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Matthew Harrison is head of the largest (supposedly) Confessional Lutheran body in the Western world — the LCMS. During his tenure, he has overseen the greatest decline in membership in the history of the LCMS, the closure of LCMS schools and congregations, and the collapse of LCMS organizations. Now, to top off his legacy, Harrison is pushing false doctrine via ‘new’ versions of core confessional, Lutheran documents (e.g., the Small Catechism and the Large Catechism). He is even exporting this doctrine abroad.

Of course, the focus on exporting doctrine is nothing new — Harrison has spent his tenure with his focus everywhere but on the sheep God entrusted to his care (and for which God will one day command him to account). Harrison and those around him personally hate this podcast and its hosts, because we are speaking the truth about the Christian faith and about what men like Harrison are doing to the Church. In this episode, we review Harrison’s recent letter ‘denouncing disturbing ideologies’.

Christians do not speak as Harrison speaks. We will all have to choose a side. For their part, the following men have thrown in their lot with Satan and the kingdom of Antichrist:

  • Matthew Harrison, President of the LCMS
  • Peter K. Lange, 1st Vice President of the LCMS
  • John C. Wohlrabe Jr., 2nd Vice President of the LCMS
  • Scott R. Murray, 3rd Vice President of the LCMS
  • Nabil S. Nour, 4th Vice President of the LCMS
  • Christopher Esget, 5th Vice President of the LCMS
  • Benjamin T. Ball, 6th Vice President of the LCMS
  • the 35 District Presidents of the LCMS

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Parental Warnings

The word "jackass" is used once in this episode at around 01:30:00.


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11 Replies to “Against the Antichrist”

  1. Dear Mr. Mahler and Mr Woe, I cannot thank you enough for standing up for the truth revealed in God’s Word and the Gospel. I am not Lutheran or have any Lutheran heritage. My local Lutheran church is pastored by a 31 year old girl with a bachelor’s from a Oneness Pentecostal Seminary (Urshan College) and they approve the necessary theological accommodations made to reflect her beliefs.
    I cannot tell you how much the content of these podcasts have broken my heart for my own sins before God and that of my boomer generation. I attend a church (supported as a plant by the SBC) 15 miles away because every dominational church in my village are advocates of unbiblical practices.
    What you are doing is making a huge difference in my life and for the small circle of friends who listen to your podcasts and attend our tiny church that meets in the local YMCA.
    I earnestly pray for you both in the battle ahead that our God will contine to fight for you!!


    1. Thank you for your prayers and for your kind words. I am glad that you were able to find a church that at least largely adheres to the Scriptures (even if we would, assuredly, have some doctrinal disagreements). May God bless your efforts to be faithful.


  2. Steven W. Bohler, Pastor of Our Savior's/First English Lutheran Churches, Crookston & Eldred MN Mon 22 May 2023 at 23:38 EDT

    President Harrison, as president of the LCMS, has no sheep entrusted to his care. The sheep are entrusted to pastors. Rather, his responsibility is to the humanly arranged synod. That said, I also have questions/reservations/disagreements about some of the things written in the recent annotated Large Catechism. However, I think you are wrong in claiming that he (and synod leadership) has pushed false doctrine. And to blame him for the decline in synodical membership and the closing of schools and congregations is just plain wrong. The decline goes back decades and mirrors the decline shown by virtually ALL Christian church bodies in the USA. To ignore these facts only hurts your credibility.


    1. The general is rightly accoladed for victory and rightly condemned for defeat. If Harrison is unfit for the task that presents the LCMS and the Church more generally at this time in this age, then he should never have run for the office. Further, if you listen to the various places where we have argued against what is included in the so-called “Annotated” Large Catechism, then you would know that we did not exceed the bounds of the reasonable in our condemnation by one iota — in fact, we were, if anything, measured and reserved in your condemnation. Harrison is a false preacher, a false prophet, and a false leader — he deserves nothing but condemnation. All the good works a man does can be erased by his later actions. In Harrison’s case, his evil goes back years.


  3. G’day Corey and Woe, I’ve just started listening to your content after gaining interest in the whole LCMS debacle with Turnipseed. A trivial question: I am almost certain that your podcast intro is a remake of a hymn I love but the name of which I cannot remember, am I correct or just hearing things?

    Keen to hear your views on things after already having heard the takes of your opposition pretty much everywhere I look.


    1. It is a remix of part of “Thy Strong Word” (the outro is also a remix of part of a hymn).


      1. Thanks heaps! Love that hymn.


  4. I have listened to several episodes of your podcast and have enjoyed them all. I am asking for your perspective and insight into a choice I feel compelled to make. I am currently not attending church but I have several Lutheran churches near me that I have considered looking into. The closest to me (my local community)is an LCMS church, but I am leery since they have an early “contemporary service” as well as a liturgical service. And they seem to post corny stuff on their sign in what seems like an attempt to stay “relevant.” There is also an NALC church a few miles away that may be a better doctrinal choice. I did not grow up Lutheran nor have I gone through confirmation. I grew up Baptist but have always searched for the truth and your podcast inspires and convicts me at the same time. Thank you both for what you do and the personal risk you take on behalf of God’s truth.


    1. NALC is generally going to be less ‘conservative’ than the LCMS, but you will, unfortunately, have to assess congregations individually, as enforcement of orthodoxy has been less thorough than one would prefer. The mere presence of a ‘contemporary’ service is not ideal, but it is also not necessarily a deal-breaker — a congregation may make some errors while remaining largely faithful. (And church-sign ‘humor’, while cringe inducing, is not necessarily a problem.)

      My recommendation would be to attend a few services at the LCMS church and try to assess the congregation — talk to parishioners, the pastor. Picking a church is not a matter of perfection, but of finding a faithful body of fellow Christians in order to hold to the command not to forsake the gathering together of the saints and to receive the gifts of God. I sincerely hope that the congregation proves to be faithful and a good church home for you.


  5. A question: wasn’t Nehemiah a slave to the king? He asked permission to go back and rebuild, rather than quitting a job…


    1. As cupbearer, he would almost certainly have been a trusted (and fairly high-ranking) official in the kingdom. Given the absolute authority of the king in that system, it could be said, after a fashion, that everyone under him was his ‘slave’, but I think it more accurate to call him an official than a slave.