The Generational Divide



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Curses and blessings are not always — or even usually — individual affairs. The sins of the fathers do, in fact, fall to their sons. A wicked generation can doom all those who follow, but a righteous generation can bestow blessings on children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. In this episode, we look at the nature of generations, how they are treated in Scripture, and what these things mean for us today.

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The introductory Old Testament reading mentions rape.


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One Reply to “The Generational Divide”

  1. When the son fails to repent and repeats the sins of his forebears. The curse of their forebears falls upon them too.

    There were many generations before Amalek and Edom were wiped off the map completely. Each descendant unrepentant as much as their Fathers before them.

    They are punished for their sins and the sins of their ancestors. Except if the Blood of Christ causes remission of Sins.