Dietrich Bonhoeffer: False Teacher, Traitor, Damned



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Like MLK, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a false teacher. Also like MLK, Dietrich Bonhoeffer studied at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Unlike MLK, Bonhoeffer is a deeply dangerous theologian, because where MLK lacked subtlety and cunning, Bonhoeffer most certainly did not.

When Bonhoeffer writes or speaks, he may very well sound Christian — may very well even be Christian (in his comments) here and there in his writings —, but he uses Christian terms with anti-Christian definitions= (for instance, he calls the Crucifixion and the Resurrection myths). Scripture commands the Christian to be on his guard against false teachers — to be as wise as a serpent and the judge the spirits. Bonhoeffer denies almost every core tenet of the Christian religion at some point in his writing.

And yet Bonhoeffer is held up as a towering figure by many supposed Christian leaders. He is called a theologian, a pastor, a teacher, and a martyr. In this episode, we examine those claims by looking at what Bonhoeffer actually wrote — what he actually believed and taught. You will be left with a very different image of this man than the one so very many pastors — to their discredit and to the misfortune of their sheep — have had instilled in them.

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13 Replies to “Dietrich Bonhoeffer: False Teacher, Traitor, Damned”

  1. I read Bonhoeffer by Eric mataxxas. He made him a martyr? Thank you for your study.


  2. Thank you guys so much for bringing light to this. I felt something was wrong with him but I wasn’t sure what.

    The propaganda we’ve been fed in the churches is sickening.

    Keep shining a light on the truth brothers.


  3. Theresa J. Powers Wed 16 Aug 2023 at 22:26 EDT

    YOU are liars of satan slandering a great man. But if you are Roman Catholics it figures becaus your church is the great WHORE of Babylon run by murderers, pedophiles, lesbian nuns and other evil spirits.


    1. Did you bother to listen to the episode? It largely consists of quotes from Bonhoeffer. Alternatively, are you contending that you approve of everything he taught?


      1. Guess she didn’t want to answer your question. She is unable to.


    2. They’re Lutherans, not Catholics, and you clearly did not listen to the podcast.


  4. Great episode. Along with Martin Luther King you guys have shed light on the false teaching of these heretics. When you take the time to really study the words that they wrote and spoke it’s easy to uncover the fact that they really are not Christians at all. Your post on Hitler being a Christian falls into the same category. While he was not a theologian, he used similar Christian sounding terms and words yet never confessed Jesus Christ as both God and Man.
    Thank you for shedding light on the their false teachings.


  5. I appreciate much that you said in your podcast, but at the end, you remarked “because Bonhoeffer was an evil man and he’s burning in hell.” Now I would completely agree that Bonhoeffer was a false teacher and did not present a credible confession of faith. How though can you say that he is “burning in hell”, as you have absolutely no idea if God performed a miraculous work inside his heart before Bonhoeffer died? How are you not overstepping with that comment?


    1. We are permitted to judge others according to their public statements. Is it possible that God worked a miraculous conversion in Bonhoeffer’s heart in his last moments on this Earth? Certainly. Is it likely? No.

      Given the extensive amount of evidence available demonstrating that Bonhoeffer did not have saving faith in Christ and that he denied many of the core tenets of Christianity, it is perfectly permissible to conclude, on the balance of that evidence, that Bonhoeffer is burning in the eternal fires of Hell.

      When we speak of the eternal destination of men like Bonhoeffer, the core point is not the final disposition of those men, but warning to those still living, for the living can yet repent and turn from their evil — Bonhoeffer’s eternity is no longer mutable.


  6. Hi, could you recommend some sources on Adolf Hitler’s religious beliefs please, those dealing with his supposed hatred of Christianity in particular.

    The mainstream narrative (as on wiki for example) uses the Table Talks and Goebbels’ diaries to create a very irreligious, even anti-Christian image of the Führer, especially near the later parts of his career.
    If this was about any other man or any other period, I would perhaps accept it as it is but since this is about Hitler and about WW2, I for obvious reasons feel obliged to at least give a sincere ear to those opposed to this authorized rendering of the man.

    However, I’m not very sure where to look for this, and who to read. I know this much: I want to read sources directly tackling the anti-Christian proof texts from Hitler’s table talks, Goebbels’ diaries and other sources. Your input would be priceless.


    1. “Adolf Hitler, Christian”. Beyond that article, I would recommend reading or listening to his speeches (many are now translated because of AI) and noting how many times he references his faith, Christ, et cetera.


  7. I just discovered this podcast. Thank you. I have been listening to people tell me what a great Godly man Bonhoeffer was ever since I became a Christian a few years ago. It is amazing to find someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about him.

    At one church that my family and I attended, they ket a member get up on Good Friday and give a “homily” attacking most if us who were white (he also was white—a rich white lawyer in fact), and listing, as examples of who good Christians should aspire to be like, Michael King, John Brown, and Bonhoeffer. It was very difficult to restrain myself from shouting him down, and maybe I should have done so. Happily we left that church soon afterwards.

    (I suppose John Brown is another one of the martyrs of the one world church, like King and Bonhoeffer.)

    Anyway, thank you! I’m looking forward to listening to a whole lot more of Stone Choir.


    1. Yes, John Brown is another ‘martyr’ of the modern global religion. He was a wicked man and an impenitent murderer; he is surely presently enjoying his eternal reward.