Through the Window: On Frame



aka Eschatologuy

What is the difference between an immigrant and an invader? Well, it depends. The difference may be one of legality (i.e., the positive law) or it may be one of frame. If one man tells you that he is “for immigration” and another tells you that he is “against immigration”, then the latter has likely ceded ground without even realizing it. Words, of course, matter, but so does the way in which we (and others) employ them. Correct framing may win a conflict before it has even begun, but incorrect framing can just as easily make victory impossible.

For the Christian, it is vitally important to be able to identify and to assess framing. Wicked men can — and do — employ framing to ensnare the Christian, to elicit from the Christian support for wicked positions he would not wittingly support. In fact, you may hold positions contrary to Scripture because of how they were framed — and because you failed to examine what you believe.

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