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Whether our gifts are many or few, great or small, God has most assuredly prepared beforehand opportunities for us to use those gifts to serve our neighbors. We, in fact, have a duty to use what God has given us for the good of our neighbor. All that we have we hold in trust as stewards, for all comes from God and all belongs to God.

It is through our good works that we demonstrate, both to ourselves and to the world, that we have a living faith. There are no hard and fast rules or mathematical formulae to determine precisely what one should do with what one has been given — these are matters of wisdom. But we know the basics: Faithfully pursue your work, come to the aid of family and neighbor, and render good works when and where God provides you the opportunity.

The Christian life is not found in pilgrimages or hair shirts or in putting crosses on every surface in one’s home. The faithful Christian baker makes good bread; the faithful Christian shoemaker makes good shoes; the faithful Christian woman keeps a good home; a faithful Christian man diligently pursues his calling — whatever it may be. These are not matters over which to be anxious or about which to fret or worry; God knows what we need and he knows what our neighbor needs, and He has so ordered things that our neighbor can aid us and we can aid him. The Christian life is lived out in many thousands of small interactions, all undertaken with thanks for the good gifts, all of which flow from God.

»17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.«
— James 1:17 (ESV)

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2 Replies to “God’s Gifts, Man’s Duties”

  1. wow your description of the tradesman helping retirees really strikes home. i’m sure i’m damned, i’m wicked and do not deserve Gods grace though he has extended it to me personally and viscerally in my time of need – but this is something i do on my street. it’s a challenge getting wifey to agree i can work on another house where my own can use improvement – anything can be approved (she requests cosmetic foofoo shit typically) and it is a sore point in our marriage. my headship sucks, she makes 3x what I do, fml, we’d be happier poor.


    1. All that you have, God has provided for you — including your faith, upon which you should most certainly rely. What God has begun, He will surely bring to completion. It is good that you are providing for and helping those around you using the talents and resources God has entrusted to your care. As for your wife, you must deal with her as the weaker vessel (and this often means the less rational vessel). Sometimes even a small project can go a long way, because it shows that you are listening to her concerns, which are often just emoting, not actual arguments. Also, help her see what you are doing by explaining that your means and abilities are gifts and helping others is what true Christian charity is, and, of course, pray with and for her.