two statements, those twin statements, is because it is not always the case that every single thing is going to be grounded explicitly in a verse that addresses it explicitly.

00:21:52.152 --> 00:22:04.132
For instance, headship as a doctrine, as an entire area of theology, quite frankly, is derived from many places in Scripture, from many verses.

00:22:05.232 --> 00:22:10.392
If you read through all of those sections, you will come away with the right understanding.

00:22:11.012 --> 00:22:21.432
But you can also derive that doctrine from reality, from biology, from psychology, from this world and our lives as we live them.

00:22:21.452 --> 00:22:26.412
You can derive them from the created order, because God is also the God of nature.

00:22:26.992 --> 00:22:34.472
He is the one who has created creation, as the name would imply, and instilled that order into it.

00:22:35.732 --> 00:22:45.152
And the reason I want to make that point is that it leads into my next one, which is that it is possible to lie with a truth.

00:22:46.212 --> 00:22:51.112
Now I want to distinguish again two things that are going to sound relatively similar.

00:22:52.952 --> 00:22:55.792
It is possible to lie with a truth.

00:22:56.592 --> 00:22:59.952
It is not possible to lie with the truth.

00:23:01.412 --> 00:23:02.892
The distinction there is key.

00:23:04.052 --> 00:23:18.272
And what that distinction means is that if a given situation calls for you to speak a certain truth and you do not speak that truth, that is the truth you did not speak.

00:23:19.192 --> 00:23:22.332
And speaking that truth would not have been lying.

00:23:22.792 --> 00:23:30.052
If you speak another truth, that truth may be lying with the truth because it is a lie by omission.

00:23:31.872 --> 00:23:34.712
Let me give an example to make this more clear.

00:23:35.932 --> 00:23:36.812
From Luke 4.

00:23:37.692 --> 00:23:55.572
And he took him to Jerusalem, and set him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to him, If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here, for it is written, He will command His angels concerning you to guard you, and on their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.

00:23:56.432 --> 00:24:01.652
And Jesus answered him, It is said, You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.

00:24:03.332 --> 00:24:07.132
Satan was speaking a truth, two of them in fact.

00:24:07.612 --> 00:24:11.872
He quotes from Scripture, What he said was in fact true.

00:24:13.572 --> 00:24:17.192
He was using those verses in an attempt to deceive.

00:24:17.212 --> 00:24:23.712
Of course, he can't deceive Christ, but nonetheless that is what he was attempting to do, and he can certainly deceive men.

00:24:24.652 --> 00:24:27.672
He was doing that with truth.

00:24:28.872 --> 00:24:33.712
Now the truth, the truth, that was key here, is the one that is spoken by Christ.

00:24:34.372 --> 00:24:39.032
And so Christ speaks the truth that is on point, that is relevant here.

00:24:39.292 --> 00:24:41.692
You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.

00:24:42.852 --> 00:24:47.632
Satan attempts to deceive through lying by omission.

00:24:49.452 --> 00:24:52.852
And this is something that we see frequently in our day and age.

00:24:54.192 --> 00:24:56.752
Woe just went over a key example of it.

00:24:57.572 --> 00:25:02.452
If you say, the Romans killed Christ, that's true, they did.

00:25:03.372 --> 00:25:09.272
Now scripture never says the Romans were seeking to kill Christ because the Romans did not want to kill Christ.

00:25:10.032 --> 00:25:16.532
Pilate's hands were forced, as it were, that doesn't absolve him of guilt, but certainly he has the lesser sin.

00:25:16.972 --> 00:25:24.372
And if you're inclined to squabble or quibble with me over that, I'm quoting Christ directly, so perhaps think about why you have that response.

00:25:26.132 --> 00:25:30.772
But if someone asks you, did the Jews murder Christ?

00:25:31.252 --> 00:25:41.712
And you say, well, my sins crucified Christ, or you say the Romans crucified Christ, or you say Pilate ordered the crucifixion of Christ, all of those statements are true.

00:25:42.472 --> 00:25:51.372
It is a truth to say that my sins crucified Christ, but it is not the truth that is called for in that situation.

00:25:52.632 --> 00:26:02.052
The truth that is called for in that situation is to affirm what Scripture says in many places, the Jews murdered Christ.

00:26:02.712 --> 00:26:09.232
And incidentally, I want to briefly address the fact that some will try to say, well, it was just the leaders, it was the Pharisees, it was the rulers.

00:26:10.692 --> 00:26:19.872
God has essentially preempted every single sort of heresy that will ever come up from the beginning of time until the last day.

00:26:21.032 --> 00:26:29.572
This one he addresses directly in Luke, because there it says, the chief priests and the rulers and the people.

00:26:30.832 --> 00:26:31.832
All three are listed.

00:26:32.572 --> 00:26:41.032
And so those who try to say that it is just the Pharisees or just the rulers or the scribes or whomever it happens to be, they choose as their scapegoat.

00:26:41.672 --> 00:26:48.412
No, Scripture gives us the list, and the last group is the people, the Jews themselves.

00:26:48.972 --> 00:26:53.952
The Jews as a collective people are listed there as guilty of the murder of Christ.

00:26:55.692 --> 00:27:04.992
And so just because you are stating a truth does not mean that you are stating the truth that needs to be spoken in a given situation.

00:27:05.792 --> 00:27:10.752
And as a Christian, it is incumbent on you to speak the truth.

00:27:11.612 --> 00:27:17.212
Now, this does not mean that you have to go around picking fights at all times, in all places.

00:27:17.892 --> 00:27:22.192
You don't have to stand up in your workplace and yell, the Jews murdered Christ.

00:27:22.872 --> 00:27:23.972
That's not what we're saying.

00:27:25.352 --> 00:27:33.112
These matters, as we have highlighted so many other times in so many other episodes, are matters of wisdom, to some degree.

00:27:34.792 --> 00:27:42.672
When it comes to bringing up the conversation, it is certainly a matter of wisdom when, where, and with whom you do that, and how you do it, of course.

00:27:44.332 --> 00:27:53.632
But if you are challenged on your Christian faith, if someone says, Isn't it true that Christians teach?

00:27:55.112 --> 00:27:58.992
Then you are required to speak the truth as it is written in Scripture.

00:28:00.092 --> 00:28:05.252
If someone says, Isn't it true that Scripture says the Jews murdered Christ?

00:28:06.032 --> 00:28:09.592
You have to affirm that, yes, it's true, because it is written in many places.

00:28:10.532 --> 00:28:17.852
If someone says the inverse, Isn't it true that Scripture says that it was the Pharisees, or it was the Romans, or that it wasn't the Jews?

00:28:18.672 --> 00:28:21.312
You have to affirm what Scripture says.

00:28:21.692 --> 00:28:25.452
You have to say, No, it says the Jews murdered Christ.

00:28:25.472 --> 00:28:33.012
You are, of course, supposed to affirm all of those, if it is a listing, so yes, the Romans, yes, Pilate, yes, the Jews.

00:28:35.292 --> 00:28:40.852
You do not have the sort of dispensation, as it were, that Muslims have.

00:28:41.852 --> 00:28:44.532
Islam teaches its followers to lie.

00:28:44.892 --> 00:28:46.052
There are four different kinds.

00:28:46.072 --> 00:28:48.852
We're not going to go through them in this episode, because that's not the point.

00:28:49.512 --> 00:29:02.272
But there are different types of lying that are outlined in Islam as being explicitly commanded, or at the very least permissible, for Muslims to use against non-believers, against non-Muslims.

00:29:03.612 --> 00:29:05.472
There is no such thing in Christianity.

00:29:07.432 --> 00:29:16.312
As a Christian, even if you know that speaking the truth will destroy your life, that you'll be thrown to the lions, you are required to speak the truth.

00:29:16.932 --> 00:29:19.952
You are required to do the same thing that Daniel did.

00:29:21.192 --> 00:29:25.552
And it is up to God whether He preserves you or whether you become a martyr to His glory.

00:29:26.672 --> 00:29:28.512
That is what Christians are required to do.

00:29:29.472 --> 00:29:34.092
And we very much see that increasing in likelihood in our day.

00:29:35.152 --> 00:29:41.872
There are very real consequences of Christendom being destroyed in the past handful of generations.

00:29:42.872 --> 00:29:46.952
We are going to face challenges that our ancestors did not face.

00:29:47.792 --> 00:29:57.912
Because those who were living in the centuries-long lifespan of Christendom were never brought up on charges for saying, well, you said that slavery is fine.

00:29:58.952 --> 00:29:59.632
That's evil.

00:30:00.472 --> 00:30:04.812
No, because the authorities would have said it's in Scripture, because the authorities were Christian.

00:30:06.032 --> 00:30:09.092
And so affirming what Scripture said was not a risk.

00:30:09.612 --> 00:30:18.492
Yes, of course, there were times where people were brought up on heresy charges when they were actually teaching the truth, but that was nearer to the end and that was a different issue.

00:30:18.512 --> 00:30:20.032
We've gone over the Reformation previously.

00:30:21.332 --> 00:30:33.152
But by and large, affirming the things that were in Scripture, assuming you were literate and could read Scripture, would not have been something for which you would have been put on trial or put in prison.

00:30:34.552 --> 00:30:44.872
Today, that is a very real potential risk, because these sorts of laws are being enacted in more and more places, and yes, also in the United States.

00:30:46.112 --> 00:30:55.032
And so I know that those who are perhaps of a former libertarian bent, and it should indeed be former, but those who are of that bent may think, well, what about the First Amendment?

00:30:56.992 --> 00:31:00.172
That is, as Woe said, the wrong frame of mind.

00:31:01.252 --> 00:31:09.052
You need to be thinking as a Christian, not as a constitutionalist, not as an American, not as whatever other category you want to believe.

00:31:11.372 --> 00:31:13.332
The Constitution does not matter in this.

00:31:14.552 --> 00:31:46.292
Yes, it may very well be used as a weapon by our side in court, and we'll see how that goes, but fundamentally the issue for individual Christians is when you are presented with this sort of challenge, when you are presented with the opportunity or the demand to confess the faith fully, every word of Scripture, and that doesn't just mean Christ crucified for sinners, confessing the fullness of the faith is more than just confessing the Gospel, the literal simple Gospel itself.

00:31:47.772 --> 00:32:00.232
It means confessing that every word spoken by God, every word written down in Scripture is true, regardless of how uncomfortable that word may make modern men feel.

00:32:01.112 --> 00:32:03.592
Does Scripture say that slavery is morally permissible?

00:32:03.992 --> 00:32:05.072
The answer is yes.

00:32:05.652 --> 00:32:07.772
Does Scripture teach that women are headless?

00:32:07.992 --> 00:32:09.072
The answer is yes.

00:32:09.492 --> 00:32:10.392
Because that's headship.

00:32:10.412 --> 00:32:11.632
We've gone over that previously.

00:32:12.932 --> 00:32:14.092
And a dozen other issues.

00:32:14.432 --> 00:32:20.572
We've gone over many of these issues, often in dedicated episodes or even spanning multiple episodes in a series.

00:32:21.392 --> 00:32:27.732
Each and every one of those things must be affirmed by a Christian when those things are challenged.

00:32:28.872 --> 00:32:30.472
It actually even goes further than that.

00:32:32.372 --> 00:32:38.552
There are certain things that by and large are generally not binding upon the Christian.

00:32:38.692 --> 00:32:48.252
We call these things, of course, aria fora, things that are indifferent, literally understood, which means that you are permitted to do them or not to do them.

00:32:48.872 --> 00:32:53.332
A great example would be candles or liturgical vestments.

00:32:54.112 --> 00:32:57.352
These things are not specifically required in Scripture.

00:32:58.012 --> 00:33:18.852
However, if the secular authorities, if the state, if the world tells you, you may not use candles, you may not use liturgical vestments, you may not sing this list of hymns, the Christian response is to continue doing those things.

00:33:19.692 --> 00:33:32.212
They are no longer a matter of indifference, because once it has been commanded by the anti-Christian authorities that you are not permitted to do those things, doing them becomes a confession of faith.

00:33:33.572 --> 00:33:50.072
And so there are things that are even not explicitly parts of Scripture or parts of the faith that may very well be demanded, be required of Christians as part of our public confession before the world when the world tells us we may not engage in them.

00:33:51.612 --> 00:33:59.932
And so yes, literally it may be the case that lighting candles may be a necessary part of your confession of the Christian faith in the coming years.

00:34:00.812 --> 00:34:08.012
That one perhaps is not as likely as some of the others, but the big ticket ones obviously are going to be Did the Jews murder Christ?

00:34:08.352 --> 00:34:09.292
and things like that.

00:34:10.252 --> 00:34:20.992
The ones where the world has already built up this cult, this false religion, this idolatry, and told you, you have to give the pinch of incense to Caesar.

00:34:21.072 --> 00:34:25.572
It's often more than a pinch of incense these days, but you have to give this false confession.

00:34:27.692 --> 00:34:38.372
Because as we've said so many times, if you confess a false sin, it is worship of a false god, it is idolatry, and it is damnable.

00:34:39.412 --> 00:34:40.892
These are not minor matters.

00:34:42.512 --> 00:34:48.192
Nothing in scripture is a minor matter when the world demands that you lie about it.

00:34:49.192 --> 00:34:53.972
When Satan demands that you speak one truth and not another, then you speak both.

00:34:54.512 --> 00:34:57.292
You most certainly speak the one that he told you not to speak.

00:34:58.812 --> 00:35:02.612
Because to do otherwise is to deny Christ before men.

00:35:03.732 --> 00:35:11.692
I want you to think about a particular issue, a particular way that things are worded in scripture, just something to contemplate.

00:35:11.992 --> 00:35:13.932
I won't go into it in depth in this episode.

00:35:15.452 --> 00:35:17.812
But I want you to read the beginning of John.

00:35:18.872 --> 00:35:20.212
In the beginning was the word.

00:35:21.252 --> 00:35:28.212
And that I want you to think about the fact that Christ is called the word and scripture is called the word.

00:35:28.972 --> 00:35:31.372
Think about that interplay and the implications of it.

00:35:31.452 --> 00:35:36.392
And then think about the implication of denying any particular part of scripture.

00:35:38.232 --> 00:35:41.692
These are matters of eternal life or eternal death.

00:35:42.792 --> 00:35:49.132
Nothing in scripture is minor when the world or Satan says, you must not speak that truth.

00:35:50.832 --> 00:36:02.332
To give another more worldly illustration of how telling the truth can in fact be a lie by omission, I'm going to give a completely over the top hypothetical because it's a really good illustration.

00:36:03.092 --> 00:36:07.312
Imagine that you and I are standing near the woods outside having a conversation.

00:36:07.392 --> 00:36:08.452
We're just chatting.

00:36:08.472 --> 00:36:09.432
Maybe we're talking about this.

00:36:10.212 --> 00:36:14.012
And I'm doing most of the talking and your back is to the woods.

00:36:14.352 --> 00:36:17.332
And as we're speaking, you think you hear something kind of in the tree line.

00:36:18.052 --> 00:36:21.092
And as it's dawning on you, maybe you should look over your shoulder.

00:36:21.432 --> 00:36:24.932
I start speaking more loudly and my expressions get bigger.

00:36:24.932 --> 00:36:26.332
My hands start moving more.

00:36:26.572 --> 00:36:27.732
I'm keeping your attention.

00:36:28.052 --> 00:36:29.292
And I talk faster and faster.

00:36:29.412 --> 00:36:33.512
And I keep you from turning around because I've distracted you.

00:36:33.832 --> 00:36:35.412
And this goes on for a little while.

00:36:35.932 --> 00:36:37.272
And suddenly I turn and bolt.

00:36:37.912 --> 00:36:44.112
And as I get about three steps away and you're trying to figure out what's going on, you feel a bear's teeth sinking into your neck.

00:36:44.812 --> 00:36:50.572
Because while I was standing there talking to you, I wasn't telling you that there was a bear stalking both of us.

00:36:50.852 --> 00:36:52.012
It was about to eat one of us.

00:36:52.812 --> 00:37:00.972
Now, this is an overtop example, but imagine that my argument to say, well, yeah, I didn't kill you because, you know, everything I was saying was true.

00:37:01.352 --> 00:37:04.532
Every word that I was speaking to you was like a transcript of this episode.

00:37:04.712 --> 00:37:06.512
Everything I'm saying right now, I believe is true.

00:37:06.892 --> 00:37:09.432
I can in good conscience say all these things.

00:37:10.172 --> 00:37:15.092
But if we're doing it face to face and there's a nine foot tall grizzly bear behind you, it's about to eat you.

00:37:15.392 --> 00:37:18.292
Have I lied to you by having this conversation?

00:37:18.632 --> 00:37:19.292

00:37:19.592 --> 00:37:25.732
I murdered you because I distracted you by not telling you the one thing that you had to know to save your life.

00:37:26.532 --> 00:37:28.052
This is what we're talking about here.

00:37:28.512 --> 00:37:33.452
There are things that are true doctrinally, that are true because they're in scripture.

00:37:33.672 --> 00:37:40.572
But if they're the emphasis in the face of the world saying, no, you can't say that, the world is saying it's not true doctrine.

00:37:41.212 --> 00:37:43.072
And you're saying, well, I'm going to focus on this other stuff.

00:37:43.412 --> 00:37:46.692
So again, South Dakota passed a law.

00:37:46.712 --> 00:37:49.232
Here's the particular wording that is used.

00:37:49.252 --> 00:37:49.792
What happened?

00:37:50.092 --> 00:38:01.172
They passed a one paragraph bill that incorporated by reference a long definition of anti-Semitism from the IHRA, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

00:38:01.672 --> 00:38:03.732
Why you need a global alliance to remember the Holocaust?

00:38:03.752 --> 00:38:04.572
I'm entirely sure.

00:38:05.132 --> 00:38:14.832
Personally, I also find it highly offensive and white erasure that they're taking IHRA from the International Hot Rod Association on behalf of Big Daddy Don Garless.

00:38:14.852 --> 00:38:15.772
That ticks me off.

00:38:16.632 --> 00:38:37.392
But the fact that they have defined this elsewhere in the world in 2016 and now South Dakota is the first state to incorporate that definition by reference on the books as a law in South Dakota, and immediately the governess of South Dakota got on Fox News and all the other TV stations saying, this is going to be a model for every other state.

00:38:37.592 --> 00:38:38.552
And she's absolutely right.

00:38:38.832 --> 00:38:44.872
This is something they said, UNESCO, the UN, the European Commission are all saying, this is really good.

00:38:45.072 --> 00:38:47.272
We got to stamp down on this antisemitism.

00:38:47.512 --> 00:38:48.652
It's a global problem.

00:38:48.932 --> 00:38:50.392
And here is the definition.

00:38:50.752 --> 00:38:57.752
I'm going to read to you the one line of the entire thing that we've dealt with some of the other things and the overall definition.

00:38:57.772 --> 00:38:59.092
We'll give a link so you can read it all.

00:39:00.272 --> 00:39:02.392
I obviously disagree with every part of it.

00:39:02.832 --> 00:39:11.352
But as Christians, even if you don't care about the rest, this one line alone morally obligates us to speak against it, is this.

00:39:12.272 --> 00:39:25.612
Part of the definition of antisemitism is, according to them, using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism, for example, claims of Jews killing Jesus, or blood libel, to characterize Israel or Israelis.

00:39:27.592 --> 00:39:36.932
So what has happened in South Dakota and is going to happen in other states is to say it is a criminal act of antisemitism to say that Jews killed Jesus.

00:39:38.192 --> 00:39:44.352
As we said earlier, the question is not what is the most important of those five.

00:39:44.832 --> 00:39:55.232
Obviously, the most important of the five things that killed Jesus, there's perhaps more, but just for the sake of argument, those five specific entities, my sins and your sins, are the most important thing.

00:39:55.612 --> 00:39:57.132
Jesus would not have been crucified.

00:39:57.152 --> 00:40:00.292
He would not have been incarnate if not for my sins and your sins.

00:40:00.612 --> 00:40:02.072
That is the most important thing.

00:40:02.292 --> 00:40:05.812
That is the law of God, and we stand condemned by it.

00:40:07.752 --> 00:40:11.332
This is true doctrine, and it is the most important Christian doctrine.

00:40:12.132 --> 00:40:19.492
And the UN and the European Commission and the IHRA and Satan don't care about it, at least not for right now.

00:40:19.772 --> 00:40:21.232
That's not what they're attacking.

00:40:21.792 --> 00:40:22.592
What are they attacking?

00:40:22.692 --> 00:40:25.452
They're attacking claims the Jews killed Jesus.

00:40:25.972 --> 00:40:27.112
Well, okay, claims.

00:40:27.312 --> 00:40:28.332
Is that true or false?

00:40:29.132 --> 00:40:31.352
Historically, they want to say, we had nothing to do with that.

00:40:31.952 --> 00:40:38.952
Although at the same time, you have guys like Ben Shapiro saying that Jesus was a rebel and deserved to be murdered.

00:40:39.192 --> 00:40:43.372
He dances in the blood of Jesus, as they all do, as they have for 2,000 years.

00:40:44.512 --> 00:40:53.872
But when it comes to Christians in our own nation saying just simply as a matter of Christian confession, the Jews killed Jesus, this is now a criminal act.

00:40:54.572 --> 00:40:58.272
This podcast episode is a criminal act in the state of South Dakota.

00:40:58.292 --> 00:41:03.072
No, as are many of the past episodes we've done, we specifically dealt with some of the other details.

00:41:05.552 --> 00:41:17.992
I want to give you a couple of examples, and just not to bury the lead, but at the very end of this episode, on our way out, we are going to read back and forth a litany of passages from Scripture that specifically say the Jews killed Christ.

00:41:18.332 --> 00:41:27.952
So after we make the whole argument for what we're claiming here, that it is necessary for us as Christians to say the Jews killed Christ when they say we can't.

00:41:29.092 --> 00:41:31.772
We're just going to leave you with the words of Scripture echoing in your ears.

00:41:31.972 --> 00:41:34.352
So the last thing you remember is not going to be us making any points.

00:41:34.872 --> 00:41:38.272
It's going to be God's Word saying that over and over and over again.

00:41:38.592 --> 00:41:40.172
And we cherry-picked a dozen or so.

00:41:40.392 --> 00:41:41.452
There are a whole bunch more.

00:41:41.992 --> 00:41:45.212
And these are just passages that are directly addressing that claim.

00:41:45.392 --> 00:41:49.692
There are many, many more that incorporate it more obliquely.

00:41:52.212 --> 00:41:57.812
The very first time that this claim is made after the crucifixion is in Acts 2.

00:41:58.432 --> 00:42:04.932
Go read the first few chapters of Acts after this, and see if you don't find exactly what we're saying here.

00:42:06.072 --> 00:42:12.572
Peter, I've said before, Peter was kind of a bumbling idiot when Jesus was conducting his earthly ministry.

00:42:13.392 --> 00:42:17.512
As soon as the ascension occurred, Peter became this incredible preacher.

00:42:17.912 --> 00:42:22.272
He was eloquent, he was prolific, and he went to town on his audience.

00:42:23.232 --> 00:42:34.672
One of the very first sermons that he preached, he says this in Acts 2, Let all the house of Israel therefore know for certain that God has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.

00:42:35.572 --> 00:42:38.612
And listen to the response of the Jews in the temple when he said this.

00:42:39.252 --> 00:42:45.472
Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, Brothers, what shall we do?

00:42:45.872 --> 00:42:53.412
And Peter said to them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

00:42:53.972 --> 00:42:55.912
And about 5,000 were baptized that day.

00:42:56.692 --> 00:43:03.252
So here is Peter, and effectively the first sermon of the church, of the Christian church.

00:43:04.912 --> 00:43:05.612
What does he say?

00:43:06.152 --> 00:43:14.712
Let all the house of Israel therefore know for certain that God has made both him Lord, made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.

00:43:15.252 --> 00:43:18.132
He wasn't speaking to Pilate or Roman centurions.

00:43:18.512 --> 00:43:20.232
He wasn't talking directly to me.

00:43:20.252 --> 00:43:22.552
He was talking to a crowd of Jews.

00:43:23.332 --> 00:43:24.332
And what was their response?

00:43:24.872 --> 00:43:27.192
They were cut to the heart and they said, what do we do?

00:43:27.212 --> 00:43:28.672
And he said, repent and be baptized.

00:43:28.972 --> 00:43:30.292
And they were saved that day.

00:43:30.612 --> 00:43:31.452
How were they saved?

00:43:31.872 --> 00:43:37.072
They were saved by the words that are illegal under this statute in the state of South Dakota.

00:43:37.652 --> 00:43:41.372
So you tell me, which is the true confession?

00:43:42.072 --> 00:43:51.792
If I tell you, as Peter did, that the Jews killed Christ, if your instinct is to argue with me and say, no, no, no, no, I did it, what problem are you trying to solve?

00:43:52.712 --> 00:43:57.352
This episode is fundamentally the synthesis of probably about half of the episodes that we've done in the past.

00:43:57.732 --> 00:44:09.292
Because when you take a moment, when you're confronted with a situation and think, what problem am I trying to solve and what is the genealogy of this particular idea, it becomes very clear what we as Christians must do.

00:44:09.612 --> 00:44:14.112
And so I began with the example of Daniel, as he exemplifies what we as Christians must do.

00:44:14.412 --> 00:44:16.612
You don't appeal to the king, you keep on doing it.

00:44:16.872 --> 00:44:18.972
And if God says to do it, you do it even harder.

00:44:20.332 --> 00:44:39.172
As I've said in the past, there is an instinct among many Christians today to take worldly things and to attempt to bring them into our churches and to baptize them and to say, well, I can make this sound Christian, and then I can fit in with the world, which is a completely evil and insane approach.

00:44:39.752 --> 00:44:42.532
Why are we taking our doctrine from outside of Scripture?

00:44:42.812 --> 00:44:44.672
Why aren't we taking it from Scripture?

00:44:45.052 --> 00:45:01.232
And so when confronted with this particular circumstance, where the IHRA hands a draft to your state legislature and says, this needs to be your law for anti-Semitism, and the law is then going to read that it is illegal to make claims of Jews killing Jesus.

00:45:02.392 --> 00:45:07.392
The very first sermon that Peter preached said that the Jews killed Jesus, and they were saved by hearing that.

00:45:08.112 --> 00:45:10.012
That makes it the gospel.

00:45:10.452 --> 00:45:11.272
It's also the law.

00:45:11.292 --> 00:45:14.252
I'm not confusing law and gospel for all you Lutheran listeners.

00:45:14.572 --> 00:45:16.432
The gospel is every word from the mouth of God.

00:45:16.712 --> 00:45:17.892
It's not just the good parts.

00:45:18.312 --> 00:45:20.072
You can go read the definition in Revelation.

00:45:20.332 --> 00:45:24.072
It's very clear that the gospel is not just, we're saved.

00:45:24.792 --> 00:45:33.192
The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, which is that we are sinners and that we are damned without Him, and therefore He came to save us from our sin.

00:45:33.752 --> 00:45:38.392
If you don't understand the damnation, the gospel is incoherent.

00:45:38.932 --> 00:45:41.112
Like, Jesus raised from the dead, I don't care.

00:45:41.132 --> 00:45:42.492
What does that have to do with me?

00:45:42.692 --> 00:45:43.712
I'm not doing anything wrong.

00:45:44.092 --> 00:45:46.112
That's the approach of most people in the world today.

00:45:46.452 --> 00:45:48.732
They don't care because they don't think it has anything to do with them.

00:45:49.052 --> 00:45:57.112
Until they hear the law, until they hear the good news that they're damned, they can't possibly respond to the gospel.

00:45:57.692 --> 00:46:00.992
There's no possible response if you don't believe that you're in trouble.

00:46:01.732 --> 00:46:04.772
You're not going to run if I don't tell you there's a bear behind you.

00:46:05.192 --> 00:46:06.212
So where's the good news?

00:46:06.412 --> 00:46:09.612
The good news is I'm going to be a Christian and say, hey, let's get out of here.

00:46:09.932 --> 00:46:13.592
And you run as fast as you can because there's something dangerous.

00:46:14.532 --> 00:46:20.592
When the world is saying, you can't say the Jews killed Christ, the response cannot be, well, that's true.

00:46:20.772 --> 00:46:23.052
It's really more important than my sins killed Christ.

00:46:23.532 --> 00:46:25.592
No, that is completely impermissible.

00:46:25.812 --> 00:46:33.792
Something which is doctrinally correct that my sins killed Christ, that your sins killed Christ, is in this moment irrelevant.

00:46:34.132 --> 00:46:50.792
And to emphasize that, to emphasize that true doctrine in the face of a false confession coming from Christ killers who hate God and hate the Gospel and forbid us from saying what's in Scripture, if we agree with them by the smallest degree, we have apostatized.

00:46:51.312 --> 00:46:56.932
It is apostasy to refuse to say that the Jews killed Christ when they tell you you can't say it.

00:46:57.292 --> 00:46:57.612

00:46:57.772 --> 00:46:58.772
Because it's in Scripture.

00:46:59.312 --> 00:47:02.452
When Peter preached it to that crowd, they were converted.

00:47:02.752 --> 00:47:04.512
Their consciences were convicted.

00:47:04.912 --> 00:47:09.992
Because they weren't just the Pharisees, it wasn't just the leaders and the teachers, it was all the other Jews.

00:47:10.292 --> 00:47:11.592
He hung it around all their necks.

00:47:12.092 --> 00:47:19.792
In the very next chapter, we don't know how much longer, it was not too much longer in Chapter 3 of Acts, and when Peter saw it, he addressed the people.

00:47:20.172 --> 00:47:26.732
Men of Israel, why do you think that this is, or why do you stare at us as though by our power or piety, we have made him walk?

00:47:27.092 --> 00:47:38.532
The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of our fathers, glorified his servant Jesus, whom you delivered over and denied in the presence of Pilate, when he had decided to release him.

00:47:38.912 --> 00:47:47.372
But you denied the Holy and Righteous One, and asked for a murder to be granted to you, and you killed the author of life, whom God raised from the dead.

00:47:47.652 --> 00:47:48.972
To this we are witnesses.

00:47:50.652 --> 00:47:54.392
That's about as hard as anyone can ever go with the Jews, and it was a whole bunch of them.

00:47:54.632 --> 00:47:55.372
And you know what they did?

00:47:55.392 --> 00:47:55.972
They repented.

00:47:57.252 --> 00:47:59.212
We're going to give a bunch more examples, like I said at the end.

00:47:59.232 --> 00:48:09.032
We're not going to belabor all the points in the middle of the episode, but throughout Scripture, over and over in the New Testament, it is a recurring theme that the Jews murdered Christ.

00:48:09.592 --> 00:48:11.772
Now, is it the only doctrine?

00:48:11.832 --> 00:48:12.172

00:48:12.632 --> 00:48:14.192
My sins killed Christ.

00:48:14.272 --> 00:48:15.892
I murdered Christ by my wickedness.

00:48:16.272 --> 00:48:42.332
We all do this, and we do it every day, and that is why we need penitential seasons like Lent to remind us, because even though the Christian life should be one reflecting on our sin and our penitence, and on repenting and turning away from our wickedness, God knows that we need to be reminded at certain times, really, look at this, look at what you did, and simultaneously look at what I did for you.

00:48:42.792 --> 00:48:44.432
The cross is both of those things.

00:48:44.732 --> 00:48:49.792
The cross is a condemnation of our wickedness and is a proclamation of God's love for us.

00:48:50.092 --> 00:48:51.792
It's all happening simultaneously.

00:48:52.252 --> 00:48:58.012
God is wonderful in this way, that in one symbol, He can encapsulate all this teaching.

00:48:58.452 --> 00:48:59.792
But you have to keep it all in your head.

00:48:59.812 --> 00:49:01.392
You have to receive it faithfully.

00:49:02.172 --> 00:49:06.572
So the chief focus of the Christian life is not that the Jews killed Christ.

00:49:06.852 --> 00:49:07.892
We don't think that.

00:49:07.912 --> 00:49:12.272
One of the early episodes we did was on forgotten doctrines, neglected doctrines.

00:49:12.292 --> 00:49:16.992
We talked about usury and women covering their heads and a few others.

00:49:17.072 --> 00:49:21.592
And we used them as examples of specifically saying, this is not the whole Christian life.

00:49:21.612 --> 00:49:24.172
This is not the meat of the Christian faith.

00:49:24.452 --> 00:49:29.492
But we pointed out in that episode, you know what, these things are also in scripture and they just kind of vanished from our churches.

00:49:29.792 --> 00:49:30.532
What's going on?

00:49:30.952 --> 00:49:38.132
How can we claim to be the Church of Peter if we're throwing away the doctrines that the Church upheld for centuries or millennia?

00:49:38.692 --> 00:49:39.652
How is that happening?

00:49:39.832 --> 00:49:43.792
How do we forget the things that our forebears in the faith simply held as the faith?

00:49:43.812 --> 00:49:50.172
And now today, not only don't we believe them, but when the world says you can't do that anymore, like, yeah, that's terrible.

00:49:50.372 --> 00:49:54.392
We never did that in the first place, despite the fact that Christians did it for hundreds and thousands of years.

00:49:54.792 --> 00:49:56.132
Slavery is a prime example.

00:49:56.552 --> 00:49:57.852
Did a whole episode about that.

00:49:59.032 --> 00:50:05.632
How is it that the past is damned by the present when those people were supposed to be the same faith as us?

00:50:06.112 --> 00:50:06.992
Somebody's lying.

00:50:07.632 --> 00:50:10.192
And we, of course, know today that it was we who are the liars.

00:50:10.512 --> 00:50:19.632
By pointing back to faithful Christians whose teachings were in accordance with Scripture, and we condemn them, and we don't condemn them scripturally, we condemn them in worldly fashions.

00:50:20.032 --> 00:50:28.972
Because these things that are coming from outside of Scripture, from outside of the Church, are being hauled in off the sidewalk, and people are saying, yeah, this is really good.

00:50:29.072 --> 00:50:30.152
This is Christian teaching.

00:50:30.552 --> 00:50:37.492
This is really what MLK and Bonhoeffer did some of the most damage in the 20th century.

00:50:38.112 --> 00:50:39.732
They denied the resurrection.

00:50:39.752 --> 00:50:47.592
They effectively denied the purpose of the crucifixion because they replaced the Jesus who died for our sins with the Jesus who set an example.

00:50:48.092 --> 00:50:49.572
And yes, Jesus did set an example.

00:50:49.592 --> 00:50:50.492
That's very important.

00:50:50.772 --> 00:50:58.332
But they eliminate the rest in their teaching because when Jesus is just one of many examples, then it's just one of many religions.

00:50:58.452 --> 00:51:00.312
And there's things you can learn from all religions.

00:51:00.332 --> 00:51:05.012
And so then at that point, you know, maybe you can learn something about Christianity from the UN.

00:51:05.432 --> 00:51:12.632
Maybe UNESCO and the European Commission can teach us something about how to be better Christians because really there are a lot of different sources of morality.

00:51:13.272 --> 00:51:14.012
That's deranged.

00:51:14.432 --> 00:51:18.532
When I say that out loud, you're either laughing or cringing, like it's just stupid.

00:51:18.812 --> 00:51:20.132
It's such a ridiculous thing.

00:51:20.392 --> 00:51:22.152
But that's exactly what's happening today.

00:51:22.492 --> 00:51:29.692
We have these things being drafted by these evil wicked pagans and then being handed to our states and see, it's not a direct assault on the Gospel.

00:51:29.992 --> 00:51:32.352
They're not saying John 3.16 is illegal.

00:51:32.612 --> 00:51:34.212
They're saying that Acts 2 is illegal.

00:51:34.212 --> 00:51:36.192
Just partially, just a couple of verses.

00:51:36.712 --> 00:51:41.432
And just to tell you, at the end, when we read through all those verses, there are going to be no citations verbally.

00:51:41.692 --> 00:51:43.932
We will put them in the show notes so you can look each of them up.

00:51:44.372 --> 00:51:49.092
If you think we're lying, if you think that we're cherry picking or we're taking things out of context, great.

00:51:49.572 --> 00:51:50.912
Go read the entire chapters.

00:51:50.932 --> 00:51:51.852
Go read the entire books.

00:51:52.192 --> 00:51:54.412
Prove us wrong by reading the Bible.

00:51:55.172 --> 00:51:57.212
You're not going to find anything different than what we've said here.

00:51:57.752 --> 00:52:00.052
The Bible says over and over again the Jews killed Christ.

00:52:00.432 --> 00:52:02.952
Christians must say the Jews killed Christ.

00:52:03.412 --> 00:52:05.092
And we're not saying it's a primary emphasis.

00:52:05.092 --> 00:52:14.332
As Corey said, you don't need to stand up in church and shout this, but in the specific case where there's a law passed, you are now bound.

00:52:14.672 --> 00:52:22.272
Certainly, and this is something I said on Twitter last week, this law, I think, was ratified, I believe, on Friday of last week, as we're recording.

00:52:22.552 --> 00:52:31.212
I tweeted that every pastor in South Dakota was morally obligated to God to get up in his pulpit on Sunday and specifically say that the Jews killed Christ.

00:52:31.552 --> 00:52:31.892

00:52:32.192 --> 00:52:46.632
Because what Scripture says, in the moment that the king says, you're not allowed to pray for 30 days to anyone but me, that you're not allowed to say that the Jews killed Christ, obedience to God requires doing the exact opposite.

00:52:47.152 --> 00:52:56.892
You do have to manifest what psychologists today call Opposition Defiant Disorder, where you rigorously do the exact opposite of what you're told to do.

00:52:57.312 --> 00:53:09.212
Now, most of the time, that's not how Christians behave, but in this one specific case, where the specific demand from the world, from the law giver, is you must deny what's in Scripture, we must confess what's in Scripture.

00:53:09.472 --> 00:53:14.952
Even we don't usually talk about it, even if we don't usually think about it, and that's why this is where Satan's attacking.

00:53:15.192 --> 00:53:22.592
He knows he's doing an end run around all of our defenses because the normal rote response is, well, my sins killed Christ.

00:53:22.612 --> 00:53:28.352
Well, I'm going to focus on the cross, and the fact that there were Jews involved, well, that's just because that was Israel.

00:53:28.412 --> 00:53:29.132
It's what happens.

00:53:29.452 --> 00:53:32.012
But they're not guilty of it, certainly not more guilty than me.

00:53:32.372 --> 00:53:33.992
Corrie said, Jesus says the opposite.

00:53:34.412 --> 00:53:37.172
He says, of those who handed me over, do you have the greater sin?

00:53:37.652 --> 00:53:40.692
He said that the Jews are more guilty of his murder than Pilate.

00:53:41.452 --> 00:53:47.872
He said, again, with the centurions, that absolution was not given to the braying crowds.

00:53:48.432 --> 00:53:50.012
They did not receive absolution.

00:53:50.232 --> 00:53:56.292
They received condemnation in the very first sermons preached in the church from Peter's own mouth.

00:53:56.312 --> 00:53:58.272
He said, you people killed Christ.

00:53:58.832 --> 00:54:00.052
That is Christian doctrine.

00:54:00.392 --> 00:54:02.972
And whether or not we talk about it every day, I don't think we need to.

00:54:03.492 --> 00:54:06.332
I don't want to be the guys who talk about Jews all the time.

00:54:06.472 --> 00:54:09.092
And we don't, despite the fact that many people think that.

00:54:09.452 --> 00:54:14.732
But when this particular thing comes up, the state of South Dakota decided we had to do this episode this week.

00:54:15.292 --> 00:54:23.012
Regardless of what else we had planned, when this law was passed that says you cannot say that the Jews killed Christ, we have to say it.

00:54:23.232 --> 00:54:31.692
We have to say it loud and clear, and we have to embolden others to remember that the examples given in the past of the Christian faith did the same thing.

00:54:32.052 --> 00:54:35.032
When a law was passed, they didn't appeal to Caesar.

00:54:35.372 --> 00:54:37.712
They didn't appeal to the king asking for mercy.

00:54:38.132 --> 00:54:39.532
They said, I got to do what I got to do.

00:54:39.872 --> 00:54:46.432
I answer to God, and if I answer to you in this life, God's going to take care of me, no matter what happens.

00:54:46.592 --> 00:54:48.252
If I live, if I die, I don't care.

00:54:48.612 --> 00:54:49.872
This is my confession.

00:54:50.192 --> 00:54:51.352
I submit to the Lord.

00:54:52.492 --> 00:55:04.492
In case anyone listening is inclined to be contentious needlessly, I would say in this case, I am not going to disagree with Woe's characterization of this law as being a criminal matter.

00:55:05.272 --> 00:55:11.252
Yes, by and large, Title XX of the South Dakota laws, and quite frankly, their laws are a bit of a mess.

00:55:11.792 --> 00:55:16.072
But anyway, Title XX is largely dealing with civil matters.

00:55:16.492 --> 00:55:22.212
However, if you actually read through Title XX, it has criminal penalties mixed in.

00:55:22.932 --> 00:55:43.592
And more importantly, then the specifics of how South Dakota is bringing about this particular regime, because it is a regime they're attempting to import from European countries, we already know how this plays out because we have seen it in Europe, in Western Europe and in Eastern Europe, quite frankly, in many places, particularly Poland.

00:55:44.652 --> 00:55:49.212
These things start out as being a minor civil matter.

00:55:49.372 --> 00:55:58.232
And so here you have largely a matter of discriminatory practices or unfair practices depending on how they're charging you.

00:55:58.592 --> 00:55:59.852
And so maybe it's a civil matter.

00:55:59.872 --> 00:56:04.232
It starts out as a fine or a black mark on your record.

00:56:04.252 --> 00:56:08.852
If you happen to hold a state license, that's another way they go about enforcing these things.

00:56:09.832 --> 00:56:11.452
It eventually becomes a crime.

00:56:12.072 --> 00:56:13.152
And then it's a misdemeanor.

00:56:13.432 --> 00:56:16.572
Some of the things in this section in Title 20 are misdemeanors.

00:56:17.432 --> 00:56:18.792
And then it becomes a felony.

00:56:19.312 --> 00:56:20.552
And then you get prison time.

00:56:22.312 --> 00:56:24.772
We already see that happening in Europe.

00:56:26.052 --> 00:56:33.572
There are men in prison today because they have said things that were classified under this definition as anti-Semitic.

00:56:34.132 --> 00:56:37.152
And to be clear, anti-Semitism is not a sin.

00:56:37.692 --> 00:56:40.392
Nowhere in Scripture do you find that as a sin.

00:56:40.412 --> 00:56:49.452
We have gone over this at length in previous episodes, the issue of racism, because really this is just a particular special kind of racism against the Jews.

00:56:50.692 --> 00:56:51.492
It isn't a sin.

00:56:52.152 --> 00:57:04.032
So confessing it, because this is an attempt to extract a religious confession, confessing it is confessing a false sin, which is confessing a false God, which is apostasy.

00:57:05.312 --> 00:57:13.232
To go over this law just a little more, I don't intend to go over it at length, because this is not a legal podcast, and as I mentioned, it's not the point.

00:57:13.552 --> 00:57:16.352
The point for Christians is that you have to confess the truth.

00:57:16.372 --> 00:57:23.032
The specifics of this law and how it gets appealed and how it gets enforced and all of that stuff is really tangential.

00:57:23.912 --> 00:57:30.752
Yes, it's important in its own right, but I'm not going to talk about void for vagueness and strict scrutiny and prior restraint.

00:57:30.772 --> 00:57:33.552
That's not the sort of podcast this is.

00:57:34.872 --> 00:57:51.332
But it is worth highlighting just how expansive and vague this law is, because the goal is basically to make a blanket possibility of charging anyone who says anything negative about the Jews or Israel.

00:57:52.472 --> 00:57:58.572
This is part and parcel of the same sort of scheme we see being enacted in many states.

00:57:58.592 --> 00:58:00.532
And so you may think, oh, it's just South Dakota.

00:58:00.992 --> 00:58:01.272

00:58:02.272 --> 00:58:11.032
Many states have enacted laws that punish at least civil servants, because those are the ones over whom they have direct control.

00:58:12.012 --> 00:58:16.772
But they will expand that as far as they are permitted, as far as they possibly can.

00:58:17.072 --> 00:58:24.472
But they have enacted laws that punish those who participate in boycotts of the state of so-called Israel.

00:58:26.392 --> 00:58:30.712
We have that in a majority of states now, and so it's not just South Dakota.

00:58:31.372 --> 00:58:35.112
This is the majority of the United States at this point.

00:58:36.492 --> 00:58:40.672
And it is going to continue, because they are going to keep pushing these laws.

00:58:41.412 --> 00:58:54.352
And so, yes, it is incumbent on Christians to push back against this in the political realm, in the legal realm, but it is incumbent on individual Christians to give the good confession when these matters come up.

00:58:55.192 --> 00:59:05.852
And as Woe said, pastors have to respond to this by preaching the full Council of God, the full truth of Scripture, specifically those parts that are condemned by this law.

00:59:07.672 --> 00:59:14.192
And the examples that are given for this are very clearly meant to destroy, to gut the Christian faith.

00:59:16.012 --> 00:59:27.072
Because the definition, here's the definition, I'll just read the full thing for you, because it's so vague, not the law, but the definition of anti-Semitism that the law references and incorporates by reference.

00:59:28.312 --> 00:59:29.252
Here's the definition.

00:59:30.032 --> 00:59:36.212
Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews.

00:59:36.652 --> 00:59:48.652
Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and or their property, toward Jewish community, institutions and religious facilities.

00:59:49.812 --> 00:59:53.752
Setting aside the bad grammar, certainly you can see how broad that is.

00:59:54.672 --> 01:00:02.492
It literally defines anti-Semitism as a certain perception of Jews, because the rest of it is explanatory.

01:00:03.372 --> 01:00:04.392
That's the definition.

01:00:05.552 --> 01:00:07.152
That is maximally vague.

01:00:07.852 --> 01:00:10.432
And here are the examples, just a couple of the examples.

01:00:10.452 --> 01:00:16.692
Woe gave one, but this is targeted at the Christian faith in many of these examples.

01:00:19.212 --> 01:00:36.632
So for instance, if you say that, here's the quote, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government, or other societal institutions, there are many Jewish directors and others on record saying the Jews control Hollywood.

01:00:37.632 --> 01:00:41.192
If you quote them, you are guilty under this law.

01:00:42.732 --> 01:00:55.392
Another, denying the fact, scope, mechanisms, or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II, in parentheses, the Holocaust.

01:00:56.912 --> 01:01:03.192
The episode we did on the big lie clearly violates that, and a number of other episodes we've done also violate it.

01:01:04.392 --> 01:01:10.412
But that is so broad that if you question any part of the narrative, you violate this law.

01:01:10.992 --> 01:01:19.112
So if you question the electrified floors, the masturbation machines, the death roller coaster, if you question any of that, you have violated this law.

01:01:19.752 --> 01:01:23.652
Any outlandish claim falls under the scope of this definition.

01:01:24.472 --> 01:01:31.512
And Woe brought up the one where it mentions, of course, the blood libel and the Jews killing Christ.

01:01:32.492 --> 01:01:41.092
Well, we mentioned, and we've gone over at length, the issue of the Jews killing Christ, and we'll certainly go over that at the end of this episode with reference to many parts of Scripture.

01:01:41.972 --> 01:01:44.412
But the blood libel, if you say that St.

01:01:44.412 --> 01:01:48.112
Simon of Trent was killed by the Jews, you're guilty under this definition.

01:01:49.232 --> 01:01:53.272
That was the position of the historic church from the murder of St.

01:01:53.292 --> 01:01:58.232
Simon until, I believe, it was the 1960s that roamed it away with that.

01:01:58.932 --> 01:02:02.892
It is still the position of any church that hasn't already bent the knee to the Jews.

01:02:04.032 --> 01:02:08.072
This is unbelievably broad, and that is, of course, the point.

01:02:09.392 --> 01:02:15.552
Yes, it does mean that legally it can be challenged, but the point is not the legality.

01:02:15.572 --> 01:02:26.112
The point is how strongly Satan is pushing for these things and just how much of the board he is attempting to take in one fell swoop.

01:02:26.952 --> 01:02:37.752
And very few Christians are fighting back against this, partly because of the cancer of dispensationalism in so many churches, but also because Christians look at it and say, oh, it's just Caesar being Caesar.

01:02:38.852 --> 01:02:40.632
It's not attacking the core of the faith.

01:02:40.872 --> 01:02:49.332
They're not saying that we can't say Jesus is God, not that most Christians so called in the United States even believe that anymore when you look at the survey data.

01:02:50.772 --> 01:02:52.852
But they'll say it's not attacking the core of the faith.

01:02:53.432 --> 01:02:54.812
It's not saying he wasn't God.

01:02:54.832 --> 01:02:56.312
It's not saying he didn't die for sin.

01:02:56.632 --> 01:02:59.072
It's not saying he didn't rise again, etc.

01:03:00.232 --> 01:03:02.012
That's not the point.

01:03:03.652 --> 01:03:07.892
Any attack on any part of Scripture is an urgent matter.

01:03:08.632 --> 01:03:12.332
Because Satan certainly has a plan, and we've seen that play out.

01:03:13.032 --> 01:03:18.392
So many of the episodes we've done have been on things that are not the core of the faith.

01:03:19.352 --> 01:03:21.672
Because Satan is not attacking the core of the faith.

01:03:22.212 --> 01:03:25.052
Because by and large, we have answers to that.

01:03:25.432 --> 01:03:28.112
We have rote responses, as it were.

01:03:29.412 --> 01:03:34.772
The matter of justification, Article 4 for Lutherans, it's a solved problem.

01:03:35.752 --> 01:03:37.272
Satan can attack that all he wants.

01:03:37.392 --> 01:03:38.392
We have a response.

01:03:38.632 --> 01:03:39.532
It is bulletproof.

01:03:39.752 --> 01:03:41.152
We know exactly what to say.

01:03:42.392 --> 01:03:44.152
And that is the case for so many things.

01:03:45.052 --> 01:03:48.212
If Satan attacks the Trinity, we have the Athanasian creed.

01:03:48.232 --> 01:03:51.472
We don't need to explain or even understand more than that.

01:03:51.852 --> 01:03:53.352
We simply affirm what it says.

01:03:55.492 --> 01:03:57.952
And with so many other issues, that is the case.

01:03:59.372 --> 01:04:02.772
But Satan knows that he doesn't have to attack the core of the faith.

01:04:03.432 --> 01:04:04.632
Satan is not an idiot.

01:04:05.072 --> 01:04:05.872
He's evil.

01:04:06.732 --> 01:04:07.712
But he's not dumb.

01:04:08.532 --> 01:04:14.532
If you are attacking an entrenched enemy position, you don't do a frontal assault because that's stupid.

01:04:16.032 --> 01:04:17.532
You attack where they are weakest.

01:04:18.812 --> 01:04:20.212
You don't attack the Maginot Line.

01:04:20.672 --> 01:04:21.572
You go through Belgium.

01:04:22.952 --> 01:04:24.152
That's what Satan is doing.

01:04:25.272 --> 01:04:33.932
Satan is going to find whatever little weak spot there is, whatever chink there happens to be in the Christian armor, and that's where he's going to come in.

01:04:34.832 --> 01:04:36.612
Not for nothing is he called a snake.

01:04:37.812 --> 01:04:43.952
If a snake can get its head through an opening, the whole snake is coming in, and they can get through very small openings.

01:04:44.272 --> 01:04:45.152
Same with rodents.

01:04:45.252 --> 01:04:46.832
Satan is a rat.

01:04:48.592 --> 01:04:56.252
But that is why he is attacking these issues, because Christians don't have the proper response most of the time.

01:04:56.872 --> 01:05:00.852
Most Christians look at this and think, oh, it's a minor matter or it's a tangential matter.

01:05:01.772 --> 01:05:02.332
It's not.

01:05:03.112 --> 01:05:12.832
If Satan is attacking it, it is incumbent on Christians to respond in the strongest of terms, particularly when it's something that is explicit in Scripture.

01:05:13.212 --> 01:05:15.572
This is not even a matter where you have to derive it.

01:05:16.632 --> 01:05:24.532
This is a literal, direct refutation, a direct condemnation of an actual quote from Scripture.

01:05:26.352 --> 01:05:28.372
And so this should be an easy one for Christians.

01:05:28.392 --> 01:05:30.752
This should not be a complicated matter.

01:05:32.552 --> 01:05:46.992
And speaking of things for which we have specific responses, written responses, rote responses, in the good sense of that term, because some people will think that rote is a bad thing, that, oh, it's just a rote response.

01:05:47.012 --> 01:05:49.692
No, sometimes you should have a rote response.

01:05:50.752 --> 01:05:54.432
If someone asks you what the commandments are, you have a rote response to that.

01:05:55.012 --> 01:05:59.992
The same is true for many of these attacks, but not all of them.

01:06:00.292 --> 01:06:06.712
And that's why we're addressing these sorts of attacks, because for these ones, most Christians do not have that rote response.

01:06:08.412 --> 01:06:15.332
But earlier I mentioned that even Adiaphora can become binding under certain circumstances.

01:06:16.132 --> 01:06:31.352
For Lutherans, the Solid Declaration should come to mind, because the formula of Concord actually explicitly addresses this matter, because this was a live issue to some degree during parts of the Reformation era.

01:06:32.432 --> 01:06:35.752
And so I'll read just a little bit from Article 10 of the Solid Declaration.

01:06:37.372 --> 01:07:32.472
We believe, teach and confess, that at the time of confession, that is, when a confession of the heavenly truth is required, when the enemies of God's Word desire to suppress the pure doctrine of the Holy Gospel, the entire congregation of God, yea, every Christian, but especially the ministers of the Word, as the leaders of the congregation of God, are bound by God's Word to confess freely and openly the godly doctrine, and what belongs to the whole of pure religion, not only in words, but also in works and with deeds, and that then, in this case, even in such things truly and of themselves aduefora, they must not yield to the adversaries, or permit these aduefora to be forced upon them by their enemies, whether by violence or cunning, to the detriment of the true worship of God, and the introduction and sanction of idolatry.

01:07:34.432 --> 01:07:44.992
Moreover, by such yielding and conformity in external things, where there has not previously been Christian union and doctrine, idolaters are confirmed in their idolatry.

01:07:45.772 --> 01:07:59.012
On the other hand, the true believers are grieved, offended, and weakened in their faith, both of which every Christian, for the sake of his soul's welfare and salvation, is bound to avoid.

01:08:00.932 --> 01:08:09.652
In absolutely no uncertain terms, we confess, as Lutherans specifically in this case, that this is a matter of salvation.

01:08:11.112 --> 01:08:12.132
Let me repeat that.

01:08:13.192 --> 01:08:17.932
We confess that this is a matter of salvation.

01:08:18.872 --> 01:08:24.512
If we deny Christ by denying the Word, we are apostate.

01:08:25.672 --> 01:08:42.812
If we yield in matters that are actually not in and of themselves binding, which is again to say, adiaphora, if we yield in those matters, because Satan, the world, the adversaries, the enemies are demanding that we yield, that endangers our soul.

01:08:43.392 --> 01:08:45.932
That is also a matter of salvation.

01:08:47.372 --> 01:08:50.112
These are not trivial issues.

01:08:50.852 --> 01:08:57.452
This may seem like something that's tangential to the Christian faith, and to a certain degree and in a certain light, it is.

01:08:59.572 --> 01:09:09.652
But it's not because of the simple fact that if you confess a false sin, so in this case, antisemitism, you are thereby confessing a false god.

01:09:10.612 --> 01:09:22.492
If you fail to speak a truth about the true god, you are again confessing a false god because you are violating both the first and the second commandments.

01:09:23.352 --> 01:09:35.352
The second because you are speaking falsely about god, because not only are you required not to speak falsely about god, you are required by the same commandment to speak truthfully about god.

01:09:35.892 --> 01:09:40.092
To violate it in either direction is damnable, is sin.

01:09:40.852 --> 01:09:46.172
And if you are engaged in that sin and you are impenitent, you have no promise of salvation.

01:09:47.772 --> 01:09:53.992
And when it comes to the first commandment, the matter is simple, as I have said many times before and as Woe has said in other episodes.

01:09:54.992 --> 01:10:00.252
If you are confessing a false sin, you are confessing a false god.

01:10:01.832 --> 01:10:11.132
And so if you confess that this thing is a sin and it's something that Christians can just ignore, we can just let the state do what it wants with regard to the Christian faith.

01:10:11.152 --> 01:10:15.232
The state can just say, you cannot speak these words from God's word.

01:10:15.792 --> 01:10:19.532
You cannot say these things that are contained in this book or that book.

01:10:19.872 --> 01:10:22.152
You have to excise these things from scripture.

01:10:23.292 --> 01:10:27.612
If you go along with that, you are confessing another God.

01:10:28.492 --> 01:10:48.212
Whatever name that God may have, whether you've deified the state or you've deified the so-called state of Israel or the Jews, or you've deified whatever it happens to be, you have taken God off the throne in your heart and placed an idol there, and you are no longer a Christian.

01:10:50.232 --> 01:10:52.432
These matters are essential.

01:10:54.092 --> 01:11:03.032
And whether or not we like it, we live in that time of confession, as stated in Article 10 of the Solid Declaration.

01:11:04.072 --> 01:11:16.872
This is when a confession of the heavenly truth is required, because the enemies of God's word are seeking to suppress it, and we as Christians are required to speak the fullness of it.

01:11:18.172 --> 01:11:25.332
Not just bits and pieces, not just the parts that don't make people uncomfortable, not just the parts that make us comfortable.

01:11:26.492 --> 01:11:36.552
We are required to confess the fullness of God's truth, because to do otherwise is to be apostate.

01:11:38.392 --> 01:11:44.832
As I mentioned earlier, while we were recording this, we are in the season of Lent, with Palm Sunday just a couple of weeks away.

01:11:46.692 --> 01:11:56.752
This is another moment when Satan is using the life of the Christian Church collectively through the church calendar to attack God's people.

01:11:58.012 --> 01:12:01.172
Lent culminates in Good Friday and then Easter.

01:12:02.692 --> 01:12:04.452
Just this week, the US.

01:12:04.472 --> 01:12:17.292
Bishops Conference of the Catholic Church announced that it will require a pastoral note on anti-Semitism to be placed in worship aids and pu-missiles ahead of all Good Friday Passion narratives beginning this year.

01:12:17.312 --> 01:12:22.032
I want to read you the note that they have.

01:12:22.672 --> 01:12:24.552
This is going to be available in English and Spanish.

01:12:24.572 --> 01:12:28.432
It's supposed to be in every single parish in the United States.

01:12:29.012 --> 01:12:29.932
Reads as follows.

01:12:30.632 --> 01:12:36.512
The Passion narratives are proclaimed in full so that all see vividly the love of Christ for each person.

01:12:36.892 --> 01:12:48.252
In light of this, the crimes during the Passion of Christ cannot be attributed in either preaching or catechesis, indiscriminately, to all Jews of that time nor to Jews today.

01:12:48.852 --> 01:12:55.752
The Jewish people should not be referred to as though rejected or cursed, as if this view followed from Scripture.

01:12:56.192 --> 01:13:00.932
The Church ever keeps in mind that Jesus, his mother Mary, and the Apostles all were Jewish.

01:13:01.392 --> 01:13:08.132
As the Church has always held, Christ freely suffered his Passion and death because of the sins of all that all might be saved.

01:13:09.112 --> 01:13:15.972
As we've said in the past, what they've wrapped the statement in is Jesus Butter, saying a bunch of things that are doctrinally true.

01:13:16.232 --> 01:13:18.832
It's true that Mary was a Jew, Jesus was a Jew.

01:13:20.372 --> 01:13:27.512
We talked in the episode, Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites, to what extent those types of labels apply to certain groups.

01:13:28.092 --> 01:13:30.792
But as shorthand, sure, that's fine.

01:13:32.772 --> 01:13:43.692
The reason that they get wrapped up in these details is so that when they tell you, you can't indiscriminately apply to the Jews of all time, that Christ's passion was their fault.

01:13:44.312 --> 01:13:51.872
Well, is the preaching of Peter in his first sermon, which they claim he was the first pope, it's nonsense.

01:13:51.892 --> 01:14:01.332
But even if you take their argument at face value, if Peter was the first pope, would he have been able to preach his sermons in Acts 2 and 3 with this bulletin insert?

01:14:01.712 --> 01:14:02.312
Absolutely not.

01:14:02.832 --> 01:14:12.212
Peter's preaching, the first pope's so-called preaching, is in direct violation of what today's pope is saying is the universal Christian faith.

01:14:12.752 --> 01:14:13.952
Somebody's a liar here.

01:14:14.592 --> 01:14:17.612
Either this pope is a liar or Peter's a liar.

01:14:17.892 --> 01:14:20.992
Well, Peter's in scripture, whether he's a pope or not, he's not.

01:14:21.852 --> 01:14:26.692
But he is an apostle, and the words that are recorded in scripture are infallibly true.

01:14:27.112 --> 01:14:31.712
Not because Peter spoke them, but because the Holy Ghost expressed them to us for all time.

01:14:33.292 --> 01:14:36.672
Peter preached to the crowd and said, You people killed Christ.

01:14:36.872 --> 01:14:38.892
And they said, Lord have mercy, what do we do?

01:14:38.912 --> 01:14:41.172
And he said, Repent and be baptized, you may be saved.

01:14:41.412 --> 01:14:44.832
And about 5,000 were converted one day, about 3,000 another day.

01:14:45.452 --> 01:14:46.812
It was the beginning of the church.

01:14:47.052 --> 01:14:54.652
All those Jews converted to Christianity by repenting of their Jewish wickedness, by repenting of their Jewish murder of Christ.

01:14:56.112 --> 01:15:05.372
So when this attack comes, whether it's from North South Dakota or from the Pope or from every other direction, because again, everybody's on the same page.

01:15:05.872 --> 01:15:15.632
When we routinely call this stuff the new global religion, that's why the Pope is saying the same thing as South Dakota, is saying the same thing as the European Commission.

01:15:15.952 --> 01:15:18.552
Excuse me, this is our source of doctrine?

01:15:18.712 --> 01:15:18.952

01:15:18.972 --> 01:15:23.392
That's why Corey and I will always and only point to Scripture as a source of these things.

01:15:23.792 --> 01:15:26.052
And we reference the things in the Lutheran Confessions.

01:15:26.472 --> 01:15:28.412
It's because we believe they are in accord with Scripture.

01:15:28.692 --> 01:15:32.592
We believe that the lesser document points to the greater document.

01:15:32.832 --> 01:15:33.952
Scripture is infallible.

01:15:34.112 --> 01:15:36.712
The things that point to it faithfully are true.

01:15:37.052 --> 01:15:38.932
We don't call them infallible, we just say it's true.

01:15:39.252 --> 01:15:42.712
The creeds are true because every word of them accords with Scripture.

01:15:43.232 --> 01:15:47.292
But the infallibility rests in Scripture alone because that is what's breathed out by God.

01:15:47.812 --> 01:15:52.712
And when God breathed out Scripture, He repeatedly breathed out, the Jews killed Christ.

01:15:53.612 --> 01:16:03.112
As we look at these situations today, we must recognize that as Christians, we don't always get to pick our battles.

01:16:03.712 --> 01:16:11.492
It is perfectly fine to run through the liturgy and the lectionary and focus on whatever the pericope is for a particular Sunday.

01:16:11.752 --> 01:16:13.892
That's good, that's blessed, it's what we should do.

01:16:14.552 --> 01:16:25.332
However, there are moments, there are inflection points like this, where the world demands a false confession and we don't get to stick to the script.

01:16:25.772 --> 01:16:32.872
We don't get to use what is a salutary practice as an excuse to avoid the one confession that actually matters.

01:16:33.832 --> 01:16:39.332
If I'm talking to you and the bear is right behind you, and I don't say, hey dude, there's a bear right behind you, let's get out of here.

01:16:39.712 --> 01:16:43.112
I've lied to you no matter how true the words that I spoke.

01:16:43.492 --> 01:16:45.192
This is equally true of preaching.

01:16:45.632 --> 01:16:48.672
It's equally true of all doctrines that we espouse.

01:16:49.112 --> 01:17:01.252
I don't care how true the doctrine is, if you're using it as a smoke screen for avoiding where Satan is bringing the battle, you're a liar, you're a condemned, and you will not have a promise of salvation.

01:17:02.052 --> 01:17:02.732
How can you?

01:17:03.552 --> 01:17:06.732
How can you just point to the parts of scripture that keep you out of trouble?

01:17:07.112 --> 01:17:08.272
Is that what Daniel did?

01:17:08.452 --> 01:17:10.092
Is that what the other prophets did?

01:17:10.112 --> 01:17:11.352
Is that what the other martyrs did?

01:17:11.612 --> 01:17:13.312
They didn't keep themselves out of trouble.

01:17:13.492 --> 01:17:15.092
They didn't go picking fights either.

01:17:15.292 --> 01:17:19.752
They continued to be faithful, even in the face of consequences that may be murderous.

01:17:21.372 --> 01:17:22.752
That's up to God.

01:17:22.972 --> 01:17:24.552
What's going to happen is up to Him.

01:17:25.052 --> 01:17:28.572
That's why we've done episodes on fear of God and trust in God.

01:17:29.972 --> 01:17:40.812
When the doctrine is around emphasizing Jesus' love and God's love to the exclusion of fearing God, you end up with a different God.

01:17:41.292 --> 01:17:48.452
You don't end up with the God of the Bible, because the God that's preached in many churches today is one that doesn't inspire any fear.

01:17:49.512 --> 01:17:50.752
That should fill you with terror.

01:17:51.552 --> 01:17:57.672
If you go back and listen to the Fear of the Lord episode, when you understand properly who God is, He's terrifying.

01:17:57.692 --> 01:17:59.472
He's properly terrifying.

01:18:00.252 --> 01:18:04.352
It's made clear in Scripture that if anyone beholds the Father, he's struck dead.

01:18:04.612 --> 01:18:05.672
You can't do it.

01:18:06.312 --> 01:18:10.872
That's awesome power that we don't even have words or comprehension for.

01:18:11.332 --> 01:18:22.092
We know that the awesomeness of God is more than our human bodies as creatures can withstand from our sinfulness and from the fact that we are not infinite as God is.

01:18:22.752 --> 01:18:25.412
We don't know how to explain it, but we know that it's fearful.

01:18:25.832 --> 01:18:30.612
Even God's messengers, the angels, when they're described in their true forms, are terrifying.

01:18:30.952 --> 01:18:37.632
And they say frequently when angels appear and they're not appearing in human form, they will often say, be not afraid.

01:18:38.572 --> 01:18:41.272
An angel that just looks like a dude doesn't need to say, don't be afraid.

01:18:41.552 --> 01:18:44.532
Like maybe if he appears in a room, you might be a little bit unnerved.

01:18:44.892 --> 01:18:50.432
But God's messengers and God himself are terrifying because they're holy.

01:18:50.892 --> 01:18:52.472
They're pure and they're perfect.

01:18:53.052 --> 01:18:54.792
And God has infinite power.

01:18:56.032 --> 01:19:14.152
When we reduce all of that to the loving boyfriend Jesus, who just wants to hang out and, you know, I don't know, it's like, we reduce God to the mock, mockery of buddy Christ, where he just hangs out and he's a pal and he never condemns anything.

01:19:14.852 --> 01:19:18.592
And that's really comforting because it doesn't put any pressure on you.

01:19:19.152 --> 01:19:28.612
Now, there's a sense in which you are not under pressure when you're in God's presence, because you know there's nothing you can possibly do.

01:19:28.952 --> 01:19:31.912
It's not that we can stand face to face because we're equals.

01:19:32.312 --> 01:19:36.792
It's because God's covered our sins and our imperfection with his perfection.

01:19:37.552 --> 01:19:44.492
So as we're able to stand face to face with him after judgment, it's because he's elevated us.

01:19:44.712 --> 01:19:46.332
It's not because we began as equals.

01:19:46.812 --> 01:19:48.992
And by elevated, I don't mean we become equal with God.

01:19:49.252 --> 01:19:51.892
It's simply that we're allowed to be in his presence without dying.

01:19:52.432 --> 01:19:54.272
That's miraculous unto itself.

01:19:55.192 --> 01:20:15.612
These people who want to reduce what is in Scripture, whether they're trying to uphold feminism or decry slavery or make up things like racism and anti-Semitism, or all the other doctrines so-called that we've discussed in past episodes, fundamentally, what they're doing is they're whittling away at Scripture around the edges.

01:20:16.452 --> 01:20:21.052
And what you're left with, if you believe them, is not the true God.

01:20:21.332 --> 01:20:24.812
You can't possibly have a God who isn't also terrifying.

01:20:25.032 --> 01:20:26.152
Is he only terrifying?

01:20:26.172 --> 01:20:26.892
No, absolutely not.

01:20:27.092 --> 01:20:28.332
I'm not terrified of God.

01:20:28.712 --> 01:20:39.212
I know that God is terrifying, and I'm thankful for his love that despite the sheer terror that he inspires, I don't have to be afraid because I'm an adopted son of God.

01:20:39.752 --> 01:20:40.772
That is his mercy.

01:20:40.792 --> 01:20:41.552
That is his love.

01:20:41.912 --> 01:20:43.292
That's why Easter happened.

01:20:43.892 --> 01:20:49.132
If you strip away all of that and then you only talk about Easter, what's the point?

01:20:49.152 --> 01:20:52.612
There's no story there if you don't have everything that leads up to it.

01:20:53.152 --> 01:21:07.532
And so when these attacks come, and they're going to continue to come, that's part of why we're doing this episode, it's not just about one statute and one state, or this false declaration from Rome, count 10,000 in the last thousand years.

01:21:08.432 --> 01:21:12.672
It's about the fact that this is not only an ongoing attack, but it's an escalating one.

01:21:13.272 --> 01:21:20.052
As I said earlier, this legislation is being hailed as model legislation for all the other states.

01:21:20.372 --> 01:21:28.772
Why do you think it's South Dakota, one of the least populous states in the country where Zionism is off the charts, where it was a very easy sell?

01:21:29.952 --> 01:21:30.832
I didn't follow it.

01:21:30.872 --> 01:21:35.072
I didn't know about it until after it had been ratified because I don't really pay attention to politics.

01:21:35.332 --> 01:21:37.112
And we're not trying to make a politics episode.

01:21:37.352 --> 01:21:39.012
We're trying to make a scripture episode.

01:21:39.632 --> 01:21:41.392
Daniel 6 is not about politics.

01:21:41.672 --> 01:21:43.892
Daniel 6 is about the true confession of God.

01:21:44.672 --> 01:21:50.952
When you are told by the world, you can't do this in God's name, at that moment, you must do it.

01:21:52.272 --> 01:21:54.052
We're going to face more and more of these.

01:21:55.232 --> 01:22:08.892
Part of the reason we did the episode late last year on normalcy bias as Admiral Stockdale on the cover, we are getting to the point in the timeline where these birth pangs are getting closer and closer together.

01:22:09.452 --> 01:22:14.592
And there's no reason to expect that going back to normal is in the cards.

01:22:15.752 --> 01:22:16.732
I hope it does happen.

01:22:16.812 --> 01:22:18.092
It would be nice if it did happen.

01:22:18.412 --> 01:22:20.132
I'd like to go back to the world of my childhood.

01:22:20.492 --> 01:22:21.772
It seemed pretty great.

01:22:22.512 --> 01:22:26.452
Morally, by comparison, in the arc of history, it was still a disaster.

01:22:26.792 --> 01:22:37.412
But yet compared to today, compared to kids who are growing up, you know, 40 years after me as seven-year-olds, it's a completely different, far worse world.

01:22:39.652 --> 01:22:44.312
The escalating nature of these attacks needs to be something that emboldens us.

01:22:45.092 --> 01:22:52.352
There was another guy from Twitter, a right-wing guy named Stone Toss, who was doxxed this week by the same group that doxxed me.

01:22:53.132 --> 01:22:54.652
And he's just a normal guy.

01:22:54.712 --> 01:22:55.892
He's just a cartoonist.

01:22:55.992 --> 01:23:01.972
He writes brilliant and devastating cartoons mocking the evil of this stuff.

01:23:02.892 --> 01:23:20.012
And I only mention this because I think that as these attacks come more and more, one of the things that we want to inspire by Stone Choir in general is to embolden men, to not be afraid to do what Daniel did.

01:23:20.312 --> 01:23:21.292
In your own context.

01:23:21.792 --> 01:23:24.512
Again, we're not saying I don't want every guy to become a podcaster.

01:23:24.812 --> 01:23:26.452
There should be fewer podcasts, not more.

01:23:26.792 --> 01:23:27.692
I regret being one.

01:23:27.712 --> 01:23:30.112
It's a horrible thing, but we have to do it.

01:23:31.312 --> 01:23:41.092
You don't have to go out and do exactly what other guys are doing, but you have a life, you have a family, you have a situation in a neighborhood where these things will come up.

01:23:41.592 --> 01:23:49.412
You don't have to pick the fight, but if the fight comes up, you must confess faithfully, whatever that means and whatever the consequences are.

01:23:49.912 --> 01:23:58.632
If you prayed three times a day in front of the door and a law is passed that says you're going to be executed if you keep doing that, you must keep doing it.

01:23:59.052 --> 01:24:01.152
You don't have to do anything different, but you have to keep doing that.

01:24:01.712 --> 01:24:12.292
And frankly, when these things come along that have laws that say it's illegal to say that the Jews killed Christ, if you weren't already saying that the Jews killed Christ, you stand condemned.

01:24:13.032 --> 01:24:14.032
But there is hope for you.

01:24:14.232 --> 01:24:14.652

01:24:14.672 --> 01:24:16.832
Go ahead and listen to the Repentence episode.

01:24:17.152 --> 01:24:20.292
What does it look like to repent from failing to say that the Jews killed Christ?

01:24:20.832 --> 01:24:22.412
Doesn't mean you feel bad about it.

01:24:22.432 --> 01:24:24.532
It means you change your mind and you start doing it.

01:24:24.552 --> 01:24:25.812
You don't have to do it all the time.

01:24:25.832 --> 01:24:26.712
We're not going to do it all the time.

01:24:26.732 --> 01:24:27.952
We're going to talk about this for a while.

01:24:28.292 --> 01:24:33.332
But in this moment, as this thing is happening, we must point to it and say, look right here.

01:24:33.632 --> 01:24:35.052
This is what's coming for all of us.

01:24:35.472 --> 01:24:37.372
It will almost certainly be passed in my state.

01:24:37.532 --> 01:24:38.312
Will they come for me?

01:24:38.332 --> 01:24:38.772
I don't know.

01:24:39.012 --> 01:24:39.372

01:24:39.472 --> 01:24:39.972

01:24:39.992 --> 01:24:40.352
We'll see.

01:24:40.672 --> 01:24:42.792
Am I going to change my tune in the slightest?

01:24:42.992 --> 01:24:43.292

01:24:43.752 --> 01:24:44.452
What's going to happen?

01:24:44.772 --> 01:24:45.712
I have no idea.

01:24:45.992 --> 01:24:46.572
I don't care.

01:24:46.772 --> 01:24:47.752
It's in God's hands.

01:24:48.312 --> 01:24:49.812
All these things are in God's hands.

01:24:50.232 --> 01:24:59.272
And that is why we need to have confident faith and we need to trust in the Lord and we need to fear a God who inspires that.

01:25:00.532 --> 01:25:05.612
When you have that supplicative posture towards the Lord, all this stuff gets a lot easier.

01:25:06.132 --> 01:25:09.752
You don't have to worry about how the legal ramifications are going to play out.

01:25:10.092 --> 01:25:12.572
You don't have to worry about what the consequences will be in your life.

01:25:13.032 --> 01:25:14.192
Are you doing the right thing?

01:25:14.472 --> 01:25:17.192
If you're doing the right thing, that's the end of it.

01:25:17.492 --> 01:25:18.792
God will take care of the rest.

01:25:19.292 --> 01:25:28.572
And if He protects you from the lions or if He uses you as a martyr who is an example to others of what true faith looks like, it's a blessing no matter what.

01:25:28.812 --> 01:25:29.772
It's not up to you.

01:25:30.132 --> 01:25:32.372
We are instruments in God's plan.

01:25:32.512 --> 01:25:33.252
All of us are.

01:25:33.852 --> 01:25:39.292
And when we are faithful in that manner, it means that when things like this come along, there are going to be more.

01:25:39.312 --> 01:25:41.692
And at some point, we're going to get knocked off the line.

01:25:41.712 --> 01:25:42.832
You'll never hear from us again.

01:25:43.252 --> 01:25:53.232
We hope that we can equip everyone at that point to have enough of this in mind that you can open your Bibles and say, hey, what's happening here is not what Scripture says.

01:25:53.612 --> 01:25:57.572
They're telling me to do one thing, and I remember from somewhere in the Bible, it says the opposite.

01:25:57.892 --> 01:25:58.632
Go looking for it.

01:25:58.892 --> 01:26:03.452
Or go talk to someone who knows the Bible better than you and figure out if you're being told to apostatize.

01:26:03.712 --> 01:26:04.572
Because guess what?

01:26:04.592 --> 01:26:05.252
You probably are.

01:26:05.652 --> 01:26:09.752
There's nothing that's going to come from the world that is going to enhance your faith.

01:26:10.592 --> 01:26:22.092
So back to the earlier point, when these things come from the UN, expressing doctrinal statements, like it's forbidden to say that the Jews killed Christ, what problem are they trying to solve?

01:26:22.452 --> 01:26:27.372
They're trying to camouflage the Jews who are burning down the world, which is another thing that's illegal to say.

01:26:27.812 --> 01:26:32.032
Even if you don't believe that's true, you must believe what Scripture says that the Jews killed Christ.

01:26:32.332 --> 01:26:33.192
You must believe it.

01:26:33.392 --> 01:26:34.192
Or you go to hell.

01:26:35.432 --> 01:26:36.252
Is Cory repeated?

01:26:36.272 --> 01:26:36.972
I'm going to repeat again.

01:26:37.232 --> 01:26:40.312
If you don't believe that the Jews killed Christ, you are going to hell.

01:26:40.672 --> 01:26:43.252
Because Scripture says it, and you deny it.

01:26:43.912 --> 01:26:47.792
If you don't take that seriously, then why are you pretending to be a Christian in the first place?

01:26:48.112 --> 01:26:49.412
What a waste of time.

01:26:49.832 --> 01:26:52.712
What an inconvenient thing to be, especially in this world.

01:26:53.112 --> 01:26:54.532
How stupid to be a Christian.

01:26:54.752 --> 01:26:59.812
There's so many more intelligent things to be in the world, if you want to get along with the world.

01:27:00.592 --> 01:27:08.132
If you want to get along with God, and you want to actually be a Christian, then every word breathed from the mouth of God is what you need to confess.

01:27:08.732 --> 01:27:10.172
You can't confess it all at once.

01:27:10.192 --> 01:27:10.912
Nobody can.

01:27:11.392 --> 01:27:18.052
Every one of these episodes is some sort of even a superficial deep dive on a subject.

01:27:18.072 --> 01:27:20.112
We did an entire episode on Galatians 3.28.

01:27:20.472 --> 01:27:21.912
We barely scratched the surface.

01:27:22.612 --> 01:27:24.492
We can never possibly confess everything.

01:27:24.672 --> 01:27:25.372
That's fine.

01:27:25.732 --> 01:27:28.832
But when Satan says, you can't confess this, guess what?

01:27:29.152 --> 01:27:31.372
That is the next thing that needs to come out of your mouth.

01:27:32.352 --> 01:27:33.452
It's a very simple rule.

01:27:33.972 --> 01:27:39.512
When Satan cares about you agreeing with God, you're obligated to do it.

01:27:39.992 --> 01:27:43.712
And you don't get to hide behind your true confession of something else.

01:27:44.092 --> 01:27:49.732
In the moment that you say something that is true, that is not in opposition to the world, you're a liar.

01:27:50.712 --> 01:27:54.972
It has cowardice in the very moment when we are called to have Christian boldness.

01:27:55.792 --> 01:27:57.492
That's the entire point of this episode.

01:27:58.252 --> 01:28:00.392
You don't get to pick these fights.

01:28:00.912 --> 01:28:01.872
It's not all the time.

01:28:01.892 --> 01:28:02.632
It's not every day.

01:28:02.652 --> 01:28:03.732
It's not even every year.

01:28:04.132 --> 01:28:06.732
But it's going to get worse and it's going to come for you.

01:28:07.192 --> 01:28:08.732
Your state is going to pass this stuff.

01:28:09.032 --> 01:28:11.432
It's going to come up in conversation at your church.

01:28:11.932 --> 01:28:16.692
Are you going to be apostate like Doug Wilson and double down on defending the Jews?

01:28:16.712 --> 01:28:18.932
Or are you going to say what scripture says?

01:28:18.952 --> 01:28:23.132
Or are you going to say that, well, we don't say that the Jews kill Christ because that's just envy.

01:28:23.512 --> 01:28:26.332
No, you say what God says and you defend God.

01:28:26.872 --> 01:28:32.632
And if that puts you against the UN and Doug Wilson, then God will be with you in opposing his enemies.

01:28:34.112 --> 01:28:34.892
This is the fight.

01:28:35.312 --> 01:28:36.732
It's going to divide households.

01:28:36.752 --> 01:28:39.812
It's going to divide churches, as Christ promised it would.

01:28:40.312 --> 01:28:40.872
It stinks.

01:28:41.172 --> 01:28:41.892
It's unpleasant.

01:28:41.912 --> 01:28:42.712
This isn't fun.

01:28:42.732 --> 01:28:47.632
This isn't good news in the sense of, hey, you won the lottery or, hey, I found your dog.

01:28:48.092 --> 01:28:51.812
It's good news in the sense that God has told us that these things will happen.

01:28:52.252 --> 01:28:55.852
And even when the bad things happen, we know, well, that's my God.

01:28:56.072 --> 01:28:57.932
My God told me what was going to happen, and it did.

01:28:58.172 --> 01:29:02.592
I can keep trusting Him because He always keeps His promises, even when He promises something terrible.

01:29:03.452 --> 01:29:09.192
Some days, that's all we're going to have, and it still needs to be enough to keep us in the fight until God calls us home.

01:29:10.332 --> 01:29:21.872
I would like to give the pastors in the audience a very concrete step that they can take in pursuit of being faithful in this particular matter, but just more generally.

01:29:24.292 --> 01:29:28.812
As Woe said, and as you all well know, Good Friday is coming up shortly.

01:29:30.012 --> 01:29:36.732
Here is the traditional text of a prayer that the Church has long used on Good Friday.

01:29:39.112 --> 01:29:48.992
Let us pray also for the perfidious Jews, that Almighty God may remove the veil from their hearts, so that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord.

01:29:49.972 --> 01:30:15.632
Almighty and eternal God, who dost not exclude from thy mercy even Jewish perfidiousness, hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people, that acknowledging the light of thy truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness, through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever.

01:30:16.152 --> 01:30:16.632

01:30:19.012 --> 01:30:24.652
I would first note that this is a prayer that every single one of you should be able to pray from the heart.

01:30:25.252 --> 01:30:36.112
We do pray for, we do desire the conversion of the Jews to Christianity, because we desire that for all men, because Christ died for all men.

01:30:36.652 --> 01:30:39.532
He died to atone for everything.

01:30:39.932 --> 01:30:44.112
The scope of the atonement, as I have said before, is universal.

01:30:44.632 --> 01:30:46.232
He redeemed creation.

01:30:46.272 --> 01:30:51.572
And so, of course, we want them to turn from their wickedness and come to faith.

01:30:53.072 --> 01:31:00.052
But the second point, reintroduce this into your liturgy, if you have a liturgy, and if you don't, that's a separate problem.

01:31:00.872 --> 01:31:06.592
But at least reintroduce this into your prayers, and perhaps use this explicit form.

01:31:06.612 --> 01:31:13.112
This is the pre-1955 form, as used by the Roman Church and used by a number of other churches.

01:31:13.632 --> 01:31:16.432
Lutherans have historically used one that's almost identical.

01:31:18.792 --> 01:31:21.572
Call them the perfidious Jews.

01:31:22.592 --> 01:31:32.552
Speak the truth as Scripture says it, as the Church has proclaimed it, every year without fail, for centuries.

01:31:33.992 --> 01:31:35.912
This was changed only recently.

01:31:35.932 --> 01:31:40.532
As you may have noticed, I said, this is the pre-1955 form.

01:31:41.172 --> 01:31:43.512
I wonder why it would have changed then.

01:31:44.452 --> 01:31:51.892
In 1949, Pope Pius II, at that point, at any rate, it doesn't really matter.

01:31:52.352 --> 01:32:00.252
In 1949, he issued a statement that, oh, perfidus in Latin just means faithless.

01:32:01.832 --> 01:32:06.872
Well, I have Whitaker's words here, and those of you who know any Latin will definitely know that name.

01:32:07.572 --> 01:32:13.132
Perfidus means faithless, treacherous, false, deceitful.

01:32:13.772 --> 01:32:16.952
All of those are in view in this traditional prayer.

01:32:17.612 --> 01:32:26.272
And that is why we use perfidius in English, because perfidus in Latin and perfidius in English basically have the same scope.

01:32:26.272 --> 01:32:33.592
Conveniently, we just happen to have the same word here, because of course it is the Latin we're just imported into English.

01:32:34.772 --> 01:32:39.352
So use the historic prayer, because it's true.

01:32:40.492 --> 01:32:47.652
You are calling the Jews what they are, and you are praying for their conversion, which is something we should do as Christians.

01:32:49.152 --> 01:32:55.472
This is a concrete step that you can take in the direction of being a faithful Christian.

01:32:56.292 --> 01:33:00.712
This is particularly, again, particularly true of pastors.

01:33:01.572 --> 01:33:03.172
This is incumbent on you.

01:33:04.472 --> 01:33:14.632
As the statement from the Solid Declaration, as that section I read from Article 10 said, pastors are in fact meant to be leaders of the congregation of God.

01:33:15.412 --> 01:33:17.432
That is supposed to be one of your roles.

01:33:18.792 --> 01:33:37.152
And so introduce this, reintroduce this, use something that is part of the historic practices of the church and is a good thing, because it is a true statement, it is a confession of what Scripture commands us to believe, and also of what Scripture commands us to do.

01:33:39.652 --> 01:33:41.052
So this is a concrete step.

01:33:41.712 --> 01:33:44.832
You can make this change two weeks from today.

01:33:45.172 --> 01:33:50.312
Well, not two weeks from today, because this will be released on Thursday, but two weeks and a day from today.

01:33:53.092 --> 01:33:59.532
These are not matters where it's some nebulous issue or something that's vague or difficult.

01:34:00.012 --> 01:34:07.272
It may be challenging because there may be very real consequences for doing these things, but being faithful is a fairly simple matter.

01:34:08.252 --> 01:34:14.412
It's as simple as praying that one or two paragraph prayer that I just read, readily available.

01:34:15.152 --> 01:34:33.392
You can modify it if you're so inclined, you can add to it from Scripture, but if you use that exact form, that is a step in the direction of faithfulness, and it is something that every single Christian church should be doing, particularly because it is a refutation of what Satan is saying we have to do.

01:34:34.372 --> 01:34:41.032
So, reject what Satan is saying, pick up the historic praxis of the church, and be faithful.

01:34:41.832 --> 01:34:42.752
Be a Christian.

01:34:44.852 --> 01:34:49.612
So, we're going to leave you now with quite a few minutes of readings from Scripture.

01:34:50.552 --> 01:34:54.872
As we did at the end of the Big Lie episode, Cory and I are going to take turns just reading these.

01:34:55.552 --> 01:34:57.692
Unlike that episode, we're not going to be laughing in any of this.

01:34:57.712 --> 01:34:59.132
This is deadly serious.

01:34:59.612 --> 01:35:01.612
We're also not going to give any of the citations.

01:35:02.052 --> 01:35:03.292
Those will be in the show notes.

01:35:03.672 --> 01:35:05.392
We're just going to give you words only.

01:35:06.452 --> 01:35:11.032
So we're leaving you with the words of scripture on this particular matter.

01:35:12.132 --> 01:35:28.092
Think about this for the rest of the week and whenever you reflect on this episode, when scripture says these things and the world is saying that is classic anti-Semitism, that is wickedness according to the UN and Doug Wilson, what are you going to do?

01:35:29.532 --> 01:35:32.412
Whom will you serve in that environment?

01:35:32.952 --> 01:35:35.912
You don't get to hide behind, well, Jesus died for my sins.

01:35:36.212 --> 01:35:41.272
That is a false confession, no matter how true the doctrine is, because it's not the question.

01:35:41.772 --> 01:35:45.892
You're answering a different question when you espouse that doctrine.

01:35:46.472 --> 01:35:48.452
It is a deceitful response.

01:35:48.472 --> 01:35:50.252
It is a faithless response.

01:35:50.612 --> 01:35:56.652
It's a very easy response for cowardly Christians to offer because it keeps you out of the fight.

01:35:57.452 --> 01:36:01.292
Do you think that you're in a day and an age where staying out of the fight is an option?

01:36:02.612 --> 01:36:05.432
I hope that no one who's a Stone Choir listener actually believes that.

01:36:05.952 --> 01:36:07.792
I don't think it's really possible.

01:36:08.632 --> 01:36:15.772
We create our episodes and our topics around emboldening men to first believe the truth and then to obey God.

01:36:16.392 --> 01:36:21.272
And I don't think we really leave room for the sort of man who could have that view.

01:36:22.652 --> 01:36:24.472
Again, we're going to leave you with the words of God.

01:36:25.112 --> 01:36:25.792
Think about it.

01:36:26.132 --> 01:36:27.932
This should be your confession.

01:36:28.312 --> 01:36:35.212
And if you hear words from our mouths in the last minutes of this episode that cause you discomfort, figure out why.

01:36:35.592 --> 01:36:37.192
Because it didn't come from the word of God.

01:36:37.412 --> 01:36:39.672
We're going to be reading nothing but scripture.

01:36:40.452 --> 01:36:55.352
If that makes you uncomfortable, makes you squirm, if it's something that you couldn't say to another Christian, if it's something that wouldn't be said in your church, if these are words that maybe your pastor would change the wording, or when he finished, he would explain it away somehow.

01:36:55.372 --> 01:36:58.992
Either that was a different time, or here's what those words actually mean.

01:36:59.012 --> 01:37:00.312
But it's not really all Jews.

01:37:00.332 --> 01:37:01.132
Don't worry about that.

01:37:02.832 --> 01:37:04.732
You have a problem in your life.

01:37:05.592 --> 01:37:07.012
All we can do is tell you what God says.

01:37:07.032 --> 01:37:11.012
You got to figure out from there whether you're going to believe it or not, and whether you can obey Him.

01:37:11.572 --> 01:37:17.092
Will you have the faith of Daniel, or will you be faithless when the matter is the most urgent?

01:37:19.452 --> 01:37:24.472
You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised and hardineers, you always resist the Holy Spirit.

01:37:24.872 --> 01:37:26.452
As your fathers did, so do you.

01:37:26.812 --> 01:37:29.352
Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute?

01:37:29.632 --> 01:37:39.212
And they killed those who announced beforehand the coming of the Righteous One, whom you have now betrayed and murdered, you who received the laws delivered by angels, and did not keep it.

01:37:40.292 --> 01:37:47.092
Jesus answered them, Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin.

01:37:47.632 --> 01:37:51.912
The slave does not remain in the house forever, the son remains forever.

01:37:52.472 --> 01:37:55.712
So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

01:37:56.512 --> 01:38:02.692
I know that you are offspring of Abraham, yet you seek to kill me, because my word finds no place in you.

01:38:03.472 --> 01:38:08.912
I speak of what I have seen with my father, and you do what you have heard from your father.

01:38:09.652 --> 01:38:12.272
They answered him, Abraham is our father.

01:38:12.932 --> 01:38:18.692
Jesus said to them, if you were Abraham's children, you would be doing the works Abraham did.

01:38:19.092 --> 01:38:24.192
But now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God.

01:38:24.912 --> 01:38:26.632
This is not what Abraham did.

01:38:27.192 --> 01:38:29.472
You are doing the works your father did.

01:38:30.072 --> 01:38:35.652
They said to him, we were not born of sexual immorality, we have one father, even God.

01:38:37.252 --> 01:38:43.532
Jesus said to them, if God were your father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here.

01:38:44.212 --> 01:38:47.292
I came not of my own accord, but he sent me.

01:38:47.912 --> 01:38:50.032
Why do you not understand what I say?

01:38:50.612 --> 01:38:53.152
It is because you cannot bear to hear my word.

01:38:53.792 --> 01:38:58.392
You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires.

01:38:58.972 --> 01:39:05.032
He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

01:39:05.632 --> 01:39:11.592
When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

01:39:12.072 --> 01:39:15.092
But because I tell you the truth, you do not believe me.

01:39:15.792 --> 01:39:17.852
Which one of you convicts me of sin?

01:39:18.352 --> 01:39:21.212
If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me?

01:39:21.692 --> 01:39:24.512
Whoever is of God hears the words of God.

01:39:24.992 --> 01:39:28.972
The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.

01:39:30.232 --> 01:39:34.092
But the Pharisees went out and conspired against him how to destroy him.

01:39:35.212 --> 01:39:46.212
This was why the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own father, making himself equal with God.

01:39:47.532 --> 01:39:49.652
After this, Jesus went about in Galilee.

01:39:49.992 --> 01:39:53.412
He would not go about in Judea because the Jews were seeking to kill him.

01:39:54.412 --> 01:39:56.292
Has not Moses given you the law?

01:39:56.632 --> 01:39:58.292
Yet none of you keeps the law.

01:39:58.792 --> 01:40:00.192
Why do you seek to kill me?

01:40:00.552 --> 01:40:04.352
The crowd answered, You have a demon, who is seeking to kill you?

01:40:05.472 --> 01:40:08.232
The Jews picked up stones again to stone him.

01:40:09.012 --> 01:40:15.572
The disciples said to him, Rabbi, the Jews were just now seeking to stone you, and are you going there again?

01:40:16.832 --> 01:40:20.092
So from that day on, the Jews made plans to put him to death.

01:40:21.052 --> 01:40:31.532
Then the chief priests and the elders of the people gathered in the palace of the high priest whose name was Caiaphas, and plotted together, in order to arrest Jesus by stealth and kill him.

01:40:32.712 --> 01:40:37.352
And this was why the Jews were persecuting Jesus, because he was doing these things on the Sabbath.

01:40:37.712 --> 01:40:41.692
But Jesus answered them, My father is working until now, and I am working.

01:40:42.872 --> 01:41:03.952
Men of Israel, hear these words, Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God with mighty works and wonders and signs, that God did through him in your midst, as you yourselves know, this Jesus delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified, and killed by the hands of lawless men.

01:41:05.192 --> 01:41:12.232
Let all the house of Israel therefore know for certain that God has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.

01:41:12.912 --> 01:41:18.632
Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, Brothers, what shall we do?

01:41:19.052 --> 01:41:27.672
And Peter said to them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

01:41:28.092 --> 01:41:34.932
For the promise is for you and for your children, and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.

01:41:35.372 --> 01:41:41.712
And with many other words, he bore witness and continued to exhort them, saying, Save yourselves from this crooked generation.

01:41:42.172 --> 01:41:47.452
So those who received his word were baptized, and they were added that day about three thousand souls.

01:41:48.492 --> 01:41:53.872
But you Jews denied the holy and righteous one, and asked for a murderer to be granted to you.

01:41:54.312 --> 01:41:58.452
And you Jews killed the author of life, whom God raised from the dead.

01:41:58.792 --> 01:42:00.512
To this we are witnesses.

01:42:01.632 --> 01:42:04.372
And when they had brought them, they set them before a council.

01:42:04.732 --> 01:42:14.172
And the high priest questioned them, saying, We strictly charge you not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and you attend to bring this man's blood upon us.

01:42:14.592 --> 01:42:18.652
But Peter and the apostles answered, We must obey God rather than men.

01:42:19.032 --> 01:42:22.852
The God of our fathers raised Jesus, whom you killed by hanging on a tree.

01:42:23.312 --> 01:42:29.352
God exalted him at his right hand as leader and Savior, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins.

01:42:30.012 --> 01:42:35.352
And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.

01:42:35.932 --> 01:42:38.572
When they heard this, they were enraged and wanted to kill them.

01:42:39.272 --> 01:42:44.572
For you, brothers, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus, that are in Judea.

01:42:45.052 --> 01:43:01.672
For you suffered the same things from your own countrymen, as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind, by hindering us from speaking to the nations, that they might be saved.

01:43:02.092 --> 01:43:04.632
So as always to fill up the measure of their sins.

01:43:05.192 --> 01:43:07.292
But wrath has come upon them at last.

01:43:08.432 --> 01:43:25.892
Pilate then called together the chief priests and the rulers and the people, and said to them, You brought me this man as one who was misleading the people, and after examining him before you, behold, I did not find this man guilty of any of your charges against him, neither did Herod, for he sent him back to us.

01:43:26.172 --> 01:43:29.072
Look, nothing deserving death has been done by him.

01:43:29.392 --> 01:43:31.212
I will therefore punish and release him.

01:43:31.872 --> 01:43:37.492
Now the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and destroy Jesus.

01:43:38.332 --> 01:43:47.792
But they all cried together, Away with this man, and release to us Barabbas, a man who had been thrown into prison for an insurrection started in the city and for murder.

01:43:48.092 --> 01:43:54.252
Pilate addressed them all once more, desiring to release Jesus, but they kept shouting, Crucify, crucify him.

01:43:54.752 --> 01:43:56.532
A third time he said to them, Why?

01:43:56.872 --> 01:43:57.972
What evil has he done?

01:43:58.252 --> 01:44:00.452
I have found in him no guilt deserving death.

01:44:00.812 --> 01:44:02.612
I will therefore punish and release him.

01:44:02.912 --> 01:44:08.452
But they were urgent, demanding with loud cries that he should be crucified, and their voices prevailed.

01:44:09.472 --> 01:44:22.092
So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, I am innocent of this man's blood, see to it yourselves.

01:44:22.872 --> 01:44:27.432
And all the people answered, his blood be on us and on our children.