Persuasiveness Matters



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Whether the topic is religion, politics, or something else, a persuasive argument will always be more effective than a merely correct argument. Of course, we must make the truth our goal, but simply having the right conclusion is insufficient, at least if we are attempting to bring others around to our point of view or over to our side. Often, persuasion is a matter of time and patience, but how we go about interacting with others is a key part of whether or not we are effective in our pursuits.

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One Reply to “Persuasiveness Matters”

  1. This site is a revelation, and a great blessing. Having only recently discovered your podcasts, I have been listening to as many of your discussions as the day allows.

    Not being a Lutheran myself, the dynamics within the denomination is still of interest, and I am particularly grieved by the way the leadership of the LCMS has treated you both, and even more disturbingly, how the organisation has seemingly gone the way of most denominations and forsaken the Good News.

    Your presentations on certain aspects of historical narratives — and the certain tribe for which these narratives advantageously serve — are absolutely jaw-dropping, informative, and highly welcomed. There is so much to investigate and recalibrate.

    The sober tenor in which you both conduct these podcasts is commendable, and it is a relief too that you are able to discern between those historical orthodoxies which are rightly questionable, and that which is self-indulgent conspiracy-entertainment.

    For the sake of diagnostics, your new listener is a former Roman Catholic. The Lord was merciful to me and, decades ago, removed me from the trappings of religion. God quickened my dead spirit, shone His face on me, and reconciled me — an enemy and a sinner — to Himself, through His beloved Son.

    Christ Jesus be praised for ever. The Lord be with your spirit, Corey and Woe.