A Young Man’s Life



aka Eschatologuy

The modern world presents many challenges for and to the young man, particularly the young man who would be a Christian. Often men, and particularly young men, may feel that they have been forgotten or written off by society. In today’s episode, we focus on the issues that concern young men — here and now.

As Christians, we must contend with the fact that, although we are sons of God and predestined for glory, we yet live in a fallen world plagued by sin, temptation, and suffering. The promises of God always come true, but they do so in His perfect time, not our imperfect one. And so, for the Christians, the question must be twofold: What does God say about these matters? What is our role in these matters?

The world offers terrible advice to young men, and so do many of those who not only should know better but also have a duty to offer sound advice. We will try to undo some of that terrible advice and replace it with advice that is both consonant with God’s Word and with the reality of the world we all inhabit. The answer for the Christian man is not withdrawal or despair, but engagement and perseverance.

God calls us to be men, so that is what we must do.

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Parental Warnings

These is some frank discussion of sexual matters in this episode, but not in explicit terms. There is a brief discussion of the mechanics of hormonal birth control.


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