On Women: Feminism



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5 Replies to “On Women: Feminism”

  1. Patriarchy is as integral to Christian orthodoxy as the Trinity. From the Apostolic Age to the Church Fathers to the Divines of the Reformation.

    Opposing the Patriarchy is as heretical as Arianism and worse.


  2. Have you read up on the Female “King” Tamar?

    She ruled over the state of Georgia. And eradicated all opposition. She:
    “While there is no historical record of her fighting in battle, the image of Tamar as a warrior queen has also been passed down through Georgian legend as well as images of her as a deity or saint. Tamar was declared a saint by the Georgian Orthodox Church centuries later.”

    In plain rebellion against God in her very actions by usurping Authority over men. Whilst presuming to be Christian. What is puzzling is how during her reign the Kingdom flourishes. But a few Kings later. The country fell to invasion.

    And the Timurids thoroughly ravaged the country. If divine punishment came. It didn’t come during her lifetime. And so she was remembered fondly as a Saint. Despite her rebellion and outright apostasy.


    1. Punishment for sin does often take a few generations to reach its zenith (or nadir, depending on one’s perspective). We are experiencing the same sort of situation today, really.


  3. Just thinking about the woman queens of England, I am thinking the enlightenment allowed Queen Victoria, but further back, it must have been upheaval and turmoil of the Reformation that allowed the first Queen Elizabeth?


    1. There have been female monarchs throughout history in a number of places, and it has often gone poorly. However, even if it appears that sin is yielding positive results, the long-term consequences are always disastrous. (Of course, the Christian should avoid sin because it is sin, without regard to consequences.)