The Timeline of Recriminations



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In this episode, we go through the timeline of what has transpired since the LCMS — largely at the behest of Matthew Harrison — published the so-called “Annotated Large Catechism”. The behavior of Synod has been anything but Christian, and wicked deeds should be exposed to the light of day. Satan is on the move, and far too many men in collars are far too willing to do his bidding.

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Parental Warnings

This episode will probably not interest children, and some sensitive topics (including pedophilia and rape) are briefly discussed throughout.


At one point, I (Mahler) state that I handed the AALC a hard drive with information pertaining to Jordan Cooper, but I misspoke, because what I handed them was, in fact, a flash drive.


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3 Replies to “The Timeline of Recriminations”

  1. Gentlemen, may the Lord our God bless and keep you. You are waging righteous battle against obvious demons. I jokingly told my pastor (who also loves your podcast) I was becoming more convinced you every day that you are the 2 witnesses of Revelation 11:3. Poor attempt at humor aside, you are doing God’s work. Keep it up. Continued prayers for you both.


  2. Is the trespass order forever? In my state a trespass order only lasts a year.


    1. Being present on private property requires the consent of the owner and that consent can be withdrawn for any period of time. Once consent is withdrawn, being present on the property in question is criminal trespass.
      (The matter is a little more complicated once exceptions, scienter, and the like are involved, but that is the essence of it.)