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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast.

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I am Corey J.

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And I'm still Woe.

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On today's Stone Choir, we're going to be discussing the subject of inheritance.

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As we began this many two-part series last week discussing jealousy and zealousness, we are continuing now with notions of how God and how man deals with subject of inheritance.

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What does it mean to inherit something?

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What are the systems by which that operates?

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Why do we do it?

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Why does God do it?

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When and where does that occur?

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Before we get into it properly, just a brief update on the challenge coins.

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Corey has pictures of the samples.

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The physical samples are en route to his house.

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Should be getting them hopefully by the end of this week.

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As soon as we get those, we'll post some pictures online so everyone can see them.

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Probably making a couple tiny tweaks and then placing that order.

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So thank you to everyone for your patience.

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Also, I've noticed in the download stats in the last 10 days, we have a ton of new listeners.

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We're happy to have you.

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So it's worth listening to an episode from a year or so ago because it's still going to be fresh because, you know, it's not current events as much as we can help it.

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And even when we do tackle current events, it's because those are examples of broader issues that are affecting all of us.

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So if you're enjoying it, random episodes, highly recommend you listen to order.

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There are a lot of foundational concepts that we rely on from PAP episodes.

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So just something to keep in mind and welcome.

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On the subject of inheritance, to begin with, I want to distinguish between when we're talking about what we think of as manmade customs and we're talking about things that are from God, that are godly, or that are biblical commandments in some cases, because this subject really kind of overlaps all of that.

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And I think it's important for us, whenever we're approaching really any subject in human life, is to consider that God created us, He created man in His image.

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We have the fallen image of God now that is restored through sanctification.

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As creatures made in God's image, there are things that we do because we are like Him.

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There are certain things that are typological that naturally occur to man, that we simply do it because this is how God does things.

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And inheritance is one of the examples of that.

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So we make the case today for why inheritance is interesting and important.

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I wanna distinguish between things that we think of as manmade human procedures or customs or laws and things that we do because God established them.

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And so when we look at the passages about inheritance in scripture, it's clear that God establishes inheritance just as He establishes the legal system, which is to be clear, there's not synonymous with the Levitical law.

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I'm not saying God has given us a list of laws.

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I'm saying that God invented the concept of laws.

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God invented the concept of a judge, of evidence, of witnesses.

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These are all things that God baked into creation.

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And so when humans do those things, it's not because we made them up ourselves.

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This is a lie that comes from the secular humanist camp where really I think kind of beginning with guys like Jung and then there are acolytes down the road in history.

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The secular humanists want everyone to think that the reason that all these various cultures all around the world have things like a flood narrative or have various types of legal systems or have some sort of patriarchy or matriarchy, if it's an evil society.

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Secular humanists want you to think that man invented all of these things as an upwelling of our own spirit.

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And there's no supernatural connection to any of it.

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It's all just entirely man and there's no God.

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That's their goal for talking about things in that way.

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As Christians, we have to understand that all the things that we do, we do because God made us to do them, or we do because we're rebelling against the way God made us to do things.

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Both of those happen, but it's always one or the other.

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When God is your creator, either you're doing what He created you to do, or you're rebelling against the purpose for what you were created.

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And in our fallen sinful nature, it's always rebelling against the purpose which God created us, which is why things like judicial systems and all these other things always have serious problems.

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But they don't have problems because they're manmade.

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They have problems because sinners are using the tool.

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But the tool itself, whether it's the legal system or even something like poetry, there's lots of poetry in scripture, and men naturally create poetry and other art.

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And I think when we read the Bible and we recognize that there are different genres of literature in the Bible, we think that that's because that's God talking to us in our language.

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I think it makes a lot more sense to recognize that that is us recognizing God speaking his own language.

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There are times when God has facts and figures and entire chapters that are nothing but numbers, basically a spreadsheet.

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And then there are times where there's poetry.

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And we also see this in creation.

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You know, if you see a beautiful mountain vista or you see a sunset, the ephemeral beauty of that sort of thing can't be captured in a spreadsheet.

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You can't capture it quantitatively.

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And even to try to describe it in clinical terms really does a great violence to the beauty of what you're seeing.

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And so things like poetry are how we, like a God, communicate certain types of beauty that you can't capture any other way.

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It's not, part of the beauty of a sunset is that it's passing.

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Its beauty is that you are witnessing something beautiful even as you're losing it.

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You're watching this beautiful moment slip away.

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And then when the sun goes beneath the horizon, it's over, that's it.

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And the beauty is in the passage and the loss of that thing.

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So when we as humans appreciate or engage in all these things, you know, whether it's poetry or inheritance or anything, we're doing something because it's typologically what God has given us to do.

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Now, it's not always 100% the case, but I think that when you think in those terms and you look in scripture and you find these same sorts of things, it's not just guys living, men living together in societies and coming up with rules.

00:08:02.812 --> 00:08:21.492
You know, as I was looking at some of the history of things like inheritance and dowry, once again, Babylon came up, you know, 4,000 years ago, when you look at things like the Code of Habarabi, there are very similar rules and processes that pagan society was using, that you also find in believing societies throughout time.

00:08:21.812 --> 00:08:23.532
And the rules vary and the details vary.

00:08:23.572 --> 00:08:34.652
And as we talk about inheritance today, I want to make clear upfront, we're not giving a prescription for, here are exactly what we must do with inheritance and our own families.

00:08:34.832 --> 00:08:56.512
We're going to give some examples, and I'll point out specifically what I mean then, but we want to appreciate God's creation and giving us these tools, because God not only talks about the blessings of material wealth and temporal things that are given to us for our benefit and our aid, but our salvation is also an inheritance.

00:08:56.732 --> 00:08:59.672
It's the most important one, but it's not the only one.

00:09:00.212 --> 00:09:12.932
And so there are times where, when we're looking at this subject in particular, we have to recognize that, as God is operating in these terms, it's for our benefit, and it's not something we came up with.

00:09:12.952 --> 00:09:19.992
And so as we discuss inheritance today, don't get plugged into the legal thinking about it, even though we discuss some of those things.

00:09:20.012 --> 00:09:26.552
Just keep in mind that this is fundamentally God giving us something and showing us how his world works.

00:09:26.992 --> 00:09:42.632
And so when we're participating in the concept of inheritance and of property and of jealously possessing our property and having zeal for those property rights, it's not greed, it's not mind, mind, mind.

00:09:43.252 --> 00:09:44.652
It is properly ordered.

00:09:44.672 --> 00:09:47.732
It is a stewardship of that which God has blessed us with.

00:09:48.252 --> 00:09:52.872
And inheritance is a means by which those blessings propagate through generations.

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As we pointed out last week, inheritance ties in intricately and extensively to the idea of jealousy.

00:10:03.052 --> 00:10:09.352
And that is why we did the jealousy episode first, and why this is really sort of a two-part episode.

00:10:10.672 --> 00:10:13.832
Fundamentally, that is how God has structured things.

00:10:15.012 --> 00:10:20.912
Because the things of which you are jealous, in large part, are the things that you have inherited.

00:10:20.932 --> 00:10:23.992
They are the things that constitute your inheritance.

00:10:24.652 --> 00:10:30.772
And in fact, the things that God gives you, then become part of the inheritance that you pass forward.

00:10:31.532 --> 00:10:35.332
And we see this concern in many places in Scripture.

00:10:35.912 --> 00:10:39.672
And obviously, children are mentioned many times in Scripture as being a blessing.

00:10:40.332 --> 00:10:49.592
But part of the reason that children are that blessing is that children are what enable you to pass forward the inheritance that God has given you.

00:10:50.612 --> 00:10:58.972
And so, of course, as those children who have received that inheritance from our forefathers, we are to be jealous of that because God has given that to us.

00:10:58.992 --> 00:11:01.112
It is a blessing from God.

00:11:02.012 --> 00:11:17.112
One of the examples in Scripture that should very clearly come to mind is, of course, Abraham, called Abram at the time of this particular instance in Scripture, but we'll just use Abraham, except when I'm reading it, because that's easier to understand and remember.

00:11:17.732 --> 00:11:22.892
But from Genesis 15, After these things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision.

00:11:23.292 --> 00:11:27.312
Fear not, Abram, I am your shield, your reward shall be very great.

00:11:27.912 --> 00:11:36.552
But Abram said, O Lord God, what will you give me, for I continue childless in the heir of my house as Eleazar of Damascus.

00:11:37.152 --> 00:11:43.352
And Abram said, Behold, you have given me no offspring, and a member of my household will be my heir.

00:11:44.072 --> 00:11:46.152
And behold, the word of the Lord came to him.

00:11:46.732 --> 00:11:50.932
This man shall not be your heir, your very own son shall be your heir.

00:11:51.472 --> 00:11:57.092
And he brought him outside and said, Look toward heaven and number the stars, if you are able to number them.

00:11:57.792 --> 00:12:00.572
Then he said to him, So shall your offspring be.

00:12:01.292 --> 00:12:04.932
And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness.

00:12:06.692 --> 00:12:20.352
We can see here one of the fundamental aspects of inheritance, as I just mentioned, is this giving forward of what God has given to us to those who come after us.

00:12:20.372 --> 00:12:23.932
And obviously that means first and foremost to children.

00:12:24.672 --> 00:12:28.332
Yes, there are others to whom an inheritance can be given.

00:12:28.872 --> 00:12:31.592
Obviously it benefits the larger family as well.

00:12:31.612 --> 00:12:35.812
Your cousins and others are going to benefit if you leave behind a large inheritance.

00:12:36.152 --> 00:12:40.792
But first and foremost, it is a matter of what you are giving to your children.

00:12:40.812 --> 00:12:45.952
And there are some specifics about this in Scripture and in human custom.

00:12:45.972 --> 00:12:47.652
We'll get into those later in the episode.

00:12:49.112 --> 00:12:51.952
But fundamentally, this needs to be borne in mind.

00:12:52.792 --> 00:12:55.912
An inheritance belongs to your children.

00:12:55.992 --> 00:13:01.192
It is something that you are holding in trust, after a fashion, for those children.

00:13:01.972 --> 00:13:13.832
And so we like to think in the modern context, particularly living under the sort of political and economic systems we do, that this is mine and I can do whatever I want with it.

00:13:15.252 --> 00:13:17.632
And that's simply not true.

00:13:18.172 --> 00:13:20.272
That's not the reality of the situation.

00:13:20.812 --> 00:13:29.592
Because the things that you have, by and large, were inherited, you inherited them from previous generations.

00:13:30.892 --> 00:13:35.692
You didn't necessarily earn them, so to speak, and they are not really yours.

00:13:36.832 --> 00:13:44.852
They will be carried forward, they will be given, they will be bequeathed to the next generation as part of the inheritance you leave behind.

00:13:45.312 --> 00:13:48.412
It's that unbroken chain all the way down through history.

00:13:49.032 --> 00:13:56.752
And of course, it has to be an unbroken chain, because if there's any break in that chain, there's nothing to carry forward.

00:13:57.712 --> 00:14:02.312
This is most clear when it comes to children, when it comes to biological descent.

00:14:03.632 --> 00:14:11.812
All of us can trace our ancestry directly back to Noah, and then from Noah back to Adam, of course.

00:14:12.492 --> 00:14:17.152
That is an unbroken chain, because a break in the chain would mean someone did not have children.

00:14:17.832 --> 00:14:18.992
You wouldn't exist.

00:14:19.452 --> 00:14:24.452
If any one of your ancestors were removed from that chain, you would not exist.

00:14:25.612 --> 00:14:33.312
And so think about that if you are thinking about the scope of inheritance, because inheritance is not just property.

00:14:33.332 --> 00:14:44.832
We like to think that, oh, inheritance is the real estate that our parents passed to us or the bank account they passed to us or any of these material possessions, as it were.

00:14:46.252 --> 00:14:50.872
But first and foremost, your first possession really is your body.

00:14:51.352 --> 00:14:52.872
It is who and what you are.

00:14:54.172 --> 00:14:59.192
And that is also an inheritance, because that is something that was given to you by your parents.

00:14:59.672 --> 00:15:08.732
It is something they received from their parents, and their parents from their grandparents, and so on and so forth, again, all the way back to Noah and Adam.

00:15:09.432 --> 00:15:21.552
And we see this also in Scripture, because Scripture speaks of the fact that the Levites, who were still in the loins of their ancestor in Abraham, tithe to Melchizedek.

00:15:22.192 --> 00:15:25.832
Well, that's because they are part of that inheritance.

00:15:26.412 --> 00:15:30.972
They are what Abraham passed forward genetically, biologically in this case.

00:15:31.772 --> 00:15:38.392
And so it's not just material possessions that constitute the inheritance one receives and one transmits.

00:15:39.132 --> 00:15:43.152
It is also all of these other and, quite frankly, more important things.

00:15:44.052 --> 00:15:48.132
And so in a very real sense, your nation is an inheritance.

00:15:48.632 --> 00:15:56.112
Yes, it is something of which you should be jealous, as we discussed in last week's episode, but it is also part of your inheritance.

00:15:56.132 --> 00:15:58.892
And of course, that is part of the reason you should be jealous of it.

00:15:59.692 --> 00:16:01.112
It is yours.

00:16:01.752 --> 00:16:10.992
It belongs to you and to your fellow members of your nation, because it was given to you by your ancestors, because it was given to them by God.

00:16:11.952 --> 00:16:17.672
And so we're not saying that you have your genetic makeup and it's yours and you possess it, and it's...

00:16:19.192 --> 00:16:25.652
Yes, that's true, but on a higher and more important level, that is true because it was given to you by God.

00:16:26.212 --> 00:16:38.712
And that is why, as we went over in last week's episode, it is something of which you should be jealous, because it is rightfully yours, because it was given to you by God as a blessing, and you should be protective of that.

00:16:39.332 --> 00:16:42.272
You should be jealous of that.

00:16:43.232 --> 00:16:44.312
You should be proud of that.

00:16:44.332 --> 00:16:46.832
That's something given you by God.

00:16:48.212 --> 00:16:59.332
And so when someone tells you that you can't be proud of, say, your ancestry, and this is one of the best examples, because we hear this all the time in the modern world, that's simply wrong.

00:17:00.192 --> 00:17:04.132
That's telling you to be ashamed of something God gave you.

00:17:04.772 --> 00:17:07.652
It's telling you to denigrate one of God's good gifts.

00:17:08.572 --> 00:17:10.332
That's not something that a Christian does.

00:17:10.352 --> 00:17:11.972
That's something the modern world does.

00:17:12.312 --> 00:17:14.992
That's something the people who argue for the blank slate do.

00:17:15.492 --> 00:17:16.672
There's no blank slate.

00:17:17.072 --> 00:17:26.052
You are not a blank slate, because you received an inheritance biologically, genetically, and yes, also culturally in all these other ways.

00:17:27.512 --> 00:17:34.672
So you are not a blank slate, because all of those things were there from the beginning, because that is how God designed humanity.

00:17:34.972 --> 00:17:36.512
That is how God designed you.

00:17:36.532 --> 00:17:39.612
As Scripture says, He knew you in the womb when He knitted you together.

00:17:40.632 --> 00:17:47.892
God intended you to be who and what you are, and in large part, that is a function of inheritance.

00:17:49.412 --> 00:17:55.972
The single most obvious example in Scripture of an inheritance that we all share is original sin.

00:17:56.992 --> 00:17:58.672
You can go back to, I think, Episode 2.

00:17:59.212 --> 00:18:01.292
We talk about election in view of headship.

00:18:01.872 --> 00:18:12.832
We discuss the nature of inherited sin, and this is something that different denominations treat somewhat differently, and it's really important to get it right.

00:18:12.912 --> 00:18:40.632
And although we're not going to talk about it here today, once you understand that you die, as Scripture says, because you inherit Adam's sin, you must understand that there are generational curses and generational blessings, that the post-enlightenment notion that we are atomized individuals, and when you're born, you're basically starting from scratch, and you live your best life, and then you vanish, and you try to zero your bank account on the day you die.

00:18:41.232 --> 00:18:44.972
That's kind of the boomer ethos today, but it's not human.

00:18:45.492 --> 00:18:46.892
It's certainly not Christian.

00:18:47.652 --> 00:18:54.512
It's never been true, and it doesn't work, but it doesn't work because it's contrary to God's design for the universe.

00:18:55.892 --> 00:19:02.532
So when you're looking at inheritance in any sense, you have to acknowledge that it's a real thing.

00:19:03.092 --> 00:19:11.772
If you deny that inheritance is real and substantial, at some point you're going to say something that forces you to deny original sin.

00:19:12.752 --> 00:19:37.292
And the useful thing about speaking honestly and directly and precisely about these matters is that when you treat each of the individual little details, like inheritance law or the proper structure of things, and you order it according to the way God says these things should operate, you're never going to fall into the trap of saying, well, there's no such thing as a generational curse because there are no generations, because there's no inheritance.

00:19:37.712 --> 00:19:47.112
Well, as Corey just said, the man who denies race is also going to eventually have to deny original sin.

00:19:47.512 --> 00:20:07.092
He's going to have to deny his creator at some point, because as you work back through the generations, you find that all sorts of things are passed on from one generation to the next, but they don't necessarily, genetically speaking, they don't necessarily go down, you know, five, ten generations, they may fade away.

00:20:07.532 --> 00:20:21.512
But when you're talking about something that is not material, something that's spiritual, particularly something like original sin, yes, it propagates until the last man is born, because that is the way the world is designed.

00:20:22.012 --> 00:20:28.252
Now, God didn't design man to inherit sin, God designed man to inherit the image of God.

00:20:28.892 --> 00:20:35.552
Adam was made in the perfect image of God, and Adam destroyed it by listening to his wife and disobeying God.

00:20:36.172 --> 00:20:42.972
And that sin is the reason that I die and you die, and everyone we've ever known and loved has or will die.

00:20:43.812 --> 00:20:48.932
And there's something I said a week or two ago that as I was re-listening to the episode, I wanted to clarify.

00:20:49.612 --> 00:20:52.392
First, let me give you just a couple of passages from Proverbs.

00:20:52.792 --> 00:21:00.412
Proverbs 13, 22 says, A good man leaves inheritance to his children's children, but the sinner's wealth is laid up for the righteous.

00:21:01.372 --> 00:21:06.532
So I looked that up, you know, that's obviously just directly to material wealth, which is a good thing.

00:21:06.552 --> 00:21:07.792
It's a blessing from God.

00:21:08.692 --> 00:21:14.172
Two verses later, it says, Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

00:21:14.892 --> 00:21:20.012
And so a week or two ago, I said that it is good news that we die.

00:21:20.032 --> 00:21:23.752
I think I basically called our death, in essence, the gospel.

00:21:24.292 --> 00:21:27.692
I realized I was listening to that, that there was a lot of thought behind it that I didn't explain at the time.

00:21:27.952 --> 00:21:29.832
That probably sounded weird if you're paying attention.

00:21:30.012 --> 00:21:31.412
It may have sounded blasphemous to you.

00:21:32.072 --> 00:21:32.692
It's not.

00:21:32.832 --> 00:21:35.152
What I was talking about is what we're talking about here today.

00:21:36.952 --> 00:21:39.732
The fact that we die is because we inherit Adam's sin.

00:21:41.212 --> 00:21:42.892
And that is a bad thing.

00:21:42.912 --> 00:21:44.912
I'm not saying it's a good thing that we die.

00:21:45.512 --> 00:21:49.692
But I am saying it's also a good thing that we die.

00:21:49.712 --> 00:22:02.592
And it's one of the really difficult parts for people to wrap their heads around in Christianity is that there are certain times and places where God is operating in creation where both and applies.

00:22:02.952 --> 00:22:15.792
Where two contrary things, not even seemingly contrary, but actually explicitly mutually exclusive things are simultaneously true, as we did in the episode on the Eucharist on communion.

00:22:16.172 --> 00:22:26.232
If you agree with the Lutheran conception of what scripture says about communion, it is simultaneously bread and his body, it's blood and it's wine.

00:22:26.452 --> 00:22:28.432
It's both of those things at the same time.

00:22:28.912 --> 00:22:30.832
The Calvinists say it can only be one or the other.

00:22:30.852 --> 00:22:32.912
The Chroma Catholics say it can only be one or the other.

00:22:33.152 --> 00:22:35.752
And they disagree about which one it has to be.

00:22:36.632 --> 00:22:40.072
When you look at the passages and scriptures we went over in that episode, it's clearly both.

00:22:40.292 --> 00:22:42.412
Even though it's contradictory, it doesn't make sense.

00:22:42.712 --> 00:22:45.072
You look at it like, I can't reconcile that.

00:22:45.872 --> 00:22:51.792
Which is why it's important to, as a predicate to any of these discussions, trusting in God.

00:22:52.112 --> 00:22:58.572
And when you clearly look at God's Word and He says it's one thing and it's the other at the same time, you have to believe Him.

00:22:59.212 --> 00:23:06.532
Because the God who spoke the universe into existence, when He says something is true, it is true, even when our brains can't handle it.

00:23:07.012 --> 00:23:18.852
Now, we've said this before, you have to be careful of that sort of sales pitch, because any manner of garbage could be fed to someone, say, oh yeah, don't worry about the fact that it seems insane and doesn't make any sense.

00:23:19.252 --> 00:23:23.712
That's potentially a setup for you to digest all manner of wicked teachings.

00:23:24.352 --> 00:23:27.032
So, Scripture is the judge.

00:23:27.532 --> 00:23:32.692
When Scripture says it's one thing and it's another thing and they contradict each other, Scripture is still right.

00:23:33.112 --> 00:23:37.152
Because God is not contradicting himself, He's giving us a hard teaching.

00:23:37.692 --> 00:23:39.232
And that is the case with death.

00:23:39.912 --> 00:23:46.932
Death is our punishment for Adam's sin and for our sin, because Adam's sin, as we inherit it, is our sin.

00:23:47.192 --> 00:23:50.252
We're guilty of our own sin because we're Adam's sons.

00:23:50.712 --> 00:23:56.632
And on top of that inherited guilt, we pile on a lifetime of brand new sins that we add to the pile.

00:23:57.412 --> 00:24:07.372
As we're recording this, this is just after Holy Week, which culminated in Good Friday and Easter, God paid the price for all those sins on the cross.

00:24:07.872 --> 00:24:14.592
And He paid the price for our sins, loving us before we were created, knowing that we were going to commit those sins.

00:24:15.232 --> 00:24:22.512
So, as we said in a recent episode, when you point to the cross, it is simultaneously the law and the gospel.

00:24:22.992 --> 00:24:28.672
You point to Christ's crucified body on Good Friday, the law is that my sins did that.

00:24:29.172 --> 00:24:30.692
My sins killed God.

00:24:31.492 --> 00:24:35.912
And you point to that very same body hanging on the cross and say, this is the gospel.

00:24:36.252 --> 00:24:40.212
God loved me so much that while I was His enemy, He died for me.

00:24:40.652 --> 00:24:41.972
That is the love that He had.

00:24:42.232 --> 00:24:45.932
And He died to cancel out my sin, so that it's wiped away forever.

00:24:46.872 --> 00:24:48.692
It's both of those things at the same time.

00:24:48.912 --> 00:24:51.092
So is the crucifixion a good thing or a bad thing?

00:24:51.632 --> 00:24:58.052
It's the worst, most evil crime ever committed in history, and it's the greatest act of love ever committed in history, too.

00:24:58.652 --> 00:25:00.092
It's both at the same time.

00:25:00.512 --> 00:25:16.192
So while Adam was cast out of the garden because he sinned against God, the specific reason he was removed, because God says very clearly in Genesis, if he was still able to eat from the tree of life, he wouldn't die.

00:25:16.872 --> 00:25:18.112
And then what would happen to him?

00:25:18.352 --> 00:25:20.172
He would be God's enemy forever.

00:25:20.672 --> 00:25:24.632
An immortal, fallen Adam is a horrendous curse.

00:25:24.652 --> 00:25:26.092
It's an unimaginable curse.

00:25:26.592 --> 00:25:29.012
It's worse than any transhumanist fantasy.

00:25:29.452 --> 00:25:36.812
The idea that we would live in enmity with God for eternity without dying, I can't think of anything more horrible than that.

00:25:37.472 --> 00:26:02.452
And so it's simultaneously true that Adam's death was a blessing from God because in death, the Christian death, where we have already been baptized into Christ, where we go into the water with him and we die and we arise a new man, the new regenerate man, when his death occurs, his bodily death, it is an entry into eternal life.

00:26:03.232 --> 00:26:04.572
Again, that's a thing that's contradictory.

00:26:04.592 --> 00:26:07.632
You're talking about temporal death and eternal life.

00:26:07.652 --> 00:26:10.912
These are, you know, these are, it's like yin and yang stuff.

00:26:10.932 --> 00:26:15.532
It's polar opposites, and yet it's true at the same time because God says so.

00:26:15.812 --> 00:26:20.412
So if Adam had never died, that would have been a horrible curse, which is why I said it's good news that you die.

00:26:20.932 --> 00:26:23.452
It's good news when God disciplines you.

00:26:23.652 --> 00:26:29.332
It's good news when God doesn't spare the rod, but when He loves you and He's diligent and disciplining you.

00:26:29.872 --> 00:26:31.932
And that ultimate discipline is our death.

00:26:32.672 --> 00:26:48.732
But our death, our inheritance of Adam's death, while it is a temporal punishment for our sin, the Christian hope is that God has earned our salvation on the cross and gives it to us freely in faith.

00:26:49.232 --> 00:26:58.332
And so when we die, as terrible and tragic as that day is for all of our friends and family, when you lose a loved one, you're mostly feeling sorrow usually.

00:26:58.812 --> 00:27:07.052
But especially if it's a believer who's had strong faith and you have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they're in heaven, you can still be joyful.

00:27:07.052 --> 00:27:08.412
Simultaneously it hurts.

00:27:08.832 --> 00:27:15.192
It hurts to have that loss, but there's joy in that death because you know that they are now perfected in Christ.

00:27:15.812 --> 00:27:18.112
That's the greatest hope that any of us can have.

00:27:18.352 --> 00:27:22.012
And as I've said before, hope is not hopeful.

00:27:22.212 --> 00:27:23.792
It's not a probabilistic thing.

00:27:24.292 --> 00:27:28.172
Our hope in God is certainty because it's a certainty in His promises.

00:27:28.892 --> 00:27:36.872
And so when God talks about us inheriting Adam's death, what's the offset?

00:27:37.212 --> 00:27:38.332
We inherit Adam's death.

00:27:38.412 --> 00:27:40.752
That's one part of our spiritual inheritance.

00:27:41.212 --> 00:27:44.812
And then as Christians, what does God say?

00:27:45.052 --> 00:27:50.552
We are adopted as sons of God, which makes us coheirs with Christ of eternal life.

00:27:50.572 --> 00:27:52.252
You can go read Romans 8.

00:27:53.212 --> 00:28:00.272
Paul goes on at some length talking about the heirship that we have with Christ in the eternal life, which He won on the cross.

00:28:00.932 --> 00:28:15.052
And so while death is our inheritance, according to our fallen sinful nature, eternal life is our inheritance, according to God's perfect will and His perfect grace to save us, despite not deserving anything.

00:28:15.612 --> 00:28:21.692
I think that's another aspect of all this inheritance that really, especially in modern years, rubs us the wrong way.

00:28:22.032 --> 00:28:24.552
Because we think about everything in terms of deserving.

00:28:24.952 --> 00:28:29.252
I don't deserve to die because Adam listened to his wife and ate the wrong piece of fruit.

00:28:29.272 --> 00:28:29.872
That's not fair.

00:28:30.472 --> 00:28:30.852
It isn't.

00:28:30.912 --> 00:28:31.712
That's not fair at all.

00:28:31.932 --> 00:28:33.852
Some other guy did something and I get punished for it.

00:28:33.872 --> 00:28:34.932
It's totally unfair.

00:28:35.192 --> 00:28:36.792
And that's exactly how it works.

00:28:38.132 --> 00:28:38.492

00:28:38.512 --> 00:28:39.852
Because it's what God says.

00:28:40.112 --> 00:28:41.472
And we don't get to argue.

00:28:41.732 --> 00:28:45.692
And the only response that we should have is Lord have mercy, I believe.

00:28:46.152 --> 00:28:49.232
There's no back talk to the Creator.

00:28:50.352 --> 00:28:53.972
As we again said many times, go read Job, see what happens when you back talk God.

00:28:54.252 --> 00:28:55.632
And you start at Job 38.

00:28:56.072 --> 00:28:58.232
God puts him in his place in a hurry.

00:28:58.672 --> 00:29:00.492
And Job wasn't even that bad.

00:29:00.692 --> 00:29:03.732
Certainly not nearly as bad as much of the unbelief that we have today.

00:29:05.312 --> 00:29:11.332
The manner in which we are given eternal life is inheritance, but it's one that's not deserved.

00:29:11.852 --> 00:29:27.892
And that's, it's a distinct part of this, because when we look at what is deserved and undeserved, in a sense, you don't deserve to have your parents' stuff when they die, but in another sense, you do, because it's your inheritance.

00:29:28.132 --> 00:29:30.032
Do you deserve it because you're a good person?

00:29:30.732 --> 00:29:34.572
No, that's not really how it works, but you're their son or their daughter.

00:29:34.752 --> 00:29:35.812
We'll get to that in a minute.

00:29:35.832 --> 00:29:52.652
But to inherit something temporal, something material from an older generation is a blessing from God, and it's something we don't necessarily deserve, yet at the same time, we recognize that it is rightly ours.

00:29:53.912 --> 00:30:00.172
And eternal life, our inheritance of eternal life is equally true of that.

00:30:00.512 --> 00:30:02.812
You don't inherit eternal life because you deserve it.

00:30:03.632 --> 00:30:12.952
And even when eternal life is promised to us and is given to us, and even when we are jealous of our inheritance of eternal life, which every Christian should be, what do you do?

00:30:13.332 --> 00:30:17.792
You zealously guard your promise of eternal life by living a Christian life.

00:30:18.172 --> 00:30:23.372
When you're adopted as a son of God and co-heir with Christ, what kind of life are you going to lead after that?

00:30:23.852 --> 00:30:30.672
Are you going to continue in the waves that you realize once you find Christ, are the reason he was nailed to the cross in the first place?

00:30:30.972 --> 00:30:31.972
Or do you try to cut it out?

00:30:32.472 --> 00:30:35.372
Do you try to not do the things that you know you shouldn't have been doing?

00:30:35.792 --> 00:30:40.212
And either in your willful evil or simply in your ignorance, you persisted.

00:30:40.712 --> 00:30:45.912
Once you know, you realize, I'm God's son now, I've been adopted.

00:30:46.372 --> 00:30:52.172
And as God's son, as an adopted son of God and co-heir with Christ, I'm going to stop messing around.

00:30:52.552 --> 00:30:53.952
I'm not going to break the rules.

00:30:53.972 --> 00:31:06.912
I'm going to try to do those things which bring God honor, not because it's going to make me deserve my inheritance, but because I wish to be an honorable participant in it and to receive it with gratitude.

00:31:07.292 --> 00:31:08.452
And it's still imperfect.

00:31:09.072 --> 00:31:12.272
That's where the original sin continues to lag behind.

00:31:13.152 --> 00:31:15.712
We don't lose our original sin in baptism.

00:31:16.092 --> 00:31:18.312
We still bear that guilt, which is why we die.

00:31:18.672 --> 00:31:21.912
Our death is a proof that our original sin remains with us.

00:31:23.432 --> 00:31:28.352
But the inheritance of eternal life comes at death, so it is actually good news that God kills us.

00:31:28.812 --> 00:31:34.612
If he were an absentee father that didn't care at all, he'd let us live forever, as eternal enemies.

00:31:35.312 --> 00:31:40.952
And that frankly seems like a worse description of hell than anything that could actually be there.

00:31:41.372 --> 00:31:51.732
So we should be thankful for all of these inheritances, and particularly in the Christian life, that the inheritance of eternal life, which is totally undeserved, is given freely.

00:31:52.432 --> 00:32:07.032
And then he tells us, he goes out of his way, he gives us the Bible, he gives us faithful preaching, and we hear, hopefully every week, the good news proclaimed that despite deserving nothing, our inheritance is an eternal life that's waiting for us when we die.

00:32:07.052 --> 00:32:09.392
Does that make your death a good thing or a bad thing?

00:32:10.392 --> 00:32:12.272
It kind of makes it both, and that's okay.

00:32:12.612 --> 00:32:14.032
It can be both at the same time.

00:32:15.952 --> 00:32:21.152
One of the most important things that we inherit is, in fact, the Church.

00:32:22.412 --> 00:32:27.052
We went over this, as Will mentioned, in Episode 4, Election in View of Headship.

00:32:28.652 --> 00:32:35.772
So I won't repeat all of that here, but I do want to emphasize the fact that the Church is an inheritance.

00:32:38.292 --> 00:32:43.532
Now, I want to explain that, because some will maybe push back against that.

00:32:45.292 --> 00:32:49.272
First off, it is important to note that God acts in time via means.

00:32:49.292 --> 00:32:56.892
We went over this to some extent in the aforementioned episode, so I recommend you go and listen to that or re-listen to that if necessary.

00:32:58.652 --> 00:33:05.512
But it is fundamentally important to understand that God does not simply zap someone and give him belief.

00:33:06.852 --> 00:33:07.892
That's not how it works.

00:33:08.532 --> 00:33:11.932
God has decided he is going to act via means.

00:33:12.652 --> 00:33:24.512
And that typically means his word, whether it is preached or read, however you happen to encounter the word, however you experience the word and understand it.

00:33:25.732 --> 00:33:29.692
The word is the means that God uses to transmit that faith forward.

00:33:30.872 --> 00:33:32.612
Well, how do you receive the word?

00:33:33.152 --> 00:33:38.372
There are verses that should come to mind, of course, but quite simply, it's very straightforward.

00:33:39.552 --> 00:33:41.792
Someone has to present it to you.

00:33:43.512 --> 00:33:45.732
Now, you may think, well, I could read it.

00:33:46.072 --> 00:33:53.412
Well, that's true, but someone had to create the book, that actual physical artifact, the printed version of the Bible.

00:33:54.032 --> 00:34:00.732
Because if you are the one picking it up and reading it, particularly if it's for the first time, you most certainly did not create it.

00:34:02.012 --> 00:34:07.112
When you hear the word for the first time, you are not the one doing the speaking.

00:34:07.372 --> 00:34:08.912
Someone else is doing that.

00:34:09.872 --> 00:34:18.132
That had to have been transmitted down through the generations over a course of millennia in order for you to hear that truth.

00:34:18.612 --> 00:34:29.592
Now, yes, God has ensured, because He has promised, that His word will remain, and that we will be able to have that word and to read, to hear it, etc.

00:34:30.152 --> 00:34:34.132
However, that is a general promise.

00:34:34.752 --> 00:34:39.092
It is not given to any one specific person or group of people.

00:34:40.472 --> 00:34:54.172
In order for you to have heard the word, it is necessary that you had faithful ancestors or that someone else had faithful ancestors who then sent a missionary for your people to hear that word.

00:34:55.192 --> 00:34:57.052
And so the church is an inheritance.

00:34:57.732 --> 00:35:08.352
Thankfully, the church, unlike most inheritance, because typically most inheritance, you inherit something and it gets split among the children.

00:35:08.372 --> 00:35:14.292
We will go into some of the details on that in a little bit, but typically it is split among the children.

00:35:14.312 --> 00:35:18.852
And so the inheritance is, to an extent, diminished as it is split.

00:35:19.312 --> 00:35:25.672
Yes, you can then use that inheritance to grow your own inheritance to pass on to your own children as it is supposed to work.

00:35:25.692 --> 00:35:27.192
You aren't simply supposed to sit on it.

00:35:27.872 --> 00:35:30.392
That makes you the wicked servant who buried his talent.

00:35:31.912 --> 00:35:34.352
However, that division does take place.

00:35:34.372 --> 00:35:35.832
That's not the case with the faith.

00:35:36.832 --> 00:35:45.652
The faith can be transmitted with no loss, which is to say that each new believer adds to the inheritance and does not detract from it.

00:35:45.672 --> 00:35:56.552
There's no division in the same sense as, say, if you took a bank account with $100,000 in it and you divided it among two children, they would each get $50,000, assuming you did it evenly.

00:35:58.752 --> 00:36:00.052
That's not the case with the faith.

00:36:00.612 --> 00:36:07.552
If I tell you about Christ and you believe because what I told you, there are now two believers, and we both have the faith.

00:36:07.872 --> 00:36:09.172
There's no diminishment there.

00:36:12.292 --> 00:36:15.432
However, that transmission was necessary.

00:36:16.212 --> 00:36:27.972
And so the church herself is fundamentally a matter of inheritance, and that is the way in which nations, peoples, eras even, can be faithful.

00:36:27.992 --> 00:36:34.992
A faithful nation is going to transmit forward that inheritance of the truth to future generations.

00:36:36.092 --> 00:36:38.452
And that is, of course, what makes that nation faithful.

00:36:39.732 --> 00:36:51.892
If at some point some generation, some certain link in the chain is faithless and does not transmit the faith forward, the next generation will not have faith.

00:36:52.772 --> 00:36:54.052
It doesn't just come out of nowhere.

00:36:54.392 --> 00:36:56.692
Again, God doesn't just zap you and give you faith.

00:36:57.132 --> 00:36:58.352
He works via means.

00:36:58.912 --> 00:37:01.992
This is something that has to be transmitted forward.

00:37:02.072 --> 00:37:03.372
It is an inheritance.

00:37:04.152 --> 00:37:08.652
And if you do not receive it as an inheritance, you simply will not receive it.

00:37:10.212 --> 00:37:20.832
And so that is why it is so fundamentally important for the older generations to transmit this faith forward to future generations to pass on this inheritance.

00:37:21.432 --> 00:37:23.692
They received it from those who came before them.

00:37:23.952 --> 00:37:26.652
They are supposed to pass it to those who come after them.

00:37:27.312 --> 00:37:31.112
That is one of the most important parts of the Christian life.

00:37:32.012 --> 00:37:34.712
Old men are supposed to teach young men the faith.

00:37:35.212 --> 00:37:50.672
You are supposed to grow in your faith over the course of your life, so that you are able to teach younger men, particularly if you are a father, so you are able to teach your sons, and then your grandsons and your great-grandsons, if you are so lucky that God keeps you alive long enough to see them.

00:37:51.672 --> 00:37:54.252
That is part of your duty as a Christian.

00:37:55.952 --> 00:37:57.312
It is a matter of inheritance.

00:37:57.332 --> 00:38:00.072
You are passing forward that inheritance.

00:38:00.092 --> 00:38:02.892
It's not, again, it is not just material.

00:38:03.632 --> 00:38:09.772
It's not just money, it's not just real estate, it's not your collection of whatever you happen to collect.

00:38:10.652 --> 00:38:18.572
Yes, those things are also an inheritance that you pass forward, but the most important inheritance is the church.

00:38:20.432 --> 00:38:27.972
The church has to be maintained generationally, because as Woe just explained, and as we all know, we die.

00:38:30.372 --> 00:38:44.492
You cannot have a church maintained by mortal human beings who die, who have finite lifespans if it is not passed on to their children, if that inheritance is not carried forward.

00:38:45.272 --> 00:38:51.292
If you know something, and you tell no one about it, and then you die, that knowledge dies with you.

00:38:52.712 --> 00:39:01.712
Now, as we have explained a number of times in previous episodes and elsewhere, the Christian faith is a matter of knowledge.

00:39:02.592 --> 00:39:11.492
Not just knowledge, also faith, also belief, but you have to have the knowledge, because otherwise, in what are you believing?

00:39:12.152 --> 00:39:24.152
If you just have some sort of, as if this were even possible, but if you just had some sort of nebulous faith, it would not be the Christian faith, because the Christian faith is in a concrete set of tenets.

00:39:25.512 --> 00:39:28.072
We enumerate those, you can just look at the creeds.

00:39:29.232 --> 00:39:34.972
We know what the Christian faith teaches, what you have to believe to be a Christian.

00:39:36.072 --> 00:39:39.512
And this is the three forms of knowledge, as it were.

00:39:39.532 --> 00:39:43.852
We've gone over many times, notitia, ascensus and fiducia.

00:39:44.432 --> 00:39:54.832
Those first two are essentially purely a matter of what we are discussing in this episode, inheritance, passing forward the knowledge that is the Christian faith.

00:39:55.892 --> 00:39:58.772
Yes, those to whom it is passed must believe.

00:39:58.792 --> 00:40:00.152
That's the third, fiducia.

00:40:00.652 --> 00:40:11.452
If they do not have that faith, they are not Christians, but they have to have the content of the faith first in order to believe in it, because that is the means through which the Spirit works.

00:40:11.472 --> 00:40:12.772
That is what Scripture tells us.

00:40:14.412 --> 00:40:20.452
And so when we think of inheritance, we shouldn't just think in the secular terms, as it were.

00:40:21.472 --> 00:40:27.152
We need to think about the fullness of what God gives us and what we are passing forward to future generations.

00:40:28.012 --> 00:40:33.452
And first and foremost, it is the Christian faith that is an inheritance.

00:40:34.312 --> 00:40:43.512
And Scripture speaks of not just the Christian faith as an inheritance, but also what you receive with the Christian faith, eternal life and all these other things.

00:40:44.152 --> 00:40:49.412
As an inheritance, we inherit with Christ because we are made sons of God.

00:40:49.952 --> 00:40:55.772
We are restored to that right relationship with God through the blood of Christ.

00:40:57.712 --> 00:41:01.932
And yes, it is sons, as we've gone over in previous episodes, but I will go over again.

00:41:02.332 --> 00:41:14.852
The reason it says sons is because historically, traditionally, as Scripture says, and quite frankly, rightfully, it is sons who inherit and not daughters.

00:41:16.112 --> 00:41:33.392
And that is why Scripture is explicit in saying sons, because every Christian, whether male or female, man or woman, inherits as a son of God, because we all inherit eternal life equally.

00:41:33.412 --> 00:41:34.472
There's no distinction there.

00:41:34.492 --> 00:41:36.992
This is where Galatians 3.28 comes in.

00:41:37.012 --> 00:41:44.792
We have gone over that in an episode entitled Galatians 3.28, and I generally just recommend listening to that one again.

00:41:45.892 --> 00:41:51.672
But that is why it says that we are sons of God, because even women inherit as sons.

00:41:53.232 --> 00:42:04.152
Now, yes, in Scripture, there are cases where a daughter does inherit, but the general rule is that inheritance goes to the sons.

00:42:04.812 --> 00:42:10.912
The reason for this is a distinction in the way that marriage works for a man versus a woman.

00:42:12.492 --> 00:42:15.012
For a man, he takes a wife.

00:42:16.192 --> 00:42:19.292
She becomes part of his family.

00:42:19.312 --> 00:42:22.092
They are forming a new link in that chain.

00:42:22.672 --> 00:42:24.172
She is joining a family.

00:42:24.592 --> 00:42:25.472
He is the head.

00:42:26.052 --> 00:42:27.112
She is not the head.

00:42:27.512 --> 00:42:28.772
The head is in control.

00:42:28.792 --> 00:42:34.032
The head is in the position of authority, and so she joins under him in his family.

00:42:34.772 --> 00:42:39.052
For the woman, as I just said, she is joining another family.

00:42:39.572 --> 00:42:40.592
She is not the head.

00:42:41.112 --> 00:42:54.492
And so that is why traditionally, she did one of the reasons that traditionally, the woman does not inherit, because she is no longer in the same way part of her original birth family.

00:42:54.512 --> 00:42:56.732
She has become part of her husband's family.

00:42:57.052 --> 00:43:02.072
She has created a new link in that chain, and that is what she is helping to carry forward.

00:43:02.612 --> 00:43:09.132
And so she has that inheritance from that family, which will be then passed on to her children.

00:43:10.172 --> 00:43:21.152
So there's a fundamental difference in the way that marriage and all of these things work for men versus women, and that's one of the reasons that daughters traditionally do not inherit.

00:43:22.092 --> 00:43:31.012
Now, of course, the big exception is when a man has no sons, then he has no son to whom to pass the inheritance.

00:43:31.532 --> 00:43:35.812
And so scripture in a couple places addresses this explicitly, actually.

00:43:36.512 --> 00:43:41.272
The daughters then would inherit, and that is how it is functioned in many societies.

00:43:41.852 --> 00:43:45.212
Some have passed it to the nearest male relative.

00:43:46.152 --> 00:43:49.872
This is not something that scripture says you must absolutely do it this way.

00:43:50.672 --> 00:43:56.672
It is not a matter where the moral law speaks to us explicitly in detail, as it were.

00:43:56.692 --> 00:43:58.592
Now, there are general recommendations.

00:43:58.872 --> 00:44:13.912
There's no set of rules, which is to say that society is free, the godly prince is free, in light of what scripture says, to draft rules for inheritance, for how these things work in reality, because that is the civil law.

00:44:14.732 --> 00:44:33.572
And the civil law, yes, there's civil law in scripture, but the civil law is not binding on us in the same way and to the same extent as the moral law, because as mentioned many times, the moral law flows from the nature of God and is therefore unchanging, and man has no say in it, as it were.

00:44:34.152 --> 00:44:40.492
We are required to follow the moral law exactly as it has been passed to us or revealed to us by God.

00:44:41.112 --> 00:44:42.492
There are no exceptions to it.

00:44:42.512 --> 00:44:44.472
There's no, well, I would like to do.

00:44:44.912 --> 00:44:45.172

00:44:45.992 --> 00:44:48.392
The moral law says X, you do X.

00:44:48.872 --> 00:44:51.772
If the moral law says do not do X, you do not do X.

00:44:52.752 --> 00:44:58.792
The civil law is by and large left up to human wisdom with the guidance of Scripture.

00:45:00.652 --> 00:45:19.392
If you happen to be a fellow Crusader Kings 3 player, you're probably familiar with some of the elaborate permutations of inheritance that exist historically in the West and as well as in other cultures dealing with which sons receive which portions, are there preferences for male versus female.

00:45:20.272 --> 00:45:22.132
It's very elaborate and it varied by culture.

00:45:22.152 --> 00:45:27.152
And as Corey said, there's not an explicit law from God saying it must be this way.

00:45:27.812 --> 00:45:34.752
And I want to make an explicit note here because Stone Choir listeners want to try to be God and do what God says.

00:45:35.212 --> 00:45:37.812
We are absolutely not saying, write your daughters out of your will.

00:45:38.132 --> 00:45:38.952
Please don't do that.

00:45:40.532 --> 00:45:48.432
What we are saying is that when a society is godly, generally, there's no need for daughters to be in the will.

00:45:48.932 --> 00:45:53.072
Because as Corey said, when a daughter marries, she's marrying into a family.

00:45:53.472 --> 00:45:57.372
So it's just marrying for love, just marrying because the guy is really cute.

00:45:57.872 --> 00:45:58.492
Not enough.

00:45:59.052 --> 00:46:00.972
Not really the right barometer.

00:46:01.412 --> 00:46:04.272
You know, absolutely for both of those, those should be there.

00:46:04.772 --> 00:46:06.992
But you are marrying into a family.

00:46:07.532 --> 00:46:08.672
It's a package deal.

00:46:09.432 --> 00:46:11.512
And that's why she takes his name.

00:46:11.872 --> 00:46:20.292
That's why the father gives her hand to her groom in marriage as a transfer, saying she is now your principal problem.

00:46:21.872 --> 00:46:41.492
The interesting thing when you look at the history of things like inheritance, there is also historically going back all the way to antiquity, the notion of dowries, which is basically a form of inheritance for the female that doesn't occur at the death of the parents, but it occurs upon marriage.

00:46:41.952 --> 00:46:47.492
It is in effect a portion of her inheritance, but it's received at the moment when she needs it the most.

00:46:48.152 --> 00:46:52.392
And historically, dowries are given primarily for two overlapping purposes.

00:46:53.092 --> 00:47:07.792
One, so that at the moment when the new husband and wife, the newly formed bond of marriage is created, they can hit the ground running having kids, and they will have the means to care for the kids.

00:47:08.232 --> 00:47:27.112
Because while the father of the bride might not care about the welfare of her new husband, not directly or necessarily implicitly, he certainly still has an invested interest in his daughter's children, because those are just as much his grandchildren as his heirs on the male side.

00:47:27.612 --> 00:47:42.552
And so what dowry has historically done is for parents to be able to transfer a portion of their wealth to their daughters upon their marriage so that in the moment when they're forming a family, that family formation can go as optimally as possible.

00:47:43.092 --> 00:47:56.732
And the other purpose of dowries was to ensure even if the husband turned out to be a bad husband or if the husband dies, the dowry was there in part to ensure that the wife and any of her offspring would be cared for materially.

00:47:57.272 --> 00:47:59.792
And so it was there to provide security for her.

00:47:59.812 --> 00:48:10.372
And often in various cultures, when the dowry was given to the wife, she would have legal rights to it that the husband would not have over that portion of the dowry.

00:48:10.892 --> 00:48:15.772
We'll link in the show notes the Wikipedia article so you can just see again some of the variations there.

00:48:15.792 --> 00:48:26.612
So there's not necessarily a right answer for any of this, but it's interesting just to pay attention to the fact that historically, these considerations have always been a part of human experience.

00:48:27.112 --> 00:48:30.392
And again, because we're atomized today, we have no notion of this.

00:48:30.412 --> 00:48:39.912
We have no notion in the West of favoring family formation and sacrificing now for the sake of future generations.

00:48:40.292 --> 00:48:42.632
It's basically unthinkable to most people today.

00:48:43.172 --> 00:48:46.572
What's interesting is that it absolutely exists today in other cultures.

00:48:47.052 --> 00:48:55.312
When I lived in the Bay Area, it was the norm among East Asian, Southeast Asian and Indian families.

00:48:55.792 --> 00:49:01.932
Generally, they would have a number of family members, a lot of family members, all in the same general area, even if they're around the country.

00:49:02.412 --> 00:49:04.752
When a couple would get married, you know what they'd do?

00:49:05.072 --> 00:49:07.152
They'd buy them a house, pay cash.

00:49:07.852 --> 00:49:09.112
The house would be paid for.

00:49:09.132 --> 00:49:13.192
The new couple, when they got married, would be handed the keys without a mortgage.

00:49:14.072 --> 00:49:16.812
And this is the Bay Area, you know, 15 years ago or so.

00:49:17.112 --> 00:49:19.812
We're talking about 500, 800 million dollar houses.

00:49:20.652 --> 00:49:22.012
Not a small investment.

00:49:22.032 --> 00:49:27.272
These families were doing well for themselves, but they were also putting their money where their mouth was.

00:49:27.292 --> 00:49:37.872
Because, you know, there are probably a dozen families chipping in for, you know, easily five or six figures to ensure that that new couple could get off on the best possible foot.

00:49:38.292 --> 00:49:42.612
And then the expectation is that everyone in the community continues to pay it forward.

00:49:42.912 --> 00:49:53.592
So later on, when that couple has had a bunch of kids on our chores, and they've done even better for themselves financially, they will help to buy other people's kids' houses.

00:49:53.892 --> 00:49:57.252
And they'll buy their own kids' houses when they get old enough for the same purpose.

00:49:57.852 --> 00:50:01.092
So it's not exactly a dowry, but you can see the principles the same.

00:50:01.592 --> 00:50:07.532
There is a natural, godly impulse for every people to want to see their kids do well now.

00:50:08.232 --> 00:50:13.292
And I think it's one of the things that's, in some cases, it's almost gone again from the boomer ethos.

00:50:13.812 --> 00:50:17.772
If you're new and you haven't heard us talk much about boomers, we did an entire episode.

00:50:17.792 --> 00:50:19.592
We've done a couple of episodes about generations.

00:50:20.012 --> 00:50:26.292
And the one particular in the generational divide, we talk about when we say this, we're not trying to be hateful or spiteful.

00:50:26.912 --> 00:50:39.092
We describe there how there is a particular set of beliefs and behaviors in the generation, particular to the boomers and the older Xers, that isn't even present for the silent generation, their own parents.

00:50:40.972 --> 00:50:48.072
And one of the problems that we have is that there's this notion, like I said earlier, you make sure that the last check you write bounces.

00:50:48.492 --> 00:50:49.512
That's a boomer joke.

00:50:49.972 --> 00:50:57.672
The idea that I'm going to run everything to zero, maybe I'll run up credit card debt, and so the day I die, all the bills come due and I'm gone.

00:50:57.692 --> 00:50:58.612
It's not my problem.

00:50:58.972 --> 00:50:59.752
What are they doing?

00:51:00.452 --> 00:51:02.512
They joke about it, and it's not a joke either.

00:51:02.972 --> 00:51:10.792
They have the incentive in their own moral compass to not leave an inheritance to their children, let alone their children's children.

00:51:11.652 --> 00:51:17.632
It's the opposite of the notion particularly manifest in the dowry to see your children do well in your life.

00:51:18.092 --> 00:51:24.012
And then certainly for your male heirs, when you die, or again, as I said, for your daughters as well.

00:51:24.692 --> 00:51:26.992
Don't write your daughters out of your will because you heard this episode.

00:51:28.452 --> 00:51:29.272
Act in wisdom.

00:51:29.492 --> 00:51:38.132
If we solved about 30 or 40 other problems, maybe someday we'll get to the point where we can go back to having proper dowries and proper inheritances.

00:51:38.652 --> 00:51:41.592
But we don't first solve the problem of cutting kids out of wills.

00:51:41.612 --> 00:51:42.152
Don't do that.

00:51:42.652 --> 00:51:45.812
Let's try to build a society where this stuff just works the way it used to.

00:51:46.152 --> 00:51:49.412
Because for thousands of years, this stuff was basically sorted out.

00:51:49.672 --> 00:51:50.592
It was never perfect.

00:51:50.852 --> 00:51:51.932
There are sinners involved.

00:51:52.172 --> 00:51:54.752
There's jealousy and foolishness and rivalries.

00:51:55.552 --> 00:51:56.032
Guess what?

00:51:56.052 --> 00:51:56.772
That's human life.

00:51:57.452 --> 00:51:58.872
You can't solve that with a law.

00:51:59.172 --> 00:52:01.932
You can only solve that with God's love.

00:52:02.372 --> 00:52:04.912
And with people actually believing and wanting to obey God.

00:52:05.952 --> 00:52:30.272
But when you think about structuring society, when inheritance is taken from the children, one of the things that we're seeing in our own church today, the LCMS, is making a very concerted grab against the trusts and the inheritances of the boomers as they're dying to divert that transfer of intergenerational wealth away from their children, if they have any, into the church.

00:52:30.292 --> 00:52:32.212
Because they say, no, no, no, your kids are going to be fine.

00:52:32.232 --> 00:52:33.392
You don't want them to be spoiled.

00:52:33.572 --> 00:52:34.152
You know what?

00:52:34.532 --> 00:52:36.272
Let's just give that to the LCMS.

00:52:36.292 --> 00:52:37.352
We're going to use it for missions.

00:52:37.572 --> 00:52:39.012
We have all these foreigners coming here.

00:52:39.292 --> 00:52:40.392
We're going to tell them about Jesus.

00:52:40.512 --> 00:52:41.252
It's going to be great.

00:52:41.552 --> 00:52:46.932
You should give most of what you have, give it to God, and just make the checkout to the LCMS Corporation.

00:52:47.672 --> 00:53:07.452
That's typical in a lot of churches today, to try to drain that intergenerational wealth, to be envious of it, to covet that which is rightly being passed from fathers and grandfathers to children and grandchildren, and put it into something that is outside of the typical way these things are treated.

00:53:07.712 --> 00:53:12.832
Now, a lot of these matters are going to be a function of how wealthy you are personally.

00:53:13.352 --> 00:53:27.912
I'd imagine that there are probably not many of our listeners because it's just there aren't that many people in the world who actually have to worry about intergenerational estate management and setting up trust because there's so much there that there's plenty to spread around.

00:53:28.552 --> 00:53:30.172
And that's a reasonable consideration.

00:53:30.652 --> 00:53:39.112
If you have $100 million, it's perfectly fine as a matter of wisdom to say, I'm not going to give my son $100 million.

00:53:39.532 --> 00:53:42.552
Or if, you know, maybe you have enough kids and grandkids, you can spread it evenly.

00:53:43.292 --> 00:53:44.652
It's up for grabs.

00:53:44.812 --> 00:53:50.372
There's no moral dicta that says you must give this percentage to this and not this.

00:53:51.292 --> 00:53:59.932
For many people, it's absolutely a laudable thing to give some money to a worthwhile charity, including a worthwhile church program.

00:54:00.572 --> 00:54:01.452
That's a good thing.

00:54:01.912 --> 00:54:07.632
But the consideration is how much is there to go around.

00:54:08.012 --> 00:54:22.592
And what we see is that in most families, in the typical American family, like right now, somebody who's, you know, 15, 20 years younger than me will probably never be able to afford a house, which is kind of bonkers because their parents probably own homes.

00:54:23.072 --> 00:54:25.252
Will they be given those homes as an inheritance?

00:54:25.972 --> 00:54:27.012
In some cases, yes.

00:54:27.032 --> 00:54:27.932
In some cases, no.

00:54:27.952 --> 00:54:35.272
You know, in some cases, the house has to be sold and liquidated to settle the estate, to divide it up among various children.

00:54:36.272 --> 00:54:43.872
That winnowing function that occurs when things are diluted, it's an opportunity to decide as individuals what makes sense.

00:54:44.312 --> 00:54:54.612
You know, there are entirely permissible cases where maybe a child does need to be removed from a will, or maybe they don't need to be removed, but they can't really be trusted in their own judgment.

00:54:55.072 --> 00:55:08.432
And so anything that's given to them needs to be put in a managed trust so that they can have access to what they need, but they won't have access to, you know, do drugs or whatever damaging thing makes their judgment suspect.

00:55:08.712 --> 00:55:13.412
You know, if you give this kid $100,000, he's probably gonna be dead in a week.

00:55:14.112 --> 00:55:15.072
There are people like that.

00:55:15.152 --> 00:55:21.072
There's absolutely no moral or scriptural argument to say, you gotta give somebody a loaded gun.

00:55:21.532 --> 00:55:22.172
Absolutely not.

00:55:22.512 --> 00:55:24.032
These are all matters of wisdom.

00:55:24.472 --> 00:55:31.332
But the moral necessity is that, you know, Proverbs 13, a good man leaves inheritance to his children's children.

00:55:32.172 --> 00:55:45.812
Now, as we said earlier, one of the fundamental things to understand about all inheritance is that this intergenerational transfer is never deserved by any generation.

00:55:46.212 --> 00:55:50.432
It's God pouring out his blessings on us generation after generation.

00:55:50.772 --> 00:55:53.992
So if your parents did really well in life, guess what?

00:55:54.272 --> 00:55:55.092
God bless them.

00:55:55.532 --> 00:56:00.192
And so for them to remember you in their will is God blessing you.

00:56:00.832 --> 00:56:12.152
And if unfortunately, because so many of these things have been completely lost from society and culture and especially inside the church, but just in general, no one thinks about this anymore.

00:56:12.172 --> 00:56:22.192
I mean, more frankly, the pattern that has emerged in the last couple decades, really some of the richest people on earth, I think, began really heavily pushing it.

00:56:22.752 --> 00:56:38.392
The idea, I'm not going to leave my kids anything because they're going to be spoiled because, you know, guys like Buffett have accumulated so much wealth in evil ways, even assuming that it's entirely possible to accumulate wealth in a morally illicit fashion.

00:56:38.672 --> 00:56:39.272
It happens.

00:56:39.332 --> 00:56:40.792
It's a blessing from God.

00:56:41.112 --> 00:56:44.072
Again, if somebody has more money than you, don't assume they're a crook.

00:56:44.492 --> 00:56:48.232
Assume for the sake of charity that God has blessed them and be thankful for them.

00:56:48.532 --> 00:56:51.072
Don't covet it and don't envy them that they have it.

00:56:53.052 --> 00:57:05.572
But the thing that has happened at the richest echelons of Western culture and has trickled down and been normalized really throughout all boomer and younger culture today is that I'm not going to leave my kids anything.

00:57:05.592 --> 00:57:06.552
They're spoiled brats.

00:57:06.572 --> 00:57:07.592
We don't really get along.

00:57:07.832 --> 00:57:08.872
I'm not going to give them anything.

00:57:09.092 --> 00:57:10.072
They don't deserve it.

00:57:10.392 --> 00:57:11.392
I don't owe it to them.

00:57:11.952 --> 00:57:13.072
They get nothing.

00:57:13.272 --> 00:57:17.392
Or they get a pittance, and I'm going to give it to a dog shelter or to my church or whatever.

00:57:18.992 --> 00:57:31.172
At some point, those things cease to be matters of wisdom and actually do become matters of sin because there is a rightful expectation that children will receive their parents' inheritance.

00:57:31.852 --> 00:57:36.272
As we were saying the last few minutes, house divided up is entirely a matter of wisdom.

00:57:37.152 --> 00:57:45.272
In a perfect society, probably your girls wouldn't get anything when you die, but you would have given them a large check, the best you're able, when they got married.

00:57:45.572 --> 00:57:47.752
So it's never about leaving anyone out in the cold.

00:57:48.032 --> 00:57:49.392
It's precisely the opposite.

00:57:49.712 --> 00:57:57.872
It's about taking care of everyone intergenerationally as good stewards of the blessings from God, which is really the other crucial aspect of this.

00:57:58.092 --> 00:58:00.792
When we're talking about the material, it's stewardship.

00:58:01.352 --> 00:58:03.992
It's again not, as I said last week, it's not mine, mine, mine.

00:58:04.472 --> 00:58:06.952
It's not I'm jealous of this, I'm hoarding, and I'm gonna keep it all.

00:58:07.272 --> 00:58:21.192
It's I'm going to be zealous for the gifts of God and make sure that those gifts as best as possible can be perpetuated to my heirs, to my future generations, not to random people all around the world.

00:58:21.792 --> 00:58:28.272
If someone loves the stranger 6,000 miles away more than they love their own kids, they're evil.

00:58:28.952 --> 00:58:30.132
They're straight up evil.

00:58:30.312 --> 00:58:31.812
That is not godly.

00:58:32.292 --> 00:58:33.972
Even pagans do better than that.

00:58:34.292 --> 00:58:40.752
And scripture often contrasts pagans who behave better than Christians who are not behaving like Christians at all.

00:58:41.132 --> 00:58:43.152
We should take those passages a lot more seriously.

00:58:43.612 --> 00:58:49.292
God is very clear that there are a lot of pagans that live more godly lives than the people who claim his name.

00:58:49.612 --> 00:58:50.872
No, it doesn't save them.

00:58:51.372 --> 00:58:57.392
If they don't know and confess Christ, if they don't acknowledge his sacrifice for their sins, they're not saved.

00:58:57.752 --> 00:59:06.152
But in this life, they will behave in a more godly manner and they will confess a more godly system of behavior for whatever reason.

00:59:06.172 --> 00:59:13.952
You know, they were just raised right or they have an instinctive heart towards doing that, which is ordered towards godly things, which is also possible.

00:59:14.492 --> 00:59:18.932
God's law is written on every man's heart, and we reject it by varying degrees.

00:59:19.552 --> 00:59:33.232
But the fact that we have Christians in the church who are leaving their kids with nothing or next to nothing out of spite, out of just really contempt, is wickedness.

00:59:33.792 --> 00:59:44.692
And unfortunately, many of us now are becoming victims of that sort of wickedness, and particularly because it's your parents, but just in general, because you are a Christian, you have to forgive them.

00:59:44.712 --> 00:59:51.152
You know, when we pray, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, this is a part of that.

00:59:52.972 --> 01:00:02.932
To the extent that the inheritance from your parents is a debt owed to you, if you don't receive it, if you are cheated out of it, you have to forgive it.

01:00:03.172 --> 01:00:04.432
You can't hate them for it.

01:00:05.032 --> 01:00:13.472
You lament that they lack the wisdom and the godliness to do what was right, but you cannot hate family, especially your own parents.

01:00:14.012 --> 01:00:16.452
You must love them even when they do wicked things.

01:00:16.872 --> 01:00:21.092
Now, that doesn't mean you have to be in their lives as though nothing is wrong.

01:00:21.512 --> 01:00:22.552
There are absolute cases.

01:00:22.572 --> 01:00:25.972
I think we talked about this in the generational divide episode.

01:00:26.492 --> 01:00:31.912
Maybe the most loving thing you can do with your parents is to have them out of your lives, especially if they're harming your children.

01:00:32.492 --> 01:00:35.072
But you can't hate them.

01:00:35.172 --> 01:00:36.152
You have to forgive them.

01:00:36.692 --> 01:00:42.852
So when we talk about these things, obviously these are real life subjects in many people's lives, and they will be for others.

01:00:44.332 --> 01:00:45.972
You're going to hear some things, many of you.

01:00:45.992 --> 01:00:52.932
They're like, yeah, either I've done this wrong or my parents did me wrong or my grandparents or, you know, sin is all around us.

01:00:53.012 --> 01:00:56.512
Newsflash means you're alive, means you're a human being on Earth.

01:00:57.872 --> 01:01:06.272
Remember that everything that we do in the Christian life is predicated on our ability, our gift from God, to forgive sins in God's name.

01:01:06.292 --> 01:01:09.072
And when you forgive someone's sins, they are forgiven.

01:01:09.212 --> 01:01:14.952
When someone sins against you, and you ask God to forgive them, it's done.

01:01:15.892 --> 01:01:19.792
To the extent that they owe you a debt, that debt is forgiven, and God won't hold it against them.

01:01:20.212 --> 01:01:26.132
And at the very end of Job, God tells him, basically, your friends have been foolish.

01:01:26.152 --> 01:01:26.972
They've been wicked.

01:01:28.172 --> 01:01:31.972
Offer a sacrifice to intercede for them, and I will forgive them for your sake.

01:01:32.472 --> 01:01:38.172
That is intercessory prayer, and that is forgiveness of sins with man as a proximate cause.

01:01:38.412 --> 01:01:45.732
Not because we have the power to forgive sins, but because God has given us, as Christians, the authority to forgive those who sin against us.

01:01:46.752 --> 01:01:56.852
And when we talk about these matters, some of which are moral, some of which are matters of wisdom, there are always going to be cases where someone is like, man, this hits me close to home.

01:01:57.472 --> 01:01:58.132
Remember that.

01:01:58.132 --> 01:01:59.652
As a Christian, you must forgive.

01:02:00.152 --> 01:02:11.832
And maybe it's going to take you a couple days or weeks to work through it and to deal with the injury and the pain and the suffering that has been done to you or perhaps that you have caused.

01:02:12.072 --> 01:02:19.792
If you've done something, listen to the Repents episode, repent, reverse course, turn away from the thing you did and do the thing that was right.

01:02:20.432 --> 01:02:30.512
In more often cases, and certainly in the case of inheritance because we're talking about intergenerational stuff, you're more likely as a listener to have been on the receiving end of a bad deal.

01:02:31.232 --> 01:02:32.772
And you have to forgive that too.

01:02:33.312 --> 01:02:41.332
And it's okay to be sorrowfully acknowledging and recognizing that these things have happened, but don't let it be a source of bitterness.

01:02:42.052 --> 01:02:43.992
That's the exact wrong response.

01:02:44.532 --> 01:02:53.852
When we see that other generations have made a mess and have hurt us or have hurt others, that is all the more incentive to do better for the next generation.

01:02:54.632 --> 01:02:59.752
Ultimately, as Cory was saying earlier, that is the most important inheritance that we pass along.

01:03:00.032 --> 01:03:04.612
Not the money, not the stuff, but the faith and a pattern of godly living.

01:03:05.212 --> 01:03:20.672
And so if the story in your family from your parents or grandparents was that they did you wrong and they were greedy and selfish and profligate or whatever, make sure that your kids understand how to do things the right way and show them how to do things the right way.

01:03:21.332 --> 01:03:28.532
When we have these intergenerational curses through wickedness being propagated, all we can do is break the cycle.

01:03:28.892 --> 01:03:33.992
If you have a godly parent and your inheritance is godly living and godly belief, thank God.

01:03:34.012 --> 01:03:36.672
Like I say, you won the lottery.

01:03:36.752 --> 01:03:37.172
You didn't.

01:03:37.192 --> 01:03:37.912
You were blessed.

01:03:38.292 --> 01:03:39.732
You were tremendously blessed.

01:03:40.272 --> 01:03:46.712
But if you inherited a raw deal and your parents were idiots and they were sinful and they treated you poorly, forgive them and do better.

01:03:48.292 --> 01:03:48.692
That's it.

01:03:48.952 --> 01:03:52.192
The Christian life is forgiving others and doing better in our own lives.

01:03:52.732 --> 01:04:08.012
And when we look at the society we live in today, on fire, with all these things going wrong in so many different ways, sometimes the best we can do is just to start saying, I repent, I forgive, I'm going to do better, I'm going to set a better example.

01:04:08.392 --> 01:04:22.352
Knowing that you can't perfect any of this in your lifetime, but if you can teach your kids to do these things well, if you have young daughters, Planei has not caught them out of your will, but you do want to teach them that you're marrying into a family.

01:04:22.632 --> 01:04:30.292
You're not just marrying a cute guy, you're not just marrying someone who is going to even take care of you, you're going to marry into someone, into his family.

01:04:30.732 --> 01:04:33.372
And this adoption, in effect, is kind of what that is.

01:04:33.712 --> 01:04:34.952
That's why she takes his name.

01:04:35.492 --> 01:04:39.232
That sort of transfer into another family does have implications.

01:04:39.692 --> 01:04:46.192
And so if you're in a position where God has blessed you that you can do something like a dowry, like a dowry is not a law.

01:04:46.312 --> 01:04:47.792
It's not a stricture.

01:04:48.312 --> 01:04:49.212
But you know what?

01:04:49.232 --> 01:04:50.272
It's a pretty good idea.

01:04:51.032 --> 01:05:00.812
And we certainly see in places like the Bay Area and other places where foreigners to our lands, fewer pagans, those people are overwhelmingly not Christian.

01:05:01.372 --> 01:05:05.412
And yet they're doing things that are going to foster family formation for their own.

01:05:05.832 --> 01:05:09.152
Why do you think those populations are exploding where ours are declining?

01:05:09.372 --> 01:05:10.272
This is part of why.

01:05:10.752 --> 01:05:12.932
We're bad at inheritance, where others are good.

01:05:13.272 --> 01:05:23.792
We're bad at things like dowries, at bootstrapping healthy, functional families that can take care of their kids and don't have to worry about being able to feed a new mouth.

01:05:24.332 --> 01:05:26.232
No one should be worrying about birth control.

01:05:26.632 --> 01:05:30.612
They should be worrying about having enough room to add another crib or something.

01:05:30.792 --> 01:05:33.212
That's the good worry, not how am I going to feed them.

01:05:33.932 --> 01:05:42.612
So, as Christians, we just need to take the approach that this inheritance stuff is not incidental.

01:05:43.332 --> 01:05:46.732
Sometimes it's moral, sometimes it is a matter of wisdom.

01:05:47.252 --> 01:05:51.472
Sometimes it's just, you know, wisdom just flows into a good functional society.

01:05:51.972 --> 01:05:53.492
And you don't have to go tsk tsk.

01:05:53.512 --> 01:05:56.632
You don't have to treat these things as matters of right or wrong.

01:05:56.652 --> 01:05:59.192
It's just proper systems of dealing with things.

01:05:59.672 --> 01:06:11.612
As Corey said earlier, it's entirely appropriate for a godly prince to set laws around these things, say, in this society, for this time to solve these problems, we are going to say that this is the way the rules work.

01:06:12.252 --> 01:06:12.952
That's fine.

01:06:13.512 --> 01:06:18.812
I wish that our government cared about that sort of thing instead of all the evil that it cares about instead.

01:06:19.232 --> 01:06:23.752
If we are blessed with a godly government, these would be some of the conversations that would be happening politically.

01:06:24.212 --> 01:06:26.932
Just to help get people pointed back in the right direction.

01:06:27.392 --> 01:06:33.032
Because even someone who has not been raised well will still usually follow the law because it tends to be an asshole not to.

01:06:33.752 --> 01:06:41.992
So, you can take pagans, you can take ungrateful and foolish parents and grandparents, and still get them to do the right thing according to the law.

01:06:42.592 --> 01:06:43.432
And then, you know what?

01:06:43.752 --> 01:06:45.092
A law is an inheritance too.

01:06:45.492 --> 01:06:48.952
Good laws are an inheritance that's passed down to future generations.

01:06:50.172 --> 01:06:51.612
This stuff all works together.

01:06:52.232 --> 01:07:09.292
When we have a time horizon that goes beyond the next quarter, or even just our own immediate family, and we're looking at multiple generations, we're looking at multiple, not decades, but multiple centuries, suddenly the way we treat all of these subjects radically changes.

01:07:09.972 --> 01:07:23.012
When you have a battle today that we see online in the world, where you have Christian nationalism versus basically making significant portions of Scripture illegal and their confession impermissible in the public space.

01:07:24.992 --> 01:07:29.192
If we had an inheritance of a Christian society, none of those things would even be questions.

01:07:29.712 --> 01:07:35.772
But at some point along the way, the Christian society that our ancestors inherited, they burned to the ground.

01:07:36.092 --> 01:07:39.452
And so our inheritance is an anti-Christian society.

01:07:39.932 --> 01:07:50.872
That's a problem we have to fix soon, because as it stands today, our kids are going to inherit an anti-Christian government, an anti-Christian culture in an anti-Christian country.

01:07:51.732 --> 01:07:58.272
Those are three distinct things, but they're all currently operating in concert against everything good and godly.

01:08:00.492 --> 01:08:11.512
When we think in terms of generations, we think in terms of inheritance, as an obligation to future generations, as a matter of stewardship, suddenly the matters of wisdom get pretty crystal clear.

01:08:12.092 --> 01:08:20.992
I got to fix this problem now, so that my kids and grandkids don't have to deal with third world nightmares like we see emerging right now.

01:08:21.692 --> 01:08:30.672
We have to get it right, so our kids can have a better life, and their kids can have a better life, at the essence of material inheritance and also spiritual inheritance.

01:08:31.432 --> 01:08:38.312
The episode that we did just before Christmas about the liturgical life goes back to what Corey said earlier about inheriting the church.

01:08:38.812 --> 01:08:43.112
The liturgical calendar, those traditions, are a salutary inheritance.

01:08:43.732 --> 01:08:47.592
All these good things are the proper inheritance.

01:08:47.752 --> 01:09:00.312
The problem is if you create a hellscape, if you act evilly as a generation, if you behave evilly and create evil laws and evil morals, false morals in the world, that is also the inheritance.

01:09:00.672 --> 01:09:06.032
There's always an inheritance, even if it's nothing, even if it's a negative, even if it's evil.

01:09:06.352 --> 01:09:09.832
There's always going to be an intergenerational transfer of something.

01:09:10.352 --> 01:09:27.572
And what we as Christians need to focus on is making sure that what's transferred is God's Word, God's will, Godly living, Godly laws, even for those who don't know God so that they may come to know Him through seeing the blessings that obeying God confers to everyone.

01:09:29.372 --> 01:09:39.332
Some of our episodes could be summarized by a single verse from Scripture, but of course, there's a reason that we drag it out, as it were, for two hours.

01:09:42.072 --> 01:09:51.412
This is one of those episodes, because Proverbs addresses this in one verse, really, not even an entire verse.

01:09:51.432 --> 01:09:53.712
Woe mentioned it earlier, but half a verse.

01:09:54.372 --> 01:09:57.952
A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.

01:09:59.632 --> 01:10:05.812
That verse alone is sufficient for the scriptural teaching on inheritance.

01:10:07.032 --> 01:10:14.572
If you are a good man, you will leave an inheritance not just to your children, but to your children's children.

01:10:15.372 --> 01:10:20.892
Which really, you can expand that out to the full implication of leaving it perpetually.

01:10:20.992 --> 01:10:26.552
It moves forward through the generations as long as the children themselves are also good men.

01:10:28.252 --> 01:10:36.032
Which a good man, a good Christian, should of course be raising good men, to be his sons and then grandsons, great-grandsons.

01:10:37.412 --> 01:10:41.352
That's the fullness, really, of the scriptural teaching on inheritance.

01:10:41.572 --> 01:10:45.952
Everything else is explanatory, which is the reason, of course, that we're doing the episode.

01:10:47.992 --> 01:10:51.972
And again, just to reiterate, this is not simply monetary.

01:10:51.992 --> 01:10:57.112
This also includes, in fact, it includes first and foremost the Christian faith.

01:10:57.132 --> 01:10:58.412
This is Proverbs, of course.

01:10:58.432 --> 01:11:02.092
It's a book dealing explicitly with wisdom.

01:11:04.852 --> 01:11:07.332
But to shift gears a little bit, as it were.

01:11:08.972 --> 01:11:14.352
As a general rule, most men have linguistic quirks.

01:11:14.632 --> 01:11:22.612
And I could tie this into inheritance if I were so inclined, because we do tend to pass these things on to our children and others around us.

01:11:24.912 --> 01:11:28.712
But certain men favor certain words or set phrases and repeat them.

01:11:29.192 --> 01:11:35.412
You may have noticed, and if you haven't noticed, then perhaps I'm sorry for pointing it out, because now you will notice it going forward.

01:11:36.112 --> 01:11:41.092
When discussing issues like this, I tend to use the word fundamental fairly often.

01:11:41.112 --> 01:11:52.572
And the reason that I do that is it is more or less a short hand for the concept of priors or presuppositions or a number of related things.

01:11:52.592 --> 01:11:54.572
That's why I use that term.

01:11:54.592 --> 01:11:55.992
That's what I'm implying with it.

01:11:57.732 --> 01:12:06.792
On a tangentially related sort of fun note, I had a professor in law school who had a collection of stuffed animals.

01:12:06.812 --> 01:12:09.152
Now that sounds weird at first, but there's a reason.

01:12:10.232 --> 01:12:12.012
She was the mock trial coach.

01:12:12.632 --> 01:12:17.472
And as I just mentioned, most men have linguistic quirks.

01:12:18.332 --> 01:12:21.332
Those are not advantageous for public speaking.

01:12:21.612 --> 01:12:29.312
And so mock trial being public speaking, one of the goals of a good coach is to make you stop using those.

01:12:30.372 --> 01:12:41.012
The primary offender for most men these days, of course, is going to be ah and um and all of those various little sounds that we inject when we're thinking instead of just being silent.

01:12:41.552 --> 01:12:43.492
Silence is better than those little sounds.

01:12:44.612 --> 01:12:52.812
But she had a particular stuffed animal or little creature for each one of those linguistic quirks.

01:12:54.172 --> 01:12:57.632
And if you engaged in that quirk, she would just set it on the desk in front of her.

01:12:57.752 --> 01:13:02.392
She was up in the, depending on the room, sitting up front where the judge would sit, essentially.

01:13:03.252 --> 01:13:12.492
And so you'd see that and it would remind you, oh, I'm not supposed to say ah, or I'm not supposed to say um, or I'm not supposed to start every sentence with and or but, or whatever it happens to be.

01:13:13.492 --> 01:13:15.432
If you said it too many times, she'd probably throw it at you.

01:13:16.272 --> 01:13:27.832
I don't remember all of them, but the one in particular I do remember is she had a stuffed sloth, and if you said so too many times, you started too many sentences with so, she would set it on the desk or throw it at you, so I did that intentionally.

01:13:29.632 --> 01:13:35.292
But the point is, sometimes the linguistic quirk serves a purpose.

01:13:35.792 --> 01:13:50.272
And so when I say fundamental, I want you to think of presuppositions, priors, things that are indeed foundational to the topic or the way we view the topic, the way we understand the topic.

01:13:51.692 --> 01:13:54.312
And that leads me into the point that I'm making here.

01:13:55.352 --> 01:13:58.652
We've sort of been dancing around it, but we've implied it very heavily.

01:13:59.472 --> 01:14:11.632
One of the problems that is fundamental to the modern mind when it comes to inheritance in any of a dozen, several dozen related matters is individualism.

01:14:13.792 --> 01:14:21.612
As Woe said, many men today view themselves as atomized individuals, and that is simply false.

01:14:22.612 --> 01:14:25.852
As I have mentioned before, you are not an individual.

01:14:26.192 --> 01:14:27.532
Look at yourself in the mirror.

01:14:28.132 --> 01:14:29.292
That isn't your chin.

01:14:29.412 --> 01:14:30.912
That's your grandfather's chin.

01:14:30.932 --> 01:14:32.892
Those aren't your eyes, they're your mother's eyes.

01:14:33.232 --> 01:14:34.832
And you can go down through the list.

01:14:35.052 --> 01:14:42.432
Everything you have was inherited from an ancestor, because that is the way that God designed the system.

01:14:43.292 --> 01:14:45.572
Because you are a biological entity.

01:14:45.592 --> 01:14:49.092
You are a creature in the proper sense of the term.

01:14:50.712 --> 01:14:54.692
Everything you are, everything you have, was inherited.

01:14:54.932 --> 01:14:56.412
That's a blessing from God.

01:14:56.852 --> 01:15:02.552
He created those attributes and created the system that passed them on to you.

01:15:03.872 --> 01:15:08.432
So when you think of yourself as an individual, you are denying the way that God made you.

01:15:09.052 --> 01:15:16.092
You are denying creation to a certain extent, and that verges on a number of things that are dangerous or disastrous to say.

01:15:17.792 --> 01:15:39.692
But you are fundamentally the way the system works, who and what you are, and what your role is, what your duties are, the way things should be organized, the way you should pursue your life, the way you should organize your affairs, the way you should conduct yourself in the world as a Christian.

01:15:41.472 --> 01:15:59.212
One of these issues that arises from this, that flows downstream from this sense of individualism, and I'll get back to a biblical critique of that in a minute here, but one of the things that flows from it is this alien concept of fairness.

01:16:00.512 --> 01:16:01.952
Now, Woe mentioned fairness earlier.

01:16:02.152 --> 01:16:13.952
He meant it in a specific sense, and scripture does speak of that, because God loves fair scales and a fair balance, and he hates unfair scales and unfair balance.

01:16:14.212 --> 01:16:16.812
That is something God abhors, incidentally.

01:16:16.832 --> 01:16:17.792
Bear that in mind.

01:16:19.252 --> 01:16:22.992
Not specifically for the purposes of this episode, but just for life in general.

01:16:23.672 --> 01:16:34.792
But when we speak of fairness to the modern mind, what first arises as the sense of what that term means is totally alien to Scripture.

01:16:36.532 --> 01:16:38.292
Because you are not an individual.

01:16:39.272 --> 01:16:55.532
And so, to the modern mind, it's not fair that I suffer and die because Adam, a man I never met, a man who died thousands of years before I was even born, he sinned, and so I suffer and die.

01:16:57.412 --> 01:17:00.512
Well, to the modern mind, that seems entirely unfair.

01:17:01.672 --> 01:17:03.012
But it is in fact fair.

01:17:03.712 --> 01:17:04.972
Because you are Adam.

01:17:06.052 --> 01:17:10.092
Because you are a direct, lineal descendant of that man.

01:17:10.872 --> 01:17:13.952
What he did affects you because what he did, you did.

01:17:14.812 --> 01:17:23.392
And so, when Scripture speaks of the Levites tithing because they were in the loins of Abraham when he tithed to Melchizedek, the same thing applies here.

01:17:24.512 --> 01:17:28.812
You have to jettison that false idea of individualism.

01:17:31.332 --> 01:17:40.192
One of the ways that we see this in Scripture the most clearly, and now that I am going to highlight it for you, you will never be able to unsee it.

01:17:40.452 --> 01:17:44.452
You will see it every time, virtually every time you read the Old Testament.

01:17:45.452 --> 01:17:49.692
God does not deal with individuals primarily as individuals.

01:17:50.472 --> 01:17:54.172
Yes, he does to some degree because, of course, he spoke face to face with Moses.

01:17:54.792 --> 01:17:55.972
He talked to Moses.

01:17:56.192 --> 01:17:58.992
He gave directions, instructions to Moses.

01:17:59.012 --> 01:18:00.432
He met with Moses in a tent.

01:18:00.952 --> 01:18:09.152
However, what was he doing through Moses, even in that specific case, where he dealt extensively with an individual?

01:18:10.352 --> 01:18:12.412
He was dealing with the nation of Israel.

01:18:12.432 --> 01:18:14.912
Well, let's think about that name.

01:18:15.652 --> 01:18:17.932
Why is Israel called Israel?

01:18:18.492 --> 01:18:24.652
As I mentioned in previous episodes, they are called Israel because they are descended from a man named Israel.

01:18:26.152 --> 01:18:31.132
In fact, God often addresses Israel as if Israel were a man.

01:18:32.072 --> 01:18:34.612
There are places in Scripture, you will very clearly see this.

01:18:35.032 --> 01:18:38.792
I invite you to go and look for them, particularly in the Psalms.

01:18:39.632 --> 01:18:43.192
There are places, and it's not just references to Christ and all those places.

01:18:43.212 --> 01:18:45.652
Sometimes it is referencing the nation as well.

01:18:47.272 --> 01:18:59.492
But Israel is spoken of in some parts of Scripture as being almost a singular entity in the sense of being Israel as a he, he is.

01:19:00.992 --> 01:19:02.852
Because that is how God views it.

01:19:03.772 --> 01:19:08.272
Israel is a nation descended in this sense of Israel, of course.

01:19:08.292 --> 01:19:09.692
I'm not speaking about the church.

01:19:10.912 --> 01:19:16.772
But Israel in this sense is descended from one man, from Jacob, renamed Israel.

01:19:17.152 --> 01:19:19.432
And that is why the nation is called Israel.

01:19:20.152 --> 01:19:30.852
And so God is dealing with this very large collection of individuals at this point, this large nation of millions of people, sometimes as if it were one man.

01:19:31.832 --> 01:19:33.652
Because in a sense, it is one man.

01:19:34.532 --> 01:19:49.032
Because that is Israel, both in the sense of being the man who has passed on this inheritance that God gave him to these many millions, and it is also those many millions.

01:19:52.312 --> 01:20:03.712
So we have to change how we think about these things, because the modern world has told us that no, you're an individual, and everything you have is just your personal preferences, and you are whatever you want to be.

01:20:03.732 --> 01:20:06.752
You can create yourself, turn yourself into whatever you want.

01:20:06.772 --> 01:20:15.152
And that is a lie, because most of the things you have inherited are unalterable.

01:20:16.472 --> 01:20:21.972
If you are male, you will be male for eternity, because that is how God made you.

01:20:22.632 --> 01:20:25.112
If you're German, you will be German for eternity.

01:20:25.132 --> 01:20:30.532
If you're American, you will be American for eternity, or any other nation or ethnicity.

01:20:31.692 --> 01:20:37.792
That is how God made you, and he passed those things to you as part of your inheritance.

01:20:38.412 --> 01:20:49.032
It is so fundamentally important to God that he designed the systems in such a way that these things are passed forward and given to you, and you cannot change them.

01:20:49.612 --> 01:20:51.272
They are unalterable.

01:20:52.752 --> 01:20:55.472
That's how important inheritance is to God.

01:20:57.912 --> 01:21:00.732
That's true when it comes to biological things.

01:21:02.092 --> 01:21:05.412
The material things, of course, are not unalterable.

01:21:06.492 --> 01:21:11.772
And for better or worse, neither is the Christian faith when it comes to transmission.

01:21:13.552 --> 01:21:21.552
So when it comes to inheriting the Christian faith, we inherit it from our ancestors insofar as they were faithful.

01:21:22.532 --> 01:21:28.812
My ancestors don't have to be faithful for me to inherit blonde hair, which I did have when I was a child.

01:21:29.452 --> 01:21:42.172
All they had to do was reproduce with other members of their nation, because God designed the system so that is exactly what happens if you do what comes naturally to human beings.

01:21:42.812 --> 01:21:47.572
Sometimes the blessing flows naturally from the act itself.

01:21:48.892 --> 01:21:52.172
Other times there are things that have to be added to it, such as faith.

01:21:52.792 --> 01:21:57.752
When it comes to the Christian religion, it has to be passed forward faithfully.

01:21:58.032 --> 01:21:59.772
You have to guard that inheritance.

01:21:59.792 --> 01:22:01.492
You have to be jealous of that inheritance.

01:22:01.812 --> 01:22:08.572
Now, the same is true, of course, with regard to one's nation, with regard to one's ancestry, all these various things.

01:22:08.592 --> 01:22:17.572
Because if you marry unwisely, you will not be passing forward the things that you were given, that were passed to you by your ancestors.

01:22:17.832 --> 01:22:19.152
You can break that chain.

01:22:20.092 --> 01:22:22.972
You can fail to pass forward those gifts.

01:22:23.392 --> 01:22:24.992
That is absolutely possible.

01:22:26.272 --> 01:22:34.112
The same is true of the Christian faith, because it can be not the faith itself, of course, but the transmission of it can be corrupted.

01:22:35.652 --> 01:22:59.312
And so as there are considerations with regard to material inheritance, how that is passed forward, how is it divided up, that's an issue of wisdom, there are the same sort of issues with regard to biological inheritance, whom you marry, and therefore with whom you produce children, how those things are passed forward, this is also a matter of wisdom.

01:23:00.072 --> 01:23:05.172
Now morality, of course, flows through all of this as well, but these are largely matters of wisdom.

01:23:05.932 --> 01:23:12.992
The Christian faith also calls for wisdom in how we transmit that faith, how we pass that forward.

01:23:14.072 --> 01:23:18.572
The various creeds and confessions we have were crafted using wisdom.

01:23:19.652 --> 01:23:25.272
Yes, of course, with extensive reference to the scriptures, but that requires wisdom as well.

01:23:25.692 --> 01:23:34.092
You need the wisdom to interpret, the wisdom then to draft these things, the wisdom to carry them forward, to teach the next generation to pass them forward to their children.

01:23:34.592 --> 01:23:42.612
The same way as scripture instructs us to teach each successive generation so that each successive generation will know God.

01:23:44.232 --> 01:23:54.372
If we fail to pass these things forward in a wise fashion, in a way that can be maintained, they're all lost.

01:23:55.332 --> 01:23:58.752
You can lose material wealth if you manage it unwisely.

01:23:59.452 --> 01:24:04.112
You can lose the gifts that God has given you that are stored essentially in your DNA.

01:24:04.132 --> 01:24:07.932
Yes, it's more complicated than that, but that's sufficient for our purposes here.

01:24:08.332 --> 01:24:13.692
These things that are stored in your DNA, if you reproduce unwisely, you can squander that.

01:24:14.852 --> 01:24:20.432
If you fail to teach your children the Christian faith, you can squander that inheritance as well.

01:24:21.772 --> 01:24:30.692
There is no form of inheritance that you cannot squander, that you cannot destroy by failing to transmit it faithfully.

01:24:32.092 --> 01:24:35.912
And if you do not do that, you are not acting as a faithful steward.

01:24:36.872 --> 01:24:43.972
And one of the things that we are, one of the prime roles for humanity in this life, is as steward.

01:24:46.092 --> 01:24:50.892
This goes directly to the heart of the false idea that is individualism.

01:24:51.592 --> 01:24:55.432
Because you are not just an individual who possesses these things.

01:24:55.792 --> 01:25:00.412
It's not, well, this DNA is mine and I can do with it whatever I want.

01:25:00.972 --> 01:25:04.032
And it's not just this money is mine and I can do with it whatever I want.

01:25:04.052 --> 01:25:07.192
It's not this faith is mine and I can do with it whatever I want.

01:25:08.332 --> 01:25:10.692
These are all held in trust.

01:25:11.512 --> 01:25:13.992
They do not fundamentally belong to me.

01:25:15.252 --> 01:25:23.312
They are mine insofar as they have been given to me by those who came before me, insofar as God blessed them and God has blessed me.

01:25:24.092 --> 01:25:28.052
But they are to be used to carry forward these things.

01:25:28.772 --> 01:25:31.772
This is right back to the parable of the talents.

01:25:33.032 --> 01:25:35.152
The talents aren't just money.

01:25:35.792 --> 01:25:39.832
The talents aren't just talents in the English sense of the term.

01:25:40.312 --> 01:25:43.952
It's all of the things that God has given us in this life.

01:25:44.732 --> 01:25:46.552
We are to use all of them wisely.

01:25:47.252 --> 01:25:50.272
That applies to every single form of inheritance.

01:25:51.512 --> 01:25:59.652
And in order to do that, in order to have the right view of that, we have to jettison this false idea that is individualism.

01:26:01.232 --> 01:26:04.332
Because again, we are not individuals.

01:26:05.072 --> 01:26:07.132
You are part of a family.

01:26:07.472 --> 01:26:09.212
You are part of a clan.

01:26:09.232 --> 01:26:10.312
You are part of a tribe.

01:26:10.332 --> 01:26:11.452
You are part of a nation.

01:26:11.772 --> 01:26:16.032
You are part of a chain that leads all the way back through all of your ancestors.

01:26:18.912 --> 01:26:23.892
You are part of a greater whole, not an atomized individual.

01:26:24.132 --> 01:26:28.532
Satan wants you to be an atomized individual because then you are much easier to target.

01:26:29.592 --> 01:26:35.752
Because if you are an atomized individual, all he has to do is entice you with whatever sounds good to you.

01:26:36.952 --> 01:26:48.592
If you are part of a greater whole, if you recognize that you have duties to those around you and even more so than to those around you to God, it is going to be much more challenging for Satan to lead you astray.

01:26:49.352 --> 01:26:58.612
Because then you recognize there are things that you have to do, things that you should do, duties you should fulfill, and not just whatever you prefer.

01:26:59.752 --> 01:27:06.892
Satan wants you to follow whatever you prefer, with no regard for those who came before or those who will come after.

01:27:07.292 --> 01:27:08.832
And yes, you have duties to both.

01:27:09.832 --> 01:27:13.892
There are duties not just to children and grandchildren, but also to ancestors.

01:27:14.752 --> 01:27:16.392
That flows in both directions.

01:27:16.852 --> 01:27:20.352
They had duties to you, they had duties to those who came before them.

01:27:20.792 --> 01:27:30.172
The same is true of every single link in the chain that is faithfully passing forward the inheritance that came from the link before.

01:27:32.072 --> 01:27:34.352
Satan wants you to be an atomized individual.

01:27:35.112 --> 01:27:44.612
And as a general rule, whatever Satan wants you to be is probably pretty close to the opposite of what you as a Christian should want to be.

01:27:46.192 --> 01:27:54.292
We could have very easily doubled the length of this episode if we had just read a few of the passages that reference inheritance and heirs.

01:27:54.992 --> 01:27:56.392
We're not going to belabor that point.

01:27:56.412 --> 01:28:01.052
We will put some links in the show notes, and I'll mention a couple of interesting passages you should read.

01:28:01.632 --> 01:28:16.092
One is Numbers 27, which deals with females inheriting, Luke 12 and Luke 15, which involve some of Jesus' teachings related to both possessions and inheritance and confidence in him.

01:28:17.332 --> 01:28:28.452
In particular, there's a portion of Luke 12 that we've quoted many times talking about God taking care of the birds of the air and the beasts of the field and giving them everything they need, so we don't need to worry.

01:28:29.212 --> 01:28:29.832
I mentioned that.

01:28:29.852 --> 01:28:30.652
I want you to go read it.

01:28:30.672 --> 01:28:45.092
We're not going to read it again today, but I can think of someone hearing us saying these things today, at least the portions that had to do with monetary or physical material possessions, and thinking, well, you're not trusting in God.

01:28:45.772 --> 01:28:48.732
And so go read specifically Luke 12.

01:28:49.652 --> 01:28:59.932
And when that parable ends, I just want to read the very last verse of it because it really refutes the notion that we've said anything that's contrary to scripture here today.

01:29:00.732 --> 01:29:11.052
After Jesus gets through saying, oh, you have little faith, at the very end, verse 31 in Luke 12, he says, instead seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you.

01:29:12.012 --> 01:29:20.392
So prior to that in Luke 12, Jesus is going over a discourse talking about possessions and wealth and material.

01:29:20.672 --> 01:29:22.092
He's saying, don't worry about that stuff.

01:29:23.452 --> 01:29:35.612
I think that the problem that we have today sometimes when we're being lazy listeners, lazy hearers and lazy readers, is that when Jesus says, don't worry about it, we say, well, it's not Christian to think you need that stuff.

01:29:36.232 --> 01:29:37.612
Two completely different things.

01:29:38.212 --> 01:29:40.092
Jesus doesn't say you don't need food.

01:29:40.512 --> 01:29:42.112
Jesus says, of course you need food.

01:29:42.432 --> 01:29:43.712
God is going to give it to you.

01:29:43.912 --> 01:29:46.172
What you don't need is to worry about it.

01:29:47.032 --> 01:30:00.612
So what is condemned in that passage is not needing food or shelter or clothing or any of the human needs that are bodily needs because we're creatures on a planet that has weather.

01:30:00.872 --> 01:30:01.892
There's stuff that we need.

01:30:02.292 --> 01:30:03.832
We have to have food or we die.

01:30:04.512 --> 01:30:06.772
That's how God, I want to say that's how God made it.

01:30:06.792 --> 01:30:08.852
We don't know what stuff was like before the fall.

01:30:08.872 --> 01:30:09.712
We know we didn't die.

01:30:09.732 --> 01:30:14.472
But again, from the beginning, we know that Adam could eat from the tree of life and he stayed alive.

01:30:15.912 --> 01:30:23.012
What we have today is not that the Christian no longer needs physical protection or have his physical needs met.

01:30:23.672 --> 01:30:29.772
What the Christian has is a confident faith not to have to worry that God won't provide for those things.

01:30:30.512 --> 01:30:39.272
And so at the very end, when Jesus says, instead seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you, inheritance of the material is part of that.

01:30:40.312 --> 01:30:48.212
God, taking care of your material needs is in part the stewardship of prior generations, passing along every good thing.

01:30:48.752 --> 01:31:00.772
First and foremost, our faith, and then secondarily, the material, the possessions, wisdom, every good thing that God gives to one generation, he intends to be passed on to the next.

01:31:02.312 --> 01:31:04.712
So I said earlier, we're always inheriting something.

01:31:05.072 --> 01:31:10.552
The question is, are we inheriting a world that's on fire, or are we inheriting a world that's in good shape?

01:31:11.072 --> 01:31:20.352
And if we're inheriting a world that's on fire, our duty is to put the fire out and try to make sure that our children and our grandchildren inherit a world that's not on fire.

01:31:20.672 --> 01:31:30.172
One, it's actually structured so that there's actually a little more leeway to make some errors in judgment because you're not going to immediately go flying off the rails, which is where things stand today.

01:31:30.472 --> 01:31:36.052
There's no margin for error for our kids because so many things are right on the cusp.

01:31:36.972 --> 01:31:45.872
And what we can do is to give them an inheritance of wisdom, of faith and of as much as possible the material things that we need.

01:31:45.892 --> 01:31:48.432
Obviously, that's the least important, but it's also important.

01:31:48.912 --> 01:31:57.472
So we'll put links to a couple of those chapters in the show notes along with a link to I think probably Bible Hub, just searching for the word inheritance in air.

01:31:58.272 --> 01:32:00.372
Go read some of those passages.

01:32:00.632 --> 01:32:02.912
Make sure you read from both the Old and the New Testament.

01:32:03.372 --> 01:32:12.312
I say that specifically because most of the New Testament discussion of inheritance is generally all around salvation, which is crucial.

01:32:12.852 --> 01:32:14.912
Without salvation, there's no point in any of this.

01:32:16.752 --> 01:32:33.452
More of the conversations in the Old Testament deal with the material, but it was material not in the sense of materialism, but in the sense of God reminding Israel and God reminding his people long before Israel that he will bless his people.

01:32:34.012 --> 01:32:39.512
In fact, that he blesses everyone with the rain and the sun and everything that's needed for our bodily needs.

01:32:40.012 --> 01:32:43.572
Every man's bodily needs are met, not only the believer.

01:32:44.592 --> 01:32:47.132
And so read passages throughout Scripture.

01:32:47.152 --> 01:32:49.392
You just pick a few and don't just read the verses.

01:32:49.412 --> 01:32:52.572
Go drill down and read a few chapters that sound interesting.

01:32:52.792 --> 01:32:54.732
Take a look at where God talks about this stuff.

01:32:55.052 --> 01:32:55.872
It's everywhere.

01:32:56.212 --> 01:33:01.292
If we only read the passages that talk about heirs and inheritance, it probably would have been close to four hours.

01:33:01.592 --> 01:33:05.292
Without us adding a word, there's that many references to it.

01:33:05.832 --> 01:33:11.952
So we didn't go into a ton of them today, but I hope that you will find that our words here consistent with what's said.

01:33:11.972 --> 01:33:16.652
If you think they're not, go find some passages that say something the opposite of what we said.

01:33:17.412 --> 01:33:17.932
You won't.

01:33:18.572 --> 01:33:21.292
And as I said, I highlighted in Luke 12, there's a specific example.

01:33:21.312 --> 01:33:25.732
If you're being a lazy listener, God's not saying you don't need stuff.

01:33:26.072 --> 01:33:27.612
He's saying, I'm going to give you the stuff.

01:33:27.632 --> 01:33:28.592
Don't worry about it.

01:33:29.272 --> 01:33:35.912
That is one of the great inheritance we can give to our children, is a confidence that God will provide for them.

01:33:37.272 --> 01:33:39.352
I don't know where it's going to come from, but I trust in God.

01:33:40.332 --> 01:33:47.192
When we have that sort of faith, we're a better example for children, for neighbors, for family, for church and community.

01:33:47.832 --> 01:34:05.212
When people aren't freaking out, when things are going poorly, they become leaders just because everyone else who is afraid and doesn't know what's going on, when they see that someone has some source of confidence, that they have some sort of foundation and roots, that is someone they're going to naturally listen to.

01:34:05.572 --> 01:34:06.912
And guess what?

01:34:06.932 --> 01:34:14.532
That may well be one of the prime opportunities for you to share all of God's Word and the Gospel, the wisdom, good advice.

01:34:14.552 --> 01:34:17.772
Hey, just do this because it's going to be better for you.

01:34:18.732 --> 01:34:19.892
God gives us all these things.

01:34:19.912 --> 01:34:21.232
We need to share them with others.

01:34:21.532 --> 01:34:25.692
We need to make it our children's inheritance and our nation's inheritance.

01:34:26.092 --> 01:34:33.512
So the future generations won't have the sort of problems we have, because we're all seeing right now that we are inheriting problems.

01:34:33.892 --> 01:34:36.112
We're inheriting evil circumstances.

01:34:36.592 --> 01:34:39.572
That's not the fruit of a Christian nation.

01:34:39.752 --> 01:34:42.552
This has clearly not meant a Christian nation for a long time.

01:34:43.552 --> 01:34:44.352
It can be again.

01:34:44.992 --> 01:34:45.592
It should be.

01:34:46.032 --> 01:34:48.652
And it must be our goal to see that it becomes one.

01:34:49.132 --> 01:34:52.132
We don't get to check out and say, well, I guess our time is over.

01:34:52.152 --> 01:34:53.772
We'll just be replaced by somebody else.

01:34:54.452 --> 01:35:01.932
The idea that we can be replaced in our own lives and our own lands is a despising of the inheritance that God has given to us.

01:35:02.212 --> 01:35:03.612
That's profoundly wicked.

01:35:04.012 --> 01:35:08.152
And anyone who's trying to sell you that is seeking the destruction of your soul.

01:35:08.532 --> 01:35:10.492
Even if they're saying some of the other stuff, that's right.

01:35:10.512 --> 01:35:12.252
That's a profoundly wicked thing.

01:35:12.812 --> 01:35:16.872
What we have inherited is ours to be good stewards of and to pass it on.

01:35:17.152 --> 01:35:19.072
We don't get to give it away to strangers.

01:35:19.672 --> 01:35:21.332
We must preserve it for our own.

01:35:21.952 --> 01:35:23.992
Everyone else has their own too.

01:35:24.312 --> 01:35:29.792
And God has given them their things and their places to be dispensed as they see fit.

01:35:31.052 --> 01:35:33.452
That's for them and their lands to deal with, not us.

01:35:35.412 --> 01:35:43.512
So, as we've looked at inheritance today, I want you to just keep in mind that it's multiple things at the same time.

01:35:43.672 --> 01:35:51.332
It's spiritual, it's material, it's the church, it's the nation, which is why we did an episode about it.

01:35:52.012 --> 01:35:57.412
You take those four things out of the Christian life and what's left is everything.

01:35:57.852 --> 01:36:09.732
In this one context, there's one way of viewing it, but the inheritance in a godly nation is all these things being propagated for the benefit of everyone, the godly and the ungodly alike.

01:36:10.092 --> 01:36:15.912
Even someone who's not a believer in a Christian nation benefits from Christian life.

01:36:16.312 --> 01:36:17.452
And the opposite is true.

01:36:17.832 --> 01:36:26.092
When you have wicked unbelievers coming into your nation, they're going to devour and destroy your inheritance, so that your children can't have it.

01:36:26.352 --> 01:36:35.152
And that's something that we have a duty to god to end and to preserve, so that we do the good things that god expects and not the evil that he promises will come to those who abandon him.

01:36:37.132 --> 01:36:53.252
So I want to close out this episode by reiterating something that I said earlier and adding a note of comfort, as it were, for particularly the younger members of the audience as it will undoubtedly prove necessary in the years ahead.

01:36:55.232 --> 01:36:59.072
God acts in time via means.

01:37:00.612 --> 01:37:03.552
This is fundamentally important to remember.

01:37:03.652 --> 01:37:04.752
Never forget this.

01:37:05.792 --> 01:37:09.072
Again, god does not just zap you and give you faith.

01:37:09.892 --> 01:37:17.072
God does not just make a chest of gold fall out of the sky, and therefore you have wealth and material prosperity.

01:37:17.652 --> 01:37:20.172
That is not how god works.

01:37:20.552 --> 01:37:21.652
Can he work that way?

01:37:22.132 --> 01:37:22.872

01:37:23.292 --> 01:37:29.992
If he so chooses, we see the manna in the desert, for instance, would be an option for something falling out of the sky, as it were.

01:37:32.172 --> 01:37:35.652
But as a general rule, god acts via means.

01:37:35.952 --> 01:37:42.552
And when it comes to inheritance, the means that he uses, well, those are our ancestors.

01:37:43.252 --> 01:37:48.392
They are the ones who transmitted the inheritance to us down through the centuries.

01:37:49.912 --> 01:37:59.612
Now in the last century or so, we have had many faithless ancestors who have failed to transmit what was given them by those who came before them.

01:38:00.072 --> 01:38:01.492
They have squandered the principle.

01:38:01.972 --> 01:38:09.912
They have not transmitted forward any of the three things mentioned, the three kinds of inheritance that I distinguished.

01:38:10.932 --> 01:38:15.672
In many cases, they have incidentally transmitted forward that biological inheritance.

01:38:15.692 --> 01:38:23.272
So at least we have that with which we can work toward establishing something godly to pass on to those who follow us.

01:38:24.152 --> 01:38:30.712
They have squandered in large part the material inheritance and the Christian inheritance, the spiritual inheritance.

01:38:31.712 --> 01:38:41.572
Thankfully, with regard to the spiritual inheritance, we still have ready access to scripture and the writings of many faithful forefathers.

01:38:42.532 --> 01:38:43.552
We can rebuild that.

01:38:44.012 --> 01:38:48.472
We can resurrect that, as it were, because in some cases it does not even need to be rebuilt.

01:38:48.492 --> 01:38:54.392
It is already there waiting for us to rediscover it, sort of like a scroll in a wall.

01:38:56.872 --> 01:39:03.732
But when it comes to the material inheritance, much of that has been squandered, and we will indeed have to rebuild it.

01:39:05.432 --> 01:39:09.432
And this is where it may seem mixed, but it is a word of comfort.

01:39:09.452 --> 01:39:11.432
It comes into the picture.

01:39:13.732 --> 01:39:25.352
Just because you are lacking some of the material or related comforts, does not mean that God has not answered your prayer or that he has answered it with a no.

01:39:26.572 --> 01:39:31.872
Rather, it means that the way that God works, again, is in time via means.

01:39:33.232 --> 01:39:40.492
And so the faithlessness from which you may very well be suffering may have occurred five generations ago.

01:39:41.452 --> 01:39:46.332
That doesn't mean that our case here and today is hopeless.

01:39:47.232 --> 01:39:50.532
It just means that we have a challenging road ahead.

01:39:50.552 --> 01:40:02.572
We have to rebuild the inheritance that was squandered so that we can pass it forward, so we can be almost not even faithful stewards at this point because there's nothing to steward.

01:40:03.652 --> 01:40:09.552
But once built, then we are faithful stewards to pass it forward to future generations.

01:40:11.112 --> 01:40:12.672
It doesn't mean it's an easy task.

01:40:13.032 --> 01:40:14.812
It's undoubtedly a difficult task.

01:40:15.372 --> 01:40:20.652
Rebuilding a civilization, which quite frankly is what we have to do, is not an easy thing.

01:40:22.832 --> 01:40:32.872
But just because the road is hard, the task is difficult, and in some cases the rewards are minimal, does not mean that God has abandoned us or there is no hope.

01:40:33.612 --> 01:40:35.012
It just means that it's difficult.

01:40:36.192 --> 01:40:40.472
Sometimes some things in this fallen world are difficult.

01:40:41.272 --> 01:40:43.212
That is the reality of the fallen world.

01:40:43.652 --> 01:40:47.032
It is the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves.

01:40:49.732 --> 01:40:54.752
But the only thing God requires of us is that we do our duty.

01:40:56.232 --> 01:40:58.172
Look at again the parable of the talents.

01:40:59.272 --> 01:41:08.512
God recognizes that he does not give out gifts equally as it were, because again, God is not concerned with that modern sense of fairness.

01:41:09.792 --> 01:41:12.032
God gives out talents unequally.

01:41:12.472 --> 01:41:16.212
Some are richer, some are poorer, some are more intelligent, some are less intelligent.

01:41:17.132 --> 01:41:21.292
Some have parents who faithfully transmitted the faith to them.

01:41:21.772 --> 01:41:23.532
Some have parents who are apostate.

01:41:24.652 --> 01:41:28.432
Different men have different starting conditions, as it were.

01:41:29.152 --> 01:41:32.492
It is what we do with what we have been given that matters.

01:41:33.472 --> 01:41:38.272
We are to be faithful stewards with regard to our stewardship.

01:41:39.252 --> 01:41:42.212
One steward may have a very vast estate.

01:41:42.992 --> 01:41:45.692
One may have a much more modest estate.

01:41:46.252 --> 01:41:51.192
It is the faithfulness with which you exercise your stewardship that matters.

01:41:52.352 --> 01:41:57.052
Look at what Christ says of the widow who puts in the two mites in the donation box.

01:41:58.032 --> 01:42:04.752
She gave more than those who gave vast sums of money because it was what she did with what she had been given.

01:42:05.332 --> 01:42:07.272
I'm not saying you have to give away all of your wealth.

01:42:07.292 --> 01:42:09.452
That's not even the point of what Christ was saying.

01:42:10.472 --> 01:42:14.132
The point is how you use what you have been given.

01:42:15.312 --> 01:42:23.632
And God has given to each of us various talents to use in this life for the purpose of growing his kingdom.

01:42:25.552 --> 01:42:27.032
Yes, the material is important.

01:42:27.712 --> 01:42:29.412
Yes, the biological is important.

01:42:29.812 --> 01:42:31.332
Yes, the spiritual is important.

01:42:31.352 --> 01:42:33.372
We cannot neglect any of them.

01:42:33.972 --> 01:42:37.332
That is the mistake of Gnosticism and so many other heresies.

01:42:40.572 --> 01:42:45.192
To pay attention to the spiritual and ignore the biological is, again, Gnosticism.

01:42:46.632 --> 01:42:49.592
It's to deny the reality of how God created us.

01:42:51.152 --> 01:42:52.312
All of these things matter.

01:42:53.172 --> 01:42:55.072
All of them are matters of inheritance.

01:42:55.772 --> 01:43:04.212
All of them are matters for our stewardship and passing forward what we have and what we have done with it to future generations.

01:43:05.212 --> 01:43:07.592
And so there's no place for despair in any of this.

01:43:08.432 --> 01:43:09.672
Yes, it may be difficult.

01:43:09.972 --> 01:43:20.812
Yes, some of the things we ask of God, we may not get immediately in the near future or in some cases even at all in this life.

01:43:23.072 --> 01:43:28.732
That does not mean that God has abandoned us because he promises that he will not do that.

01:43:29.572 --> 01:43:34.072
It is for us to be faithful, and God will see us through the challenges ahead.