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Welcome to the Stone Choir Podcast.

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I am Corey J.

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And I'm still, whoa.

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On today's Stone Choir, we're going to be discussing the subject of leadership.

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Before we get into the meat of today's episode, just a brief bit of housekeeping.

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As we talk about leadership today, it's kind of a natural evolution from what we talked about last week where we were discussing the context of when things are church business and things are just the business of Christian men and of all men.

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Because even if a man's not a Christian, he has the same duties as a Christian man.

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It's just that the man who is also a Christian has the framing from God, from scripture, to understand what his duties are, what his obligations are.

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And one of the points we made was that we should not be looking to people like clerics as leaders.

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That's not their job.

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That's not an insult.

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It's just they're not supposed to be leaders.

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Leaders occur in other contexts.

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And for all of us, there's some sort of leader somewhere in the hierarchy.

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And so today, there are a few different things we're going to cover, but principally we want to get across the point that egalitarianism is fake and gay.

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It's completely stupid.

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It's unnatural.

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It's unchristian.

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It's just freakish and dumb.

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And I think instinctively everyone knows that.

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And yet we've all been conditioned through our entire lifetimes of egalitarian brainwashing to think, well, no, everybody's the same and we're all interchangeable and we need to hear everybody's voices.

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We are ironically today making a populist argument for that being complete nonsense.

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So we are appealing to you as a completely unknown audience to us with men of all different abilities.

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We're trying to convince all of you that not all of you should be making decisions.

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And it's inherently ironic to make that case to just a group of people, but it's what has to happen.

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As we are in the end stages of what seems to be Christendom going poof, civilization itself, not having a trajectory into the future without things changing, one of the things that is important for everyone to think about is how do we fix this?

00:05:24.172 --> 00:05:27.332
How do we build something that isn't going to have these problems?

00:05:27.912 --> 00:05:45.172
And so the only way for us to undo the damage that we're all currently living in is to figure out how far back we wind the clock, not in the sense of historical pinpointing, but just what were the principles that former generations that didn't have these problems, what were they doing?

00:05:45.472 --> 00:05:49.332
What did they get right that we are now getting wrong because of egalitarian priors?

00:05:49.872 --> 00:05:53.712
And how can we make sure that we can begin to right the ship?

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And principle among those, we won't just get out of the way upfront because everything else that we say in this episode is going to exclude them entirely is girls can have no place in leadership, period.

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We did the episode earlier on on the ontological and scriptural nature of what a woman is.

00:06:14.132 --> 00:06:17.012
A woman is not a head inherently.

00:06:17.092 --> 00:06:18.452
And there's a scriptural basis for that.

00:06:18.472 --> 00:06:20.012
There's a created basis for that.

00:06:20.352 --> 00:06:23.672
And it's completely obvious in all of human history that that's true.

00:06:24.232 --> 00:06:29.472
And so, the point that we made then when we are right now, that's not insulting.

00:06:29.832 --> 00:06:31.312
There are plenty of girls who listen.

00:06:31.672 --> 00:06:33.232
Plenty of them are very intelligent.

00:06:33.492 --> 00:06:38.692
I'm certain that some of our female listeners are significantly smarter than some of our male listeners.

00:06:39.232 --> 00:06:40.092
That's good.

00:06:40.152 --> 00:06:40.812
That's fine.

00:06:41.572 --> 00:06:48.152
That doesn't mean that someone who has greater aptitude, if she's a woman, she shouldn't be in certain positions.

00:06:48.672 --> 00:06:59.692
And what has happened to us in the last couple centuries is we've completely not lost the notion of there's a place for men to do things where girls simply aren't present.

00:07:00.072 --> 00:07:02.912
Because it fundamentally changes the nature of the discussion.

00:07:03.192 --> 00:07:06.172
It changes the nature of all conversation, all interaction.

00:07:06.612 --> 00:07:19.072
Whether you have a strict rigid hierarchy or you have some sort of more open consensus based system, if it's a bunch of men, the hierarchy will naturally emerge even when you're seeking consensus.

00:07:19.492 --> 00:07:22.232
That will absolutely never be the case when girls are involved.

00:07:22.272 --> 00:07:22.652

00:07:23.312 --> 00:07:28.712
A single girl being present in the room and in the conversation fundamentally changes things because that's how we're built.

00:07:29.272 --> 00:07:35.292
And so when we talk about all the rest of the stuff in this episode, it's exclusively going to be about men.

00:07:35.552 --> 00:07:45.392
Frequently, we make a point of addressing the men in the audience, frankly, because it's not our place to be telling someone else's wife or mother what to think or what to do.

00:07:45.732 --> 00:07:49.972
If we're serious about headship, we can't be running around telling your wives and girlfriends what they should think.

00:07:50.272 --> 00:07:51.452
That's screwed up.

00:07:51.592 --> 00:07:52.932
That's the problem we're trying to solve.

00:07:53.212 --> 00:07:55.592
And so we acknowledge that by principally addressing men.

00:07:55.892 --> 00:07:57.272
We know girls are listening.

00:07:57.772 --> 00:08:01.632
We want the men to be solving the problems that men can solve.

00:08:02.312 --> 00:08:08.212
And these are the table stakes for everything else in this episode, and they're the table stakes for the future of civilization.

00:08:08.512 --> 00:08:12.672
Because if we can't fix that one thing, nothing else is going to matter.

00:08:13.012 --> 00:08:13.672
It's just not.

00:08:14.392 --> 00:08:15.692
All the problems that we have.

00:08:15.712 --> 00:08:17.712
I'm not pinning this on girls to be explicit.

00:08:17.732 --> 00:08:19.492
I'm not saying, oh, girls have screwed everything up.

00:08:20.072 --> 00:08:25.492
100% of the people that voted in the United States for women's suffrage were men, because girls couldn't vote.

00:08:25.952 --> 00:08:27.712
It was men who screwed things up.

00:08:28.892 --> 00:08:33.212
Along the way, we let someone else take over our duties.

00:08:33.932 --> 00:08:40.712
And that's what leadership is about, is about recognizing that there's duty, there's hierarchy, and somebody has to be responsible.

00:08:41.552 --> 00:08:45.592
As soon as you diffuse responsibility, it's lost completely.

00:08:46.272 --> 00:08:48.952
And so we can't let that happen.

00:08:49.172 --> 00:09:06.452
The reason we're putting this at the very beginning is that in our communities, in our churches, in some of our homes, certainly in our businesses, everywhere you see that men and women are treated completely equally, have an equal voice, and everyone has to feel good about everything before you can proceed.

00:09:07.132 --> 00:09:11.212
That is the death of civilization, full stop.

00:09:11.912 --> 00:09:24.912
And if we don't fix that one particular problem, which has to begin by actually acknowledging, like it is bad, it's harmful, and the people who scream that it's not harmful also have all the other bad opinions.

00:09:25.332 --> 00:09:43.152
As we're evaluating statements and things that we make today, and we talk about how you can evaluate our statements and other men's statements, you don't always have all the information, but sometimes you can just tell, I'm not sure if this guy's right about this one thing, but I know he has a lot of terrible opinions about a lot of other things.

00:09:43.652 --> 00:09:46.772
Sometimes that's all you have to gauge whether he's right about one thing.

00:09:47.132 --> 00:09:55.232
The people who scream the most that this is a bad thing, that no one should ever say girls should be excluded, they have terrible opinions about everything else too.

00:09:56.032 --> 00:10:00.012
It's not like we're in complete agreement with that type of person.

00:10:00.432 --> 00:10:02.032
I won't call them men because they're not.

00:10:02.552 --> 00:10:03.992
We're diametrically opposed.

00:10:04.452 --> 00:10:05.652
It's really one or the other.

00:10:05.792 --> 00:10:09.172
And that's why putting it up front is crucial because that's how it breaks down.

00:10:09.532 --> 00:10:14.692
If you don't exclude women from these conversations, we're addressing women as well here.

00:10:14.852 --> 00:10:26.912
If you're a woman, you're listening, and you're a wife, mother, daughter, you need to be supportive emotionally and socially with the men in your life to not make it hard for them to do the things that they have to do.

00:10:27.432 --> 00:10:33.772
That's the soft accountability that the female involves in any interaction.

00:10:35.032 --> 00:10:41.292
Men have to have the hard responsibility, have to get these things right every time or things start to break.

00:10:42.272 --> 00:10:51.012
We also want to be clear at the outset that the point of this episode is not to talk about the great man, as it were.

00:10:51.592 --> 00:10:55.792
So you can think of the great man theory of history.

00:10:56.932 --> 00:11:02.612
That man is not the focus because that isn't really the focus of what needs to be done.

00:11:03.372 --> 00:11:05.692
That man may come along or he may not.

00:11:05.972 --> 00:11:07.952
God will provide him or he will not.

00:11:09.332 --> 00:11:21.152
The day-to-day necessity of leadership is on a smaller scale because most of our interactions on a day-to-day basis will be on a smaller scale.

00:11:21.172 --> 00:11:26.832
They will be, as well mentioned, in church or at work and, yes, also in your family.

00:11:27.812 --> 00:11:35.232
Because, of course, first and foremost, every husband and father is to be a leader in his household.

00:11:35.792 --> 00:11:37.092
He is the house father.

00:11:37.572 --> 00:11:38.532
That is his role.

00:11:38.552 --> 00:11:40.032
That is a leadership role.

00:11:40.052 --> 00:11:41.312
That is a role of headship.

00:11:42.332 --> 00:11:45.552
And so that is sort of the beginning of all of this.

00:11:45.572 --> 00:11:47.392
It all flows from that.

00:11:48.592 --> 00:11:51.272
That is one of the sources of authority.

00:11:53.112 --> 00:11:58.012
I am not going to read through the chapter, but I do recommend that you go and read Exodus 18.

00:11:58.092 --> 00:12:02.152
You can pause the podcast and do it, or you can read it after listening to the episode.

00:12:02.812 --> 00:12:04.372
That is entirely up to you, of course.

00:12:05.292 --> 00:12:12.952
But in Exodus 18, Moses' father-in-law Jethro observes what Moses is doing with the people of Israel.

00:12:14.452 --> 00:12:18.852
And he is acting at this point as essentially the sole judge and the sole leader.

00:12:19.912 --> 00:12:25.192
So the people stand around him from morning till evening, and he is the one making all of the decisions.

00:12:25.392 --> 00:12:27.112
And his father-in-law says, this isn't right.

00:12:27.912 --> 00:12:29.352
This is a terrible way to do things.

00:12:29.352 --> 00:12:30.392
Why are you doing this?

00:12:31.172 --> 00:12:42.092
And so instead, he advises, and Moses agrees because it is the correct thing to do, he appoints men to be the chiefs of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and of tens.

00:12:43.272 --> 00:12:54.252
Now, you may think that tens sounds kind of small, but this is probably referring to the heads of households or at least just to men, and so tens would actually be quite a few more than ten.

00:12:55.012 --> 00:13:00.752
You're probably approaching that number of 150 people you can actually know and with whom you can have a proper relationship.

00:13:01.672 --> 00:13:07.272
And so that is what he does, because that's the sort of hierarchy that you see.

00:13:07.292 --> 00:13:13.992
There are leaders at different levels in every organization, in every endeavor in life.

00:13:15.872 --> 00:13:21.292
And again, first and foremost, it is the father of the household, the husband and father.

00:13:21.632 --> 00:13:22.932
He is the leader in his house.

00:13:22.952 --> 00:13:41.192
And then you will have, going from that foundational level upward, various other leaders, until you get to whatever man is the role of Moses in this particular organization, whether it happens to be the state, or a church, or a corporation, whatever it happens to be.

00:13:41.212 --> 00:13:44.692
There will be that man sitting at the top, but then there are levels below him.

00:13:46.432 --> 00:13:51.772
Those levels below him are absolutely essential to assure that things continue to run.

00:13:53.952 --> 00:13:56.852
And that's what we've lost in our society.

00:13:56.872 --> 00:13:59.672
We've lost any sort of hierarchy whatsoever.

00:13:59.992 --> 00:14:06.332
There's been this great leveling due to egalitarianism and other false priors that we inherited from the Enlightenment.

00:14:08.932 --> 00:14:14.172
And so we have this idea that everyone is equal, and that there are no leaders.

00:14:14.232 --> 00:14:20.652
And yet at the same time, we still have leaders, because of course democracy props people up and pretends they're leaders.

00:14:22.232 --> 00:14:32.252
But we don't really have true leaders anymore, because the men who would be leaders, who should be leaders, have either stepped back or been hounded into silence in some cases.

00:14:32.272 --> 00:14:39.172
Now they probably shouldn't allow themselves to be hounded into silence, but it is one of the realities of our current system.

00:14:40.412 --> 00:14:44.072
And so that leads into another aspect of this.

00:14:44.672 --> 00:14:53.992
If you are not a man who is going to be a leader, who is going to serve in that role of leadership, one of your duties is to support the man who does.

00:14:55.212 --> 00:15:15.232
For instance, as a concrete example related to the church, if a pastor comes into a congregation that has a number of problems, and he tries to address those, he's a faithful pastor, he's a good pastor, he tries to fix the problems, if he is on his own and the men of the congregation do not support him, he will not get anywhere.

00:15:16.432 --> 00:15:18.272
It will be a miserable experience for him.

00:15:18.892 --> 00:15:22.452
He will probably not achieve the goals, and he'll probably leave or be driven out.

00:15:23.772 --> 00:15:34.472
You need to have, as a leader, you need to have other men supporting you, because otherwise, are you even really a leader at that point, if you have no one following you, if you have no one supporting you.

00:15:35.192 --> 00:15:43.032
Now, if that pastor comes in, and even just two or three men in the congregation stand up and staunchly support him, something can actually be achieved.

00:15:43.752 --> 00:15:51.472
That's part of how we start to turn around our congregations and our other parts of our society that have gone astray.

00:15:52.172 --> 00:16:04.072
If you have a man who has the qualities necessary for a leader in that field, it is important that other men support him, so that he can actually get done what needs to be done.

00:16:05.432 --> 00:16:15.852
One of the fundamental problems that we have, and this is particularly an issue on the political right in the US, is we have a lack of leadership at almost every level.

00:16:16.592 --> 00:16:28.392
And when a man stands up who actually has the capacity to be a leader, we have all sorts of other men who attack him or fight about trivial things.

00:16:29.092 --> 00:16:30.412
Instead of falling in line.

00:16:31.192 --> 00:16:34.592
And so nothing gets done, because that man has no support.

00:16:35.432 --> 00:16:40.912
And this happens almost every time we see someone stand up and try to actually fix something.

00:16:42.812 --> 00:16:46.992
This is not how we get things done that need to be done.

00:16:47.452 --> 00:16:48.992
This is not how we move forward.

00:16:50.232 --> 00:16:55.792
If you are a leader, if you have the qualities necessary to be a leader, you have a duty to pursue that.

00:16:56.672 --> 00:17:01.252
If you do not have those qualities, then you have a duty to support the man who does.

00:17:02.932 --> 00:17:05.512
Because that is how men are supposed to interact with each other.

00:17:05.532 --> 00:17:12.512
And as Woe said, much of this is going to shake out naturally, just in the way that men interact.

00:17:12.892 --> 00:17:14.632
And every man in the audience knows this.

00:17:15.452 --> 00:17:20.892
If you're out with other men, there's going to naturally be someone who takes on the role.

00:17:20.892 --> 00:17:26.652
Even if it's not explicit or it's not a full leadership role, there will be a man who takes on the role of leader.

00:17:27.072 --> 00:17:29.052
And it doesn't even matter what sort of group it is.

00:17:29.072 --> 00:17:31.972
It could be six men out drinking beers.

00:17:31.992 --> 00:17:35.032
There's someone in that group who is the leader of that group.

00:17:36.212 --> 00:17:38.352
That is just how men interact.

00:17:38.372 --> 00:17:41.732
That is how God designed the system, because there are hierarchies.

00:17:42.412 --> 00:17:45.312
Someone will naturally be the leader in any given group.

00:17:46.032 --> 00:17:53.232
And when it's men only in a particular setting, those things will form organically.

00:17:54.792 --> 00:17:59.992
As Wo mentioned, if women are present, that doesn't happen, because it fundamentally changes the dynamics.

00:18:00.692 --> 00:18:09.312
And so when we're talking about these things, to reiterate and to echo what Wo said, we are talking about men and men only spaces, as it were.

00:18:10.472 --> 00:18:12.812
Because this is not a place for women.

00:18:13.852 --> 00:18:16.112
For instance, women should not be involved in politics.

00:18:17.272 --> 00:18:21.092
Most men shouldn't either, but women should certainly not be involved in politics.

00:18:21.572 --> 00:18:25.612
That is a space for men, because it is a duty of men.

00:18:26.732 --> 00:18:32.052
Because everything involved in politics is within the realm of the things assigned to men by God.

00:18:33.112 --> 00:18:34.272
Not least of all, war.

00:18:34.452 --> 00:18:38.992
Because of course war is going to be a political decision, a political discussion.

00:18:39.672 --> 00:18:41.752
And men are the ones who will have to go and fight that war.

00:18:43.112 --> 00:18:46.532
And so that should be a discussion in which women are not present.

00:18:47.572 --> 00:18:50.092
That is a discussion for men and only men.

00:18:50.532 --> 00:18:52.232
And there are many other places with that.

00:18:52.652 --> 00:18:53.812
For instance, in the church.

00:18:54.612 --> 00:18:58.112
Any role of leadership in the church must be occupied by a man.

00:18:58.872 --> 00:19:01.132
Any decision made in the church.

00:19:01.672 --> 00:19:04.592
And I'm not talking about minor decisions.

00:19:04.612 --> 00:19:09.792
If you're talking about planning a potluck, by all means women are permitted to be involved in that.

00:19:10.072 --> 00:19:12.852
I'm talking about decisions with regard to the church proper.

00:19:13.852 --> 00:19:20.172
So the organization of the church, electing officials for the church, appointing men to do things in the church, etc.

00:19:20.472 --> 00:19:24.812
All of those things must be done by men without women present.

00:19:26.092 --> 00:19:31.052
The nature of group dynamics is really one of the most important parts of this conversation.

00:19:31.572 --> 00:19:36.812
As Corey was saying, there's always what the term of art is the alpha male of the group.

00:19:36.872 --> 00:19:38.292
You may have heard the term AMOG.

00:19:38.992 --> 00:19:45.772
And a lot of times it's, you know, when people say alpha, you're thinking something over the top, something comical.

00:19:46.112 --> 00:19:48.012
It's really just what Corey described.

00:19:48.292 --> 00:19:51.412
There's always someone who is the dominant man.

00:19:51.912 --> 00:19:56.892
And again, it may not be over dominance, but you know, it's usually the guy who's one of the tallest.

00:19:57.352 --> 00:20:06.652
All of the things being equal, the man who is taller, who is handsomer, who has more charisma and a greater presence, is going to be the one who's dominant.

00:20:06.912 --> 00:20:07.932
That's how it works.

00:20:08.552 --> 00:20:12.812
In the difference between men and women, fundamentally, is that men are okay with that.

00:20:13.632 --> 00:20:15.312
I've said all along, I'm 5'9.

00:20:15.612 --> 00:20:19.252
I don't get put in charge of groups because I'm not going to be the tallest guy.

00:20:19.852 --> 00:20:39.032
And one of the things that weak men, fragile men, will seethe about is that when there's someone who's stronger, better looking, whatever, someone who is in some way superior to them, they will burn inside with envy and disgust because they want the status that the other guy has just naturally.

00:20:39.872 --> 00:20:41.252
That's not Christian.

00:20:41.612 --> 00:20:42.792
It's not even human.

00:20:43.372 --> 00:20:50.972
If you're the short guy in the group and the tall guy in the group is in charge and you want to compete, compete on some other grounds.

00:20:51.612 --> 00:20:53.832
Be stronger, be funnier, whatever.

00:20:53.972 --> 00:20:57.472
Like, it's not always the biggest, the most handsome guy who's in charge.

00:20:57.712 --> 00:20:59.872
That's just naturally what usually happens.

00:21:00.532 --> 00:21:43.012
And I think one of the things that, because we've lost to egalitarianism, the sense that these abilities are developed culturally over time is that that sort of process that happens from the playground, from the time we're all little kids, little boys just running around chasing each other, chasing girls on the playground, as these dynamics form naturally in every group of boys and men, what will naturally occur is that boys who become men, who tend to be the leaders just naturally, because they're falling into those positions, maybe without earning it, like it's just the one kid's two inches taller than everybody else, they look up to him literally and figuratively.

00:21:44.392 --> 00:21:59.412
Rather than seething at the fact that someone has something that you don't, the appropriate correct strategic response for anyone in that position is to realize that the guy who's always getting put in charge has more experience being in charge.

00:21:59.972 --> 00:22:14.152
So the young man who is the Amog and his little group of friends, who becomes an adult, who really has that presence, he's doing well, he's successful by all the secular means that we would consider.

00:22:15.192 --> 00:22:23.472
What happens with that sort of man, though some would seethe and think, oh, I don't like him because he's got the stuff that I don't have and he doesn't deserve any of it.

00:22:24.052 --> 00:22:33.112
That guy, because of the fact that he's always been in charge, he's always the one that people are looking up to, he naturally develops leadership abilities just by the fact that people look to him.

00:22:33.652 --> 00:22:47.072
And I think this is something that's completely missing from how we think about leadership and responsibilities and roles and anything else is that sometimes it doesn't even matter if you pick the guy at random, which is effectively what that is.

00:22:47.112 --> 00:22:52.932
If one guy is short and the other guy is tall, and the tall guy is always in charge, that's functionally random.

00:22:53.092 --> 00:22:56.112
Like superficially, it's not, but statistically, it kind of is.

00:22:56.132 --> 00:22:57.112
It could have been one or the other.

00:22:57.912 --> 00:23:06.452
The bottom line is that the guy who's always going to be looked to as the leader is going to develop the skills that someone who isn't looked to as a leader just won't.

00:23:06.952 --> 00:23:18.012
And so as a result, when you get into adulthood, when you're that guy at 15 and you're still that guy at 25 or 35, suddenly you have decades of experience of being the man that other men look to.

00:23:18.512 --> 00:23:21.852
And that naturally develops leadership experience.

00:23:22.092 --> 00:23:22.532
It counts.

00:23:23.432 --> 00:23:35.832
Even when it starts as something completely disorganized and superficial as a young man, simply always being the man that other men look to is going to force you, if you're a good man, to try to figure it out.

00:23:36.252 --> 00:23:42.252
Like if other men are looking to you to have the answer or whatever, it could be big or small.

00:23:42.712 --> 00:23:48.472
If other men see you as the leader and you're a good, responsible man, you're going to try to live up to those expectations.

00:23:49.572 --> 00:23:57.732
And so what egalitarianism is doing to us today is the spiteful, bitter, envious view of those men.

00:23:57.752 --> 00:24:09.632
You know, when I worked at Apple, my second level manager for a time was, he's now a senior VP and he was shortly thereafter, very tall, very handsome, brilliant and charismatic.

00:24:09.992 --> 00:24:12.172
He was naturally going to be in charge from the time.

00:24:12.192 --> 00:24:13.332
I'm sure he was a teenager.

00:24:13.552 --> 00:24:15.892
I don't know his backstory, but I'm sure that that was his trajectory.

00:24:16.632 --> 00:24:18.952
And that's a good thing because he lived up to it.

00:24:19.132 --> 00:24:22.532
He lived up to the expectations and he delivered according to his abilities.

00:24:22.972 --> 00:24:28.632
That is something to be celebrated, not to look at him and say, I don't like that he's better looking than me.

00:24:28.812 --> 00:24:38.372
Like whatever, if it's envious, if you're acting like a crab in a bucket, you're being a girl, because that is the natural social structure of girl groups.

00:24:38.732 --> 00:24:39.752
They're crabs in a bucket.

00:24:39.952 --> 00:24:42.452
If someone gets a little bit higher, they pull them back down.

00:24:43.092 --> 00:24:47.132
The only way the girls can get along well is when there's equality.

00:24:47.812 --> 00:24:52.972
They need, you know, no one can be too pretty, no one can be too skinny or whatever measure.

00:24:54.012 --> 00:25:02.312
Anything that is going to set one of them far outside the scope or the abilities of the other girls in a group is going to create infighting.

00:25:02.532 --> 00:25:12.332
And it's not going to be competitions in the sense of, well, you know, maybe if one girl is fit and the other girls are a little out of shape, they don't think I want to get in better shape.

00:25:12.692 --> 00:25:15.472
They're going to say nasty things about her to try to tear her down.

00:25:15.912 --> 00:25:17.512
Men have the opposite instinct.

00:25:17.752 --> 00:25:20.232
Good men, men who are actually masculine.

00:25:20.952 --> 00:25:26.312
If they see a guy who's smarter, taller, better looking, whatever, they aspire to it.

00:25:26.512 --> 00:25:30.132
Like, I want to try to be as good and competitive as that guy is.

00:25:30.532 --> 00:25:34.232
And it's not to displace the man who's the amog.

00:25:34.532 --> 00:25:36.772
It's not necessarily to say, I want to be number one.

00:25:37.172 --> 00:25:42.732
It's understanding that a guy who's 5'9, is never going to be better than number two or number three most of the time.

00:25:42.952 --> 00:25:43.592
And that's fine.

00:25:44.132 --> 00:25:45.292
It's completely fine.

00:25:45.512 --> 00:25:47.372
Whatever it is, I don't care about height.

00:25:47.392 --> 00:25:51.152
Like, I use it because I'm average in height and I'm not average in other areas.

00:25:51.432 --> 00:25:56.172
It's vital to understand that we're good at some things and we're completely immaterial than others.

00:25:56.572 --> 00:25:57.472
We all have those.

00:25:58.592 --> 00:26:02.072
Most of the guys who are listening are probably almost completely average intelligence.

00:26:02.352 --> 00:26:03.092
That's a good thing.

00:26:03.292 --> 00:26:04.932
This is not a big brain podcast.

00:26:05.532 --> 00:26:06.452
We try not to be.

00:26:06.692 --> 00:26:11.292
Like, we use big words sometimes, but we try not to make this stuff complicated because it isn't.

00:26:11.872 --> 00:26:15.032
Every man naturally understands some of these things.

00:26:15.632 --> 00:26:19.072
It's kind of a boomer joke, but I'm going to say it because it's also true.

00:26:19.612 --> 00:26:25.192
If you don't have a strong handshake and the ability to look a man in the eye, you're a crappy man.

00:26:25.252 --> 00:26:26.412
You need to work on that.

00:26:26.852 --> 00:26:36.692
Improving that one thing will improve your life because I don't trust a man who can't look me in the eye and has a weak, limp, moist handshake.

00:26:36.712 --> 00:26:37.672
It's revolting.

00:26:38.112 --> 00:26:39.452
It's physically repulsive.

00:26:39.652 --> 00:26:40.532
It's a small thing.

00:26:40.552 --> 00:26:41.532
Is that fair?

00:26:41.992 --> 00:26:42.532
I don't care.

00:26:42.652 --> 00:26:43.252
It's real.

00:26:43.772 --> 00:26:45.512
And so it's become a boomer joke.

00:26:45.532 --> 00:26:48.952
When I got a job, I just had a firm handshake and looked him in the eye and he hired me.

00:26:49.292 --> 00:26:50.292
There are no jobs anymore.

00:26:50.312 --> 00:26:51.932
Robots and air are going to take all the jobs.

00:26:51.952 --> 00:26:54.132
So if you're a young guy, it's not job advice.

00:26:54.572 --> 00:26:58.712
But you can still get that one thing right, and it will make you a better man.

00:26:59.492 --> 00:27:04.932
Part of being a man, especially a young man, is figuring out how to be a better version of yourself.

00:27:05.612 --> 00:27:08.392
And that involves you doing you better.

00:27:08.712 --> 00:27:10.912
It doesn't involve tearing another man down.

00:27:11.332 --> 00:27:14.212
It doesn't involve going after someone who's doing something different.

00:27:14.652 --> 00:27:15.772
That's not how we work.

00:27:16.572 --> 00:27:18.292
That's not how men operate.

00:27:18.552 --> 00:27:31.792
The first thing we mentioned was that excluding girls is necessary, because as soon as there's a girl present in these conversations, suddenly it switches to the consensus building and to the leveling, where we can't have anybody who's standing up.

00:27:32.212 --> 00:27:38.372
And now there's a natural aversion to having the tall, handsome guy in charge.

00:27:38.492 --> 00:27:39.272
We can't do that.

00:27:39.292 --> 00:27:41.612
We have to have a minority who's in a wheelchair.

00:27:42.152 --> 00:27:43.732
That's going to be better somehow.

00:27:44.052 --> 00:27:44.852
That's perverse.

00:27:45.112 --> 00:27:46.152
It's utterly perverse.

00:27:46.572 --> 00:27:54.712
That person who is meek, they may be a great person, but are they going to be the strong leader with no experience?

00:27:54.852 --> 00:27:55.172

00:27:55.692 --> 00:27:59.072
The guy who's been doing it his whole life is going to be good at it.

00:27:59.752 --> 00:28:09.792
And that's part of the purpose of this episode, talking about leadership and the qualities and the things that we need to look for, is that you don't give it to the guy who's not going to be good at it.

00:28:10.312 --> 00:28:15.652
You give it to the guy who's going to do the best possible job that he can, and then you hold him accountable.

00:28:16.472 --> 00:28:19.312
Insofar as, we're not even talking about democracy here.

00:28:19.512 --> 00:28:27.392
There's naturally going to be somebody in charge, even if it's a dictatorship, you've still got a guy, but other people have to listen to him.

00:28:27.812 --> 00:28:31.572
So there are always social dynamics, regardless of voting or anything else.

00:28:32.272 --> 00:28:40.352
But the basic masculine tenet here is that you pick the man who's going to do the best, and then you support him, as Corey said.

00:28:40.872 --> 00:28:42.052
He can't do it by himself.

00:28:42.572 --> 00:28:47.972
Whether it's at the lowest level, you know, in the military, you have the fire teams of just a few guys.

00:28:48.192 --> 00:28:58.832
You have squads where a staff sergeant is running them, maybe 10 guys, and then you have a company with a captain, maybe 200 guys, and you go up to the brigade level, we have a colonel with 5,000 guys.

00:28:59.512 --> 00:29:02.412
Those hierarchies are because they're different levels of ability.

00:29:02.972 --> 00:29:09.292
The corporal who's running a fire team has a different scope of duties than the brigade colonel.

00:29:09.732 --> 00:29:11.092
That's the way it's supposed to be.

00:29:11.112 --> 00:29:14.732
The colonel is capable of stuff that the corporal can't even imagine.

00:29:14.892 --> 00:29:25.772
They have different jobs, and the reason for that hierarchy and those numbers is that there are not many colonels in the world, and there are a lot of guys who are either privates, buck privates or corporals.

00:29:26.112 --> 00:29:28.392
That's the best they can be, and the world needs them.

00:29:28.692 --> 00:29:31.012
And the military, you need it everywhere.

00:29:31.612 --> 00:29:38.972
So when we're talking about leadership, it's not about saying, well, these guys are worthless and only a few guys are special.

00:29:39.192 --> 00:29:46.312
No, the point is that whenever a man is given responsibility, he's accountable for the welfare of everyone beneath him.

00:29:47.232 --> 00:29:51.352
And we think beneath, we think, oh, that's mean, you're being derisive.

00:29:51.372 --> 00:29:53.852
No, there's someone above and there's someone below.

00:29:54.212 --> 00:29:56.532
And the man above is accountable for those below him.

00:29:56.552 --> 00:29:57.372
He has to protect them.

00:29:57.632 --> 00:30:02.672
He has to look out for them, make sure that they're doing their jobs well, and then he's accountable to the man above him.

00:30:03.212 --> 00:30:08.272
And when you have a hierarchy like a monarchy, the only man above the monarch is God.

00:30:08.712 --> 00:30:13.432
Jesus Christ Almighty is the one man to whom a king answers.

00:30:13.852 --> 00:30:17.652
And that's okay, that system works too, because there's accountability.

00:30:17.812 --> 00:30:19.232
There's always accountability.

00:30:19.792 --> 00:30:21.832
With the egalitarianism, we've completely lost that.

00:30:21.852 --> 00:30:25.012
We have no notion of inequality and ranking.

00:30:26.012 --> 00:30:27.952
We all have to agree or nothing can get done.

00:30:28.092 --> 00:30:28.732
That's absurd.

00:30:28.752 --> 00:30:30.192
That's not how anything works.

00:30:31.052 --> 00:30:48.872
In the American context, this is particularly a problem, because we have done away with basically all of the social hierarchy, with the exception of some people have propped up celebrities and certain sports figures as some sort of terrible knockoff version of an aristocracy.

00:30:49.472 --> 00:30:59.432
But we no longer have different ranks in society, which bleeds into a lot of other areas, particularly with regard to behavior.

00:30:59.452 --> 00:31:00.872
There's been a leveling of behavior.

00:31:00.892 --> 00:31:09.512
We behave the same whether we are in the halls of Congress or our local government or down at the bowling alley.

00:31:10.092 --> 00:31:16.132
Americans kind of behave the same everywhere, and that's a problem because not everywhere is the same.

00:31:17.212 --> 00:31:35.572
And one of the areas this turns into a real problem, of course, is that it bleeds over into church, and we don't have that sense of reverence anymore because we don't have an audience with an earthly king as even a possibility, as even a thought of something that could occur in the American context.

00:31:36.212 --> 00:31:46.332
And so we don't recognize that when we go to church, we're having an audience with the king, and that leads to some certain requirements with regard to quorum and behavior.

00:31:47.512 --> 00:32:01.752
Sort of a tangential issue, but it is related to this lack of hierarchy, to these egalitarian priors that have corrupted everything top to bottom by, of course, eliminating even the concept of there being a top and a bottom.

00:32:02.672 --> 00:32:07.832
And as Woe said, it's not insulting to say that certain men are of a higher rank than others.

00:32:07.852 --> 00:32:11.552
That's true in absolutely everything in life, and we all know it.

00:32:12.452 --> 00:32:16.412
There are some places in which we can say that, and no one will be insulted.

00:32:16.552 --> 00:32:31.392
And then when it comes to areas like intelligence or certain abilities, everyone gets up in arms when you mention that some men are more intelligent, some men make better leaders, some men are more charismatic, and so many various other things.

00:32:31.792 --> 00:32:35.252
But then at the other end, if you say, well, that man runs faster, oh, well, that's fine.

00:32:37.332 --> 00:32:47.412
That ability is just as innate as the leadership ability in many cases, in most cases, because many of these things, of course, flow from one's genetics.

00:32:47.592 --> 00:32:50.472
They are biologically determined to a certain degree.

00:32:50.492 --> 00:32:54.552
We won't get back into that subject too deeply in this particular episode.

00:32:55.132 --> 00:33:03.452
But to say that someone runs fast, that he is a very fast runner, isn't fundamentally different from saying someone is highly intelligent.

00:33:05.432 --> 00:33:06.492
Both are attributes.

00:33:07.152 --> 00:33:09.132
Both are genetically determined.

00:33:09.772 --> 00:33:12.492
Both require some training to use properly, of course.

00:33:13.452 --> 00:33:17.592
But God has given that ability, and he has given it out unequally among men.

00:33:19.412 --> 00:33:20.672
I am not a distance runner.

00:33:21.092 --> 00:33:22.412
Most certainly, I hate running.

00:33:23.192 --> 00:33:23.972
I like cycling.

00:33:23.992 --> 00:33:28.032
I know that will make some of the audience members a little annoyed at me, but, oh well, it's great cardio.

00:33:30.112 --> 00:33:37.532
But at the other end of the spectrum, I am able to understand complex subjects with relative ease, because God has given me that ability.

00:33:38.632 --> 00:33:45.212
To different men, God has given different gifts, and that's a good thing, because you need that in society.

00:33:45.232 --> 00:33:48.012
You need that in order for civilization to be able to function.

00:33:49.392 --> 00:34:01.572
Even in, not in particularly small groups, but in groups of, say, 20, 50, 100 men, you need different levels of ability for the group to function if it is going to achieve anything.

00:34:02.572 --> 00:34:04.692
As we'll mention, the military is a great example.

00:34:05.372 --> 00:34:12.332
If you had only men who had the aptitude to be generals, you're probably not going to be winning very many wars.

00:34:13.132 --> 00:34:19.512
If, on the other hand, you have men who are fit only to be privates, you are probably still not going to win very many wars.

00:34:20.552 --> 00:34:22.392
You need the hierarchy.

00:34:22.512 --> 00:34:24.272
The hierarchy is absolutely essential.

00:34:25.872 --> 00:34:28.892
And this is the case regardless of the endeavor.

00:34:29.352 --> 00:34:31.852
You need hierarchy with regard to academia.

00:34:32.312 --> 00:34:34.552
You need hierarchy with regard to the military.

00:34:34.572 --> 00:34:38.852
You need hierarchy with regard to politics, to the civic sphere.

00:34:40.392 --> 00:34:44.192
That is how God has fundamentally designed reality.

00:34:44.492 --> 00:34:46.852
There is hierarchy everywhere.

00:34:46.872 --> 00:34:49.372
And it's not just among men.

00:34:49.772 --> 00:34:51.472
It's in everything in creation as well.

00:34:52.172 --> 00:34:55.212
We obviously see it in basically all animals.

00:34:56.932 --> 00:35:00.252
This is just a fundamental part of creation.

00:35:00.592 --> 00:35:02.532
It is how God has designed things.

00:35:02.832 --> 00:35:04.372
It is the order of creation.

00:35:04.672 --> 00:35:05.732
And it is a good thing.

00:35:06.392 --> 00:35:09.472
And as Christians, we should recognize it and not rebel against it.

00:35:09.852 --> 00:35:12.752
Because fundamentally, what was Satan's rebellion?

00:35:12.772 --> 00:35:14.652
It was a rebellion against hierarchy.

00:35:15.092 --> 00:35:20.352
Yes, of course, pride is his key sin, but it was a rebellion against hierarchy.

00:35:20.852 --> 00:35:27.032
Because he was placed in a certain place within the hierarchy, and he was never going to move up or down.

00:35:28.032 --> 00:35:34.812
Because, of course, things are much more fixed with regard to that realm, the angelic realm, insofar as we're aware.

00:35:35.972 --> 00:35:41.272
And so he wanted to rebel against that, because he did not want to be part of the hierarchy.

00:35:41.592 --> 00:35:44.132
He wanted to be an individual.

00:35:44.292 --> 00:35:46.432
He wanted to be supreme in himself.

00:35:48.032 --> 00:35:51.712
And that is what our society tells us today that we should aspire to be.

00:35:53.412 --> 00:35:56.372
That causes complete and utter chaos.

00:35:56.792 --> 00:36:00.952
That is why we see disorder everywhere we look, instead of order.

00:36:02.492 --> 00:36:09.652
And I will continue to emphasize order, not just because I'm German, but because it is a fundamental necessity for life.

00:36:09.832 --> 00:36:14.212
If you do not have order in the things you pursue, you will not achieve anything.

00:36:14.232 --> 00:36:17.352
If you have disorder in your family, your family won't function.

00:36:17.792 --> 00:36:20.292
If you have disorder in your marriage, that's a bad thing.

00:36:20.532 --> 00:36:23.732
Disorder is not good anywhere in life.

00:36:24.492 --> 00:36:27.712
Order is of fundamental, it is of paramount importance.

00:36:29.792 --> 00:36:47.552
And with regard to what we've said about leaders and the fact that leaders have duties, we've also mentioned there are privileges that come along with leadership, of course, because the men who are in leadership positions are often going to be afforded certain things, other men are not.

00:36:47.932 --> 00:36:53.132
Moses certainly had greater authority than the men who were commanding, say, tens or fifties.

00:36:53.752 --> 00:36:55.212
That is the nature of the beast.

00:36:56.852 --> 00:36:59.072
But those are two sides of the coin.

00:36:59.472 --> 00:37:05.212
A leader is going to have certain privileges, and that is one of the benefits of being a leader, but he's going to have certain duties.

00:37:07.772 --> 00:37:12.832
And generally speaking, oftentimes the duties are going to be heavier than the privileges, as it were.

00:37:14.852 --> 00:37:19.272
Today we have very many men who do not want to take up the duties.

00:37:19.292 --> 00:37:28.992
They just want the privileges, which is one of the fundamental problems with democracy, because you have men who don't actually exercise the office appropriately.

00:37:29.532 --> 00:37:38.132
They don't uphold the duty, but they receive the privileges for various reasons that we won't get into in this episode, because it's not the point of the episode.

00:37:40.332 --> 00:37:55.232
But as men were not supposed to be envious of leaders just because they have those privileges, it is important to recognize the other side of that coin, to recognize that certain duties come along with the office that they hold.

00:37:55.912 --> 00:38:05.172
Whether it's an official office, a formal office, or it's just an informal thing in a group, there are responsibilities that come along with the position.

00:38:07.172 --> 00:38:14.852
And as men, we really should have an easier time recognizing and accepting the reality of hierarchy.

00:38:15.732 --> 00:38:21.192
It is something that is fundamental to men to recognize that and establish it within a group.

00:38:21.652 --> 00:38:26.252
And we all do it, as Will mentioned, as children, just naturally, this happens on the playground.

00:38:26.972 --> 00:38:42.932
And as we age, as we grow up, the current system tries to beat that out of us, tries to propagandize us to the point where we no longer believe what we know to be true, what we inherently recognize as a fundamental aspect of reality.

00:38:43.512 --> 00:38:47.032
There are hierarchies in everything under the sun.

00:38:48.432 --> 00:38:51.132
And that is a good thing because it is God's design.

00:38:52.052 --> 00:38:53.752
And so we shouldn't rebel against that.

00:38:53.772 --> 00:38:55.372
We shouldn't try to subvert that.

00:38:55.592 --> 00:39:02.512
We shouldn't be envious of the man who is higher on the totem pole, we also shouldn't denigrate the man who is lower on the totem pole.

00:39:03.372 --> 00:39:06.372
It is not the role of the leader to abuse those below him.

00:39:07.572 --> 00:39:17.532
In fact, one of the marks of a good leader will be that he will, one, surround himself with good men, but two, he also will elevate those men.

00:39:18.312 --> 00:39:20.412
And this is another thing that men recognize.

00:39:20.852 --> 00:39:28.432
If you have a group with a good leader, that group will be a better group of which to be a member than one that does not have a leader.

00:39:29.492 --> 00:39:38.992
It doesn't matter if you're the lowest man on the totem pole, you'd probably rather be in the group that's well ordered and has a good leader, because that leader will elevate everyone in the group.

00:39:39.892 --> 00:39:51.432
You will fundamentally be better off being part of the group with functional leadership than if you were just part of a group that had no leader and everyone's equal, because of course, everyone is not equal.

00:39:52.272 --> 00:40:16.312
And so all you can do is drag everyone down to the level of the man who is lowest, or you can just ignore all those differences and nothing will actually function, because you don't have the hierarchy, you don't have the order, and you fundamentally don't have what is of absolute necessity the man at the top of whatever group it happens to be who can make decisions.

00:40:17.112 --> 00:40:26.172
That is one of the most important aspects of the role of leadership, one of the key requirements of the leader.

00:40:26.332 --> 00:40:36.092
And yes, it's a privilege to some degree as well, but the leader makes decisions, and one of the most salient sort of decisions is the tiebreaker.

00:40:36.772 --> 00:40:50.112
If you have a group that is split in some way, you have various competing, warring factions disagree with each other, it is the role of the leader to make a decision, and then it is the duty of the other men to follow it.

00:40:52.172 --> 00:41:05.772
To tie it back in to what I said about the political right in the US, this is where things fundamentally fall apart for the political right currently, as things stand today in the American context.

00:41:06.512 --> 00:41:22.232
We have the warring factions, but we don't have any leaders, and men who stand up and attempt to lead are often attacked, of course, as I mentioned earlier, but they're ignored, and the warring factions continue.

00:41:23.052 --> 00:41:30.152
If you just have warring factions, you will never get anywhere, you will not get anything done, and often the fights are over stupid things.

00:41:31.392 --> 00:41:48.132
We were discussing before we began recording today the fact that churches sometimes will have fights over the color of the pyramids or the placement of statuary or any of a number of a hundred other stupid things, and these will be knocked down, drag out fights.

00:41:49.472 --> 00:42:00.272
And part of the reason for that, of course, is because they're avoiding more important issues, and so they're avoiding having actually weighty discussions over things that matter by discussing things that are trivial.

00:42:01.832 --> 00:42:09.992
But it's the absence of leadership that allows that to devolve into chaos, because a leader would simply say, we are going to do it this way.

00:42:11.392 --> 00:42:26.052
And then men recognize the necessity of falling in line and following orders, because you can't have order if no man follows orders, because a leader who has no one who follows him can't lead.

00:42:26.812 --> 00:42:43.072
If you have a man in a theater of war who is leading those under him, and he issues an order and no one listens, there are a lot of problems, of course, that have led up to this, and there are consequences that would flow from it, but he's not a leader.

00:42:44.652 --> 00:42:51.952
It doesn't matter if he has the position, doesn't matter if he has the rank, whatever it happens to be, he's not a leader because no one is following him.

00:42:53.492 --> 00:42:55.012
This can be a problem on both sides.

00:42:55.032 --> 00:43:00.132
It can be because the leader has failed in his duties, or it could be because those under him have failed in theirs.

00:43:01.012 --> 00:43:06.172
And with regard to the political right in the US, it is by and large a function.

00:43:07.212 --> 00:43:10.872
The disorder is a function of that second sort of error.

00:43:11.752 --> 00:43:14.192
It is the failure of men to follow leadership.

00:43:15.192 --> 00:43:18.632
Because in the American context, we still have these egalitarian priors.

00:43:19.192 --> 00:43:27.152
We still have this belief that every man should have an equal say, that everyone should be able to dissent from whatever it happens to be.

00:43:28.352 --> 00:43:31.092
And that leads to chaos, and nothing gets done.

00:43:33.072 --> 00:43:43.792
One of the big factors in the hierarchy of responsibility is something that, because of our egalitarianism, we pretty much lost the sense of in a lot of contexts.

00:43:44.792 --> 00:43:55.572
You do find it in places that actually have the rigid hierarchy, but it's sort of seen as incidental to the organization and not as being vital to the universe.

00:43:56.312 --> 00:44:01.712
So as an example, when I was at Apple, I was promoted to manager fairly early on.

00:44:01.732 --> 00:44:03.912
I was one of the youngest managers at the company.

00:44:04.712 --> 00:44:22.172
And one of the very valuable things that I was taught in manager training, where most people were almost twice my age, was that because Apple promoted individual contributors, as what they were called, to management positions, there wasn't professional management.

00:44:22.612 --> 00:44:33.892
If you were good as an individual contributor, you were then elevated to being a manager of a group or of a team, which meant that you were now managing the people who were doing the job that you had been doing.

00:44:34.332 --> 00:44:51.972
And one of the vital things that they taught us in that management course was that as an individual contributor who's become a manager, you have gone from being the very best person at doing the thing that you were doing, the reason that you were in the promotion, into being the very worst manager, doesn't know anything.

00:44:52.112 --> 00:44:53.492
You've never done this before.

00:44:53.872 --> 00:44:56.612
So the very thing you were good at, you're not allowed to do anymore.

00:44:56.992 --> 00:45:02.452
And your primary task now is to do something that you're going to be bad at for a while, because you don't have experience.

00:45:03.152 --> 00:45:27.332
And part of the reason that they explicitly warned us about this was that the natural tendency of someone who's still on this team like I was, now managing men who had been my peers, the natural tendency in that situation is during crunch time when push comes to shove, for the man who is good as an individual contributor to fall back to getting back in the trenches and doing exactly what the other guys were doing, because he was really good at it.

00:45:28.012 --> 00:45:30.192
And they warned us that you can't do that.

00:45:30.512 --> 00:45:32.112
You have to keep being a manager.

00:45:32.132 --> 00:45:37.132
You have to do the new thing, because you have a duty to do the thing that your other guys can't do.

00:45:37.492 --> 00:45:39.572
And that's a fundamental difference in hierarchy.

00:45:39.932 --> 00:45:45.212
The guys who are lower don't have the job of doing the task that you have above them.

00:45:45.772 --> 00:45:49.572
There are a bunch of guys who can do what you could do, even if you could do it better than them.

00:45:49.732 --> 00:45:51.132
It's still their job to do it.

00:45:51.572 --> 00:45:55.332
You as the manager now have a task to do something that no one else is going to get done.

00:45:55.672 --> 00:45:57.232
You're the only one that can do it.

00:45:57.632 --> 00:46:06.072
And so it was a really good lesson for me, knowing nothing yet, to just be reminded not to get lazy and try to hide back in the job that I was good at.

00:46:06.392 --> 00:46:08.772
I had to do the hard thing that I didn't know how to do.

00:46:09.492 --> 00:46:12.832
And that's something that's invisible when you're just an individual contributor.

00:46:13.472 --> 00:46:15.272
You don't think about those things.

00:46:15.292 --> 00:46:15.952
It's not your job.

00:46:15.972 --> 00:46:16.712
It's not your problem.

00:46:17.272 --> 00:46:21.152
And egalitarianism basically collapses that so that no one thinks about that.

00:46:21.612 --> 00:46:26.792
No one thinks about the responsibility of those who are hired in the hierarchy.

00:46:27.232 --> 00:46:27.772
It's there.

00:46:27.792 --> 00:46:28.292
It's real.

00:46:28.572 --> 00:46:31.512
As Corey said, there are privileges sometimes that are attendant to it.

00:46:31.832 --> 00:46:36.072
As a manager, I made more than the guys who reported to me all the time.

00:46:36.092 --> 00:46:43.532
I was making so little that when I started hiring guys, my boss gave me a raise so I could make as much as the new guys I was hiring.

00:46:43.932 --> 00:46:44.632
And so it goes.

00:46:45.552 --> 00:46:55.612
What's important is that for us to understand that when someone is in a higher place, whether they deserve it or not, however they got there, that's their job.

00:46:55.732 --> 00:47:00.592
And we should expect them to do it, and we should follow them when they're doing it well.

00:47:01.112 --> 00:47:04.392
And we should even, to a degree, follow them when they're doing it poorly.

00:47:04.572 --> 00:47:05.552
Try to support them.

00:47:06.232 --> 00:47:21.312
Because whether it's on the playground or it's in a workplace or it's in a church, the guy who's in charge of whatever, whatever level of hierarchy, if he's the one who's supposed to be making the decisions, help him make the right decisions and then support him.

00:47:22.272 --> 00:47:25.452
And that's something that egalitarianism doesn't tolerate.

00:47:25.772 --> 00:47:27.732
It's got to be completely consensus-based.

00:47:28.172 --> 00:47:31.852
Everyone has to have their feelings accommodated before we can move on.

00:47:32.192 --> 00:47:33.912
And sometimes that's just not possible.

00:47:35.292 --> 00:47:37.732
Imagine, for example, that you are on a cruise.

00:47:37.872 --> 00:47:39.732
If you're a young guy, that seems absurd.

00:47:39.852 --> 00:47:41.492
It's another boomer trope, sorry.

00:47:42.812 --> 00:47:50.752
But it's a good example, because you're on a cruise, you're relaxing, it's your vacation, you have no responsibility, you're just eating and drinking and relaxing for a week or two.

00:47:50.772 --> 00:47:55.072
So you're in your cabin, and suddenly the alarm goes off.

00:47:55.092 --> 00:48:02.432
You hear this terrible klaxon, and you've been told during onboarding that if you hear this, you need to get to your evacuation station or whatever.

00:48:02.932 --> 00:48:04.532
But you're on vacation.

00:48:04.792 --> 00:48:13.832
You're enjoying yourself, you're relaxed, and now these loud noises are outside the room, and people are running and hollering, and you're just annoyed because you wanted to relax.

00:48:14.332 --> 00:48:17.032
And then someone comes and bangs on the door, and it's a porter.

00:48:17.052 --> 00:48:18.492
He says, we got to get out of here.

00:48:18.512 --> 00:48:19.072
Get to your boats.

00:48:19.092 --> 00:48:19.812
Get to the lifeboat.

00:48:19.832 --> 00:48:20.692
We're abandoning the ship.

00:48:20.712 --> 00:48:21.532
We got to evacuate.

00:48:23.592 --> 00:48:31.092
The egalitarian response in that situation is to argue with the man and say, you need to make me feel better about this.

00:48:31.332 --> 00:48:37.292
You need to explain to me why I should listen to you when I was doing one thing and you want me to do something else.

00:48:37.752 --> 00:48:39.332
I don't feel good anymore.

00:48:39.472 --> 00:48:41.132
I was on vacation and now I'm worried.

00:48:41.352 --> 00:48:42.512
You've ruined my mood.

00:48:42.832 --> 00:48:45.352
I need you to make me feel comfortable before I'm going to come with you.

00:48:46.032 --> 00:48:47.232
That's completely absurd, right?

00:48:47.472 --> 00:48:49.052
Like, you don't know what's wrong.

00:48:49.072 --> 00:48:50.052
Maybe the ship's on fire.

00:48:50.072 --> 00:48:50.772
Maybe it's sinking.

00:48:51.092 --> 00:48:53.472
Someone has made the decision for you to get off the boat.

00:48:53.792 --> 00:48:58.952
And if your response is to argue with the guy who is trying to grab you and say, hey, come on, get off the boat.

00:48:59.312 --> 00:49:00.452
You don't argue with that, man.

00:49:00.632 --> 00:49:01.752
You follow orders.

00:49:02.152 --> 00:49:03.372
You do what you're told.

00:49:04.732 --> 00:49:07.092
Egalitarianism is the enemy of that.

00:49:07.452 --> 00:49:12.452
It says, no, I need to have my feelings accommodated before I will agree with you.

00:49:13.352 --> 00:49:14.112
That's absurd.

00:49:14.212 --> 00:49:18.812
That's why I use that ridiculous example, because it would be the stupidest possible response.

00:49:19.092 --> 00:49:20.192
And the porter's not going to care.

00:49:20.212 --> 00:49:22.232
Like, he's going and he's trying to get everyone off the ship.

00:49:22.432 --> 00:49:24.192
He's not going to stand there and argue with you.

00:49:24.512 --> 00:49:28.672
He's got another 500 doors he needs to knock on to make sure that everyone gets off.

00:49:29.192 --> 00:49:36.332
And if you individually just want to whine about your feelings and about how your vacation is ruined, you can go down with the ship.

00:49:36.512 --> 00:49:37.152
That's your problem.

00:49:37.172 --> 00:49:38.012
It's not his problem.

00:49:38.332 --> 00:49:42.192
He's doing what he should have done in his position of authority.

00:49:42.652 --> 00:49:44.372
If you don't follow along, that's on you.

00:49:45.732 --> 00:49:56.272
There is a scope of responsibility that I, another very valuable thing that I was taught at Apple, I think I saw the paper somewhere.

00:49:56.292 --> 00:49:57.912
I can't post it because I'm sure they'd sue me.

00:49:57.932 --> 00:50:02.612
But basically, it showed for the individual ranks of individual contributors.

00:50:02.632 --> 00:50:06.912
They're ranked from one to six, one being the most junior, six the very most senior.

00:50:07.592 --> 00:50:10.852
And basically, what it was, it was a really great way of breaking this down.

00:50:11.212 --> 00:50:14.172
It showed for the ICT one, for the individual contributor.

00:50:14.192 --> 00:50:16.192
That's what they were called at the time, probably changed now.

00:50:16.472 --> 00:50:16.972
I hope so.

00:50:18.192 --> 00:50:22.232
For the individual contributor one, you had an extremely limited scope.

00:50:22.312 --> 00:50:24.912
You had maximum supervision.

00:50:24.932 --> 00:50:28.792
Your boss was always basically looking over your shoulder to make sure that you were doing whatever.

00:50:29.192 --> 00:50:31.312
And you had a very limited scope of duties.

00:50:32.192 --> 00:50:42.672
And the really interesting thing about the way this was broken down was that it both, for each level, for one through six, it both showed the responsibilities and it showed the negative case.

00:50:42.892 --> 00:50:47.932
It showed the failure case for what happens if the individual contributor one does his job wrong.

00:50:48.252 --> 00:51:05.232
And this is what made it stick in my mind to this day, is that for the ICT one, basically the private in the organization, an army parlance, if that guy does his job wrong, there's very minimum damage to the product, whatever it is, whatever you're working on.

00:51:05.392 --> 00:51:06.412
This was an engineering.

00:51:06.752 --> 00:51:13.372
Basically, if an ICT one screwed up his engineering duties, someone else could come along very easily and clean it up.

00:51:14.032 --> 00:51:17.532
As I was describing when I was promoted to manager, I was obviously a very junior manager.

00:51:18.292 --> 00:51:23.012
I was interchangeable functionally with the guys directly beneath me because I had just been doing the same job.

00:51:24.052 --> 00:51:31.612
At that level, a number of people could do the same job, with training or whatever, but the specific scope of those duties was very limited.

00:51:31.992 --> 00:51:35.632
And if any one of us failed, it wasn't going to bring down the whole ship.

00:51:36.792 --> 00:51:56.892
At the other end of the spectrum, the very most senior engineers, the guys who are architects of actual systems, if they screw up their jobs, the way this breakdown showed, if the guy who's basically an architect for entire portions of the engineering product fails at his job, if he makes a mistake, it's possible to sink the product.

00:51:57.372 --> 00:51:59.992
You're talking about the case of software and hardware.

00:52:01.252 --> 00:52:09.812
Entire products, shipping late, shipping not at all, having that feature yanked out entirely and causing chaos, which did sometimes happen.

00:52:10.192 --> 00:52:11.952
These mistakes were made.

00:52:11.972 --> 00:52:16.972
You wouldn't hear about the mistakes at the very lowest level, because the scope of responsibility was so narrow.

00:52:17.692 --> 00:52:23.932
At the highest level, when the mistakes occurred because the architects got something wrong, it was mass chaos.

00:52:24.232 --> 00:52:25.852
It did a huge amount of damage.

00:52:26.212 --> 00:52:34.172
And a lot of the fire drills that we had at the end of product cycles were about failures or misrepresentations at those higher levels, or the managers of those guys.

00:52:34.712 --> 00:52:45.052
So although the ICT-1 is not making any money, and the Level 6 is making a lot of money, that's because of the damage that they can do if they get it wrong.

00:52:45.512 --> 00:52:49.492
And so you have a lot of low-ranking guys who are much more fungible.

00:52:49.732 --> 00:52:53.512
You have very few guys who can actually do the highest level work.

00:52:53.772 --> 00:52:56.472
The vast majority of guys never got to Level 5 or 6.

00:52:56.812 --> 00:53:02.192
Like, 4 was typically about as high as most people would ever get, because that was just reflected abilities.

00:53:02.772 --> 00:53:07.952
There are only so many guys who can do actual architect-level design of things.

00:53:08.712 --> 00:53:10.672
That's just how it works, as Corey was saying earlier.

00:53:11.292 --> 00:53:13.272
Abilities are distributed unequally.

00:53:13.832 --> 00:53:18.052
And so the scope of damage is reflected in compensation.

00:53:18.072 --> 00:53:21.892
It's reflected in, to some extent, the esteem that's given.

00:53:22.392 --> 00:53:25.892
But it's also reflective of the damage that's done if they fail.

00:53:26.392 --> 00:53:33.192
I think that's an important part, is we're looking in our lives, whatever context it is, for evaluating who's going to be a good leader.

00:53:34.852 --> 00:53:37.772
If the guy gets something wrong, how much damage is it going to do?

00:53:38.352 --> 00:53:40.272
I mentioned earlier the army hierarchy.

00:53:40.632 --> 00:53:47.532
If you have a corporal who's running a fire team, and he gets something wrong, he makes a mistake in a war, he can get the guy next to him killed.

00:53:47.612 --> 00:53:51.092
That's very bad, but it's not a strategic failure for the military.

00:53:51.872 --> 00:54:03.572
If on the other hand, you have a colonel who's running an entire brigade, and he's got 3,000 to 5,000 men under him, if a colonel makes a tactical mistake on the battlefield, he can have his entire brigade wiped out.

00:54:03.932 --> 00:54:15.792
And that could be a strategic failure for the army, because suddenly one man who was tasked with a significant area of operations fails to deliver on whatever his task was in that place.

00:54:16.232 --> 00:54:25.892
His failure may well turn the tide of a war, whereas the guy in the trench with a fire team beneath a squad, if he screws something up, he's going to get men killed.

00:54:25.912 --> 00:54:28.772
You know, letters home, very sad for them.

00:54:29.192 --> 00:54:30.852
But it's never going to make the news.

00:54:31.432 --> 00:54:35.152
If somebody a much higher level screws up, it can do catastrophic damage.

00:54:35.572 --> 00:54:48.172
And so that's why it's so important to destroy egalitarianism, to reinstitute hierarchy everywhere, because these things are true whether we institute the hierarchy or not.

00:54:48.492 --> 00:54:52.552
It's always true that some men are going to do more damage than others when they get things wrong.

00:54:52.912 --> 00:54:55.252
And they can do far more good when they get things right.

00:54:55.752 --> 00:55:14.012
And so whatever level we are beneath those men, if you're involved in selecting them, if you're just simply involved in supporting them and following the leader, figure out which guys can do the most good and are going to have the aptitude not to make catastrophic failures and put those guys in charge.

00:55:14.492 --> 00:55:24.072
And again, like you said at the beginning, it's inherently ironic that we're making this populist appeal to ending populism, but that's just how these things play out.

00:55:24.412 --> 00:55:32.912
At some point, particularly when things get screwed up societally, we have to figure out how can we get back to the place where these things used to actually work.

00:55:33.212 --> 00:55:34.832
I used to find hierarchy everywhere.

00:55:35.232 --> 00:55:42.872
You know, one of the worst things I think that America did when we broke away from Britain was completely eliminating the class system.

00:55:43.412 --> 00:55:45.292
Whether it's official or not, I don't care.

00:55:45.292 --> 00:55:48.692
Like, my family who came here, they were kings a long time ago.

00:55:49.012 --> 00:55:51.732
By the time they were coming here, only a couple had title.

00:55:52.112 --> 00:55:52.812
Some were nothing.

00:55:53.292 --> 00:55:53.812
That's fine.

00:55:54.012 --> 00:55:54.532
Don't care.

00:55:54.672 --> 00:55:58.732
It's not about status in terms of ruling men.

00:55:59.352 --> 00:56:01.252
It's about doing the best you can.

00:56:01.272 --> 00:56:09.572
And if you have the aptitude to do better than someone else, then you have a duty to God and to your fellow man, to your neighbor, to your family, to your community, to do that well.

00:56:10.372 --> 00:56:14.112
Not men are given that aptitude, but those who have it should be rewarded.

00:56:14.392 --> 00:56:15.932
We need to start rewarding them again.

00:56:15.992 --> 00:56:18.592
They should be recognized, and they should be supported.

00:56:18.972 --> 00:56:29.152
And the guys who are striving for those positions, for the sake of power and glory, and not with the cognizance of the responsibility involved, don't trust those guys.

00:56:29.532 --> 00:56:32.412
Someone who is really eager to be in charge, you should not trust them.

00:56:32.672 --> 00:56:34.132
That's another part of this conversation.

00:56:34.492 --> 00:56:37.892
There are warning signs where guys are like, oh, yeah, put me in charge.

00:56:38.512 --> 00:56:45.312
They're either immature or they're up to no good, because a good man generally doesn't want to be in charge, to some degree.

00:56:45.452 --> 00:56:49.792
Now, if someone has been groomed as just sort of a natural leader, that's fine.

00:56:49.812 --> 00:56:50.452
That's one thing.

00:56:50.472 --> 00:56:51.932
The problem is we don't have much of that.

00:56:52.292 --> 00:56:59.812
It should be that the men who are naturally leaders are naturally slotted into these positions, and everyone just knows his place.

00:57:00.652 --> 00:57:05.252
When we get back to that point, we won't be having these conversations anymore, because it won't be for us.

00:57:05.672 --> 00:57:09.292
I'll be back at the bottom of the hierarchy, like most of my ancestors in this country.

00:57:09.532 --> 00:57:10.232
Fine, whatever.

00:57:11.572 --> 00:57:14.432
What we can't do is pretend that that hierarchy is not important.

00:57:14.812 --> 00:57:16.212
Somebody's got to be in charge.

00:57:16.712 --> 00:57:23.852
You need to have people who are responsible and apt to deal with things at levels that maybe you aren't.

00:57:24.972 --> 00:57:33.532
There are two closely related issues that we have discussed so far, and I want to draw sort of a bright line between them.

00:57:34.372 --> 00:57:36.932
There's leadership and there's expertise.

00:57:39.112 --> 00:57:48.732
By way of example, when it comes to expertise, there's a little bit of leadership involved too, but there's the Venn diagram for these is not too disconnected circles.

00:57:48.752 --> 00:57:49.772
There's some overlap here.

00:57:52.152 --> 00:57:58.572
But by way of example, in the legal field, there's what's called a deposition.

00:57:58.652 --> 00:58:11.512
Basically, it's just a formalized asking and answering of questions leading up to a lawsuit or hopefully a settlement in most cases, and generally the case today, a settlement in most cases.

00:58:12.272 --> 00:58:14.392
But a deposition, you'll have a deponent.

00:58:14.412 --> 00:58:17.932
There is someone who will be asked questions and have to answer those questions.

00:58:18.332 --> 00:58:19.672
He'll have an attorney present.

00:58:19.992 --> 00:58:23.032
There'll be an attorney for the other side or for how many other sides there are.

00:58:24.392 --> 00:58:28.092
The attorney is serving in the role of an expert.

00:58:29.552 --> 00:58:34.072
And if you are the man being deposed, you should listen to your attorney.

00:58:34.852 --> 00:58:41.572
The reason you listen to your attorney is because he is the one who understands the field, the legal field.

00:58:41.972 --> 00:58:47.172
Now, the questions being asked, you may very well understand them far better than your attorney.

00:58:47.772 --> 00:58:52.912
That doesn't matter, because the expertise that is relevant is the legal expertise.

00:58:54.472 --> 00:59:08.752
This is a very important point, because oftentimes the leader will not be the man who knows the most about all of the fields involved in the particular question, whatever the issue is, whatever he is deciding.

00:59:09.512 --> 00:59:13.872
The men serving under him will be the subject matter experts.

00:59:14.552 --> 00:59:19.532
So for instance, the CEO of a company is probably not the best engineer in the company.

00:59:20.032 --> 00:59:23.012
He's not CEO, at least in a system that functions properly.

00:59:23.032 --> 00:59:25.532
We'll leave aside the issues with our present system.

00:59:25.852 --> 00:59:31.152
But theoretically, the man running the company, he's not running it because he's the best engineer.

00:59:32.052 --> 00:59:34.772
He's running it because he's the best CEO.

00:59:35.812 --> 00:59:36.832
These are different tasks.

00:59:36.852 --> 00:59:39.132
These are different ability sets.

00:59:39.652 --> 00:59:47.552
And so your attorney will be able to tell you when to answer, when not to answer, when to shut up.

00:59:47.732 --> 00:59:54.612
Hopefully, you have some sort of signal so he can indicate to you to stop speaking, which is one of the fundamental problems with people being deposed.

00:59:54.632 --> 00:59:55.352
They talk too much.

00:59:56.952 --> 00:59:58.272
But your attorney is the expert.

00:59:58.292 --> 01:00:00.692
And so you listen to him because of that expertise.

01:00:01.792 --> 01:00:06.812
Now, there has to be a certain caveat here, unfortunately, because of present realities.

01:00:07.652 --> 01:00:13.172
Because, of course, we have the sort of cult of expertise on the political left, you know, listen to the experts.

01:00:15.032 --> 01:00:17.532
The problem is that those experts aren't.

01:00:19.372 --> 01:00:29.992
You have men who are actual experts in a field because they know the field, and then you have those who claim expertise because they are, under our current system, at least credentialed or something similar.

01:00:31.612 --> 01:00:35.272
Listening to a man who has actual expertise is wise.

01:00:35.332 --> 01:00:36.392
That's a matter of wisdom.

01:00:37.032 --> 01:00:46.052
Listening to a man who claims expertise and has none is also a matter of wisdom, but in that case, it's rejecting what he has to say.

01:00:47.112 --> 01:00:50.032
Of course, this is right back to an issue of wisdom.

01:00:50.052 --> 01:00:53.672
You are going to have to assess these things to some degree for yourself.

01:00:55.372 --> 01:00:58.012
There's a bit of a weighing problem here.

01:00:59.212 --> 01:01:14.052
On the one hand, listening to leaders and following orders, quite frankly, knowing your place in the hierarchy is of fundamental importance, but at the same time, some things are left up to individual wisdom.

01:01:16.292 --> 01:01:25.932
Under a better system, organized more properly, we would not have this core of so-called experts who know absolutely nothing except for how to get grants.

01:01:26.932 --> 01:01:31.172
And so this sort of wisdom call would not be as necessary.

01:01:31.192 --> 01:01:33.112
It would not be as difficult, at the very least.

01:01:34.032 --> 01:01:42.472
But as we have mentioned so many times before in so many other episodes, there are so many things in our system that are broken that we have to fix them all at once.

01:01:43.732 --> 01:01:47.652
And so it makes for very difficult decisions in some cases.

01:01:48.392 --> 01:01:56.792
So listen to the expert, because the expert knows what he's talking about, and you're going to have a better outcome, quite frankly, if you listen to the expert, then try to assess it yourself.

01:01:57.412 --> 01:02:00.032
But at the same time, you have to make the assessment of who is an expert.

01:02:00.992 --> 01:02:01.752
That's a challenge.

01:02:01.772 --> 01:02:03.112
That's a difficult thing.

01:02:03.772 --> 01:02:05.232
That's a hard question to pose.

01:02:06.972 --> 01:02:12.532
But just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's something we can avoid, doesn't mean it's something we do not have to do.

01:02:15.192 --> 01:02:23.892
Leadership in contradistinction, as it were, to expertise, as I mentioned, is a different skill set.

01:02:23.912 --> 01:02:28.132
It's still you're an expert, because of course a leader is, well, he's just an expert at being a leader.

01:02:29.132 --> 01:02:32.012
But it's a very specific sort of expertise.

01:02:33.812 --> 01:02:37.992
Because as mentioned, the leader may not be the best in that particular field.

01:02:38.012 --> 01:02:58.872
For instance, the king is probably not going to be the best educated with regard to, say, economics, or with regard to warfare, or with regard to any of a thousand other subjects, because he will have men under him who are experts in those fields.

01:02:59.332 --> 01:03:05.072
His role is to take the advice of those men and to make the ultimate decision.

01:03:06.552 --> 01:03:15.312
Part of that is because he has, hopefully at least, and under a proper system, of course, but he has the training to make those sorts of decisions.

01:03:17.192 --> 01:03:23.392
But there is also an aspect of it where someone, just someone fundamentally has to make the decision.

01:03:23.412 --> 01:03:26.212
You have to have a man who eventually says yes or no.

01:03:28.132 --> 01:03:33.212
And part of the reason for that is because then that man is responsible for the outcome.

01:03:33.732 --> 01:03:38.632
You know, it's the maxim, the buck stops here.

01:03:38.972 --> 01:03:39.532
That's true.

01:03:40.152 --> 01:03:41.272
It has to stop somewhere.

01:03:41.552 --> 01:03:44.752
And this is one of the problems with democracy, because who's responsible?

01:03:46.412 --> 01:03:48.312
There's no one who is responsible.

01:03:48.552 --> 01:03:51.232
You can say, oh, it's the president.

01:03:51.252 --> 01:03:52.112
He's responsible.

01:03:52.732 --> 01:03:55.492
But what happens to a president when he fails?

01:03:55.652 --> 01:03:56.692
Well, he doesn't get reelected.

01:03:57.092 --> 01:03:57.772
That's about it.

01:03:58.912 --> 01:04:04.512
It's fundamentally different from a king or someone who actually has real authority.

01:04:05.132 --> 01:04:12.912
If that man errs, the consequences are often quite dire, not just for him, but for his country as well.

01:04:13.852 --> 01:04:16.892
But there is someone who is fundamentally responsible.

01:04:18.152 --> 01:04:33.772
When you have proper hierarchy, when you have proper order, when you have leaders who are actually in the positions in which they should be making decisions, you have someone you can say, that man is responsible for this good outcome, or that man is responsible for this bad outcome.

01:04:36.452 --> 01:04:39.172
That is one of the things that is lacking in our society.

01:04:39.592 --> 01:04:42.112
We don't have any real responsibility.

01:04:43.672 --> 01:04:51.432
Everyone just wants to be part of the mass as it were, the undifferentiated mass, because then no one is responsible.

01:04:51.812 --> 01:04:54.832
But of course the problem is everyone is responsible at the same time.

01:04:55.412 --> 01:04:56.812
But you can't pin it on one man.

01:04:58.632 --> 01:05:04.292
And so you wind up with disorder and dysfunction, because there's no one to make the decision.

01:05:04.572 --> 01:05:07.732
And then when things go wrong, there's nowhere to point.

01:05:09.452 --> 01:05:11.012
It's not just to place blame.

01:05:11.492 --> 01:05:18.612
It's because if you have a point in the system where you can say, here is where the error took place, then you can potentially address it.

01:05:20.852 --> 01:05:27.592
To continue with the political aspect, if something goes wrong in democracy, where's the problem?

01:05:28.992 --> 01:05:29.652
Is it everyone?

01:05:30.472 --> 01:05:31.212
Is it the system?

01:05:31.272 --> 01:05:33.052
Is it this particular leader?

01:05:33.392 --> 01:05:42.312
There's no way you can actually assign blame correctly in a democratic system in a way that will lead to better outcomes in the future.

01:05:43.392 --> 01:05:45.472
Because it is a fundamentally disordered system.

01:05:46.492 --> 01:05:49.772
It is a fundamental rejection of hierarchy and order.

01:05:50.372 --> 01:05:53.032
That is what lies at the core of democracy.

01:05:53.792 --> 01:05:57.572
Because it is that assumption, that false assumption of egalitarianism.

01:05:59.052 --> 01:06:10.252
Because if everyone has, say, an equal vote, what you're asserting is that every individual is equally expert on every topic that will be addressed by vote.

01:06:11.632 --> 01:06:12.932
And that's fundamentally absurd.

01:06:13.892 --> 01:06:18.552
One of the best examples of that would be surgery.

01:06:19.432 --> 01:06:22.712
Would you put a surgical decision to a vote?

01:06:23.752 --> 01:06:27.792
Would you let a jury make the decision whether or not you have heart surgery?

01:06:28.912 --> 01:06:39.872
No one would ever say yes, because it would be absolutely insane to have an average person do that, because a surgeon is a very highly skilled, highly trained expert.

01:06:40.512 --> 01:06:42.132
He should be the one making that call.

01:06:43.852 --> 01:06:46.932
You don't want your plumber deciding if you have open heart surgery.

01:06:47.252 --> 01:06:47.832
And you know what?

01:06:48.052 --> 01:06:50.732
You don't want your surgeon figuring out your plumbing either.

01:06:51.812 --> 01:06:59.012
Different men have different abilities, have different skills, have different skill sets they have been trained to have.

01:06:59.432 --> 01:07:03.232
They've been educated in different ways, and they serve in different roles.

01:07:03.892 --> 01:07:08.412
And that is a good thing, because that is how society continues to run smoothly.

01:07:09.652 --> 01:07:10.532
We don't have that.

01:07:11.432 --> 01:07:16.212
We have certainly done away with it in the public sphere, in the political sphere.

01:07:17.112 --> 01:07:21.072
Like Woe said, and as I mentioned earlier, we no longer have classes.

01:07:21.092 --> 01:07:22.972
We don't have an aristocracy.

01:07:22.992 --> 01:07:24.172
We don't have a monarch.

01:07:24.432 --> 01:07:27.532
We don't have any of these levels in society.

01:07:29.192 --> 01:07:35.392
And so we've had this great leveling, where everyone is equal, except everyone is not equal.

01:07:36.072 --> 01:07:46.552
And so it is rejecting the reality of what God has created, how God has designed things, and we sow that, and we reap chaos.

01:07:48.292 --> 01:07:57.812
And that is one of the reasons, one of the core reasons we have so many problems today, because we have rejected reality itself, because we don't like it.

01:07:58.992 --> 01:08:15.292
We've been propagandized, we've been trained to believe that it's evil, that you have to believe that all men are equal, that you can't possibly say, this man is more intelligent than that man, or this man is more capable in this way than that man, or this man has a higher station, or a higher rank, whatever it happens to be.

01:08:17.812 --> 01:08:22.512
And if you start to reject those things, you eventually reject all hierarchy, which of course is the goal.

01:08:23.472 --> 01:08:24.852
Satan knows exactly what he's doing.

01:08:25.472 --> 01:08:32.892
The trajectory of rejecting hierarchy and order, wherever it starts, the goal is to reject all of it.

01:08:33.852 --> 01:08:40.872
And if you reject all of it, of course, well, then you're rejecting God, because he is the ultimate hierarchy.

01:08:40.892 --> 01:08:42.872
He sits atop the entire pyramid.

01:08:44.192 --> 01:08:45.132
That's Satan's goal.

01:08:45.152 --> 01:08:46.212
He wants you to reject everything.

01:08:46.232 --> 01:08:49.912
He wants you to reject the fact that parents are over their children.

01:08:50.092 --> 01:08:53.172
He wants you to reject the fact that the husband is the head of his wife.

01:08:53.372 --> 01:09:00.312
He wants you to reject that there might be those of a higher station in society, that some men are more capable in this way or that way.

01:09:00.652 --> 01:09:05.192
He wants you to reject everything, because then it is easier to lead you astray.

01:09:07.192 --> 01:09:13.592
Another key aspect of evaluating who will make a good leader is what are their incentives.

01:09:14.452 --> 01:09:22.692
One of the most important books that's been written in the last 30 odd years, I'm not sure when it was actually published, was by Hans Hermann Hoppe.

01:09:22.712 --> 01:09:24.752
It's called Democracy, the God that Failed.

01:09:25.932 --> 01:09:40.972
And one of the crucial points that he makes is that even if, for the sake of argument, we were to have assumed historically that democracy in the modern sense was a worthwhile experiment, we absolutely must conclude today that it has failed.

01:09:41.672 --> 01:09:48.352
Whatever promises they had in mind centuries ago when they said, hey, this is a good idea, we've conclusively proven they failed.

01:09:49.172 --> 01:09:59.912
And part of his thesis is one of the reasons that democracy is inherently going to fail, certainly as opposed to something like monarchy, is the incentive structure.

01:10:00.832 --> 01:10:11.272
When you have election cycles of two years and four years, it collapses the window of the time horizon for the civilization to look to its own needs.

01:10:12.272 --> 01:10:18.912
Because the congressman, the day that he's elected, he's got to start raising money to get reelected in two years.

01:10:20.012 --> 01:10:21.952
And that is a perverse incentive.

01:10:22.112 --> 01:10:27.652
He's always going to necessarily be beholden to those who can get him back into office again.

01:10:28.472 --> 01:10:38.312
So those with money and influence and connections will always necessarily have a greater voice in his ear than you will as a guy who vote for him or vote against him.

01:10:39.532 --> 01:10:45.952
In contrast, monarchy, at least when you're looking at particularly hereditary monarchy, but it doesn't have to be hereditary.

01:10:46.492 --> 01:10:53.432
In the case of hereditary monarchy, in the worst case, you might get a child who's born who's just a buffoon.

01:10:53.652 --> 01:10:55.612
They're next in line and they're just kind of a dimwit.

01:10:56.112 --> 01:10:59.252
Happens sometimes, but has it happened with presidents?

01:10:59.272 --> 01:11:03.052
Yeah, so we're no worse off there, even though we didn't pick him.

01:11:03.812 --> 01:11:31.672
But when you have a hereditary monarchy, one of the crucial upsides is that the king, when he knows he's going to be giving the throne to his heir, his own flesh and blood when he dies, you know, 30, 40, 50 years, his time horizon, his window of looking at what can I do is not in terms of two and four-year election cycles, he's looking generationally, which is precisely what we should be doing.

01:11:32.072 --> 01:11:42.692
And it's the one thing that has been completely lost from Western civilization with the collapse of monarchy in favor of democracy, by whatever degree.

01:11:43.312 --> 01:11:54.092
Because suddenly you're not thinking generationally, you're not thinking in terms of centuries, you're thinking in terms of what can this guy get to maximize his own personal benefit now.

01:11:55.752 --> 01:12:02.892
The king, he wants to leave a better country than he inherited from his father for his son and for his grandson.

01:12:03.172 --> 01:12:05.632
He's thinking 50, 100 years down the road.

01:12:05.912 --> 01:12:07.152
It's fundamentally different.

01:12:08.212 --> 01:12:17.132
One of the most telling things that's happening in today's world is that many of the leaders of the countries in the West are childless.

01:12:17.152 --> 01:12:19.132
A lot of them are unmarried and they're childless.

01:12:19.572 --> 01:12:21.112
Like me, I have no kids.

01:12:21.412 --> 01:12:21.912
You know what?

01:12:22.152 --> 01:12:26.592
I would never support a system that let me make decisions for everyone else.

01:12:27.132 --> 01:12:28.812
That's inherently perverted.

01:12:29.232 --> 01:12:34.032
Because even if one guy, even if I would do it right, that's not the basis for a system.

01:12:34.052 --> 01:12:34.892
That's naxal.

01:12:35.192 --> 01:12:42.832
The fact that you know a guy who might get it right is no excuse to tolerate a system where childless men are put in charge of something.

01:12:43.432 --> 01:12:44.812
Because there's a perverse incentive.

01:12:45.292 --> 01:12:49.952
If a man has no progeny, if it's when he's dead and gone, there's nothing left.

01:12:51.112 --> 01:12:56.032
Inherently, there's no expectation that he's going to have an incentive to look to the next generation.

01:12:56.532 --> 01:13:00.112
Even if an individual does the right thing, where is he going to get it from?

01:13:00.132 --> 01:13:01.612
Really only obedience to God.

01:13:01.632 --> 01:13:11.272
I don't think there's another way that a childless man is going to do something that's not perverted with his life, unless he feels he has a duty that is outside of creation.

01:13:11.912 --> 01:13:17.112
But that's not a basis for a government, because the life that I've led is a wicked one, is an evil one.

01:13:17.472 --> 01:13:19.912
I did a bunch of stupid stuff, that's how I ended up childless.

01:13:20.492 --> 01:13:21.232
Don't do that.

01:13:21.412 --> 01:13:22.152
Don't be like me.

01:13:22.712 --> 01:13:25.812
And don't tolerate men who are like me in charge.

01:13:26.012 --> 01:13:29.032
I don't want a system where childless guys are calling the shots.

01:13:29.352 --> 01:13:31.512
I want the guys with 5, 8, 10, 12 kids.

01:13:31.752 --> 01:13:32.732
They should be in charge.

01:13:33.372 --> 01:13:41.292
And frankly, I think that in a lot of places, I would retire men out of leadership positions after their kids have left home.

01:13:42.252 --> 01:13:50.352
I think that once you have 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation, it's great for a man to be in his 80s and have grandkids and great grandkids.

01:13:51.452 --> 01:14:09.012
But at some point, you're beginning to lose touch with the immediacy of having a small child in your house and seeing what's on the news and seeing what's happening in the world and realizing if I don't do something right now, this little kid who is today helpless is going to inherit a world that I don't think they're going to be able to deal with.

01:14:09.952 --> 01:14:13.832
Once someone gets too old, they become too disconnected from the cycle of life.

01:14:14.172 --> 01:14:22.512
So personally, like if I were designing a system, not only would there be no childless men, but there would be no men in charge of anything who didn't have kids under their own roof.

01:14:23.012 --> 01:14:28.612
There's something fundamentally anchoring about that that is lost once all the kids are gone.

01:14:28.892 --> 01:14:33.832
Maybe some of this is a backlash against boomers who just wanted to get the kids out of the house.

01:14:33.852 --> 01:14:35.592
Now it's Gen Xers doing the same thing.

01:14:36.772 --> 01:14:42.672
You get the kids out of the house and then you live a completely profligate life and you make sure that the last check bounces.

01:14:43.272 --> 01:14:45.272
That's really kind of the democratic attitude.

01:14:45.592 --> 01:14:53.972
It's the egalitarian attitude because if we're all the same and there's no inheritance and many of the other subjects that we've done entire episodes on, what's going to happen?

01:14:55.172 --> 01:14:56.312
Kids are gone.

01:14:56.332 --> 01:14:56.892
They left home.

01:14:56.912 --> 01:14:57.612
They're on their own.

01:14:57.752 --> 01:14:58.812
Not my problem anymore.

01:14:59.572 --> 01:15:00.952
That's fundamentally perverted.

01:15:01.172 --> 01:15:02.312
It's completely perverted.

01:15:02.512 --> 01:15:04.832
It's just as perverted as not having any kids at all.

01:15:05.432 --> 01:15:07.272
If you have kids, you're like, well, they're on their own.

01:15:07.292 --> 01:15:07.652

01:15:07.972 --> 01:15:09.012
I'm done with that stuff.

01:15:09.252 --> 01:15:10.892
I'm going to go off on my own thing again.

01:15:11.852 --> 01:15:12.832
That's messed up too.

01:15:13.212 --> 01:15:16.872
And so I think that they're personally, I think that there's a window of time.

01:15:17.632 --> 01:15:22.632
If you keep having kids while in your 50s or whatever, especially if you happen to have a younger wife, great.

01:15:22.832 --> 01:15:28.712
As long as God is blessing you with kids and the kids are under your roof, you have an incentive right in front of you.

01:15:29.032 --> 01:15:37.172
Every parent has an incentive, and every good man, even without kids, has some sort of moral incentive to want to see the right things happen generationally.

01:15:37.632 --> 01:15:42.912
But when it's no longer right in front of you, it's clear that something is lost.

01:15:43.392 --> 01:15:51.052
And we see this worldwide, where we have all these childless leaders doing wicked things, burning down their own countries, here and abroad.

01:15:51.792 --> 01:15:52.672
Why should they care?

01:15:53.192 --> 01:16:01.652
They're getting rich, they're getting bribes, they have power, they fly around the world, they have rich friends, they do all manner of unspeakable evil in private.

01:16:02.252 --> 01:16:02.992
They're in the club.

01:16:03.812 --> 01:16:10.812
And it's the ephemeral membership in a moment, not caring what happens later, that is not leadership.

01:16:10.992 --> 01:16:14.712
It's the worst form of perverted wickedness imaginable.

01:16:15.152 --> 01:16:24.612
And it's the type of system that's been created by not thinking generationally, not thinking about leadership in terms of accountability and the scope of damage that can be done.

01:16:25.172 --> 01:16:29.332
There's a lot of stuff to consider, and it's going to draw a lot of lines.

01:16:30.152 --> 01:16:36.072
And one of the things that we often say on Stone Choir is, don't believe us, don't listen to us.

01:16:37.052 --> 01:16:39.032
Go read, go do the research yourself.

01:16:39.052 --> 01:16:40.512
You're going to come to the same conclusions.

01:16:40.952 --> 01:16:46.892
I don't want to train anyone to just listen to what we say and, oh, we seem clever, so you're just going to believe us.

01:16:47.212 --> 01:16:48.672
That's a terrible basis for anything.

01:16:49.392 --> 01:16:52.772
Don't put your trust in men just because you like them.

01:16:53.192 --> 01:16:56.972
That's no basis for anything, especially leadership.

01:16:57.292 --> 01:16:59.392
Yes, you need to trust whoever your leader is.

01:16:59.412 --> 01:17:07.312
Not that we're saying we're leaders, but I don't want anyone to ever have the reinforcement, certainly from us, that, well, that guy's really smart.

01:17:07.332 --> 01:17:08.072
He could be in charge.

01:17:08.312 --> 01:17:10.352
That's the point of what Corey was saying earlier.

01:17:10.812 --> 01:17:13.252
You don't necessarily want the smartest guys in charge.

01:17:13.592 --> 01:17:14.992
You want the most faithful guys.

01:17:15.312 --> 01:17:16.992
You want the most honest guys.

01:17:18.632 --> 01:17:27.352
Early on when I was a hiring manager, at the time, it was still possible to ask the question in an interview setting, tell me one of your greatest weaknesses.

01:17:28.312 --> 01:17:31.672
I could occasionally get a good answer to that within a couple of years of the internet.

01:17:32.332 --> 01:17:38.052
Basically the answer to one of your weaknesses became, oh man, I just care too much and I work too hard.

01:17:38.232 --> 01:17:38.972
Like, yeah, whatever.

01:17:39.032 --> 01:17:40.392
It ceased to have any value.

01:17:40.992 --> 01:17:47.052
A good answer to that, an answer that actually convinced me, is I asked, what's your biggest weakness if somebody said, I'm an alcoholic.

01:17:47.352 --> 01:17:48.832
I've been sober for seven years.

01:17:49.412 --> 01:17:57.792
That's the guy I would want to hire because I wouldn't hear that sort of defect, an actual problem with a man and think, oh man, I judge him harshly.

01:17:57.812 --> 01:17:58.612
What a terrible thing.

01:17:58.972 --> 01:18:09.052
I would hear, here's a man who's doing something incredibly difficult that requires concentration and devotion and self-determination far beyond what most men have.

01:18:09.532 --> 01:18:10.972
It's easy to have an addiction.

01:18:11.252 --> 01:18:15.872
It's hard to set it aside and to refuse to give in to your own baser instincts.

01:18:16.772 --> 01:18:22.132
The sort of leaders that we need are the men who recognize, yeah, here's what I'm not good at.

01:18:22.452 --> 01:18:24.052
I'm going to do my best anyway.

01:18:24.712 --> 01:18:26.852
Don't trust a man who can't tell you what's wrong with him.

01:18:27.092 --> 01:18:28.332
That's a big red flag.

01:18:29.992 --> 01:18:45.452
Whenever discussions of monarchy come up, I like to point out, and so I will do so here, that Lutherans are technically confessionally bound to hold that monarchy are above the law, that monarchs are above the law.

01:18:47.032 --> 01:18:54.192
That comes from the Apology, and it literally just says that regal power is above law.

01:18:56.692 --> 01:19:01.472
The reason for that, of course, is that there are different kinds of law.

01:19:02.192 --> 01:19:12.672
This is not saying, of course, that the monarch is above the moral law that is addressed elsewhere in the Confessions and at length, of course, in both Scripture and theological writings.

01:19:14.292 --> 01:19:23.292
The moral law flows from God's nature, and so the moral law is binding on all men at all times, in all places, equally so.

01:19:24.592 --> 01:19:25.512
It does not change.

01:19:25.912 --> 01:19:32.392
And so Genesis 9, 6, the death penalty, is a requirement, all times, all places.

01:19:33.852 --> 01:19:36.452
The civil law is a different thing entirely.

01:19:37.192 --> 01:19:41.592
The civil law has to flow from some authority.

01:19:42.692 --> 01:19:45.252
And Woe mentioned Hans Hermann Hoppe.

01:19:45.792 --> 01:19:47.732
I would mention here perhaps Carl Schmitt.

01:19:49.852 --> 01:19:53.052
Ultimately, someone has to hold sovereignty.

01:19:53.892 --> 01:19:56.412
Someone has to be able to make a decision.

01:19:57.732 --> 01:20:01.932
And often that is the case when there may not be a law.

01:20:02.412 --> 01:20:10.472
Perhaps there's no law addressing this particular issue, or the laws conflict, or the law is at odds with what needs to be done.

01:20:12.052 --> 01:20:17.812
The sovereign is the man who gets to decide regardless of what the law says.

01:20:18.092 --> 01:20:23.232
In this case, I mean of course the civil law, the positive law, the enacted law written by men.

01:20:25.712 --> 01:20:27.172
But that flows from somewhere.

01:20:28.092 --> 01:20:32.112
There has to be an authority upon which that law is founded.

01:20:32.132 --> 01:20:39.772
It's not founded upon God's authority, because the law that flows from God's authority is the moral law.

01:20:40.252 --> 01:20:50.092
Now, of course, there's also for Old Testament Israel civil and ceremonial law, but that's not relevant to us today, except insofar as the civil law can be a guide.

01:20:51.312 --> 01:20:52.452
It's not binding on us.

01:20:53.472 --> 01:20:55.132
But the law has to flow from an authority.

01:20:55.632 --> 01:21:14.132
And so, for instance, when the king of France said, l'état c'est moi, I am the state, or the state, it is I, more correctly translated, he was right, because fundamentally, he was the source from which the law flowed.

01:21:14.492 --> 01:21:18.372
He was the foundation of the civil law in that system.

01:21:20.352 --> 01:21:23.852
That is the reality of any political system.

01:21:24.792 --> 01:21:29.352
The authority ultimately rests with someone somewhere.

01:21:30.572 --> 01:21:32.232
Now, in our system, we deny that.

01:21:32.412 --> 01:21:45.532
It's one of the fundamental problems of democracy, because democracy claims there are some nebulous rights, or whatever it happens to be, different systems make different claims.

01:21:46.092 --> 01:21:55.812
Our system claims they are fundamental rights, inalienable rights, rights that we have by nature, and then our system is somehow founded on that.

01:21:56.792 --> 01:21:57.752
Well, how does that work?

01:21:58.312 --> 01:21:59.832
The answer, of course, is that it doesn't.

01:22:01.472 --> 01:22:04.932
But there's no ultimate source there for any of our laws.

01:22:05.792 --> 01:22:15.932
And so, quite frankly, it all rests on naked force, the threat of violence, which of course is not entirely wrong, because all authority ultimately rests on violence.

01:22:17.192 --> 01:22:18.972
Even God appeals to that.

01:22:20.152 --> 01:22:25.092
One of the reasons that God is God is because he can snap his fingers and snuff you out.

01:22:26.152 --> 01:22:28.872
His authority rests in part on that.

01:22:28.912 --> 01:22:32.932
Of course, it's more complicated than that, but it's not the point of this episode.

01:22:34.412 --> 01:22:41.292
But for our system, there's no real sovereign, because the claim is that the people are sovereign.

01:22:41.312 --> 01:22:46.072
Well, people can't be sovereign, because the people in aggregate can't make a decision.

01:22:48.072 --> 01:22:55.312
And so you have to have some authority, some individual, some man somewhere, who actually exercises the authority.

01:22:56.232 --> 01:23:14.732
And so in a democratic system, it winds up being corrupt at various different levels, oftentimes exercised through, well, quite frankly, through bribes, but through consultants and through lobbyists and the various legion of others in our capital city.

01:23:15.792 --> 01:23:21.052
And those, of course, who are funding them, ultimately hold the reins, ultimately hold the power.

01:23:22.052 --> 01:23:23.232
But you can see the issue.

01:23:24.212 --> 01:23:28.092
Democracy denies that those men exist and says, no, no, no, no.

01:23:28.732 --> 01:23:30.092
It's the people who are sovereign.

01:23:30.112 --> 01:23:31.292
The people make the decision.

01:23:31.612 --> 01:23:37.872
They are the source of authority upon which the system rests and in which our laws are founded.

01:23:39.392 --> 01:23:40.352
And that's just false.

01:23:41.412 --> 01:23:51.512
Because it's actually men behind the scenes who don't have to withstand any scrutiny, who don't have any public face oftentimes, who hold the real power.

01:23:53.032 --> 01:23:54.332
That's fundamentally wicked.

01:23:55.072 --> 01:23:57.632
A king, a sovereign, should always be visible.

01:23:57.972 --> 01:24:02.212
The people should always be able to point and say, that is the man who made the decision.

01:24:03.652 --> 01:24:08.192
Part of it is because there should be responsibility for the decisions that are made.

01:24:08.952 --> 01:24:11.292
Democracy adds a mask.

01:24:11.772 --> 01:24:16.412
It adds a layer between the decisions that are made and those making them.

01:24:16.932 --> 01:24:22.272
And it often does it in such a way, at least if the democracy is well designed, in this case diabolically so.

01:24:22.772 --> 01:24:28.592
But if the democracy is well designed, it shields the men making the decision from any responsibility.

01:24:28.872 --> 01:24:32.552
They suffer no consequences, regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad.

01:24:33.652 --> 01:24:35.232
And again, that is fundamentally wicked.

01:24:36.132 --> 01:24:40.292
Men should suffer the consequences of the decisions they make.

01:24:41.692 --> 01:24:44.252
Whether those consequences are good or bad.

01:24:44.712 --> 01:24:47.932
And so if you are a good leader and you make good decisions, you should benefit from that.

01:24:48.412 --> 01:24:51.732
If you are a bad leader and you make bad decisions, you should suffer for that.

01:24:52.912 --> 01:24:57.152
Democracy hides men making the decisions so that does not happen.

01:24:58.932 --> 01:25:02.292
And so as Christians, we should not want that kind of system.

01:25:02.552 --> 01:25:08.752
Another thing about the confessions that I will point out is that they assume there will be princes.

01:25:09.572 --> 01:25:12.812
There will be men serving in positions of authority.

01:25:13.112 --> 01:25:17.612
There will be a godly king, hopefully godly, but certainly a king.

01:25:19.332 --> 01:25:25.932
That is one of the foundational assumptions of the confessions, and not just the Lutheran confessions.

01:25:25.952 --> 01:25:28.552
This is true for other traditions as well.

01:25:30.212 --> 01:25:32.232
Because that is the way that things are designed.

01:25:32.512 --> 01:25:41.212
That is a proper reflection of the way that God has allocated attributes and abilities and responsibilities as well.

01:25:42.672 --> 01:25:53.572
When you have this leveling from egalitarianism that eventuates in things like democracy, you are rejecting the way that God has designed things.

01:25:56.072 --> 01:26:05.672
And one of the ways that that plays out is having no foundation for your laws, your laws are ultimately, in the sort of system we have, arbitrary.

01:26:06.712 --> 01:26:09.432
And so you have, for instance, courts making law now.

01:26:09.852 --> 01:26:10.692
Well, why can't they?

01:26:10.752 --> 01:26:11.492
Why shouldn't they?

01:26:12.432 --> 01:26:15.192
There's no actual foundation for our system of laws.

01:26:16.112 --> 01:26:17.072
It's all arbitrary.

01:26:17.092 --> 01:26:18.492
It's resting on a piece of paper.

01:26:19.032 --> 01:26:19.792
What does that mean?

01:26:20.412 --> 01:26:23.912
Ultimately nothing, because there has to be a sovereign.

01:26:23.932 --> 01:26:26.312
Someone has to be able to say yes or no.

01:26:27.032 --> 01:26:34.892
And our system denies the reality of that while actually investing the real power itself in the worst sort of men.

01:26:36.772 --> 01:26:42.832
So on the subject of bad leaders, we're going to end on the topic of controlled opposition.

01:26:42.852 --> 01:26:50.472
You know, as we've been talking about monarchy and kind of hierarchy that is sort of inherent, those are goals.

01:26:50.552 --> 01:26:52.532
Those are end states that are desirable.

01:26:53.192 --> 01:26:58.292
But we're not going to get there by bootstrapping directly from here.

01:26:58.832 --> 01:27:04.992
Even if we're possible to get back to the point that we had those systems, it's going to take a couple generations.

01:27:05.532 --> 01:27:17.352
And so our immediate challenge as men today in this world, in these circumstances, is to avoid as many mistakes as possible as we try to rectify these problems one by one.

01:27:19.132 --> 01:27:35.512
One of the problems that we have now is that there will be men who are in some sort of leadership position by whatever means, whether it's in politics or it's in the church, who perhaps at some point in the past, they did good work.

01:27:36.052 --> 01:27:41.912
They earned not only their position, but the respect of those who see them as leaders.

01:27:43.972 --> 01:27:57.312
The problem that we have today, where we do have some say, and men do have in some cases perverse incentives, is that we cannot let anyone rest on his laurels.

01:27:58.092 --> 01:28:08.072
What I mean by that is that the fact that a guy did really good work a few years ago or a few decades ago, and he was a leader then, and you said, yeah, this is my leader.

01:28:08.192 --> 01:28:09.072
I'm following him.

01:28:10.372 --> 01:28:14.452
For you, that is not a permanent moral category, and it cannot be.

01:28:15.172 --> 01:28:23.872
You need to continuously evaluate the fitness of the men who are in these positions as long as we have a system where it's up to us to evaluate that fitness.

01:28:24.272 --> 01:28:30.752
Again, a lot of this is ironic because ultimately, we're trying to get to the point where rank-and-file guys like us aren't making those calls.

01:28:31.152 --> 01:28:45.252
But until we get there, it's important to police the men who are in positions where they're having influence, where they have leadership, because if they go off the rails and they're still leaders and no one questions them, it creates more disaster.

01:28:45.412 --> 01:28:46.432
It does more harm.

01:28:46.852 --> 01:28:54.632
And even if they got something right a while ago, if they get something wrong today and people keep following them, it will do tremendous harm.

01:28:55.652 --> 01:28:59.852
And in some cases, it's just guys who lost their marbles.

01:29:00.292 --> 01:29:12.812
In some cases, it's guys who are controlled opposition, where they're basically erected to be permitted to go so far on one side of the spectrum, but they will always draw a bright line and say, but you can't cross this line.

01:29:13.212 --> 01:29:15.592
They're there as tone police.

01:29:15.612 --> 01:29:24.352
They're there as guardians to make sure that the actual God that's being served by the worldly agenda of the day is never threatened.

01:29:24.852 --> 01:29:33.492
So they'll let you have your little playground where you can do stuff in our context we will call right wing, even Christian in some cases, but they'll never let you go beyond that.

01:29:34.272 --> 01:29:39.212
And so the particular example that I wanted to give here at the end is, unfortunately, Doug Wilson.

01:29:39.652 --> 01:29:52.272
Whatever good he's done in the past where he's established himself as a leader, a lot of people look up to him and respect him, I will accept for the sake of argument the year and then in the past, the question is, what is he doing today?

01:29:53.212 --> 01:29:55.952
What he's doing today is being an arch Zionist.

01:29:56.392 --> 01:30:14.832
He is actively subverting the movement of Christian nationalism, the idea of Christian nationalism by being erected by guys like Tucker and Charlie Kirk, and there's going to be a whole bunch more who say, look, Doug Wilson is the face of Christian nationalism, and what is one of the things that Doug will say?

01:30:14.852 --> 01:30:17.912
Whether or not he says it on their shows, where is he saying it everywhere else?

01:30:18.232 --> 01:30:19.512
What's he writing books about?

01:30:20.032 --> 01:30:24.152
He's saying that anyone who criticizes Jews envies them.

01:30:24.472 --> 01:30:27.232
The only reason you would ever criticize a Jew is envy.

01:30:28.312 --> 01:30:36.372
The implicit claim there is that Jews are better than us, and that we would have to resent them in order to say anything negative.

01:30:37.072 --> 01:30:51.592
Now, this is not only theologically bankrupt, it's not only facially retarded, but it's also utterly mercenary, because Doug Wilson failed to prevent his son from marrying a Jewess who has relatives in Israel.

01:30:52.032 --> 01:30:57.352
And his son runs around saying, I'm a Jew now because my wife's a Jew, and that's how it works, and our kids are Jews.

01:30:57.912 --> 01:31:11.492
So when Doug Wilson is lecturing Christians in the name of God about how you can't criticize Jews because that's envy and you're a bad, terrible person, he's doing it because he wants to make sure that his grandchildren are all right.

01:31:12.092 --> 01:31:16.892
And I respect someone doing what it takes to preserve the lives of their grandchildren.

01:31:17.092 --> 01:31:17.872
That's a good thing.

01:31:18.012 --> 01:31:20.332
That's kind of the principle of us doing this episode.

01:31:20.712 --> 01:31:21.652
But he's a liar.

01:31:22.172 --> 01:31:35.412
The things that he's saying are not true, and he's lying about his motives, and he's doing harm in the very moment where if he were being a faithful leader in the leadership role that he has in his context, he could do some actual good.

01:31:35.932 --> 01:31:42.712
But the reason that Tucker and Charlie Kirk and these others are going to pinpoint him is here's the face of Christian nationalism.

01:31:43.452 --> 01:31:52.432
He's an arch-Zionist boomer, and he is drawing that bright line to say, sure, you can have the Christian stuff, but don't you dare say what a nation is.

01:31:52.992 --> 01:31:54.692
Nation, to him, is just a country.

01:31:55.212 --> 01:31:56.052
It's not a blood.

01:31:56.352 --> 01:31:59.212
There's no blood and soil notion, unless it's Israel.

01:31:59.412 --> 01:32:01.292
The state of Israel, yeah, they got that, but we don't.

01:32:01.312 --> 01:32:07.052
We're just, we're these generic Americans, and if we could get some more Israeli blood in our families, we'd be better off.

01:32:07.412 --> 01:32:08.012
That's rubbish.

01:32:08.752 --> 01:32:10.912
And so I only highlight that as an example.

01:32:10.932 --> 01:32:11.712
Well, two reasons.

01:32:11.832 --> 01:32:15.452
One, it's malevolent, it's evil, and it's actively destructive.

01:32:15.792 --> 01:32:27.452
But it's also a prime example in the context of leadership, of how a man who was in a position where he could have done good, if he begins doing harm, you got to do something.

01:32:28.072 --> 01:32:31.332
And as things stand today, what we do is we just walk away.

01:32:31.652 --> 01:32:36.992
If you consider Doug Wilson a leader in the past, you need to stop considering him a leader.

01:32:37.492 --> 01:32:41.152
You can still be grateful for whatever he did for you and your family and your faith in the past.

01:32:42.092 --> 01:32:49.532
You can't listen to him anymore because he is not only subverted, but he is subverting everything that he touches now.

01:32:49.772 --> 01:32:59.152
This is his final testament to the world, his Zionist, pro-Jew propaganda inside the church in the name of Christian nationalism.

01:32:59.652 --> 01:33:05.112
That's going to do unspeakable harm if he is tolerated by the guys who have seen him as a leader.

01:33:05.932 --> 01:33:14.072
And so as I said earlier, one of the things that we are adamant about as podcasters, God forgive me, is that don't just believe us.

01:33:14.552 --> 01:33:17.052
Don't say, oh, these are leaders, these are my guys.

01:33:17.072 --> 01:33:18.272
I'm going to listen to whatever they say.

01:33:18.632 --> 01:33:23.072
If you listen to anything that we have to teach you, it's don't act like that.

01:33:23.412 --> 01:33:24.692
You need to think for yourself.

01:33:24.692 --> 01:33:25.892
You need to think critically.

01:33:26.232 --> 01:33:28.492
You need to be skeptical of everything that you hear.

01:33:28.892 --> 01:33:30.412
Evaluate every new claim.

01:33:30.892 --> 01:33:33.952
You can be rigorous about it, especially if you have the aptitude for it.

01:33:34.212 --> 01:33:35.512
Some men don't have the aptitude.

01:33:35.772 --> 01:33:42.472
And if this is just entertainment for you, and maybe some people actually listen to Stone Choir just to fall asleep, that's great, whatever.

01:33:42.492 --> 01:33:43.812
It doesn't hurt my feelings, it's cool.

01:33:44.492 --> 01:33:49.472
If you're just going to listen to what we say and believe it, turn it off, go away.

01:33:49.652 --> 01:33:51.812
Delete it from your feed and never listen again.

01:33:52.152 --> 01:33:55.932
I don't want you to be trained to do that with us or with anyone else.

01:33:56.432 --> 01:33:58.652
You should always check sources.

01:33:58.952 --> 01:34:01.012
You should always question motives.

01:34:01.432 --> 01:34:09.112
You should always evaluate whether what is being done right now is consistent with what's been said in the past, if it's consistent with what is right.

01:34:10.172 --> 01:34:12.812
A good leader, a true leader, will meet those tests.

01:34:13.272 --> 01:34:16.592
And if he fails, if somebody gets something wrong, he'll take correction.

01:34:16.612 --> 01:34:25.412
Because as Corey was saying, a good leader, whether it's a monarch or in any other context, has people beneath him who are smarter than him, and he'll listen to.

01:34:25.892 --> 01:34:28.272
He has advisors who can straighten him out.

01:34:28.852 --> 01:34:34.512
So being the guy in charge, being a leader at whatever level, doesn't mean you always get everything right.

01:34:34.972 --> 01:34:43.772
It means that when you get something wrong, you can course correct, so that you don't do unspeakable damage because you were just trotting merrily along pursuing your own ends.

01:34:45.152 --> 01:34:56.352
As we are looking at the world and our communities, our businesses, our churches, our area of operations, don't look to a leader and then just mark him with that and say, okay, he's the guy forever.

01:34:56.372 --> 01:34:57.432
I'm never going to pay any attention.

01:34:57.832 --> 01:34:59.012
That's a recipe for failure.

01:34:59.672 --> 01:35:02.652
Help him support and be engaged and keep an eye on him.

01:35:03.092 --> 01:35:03.812
Keep an eye on us.

01:35:03.912 --> 01:35:04.652
Keep an eye on Doug.

01:35:04.872 --> 01:35:12.652
Keep an eye on anyone that you're listening to to make sure that they're still delivering on what it was that convinced you in the first place that they were worth listening to.

01:35:13.092 --> 01:35:19.952
And if the circumstances change, if the tune changes, be willing to walk away, being willing to say, this is not good anymore.

01:35:20.192 --> 01:35:22.872
I don't know what happened, but I'm no longer going to be a part of it.

01:35:23.532 --> 01:35:26.792
That's vital for any man, for a Christian, for a human being.

01:35:27.172 --> 01:35:31.312
The only way not to be led astray is to keep an eye on your leaders.

01:35:32.252 --> 01:35:41.872
And again, ideally we get to the point where we don't have a say in it anymore because we've built a system where that takes care of itself and it's above all of our pay grade.

01:35:42.152 --> 01:35:45.952
That's what I like to see, but it's not going to happen in our lifetimes, almost certainly.

01:35:46.632 --> 01:35:56.752
What we can do is make sure that we're paying attention, we're being diligent, because whatever your aptitude, whatever your context, you can tell when something's going off the rails.

01:35:56.772 --> 01:35:57.792
You should be able to.

01:35:58.132 --> 01:36:00.912
It's a basic animal sense that we all have.

01:36:01.812 --> 01:36:03.812
And what we need to do is listen to it more.

01:36:04.392 --> 01:36:07.812
When we look at the history of democracy, we see that it blew up.

01:36:08.452 --> 01:36:10.292
It made these promises and it failed.

01:36:10.992 --> 01:36:14.192
And so now we're just picking and choosing leaders seemingly at random.

01:36:14.512 --> 01:36:23.812
Whatever guy is flashiest or loudest or most convincing for a moment, okay, if he convinces you in a moment, pay attention for a moment.

01:36:24.212 --> 01:36:30.232
But when you come back in a year and he's changed his tune and he's talking about other stuff, be ready to walk away.

01:36:31.212 --> 01:36:37.892
You need to for the sake of your soul, for the sake of your family, for the sake of your responsibilities, because you are a leader as well.

01:36:38.312 --> 01:36:49.832
Even if it's only a leader of yourself, if you're a young man and you have no one beneath you, you are still effectively making these decisions for yourself, even when you're beneath, under the authority of others.

01:36:50.232 --> 01:36:53.272
You still have to decide every day, I'm going to follow orders.

01:36:53.272 --> 01:36:54.232
I'm going to do what's right.

01:36:54.432 --> 01:36:58.712
I'm going to read the Bible, going to work out, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, do the whole thing.

01:36:59.552 --> 01:37:03.672
You have to decide to do it, because for the most part, no one's going to make you.

01:37:04.492 --> 01:37:09.752
And if that betterment causes you to become a better leader, you're going to be a blessing to others as you do it.

01:37:10.532 --> 01:37:13.692
But the accountability has to run in both directions.

01:37:15.592 --> 01:37:33.572
One of the criticisms that is often leveled against monarchy or any sort of autocratic and certainly totalitarian, although we're not advocating a totalitarian system to draw that particular distinction, but an autocratic system, one of the critiques that is leveled against it is that there's no accountability.

01:37:35.772 --> 01:37:41.152
And that's an absolutely insane critique, because there is always accountability.

01:37:41.172 --> 01:37:44.852
There's, of course, the first level, as it were, accountability to God.

01:37:45.672 --> 01:37:49.732
But on top of that, a king has accountability.

01:37:50.692 --> 01:38:04.492
Even if we had a system that was properly organized, that had hierarchy restored, there would be nobles of that first rank under the king, to whom the king is more organized and is more or less responsible.

01:38:05.232 --> 01:38:11.152
It's not that he has to answer to them in the day-to-day affairs of the kingdom or anything like that.

01:38:11.652 --> 01:38:17.712
But because of the authority they wield, they do have at least the ear of the king.

01:38:18.892 --> 01:38:20.072
They can influence him.

01:38:20.652 --> 01:38:23.892
And if he is going off the rails, they can do something about it.

01:38:25.012 --> 01:38:27.112
That is how things are supposed to function.

01:38:27.792 --> 01:38:37.672
It's not supposed to be every man against every other man or everyone is equal and has an equal duty with regard to every other person in the hierarchy.

01:38:38.712 --> 01:38:39.392
There are levels.

01:38:40.772 --> 01:38:44.472
The man at the top, of course, answers only to God.

01:38:44.492 --> 01:38:46.112
The king is above the law.

01:38:46.852 --> 01:38:52.252
But the men below him wield sufficient authority to be able to check what he does.

01:38:53.112 --> 01:38:56.352
And those below them can check what they do, and so on and so forth.

01:38:57.652 --> 01:39:00.232
The same is true for a man running his own household.

01:39:00.952 --> 01:39:03.012
The housefather is not a despot.

01:39:03.692 --> 01:39:10.352
He does not wield absolute authority to do whatever he pleases with everyone in his household.

01:39:11.772 --> 01:39:17.352
That's not to say that those under him have such a position that they get to question his authority.

01:39:17.792 --> 01:39:23.472
There's a difference between questioning the authority and recognizing the abuse of it when it happens.

01:39:25.232 --> 01:39:32.792
Again, these are going to be matters of wisdom, and they are going to be, in some cases, very difficult for some men to assess.

01:39:35.272 --> 01:39:41.092
But many things in this life are not easy, and we do not get to ignore them simply because they are hard.

01:39:42.632 --> 01:39:56.092
With the way that things stand today, as Wo mentioned, we have to run this sort of analysis on a great many things that we could ignore if we had a system that was actually properly constructed.

01:39:58.492 --> 01:40:22.252
The baker is not supposed to have to assess the performance of the king, and yet the system that we have requires that, in part because we have many faithless men in positions of power at all sorts of levels, but also because our system doesn't even recognize the existence of those levels, just by kind of having them to a certain degree.

01:40:25.012 --> 01:40:41.812
Once we get back to the point where we have proper hierarchy reestablished, where we have this order in society, as it is supposed to be, then many of these issues will fade away, but as Will mentioned, that will be something for our grandchildren or great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren.

01:40:43.592 --> 01:40:47.952
Systems that take generations to build can be torn down in one or two.

01:40:49.112 --> 01:40:51.492
That is simply one of the realities of this life.

01:40:52.832 --> 01:40:55.732
It takes a lot longer to build than it does to destroy.

01:40:57.212 --> 01:41:06.292
The systems that upheld Christendom for centuries took about a century to destroy, almost completely.

01:41:06.312 --> 01:41:08.032
They're almost entirely gone today.

01:41:09.812 --> 01:41:12.012
That took 1500 years to build.

01:41:13.672 --> 01:41:19.472
Not obviously the full 1500 years to get to a certain level.

01:41:20.152 --> 01:41:25.152
You can build back to a certain degree in two, three, four generations.

01:41:25.772 --> 01:41:37.152
But to achieve what our ancestors had and what they enjoyed at the height of Christendom takes many generations of faithful men, building little by little.

01:41:39.332 --> 01:41:54.632
Part of it is because if you grow up in that sort of system, you are inculcated with the right beliefs with regard to the system itself, and you pass those on just sort of naturally, the same way that we pass on language to our children.

01:41:55.932 --> 01:41:58.532
Children learn language because they're exposed to it.

01:41:59.072 --> 01:42:07.732
Yes, there's actual proper formal instruction later on, but the majority of your language learning is just by being around those who use the language.

01:42:08.492 --> 01:42:13.292
Because God has made children to be language, sponges, of course, that's part of what plays into that.

01:42:14.792 --> 01:42:16.632
But that immersion is how you get it.

01:42:16.652 --> 01:42:29.112
And if you're immersed in a culture of right hierarchy, of right order, of these properly organized relationships, you help to perpetuate that culture simply by existing in it.

01:42:30.732 --> 01:42:42.752
And this plays into, sort of inverted, but plays into what Woe was saying about the necessity of assessing leaders and others under our current system.

01:42:46.292 --> 01:43:07.812
Unlike being in a good system that is properly organized where these things help to perpetuate themselves, which is good, that is a proper design, that is how God has made things, in our system things continue to get worse because men are not assessing what is happening.

01:43:08.632 --> 01:43:13.512
Because we have had too many men who have just let things continue because they don't want to be involved.

01:43:13.912 --> 01:43:18.632
That's not my problem, I'll be dead by then, I don't want to deal with it, whatever it happens to be.

01:43:21.192 --> 01:43:43.212
Each and every man listening to this podcast has to some degree, certainly if you have been listening from the beginning, or you've gone back and listened to the catalog, but any man listening to this podcast has already to some degree made the decision to make that assessment of the course of our culture and decide it is going in the wrong direction.

01:43:44.632 --> 01:44:04.932
And so you have already exercised that wisdom, that authority to a certain degree, to make that call, to say, our leaders are faithless, our church leaders are faithless in many cases, things have gone off the rails, and it is getting worse by the day.

01:44:06.812 --> 01:44:14.852
And so we want to change the direction, because otherwise we won't have anything to pass on to future generations that is worth having.

01:44:16.372 --> 01:44:20.612
And so each and every one of you has already made that sort of assessment.

01:44:21.012 --> 01:44:25.372
You've come to the conclusion, there are problems, they need to be addressed.

01:44:26.632 --> 01:44:39.772
What Wo was saying, what I am saying, what we are saying in this episode, is that you need to make that assessment with regard to basically anyone who stands up and acts as a leader or says, I'm a leader.

01:44:40.032 --> 01:44:42.932
Perhaps be a little cautious about the man who says, I'm a leader.

01:44:44.732 --> 01:44:51.972
Although an important nuance on that, it's not always bad if a man seems like he is seeking the position of leadership.

01:44:53.792 --> 01:44:55.312
The issue is the intent.

01:44:55.812 --> 01:45:02.032
And as Wo was saying, there are certain things that indicate the underlying intent, but sometimes that's a little difficult to assess.

01:45:02.472 --> 01:45:12.972
Because you can have a man who stands up and says, I will fulfill that role, and maybe he doesn't actually want it, but he has made the decision that it is his duty to pursue it.

01:45:13.392 --> 01:45:23.372
That is fundamentally different from the man who stands up and says, I will be the leader, and he is thinking of all the benefits he will get from that position, all of the bribes and other things that he should not want.

01:45:24.072 --> 01:45:25.532
The second man is the problem.

01:45:26.252 --> 01:45:40.192
And making a judgment call between the two is part of our task today, because we have a great many grifters who are standing up and saying, oh, I will be a leader, and their only goal is money.

01:45:40.952 --> 01:45:41.372
That's it.

01:45:41.392 --> 01:45:42.112
That's all they are after.

01:45:42.452 --> 01:45:47.312
And then you have others who are paid opposition, who are controlled opposition.

01:45:48.772 --> 01:45:50.032
They exist to subvert.

01:45:53.112 --> 01:45:58.952
There are a number of ways that you can assess which one a particular man is.

01:46:00.212 --> 01:46:21.192
With regard to matters in the Church, it's actually fairly easy to some degree, because you can eliminate a great many of the false so-called leaders with the issue of Zionism, with the issue of Israel and the Jews, Israel so-called, because the false leaders almost to a man take the wrong position on those issues.

01:46:22.472 --> 01:46:30.772
And certainly as those listening to this podcast, but just as Christian men who read Scripture, it's very easy to come to the correct conclusion on those things.

01:46:32.472 --> 01:46:44.212
No man who reads Scripture without coming to it with false priors is going to think the Jews are chosen and that we have to support the so-called state of Israel.

01:46:44.852 --> 01:46:47.152
No man comes to that conclusion from reading Scripture.

01:46:47.692 --> 01:46:51.532
He comes to that conclusion outside of Scripture and usually because he's drawing a check.

01:46:52.752 --> 01:46:54.912
And so some of those things are easy to assess.

01:46:56.632 --> 01:46:59.592
Perhaps with regard to political leaders, there's a little more challenge.

01:47:01.932 --> 01:47:10.592
Because sometimes it is difficult to tell the agent provocateur, as it may be, or the subverter from a man who is earnest.

01:47:11.232 --> 01:47:30.492
But one thing we absolutely cannot do, and this is a problem that I see constantly on social media and elsewhere, we cannot immediately assume that every man who stands up and every group that attempts to start organizing is a funded operation in some way, that they're all subverters.

01:47:32.692 --> 01:47:34.552
To some degree, you have to give men a chance.

01:47:35.752 --> 01:47:39.892
You don't have to give them an infinite number of chances.

01:47:39.912 --> 01:47:43.852
You don't have to give them so much rope that they hang you with the rope.

01:47:45.372 --> 01:47:49.132
But you do have to have some sort of space there.

01:47:49.152 --> 01:47:55.392
You have to have time for these men or these groups to prove or disprove themselves.

01:47:56.372 --> 01:48:14.972
Because if every time a man stands up and says, we need to do this, I will lead, follow me, or if he stands up and just fulfills the role of a leader, if every time a man does that, he gets attacked as being a fed or a paid operative or whatever it happens to be, we will not get anywhere.

01:48:16.112 --> 01:48:17.632
We will continue to be stuck.

01:48:17.652 --> 01:48:24.032
We will continue to be mired in these internecine fights, usually over trivial nonsense.

01:48:25.252 --> 01:48:27.172
And that is exactly what the enemy wants.

01:48:27.932 --> 01:48:32.212
And in that case, you can choose to have the E uppercase or lowercase as it so happens to be.

01:48:33.172 --> 01:48:34.492
But that is what the enemy wants.

01:48:34.992 --> 01:48:51.372
Because if we continue to fight over nonsense, and we attack and backbite and backstab every single man who would attempt to lead or would attempt to achieve anything, then we are a completely inert force, a completely emasculated force.

01:48:52.792 --> 01:48:54.632
That is not what we need to be as men.

01:48:55.552 --> 01:49:06.432
As men, we need to start organizing our own groups, our own lives, our own churches, organizations, whatever they happen to be, with right hierarchy.

01:49:07.032 --> 01:49:11.152
Part of that starts with just having that hierarchy in your own friend groups.

01:49:12.152 --> 01:49:16.532
Because of course, things flow from the family first, of course.

01:49:16.552 --> 01:49:29.532
But for men, you have the small group of friends, and then you have your larger group of friends, and then you have organizations that flow from that, and eventually things branch out and upward to the nation.

01:49:30.332 --> 01:49:31.632
That is right hierarchy.

01:49:32.772 --> 01:49:34.252
And you have leaders at every level.

01:49:35.332 --> 01:49:45.672
And if you start to establish that sort of leadership at the smallest level, then it's easier to have that leadership at a higher level because it's just extrapolating upward.

01:49:47.572 --> 01:49:53.332
Which is one of the things, as we've said in this episode, that we just do not have in the United States anymore.

01:49:53.352 --> 01:49:55.932
In the American context, it is fundamentally missing.

01:49:56.972 --> 01:50:04.112
We don't have anywhere that we can couch this sort of hierarchy, the different levels in society.

01:50:04.132 --> 01:50:08.772
This may be easier for some of our European listeners, where you still have monarchy.

01:50:09.612 --> 01:50:17.932
It's easier to envision a hierarchy when there is actually a hierarchy, even if it may be subverted in some cases and it has its problems.

01:50:19.072 --> 01:50:21.392
The simple fact that it exists is helpful.

01:50:22.772 --> 01:50:29.332
In the American context, we have to rebuild that, because we got rid of it centuries ago, effectively.

01:50:30.352 --> 01:50:30.912
It's gone.

01:50:31.252 --> 01:50:33.572
The vestiges really aren't even there anymore.

01:50:34.492 --> 01:50:50.632
The closest thing you have in some areas is old money, but it doesn't come with the proper understanding in most cases of the role of that in society, because there is a role for society, like we mentioned in the episode on tithing.

01:50:51.052 --> 01:51:02.052
If God has given you great material blessings, there are duties that flow from that with regard to the church, with regard to neighbor, the right-hand kingdom, but there are also duties in the left-hand kingdom.

01:51:03.112 --> 01:51:18.892
If you are someone who has great wealth, particularly today, you should be helping to organize and fund these things so that they can make actual progress, because part of the reality of this is that without funding things don't tend to go anywhere.

01:51:19.372 --> 01:51:23.932
But there are men whom God has blessed with material prosperity.

01:51:24.832 --> 01:51:34.292
It is their duty to use that properly, to use that appropriately in both kingdoms, not just via tithing, but with regard to the left-hand kingdom as well.

01:51:36.272 --> 01:51:44.952
So in discussing the issue of leadership, we need to recognize a handful of fundamental issues.

01:51:47.012 --> 01:51:50.212
First and foremost, we just have to recognize that there is such a thing as a leader.

01:51:51.232 --> 01:52:07.492
There are men God has gifted certain abilities that make them fit for the task, and on top of it, as Woe was emphasizing earlier on in the episode, just the position that they have from childhood onward has trained them for being leaders.

01:52:09.072 --> 01:52:15.152
And so just recognizing the existence of the thing, of the office, is the starting point for this.

01:52:17.172 --> 01:52:19.972
On top of that, we need to support leaders.

01:52:20.612 --> 01:52:40.112
We have to recognize that part of the duty of every man, except of course for the one at the top, the one at the very top of the pyramid, because the king isn't supporting any leader, but everyone else in the hierarchy, supports the leader who is above him, and above him all the way to the top.

01:52:40.872 --> 01:52:42.992
That is the duty of every man in the system.

01:52:44.192 --> 01:52:45.852
Things do not function correctly.

01:52:45.872 --> 01:52:49.432
Things do not function well if leaders do not have support.

01:52:50.532 --> 01:52:55.732
And so we need to recognize there are leaders, and we need to recognize our duty to support leaders.

01:52:58.112 --> 01:53:06.672
And then finally, I would say, part of what we have to recognize is the scope and the scale and the nature of the task ahead.

01:53:09.112 --> 01:53:21.852
We are rebuilding a system, in the American context at least, we are rebuilding a system from basically nothing because everything was torn down, not a stone was left standing on another.

01:53:22.932 --> 01:53:25.152
We are rebuilding the system from the ground up.

01:53:26.532 --> 01:53:27.832
That is going to take time.

01:53:28.192 --> 01:53:29.752
It is going to take a great deal of effort.

01:53:31.052 --> 01:53:35.132
We need to have the patience and the persistence to get that done.

01:53:36.072 --> 01:53:42.792
We need to recognize that some of these things will be generational in scope, and that is actually a good thing.

01:53:43.952 --> 01:53:52.792
Because as Wo mentioned earlier, building on a generational scale, planning on a generational scale is important.

01:53:54.352 --> 01:53:57.972
You cannot have a civilization with men who do not do that.

01:53:59.892 --> 01:54:09.652
And so, of course, we may think of the proverb that I have quoted before, but I'll quote again, civilizations grow great when old men plant trees in the shade of which they will never rest.

01:54:12.752 --> 01:54:17.732
That is our position today, even though not all of us are old men yet.

01:54:19.572 --> 01:54:21.472
We are the ones planting the trees.

01:54:22.752 --> 01:54:25.752
We are not the ones who will necessarily get to rest in the shade.

01:54:27.332 --> 01:54:28.032
And that's fine.

01:54:29.632 --> 01:54:36.872
Just as there are tasks we have to do where we may not always succeed, the duty is not to succeed.

01:54:37.052 --> 01:54:38.972
The duty is not to complete the task.

01:54:38.992 --> 01:54:43.792
The duty is to do what has been set before you, what has been given you by God.

01:54:44.472 --> 01:54:49.072
God has given you attributes, abilities, resources, whatever they happen to be.

01:54:49.592 --> 01:54:55.492
He has set these things before you that you need to do, and He has given you the ability to do them.

01:54:56.392 --> 01:55:02.652
If you are a leader, if you are a man who has the ability to lead, you need to step up and do so.

01:55:03.572 --> 01:55:05.092
We need leaders.

01:55:06.072 --> 01:55:15.652
If you are not that man, if you are not the man that has been given the abilities, the talents necessary to be the leader, then you need to help find the man who has that.

01:55:16.432 --> 01:55:22.272
And if he doesn't want to lead, you need to force him to do it, because oftentimes that is necessary for certain leaders.

01:55:22.512 --> 01:55:23.792
They may not want the task.

01:55:23.812 --> 01:55:25.252
Well, too bad you have the skills.

01:55:25.272 --> 01:55:25.872
You need to do it.

01:55:26.792 --> 01:55:29.272
But in addition, you need to support that man.

01:55:30.132 --> 01:55:36.572
Whether he stands up on his own or you force him to the front, you need to support him, because he needs that support.

01:55:37.012 --> 01:55:38.992
A leader cannot do it on his own.

01:55:40.372 --> 01:55:43.452
Just as a father of a household cannot do everything on his own.

01:55:45.092 --> 01:55:46.512
You have a wife for a reason.

01:55:47.292 --> 01:55:54.392
There are things she does that you cannot do, or that are better off being done by her.

01:55:55.092 --> 01:55:58.852
The same is true with regard to leaders and those under them in the hierarchy.

01:55:59.732 --> 01:56:06.232
Every man has his duties, wherever he happens to fall in the hierarchy, whether you're at the top or the bottom.

01:56:07.132 --> 01:56:14.712
And we are all better off when each man in that hierarchy does his duty, whether it is to lead or to follow.

01:56:15.452 --> 01:56:22.292
Regardless of the duty, when each man does his duty, every man is better off.