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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast.

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I am Corey J.

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And I'm still, whoa.

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On today's Stone Choir, we're going to be discussing the state of the church again.

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We've done a few episodes in the last five months or so, where we talked kind of about the church in general.

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We did a recent episode, we talked about apostasy as kind of the tail end of some of the heresies that slipped into the church.

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This is gonna be another episode where we're talking about the answers that Christians have to a series of questions that have been asked by two different polling organizations.

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The first set of data that we're going to be using is the Pew Longitudinal Survey from 2014.

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And the second is going to be a survey conducted most recently in 2022 by Ligonier Ministries.

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Both the surveys were in the United States.

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They talked to people both who were Christians and non-Christians.

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We are principally going to be focusing on the data from inside the Church.

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And the reason that we're doing this episode today is that there have been numerous times in the past, where we will talk about things like teachings of demons.

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We'll say that there are certain things that are very clearly heresies.

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We will sometimes say very specifically that if you believe this sort of thing, you can't be saved.

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And those are all scriptural approaches.

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But as we said in the Judge Not episode, or the episode on judgment, we dealt with the fact that while we, as Christians living today, are not only called but equipped to act as jurists in the matter of, is a statement that a man makes true or false, that is not the same as judging the final disposition of that man's soul.

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So, for example, in the episodes on Bonhoeffer and MLK, we stated with absolute certainty those men are in hell right now because there was nothing remotely Christian about their confessions.

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Their confessions were explicitly anti-Christian.

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Most of the things that we deal with, we're dealing with inside the church.

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Those men were completely outside the faith entirely demonstrably.

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When we do episodes on things like baptism and communion and some of the other things like election, where there are disagreements among various Christian denominations, we obviously make the case from Scripture that we believe to be true about what those things are and that God says one thing, Scripture says one thing, and then the churches have disagreed in some cases only recently, in some cases for a very long time, about which of those statements is true, which of those is in accord with Scripture.

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And obviously, we care a great deal about that, but at the same time, we don't say, if you get baptism wrong, according to us, in our book based on what Scripture says, we don't believe that means that someone who gets baptism wrong is going to go to hell.

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Do we believe that they are saying something that's contrary to Scripture?

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Do we believe that's a sin?

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God forgives the sins of Christians, even the ones where we're stupid and we get things wrong because we ignore, we've never been taught properly.

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There are all sorts of reasons why someone who's been baptized, who's a Christian, who's confessing the Christian faith, is still going to misunderstand things, get things wrong.

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And it's important to separate errors, things where just no one's ever been taught the specific thing that scripture says.

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That's a case in a lot of our churches.

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As we just recently did the episodes on inheritance and on tithing and a few other things, not huge issues, but a number of guys have said, thank you for doing that.

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Jealousy is another one.

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Guys who had never heard things put in those ways, in a number of cases, have started doing things differently in their own lives.

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Like, oh, I never heard anyone explain that teaching that way.

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That makes sense.

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I'm going to treat my neighbor better now.

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I'm going to do something that I wouldn't have done before because I didn't even think about it.

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And now that you explain that and you explain scripture, I want to do something good.

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And no one thinks they're saving themselves.

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It's just, hey, it's in the Bible.

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Somebody reminded me that it's in the Bible.

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I believe what's in the Bible.

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I should go do what it says.

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That's it.

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And so no one's saving himself by doing stuff.

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We are saved because God gives us the gift of faith.

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And so as we work through these specific questions today, this is a grab bag of all sorts of things.

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And some of them are very clearly separating men from either being Christian or not Christian.

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Even within the survey data where we're specifically focusing on what self-identified Christians say, many of their answers are very, very, very clearly not Christian, not by a million miles.

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I want to reaffirm that when we point to these things, the most that we can say, in the case of someone who's alive and we don't know what else is going on, we can say that such a person has no promise of salvation.

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That doesn't mean that they're damned.

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We can't judge that.

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I don't know.

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Because there are things that you can get wrong and God will forgive it.

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And we don't have a list of, here's all the stuff you can get wrong and God is still going to say you're a Christian.

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One of the things that we hope to get across is we're just discussing all these errors that exist inside numerous churches is that rather than us continuously pursuing the definition of the minimum viable Christianity, how about we focus on getting as much as we can from scripture?

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That's our goal.

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That's the goal of Stone Choir.

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If God says all these things about all these different subjects, we should believe them all.

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As a Christian, even if you've never read the whole Bible, which frankly most people haven't, you can still as a Christian say, I believe everything in the Bible.

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Because like any other book that has ever been compiled, if you confess that God is God and you confess that scripture is God's word, then it naturally flows that your confession is that I believe every word of scripture.

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Even if you haven't read it, because you know as a Christian with faith, it's not your intellectual assent.

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It's not that I've reviewed all of these things and I've marked it up and I didn't find any errors.

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So then I can say, yeah, I agree with that.

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If you confess that God is God and that this is his word, you're naturally going to confess, I believe everything in there.

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And that is the framework that Christians have for approaching everything else.

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And then we have some of these disputes and discussions and some things are really hard.

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Some questions are tricky and they're tough.

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And some things, you know, a lot of people just get wrong.

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This happens in every other discipline in the universe, in the entire history of humanity.

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Guys get a lot of things wrong.

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Somebody gets it right and hopefully eventually the right answer catches on.

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But it doesn't always look at things like nutrition.

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There's constantly a battle in the nutrition space where people keep discovering new things and forgetting old things and coming up with all these new scams and fads.

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And it's almost impossible for most people to distinguish what should I be eating from what's killing me slowly or what's giving me cancer, some terrible thing.

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If we can't even get that stuff right, it shouldn't be a surprise that we have trouble with Christian doctrine.

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And we see this beginning in the pages of scripture itself.

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In the New Testament, Paul and Jesus and Peter and Stephen and Timothy, they're all dealing with errors among believers where God says one thing in scripture, the teacher who's the faithful teacher is saying what's in scripture.

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And then when you look at what the people are responding with, they're getting things wrong.

00:08:03.112 --> 00:08:04.472
It's always going to happen.

00:08:04.492 --> 00:08:08.632
We're humans, we're fallible, we're sinful, we're going to make mistakes.

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And so, today's episode, as we go through these individual line items, some of them are very clearly, you cannot be Christian if you believe this, and we'll highlight those.

00:08:18.932 --> 00:08:21.772
And a lot of the others are, well, there's clearly a right answer here.

00:08:22.412 --> 00:08:34.612
And I hope to God that the people who get the answer wrong, that they're forgiven for that, and that God still accepts that they have a Christian faith, that He's given them again, because it's not us trying to get a high score.

00:08:34.632 --> 00:08:44.252
A quote that I've used a number of times from a Lutheran pastor, sound doctrine is not about getting a high score or about winning arguments on the internet or anywhere else.

00:08:44.712 --> 00:08:47.072
It's about having more of the gifts that God has given us.

00:08:47.632 --> 00:08:54.272
And so when we have concerns about sound doctrine, it's not flexing of one denomination over another.

00:08:54.292 --> 00:08:56.312
That's not remotely the point.

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The point is if God has revealed these things, we should want as much of that as possible.

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We shouldn't be concerned with, can I get these least possible amount of Christianity out of the Bible and still get to heaven and the worst possible station in heaven?

00:09:10.492 --> 00:09:14.412
Because you're rewarded for what good you do and how faithful you are.

00:09:14.892 --> 00:09:19.252
You don't get there that way, but scripture is clear that there are rewards in heaven.

00:09:19.732 --> 00:09:32.572
And so, you know, if you want to be jealous of greater glory, I don't even sure if that's a good way to look at it, but if you do the right things, God will reward it.

00:09:32.972 --> 00:09:37.472
Now, is your purpose of doing the right things and believing the right things to get more rewards?

00:09:38.272 --> 00:09:39.232
I don't think it should be.

00:09:39.472 --> 00:09:40.832
I think it should be focused on God.

00:09:41.852 --> 00:09:42.472
He's God.

00:09:43.032 --> 00:09:44.372
He's the creator of the universe.

00:09:44.392 --> 00:09:45.952
Let's just listen and believe him.

00:09:46.472 --> 00:10:02.292
And I think one of the things that's missing when we're talking about discussions of doctrine and what's in scripture is that we're very casual when we're sitting here reading the Bible and reading through verses and passages with the idea of saying, well, I don't really believe that.

00:10:03.952 --> 00:10:08.732
Consider the fact that you're effectively doing that directly to Jesus' face.

00:10:09.392 --> 00:10:20.992
Because when he was physically present on earth, walking in a human body, his body, an eternal body now, he was talking face to face to men and he was telling him things.

00:10:21.672 --> 00:10:27.292
And the response that many of us have today is effectively the response of the rich young man.

00:10:27.692 --> 00:10:33.112
He came up and he was keeping the entire law, so he thought, and Jesus played along with that.

00:10:33.312 --> 00:10:45.252
It was obviously false, because as he said in the Sermon on the Mount, no one can keep the law perfectly, because if whatever is in your heart is what makes you guilty of the sin, whether or not you commit the sin, you've committed the sin in your heart.

00:10:45.732 --> 00:10:49.352
So there's no such thing as man keeping the law perfectly, but Jesus didn't argue with that.

00:10:49.712 --> 00:10:53.752
Jesus didn't argue with the rich man and say, well, actually, that's not possible.

00:10:54.332 --> 00:11:03.532
He said, in effect, okay, sell your belongings and come with me, because he knew that in that man's heart, his wealth was his idol.

00:11:03.992 --> 00:11:09.992
And then whatever else he was getting right, he was unwilling to listen to God, to listen to Jesus.

00:11:10.372 --> 00:11:14.592
And so that man wandered off, you know, probably in disgust or disillusionment or disappointment.

00:11:14.912 --> 00:11:15.572
He wandered off.

00:11:15.952 --> 00:11:18.892
He turned about face from Jesus and he walked away.

00:11:19.712 --> 00:11:23.752
That's effectively what we are doing when we read scripture and say, well, I don't believe this.

00:11:24.752 --> 00:11:26.112
That's really what you're doing to God.

00:11:26.472 --> 00:11:31.212
God is speaking to you in the words of scripture and you're turning around saying, yeah, not into that.

00:11:32.612 --> 00:11:34.132
This is where our concern is.

00:11:34.152 --> 00:11:37.052
And we're talking about whether or not someone has a promise of salvation.

00:11:37.792 --> 00:11:43.692
Because the man who cries out, Lord, Lord, you know how that passage ends.

00:11:44.652 --> 00:11:47.432
Jesus said to some of them, I never knew you.

00:11:47.912 --> 00:11:56.772
Even though they were casting out demons or performing miracles in his name, even though they had the right words, their confession was false because they did not believe in the true God.

00:11:57.492 --> 00:12:04.672
And rather than again, worrying about what is the least amount of what God says that I can believe and still be saved, we should be greedy.

00:12:05.292 --> 00:12:10.932
We should be zealous for the word of God and say, I want as much of this as I can stuff in my face.

00:12:11.492 --> 00:12:13.192
Lord, just give it all to me.

00:12:13.412 --> 00:12:14.072
I want more.

00:12:14.612 --> 00:12:15.652
That should be our approach.

00:12:15.972 --> 00:12:21.072
And with that approach, even if you get things wrong, you're still going to be in so much better shape.

00:12:21.712 --> 00:12:27.712
And again, like we don't know among these various church bodies who's going to heaven, who's going to hell.

00:12:28.012 --> 00:12:29.272
In some cases, it's clear.

00:12:29.852 --> 00:12:34.692
The people who flat out deny that Jesus is God, definitionally those people are not Christian.

00:12:35.852 --> 00:12:41.472
But then you look at some of the other answers given to very similar questions and they contradict themselves.

00:12:42.052 --> 00:12:46.932
And that's the reason that God alone can judge a man's heart and judge those situations.

00:12:47.112 --> 00:12:47.632
We can't.

00:12:47.892 --> 00:12:48.652
And so we're not.

00:12:48.992 --> 00:12:54.212
We're not here to say that X, Y, and Z denominations are all going to hell because it's not true.

00:12:54.652 --> 00:12:58.232
There's always going to be Christians wherever the word of God is preached among them.

00:12:58.932 --> 00:13:08.312
We've said before, one of the miraculous things about the constitution of Stone Choir's audience is that many of you are from very different backgrounds than Lutheranism.

00:13:08.712 --> 00:13:12.212
And yet you're agreeing with a lot of the same things that we're saying that are in the Bible.

00:13:13.172 --> 00:13:18.712
And while generally we take a Lutheran approach overtly to these things, it's all rooted in scripture.

00:13:19.152 --> 00:13:24.052
It's not rooted in some particular version of Christianity.

00:13:24.272 --> 00:13:25.512
It's just, what does God say?

00:13:26.152 --> 00:13:26.892
Let's believe it.

00:13:27.292 --> 00:13:27.652
That's it.

00:13:27.732 --> 00:13:28.972
It's a two-step process.

00:13:28.992 --> 00:13:29.652
Did God say it?

00:13:29.672 --> 00:13:30.472
Okay, I believe it.

00:13:30.932 --> 00:13:34.932
Anyone who agrees with that is usually going to land on the same page.

00:13:35.592 --> 00:13:44.592
And so as we work through these things, just keep in mind that we're not damning anyone, but we are going to dam some of the answers and they'll be pretty clear to you just how bad they are.

00:13:45.832 --> 00:13:54.172
And that's the other purpose of this episode, is that when people say that they're Christians, when they self-identify, it's almost meaningless.

00:13:54.612 --> 00:13:56.612
I hate to say that, but we've said before it's true.

00:13:57.172 --> 00:14:00.652
This data is going to demonstrate why we hold that contention.

00:14:01.172 --> 00:14:02.052
We're not being mean.

00:14:02.492 --> 00:14:03.972
We're not trying to name call people.

00:14:04.492 --> 00:14:10.432
It's literally these things are contrary to the Christian faith, and they're on the lips of people who say they're Christians.

00:14:10.932 --> 00:14:12.332
Only God can sort that out.

00:14:12.692 --> 00:14:19.112
But we as believers and we as neighbors of these people who think they're believers should care very deeply about that.

00:14:19.492 --> 00:14:26.992
Because if someone says, I'm a Christian, the best thing I think we can do in a lot of cases is to agree and amplify.

00:14:27.152 --> 00:14:28.452
Say, okay, you're a Christian, great.

00:14:28.732 --> 00:14:30.212
Let's talk about what the Bible says.

00:14:30.912 --> 00:14:33.932
And if they don't want to do that, you know what kind of Christian they are.

00:14:34.132 --> 00:14:35.652
They're not a Christian at all.

00:14:35.912 --> 00:14:38.972
If they have no appetite for God's word, okay, so it goes.

00:14:40.012 --> 00:14:52.792
But even where someone is in error, where they get some of these things wrong, in a lot of cases, if they say, I believe God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the Bible, they've never read it, they've never heard it explained correctly.

00:14:53.172 --> 00:14:59.252
And when that happens to them face to face with someone talking to them, in a lot of cases, they'll be like, okay, that's what I believe.

00:15:00.332 --> 00:15:02.652
That is the essence of evangelism.

00:15:02.672 --> 00:15:04.912
And it needs to happen inside our churches too.

00:15:05.252 --> 00:15:07.392
It needs to happen among our churches.

00:15:07.792 --> 00:15:10.732
Because some church bodies are in far worse shape than others.

00:15:11.412 --> 00:15:15.572
And as we wrap up this episode, that's really going to be where we pivot to.

00:15:15.992 --> 00:15:21.712
That when we're talking about, oh, I want to spread the word of God and I want as many people as possible to believe in God.

00:15:21.932 --> 00:15:22.212

00:15:22.372 --> 00:15:22.712

00:15:22.752 --> 00:15:23.372

00:15:23.892 --> 00:15:24.712
Where do we find them?

00:15:25.192 --> 00:15:27.412
You don't find them 6,000 miles away.

00:15:27.652 --> 00:15:29.432
You don't even find them a thousand miles away.

00:15:29.632 --> 00:15:36.912
You're going to find them in your own town and some of the churches where people are showing up and they're not believing what's in the word of God.

00:15:37.472 --> 00:15:39.192
Those people, some of them are lost.

00:15:39.512 --> 00:15:41.472
Some of them say they're Christians and they're damned.

00:15:41.892 --> 00:15:48.152
And we all know if you believe the Bible, that's perfectly in accord with what God says happens.

00:15:48.692 --> 00:15:52.592
It's true that there are some people who say they are sons of God who are not.

00:15:53.172 --> 00:15:54.632
The same thing happened with the Jews.

00:15:55.012 --> 00:15:56.772
They said, you know, we're sons of Abraham.

00:15:56.792 --> 00:15:58.352
And God said, that's not what that even means.

00:15:58.772 --> 00:16:08.352
Like it was the faith of Abraham that was credited to him as righteousness, not his lineage, not even God's promise, but the promise was a promise of faith.

00:16:08.852 --> 00:16:09.992
And he kept that faith.

00:16:10.452 --> 00:16:13.992
And that is his righteousness, not his correct answers.

00:16:15.812 --> 00:16:19.992
So we're principally going to focus on two main groups and then a third group.

00:16:20.332 --> 00:16:25.592
The first will be evangelicals, mainline denominations, and then the Roman Catholic Church.

00:16:27.352 --> 00:16:31.452
I think we all know pretty much what evangelical means in the American context.

00:16:31.472 --> 00:16:35.872
If you don't know, basically it just means Bible believing, more conservative.

00:16:36.292 --> 00:16:40.252
And then mainline is pretty much the churches that have rainbow flags.

00:16:40.852 --> 00:16:48.432
So in most cases, most of the mainline denominations, A, are dumpster fires, and in a lot of cases are overtly not Christian.

00:16:48.752 --> 00:16:53.552
Nevertheless, there are some Christians among them because people just stay with their denomination for inertia.

00:16:53.992 --> 00:16:55.072
It's a problem.

00:16:55.312 --> 00:16:58.532
It's one we need to work through, but it happens.

00:16:59.112 --> 00:17:14.512
And so the fact that a place like Elka for Lutherans or Pakuza for Presbyterians is a complete heretical dumpster fire doesn't mean that there's zero Christians among them, but it means that almost all their answers are absolutely horrific.

00:17:14.932 --> 00:17:20.172
And so the contrast between those mainline denominations and the evangelicals will be the principal one.

00:17:20.532 --> 00:17:44.852
And then in some of these answers, we're also going to refer to the Roman Catholic answers simply to demonstrate, not to pick on Roman Catholics in particular, but to illustrate when you look outside of the very rad, trad, very conservative cultural, at least, diocese and parishes in Roman Catholicism, what you find is that Rome in this country is a mainline denomination.

00:17:45.232 --> 00:17:57.532
In almost every case where Rome's answers differ from the mainline, from Alca and Pacusa and the Methodists and the other rainbow flag churches, where Rome doesn't agree with them, they're even worse.

00:17:57.792 --> 00:17:58.472
They're not better.

00:17:58.592 --> 00:18:03.832
They're not nearly as good in terms of what's provably the correct answer as evangelicals.

00:18:03.972 --> 00:18:12.892
So we'll highlight that in some places, but for the most part, when you hear mainline, really we'll probably just highlight when Rome is differing from them, because it's going to be the same.

00:18:13.472 --> 00:18:21.692
And again, we're not just picking on those guys, it's just that that's one of the major separate groups that's outside of these other two big bodies of Protestantism.

00:18:23.192 --> 00:18:30.512
These answers are going to tell you what's going on in those churches, regardless of what they have on their websites, regardless of what you read on Twitter or anywhere else.

00:18:31.292 --> 00:18:35.492
This is the fruit downstream from the preaching in all of these places.

00:18:37.412 --> 00:18:45.712
To further couch this episode, I want to point out three Latin words that I suspect you probably already know by now.

00:18:46.132 --> 00:18:50.312
And those are notitia, ascensus and fiducia, notice, assent and trust.

00:18:50.972 --> 00:18:55.032
We are essentially speaking about the first two in this episode.

00:18:56.112 --> 00:19:05.292
And the reason I want to emphasize that is because everyone always wants to focus on a couple of core issues in the Christian faith.

00:19:06.072 --> 00:19:07.612
Do you believe in the crucifixion?

00:19:07.752 --> 00:19:10.292
Do you believe in justification?

00:19:12.112 --> 00:19:14.972
That's not the fullness of the Christian faith.

00:19:15.252 --> 00:19:19.772
You cannot narrow down the Christian faith to just one or two things.

00:19:20.792 --> 00:19:21.572
Look at the creeds.

00:19:21.592 --> 00:19:24.372
The creeds state far more than one or two things.

00:19:24.812 --> 00:19:37.312
And so what we are dealing with primarily in this episode would be those first two issues, which is the notice essentially means what is the content of the Christian faith?

00:19:37.332 --> 00:19:38.152
What are the tenets?

00:19:38.172 --> 00:19:41.992
What are the beliefs that constitute the actual Christian faith?

00:19:42.032 --> 00:19:46.472
And then there is the ascent to that, the conviction that those things are true.

00:19:48.052 --> 00:20:03.992
And so in focusing on those, we can compare across denominations to some degree, but more generally, as Woe was saying, we can focus on the state of the churches, primarily in the US, although this is also true for many other parts of the world.

00:20:04.012 --> 00:20:05.772
It's even worse in most of the rest of the world.

00:20:06.932 --> 00:20:12.692
But this shows the reality on the ground of what people who claim to be Christian believe.

00:20:13.112 --> 00:20:28.492
And in some cases, those who claim to be the more conservative, supposedly traditional Bible-believing Christians, and you will see that does not always correlate with right belief, even on issues that are abundantly clear in Scripture.

00:20:29.272 --> 00:20:48.532
And so as Woe was saying, and as we'll emphasize later in the episode, looking at these data, looking at this information, should help to guide us in determining what we need to do as Christians, where we should be expending our efforts, to whom we should be reaching out and sharing the Christian faith.

00:20:48.552 --> 00:20:54.892
Because in some cases, the man who needs evangelized may be the one who is claiming to be Christian.

00:20:55.872 --> 00:21:00.372
But if you scratch a little deeper than the surface, you'll realize he's not a Christian at all.

00:21:01.172 --> 00:21:02.692
Because he doesn't have any of these.

00:21:03.292 --> 00:21:06.592
He doesn't even know what the content of the Christian faith is.

00:21:07.112 --> 00:21:11.232
He just says that he's Christian and maybe even attends a church.

00:21:11.372 --> 00:21:13.892
We can debate whether or not it's an actual church.

00:21:14.752 --> 00:21:25.252
But just because someone says, I am a Christian, and even if he also attends church, that does not necessarily mean that he is actually a Christian.

00:21:26.852 --> 00:21:37.572
The distinction there, and this is one of those issues that is often raised by atheists and others, particularly on social media, they try to say it's the no true Scotsman fallacy.

00:21:38.572 --> 00:21:44.592
The problem with that is, if you are Scottish, you're Scottish biologically, you're Scottish by blood.

00:21:44.772 --> 00:21:47.112
That's not a matter of believing certain things.

00:21:47.732 --> 00:21:49.632
You are or you are not.

00:21:50.312 --> 00:21:52.672
The same is true if you pick a species.

00:21:52.692 --> 00:21:54.792
You either are a dog or you are not a dog.

00:21:55.592 --> 00:21:56.892
It's not a matter of belief.

00:21:56.972 --> 00:21:58.432
It's a matter of essence.

00:21:58.452 --> 00:21:59.952
It's a matter of being that thing.

00:22:01.192 --> 00:22:10.832
When it comes to something like Christianity, it is a matter of believing the tenets of Christianity, the tenets of the ideology.

00:22:11.612 --> 00:22:20.192
And so, for instance, you can't say that you are a libertarian if you believe none of the things, although in the case of libertarians, none of them agree.

00:22:20.512 --> 00:22:27.692
But you can't say that you're a libertarian if you disagree with absolutely every tenet of what that ideology advances.

00:22:29.372 --> 00:22:30.972
The same is true for Christianity.

00:22:31.072 --> 00:22:33.012
There is a content to the faith.

00:22:33.492 --> 00:22:37.692
And in order to be a Christian, there is some minimum somewhere.

00:22:38.312 --> 00:22:47.572
We're not going to find that minimum today, and we would actually say you shouldn't even attempt to find that minimum, because the goal should never be to be minimally Christian.

00:22:48.132 --> 00:22:52.412
The goal is not to just barely squeak over the finish line, as it were.

00:22:53.612 --> 00:22:56.512
I've used the example before, the illustration of a cliff.

00:22:57.532 --> 00:23:08.672
The goal is not to come as close to the cliff as possible, which would be to believe as few things as possible about the Christian faith, without believing one too few and falling over.

00:23:09.552 --> 00:23:14.212
The goal is to avoid the cliff, to stay away from the cliff, to be a faithful Christian.

00:23:14.812 --> 00:23:17.952
And so all of these issues we are going to discuss today matter.

00:23:18.532 --> 00:23:21.492
Are they all absolutely essential to salvation?

00:23:21.652 --> 00:23:22.612
The answer is no.

00:23:24.712 --> 00:23:35.412
But we cannot give you a number where, oh, you have to believe X out of Y in order to be saved, or you can't believe all of these and none of these.

00:23:35.672 --> 00:23:37.292
There are ones where that's very easy.

00:23:37.932 --> 00:23:45.432
There are some questions where it is a simple matter of, if you believe this, you're damned, or if you don't believe this, you're damned.

00:23:46.232 --> 00:23:48.132
But for many of these, that is not the case.

00:23:50.692 --> 00:23:55.992
What we are saying with regard to that is do not have that mindset.

00:23:56.792 --> 00:24:03.892
Do not look for where the little line is where, well, if I get as close as possible, that's exactly wrong.

00:24:04.392 --> 00:24:06.732
And quite frankly, it's sinful to be looking for that line.

00:24:07.532 --> 00:24:08.712
You want to avoid that.

00:24:08.932 --> 00:24:11.072
You want to have the fullness of the Christian faith.

00:24:11.132 --> 00:24:13.512
So you want to get all of these correct.

00:24:13.852 --> 00:24:22.732
Not because it is absolutely essential, but because one, it is your duty as a Christian, and two, there are blessings from God.

00:24:23.892 --> 00:24:26.752
And yes, there are blessings for getting things correct as well.

00:24:27.152 --> 00:24:29.992
It's not just doing the right things in life.

00:24:31.212 --> 00:24:35.012
God does reward those who believe correctly about him.

00:24:35.752 --> 00:24:38.252
That is, again, part of your duty as a Christian.

00:24:39.012 --> 00:24:42.712
And so these are important questions, some more important than others.

00:24:43.752 --> 00:24:56.892
But that tendency to want to find the line, that line-drawing obsession that can be particularly pronounced sometimes in our circles on the political right, it should not have a place here.

00:24:57.772 --> 00:24:59.712
That's not what we are discussing.

00:24:59.732 --> 00:25:01.112
That's not the point of the episode.

00:25:01.452 --> 00:25:02.992
It's not the point of the Christian life.

00:25:04.512 --> 00:25:09.152
What God has said is true, and we should believe it.

00:25:10.072 --> 00:25:12.892
And so there are correct answers to all of these questions.

00:25:13.712 --> 00:25:18.152
We should want to get all of them right, and we should want to help our neighbor get all of them right.

00:25:18.812 --> 00:25:37.772
We should want to go out and evangelize those in our communities who get these questions wrong, who have maybe even not been taught the correct answers, because as we will see with some of these questions, the respondents probably didn't even understand what was being asked in a full sense of the term.

00:25:39.492 --> 00:25:40.292
That's a problem.

00:25:41.432 --> 00:25:52.752
That's not just a problem with the state of our churches, it's a problem with the state of our teachers in our churches and outside our churches, and the fact that many Christians are clearly not reading Scripture.

00:25:54.032 --> 00:25:58.192
Because some of these, if you read Scripture, you are not going to get them wrong.

00:26:00.432 --> 00:26:02.652
So this is an episode about a bunch of data.

00:26:02.852 --> 00:26:04.492
As I mentioned, these are from two studies.

00:26:04.852 --> 00:26:06.072
The links will be in the show notes.

00:26:06.092 --> 00:26:11.072
I highly encourage anyone who's interested to go click through and dig around yourself.

00:26:11.092 --> 00:26:13.132
We're just scratching the surface on the data.

00:26:13.152 --> 00:26:21.612
We've cherry picked some questions that go directly to our thesis, which is that most of the people who say they're Christians are not Christians in the United States.

00:26:22.632 --> 00:26:23.452
And that's a big deal.

00:26:23.592 --> 00:26:25.572
And that will matter in future episodes.

00:26:25.592 --> 00:26:29.712
But as we made the case in the Apostle episode, obviously it can happen.

00:26:30.012 --> 00:26:31.872
Here's where we're seeing it on the ground.

00:26:32.592 --> 00:26:38.592
So we're going to try as much as possible not to give raw numbers because it's a podcast.

00:26:38.592 --> 00:26:41.712
You can't see charts and graphs and trying to keep a bunch of numbers in your head is crazy.

00:26:41.732 --> 00:26:44.932
So visualization, it's entirely on the web.

00:26:45.012 --> 00:26:46.952
It's self-serve, go have a ball.

00:26:47.572 --> 00:26:48.592
It's really interesting data.

00:26:48.612 --> 00:26:57.412
Like I said, there's a lot more there than we have any interest in covering here that will raise a whole bunch of different questions that are not on the table today.

00:26:57.812 --> 00:27:01.892
You will be shocked and horrified at how bad some of these things are.

00:27:03.492 --> 00:27:10.452
The first question that we're going to tackle is, this first set is all going to be from the Pew data from 2014.

00:27:10.932 --> 00:27:12.472
First question is belief in God.

00:27:13.232 --> 00:27:18.272
And the answers are absolutely believe fairly certain God exists, not certain God exists.

00:27:19.972 --> 00:27:24.712
Evangelicals, about 90% absolutely certain, about 10% fairly certain.

00:27:24.912 --> 00:27:29.052
So virtually no evangelicals deny that God is real.

00:27:29.372 --> 00:27:29.812
Good news.

00:27:30.552 --> 00:27:38.732
Mainline drops to 2 thirds are absolutely certain, and a quarter are fairly certain, and about 4 or 5% not certain at all.

00:27:39.412 --> 00:27:49.112
So already there's a huge gap between 90% and 2 thirds, just between the evangelicals and those who are the mainline, the rainbow Christians.

00:27:49.452 --> 00:27:52.292
Probably use that term here just for the sake of clarity.

00:27:53.112 --> 00:27:56.272
And then Rome, 64% also 2 thirds.

00:27:56.552 --> 00:28:01.892
So the absolutely is only 2 thirds of Roman Catholics, and mainlines believe that God exists.

00:28:04.352 --> 00:28:06.572
And then another quarter of them are fairly certain.

00:28:07.252 --> 00:28:08.952
That by itself is catastrophic.

00:28:09.332 --> 00:28:10.632
That's right off the top.

00:28:10.992 --> 00:28:20.832
If you can't say you're absolutely certain that God exists, as I said, I don't see how you can possibly have any promise of salvation if you doubt that God exists.

00:28:21.492 --> 00:28:31.832
Because that doubt, everything else that could possibly, every other question that could possibly arise in the Christian context is necessarily downstream from you having a creator.

00:28:32.372 --> 00:28:35.152
A man who doubts that can't get anything else right.

00:28:35.832 --> 00:28:43.172
So, this is the first of every case where the evangelicals are going to be as close to Christianity as possible.

00:28:43.632 --> 00:28:50.392
The main lines are going to be some flavor of dumpster fire, and then Rome is going to be either in the same dumpster or in an adjacent one.

00:28:51.312 --> 00:28:58.952
And you even have 2% with each of the mainline Protestants and the Roman Catholics who say they do not believe in God.

00:28:59.772 --> 00:29:07.652
Not just that they aren't certain, not just that they don't have a fairly certain belief, they literally answered they do not believe in God.

00:29:08.892 --> 00:29:18.672
1 in 50 mainline Protestants and 1 in 50 Roman Catholics in the United States does not even believe in God.

00:29:20.492 --> 00:29:21.952
That's absolutely insane.

00:29:23.092 --> 00:29:39.072
The idea that you would even claim to be a Christian and then deny a belief in God, but that's the state of affairs today with regard to the mainline churches and the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

00:29:39.932 --> 00:29:46.112
And that's not even including the percentages that say they don't know, which is as bad as saying you don't believe in God.

00:29:46.772 --> 00:29:48.312
If you say, I don't know if there's a God.

00:29:51.432 --> 00:29:54.052
Everything else, as well said, is downstream from that.

00:29:54.952 --> 00:30:01.252
If you don't believe in God, how does any of the rest of this make any coherent sense whatsoever?

00:30:02.712 --> 00:30:06.972
Why would you believe anything in the Bible if there's no God?

00:30:07.792 --> 00:30:17.012
If there's no God, if the Bible is not written by God, then you may as well believe the menu from your local Thai restaurant or a random science fiction book.

00:30:17.012 --> 00:30:19.792
It's just as compelling if there's no God.

00:30:21.092 --> 00:30:25.212
The reason we believe in the Word of God is because it's the Word of God.

00:30:25.912 --> 00:30:29.372
So fundamentally, you have to start with a belief in God.

00:30:30.252 --> 00:30:38.432
And notably for the evangelicals, it is 0% for anything below not too certain, which isn't great.

00:30:38.452 --> 00:30:39.612
That's 1% there.

00:30:40.052 --> 00:30:45.192
But there are no respondents who say they do not believe in God or they don't know.

00:30:46.512 --> 00:30:52.532
In the absence of that data is important because a church should be unwelcoming to someone who denies God.

00:30:52.992 --> 00:31:01.772
Not in the sense of being actively hostile, but they should feel like they don't belong there in the sense that I don't believe anything that's here.

00:31:01.972 --> 00:31:02.892
I don't believe in God.

00:31:03.492 --> 00:31:05.912
How can someone who doesn't believe in God go to a church?

00:31:06.192 --> 00:31:13.532
They can only go to a church where it's perfectly alright not to believe in God and where they're hearing things that are consistent with that.

00:31:14.552 --> 00:31:18.912
The next few questions are kind of about the Christian life, not so much about belief.

00:31:19.872 --> 00:31:24.972
But they're useful because they're an indication of even the possibility of spiritual health.

00:31:25.532 --> 00:31:26.832
And so the first one is attendance.

00:31:27.112 --> 00:31:28.832
How often do you attend church?

00:31:29.292 --> 00:31:31.972
The evangelicals once a week is about 60%.

00:31:32.592 --> 00:31:36.252
Once or twice a month or a few times a year is about 30%.

00:31:36.272 --> 00:31:44.792
It's like a two to one ratio of all the time, sporadically or somewhat often, only about one in ten said seldom or never.

00:31:45.212 --> 00:31:50.432
Contrast that with mainline, where instead of 60%, it was one third attend once a week.

00:31:50.832 --> 00:31:52.652
That's a huge difference statistically.

00:31:52.672 --> 00:31:58.932
That's basically virtually a two to one ratio of going once a week evangelicals versus mainline.

00:31:59.592 --> 00:32:07.412
And then the once or twice a month goes up from 30% for the evangelicals to over 40% from the mainlines.

00:32:07.972 --> 00:32:12.352
And then a quarter of the mainlines seldom or never attend church at all.

00:32:13.292 --> 00:32:14.572
And Rome is right there with them.

00:32:14.872 --> 00:32:16.492
They're 40, 40, 20.

00:32:16.872 --> 00:32:19.432
20% of Roman Catholics never attend church.

00:32:20.012 --> 00:32:26.192
And when you understand some of the specifics of their doctrine, that makes sense because they're Roman Catholic.

00:32:26.652 --> 00:32:33.852
If you are already in the club actually going to Mass, some of them come to the conclusion that they don't need to do that.

00:32:34.272 --> 00:32:37.932
So it's a significant difference from the evangelicals.

00:32:38.812 --> 00:32:41.912
No, these are again, these are all churches that are teaching all these various things.

00:32:41.932 --> 00:32:51.992
And these are very coarse groups because I said in the intro, evangelical, like Pew correctly separates LCMS and Wells from ALCA.

00:32:52.392 --> 00:32:59.612
They correctly separate OPC and PCA from PICUZA, PCUSA.

00:33:00.112 --> 00:33:06.672
So when the main lines, they put the libs in the main line bucket, and they put the conservatives in the evangelical bucket.

00:33:07.352 --> 00:33:12.412
And even with the evangelicals, not even two-thirds actually attend church every week.

00:33:12.732 --> 00:33:13.812
I think that's kind of wild.

00:33:14.812 --> 00:33:18.112
The next one has to do with group prayer and group study.

00:33:18.652 --> 00:33:27.252
So it's basically either on Sunday or during the week, apart from just attending the church service, how often do you get together with other Christians?

00:33:27.592 --> 00:33:31.552
Now, most cases is probably going to be something like Bible class on Sunday morning.

00:33:31.772 --> 00:33:32.432
Not necessarily.

00:33:32.452 --> 00:33:33.572
Maybe it's something in the midweek.

00:33:34.832 --> 00:33:37.792
Evangelicals, nearly half, do it once a week.

00:33:38.772 --> 00:33:43.272
Over 20% do it once or twice a month, and about a third never do it.

00:33:43.292 --> 00:33:47.272
That kind of jives with my observation over time.

00:33:47.292 --> 00:33:49.852
There are some people who just will never come to any of those things.

00:33:50.132 --> 00:33:57.392
Some people show up occasionally, and usually about half of people at the church show up, you know, pretty regularly, almost every Sunday or every Sunday.

00:33:58.352 --> 00:34:04.352
Main lines goes from almost half to less than 20% do it once a week.

00:34:05.012 --> 00:34:08.712
Another one-fifth, another 20% once or twice a month.

00:34:09.112 --> 00:34:15.072
60% of main lines never do any other study or group prayer or anything like that with others.

00:34:15.592 --> 00:34:17.672
That's a huge difference in the Christian life.

00:34:18.312 --> 00:34:34.752
The idea of gathering together with other believers, apart from the church service proper, which is vital, but getting together with other Christians where you're being taught, where you're discussing, where you're praying, any sort of engagement with your faith community, that's a thing.

00:34:35.092 --> 00:34:38.552
Your brothers in Christ should be there with you and for you.

00:34:38.972 --> 00:34:43.172
Talking these things through is the mutual consolation of the brethren.

00:34:43.392 --> 00:34:45.192
It's how we reinforce good teaching.

00:34:45.452 --> 00:34:52.292
It's the opportunity for good and faithful teachers to reinforce many of the things that will simply never come up in a Sunday morning sermon.

00:34:53.012 --> 00:34:57.332
Because the sermon is not nearly as long as a class is going to be, in most cases.

00:34:57.352 --> 00:34:59.812
That's something that some dominations still stick to.

00:35:00.152 --> 00:35:04.072
They used to be that Lutheran sermons were an hour, two hours in some cases.

00:35:04.592 --> 00:35:08.672
Now, if the pastor goes beyond 15 minutes, people start tapping their watches.

00:35:09.172 --> 00:35:15.312
It's very conspicuous for some people coming into Lutheran churches if they've experienced longer sermons elsewhere.

00:35:16.272 --> 00:35:18.012
I think we're on the wrong end of that stick.

00:35:18.332 --> 00:35:22.912
I don't think an hour-long sermon necessarily makes sense, but you know what, that's an adiaphora.

00:35:23.132 --> 00:35:25.452
There's not a prescribed amount of time.

00:35:25.812 --> 00:35:32.672
However, the investment that the individual Christian has, and I want more, is absolutely a fruit of their spirit.

00:35:33.052 --> 00:35:35.252
It's going to be a fruit of the teaching in a congregation.

00:35:36.212 --> 00:35:44.632
And even for the evangelicals, that one-third who never or seldom participate in these things, that's abysmal.

00:35:44.752 --> 00:35:48.932
But for the Roman Catholics, it's two-thirds.

00:35:50.912 --> 00:36:02.492
And part of that, of course, is going to be some of the doctrinal and structural differences, there are fewer classes in the Roman Catholic churches than certainly some of the evangelical churches.

00:36:04.332 --> 00:36:22.352
But two-thirds of Christians, Roman Catholics in this case, never engaging in prayer or scripture study or religious education, which are the three categories under this question, that really does bring into question the seriousness of that faith.

00:36:23.252 --> 00:36:29.372
Because if you are a Christian, there are certain things that are going to flow from that living faith.

00:36:30.192 --> 00:36:41.312
You are going to want to read the Word of God, you are going to want to pray, not just because you're commanded to pray, but because you're given the opportunity to pray.

00:36:41.732 --> 00:36:45.632
God tells you that He hears your prayers and He will answer your prayers.

00:36:46.492 --> 00:36:49.852
And if you believe that, you're going to pray.

00:36:49.992 --> 00:36:54.212
And we see similar things with the frequency of prayer.

00:36:55.092 --> 00:37:06.152
Now, the frequency of prayer, thankfully, is higher than this participation in the Scripture study with 60% of Catholics actually praying, at least daily.

00:37:06.572 --> 00:37:19.432
I imagine part of that is the ritual of the rosary and the prayers like that, which I'm not saying that it's bad to have a ritual when it comes to prayer, because obviously that's going to increase the frequency with which one prays.

00:37:19.772 --> 00:37:24.852
That's an important part of establishing that habit, which prayer should indeed be a habit.

00:37:25.312 --> 00:37:29.812
I would disagree with some of the content, of course, but that is a tangential topic.

00:37:30.332 --> 00:37:32.152
But for evangelicals, it's 80%.

00:37:32.812 --> 00:37:33.792
Pray, at least daily.

00:37:34.712 --> 00:37:35.872
It should be 100%.

00:37:36.892 --> 00:37:43.632
If you call yourself an evangelical Christian, if you say you're a Bible-believing traditional Christian, you should pray every day.

00:37:44.472 --> 00:37:50.572
It doesn't mean that every single day you will pray all of the daily offices, as it were.

00:37:51.352 --> 00:37:56.152
You're not going to necessarily do your morning prayers and afternoon and evening.

00:37:56.972 --> 00:38:00.672
But at some point during the day, you should say a prayer.

00:38:01.212 --> 00:38:04.072
Even if it's just the Lord's Prayer, it's a good place to start.

00:38:04.632 --> 00:38:10.652
So perhaps some of those who are listening have had problems in their prayer life or establishing that habit.

00:38:11.652 --> 00:38:15.152
As we have recommended before, say the Lord's Prayer before every meal.

00:38:15.612 --> 00:38:16.832
It's an easy place to start.

00:38:17.872 --> 00:38:20.052
It takes barely any time to say it.

00:38:21.152 --> 00:38:22.632
You probably already know the prayer.

00:38:22.652 --> 00:38:24.872
If you don't, it takes minutes to memorize.

00:38:26.892 --> 00:38:29.772
Prayer should be a part of your Christian life.

00:38:31.232 --> 00:38:39.652
And we see in these data that it's really not for a very large percentage of Christians.

00:38:40.692 --> 00:38:46.632
For the main line, it's about half, say, they pray daily, and then it tapers off from there.

00:38:49.292 --> 00:38:52.892
Again, this should be 100% for those who claim to be Christian.

00:38:53.112 --> 00:38:56.152
For those who are Christian, it should be 100%.

00:38:56.892 --> 00:38:59.052
Prayer is part of the Christian life.

00:38:59.552 --> 00:39:03.752
And again, it's not because we're saying that, oh, work save you, and prayer is a work.

00:39:04.172 --> 00:39:04.492

00:39:05.252 --> 00:39:08.272
These things flow from a living faith.

00:39:09.032 --> 00:39:19.112
And so when you see this sort of behavior, when you see this lack of response, you start to question whether or not the faith is living.

00:39:20.432 --> 00:39:27.072
You look to all of the warnings in Scripture about a living faith versus a dead faith, or what is a good tree?

00:39:27.452 --> 00:39:30.072
Well, a living faith is a good tree.

00:39:30.112 --> 00:39:31.872
It's going to produce fruit.

00:39:32.332 --> 00:39:33.992
The fruit it produces is good works.

00:39:35.332 --> 00:39:37.992
Well, one of the things it produces is prayer.

00:39:38.912 --> 00:39:44.752
So this is a very good metric for how seriously these groups take their faith.

00:39:46.012 --> 00:39:51.872
And when it comes to the mainline Protestants, about half don't really take it very seriously at all.

00:39:53.712 --> 00:39:56.892
It's a little better, again, for the Roman Catholics, 60%.

00:39:58.152 --> 00:39:59.352
That's still not very good.

00:40:00.212 --> 00:40:07.312
These are not the numbers that we want to see among our Christian brothers, those who claim to be Christian, at least.

00:40:09.352 --> 00:40:15.752
We should want to see the actual fruits of a living faith in those who are saying they are Christian.

00:40:17.692 --> 00:40:39.052
And so when we see, as we've mentioned before, these calls to go overseas and send money all these various places, and, you know, oh, we can go and build wells in Africa, whatever it happens to be, we have millions of our own people right next door who are claiming to be Christian, but in reality, probably are not.

00:40:40.332 --> 00:40:47.792
Those are the men we need to be evangelizing, we need to be reaching out to those God has placed in our lives, our literal neighbors.

00:40:49.052 --> 00:41:00.672
Because again, just because someone says he's Christian, dig a little deeper, see what he actually believes, see what he actually does in response to that claim of being a Christian.

00:41:02.712 --> 00:41:09.132
The next question in the Pew study we want to highlight is the source of right and wrong in a person's life.

00:41:10.072 --> 00:41:15.852
And they broke it into categories of religion or philosophy and reason, common sense and science.

00:41:16.392 --> 00:41:26.132
I'm just going to lump everything in either religion or philosophy, common sense, science as one, because it's really either philosophy or it's manmade.

00:41:26.272 --> 00:41:31.212
That's really all those are saying, this is a human creation, we did it.

00:41:31.952 --> 00:41:43.252
Which is a big problem when you're talking about morality, because if your source of right and wrong is a man instead of an eternal God, well, that's the next question about absolute right and wrong.

00:41:43.832 --> 00:41:48.152
When is something always wrong versus, and you know, they can go either way.

00:41:48.912 --> 00:42:01.792
And, you know, there's an ambiguity to that question, because maybe there are situations where it's simply not clear, but that's usually where people are going to go scurrying to paper over their sins.

00:42:01.812 --> 00:42:07.752
I think one of the best examples of that is abortion and fantaside, murdering infants in the womb.

00:42:08.452 --> 00:42:13.232
People want to say, well, it's usually wrong, but sometimes you just got to kill that baby.

00:42:13.712 --> 00:42:14.832
Now, he was coming right at me.

00:42:15.232 --> 00:42:15.452

00:42:15.832 --> 00:42:18.092
Anytime you kill a baby, you're a murder.

00:42:18.192 --> 00:42:20.432
You're the worst type of murderer imaginable.

00:42:20.972 --> 00:42:23.252
It's a sacrifice to Satan when that's done.

00:42:23.912 --> 00:42:27.752
And the idea that, oh, well, there's some extenuating circumstance where it's okay.

00:42:28.312 --> 00:42:29.392

00:42:29.712 --> 00:42:37.872
We're not talking about the medical case where the mother and the child are both going to die, and the only thing the doctor can do is save the mother's life.

00:42:38.452 --> 00:42:41.752
Those edge cases do not inform the moral question.

00:42:43.052 --> 00:42:44.952
So the question of where do you get your right and wrong?

00:42:45.652 --> 00:42:51.652
Among evangelicals, 60% say the right and wrong comes from religion, which would obviously be Christianity.

00:42:52.472 --> 00:42:55.512
And mainline Romanists say 30%.

00:42:56.092 --> 00:43:00.852
Everything else, the other 40% for evangelicals say man-made.

00:43:00.872 --> 00:43:05.752
And 70% for the mainlines, for the Rainbow Coalition, says it's from man.

00:43:06.092 --> 00:43:06.832
That's wild.

00:43:07.372 --> 00:43:16.752
If only 30% of these non-evangelicals believe that right and wrong comes from God, it really kind of explains everything else downstream, doesn't it?

00:43:17.312 --> 00:43:18.012
That's crazy.

00:43:18.312 --> 00:43:25.472
The idea that morality, that right and wrong, are something that it's a philosophical question or a scientific question.

00:43:26.392 --> 00:43:32.872
As soon as you crack that door open, there's no limit to the man-made wickedness that is going to enter into people's lives.

00:43:33.872 --> 00:43:38.612
And in the case of the absolute morality, it's 50-50 for evangelicals.

00:43:39.672 --> 00:43:41.632
And one-third to two-thirds for the others.

00:43:41.992 --> 00:43:45.392
Or one-third says very clearly right and wrong.

00:43:45.412 --> 00:43:47.612
Evangelicals, 50-50.

00:43:48.212 --> 00:43:49.812
The rest of it is situational.

00:43:50.432 --> 00:43:51.412
Or could it be either?

00:43:51.872 --> 00:43:52.552
That's crazy.

00:43:53.092 --> 00:44:01.072
Only half of the evangelicals, the good guys, the conservatives, only half of them believe that morality is always absolute.

00:44:01.812 --> 00:44:07.952
And fully two-thirds of the mainline rainbow papists think that that's fine.

00:44:08.092 --> 00:44:08.872
It's whatever, man.

00:44:09.172 --> 00:44:10.032
It's situational.

00:44:10.232 --> 00:44:17.312
You don't have to get bogged down in right and wrong all the time if you need it for flexibility.

00:44:18.752 --> 00:44:26.032
Once you understand that these are the answers in the hearts of people who self-identify as Christian, a lot of other things start to make sense.

00:44:27.372 --> 00:44:38.652
Just the sheer fact that amongst the mainline Protestants and the Roman Catholics, 50% say that common sense is their guidance for right and wrong is insane.

00:44:38.672 --> 00:44:42.992
On one level, it doesn't mean anything.

00:44:45.612 --> 00:44:49.632
How is it that common sense can possibly guide your moral decisions?

00:44:50.212 --> 00:44:51.892
What is the source of that common sense?

00:44:51.912 --> 00:44:53.452
On what are you grounding this?

00:44:53.952 --> 00:44:57.492
Because bear in mind, religion is one of the options here.

00:44:57.512 --> 00:45:06.212
So if they say common sense instead of religion, they're choosing common sense to the exclusion of religion with regard to their source for moral guidance.

00:45:08.392 --> 00:45:17.332
It's an absolutely absurd statement and yet fully 50% for the mainline Protestants and the Roman Catholics say, no, common sense is my source of morality.

00:45:17.892 --> 00:45:19.692
It's my guidance on what's right and wrong.

00:45:19.892 --> 00:45:24.692
Not religion, not Christianity, not this faith I supposedly profess.

00:45:24.852 --> 00:45:26.872
No, just common sense, what I happen to think.

00:45:27.732 --> 00:45:42.052
And a full 10%, surprisingly, perhaps, more of the Roman Catholics than the mainline Protestants, a full 10% say, science is my source of morality, as if science has anything to say with regard to morality.

00:45:42.172 --> 00:45:45.272
Science is, at best, amoral.

00:45:46.192 --> 00:45:48.912
It provides no guidance whatsoever for right and wrong.

00:45:50.052 --> 00:46:03.272
It can inform the ultimate decision on what is right and wrong insofar as, for instance, it can help you determine ethical issues with regard to medical treatment.

00:46:03.812 --> 00:46:12.552
But ultimately, the decision is a religious one, because ultimately is Christianity that guides what is right or wrong.

00:46:12.912 --> 00:46:18.212
You can gain information from the others, but the decision rests with religion.

00:46:18.872 --> 00:46:36.592
And so the fact that you have two-thirds saying that other things, are the source of morality, instead of the Christian faith, it really tells you the dire situation of both the mainline Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

00:46:38.052 --> 00:46:41.812
The next question is, how frequently are you engaged in Scripture?

00:46:41.832 --> 00:46:42.872
How often are you reading the Bible?

00:46:44.072 --> 00:46:52.552
Evangelicals, two-thirds say at least weekly, and about 20% say once in a while, and 20% say never, which is by itself awful.

00:46:52.872 --> 00:46:59.972
Like that's for 20% of people who are the conservative Christians to never open their Bible is just bonkers.

00:47:00.612 --> 00:47:02.932
And again, does that mean they're going to hell?

00:47:03.092 --> 00:47:03.412

00:47:03.812 --> 00:47:06.332
Does it mean that their faith is at best on life support?

00:47:06.392 --> 00:47:07.092

00:47:07.812 --> 00:47:11.752
What are you doing with your life if you never touch Scripture?

00:47:13.512 --> 00:47:14.892
And so that's just the Evangelicals.

00:47:14.912 --> 00:47:21.912
When you look at the mainlines, instead of being two-thirds at least weekly, mainline, three and ten, thirty percent.

00:47:21.932 --> 00:47:23.912
And Romanists are a quarter, one and four.

00:47:23.932 --> 00:47:31.712
So it's like I said, the only time that Romanists differ from the mainlines, from the Rainbow Coalition, is when they're even worse.

00:47:32.072 --> 00:47:41.652
And it's particularly understandable in the case of Scripture because when you understand Romanist doctrine, it is the Magisterium in tradition and then Scripture.

00:47:41.832 --> 00:47:47.072
And so as long as they have some of the other things, Scripture is less important to them definitionally.

00:47:47.512 --> 00:47:50.412
Now, it's not to say that it's less important in the lives of certain individuals.

00:47:50.692 --> 00:47:54.852
Clearly, 25% of Roman Catholics are reading their Bible at least weekly.

00:47:55.132 --> 00:47:55.472

00:47:55.792 --> 00:47:57.052
That's a good thing.

00:47:57.812 --> 00:47:58.912
I hope that they understand it.

00:47:59.712 --> 00:48:02.452
I hope it's in English and not in Latin, unlike their mass.

00:48:03.952 --> 00:48:10.512
And then when you look in, you know, once the, so the Evangelicals occasionally are never, are basically 20% each.

00:48:11.072 --> 00:48:14.512
Mainlines, a quarter once in a while will read their Bibles.

00:48:14.832 --> 00:48:16.872
And nearly half never read their Bibles.

00:48:17.432 --> 00:48:18.012
That's huge.

00:48:18.192 --> 00:48:22.512
That's more than double the Evangelicals, the mainlines, just never crack their Bible open.

00:48:22.812 --> 00:48:27.552
So it makes perfect sense while you see the rainbow flags and all the other crap, because what do they care?

00:48:27.792 --> 00:48:29.352
Their source of morality is common sense.

00:48:29.532 --> 00:48:33.692
And common sense says the rainbow flags are better for my tax deductibility.

00:48:34.752 --> 00:48:37.652
And then Romanists once in a while, 20%.

00:48:37.912 --> 00:48:39.672
Never over 50%.

00:48:40.132 --> 00:48:46.312
So again, you know, they don't need the Bible because they have their Magisterium, they have their tradition, the Bible, whatever.

00:48:46.372 --> 00:48:47.672
Someone else can explain that to them.

00:48:48.212 --> 00:48:49.912
Not a good place to be for any Christian.

00:48:50.292 --> 00:48:52.452
And yet it's kind of the historical norm for them.

00:48:52.692 --> 00:48:55.992
It's one of the things that the Protestant Reformation was fought over.

00:48:56.692 --> 00:49:04.532
The Reformation was not intended to be a battle, but it became a battle because Rome for centuries had been murdering men who tried to read their Bibles.

00:49:04.972 --> 00:49:07.732
It was illegal for you to possess one in the vernacular.

00:49:07.992 --> 00:49:09.532
Men were executed for that stuff.

00:49:09.572 --> 00:49:16.312
So that hangover from five, six, seven centuries ago is still with them today.

00:49:16.872 --> 00:49:27.352
These errors that creep into churches, they'll stick around for a long time after anyone remembers the history, because the pattern of life, once it's established, it just sticks with you.

00:49:27.592 --> 00:49:30.172
And it's just what everybody does, and it becomes common sense.

00:49:30.732 --> 00:49:33.652
And when that happens, why would you go looking for anything else?

00:49:33.672 --> 00:49:34.872
I already have everything figured out.

00:49:35.092 --> 00:49:36.192
Why would I open my Bible?

00:49:37.792 --> 00:49:53.892
And you still see some of the more obnoxious apologists for the papacy, particularly on social media, defending not reading the Bible, which undoubtedly plays into this, because as Woe said, there is the idea that we'll know I need someone to interpret this for me.

00:49:55.332 --> 00:50:01.012
I would encourage those who believe that to take a step back and look at the logic of what is being said there.

00:50:02.212 --> 00:50:09.892
If someone else needs to interpret Scripture for you, and I'm not saying that teachers are unnecessary, because of course teachers are a good thing.

00:50:09.912 --> 00:50:10.612
That's what we're doing here.

00:50:10.632 --> 00:50:11.152
We're teaching.

00:50:12.452 --> 00:50:16.792
However, what a teacher says, you still have to understand.

00:50:18.092 --> 00:50:29.172
So when you say that Scripture needs to be interpreted, what you are really asserting is that God is less clear in His communication with man than is man.

00:50:30.992 --> 00:50:33.952
God gave us His word so that we can understand it.

00:50:34.312 --> 00:50:41.392
He gave us His word because it contains things He wants us to know, things He wants us to do, things He wants us not to do.

00:50:42.272 --> 00:50:48.612
God is capable of communicating in such a way that we humans can understand what He communicated.

00:50:49.432 --> 00:50:52.592
And so it is vitally important for Christians to read Scripture.

00:50:53.172 --> 00:51:00.512
More than half of any group claiming to be Christian not reading Scripture at all is unconscionable.

00:51:01.932 --> 00:51:03.912
It's simply anti-Christian.

00:51:05.332 --> 00:51:06.772
Yes, you still need teachers.

00:51:06.792 --> 00:51:13.472
Yes, it's important to still attend those services and to attend classes or otherwise study the Scripture.

00:51:15.232 --> 00:51:16.572
But you need that foundation.

00:51:17.632 --> 00:51:20.612
You have to have actually read the Scriptures yourself.

00:51:21.612 --> 00:51:22.452
That's part of this.

00:51:23.332 --> 00:51:29.672
If you were going to discuss any book at a book club, you would probably read it first.

00:51:31.972 --> 00:51:36.352
You should most certainly read the Bible, if you are a Christian.

00:51:37.112 --> 00:51:38.272
God gave us a book.

00:51:38.852 --> 00:51:49.372
God wrote a book for us, transmitted it through a number of men down through the centuries, but He gave us a book containing the things, again, that He wants us to know, do, not do.

00:51:51.572 --> 00:51:52.752
Why would we not read that?

00:51:54.652 --> 00:51:59.392
The idea that anyone should avoid reading the Bible is crazy.

00:52:00.332 --> 00:52:02.092
What does Scripture say about Scripture?

00:52:03.372 --> 00:52:05.512
Scripture says that it's necessary.

00:52:06.132 --> 00:52:09.892
Scripture says that it prepares us for various things.

00:52:10.952 --> 00:52:20.292
Basically, most things in life, particularly being a Christian, it is the content of the Christian faith, and all of these questions we are discussing today.

00:52:21.052 --> 00:52:30.852
Perhaps the numbers would be better on a lot of them if this particular number weren't so bad, if men were actually reading the Scripture as they should be.

00:52:31.992 --> 00:52:42.652
Because even for the Evangelical Protestants, even for the group that is the best at this, as Woe said, 20%, seldom or never read the Scriptures.

00:52:43.812 --> 00:52:54.652
And 7% is several times a year, which maybe we can doubt the memory of those who say, well, I read it a couple times last year.

00:52:57.312 --> 00:53:04.872
So it's basically a quarter who virtually never read the Scripture, even amongst the most Christian group in the United States.

00:53:06.312 --> 00:53:08.932
That's simply unacceptable.

00:53:09.592 --> 00:53:12.752
This is an enormous problem in all of our churches.

00:53:13.472 --> 00:53:24.992
This is not just a problem in the mainline Protestants or the Roman Catholics, because those numbers that I just gave, that we've gone over a couple times now, are the best numbers.

00:53:26.112 --> 00:53:32.272
These are the most Christian among Christians who still are barely reading their Bible in many cases.

00:53:34.572 --> 00:53:45.812
And these individuals in this particular group don't even have the argument that some of the Roman Catholics have that the Magisterium told me don't read it, or they said they'll interpret it for me.

00:53:46.192 --> 00:53:47.812
That's not the case for Evangelicals.

00:53:49.012 --> 00:53:56.212
One of the core beliefs amongst Evangelical Christians, as Woe said in the introduction, is believing the Bible.

00:53:58.212 --> 00:54:00.832
If you believe the Bible, you should probably read it so you know what's in it.

00:54:02.012 --> 00:54:04.212
You don't read it so that you can believe it.

00:54:04.732 --> 00:54:06.832
You believe it, therefore you should read it.

00:54:07.152 --> 00:54:08.932
And you believe it because it's the Word of God.

00:54:10.072 --> 00:54:23.952
And so the fact that we have a quarter of those who most firmly affirm, who most firmly believe that the Bible is the Word of God, are not reading it, is an insane state of affairs.

00:54:24.712 --> 00:54:33.112
And yet we still have these individuals claiming to be staunch Christians, but not doing any of the things that Christians are supposed to do.

00:54:34.932 --> 00:54:38.552
This next question answers where some of that gap comes from.

00:54:39.052 --> 00:54:41.792
And that is the question of interpreting Scripture.

00:54:43.052 --> 00:54:47.152
The first category of answers is Scripture is the Word of God, literally.

00:54:47.632 --> 00:54:49.812
The second is the Word of God, but not all of it.

00:54:50.172 --> 00:54:52.092
And the third is it's not the Word of God at all.

00:54:53.032 --> 00:54:59.932
And so evangelicals, the superstars of Christianity, only 55% say it's literally the Word of God.

00:55:00.512 --> 00:55:03.472
Another third say it's the Word of God, but not all of it.

00:55:03.772 --> 00:55:06.372
And 12% deny that Scripture is the Word of God.

00:55:06.672 --> 00:55:09.932
So that's going to be the bulk of those who don't read it all the time.

00:55:10.192 --> 00:55:10.732
Why would they?

00:55:11.212 --> 00:55:14.512
If Scripture is not breathed out by God, yeah, why would you waste your time?

00:55:14.812 --> 00:55:17.992
Maybe there are books like you enjoy Cosmo or something more.

00:55:18.312 --> 00:55:20.172
You don't, why would you waste your time with your Bible?

00:55:20.492 --> 00:55:21.732
That's what we're talking about there.

00:55:21.752 --> 00:55:25.192
So like this is in evangelical churches.

00:55:25.212 --> 00:55:30.692
These are the hardcore conservative Christian bodies, not the conservative Christians among them.

00:55:31.232 --> 00:55:32.272
But yeah, that's the problem.

00:55:32.652 --> 00:55:38.832
When you're looking at the numbers game, I'm not gamifying salvation, but that's the term for it.

00:55:39.012 --> 00:55:42.092
When you're just looking at raw numbers, this is what we see.

00:55:42.892 --> 00:55:48.492
The most conservative bodies, one in eight, don't believe Scripture is the Word of God.

00:55:48.512 --> 00:55:49.592
They don't believe it's Scripture.

00:55:49.952 --> 00:55:50.972
They think it's the Bible.

00:55:50.992 --> 00:55:54.412
They think it's a collection of books written by men.

00:55:54.832 --> 00:55:58.012
And maybe there's wisdom and stuff, but it's not breathed out by God.

00:55:59.112 --> 00:56:05.872
And so contrasting the evangelicals, the top out of 55% believing it's literal, main lines less than a quarter.

00:56:06.212 --> 00:56:10.672
And Rome also write at a quarter, believing it's literally the Word of God.

00:56:11.152 --> 00:56:16.432
25% of main lines in Roman Catholics believe Scripture is breathed out by God.

00:56:17.372 --> 00:56:18.912
That's completely catastrophic.

00:56:19.192 --> 00:56:25.592
And everything downstream from that, elsewhere in their lives, is a function of that denial of Scripture.

00:56:26.452 --> 00:56:31.132
Now Rome has a get out of jail free card that they got the Pope and other stuff, so they need to worry about it.

00:56:31.572 --> 00:56:35.592
The main lines, they don't, like, God is, he's a wax nose.

00:56:35.612 --> 00:56:38.892
God is whatever they need him to be to feel good about themselves.

00:56:39.792 --> 00:56:42.512
And so, you know, for the main lines, a quarter believe it's literal.

00:56:42.912 --> 00:56:45.732
40% believe it's the Word of God, but not all of it.

00:56:46.132 --> 00:56:47.112
Rome is at the same.

00:56:47.552 --> 00:56:51.012
And then over two-thirds of both deny that Scripture is the Word of God.

00:56:51.452 --> 00:56:57.212
Over two-thirds of main line, over two-thirds of Roman Catholics expressly deny Scripture.

00:56:57.392 --> 00:56:59.172
They say this is not breathed out by God.

00:57:00.012 --> 00:57:01.112
That is apostasy.

00:57:01.552 --> 00:57:05.852
To deny that Scripture is from God is to deny the Christian faith.

00:57:06.672 --> 00:57:15.332
That is to say that more than one-third of those in Rome and main line denominations, just by this one question, have no promise of salvation.

00:57:15.672 --> 00:57:16.392
Are they all damned?

00:57:16.772 --> 00:57:17.232
I don't know.

00:57:17.472 --> 00:57:18.072
I hope not.

00:57:18.452 --> 00:57:20.492
But where do they go from there?

00:57:21.212 --> 00:57:24.812
If they deny Scripture, where are they getting anything?

00:57:25.252 --> 00:57:28.712
And so this starts to make sense of the answer about morality.

00:57:29.012 --> 00:57:32.692
Of course, they need to get their morality from TV, from common sense, from science.

00:57:32.932 --> 00:57:35.212
They can't get it from Scripture because it's just made up by God.

00:57:35.732 --> 00:57:36.672
It's made up by man.

00:57:36.692 --> 00:57:37.852
It's not from God at all.

00:57:39.512 --> 00:57:47.472
All these things are interlocking pieces, which is why we're going through a number of these different questions, because by itself, one question doesn't illuminate everything.

00:57:48.092 --> 00:57:51.092
It certainly doesn't tell you in most cases if someone's saved.

00:57:51.572 --> 00:57:57.572
But when you start to see the questions shining lights back at each other, suddenly the whole picture becomes clear.

00:57:57.592 --> 00:58:01.532
It's like, well, yeah, of course they don't believe this, because they deny this.

00:58:02.312 --> 00:58:14.112
And that is when it becomes clear that we're not just talking about a few errors, but we're talking about a significant portion of many major church bodies in the United States that simply aren't Christian.

00:58:15.212 --> 00:58:17.192
Again, we're not declaring damnation.

00:58:17.212 --> 00:58:20.672
We're just saying, if there's Christianity here, there's no evidence for it.

00:58:21.212 --> 00:58:22.912
It's like pointing a telescope at the moon.

00:58:23.152 --> 00:58:24.392
You don't see anything moving.

00:58:24.832 --> 00:58:26.132
There are no heat signatures.

00:58:26.592 --> 00:58:29.012
You can state, there's no life there.

00:58:29.292 --> 00:58:31.252
And then you go and you look and you're like, yep, there's nothing here.

00:58:31.552 --> 00:58:36.132
If there are no signs of life, that is itself proof of the absence of life.

00:58:36.532 --> 00:58:44.872
Now, spiritual life is slightly different and that only God can actually see it and discern it, but you can detect it.

00:58:45.592 --> 00:58:48.332
I don't need to judge your heart to know if you're lying about God.

00:58:48.732 --> 00:58:52.792
I don't need to judge your heart to know that you're living a life that's profligate and wicked.

00:58:54.012 --> 00:59:03.692
And some of the other questions we'll get into, get into some of those specifics where these people that deny scripture, of course, they're going to deny that morality is fixed, that it's absolute.

00:59:04.232 --> 00:59:05.552
That is license.

00:59:06.092 --> 00:59:08.592
Once you've done that, that's your permission slip.

00:59:08.592 --> 00:59:09.072
From whom?

00:59:09.092 --> 00:59:10.852
Not from God, because there's basically no God.

00:59:10.872 --> 00:59:19.052
You have a permission slip from yourself and from reason and from Neil deGrasse Tyson that you can do whatever doesn't hurt anybody else.

00:59:19.552 --> 00:59:20.492
Do as thou wilt.

00:59:21.272 --> 00:59:23.892
That's kind of where we see a lot of people in our churches today.

00:59:24.092 --> 00:59:25.092
Not necessarily our church.

00:59:25.112 --> 00:59:30.112
It's probably most people listening to Stone Choir are members of these bad congregations.

00:59:30.392 --> 00:59:31.572
And they're bad congregations.

00:59:31.912 --> 00:59:40.972
Even in the most conservative evangelical bodies, there are horrible, wildly left-wing congregations that are openly enemies of God.

00:59:41.912 --> 00:59:43.872
No one gets a clean bill of health here.

00:59:44.332 --> 00:59:48.272
So when we call out specifics, it's just like, this is an example we should all flee from.

00:59:49.312 --> 00:59:56.992
That when you flee to another church body and you find the same crap in smaller numbers, you got to put out that fire, because it's going to take people to hell with it.

00:59:58.592 --> 01:00:09.132
As Will mentioned in a recent episode, being a Christian, if you don't believe it's true, is an absolutely insane choice.

01:00:11.252 --> 01:00:16.252
If you don't believe that Scripture is the Word of God, why on earth would you be a Christian?

01:00:17.512 --> 01:00:21.512
It isn't going to make your life easier in virtually all cases.

01:00:22.292 --> 01:00:27.392
It is going to make your life more difficult, significantly more difficult in some cases.

01:00:28.592 --> 01:00:33.232
It's going to prevent you from doing some of the things the flesh tells you it would like to do.

01:00:34.452 --> 01:00:42.872
And well, if there's no God, as we showed many believe, and if the Bible isn't the Word of God, then why not just go do those things?

01:00:44.032 --> 01:00:51.792
Hedonism makes a lot more sense insofar as there's any sense whatsoever in a meaningless universe, if that's what you happen to believe.

01:00:52.552 --> 01:01:01.412
Why would you be a Christian if you don't believe any of the things Christianity teaches, any of the tenets of the religion?

01:01:01.992 --> 01:01:03.872
It doesn't make any sense.

01:01:05.032 --> 01:01:13.072
Yes, there's that force of inertia, particularly when it comes to some of the mainline churches, but particularly in the case of the Roman Catholics.

01:01:13.492 --> 01:01:22.592
You'll get those who will say, well, my family has been Roman Catholic for 15 generations or 20 or however long it happens to be, as far back as you can trace.

01:01:24.432 --> 01:01:31.532
But if you don't believe any of the things that Christianity actually teaches, why on earth are you still going to church?

01:01:33.032 --> 01:01:35.492
Why are you saying that you're a Christian?

01:01:37.292 --> 01:01:38.312
There's no point.

01:01:38.912 --> 01:01:41.352
It doesn't make anything better for you.

01:01:42.272 --> 01:01:47.952
In fact, the only thing it can potentially do is if you're wrong, it's going to make things worse for you.

01:01:49.652 --> 01:01:54.972
Because falsely claiming that you are a Christian is worse than just not being one.

01:01:56.952 --> 01:02:03.072
Just as it is worse to commit an evil act with full knowledge than it is to commit it in ignorance.

01:02:04.672 --> 01:02:13.952
And so if you don't believe that Scripture is the Word of God, if you don't believe there even is a God, why would you claim to be a Christian?

01:02:13.972 --> 01:02:21.812
Yet that's exactly what we see a significant percentage of those, particularly in the mainline Protestant and the Roman Catholic Church doing.

01:02:23.272 --> 01:02:25.352
It's an absolutely insane state of affairs.

01:02:25.372 --> 01:02:40.412
Yes, it's terrible at the same time, because we have those who are ostensibly brothers and sisters in Christ who don't believe any of the things that the Christian faith teaches, any of the things you have to believe to actually be a Christian.

01:02:42.912 --> 01:02:45.672
But it's also just wildly illogical.

01:02:46.132 --> 01:02:49.532
There's no reason to be a Christian if it isn't true.

01:02:51.112 --> 01:02:58.792
The reason that we are Christians, the reason we do the podcast, the reason we cover these topics, is because we believe these things.

01:02:59.412 --> 01:03:05.632
If we didn't believe them, what we're doing, what we're saying, all of this would be insane.

01:03:07.972 --> 01:03:14.672
What is the benefit of sticking out your neck, because that's really what you're doing, if it isn't for the truth?

01:03:15.732 --> 01:03:16.412
There isn't one.

01:03:17.652 --> 01:03:21.292
It is behavior that is worthy of being committed to a mental institution.

01:03:22.652 --> 01:03:27.092
And yet that's what we see with a significant percentage of those in our churches.

01:03:29.372 --> 01:03:32.012
This is an abject failure of teaching.

01:03:33.332 --> 01:03:35.452
We have pastors who are not doing their duties.

01:03:35.952 --> 01:03:38.012
We have teachers who are not doing their duty.

01:03:39.012 --> 01:03:55.932
Apparently, teaching is just not a thing in many churches in the United States, because these are issues that should be addressed in the first class for a new member, or the first Bible study the person attends.

01:03:57.092 --> 01:04:05.172
How can you possibly attend a church that is supposedly faithful, and not believe that the Bible is the Word of God?

01:04:06.132 --> 01:04:08.012
How can you arrive at that conclusion?

01:04:10.872 --> 01:04:25.012
We have a great deal of faithless pastors and faithless teachers in our churches, and they need to be removed, because they are the reason that this sort of thing is happening.

01:04:25.572 --> 01:04:29.032
These numbers are the result of wolves in sheep's clothing.

01:04:30.832 --> 01:04:39.812
And yes, there are souls on the line here, those who are taught incorrectly, or maliciously in some cases, and wind up believing these lies.

01:04:40.952 --> 01:04:44.272
As Woe said, they have no promise of salvation.

01:04:45.492 --> 01:04:47.252
It doesn't mean they are necessarily damned.

01:04:49.892 --> 01:04:51.852
But is that the standard you want?

01:04:53.032 --> 01:04:56.252
Is that the sort of comfort you want to give?

01:04:57.112 --> 01:04:59.912
Is that the position in which you want to find yourself or others?

01:05:00.492 --> 01:05:02.352
Well, you aren't necessarily damned.

01:05:04.372 --> 01:05:08.632
I think we would probably hope for something a little more comforting than that.

01:05:09.832 --> 01:05:17.612
And if you don't believe the Bible is the Word of God, and if you don't believe God even exists, you don't have a promise of salvation.

01:05:20.312 --> 01:05:25.672
The next two questions go directly to the context of salvation.

01:05:25.692 --> 01:05:28.692
The first one is, do you believe in heaven and do you believe in hell?

01:05:30.132 --> 01:05:33.132
And hilariously, the numbers aren't the same in both cases.

01:05:33.992 --> 01:05:37.352
I'm just going to give the don't believes because it's a very simple question.

01:05:37.812 --> 01:05:40.432
And it's either do you believe or you don't believe or you don't know.

01:05:40.772 --> 01:05:42.952
And if you don't know, that's the same as saying you don't believe.

01:05:42.972 --> 01:05:44.092
So it's the same thing.

01:05:45.152 --> 01:05:50.172
Among evangelicals, 10%, slightly over 10%, don't believe in heaven.

01:05:51.212 --> 01:05:52.192
None of them are going to heaven.

01:05:52.532 --> 01:05:54.212
If you don't believe in heaven, you're not saved.

01:05:54.772 --> 01:05:56.192
These are both in the creeds.

01:05:56.292 --> 01:06:03.892
These are both in the definition of Christianity that every Christian must accept because it's straight from scripture.

01:06:04.472 --> 01:06:07.652
If you don't believe that there's a heaven, you're going to go to hell.

01:06:08.572 --> 01:06:11.532
So 10% of evangelicals don't believe in heaven.

01:06:11.872 --> 01:06:14.812
20% of the main lines don't believe in heaven.

01:06:15.252 --> 01:06:18.352
15% of Roman Catholics don't believe in heaven.

01:06:19.092 --> 01:06:19.672

01:06:19.692 --> 01:06:21.712
Again, how is that even possible?

01:06:21.732 --> 01:06:27.012
As Corey just said, they're being eaten and devoured by wolves in their churches.

01:06:27.752 --> 01:06:34.012
No Christian can possibly go to a church and believe this if it's a Christian church.

01:06:34.332 --> 01:06:39.512
Any Christian church is going to make it unavoidable that there's a heaven and that there's a hell.

01:06:40.112 --> 01:06:42.652
Also in the creeds, also in scripture.

01:06:43.132 --> 01:06:46.512
And so evangelical denial of hell is 20%.

01:06:46.912 --> 01:06:49.712
Mainline denial of hell doubles 40%.

01:06:50.312 --> 01:06:53.272
40% of the rainbow people say there's no hell.

01:06:54.232 --> 01:06:55.792
Bad news for them on Judgment Day.

01:06:55.812 --> 01:06:57.932
100% of them are going to end up in it.

01:06:58.292 --> 01:07:00.632
This is a do not pass go question.

01:07:01.052 --> 01:07:03.892
You can't say that there's no hell and have any promise of salvation.

01:07:04.172 --> 01:07:05.192
It's not going to happen.

01:07:05.672 --> 01:07:07.612
And Rome is right behind them at 30%.

01:07:07.632 --> 01:07:10.752
It's basically 40% for both main lines and for Rome.

01:07:11.132 --> 01:07:13.472
And then obviously the belief is the flip side of that.

01:07:15.572 --> 01:07:24.932
On one hand, it's bonkers that you have 80 to 90% saying that heaven does exist and yet only 60 to 80% saying that hell exists.

01:07:25.472 --> 01:07:29.252
That clearly shows that a lot of people hold a mercenary faith.

01:07:29.852 --> 01:07:34.832
They're Christian because they want to go to heaven, but they don't believe in that hell stuff.

01:07:34.852 --> 01:07:35.672
That's not their God.

01:07:35.852 --> 01:07:36.972
Their God doesn't do hell.

01:07:36.992 --> 01:07:38.032
He doesn't do damnation.

01:07:38.172 --> 01:07:39.672
There's no judgment from their God.

01:07:40.492 --> 01:07:46.412
Bad news from them because on Judgment Day, on the Judgment Throne, is the Judge of the World.

01:07:47.092 --> 01:07:48.412
That's Jesus Christ.

01:07:48.432 --> 01:07:50.292
He's sitting there judging us.

01:07:51.012 --> 01:07:58.092
And that's good news for Christians because we know that our robes are washed white and in His blood that was sacrificed on the cross.

01:07:58.612 --> 01:08:00.812
Everyone else doesn't have white robes.

01:08:01.052 --> 01:08:08.132
They have robes that are stained filthy with the sins that we all accumulate throughout our entire lives, beginning the moment we're conceived.

01:08:09.532 --> 01:08:16.592
Without Christ's sacrifice, you don't get heaven and you do get hell because those are the only two options.

01:08:17.832 --> 01:08:19.912
This also excludes annihilationism.

01:08:20.192 --> 01:08:22.032
There's some folks that try to split the difference.

01:08:22.052 --> 01:08:26.152
They say, well, yeah, if you're good or if you're Christian, you go to heaven.

01:08:26.172 --> 01:08:30.252
If you were bad, if you weren't a Christian, well, you just vanish.

01:08:30.492 --> 01:08:32.272
You just disappear from the universe.

01:08:33.212 --> 01:08:35.232
Scripture is very clear that that is not true.

01:08:35.252 --> 01:08:42.552
It is a definition of the Christian faith that there is a hell that was prepared for Satan, and the goats are going to be thrown in with them.

01:08:42.892 --> 01:08:43.932
It's what God says.

01:08:43.952 --> 01:08:45.132
It's what he promises.

01:08:45.552 --> 01:08:47.812
If you believe in God, you have to believe that.

01:08:47.972 --> 01:08:49.452
This isn't bad news.

01:08:50.152 --> 01:08:53.352
When Christians say these things, people are like, oh, that's fire and brimstone.

01:08:53.852 --> 01:08:55.252
It's literally just in the Bible.

01:08:55.952 --> 01:08:58.332
Is it fire and brimstone if you're on the wrong side of it?

01:08:58.352 --> 01:08:58.772
Well, yeah.

01:08:59.672 --> 01:09:02.072
So the solution is get on the right side of it.

01:09:02.632 --> 01:09:04.672
Accept Christ's sacrifice for you.

01:09:05.032 --> 01:09:06.392
Receive the gift of faith.

01:09:06.852 --> 01:09:08.632
God wants everyone to have faith.

01:09:08.992 --> 01:09:10.372
God offers it to everyone.

01:09:10.392 --> 01:09:13.632
We have to reject him continuously for our entire lives.

01:09:14.252 --> 01:09:16.332
And a lot of people are clearly pulling it off.

01:09:16.552 --> 01:09:19.972
And they're pulling it off even inside churches that call themselves Christian.

01:09:21.032 --> 01:09:25.992
This is a good point to emphasize something Woe just mentioned in passing.

01:09:27.032 --> 01:09:27.672
The creeds.

01:09:28.772 --> 01:09:31.272
We've gone over the importance of the creeds before.

01:09:32.472 --> 01:09:41.412
But perhaps in this episode more than any other, the vital importance of the creeds is demonstrated with almost every question.

01:09:43.512 --> 01:09:45.992
Because the creeds address most of these issues.

01:09:47.592 --> 01:09:58.452
If you recite the creeds, and if your pastor properly teaches the creeds, because that should certainly be part of it, you shouldn't just recite the creeds and then, oh, I'm good, I'm done.

01:10:00.312 --> 01:10:06.312
There should be teaching about what exactly each part of the creeds means, references to Scripture.

01:10:06.312 --> 01:10:07.312
We have that information.

01:10:07.332 --> 01:10:08.972
We can add that in the show notes.

01:10:11.552 --> 01:10:16.872
But the creeds are a vital part of Christianity, because they teach the basics of the faith.

01:10:18.072 --> 01:10:22.212
And when you recite the creeds every week, you are reciting that faith.

01:10:22.232 --> 01:10:24.652
You are reinforcing your belief in that faith.

01:10:25.192 --> 01:10:28.872
You are stating what it is to be a Christian.

01:10:28.892 --> 01:10:31.312
What is the content of the Christian faith?

01:10:32.052 --> 01:10:41.292
And so some of these errors, it would be very difficult to continue believing these, to persist in these particular errors, if you are reciting the creeds.

01:10:41.932 --> 01:10:46.392
And that's why it's such a problem that certain churches have abandoned the creeds.

01:10:47.852 --> 01:10:52.112
In some of the more egregious cases, some churches have altered the creeds.

01:10:52.132 --> 01:10:59.972
I know some of the mainline churches, the more demonic, quite frankly, ones, have changed it in order to fit their ideology.

01:11:02.432 --> 01:11:08.532
If your church does not use the creeds, you should probably consider asking your pastor why.

01:11:10.372 --> 01:11:14.132
With what statement in the creeds do you disagree?

01:11:15.172 --> 01:11:21.212
And if he has an answer to that, and if he gives you a part of the creed with which he disagrees, you need to find a new church.

01:11:22.432 --> 01:11:26.832
Because every single thing in the creeds is from Scripture.

01:11:27.952 --> 01:11:33.232
They are simply creedal forms of what is taught in Scripture.

01:11:34.592 --> 01:11:41.992
They are formulated as a creed so they can be memorized, so they can be recited in the service.

01:11:43.352 --> 01:11:44.592
They are not new doctrine.

01:11:44.752 --> 01:11:46.172
They are not reformulations.

01:11:46.812 --> 01:11:50.272
They are simply a statement of what is in Scripture.

01:11:50.612 --> 01:11:54.012
And so a Christian cannot disagree with the creeds.

01:11:55.172 --> 01:11:59.912
And we can see the consequence in certain denominations of abandoning the creeds.

01:12:00.632 --> 01:12:08.152
There are errors that creep in that are explicitly addressed in the creeds that would not creep in if the creeds were still used.

01:12:10.572 --> 01:12:18.792
The last few questions from the Pew survey have to do with moral questions in secular life.

01:12:19.772 --> 01:12:21.192
The first is on abortion.

01:12:21.212 --> 01:12:22.692
I don't think there's a lot to say about this.

01:12:22.712 --> 01:12:23.952
Just give you the raw numbers.

01:12:24.752 --> 01:12:29.872
Evangelicals, one third believe that abortion, the murder of infants in the womb should be legal.

01:12:30.592 --> 01:12:31.892
One third say, yeah, go for it.

01:12:32.072 --> 01:12:32.812
Kill that baby.

01:12:33.472 --> 01:12:35.292
Mainline, it's nearly two thirds.

01:12:36.072 --> 01:12:37.452
In Rome, it's 50-50.

01:12:40.492 --> 01:12:45.732
Does someone who wants sacrificing babies of Satan have a promise of salvation?

01:12:47.872 --> 01:12:48.112

01:12:48.472 --> 01:12:48.992
No, they don't.

01:12:49.492 --> 01:12:51.792
That's not even table stakes for Christianity.

01:12:52.272 --> 01:12:54.712
And it's not that we need to add abortion to the creeds.

01:12:55.312 --> 01:12:59.612
It's that even the pagans know better than this.

01:13:00.492 --> 01:13:10.732
Even pagans have to have gone very far down the path of absolute satanic abject depravity before they're going to start killing their babies.

01:13:11.092 --> 01:13:18.672
And today it's been normalized in our society to the point that among evangelicals, among the conservatives, forget what the church bodies teach.

01:13:19.352 --> 01:13:31.452
The individuals sitting in the pews or not in the pews, depending, those who identify as Christians, one-third of evangelicals say kill the baby, two-thirds of the mainline say kill the baby, half of Roman Catholics say kill the baby.

01:13:32.392 --> 01:13:45.512
Even though Rome is putatively anti-abortion, and thank God for it, because at least that dicta from Rome is enough to keep some people in line.

01:13:45.512 --> 01:13:48.012
Even at that, half of them are like, yeah, kill the baby.

01:13:48.032 --> 01:13:52.132
The next one is sodomy.

01:13:53.012 --> 01:13:54.772
Should it be accepted?

01:13:54.792 --> 01:13:55.992
Should it be discouraged?

01:13:56.212 --> 01:13:57.132
Should we not care?

01:13:57.812 --> 01:13:59.872
A third of evangelicals say, yeah, accept it.

01:13:59.892 --> 01:14:00.392
That's great.

01:14:00.972 --> 01:14:05.212
Over half say it should be discouraged, and about 10% are just totally indifferent.

01:14:05.832 --> 01:14:08.052
Mainline, two-thirds accept it.

01:14:08.332 --> 01:14:13.872
So again, you see the same ratio with abortion as with this other wicked depravity.

01:14:15.092 --> 01:14:17.612
One-third of evangelicals say, yep, it's fine.

01:14:17.992 --> 01:14:19.932
Two-thirds of mainline say, yeah, it's fine.

01:14:20.232 --> 01:14:21.572
And Rome is even worse.

01:14:21.832 --> 01:14:25.592
When it comes to sodomy, 70% of Roman Catholics say, go for it.

01:14:26.512 --> 01:14:28.432
And only a quarter say, discourage it.

01:14:28.572 --> 01:14:29.572
The rest are indifferent.

01:14:30.132 --> 01:14:33.032
That's absolute moral catastrophe.

01:14:34.752 --> 01:14:39.392
And when you look at sodomy unions, I'm not even going to call it marriage, because that's obscene.

01:14:39.632 --> 01:14:41.232
That's not a marriage at all.

01:14:43.472 --> 01:14:47.932
Over a quarter of evangelicals say, yeah, we should have gay marriage.

01:14:48.952 --> 01:14:50.832
And only two-thirds are against it.

01:14:51.652 --> 01:14:55.132
Mainline, it's nearly 60% or four and a third against.

01:14:55.512 --> 01:14:56.712
Rome, identical.

01:14:57.652 --> 01:15:06.452
Again, these are self-identified Christians, overwhelmingly in support of something that Obama, when he campaigned in 2008, was against.

01:15:06.472 --> 01:15:11.612
This is something that's missing from a lot of the moral conversations we have in our churches today.

01:15:12.132 --> 01:15:19.572
Just how quickly the world slid into complete wickedness in the church was in lockstep.

01:15:20.192 --> 01:15:21.152
These are Christians.

01:15:22.472 --> 01:15:23.932
We're in 2024 today.

01:15:24.152 --> 01:15:34.572
In 2008, a presidential candidate, the most liberal candidate probably would ever run, when you look at the things that he viewed, he was publicly against it.

01:15:34.752 --> 01:15:37.352
Now in private, of course, he was for it, because he himself is not.

01:15:40.452 --> 01:15:46.932
The public acceptable view for the Democratic Party in 2008 was we had to condemn sodomite marriage.

01:15:48.112 --> 01:15:55.212
And today, overwhelmingly, among Christians in America, it's seen as something we should accept and be for.

01:15:56.092 --> 01:15:57.872
This is not Christianity.

01:15:58.472 --> 01:16:02.672
When Corey and I talk about the new global religion, this is what we're talking about.

01:16:03.132 --> 01:16:04.772
Because this is a moral question.

01:16:05.252 --> 01:16:08.372
Do you permit abortion and sodomy and sodomite marriage?

01:16:08.672 --> 01:16:09.632
Or do you forbid it?

01:16:09.932 --> 01:16:12.432
Do you punish it to the full extent of the law?

01:16:13.812 --> 01:16:29.312
The Bible says one thing, Christians have always said the same thing as the Bible until, in some cases, the last 50 or 60 years, in some cases, the last 16 years, where something that was so radical that a Democrat couldn't run for it in 2008.

01:16:29.472 --> 01:16:33.312
Today, the majority of people in churches in this country say, yeah, go for it.

01:16:34.092 --> 01:16:36.592
That is apostasy.

01:16:36.812 --> 01:16:38.832
That is the complete abandonment of God.

01:16:39.192 --> 01:16:47.772
I know these things aren't in the creeds they don't need to be because they're written on our hearts and they're everywhere in scripture, condemned in the strongest imaginable terms.

01:16:48.172 --> 01:16:51.192
God could not have been any more clear when he condemns these things.

01:16:51.712 --> 01:16:55.252
And Christians have always known it, and Christians still know it to this day.

01:16:55.632 --> 01:17:01.332
Those who do not know it show themselves not to be Christian, whatever else they confess with their lips.

01:17:02.952 --> 01:17:08.392
And the abortion numbers don't even capture how bad the reality actually is.

01:17:10.032 --> 01:17:14.812
Because that question is about abortion specifically as a procedure.

01:17:15.292 --> 01:17:22.632
It does not cover abortion in its totality, which would include hormonal birth control.

01:17:23.972 --> 01:17:27.412
Because one of the ways that works is as an abortifacient.

01:17:28.052 --> 01:17:29.532
That is one of the outcomes.

01:17:30.292 --> 01:17:34.332
And what you morally risk, you are morally guilty of it.

01:17:35.632 --> 01:17:40.192
And so the use of hormonal birth control is the sin of abortion.

01:17:41.512 --> 01:17:45.552
That is what you are risking, and so that is what you have morally done.

01:17:47.332 --> 01:17:57.372
And the percentages of supposed Christians who are going to support that, I guarantee you they are higher than those who say they support abortion, when you use that word.

01:17:59.552 --> 01:18:07.372
And just for the record, for those who think that this is a relatively modern issue, the Church has always opposed abortion.

01:18:07.892 --> 01:18:11.792
You can go back to sermons of the Church Fathers, and they talk about abortion.

01:18:11.812 --> 01:18:16.212
John Chrysostom condemns abortion in some of his sermons.

01:18:16.432 --> 01:18:17.532
This is not a new issue.

01:18:17.552 --> 01:18:20.372
The Church has not changed positions on it.

01:18:21.132 --> 01:18:27.472
This has always been the stance of the Church, that it is murder, that it is impermissible, that it is high-handed sin.

01:18:28.712 --> 01:18:36.532
It is a violation of the Fifth Commandment, and it is subject to the penalty in Genesis 9-6.

01:18:39.052 --> 01:18:42.392
The last question we wanted to mention from Pew is about evolution.

01:18:43.552 --> 01:18:54.752
We did the entire 6000 years and counting episode dealing with the fact that the only possible Christian view is that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old.

01:18:55.592 --> 01:18:58.932
Whatever timeline you pick, it cannot possibly be any older than that.

01:19:01.052 --> 01:19:06.352
To say otherwise is to directly and literally deny scripture.

01:19:06.992 --> 01:19:11.972
Because, as we point out very simply in that episode, it could have been a three sentence episode.

01:19:12.392 --> 01:19:14.752
The only way evolution works is death.

01:19:15.552 --> 01:19:18.552
Death entered the world with Adam's sin.

01:19:19.172 --> 01:19:24.772
Therefore, evolution and Adam's sin cannot both exist on the same timeline.

01:19:25.952 --> 01:19:28.692
You either believe the Bible or you believe in evolution.

01:19:29.132 --> 01:19:34.152
And so what we find in this question, they broke it down by natural evolution versus designed evolution.

01:19:34.172 --> 01:19:35.292
I don't know.

01:19:35.932 --> 01:19:38.252
Or man always existed or I just don't know anything.

01:19:38.332 --> 01:19:39.712
They're two different don't knows.

01:19:39.732 --> 01:19:43.712
That's how messed up the survey data was.

01:19:44.352 --> 01:19:48.652
I'm just going to give you the always existed because that's the only Christian answer in the list.

01:19:49.732 --> 01:19:56.492
Evangelicals, the conservative Christians, 57% say the man has always existed in the current state.

01:19:56.852 --> 01:20:03.252
That's 57% believe that Adam was the first man created in the perfect image of God.

01:20:03.672 --> 01:20:07.272
57% just barely squeaking past half.

01:20:09.132 --> 01:20:11.532
Main lines, the rainbow guys, 30%.

01:20:11.752 --> 01:20:13.232
Rome, 29%.

01:20:13.852 --> 01:20:19.572
Less than a third of the rainbow Papus coalition believe that Adam existed.

01:20:20.272 --> 01:20:22.572
Now you tell me who can be a Christian in that state.

01:20:23.872 --> 01:20:27.132
Seriously, how many times has Adam come up in the Bible?

01:20:27.152 --> 01:20:33.012
It's not like Adam vanishes after the genealogy talking about what happened in the garden.

01:20:34.532 --> 01:20:38.232
Adam is central as a character in the Bible.

01:20:38.432 --> 01:20:43.472
Not because he's a fictional character, because he's our father, because we inherit his sin.

01:20:43.852 --> 01:20:53.112
A specific real sin that happened on a certain day of the week, six, seven thousand years ago, when it happened, the universe fell, we fall because of it.

01:20:54.092 --> 01:20:55.592
Every Christian must believe that.

01:20:56.152 --> 01:21:08.072
Now, as we said in that episode, we're not saying you're going to go to hell if you disagree with us or even with scripture, because like we're pointing to scripture, it's got nothing to do with some podcast or things.

01:21:09.412 --> 01:21:14.192
The only way that someone can have those beliefs is to deny scripture.

01:21:14.832 --> 01:21:20.612
As I said in the intro, if you deny scripture, you're basically standing face to face with God and calling him a liar.

01:21:21.032 --> 01:21:22.132
You're saying, this is crap.

01:21:22.592 --> 01:21:23.692
You're just making up stories.

01:21:23.712 --> 01:21:24.672
I don't believe any of this.

01:21:25.052 --> 01:21:29.512
I have scientific evidence that tells me that you're wrong, that we evolved.

01:21:29.832 --> 01:21:31.512
Obviously, that stuff is stupid.

01:21:31.812 --> 01:21:32.672
I'm not a rube.

01:21:33.212 --> 01:21:33.912
I know better.

01:21:36.912 --> 01:21:40.932
That's when this becomes a matter of salvation, and men can't answer the question.

01:21:41.212 --> 01:21:44.232
All we can do and point is say, dude, you're calling God a liar.

01:21:44.632 --> 01:21:49.632
You're taking the Lord's name in vain by saying, I'm a Christian, but I don't believe God.

01:21:49.652 --> 01:21:52.392
That's the worst possible thing you could do.

01:21:52.772 --> 01:21:56.212
At least just be an open enemy of God and not be a hypocrite on top of it.

01:21:56.852 --> 01:22:06.712
But to take his name on you as a Christian and then to call him a liar when he tells you what he did, how he created you, it's as bad as it could possibly be.

01:22:07.512 --> 01:22:08.352
Will he forgive it?

01:22:08.352 --> 01:22:08.992
I hope so.

01:22:10.172 --> 01:22:12.192
We're not declaring damnation on these things.

01:22:12.192 --> 01:22:20.932
It's just scripture says one thing, and 70% of Roman Catholics and mainlines deny what's plainly in the Bible.

01:22:21.532 --> 01:22:23.172
They deny that Adam ever existed.

01:22:24.272 --> 01:22:26.312
That's a do not pass go situation.

01:22:28.252 --> 01:22:39.892
So moving on now from the Pew data to the Ligonier data, the first question in those survey data was, God is a perfect being.

01:22:39.912 --> 01:22:42.832
And this is not formulated as a question, the first statement.

01:22:43.432 --> 01:22:48.992
And you agree, disagree either strongly or just plainly.

01:22:49.652 --> 01:22:52.472
God is a perfect being and cannot make a mistake.

01:22:55.112 --> 01:23:02.332
Obviously, as Christians, we have to strongly agree, because God is perfect.

01:23:03.552 --> 01:23:06.692
This is just essentially the definition of what God is.

01:23:07.992 --> 01:23:13.132
The idea that God could make a mistake is so wrong, it's practically incoherent.

01:23:14.272 --> 01:23:25.832
And yet even for evangelicals, you get 8% who disagree with that statement, 3% who weren't sure, which isn't a great state of affairs either.

01:23:25.852 --> 01:23:27.592
But this is a freebie.

01:23:28.772 --> 01:23:32.072
This one should not be difficult for anyone to answer.

01:23:32.092 --> 01:23:35.312
Anyone who claims to be Christian, this should be trivially easy.

01:23:36.372 --> 01:23:51.132
And yet if you look at the totality of this survey data, which includes all of the claimed Christians who responded to these questions, to these statements, you have a full quarter who disagree with that statement.

01:23:53.952 --> 01:23:57.852
One in four are saying, no, God's not perfect.

01:23:58.352 --> 01:23:59.452
God can make a mistake.

01:24:01.292 --> 01:24:02.072
That isn't God.

01:24:03.832 --> 01:24:10.972
You cannot believe that God makes mistakes and be a Christian, because that's not God.

01:24:11.972 --> 01:24:20.352
The thing in which you have a belief is no longer God if you believe that thing makes mistakes, because God does not make mistakes.

01:24:22.952 --> 01:24:34.052
The second statement, we won't go through all of the statements, but we'll go through some of the key ones, there is one true God in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

01:24:35.392 --> 01:24:42.312
This again should probably bring to mind the creeds, since if you recite the creeds, this is again a freebie.

01:24:42.872 --> 01:24:46.772
This is one all Christians should be able to get trivially easily.

01:24:47.972 --> 01:24:56.512
And just for the sake of both brevity and because the data is displayed in kind of a funky way, we're going to focus on the evangelicals.

01:24:57.872 --> 01:25:07.652
Because focusing on the evangelicals gives us sort of the cream of the crop when it comes to the Christians who give the right answers.

01:25:09.112 --> 01:25:15.212
And so thankfully, with this one, 96% do agree with this statement.

01:25:16.752 --> 01:25:21.392
But that means 4% do not strongly agree with a statement that is a freebie.

01:25:23.012 --> 01:25:29.972
This is just one that any Christian should be able to say, of course, yes, this is just basic Christian doctrine.

01:25:31.312 --> 01:25:44.332
And yet we have 4% of the best of the best Christians, as it were, the ones most likely to know Christian doctrine and give a correct response, 4% still get this one wrong.

01:25:46.412 --> 01:26:01.992
And I strongly suspect that when Ligonier was doing this survey in cooperation with the company that they hired, that their set of evangelicals was probably closer to actual Orthodox Christian beliefs than would be found in the Pew data.

01:26:02.412 --> 01:26:07.492
The list of denominations in the Pew data for evangelical was pretty broad.

01:26:08.032 --> 01:26:10.652
So these data sets are not directly comparable.

01:26:10.672 --> 01:26:13.012
As Corey just said, this is the very best case.

01:26:13.032 --> 01:26:16.892
This is the steel man for the super conservative Christian.

01:26:17.352 --> 01:26:23.272
And as we get into a few more of these down the road, the answers go off the rails, the statements themselves.

01:26:23.932 --> 01:26:28.932
Only an orthodox Christian can have a single answer, and yet we see some really bad data.

01:26:29.332 --> 01:26:31.192
So question two was the Trinity.

01:26:31.692 --> 01:26:34.892
And thankfully 96% agree with the Trinity.

01:26:35.012 --> 01:26:35.312

01:26:35.572 --> 01:26:36.912
Table stakes for Christianity.

01:26:37.392 --> 01:26:45.372
Yet the very next question, true or false, God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

01:26:46.212 --> 01:26:52.812
Only 32%, only one third of evangelicals disagree with that statement.

01:26:53.312 --> 01:26:56.372
Only one third of evangelicals are not universalists.

01:26:57.472 --> 01:27:00.492
So look, you have one question that says, do you deny the Trinity?

01:27:00.692 --> 01:27:02.512
No, almost everyone gets that right.

01:27:02.932 --> 01:27:05.492
Do you deny that the Trinity is necessary for salvation?

01:27:05.852 --> 01:27:06.952
Two thirds get it wrong.

01:27:07.952 --> 01:27:09.232
So that's what we're talking about.

01:27:09.252 --> 01:27:20.352
Like even in this very best case, when we're steelmanning the cream of the crop of North American evangelical Christianity, two thirds of them give an answer that is functionally universalism.

01:27:21.272 --> 01:27:25.632
God accept the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

01:27:25.792 --> 01:27:26.552
That's inclusive.

01:27:26.952 --> 01:27:29.492
Buddhism, Shintoism, you name it.

01:27:29.832 --> 01:27:32.792
Pachamama, they're all there feeding at the same trough.

01:27:33.192 --> 01:27:34.532
This is a universalist answer.

01:27:34.552 --> 01:27:37.212
And two thirds say, yeah, that's me.

01:27:37.232 --> 01:27:39.292
My Christianity is a universalist Christianity.

01:27:40.072 --> 01:27:40.992
It's unconscionable.

01:27:41.952 --> 01:27:52.332
And this goes back to Corey's earlier comment about teaching, about teachers versus wolves, about how this sort of confusion can exist inside congregations.

01:27:52.352 --> 01:27:58.132
Now, if the only God that you ever hear about at church is a loving God, yeah, that would make sense.

01:27:58.432 --> 01:28:08.952
If all I know is a God of love who loves everyone and he loves us so much and loves all the time every day, and enough of a love, love, love, when someone says, does God accept the worship of other people if they're trying?

01:28:09.192 --> 01:28:10.212
Like, sure, of course.

01:28:10.612 --> 01:28:11.492
He's a loving God.

01:28:11.512 --> 01:28:13.292
Why would he reject the Muslims?

01:28:13.592 --> 01:28:16.092
You know, they try to behave except when they're dealing with Christians.

01:28:16.952 --> 01:28:18.952
They don't cheat, they don't drink, except when they do.

01:28:20.052 --> 01:28:25.392
You can make all sorts of excuses as soon as you delete the Trinity and the basics of the Christian faith.

01:28:26.032 --> 01:28:31.712
And so that's why we're drilling down on this day, is that when you look at the details, it swings wildly.

01:28:32.252 --> 01:28:39.132
In one moment, these guys are saying that the Trinity is God, and the very next two-thirds of them deny that the Trinity is salvific.

01:28:40.592 --> 01:28:42.352
Moving on to statement five.

01:28:43.732 --> 01:28:46.172
This is again one that is a freebie.

01:28:47.092 --> 01:28:52.712
Biblical accounts of the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus are completely accurate.

01:28:53.252 --> 01:28:55.252
This event actually occurred.

01:28:57.232 --> 01:29:01.632
For those playing along at home, this is kind of the core of the Christian faith.

01:29:03.332 --> 01:29:05.712
And again, the creeds do include this.

01:29:06.732 --> 01:29:18.732
Thankfully, if you limit the data to those who are evangelical in their affiliation and evangelical in their beliefs, 96% agree.

01:29:20.652 --> 01:29:23.092
That's still 4% who aren't really sure.

01:29:23.672 --> 01:29:27.612
3% somewhat agree, and 1% they're just not sure.

01:29:28.972 --> 01:29:30.992
This again is the core of the Christian faith.

01:29:31.012 --> 01:29:35.312
You can't possibly not believe this and still be a Christian.

01:29:36.012 --> 01:29:46.272
This is literally, if someone asks you what the Gospel is and you want to give the shortest form of it, it's Christ crucified for sinners, and they're denying the import of that.

01:29:48.572 --> 01:29:58.892
When you unfilter from just evangelicals and look at all of the Christian respondents, including evangelicals, you get only two-thirds, less than two-thirds, strongly agreeing.

01:30:00.112 --> 01:30:01.112
That's completely insane.

01:30:01.132 --> 01:30:02.012
That's one-third.

01:30:02.212 --> 01:30:03.872
They cannot affirm over one-third.

01:30:03.892 --> 01:30:05.012
Almost 40%.

01:30:05.232 --> 01:30:06.472
It's closer to 40%.

01:30:06.852 --> 01:30:11.272
Cannot affirm that the bodily resurrection of Jesus happened.

01:30:11.652 --> 01:30:12.312
It's real.

01:30:12.432 --> 01:30:14.052
It's a fact in history.

01:30:16.012 --> 01:30:17.092
There's no Christians there.

01:30:17.352 --> 01:30:19.032
Now again, that wasn't evangelicals.

01:30:19.052 --> 01:30:21.652
That was every respondent who said, I'm any sort of Christian.

01:30:22.432 --> 01:30:24.212
But that's what's happening in our churches.

01:30:24.572 --> 01:30:34.972
When we talk about being concerned about the fruits of the teaching that we're seeing in various places, this is why I frequently say, if you tell me you're a Christian, it doesn't tell me anything.

01:30:35.112 --> 01:30:35.792
This is why.

01:30:37.152 --> 01:30:38.632
We've known about this data for years.

01:30:39.112 --> 01:30:50.292
A lot of times Corey and I will say things that seem to be off the cuff, and they seem to be these darts, these very narrow, very hostile things that can't possibly be substantiated.

01:30:52.432 --> 01:30:56.452
We're two of the only men you're likely to ever encounter that don't just run our mouths.

01:30:56.912 --> 01:30:58.992
When we say something, we can back it up.

01:30:59.632 --> 01:31:06.212
If you ask me the same question ten times to try to get me to reveal what I'm thinking, I can give you ten different answers.

01:31:06.672 --> 01:31:14.112
Not because I'm changing my position, because if I think you can handle going deeper into it, I will give you more of what's going on.

01:31:14.592 --> 01:31:21.972
And the deeper that you dig into why I said something bad to prove to you that it's really bad, the worse you're going to feel.

01:31:22.352 --> 01:31:24.472
It's why I treat it as a progressive thing.

01:31:24.492 --> 01:31:28.612
I'm not going to just unload on you, because it would just completely blow people away.

01:31:29.632 --> 01:31:39.872
Yet at the same time, it's entirely permissible for a man who knows for a fact, most people who say they're Christian, even the Evangelicals, when they accept the Trinity, they then confess Universalism.

01:31:40.332 --> 01:31:41.892
We're in bad shape as a Church.

01:31:42.532 --> 01:31:52.292
The Church, capital C, all believers, also has in the Church the denominations, a whole bunch of people who claim to be sheep, but they're actually goats.

01:31:53.072 --> 01:31:55.092
And that's the immediate concern that we have here.

01:31:55.312 --> 01:31:56.972
Because some of those goats are in our pulpits.

01:31:57.232 --> 01:31:59.332
Some of our goats are in seminaries.

01:31:59.592 --> 01:32:02.732
They're teaching men to go out and lie and deceive others.

01:32:03.512 --> 01:32:10.492
And so when we make these seemingly flippant, harsh comments about most of these people aren't even Christians, well, here's the data backing it up.

01:32:10.772 --> 01:32:11.732
I wish we were wrong.

01:32:12.092 --> 01:32:13.052
I wish we were just jerks.

01:32:13.832 --> 01:32:21.132
I would be a much happier person if I were just mean and ornery and didn't like anybody than if I was right about reality.

01:32:21.572 --> 01:32:22.552
I wish that were the case.

01:32:22.772 --> 01:32:23.832
Unfortunately, it's not.

01:32:24.912 --> 01:32:33.372
The next question is, Corey and I kind of disagree about how bad the question is, but I want you to just listen to this.

01:32:33.392 --> 01:32:34.312
This is a true or false.

01:32:34.792 --> 01:32:38.992
Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God.

01:32:41.512 --> 01:32:49.812
Now, when you filter by just evangelicals, the cream of the crop of the most conservatives, 70% strongly agree with that.

01:32:50.232 --> 01:32:53.792
Less than 1 in 5 strongly disagree with this.

01:32:55.172 --> 01:33:00.112
Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God, is literally the Aryan heresy.

01:33:00.832 --> 01:33:08.092
And less than 1 in 5, less than 20% of the very best Christians in the United States are not Aryan heretics.

01:33:08.632 --> 01:33:19.532
And Cory can give you his impression about how this is worded, but I think the table stakes there for me are that to say that anything is created by God is necessarily to say it's not God.

01:33:20.252 --> 01:33:31.712
At the end of the episode that we did on Eastern Orthodoxy, we talked about the uncreated light and the weird stuff that they get into that's completely pagan, completely non-Christian.

01:33:32.372 --> 01:33:36.212
There's no such thing as a creature that is God.

01:33:37.312 --> 01:33:38.772
Jesus is eternal.

01:33:39.532 --> 01:33:43.112
His body was something that was in creation.

01:33:43.552 --> 01:33:49.552
But the second person of the Trinity is eternal and is co-eternal and co-equal with God the Father.

01:33:50.192 --> 01:34:00.052
And so to say that Jesus was created by God, the problem, apart from the Aryan heresy from the 3rd, 4th century AD, is that Bonhoeffer and MLK could accede to this too.

01:34:00.692 --> 01:34:04.452
This was MLK's teaching that Jesus was the greatest being created by God.

01:34:04.832 --> 01:34:11.732
You know, first, you might have had to wiggle around a little bit, but greatest certainly, that was MLK and Bonhoeffer's teaching.

01:34:12.052 --> 01:34:12.992
What wasn't it?

01:34:13.252 --> 01:34:14.112
It wasn't Christian.

01:34:14.372 --> 01:34:16.552
Because they thought he was just a great teacher, he was a great man.

01:34:16.972 --> 01:34:20.972
He became one with God with his divine teaching.

01:34:21.912 --> 01:34:26.932
When you start trying to make something that's not true sound really Christian, you can trick people.

01:34:27.292 --> 01:34:30.872
Over 80% of evangelicals confess the Aryan heresy.

01:34:31.112 --> 01:34:32.092
That's my read on it.

01:34:32.272 --> 01:34:34.112
It's really bad no matter how you slice it.

01:34:34.712 --> 01:34:51.412
I think that this question, perhaps more so than any other in these data, reveals the fundamental problem we have with teachers and pastors, which is to say that we have mostly inept ones.

01:34:52.492 --> 01:34:56.352
Because this is something that immediately any Christian should recognize.

01:34:56.372 --> 01:34:57.272
Oh, Aryan heresy.

01:34:57.512 --> 01:34:58.872
You should know that immediately.

01:34:59.592 --> 01:35:03.772
There should be no doubt in your mind that that is exactly what this question means.

01:35:04.392 --> 01:35:08.372
That is what is being asked here, because of the word created.

01:35:09.152 --> 01:35:21.052
But I think when you take this statement together with the next one, statement 7, it reveals the major failure here is a failure of teaching, because the questions are related, 6 and 7.

01:35:21.592 --> 01:35:25.632
They more or less ask the same thing, approaching it from different angles.

01:35:27.012 --> 01:35:34.372
But more Christians, who responded to this survey, get 7 correct than get 6 correct.

01:35:35.452 --> 01:35:39.212
And so it seems like some don't understand the import of the word created.

01:35:41.112 --> 01:35:43.972
That is a major problem with regard to teaching.

01:35:45.252 --> 01:35:52.112
We confess in the creeds that we believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker or Creator of heaven and earth.

01:35:54.032 --> 01:36:01.112
It is kind of incumbent on us to understand what created means if we are confessing a belief in the Creator.

01:36:02.292 --> 01:36:07.892
And yet it seems like many Christians responding to this don't know what it means to create.

01:36:08.852 --> 01:36:14.712
And to contrast this, we can see with statement 7, Jesus was a great teacher, but he was not God.

01:36:15.612 --> 01:36:23.272
A significant percentage, strong, not 100%, which is a problem, but a significant percentage strongly disagree.

01:36:23.292 --> 01:36:25.392
The numbers shift from the last question.

01:36:25.912 --> 01:36:30.852
About 60% strongly disagree with that, if you're limiting it to the evangelicals again.

01:36:31.892 --> 01:36:33.372
This should be 100%.

01:36:34.352 --> 01:36:37.052
We confess that Jesus Christ is God.

01:36:38.072 --> 01:36:42.532
We also confess he's a great teacher, but we can clearly answer this.

01:36:42.552 --> 01:36:43.372
This is a freebie.

01:36:43.632 --> 01:36:45.672
If it says he was not God, well, that's wrong.

01:36:45.692 --> 01:36:48.992
That's very clearly against the core of the Christian faith.

01:36:50.532 --> 01:37:02.852
And yet, the best of the best of Christians, the most serious of Christians, the Bible-believing Christians, still get this wrong by more than a third.

01:37:04.552 --> 01:37:08.092
So it's better than the last statement, certainly, but it's still abysmal.

01:37:10.452 --> 01:37:17.612
This really highlights just how bad the state of teaching is in our churches.

01:37:19.372 --> 01:37:21.492
These are basics of the Christian faith.

01:37:21.512 --> 01:37:23.892
These aren't even difficult questions.

01:37:23.912 --> 01:37:30.292
These aren't things you need to attend a class or a seminar or something advanced in order to understand.

01:37:30.872 --> 01:37:33.932
This is something you should know just from attending this service.

01:37:35.332 --> 01:37:39.592
And yet a significant percentage of Christians get these wrong.

01:37:41.752 --> 01:37:52.032
We have some very real problems when it comes to teaching in our churches, when it comes to what those who are claiming to be Christian actually know about the faith.

01:37:52.052 --> 01:37:56.952
Because as we stated before, part of the Christian faith is knowledge.

01:37:57.892 --> 01:37:59.532
Yes, it's faith, but faith in what?

01:38:01.332 --> 01:38:06.772
You have to know the thing, the knowledge, the information, the facts in which you have that faith.

01:38:09.132 --> 01:38:10.652
And many Christians clearly don't.

01:38:12.652 --> 01:38:18.932
Statement 11 is, the Holy Spirit can tell me to do something which is forbidden in the Bible.

01:38:18.952 --> 01:38:37.272
And I think the way they phrased some of these questions was good and it was maybe clever, but maybe in some cases too clever by half because while they're clearly right and wrong answers, it's hard to tell which side of the horse the people who got the wrong answer fell off of.

01:38:37.972 --> 01:38:41.632
So the Holy Spirit can tell me to do something the Bible says I can do.

01:38:42.312 --> 01:38:44.812
Two-thirds of evangelicals strongly disagree with that.

01:38:44.812 --> 01:38:45.912
Two-thirds got it right.

01:38:46.412 --> 01:38:48.392
But one-third strongly agree.

01:38:48.572 --> 01:38:50.172
And there's almost no middle ground.

01:38:50.792 --> 01:39:02.732
And honestly, I think what might have happened here is that the 25% who said that the Holy Spirit can tell me to do something forbidden in the Bible, maybe they're thinking that there's, like this is me being charitable.

01:39:02.752 --> 01:39:07.452
This is me trying to sugarcoat and make, to baptize this as a Christian answer.

01:39:07.932 --> 01:39:11.152
I think maybe they thought, I know that the Holy Ghost is God.

01:39:11.412 --> 01:39:19.072
If the Holy Ghost tells me to do something, I have to do it because I'm obeying God, which correctly confesses the nature of the Holy Ghost.

01:39:19.592 --> 01:39:26.252
But it fails to confess the nature of Scripture because Scripture is breathed out by the Holy Ghost, which is breathed out by God.

01:39:26.732 --> 01:39:29.032
And so God does not contradict himself.

01:39:29.612 --> 01:39:38.352
So the Holy Ghost can't, not because God can't do something, because God's omnipotent, it's because God does not disagree with himself.

01:39:39.272 --> 01:39:41.692
God is not a house divided against itself.

01:39:42.112 --> 01:39:43.752
The Trinity is not a war.

01:39:44.452 --> 01:39:50.712
When we try to describe the three persons of the Trinity, it exceeds the limits of human reason.

01:39:51.312 --> 01:40:04.892
And so I hope that in some cases, when the folks, the 25%, the quarter, who said, the Holy Spirit can tell me to do something that is forbidden in the Bible, I hope that they were trying to obey God and just misconstruing what scripture is.

01:40:05.352 --> 01:40:06.672
That's the nice version.

01:40:07.112 --> 01:40:13.332
The bad version is that over a third of people think that somehow God is set against himself.

01:40:13.772 --> 01:40:18.612
It's scary no matter what, but the best case is what Corey was just saying about teaching.

01:40:19.092 --> 01:40:22.552
The worst case is that some people are in a really horrible state.

01:40:22.792 --> 01:40:23.972
In a state of confusion.

01:40:24.352 --> 01:40:35.152
Because like it's a question that you could sort of puzzle a little bit, but the error is going to reveal which, like if you get it wrong, you're going to still be committing one of a couple of possible errors.

01:40:35.292 --> 01:40:37.032
And that's what we don't see in the answers.

01:40:37.772 --> 01:40:50.312
I would actually like to examine the thinking of some of the respondents with regard to this statement, statement 11 and statement 9, because fully a third of evangelicals said that the Holy Spirit is not a person.

01:40:52.812 --> 01:41:01.412
So I don't know how this possibly reconciles in the mind of those who get really either one of these wrong or both of them wrong.

01:41:02.792 --> 01:41:13.992
But the incorrect answers with regard to statement 9 almost makes one want to say we should recite the Athanasian Creed every single Sunday until that number drops to zero.

01:41:14.452 --> 01:41:14.732

01:41:14.732 --> 01:41:16.492
Well, I think it's because of the way it was phrased.

01:41:16.512 --> 01:41:19.092
The Holy Spirit is a force, but not a personal being.

01:41:19.632 --> 01:41:21.192
And people don't know what persons are.

01:41:21.372 --> 01:41:22.152
It's teaching again.

01:41:22.392 --> 01:41:22.612

01:41:22.632 --> 01:41:23.732
It's a technical term.

01:41:23.752 --> 01:41:27.972
It's a term of art that is not typically used in modern discourse.

01:41:28.252 --> 01:41:30.232
People don't talk to each other this way.

01:41:30.752 --> 01:41:32.992
I think the Holy Spirit is a force, but not a personal being.

01:41:33.252 --> 01:41:39.552
There's clearly a right answer, but I think it probably just confused me because like you said, like they've never heard the Athanasian Creed.

01:41:39.572 --> 01:41:41.172
They didn't recite it often.

01:41:41.792 --> 01:41:42.612
They've never been taught.

01:41:43.152 --> 01:41:47.092
Like here are the limits of what people can say about the inner workings of God.

01:41:47.392 --> 01:41:48.392
They're very narrow.

01:41:48.672 --> 01:41:49.312
It's God.

01:41:49.772 --> 01:41:52.652
It's God revealing himself bits and pieces of himself.

01:41:52.672 --> 01:42:05.312
When I say pieces, I mean that God can be subdivided, but like when God tells us something and then he tells us something else, both about himself, even when they're contradictory, we have to confess them all and just say, okay, you're God.

01:42:05.692 --> 01:42:07.092
I can't make any sense of it.

01:42:07.352 --> 01:42:08.692
And that makes sense because I'm a creature.

01:42:10.372 --> 01:42:12.512
I'm a hairless, mostly hairless mammal.

01:42:12.912 --> 01:42:19.532
You've made me to worship you, and I'm just going to do the best I can and fall on your mercy if I screw something up.

01:42:20.312 --> 01:42:25.352
I think that's the generous, constructive case for when we get these things wrong.

01:42:25.552 --> 01:42:26.612
And God is a loving God.

01:42:26.632 --> 01:42:29.212
When I said that earlier, clearly it was a mocker.

01:42:29.232 --> 01:42:33.152
We did an entire episode on specifically the errors that are lurking there.

01:42:33.892 --> 01:42:45.452
But it's important because when you get these sorts of things wrong, when you can't defend the faith as it's revealed in scripture, and these kind of seemingly fiddly details, other stuff is going to happen downstream.

01:42:45.472 --> 01:42:46.532
Other errors are going to creep in.

01:42:46.592 --> 01:42:46.912

01:42:47.272 --> 01:42:48.992
Because all error comes from Satan.

01:42:49.412 --> 01:42:53.772
Satan uses the smallest error to sneak in and then he builds on it.

01:42:53.792 --> 01:42:59.352
It's like if you get water in a foundation in your house, like water, a little bit of water, what's the big deal?

01:42:59.372 --> 01:43:06.532
Well, water with a freeze-thaw cycle, suddenly after a few seasons, your foundation is split apart.

01:43:07.272 --> 01:43:11.192
A few drops of water that comes seeping in can fracture concrete.

01:43:11.912 --> 01:43:13.372
Satan does the same thing with error.

01:43:13.612 --> 01:43:14.732
He's very good at this.

01:43:14.752 --> 01:43:16.092
He's been doing it from the beginning.

01:43:16.332 --> 01:43:19.992
Look at the error he crept into the garden with, with Adam and Eve.

01:43:20.392 --> 01:43:21.192
He'll do it to us.

01:43:21.792 --> 01:43:28.432
And when we have these things about the inner workings of the Trinity, that the most intelligent man can only confess.

01:43:28.452 --> 01:43:29.432
He can't understand.

01:43:29.812 --> 01:43:33.152
It's not like if you get smart enough, you can fit God in your head.

01:43:33.732 --> 01:43:36.352
To do that would make you God, would you mean you're a longer creature?

01:43:36.372 --> 01:43:37.692
Going back to the earlier question.

01:43:38.652 --> 01:43:43.932
Statements 12 and 13 are more or less the same question.

01:43:43.952 --> 01:43:45.052
They're very closely related.

01:43:45.332 --> 01:43:47.132
And the percentages are almost identical.

01:43:47.152 --> 01:43:50.072
So I will read both and then we can go over them together.

01:43:51.132 --> 01:43:54.832
Everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature.

01:43:56.792 --> 01:43:59.772
Even the smallest sin deserves eternal damnation.

01:44:02.752 --> 01:44:05.252
About 40% disagree.

01:44:08.932 --> 01:44:12.992
Again, this is a core part of the Christian faith.

01:44:13.592 --> 01:44:15.472
This is asking about original sin.

01:44:17.112 --> 01:44:21.972
In the case of statement 12, most people are good by nature.

01:44:21.992 --> 01:44:24.032
It's sort of tangentially getting at it there.

01:44:24.612 --> 01:44:27.172
But even the smallest sin deserves eternal damnation.

01:44:28.992 --> 01:44:32.032
This is basic teaching about the nature of sin.

01:44:34.272 --> 01:44:37.132
Any sin incurs an infinite debt.

01:44:38.012 --> 01:44:45.152
And that is why, of course, the death of Christ, which is of infinite value, was necessary to pay for sin.

01:44:46.192 --> 01:44:49.512
It covers all sins, because of course, infinite value.

01:44:50.372 --> 01:44:55.972
But any sin creates an infinite divide between man and creator.

01:44:57.212 --> 01:44:59.712
This is basic teaching of the Christian faith.

01:45:00.152 --> 01:45:03.592
And 40% disagree.

01:45:04.112 --> 01:45:05.232
6% aren't sure.

01:45:05.712 --> 01:45:06.572
Not great either.

01:45:09.332 --> 01:45:12.832
This is a condemnation of the state of teaching in our churches.

01:45:13.312 --> 01:45:18.752
The basics of the faith like this are more or less a coin toss.

01:45:19.312 --> 01:45:20.512
Basically 50-50.

01:45:21.072 --> 01:45:22.512
Maybe they'll get it right, maybe they won't.

01:45:23.432 --> 01:45:27.252
You would practically get the same response if people were guessing.

01:45:29.272 --> 01:45:31.772
And these are the, again, the best of the best.

01:45:31.952 --> 01:45:36.732
These are the Christians who are the most serious about their faith, the most serious about the Bible.

01:45:38.232 --> 01:45:43.012
The numbers are much worse if you look at the total response.

01:45:45.252 --> 01:45:50.172
Statement 15 continues on on the subject of, they don't directly say it, but original sin.

01:45:50.652 --> 01:45:53.572
The statement is, everyone is born innocent in the eyes of God.

01:45:54.272 --> 01:45:59.532
And here, two-thirds of the Cremacrop of conservative Christians deny original sin.

01:46:00.032 --> 01:46:04.352
Two-thirds agree that everyone is born innocent in the eyes of God.

01:46:04.812 --> 01:46:05.972
They deny original sin.

01:46:06.292 --> 01:46:08.152
They deny that we inherit Adam's sin.

01:46:08.492 --> 01:46:15.512
That is a foundational, absolutely crucial part of the Christian faith.

01:46:16.412 --> 01:46:20.832
And one that's missing from a lot of churches, I remember a couple of years ago, Tucker laughed.

01:46:20.852 --> 01:46:23.092
He was disgusted by the idea of original sin.

01:46:23.272 --> 01:46:29.032
Somehow it came up and he was really offended that someone had said something about babies being evil.

01:46:29.552 --> 01:46:33.752
Because you look at a baby and it seems cute and poopy and crying and not hurting anybody.

01:46:33.992 --> 01:46:34.852
How can it be sinning?

01:46:35.352 --> 01:46:42.812
Well, if you just look, if you use your reason, if you use your common sense, yeah, common sense says the babies aren't sinful.

01:46:42.952 --> 01:46:44.072
At least not for a while.

01:46:45.192 --> 01:46:47.112
But scripture says otherwise.

01:46:47.892 --> 01:46:53.072
And that's why all the questions had to do with the nature of scripture and whether it's the word of God.

01:46:53.092 --> 01:46:55.972
And all these are a moving machinery.

01:46:56.452 --> 01:46:57.952
They're the machinery of faith.

01:46:58.172 --> 01:46:59.432
They're interlocking parts.

01:46:59.912 --> 01:47:06.512
And when we set one aside or we break it, we bend it somehow, it's going to cause all these other things to break downstream.

01:47:06.792 --> 01:47:11.492
Which is how you get people just flat out, two-thirds of evangelicals denying original sin.

01:47:12.552 --> 01:47:15.612
And the next one, I think, probably kind of explains some of that.

01:47:16.192 --> 01:47:23.392
Statement 16, the Bible, like all sacred writings, which by itself I would have to strongly disagree.

01:47:23.412 --> 01:47:25.312
Maybe that's why some people strongly disagree.

01:47:25.732 --> 01:47:36.692
As someone who is actually literate, I would have disagreed on the basis that the Bible, like all sacred writings, right there I can't agree, contains helpful account of ancient myths, but is not literally true.

01:47:38.272 --> 01:47:43.432
A quarter of the respondents, a quarter of the evangelicals agree that the Bible is not literally true.

01:47:43.712 --> 01:47:46.132
And that's consistent with the Pew Day that we had earlier.

01:47:47.752 --> 01:47:53.292
What's hilarious when you get to Statement 17, the Bible is 100% accurate in all that it teaches.

01:47:53.932 --> 01:47:55.252
90% agree with that.

01:47:58.052 --> 01:48:04.392
How can a quarter of people say it's not literally true and then 90% of those same people say it's 100% accurate?

01:48:05.192 --> 01:48:11.192
I think maybe that gets into the middle ground of the notion of human reason and common sense.

01:48:11.932 --> 01:48:28.212
Even if scripture isn't inspired by God, if it's a lot of really wise teachings that have been passed down by really wise men and we've edited it and we've winnowed it down and it's been improved on over time, maybe it can be human or originated wisdom.

01:48:28.632 --> 01:48:33.492
I think that's the only possible conclusion when a quarter of people deny that scripture is scripture.

01:48:34.572 --> 01:48:42.792
Some of these answers are extremely schizophrenic and statement 18 continues that trend in a particularly noteworthy way.

01:48:43.572 --> 01:48:45.692
Modern science disproves the Bible.

01:48:46.212 --> 01:48:54.252
And so we have those who say that it's accurate and that it's true, but it's not, but science disproves it.

01:48:54.972 --> 01:49:03.432
And a full 30% of evangelicals say that modern science disproves the Bible.

01:49:04.312 --> 01:49:06.472
Seven percent, well, they're not sure.

01:49:07.432 --> 01:49:15.272
Again, this is approaching coin toss territory on something that is an easy answer for any Christian.

01:49:16.332 --> 01:49:18.092
Can science disprove the Bible?

01:49:18.352 --> 01:49:18.612

01:49:19.032 --> 01:49:21.612
And so obviously science does not disprove the Bible.

01:49:22.092 --> 01:49:23.292
The Bible is true.

01:49:25.212 --> 01:49:34.052
Again, as Woe mentioned earlier, we do not believe the Bible because we go through it with a red pen or a highlighter or whatever.

01:49:34.072 --> 01:49:39.912
We mark up all the little bits and pieces and we make sure that they all agree perfectly with everything we know about the world.

01:49:40.292 --> 01:49:41.792
Some of you have already noticed the problem.

01:49:43.112 --> 01:49:46.052
We believe the Bible because it's the Word of God.

01:49:47.052 --> 01:49:49.232
So everything it says is true.

01:49:50.292 --> 01:49:55.052
If we think that some part is in error, we are the ones in error.

01:49:56.292 --> 01:50:01.392
In fact, that has happened a number of times, particularly with regard to archaeology.

01:50:02.652 --> 01:50:08.972
Because historically there would be those who claim, oh, there was no battle that happened here, or that place didn't exist, and then we found it.

01:50:10.212 --> 01:50:14.592
There were archaeologists who claimed that certain Egyptian cities didn't exist, and then we found them.

01:50:15.992 --> 01:50:20.952
The Bible is true with regard to everything it says because it is the Word of God.

01:50:21.672 --> 01:50:24.052
That is an easy answer for any Christian.

01:50:24.912 --> 01:50:30.672
It is something that every teacher of the Christian faith should be teaching in unambiguous terms.

01:50:31.692 --> 01:50:40.752
And yet we have 30% of evangelical Christians responding that science can disprove the Bible and has disproved the Bible.

01:50:40.772 --> 01:50:43.392
Not even that it just can, it has disproved the Bible.

01:50:45.472 --> 01:50:54.912
Another particularly wild example of the schizophrenic nature of some of these answers is that an earlier statement that we skipped past was, we skipped it because it was spot on.

01:50:55.232 --> 01:50:57.432
The question is, God created male and female.

01:50:57.852 --> 01:51:00.212
It was like 98% said, yeah, absolutely, that's correct.

01:51:00.412 --> 01:51:01.432
It's quoting the Bible.

01:51:01.912 --> 01:51:05.972
And yet, statement 27, gender identity is a matter of choice.

01:51:06.632 --> 01:51:12.892
A third of the people who said male and female, he created them, affirm the gender identity is a matter of choice.

01:51:13.132 --> 01:51:15.252
They deny male and female, he created them.

01:51:15.532 --> 01:51:18.072
Now, is it gender that confused them versus sex?

01:51:18.572 --> 01:51:20.912
Is it identity versus reality?

01:51:21.292 --> 01:51:23.092
Whatever it is, it's blasphemous.

01:51:23.652 --> 01:51:26.372
They're straight up denying how God creates people.

01:51:27.052 --> 01:51:31.432
And this is, again, this is the very most conservative Christians pretty much on the planet.

01:51:31.712 --> 01:51:37.212
You're not going to find more conservative Christians than you find in the conservative church bodies in the United States.

01:51:37.512 --> 01:51:44.092
Maybe equal, not saying we are superlative, but I don't think that our best is beaten by anyone because it's just Christianity.

01:51:44.432 --> 01:51:48.412
Like, it's not like you can level up, it's just how much of the Bible do you believe?

01:51:48.912 --> 01:51:54.072
These people who say they believe the whole Bible, a third of them say the gender identity is a matter of choice.

01:51:54.092 --> 01:51:55.492
That's catastrophic.

01:51:56.312 --> 01:52:02.532
And then they go on from there, statement 28, the Bible's condemnation of homosexual behavior doesn't apply today.

01:52:03.712 --> 01:52:06.292
28% agree.

01:52:08.252 --> 01:52:09.372
Which is the wrong answer.

01:52:11.272 --> 01:52:27.452
Of course, we know why so many disagree with this, which is to say disagree with what the Bible teaches on homosexuality, teaches about sodomy, because you have so many false teachers, so many wolves out there, attempting to explain away those verses, oh, no, no, no, it's fine today.

01:52:27.932 --> 01:52:30.432
We can legalize this and decriminalize that.

01:52:31.652 --> 01:52:33.052
Scripture is abundantly clear.

01:52:33.912 --> 01:52:43.412
There is no ambiguity in any of those narratives, in any of those prohibitions, and they are not just in one place or two places, they are throughout Scripture.

01:52:45.212 --> 01:52:49.912
Homosexuality, sodomy, is condemned in the strongest of terms.

01:52:49.932 --> 01:52:51.052
It is an abomination.

01:52:51.612 --> 01:52:54.692
It is condemned in the strongest of terms in Scripture.

01:52:56.832 --> 01:53:09.912
And yet, the best of the best, when it comes to Christians, 28% think that those prohibitions, they don't apply today, because we are so enlightened today, we've moved beyond these things.

01:53:12.012 --> 01:53:19.852
The same Christians who will affirm that they believe Scripture, then deny that it applies.

01:53:21.892 --> 01:53:28.332
On the subject of affirming Scripture, the statement 30, the Bible has the authority to tell us what we must do.

01:53:29.052 --> 01:53:30.692
85% strongly agree.

01:53:30.732 --> 01:53:33.672
Okay, that's pretty good, but it should be 100.

01:53:34.272 --> 01:53:38.972
Up here where we're talking about the evangelical vanguard, how is it not 100?

01:53:39.232 --> 01:53:41.612
The Bible has the authority to tell us what we must do.

01:53:41.712 --> 01:53:46.092
Well, when you look at the next question, it becomes a little more clear or more confusing.

01:53:47.172 --> 01:53:50.972
Statement 31 says, religious belief is a matter of personal opinion.

01:53:51.232 --> 01:53:53.132
It is not about objective truth.

01:53:54.412 --> 01:53:59.192
And just over half disagree with that.

01:54:01.432 --> 01:54:05.672
Just over half disagree that religion is not objective.

01:54:06.252 --> 01:54:12.192
So yeah, it makes sense that only 85% would say the Bible has the authority to tell us what to do.

01:54:12.212 --> 01:54:13.692
Like the numbers don't add up.

01:54:14.212 --> 01:54:15.812
It's confusing as you're listening.

01:54:16.032 --> 01:54:19.932
It's no less confusing when you're looking at the data and looking at these charts.

01:54:21.292 --> 01:54:30.872
It goes from almost everyone saying that the Bible tells us what we must do to almost a coin toss about whether or not religion is objectively true.

01:54:34.312 --> 01:54:39.292
So we'll close out with statement 32 from these survey data.

01:54:40.212 --> 01:54:42.832
The Bible is the highest authority for what I believe.

01:54:44.052 --> 01:54:47.392
Among evangelicals, 100% agree.

01:54:47.872 --> 01:54:51.132
Now it's only 99% who strongly agree.

01:54:51.532 --> 01:54:53.192
1% they just agree.

01:54:54.932 --> 01:55:04.392
But that's still good because we have 100% who agree the Bible is the highest authority for what they believe, which is exactly what Christians should say.

01:55:06.292 --> 01:55:09.172
The Bible is not the only authority.

01:55:09.572 --> 01:55:10.632
We've never said that.

01:55:10.632 --> 01:55:16.392
We never will say that because God does reveal truth in other ways.

01:55:17.112 --> 01:55:21.472
There is truth in nature because God is the God of nature.

01:55:22.372 --> 01:55:29.992
But when the Bible speaks on those topics on which Scripture has something to say, it is final.

01:55:31.172 --> 01:55:32.452
There is nothing in nature.

01:55:33.012 --> 01:55:34.392
There is nothing in science.

01:55:34.512 --> 01:55:36.032
There is nothing in philosophy.

01:55:36.472 --> 01:55:47.792
There is nothing true upon which the mind of man can alight, can grasp, can discern, can divine that will disagree with Scripture.

01:55:48.672 --> 01:55:52.952
Because Scripture, when and where it speaks, is absolutely true.

01:55:53.452 --> 01:55:57.452
And so, yes, it is the highest authority for what we should believe.

01:55:59.432 --> 01:56:02.952
And so, thankfully, this one is a hundred percent.

01:56:05.312 --> 01:56:07.492
But very obviously, we have some work to do.

01:56:09.052 --> 01:56:20.792
When looking at the actual questions with regard to the teachings of Scripture, it is very clear that many of those who claim to be Christian do not agree with Scripture.

01:56:21.332 --> 01:56:27.372
They say that the Bible is the highest authority for what they believe, and then they don't believe what the Bible teaches.

01:56:28.812 --> 01:56:34.312
In many cases, undoubtedly, this is the result of false teachers, of wolves.

01:56:34.472 --> 01:56:37.272
In some cases, just of particularly inept teachers.

01:56:37.292 --> 01:56:38.152
There are also those.

01:56:38.572 --> 01:56:39.652
It's not always malice.

01:56:39.772 --> 01:56:41.252
Sometimes it's just stupidity.

01:56:42.232 --> 01:56:47.672
Although if you're a stupid teacher, you're sinning by being in that position and you need to resign.

01:56:49.832 --> 01:56:51.632
But obviously, there is a lot of work to be done.

01:56:52.772 --> 01:57:04.972
We have a lot of our fellows, a lot of our neighbors, a lot of our brothers and sisters in Christ who may be sitting next to us in the pews who do not know what it actually means to be a Christian.

01:57:06.012 --> 01:57:09.292
They don't know the content of the Christian faith.

01:57:09.892 --> 01:57:10.752
They know Jesus.

01:57:12.472 --> 01:57:22.032
They know the cross to some degree, although some of the questions raise some issues with the understanding of what the cross means, what it represents, why it is important.

01:57:24.032 --> 01:57:25.132
They know some things.

01:57:25.152 --> 01:57:32.412
They have this nebulous understanding of what it means to be a Christian, but they do not know the concrete aspects of it.

01:57:32.432 --> 01:57:34.412
They do not know the facts as it were.

01:57:35.352 --> 01:57:39.332
They don't know the truth of the Christian faith, the content of Scripture.

01:57:40.672 --> 01:57:42.952
And that is what we need to be teaching.

01:57:44.272 --> 01:57:49.912
We need more good Christian men in our congregations teaching these truths.

01:57:50.712 --> 01:57:54.652
We need men in their homes teaching these things to their wives and children.

01:57:55.792 --> 01:57:58.072
Headship comes with responsibilities.

01:57:59.172 --> 01:58:09.572
If you are a father, if you are a husband, you are in a position of headship, and it is incumbent on you to see that these things are taught correctly in your house.

01:58:11.192 --> 01:58:31.312
If you hold a position of authority in your church, it is incumbent on you to see that these things are taught correctly in your church, and that includes for those men in the congregations who have positions of authority, it is incumbent on you to ensure that your pastor teaches correctly, and to remove him if he does not.

01:58:33.172 --> 01:58:37.472
If, of course, he does not respond to correction, you should attempt to correct him first.

01:58:39.232 --> 01:58:42.272
That is one of the duties of Christian men.

01:58:44.712 --> 01:58:45.752
These numbers are bad.

01:58:46.672 --> 01:58:48.912
We've made that point repeatedly.

01:58:49.632 --> 01:58:50.892
We aren't going to sugarcoat it.

01:58:51.392 --> 01:58:53.312
We aren't going to say, well, it could be worse.

01:58:54.472 --> 01:58:56.092
No, these numbers are catastrophic.

01:58:56.872 --> 01:58:57.932
These numbers are awful.

01:58:59.312 --> 01:59:05.452
Basics of the Christian faith are coming down to effectively a coin toss as to whether or not someone gets it right.

01:59:07.032 --> 01:59:10.332
That should not be the state of affairs in any church.

01:59:10.972 --> 01:59:19.232
It should most certainly not be the state of affairs in the most conservative, traditional, Bible-believing churches, at least as they claim.

01:59:19.932 --> 01:59:22.432
100% say the Bible is the highest authority.

01:59:24.352 --> 01:59:25.772
There is a lot of work to be done.

01:59:26.112 --> 01:59:27.632
And I'll say that another time.

01:59:28.572 --> 01:59:31.132
There is a lot of work to be done.

01:59:32.692 --> 01:59:36.132
We shouldn't take that as cause for despair.

01:59:37.312 --> 01:59:38.872
We should view that as an opportunity.

01:59:40.112 --> 01:59:44.312
God has given us the opportunity to correct these things.

01:59:45.992 --> 01:59:50.412
If you have the talents to teach, you should use those talents to teach.

01:59:51.772 --> 01:59:57.492
If you have the position, of course, of headship, it is incumbent on you to do so, and so you don't really have a choice then.

01:59:57.892 --> 01:59:59.372
You can enlist the help of others.

02:00:00.252 --> 02:00:08.432
God has put talented men in positions where they can exercise those talents, where they can use those talents to teach the faith.

02:00:10.272 --> 02:00:23.272
Part of this undoubtedly is going to be removing false teachers, removing wolves, because we have many of them in our churches, and unfortunately, we have many of them in our pulpits.

02:00:25.632 --> 02:00:35.132
If we are going to restore actual Christianity, which includes, of course, foundationally, right belief.

02:00:36.152 --> 02:00:37.792
In the Basics of the Christian Faith.

02:00:40.152 --> 02:00:44.692
We are going to need more faithful men, and we are going to need to remove the faithless ones.

02:00:45.832 --> 02:01:00.872
As mentioned earlier, and a number of times, one of the ways that you can start to work on addressing these problems in, hopefully not in your home, but perhaps in your home, perhaps in your congregation, use the creeds.

02:01:02.312 --> 02:01:09.592
They are a gift from God to the Church, because they are just re-statements of what Scripture says.

02:01:10.372 --> 02:01:15.912
They address ancient heresies, which some of these questions were just ancient heresies rephrased.

02:01:16.912 --> 02:01:21.632
And they address many of the problems with regard to knowledge of the Christian faith.

02:01:24.052 --> 02:01:37.172
If every individual responding to this survey knew and believed just what the creeds say, this would have been a fundamentally different podcast episode, because these would be fundamentally different survey data.

02:01:39.352 --> 02:01:43.352
Virtually every one of these is addressed in the creeds.

02:01:43.932 --> 02:01:46.292
Yes, some of the social issues so-called or not.

02:01:46.612 --> 02:01:58.332
The creeds don't address abortion, but the Fifth Commandment certainly does, if you actually teach the reality of what abortion is, including birth control, hormonal birth control, chemical birth control.

02:02:00.472 --> 02:02:03.092
And so, as Christians, we need to look at the state of the churches.

02:02:04.392 --> 02:02:09.312
We need to look at the state of our fellow believers, some of whom are in name only.

02:02:10.352 --> 02:02:11.592
And we need to care for them.

02:02:12.492 --> 02:02:13.692
We need to care for the churches.

02:02:14.312 --> 02:02:15.552
We need to care for our neighbor.

02:02:17.592 --> 02:02:20.832
These are not issues that we can just sweep under the rug and ignore.

02:02:21.612 --> 02:02:25.612
These are matters of salvation in many cases.

02:02:26.152 --> 02:02:30.032
Not every one of these, as we've said, is going to damn you if you get it wrong.

02:02:30.472 --> 02:02:31.372
But some of them will.

02:02:32.652 --> 02:02:38.592
And the goal isn't to find that line and just barely squeak by, just barely not fall off the cliff.

02:02:39.232 --> 02:02:40.932
That's not what we want for ourselves.

02:02:41.272 --> 02:02:43.192
It's certainly not what we want for our families.

02:02:43.512 --> 02:02:46.952
It is not what we should want for those sitting in the pews next to us.

02:02:48.412 --> 02:02:52.932
And so we need to ensure that the basics of the Christian faith are taught.

02:02:53.992 --> 02:02:57.432
How can you move on to the more advanced parts of the faith?

02:02:57.752 --> 02:03:03.092
How can you move on to the difficult questions if you can't even stomach spiritual milk?

02:03:04.712 --> 02:03:11.692
If you can't even answer that the Holy Spirit is a person, that God is triune?

02:03:12.912 --> 02:03:26.912
If you can't answer the very most basic parts of the Christian faith, how can you expect not only to move on and understand the more complex parts of the Christian faith, perhaps the more subtle parts of the Christian faith?

02:03:27.232 --> 02:03:29.672
Those are a gift from God to understand those things.

02:03:29.692 --> 02:03:33.992
It's the fullness of the faith, and you want to mature, you want to move from milk to meat.

02:03:34.712 --> 02:03:45.732
But if you can't even digest the milk, if you can't understand the basics, not only are you limiting yourself and those under your care, but how are you going to share the faith?

02:03:47.372 --> 02:03:48.892
How will you respond to questions?

02:03:48.912 --> 02:04:13.092
If you can't even state the basics of what it means to be a Christian, of the content of the Christian faith, you can't respond to questions from those who are wondering about the Christian faith, who perhaps have an interest in the Christian faith, or those attacking the Christian faith, or if your children come to you with a question, or someone else in your congregation.

02:04:14.912 --> 02:04:17.012
These are not trivial matters.

02:04:18.252 --> 02:04:21.392
These are matters of the utmost importance.

02:04:22.372 --> 02:04:24.772
Because again, it is that tripartite division.

02:04:25.152 --> 02:04:28.132
It is notitia, assensus and fiducia.

02:04:28.872 --> 02:04:30.312
Fiducia is what saves you.

02:04:31.652 --> 02:04:39.592
But you can't have that without the foundation, because you can't believe in that which you don't know is true.

02:04:40.572 --> 02:04:46.732
And you can't, you certainly can't believe that something is true if you don't even know what it is.

02:04:47.652 --> 02:04:54.572
And so if you don't know the content of the Christian faith, notitia, you can't assent to the fact that it is true, a census.

02:04:55.072 --> 02:04:58.392
And so then you can't have faith in that fiducia.

02:04:59.232 --> 02:05:03.672
Yes, faith is a gift from God, but it is faith in something.

02:05:04.392 --> 02:05:08.752
And he has given us his word in order to teach the truth of the Christian faith.

02:05:09.932 --> 02:05:21.272
And so if we're going to say, as it seems like the evangelical respondents do, the Bible is the highest authority for what I believe, we need to know what the Bible actually teaches.

02:05:21.292 --> 02:05:35.792
Because just holding up a book and saying, I believe this, doesn't mean anything if you've never opened it, if you've opened it once, if you don't read it, if you don't know what it contains, if you don't know what it teaches.

02:05:37.112 --> 02:05:45.952
And so we need to know what the Christian faith is, what the tenets of the Christian faith are, what the contents of Scripture are.

02:05:46.852 --> 02:05:47.952
It's the Word of God.

02:05:49.612 --> 02:05:54.692
As has been said many times in the past by many Christians, prayer is us talking to God.

02:05:55.572 --> 02:05:57.292
Scripture is God talking to us.

02:05:58.992 --> 02:06:00.372
We should take that seriously.

02:06:01.352 --> 02:06:17.492
God wrote us an entire book via the hands of many men over many centuries in order to tell us what he has done, what he is going to do, what he wants from us, what he wants us to do, what he wants us not to do.

02:06:18.552 --> 02:06:21.092
So much is contained in the pages of Scripture.

02:06:22.072 --> 02:06:29.372
And yet it seems like many of our fellows, and again many teachers and pastors, are ignoring this treasure.

02:06:31.052 --> 02:06:31.972
That needs to change.