On Human Race: Racism



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Racism is not a sin. The modern-day ‘sin’ of racism was invented in the 19th century and then imported into the churches from the decadent and decaying culture. If you think that racism is a sin, then you have been misled.

In this episode, we go over the history of the term “racism” — where it originated and how it entered our modern culture — and take a look at how Satan is using it to destroy the Church. This is the culmination of our series on race and the most important episode in the series. This episode may make you uncomfortable, but the truth is worth the price.

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Some discussion of sexual matters, but not in explicit terms.


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8 Replies to “On Human Race: Racism”

  1. Christian Nationalist Sun 12 Mar 2023 at 05:56 EDT

    Thank you for covering this. I have been seeing this on my own but didn’t know how to best explain it


  2. This series on race was awesome. It has helped me understand my observations and knowledge about race in light of who I am as a Christian amd what The Word says. Thank you.

    I followed both of you on Gab and am glad I found you here. I will definitely be listening to the rest of your shows. May God bless you both and this podcast.


  3. would it kill you to get rid of the damn intro


    1. Some people are quite fond of it. Overcast can automatically skip podcast intros.


      1. i love that music, what is it? i want more


        1. I created the music for the podcast using two hymns. The files can be downloaded here: https://stone-choir.com/resources/.


  4. These are important, and I’m sharing them with everyone I can. It’s scary how far down a false path the church has gotten.

    It’s like most people’s minds are in a prison over all this, and they are attacking those trying to help them.

    May the wisdom of Christ break through the propaganda and spells our people have been put under.

    (btw, I like the intros and outros)


    1. I am glad you are enjoying the episodes, and that you are sharing them. Christ will surely preserve His Bride, even in these dark days. As to the intro and outro, they are now available for download on the Resources page.