All Sins Are Not Equal



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You have undoubtedly heard the phrase ‘all sins are equal’ at some point in your life, but you have just as assuredly not found it in Scripture — it is not there. The Word of God does not teach that all sins are equal; in fact, it teaches quite the opposite: some sins are worse than others.

In this episode, we go through Scripture highlighting a number of sections that deal with degrees of sin or sinfulness. This episode serves both as a standalone episode on the topic of the supposed ‘equality of sins’ and as a foundation for next week’s episode which will cover Antinomianism.

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One Reply to “All Sins Are Not Equal”

  1. I just want to thank the two of you so much for this podcast. It’s been immensely useful to me.
    I heard the gospel through friends and then it finally took root with the videos of Ray Comfort in understanding the depth of my sin and why the gospel is in fact good news and needed for every person on earth.
    Your podcast has now disambiguated God’s laws to me when we’re in a time of so much confusion and where seemingly everything about the world and the people around me daily are against me and trying to lead me astray.
    I appreciate that you also make clear the soteriology and that this is not the podcast to understand that.
    It’s just what I needed in my life right now to make my convictions and faith stronger.
    Thank you again Corey and Woe!