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The State is the left hand of Christ; it is that final prepositional phrase — that imports so much of the meaning — that is often ignored. As Christians, the ‘political’ realm is not a realm of indifference or adiaphora — and this is particularly true for Christian men. We are not called to separate ourselves from the world (except with regard to righteous behavior), but to be engaged in the world — put another way: to be in the world but not of the world.

Where Christians retreat, Satan advances. The times are evil and the Church must respond accordingly. It is incumbent on the Christian man to do his duty, and such duty most certainly includes a political dimension.

So what may Christians do with regard to the kingdom of the left hand? What must we refrain from doing? What is merely permissible? In this episode, we lay the foundation for a series on government, on the political, on the left-hand kingdom.

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We discuss capital punishment — primarily in the context of Scripture — in this episode.


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6 Replies to “The Left Hand of Christ”

  1. Will you consider adding a gab tab to share this?


    1. The quickest way to share on Gab would simply be to copy and paste the URL. Most plugins do not (yet) integrate Gab.


  2. There HAS to be a way to get there from here in America. Demographics are not looking good, and the trends are accelerating. The current occupants of the throne are NOT going to just give it up because a bunch of Christian men ask nicely. Do we just hunker down in our enclaves and wait it out? Because that absolutely did not work in Serbia. They will surround our enclaves, one by one, and defeat-in-detail. The right is very good at complaining, but so far, I have NOT seen anyone with an actual strategy to do anything but retreat. What are your thoughts on post millennialism (my apologies if you have already covered it, as I have not replayed every episode yet)?


    1. I guess sometimes there are perks to replying to these comments in an arguably less than timely fashion: We have, now, done an episode on the issue of Millenarianism.

      As to political matters, neither one of us believes that pacifism (sometimes characterized as the so-called “Benedict Option”) is an acceptable path forward for Christian men; in fact, we would both go further to call pacifism active, open, high-handed sin. What will be necessary to address the problems we face is a matter of wisdom, and leadership.


  3. Muh Fashy Bookshelf Fri 29 Sep 2023 at 11:19 EDT

    Outstanding work! Are you guys Catholic?


    1. We are both Lutherans.