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The Sacraments are a key — a central — part of the Christian life. And yet there are disagreements about the nature of the Sacraments — what they are and what they do. As Christians, when disagreements about doctrine, dogma, or theology arise, we turn to one source — God’s Word.

In today’s episode, we go over the theology and the doctrine of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. We do so from an admittedly and unashamedly Lutheran position; however, we ground everything we say in the Word of God. In essence, today’s episode is a Bible study. Undoubtedly, some of you (or your traditions) will disagree with some of the things we say, but listen carefully to the passages of Scripture and make sure that you are disagreeing with men and not with God.

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5 Replies to “Baptism Now Saves You”

  1. Good episode, and the presentation of baptism is essentially agreeable by all Protestants. I think oftentimes the distance between traditions is distorted by bad actors; papists would have much bigger misgivings (particularly the significance of baptism in the Christian life) than whatever quibbles particularly a historical Anglican but really any (well-informed) Reformed Christian could have (and a lot of it is the sentiment, “this is what Lutherans believe in contradistinction to other Protestants”). Naturally a lot of anabaptist views challenged, but their position is almost diametrically opposed to the correct view of baptism.

    Also the Track Title of the file is “Baptism Not Saves You,” which is an amusing typo.


    1. I do not know if autocorrect got me or if I simply typoed that. At any rate, it has been fixed.


  2. J.D. Norcross III Sat 23 Sep 2023 at 01:31 EDT

    Thanks for this episode.


  3. Other than the abhorrent, anti-Pauline, and unbiblical view of baptism as efficaciously salvific, it was a good episode.

    However, the eisegetical, pseudo-papist, quasi-gnostic understanding of baptismal waters would be more forgivable if you weren’t so insistent about presenting straw man attacks against the historical, biblical prescription.

    If you were a bit more humble about such an appalling undercutting of justification by faith alone, this might be worth greater exegetical consideration. But it isn’t.


    1. “Baptism now saves you.”
      — God