Christian Nationalism Is Submission to God



aka Eschatologuy

You may have heard of the ‘two kingdoms’ doctrine and have certainly heard of the ‘separation of Church and State’, but is either of these a truly Christian position? Is God Lord only of His Church or does He also rule the kingdoms of this world? As Christians, what are our duties in the context of the State?

The Media, and many others, have spent years, now, shouting about "Christian Nationalism", but few could even define either term. This episode is both a primer on Christian Nationalism from a Christian perspective and the definitive statement of its core nature. Christian Nationalism is simply Christianity lived out in the left-hand kingdom, for both kingdoms belong to Christ.

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  1. I iwhs youd get rid of the intro song. Brother spyridon has a better intro – its just some sort of church chimes. much better starting noise


    1. I have never claimed to be a musician. Perhaps one day we’ll hire one.