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Once taken, a man’s reputation is nearly impossible to restore to him. In the 8th Commandment (and many other places in Scripture), God enshrines and makes abundantly clear that He hates slander and the man who spreads it. And yet Scripture goes further: Not only must we not slander our neighbor, but we must rebuke the one who does so. Scripture calls the one who hears slander but does not rebuke the slanderer evil.

Next to his life, wife, and possessions, the most dear thing a neighbor has is his good name and reputation. As Christians, we know that we must aid our neighbor in maintaining all that is his, and this certainly includes his reputation. Slander destroys families, friendships, organizations, churches, and entire societies. A godly prince would wield the sword against the slanderer, but every individual Christian has a moral duty to rebuke the slanderer and not to repeat what he has heard.

In this episode, we will examine the contours of what “slander” encompasses, and what we, as Christians, must do in this life.

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4 Replies to “Slander”

  1. This is a pretty truthful episode of the gossip we face daily. Is there any chance you guys would make a discussion on the issue of freedom of speech?


    1. We do have it on the list.


    2. Freedom of speech tends to be self defeating. If I have freedom of speech, I have the freedom to propose restrictions on speech. If my propositions become popular in a democracy, there goes your freedom


      1. ‘Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what is for dinner.’