On Human Race: Behavior and Society



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What maintains societies? What destroys them? There are many factors that contribute to whether a society flourishes or fails — natural resources, weather conditions, IQ [two weeks], et cetera —, but a fundamental, unavoidable fact is that the quality of the men and women who comprise a society is intimately and causally connected to the level and the success of that society.

Human behavior is downstream from race, because race is a matter of genetics. The behavior of individuals influences society and aggregates into civilization. A society comprised of violent, uncontrolled criminals will never achieve great things; a society comprised of lazy, unintelligent men will never reach the stars.

As Christians, these are not matters of indifference — what kind of men we produce or permit in our societies directly affects our neighbors and, yes, the Church. In this, the second episode of our series on race, we will be tackling the uncomfortable questions of race, behavior, criminality, and related issues. Last week was genetics and next week will be Scripture — this week is behavior and society.

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Parental Warnings

This episode frankly discusses crime and related matters. You may not want to play this one for your children.


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2 Replies to “On Human Race: Behavior and Society”

  1. It took centuries of execution to drive out high murder rates out of European society:


    1. The strict punishment of crime certainly does have a role to play in appropriately managing the population (which certainly includes reducing the crime rate). Also, it is worth noting, that the actual outcome of such actions as your link describes was the removal of a certain sort of uncontrolled impulsivity from the population (and this, naturally, reduces the overall crime rate).