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Our first listener feedback episode. It took us only six months — please calibrate your expectations accordingly. If you have more questions, submit them now to make it into the next listener feedback episode.

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2 Replies to “Listener Feedback 001”

  1. Hello there, Corey. I respect what you’re trying to do by rejecting liberal/Marxist subversion of the LCMS, and agree with you regarding what you’ve presented about racial matters, and then some.

    But I was told by two Lutherans who like you that you desire a jihad against Baptists, of which I am one. Is there any truth to this? I would like to know where you fall on the friend-enemy distinction before I go recommending your efforts to other Lutherans I know.


    1. A godly prince would be doing his duty to suppress false teachers in his lands. However, this does not necessarily mean that he should persecute those individual believers who have heterodox beliefs (as a Lutheran, I do believe that Baptists hold heterodox beliefs). At the present time, we Christians certainly have greater problems than our denominational disagreements; we should work together today, and we can leave our doctrinal disputes for tomorrow.