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God is both transcendent — above all things — and immanent — pervading and sustaining all things. From the grand scale of galaxies down to the microscope scale of cells, molecules, and atoms, God is involved in everything in His Universe. Contrary to this reality, Deism would argue that God created the Universe and then stepped back to let it run — like a very complex clock.

Deism has crept into both our culture and the Church over time. In the Church, Deism often takes the form of a semi-Gnostic denial of the flesh via a denial of the consequences of sin. Contrary to this, the Christian faith teaches that not only is God involved in all things, but also that there are temporal consequences of sin that are not removed, in many cases not even alleviated, by faith in Christ.

The eternal consequences of sin are removed from the Christian by the blood of Christ, but the temporal consequences generally remain. A denial of temporal consequences is often tantamount to a denial of the flesh, which is a Gnostic denial of God. Right doctrine affirms both the flesh and the spirit, and God’s transcendent and immanent control over both.

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Parental Warnings

The second half of this episode contains a frank (and extended) discussion of sexual matters. You should discuss these issues with your children, but you may not want them to listen to this episode.


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8 Replies to “Against the Clockwork Universe”

  1. I brought this up to my wife, and she raised this question. If this were true, wouldn’t the higher amount of male DNA in woman of promiscuous cultures lead to more males being born. (We have 3 girls)


    1. Most of the DNA in question comes from spermatozoa or failed pregnancies, so one would expect a roughly statistically equal chance of male and female DNA.


  2. not one source given supports microchimerism from sex, only pregnancy


    1. You may wish to look up the term “telegony”.


    1. Telegony provides quite the wealth of reading material.


  3. As a woman, this episode is as horrifying as it is intriguing, and is easily my favorite episode due to the wealth of knowledge in it. On the positive side of things, and as a mother to a 10 month old boy, it is unusually comforting to me that I will genetically have a part of my child with me for the rest of my life. It is even more comforting to know that God designed me this way to increase my connection with my husband on a genetic level. However, as a young mother who may one day yet have a daughter, this episode is terrifying. Microchimerism is something my husband and I fully intend on teaching to our children once they are old enough.


  4. An important episode lending scientific support to a biblical worldview. I will share it with my daughter. Just a suggestion that more words of empathy for the misguided young women in the culture as you have Corey, for the young men: “So many of these young men have all but given in to despair — they hear the voice of the Law and know that they are sinners — they need the Gospel, not vitriol, hate, and attacks.”