The Big Lie



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The truth does not fear examination. That which is true will hold up under scrutiny. As Christians, we are beholden to believe the truth — no matter how unpopular or unpleasant.

Today, we examine one of the foundational myths (read: lies) of the modern world. Virtually all of the evils we see around us today can trace their genesis to the era covered by this episode. This episode may make you uncomfortable, but the truth is worth the cost.

The truth will set you free.

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Show Notes

How many died at Auschwitz?

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Parental Warnings

This episode includes frank discussion of war and some of the things that happen during war (e.g., rape, murder). Additionally, the entire topic of this episode is the Holocaust, which is something you should discuss with your children, but you may not want this episode to be their introduction.


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14 Replies to “The Big Lie”

  1. Enjoying this podcast. I had a listener recommend your podcast and informed me of your battle. I have a similar story, except it is the Jews, directly, who have come after me. Wishing you well . . .


  2. Roman Tribunella Thu 27 Jul 2023 at 12:32 EDT

    Those interested in viewing the wooden door and trapdoor in the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz can do so here. It’s a virtual tour:,5613,en.html


  3. Two things I noticed absent in your discussion that are commonly espoused are the topics of Aryan supremacy and the accusations of inhumane medical experimentation.


      1. “Supremacy” is a silly term that is almost always used by those who have no grasp of any of the issues involved.
      2. The supposed “medical experimentation” falls into the category of absurd propaganda.


  4. Just want to say I am so thankful for this podcast as it has been instrumental in opening my eyes to many ways in which the enemy has been lying to the church for generations. I noticed that recently this particular podcast episode is not available on Spotify. Has it been censored?


    1. Yes, Spotify has removed this particular episode. The direct RSS feed will always be available (and is on the front page of the site) — that is the best way to ensure that you receive all episodes and that the intermediates (e.g., Spotify, Google) cannot censor anything.


  5. I’d be interested to know what you think about the work of David Irving.
    I found this informal talk on Himmler quite compelling:

    He’s formally an “H denier” (and has spent a year in an Austrian prison for his views) but he acknowledges that many Jews (over a million) were killed. But not in gas chambers.


    1. He is generally one of the best historians around today. His works are worth reading, and are most certainly a better accounting of things than any ‘mainstream’ sources.


  6. Amazing podcast. What would you say about the tattoos and lampshades that supposedly were made of human skin, as well as those pictures showing mass graves? I have started questioning this narrative more as of late. Thank you and keep up the good work.


    1. There have been many attempts in history to use human skin to make various items — few have been even remotely successful. Human skin, unlike, e.g., cowhide, is not a very good material for making much of anything. The practical issues aside, it is simply more atrocity propaganda — it is meant to incite the passions and silence the reason. As for mass graves, extensive studies have been conducted and have not found chemical or geological evidence of the claims, and further investigation has been barred (and the truth does not fear investigation).


  7. Thank you for the excellent podcast.

    Jewish rule is doing the same thing to America today that it did to Germany after WWI, and what it did in Russia with the “Bolshevik Revolution”. Jewry is known as “nation breakers” for good reason. It’s a factual statement. Fast forward to Palestine 2023. What’s left of it?


  8. Martin Luther knew them and wrote about them.


  9. I read “Transfer Agreement by Edvin Black” – a jew but so honest he was shunned by his own family for his book. I do however not understand economy on this level and appreciated the podcast very very much. It has always been important for me as a Swede (Germany have been an perfect neighbor in the south) and Christian to knowwhat happened.


  10. This podcast should be shared WORLDWIDE! Magnificent.