Conspiracy Theories and Truth



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The existence of one conspiracy theory is not necessarily proof of the existence of any other conspiracy theories. That we have been lied to about a great many things, does not necessarily prove that we have been lied to about all things. It is, regardless of how we may feel about it, necessary to assess truth claims, often necessarily to personally assess them.

As Christians, truth is fundamental to our worldview, for our religion rests upon truth claims — verifiable truth claims. This does not mean that we must take a stance or have an opinion on every claim sent forth into the world by other men, but it does mean that we have a duty to hold to the truth when it comes to important claims, and to assess that truth, insofar as we are capable.

Under present conditions, we are faced with a great many lies — both of commission and of omission or manipulation; there are those who would have us disbelieve truths and there are those who would have us believe lies — neither outcome is compatible with a proper, Christian view of the world, of reality. How are we to wade through the morass? In this episode, we address a few of the sillier conspiracy theories, and the very serious issues underlying them.

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