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Christians must be ready — in season and out of season — to speak the truth. We are not Christians only some of the time, and Christianity, unlike Islam, has no provision for dissimulation — you may not feign to be something other than Christian for the sake of convenience or even safety. Even at risk of life or limb or honor, the Christian must boldly proclaim Christ and Him crucified.

This duty to speak the truth pertains not only to matters of the Christian religion, but also to all other matters. It is not the (perhaps uncharitable formulation of the) Kantian conception of truth — that one must never tell a falsehood of any kind —, but rather a duty to speak the truth when and where the truth is demanded. For instance, the 8th Commandment prohibits us from bearing false witness against our neighbor, and this duty does not terminate upon that neighbor’s death.

The Christian is a Christian at all times and in all things. As Christians, we are to forgive our personal enemies (inimicus), but this does not mean that we have no political or religious enemies (hostis) — for those who are enemies of God are enemies of all Christians. It is the duty, in fact, of Christians to oppose the enemies of God and His Church. And so, in today’s episode, we continue our series on the Jews.

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  1. Great that you expose the Jews, You might want to take on their biggest lie the Holocaust.


  2. they come from hell. THEY COME FROM HELL